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"Hi Guys we want to thank our great sponsor legion. 'em They are the first fan owned entertainment company. We love working with them. They create really incredible experiences for people if you're someone who wants to feel like you own a piece and and are a piece of the industry it's a great way to do it. <hes> they do meet ups all over the country. They have a really cool <hes> community going online. I cannot recommend them enough. GO TO LEGION DOT COM for more information sir. Hi everybody I'm Leonard Maltin Jesse Nelson listening to Maltin on movies at our guest today has been quite a lot of and quite a lot of T._v.. Shows and quite a lot of everything she's one of the busiest working actresses around and has been for a while which is belied by the fact that she fell into the Fountain of Youth and looks the same she did when we I saw her. Oh my gosh I'll take it. This is Alana Yuba welcome. How are you doing? I am the guy that yells at the T._v.. When I see you what I'm that guy one that when watching hung shouted as soon as I saw you fauria shouted I'm the one I'm the one that yells really loud? That's amazing always told my friends. If you get up to go pee will miss me so classroom before you tune into whatever you're watching that I'm in but <hes> you know saying yes to everything really i. You know you're you're you find yourself always working but I've I've never been one to turn something down. Even maybe that's to a fault no actually but I mean that's the definition of a working actor. It was a freelance writer a have been still still am a freelance writer and so I know that that feeling of chief I say no this time. Maybe they won't call back the absolutely and I remember my my father telling my manager. Margaret pollock has been my manager since I was fifteen when she signed me he was just like with my daughter she will put on a chicken suit and so used cars. If you know pay so I you know I mean it was it was just knowing that from the time was Kenneth out well how might as well just say yes to everything in talking to your publicist when I said I've been watching a lot of most of my life. She said no yeah the door Colston's. I think our I think there's something like that but it that's it I have been watching you forever. Oh bless yeah let's you I am amazed by careers. I'll say it a million times but you have been in so many important movies <hes> I just turned thirty three but like so but everywhere in there so whether it's sister act to sort of movies ever made on my gotTa love and every time I hear the love boat theme song I think of you of course oh whether it's that but then you move into a movie like waiting which especially anybody in the waiting industry but my go-to like happy relaxed movies and I can't count how many times I've put it on just because it makes me happy to ever wait tables. I yeah the Dishwasher Washer in it. I was in my house exactly still got scars but belly of the whale like all of those things legally blonde of course which especially because reese witherspoon in loves it so much doesn't go away bright. You know right to be an all these different things than as I say to see you in hung which made me so happy but now you're like milk. Oh you're playing mill roles. You know you are well as as soon as I turned forty. It was all about the mom roles because those were the the roles. Those are the rules that you grab <hes> I had read the Fauria script about a year ago and all of these great roles for kids were in it and I thought okay okay. There's got be something oh who's this drunk. Mom You know so I remember <hes> I remember thinking to myself when I when I was in my mid thirties I thought well if I'm going to play a mom. She has has to be a little little dysfunctional. There has to be something off kilter about the mom otherwise you know I'll just be walking and talking for a living in my forties but you know so long as there's some kind of of layer or weird something or another about the mother I'll do it now. I think I I saw I'm trying to remember whether it was on Beakman's world the saying show my worked on or a little film that I I like clock watchers yes or you were part of a great quartet of office workers with Lisa Kudrow Toni Collette and Parker Posey of you I I just I was at shark. He's having <hes> <hes> dinner with my two year old <hes> just the other day and I ran into the speaker sisters who wrote and directed Joe Spreaker wrote and directed clock watchers and <hes> that was something I did. I think they hired me when I was around nineteen and it was it was really it was amazing because to me it was sort of the beginning of me starting a career as an adult because I started acting professionally when I was thirteen so to to start you know <hes> playing more adult roles. I thought Oh wow I have to start all over again. So this is a nice little liftoff being in a movie like this yes you are like the fourth or fifth fiddle but you are surrounding yourselves selves by a bunch of actresses who are established as as <hes> as adults and with the female writer director the female writer director shore cool cool do right right right but that's that is what makes it interesting and crazy even as a movie or T._v.. Watcher that it makes sense because obviously I've gotten older since I started watching you sure make sense that I saw you as high school and now I see you his mom but it's still sort of blows your mind when you think about somebody is no no no she. She's the Sh- she's my age. She's a kid well. Oh crap. I'm not a kidney more. Yeah there you go. It's little Easter egg moments that you watch on television. We were like Oh that was when I was so and so and that's my fell in love with so and so that was you know my first kiss that television show the for the first time you see an actress or an actor that you love forever. Play parent is kind of strange moment. Yes yes yes sure and that that's certainly the reason why I make sure that the parent that I do play is a little left up very important to me so you are. Let's let's do a total rewind sure <hes> you grew up in Downey. I grew up in Downey down home of McDonald's home of the oldest original McDonald's still standing and Karen Richard Carpenter carpenters they grew up around the corner from me. Wow they were on Luebeck and I was on Lester Ford Yeah and we would ha I would go trick or treating to Karen Ann Richards House. When I was a little kid and I remember they were the one house that gave out the Big Bar Candy Mars and Dollar Bill Yeah Oh my so my friend Jesse and I would be dressed up as like a witch and a ghost and then we'd go back to my house and like you know be we come back and see how much which money we can make that night triggered it was it was my friend Jesse's idea? WHO's like we'd sick? Oh my God that's so funny. I had ideas your shoes. These were purchased by the carpenter. Thank you care and Richard Yeah but it it it really is a fun little town and also <hes> Metallica metallica would be from Downey <hes> the lead singer singer. I'm pardon me I don't I can't say his name off. The top has had thank you very much Hadfield then go head had deal. That's IT K- Hadfield yeah moment. It's in there. That's it all in there. That's that's that's the that's the that child. It was also the home at one time of a hop along Cassidy Museum really no interest to someone in your age bracket but very much to me there you go into pot came and visited so there we are now now you you started a thirteen. What launched you on on on a career is some of the always as kid just wanted to do? My father and mother had a lithographic shop in downtown. Los Angeles my my father's in Puerto Rico my mother's from Mexico so having a you know to parents as immigrants rents they loved going to live shows. They loved going to concerts and they take me to everything they went to so my dad he loved gambling so we'd go out to bake. It's constantly and when he would win money at the crap table that day he would splurge on getting the best dinner seat to see Charro Way Newton Antonio to kneel apt and into the all right and Glorious Stefan and I remember being three years old and on watching Captain Antonio on stage and just thinking do they go to the bathroom these people do they do they do they do anything besides this when the when the curtain is drawn are they they put away in boxes. I couldn't wrap my head around what these people were but I remember my mom and Dad Telling me Oh no these are real artists on it they rehearse and they sometimes right these songs in these lyrics they they they study and they then perform in front of audiences. You know there's there's going to be another audience tomorrow night that they'll be performed there just normal people on and I thought wow and all I could really think of what it really grabbed me was wanting to be something that was just not real. I wanted to be the lights I just wanted to be the lights on that stage and and to be like the the and I always say this the smell of of the prime rib and the cigarette smoke in the air. That's what I wanted to be. That's all I can explain. That's the only way could explain it so even now I sort of have to remind myself. I self of that time when I was a little kid saying oh be the lights. You should always wanna be something that's not tangible. It should not be tangible and the the moment you you say something like Oh. I want to be a billionaire. I WANNA be a household name or I want to be a brand. No Oh don't that's two adult. That's way too adult and it's going to keep you from performing the way you performed on the on the blacktop at school when no one was watching the way you were playing cops and robbers when you really watch kids is playing in the playground there so committed so committed they don't break until the Bell Rings and they have to go and lineup and go back into their classrooms but if you can sustain that forever then you'll be just fine because the moment you grow up when the ego gets involved and you allow yourself to get arrested by that and that's what I think the artists gets in trouble be always have to remind yourself. Why decided to do it in the first place important yeah yeah so what a wonderful child's wild side view of show business you had? I'm taking it's too bad a today. The smoke has gone yeah right yeah. Oh No. It's grasp a new law. Yes they're not being keen Wa and Vape vape forward. It's funny but you that that Christmas <hes> my mom and dad my mom said that she we were stone with shopping center and we were in line and usually when you put your kid on Santa's lap. Santa will ask you what you want. He'll say very loud so the parents can hear right so I told I told San is said is like what would you like along. I said I want to stage these all. That's so cute a stage for Barbie no Santa Stage for me. I like little twinkling lights and I want sat and curtains and I want the whole nine yards and my mom and dad was so funny that my one of my fathers best friend was a carpenter and so he went to the American home shopping center in Downey and went bought all this plywood and they made this little tiny stage for me for Christmas and it had wonderful yeah these twinkling lights my mom and dad averages so entertained by the fact that I wanted to be an entertainer. They thought it was hysterical brothers and sisters I do. I have a sister who's eleven years old I myself. She's a psychologist and she is. You know it's really interesting she. She's you sort of becomes an expert at everything she puts her hand puts her hands on its. She had a restaurant for awhile and she was like <hes>. I think I'm going to go on a psychology so now it's amazing. She's damn good at everything she does. I I mean I've you know acting. The only thing I know how to do is walking and talking. That's what I can do but my sister she <hes> I do. I do <hes> have her. I do show a lot of my you know <hes> sort of style Ohio to her. She was hip cat. When I was growing up this is this is a young girl who was listening to like Grace Jones and Gigi pop and Lena luggage and you know hanging out with that amount granted we lived in Los Angeles was like she was very beautiful and she was very very worldly and was was already traveling when she was sixteen seventeen and you know she'd been degrees? He's with her boyfriend back. She was really sophisticated so she had a lot to do with with you. Know <hes> how my taste sort of evolve and thinking to myself Wow <hes> I really WANNA do punk rock work in and with what I do it should be edgy and character-driven rather than just you know <hes> being lied and and playing yourself to me. That seemed really just not very creative. It was something. That I thought well. How can I become like the IGGY pop of actors? I mean like this. You know what I mean. You've actors Jesse and I were talking while driving over here but she she calls you <music> a young character actress thank and she nailed it then right. Oh sure you know I mean. I shouldn't say this but I I it's. It's how you know. Maybe I need like mental floss ing but I am in no way interested in in being the lead unless I mean the pressure the pressure of being a number one on the call sheet is so frightening to me. I couldn't imagine and like you know as India Alternate Edelstein. These are the people that that I saw that were like lived onset right and you know the pressure and just the stamina that you have to have the energy the stamina of being an almost every scene I couldn't I couldn't imagine waiting has got to be the closest yeah because you're ensemble and you guys are all on for a lot of the movie. Yes yes absolutely it's all of you there you go. It's a group but then you know you definitely were relying on Justin long to generally be the Khyber of the movie and and that's you know I think it's I it's so admirable <hes> to me to see to see people just absolutely fine playing their authentic selves and that's something that is really hard to accomplish so for me. It's like a I'll just be someone else. It's that's what happened to change and you start going on on edition when I was when I was a kid I <hes> my my sister was like a ballerina when she was a teenager and my mom <hes> asked asked me she said well On if you love to perform so much maybe going to a ballet class might be cool when I said absolutely I'd love to I'd seen this this <hes> the nutcracker I think it was the nutcracker with Chelsea Kirkman and it was on P._B._S. or something and I thought Oh wow let me try that and so I realized I was very small compared to the other ballerinas that I would not have a chance in ballet unless I became a gymnast and I wasn't interested in gymnastics or anything but I love to perform we put on these productions of like the nutcracker and Cinderella and <hes> and <hes> all of these you know great ballet's at the Civic Center bellflower and I love to perform so my mom I kept telling her you know I i WanNa do professionally. I want to do this professionally and finally we had seen this this ad and it said you know the lease Frostburg Theatre Institute Institute has a young people's program for the summer and you know you could take seeing classes and acting classes and performance classes so once I joined the Lee Strasberg institute I was ten and I had found my sphere. I mean even all the kids I went to school with. They were all so weird and unique and really super confident and there were sophisticated kids. A lot of these kids were living in. You know the Hollywood and I my mom would slap me from Downey to you know Fairfax and Hayworth jeopardize parents fight willing to do that sure I mean she was you know I it's funny but I think I think my excitement. My enthusiasm was infectious to my family. You know when when a kid is enthusiastic about something it's like Oh wow okay cool also following through yeah yeah yeah yeah then just I want to do it. You really wanted to assure for that can be exciting for them. Well it was that is wonderful. They were the way they were yeah. It was and I think it was just like well. Let's see if the sticks and let's see if she you know really enjoys it and so I I would play <hes> <hes> a cone own head in the first production at the Strasbourg theater and and Lance Lane wrote the play was called attack of the Yuppie aliens credited with the eighties so of course tackle the aliens right but I played this cone head and so feel a Iran's kids were in the program Eduardo and Carlo and and you had all these these child actors the these young sons and daughters of very famous actors and I think I I played the cone head and I got a ton of laughs and it was it was it was very silly but I I remember going out to the lobby and Al Pacino was there and he had a buddy of his. He's been in the actors studio for years right so buddy of his this is probably I think directed the show and he went any went up to me and I remember he was just like I just wanted to tell you. You really made me laugh. I think it's very important you keep doing this and my mom and dad will like you know how Pacino say that about their kid and I. I don't know what came over me. I was so excited that I broke out into like a scene in scarface for him and I was like ten and and I said something like you know Al Pacino my wife how wall ms so Palo reads like Oh my God. What are you doing watching my? I and I saw it. All I get Outta here and he's eating. He walked away probably really disturbed but I guess it was. It's just I think when you're not embarrassed to to to just throw it all out fair and I think that's something that my parents really were aware of. They're like Oh okay. I guess she's going to be an actor. You know and and that's basically what happen. There were agents in the audience right. They were children's agents so they were scouts and then that's what I signed onto a children's agency Natalie Rawson and <hes> and then you know went along but yeah I was looking at I was reading something about Jack Black and he was talking about how he'd signed with the Jack Rose Agency. That's the agency that turned me down. When I was a kid yeah he went with Jack Rose? He was probably really well. No wonder he's on the enough he was on the but yeah I mean you know to be a child actor and know that it comes to an end and you have to start all over again in your twenties an an again in your mid thirties is is something that's really exciting and scary at the same time I would think sure I it sorta like if you show someone a photo of Warren Beatty yeah back in the day yeah yeah and you go oh my God that man's beautiful beautiful not even handful man beautiful yeah and then you think about what it must be like to be movie like Bulworth right or anything that's current and how that has to feel to sort of go live that shift yeah of being leading man gorgeous amaze and then you become the GRANDPA or you become the whatever it is right. It's such a shift. It's an end it's a major shift and you can only hope that people will clint Eastwood and and and Brad Pitt where they're they're. They're they're they basically say one day. Okay all right well. I'm not exactly the you know the pretty nineteen year old pretty pretty young a young boy in his twenties <hes> but I love movies and I certainly know what I you know they have great taste and <hes> you know I I can produce. I can put my name on something. I can open up for production company. I can direct I can write my own things and they've done incredible work. It's so cool you know just sort of embracing all of the the ability to to become seasoned to to <hes> to embrace life and all of the things that happened in your your personal. Life is your aging and saying why can I can. I still have a lot to say yeah. You know. It's an it's I think there's something to be said about about aging and and <hes> <hes> you know from a pretty boy to you know a seasoned older man and being able to embrace that it's just it's such a it's. It's so inspiring as you have embraced your mom fe yeah albeit your kind of mom certain kinds of mops so so you're an adolescent yeah start working going on audition right. I never booked a thing. I didn't book anything for. I wouldn't book anything for about three years. I booked this this one pilot <hes> it was an Aaron spelling pilot and that's how I got Taft Hartley. That's how I was given my union card and it was a big deal big deal Victoria screen actors actors guild Yes yes and then <hes> and then I didn't get anything for a couple of years in the science show came on and it was I. I heard that it was from the same people that were involved with pee. Wee's playhouse and I thought what okay this is. Cool my my kind of giant there you go and and I remember just being silly and Wacky as possible and it worked. It worked so I thought well maybe there's something to be said about about you know just a doing what I really enjoy which is being weird yeah and and a little off kilter in June during all this time where you're going. You're going to school regular school. Yes yes I was going to <hes> I I went to saint marks and then I I graduated this Episcopalian School Downey and then it was between moral Berle's Marlboro girls school or Lillies Francais in lillies frontiers branch school and they were very cool. Europeans conveniently located right by Fox right. Hey there you by by Sony but they were they. It was a very small school and Great College. Prep schools a lot of A._p.. Classes houses but the teachers were also willing to work with you if you would be working so they would it was amazing so they would would format certain tests for you to take and <hes> you know and then and I remember being in New York doing play and my teachers would fedex me assignments because you know the Internet didn't exist back then but then I would fedex it back and I you know I still graduated and got accepted a college as it was it was still oh very you know it was some schools. Some resolutely will not do that. Marlboro would not which is why didn't go there yeah good choice well. You know it's it's very weird to to decide that you WANNA be a child. The old actor is kind of weird. It's a strange thing but it wasn't so strange because I was living in Los Angeles. It's different. It makes a huge difference. You're not by yourself in it. That's it and even being able to find a school. I don't know how many school in the rest of country or anywhere else right would say oh yes of course you're at a play so let me help you figure things out there you go. It's very different. Yeah New York Los Angeles. Yes the there you go so many kids at my school would disappear for months on end. Oh Wow and you just got into Oh there you go back lease got used to people here but the one I have been so one kid went away and he was gone for three months and he came home and he had no hair and we all thought oh my God ability he's dying of cancer. What the hell happened rights terrifying and he wouldn't tell couldn't we found a couldn't tell us anything he was playing young Dr Evil He was in a second movie as young Dr Evil and but my God all of us are like Josh Josh? Josh is really sick this long nobody why he was going to be comes back. He was playing young still to this day. When we found out here we are planning like Oh God what now you could have just said? I'm an actor guy. This town is so weird funny memory right there you go. What a great school hard but good hard yeah yeah I bet I got boy and I and then you you did briefly go to college? Yes I went to U._S._C. For approximately twelve minutes. I went to San Francisco safer seventeen year for seventeen minutes. Wow you beat me. He's a U._S._C. Teacher. He really view Dr Casper is yes. Institutional wouldn't be drew. Casper is classes. I lived for them. I love him. I remember we're doing a thesis on jaws and then Victor Victoria but he really he was just so passionate about it. It was wonderful and you know I was so naive as a kid. I thought well you know if I'm getting these you know movie of the weeks he's lifetime movies of the week that I'm really going places and I would drop out and then you know and then I would enroll re-enrol and my father sat me down and he said look this is getting very expensive. Missive you either drop out and do what you do and ask a lot of questions he said in you read at least the paper every day or something he was like or you finish school and you don't work for four years ears but this is going to cost us a fortune yeah and that was music to my ears because I thought I think I'm just going to ask a lot of questions and I do. I regret it <hes> sometimes sometimes I do and I and my husband he he's a northwestern graduate and he he always says can we lie to our son and you can say that you you finished U._S._C. and and <hes> and I thought yeah yes I was as an adjunct professor. I think you have the ability daddy you. Just tell them yes yes you did. Yes graduated you go. I'll be giving you a call. Hold on I want I my son is has questions so but. <hes> yeah it was it was again. That's a big choice to make a huge choice to make and and but you obviously eighteen that's a lot I don't know if it was the right choice to make but I do know that had I not had I not you know dropped out. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to to constantly work and that was when indie films were becoming very populous right and you could be an unknown unknown you could be cast in things and I was <hes> I started doing a lot of independent films and I wasn't making anything <hes> but just to me that was my film school was was doing all this <hes> <hes> those indie films and and being on the set and realizing that wow seventeen our workdays are sometimes mandatory for a certain shot <hes> you know these steady camps in the Dalai Gripe and he's the person that you really WanNa make friends with here and the lighting Texan accent and how you to be immersed in it and thrown into you know the belly of the whale the way you have to learn how to swim. I think in this real life school it's real life school the school hard knocks and <hes> I regret it sometimes sometimes sometimes I don't so you never know we're here now but it's not just a life school. I it is film school because because what you've just described about the workings of a set the interaction the interactions of the people people on a set right and why they matter right why you matter as a cog in that we'll all of that right. That's just what they do. A lot of people have no clue what any of Dali right right the Dalai is i. I remember <hes> being a little kid delegate best boy best girl seeing Dali and thinking. I don't know what these are on adorable best boy. I truly uptick in best boy. That must be the guy who's the best boy on the set. That's logically what that is. Dolly like what what you get to you eat a dollar awesome. It's it's remember who impressed you in particular. When I was a kid I was really drawn to the unknowns for well not the household names Russia so you know you develop? I think taste is innate. Whatever you're drawn to it's it's just like some people love oranges? Some people love apples to snack on for me. I really loved I remember watching <hes> shoot the moon and when I was a little girl and seeing Dana Hill in shoot the moon and thinking who is this little girl who how how can someone that young give such an an in depth performance and and <hes> I a you know my mom was such an avid reader. She said Oh apparently Dana Hill was a lot older. Playing younger isn't that interesting on. I'm like okay and then seeing the movie the player and and and wanting to know who Richard E. Grant was uh-huh because that one monologue where he pitched the movie everything close like Japanese Lampton and I thought who is this guy you know to me. I was sort of attracted to these unknowns but you know what I always thought to myself. I saw is if if me if you know this young girl from Downey knows about these actors clearly I'm not the only one who knows about them and they are working and to me watching like <hes> tatum O'Neal and Quinn Cummings Quinn Cummings was another one <hes> and and seeing you know I remember watching jaws and being so excited about when the character <hes> more than anyone anyone else and and really you know loving the mothers performance in poltergeist these joepat Williams wow was she interesting and then watching you know <hes> the big chill but my mom and dad were comfortable enough. They were confident enough knowing that their kid was fisted enough to handle these movies but then again it was the eighties and that's what you did. If you took a kid to you know it was no big deal for my my dad and my sister to drag me to Halloween to watch Halloween when I was like six but you didn't sleep free but it was yeah bet it was fine but it was it was just it was funny to you know I so enjoyed listening listening to my dad and my sister discussed the movie when I was in the back seat on the way home when she said <hes> Dad. What did you think he was with? I thought the music is what made it and these were just people who are in the business your film critics aches but the obviously they were really drawn to it affected them in such a way where I thought I want to be a part of that that affects my family this way you know <hes> stern to work on sits yourself yes. Are there any actors who really struck you while you were working with them or observing them. Oh sure I mean <hes> to me. It was <hes> I I was. I I worked on movie called airborne. When I was a little kid who was about rollerblading and <hes> I remember <hes> Seth Green played my boyfriend in the movie and I remembered him from radio? Today's and now like the trajectory of his career to me is fascinating because he started off as just a baby and how he still working <hes> you know he was someone who had always admired and then I was finally working with them in his work. Ethic was incredible and he was such a sharp kid. It was very clear to me that he would be you know he was highly intelligent child so he was he would probably be good at anything thing. He dabbled in but one thing that I really i. I meant meeting Reese Witherspoon. Apparently she was bored at Stanford. She grabbed she dropped out. These are highly intelligent people jodie foster you know these are people that really do you assume that they would probably be good at anything they did. <hes> <hes> you know the real artists to me like like Danny Devito for instance he you can talk to him about anything thing you can talk to him about the Chinese immigration and and you know <hes> you can talk to him about you know <hes> modern literature he can talk to you about anything. He's just he's. He's it's obvious he leads leads a very full life and it shows in his work so meeting it just turned out when I did meet the Fox and you meet Barbra streisand Robert Deniro and and and Dustin Hoffman he reminds you of those theater Geeks in college. They still have that same enthusiasm that that kids have when they're performing. It's you can't believe it hasn't gone away. There's there's nothing jaded about these a-listers I've worked with. There's nothing wrapping jaded about them. I think publicity is what makes them sometimes jaded. I think it's it's it's how it spun on the Internet or what have you but these people that are seem. Untouchable are some of the nicest people ever <hes> you know. These were people I remember Angelina Jolie. WHO's Angie void at the time went to Strasbourg <hes> she was painfully shy but now in retrospect I look back and she was just a young girl who was observing? She was just observing and it was <hes> she was a real artist. As a kid I mean she'd come in with like all of her little rings on and she was only like thirteen fourteen with giant Lipson these big huge is and and what came across is shyness was actually a very highly intelligent little girl just watching an absorbing everything that was around her it was it was really you know it's interesting to meet these people yeah that are sort of a glorified or made to be. You know you know larger than life untouchable behind their gated community. You know I just the US weekly section of stars. They're just like us where it's like. Jon Hamm takes out the trash so pumps gas. Do they walk and talk. They drink coffee. Yeah EXAC EPHRON getting gas at the Mobile State Zach F- car. He doesn't float from location. I can't imagine doing something like sister to then where you're put into a school situation that there's a ton of young people yeah. I'm always yeah so many of them. Disappeared appeared yeah. There are so many people in that movie on the I mean the whole cast obviously the monks and everybody else but ask me who asked me about anyone be able to tell you what's up with research them sure we all your rappers everybody in their Sir such interesting such interesting guys didn't even the young man who has the big solo the WHO was lead singer. Yes I know you're talking about. He changed his. He's the right my slave name yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think if I know who you're talking about so many people in there that that you would think you're obviously you never stopped working but you had general of Hewitt who tiny part yeah. She's there to be pretty upset thing. She's supposed to be that she's airlines are like and can we put makeup on you know. That's her thing yeah. We're going to have time for this on me yeah and she's one of the ones who stayed well. I think the people that that did St- I think the the people that did sustain a career with the people that were not <hes> sort of <hes> tied to labels IDA musically because there you go we were not. We weren't like you know a scooped up by a label and said you're going to be the next Madonna. You're going to be the next you know I. I don't know you're going to be the next L._l.. Cool J whatever they would compare them to but these kids weren't initially actors they were entertainers and they had great voices and I think maybe I I'm just assuming that they probably got scooped up by labels and they were given one chance unfortunately as as as a music as recording artists you're given one chance in it's all on you and if the record sales don't do well well then you know you're sort of a flash in the PAN. Unfortunately were as an acting if a movie you do as a big flop. It's not on you yeah. It's everything that has a lot to especially. If you're uh the star when you are which is why you know Fuji's Lauryn Hill's Fuji's was it was like catching lightning but for them she won the Lotto. I mean she was a part of Van Band was she was part of a group that was very zeitgeist Zeitgeist Dean and what did she do. They spun it because she was just so beautiful and she had such an interesting unique sophisticated voice for such a for child that they were able to sort of groom her into becoming you know Ms Lauren Hill and it also I think you know <hes> being a part of the whole Marley you know planet. All of it really adds more to the mistake of being Lauren Hill so. I think that that is what what what people really gravitated hated toward but you know you have something like sister act to that. That is sort of these kids were hoping to be a launching pad to a music