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Wells Adams

"Hey guys did following. Podcast is lady gang network and podcast one production which means it's gonna be awesome. Ladies all my arizona ladies my san francisco ladies. My los angeles ladies. Guess what we're finishing out the leading tour this summer i could cry. I don't want it to end but we want you to be there. If you live close close to or in any of those cities we're hitting phoenix arizona on august twenty third san francisco on august twenty fifth and los angeles with special guests tanya herat on september twenty eighth so go to the lady gang dot com for your tickets. It's going to be a grand old time. Come and visit that and hurry up because the tickets are almost gone. Lady gang is brought to you by m._t._v.'s the real world atlantis dreaming now only on facebook watch the original reality. Show is back in streaming now. Only on facebook watch m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta is the next true story at seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their hook-up screw ups apologies fights tears go and live streamed exclusively on facebook watch if the return of the first unscripted show in tv history that tackle gender race aids taboos life death addiction action connection acceptance and reality and it's being reinvented m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta is all new reality experience with content dropping daily and new new episodes every thursday find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and start getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch icon and search the real world on watch m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta's dreaming now only on facebook watch this welcome to the lady gang <music> seated again. Things are about to change around here. Each week we catch up with hollywood's hottest girl posse kilty night becca tobin at jack jack vanik. Hello hello hello and welcome to the lady gang. I am back tobin here with jack panic and kelsey it was what the hell i love you guys. I love you so much so <music> us want your time energy love containment contentment. Oh wow tenderness. I'll we've here been here a long time yeah first time first first podcast recoup jacksonville it ever chair. That's would you get your pick. Do you just had a guest here an hour ago. That was leaning back. I was like you're going to buy my picture. It can reach all the picture of kelsey at the royal wedding photo while pictures of healthy by herself. Okay okay. Let's just get to okay now. It's time for good. We is it is going i although my a good week is there was a very fun post in our facebook group. It's like a good week by proxy of this girl named amanda who posted asking the group to help her find a man that she only made eye contact with he was a police officer and i guess she was out somewhere. They made like sexy z. Is she went home minded her own business. She's like i need help finding him and all she had was the first initial of his name and his last name and because she saw his name tag because she's always i was like please name tag and obviously the city that he worked in and they found him. No they did not lady gang investigators found the dude and one girl was like he's single but they're figuring out more info because this just happened so by the time this podcast serves. Maybe maybe there's more info but i just love her facebook group because you can find a guy you just made eye contact with hot and you know nothing about him other than as los angeles pretty amazing. We should solve crimes. What was his name. Was it like a popular last night. I was like bowmen or something. I think that there could be more than one bone bowers bowers hours so popular but then some other girl was like he got me. He got me pregnant. No she goes. He helps me get home a month ago. When i was lost and then there was a text from her from the guy being like hey just making sure you got home okay bowl that was at the he was turned on her or anything. No he was just being making sure that she got home so i thought that was amazing. Go leading investigates facebook. Okay my bad week. Is this happened not once but twice that i have taken a shower and then after i've gotten out of the shower i've set off the fire alarm mm-hmm. Has this ever happened to you. Guys steam from the steam of the shower. It happened at my parents house. Recently got other shower opened the door. This team all went up. I didn't realized that <hes> it calls the firetruck and the fire truck came to my parents house like five minutes later thinking that there is a fire and it was your shower when my shower that's aggressive. Do you need a skull guard. I don't what is that it's like so your shower won't go too. Hot is if that no. I like. I like scalding show actually great for my good week bad weeks continue sark but my question is. How long are your showers. Should you poor. I don't couple minutes i. I don't think a three hour it set off the hot. Three mid alarms not even enough time for me to shave one leg i don. I don't take long showers but must just like extremely hot. Shower happened to my parents house awesome and happened at a hotel new york. I don't know what i'm doing. Well why well you're probably has something to do with you. Walking up the toilet paper in the toilet and then shower consider yourself lucky because my bad week is that i was recently in spain and at one hotel it's called hotel and a visa this you're exposing them. I got home from the longest day ever ever like on a boat out in the ocean. Blah blah blah and you're like oh. I can't we take shower no water no water like nothing so then. We're supposed to be to dinner as ration- and i'm like wool. What am i supposed to do. We call now and they're like yeah. We're gonna fix it it three hours. They were not fixing it. Then they offered me like room on a different floor and i was like wow moving. Should i bring my shower catty and my flip flops like i'm in goddamn college and just walk down the hall in the elevator like understand or sand about this being a really big issue then. I was like that wasn't the problem because they can't really help wherever then zach was like okay well. We're going to cancel our dinner reservation ration- 'cause we're certainly not going like this. Can we just get. I know it's late but can we please just get arrested some room service and they're like it's too late but there's a restaurant in the hotel so like can we get takeout from the restaurant and hotel like we can't do that. They refused these people. These don't stays there and lady gang. What's her name. The bless hotel visa blessed the worst ari you. I went down to the lobby with zach because we're like. Let's talk to manager. There's gotta be somebody who can get us a plate of food from the restaurant yeah downstairs because the only thing there was a late night menu for room service but it was like a caesar salad in a like a beef sandwich or something like that so we go down and the the manager is inept like literally stopped and i lose my mind and i look at a family. That's