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"manny gloser" Discussed on Poker Action Line

"To happen again. It really is and you know I don't see going back dave. You know it's just going to. I think we're just going to pick up right where we were before the pandemic you know and Maybe some new players have been able to save some money. Do whatever other players that may have been on the cusp of You know of hitting the rails Maybe have some time to relax. You know when Get themselves centered again and save up some money so We saw down here. With the seminal hard rock also just a little while ago six seven weeks ago and You know this is. This is something that's gonna continue in my opinion. Dave yeah i think it is too and We'll see what happens with the world series moving to the fall world series starts on. September the thirtieth. And we'll be following all that of course but right now to fill the void is the wpa online event. That i mentioned. And i just wanted to touch on a few things. One of the most interesting things i've found From this whole tournament was The since it's being played online you know. Obviously the players have their names. And i think some of the names that the players use have been pretty funny and you know informative really about their personalities. A little bit Kathy lee gifford has been playing very well She recently followed us on twitter. are tweets on twitter so That was interesting to me and a lot of big name players doing very well Winning the The one of the monster stack which was one of the first. Big events was manny gloser and Just a couple of names. I just wanted to pass along. was ryan apollo who Who was the guy who won the The online tournament from the parking lot at a whole foods. I think it was up in new jersey. New york came into new jersey or something right right. Joey is a mush. That's his name online Nick schulman bubble this tournament but his his online name is cash. Us clay cassius. Clay and i thought was pretty good and then of course you got A bunch of other guys Andrew lichtenberger doesn't play as lucky chewy. Places watch guy forty two Kathy lee bird's name is lucky gal and You know you learn a little bit about some of these people with some of these tournaments but That was a win for manic. Loeser in that one Jeremiah williams won the thousand dollar buying eight max event Matt stout played very well in that tournament. He ended up finishing in sixth place. Was it No fourth place wanting forty one thousand jeremiah. Williams was a winner. One hundred thirty six and The whole Basically the whole scene online is really kind of Brought people out. And i thought it's it's it's done pretty well. Listen like we said before. I think people would just jonesing to get out there and do all of this so I think we'll be talking about a lot of these tournaments getting bigger and bigger and you know as as we keep going on In the very near future on our show some of the players just use another Another player's name. There's one guy who uses. His nickname is still ivy online. Which probably scares the hell. Out of some people you got Scott davies who plays his miami kane and Jamie kerr steadier uses. Dan bills area is her as her screen. Name that's amazing way. I'm having fun. They can have fun with that. That's one of the great things another question. Anyway that goes on thirty three tournaments in the schedule and they'll be playing Let's see until november right over while november is the is the main this live event anyway. i don't i don't have the couple of well here. It is august first through august. First event thirty three is the final event. There they're still a high roller for thirty two hundred dollars. Buy in but most of these are in the range of four hundred to six hundred dollars. So pretty affordable When people play on waso p dot com commingled pools there with the different groups. Yep it's gonna be fun. It's going to be definitely fun. And hopefully that'll help online poker. Go to a lot of different states so culpable pools like you said so. It'll happen sooner than later day. One other thing. I wanted to mention And we'll get. I guess we'll have to get to that other situation next week. But There's a story coming out of germany that There's been harsh restrictions put on a lot of the players over there so a lot of players have moved out of germany to other you locations. Here's some of the things that have happened there. They have created a tax five point three percent turnover tax so this is in addition to the regulations that they put in place last fall when they wouldn't allow german citizens to play more than four tables deposit more than a thousand euros per month on a site or select their own seats. A cash game tables so Players are just fed up and have gone elsewhere. There's the government getting involved against as a result poker stars raising their rake. They've eliminated a lot of the high stakes offerings from german players and You know it's it's it's basically you know they're cutting their own throat. Basically with these decisions. I think well listen Once the government gets involved in these things for the most part. It's it's never a good thing for the players. So yeah they said in No limit and pot limit games with blinds of one dollar to dollar and also limit games with three and six. The rake has been increased to thirty five percent. God that'll kill the game quickly. So i guess part of it is whether where you're from too because they said if there's a split pot between a german and a non-german player. The german player will pay more warren. Rake than the other.

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