career of course and music careers are just so short-lived like the the life of an athlete yeah. I you know what I was just one of those like you know singing lessons then ballet lessons than acting lessons and I never really took it seriously <hes> you because I would I would go to New York and then I'd hear these kids live and I'd be like Oh wow well. They really have exercised that muscle. I'm a little rev around the edges but you know it's you. You're not given as as much opportunity to sing living Los Angeles as you would as I would have better. I lived in New York so that's that's the reason behind that get to sing in one of the greatest movies of all time cutting Oh yeah yeah hey has stuck with so many of us absolutely as you see that Liz oh just performed and did a tribute no she was oh just performed at the MTV movie awards and did a tribute to the joyful joyful. Oh that's so cool where she says Liz has take off your rogue. She starts in Aerob- singing then they do the the harmonizing and the vocalizing watch it on Youtube and just have a laugh. That's amazing 'cause it stays unbelievable. Yeah it it it you never you never have been cut till Aguirre's later and I was pregnant very pregnant and I got a call all from the the Lien Greg who directed cocoa yes yes. He someone you guys have to like interview he is do you know him. Li used to be the projectionist Dennis. What in the theater U._S._C. where I teach when he's just so so with the class with with Coq Libra Oh my God which is a beautiful beautiful film? Oh and congratulations thank you get asked me to sing in it and I was like Oh wow what what an opportunity. This is awesome. What was just to reverse just for a moment of how did you get into voice acting because you've been doing that a long time? Ah Yes coco's just the latest most prominent example of that. You started doing that a long time ago. That's a great question and I'll tell you what happened. I was not working a lot. I mean it's like the Pamela Avalon story shirt the you know what I mean I was. I got a little bit parts and indies and stuff but I wasn't making a lot of money you know and my manager had <hes> had a client over at vox boxes. <hes> <hes> a voice a voice artist <hes> agency Z. and she'd said you know you might WanNa try voiceovers and I thought yeah let's let's try it and Lo and behold I just started getting call backs for little boys constantly little boys and I thought Oh but. It it was so much fun because I thought well I get to mimic all the cartoon characters that I fell in love with when I was growing up I mean I was dictated to marry melodies jerk der- or I mean we know I I know like all the dialogue most of the of the cartoons so to me it was late as that's music to his ear demanding. I'm GonNa test me started do do you know what I was just watching it. The the other day and I just couldn't stop cracking up. My son was looking at me like I was out of my mind but Little Red Riding Hood which she turns out to we sing this around <music>. We walked singing that rather free. What a perfect part anyway? I mean you get to be silly when you're doing voiceovers started working a lot and that's how you know I was able to to grandma sixty guys for grandma big ice for so called refunding out that that was b-b-bend Sarah I grew up watching on camera very sedate. You know characters last burns and Georgian gracie's neighbor on the Brinson Allen show no she was the star of Petticoat junction. You really know all of this too hard anyway anyway so you got to do it now yes and then and then pound puppies pound poppy I said a and B. Yes and Rengo and and <hes> Oh a lot of them boy at Brandon Mister whiskers and I started doing a little almost you know these <hes> these little spots for you know nutrition attrition announces for Health Health Announcements for children like bananas GimMe Energy just when I need for soccer so like like a little boy little Athena boy running around in fact yeah I remember this when when you reference Pamela Avalon a little one that is those who don't know Nabi Hill she was Bobby Hill on the hill why because they realized that if they hired a real twelve or thirteen year old boy his voice would change at some point yes and it was much more reliable right to hire an adult to do that voice and then they could always do that right. It is played by a girl yes so you were Rivera. Manny Rivera an Ebay for a long time and that was sort of my first big thing where I was you know playing you. You know the lead on this little on this this little Sean nickelodeon playing this little boy and I just I couldn't believe how fun it was. That was back in the days where all the voice over actors would be in one studio the acting what what a fun Gig you can wear your P._J.'s to work. It is awesome yeah and that's like like doing a radio show. There's an ensemble. There's whereas feature film we've been doing a lot of time quite a few lovely. The voice folks on films. They generally record you separately. Individually which I'm sure has its benefits right production. It's good for them. It's a very solitary but it's Scott Bueller tougher for you. I was worse sure now for those who don't know you are the matriarch in cocoa. That is a heck of a role. Oh that was so much fun it was it was just another audition because nowadays you can record your additions on your I phone right <hes> you can record it. Trial changed yeah that's right and when they had sent me the audition I read it and of course you know it's like Fort Knox at Pixar very very very secretive about what they're you know presenting sure and and so I assumed that why is this woman mad about her photo not being on an old friend but she had the D._M._v.. I don't understand just I think she's upset that she said the D._N._B.. Or something I was reading a lot of my my husband was in the other room and he heard me and it took him hearing what the dialogue wasn't he came in. He was like Alana. She's dead a she's dead. It's he was like it's almost like beetlejuice. Yeah I think she maybe she doesn't realize she's dead or something but yeah I think this is this. This might be a day of the dead. Movie is not going to be entered out today. That movie David that yeah that there's a lot of fun and that movie means a lot. Mike God who a lot of and I'm sure that you're Hispanic family. All over the place is thrilled. Unbelievable says it broke all kinds of records in Mexico. It was yeah you became the number one movie and yeah in in Mexican history to be made it was it really did tug on everyone's heart strings and I think it was just it was at such a perfect time obviously because we were you know obviously unfortunately <hes> we've been under such <hes> scrutiny these past couple of years and and for us to to to to have a movie that finally shines the light on the sophistication of the culture is so important because very many very few people know it. It's not just about sugar skulls and it's not just sugar a whole meaning and it's already work with Gutierrez. Yes Rivera who made book of life that was a movie about yes there you go and that was about mass that was just a masterpiece and I think what cocoa did was. It brought everyone could relate to it because it was all about the importance of family and being members sure and everyone's biggest fear do I think is to be forgotten so <hes> that it really did touch a lot of people I'm so proud of them being raised with a Salvadorian Mumia which is why he's mommy does he <hes> defying Sandal bit. Oh yeah the junk lead Jangling Iowa's honest yeah on the floor laughing so hard I came home. I went to my mom and I was like you have to see this movie. You're GonNa die absolutely the Sandal. You had to be afraid really God yes. Oh I I love it. I love it there. I'm thrilled ear in it and especially as I say for your family that gets to be something very <hes> especial so special over absolutely and something I could show my my son absolutely there's another one where we're talking about. These these roles that differ generations and depending on how old you are. That's a big deal and that's going to be a movie where when someone's twenty or thirty they go. Oh God that was my favorite film growing up. I loved it so much. That's how they know. Yeah Yeah Yeah our wild. It's it's something speaking of recognition. You have been on a number T._V. T._v.. Show guest stars innumerable TV series but as regular <hes> characters recurring characters sure you've been on a number of right now. You're on euphoria before he out which is big deal. Getting a lot of you. Were on girlfriends guide to divorce. Yes well for several years. I mean so when you're on T._v.. Show that's kind of hot. Do People's recognize recognize you at the grocery store at the gas station. I mean do you get different level of recognition than than you do doing movies or occasional guest shot here or there you know the thing about living in Los Angeles is and I have a feeling this is what happens before someone gets a job in a coffee shop or an record store at at a department store or at the grocery at the market what have you I think they're so used to seeing you know recognizable faces coming in and out there just jaded. Do I ever get recognized. I'll get approached by usually an actor. Someone who who is just starting out who will come up up and say I really like your work. Whatever and I have a conversation with them? I will talk their ear off. They have to like peel. They're out of out of my eyesight for me to stop talking but it's a lot the fun to get to get recognized approached to share. You have a lot to teach people you know sh hey I mean it's it's <hes> I find myself when I'm in Ohio visiting my mother-in-law no no. I don't get recognized. Maybe at the airport but <hes> you know I I guess it's I'm at this point my career where I'm one of that's the girl from. That's that that woman who was in school with her she he just I found this out. That's television as opposed to being Brad Pitt right on a giant sixty foot screen night. You're in their home. They know what they don't know. Why right so he gets were you? Were you will Iberian Yeah in blank Tennessee. He has to go no. That's not what he's right there for a bunch my actor friends someone's like it's search for it and then and then you'll in reading your entire I._M._D._b.. Yeah go it's made maybe you saw me and legally blonde. No never seen that movie maybe from no no it's not that either yeah okay okay my right right now. I I usually ask them there as I was like. This is a very rude question. How old are you know? I'm thirty one yeah you know me from waiting like that's it. You know the woman is like mass cold your shoes. I am forty five me from girlfriends. Guy Divorced so fun kids. Yes Cocoa. Play demographic game right back played the demographic game right back. I love that Demo. That's very canny of you also probably six time it's yes. I'm always it always in the middle of an errand always so what are you up to now so what's going on <hes> basically two year old my two year old yes. He's about to turn to July twenty fifth very exciting my gosh is he a handful right now royal boy. He's my first one and done one and done yet it. Oh Yeah I get it <hes> so yes I've been I've been <hes> spending a lot of time with him. which is wonderful but yes euphoria is is something that is <music> on air right now and I'm really looking forward to a Charles Randolph film about the Roger Ailes debacle at Fox the will be released in December starring Shirley's their own of her as Megan Kelly yes and and she's phenomenon in this and I play Janine Pierro Fox News broadcaster? That's that's I'm so jazzed. I'm really I'm really excited about it. It's it's a really wild film and it's still untitled. They don't have title for the movie but I <hes> you know. Some of the scenes are things that we had no idea were going on. We'll be introduced to and I know there's something coming out on showtime that is about the Roger Ailes <hes> <hes> Russell Crowe Russell Crowe and and <hes> I think <hes> <hes> Charles Randolph really went in depth and really found out <hes> a lot of Intel that we know nothing about the we're about to be introduced needs to come December. I'm excited OI yeah right juicy. It's very juicy yeah. I'll share a story with you. When this stuff suffering party? I was blown away by one of the scenes. I couldn't believe that it actually happened but it did coming to you in December cliffhanger yeah yeah very excited about that so you do have your hands full on domestic front as well as the professional rational yes I do I do. I do <hes>. There's there's a great show. That's going to be coming out called mythic question. It's from all the boys who brought you. It's always sunny in Philadelphia and some coming in on that on Netflix and that's that's a lot of fun. It's about Oh my God the video video game world the Gamers and you know all of yeah all of those children from that world and I knew nothing about the game or world until you know until this came around so the very hush hush about this every project nowadays as is very they have to be but now now we know the ticked the most important box as a as a working actor in Hollywood. You do have a Netflix show because are you really even real at this point. Are you a human being if you're not somewhere on on even I know it's isn't that interesting that the White House will be brought to us by Netflix right. I'm waiting. I'm sure I'm sure we always joke opened his class. <HES> WE WANNA say brought to you by Nachos or something like that every arena you go to now. It's like well yeah exactly so we're saying that one day it's going to be like cheeses are bringing you Leonard Maltin. We're GONNA find somebody Taco Bell. Are you a social media. Yes yes you could find me on on instagram and on Twitter Alana you doc. I'm not a Schmuck I do. I do post a lot of fun things every once in a while twitter I'm not too crazy about people get so angry on twitter. Oh it scares me but instagram's a lot of fun because of the pictures I I look the pictures and the little in the in this fund videos so yes you. I promise I will make you chuckle. If you log onto my instagram account. That's a baby <hes> as for you. Most Your Mon you are at Leonard Maltin. I'm at Jesse Massimo and on twitter and on instagram you can always go to Leonard Maltin Dot Com for movie reviews and book round ups and all kinds of good stuff. Don't forget armor charmer CH- T public T. E. Multan movies. We have fun little pop corny.

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Darmani Rock Finally OUT of Roc Nation CONTRACTNegrn NOT OfficialWho Should Sign Him

Tha Boxing Voice

3:42:12 hr | 1 year ago

Darmani Rock Finally OUT of Roc Nation CONTRACTNegrn NOT OfficialWho Should Sign Him

"As intended for mature audiences, the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners, sponsors or affiliates enjoy. This is Michael. Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready. For boxing voice. Could have been anywhere in the world. What you here with me three. Daddy this is dull. Talent. Production. The. Inflatable Avital. ME New eventually I'll pull half the fight. will stay. Calm. Packing Torello the big deal. If. You're fighting on the APP or. A. The entertainment. He welcome back, ladies, and gentlemen to another. Jam Packed Show let me tell you. We start a little bit late couple minutes lading that bigger deal especially when you know you secure and some pretty big interviews to come on the show last minute though unit the main. So we got some some treats line-up plus some breaking news or rumor, right? Sources. Close to the camp. All, letting US know that. Domani riot. IS NO LONGER WITH ROCK NATION No. No No. No. Absolutely. Absolutely that is what's going on. This is what we're going to be talking plus we got a bunch of interviews line and I'm going to tell you exactly who Francisco Rays you should know. You know it A. Oh. But if you don't know that's why you tune into the bikes could get educated. We're GONNA have the trainer of a Nate Robinson Yeah. Yeah. Keen from Florida's favorite basketball players. What I'm told absolutely. Yeah. You know we had bj Flora's on yesterday come in really quick and say, Hey, look we we're getting a knockout we get in the knockout and we're talking about Jake Paul knocking out nate Robinson. were. Absolutely, yeah. I mean when we a lead star is because we going to have a fire cracker morning you know what I'm talking about but listen it is August seven so you can put it down and get legend remember because everybody likes to say this was the best interview but it seems like you're saying that every day. In your journal August seventh another episodes Friday thank God. It's Friday Oh, don't forget it Shannon Fridays. We should be adding to the call pretty soon but Box and voicemail TB HAS ATV podcast. You know where you get the latest news and best interviews and you get the opportunity to voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. So let me head on out some MOCO hosts and introduce Mary mcgeown, Corpus Christi Texas and Alexander Lion As in New Jersey Gentlemen. Windows is what Allies. Yeah. You know putting US asleep. Jay Z's attempt taken over boxing. said it I said it. Good. Riddance. That's You man stay getting squashed in the in the rap game in the boxing game. Look. But do me let me tell you my my favorite rappers are are right. Is the ghetto boys zero scarface and you know what you don't. Write Jay prates he gets things done. That's why the south. Is the place where it's at but you know it's all goodness you count. And It's all good. We we know reliance's lie. It's all good I'm just happy that money now is like he you know if I'm a promoter I'm on them. You know the scoop in I'm like I'm like an eagle. Swooping down like Chan. Coding. Walk. Column South. 'cause like this is a guy that I've seen a close. I Seen A. Covered this for now sparring man see them scoring. So I know how this kid? Can adapt seen him with different guys. So it's it's a matter of. You. Know what type of trajectory a promoter wants for him what kind of fights you're GonNa get them I think that you know he's ready to You know he's ready for Carlos. Whoa what was that? That's my email going out is. An important interview them might happen it's the invitation to an interview that should happen. Were there you go see by Jay Z to boxing I? Don't think he ever made it all. Know what's up with the Jay Z.? Late I'm. Jay With Jabs this morning. Listen, it's not the hey, I'm gonNA. Tell you I got some things written down here look i WanNa talk about Demonte Rock and all you can never be me I could tell you all the good things about their money rock. I'm sure we are all going to say all the positive factors him getting out of this deal supposedly But I could tell you what one thing that really hit home for me will he was signed I'm be roll with Y'all I'm not super familiar with Dermontti rock and I don't mean because I don't know who are never heard of them. We've been hearing about him for years already I've known him since the Youth Amateurs, we've been hearing his name, but you know I, haven't seen him fight A. Lot at all because his fights haven't been anywhere where I can watch them. Why not because Iraq nation you know what else rock nation never did for him boom media training listen this kid is raw. He's young. He's impressionable. You know. I. Heard Him do a million interviews while he was signed to and everybody would always bring up Jay z and he was so quiet and he was just so. softspoken. Now, I know in the ring, you know he's got a reputation for being fishies in Oh in nature though he's a he, he seems like a gentle soul. You know I mean he doesn't see seems like a like a teddy bear outside the ring and in a in a tiger inside the rewrite of bigger. stiegler Yo, and so listen that that goes back to Jay Z and ROC nation like this was always what you were supposed to do for the fighters you're supposed to take them into an upper echelon of stardom right now you couldn't do that with boxing and the landscape right fifty cent everybody thinks that they're gonNA come in and throw millions of dollars at the sport and they're gonNA take over. That's not the way the sport works. Okay. That's not the way my sport works. At. The table exactly maybe you were watching Hbo Championship boxing you know a little flip and ti and whoever else was there at your house and you thought to yourself you know what I could do that no, you can't. No you can't. You got to be a hard I. I'll tell you exactly you need more people listen he need more people to do the things with the fighters that he can do, and he can't teach them about media training and any can't teach them about how to conduct themselves and how to present themselves in the most marketable fashion to get these sponsorship deals and I don't want these kids in these guys to get watered down or anything like that. Keep your edge all on saying is get paid. That's what you're in here. You're here to get these guys paid and he they they did a terrible job he should just quit rapping. I don't even understand why man is going so hardy hard on them like the good news is that. Wrecking machine. The good news is that he is allegedly out of the contract I got hit up yesterday. During the live show and you know I was told this news and I guess they were expecting for me to break it last night but I wanted to send a few emails out. Crazy look like rock nation is done altogether. I hit up. Shannon. And not can in Shannon a canon, but I hit up Shannon Donahue of rock nation and try to get a quote I. Man we no longer working with that company. So I'm like Damn I'M GONNA. Have to take the sources word for it that demise out of this deal. And the facts are the you know the source is saying that the money is out of the rock nation deal and that the Carlos negative fight was just a phone call. There's been nothing else they've haven't accepted. There's been no contracts nothing you know and that. That isn't necessarily the route they're trying to go. They're just trying to. And I quote get it poppin right so like No I think the world was like. Get it rock and I gotTA check but. yeah. I think this is more about if this is true. Where should Damani go? We just have bruce trampled on he didn't sound too high on their money instead he confirmed. that. Is Not I mean is rumored to not be a hard worker. But I think that top rank is the new. Spot, to be at Man what what I once criticized. or I still criticized because the top rank diet is okay for me. In the beginning, like give the real big baby jared Anderson atop bring Diet. Let them develop. Let them gain a fan base. That's what you do when it's time cut him loose. Don't keep them on a diet. Don't keep him on a diet like you have others. We won't mention their names but you know who they are. That being said, that's why like guys like fa going to top rank and I wouldn't mind. Dharmani being over there they'll take him slow but give them the exposure needed. You know that exposure gives you fame and popularity, which later becomes bargaining chips look at good Balanga. I mean is red hot. He's red hot and that's the machine behind him. I mean he built himself up he was signed a real promotions for those that don't know don't think that Berlanga is a top rank creation. He was signed a real do promotions, which is event Holyfield's promoter obviously that went under and they bought the papers you know what I'm saying. So you know Balanga was doing it in the New York scene on his own, and now the machine behind him has only amplified that. and. I would love that for money I would love for him new. You know because we don't and and honestly I said this. For whether McGregor when I was granted the you know access to the UFC facility and I just since then have only dreamed of a day that. boxin would have something like that for its fighters and top rank is kind of doing that. It's not as big snotty sophisticated but they got the top brain gym and does dudes all use it and they're sparring there in his training there and. It's good for a guy like Armani you know where PBC doesn't have that like there is no PBC facility. You know they don't have a gym in Vegas that all their fighters can use when they're in town you know. There is no unity your family there when it comes to a gym right like Sam Watson. And Sons. HAVE JIM in La. But you never see any of the fight is training there unless it's like a publicity stunt where it's like deontay wilder surrounded around one hundred and twenty people doing. A fitness aerobics wigham. K. You know I. I can't say that that you know that you know things are being said probably by by few or I don't know who right. But obviously some feel that he's not training as much as he should and stuff but I don't think it translates when when he fights, you know when I see him fighting he's he's knocking guys out and I don't see him tire. You know he has he has a good amateur background. This kid's been fighting for a little bit you know I think that you know sometimes we as you know when we're fighters, we get complacent and a little bit. You can say, and maybe we're just fighting just because we know where we got the skill, we got the power. So you know we know the guys that were getting lined up with. So you know it's like a handle it. You know I don't gotta work his heart, but I think that attitude quickly. Once, that step up in competition or the opportunity comes because I don't see him as a guy that wants to lose or likes to lose I mean nobody wants to lose but not a guy that likes to lose who likes to lose right. But you know what I mean guys competitive I seen them spar he's competitive if you see some of the Tape that's out there in because Mary. Who obviously covered that they didn't put him out like that. You'll see he's knocking guys out. So neighborhood a good opportunity top rank you know any of the big promotions PBC. Anybody that would pick him up I mean I think that his his his interest or the spark will come back you know and you'll probably see him working harder and. Trying to, be great. Here's my problem with him. Going to top rank right away Here's the thing he's he needs to get signed right away. He needs to get his career he him and his team has done a good job was his manager's name Dammit, what's his name s? going. Armani Rex. Yeah money rocks, Tenet or whatever it'll come to me listen. They've done a good job of of You know putting them out there and Gingham as much Manny Rivera that's what I was thinking of They've done a good job of putting them out there and giving them exposure on their own and stuff So I'm not worried about that. What I am worried about though is you know if he were designed with. Top rank right away. That the is it negated by the fact that FA just sign like does he get lost in the conversation of you know people trying to pit PBC versus top rank top ranked versus golden what like do does that conversation outweigh the significance going to PBC you know they're all good places I think though in all honesty, top rank would. Work best in the sense that they would give him that diet they would handle him with. Kid gloves, per se. I. Don't think he needs that but I do think he needs some more development look the guy was a super heavyweight in the amateurs and he does have an incredible amateur career. The thing about super heavyweights those they never have to make weight. You know he's come in his highest to eighty nine guys in the pros. Okay. And that's a starch difference from two, Forty, eight to forty seven just three years ago. So so this is a guy who you. Know, he weighed two seventy eight in his last fight against a Renzo Smith. He way to eighty nine in the fight before that, which was in June of Two Thousand Nineteen Against Rehman coaching. I don't know how to say that into seventy-five against Mike Bissett like these. Those were all in in two thousand nineteen and to seventy-three. Those were four fights yet in two thousand nineteen and not once did he come under the to seventy limit not limit to seventy eight so I'm not saying he's lazy because he's clearly not he's built fight. He's got what I've heard an engine. He punches hard throughout all rounds from what I've heard like he's a guy who is built to fight and built to last but much better he be if he were to treat it not like he's GonNa hit a certain weight but in a sense like, yeah, I wanNA come in at a certain point. He's already a big guy. You know he doesn't need those twenty extra pounds to be a big guy. You know and if you WANNA do that in a specific fight against the guy who you're, you know you're giving up sized to okay. Fine. Strategically, he needs to put him in better condition we found we found out soon I mean. So I, mean real quick about you know being body beautiful in this sport shirt at all really matter you know what it does matter is putting in the work in the gym. Are you putting in the rounds? Are you put in the work? Not Everybody's GonNa have you know that? Golden Ratio V-SHAPE and looking like my man's Aj Kudos to him. You know for the genetics but not everybody's built like that and this kid like you said, he moves he has an engine. He really does and he does punch hard throughout all the rounds. You know I see them spar up to like eight rounds probably which rare. Rare. Heap heavyweight division people don't punch hard like they get tired. Nor normal you know what I mean so. So you know it's a damn I forgot what the Heck I. I'm so sorry my bad. Just I wanted to make that point like people could say, Oh, you put your heart throughout the but like you don't understand how big a leg that is up and by the way that's one of the first things that anyone told me about him Yo sparred this kid and he was punch justice hard the first as he was in the eight like no slow down even if he's tired, he still hitting you with the same force I've heard he's got very some. Very sneaky power and the sense that. There are. Doesn't seem to throw like he doesn't seem to put everything in a paunch and he still lands it really hard. He still putting you know guys on Queer Street. So I think that at the end of the day when you look at his body of work right now, the totality of seventeen fights twelve Cao's that's very impressive. You know but he has so much of a ceiling and upside that at this point we don't need you to. Fight this big name to get your credibility. We don't need these. Big Names Top ten, top twelve, fifteen in the division yet. Because he's already had so much media exposure. You know what I mean like Philly knows this kid let me tell you one of the biggest things to happen to his career. Okay. He was on the Philly Card when they did the Dallas versus Philadelphia stuff and that was during the eagles Dammit, when was it was during the Eagles cowboys game, right? It was that Sunday and that Saturday or Friday they held a card, right? It was a Broadway boxing not Broadway it was one of those cards in the East Coast Anyway all the fighters philly versus like yo they got so much exposure I fans of Dallas cowboys talking to me about I'm like you don't even know this dude is like, what are you talking about all these talk down on Dallas like man shot you know but but that's what I'm saying is like they dave used marketing tools to their best ability and that's where my heat with Jay was coming in and I'm Jay but rock nation as a whole. Because they dropped the ball. So many times where the lights were on this kid you know even a Dez Bryant re tweeted dermontti rocks. TWI- tweets. When they were talking down on Dallas like this kid had so much going for him and at the end of the day. He still has a very high ceiling. So he's got to land in the right spot. And and and again look like I, said, I'm more worried about you know put it in the work in the gym. So that when he's given this opportunity and or opportunity comes by he's ready for it I don't know I don't know it would be really really nice man I mean I think ness. What Time When when, what are we talking about what? Are we gonNA have somebody in the camp come on. For Damani. No no no. No. I know the. Money and his father then not interview people. Yea. Well you know the invitation is open Mr Demonte rock. You know you're welcome here. And you know remember when Akita had his first press conference in the white chocolate over that zone. You remember that you remember that you know he kinda messed up a little bit. He was up there podlike everybody started cheering him man look this community is boxing community. It's it's it's a lot tighter than people think and sometimes the press is giving a A bad look at the end of the day just trying to report men and never trying to put anybody in an uncomfortable situation or or put them in a situation where we're GONNA ask them uncomfortable questions. So you know just putting that out there champions. But yes. Still Excited Forum I think that you know. One of Phillies hidden little gems what I'm saying the sport of Boxing I. If you could get them in better shape Mario, you're gonNA have a straight monster. He's a monster now, but you get them into some type of like you know super conditioning and all the good stuff good dieting and all that stuff you give them a good opportunity a pretty sure this is going to be really really motivated. He loves fighting and Nesta's interviewed him before like you said, if you look up some of the interviews on the box boy, so you too. You can go ahead and see when he first came up as a prospect high talks about how he loves fighting and You know I it's in them. It's definitely in them like I said guys sometimes we get complacent man sometimes we're fighting you know according to whatever they put it in front of us. So we know that our talents pretty high and we settle you know we settle in the you know sometimes we need to get motivated as fighters. We need something to look forward to and You know a new opportunity big money a chance at the stage where you I'm going to be seen. You know by many and be recognized they'll start pulling in that support. I think stuff like that can definitely motivate their money to work twice as hard. Yes. So I heard Mario say that he thinks the Damani may get lost in the top bring sauce. So where would you guys rather see him and real quick you know Brandon really up to start charging you to school you. You know because you're in the Chad which propaganda the dirigible top-ranked guy. He's GonNa come. Brandon. But sorry. No because it's propaganda facts are this Tyson fury sign with. Top, rank in full time Schwartz and audible violin. Okay. Saw Josh Tillerson without lighter. Facts are just tillerson with top-ranking these rumored to be fighting a Thai. Thai do from Thailand. backsaw who'd you say? joss teller Oh. Sorry gesture facts are Kerber who left Sam, top rank and so far as for bagged on dinner and Rod del. Rodney book spent ten years in jails thirty, eight ISH BY DON was. big babies leftovers I agree those are. Cry Drew Too, Low Abdur Kaurov signed with top rank, and he got Keita Barat and Luis Collazo who's thirty is old. Fact saw A. You Know Brian. Jennings when he signed with top rank in two thousand, seventeen, God, the Vaco and Dmitrenko, and then finally Oscar Rivas who was unknown in undefeated unknown though that's facts i. don't even WanNa Save the current because I'm not trying to fend fighters I learned my lesson with Earl and wh- Crawford. But there are current fighters right now if you do your own research In top bring stable. That having fought anybody and our champions. She know what I'm saying. So please. Like that like that Diet like like like. Lenovo like Magdaleno Right I. Say he nobody but the Diet. WAS AT BECO-. He came out of Ghana and upset Him. Then we got put on that BECO- then bury. A train? Your say top bring signs of no the Diet went wrong though that's what I'm trying to say he was a diet. I get what you're saying in that specific instance at that specific example. But overall you're saying that's what Rock needs right Oh absolutely development he needs development and that's the top rank gives you the you we we we talked to. We talked to Bruce I understand better now. That's what's operating gives you they develop you and they want to see and make sure that you're ready before they. They let you loose. So to speak did did did it Before they put their their their investment at risk and here's the thing. There is no promotional company that doesn't attempt to do that well. Not that someone. Is doing a little faster though. I think it's A. It's a case by case basis I mean, you know you look at a career like condello some people would say yo they. They pushed him really quick when they put them in with trout and Laura Nam back thirty. Say he already had one hundred and seventy-five five fights like it was about damn time yeah. It's It's to me it's opinion I think the people that say they can Nello was pushed would be non boxing fans like canola had thirty something fights that signed listen. That number. About Cannella in the first place because you know they, they forgot hundred and fifty four pound career and only started watching after or during left. But the point I'm trying to make about that though is that regardless like there is a plan you know and it's not a top ranked plan because I'm not. I'm not going to give them credit for that. I'M NOT GONNA say that they invented the idea of. A fighter by feeding him Yeah, I think. To this extent like so. I mean to the magnitude that they do bro Mambo. Wish I was enough of a historian to to to give you like like hard solid fax right now to tell you why. You know they aren't, but I can't. But all I can tell you is that I've been hearing these complaints since I was five six years old I'm hearing. Old Hispanic men talking crap about boxing and how they don't Let. and. So I, just don't think top rank invented it like a kit. You know what I'm saying like I mean Bob is that old but at the end of the day he is season like he knows what he's doing. But sometimes you just do does it too much I told her either with that developmental aspect top ranks in all the match ups man I mean that's what you I mean. You would say that they prepared Crawford right for like the ultimate battle now like. Like how much like what do you consider Deva developmental fights like the first. Thirteen fights a fighter has it depends who they're in their way, but it looks like we got us. On Francico, Herrera's Aka Barco boggle if you could turn on that camera. And hopefully, we can get this going. How are you? Good Morning Good morning how you doing man? Are you guys doing? We're good. Man We're. Four most want to thank you obviously for taking the time to come on the program and talk a little bit of boxing with a so early you are on the West, coast yes. I am and were up in up and running already a guy named. He already got into six seven miles in already so. Damn, he ran he ran six seven miles today. Yeah I think. So Um, you know he's a natural athlete. fastball he's always been shaped. He's been in good shape which you gotta get down to the basis of boxing game going you know what? I mean well, before we get into Nate Robinson and his fight with Jake. Paul WanNa just start with you find out when you got started and how you got into boxing because his senior year obviously, we're a fighter before so if you could just give us your story Yes for sure. No doubt. I. Started Boxing at age thirteen. No might. Everybody my family box cities where while from. my dad box has a pro Medina ankles cousins everybody got into whole. It's a family tradition to get put the gloves on and stuff on my head about sixty seventy amateur fights in twelve professional fights. You are Mexican descent Yes Sir from Mexico City Okay and you're out of Ludo right? You're in Seattle. Yeah. We're out of Seattle. Does it really rain that much over there or is it i? Exaggerating. Iran's too much rain. Right. Rains a lot. Yeah. Summer though. So you gotta do your road work inside like on a treadmill most of the time. Going outside we're going in the snow, the wind, the rain were. Up. And Running outside I was I was going through. And you you seem to have trained a few fighters that have made it on television in some good fights you know if you could just obviously let us know who you've been working with and who you worked with in the past. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, we've we've had a number of these amateurs and pros No one of our best professional fighters was a Chris Wray, as you on the he found one of the mayweather cards. One of the TNT promotion boxing cars on showtime I think it was in December. At Super Featherweight lightweight hundred thirty five pounds. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. He's now he's now training with Joel D.. S.. All I know who you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. He bought a WHO'd he fight? He Fought A. Guy. What's his name? What's his Na-? Can't think of his name right now what why do you switch? He relocated to Yeah. He's just relocated gas main nothing's happening. Man We. Just we we interview a lot of trainers that who we talking to Pedro de as Tuesday and we were talking and ask them about you know how he felt when Kodo left him and he you know he's like, Oh, you know I learned early on that. You don't get attach running shield said that we have running I think Wednesday. And he said, you know we don't get attached because Ronnie just lost FAA job and obviously Pedro Laws Miguel Kodo now you saying you lost a fighter and I've told all those guys I would take it personal. I would take a personal because it's like you you didn't at all. Yeah. They didn't but you invest so much time and energy and not only that love you become friends. You know you look out you give a guy a ride you. Go out to e with him and all of sudden. Now, we cut you off because the business. Now I wanNA bring somebody's neck. Doubt now yeah. You do get attached you. This guy does become like a family thing. You know you you you you sleep with him would you try and win them? You do so much. But Yeah it's just one of those things that happened they just got keep moving forward. You know what I mean. So was neat your boy before boxing or because of boxing because boxing I got introduced nate by one of his longtime friend who also fought for me. His name was Kevin Lawyer. Kevin Loyal told him about us we got a we gotta gone phone with them, and then just went from there. Okay, listen I've seen the pad work seen some of the footage that's been floating around and Yo. He looks good to me like he really does I mean listen Athle- is an athlete right but an athlete isn't always across over type athlete but he looks good. Yeah, yeah. He's a natural athlete me. He also played football basketball. On his foot work is just footwork is good. So you know what we're doing just going. Down the basics of the job, the movement and I get his body used to a used to would it's a what's like the to? Moving your head movement saw. I wanted to ask you. Yeah I was GONNA actually going to go right into that. Mary you know I see me and I'm looking at him and he's a shorter fighter. He's not the lengthier fighter in this fight, but he's explosive. I mean, this guy's one Dunkin contest. Can jump. So those calf monsters and all that power you know if you put it into boxing I, it could be explosive I'm just wondering if you guys working on that because Jacobs Taller lengthier, he's going to be the guy having to work to come on the inside and let off some shots. So just wondering how how you guys are going to Kinda nullify that reach. I'm yeah. No. Yeah. For sure like like you say, no, he's explosive Our just keeping a basic head movement using our JAB You know once we get on the inside you start from the bottom going up bodywork head movement, our planet's what that body. What. That body that way we take some take some power away from from Jake. Seeing some jake stuff. You know he he knows what he knows what it seems like. He knows what he's doing nobody. You know he's not he has a fundamental Well, I think I think and I don't know if you agree with this but I think they would he really has over over a nate more than anything I think is being under the lights exact. You know he's been under the lights twice now he has that experience that exposure on but like I say you know Nigga m US play for the NBA. So yeah, that's what I'm saying does he get bigger really light or get in the ring is not the same thing as a basketball court but you know he's true what it's like to be under some sort of pressure that helps that was leads. And now thinking about it playing for the Knicks at the time he did the probably wasn't like a lot of games that truly mattered if my history is correct but that said the NBA like you know what I'm saying like it doesn't get bigger than that I don't think that if listen I obviously you would know more but I just don't think that it's going to get you know. He's GonNa Start Drowning under the lights but ultimately what? Like what kind of game plan do you go into with a guy? Who you know you're fighting that doesn't have that experience either you know what I'm saying. Like, like you know we're doing the best, we can note the sparring. Dea. The you know like I say, no keeping basic with boxing crazy basic jazz, basic fundamental foot work and as a weeks Marin. I'll he sparring. About three times a week times a week. A week you know he's doing a solid six rounds already He's doing three a day. Sometimes you know he does run in the morning and strength and conditioning in the afternoon or some boxing evening all switch it up. So we had a professional handicapper on last night and he essentially told us that we can sell our cars and our houses, we could mortgage our wives rings and put it on Jake for the knockout response to that. Not only him not only him but remember Bj Florus. Came on and. bj's going to say that. I mean, look you're going up against bj right. Yeah, now we're going to, we're going to win we're GONNA win for sure you know I was looking at some fight snow haven't been. He hasn't been in there with with that much of an athletic guy, you know what I mean. Now. You're absolutely right about that. He, he's GonNa. Look good. He does look good but nacer different fighter fighters a different different athletes different person and you guys are GonNa see that? That's what South we'll have to say this is your coming out party or do you think you had a higher profile fight on your hands? There's probably one of coming out party for sure you know batching world didn't really get to know. Chris and who he was when he fought with. It's the. It's the. HMO I had to edge you because I know you know Logan poll and we got Francie. Korea's on Aka Paco. He's training. Logan's I mean he's going up against Logan's brother. Jake. Paul with nate. Robinson. So I WANNA introduce you to nave Robinson's trainer obviously Francisco layers and we're talking Jake. Champ. Nice to meet you brother issue. All good. Let's go. As. Get it. So so champ. What could you tell our guest today trained Francisco. Rays in terms of obviously you've been in camp with Jake's brother. How good is Mister. Mister Jake Paul. Jake pretty good man I ain't GonNa. Front. You know what? I mean. Got Some hands he he'd been training. Even training consistently from what I hear. You know I'm not training them anymore. But US hurry hurry training. Really I don't. He has some issues in the last couple of days. I'm sure everybody seems to here. Yeah. Yeah. But wait wait wait wait. Wait wait. To Train Jake and Logan. Okay. Okay. So you know he would be Jay now. Began ob so I mean come on. Some of the some of the weaknesses is, does he run does he not like to run? He keep his hands now like what some chain? To Do that nate and I, don't even know nate. But listen I'm gonNA tell you some. I'm a neat, Robinson sand to the death. You know that's that was the meal San York next baby. Stick it. It ended up dunk contests white man listen awesome player I watch his show. He do a lot of shows when he goes to people crab and talk to on what's in visual. I know you know I'm only boxing I'm more nate cause. You to show the way, go to visit people housing, but the Rick Ross House. What's my man? was. Now, why would it not? Yeah he got a dog show where he goes and he visits a light celebrities people when he checked out the cravings like MTV CRIBS but it's I signed the adult do think it's a good fight but I don't know how much experience. If he has ever did this before whatever but I know. Hav. Boy. So you better get him ready. You know definitely, GonNa, on has been dering like that he's getting sparring on if you guys SORTA, Stephenville logos, GonNa, be speaking with him. Okay Noah. Lost a was his name at Palm Springs on one of the golden boy cards What's The guy's name? One, hundred, and forty, seven pounder. Virgil. Not Virgil. Seventy four, pounding hundred, forty, seven, hundred, forty, seven. Golden boy. But coach. So. Who else other than Stephen is. Wrong because you know, Jake is pulling out all the stops. You know they got the money to train with everybody and get everybody in there. we we have good sparring at my gym to you know a lot of great. Goo fighters you know plus we got Say. FINDS OUT COMA WHO who've been in there with a with some good fighters in A. Some national champs that were some national amateur champions from from Washington. You might not know because aim top pros, but we're getting some good work. Tab mastic Western coach hurt. This is going to be made first time in a ring right Yup. And when is the fight? Timber he on under torture viewing. Tyson undercard. Landau that. Understand I just forgot the date. Okay. So I. To show. That you want. Your. Car there was like Okay. Okay. We'll call you back and company and start turning the tables. Shit. They said Oh you went ice cube on. They'LL WANNA parts of the champion listen champ coach. Let me ask you a question. Yes. Sir. This is nurse needs I fight, right? Yeah. As he really been sparring like like to let me tell you something that. Jack. Coming from you feel me. He trying to prove some Yonatan as an athlete right? He played basketball. He could John he super athlete. He got this boxing got to be a super coach here because it's almost going to happen coach fight night. You know is Mike Tyson fight night. Allies will be a big crowd, but the Energy Doug, the nervousness I listen they need is a pro basketball player, and so he's a professional at something now hopefully, charry on that same the same pro pro mentality, professional metality it took into boxing you me on. Why I'm GonNa tell you something coach keeping hundred witching. Because Roberson Fan. When you get hit on fight night is a little different in Europe. Like the video game musical now you don't WanNa, get hit the medical there. When you hear here in boxing ring that should go down. To a body it go down even more Allen and all that Shit. So what Lake do is Missing my rights. For new for a new new. Guy. Workout I. was giving away a secret. Workout I do your run into everything. Do your bag world pads, everything kill them first. And then put him in rain the SPA with somebody that's not going to take advantage of. The. Coach because you never fought before. When you get in the ring, all you you go down. You gotta get used to fight entire all the time. So this is what happened with me because I have a lot of mt experience because I was consistently in the gym coming up I was like man. Cigarette a shutout I had to figure it out. And guess what and I don't think you should up gets Used to do that. Mohammed Ali. Say Ali to. This is a guest. Champ, when you say then put him in with somebody who isn't going to take advantage of human somebody who isn't as good that can't hurt him or do you mean somebody who's really good but knows how to give them the work without. One they won't take advantage someone won't take advantage. The has the knowledge not abuse somebody you just working with. Greg. And I great question. I'll answer that my thing is I sit out by saying this both some days first way's ass out go run ten miles come back into bag, hit the pads into speed by jump rope Lisa dead fucking tired Bro I know don't even. Let him know unless he watching the show as championship bottle couple of rounds only three or four light like the first day with somebody. That's really good. Was Not GonNa take advantage of right and as he started building that up, then the dude that's less than him. Glenn out when he ties feel that now I'm so if thinking them listening and I'm sure. People. But that's why you get a new a new guy to get his nerves out. Confidence 'cause that's what's going to happen now with fight night. Damn I ain't just. Abandon. Because he should bridge when you say spot after ball after all that got to destroy go before then he say man spa now I just looked down as well. It's a little something like he's GonNa be like damn or he might offer. All Go. Now what's happened over time coach? His his confidence is GonNa bill because if you can fight i. Own. You think you're tired. You can fight. You can do anything in the workout. Ken. that. We just had. Rashidi. Alice. or or someone who sparked Canelo and they told us the data canal does that he runs even strength and conditioning sometimes before sparring just so he could knows Rashidi just. So he could be tired before getting in the ring so that when he gets in the ring on fight night, he's nowhere near as tired as he was doing training in. What is your regimens that you have your fighters? Do you know like you know kind of like what we're talking about something that you may consider Unorthodox something that you think other trends don't necessarily do you find you know pivotal were fundamental. Just, like you were saying push yourself to the limiting you're. Out of your comfort zone and then keep going from there That's that's that's honestly the only way that that you're. GonNa A. Best successful fight night you what you WanNa do is you want to be in a harsh environment as far as training, and then once you come to step into the ring there finite is easier. Over as well. Let me ask you Do you think this is GonNa be a one and done for nate regardless of the outcome or do you think it's going to depend the outcome? He? He Hang be wanting done? He's going to continue no matter what. Jimmy he's happy. He loves it. He enjoys it off on here. He is not going to be one and done for sure. Chant. Do you think that there's a market for for like a league like this where it's like guys that aren't just novice you know off the couch was that old tough man Contest or whatever it was. You remember that nothing like that I'm talking about guys who have the ability to train work hard but aren't professionals yes. What? What Not, you know. Different crowd incident into the box. Yeah definitely. Yes it's called Boorda wars. World Wars is that thing that the boxy voice started about a few years ago we bid getting people together. They trained and they ultimately fight with headgear of course, you know. Gloves but. This man. How many times do you post on on your on your instagram and guys like Oh man, he ain't let us punches go. Oh Danny Garcia, knock them out. So we voted. I would throw more punches May, oh, he's a bum so we wanted to. Those very same people give him an opportunity to get inside of a ring for three minutes and understand what it's really like and actually we had to lower that we had to go to two minutes. The the second time we did it, we held it in Kevin Cunningham's Jim in Palm Springs in Florida and he was like now you guys gotTa do two minutes because it's just too dangerous for at that level. have. You Been in the Ring Hell Yeah Hell you. Mentally spall heavyweight. Man. I'm an amateur. Do Alex trains. Straighter. GotTa. I'm trying to SPALL Shayna. So we could get a million views you know what I'm saying. But Francisco, we've got a few questions from people. They knew you were coming on Got George Foster in the UK. This says is Tyson fury the most complete fighter out there right now. European. I think he's he's the best heavyweight right now. and. We Got George Dallas Fort Worth Texas says is TIA FEMA, being done by Luma Chanko in your opinion. No That's a little offer that gave him. No. Say. I've been saying that all the kids like that. Man You the boy he at least get a boy million. Exactly. Right he bought the unifying trying to give him one point two bronner beginning after to nubs case. That's a that's an you really don't WanNA fight him. You know what I mean. That's what I say guys when they call me off me stupid money but you really WanNa. Fight me which he wanted to do was say you offered to fight me and I said no telling why said no, the money was bullshit you fill me if the money bullshit you ain't gonNA fight the. which thing I am I gonNA. Put on a show and promote have all these people tuned in. Then you opinion little pennies work. Of My sport man. Definitely. I'm risking my life off. Forgot about the champ. Thanks coach risking my life. Zor. Bilby. Yeah Next. One for Francisco is from big, Nick and A. Says thanks for coming on the show Mr. as nate has his work cut out for him. From the I'd says, Jake Paul looks like boxer and like he could box at the decent amateur level, how do you plan on bridging the gap between nate and Jake's ring I q? Will it be more than just athleticism? Oh Yeah. Has To be more than just athleticism on, but you know I, mean. Jack does look good. You know he he could be a decent amateur but like I said, he hasn't been in there with a decent athlete at least I think. So we'll look good news coach not to cut you off I apologize. I said before I forget. Old. Costa good news is that he got some issues right now and he might get distracted I was gonna say that you know there's some issues going nine on below distractions right there in any benefit us for sure but I know, I know Jake Paul I'm GonNa, keep it real with you. I'm giving you this advice if I know J. Paul which you know like to meet him a little bit. He focused Shan he's. He's one of those kids that regardless of what you're going through, you're going to get the job done. So you scratch that should happened with us. He's still won't show up I think but it's GonNa be a tough night. What you have to do is. Sight ought site. That's why said coach that and that's about nate he no, he he he has a fighting. You know he shows up he works. As he tried to back. He'd better go Mike Tyson. How many? Rows Oh rousing pro debut y'all. y'All. But Jake never win six rails. Jake never. Win. Coach a coach. You better go tell him to run five miles. You just read seven four. Seven. You'd better go before he saw he better Duda and then go to ring tire and do that every day if not going to be so nervous energy meter going to go down quick is gone. He needed to go watch a guy and we Armstrong entry that nonstop he need to watch him. He killed sleep. Wake up to. Get. Back to sleep or Graham Abbad. Become. This man, his name was Henry Armstrong Eric came hey, you need to watch videos confined in the archives. It'd be hard. They know what they really need to watch where you got to have a hell of the chance for this man, he needed to go watch the Hawk Aaron Pryor that's remind me of his body he got gotta be like he got hit with his head going punch it. You know who air Brian's Look them up Erin client one of the best greatest wall loves. Trust me. Erica Heavy Armstrong and ask enterprise so we need to watch. Yes Sir now, Mike Tyson because he's going to think that he will get him with one punch and that's never going to happen. He's GonNa have to throw combination at the combination share. Now he said combination apt combination Santa put together. So many pieces is like Fried Chicken, you fill me. Who who did you have jake spun when when he was with shoe who who you at least witness spa or anybody who to who holds? Getting there with. You GotTa New with every Oh here. Name names man it was coming and he was getting there with Jimmy I was. Would Jim wasn't Logan. Backyard it. He was his friends come on Shit. Up Dag also. His friends, no way Jose Nate Better Watch. Is he down spa down the SPA? He loved his shit. So I, I'm glad that he fired Lakers. Last week, you know what? I'm saying he's a super athlete. You know I mean. So now super athlete versus a guide US hungry the like any loved it. So let's see how much make love it may gotta go into Superman mole combination if he can't coach. You. Keep. Your. Door four, hundred, who five, hundred punches around. In training here in the fight in the fight, you know five four for four Hundred Years in the gym only come out about twenty. Eight hundred punches because he'll get forty out in the rain. Now. Man. Ally in a gym when they citizen science, it really is is just that people know how to you know I don't even know how to explain it all but I'm GonNa tell you is a science man you don't five hundred in the rain you know about. Thirty thirty in the fight. Dan. Plus the the bigger guys not always little guys with the villages is the less the. Less. The less the. Champ Ohio. SAYS CJ SAYS Make. Sure you mentioned where the Hawk from CIA. ooh systematic. And Sham Real quick TJ. Who's one of our you know powerful. Yeah he asked if you could please say a happy anniversary to Tracy and Asia celebrating I. Think they're five years me yeah. He wants you to say happy anniversary to Tracy in Asia. Tracy as let me tell you some y'all not only happy anniversary, but it's the best one I. Live the live still here. Let's go trump. Badge Francisco. So what is nate style because we never seen box we? We don't even we haven't even gone to see him spaw so. He's what he brings it. He brings a fight. He brings a fight to you. You know he's very. Orthodox south. Will you say he's he's he's Jabber 'cause I remember I times Javed beautiful right hand. You know he brings a fight to you here scared of fight I like fight. Yeah. That's what I will live. Because of what I've seen not just not just The Boston who is as a person you know he doesn't he doesn't WanNa give up you want keeps comment. He's just a natural athletes a competitive and he wants to win boxer. Wise. What would you say is the most natural thing that you've seen come to him. His forward. Yeah absolute workers is nice. I. I'm assuming that it's not going to be a crazy way right? Like it's because it's contractual ready naked figure it. The weight. Two hundred right. Now One eighty five. Okay. You know nothing we don't have to stress about you know he's he's not stressing about couldn't wait values focused on on learn how to learn how to fight. He's GonNa. Bring. We got one more from Florida team in Florida says I consider nate a freak athlete. Do you have any stories of incredible things he can do or has done in the gym? Thank you for your time. Now. He's only been with me for about two weeks. I mean not crazy but I. Like I. said You know he's a natural athlete he he's always working hard. He's always ready to go. So Before that. I wouldn't know I wouldn't know. Yes sir, he wasn't doing before he was doing boxing but I don't know. Where we are training. SEATTLE. Okay Seattle. Is Update on. Shit was. GonNa be. We've got supermax masterminded says Yo tell Canaan to link up with me for the next border war supermax with the Ken in his corner is a winning combination for and we'll put Boorda Woods on paper view who. Year Memphis Oh Francisco a any other fighters you got an anything you know they're cooking or right now nate with what you're focused on. Nine as what we're focused on right now I sit. y'All focus everything on the night we want to win now are you. Focusing on the training aspect or have you taken on. Conditioning and NUTRICIA. Conditioning coach you know he's doing his thing with him and he's He's a really good coaching on me. My father are the ones working with him with the boxing running and all that stuff. Let me ask you something Francisco guys. We always talk about the physical preparation and anytime in the days where you guys you know sit down and watch film and Talk Boxing. And and you get really mentally prepare him for what's to come because a lot of the times the bodies there but the mind is not no. Yeah No. Yeah. Most definitely not the most important thing boxing is the mind you know it's more important than physical part for me my point of view but yet we should now you know study we look at fighters. And try and get the best out of these next few weeks that we have. Nazi question. What kind of exercise your door. I'll just basically no up and down with some ways not crazy. You get some side decides not is idea. He sought he's GonNa have to get a sided with his Xingdao and throw them though some shit dude besides that. Yeah. Definitely. That allowed to do that to get past the first. Job But he gets out there and do it. You guys get. A job gone. He got to get close. Yes. They are here like this. Guy He just like this, he got billion wouldn't get in with listen. When we get in there boy he better though some shifts because a home if not Jake Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping, Ping, Ping Ping Ping you. Guys in James. James. I see jake look that good you guys him up big Tom Shannon or keep it in a hundred and let me see you've been training on stop. You been training. So. Let's assess his last fight. I ain't trying to scare me I'm trying to motivate them I'm trying to motivate both I'm out. Here. I don't have no stake in the game, but I'm GonNa, make, Roberson Fair to the devil, Makita hundred. So may killer shape you're better being shaped, but you better go hard going there and forget listen. To keep keeping honey. This boxing isn't this his fight. Getting their fight yeah. Other, Shit, sometimes you got. Head start swinging windy. GotTa. Guess the Megan. That's wilder wilder. That's what you gotta put a morning with that windmill swing shift and. Shit hit you can't be all of them to do that because they that. Instinct. If I'm walking down the street somebody about the Bush normally. Use My job. Don't work about the somebody about the budget is is it's like a cat. The tax not. Now. So, much practice right here liquid spray hopefully like that but that might come. To. Come over here too. The. So I'm saying look I might go to. Come back with a level from how and Lissette Lissette knock your whole Joel off your face. You feel me meaning Gus gotta take. It is frightening. Sometimes you put your out just thoughts. They gotta be prepared for that. Actually can go in the bag fight like the cat fight like a girl would call it. Ministry. Soon. Ministry. Three. Threes. I Dunno three gotTA. Be. A heavy bag. Girl windmill crazy like a cat for three minutes. Yeah okay. Minutes coach listen. That's that's full power. That's that's all I do like, wow. The crazy for three ministries I gotta be able to do is deeply in a fight is now the come out street right here left up right up and they come out like that. That's great. But you gotTa have the instinct to fight to get everything out about the bushes what you're GonNa do all we set up do my right no. You've got to start fighting and that's where he wanted to do when you take the athleticism you take out to fight night you just gotTa fight cat dog fight animal fight let's tramp coach. What How many rows did you say it's again six route six rounds this real file man. Champ. Fight, but but it's not like they Disney. He doesn't have his amateur car pro card right now you don't does he got. Them to get a license or is it a stray exhibition because J. Kaiser licensed? He's a pro boxer now and now he's going to be licensing auto he. Yeah Oh my. They got this as a profile. This is beautiful. This is what I'm and little. Tell you are they every time I was one of the first people to say that they could get Logan ports ten and no I believe you could. You could. I believe you can navigate these kids. Now it's up to me wrong and getting the win and make jake the one that laws can make anybody sending Oh. On this level but. By. As. FIBONACCI. Champs stopping stopping you crazy. You Ain't win that fight. was. Wii. Chance. That fight. I watched it one hundred times breath. More active. He was more chaos I was more active in Logan like always gas out he gassed out. Don't believe it regionally ship so. You Watch the fight was he got a good. He got a good jabber gas that we all to point Shannon does make a good point like it depends. If you're if you're scoring like Max Kellerman and you say, who would I rather be at the end of the round I think you could arrive at a different scorecard as opposed if you're looking at it and trying to score the way that they say judges are supposed to scare. Did exactly. What Shannon Ten Francisco to tell nate do we went out there and made it a dogfight Logan wanted to be pretty I was on my Logan China. United May when I don't. Missed about pretty much eighty, his punches he missed that counters pretty. It was fighting dirty the referee. That's that's that's called dogfight with the referee took two points when he should've took priority one I. Don't know what the Hell who had escorted that I've I'm I wasn't locally corner but listen logo to make it did better but isn't fight. Each got told you fight night all us to go out the window. You Ain't pay. And I've learned from that too from from from training someone and from a box did you know what you? This is different when the lights come on you know what I'm saying you got to be prepared and that's what I was eating the good news I can fight in the street. So when I was psyched myself out with the Bell Ring. His fight like I'm in the hood and but but Think. That mentality. But what do they little boxes? Should they show you like what the job at all that shit but thinking your face your mind? Komo Komo Komo come on yet. But I'm a little crazy just champ. I'm right here which you chant. That's the mental aspect. What I'm talking about like it's a certain metality. You gotTa have man and and you do gotTa Psych yourself up a little bit sometimes you know 'cause it's A. Gas. GotTa. Room looking at yourself in the mirror punching the wall you you leave that locker room you a God, you see you come you the man you know what I'm saying. So you get punched in A. Fight night you got any fighter everybody in the car I'll tell them you know you gotta say forget that