checking in and i go. I hope you guys don't like hot showers. They don't have them here you so bitchy in and out or that person. I know you went turbo because i've seen zach bi turbo before. We're both going turbo know. Zach is a double double turbo. It was so is the tobin urban turbo tobin turbo <unk> tobin. Martin turbo is too much for the world to handle so that was my very bad part of the vacation. I went to bed starving and dirty like could you think of a worse way to go to sleep. Yes sure actually started on a hotel in a luxury hotel. I <hes> look i mean as far as your sexual actual vacation. You're already on your period yeah. It's not it's not you didn't you didn't do a whole jar jar. I would like a very very quick like quick race. Okay good week is that we were on vacation for eight days and day six sack and i both let's look to each other and we were like we're ready for this to be over. Thank god i married somebody who is on has the same timeline vacation time right. I think six days this is gonna hit six days and we were like peace out like what is it about the you're just ready to be out from each other ready to be not. It's just like ah you're getting ready to go to dinner. It's kind of even though you're in a new country and it's like a great new experienced kind of groundhogs day because it's like you do your thing during the day and then you go go to dinner and you gained seven pounds and it's like just a lot okay gained. Seven pounds wonder such a in seven or eight days. It's pretty good education. Okay calcio turn bad week world. I was on a train but in general the general not for all world. I know you're giving oh dear. World not be author who listens to something on their iphone without a headset is strap on my flight. What are on any of my voice. I was on the train now in a business class seat. I mean i'm not saying it's business. Costs only does is this but like it's the quiet. This is the working car. This is not the business class is supposed to be so you can work. It's like i'm trying to do some shifts. This woman's car businesswomen's car okay and i'm trying to work and work on my computer and i keep hearing like last track and i was like what is this left truck. I booked behind me. The guy has his phone and he's just holding it out full volume yeah no headset what the who does that. It is rude dessel so when children are doing it in their them when kids are playing a game by game. You don't need those little ringing bells that is not like put in headphone phone on like just can't believe someone would think even watch a show without a head snow. It's it's rude and inconsiderate and like do you need headphones. I have five pairs colour coded in my bag. Just ask for one you. I'll give you the goddamn air pods off my back all right next good week who i'm so glad we're ending with me because this this is so great. I had no insane such a kelty. This is just a great good week. It was a good good week to like okay what okay just kicking off. No i had the most on the edge of my seat. Realistic shawn mendez is fantasy century mm-hmm sex best friends lovers advice living together that has ever happened. Shawn mendez was nervous us about media day. He sought me out. I gave him advice on how to handle the red carpet. We became best friends. We became best his friends. We were in the ocean together. We were hanging out like also vacation. It was a make out like it wasn't a make out where it was like the sexual sexual make out but it was like an implied make out like i didn't have to have the makeup in my dream to know that we were together job. Your boobs look bigger visit your bra. Are you pregnant. No listen small. There is different sizes when i just finished my period. Okay you want to stick when you get home no normal those look like to have sex civil the left one was pregnant sorry to interject. You're such such a good week. You're good good good week. In three minutes. You had a good. I had such a beauty. We had a sleepover you do it was beautiful and i woke up and it was so real that i started my day and i was like oh i got a call sean and i was awake like making my coffee and i was like i should call sean and tell them and then i was like wait. That wasn't really have you ever had a lucid yeah. I guess so real you feel like it's real get bummed out with reality yeah and then i was like i'm not best friends with shawn mendez you best friends or were you like best friends lovers. We were both we were more than lars. I gotta get out of this. Okay we coming up lovers a lover under lovers or fiancee's. Oh shit nice segue. You've probably heard of the american heart association. They are a relentless force dedicated advocated to fighting heart disease and stroke with a mission to bring the world longer and healthier lives. So why exactly are they sponsoring liyang. Well all of us love to indulge in our phones is and liking content on social media that hashtag gives us life but millennial women have to deep rioters health and that needs to change the american american heart association is here to remind us that we should be spending more time on the thing that's actually giving us life our hearts. You've got to take care of yourselves more than you take care of your instagram page. 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There's so much to learn and there's so much to do and that's why we love twenty three and me twenty three and me reports do not diagnose disease or describe overall likelihood of developing any disease twenty three and me test selected are basically show you genetic variance only visit twenty three and me dot com slash lady for important test information and order your health and ancestor kit at twenty three and me dot dot com slash lady and you can meet your genes in one hundred twenty five plus personalized genetic reports. That's number two three and me dot com slash lady now back to the lead gang. Our guest today gives us all the boyfriend correction fiance goals we could ever asked for. He started out looking for love. Joe flechard season of the bachelorette then appeared on bachelor in paradise which he will be returning to for a fulltime j. o. b. He finally eta soulmate. Our girl modern family starts sarah hyland in a very unexpected way and he's now the host of two podcasts trying to outrun jack vanik in the podcast world your favorite thing with brandy cyrus as well as the pratt cast with stephanie pratt. Please welcome to the podcast the newly-appointed bachelor in paradise bartender who will now be taking all the drama next season wells adams welcome to the show. I have a question for you. You actually like chris. Harrison do seems like a dish. No he's <hes> so he's he's pretty standoffish at first and i understand why like the turnover in that world is so rapid like getting close to anyone is just probably a detriment attachment to just business and personal relationships yeah and so this is the third season as the bartender. It is yeah so so they really oh. I haven't watched i know what is the best i know but i had a bad experience with paradise many years ago. Oh and i just