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"manta raymond" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

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"manta raymond" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"Dot Co. don't You k today? Then tomorrow on our JEETER. We'RE GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT. Mario Cipollini at the the light and shade of of CIPOLLINI and in today's episode going to be looking at as his early years up to his pump really am when he was the dominant sprinter in the world but Lila. Maybe you can take all the way. Back to the origins of Meyer Cipollini word. The Lion King Spring from well. Yeah the nicknames. The Lion King and Super Mario. They were to come much later. Just Super Mario. I mean he'd been brilliant computer games cycling wouldn't they clearly it'd be. He'd have been leading out year. I want archery Tae Mario Laming True Mary. Cipollini was born on March twenty second nineteen sixty seven in Luca. His brother Chat today was Eight years older than him and was also a professional cyclist from nineteen. Seventy eight to nine hundred ninety. Mario was napalm borne. Did you know this? And I didn't I didn't until today and I I haven't found an explanation for it. I was born in Belfour in front. That's right yeah I was going to ask you about that but I thought that was lorry driver whether that had anything to do that. No probably not Ashley piece the piece it together. Well one of the mysteries anyway. Marriott was a junior world champion in the team. Time trial on the road in one thousand nine hundred five and he turned professional for the Dow Tongo team in one thousand nine hundred and nine and that was the only season. The seasons at the two brothers wrote together also on that team with the reigning world champion Maria phoned and a future jira winner Franco kilt. Yolly CIPOLLINI's I probably witness came all at once. The Gino Di Puglia in eight thousand nine hundred ninety one thousand three stages in a row and a month later he got his first jared Italia stage win at the first attempt or in the first year they took part in stage twelve in MIATA and in one thousand nine hundred followed with two stage win so he was off to a flyer in terms of winning. Sprint finishes Daniel but was always destined to be a professional rider. Did his brothers interesting in the sport make inevitable that he would follow in this in the wheel tracks so to speak. I think he would send say yes. Napalm Amsoil as you said Shehzad was a decent pro and when a few things but N- Jerusalem Melia was probably the biggest win but Mario used to go and watch chase at I says and Tele famous story about and they always used to go up the coast from where they live near. Luca onto the roof Manta Raymond. Watch Samra and CIPOLLINI's birthday often fell actually on some raimo and one year how Cipollini was maybe seven or eight and he was there with these Dodd Rivaldo and they watch the Tongo pass and Chattanooga Boston. Mario turned to his dad and said I promise. I will win milan-san Raymond Foye one day so the was all was already sort of planted at that point and by all accounts is pretty hyperactive kid. I'm allegedly age. Sixty case mums fear. Five hundred until your first spin around the family sort of plot. The family ranch in Sanju study comfortable. I don't think that did you think that's even plausible. That story as I said. Very very hyperactive. Some was the manager of the GIST team. Piero Piero only came out of the House one day and with a contract for his brother Chaser and he remembered that Mario such handful the the family tied into an olive tree with a rope to to stop moving plausible any well. That's possible but when he got aboard his when he goes bike he was. He was quite something He won I mean a staggering number of rice in the the majority of races took part in junior and even you know as he sort of got close to become a professional. I think in in the loss in his last year or two before it did become a professional Legend has it that I would say to other items in the Peleton while you win as much as you can now because my brother's coming and he's GonNa win everything and at that point. You know people weren't only talking about Cipollini as a sprinter. I mean you mentioned that heat. He had great pedigree as a junior in time. Charles and team time trials Use The world champion Jeannie world champion. So Yeah a bit of a bit of a phenomenon by all accounts. It's interesting Donna. Looking back at his early wins. Because I have in my mind's eye C. Cipollini as this kind of muscle by very imposing character with a quite impressive physique and of course Unmodern or a recent sprint. Who's been similar in in Luke's if nothing else is Marcel Kissel but actually am when I was looking out their respective Stotts kittles bigger than CIPOLLINI. Cipollini wasn't actually. That big emmy wasn't not heavy. He was toll and but he was actually quite lean on and in those early years he was quite gangly. The other thing they have in common is having both been very strong. Time trialists as younger writers before becoming sprinters. And I guess that they were similar. 'em Or kipling became Sim- similar in style. A kettle in in you know being good Going from the front and really taking on From quite a long way being a very strong sprinter an Hartman to get around once he was in front and when he did start He was regarded as just a very very talented young writer. But people had no real inkling. It would become the personality that he did. There was a bit of a bit of flourish about him but he he started when he stays in Jira very early.

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