really eight no crowds anyway that you just gotTa say it's men him. And Jim. Nobody else there. The whites on men him unerring nobody else has what am I gonNa do if this was sparring He walked in the gym I walk in the gym. We got in the ring and it was nobody else here. It may be his team and my coach his coach and we started fighting you know what I'm saying but I don't like him he don't like me. Is, the mentality is that's the whole thing. So now you're not fighting a year with some we. But we do with gloves. You know what I mean. That's what I love. Italian, just want. I just want to hit him hard as I can. But where's the line between a going out there and making it a fi- ed and also trying to use the tactics within boxing like the veteran moves things that you wouldn't do in a street fight but you can get away with in a boxing fight that might not be for the you know what I'm trying to say like a fight versus. Leo Type Janko Moment I told me Sir i? Now listen each fight i. go each fight with a different tally each with different Italian for fighting now I'm fighting a bull he coming at me I might be like year with some But I'm using Jen I'M GONNA make you too bad I'm I might. Have Fun. But in my back of my mind when the time is right, I'm assuming something down here to get your Labata here you still me on but I'm Gonna I'm now I WANNA say clowning but I'm the slick stop being a technician I. I'm using my skills at right said, no long Robinson said but now but then it's time I say now I got this shit up with the now brother it's time to get I. It's time it's. Time to catfight because I'm not getting all the way I put my head down close. My eyes is thoughts on his again. Do you let your opponent dictate when you make the adjustments or do you say to yourself? Okay. For three rounds, I'm GONNA, box this way, and then in the fourth I'm going to do this and then in the six I'm going to do this or do you make the or do you allow your opponent to dictate your adjustments? Each war is different would have military's planning Google gives another country they say this going do this town, we send our navy or. AIR ATTACK GONNA trick ground soldiers isn't the plan type. Adjust. Within the fight I damn I like listening. Great question by the way, Chen is been times with me when I was in a fight like down up by your fights, I'm going to be the by somebody the boxer guess what he tricked by is he? Being aggressive he bites me. So now I'm out of my game plan. No got a just getting there. Now, I gotta get to 'em. You I'm saying so. You gotta be. Versatile. Switch on switch off to be a complete final he's only got you. So Francisco Coach before we let you go I, think the one thing we need to know since we got a prediction from the Logan side we need to know we should we bet the knock out so we bet the decision you know what do we do because I'm looking buy my wife a nice dinner off despite. I'll let us go to knock offer a knockout, the knockout. Win. All right. All right. That sounds like a bet that I feel comfortable making based on what I've seen from nate based on your confidence on we had you want I can't wait for this fight and I hope it isn't a one and done I don't care if he wins or loses you know I'm a big fan of nate like the Champ said so you know thank you for being on time you want to get. Absolutely absolutely loved having you want at this. You can give out your social media and plug anything else you WANNA plug. For sure. My grandma is PACO RADIUS Six. In the that's where I'll be posting all the author training videos from nate and stuff. Even updated. That's what's up. Thank you so much coach for having us on. Francico. Thank you again brother Puerto. wiki. Now Mexico execute on all to. You know. My camera he needs to meet? Cobbler. But that's all right. We can do that too. That's my song right there by the way. Francisco Masks. So we'll be getting you back on. You got two weeks with nate. We're GONNA come back in for another two week update man okay I hit you up in about two weeks he was good. What's cooking what you guys in Camp Right now? I for sure amount will be ready Oh can wait until the Last. Days. They blessed Nice. There go ladies and gentlemen. The trainer. Robinson Francisco. We might be getting Jeff Mayweather on as well. So stick around if you haven't done. Yeah bring 'em on I'm waiting on I. GOTTA. See If. I do have to read you this one super chat because Yo- our guy who's just a loyal listener for weeks has been asking us to to hit you with this. He says Yo tell cannon to link up with me for the next border wars. Superman. Sorry my bad shoot. I was I had to take p break. So but says, he wants to link all the way in plain view. Texas couple you got a guy he say he just wants him to corner him for the fight if we have it in Florida. He got to see what you can't just take a fight and put a loss on his resume. To. You said the you said in the first week we ever had you know no second week. It was the first week you came back. You had said something about like you can get it in whenever you can get it in like some people have the ability to go to the gym for two three hours but you said to get it in when you can get in I'll be working with my co trainer over here do me Yoshii because of you. My Wife Mad at you 'cause I got the what's it called? Do me that ball the hangs pendulum, the pendulum, the Syrian yet amaze bagger whatever I got one of those hanging from our living room I got a the I got strings four corners. So I'll be doing my you know shifts, rollouts you know changing angles stuff she she she's really mad right now but but I'll get it in like every. I Dunno six hours I'll just put in like fifteen minutes and then twice a day I'm doing like thirty minutes just just that stuff though I still go to the gym and everything and I still train. You, champ for that. No news I know you've been you've been saying that you're GonNa have a fight anything. You could announce yet or not chant champ why they sell in a while we the impact a is just They they they got they. They put in a lot of a lot of steak on you they. They think that you come in. You have. You talked to impact network. Van. I guess. ooh Steve Marcano. Um signing to deal with impact. My Apologize Man, you know the sonic. season. When is When is that happening because it made the announcement hopefully, you know they got the check if everything looking a signer with. Deal. With McConnell. possibly. Do what they said. They're GONNA do but I believe they're going to do it. is being said, is this everyday moving slow but as they do this, Yarmuth do Mohammadu my I fights, my three comeback fights with. Would impact then hopefully. No I'M GONNA fight back the by I'm already ready. I can take off my shirt right now but did. Not. All right. That's what. I heard they signed a big Tom heavyweight. That's what we've been told and I'm assuming that no, no, no no no. I really found out. That's my hunter should've just asked me listen Chan but it bare knuckle is with. Bare knuckles with zone. Now, an impact it's his own thing isn't that going to affect anything? You don't you got a contract with bare knuckle as well. Okay. Okay. Okay. I did a deal with a company called Alpha DNA era. Against tele-medicine Company I deal with them out for being a they a lot of fighters right now do you think of the company that's going to do some damage Barton? Assign with them as far as. Marketing and all that Shit Marketing. But other than that Scott her show still with Scottish and put together. You know I worked for sure this Shaw. House Florida Man. Don't mean you know I'm telling Bro earnestly man just chilling when you. When you gonNA. Start a campaign. Wait till. You get a contract in the check is cut or you already going to get back in June? Yeah, I'll be working at home. I worked at a hole every day. I walked around fight I. shadowed by a walk a going on walks hitting the bag consistently as well as I do sit ups I. got a whole little thing bathrooms every time I take a shower every day I'd do sit ups. Push ups. You know but I am waiting till. You know science oriented on forty eight years old and although I stay in shape like I can't run myself in the ground into its is. Service a year and also money do make me move better. You feel me some woman cut I seen her for some reason I don't know what it is when the money is I just get more motivated. That anxiety comes off it's just freer to be able to move with the money. Hey, I'm ready to get busy but other than that. I be just chilling but you know I feel the these businesses that evolved what you tell me all your hustle. Yeah I'm a hostile checkout. Twenty eight hundred hurt nine, one one. You'll see you see some of the things that I'm doing that our. Company one, eight, hundred, nine, one, one. If you're in Florida anybody in Florida, you've been in a car accident. You've been anytime injury please call one, eight, hundred, hurt nine, one one. You will not believe or one hundred of your online what hundred hurt nine, one, one S. L., Florida? Okay. That's what I'm trying to have. You'll see what I what I'm doing and we really helping people get. Money. As arranged. Lawyers. I'm sorry I say link that was some lawyers. Now you've got your law firm going on. When I say hustle and nothing illegal always. Of course, of course, the into it but You know just just to stay focused but listen fighters my number one thing i. Want Reason. Why fight when you got all these ventures, you obviously okay. ain't like you know you you hurt and so why even fight at this age us the love and the Passion Right Champ he studied now love you got it right writer. He hit it right on the ads the love of the pack and not only like I was saying look I'm forty eight years old I had ballooned up to four hundred, three pounds. You feel me. All. Never. Seen One. Where say would ever have imagine you being four hundred pounds I'm a posted today. That's going be a fire before APP. Tell them tell them you tell them you did. Before fury. That's gotta be your catalyst honey that's got to be a caption. I made to come back from four hundred before few. It's not about it's. Not like that like. 'cause I'm happy for him because. He was he was I was in a dog place. So when I was in a dark place, I didn't see myself at days. I was in place for like two and a half years three years right and I didn't see myself getting out. I was like Damn. Maybe I got like some type of brain damage from depression was suffering from just so many things in my life that I hadn't dealt with all that I did or didn't you're saying and I was like Damn. They must stop it wasn't champ was just Shannon and then I said Yo you got to start looking at yourself in a better light brother you fill me you got as nobody going to change this for you. You GotTa do for Yourself Not GonNa. Tell you the man you gotta believe we man he's told me you gotta you gotTa beat a man and the man gotTa beat a man. Champ. Can I ask you a and this might be too personal, but it's just something that has been going on with me lately So I I use cannabis as a way of kind of like unwinding after the gym. Now, there are times where I need it because the back pain severe taking a pain pain medication like four years ago it just that's not a good thing but. I use cannabis for the pain relief. However, what I've been noticing is with a very particular strain, which is mostly sativa based. It gives me a boost that I feel and I've been wanting to use it before going to the gym to actually box A. What do you think? What do you have? You ever done that or do you do that and if you don't have to tell us if it's I Listen to me the chip can you suggest chat can answer that right now because we trying to get a fiber are small. I'm so sorry never mind. All the time before I saw man, would they not smoke? Joe Don't. Run smoke before they run don't cycle a smoke before they. Don't. Okay. So Champ as a coach would you if I'm your fighter and I came in, I just told you what I told you what would you tell not if you WANNA fight professionally. Professionally, that's one time I'd say chill champ because. For freezers one I grew up thinking know in that it wasn't good and it wasn't because that was different cannabis back in different. Back in the day, you know what I'm saying, and then he took him all the knowledge that we know. Now, the different strands, the DOM, the way growing if his grown. A correct refreshing done the right way tweeted. Kim. Guadagno. Get Real. You know. This. Is Not as you can't compared to weed in the eighties seventies you know when I was a kid, you know all used to take me to the the ways. I was five years old there by eight I was going through the westbound. T T treat me. With a hundred times now go over there, walk down the street put put my money in issue. Don't let nobody take your money. Now. Look. We lived on the call Miller military. Ata Taylor Miller. Miller like that Miller I'm in the eighties killer Miller it was eighties man in early eighties eighty, eighty, eighty, eighty, one, eighty, two. Up Ten years old eleven years old so look nine or ten. So check it out I used to go. On bunk knock on the door. Put the money in the whole I gotta weeks up. Put the money in a whole Dan. He put out an envelope. He over back up, he put on Joe is a big yellow bag. All all I take it to work. She pick out the seeds as if she smoker herb, right. Man She's seventy three years old now. where? You fill me. She still lives talking to have a good conversation laughing talk to me. You know what I'm saying. So it's a different it's a different. is a different time but at the same time I still wouldn't be talking about. Smoking so we before the flight. I wouldn't do 'cause I'm too old school maybe in the future they will you don't see is homeless, but a lot of sports said to say this, a lot of sports are. Declassifying even tested for it. You feel me. Your. From what I'm here saying you in Florida Ricky Williams play for the dolphins I don't even watch other sports, but my brother was a dolphins fan. So coming up, I was forced to know Damn Marino Ricky, Williams and found out Ricky Williams smoked his entire NFL career. He was leading rush over thousand yards on gone just. So fall back with all that whiteness if you wanna you WANNA fight you got go out there and fight, but you gotta work hard like you know you. Don't need it everybody who need it? Why? Why would you take serving a habit or something? You don't need if you if you feel if you if you prescribed by doctor or you run across his somehow you you see to help you and. I would too I went to. The. Doctor Chair, I went to everything. Psychologists Psychiatrists endocrinologists. Do. Check. Hormones, hormones. And End Morphine system. Did everything because I will suffer from depression. But I used to drink since I was young I was drinking you know what I mean not heavy but I would turn out to sites and Shit like that you know forty years and the third was kid Look alcohol was was. Did bad things for me. We get ready to. Weight gain depression the next day. I. Used to get ships as strong. Next Day man you know like the hangover we call it or whatever chair I stopped getting a handle was depression. Depression depression I'm like damn thinking about hormone negative shit you know what I mean so. Cannabis was introduced to me and I was like, wow, this should here helps me. You're not that old woman helped me. Back in shape two, hundred, sixty, eight pounds. Real, quick. Just going to read you a super set Shannon from one of our listeners. Sony from Cincinnati says, let's go champ. Survey. Kwan. The chef of the Wu had instagram live show for the twenty fifth anniversary of his debut album Cuban linx. What are some memorable stories you have partying with the HIP hop artist? another party would would recall I told the one of the day we was kicking we sold on Instagram just the other day twenty twenty will be kicking. Back, and forth direct message in A. Lot of respect for the brother you respect me I appreciate You know just the fact that you always you know. Coming. Up around the same time we need. We knew of each other. We ran across other time one night I had just got like a brand new car of. This might have been ninety eight and it was all had like a ninety nine Dad's but it was ninety eight, I I was hopping it all and at the city and. is nighttime headed to a cupboard. Required, pull up next to me he like. With sub channel we. Wouldn't like you ride. You ride my see you looking good and it was like, Oh, you're. Out, the I don't tell you. Cool but. I go to. Staten Island. In the early nineties eighties to to what I'm saying and who would have known one night I went over there to see some CD's girls I know and on. Your is crazy. I would obviously these girls I know and. I pulled up in a will mahoney to him a homeless. I'm thinking Staten Island on. CAMPING GUMMY WE'RE GONNA be. Crazy not no disrespect. But also browser of Brooklyn and you'll be my mail check some of these, and then we're going debt. Joe. How we get over there, we pull them saying we have to a pay phone because he was like, maybe this was nineteen ninety. One eighty nine something like that. But you have pulled up and I was like Yo a recall it from a payphone long story short we waited in front her building in the project. Guess what? I WanNa do came through your what's up which I don't like. Your mic. equipment. You know what I'm talking about. You know John Hi. Eight nine. Eight hundred eighteen months. But this me. I gotta you can't just stay firm you standing firm. He just can't walk like that. So I thought. So who came walk past And then for God's will pass own. They did a sound. Something to the sound. Row when I tell Ya. So, many people came. They surrounded us. It felt like a hundred, two hundred people. Grow Oh my God weekday. But I'm still me. Come like. We were saying you take us along with what I'm saying. US getting crazy you mean next you know soup all surrounded. It was about one o'clock in the morning. Bro Warrior You see her come out to fight into the crowd. That She was a white girl. Her name was Tina. They call a White Tina you show me. From the project, you got those. That white family living the project's lead dates? Came We. y'All they came they was fighting through the crowd they the day was about my. Face to face about the get it in and they broke it up. They saved our lives. They was like Yo chill does my homeboy will Fuck. These doing over here. I was like I was like I was a little crazy because I was thinking to myself. You know supersede respect. But anyway to if you will give up kill anyway your mind as well. Fight back I mean you you can't bag you can't. Run you know what they say when you try to run. Animal. animalistic. They crazy when they This when they get Clayton so I was like day. I it. Anyway they see saved us you'll get the fuck out here and he told us the. Towards Greasy but not crazy. So we had to do what they said. We leave. We leave me as we leave your chair by never forgot we leave in the car sell. Sell it to a pothole. My boys called Transam. Whatever this was I was in the backseat. I'm the told us. I'm GONNA bag she grabbed up I had to get it. To the bank see women in the backseat anyway long story. Short. Powell. We had to get out and get the car out. They still was around said me I was sweating bullets bro I said man we got out of there and that's my story. I did I did I did a movie with method man years later. L. Was the movie Agnes the whack news. And we'd laughing talked about that on the set man he was like you'll remember that was on you. Would have never been in Shannon Briggs? Bro. Now these are those going into. You'll is staten island where the mob was from. Rate. It was not not from, but it was definitely out. Yeah I thought her I mean I never been there to New York or nothing, but I'll be there October twenty. Fourth SHUTOUT TINA GONNA ask Yeah We. We Tina and Tracy shadow of Teenage A. Champion because. Let's go. Let's try stable to projects. Let's go to. So it looks like Jeff, is going to be joining us in a few minutes. Champ let me ask you a because you talked a little bit about it earlier, and maybe you mentioned more when I was when I had to go to the bathroom but the whole deal female situation What. What can you boil it down to is is agreed is. Is it I'm talking about that from him not getting paid side like don't you think that they're giving him what? Everybody seems to feel he deserves or not everybody but okay. Okay. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let's. Let me say this. Coming money can the Fight January I. Don't know. That's a good election crowd. No crowd, right? No no crowd note no satellite or or circuit. Multiple circuit no no closed-circuit either. Take on the table but he got to see what sort the table saying let's keep it real 'cause they like these guys going to be like, Oh, well, you know if you know how much is this boy taking? Take. Two million an excess in excess three point to in excess which means. Making, more than three point two. How much the? Automobile One, point two, one, point two, they play a man. Ain't that I will walk away man I will wear my contract he. TURNED THE OFFER DOWN Leaving my belt man I'm out. This little bit of money matters you will champion of what he can do to Gordo his name Gordon he could go and. He could go in on to keep fighting and just did more recognition his name up and say you know what we I feel like if we can make that much money if I go knock out another do and another do now maybe the I could give me that five million I'm looking forward at three point five you know but you gotta you gotTa do what you gotTa do. In that sense if don't wait they. Fight. Him they. WanNa. Give you the brand right now. Go earning get another, win get you another win maybe the next week they're going back. Damn. He looks so good either man you gotta take the spotlight. That's just what it is. Is GonNA help you is king of the hill you that's what this boxers should as the hell you gotta fight and take the man off the hail man do you think that it's smart in any situation for a fighter? To have never defended their bell and go straight into unification because he just wanted he has no defensive as bell and he's going Straits unification like. Do you think that that's I don't WanNa, say smart but I, what do you think about that? Happens of is before. Yeah. please. Pin the biggest criticism not criticism of Theo. Fema but the fact that they're like people were saying that he could that the fight doesn't have to happen because he has those types of options where he could say look I'm going to defend my title anyway you know what I mean. You know that sound like a little bit money though I'm saying a one point two shit. I'm real minutes ought to do this ship I'll. Say Each fighting the best in the world lonely. A magician with some of some soil, he's a sorcerer. Another seem nobody knows shit do man. That's what role now what about the? Magic city do he is incredible fighter. But what do you think about the fact that Bob came out of this past week and said that the offer to themo was double His highest purse and Loma Shaneco has already taken less than minimum. He didn't say those exact words but he said that he worked with them during this pandemic basically saying look Loma steak shorter money. You should take shorter money by the way you're getting double what you've gotten what what would you say to those comments? To Linda promoter says is double what from God? It's double the most you ever got its double Muslims. That's why. So what? So what that's why you go from making A hundred thousand dollars or no excuse me. That's why you go from making ten thousand dollars to jump to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars yes. Yes and that's why you making a million or eight, hundred, thousand, whatever it is four, hundred, thousand, nine, next make ten, million, I'm. That those big fights against. Against undefeated dude or a top dog he cashed out he got into eighty. You Come on Man Yours might be my last fight the only use that magical and then going told me under the bus now. He he asking for. well, he hasn't had like a number although the report suggests that they're both sides were way off. So he was asking for probably somewhere in the neighborhood of two, but that's just speculation because to say that there were way off your to mean like you gotta assume that he was asking for you know somewhere the twos at least that would be my assumption. That like that if only. What's The problem is, is that they can't do pay per view well, not that they can't but they're not GonNa do pay per view. Wise that well, it's for two reasons I believe one, the PBC boxing general there's a lot of pay per views coming up. You'RE GONNA have to spend Garcia have the Charles Brothers and then on top of that USPS works with UFC. You'll see has several pay per views coming up one within that month of October that they're talking about. So I think it's just A. Competition thing the fact that they didn't come out I with it like I I, the fact that they haven't secured a date because I think ultimately, they're trying to find a way to still have fans. That's why I think they kept pushing the date back from what I've heard but ultimately, you know there's really no reason why they've said specifically, they're not doing a pay per view. Said why? Not Not. All that for me speculation like the competition factor but you've got to imagine like you know Loma Shaneco isn't the pay per view draw. You know that pound for pound kings like mayweather where right. So for him to go up against the char lows dispenses, you know some people are going to say, well, I can only pick one of these fights. I can only afford especially right now during the pandemic where people are hurting people are struggling. Our government is leading US down. You know they stopped the benefits for unemployment and they haven't helped us. So you know at the end of the day people hurting sickles like us who just by all of them and that's what I'm GonNa do I'd rather eat rahm in for months and watch in by those paper views. But that's just you know I'm a Weirdo like that right. But normal people we're going to have to pick that. So. A failure just think. It's a big fight way bigoted. You know. Everybody boxing watching Loma naturally. GonNa? Punch. It got scales want to see if you know we. Just going to check his nuts too. It's GonNa see if he's not getting paid big big big up. If he don't go into Chavez mold go into, you know what I'm saying deep down. Crazy motives they keep you know warrant. This has the making it a beer something. Is Worth it's worth giving the At least two. All are they saying give him too. So he could take home one like he's got to save money Shanti like Whoa I mean look this is old as the sport itself Ri-. You gotta earn your way up. You gotta earn your spot. You gotta earn this right but like he's a he's a champion he's holding his belt he's making his first defence but the potential of unifying like when is it that we start letting go of these traditions of of going through the fire and then? You'll be you'll see the light at the end, and when do you know that that that marriage that time 'cause like yo the kid knocked out in in devastating fashion, Richard? Komi, which was a guy that a lot of people were expecting him get tested and all this other stuff. So he knocks him out. He's a champ. Now he's defending it at a time where everybody's going to be sitting in their seats trying to watch some and everybody's looking for the for the next biggest fight. And this is a huge fight like when is it that you know you and your team you know decided to say, Hey, you know what? Man Let's just go ahead and do it for the cheap money and go for like is that right? Is that really right knowing that these people are GonNa make all this money. I, think that we gotTA stop looking at. If you start, you start Kanye Hillbrow if you start, you start you. So you're a star game, you star, you make your. Your promote and again. Okay. Now, there's a deeper sectors. So just think about this this this this this let's get something straight right so Because I freeze now you go. Good. Okay. So some questions, right. So check this out Isabel. Eyeballs dues, right. It's about people wanting to see you fight right. So if I take a guy and I go several ministers. Managed to promote this guy I go and take him and I give him his pro debut Gig. Him By taking to to to note fifteen right he get a time shot. He went you feel me. But guess what nobody never heard them. Nobody ever heard of he might get title shot he unknown if you become known to the public, I can find a way to be seen. Value in that. Is the unseen dollar. So to speak right value in that if you built if you bill if I'm built up and the People WanNa, see me that's what they pay paying for. The goal is to big pay per view fighter somebody making superstar announced that people want to see who kids if you get back out everybody. Is Very knocking out bears. But nobody ever seen. y'All I say that all the time. It don't matter you gotTA. Give them. Fifteen minutes. Is that Jeff say give him fifteen minutes is too long for you? Might have to skate. I got to get some business. I was I was I was hanging around for Jeff. We know he'd be running his mouth. Knocking through the screen. That's my. That's my boy. That's my boy. That's my boy ain't I. Love Him. But I will knock him out when I see him. He's on that list with Jeanette. I. A champion was a j MAC and his twin brother's birthday yesterday Wednesday yesterday the guy that comes on. China challenge you the guy that I'm Jay I'm going to get him to and I'm GONNA get solid zone off wasn't the jolly. Charlie's. Ten. That do make. Enough people regard him champ you. You don't need that leftover work. I. Just post this. Was You. Old You caught up. Now that was that was not I wasn't too long ago he he'd be going on my last. So I. If you're going to buy toby. I've got a block or just I lab that crazy way it was this was this the Scott or the zoom or skype call your did was that what he's talking about? Yeah, it was like I. saw that was Larry's Chan I. Thought you handled it great because like ease clearly troll in like he's gotta be explained part but. You handled that great like you handle him very well, I jeff about told them. Let's do it for next Friday since you usually come on Fridays man brings asked right now. But you say. They, say he. Twenty minutes. He, scared. He said he's waiting for you to because he's scared I'm. Scared I'm. Now is he was listening. We could get that playback form. Don't worry. y'All champ what are your thoughts on Charle. Rosario you have any thoughts on that because a lot of people seem to be torn on this one. Some people think Charles, starches them some people think it's a very competitive fight I happen to think it's a competitive fight. You have an opinion on it. sounded. Journal. Charles Low Rosario by the unification happening September. Twenty sixth if I'm not mistaken. Yeah it's a it's a unit gabby ever seen what's his first name dim it. Did you. Did you catch the UK cards at all. Shannon. What's your? Did I call it a little bit of it. I've been looking at zoning cameras. DESIGNED ON ZONE You're looking at the playbacks shit. Anything particular because there was a couple, a knock knock outs in. Turn out to be all right card. We dubbed it the breakfast car because the main event was Ted cheesman. eggington Salmon Megan. Yeah. So they. Can attack him or. I'm keep one, hundred hundred. This new thing with the. Studio fighting by Jan.. This shit. Like it. I know you're saying you're the crowd is not the same. I'm telling you something now I love it but this GonNa have to be around for a minute at least three years. If not forever, you know you know new new new flu trans will become an out but I'm like sneakers but. This man. I can see this getting nasty fights being some wheel. It's like Jim was now. It's taking a lot of pressure listen. It's GonNa take a lot of pressure off of. Going in front of Christ. Right San Saba them hats, man. On well, let me just say this is. A lot of. Pressure. Oils. And you're going to see some amazing fights now. But chant doesn't. It also help when you're in a dog fight or a firefight let's say you're getting beat on and you land a couple punches you hear the crowd and that gives you like a burst of enthusiasm and it sends your Adrenalin up. So in a sense, won't some fighters be hurt by maybe a little bit You know what? I think about that you one hundred percent right I've never you right that's GonNa fuck up the. Right I didn't think about that SAM. No, but I love it. Great you know top rank did a great job and I love Betty back y'all. Would you ever find Eddy's backyard? Are Fighting Eddie House I Eddie in his room. Yeah. All right. There was you know make that car. Writing his liberal in his living room y'all my living room y'all come out here. We don't want to mess up your house we'll go brother. Your. Backyard your backyard. All. Yeah, you definitely my backyard for sure Yeah listen I I love him, I. Love The look of them. You know I was a little disappointed with the showtime I felt like. It looked like any other card where? The. The fights have it really started like the under cards are there you know what I mean like they didn't have like you know like visuals you know what? I mean they didn't have like a lot of visuals and and you know that's not the important part. But if you're going to have fans, you've got to trust it up a little bit. You know the TV audience is the audience. So it's like you know what I'm saying you need you need something I don't know. Let me just get to this quick super chat right here with TJ says we gotta get champion on title we're going to be laughing Hashtag, Ohio Champ untitled our Monday evening program. You know it's a one of a program we come on. We kick it sorta like we're doing now, but we get into all types of topics you know across the board not just boxing. Yeah, we live. Funniest I. Personal Women Women Women has been a big one lately. Yeah. So you know the people feel like you you WanNa Bros. men and You'd be great you know coming on. I got my number just call me anytime. We're. Absolutely. In the next one, Jaffe losses, Jerry says Shannon have you ever had any run INS with any Brownsville rappers. Would you mean running? On. Now, run INS with any. y'All it's like. One thing. Do. They stick together we might be. This we might be the through light. One thing about people you go anywhere in the world after being Japan and if somebody else's from Brownsville and they see me getting beat up on the street, the obligated to jump in. Her like He. Is a rule, but we get back to Brownsville BMI might kill each other but is is is unknown. If. You anywhere in the world and you see Brownsville in jumped. So he from Brownsville you gotta you gotTa go in 'cause that's what we do. That we saw. We stick together. OUTTA. Town if we in another neighborhood. Literally. Next door but he from. You gotta you gotTa, help him or her, but Brownsville is OK corral but Outta town Brown's you'll stick together. I tell you that my. podcast I do