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"amanda moreno" Discussed on X96

"Ourselves and i'll creates an atmosphere tissues our favorite by men at work paid umbrella bannon that care about ahead are math in amanda moreno hadn't wave hit the it wrong with the brain translate into what we crawled radio for male on excise 705 four on my belt very often when i come into work all see the people who are homeless sleeping on the street here in downtown salt lake usually there people sleeping in the doorways across the street at the at the separate there some vacancies over there this were yeah looks like is there anybody over there i'll looks like now they have to clear them away before they open the club at night this is great bans like ghost club yeah and then sometimes when i leave work to within the day we'll have some little encounters with homeless people but this one this morning i dunno i'm i'm coming across the street i was j walk little bit from where i park across west temple jay by the icrc item cross that the cross walk in the morning because there's no traffic really and i see guy at there's water film right on the corner of third of broadway and what and west temple and she guy standing there and he's got a towel and i realize he's got his shirt off and he's washing up in the in the drinking film kind of using the towel were a rag or something people who washes.

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