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"manny navarro" Discussed on The Audible with Feldman And Mandel

"To get started today. While we were both in South Florida last week, coincidentally, but I just basically stayed on the beach, you actually did a little bit of work. And went to UM and saw Mario Cristobal, what's going on there? Well, a lot of big plans for rapid improvement of facilities. So I think they're going to have put shovels in the ground for a new football building very soon. Much needed. You know what? The stuff they have now is so much nicer than it was. They have an indoor, which I've had for a little while now, but it was part of the old green tree practice fields. And there's a lot of stuff that has been upgraded there. You know, it was just, there was a lot of energy in the building. I got to see, you know, it was still a little crazy to see, I saw Josh gaddis. Obviously, I saw crystal ball. I saw Joe. The one that I, you know, you do a double take was I'm sitting in the lounge and here comes Charlie strong. And it's just like, just to see people out of context. You know, like in terms of what you're used to seeing. And you know, he's there, Kevin Steele there. It's a, it is a strong staff. I expect before too long, they will probably end up adding Alonzo highsmith in a capacity and personnel, which is obviously a huge name for Miami fans. And so I think a lot of that has resonated really well. I think they're still going to have to be very active in the portal because there's still a lot of there's still some holes in the roster, but again, it's relative compared to what they're going up against in the ACC. I mean, beyond Clemson, I think NC states got a really good team coming back, but after that, I think it's not like they're playing in the SEC. So it was interesting, like Mario has got a lot of stuff going on. And I think they are very, you know, he's all about not all about, but he is so he is neck deep and recruiting all the time. And you get that feeling when he's just kind of, you know, I think one of they have like an hour recruiting meeting every day. Well, coincidentally, while we've been on the podcast, my Manny Navarro our great Miami writer, just published a new story, a night of recruiting with Mario first of all. Miami coach speaks at Lakeland Lake Gibson home to 5 star cornerback hermani McLean. It's basically a night shadowing him on the recruiting trail. So if you're a UM fan, you're definitely going to want to read that story on the athletic. I just remember thinking, so I hadn't, you know, when we cover the orange bowl or national championship games there in that stadium, everything's in Fort Lauderdale. You never really you're not in Miami proper. Unless you draw unless you happen to have to drive with Dennis dod and then you may have. By accident. No, he does not have the best you don't want to be in the car necessarily with. You're referring, are you still referring? Is this like, do you have a more recent example of that? Are you still talking about that Virginia tech, Boise state game? No, that was no, I actually had a he was driving me back from a media day. I think it was Clemson, Oklahoma, and it was amazing where do you remember the Big Ben parliament European vacation? That's what it was like trying to get Dennis to drive out of the, you know, out of the parking lot of the stadium. I was like, oh my God, we're gonna die. It's just like, because we keep going around in circles like he can not figure out how to get out of the complex. But the time you're talking about was Matt Hayes the fourth person in the car. Yes. We ended up in like three or four different states. Yeah, we were trying to get to FedEx field and I think we ended up in Virginia at one point. I remember seeing seeing science for things that are definitely not in the right direction of the football stadium. Anyway, so yeah, we stayed at a hotel on south beach, and I got a 6 year old. We weren't like the clevelander, like we were in the party section of south beach necessarily. The south beach is pretty vibrant throughout. And I'm looking around one night we're walking at dinner and it's just like, you know, it's a really exciting vibe. And it would be especially exciting if you're a 18, 19 year old kid. And I remember thinking, man, Mario first of all is able to convince 5 star kids to come to Eugene Oregon. He should clean up here. Like he is such a good recruiter and he has this to offer. So, and like you said, a conference that is not exactly daunting. So I expect them to be very successful very quickly. I don't know if that will be this year. You can never really, you always have to temper expectations for year one with I mean, he's there for a reason. They weren't very good. But I would think by the second year and certainly by the time he starts getting in his own recruits, I've got a lot of optimism there. The one thing that I think bodes well, in addition to some of those others, which just from the talking to a couple of the coaches last Thursday was, it seems like the buy in from the guys they inherited has been very good. And sometimes that doesn't everybody say that though. Every new coach say that. It's true, but it's like, I think there's a shock to the system element, like I just remembered when Louisville took over, it was like a lot of players were desperate and wanted the change because obviously the combing from Bobby petrino was such a dark environment, but I think some of it was like, how ready are the players physically to jump into this? And I think so some of that, I think, has been promising. So we'll see. As a roster from my understanding, it's like, there's three good three talented tight ends. Van Dyck, obviously, had an excellent freshman year. And I think they're optimistic about him. And then there's some other gaps in the roster that I think they really still need to address. Let's do some emails. As always, send your questions to the audible pod at Gmail dot com. The first question is from not that far away from me. Michael galvin in Agora hills, California. We have all heard the story about Nick Saban sending his plane to east Lansing only for none of his assistants to board. This is back when he was taking over at LSU. We all know what happened to Sabin, but what happened to the assistance to any fine success and have you ever asked any if they regretted it? I love it. Yeah, I love this question so much. I immediately did the research. No, I have not asked any of any former anyway. That story, as far as we know, is true, what we, in general, I don't know, but I don't know that we can say that any certainty that every assistant had an offer waiting for him at all issue, but there's enough, there's enough truth there that we're just going to go ahead and go down this list, okay? And in general, what you're going to find is a couple of guys did really well and then most of them not so much. So Bobby Williams took over as inter coach before the bowl game that year for Michigan state and they won the bowl game and he got the head coaching job. So I think we could say, even though that his tenure did not go well, you know, he got a head coaching job out of it, so good for him. The O.C. on that staff was Morris watts. Who himself would end up becoming an interim coach when Bobby Williams got fired. He was a Mississippi state for a little bit, then a bunch of Mac schools, most recent evidence I could find was he was at Texas southern..

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