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"mantle jocelyn" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

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"mantle jocelyn" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

"You're learning and what you're seeing. Oh absolutely absolutely even in the the HBO that I visited when there's been a particularly charismatic and and forward thinking GM there there might be. Something, not necessarily archival material, but but growth in the station more wattage more equipment a a stronger relationship with the academic program I mean it it. It should trickle down into the the historical record but at I haven't really found that to be the case quite yet but I wouldn't rule it out because again, we're. Even a few steps away from really identifying whether or not a station has archival materials. We. As you're mentioning some of those trajectories I think A lot of stations aren't even aware of just their general history so. Even I found you know I found in my research that that sometimes I'm digging into student newspapers to learn more about a radio stations history that often the students aren't aware of. So I think they're often there are these. An incredible accomplishments that that go unnoted? So yeah, not only the audio. Not, only the audio that you're talking about whether or not that's been preserved, but even just the goings on of station and right it's program guides. All right. You know posters from concerts that the the the the radio station help sponsor or MC or whatever I mean. Yeah. There's. There's a lot of that. That's the voice Sir Jocelyn Robinson Project Director at the historically Black College and university radio station Archival Survey, project we're talking with radio on radio survivor today about preserving the sounds of historically black colleges and universities radio stations. Our guest has informed us that about thirty percent of the existing H. have. Radio stations or have had radio stations. So that's like a about less than three dozen existing possibilities to archive or or to hear these sounds and what's very exciting. About today's topic for me, is that the history of radio in this country and college radio are extremely Interlinked, and in fact, in a Lotta ways called radio is is is really like the. The the foundational moment of of Radio in the country and so to think about college radio on campuses of historically black colleges and universities, and the you know what what has gone on at those stations and how how the every story at every station Is such a unique portrait of those communities It's very exciting I'm glad that Jocelyn Robinson somebody's on the job now it's a, it's A. It's a, it's a unique, but it's very interesting that you had to that you had to write your own job description to get this someone needed to do it Thank you for begging for taking up that That Mantle Jocelyn you mentioned you mentioned learning about the first FCC licensed radio station at an HP see you so I'm curious if. What you're if you're looking at radio stations that don't have licenses as well..

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