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Solving the Lead Masks of Vintem Hill


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Solving the Lead Masks of Vintem Hill

"By the time police got the call about the bodies on Vin Tame Hill. It was already starting to get dark. The Hill is surrounded by thick forest and brush so for everyone's safety. They decided to hold off until morning. Of course the press didn't take the same precautions when officers finally did arrive on the morning of August. Twenty first nineteen sixty six vin. Tame Hill was already swarming with reporters. The even snapped a few photos before the bodies were carried away unfortunately all the original sources are in Portuguese and more than fifty years later. It's hard to track them all down but some of them were summarized in English in the flying saucer review which despite the name was fairly credible journal in the sixties based on those articles. Here's what we know about. The police investigation. The only easy part of this case was identifying the victims thirty two year. Old Manuel Pereira de Cruz and thirty. Four year old. Miguel Giuseppe Viana. Both men were electronics technicians from the town called compost dose. Goto causes which is about one hundred and seventy five miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro. Both of them were happily married. Well respected in the community and led pretty normal. Unassuming lives according to their families. Miguel Manuel had left town. On the morning of Wednesday August Seventeenth nineteen sixty six three days before their bodies were found. They said they were heading to Sao Paulo to buy some electronics equipment. Along with a used car. They've been looking at. They took some money with them somewhere. Between two and three million Cruzeiros the conversion rate is a little hard to calculate. But that's somewhere worth like a few thousand. Us dollars today at about nine. Am Gal and Manuel headed out to the bus station accompanied by a friend named L. CEO Gomez. Elsia wanted to go into the bus station. See them off but the other two men insisted that he just dropped them off outside. Elsia didn't understand what the big deal was but he didn't think too much of it. He watched Miguel Amon. Well walk into the bus depot. And then he went back home. That was the last time he ever saw his two friends alive now. Even with the minimal evidence police had at this point. There were a few things about this story. That didn't add up. When the bodies were found the only had a combined one hundred sixty one thousand Cruzeiro on them. The rest of the two to three million is unaccounted for still to this day. And of course they didn't go to Sao Paulo like they told everyone else. They went to a town called neater. Roy which is a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Which is a good couple hundred miles away. The investigators went back to need a Roy hoping to find some answers there but once they piece together the rest of August seventeenth nineteen sixty six. All they had were more questions. Miguel men wells. Bus would have arrived in Nita Roy at around two or two thirty that afternoon their first stop was an electronic store. They've been to that store before so we can assume it carried some kind of equipment that wasn't sold in their own town but for some reason bay left the store without buying anything and they didn't even talk to the sales clerk there now. Maybe the store was out of whatever they were looking for. But the taken a five hour bus ride to get there. Why on earth wind they at least check with the clerk before leaving either way after they lead the electronic store it starts to rain so they stop into a clothing store in nearby and buy a pair of matching raincoats again. This doesn't raise any red flags on its own. But what is weird? The clerk said that they left in such a rush that they didn't even bother to put on the coats before running out into the rain. The coach that they just bought now. You might assume that the big appointment that they were rushing to was with the owner of that used car that they were looking to buy. But you'd be wrong. They didn't buy any car during the trip so if they weren't buying electronics and they weren't buying a car. What were they doing there? Oddly the next time they surface is at a bar in the same neighborhood as the clothing store and when they get to the bar. They're still very anxious about the time. Miguel goes to the counter and orders a bottle of mineral water according to the bartender. He's acting just very nervous and impatient and while he's ordering he keeps glancing over at the clock after paying for the water. Miguel keeps the receipt and this might not seem like a big clue but Brazil has a recycling policy where you could return empty bottles for a deposit. So whatever or whoever they're waiting for. Miguel assumes it won't take too long and he'll have time to return the bottle before heading home that evening. No one saw ag- elleman well leave the bar so we don't know if they met someone there or they left alone but at five pm they're seen at the foot of entame hill which is just outside town. They pull up in a jeep driven by someone with blonde hair. There were two other men in the car is well. The witness couldn't see them clearly. Whoever these three men were they were the last people to see Miguel and well alive. So by this point police had mapped out all of their movements from leaving home in the morning to arriving at the hill that night but none of it offered any clues about what actually happened next. We already mentioned a few strange details at the scene of the deaths but if we take a closer look it's even more baffling. Let's start off with what they didn't have the money that they brought with them. The most obvious possibility is that this was a robbery gone wrong but staging a scene like this would have taken a lot of time and effort for not a ton of money and they also left some behind also. There were no injuries on either of the bodies. No CUTS NO BRUISES. No Burns no sign of violence at all. When the coroner didn't autopsy there were no internal damages either and strangely. Despite sitting out in the open for three days on a hill that's swarming with wildlife. The bodies were totally untouched by animals. No one can really say what that means but it kind seems like there was something unnatural about the deaths if even the vultures didn't WanNa touch them if this wasn't a murder the next possibility was suicide but this theory sort of falls apart too because Miguel still had the empty water bottle and the receipt. If he knew he was going to die. Why go through the trouble of saving the receipt beyond that police find three pages of handwritten notes? That definitely didn't suggest a suicide pact. The first page has a list of electronics parts numbers. Along with some Algebra work the equation uses Ohm's law which is E. equals. I are which is used to calculate the strength of an electrical current now. The two men were electronics technicians. After all so everyone assumes these are just notes for a work project now. The next page though is more of an enigma translated from Portuguese. It says quote Sunday one tablet after the meal. Monday one tablet in the morning on an empty stomach. Tuesday one tablet after the meal Wednesday one tablet before bedtime and quote. Obviously this is talking about some kind of prescription. But as far as anyone knows neither Miguel or amend well were sick now. The last dose that Wednesday before bedtime dose would have been taken right before they died but due to decomposition the corner couldn't get anything useful out of the toxicology report so we still don't know what was in those mysterious tablets and this was a little hard for me to understand because just a second ago. I know he said the bodies were kind of untouched by wildlife. I expected them to be in. Good condition but whatever's going at the time they just either didn't have the technology didn't have the time and they weren't able to test for it so finally. The third page has another set of instructions. This one said quote sixteen thirty be at the determined location. Eighteen thirty swallow capsules after the effect protect metals. Wait for mask signal end quote. Now the confusion isn't a translation issue. It doesn't make any sense in Portuguese either. It almost seems like the note was kind of scribbled down quickly in some kind of shorthand which probably means someone gave instructions verbally and someone else wrote them down putting it all together. We can at least gather that. Miguel men well. Weren't the victims of some kind of random attack. They came to the hill for a reason. And that brings us to our last piece of evidence. The lead masks themselves now. You're probably picturing a full mass at like cover entire face almost like what welders wear but these were about the size and shape of sunglasses made out of solid lead. They were apparently homemade and cut. Roughly FROM SCRAP METAL. Lead blocks radiation. So it's often used as a coating protective goggles and facials but these masks were too small to offer any real protection and since they were solid metal. It'd be impossible to see or do anything while wearing them so at first police had no idea what to make these masks. But after some digging it turned out that this wasn't an isolated incident according to flying saucer review. There was another case four years earlier where another electronics technician had been found dead on a hill with a lead mask in that previous case the police determined that the man went up to the hill and took some kind of drugs because he was convinced it would allow him to pick up radio and TV signals with his mind now. One delusional technician we can accept but three is a different story. There was something bigger going on here and no one knew how many lives would be taken before this was

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