never gone back like did you try to where i i tried to get on. No it was when i i went for a press junket and i had to fly fly all night and i went wherever they were filling it and then like i dragged my suitcase across the thing and then all we all had there was nowhere to shower. There's no reason that i flew out and then i got really bad <music> poisoning food poisoning and i've never been able to stomach bachelor in paradise since but should i get back into it is it's the best out of the better than hannah beast eighty s. She's so good. She says oh god i'm you. Were there obviously so you know but from. I'm a big spoiler personnel so i know everything because even more juicy when you kinda know before but it seems like it's getting crazy so highly the bachelor and everything about it. I don't hate it. I just can't can't get into it. That's surprising you are in the minority and we'll take an idiot surprising like i feel like a lot most people this everyone is the demo i now basic bitch yup but like the thing like so because this is my third year doing winging like last year we got close and then like this year we like played golf every day that we didn't have film and stuff and also like you not not being a contestant is different. They're not trying to get anything out of him. So what was it you were doing because every bachelor world launched you into fame. But what were you doing pre pre bachelor so i've had a radio show since i was sixteen crazy and so then i went to college for it i know when i graduated from college and and i was like well. Where do you go do radio. Let's go to the place that they make music so i went and worked in nashville alcohol and then i worked for like this tiny little indie radio station super dope <hes> called lightning eighteen hundred for like seven years went from like overnight like board op nothing guy i worked my way up into <hes> having the morning show and that was like really really popular show and <hes> fulfilling and i like you say like bashar like thrusts me into dame or whatever <hes> <hes> but like i was pretty well known in nashville wrong for that and then iheart came calling asked they have more money to offer me so then i went over there and then they're you know it's it's corporate radio so like they're like a squeeze out every last piece of juice lemon so i did. I would go in and i would do a morning. Show for the station out. I would go take like meetings with like record label wraps and then i would go do afternoons at the classic rock station and then i would do nights at the pop station so i'd be like they're all. Do i like your hustle yeah. It was like twenty five year old wells yes able to do it but like. I don't think i could do it anymore. Like no uh-huh sleep so then like a year and a half into like me doing that. The iheart gig is when like it used to do you this bit on my radio show where i would go audition for shows or not a show for commercials and i'm not an actor so like my intern like my co host. It'd be like so what stay going on this commercial a score of the lions on the line and then i would go do it and then i'd like document the whole thing this was before it was like youtube and <hes> and i would inevitably be horrible at it because i'm not an actor yeah yeah and then i'd come back and then like the inconsolable mexicans they didn't get the microphone so when my brother was originally like asked to be on he got he got hit up by casting director wall out of bar 'cause he was holding court and he's like soga. Gary is now going and they really want him to be on the show. Ah the process of doing it takes for ever to show. It's like it's like a year process yeah from start to finish so in that time he got a girlfriend and like couldn't into the show but he's like one of those guys like stays friends with everybody yeah so like i bring my girlfriend. I'm doing radio and national heyman. Do you want to go on the bachelorette nells like back. This will be the best. Oh my god. This is so i'll be like how is this like. Oh i'm gonna. I'm gonna be like the to do she for like yeah martha that sir. I'm not going to be so funny and then are they thought they were going to be like not not even cast. Oh and love dude exhibits all being so confident and laze fare like everyone i remember walking in and everyone was wearing suits and i was like i was up and i was just like and i was like oh. I'm under address for this and so i thought it was like the biggest joke in the world and i ended up talking to casting directors. You know you're supposed to go on for like ten minutes. Fifteen fifteen minutes yeah a hung out with them for like an hour. Am i gonna. I finally had to be like i gotta go back to the military kelly stop. This is a new guy. He does not our friend ed by the way kelly. The dog has now see my penis. She's she's so aggressive with her. She just jumped on your lap when she stopped. Yeah yeah good job. Okay so then you fell. They fell in love with you and then you're like now. I have to go on the show great well once. I got that far faro's like you're doing. Let's try it out like fun. Go travel around the world. I guess date this this check check to all right joe joe okay who you. You're never gonna end up with her. No because the calibre of guys that were there were so far above like me nerd heard like a hipster kid a nerd on the show but you're such do not a nerve. You're not you're five is not a nerd. Thank you like here's i like. You're a nerd. Oh god you had a job and you did like all the hard stuff like a lot of those guys were very smooth but because they spent all their time being a dish rainer the reigning you're watching last night's here and i are watching the bachelor and the bachelorette and tyler yeah you know i don't. I don't know how you look like that literally the hottest guy i've ever ah james dean just just look -gistically working out three times a day yeah who has time for that no can you do and i'll tell you that guy well. Bacchus husband has the v the v the p._n._b. That's genetics genetics because i'll tell you something i would rather someone that's working hundred there j. o. b. yeah then someone who's going for a morning and afternoon and then spending all of our money coach l. shakes videos. He takes like weird pictures anyway anyway. Okay usually looking so next topic the hills you have the podcast do that with stuff brought with this is this is going to be. You might have to leave right now. We're unsure. Are we in this sensor on followed me or no clock to me. I love how petty he no he so he's just trying to get you on the show next year of him. No is it real. Do they really hate each other. Yes i only know like <hes> stephanie stephanie side steph shubra her <hes> yeah but steph i would say that steph needs to stop with justin bobby back. They can hold on a lot of things well. We've come to her. New face is amazing looks incredible and we're so jerry and her style and the show is a plus. I just want to say some nice things to okay yeah. Let me address all the things you said the british the british donna hilarious all your friends so oh