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Lucca: Americas Top Dog

"A young veteran shifted in his uncomfortable wheelchair ever since he lost his leg in combat he struggled to adapt to his new life at times. His frustration and grief threatened to overwhelm him. That was why his therapist had recommended that he attended the therapy dog event. Supposedly the common canines would offer comfort and help him recover from his mental wounds. The veteran wasn't wasn't so sure he wanted someone who understood what he was. Going through. Not a pampered pet but he straightened in excitement when he saw the nine year old Belgian Malawai German shepherd mix approach her golden for rippled in the sunlight and her big pointy is. Were perked up alert alert for any new site so sounds however. The veteran was focused on something else. She was missing her front and left leg her trainer Gunnery Sergeant. Chris Willing Ham introduced the dog as Luca she was a former marine and who had lost her leg on duty but even this tough. Canine had fun nicknames. Luca and Mama Luka. The young man reached forward letting Lucas Sniff and lick his palm. His heart swelled. Here was a dog who knew what heaping through and now she continued to happily serve. How wagging tail and lolling tongue evidence of her cheerful demeanor as S.? He stroked Lucas for the veterans suddenly felt a lot less alone in the world. You're welcome to dog tales apart cast original every week. We retell the stories of historic heroic canines. We'll profile dogs. Who Save people from Earth? Quakes went to outer space and even spurred the invention of Velcro L. Crow if you're looking for funds stories and a warm heart you'll barking up the right tree. I'm your host Alistair. You can find episodes of Doug Tales and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream details for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type don't tales in the search bar at podcast with grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram Graham at podcast and twitter at Parkas network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever. You're listening doing this week. With telling the story of Luca Abell Jim Mallon wa. German shepherd mix who was deployed twice to Iraq and wants to Afghanistan Afghanistan as a bomb sniffer. She had a phenomenal career leading more than four hundred successful patrols before she lost a leg in an explosion but Luca is known not only for her wartime service but for her post retirement career as a service. Animal all dog lovers know about the special bond that develops between canine nine and its master. Scientists don't fully understand why dogs are so loyal and loving to their human caretakers. But they know that these social bonds a key to a young dogs development Luca a bomb sniffer for the US Marines. Shed a special love with two different trainers. Each master changed her and intern. Luca transformed both of them forever. She met her first partner. Marine Chris Willingham in the spring of two thousand six the two year old Belgium maller Wa German shepherd mix was fresh out of basic obedience training and ready to learn all about bomb-sniffing duties. Chris was immediately struck by Lucas clear shop gates. She looked tim up and down which he interpreted as curiosity and intelligence. Although she obediently sat still he could see how how she thrums with energy. Chris was immediately taken with the dog. He dubbed Mama Luka and Luke Cabrera from that first first fateful meeting. Chris began what he called the best job in the world every day. He practiced with Luca from the outside. Best best sessions might have looked like playtime but in reality. Chris was laying the groundwork for a bond between trainer and Canine bomb-sniffing dogs see their duties like a game of hide-and-seek if they find a special hidden item they get a toy. A train might behind an object. That smells like bomb making chemicals and stash it near something tempting like discarded food if the dog is able to focus on their mission and avoid. Avoid the distraction. They're rewarded with a place session. But in the real world there are usually multiple I e D's hidden in a small area area. A bomb sniffing dog needs to find that target get their rewards and then get right back to work to emulate this experience trainers get. The dogs used to only playing for a minute or two then resuming their hunt. At first Lucas problem was that she liked her prizes. Too much. Once had toys came out she couldn't be bothered to return it or hunt for any more chemicals sensitive objects so. Chris had to adapt his tactics. Chris knew that Luke loved rubber. Treat Phil Chew Toys called Calms. So he began bringing Tutu each training session instead of just one. Once Luca found her first practice bomb he would throw a calling for Luca Chase. She'd fetch it. Chew for a minute and then Chris with throat the second another race would ensue off to which he throws the original again. Not only was the extended did fetch session fun. It was exactly what Luca needed to keep her motivation up when her rewards were bigger she was more willing to Focus Gazon her tasks. Once Chris finally took the Kong's back she excelled. Chris believed she was the best in her class. The anecdote highlighted the importance of forging. A strong connection between trainer and dog. Luke responded positively to longer play sessions but another canine might have needed a different incentive. It was Chris Responsibility to understand Lucas Personality and adapt his style oil to hers once. Chris figured out what Luca needed that bond was unbreakable and this was important as a good connection is key to a bomb. Sniffing dogs success. Nothing can replace. What a well trained? Canine can bring to a team. Although nearly nineteen eighteen billion dollars have been spent trying to develop better explosive detection technology. Nothing has been able to top a dog's natural