might mikey besetting. Yeah. You can't do nobody from Brownsville Outta town if I'm rounding. Out. I remember that. Looks. Like we got Jeff on Jeff. Could you? On. Here. We. Look. At what's going on you? You WanNa. See You. You got the camera. Over her. quarterback. Dan Want Jack. Probably got that Vegas Service. No. Jeff you still Jeff. Campbell. Okay. What are the camera? It. Yes. It's your. Chance. To Sink was going what are you doing? What after? Too, much. Trying. Trying to do a few things, you'll do it some virtual classes. couple. so trying to do well. Talk to what you playing from your training tomorrow saying them from. Doing diversity in the germ. No No. Actually at one of my fighters house in his basically he has garage the, but it's like a gym he has yet. On on ipad been. Batman. Talked to. Jim Too. Yet. So how many clients you got right now? got a few like probably about five or six. Train to boats, Lido, like you train them online like this. Year. Yeah yeah it. Already trade you. Viewpoint. I wasn't training camp. Like. I. Think. To me I think Shannon was one of the most talented. Guys I between. than. You had a whole lot. That's nice of you to say. Thank you, brother. As my boy right there. Now let me tell you something. Let me tell you some. Tell US champ. Beside him being able to fight, he can fight us a box can box, but he's a good brother. Everybody Loves Jeff but he has so much for his. Career early he was he was the manager, right? Yeah, it was the manager beginning. So that's that you know how intelligent he is. With School College, you fill me ineligible brother we got So we gotta be careful what we say. I. Won't Listen Jeff. Is a nephew GONNA fight again? I'm going to be honest I have no idea. But I think that you know maybe. This Tyson Roy thing happening. Maybe. You might do something again you know I, don't know you hit on like that. You don't like nobody did. He say. He he said he said, I'm the man that made submission. Look at my boy he's he. Nobody's GONNA say nothing. As. My boy listen now one question he and the gym all day and night we see them training fighters and all that you sell me we know ready was. So you take. This is what it's going to take now that this Tyson Jones. Wait. Wait wait wait. Don't you? Think that makes me. That he will fight me nets. Why Internet don't work. On I'm I'm sorry I didn't I didn't get a chance you because Lee was calling me. Oh my bat. Let me repeat myself. I said Tim. Do you think that Mike Tyson should fought me or this is better than he fight? Roy First and then fight me bax the old or he said fight me at all. Will I think that I mean I think that will be great fight. Because, the. Matter of fact, being that you grew up in the same neighborhood and everything. is almost. They would rival that never got to justify it. So I like left Naples and rivals. Like that title babyhood rivals. I. So. y'All. Battle but. Wi Fi could happen you know in You know I mean I think that. I think that it's it's. Great Idea I mean. But of course we got to see what happens with this with this fight. You know like I said I mean one thing that I I Honestly hope that nobody gets hurt and that's the most important thing because I mean at. Once you past eight fifty. I mean things happen and in could have been changed for rescue life. Right that's What. That's the right life is short life is boring anyway let them fight. I mean it may. Happen Anyway being at home ceiling is boring go ahead finding the deaths. Larry Holmes told me he said never stopped fighting. He said never stopped cycle that's what we do but don't stop fighting it. Will will have to be on a major level but you. Never, go to the gym, and you ever see that seventy eighty year old man getting the bag. I see I see you in the store with a seven-year-old do. He was you box or something. For having perhaps have, you always see old men in the gym at Taba, you may go to the year old man, the bathroom some. Again a call he must be in a cau-. I said you ever see Oh men in the gym. Like old men working out. We have. Probably about seventy seventy, five years old when. He would be hitting bag, hit back hard and that's all he would do go there Jim. Thank. You Keeping Yourself Alive people ask me why my still fight why would I do it because I've got to keep myself alive. I, keep myself healthy if I don't I'm not gonNA, go. It's size like somebody else exercise. That's not how walk. Boxing. I know shadow box it the bad. You know what I'm saying go for go for a little a little run. I'm GonNa do the stuff I know and I will get me shape fast. Fattest I'm ready to fight right. L.. I will. You you ain't GonNa, say to. You. Hey Jeep. Used Do. It takes longer now. That's Stacey, you. Know To. It's hard to get back in shape, but it's A Jab. So. I heard during legislation is this true? I don't WanNa blow your spot of well, they told me that you big about coming back and fight in the Legend's League but. But I know I think about it. I? Seal. Heavy hitter. The mosque. Basu. In actually they are putting money in my pocket so I'm happy. Is Actually. They're putting money in my pocket so I'm very happy. Tab John's heavy hit it. Yeah. Yeah. What is heavy hitters 'cause? Here. In Jersey, they're like a local DJ group. What do they represent? Nationwide. Yeah De. Actually heavy hitters actually. Career. thunder this this guy named Andy Kim and He's a great friend of mine. actually, I had one of his fighters. I start training one of his fighters and We took him a world toward title. Unfortunately. We didn't get it even though I thought on what CJ Muhammad. If you guys know him because he's smog is like one hundred twelve. De Caen can flat out fight you know but And that's heavy hitters that has. Evolves and basically now I'm being sponsored by in you know and it's a part of my on boxing. Also, of course, title was title actually already have my midst neighbor by title Dum Dum it's. Do. or you or they're going to be available for. Purchase. Republic. Lippincott. Matter, of fact. Although. Her are they available for purchase or you saying they made him specifically for you? Yes I helped design them. Gotcha. Wow that's awesome. Are they are they you have them right there you said or no. They like bic minutes or they like the little ones like for quick wearing froze up a little bit. Because that. Is that you WANNA chat? Yes brother. You want me to screen share that. You candidate I mean, I don't know if you want I mean you. Wonder. God's we Avatar at. troll. This abou we're GONNA play it for the chin. Disaccord. You, go on. Explain to us what's going on here. So. Let's say I'm working on a few. Projects but one of them is the no champ boxing video game. I gotTA call you to Jeff I want you in the game What the is. Also I got a cartoon coming out you feel me. Jeff. Gentlemen is in. Courtroom coming out. Khartoum coming out. So that's just a that's just a little sneak peak, but it's GonNa. Be Much better than that and. Chased this dream to and taste me down until Ya. Know how? I. Would Watch the cartoon. and. I'll play the video game and other other cartoon in the video game connected in the sense of like same illustrators and stuff austin chance. That's what you gotta do it like I never understood why get like fight night and they have the game and that's great but they don't use it in any other kind of way. Actually, champions did a good job with the theatrical stuff that they did. A movie going, but that's what's up I love that idea. The cartoon, I. It's a good choice for you chant because. Eighty person you're motivated. Asked kids to you know we we grow up. With a lot of pressures and bullies and stock could picture you coming out of a little playground. Let's go. To helping out there man I totally see you playing that -partment and cartoon. Jeff backchat. Yet. was. Just kept calling calling me. So I finally answered and he was like, you've. Already started show without you night alone the show leaves. Shannon. Once you video game man, he working on video game project, you got some cartoon series may become a now you know working on that say wants to be in in. Let's Notre boxer game. I want you to gain brother. Mayweather Jeff a Jeff. Nice Champ has nasty champ I. Don't know what it is, but I keep getting better and better and you'll you'll jeff keeping the railway JEFF SAS Fast. Advance. How Fast. Cigarette. Say No garbage. So Jeff Men, do you know anything about money rock I'm hoping that you at least seen an amateur facing camera awesome in Vegas once upon a time. But have you heard of Dr Money Rock US heavyweight. He was signed with a rock sports nation. Just recently. I don't A. Philly heavyweight from Philly. This morning. Too much because y'all because the y'all no way I slid God. And I was like Yo I seen down. Not, seen basic okay. What Was this guy that. I've robbed has something to do it. I've in. Google. Either my boy I was GonNa that's my boy. That's my brother. That's my brother. Right? There I Robinson that's my love. Cal. Boy He was involved with I'm Robinson how? I don't know I mean, I'm just thinking maybe training or something like that I. Know he reached out to me. WHO train a guy that's from Phyllis. I'm not really sure I don't I don't think that this may be this may not be guy. This Guy Ridley. said that he said I've seen the body rock on Netflix show. So obviously, he was on the show on Netflix. That's the rich kids say, yeah, that's That's what's the what's the name of? The one Chris Kober was on I. Believe. Because that's Case came, awesome. Him In lose into Dharmani and amateurs in Vegas. But now, we would just asking because he just finally got released from that rock nation contract. You know the heavyweight so pop right now. So you know he's seventeen two no twelve. Cao's we kind of you know. fioretti talking about where should he go from here? We have bruce trampled from top rank. Own last week. WHO said you know he feels like their money. or He's heard money doesn't really put it all in the gym but I I you know we don't have many US hopeful. So I was hoping you guys knew him and you know give us some sort of I guess trainer aspect but that ain't on work. But. We. Sick Champ but listen I went on his INSTAGRAM. After you know what I'm saying is to see you know on your page and look I was looking at his hands and everything he gets busy. He thought purchase you mommy a big baby yet no listen I've watched them live of into a couple of his club shows you know the issue with him has been signing rock nation they didn't give him any real television fights. He got on maybe one top rank ESPN plus stream when Michelle Rosado did a card out their affiliates show but. He's good. He's just. Overweight but then again there there are heavyweights like Adam Nakae that are functional and Areola that are functional. That are you know don't have a beautiful body but they can fight and that's what this kid allegedly can do. You know again I've seen him in the amateur I've seen him in the pros but he's been in there with guys he's supposed to be. I think think what's exciting is where does he go now now that he's no longer with rock nation who picks them up and who? Builds him. You know because you want developmental fights at this stage he hasn't been anywhere in ring with any sort of resistance at this point. I'm lost for words and boxing I really can't understand. Is So. Simple. To build a fighter standing here. Man I don't get it. You got the Internet is either they don't. They don't WanNa spend the money is this don't they don't WanNa spend the money I don't doubt I will have to if I had I I moved do it is simple fighter. Everybody got a phone now. Listen. Contact was the trainer we had on yesterday. Model. You remember the trainer we had on yesterday we had a the question I wanNA ask Jeff Jeff. Twenty year old kid walked into your Jim, he six six. Three hundred and eight pounds. D One football player for about two semesters in college. In high school you know played in high school true. Two semesters of football and now he says I WANNA. Fight. He he understands he's allegedly not gonNA make money for the next five years but he tells you I wanNA. Fight. How do you react? This is all hypothetical. I mean me myself personally. I'm I'm one of those trainers I'm willing to train almost anyone. You know I mean in most important thing is that if? Of. Course you WANNA fight, you're GONNA have to show me. That you WANNA fight don't tell me you WANNA fight. You just WANNA. You want me to just fill your dream because I have a lot of people do that that called me and tell me Oh, I'm the next four. Nights. Next at when I know, I mean you're not. In plus you've to just worry about being yourself. You don't be in the forest you as opposed to telling me about somebody that's already made it but. Me I don't mind. I'll try. I'll try and. I don't care. You know I, mean, don't get me wrong. It's it's. It's also a business for me I mean I don't I don't work for free. So basically, you know with that you know I don't mind training anyone but at the same time, I'll be quick to tell you that you know if you don't have it. I'M GONNA. Let you know I mean if you waste your time in my time I don't you know I'm GonNa. Let you know it. So for me, right? Like I thought it was as simple as. A blank canvas and someone that really wants to do this because it's the heavyweight division is, is that to I guess general and optimistic of me. yet well, I think. So because the thing is that you know there's gotta be a whole lot more to digest. Okay I'm a big guy. This is what I WANNA do. You, know, I. Mean because one thing you realize this in boxing. You GotTa have you gotTa have a fighter that actually? Can End up in the head of a major promoter because if you end up in hand promoter, you're not going anywhere anyway. You know because the big fights are made by them. So, I mean in now especially with the division. So almost like. It's almost like. You have to do something. To get in that position to try to get a title fight I mean it's almost like, of course, you have still what I considered the top three. That's water fury in AJ. You know and so basically you've also had you know other guys that are coming up you know this right on the. On the cuts. Of being you know potentially account at title challengers like that. So I mean it's it's a lot more to than just thinking that. Okay. We'll embiid on on his Jim and I'm GonNa do this follow my dream. Fine but as a whole lot of work that goes with it I mean. Just, not just physical work I'm talking also the business. Because I don I gotta still you to somebody eventually at some point I gotTa make somebody believe that you're six six whatever in you can fight. You know because if I can't if I can't tell somebody you know that's going to move you in a position to get the title fight. With both was not time. But I mean again now but I looked at it as a long term investment is the kids twenty. and He's again willing. It's always got to be up to the fighter that's going to give you one hundred percent of the gym and and you ain't got a call them and have them like someone that is hungry and eager but twenty you know then then you can you can take your time you can take. Them. Yeah. That's the upside. Definitely. That's. But still even at twenty. You find out how bad that person wanted I don't care what age you are when a person comes into Jim Nick Thirteen, they can be twenty five. They can be you know if they want it. You know and that's the one thing is that if you just coming in here because you have size in in you know I mean you decided that okay. Well, this is over I wanna go do this it it might not work for you. You, and that's the part that I'm saying, I, don't care what age you are because. At any age you you'll find out if it's something that that person wants to do. Because like even as a kid you know off started I'm trying to a lot of kids you know basically I know what kids wanted in I know what kids don't in basically the kid that wanted you focuses elicits to everything I say and he asked questions. The one that don't really want it. You look around the gym. He's looking at everybody while I'm trying to. Still is basically that lets me know that you're just here because you want to see other people you're not here because this is what you WanNa do and I can determine that even no matter what age you are because if something that you WanNa, do you going to you? Know you basically you you're going to work for it? Definitely Jeff. Have you heard of Chris Lovejoy? Christopher. I. A Little Bit Oh beautiful give us some some insects. Wow. Worries. 'cause he allegedly yeah. He's allegedly going to be fighting on impact network if everything goes right it looks like he's fighting Trevor Brian Wba just ranked them and it just kind of part of our conversation big guy. You know. Fit looks well heavyweight division. You know my scenario, my hypothetical to being long winded Burma hypothetical to you was because I feel like. I've been doing this long enough that I see a void. And An easier route to pay Anna title shot for a manager, a trainer edified of fighter in the heavyweight division. I've asked enough trainers this question and they'll tell you heavyweights peak in their thirties. So if you got a twenty year old that you can start them early and he's at twenty, five, twenty, eight beating on these thirty year old he's already got an advantage is how I'm putting this together in my head but brings me back. Chris lovejoy he did this guy late bloomer decided I wanna do this went to Mexico. Built up a nineteen to know a record nineteen Cao's has beat no one. But he's made enough noise with his instagram and it's sparring a fury and now look we find out he's trained with Jeff Mayweather that he's got himself a fight would a WB a interim champion and Trevor Bryant? So yeah, that's why I'd be I'm looking at twenty year old kids six six like, okay. What can we do here? I mean, don't get me wrong. The one thing the one thing is this. Boxing we all know how boxing works. Boxing can take anyone. In basically, take them to make Toco in build A. Wick. You know 'cause I mean basically what you're doing is you're actually paying for win you're not going to lose you're paying for win. In, there's a lot of fires that have been built that way. Now, you go to the basical with no chance of loose and basically. You know I'm to be honest I mean I hope you know I. Wish I wish Chris could loved you the best but He's not going anywhere. I'm just being real I mean one thing exists that. Trained, Guy. He couldn't even really go for five rows hard on the midst. But He will go take a fight following week in. Of course, get knockout but. He still haven't learned anything from me. In his condition was really bad but I mean, don't get me wrong even a situation where. You can manufacture these records and. Another up incomer yet they WANNA take that record I mean that's what they WANNA do. They WANNA take the record. They don't. They don't care where it came from. You know far if I beat a guy. Guys Nineteen. Oh, I've done something when realistically you still haven't done anything because he hasn't done anything. You don't ask will that's the will of it, but you know, and so it's a situation where I mean I wish Chris Best. But if I'M GONNA be will I don't think he's GonNa do anything. I. Don't even know the other guys fight, but he can fight a little bit. I don't think he's GonNa win. Now listen. We don't know Trevor Brian either he's just been in the rankings for four years without a fight I mean Fresno condo too. But like. Were you president when when, when lovejoy allegedly sparked fury? Own Data. In will. Really because he he he makes it seem like he like Yo yo he uses that as like. His turn stone I go man I gave it the fury. So I know I belong. No. Hopefully not them out. It is our to. Our Lord Stop Real quick. In and that I believe because. I've I've actually seen him quit. Give somebody else a whole lot less than The than. The Tyson Fury. Lovejoy quick by someone less than fury. Damn Listen Jeff I duNno. I told you the time you were on but we had this. Plan the. No. What I would say is that I mean. He's not. A fighter. He. Manufactured. You know I mean don't get me wrong. I mean nothing wrong with that is saying that the wrong with it you know because actually you put yourself in musician to make payday, you're not going to soften the position to be Champi because you never gonNA. Be but that's what I'm saying. Could we take a person like love joy and not loved? I, think he's too old not that again God bless him and and hopefully he can do what he can from here. But what I mean is again, we're going back to that twenty euro the walk Cynthia Jim Blank Canvas can't you make him better than lovejoy and five years like won't leave? No he beat the brakes off of a lovejoy when he's twenty. Don't don't get me wrong I mean like I said see. The most important thing is this. Don't just come into Jim already thinking that you can do only take from war and then secondly. Like I said just because you walk from another, you came from another sport doesn't mean that you know anything about this. Did you do it and basically that's my job to Kinda Monitor and see where your promises as you as you move along in a meeting don't get me wrong I mean I, might I might. I might make car with somebody know after a week. Is just to see if you got anything in in if you in if you most importantly I want to see if you got. Out Care How big is I? Put you into another another heavyweight that can actually fight a little bit. You know I mean your size should help you will at the same time. It don't have shit to do to ability in. So what I'm saying is that if I put him in there with somebody that can find a little bit beat his ass he quit enroll is assets under the under the ropes and Dan Locker Room. I wouldn't let me say. You you train. Is Week true. You WanNa see what I got how many rounds you you put me To do. Not, know. What I need to see before I can put you in rate. Is How at you want it. I. Can determine that. Just. Assume. You know that. Let's assume you know are wanted. Now you put me in my first saw how many rounds in my supposed to do. I would say probably four, who've I mean? If you probably going to five around at least. Again we're talking twenty year old kid, no amateur background di Di di one football player, two semesters he's a blank canvas you expect around. I mean, don't get me wrong I mean that's why I will put him in I. Won't put the rain until I. I feel that he can actually put out for around I. Mean He's going to work I mean when you when you star with guy, you don't put them in just thought asking ring. No. What you say, you say after week, I'll put them in just to see. Do we got heart so I wanted to know okay you know yeah. Yeah, I do that I. It sounds no, that's what I'm asking. I'm asking specifically for that day you put them in for check how many rows like in your mind you know if if if this kid did three rounds, Jeff Mayweather says, okay I'm happy with that. If he did four rounds, I'm real happy with that. He did to like how was it for you in how many you expecting high deals with adversity, right? No No, no. Okay. Well, let's. Say is basically don't get me wrong even if we don't make the three or four rounds, that's still fine. What happens what happens is this? If. Even if he gets his ASS. He says. I'm ready to do this again. I got a fire. I got him. I got a that's willing to learn willing to get out there in try to ernest choir you know. But basically, if I get a guy like I said, if he gets his ASS whooping. Now he don't WanNa show up at the gym stay at home I don't need you here. Because thing is this is that that's part of the gates. That's that's any sport anything that you try. If you feel the first time, that's okay. But I'm going to show up the next day. That's the most important thing is that if you show back up that means you want you want to even if you don't want it, you show me that I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to make this happen and that's the that's all I. Need. If I'm the if if I can get that from you, I'm willing to work which. Jeff is your in don't take this as disrespect because remember I'm not a historian. no cobbled gyro. Your biggest win as a trainer. I would say he's the most accomplished. On One of my favorite fighters I've interviewed him from Panama on his show dozens of. He just a promotional manager I. Don't really know because back then I wasn't you know but man, he was so good. He was so grave fire. On the POM Pom. List. You would, which is, which is crazy is the fact that? I mean. Somehow I. Don't. I. Mean. It was a blessing from God that I even got this guy because. He was. He was world champion when he came to me. In you never usually get. Someone that? World Champion. Maybe, a person that just lost the title because nowadays. If you as soon as the final lose, he gotTA blame somebody. So he goes to the next training but for some reason, I don't know would happen. It's just like Is Good friend Miguel police. Me and he said you. Pointed to me and. Said you you you more guy. What? He said you on trays. You said, YOU'RE GONNA train my brother and I and I'm still paying I don't even know daily talking about. But then he said if you're going to be traded I, want you to Trade Celestino by this time at this time I never heard some. Serious. What? Yes. Back I'm doing my research and I'm looking at his nude up and I'm like, fuck they won't mean for the do the war know already. You know it so is so low behold they said we'll get back to you in about. A week or so and it took a little longer than that but yet. You know I got a chance to see a lot of his his footage. Basically four guy, his height. Changed. Him. Into a boxer as opposed to a guy that because he loved the slug, he loved the stay inside and fight. You know he could do a good. But still I mean a guy, his height inside food for that weight class at no business you know taking that take taking that kind of risk all the time and basically you know. Not. Only you know we became really became friends I'm talking about. Like what he's like hang out, you have a good time things like that. I mean even even to this day he still caused me every once in a while and you know we'll talk gone. We'll talk on WHATSAPP. Know Great Guy Great Guy I mean and he's one of my. One of my favorite fighters that I have betrayed his well, you know but he was he was a phenomenal fighter was. Definitely man, he put up some grey fights man and definitely enjoyed them Wish you would have got. You know it was like almost I. Don't want to say winky Wright but Kinda like those guys that get. The fame towards the end of their career as opposed to they. Definitely. Should be. But Yemen man, that's that's that's basically it. You Know Shannon wanted to get on with you and obviously I, wanted to run that scenario Once again, everybody know where they could get a part of your virtue how they could be part of the virtual training and access it in join up with that. Well actually I have a link. On My instagram page but also I mean, of course through. To my team, we're GONNA start, put more out and so a lot more people can can get involved in most importantly embiid at one guy in particular that you know I'm doing persons with AIDS he loves it. He absolutely loves it. So basically hoping that you know, of course, hoping that it grows and and I'm having fun time with you know because basically just being my so and as right now because it's not so many people. You know I actually interact with on the people and I kind of like, ask them what they want more than me just. Being a teacher, you know because I want to whatever person actually we need help on I want to be able to help them on. Jeff. Do you still have time I forgot we got some questions from the people Perfect I I WANNA start, with our paycheck. Just, pull that up. I almost forgot. Thank you, Steve, and Chicago for the reminder. Friend. And we are live so they wouldn't let us forget Let's see here. Know, I get caught up in my own stuff man you know I I, a lot of questions. And sometimes they're just. Personal I feel like one day I might dabble in managerial I mean see these guys getting opportunities and not getting opportunities Jeff I feel like I've given fighters, managers, promoters, television exa-. I've given them more phone numbers. Then they have like I've bridge those gaps and I've seen bad careers. I've seen bad like a lovejoy career. I can do better than that I can get you some real names on that resume opposed to Mexico but anyway, Jeff Mayweather, Patriarch questions only we got David Maldonado Marie WanNa do this Now. All right. Sure. No problem. Yeah. I'm sorry I was just on Oh go ahead to me if you want. Yeah. Yeah. Got It. I got I one in that, you can get the rest of them because I'm already pulled up David Maldonado says being that you were a boxing historian. How do you feel to over Nita's does today's hundred and forty, eight, hundred and forty seven pound division that man won his first world championship at seventeen years old against the hall of Famer in Antonio's said says, today's new age fans thinks so highly. Ish Stevenson but Benitez was Chicago of that time and what he did may never be done again part in the history lesson that was just intended to share some boxing history with my guys at the boxing voice being that they have limited knowledge of the past greats. Thanks David But again, this question was how will freight Oh Benitez do in today's hundred and forty, hundred, forty, seven pound division. I think they would do great. I mean he was considered a great fighter I mean it's not like he was average Joe I. Mean he was a great fighter and he fog weight finals you got beat Barkley Fun. So I mean I think that. Any guy. That you know maybe that. Fought guys like Lynyrd. WHO EARNS AND? Era where they had you know the. I mean in this guy could actually could flat out fight I mean. Not Just Me was phenomenal fighter. Be I mean far as Defense, movement? Everything I mean it was very slick. I mean he I think he can compete in India. Jeff. Let me slide one in here. Do me. It's also a Supachai, just need to present it properly. So we had Ronnie Shields on here not too long ago, and he discussed separation with a fight or you know we've actually it's actually been a theme. We get fighters very excuse me trainers very frequently. We Have Pedro Diaz Tuesday I believe in and we discussed his you know departure with Miguel Koto. So Ronnie chose to separate from FAA job the prospect heavyweight because Shelly Finkel chose to sell his contract with Fa do to FA bringing on James Prince as an adviser. So. He made it clear his alliances to Shelley And we want to get your opinion on that. I don't WanNa preference your answer but I, do feel like I need to give you my staff. So my thing is. Shelly basically feeds runny. So if Ronnie's feels like. Shelley's no longer working with a fighter in I have to wash my hands with that fighter. I don't see anything wrong with it because shelly is the one that brings you inventory. But how things work for you and what is your opinion over that situation? will go I guess I, guess I don't know I mean it. It can be the way because I'm different if the fighter came to me. My alliances to the fighter. If Of, course if someone. To me. You. Know basically I mean I think will probably be to the person that blue attitude. Okay. So so so you understand and that's what I thought because. For you, how's it been most of your career in terms of the fighters that you've been able to train? Do they just show up to you or is it the manager or the promote of the brings them to you? most of the time the fighters themselves as. They seek me out. Especially now, they're social media. So fires reach out to me you know via social media. So basically, I just tell them show up at the gym you know of course, I mean have lake Fortunate and blessed to get. Phil is GonNa be a force in the of course in cruiserweight. In Which? He, fight on the undercard of ties in Jones and Now him it's almost like I, kind of you came into gym with side. Basically I. saw him. And it's almost like I kinda worked. into. Get. A. because. It was like. saw this kid acid down we can fight you know in then my manager was Kinda like Kinda, like who that is he said. He said we gotta get. Him. So I started training. And I mean in the kid is he's twenty two year old but I think he's been on this planet before because he has a very, very old spirit. you know in we sit down and talk. We don't talk about boxing. We talk about anything except boxing in. So mid clicked. I mean instantly in in this like now. I mean I feel good because I was getting to the planet boxing wear. Is starting to feel I. WanNa, leave. You know but. He's like we sparked everything for me. You know in terms of. Making. Me Feel Good. When I go to the gym when I when I wake up in the morning now it's like okay I know exactly where I'm going in in you know I want to help this guy and I want to be part of his journey. In so you know I. Mean I guess you know right now I mean he he is a a big force. Asked why? I'm still in Boxing While so he must be really really good. not only is he good? Believe me the one thing is this. Like they say. He will be to put. ACID seats though when he joins at coup that could weight division in Ashley. Start. Making for him. So everyone's going to be targeted him because he's GonNa be the money. Even not champion he's still going to be of dead vision. Definitely So I got ax when you were sitting back and you watch, he said and kick Affi- and your manager lean in was that during the two beatty. And Riley sparring. No actually, it was despite the day before eastbound some guy in and basically. Really sound guy is some guy just walked into Mayweather Jim who was I. Don't know the guy, but he was. I mean able to got. It had been in jump, but I mean I'm I'm the type of person that when I'm Jim. Tomato fires I don't know everybody else fighting I don't. I don't give a fuck about your fighters us. They don't mean under to me. You know. So not you know I mean don't get me wrong friendly with everybody. But what I'm saying that I'm not one of those trainers as trying to. Be Conniving in trying to steal somebody's fighter. So you're never going to hear me like put somebody to decide and say, oh, your trainers should that's not making. So. I stay malade with only my fighters. So a lot of guys come into Jim we've been coming in jail for. Six months I still don't know who they're. You not meet. So basically I just. Focus on my guys, and that's why a worse but the guy been an jump for awhile. Don't we pick up with the patriarch questioned absolutely was coming from Steve in Chicago says thanks for coming on the show. How do you feel about earl? Spencer coming back against Danny should he have taken a tune-up? On. Me I guess he wants to I guess he wants to take a risk and find out where he's really at I'm meeting myself. Yes. I think that he should took a tune-up. I mean because. I mean, he was in a devastating accident in you don't really know is different even if you spine is different artist of different when those lights