who went and lived in london came back with baggers accent. I don't really hold that against her isn't funny yeah and i remember when we first the podcast. That was like listen. We say this in the beginning is weird to have <hes> british accent from like the palisades house. It's like so every time you say something. I think sound super british. We're going to we're going to do like the big ben dong see that's good because you can like you have to make fun of yourself before somebody else does. That's so embarrassing yeah and then to your other point. I think that i think that steph i think a lot of the show see that show as a job and like they know it's altered reality and i think for steph. It's very much real for her and it's hard for her to separate the two because for spencer he's like this is a cash cow. He came on our podcast and he was basically like when people try to talk to me and they're not on camera. I don't pick up the phone like don't talk to me. In less we're filming and making money and that's how he looks at. It and i enjoy that hustle. I like a hustler but stephanie. You're telling me she's taking this to heart and i would say that sticks in between the two i think could meet in the middle yeah but she's better for the show because she makes it seem much more real all right he does real and if you know that it's like i don't care is one thing then there's a little less authenticity and so when you're watching you're like well. She's being real and he's like i just want to sell crystal or whatever it is. His crystals are great though they've saved me a lot of time through sickness. I'm sure mm-hmm. I have a question. I feel the worst for the mom. Have you met steps mom. I have not okay. That's what i feel bad for because i can imagine that it's it's hard when your kids don't get along publicly. Are we talked about this a good bit on the show and i think that the problem with that family is that there's there's been so much positive of affirmation for bad behavior. Don't you know like they get paid for being bad insane yeah and not like just or being what's is the right word at confrontational yeah no normal society we everyone would be like you're drunk. Oh home stopping us. Oh you lose friends brian exactly world yeah. It means more money yeah and that's how they grew up to say. We're like you know high schoolers. I've been living in this weird warped warped reality for a long time. So i do feel i feel bad for all of them involved so i like that yeah i sort of do too. I mean mostly justin bobby bobby yeah. This is my question. We got the best email her reading from a girl who can read one night stand and with him. I don't know how you feel about it. We i love it but this email is the pretty insane insane i haven't. I haven't experienced or bad. I'll just give you some highlights attention. I slept with justin bobby. I of the answers to all of your questions about justin bobby. I'm writing. You live from charlotte north carolina. She's not going to tell you she basically it. Was it happened at a chili's. She was nineteen chilies. Her friend hannes from chiles says justin bobby's at cia chilies and the girls who and she's she goes rose. I'm bobby raj and he touring she wearing and they were like yellow party. Justin bobby at chili's. You wanna come just listen. Bob came to the chili's okay so her hair's wet. She's rocking boyfriend jeans and he said is that your natural hair color or is this extensions engines and she goes. That's my real hair anyway and then she goes like don't you know who that is and she was like who and he was like he was on the hills and then justin bobby copped a real hard attitude attitude about it and defend what he has done since his time on the show he tells us now he's a celebrity hairdresser and a rockstar laughing my ass okay fortunately he did not smell bad or good enough to be burned into my memory but we hit it off and chatted throughout the night about anyway it was can you get to the part where they birdie okay hold on so they texting texting blah blah blah innocent me. Justin bobby invites me to his concert. Blah blah blah. No one's there no one's at the concert. It was like he wasn't isn't playing. It's forty five minutes. Blah blah blah blah blah okay then bobby rock in his tight white skinny jeans gets on stage to play the most uncomfortable one man show with some of the world's worst music of all time while making direct eye contact because we were only six people in the club okay then just with the morning after that's the end of the story we had tax and tax was it good. Was it bad was. I can't believe that you're actually going to read that whole email prime. I wasn't gonna read the whole thing. Oh wait hold on. Here's the point okay okay. We did do the dirty which was less than impressive. I was nineteen. He was thirty three so i was expecting him to rock my world. He did not allegedly his penis so long as expected but a little thin. This is gross. I woke up and his dirty man in a leather jacket was still asleep in my bed so i did what any sane woman does. I left him sleeping in my room. I just left him there with all my things and my sweet sleeping room as just a couple of doors down i went to campus went to class and came home to find justin bobby gone but he'd left me a nice note a t- task on my to do list with this number along with bobby rock business card and she put a picture of you've got the thing that says called tex justin when you get this show tonight. If you wanna come who is justin justin bobby okay come on. You're not impressed with this. This is a great email. I slept in his leather jacket after having so i i like that. He has a long skinny yeah. He seems like a long skinny and he seemed like a big. It showed energy one lucky anyway okay. We've more important things to talk about <hes>. I'm glad you have a podcast stephanie. I honestly when we we're gonna get you on the show where like yeah. Let's do it and the rock well. He's never gonna come because we had spencer on the show twice yeah. We're like we're not team. We are i am. I your new okay. I want to know about what everyone wants to know about his long skinny. Don't ask the dog. Kelly knows everybody you so nervous to get engaged. No i was more. Are you stressed out about having the real world now no having the ring and losing. I think right how we talked about this a little a bit like <hes> men for the most part aren't used to having really expensive jewelry rat on them like that's not the thing that yeah so so keeping it. Safe is is also new to us and so i remember being like really really scared like <hes> had this really beautiful amazing thing and i. I was like what happens if my bag it's stolen happens so i remember being very disag- nervous about it and didn't underway right. Where'd you keep it so. It's such a nerdy everything but i bought a new kind of the overall over arching idea of how i wanted to do it yeah and i wanted to like. I wanted to have a drone capture the whole thing and so i bought a drone i was like practicing and it was so funny too because like don't look right on the street and