abilities. He's part of. This is because of a canines amazing. No's Columbia University's doke Nisshin researcher. Alexandra Horowitz it's explained smells have different layers which probably give dogs a much bigger range of types of information in other words if someone were to put but three strongly scented objects together a human might only noticed the blend but dogs can pick out the individual smells and even determine how much time has passed since they were each left. This means that dogs can smell the chemical components. That make up improvised is explosive devices or homemade bombs they can pick up the scent even if the bombmaker tries to mask them with other smells and they can find find the weapons four times faster than human bomb detectors and with over fifty percent more accuracy however the job was still risky especially because Luka was trained to work off leash in other words she was able to range around following following her nose wherever it took her without restraints. Chris had no way to physically prevent her from running off through a minefield instead. She had to stay disciplined willing to follow any verbal command. Right left stay. Luckily Lou Cabrera was highly intelligent and a quick student. Chris had nothing but confidence in the dog even as they shipped off to Baghdad. Chris Luca were deployed in two thousand seven. The deadliest year for marines Iraq Lucas first deployment was sure to be a trial by fire. They landed on April twenty third two thousand seven precisely one year after they'd first been assigned to one another compared to an ordinary bomb-sniffing dog who can hit the field off six to eight weeks. Lucas extended training period was an eternity but in reality Hell Year of preparation was appropriate for the high level skills. She developed to work off Leash Zhou as Maria Gudava jr explained in her book. Top Dog the story of marine hero. Luca if standard working dogs have bachelor's degrees specialized such dogs have PhD's and Lucas soon demonstrated that she brought more to the table than her bomb-sniffing abilities almost as soon as she in. Chris arrived at their new home. Base members of the platoon approached the team to Pat Lucas head. And scratch her is. She was happy to greet her visitors with a smile and a wagging tail her good attitude was infectious but Chris didn't realize allies how valuable her positive demeanor was until his first night Camp Falcon. He was awakened before dawn by the sound of alarms and explosions. Enemies were lobbing mortar shells toward the base. Chris scrambled awake slid slid harness onto Luka and sprinted to the nearest shelter as he shut the door behind him. He faced a sea of scared soldiers. But as soon as they saw the dog they all relaxed she offered just the comfort they needed during the attack while they waited for the all clear each soldier one by one pet her and shared stories of their own beloved pets back home. The encounter in the shelter was just one of many times. That Lucas Demeanor helped morale. She also provided stability while on patrol. Chris Luca abair were initially assigned to accompany an army platoon as they fought for control of the Tigris river which flowed south of Baghdad it Luca more than rose to the occasion as she and Chris searched along the banks she identified at least two improvised explosive explosive devices. Or I-I DIS Chris Signal to the troops behind him. They cleared the area before activating the bombs. Making the land. Unsafe one small. It was the first of many victories fluker during her first deployment. She identified dozens of weapon cash hash as an IEP DIS. She was so successful. She was deployed a second time in October. Two Thousand Eight this time accompanying Chris too deep Aena in southern Iraq. During the two tours there were no fatalities or human injuries. Under Lucas. Watch her work was thorir. She demonstrated incredible focus in the field and she was always at Christie's side when they patrolled rolled when they practiced and when they slept Chris came to feel like Luca was an extension of himself he even earned the nickname name dot guy from some members of his platoon. Who didn't know his real name? He didn't mind. He was proud to be associated with Luca Bear. It was during this second tour that Chris got to know one word Rigas who went by the nickname rant. They'd actually met briefly while stationed in California but it. It was in Iraq that Chris I saw rod in action. He was also adult trainer with a Belgian memoir named Ralph. Chris was impressed impressed by the professionalism and Catholic attention to detail road lights Chris too but even more he loved Luca. He hoped he'd see the cheerful canine again. After his deployment ended Chris and luke return from Iraq in April a two thousand nine after which they helped train new dogs and handlers and California he was grateful to be stateside again but it came with a challenge. He never faced abroad. Hey Luka had to stay on the base every night while he went home to his family luckily she didn't have to be alone for along. Chris visited her every day. In addition once rod returned to California in the spring of two thousand eleven he also made a habit of stopping by Moluccas Kennel and keeping her company he never failed to smile. It had good nature and bright intelligent gays just as rod and Lucas. Started to bond Chris's term of service was coming to an end. He weighed the pros and cons of leaving. The Marines means. He loved Luca desperately. He often woke up at night anxious that he couldn't hear her breathing beside him. He knew she wasn't old enough to retire. If she was going into the field again he wanted to be with her on the other hand. His family needed him back home. His daughter had been born while he was abroad and Chris wanted to get to know how better so even though he knew it would hurt hurt to lose Luca. He chose not to reenlist one warm night in March launch. Two