come on again in all of a sudden you know and now you back out there you know and I mean you know that is. Not fucking walk. Oh. So you know I think that you know if if I was managing him I would have game with tuna just for you know just for just for vital feel good about himself. Now what about those people and and I know you my answer this short because that's how I kind of feel. That they just don't know boxing but. People that feel Danny is the tune-up. I. Don't I don't see Danny as tuna. I, mean Danny. Then they can fight you know I mean I think he's genuinely good fighter. I mean in in in actually probably could win the title again he's not it's not like. A washed up a washed up champion or something, but he's not he's a guy that can you? Can you know every five eight loss with coast? You don't I mean he was in every fight that he's been in. You know in. So you know in our meaning in now he's in there with a guy who actually still don't really know. You don't know until he steps into that rain in actually get hit with the first punch again. I mean then that's when the verdict is going to be out on earth is he still the same guy or or maybe he's not You know I mean I think that you know I mean a guy like Dan is he's the right guy to bring that. That's not I said the dance. Yeah. They said that Danny B B early in Amateurs I. WAS GONNA. Ask you does that play on fighters pity knowing that he got beat you know in the past so he does he. I don't think so I, mean. I don't think so because I mean. Look at the. I mean you have a few guys that beaten Mike Tyson before he became was. What happened when they fought? Absolutely I mean I don't I don't think so I think that once you get to a certain level in wants especially once you become. One of the faces up Ashley. You know it's almost like you you put your stamp that. I wanted to stars of the sport. You know you. I mean that that does motivate you more in. Have you even harder to stay in that position? So I mean I don't think that Danny beaten them. I mean, it's different. It's different. Talking about. They have fun as. Then then he had beat him then. Fashion. Oh. Yes. I. Mean. It makes a big difference what you'd be by. Because once that asks were starts happening. Sometime, you'll be like, okay. Well, I don't know Mortis. But. Being that that was something. Ago. Doesn't really Let me ask you a lot of people say that Danny's flat-footed. Don't think he's flat-footed I think he says on his punches but What do you think about that comment when when you look at Danny moving around the ring? I I don't think he's flat-footed I think he has a devastating. Hook. You'll best punch but not I don't think he's flow. All right. The next was coming in from Patriae on question. He says House, the Youtube Channel going this is Eric from Texas. We might have lost Jeff a little bit that we lonesome. Looking like reminded Laos team. Hopefully John Back home it froze Yup he froze. Well that is that. We will get it then what was that morning cartoon show PBC or? Messages to. Back. Shut up. Grew up on PBS. If I have to hear another airdrops on. Email going now i. Can't get mad at us. Working when you drive now, Dan. Jeff Yo, it's crazy how time Jeff Mayweather as a trainer has flown under my radar. Bro, I make it. You mean like. I should have been more interested in searching now his career and his story man. Yoda champ got. Knowledge. And A. Big Part of Floyd's career early on when. When these is start to talk like I. Feel like I'm in a brotherhood Bro everything they say is how feeling? As a coach. I'm talking about coachee call you know coats, you only come to the. Zoo. Me Is it frustrating for you as a coach to have now up to? No no names no names but is it frustrating for you as a coach to have a pupil who you give advice to but then doesn't listen until he hears it from another trainer pro trainers mouth. No I mean if I if I were to ever see something like that and knowing that I've put an effort to to a certain combination certain effort dude I would probably just be like, Hey, listen maybe you're just not. You know maybe you're not compatible with me maybe he just you know. I there's no hard. To have grown over. Stars Right. Yeah. It's gotTa be tough to Oh ness. Train rate. messes. Really committed to. Stop let me take. A great job witness Auburn fly. Off the ones that want to win listen what I can tell you is from what I've seen and I've seen this as development and you know. That last light he looked really really good. Even when he was tired, he was Jones now you could see. Auto Mode I was tired that was all part of the plan. I got two knockdowns in the first round. Was Sense. Doesn't you got one but sure no to. Letting count. The second right hand down left Hook into the rope knockdowns. It of them both stop a chance starring Judi Stop did they do absolutely and that's lot of second round? Second. Triple g because I'm the show. So I gotta carry my man. And he didn't even land and they still gave him that round because they hate Israel the hate is you know what else do I think at least I'm going to give you the credit, but maybe you know ness gainsay the credit comes somewhere else too but I'm GonNa, give you the credit because the one thing I think you've instilled in us as discipline because and I'm not talking about training or anything you know early in his fights the one thing that I didn't like was the complaining and see that from guys we've seen from Paulie and if you other guys and listen I'm not saying that. Normal also. Listen I'm not saying that nest didn't have a reason he absolutely did but I appreciate it more when he lets the when you let the rest do the job. But in the last night, there were moments where it was getting dirty and didn't you know make a spectacle of it? Don't try to like well it out. You know yeah he kind of. What you? October twenty, four, your Mario, the novel there listen to the next. Ness that that is what would do all his fights short guys like. I said that's what the comments going to be net. Listen You off for sure fight the fight I I see you guys seen it and the attitude changes and you only get better. Bro and one thing that I I gotta give credit for is is his willingness to work. His willingness to work is so good that like you got him back and you gotTa tell them the chill out like I gotta sit there and tell Mike okay. What do you mean by that? Like you mean like aggressiveness like blowing his load because let me tell you something when you got a guy that willing to work and he's he's a workhorse you gotta be smart. Yeah on making sure that the he's not again into his head that Oh, I got beat up my. To the maximum just so I can be better on fight. They don't work like that. You gotTa have it's a it's a balancing act, and I'm literally sitting at him and I'm because I'm the outside guy your work. I'm the guy looking at you you know and obviously I'm getting better at it because you know when when this show comes off and I'm looking at stuff I'm looking at boxing I'm studying. I'm studying and I'm looking at everything. So before I get into all that like what I'm telling you is it I'm analyzing constantly. Seen how many and even now, like I gotTa Punch counter now you know we we we we were supposed to go to Puerto Wars next border. So I was ready to start site get more scientific because when Briggs came on out to the Champi. Started talking about how you know throw five hundred punches to equal a certain a mile and they start you start to really they call the science because it is you start to delve in on what? Combination of workouts can do for your fighter and if you're fighting took off, today's you're going to be better than you know it's a constant just understand the idea of of What's it called like not recuperating but like rest as like What's it called not recuperate aspect or off days but but but what do you when you recuperate what's it called like? Scout rests definitely been, but did he understand the idea of putting in the work and then letting your body recuperates build? I. Know, what it is to arrest to go to sleep. Sleep what's arrest? He seems like he is just gun-ho when it comes to training. Hundreds chain and like I obviously I. Don't know exactly all his pattern of sleeping saying you could take a good nap and help like we're not just fighting dudes. We're podcasting were sitting here we're working like. The mere fact that we can still do this I am impressed. You know what I'm saying like if I wanted to be all coach I wouldn't be doing this. I'd be all coach I'd be in the gym I, I'd be all coach. So the simple fact that we juggle around and we do so many things incredible and still managed to get into the fight train and fight to me. It's incredible. So I say that all to say that. You know he he manages to work. But then sometimes I got dollar back he don't want it the outback and that's when it sucks because then I'm like I'm thinking about damn like he just doesn't know that little by little deterioration start coming about and even though you might have gotten the best sleep your life the fight before the night before and you've got all this good stuff the night before you didn't give yourself time to really truly recover. You got some good rescue feel refreshed but your muscles, your ligaments, everything else that is your body and it's moving taking beaten hasn't fully recovered and recovered in the right. Way so that to me scares me because at the end of the day I'm not GonNa have a you never have hundred percent fighter, right? It's hard to do that but I wanted as close as possible one, hundred percent. So recovery is very important, but I get it putting in the work is just as important, but it's a balancing act and when you're a trainer, you gotta deal with the attitudes you gotta deal and things. So it's like when the leak trainers come on and start talking like you see me a little quiet is because I'm just I'm just soaking then not only. In but I'm also I'm also so happy because I thought my thought process gives you that justification guess I'm saying I'm sitting around talking to these elite trainers train thousand hundreds of fighters probably or even thousands who knows like in their lifetime and that I have the same sentiments gives me a lot of reassurance in in my journey. You know what I'm saying and obtaining more knowledge in and and and give me confidence in my analyst. You know what I'm saying that involved on the infighting because ness. On I'm sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. How much is it for a on-demand show? I mean, I think the base is like thirty five but that would only be like thirty minutes no calls no nothing you gotta go through. Okay so I'll go through it because I'm somebody I. Do is I would like to start every month because right now borders off and everybody misses that show it would be cool to get every not every fighter but pick select few and watched all their fights through and the good thing about awards as we can actually show the footage. And they're not long fights like if you remember if y'all will recall we did a nest remember who the fight was against that we did. But we did a fight chat film study I'm sorry we did a film study for that. It would be dope. Body of work coach Midi would be cool. Marvin would be cool Relle I think. We will never we will never do film studies on this I hate all my fights. But if I But if I'm paying for it on demand that you got no choice. That's why that's why I didn't. Notice I didn't say, Hey, I want to have an for for for a show. I said how much? How much on your 'cause I know even as a host he will. He won't do it unless unless we do it. No, I'm with you can't go onto critical. Tell me. For an on demand, we're not doing it. Yes. We are doing I for that onto this. Let, me get to these scholars man. We, not doing it might heels ski way go skiing. Are we going to do it? We do it on. Was this kid name Marvin. Marvin start saying. Oh, you know what? That be a great one umbrellas to film study on umbrella fight and takes an anticipation. That's your. Building an salmon, a UK said Nez. You don't want to be first of all. We already did a film study on my fight patriotic already chose to do that and no one was as critical as I. I am just overly critical. So I don't want to sit down rewatch sands trying to get tape on Yunus. was next join join the Patriots Gang and the border wars chat and you're going to see what it's all about I released a lot. That's why people talking to us today because I released like twenty things today that was Patriot owning I finally released them. So Hubba read that's the word I was looking for. Thank you has sues Jesus. Imagine. You coming off the couch getting in shape going through the fight interviews Senate in sparring footage getting in the ring. And then all of a sudden fight, they border wars, you're walking down the the the walk of of of a warrior which are best Song Plan I which a people. Came by. Screaming. Yeah Yeah, you hear the claps you're all the intensity. All Eyes on you. You're walking up the ring you go through the ropes you look out to the crowd and you say this is my time and. And you take that pandemic tuneup. Right now. Ness taken a pandemic tuna that's the problem people think they're to get me you know attache Nah. Nah I'M GONNA. Take a pandemic tuna then. We ready for whatever mandatory this out that I don't even have. I don't even have because people running run your. She you come up with the. Tuna? y'All ain't top-ranked doing it ain't you ain't zone just put some tune-ups in this and pandemic tune-ups come on breath come on breath sound like an auto mechanic shop come on. I'M NOT GONNA ain't nobody GonNa, catch me slipping in that a tom and all that craziness. Never you beat me you going to be the best me believe that brought up in shadow-boxing man I don't stop shadow-boxing I always said. I can't I can't. I can't a time where I'm not GonNa Shadow box I'm walking around my house always throwing punches. Look be looking at. For we don't we don't got. Bored awards because obviously the world dating back but I am here up a few people think I'm about to check my messages got Cunningham already watched the videos I sent them because we're going to get a location also sent them to the owner wildest. Jim 'cause we charming shut out the Kuzma at the Marissa. Really low. Tam But longer you said, we can do to show me as you you free right. Now we're going to extend this I gotTA. Do I like that on a Friday but belong, I said he free now. By the jump bordering. Bad Guy Roles serious. You GotTa talk to up to Wednesday. E Yeah we gotta talk to him about Alot. Yeah man we gotTa talked about what? What? What kind of hands he got man he got some Adamantine team. Hands. Full Ring. Clause. Him Has. Pushed people with pieces of cabinet America. Nobody on Wednesday because. I'll be double booking we got on on Tuesday I forgot to put that in the calendar. Put it already. So you should know we got nobody on. Wednesday. So we're going to go ahead and ask. Should Asia on Monday which I am very much looking forward to that interview after Our last interview with Lean with France Sean Yeah. were. We gotta get to these college. That's what we gotta do. You Yell I'm checking the inbox making sure we got a spot trying to do Boorda word I'll stay. Fill me. Kill Me Talk. Bofill you champ I feel Yo do me. It's so funny. You said that too because legit got the ball hanging right and I was actually going to ask you this too. But let me finish the real quick. So I've like every time I pass by I aspin two three minutes. Just you know what I'm saying like like I'll do my workout right fifteen minutes sometimes thirty right full everything. In and everything. But if I'm walking by like if I'm leaving the house, I'll just do a real quick throw the ball. You know what I'm saying I started get ready. You'll my girl started doing it now she sees it she'll just use it for squats. I'm like, what are you doing? She's like, Oh, I want to do it soon house like all right whatever but I was Gonna ask you I saw. So would I used to use? Is I used to put a couple of baseballs in a deflated speed bag right? It seemed like most people use the deflated speed bag but I got through that away at the Promex one threw it away. 'cause it busted anyway. I got a softball like a big big softball huge like men slow pitch softball right put it in a shirt sleeve and so that's all I use. But I heard like I was looking at videos they say that it's better to use. A soft material at first because that way if you get hit it won't you know won't hurt you you. Kinda. Leagues but I've also read that it's better to always use something hard to teach you a lesson just. percent. So you think that it's not a good idea to use that like teach you because I'm not like I hit in the back of the house like. Let me let me tell you. Let me tell you something I. I'm the type of guy like the blend in old school with the new school a right or is going to give you the grit because the fighters of those times just fought for a different purpose different times. It was just a different type of mentality. You had to have that mentality. You bring that forward into these future fighters, SORTA speak guys fighting. Now you put that type of mentality. These guys that's that's the type of mentality you one in these fighters now. Say all that to say this like you ain't got to work with harm material knowing you're just starting. So you could just get hit in the head like you're kickboxer van Damme and shit and like you gotta get Split Open. Like all that craziness look listen just put sand in the bag but the thing swing if San hates you is not GonNa Bruise you is not going to cut you nick you. You know what I'm saying but so much Sangkaphan that teardrop bag anywhere where that's broken speed bag whatever you got another thing is, is that besides that pendulum bag? You can use a they have real rural small punching bags that you can get like tiny punching bags. And as long as you. Hang it high enough to where the bottom of the bag is at your chin. Yes, and you can swing that bag right punching bag. Essentially, it's not a teardrop bag a punching back but. The the fact that the bottom of the bag is at your chin. It's that's all it's GonNa hit you. You know what I'm saying. So you can duck out of that. You could still move your head out of the way few fighters you can see using his bag of the you're familiar with. That use his lot. Cannella uses that small dash yes and he moved with it anymore. Callers chain this go ahead. Cincinnati what up. And in Cincinnati, Woulda, gone wants to ways. Looking like, season Vegas. Caesar's. Caesar's listening Aegis in the UK. See. Your. Niche. You bring out champion. Idris in a UK. Jimmy. I'm just into mandates into this show so. Solo. So much effing NASHOBA shoulder. Come. What's up. I'm deciphering your your call right now. What's going on? King. You got. Out y'all. I still talk to us the. But he's talking about Miller all. We. Feud about the brands vote does even jail, right? Gazelle. Wherever the hell he went the brands they stick together Tesa. Say. Love the Jeff Mayweather. Your Chris Lovejoy man what's up with him? said he locked out on Sierra what's going on? You Know Me. Not Come Up. With that man I. was just whether say you're he ain't Nice ain't nice like that man because. He was so annoying well like I, say are. The. Over back. To worry. The money listen man, Kim. Focus. Right. To, get him on a train, the program Jim, down to forty five. He. Watch the watch you blow with blasting, you should go to child or she. or He should go. To lose the Bella. I mean you should do sir in no, but I love. Going to keep your stagnated like that nor me like I'm. Going on. Twenty two minutes amid sexes Barrio coming to you crib. Come to. Got You big dog you. I doubt say been. into. Joe I can't wait for the wobble longer Pichon. More. Blessing. I'm over bring you to eat the best breakfast tacos in the world back and if. You don't got a girl I'm GonNa take you to the other tacos. Other. Other Of The Off. Let. Me Get to. Orlando what up. Whatever that would our body? Every by need the like the video subscribe to the Channel Help US reach your next goal subscribe to that paycheck for whatever your could afford but I liked the interview with May may were the or whatever seem like once you ask the right questions they're go with responses. So he shocked me with some of the stuff he said and about them trying to go back and pay thirty five dollars to watching fight to look this year show. Don't nobody gets to study the Balsa Wood Yard just got to try to have a way possible even if you cherry pick it is what it is. So that's what I was talking about Mario but like I said I'm five seven, one, thirty knob you to obey every border war. How Fast Seven Seven. He got. You. One, nine Bro I'm you. Today Oh. Why? We got to see footage of king keen submit that footage came. He ain't even online he'd been under construction. But doesn't say he might be experiencing my he'd been working for like three is on a low low yoga Let me see. He ain't jumping who have been up there. You Watch. Would up though. down. What up DOE. When He's not there. Yet though so are we going to move onto? We went to in Orlando we about to go out to the one only. Know. because. They still like me on TV. Because he That's why he Intrigued the incredibly. Busy at work. Gang was good. Chance Yeah Man I Miss most most of the so man I get. Most of the subway, keep going out that. Man Thank you for tuning in. Obviously, thank you for the continuing support intriguing Atlanta's obviously a boomerang. WE'RE GONNA go out to these super chassis where we left off fat looking Li-, going stop at and start at Damani Rod news coming from TJ says TBB breaking news big time and hunter on impact you. Try says We gotta get who said that one boom. So Boston Jerry says Shannon. Have you ever had any run INS with Brown's rap as we said that and in cody. Said did the champ talk about his time with Finkel? Said is a ban question until Joe Lissi or freeloaders in a chat sign up until they signed up to pay John and ask the question themselves will never be axed. Bowen Obama says, get the champ of ranch because we have spotted Shannon and chat on sensual Shannon Briggs sees the be careful. acts this question to Jeff. Asks Jeff. He becomes friends with his fighters and not disown them for joining different promotional company. Hashtag Ronnie Shields don't care about fighters. We had Nasseri. Snuck up on me while I was reading. Quest is though Yao Chen what do Yo- chair what do? Talking to me absolutely. Hey. y'All could save me here. We see you looking good out there that Nice California sign man you in Vegas Kelly. La Okay lay listen man. So I wanted to get you 'cause Bro, we just got off the line with with Jeff and we was just talking randomly obviously because he in Vegas you know I'll just say Yo have you ever seen Chris lovejoy fight because he like gay train them. So you train with Jeff tell us that. But I try and I was going to have draft. Jesse with one of my fights, but I'll be moving around. So much me all the way Jeff Time Jeff is a real serious do and You know you know like me to come one week be going this week pop back up two weeks later he sent me off. Fans this. So He. Committed series disciplined do so I read them WanNa waste his time, but I will work with Jeff I like Jeff Good Chemistry. You got a Lotta good fundamentals and everything for me. I'll be moving around. She can't be consistent with no he got the meal plan everything from. Definitely chat hit me we wanted to ease. Salloway layer by see them guys you're saying them, show them trap show filming you never know. I need you to help. I Will Fan mail demographic jumping on saying, Oh, you clearly have been doing. You're inclined bench press because it looked like you got four collarbone, my man. been doing push ups for like. Three or four months strike you must have been doing them upside down. So Listen A. Jeff. When he hit us with the yellow train home, you know I'm like Yo. Do you know he's got this fight coming up with Trevor Brian possibly is that official was going on or you or you fight and Brian is on impact what's going on? Okay this is what this. I'M GONNA career withdrawing rocky road me I got the offer. is supposed to be going. On all of his side of the contract you signed but don king trying to lock up the opponent a you know me instantly that's the find out won't swallow greet to the fight not ain't got location or date yet. You know Is it is sanctioned by the Bi if you take them back on the rankings so they're trying to figure everything out there trying to. Last Summer Talk Don King he was talking about he was out having about October twenty four days. talked to him he said it's like fifty fifty I got some going to impact network could just pick a day. So Right, now I'm getting ready it's probably going to happen soon but if not. been contacted by we don't feel Ellos camp. For to justify in Italy. And that's another five that I won't find it. I won't I've been waiting for. So it's like fifty fifty between them too. So I spoke to somebody that says I think it's like Derby. We did you get a day for the third week of September for possible Brian on impact like I think it's like ten. Bucks. Twenty. Twenty Six Yeah. Yeah I mean I heard the contracts are not been sent out, but the that seems to be pretty solid. Do you not believe it is I believe it is because I'm in contact with him in you know. I. Can't money y'all serious. So alternate send money for no reason. So what Y'all let me you know I never asked you this. Is Data Fan I'm the you've got. Chris. How you gotta Fan a UN a chance I mean first of all, I'm in your pockets. That's right. I want to know how much you be 'cause I from what I hate them things at least three, hundred thousand and some more is finally fifty thousand. That's my brother Carter any of my cars. Car Ups I seen you in another call on your g not as your brother car here you hill one no baby moms or girlfriend is trying to say he got the bread. That's what it is. 'cause you got way too many videos with that with that fan for that to be somebody else's I honestly don't believe that but that is a beautiful car chant. Beauty. Down I was like, wait a minute that's a phantom for real and then I look your instagram. I'm like wait that really is one and it's been there for a while Nessa car guy to. And talk about you know. These Kelly had the race talk. A Fan. Talk Brad so I seen in videos like when you drive in at nine. You got stalls on the inside. What is it stars? was like, what stat? Stars. In the roofers like that's like the Rolls Royce Bang. Owner Roof Chan. Plan I'm telling you right now you way plan. So listen central, camp money. Did you start care or is you blowing his money Chris I? See you what we got too much lotion. You got the Blank Tat Black Tank you look Chile as you training. Training Man I'm just in the trances right now I'm just trying to right now I'm trying I'm I'm going to do my calisthenics That was my managers called me see minutes ago we supposed to do serenity but I'm doing my burglaries and push ups and pull ups stuff. Now before we go link up doing I'm working. Buddy mcgirt a little bit during the week he working with me right now. Going on I'm trying you don't hear near that way way. So now his buddy you go work with I thought she was going I've been up been trying to hit up me sky he liked. With set up the sky. So I'm like is it Scott? Is Buddy who knows it Thing. I really won't Scott but he? No, he's a he's like a one. Celebrity trainer right now you know he got a lot of people. You know train his he's unless level you. He will make time for me, but I don't WanNa. Cram. His style company will do to so we got to we've been talking we've got to figure out a schedule you know do want him to be my main training camp for this fight recipes but he got a lot going on he got he got a lot of clients you know personal trainer and boxing client. So you know I'm being patient with him and we will hook up song but isn't a meantime I'm like a sponge soaking up oughta game I can't wherever I can. Just keeping a consistent standing Jim. Justice Mike. Hunter. This week. And don't y'all y'all. How's that SPA with Mike? How how many rounds? We sparked numerous times before. But this time how many rounds Chan? We're about to go to this weekend. More you. Vegas Oh. Yeah I gotTa Get out there. I'm on you. You know I know Mike. I'm calling you next week and him next week. Make sure it went down because listen you brought up sparring and like when we were talking with Jeff. I brought up the fury thing because you told us you gave fury that work. Is that what happened honestly I gave or in I helped him I I can't. He helped me out with some experience. I beat him up or knocking out I just say that we we. And he helped me out I helped him but. I so I hang on, say you say you gave them that work and I ain't GonNa? Say you say you got the better but you definitely made us feel like. That sparring. Let you know you belong. Definitely definitely whenever you can whenever you get rain with somebody top five top to number one the world and being there with them and learn an income out without bumps and bruises. You know that that's a good experience you know and and you was shit. This. Bitterness of. Him and we could both make it back to our families but I'll say it may seem to the hospital enough because some smart camps. You know broken bones and concussions, hospital visits and we both. Left to go she our family. So it was good experience I think doing that. Let me get anybody. 'cause. Affront you know I want. Jeff. To combat but. He came to drop the bomb bombshell. He tried to say, maybe fury puts you out very quickly. Were you were you should astles he wasn't there. He had. No. He said that he said that he said, well, I wasn't there. He said that's what he heard, but he heard that. You. Were furious ball and you know it ain't go past the first round. and. He say he puts you in there with someone else and you quit within four round sunlight now, not na Nah Nah not man from La no way no way I got to get a more but I want to have you both warning because you still could maybe maybe it happened between you we don't need to know that Johnny fix and you know he could be still in your corner Bob but we need to know what's going. 'cause that's making the UK people talk like Oh another American, not Dow Whoop de la man we need to know the truth. Were No. Me Out like say, but that's entertainment. You know what I'm saying I made like video and I was talking to Tyson serious about US talking some stuff. You know we we can readjust that day. You want I took it down because it's like you know we're not really here I understand like how he lied like just. Thirteen fourteen people there foxborough importers, their y'all cameras, Y'all made me turn my camera off. You know saying so. Now now now now wait a minute wait a minute this better. Not Be no LA thing because I've been red. Just, got done like that like, Yo you can't recall but we record and posted. So now you're telling fury didn't let you record but to his. I got mine. Regularly. Get. Knocked out and you got footage here. So you look out. That you can't let these dues dirty your name you go into a title shot. It's like Joshua. Josh. was about the fight. And then you know. Man From Philadelphia Joey, the WACO is. Being. I'M NOT GONNA say he say I'M GONNA. Say the media was saying Joey. Knocked out any Joshua and smart. So like you don't want to go into a fight people say, Oh, Chris Loves NAH HE AIN'T for no by Egypt got nine, thousand, five semesters fury knocked them out spotlight we need to drop that. I'm Jami but. I don't really whereabouts control. You know they struggle knocked out. Okay. they say him out school today we still gotta fight ended a it is what it is. Even if either one oh, sauce was true is just practice s Michael. Jordan was twenty practice. Okay. But he made fifty in a real gang. Nineteen. Knocked off number six and. Number fourteen in the world you know decided for w extrap- interim interim told me Shit. Talk that Shit they can't hold you down on. See you when. They don't WanNa see you win but that's what you guys use it as motivation listen. Last thing he said was. He be shot. If you go for rounds champ, you gotta prove you gotTa prove him wrong you gotta run them role work man you got owner. I'm putting the work. This is. I want them to think that you know every time. I don't give them everything I got so they could be terrified. It's Michigan Five. Now at three hundred plus pounds you think they're going to give me a fight if I'm not gonNA everybody tiptop shape he'll they scare now. So I'll just give them a little bit. Give them a little bit and I. Even when I saw the three rounds we went I nearly give give give it to him all model way 'cause I don't WanNa get and I was first off at work this coming up to just get best sprints winning I could have really turned it up, but I was just going around and then. I was just going around just get the Spanish. I could've turned it up. I don't WanNa. Get tired. Listen. Just do not. Not Take advantage of this opportunity because. Listen I. Love what you did you took. Advantage of a void in that heavyweight division and you went out there and you use your own money to get to your position. And you've been given an opportunity champ don't don't. Not Take advantage of this man you know what I'm saying, don't you know? 