there's a bunch of other actors that live around us and so like everyone was like what the wells one day. I was out in the backyard like floor. Oh my god head came out and put that down. Sarah calls me and she goes <hes>. Are you flying drone right now. Yeah how do you know that and she goes okay so all the neighbours have called me and they think that the paparazzi and figure out where we live and they are coming after us and i was like oh my god so i just think joan for like this whole thing and so i kept it in the drone case but here's the thing when you fly you can't happened with john flew the drone dramatic so when you go to a new country and they noticed that you've gotta drone take it out you gotta take it out and you got to like sign all the stuff and i was like oh my gosh. She's going to see the case and <hes> lorraine schwartz ring so like. I don't know if you've ever seen here but also it's very much like the box has i was like oh no so we get to fiji and i'm like they're like dude. You got in there and i was like a computer laptop dobbins a drone. They're like well. We're gonna need to check it all right. Let's go into another room and do this just to stay here and she's like okay and then we walked in didn't even look at the drone just like my brain here. I was waiting for them to do it in front of everyone that'd be like well. I guess we're doing it now. God all that kind of would've been cute you think she knew like where did you guys talk now. She says that she was <hes>. She had an inkling because there's a lot of girls like we see in our facebook or time. They're like i'm going hawaii with my boyfriend. I think he's is going to propose. What nail color should i get and you get like your good tan and then you're like. I didn't get engaged. Bullshit didn't you did she. Tell tell you what kind of range you want to get this year and yes. She does but i don't know. I don't know how to get that but i know she has won a board or whatever you set your regular dude. I don't know how to this. I don't know how to get your interest but i knew she has go. We went like weirdly enough like long ago going to be the relationship we were in nashville like walking on the mall and we went into tiffany's and she just was like this is why like this is what i don't like. We this is the size and so i had like i had in my notes like no neil. Do you know what one of the things i love. The most about my husband is he is a little note section about with my shoe size and like all that stuff so we're like. He'll surprise me something and he's like oh. I know what size your ring is. I was like how do you know. I haven't told you this year. I've had it since we started dating that. Is you know what sorry i always hit seinfeld. Remember however elaine would always do like get like that is like you're such a good guy if you have the list is so well thought out i don't or if you do guys listen to this show or some guys i found to have no. I have a notes section just like on for gifts because a lot of times women will say like just in passing. Ask all of that or whatever and then you just forget about it. Always write that down and then your good. I love that hat. It's hard. Sarah has everything. I got to be really good at gifts but you know what the thing is. I think is like what's her like lovling. Is she a gift person because when you do have access to everything that stuff becomes is kind of meaningless and you're like you know what is great for me as quality time or like something more meaningful mental. I'm not really good at all these but like <hes> what was notes like where it's about select that's a really cute thing that we do <hes> because i always have written notes and stuff and i thousand total hipster kid right. You're jeff live journal bryant park and do it for a dollar like write a poem for strangers. My lady ladies just like women. Women girls knows my girlfriends but out how my fiance because we travel. I travel more than sarah's but we travel like. I don't know it's nice to like when i go to paradise. That's a month shoot. You know so like leave like a couple things around. She's lucky they should show more of this on the job. I think it worked out okay fine. It worked out fine. <hes> okay so i question why have a piece of advice in case. I don't see by the time you get married. Yeah cool one. One thing guys don't know. Is there supposed to give a night before the wedding or the day of wedding present so like when i got married i went i was in my room getting getting my hair done and stuff and then my friend came over and she was like this is from chris and it was a locket with a picture from our first date you can still but like then a note and said to my wife and it was the first time i saw wife from mounting nice note so you could do that that data but a lot of times my guy friends. What did you get <unk> her delivered to the room on the day of the wedding. What i'm supposed to do that letting you know exactly he's accent. You know right our flowers back care about her. Being anything eight o'clock on the dance floor and she's like isn't over yet. It's really terrible. It's it's like the weirdest thing. I'm not even getting paid to do this. Like it's your money. I'm paying to do the thing i hate. The most which is like socialized socialized socialized. Will you guys have a huge wedding. No no showbiz people it'll be again yeah. What's your family like. Do you have a big family. So that's the thing like i am the youngest of five kids they have kids nine nieces nieces and i'm sorry i recently went to a wedding there way too many children. You can't have children no kavak child. You gotta chop through wedding. There's no way my sisters kill me. They would kill your day. Your is at a wedding recently last year and i was at a table of people all these couples holes in singles who did not have children of their own and we were seated next to all the increases and nephews. I got next to the kitchen table so keep that in mind mind if all those assholes are at your wedding. Please don't put people who don't have children next to the kids. That's the only thing do you think your sisters or why. You're a good man like having sisters and why you like understand women yeah yup. I don't know i mean yes. Maybe mike closest. Sibling is is a sister so aw she but she was just brutal. Only her kids off a ring bearer. Couple of floods can go go. Oh yeah for sure and you. You know you do babysitting room yeah bye. Go watch barney or whatever the kids a pig watching these days. I'm a big yeah. I'm also not michael. If this is going to call you know. I think that like i meant for knowing that i'm i think i'm involved volved in the decision making process but she decision like it's not like we're launching nuclear missiles or both turnkey yeah. It's unlike the the assistant to be like yeah you can go for it. Yeah you're the sound exactly and that was the one thing that i was told by. A lot of people being like one was like don't get ah the wedding like enjoy being engaged yeah share so make sure that she's an astronaut questions about the wedding. Make sure you