thousand eleven. Chris Chat Luca out of her Kennels and took her for a walk up a Grassy Hill. He wanted to say his goodbyes. In the quiet beauty of nature Luca had no way of understanding what was going on. She just sat atop the hill had knows periodically seriously twitching. As the slight breeze. Brought her new sense. Chris listened to her breathing. Occasional scrabble's of pause against the dirt art sporadic thumps of her tail against the ground. He wanted to remember every detail given the danger sheet face. He didn't know if he'd ever see Luca again. After this Lucas sustains a life threatening threatening battlefield injury now back to the story from two thousand seven the two thousand eleven Belgium memoir German shepherd mix Luca served as a bomb sniffing dog in Iraq. During those four years she worked nearly nearly four hundred successful patrols with no recorded fatalities or injuries. Her bond with her trainer Chris Willingham was powerful. Foale which was why his heart broke when he chose not to re enlist rather than plunge straight into civilian life. Chris accepted less dangerous position as a detachment commander at the American Embassy. In Finland. The new job had several perks. WCHS including the option to live with his family in Helsinki. But it didn't call for a bomb sniffing dog. Luckily Chris had the opportunity T- TO PICK WHO Lucas new partners should be and he had just the right person in mind. One broad Rodriguez he goes rod already knew he wouldn't be working with his former partner Rolf again and was awaiting a new dog. So he had an inkling of what to expect when Chris called him and said that he wanted rod to work with Luca on the next deployment. Rod was humbled by. Chris's trusted Austin Him. He'd always known that Luka was more than an ordinary bomb-sniffer she was Chris's dog his feelings for all but confirmed confirmed with Chris's next words. He said one thing. I'm hoping to adopt Luca when she retires. I'd like her to be part of our family. I just wanted you to know that from the outset rod replied. I'll take good care of her but she'll be your couch potato staff sergeant with that. Chris gave Rod Moluccas favourite toys as he waited tit for the final days of his service to run out. He gave Rod Watt Tips. He could their first couple practices. Were rough whenever Luca. Successfully Salie identified a chemically. scented toy road would praise her her tail would wag but she paused to wait for more information. She didn't feel like like the job was done until Chris confirmed that she done well. Once Chris joined a practice to watch Rawdon Luca in action and assess. Assess how they were bonding. He hid just out of sight behind some bushes so as not to distract the dog but as soon as rod gave the Command Luke to seek she bounded into a sprint and stopped right outside the Bush where Chris was hidden. She'd found something something better than any toy Rawdon. Chris agreed that Luca would benefit from a bit of distance. So long as she believed that Chris would come back for her at any moment. She keep rod at arm's length so Chris reduced the number of visits. He paid Luca he stopped hoped. Dropping by the Kennels to patter and play and in his absence Rod and Luca established their own report. She came to trust him even love him even. So it was worrisome when rod land he and Luca will be deployed to Afghanistan's Helmand Ullman province. One of the deadliest military destinations. Six of Afghanistan's ten most violent regions within Helmand. Lucas Service in Iraq had been difficult but Afghanistan would be her harshest test although he'd been keeping his distance. The Chris knew he had to give Luca a final farewell before she left during what seemed like could be their last day together. He patted her back and pulled her in close for a hug. His Face Frist against Lucas. Sensitive is Chris vowed. This isn't goodbye. Luca it's just a temporary thing roads a great guy and he'll take good care of you with his partner in tow rod flew to Helmand province and adapted to his new normal. He shed bunk bed with another trainer while Luca and her new roommate made a Belgium. Malamute named Darko slept on the floor. During the day. Luca maintained her typically cheerful demeanor. The other soldiers couldn't help but notice her omnipresent smile and wagging tail once wrote call to Man Patting Lucas head. The soldier explained she's really calming road was encouraged to see that. Lucas temperament hadn't changed since his separation from Chris. He didn't want any feelings wings of abandonment to interfere with how work while bomb-sniffing dogs aunt pets. It's still important to establish trust loyalty and affection action between the Canine and it's trainer as marine turn journalist. Sarah oems explained in an article for business insider bomb-sniffing dogs a a motivator by the promise of treats play but the highest performing military animals also long to earn their trainers praise. And this Zayas US springs from a healthy and affectionate relationship. There's also the fact that bomb-sniffing is difficult tense. Work just like like people. Dog Sneak. Mental breaks to unwind and avoid potentially deadly mistakes if a canine likes. It's trainer and enjoys playing. They'll be more able to let loose and shake off the ongoing stress even in Afghanistan. Rod found that Luka was highly focused eager you get to please and curious about the world around her. She practically lives help with excitement when he patted her head or said good girl for the first few months Luca maintained her perfect record. Wrought was especially impressed at her obvious experience and comfort around minefields. He barely had to give her instructions at all. When they arrived? In a dangerous area she just began sniffing thanks to her professionalism. Eliza and skill Luca cat racking up the fines and I e e d buried near a farm bombs in the center of haystacks each represented presented a