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"manda woodward" Discussed on Think Again

"It's fielder for work by MandA Woodward is just feel the for work, and it will maybe can be clumsy their insult. Their mind is actually developing before their, their bodies are adept things. And this was a study, showing it babies have couple reaching and gramp grabbing things they make failed attempts and the patients. If you watch a baby trying to do is, you know, you would. Have given up right, right? Much long ago. But they have this enormous urge to learn that and patience to go through it over and over, again, till they get it right. And parents want to help but let the kid so she helped kids grasp onto things and then they learn the functions of these objects better. So it brings in how do we understand other people's intentions, and we're understanding them way before they act and we're understanding them partly the is lead, and then the shoulders and the hands and we're knowing what somebody is looking at 'em tells us a lot about what they're going to do. And then, even that way, they hold their hand. So a colleague of mine, and her team, Christina Becky oh, in Genoa did work showing that people know there's a. Bottler out there and you're either gonna drink permit. Pour it or give it to somebody else, and before the hand reaches the bottle, you know what they're going to do. So to me, that's extraordinarily that were disowning the other people's intentions, so quickly. And of course, basketball players know this and they fake you out right so. Right. And they work very hard at faking, it was not just basketball magicians, and athletes in any team sport, you want to mislead the other team but signal to your own team. And that is happening and nanoseconds I mean, the, you know, the concept of mindfulness has entered popular culture from Buddhism and so on. But in reality, the, the fact is that there is, we are mindless of so much that we actually are that our minds are. Aware of there's so much. We just simply don't see that's going on. And if we actually were paying better attention, some of which I'm sure comes more easily, when you spend year after year in laboratories studying gesture, and so we would we, there's a lot more going on than we, then we admit, or recognize and understand. Be automatic. Will we never be able to play basketball? Right. Right. Right. Right. And clearly it's a fun thing to do to do those really fast sports. Some well onto fake people out and and to play smoothly. And I don't know. I mean coaches will slow some of that down. They'll see things that ordinary people won't see. In fact, there's beautiful datum then on coaches and what coaches conc- and what players can feel. So players are better. Watching videos of free shots players are better at predicting, what will make the shot then coaches, but coaches are better than the rest of us. So the players have this added feeling of knowing how the body feels when they're watching somebody else's body and the coaches won't have that, but coaches will see things that players won't see in Consolo down. Some of that. But we we couldn't play basketball with slowed everything down. You can't even walk right? Think about walking how do your arms go in relationship to your feet, and you can't. Oh, you're the kiss of the coaches and the players, you've got both are based on a kind of physical memory as you talk about in the book. But in one case, the physical memory is entering through the eyes and in the other sent it's kinesthetic entering through the body like the players have experience of those missions..

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