give an opinion now. It doesn't matter ah yeah but if you have an opinion make sure you try to make her opinion yeah yeah. That's the story career with her before she even says anything. I think it'll be more like i like both of them but like leaning towards that wanted to think she's gonna be like nah. Yeah your fun on. Do you see yourself like wearing a suit. Are you guys like oh. I don't know i feel like you're in a suit or something. Yeah chris harris mary now. Please god no. He'd be a fun efficient. I'm yeah i think we've got a couple of cool ideas for that but they're yourselves but crystal definitely be there for our yeah. Yeah did that good a friends so we invited if everyone and hollywood's going off with crosshairs them in a couple of nights or are you going with lauren erin. I think i saw that the reservation was six. I thought it was three because i thought was chris myself and another <hes> <unk> producer and i saw the reservations for six so i need to make sure that sir david waiting aaa aaa okay. I like it all right. Well congratulations thank you. We're very happy yes. It's an exciting. Are you okay being wells highland. Are you gonna shake her no but i told her that she should definitely not take your name offense. No i was like i don't have any ego about that like you can do whatever you want to do and also you've built this empire. Piran this brand with this name so i wouldn't expect you to do that and so i think that decision. I don't like it when famous people hyphen their names james jenin do ontario tatum. It worked out for her because then lacked but that's what i mean just don't change your drinking. Oh you could tell my husband because he just texted ax to me being like hey with this new house. You actually have to legally get your are. You changed your name. I only did it on one thing. The first thing you do is your social social security cure so our different names pasadena lamb but i really don't wanna do you yeah you shouldn't have to change. I don't have to change it back. I mean mean that would mean a divorce. No you don't oh you mean change. It could change your sister nightmare nightmare changing. Her name is god. I've done well. This is i'm on my second marriage so i've changed my name four times in my life. It is stuff every time twelve years and so i know now i need to go get oh yeah yeah but wait until it's the special one whatever it is that like a the license plate nightmare going to be hard. Adult life really is toughest shit all right when we come back. Wells is who's gonna fix your life. I've been using honey way before they ever sponsored delayed gang and it's because it's awesome and it helps you save money and you guys know that i am a the real money saver and basically what it is. Is this this browser extension. You put on your computer and it scans the web for all the hidden coupon codes that you might. 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You're listening to khalidi gangs and we're back and we're back okay so for this podcast ever listeners writing questions and we give them like sometimes jason sometimes not so decent advice so do your best. Do you want me to give bad advice good advice but just sometimes our advice giving give concise. Ask the leader jiang. Okay first question comes from anonymous us. Wait okay duly gang. I need some advice on a guy that i've been seeing we match on tinder a few weeks ago and after seeing him a few times. He admitted to me that he could suck his his own dick. I long that really took a weird turns airline manson can't he still does it in his leather jacket only hang up. I think there could be more flexibility without okay. She says okay that's fine but it wasn't just that he also likes to video himself. Sucking izzo dick and i received several videos of him doing so at the time tom i wasn't that interested in him so i told my friends and they said it was one hundred percent weird and i should totally <unk> accent but i've been seeing a lot recently. I'll just can't decide if it's enough of a red flag that he does this to leave. What should i do. Should i give chance enough of a red flag. Is there a bigger brighter red flag that ever existed well. Here's the thing here's i wanna ask you something. If you could suck your own dick would you yes hundred percent yes video in where it went weird video. It's the sending of the video. It's weird even if you wanted to video to watch back. What does that look like like sometimes when you're like. Have you ever looked to your your your own like sometimes after i get a brazilian i was like i want to know what it looks like back. There and you do like downward dog and then pull it. No no no no. He's doing this for like sexual garage. I know i know why he's doing opening your bunch joe. I'm checking tax but i want to see the look anyway. This is beyond the point. The point is it's the sending of the video that problem and also like telling someone about it because that's weird too and then and then and then like what happens do you have to like see like a tripod up. Maybe just to get the thing abdu self tapes. It's a really small really can't actress. You know it's like you try that is hanging from the fridge. I'm upset that she's still seeing a guy that s done all of these things and also the issue. Give him head because i mean he doesn't need eat. It honestly actually not a bad. It's might be a red flag. This is the greatest thing ever. I kind of wanted dick. You're a second. I wanna see if there's a video on the internet of a guy second. Absolutely there is no question if i looked up. We'll i get a lot of spam. Yes not just. I have a question for the male universe. Is this something readily available. What like can a lot of men suck there. Is this ever heard of anybody like you know any bros. Every guy that has to do it like fourteen. Oh of course and then i try for five minutes and you're like i can't can you get close. You gotta get close not real. I mean i don't know i haven't tried very long time. Fourteen year old wells we'd was not thanks appreciate you bryan eagle eighty manson and had had observed to tuck his own deck allegedly that to be. I don't know if that's a myth. I know someone who worked night camp and it would not be surprising well. I know he's a weirdo but i don't know if the actual room and not be mean to maryland next question he knows he he lives near me. The rib is what's stopping. Atomic shoe hurts so a lot of yoga. Uh yeah it's like. You're not seeing his four of us. I suck my yeah you could do the tip you can do like an eight inch deck. I could suck it at least ah what your closing cropped. Oh yeah i could black leather jacket. I probably used to be able to like back in my dancer days y- yeah see i'm not even flexible okay wait. I bet some search asleep people can okay. What's an extra mark so i have a growing crush for a guy friend of mine. Put the big dilemma <hes> is that he has a girlfriend they've been quote unquote seeing each other for about eight months now but all my friends and i have no idea what where what they are in terms of being official or not my guy friend and