'cause there's more than is once you get that regular, the door is going to open up to so much more. Don't let this be. Your last stop is all I'm saying. Not. I'm all in. I ain't going nowhere man like I. Say however go I'm still undefeated now me I'm still on the rankings they talked about he's not right. No More I. Won't. I it's worth making phone calls reaching out to the people I gotTA, fight coming. So for this fight, they wanted me to be ranked I'm right now what's up? I'll call bluffs I'm assigned the agreement I'm. I'm still under what's up right now next week had the today Tamba twenty-six is around the corner. IS COMING UP I'm ready I'm saying that they need to get stuff together I'm ready. Yeah. But you know as the B side not, United Don Canidae like. Trevor. Brian is the one with the title. So you gotta understand they go sleep walk you onto the last couple of weeks. Then be like to fight is on you gotta be training. Let's I'm ready. If they say, you know what we found that day in August. Let's do it knocking out period. He's almost. Smoke, I just wanted to give you the floor to definitely respond to what was said on the show because you know that came feel for US home. How how how would you mean he can't do four rounds? What's what's going on? This is I go get into. You. I can't defer around do let one round. Altogether. So you know they did OUGHTA got do just. Tell them. You know 'cause I can only go around or the rent for around immigrant knocked around. That's all I'M GONNA? Give that's all I could do. I might say I'm three hundred plus you know eat chili cheese fries all day talk shit online. So bishop knocking out easy. Listen. Shall. We. Ryan with your you know high go man listen give out that social media. So everybody can see that beautiful phantom and a brother hit the row hit that road Bryant Ain't been in the ring in a long time you got to capitalize off this opportunity. And what's not touch was. Just one. Or is he going down bliss? I'm on. INSTAGRAM. At Chris lovejoy underscore you're not twitter one Chris Lovejoy No contact me out. Mail, we always appreciate you being accessible. Let's say. Roll. Roll work. Chris enjoy. Richer. Info. Joe We going straight to you and Kelly man from from from one lay brother to another brother this you want to bump into this guy man make sure he doing what he gotta do. Portion of the Dole we call you. Yeah, some boxing brothers do do. y'All Chris Lovejoy man we room for you are here in La man get hit that role or BRA. Work. Man I gotta find out where you at Man I need to come in hyping you up man. I. Need. I, need to be like, what's that Dude He, USA Yeah. Yeah. Need to see that. You'll Taylor. Go to. A man I got much gray show man everybody hit the thumbs up man join Patriot subscribed. Do whatever you gotTa do my guys is working your real quick man. I went back and watched the Danny Garcia Porter fight right I ain't saying that the day that the fight happened and I had a porter that time I went back and be scoring man I gave it to Danny man seven five man. Let me know if I'm shipping not go back and we watch it when you get a chance man but I scored a seven five all I got peas gentlemen he's brother pays back. Let's go out to Joe. To God go. Daddy this is. Arthritis. Still. there. Talk. Chop. Steve Without up Steve Fire Intro men good afternoon shot the dollar. Shut up the dollar. Afternoon is right Yeah I don't have much just the hell. Are you GONNA put a poll up for the for the upcoming fights. This weekend's Yes yes. I need this and that's an s and I'll do that after the show joined that committee with Joe Am. All I thought you were talking about nevermind near my number. I'm talking about the picks the grandma's to win a picks. What he told them guide got out does you're talking about the Patriots versus the host picks? I just. I just need a list of the ones that's going on official Joe Send me that via Skype Joe you've got my number you can text me which is simpler and Yeah, I'll put that out today before the fights because when we got fi- tonight on Friday. Yes I thought they were this. Anything happened in early. Probably. In an hour crazy let me go. Is there anything on I was dying to watch? Let me see. in. The Terry Harper. None on. Me It was probably something else actually not because it was like Fowler on everybody was in ace. There was in Cherry Pie is. Is Terry Harper Jones. That's the one that Anthony fellows on the court to our own price price Tom PA PA PA PA Papa's Pies Pies Pie. You. Hate it. Yeah let me see y'all it. We're not gonNA do is live. Vajpayee should at least put. Put the thrown thrown on which one you WANNA do. You really do the main event. monetize. And how I mean we're GonNa, do the Fox car and then the F. S. yoed. So by the way did you vows away chant Foscari? No I'm not saying it's not absolutely all I'm saying is, did you know that they're doing the under cards on F s one because this one? No on the call, their new. So listen they're going to do the records on F s one, and then the main card is GonNa get transferred over to Fox There's this. Really good story on veto. Mellon Nikki. Yellow He's from original gym where I I learned strap it up the word you know he's got the baby face. Bro He just graduated I know his father's father's veto. Who is g h three promotions Bra. Breath of breath. Okay. Listen He deke. Of The F. S. One tom is going by way. We can men years old grow people now. But now. He's going to sign up PBC sign you got the working relationship. You know what I mean I doubt I doubt they. Think I think no, he's the Coleman event I think I think Miguel, Fox and Lucas. Somebody is the main event and then I think Omar quotas is opening up the Fox card. I could be wrong. It could be only the title fights in the Fox Card but yeah veto is going to be on that best one card. So we could could do both those and we're GonNa do those then we we should at least at the very least do the throne boxing chat because I want I love watching it with everybody you know. WH. Two thirty PM it starts. Wow Yeah that'll be Difficult stone bone. Book. Sale. What up? My Jeff Funny. He. Flipped it on. Real quick. I'm glad he Dan Respond and I'm glad he just I mean put us it on at a bridge. Continue to focus on what he's doing his need to mess up. No relationship. So I even. Go into trainer about like that man let's let lettuce it there. It what like trump just said it is what it is. Madison just sit there and Who else do to rock the outbound side the rock hit who else do rock nation got another I still got an Obama Kim been trying to negotiate to get more hooker out it S. so you can either do a designer top-ranked deal, but they got much left man I need to do. Is Dissolve Ati situations take a little money to lead these along and appointed him being around Dan up shows and not really. Full negotiations none of that they come to you and say are which I got an offer for my fight to fight is not like they're pursuing offers is very. Very suspect I need to just go on and be done with it like they did Koto down gotta pay these young guys. He's young guys probably pay to get out. So I'll know how rock got out but Martineau. Maktum. Looking at that right now trying to see, they can get him straight dealer tie-break deal. So but I want to see this kid I think he'd be good. I'll be motivated sometimes like Santa say money motivates you sometimes seeing greatness start to. Come in front of you can motivate you sometimes, you see your pathway to what you want. You can be motivated to to take that Ryan so we'll see. Yo Super Chat from t bonafide says TB best boxing podcast out there fire Emoji necessary other ones that I missed because. I not stand. Did we do the Donald? Banks? I don't think we did ness I told you. We can have it out here at Guerrero's boxing gym in Gout Galt California pro. Let's. have been out here. Coach Ben said it was cool. You bet ask them again because the Cova but yo- tickets expensive deflowered from Jersey, all the way to Kelly especially that all right now. I got airport. Do you? Listen. I got my. Paper to get round trip to Jersey seventy, four, seventy, four dollars sane. Well. The ticket was seventy four. We ended up paying more because The hotel, we did the hotel, Combo but the Bandai to. BE A ticket with no bags nothing. Listen. But that's what I'm saying is we got the package, it gave us a baggage and then I. Think we get a discount on a car to we didn't get it but I think we can or something like that I. Don't really need a car it all depends on like if you're trying to go. Out of. New York I mean, we'll talk about that but if you go to. I'm centrally located the you need a car. You'll be right in the train and then you get to say you rode the train like Oh yeah. Yeah Yeah. Overseas see I don't I've never been a tourist like I'm not trying to go anywhere and take a picture in front of anything like I'm. I don't even care about pictures I just WanNa see like I. WanNa see. If I ever if I ever. Make enough money where. To, go to Brazil I will take a picture in front of that statue like the Christ what's The? Ability might. Not. Cry Giant Jesus that's looking over the Houston, right? Jesus. It's not Jesus. He's definitely not I don't think. So Google, let me get to the social. Said TV two best podcasts out there with the fire. Thank you so much for the kind by lavas. Looking like, do we ever get the brand new on think he was available. Now just listened going once twice three times. I'm hearing. Brandon wanted talk. So we're going to move on and having I'm here. Can You? Yeah. We hear you. You. Know. You is the game. But I like was funny. But uh, as far as the money. I mean, the SPA will be a good spot for him, but we know. They got to issue a fat guys only dedicated. So I don't think they wanna mess with the especially at the what. Do we had on the show said about him already hip till him, but he knows not focused. I don't think he's the type of fighter fits well with the PVC model he's not really a self promoter He needs a commode or he needs has no speak for him because he ain't speak himself and in order to really drive in. L. Hinden. Business model you got to kind of promote yourself behaved like that. Let's go to this old man. Eddie. Money. You Know Eddie Herm overpay cat sometimes Even to a point, you know a lot of them do over there getting morning what they really were. You want to go get some. Brit. Governor sweaty her and he got a nice little stable heavyweights. Seemed like he take pretty good care of his bladder audrey was in a similar situation and Andre seem to be doing well, you know ten equipment went over and started doing pretty well. Density. Eaten, good shit eating better than most of the prospects as so like I said, I'd go mess with Eddie. Higher known. if I was the money, but that's just my opinion jive. Chan thank you came without, yet you just slid in tell. Me You've been listening. You might as well jump in you the last caller game. Key I guess you listening we out I'm letting no right now we out. We done. You last one. Over. NATO. Yoenis GTO instagram. On next. One. Abnormally on twitter atmore McGee on Instagram Joe. Hit me up and Shutout Luis. Rivera man he hooked me up big time Bro shoutout.

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54. Wild type aTTR Cardiac Amyloid Washington University in St. Louis

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But when you when he matures forest park as opposed to be meeting with the Sam Manny and Adam to talk about wash US cardiology fellowship Oh of course and tell them high for me I'm actually copello Reggie Thunder Bara the. Way What a small world actually I've got some time befriend supposed to meet with them. My Name is Ahmed. McCarty NERD, and they're going to teach me some cardiology and also tell me all about why they love being wash you. If you don't mind, I'd love to hear what brought you to this beautiful city. Oh, great. Well yeah that's awesome. I'm a third year here at Wash U. I'll be going into the COOLEST and Narnia specialty in cardiology EP. But it's a story. Do you do you have some time? You know when it comes to cardiology and EP I've got all the time in the world. Okay Great Well My my lover EP has been very long standing I started off as a violent Jamir in Boston and is working with peacemakers and stands and micro chips. So when I got to admit school I learned that e with literally debugging circuits in the heart. So intellectually, it was faith and then I rotated with EPA attending than hearing them consent patients for ablation I wanted to be that doctor who big sure arrhythmias using my own hands, and I was the lead singer of our med school band, the pacemaker. So I was pretty much obligated. At. The same time the NERDY EST but also the most brilliant and cool thing I've ever heard you've got to sing for us now before you go. Home and maybe. That's pretty cool. You've got all these reasons for why you love EP and debugging circuits in the heart how did you come to wash you? Yeah. Well, I came to Wash U. From Stanford where I did my internal medicine residency and I got to work on novel Eighth of Research With My mentor there. SANJIV Mariah. And so as visiting places for cardiology fellowship, I was looking for a program that would continue solid mentorship and innovative research in addition to fantastic clinical training and why she really left an impact on me I interviewed with my now. Philip who pledge and she truly inspired me with his work on noninvasive VAT of lesion, and this is one of the greatest innovations in our field using radiation therapy that's been traditionally used to target tumors and instead directing it to intrigue killer scarves to Oblique VP in without even entering the body, the mind-blowing and this is just come out in the New England Journal of Medicine I really think it's the future of VPN. When docker invited me to work with them on advancing this new technology that was just incredible. So I knew that coming to wash U. I have an incredible mentor and Supportive Fellowship Program both for clinical interest and for. Breakthrough research and another thing that stood out for me from the Wash Interview Day was there is a specific woman in cardiology mentoring group here called impact, which was pretty unique along interview trail, and again, it just reflects the supportive environment here, and I think one of the best parts of that everything I heard about on interview day has come true and more not only have I gotten excellent in clinical training at one of the largest hospitals in the country by I've gotten to present our research on noninvasive ablation the biggest conferences each year, and the fellowship has supported me to take courses on running research lab and even on medical device design at. Mit and speaking of new technologies. Doctor. Koop. Leitch introduces us to a innovation competition here at Wash U. That I entered with my co fellows and developed a novel anti arrhythmic loading system that can start patients on anti arrhythmic safely at Oh. So one day I. Hope to apply these engineering principles who create new devices and innovations that transformed the field of UPN. It all starts as a training. Wow, wretched like. So blown away right now clue you came to wash U. With a purpose and background and you're making the most of it, and actually if you'll entertainment for just a second I, remember when that paper came out about not invasive Viti. Ablation, and if we could nerd that for just a moment, could you remind me? They essentially used Cmr to identify the substrate for bt Scar, and used this story tactic radio surgery to Zap it is is that a my remembering correctly exactly great memory and that's actually one of the areas that I'm going to be researching, which is trying to identify what is the most simple single imaging modality could be used to reliably target patients who are either getting catheter ablation for bt or noninvasive radio station and it all starts with imaging just trying to understand where is the substrate? Where is the VICI circuit, and how can we attack it even non invasive That's just so incredible and is just one example for why cardiology just as a whole is so amazing you know the pace of discovery and innovation with bright minds like yourself, like putting together a background in engineering passion for scientific discovery and taking it back to the bedside keeping the patient at the center. Really just a fills my heart with joy and I'm so glad that people like you are working on things like this at places like wash you clearly the mentorship you've had there is just opening so many doors absolutely I feel so grateful to had such strong mentorship throughout my training and I think that's really one of the ways that Wash U. has really supported and nurtured my. Future career and I think that's important for when going to fellowship to make sure that they can see themselves at that program and potentially can even identify a mentor that they can reach out to in connect with because that really makes all the difference. Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more there. That's really amazing. Oh, cheese look at the time I I'm running a little late I should run but why don't you join us? We're just GONNA talk more cardiology and more watch I'd love for you to be there with us. Oh, that's so nice and eat inviting me I really wish I could actually headed to meet my mentor Dr Koukoulas Right. Now I have him on speed dial Novick deal Matt. I doing virtual visit to wash U. was fantastic getting to nerd out with you. Thank you. Sorry where was it? Is it this way or Or? Basically that big green area and Oh. Okay. Right behind a big sign for Forest Park. That will be Yup got it. Thanks Rachida. Great to meet you U2 daycare. It was so great bumping into. Russia and hearing all about Wash U. from her perspective and thankfully I found a way to forest park. This Day is off to such a great start, and now we get to dive into it with Adam Lick Manny Rivera Maza and San Lender guys welcome to the show. Would you mind introducing yourselves? How's it going? My Name's Adam I`Ma I hear fellow here wash you coming up by way of New Orleans. I did residency at Lsu go tags out here for for years now into enjoy every second of it so far. Hale. I'm manny. Rivera Maza also second year fellow here at Wash U. Coming in from University of Miami, which is where I did my residency next year chief resident. Hi everybody I'm sale linear I'm a third year fellow here at Wash, U. and I matched into the cardiology program here following my internal medicine residency at Duke and I'm looking forward to next year will be staying in the interventional cardiology training program here at this institution. So thanks for having me on board. Fantastic is welcome to the show. It's so awesome. To. Have you on you guys are all in Saint Louis and going along with the theme of the series. Let's pretend that we're all sitting together in one of your favorite spots in the city to start the discussion. Maybe tell us what are some places you like about the city places you enjoy hanging out in where you WANNA, take us for this episode. Our hospital does abut forest park, which is a huge park. It's over thirteen hundred acres in sexually bigger than Central Park in new. York, we could stroll over to the expanse of green spaces look upon the wonderful beautiful exterior of Barnish hospital, and then in a soothing field discuss this very interesting case. Be. remissed to if we didn't mention the great beer scene of Saint Louis. You tell do. Yeah World Famous Budweiser Beer Grid here. So obviously there's brewery. Here's the tour that we take three. We could discuss this case ever nice tall glass of ice cold budweiser, but the local brewery seemed to here's actually quite impressive anywhere that you go in the different neighborhoods of Saint Louis there's always seems to be some sort of local brewery rape by the hospital we have urban tests not which is. A pretty good wine. There's four hands down by the Saint Louis Busch, stadium for the cardinals and then scattered throughout there's Schlafly on the outskirts of the city more. So in Saint Louis County anyone you turn you can get a pretty decent beer here that I'd put up against the rest of the country are friends I think I know who I'm GonNa call up when I visit Saint Louis next time. All. Right. So we find a beer garden. We're enjoying some drinks with drinking responsibly standing six feet apart from each other. I. Hear You have an amazing case for us to talk about. I do one we go ahead and get started here. So I have a seventy one year old gentleman WHO's presenting the teeth complain of shortness of breath. He's history of hypertension by custody or valve with some mildest enosis in a history of carpal tunnel syndrome. He showed about two weeks ago in clinic complaining some worsening exertion at the time. Now, this is a gentleman who previously was a pretty good normal state of health. He as an avid cycler at baseline usually does a mile and a half around our world famous art. But over the last couple of weeks or so he's been noticing that it's getting progressively more difficult cycling at the last time that he tried to do. He's only go about a half mile. He started to tire out in really need a posse catch his breath. So in the last few days before community clinic to He's noticed increase sensation of palpitations where he feels like every now and then his heart's racing and skipping some beats since that time to he's also a of some swelling his abdomen where he feels like it's a little bit more distended than usual a little bit harder to touch as for his medical history we've mentioned his bike Arctic val hypertension he's had a history of carpal tunnel previously in his a history of chronic kidney disease with baseline creating that runs about one point five to one point seven he's had a previous appendectomy hes at shoulder surgery back in late nineteen sixties preserve medicines. He's on the certain hundred milligrams daily eight, Mutoko Lull Excel Twenty five milligrams daily. He's allergic to aspirin and allergic to end sets. Spurs his family history is a mother who had a history of eight plastic anemia and a father greg history of. Lymphoma and has for himself. He's never smoked never used any chewing tobacco. He drinks about eleven drinks per week and then doesn't have any history of recreational drug use. So. Why you see him in clinic initial vitals he's got a heart rate of about one hundred respiratory of sixteen blood pressure of one hundred and forty five over eighty. He's a federal with a temperature of ninety, seven, nine Fahrenheit sat in ninety five percent on room air. He's five foot. In weighs seventy, six kilograms exam. He's alert oriented not Nikki distress his cardiac exam. He's tech acquitted irregularly irregular beat normal s one and s two. No Murmur Snow Rob's Gallup's that could be appreciated and JVP was not elevated. His lungs are clear docile tation. There's no adventitious lung sounds zanthoens soft non tender inorganic Magli can't really tell people liver edge is extremities are warming welp refused he has no lyrics Germany team and is neurological exam mostly nonsensical. So in clinic, you get some basic labs at that time. His BNP is remarkably normal with the exception of creating this now up to one point nine, eight from that baseline, his calcium's normal nine point three two one is a protein level six point three. Three point eight liver enzymes were within normal limits is H. and H is normal at fourteen, point eight and forty five of the normal white counts, normal platelet counts, and his Co. eggs are all as well too. So at that time given his history, there's also nt Provia P that sorted at. Twenty nine hundred eighty grams familiar and tripled in love with its elevated point two zero nanograms per milliliter. He also has a lactate that's within normal limits at that time. All right. Great. So essentially, you've got seventy one year old man with a history control hypertension custody Arctic valve without significant value up at the WHO's presenting with Subcu- but progressive shortness of breath descent exertion domino swelling his damn seems like it's pretty under markle apart from a baseline tacky cardio who's found to have kidney dysfunction elevated cardiac biomarkers. And of course, while they're you're GonNa get an EKG and I'll kick it over to Manny GonNa. Tell you about it. Thanks. So as I'm looking at the ekg that this patient had I definitely seen some abnormalities. Some of those include Israel activity pre consistent with typical atrial flutter. You're seeing negative F waves on the fear leads while you're seeing also positive f ways on the one it seems like he is also in variable blog, his blocks go from three, two, one, two, two, one and his rate is in the one fifty, which is pretty consistent with a diagnosis of atrial flutter and Adam is this diagnosis that when you this station had. So, that flutters brand new for him. Interesting. Thinking about Progressive Disney out we think. All right. Eliza. pommery problem cardiac problem a human logic problem with anemia and we have labs show that he's not an emek. We haven't looked at the lungs just yet but with his elevated anti Provia in P. granted, it's in the context of kidney dysfunction which can elevate it is mile in India and his new onset. H. Will Slaughter with. I think our years are definitely perked up for other red flags for a new cardiac. For symptoms. And I'm glad. Yes or evaluation of salons while you're at, you're gonNA, get a chest x ray number. GonNa kick it back to manny again. I read. Says I'm looking at this chest X ray. We can definitely see a stable mile enlargement of the seen a mildly tortuous a AURAS. Well, our the long fields appeared to be clear. There's no evidence of Monja pleural effusions are numerous orix. What I'm going to say is correlate with clinical history has a good radiologist would say. Well So it is quite interesting with the abdominal distension shortness of breath the elevator Cardi biomarkers on the chest X ray we're wondering, is there anything to point out a fluid overload state or baseline cardiac disease? Like you said, many his lungs don't look wet. There's no relations and that may be the case where somebody with chronic heart failure because of hypertrophied lymphatic this patient hasn't had heart failure for too long. It's unclear to me if it really is in a fluid overload steak right now. If I may add the findings that we're seeing on the X ray are pretty much consistent with what you would expect to see a patient with by Cusp valve definitely seen a mildly tortuous. Possibly hinting that this patient might have some sort of sending organism, which is definitely something. You might see patients that have by cusp valves. That's a great point. Great. Thanks meaning. So, with further workup as a good cardiologists, we're GONNA go ahead and get a chance to Rafic Echo. Here I'm going to invite Sam to Accom- take a look at it and guide us through the interpretation of it. Absolutely thanks. So, I'll start up with evaluation of the trans-pacific echocardiogram imaging is looking here. We'll start with along access view, and in this projection, you can see the RV here may be a little generous, maybe the upper limit of normal just in the appearance on this rejection but I think what really jumps out at you us there is some pretty marked concentric l. v. h. at least just. At first glance, we know that this patient has a history of a by custody AORTIC vow. But if he did not know that look at this valve in this projection, you can see calcification restricted movement and you can see this kind of diastolic domain appearance as well. If you look at the movement of the mitral valve, there's minimal thickening associated with that switching over to the next view we. Can See. A personal short access view which shows preserves the solid function all the way around without any regional wall motion abnormalities, and again demonstrating a pretty market thickening all around. It's pretty symmetric their severe concentric lvmh moving onto the epochal images in an April four chamber view we can see again really market thickening all the way around with his concentric vh. Again, you can see some mild. Thickening of the vows and both Adria are enlarged in this projection and think it's probably not too much of a stretch to say that there could be in thickening associated with that anger atrial septum although this is not the best projection or study to look at that switching to the next image, you can see April Three Chamber view and some mild Mitral regurgitation and then going back to that. He has mild insufficiency as well as some steamatic signal there on the color doppler. On our next few back to focus on the valve in short access projection, and you can again see that heavy calcification of the valve along with some eccentricity in the opening and demonstrating disappearance, which is consistent with customized valve. So again, looking at this next image, we can see some continuous wave form doppler sampling from nickel view focus in on that order vow, it's clear to see that the patient is in an irregular rhythm having variable block in what appears to be underlying flutter, and he does have elevated ingredients across that ordered valve glossy. There is around two point, six meters per second and I think taking the. Across his mean gradient is about fifteen with a peak of twenty seven. Samsung a fantastic read of this echo about to start my expectations. I love the way you broke everything down and essentially for this gentleman with sub acute onset Progressive Disneyland, an elevated anti P so far we have found that while he's in an admiral rhythm and he's got severe concentric hypertrophy with Thicken Iban trickier valves, possibly a thick and enter atrial Septum I'm glad you mentioned that because I was having the same five but his Assad function appears grossly well preserved. His right sided heart looks normal. It'd be nice to know a little bit about the diastolic function this patient, but it's hard to assess with H. Fibrillation just starting to think about why This patient would have hypertrophy and could it be linked to why this patient has symptoms in an elevated anti premium emp and so far you can. Is it a Hema dynamic compensatory purchasing from chronically elevated after afterward he does have hypertension and blood pressure was in the one forties and there is a degree of Ericsson Nossa although it doesn't really get to the range where I would think it would cause severe L. Vhs. I. Think there's a red flag there that there's a L v H H. Without a clear cause us Adam tells me he looked at his hypertension history in his has elevated blood pressure's all the time that are very poorly under control. Actually. I'm going to go over some additional findings from that as well. Here there's a projection of the strain imaging, and while this is not maybe a classical pattern for this, you can see there's relative able sparing compared to the basil segments. In here on Three D. imaging, you can again see his preserved over also stalled option. We additionally have some information on diets algae for the tissue. Now, tissue Doppler looks at the velocities of the movements of the Angeles of the valves ago Longitudinal towards the apex of the heart, the historic function and the diastolic function is not just about how well the heart squeezes hall in Three D.. It's also about the movement, which is what this looks at in. The Vlasic here, overall low from what we would expect in a normal functioning art. So overall looking at these results, you have a patient who has marketed concentric left ventricular urgency and comparing to the EC G. findings. It seems to be out of proportion with that. We also have some diffuse thickening valves although mile and the strain imaging that shows abnormal strain that really spares the apex. So. This is not a normal image presented by echoes and taking this all in total. I think suspicious pretty high for infiltrated process such as cardiac. AMYLOID House a terrific way of putting together the whole clinical picture salmon. Especially, the Echocardiogram WanNa, just dispel a myth for the listeners I used to think as a resident that if you had amyloid, you had to have had low voltages on the Ekg I had a patient when I was at Hopkins who presented with new onset, heart failure LV age, as well as polly neuropathy who's EKG actually at high voltages, and despite that she ended up getting a diagnosis of Al Cardigan hosts or just learning from her case and doing some reading I learned that actually less. Than fifty percent of patients who diagnosed Carmela actually have criteria for low voltage and up to about ten percent can actually have features of high voltages on Ekg I. Think what you said. There was absolutely essential that even though he didn't meet criteria for low voltage on Ekg, the degree of hypertrophy was out of proportion to the voltages that we did see an ekg there was a disconnect there. So important thing to keep in mind what did we do next? All right. So just recap, we have her seventy one year old gentleman who's coming in with. Like worsening symptoms of heart failure here, her suspicion for infiltrative processors is pretty high I think what seem was hinting at whistling the echo findings there is something going on with his Arctic Dow there could be a process of atrial flutter that through into this or heart failure preserved ejection fraction picture certainly a lot of leads towards the simple trina process did WANNA throw out to that he's on the borderline for what you would think with a paradox. Oh, low flow gradient A new. He's not quite there from the Saudi I. Think we calculated at one point five square centimetres with an index of point seven, five square send us per meter square and then I. v Max of two point two but he did have a lvs of. With still greater than fifty. So how there's this overlap with infiltrative cardiomyopathy and this low flow low gradient paradoxical stenosis may think some of the literature citing. Out, to ten to twenty percent overlap between the two, those potentially if you were to find something like a wild side chains reincarnate Kim Melinda's it actually can be poor prognosis even after Tabar especially with the N. T. program hovering around three thousand. So jumping a little bit of there. But Manny, what were you thinking about management in terms of the acute setting with his presentation of new atrial flutter So far listeners just wanted to recap what Adam just mentioned. That's quite important when you're concern about Severe noces there a couple of things that you need to look for on the ECHOCARDIOGRAM. We, are typical symptomatic severe highgrading a s is defined by maximum velocity of four meters per second or a mean gradient forty millimeters of mercury. The VA is typically less than one centimeter square or you can also accolades something has called the Valve Area Index, which is basically just dividing the valve area by the subject's body surface area. If that's less than zero point six than you consider that to be significant. Now, when you think about our patient when you have a failing left ventricle either from dysfunction from this function, you are not producing enough stroke volume and therefore it might be difficult to interpret what your philosophies will be in what? Will Be. So I think one of the important thanks to look for in this patient would be to see what the stroke volume index is and compare that to the Arctic Valve area that San just mentioned. So. If you look back at the doppler projections, his left stroke volume index was depressed. It was only thirty milliliters per meter squared his valve era. Index was reassuring at zero point seven five. So it's above that threshold that we generally use zero point six. So overall he does have some characteristics that are consistent with low flow gradient or experiences, but it doesn't seem to be a slam dunk that's the problem that's causing. His issues here that's awesome guys. I'm loving this discussion and just putting together what Adam and manny and Sandra said and this patient we have hypertrophy. We blame it on the air to notice because it's probably not severe with the valve area that measures above one send me your squared he doesn't seem to have uncontrolled hypertension, but with the features of his echocardiogram, especially reduce global longitudinal strain in epochal spearing were concerned about infiltrated cardiomyopathy. And going a step further, the conversation about the laboratory low fogarty as and Hartig amyloid. I think is just such an important one to realize in general it may not be applicable to this patient but like Adam was saying patients that are referred for tavern and that population almost fifteen percent of patients may have underlined Kartik