i have recently had long talks when we're out and i feel like we're getting to know each other more and more every time we see each other my feelings for him have grown and i don't know if i should just confront him about or not thought about asking him out for a casual coffee get together but am i doing the wrong thing and potentially risking your friendship. Any advice would help wound care about the friendship exactly so i think honesty is the best policy here but you can also be kind of like i think cutesy about it and be like so so last or should i go date other people you know and then see how he reacts to that yeah. Did you say wine. I thought i think that you should get a little bit drunk. Then think about it. Yeah i mean drinking does help coffee date have like a happy hour. That's what i'm saying. I think that you need some liquid courage. John your most most honest so what if he is liquid courage and then he likes girlfriend. She's on his girlfriend or like what if he says something that he doesn't really mean. I think he needs you need to be what if you don't really really remember what the conversation is and you make something. I've never just been slightly lubricated with alcohol. It's one sunglasses with a guy sitting on your face. Step one step down. That's all there is so <music>. I liked that. I liked the like joking. Put it out there. Put it out there be like. I feel like deal between us right now. I don't think that's how they can also do this middle school but like one of check yes or no and no friend be like was the deal yeah ah shit i love your advice and maybe the friend can go into it as like an outsider not knowing that she talked to all just like c- some vibes like is there anything really alec into each other. I love an intricate plan. Yes into house yeah drive by many times. It's still on drop them. Nude be like oops that was supposed to be to this other guy. I'm dating so i haven't done it. Have you accidents oh you did not. I love to airdrop airport. Oh yeah i've been i've been really air-dropping. Rupaul jeff's lately and it's so cadaver if i've got a buddy who are on the airplane yeah we'll we'll send pictures of his dog to everybody so fun. I want to change my name and my phone and start doing this phone number then what you're say. My a airdrop has just gone. You're never gonna know hundred counties <hes> i. I didn't think i'm sorry. Please come back again. That was look like socially awkward joke about how like there's so many of these lights up my name was stacy but my name's and then it went to creepy place and then it was like but there are lots of healthy bernie. Now i know why those points in your in your cup and school those guys okay last questions from miranda. I don't think anyone's gonna come to my twentieth. High school. Reunion and i was is gonna come with miami. Okay whole attack. This okay quickly a high school reunion. My twentieth high school reunion is next year okay and i i went to my ten and it was packed but i would not social media. I was not at my prime. I wasn't my full. Li developed kelty yet at twenty years years. I am fully my best. This is saying i have i'm ring in the emmy guilty. Coming is my purse. This is where keeping change i think you need to have an assistant that carries around a binder like devil products and then they're like behind me now share allen he kissed june fifth grade and then pissed in the subway cup in twelfth grade like hello jared allen nice to see you again like the person that stands seacrest on the car vans. This person's persons nominated for four hundred. Hey nominee for four emmys tonight good lot how'd you how'd it ryan. Remember yeah and then the peons down the carpet me has to memorize that shakes. I'm not ryan seacrest and i don't get a special shaw handler. We went to sarah's reunion. Clashed here brought gloves but it's so funny like very much like she was so. I didn't go to my high school reunion. I would never but like she was so pumped about it that she was like. Even part of like planning it like getting making sure was there because she wants to show off our yeah she sushi brought me and she brought like her like fabulous gay friend and so like we came in there hoc- it was like it was she was like i i actually did invent the sticky note to like everyone like that's what she my gosh. She was like vying michelle but she like actually did and it was so i was like are you doing in this for you are you and she was a lutely popular in high school. I think she's pretty hot. Look at me. This is like this is prime celtic. Can you imagine and when i was like a nice cool now i can. I'm just i'm nervous. No one's gonna come. That's all i'm going to say. I really we won't who goes reunion. Everyone i went to christmas surly chris night. It was great christie was there. They went to high school together. Chris deleo whatever his name and i was like i was like e and then a girl was like oh my god i make taylor costumes. Do you know who this man is crisp night. He didn't go to your house. Oh it was his. I was like talking him up. Oh i'm like he read last night okay. No it's going weird. Skating last question is from maranda. Manda moreno says okay to post or not supposed. I'm having an amazing year. My career has taken off. My husband and i bought a house. I just bought my dream. Car is find post about it all when you're no no no no only positive thing. Only it's different bragging like i'm sorry. I don't need to see anyone's vehicle on instagram unless you're getting paid to an ad for the vehicle okay. Let me ask you this though because we're beginning a lot of crap for it for like posting pictures and series rings in the picture. I have opinions about get. I have very strong opinions about are they. Did you get there ring arch. I i i love writing think so but i don't know because i'm a guy. I'm sure we don't know about that. I don't think lorraine schwartz gives discounts but i'm going to say this. I have a. I don't know what you guys have posted. I don't but here's my opinion. I think that if you're a wealthy person person it's borderline tacky to do to close up or detailt of photos of a ring. I 'cause they're assisting disagree. Many people out there who are so excited about their like modest rang and then it's like taking a big it should be excitement because girls are weird about ring size and i just think it's kind of like the equivalent of like jack posting hosting so many bathing suit photos. It's like she's skinny and has a model body and it feels like unfair. Who don't you could argue that about anything in life on the extreme like right now. I think it's rude for you to post pictures of your face because you have a beautiful fucking eh. I can't change that while we're very can't fix your kerry kind. She can't change engagement ring. He picked it out of. I think that they're i. I love to see okay well. I'm gonna the difference. I love to see a celebrity engaging high because i don't think that celebrities are normal people. I don't think you need to live in the real world. It's not sarah who taught my kids kids fifth grade. It sarah hyland like she's on a big television show. I've seen where poofy dress on a host of close up close but like going to close 'cause i did. I don't think about it like guy doesn't think about it and i was like it's been a lot of money on that. Yes show everyone and i don't care if she loves the ring. She should be able to show it off. I think so too but like i saw a lot of people will be like okay and now with that and i was like petty but now hearing ringing i'm like okay. I can see where they're coming keller. She gets a quota to yeah. There are people who go over mother bore say look. I love lacroix the problem the problem is when it's a picture that you shouldn't be having your left hand in but then somehow your left hand makes all your picks. Yes i think she's allowed to be excited. She's recently engaged. She can post the engagement and the ring and everything and then now as it goes off off you kind of slow down with that and then you ramp back up for the wedding and then you go like the problem with women and weddings in general if we get really petty because we're we're so happy for you but we're not happy for you. You know what i mean. Girlfriends are happy because you're like four of them one. It's like we're. It's such a natively in the nature of of us that it's like yeah. I mean we'll society does out. Yes side of this up so you're like. You're happy for the person but it's like we'd hate hate weddings like i don't wanna go not that you're inviting us but like i don't really wanna go. I don't wanna go to my own wedding like we don't. You're having a vow renewal so you need to check tuck it up but a foul renewal is because we're getting way off topic. Here's the thing post raising asked about renewal because chris. Maybe didn't make it the girls asking because she's killing. It and i just think that there's a tasteful way to do it. It's not it's not your like car. You're like porsche symbol on your steering wheel. If your rolex on top of it i know what i mean you can be excited like. I finally did all this work so i could afford this awesome new car yeah post if you wanted. A car. Post is so weird i don't do. I'm not gonna post my car. I r- i rent a fiat at least electric fiat one hundred dollars. It doesn't show stuck about like buying a house. I think it's totally cool to have the picture of like holding the feel like look at my four thousand square foot home. We have a screening icon. Do you know what i mean yeah but i don't think that's what this i don't think i don't know what it is undercover rich people inside hollywood that are like even richer than you could imagine yeah i say go for it miranda living the life girlfriend people will get it also. Here's what i think i think that really can i say good member and i say one more thing like i don't necessarily need a close up of jennifer lopez's ring with alex alex rodriguez because it's like seventy fifth marriage. You know what i mean like you. Tell sarah that we set. She's allowed to be excited. I'm really wondering what are care but like she's saying oh ooh well. We've asked her about fifty times to come on the show so tell your publicist to let you on the show sarah now that wells knows where nice. It's so funny like you bring up the none of her girlfriends. Zero friends are happy thing because like now after doing and understanding the inner workings of the bachelor and the bachelorette like the reason why the bachelor is far and in a way the better show than the bachelorette now this currencies and scrape because hannah's i mean amazing but generally how it goes is the show isn't about the lead the show usually about all all of the people that are that are fighting and so <hes> and the reason why the bachelor so much more popular is because and it's like this weird psychological logical thing in like a evolutionary thing where women instinctively want to separate and like and fight or whatever and men instinctively instinctively want abro yeah together and said it's so it's so hard for them to make the bachelorette compelling because the guys it innately don't want to hate each other yes there. Oh man saying that goes back to like. I'm sure like pack hunting or some weird way yeah. I always found that we're like super intra. No it's so true sure we're happy. We're not it's like it's very weird. You know there's so much psychological shit our brands so it's the same reason that brad pitt is like still being celebrated as the hottest person in hollywood find a woman his age but he's not you know just last week. We interviewed the girl kelly mcgillis. Who's the original original of actress over there that is upsetting and they were like we didn't. She didn't even get asked to be in the reboot. We'll have you top con con yeah <hes> but like yeah because anyway how old how old is fee of a gara because i feel like she's so hot so in fact he's allowed to say but i'm just trying to think of an example because you said the older hit is like what fifty fifty fifty brad pitt's face left okay we were. He has a new face. It's unbelievable. Allegedly wise face is because back in the thelma and louise he had like pockmarks yeah and he does not have them anymore and so like get here bad laser on okay wells. Hold on with your information on it. Let's just grab that number can phone calls at wells atoms and check out his two shows your favorite things brandy cyrus and the pratt cast with stephanie pratt and also congratulations on everything were so excited for you and bachelor in paradise will be fun. Yes can't wait. You're going to be insane like i've done. This is my third season. You've already found that right. Filmed this film it takes place in this little little <hes> hotel in saito which like forty five minutes outside why puerto vallarta really fun. You should be thinking about zeka yeah so worried about okay well. Let's think those freaking out about okay. Thank you for being here. Cenex tuesday thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast. Wherever you go your podcast we have new episodes of liyang every tuesday and thursday follow us on social media at the lady gang <hes> follow us personally at kelty most importantly at becca and at jack panic and we will see next tuesday. I'm rita foley with a._p. News monette president trump will visit el paso aso's texas tomorrow as the nation wrestles with mass shootings that killed twenty two people there and nine more dayton ohio shooter in el paso paso hosted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate in one voice our nation must condemn racism awesome bigotry and white supremacy the motive in dayton still unclear today ohio governor mike dewine lays out his plan to deal with gun violence silence and mental health on sunday hundreds of people in dayton demanded. He do something do something something. They're yelling as the governor spoke at a vigil for the nine people killed in dayton barneys new york is filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection the latest retailer to buckle gola shoppers move online real estate costs soar. I'm rita fall lay.

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