amyloid most commonly agr just given the epidemiologic overlap with older age, and so this is just such an important role that I think is worth emphasizing. Thanks for going over that for our patient. What was an extent you were thinking about infiltrated cardiomyopathy with the epochal sparing of the top version it's most associated with amyloidosis and clinical suspicion. How do we go about the next? Steps. Thank I. Thank is he was in this Arrhythmia we wanted to see if we could improve his symptoms by stabilizing that he was admitted and he underwent a transit Safa Gio echocardiogram to rule out left appendage strong. But he had no issues with that procedure and he was successfully cardioversion voted back to a sinus rhythm after he was antiquated therapeutically picks van but really that didn't fix his. Symptoms in he continued to have the district exertion we had the strong suspicion that he add an infiltrative process in were pretty suspicious that it was amyloid in nature. So we went ahead and did further workup and evaluation to see whether or not. We could rule that in or rule that out. So talking about the diagnostic workup of these patients, we talked about his lab findings with the persistent proponent. That was elevated despite not chest pain symptoms, per se and his exam was overall reassuring with regards to you Alenia. When he was seen in clinic there are other things that can point towards Kartik amyloid. We talked about the ECHO findings where he had market. By enlargement and thicken valves swell as able sparing of his strain pattern were he to get cardiac MRI imaging those patients you can show cardio entrance mural enhancement on late gadolinium enhancement assessment. But really the gold standard for amyloid workup it was considered to be an invasive study with into myocardial biopsy. You need multiple sites really to ensure that you get adequate sensitivity, but doing that study in looking for Congo Red staining would be the gold standard but another thing that people commonly receive as a result of the workup is a nuclear study were used radio active tracers that are tropic to bone in those patients can. Show increased uptake in the heart, and that study is of the technician pyro phosphates scan, and it is a nuclear study. Then circulates these isotopes that are taken up and the graded based on the intensity of projection of the radio isotope in the Myocardium, and it's great zero through three on comparison to whatever the rib uptake is and a significant amount of uptake in the myocardium is consistent with a diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis and so. The important thing to keep in mind here is that there's various causes of amyloidosis. There's translate amyloidosis sticking him as wild type was associated with age. There's genetic variants that are heritable in passed on through the family, and then there's also Al amyloid that comes from a monoclonal protein can cause fibers to be deposited. So it's very important that you adequately assess people for other risk factors associated with other causes of. amyloidosis in. You can't just go by the nuclear subtypes because what we find is that in patients who have positive pyro phosphates, scans and tr amyloid about half of those people can also have monoclonal when they worked up further and some people with AOL amyloid although we associate these technician pyro phosphates Ganz with tr type em would the alien would can cause uptake as well. It's important to assess those people in rule out Ale, amyloid. I think historically that's been done with s Papin you pop, which is a protein tree study but on their own, those can have inadequate sensitivity and there are some plasma cell descriptions that only secrete light chains. So really your workup for a monoclonal mop the or protein issue should also include serum and urine free light chain assessments as well as. A manifestation in order to have adequate sensitivity and this patient had electrophoresis done, and that was all reassuring and there was no monoclonal peak on either of those assessments. There was also no unification with that. His Sarah light chains were all within normal limits. So I think we're pretty confident of they didn't have an underlying monoclonal protein issue that was at play. That was to such a beautiful rundown of cardiac amyloidosis and ideologies. So just to break it down, we think that this patient probably Kardam based on his presentation is Ekg echocardiogram. We've built a clinical suspicion, and now we're going to go on the hunt for the optimal protein, which is what deposits as Beta pleated sheets in end organs cause injury. In the two that are most likely to be within the cardiac muscle are, as he said, Att Arctic amyloid or the transport reaching protein called pre albumin pretty's from liver or have normal monoclonal light chains which are produced by essentially a CLO petition plasma cells and I. Love You harp on the fact that whenever considering amyloidosis. Always look for the light chains Dr Paul Kramer who did an episode with us in our early days essentially said missing amyloid for amyloidosis is like missing stemming, and so that really hammered in the idea that you have to look for it and I really want to reemphasize the point that s pap is not enough. We learned about s pep for the step one but really for ruling it out being sensitive unique those serum free light chains in the fixation studies. Now. If those negative, we can feel pretty sure that this patient probably doesn't have bail amyloidosis has a culprit going to his history the history of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a heart failure patient definitely should raise a red flag bradberry and Maslin Hannah did a study over here with essentially took ninety eight patients were going for carpal tunnel release and had the flexible said apology to look for amyloid deposits antenna the ninety eight s essentially over ten percent of the patients that. He studied were positive for amyloid deposits and mostly at are proteins and I've speaking with Dr Hannah today he's like we looked at all comers rights not necessarily heart failure all comers with men aged fifty or older women aged sixty or older. But if we looked at men that were older than sixty with a history of heart failure, probably this would have been enriched thirty percent of patients with carpal tunnel release and and probably even more if they had bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Another important differentiating point is that AL tends to go to every tissue. The fact is patient's kidney disease might be part of the crap criteria for thinking about pathologic plasma celebration. But we know that his Sierra logic workup negative that ats protein depending on the variant hereditary versus well, type tends to affect the heart muscle, the nerves and these musculoskeletal tissues. So any patient with heart failure and carpal tunnel syndrome, heart failure, and back pain for lumbar spinal stenosis because he got that position the ligament and Flautam or heart failure with a biceps tendon rupture are all red flags I think we probably have high suspicion at this point for Itchy tr. Agree it you really have to take into context not only the symptoms that we're working up but what are the other clinical characteristics of the patients in? Really it's this whole syndrome approach that increases the likelihood. That's the diagnosis. was you know these things run together? Thoughts. What did you guys do to see whether or not? This patient has patio amyloid. So he did undergo a technician empire phosphate scan, which did show significant uptake consistent with a diagnosis of ad are amyloid, and then he did undergo further evaluation a Adam. Can you talk to us a little bit about those studies absolutely in defected chime in a little bit late to the game but you you're talking about the same free light chains for the study to. I just wanted to point out but this history of chronic kidney disease, it's essential to look at the ratio of capital lambda to a lot of times in chronic kidney disease filtration of this free by change is affected in. So you can have elevations in either your Kappa Lambda, but looking at the ratio, they're making sure it's still in the normal range of its elevated or decreases important to note from Sam's. Next point after he had the Cairo phosphates, scam actually ended up under going into myocardial biopsy that ended up showing Congo red positive amyloid deposits in it. He underwent further testing would liquid chromatography tandem mass spec to detect if there is any appetite abnormalities in actually what we found was that it was consistent with chain styrene peptide, and then further looking to see if there's any abnormality within the actual transfer peptide. Further testing did not show any amino acid sequence abnormality. You may ask why is that important at this point? There's two distinct forms of transpiring amyloidosis both the hereditary swells the wild type. Normally determined by aging. Normally expect on older population with the wild type amyloidosis. But with a hereditary, there's actually a pretty wide range of presentation. We do expect it in older, but it can range anywhere from thirty to eighty years old and important here because the mutation that you could find there could be potentially important for family members to know this type of genetic mutation and get in touch with a genetic counselor. So just from some of the things to point out if it is A. Pattern the TR genes located on chromosome eighteen inspectors over hundred thirty -tations that have been described anywhere from miss sense mutations, nonsense mutations, deletions, and they all seem to have this strong association with the Anti Parallel Beta pleated seat. So it's a cardio nurse podcast bit of Biochemistry Nerd. So with a tertiary and quaternary structure of the translate reading protein of Tetra Mer formed from four distinct monomers. When you run into a mutation like this, that can affect the Beta pleated sheet you get potential for mis folding here, and with that folding, you can then exposed to fiber formation. Where you get depositing tissue such as the cardiac tissue in why set important here why is it important to hunt for these mutations? If you're thinking about treatment, there is some phenotype genotype correlation. An example would be bats you can get early neuropathy late cardiomyopathy with the wild type chance reading but there are specific mutations in the one that specifically comes to mind as Valen. One, twenty, two solution that's almost exclusively seen a late onset cardiac involvement in this is particularly important because about three point, four percent of the African American population in the United States potentially carries this illegal. which you can imagine that's about one point, five million people that could be potentially affected by this. This one's particularly nasty because we were talking earlier about preserved are reduced ejection fraction and what are the characteristics with this specific mutation that can cause heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. So, important hunt for these. Especially, some of the other more frequent ones within the United States there's a three inning, sixty, two Alan Mutation, and then there's a classic. Thirty defining mutation almost exclusive. There's about fourteen transpired read mutations that are cardiac predominant and others fourteen eight that are actually exclusively cardiac in nature. So when we start thinking about family members affected people affected by this potential treatments it's important to figure this out in decide what's next steps to go from here. I'd also like to point out that even though we're talking about these specific phenotype, Gino's had correlations as with everything they see medicine uniform course isn't always universal and what I mean there is that like I mentioned, there could be an age range from thirty to eighty years old at, you could get an early presentation of these symptoms. So what does that mean alternate potentially, there's a role for gene regulation here there's a role for post translational modifications missed potentially even Rolf environmental factors at play, which could be potential targets therapy. had. Thank you so much for that, and it's just so interesting how the particular Gina Type essentially dictates with some variability, but dictates the age of onset, the organ involvement. The natural history prognosis switches such a fascinating thing to highlight and many for some listeners. They may be wondering why we got a biopsy because after the crew piece, Kim probably had enough to know this patient amyloid. Absolutely for this patient was a genetic study, the result was pretty much as mentioned and just going back to what you were saying in what Sam was saying as well. Specificity for. Technician label p Scan is almost one hundred percent meaning that if you have a positive test than that's pretty much diagnostic in that confirms the diagnosis of Att are amyloidosis. So guys, this is just such a terrific as you built a clinical suspicion for Kartik emily doses based on the presenting features the blood work the echocardiogram the ekg using office features together including medical history with a couple of tunnel syndrome. In the past you build a clinical suspicion for cardiac amyloidosis. You went down the diagnostic pathway you ruled out a Elkhart amyloid, which again is like missing a semi. If you miss it, you rule it out with looking at some free light chains and in relation, and then you gotta piece Gan which was essentially markedly positive with a great three on a semi quantitative scale cinching the diagnosis given this clinical picture of. Kartik amyloid you went another step to the genetic analysis and the patient was negative for one of the defined mutations for tr diagnosis patient as wild type. A tear Kartik emily doses probably with involvement with carpal tunnel in the past and also had a biopsy that confirmed and organ deposition. The era of cardiac amyloid today is different from the era just a couple of years ago. How did you approach managing this patient? Terms of treatments we have access to two types of drugs. One of those, we refer to those as silencers and the others are stabilisers. The stabilizer that best known out there is the families. A recent clinical trial, the attract trout compared patients with att are onto is the patients on placebo and who were followed for about thirty months. Showed that patients were on the feminists were thirty percent less likely to die when compared to patients that were on the placebo arm. Subgroup analysis of this study also showed that there was no interaction between the type of eighty are merely those is a response to therapy. Yes. I think that is a critical breakthrough in the literature because now all of a sudden we have strong evidence that shows benefit in these patients for a disease that previously people just said, this is a bad diagnosis and really there's nothing we can do to help these poor folks. But now we a lot more options and other things down the pipeline. So I think the discussion of this evidence and treatment option is huge for these folks are really excited about this. Yeah I couldn't agree more such a pivotal point and a TR Cardi gambler concur gambled in general was the Zebra diagnosis right? It was a red hearing was the rare entity but with the advent of noninvasive testing with wipe scan and other bone avid retrace for scans as well as the ability to effectively treat these patients with mortality benefit, he really changed the epidemiology. Now we say, Hey, fifty percent of hospitals have maybe credit gamble fifty percent of the population maybe card gambler you have to. Look into it. This increasing public awareness within physicians nothing is really been a market change in the epidemiology obviously was always there but now we have reason to look for any way to look for that's less invasive and many correct me if I'm wrong. So in this study, they specifically look at t t are amyloid cardiomyopathy. So a feminist is really the only drug that's approved for tr cardiomyopathy whereas gene silencers as of right now at least are approved for Ti polly neuropathy is that right? Yes. Absolutely. Correct on it I think you're referring to Patisserie in which is one of the silencer said we use for emily is not FDA approved the data was actually derived from another study that's according to a poll trial. The Apollo trial basically looked into patients that had a tr doses with a primarily neuropathy presentation one of the exploratory end points that this study particularly did. With there was a reduction in the anti probing P, and also if there was a reduction in the LV mass in patients that had hypertrophic or diastolic cardiac this function, there was actually some evidence that Patisserie Good healthy stations but then again as you mentioned, but this is only approved for patients that have primarily at a neuropathic presentation of ATT are. Wonderful. Hopefully, we'll get the tips ran and others in the pipeline for US cardiologists. That was such incredible case of talk about and really highlights the advances that we've had within the field just. And I think this is really exciting to think about the advances that are still coming our way because right now short at feminist for patient cardiomyopathy. But is there an advocate for say screening where it may be useful to screen patients are more likely to have early stages of ATT are and potentially put them on therapy even before they develop end organ dysfunction. So I think that's a really interesting area. You guys are doing such tremendous things at Wash U. Phenomenal case a talk about just really went all the way and maybe we can talk a little bit about the program. So I'd love to hear from you guys what makes your heart flutter about training at Wash, u? I think there's a few things that I appreciate about our program we have a variety of specialties that are related here outside of just the traditional original cardiology in your specialty we have adult congenital exposure I think that's president at a lot of different institutions but I think that's a really fun part of the second year ship as well as. focused. On Cardio obstetrics in some women's Health Studies and the variety of specialty in approaches in cardiology that's available at this institution. I think another thing that is appreciated as there's this complementary approach between working with the attending here where it's really teamwork in order to see these patients in have discussions about the diagnostic criteria in the clinical presentation, there's a lot. Of Opportunities in flexibility to tailor your educational experience here, and in fact, a lot of fellows go through two years where we take care of all the co cats requirements in third year can be tailored to any research or clinical focus that they want. So that's been a real great opportunity in training here at Wash U. I would have to agree with. Sam The mentorship that you get at wash. She was just phenomenal. Not only you get to work side by side with people that are doing great research but they actually help you grow as cardiologists and I think has been extremely important every time that I think about wash your I always think that I made the right choice in coming here from fellowship. Both of you guys hit the nail on the head in terms of what brought me to this program. I had the unique experience of doing residency here in got to see the program a bit during those three years of time in one of the things that stood out and continues to stand out here is just the way that you're treated in the way that your goals become other people's goals to and from the early star to being hooked up with a mentor both on the research. Side of things as well as just from a career standpoint is a wonderful thing that they do here as a first year fell I've never felt like no man on the totem pole being on general consults in now echo rotation. Everyone's just been more than friendly more than treating you as an equal I was laughing earlier today because I was reading echoes, Dr Perez and just the enthusiasm that he has and thank you for pre reading about a patient environment that it creates his well received. And also put a plug that with everything that's been going on in terms of equality that experience share washed you as been that they've been at the forefront of that too. We have multiple faculty involved in research outcomes in our underrepresented health groups we have research specifically looking at outcomes of cardiovascular disease in women. So from that standpoint, it's been a breath of fresh air to be part of the fellowship program here in other thing that's been a pleasant surprises I never really knew much about Saint Louis prior to living here and being able to quickly integrate within the practice environment at Wash. U.. And then moving my family to Saint Louis quickly learn how money. There are not just professional development within the fellowship program, but also it's been a great place to live and raise children and have a family. It's really been a great place both professionally in the fellowship training program and is a great place to live. So it's really been a great thing for me. I want to thank you so much for teaching us about a great case, a really interesting disease process and really just telling us a little bit about the program Saint Louis. I hope when all this pandemic situation is over that I have opportunity to visit y'all. Thanks for being on the show. Absolutely, thanks for having us. Thanks for having us. Thank you again. and. Now for the comment by Dr Katie Zang, who is our associates director and a cardiac calls you specialist thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this episode of the Cardio Nerds Podcast as an associate program director for the cardiology fellowship program and a cardio oncologist here at Wash U., it's been really exciting for me to see interest and expertise and cardiac amyloidosis grow among the rising cardiology fellowship classes. This is a very exciting time for our patients with cardiac amyloidosis. Since we now have effective therapies to treat the disease as well as noninvasive testing options that can greatly facilitate diagnostic process. One point mentioned earlier that I want to highlight again, here is the wide variability in clinical presentation that you will encounter among patients with cardiac amyloidosis. Of course, they'll be the occasional patient that checks all your red flag findings markedly increased LV walls, low-voltage bilateral, carpal tunnel, a FIB heart failure, but really the majority of the patients that we encounter in real life don't check all. Of these boxes and when you look at all of these factors individually, there are a lot of patients out there that have L. V. H. A. FIB or carpal tunnel, even relative April sparing of strain. You'll find if you look carefully enough lesser-known red flag findings that we found to be very useful include or the static hypertension intolerance of traditional heart failure medications and unexplained neuropathy. To. Really improve detection of patients with cardiac amyloidosis. We need to have a high index of suspicion for really all patients that we see the fellows who rotate with us on Cardio Oncology know that once you have your eyes open, you really start to see amyloid everywhere to give you a recent example I was in the echo reading room a few weeks ago and opened up an echo on a post op patient who was having non sustained V. T.. And really the was fairly nondescript. You know pretty average except for mildly produce enough scrolling down I got to the strain images and wow, there was just a really striking epochal sparing of strain. I, really hesitate to call or even suggest amyloid when there's really no other echo findings. No increased wall thickness or restrictive diastolic filling. So I opened up the patient's chart and right there the first line of the neurosurgery. H. and P. said history of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome emitted for lumbar lamb neck demy needless to say this patient got an immediate cardio oncology console a technician empire phosphates skin and was diagnosed with tr cardiac amyloidosis. The second teaching point I want to highlight from this really excellent case presentation is appropriate use of the technician power phosphates can I it's really critical to exclude Al when ordering this test since Al is the primary cause, a false positive technician scans. If a monoclonal protein is detected by as pepper, you pep immune immunization or by abnormal free light chain ratio than technician skin is no longer specific for tr cardiac amyloidosis and a biopsy is needed. Secondly, the technician skin must be performed with respect imaging and orbited false positives due to blood pooling of tracer in the LV cavity. And finally I think it's really important to remember that the technician skin as a diagnostic test has really only been validated in highly selected patients who are evaluated at specialty amyloidosis centers around the world. So as we start to use this test, a wider patient population potentially with a lower pre-test probability for tr cardiac amyloidosis, it's likely that the sensitivity and specificity of the test will change. So then this brings us to the question of the role of cardiac biopsy. In general. I. Think a great two or three technician power phosphate scan combined with the absence of a monoclonal protein, a clinical history and cardiac imaging that are consistent with t. r. that's really sufficient to make the diagnosis frequently. However, things are not so clear cut and a biopsy is needed to exclude Al in the presence of monoclonal protein our practice here at wash. U. Is to refer patients for biopsy of an involved organ, which usually ends up being the heart. A recent patient of ours had a classic amyloid Echo along with multiple myeloma end of the one, twenty, two, I mutation in the transpired gene. So in this was a great case of how cardiac biopsy with mass spectrometry was really critical to accurately type the amyloid protein. In terms of future directions for the amyloid sphere I think we still need to do a better job of identifying patients with Kartik immolate early, enough in their disease course for our therapies to be effective I, think that targeting amyloid education to our medicine and cardiology trainees. Probably the highest yield way to do this, and that's why I'm really proud that we're taking part in this cardio nerds podcast to help to disseminate this information. I'm also really proud that all of our. FELLOWS IN GENERAL CARDIOLOGY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM DO CARDIO ONCOLOGY rotation, which provides exposure to the inpatient and outpatient care of cardiac amyloidosis patients, as well as exposure to our multidisciplinary amyloid meetings where we really go over the intricacies and the diagnosis and management of these complex patients for those fellows out there that are interested in research is a lot of really exciting research going on right now in the amyloid world, a lot of it is aimed at developing for improving our ability to detect. Cardiac amyloidosis earlier, some of these diagnostic scores are echo based others are more emaar based. I think no matter the modality when he to make sure that these studies include patients from different medical centers, different countries, and also at different stages of disease so that we can optimize the utility of these diagnostic scores. Once we try to apply them to the general population in real life, there's also an important need for novel therapeutics that are effective in more advanced stages of disease, right? Now all of the therapies that we have al and tr are aimed at reducing production of amyloid protein in the case of Al Chemo in the case of teach yards to feminists on person and participate in all of which ultimately reduced miss folding of the TR protein. But for those patients who present and more advanced heart failure were not making an impact on the amyloid deposits already present and so really we need to develop novel strategies to adequately treat those patients when they present. So. Thank you again for inviting me to comment on this really well presented podcast and here at Wash U. we really look forward to learning more with cards in the future. I'd like to give Dr Case Who's our fellowship program director an opportunity to have some comments ends messages for applicants high. Indicates Program. DIRECTOR FOR THE CARDIOLOGY FELLOWSHIP CREAM PROGRAM AT WASH University School of Medicine in St Louis It is great to be with us today to discuss our fellowship program before start though I want to congratulate ourselves and doing a fantastic. Job Representing the case that you just heard. Honestly, I think Adam Manny and Sam did a phenomenal job in radio from Russia the beginning to discussing her interest just fantastic job all around I. Also, WanNa congratulate I'm Dan for the job they've done putting together this podcast series. Truly great to hear from all these fellows programs would I'm here today to talk. To you about those are fellowship program, I wanNA share with you. A couple of different aspects of our program that I hope you'll come to understand really truly represents the fantastic opportunities that we have here for our fellowship program Washington University. Let me first start by telling you about our training mission. Our mission is developed national leaders in cardiovascular medicine by promoting. Diversity and excellence in research teaching patient care inservice. Now, to do that to achieve that mission, we've really put together. What I think is a fairly unique program provides fellows the opportunity to experience the breadth of cardiovascular medicine learning clinical care, but also give them the opportunity to differentiate through one of two different pathways are investigator Ath- way in our clinical pathway. Oliver fellows receive outstanding clinical training during the course, their first two years. Then beyond that, some fellows choose to pursue investigator pathway through which they receive mentored research experience typically over two or three years on our teeth. Thirty two trained grant where they develop expertise in any of a number of different areas including basic science, translational clinical outcomes, research healthcare policy with the ultimate goal of developing independent educators in achieving career development awards. Many were fellows pursued one of our clinical pathways where during their third year and beyond the of the opportunity developed in Canaria medicine that really defines them in who they are through clinical niche the cardio oncology, Cardio obstetrics, clinician educator gliding the allergy. Of Cardiology, cardiovascular imaging many fails beyond that pursue opportunities in advanced clinical training as well inherent with all these those expectations of undertaking meaningful researches they developed their area of expertise in their focus. Think our benefit wealth from these varieties of experiences also want to highlight a few other aspects of our fellowship program that I think are truly important to our fellows why they choose to come to Wash U. The first as mentorship you heard from Katie's a few minutes ago she provided the expert commentary on this patient with cardiac amyloid Katie is in addition to being our college faculty member should also are APD for recruitment. Katie. Is a phenomenal job in through the mentorship moved with. Dan Lenihan from Cardio Oncology truly is emerging as a thought leader in the area of cardiac amyloid. She's just done a wonderful job. So great to see her develop in that area you heard from Russia Navarra also at the very beginning Russia to joined us from Stanford to her interest related to EPA and research with acoustical issues lead in the field of noninvasive et ablation and seeing her developed interest truly has been wonderful to see the highlights some of the unique aspects fellowship program we're committed to training our fellows. Each one develops a unique area of cardiology doesn't foreign to him hammer her as they emerged it help us achieve our mission of training leaders in cardiovascular medicine. Beyond that the collaborative aspect of our program with our fellows working together as they did on, it's to go presentation but far more than that with the research component for our fellows working with faculty within cardiology. But then across the divisions in the departments here at Wash, U. Two highlights the aspects of our program that truly are important to us fellows come here. Truly I think embrace the way that we all treat respect each other we worked together. It's a wonderful program from that perspective also fills really sense that and get that. Also one of the great aspects of our fellowship program is our commitment to clinician. While being in through that, we've created our fellowship wellness committee. This committee, which led by our fellows provide support for fellows through various activities that they plan after they have a budget where they were together to set up various activities for fellows to be engaged to me outside of work and really help support each other. We understand how important that is well now more than ever in providing support for all of our fellows I think all of you for joining us and listening please visit us on our website. There's a lot of information to share with you highlights experience of our fellows. What makes them unique? What makes our program unique least you're free to reach out just if you have any questions thank you have a great day. Wow what an amazing episode a huge thanks to the fellows and faculty for enriching us with another terrific discussion and an incredible edition to the Cardi nerds case report series. Be sure to check out the show for all the case media available for view key take on points and special points and links to the program. If you like the educational takeaways graphics delivered directly to your email silence for the heartbeat, the cardinals newsletter by clicking on the link in the episode show notes. Thank the ACC element training session chaired by Dr Machine reasons for their incredible support and collaboration. Can a very special. Thanks to our phenomenal production team for elevating the platform Collins. Tommy. UNICEF do rick, Ferraro Evelyn Song and dividend verghese internal medicine senior residents as the Johns. Hopkins. Hospital as well as the team men had mentor and University of Maryland. Cardiology fellow and decide if you love the show as much as we do be sure to spread the word reading US favorite podcasts platform and consider becoming a patron of the show on Patriots. Alright. That's time to make s you split. The leasing of our med school band the peacemaker. So I looked pretty much obligated. I've got to say that's at the same time. But also the most brilliant and cool thing I've ever heard you've got to sing for us now before you go. Do.

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