life saved an injury never sustained on March twenty third two thousand twelve when they were ordered to investigate a barren arenfield. In southern Afghanistan's know how Suraj district it felt like any other patrol according to Intel. I will likely buried read amongst the dirt just another normal day eight year old Luca. Luca kept her nose to the ground and her tail in the air. Sniffing the whole way through the field she crist crossed and soon gave the urgent tail wag. That only meant one thing. She found something Rod and the army. Patrolman gathered round to see what Luca had identified a cache of firearms and ammunition surely left by insurgents. Urgence road called for the rest of the troops to collect the weapons while they worked Luca whimpered and poured the air eager to keep sniffing so rod. Let her go once. Again Mama Luka paste over the dry land is cocked forward nose to the ground. She had no way of knowing how much dangerous she and her team wherein but she did know that the stakes were high her nose that valuable asset that allowed her to detect bomb making materials also clued her in to what rod was feeling Italian and Portuguese researchers found that human sweat changes its chemical composition when the person us in this feeling either happy or scared and when forty Labrador retrievers were fitted with heart monitors and exposed to the fear sweat their own impulses increased. Not only did the dog's sense. The People's fear they end pathetically became frightened themselves so now. Luca almost certainly picked up on rods nerves. She stepped carefully then identified another sent sent this time. It was a bomb once again. He called his team who disarmed and removed the I. E. D. as the I. E. D. was removed. Luca continued to work. She could smell more. The patrol resumed excited by her continued. Success Luca bounded fullwood her feet touched earth and a shower of dirt. Dirt spewed up around her Rod. Her two distinct sounds cut through the air. The first was the roar of an explosion. The second was a pain frightened. Howell Luca had stepped on a buried? I E D and it had blown beneath her rod knew. This wasn't even the worst of the danger. Taliban snipers sometimes hid near minefields. Picking off soldiers medics while they tried to rescue their injured. Comrades heedless of the danger he sprinted over to the blast site to find Luca Howling and whimpering in pain road could see that left front leg was bleeding profusely and her poor was missing. He shouted first aid support and Applied Attorney Kit. But he didn't want to wait. Not while Lucas endanger he gathered the injured bleeding dog into his arms and ran toward a tree. A few dozen feet from the site night of the explosion. It offered a bit of shade but would leave him exposed but he didn't care. Luca was in trouble when the medic joined him. Rod slipped another turner cat around Lucas injured. Limb it helped stem the bleeding. But she needed he did professional treatment. Emergency helicopters arrived within ten minutes transporting both Luca and rod to the nearest the medical facilities at Camp Levick there. The doctors who greeted Rod were prepared with both human and animal. First Aid Kits mm-hmm unfortunately the physicians soon determined that Lucas injuries were too severe for them to treat. Luckily luckily there was a better equipped facility in Kandahar airfield. Roughly a hundred miles away and given Lucas heroic service so far the military would ensure her safety and comfort for the transfer. Finally Luca rolled into surgery. Where battlefield veterinarians Rene aeriens determined that? Her leg couldn't be saved. They scheduled a follow up procedure for the amputation. The road was relieved to learn that his sweet loyal intelligent dog would survive but once his initial gratitude wore off off he faced other new worries with the Trauma Changed Lucas personality which she ever trust him again and what about Kris still waiting to introduce Luca to civilian life surely he would be heartbroken to learn of how she'd been hurt. Would he blamed. Rod Awed the accident when he I emailed the gunnery sergeant rotate out his apology but to rods relief. Chris wasn't angry. He was grateful he later explained. I could sense that rod kind of felt like he had. Let me down with Luca getting injured and that was not the case at all his quick actions the training that he had received kicked in and with disregard for his own life saved wbt. Luca's life Chris's forgiveness was just what rod needed. He could let go his lingering guilt and focus on being with Luca during her sure to be lengthy and difficult recovery process for so long Luca had been known for her cheerful disposition and positively. But the dog would need support and optimism more than ever as she learned to live with only three legs up next. Luca adapts to a new way of life but continues to serve how country country now back to the story from April two thousand seven to two thousand twelve Belgium. Alan Watt German shepherd mix. Luca served three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq running more than four hundred successful patrols. Her nearly perfect record was only marred by her accident. On March Twenty third two thousand twelve which resulted in the loss of her front left leg. Her TRAINA China. One Rod Rodriguez sat in on conversations while vets debated the best way to amputate limb. They could keep a stub in place. which would allow Luca to wear a prosthetic or remove it all the way up to her torso veterinary prosthetics? Were still new. And relatively untested arrested at the time and preserving a stump carried risks. Her muscles would atrophy and introduce other complications. Luckily she was strong and had been in excellent health prior to the explosion with assurances that she should easily learn how to walk on three legs. It's Rhode gave his permission for Lucas entire leg to be amputated then to ensure she never felt alone. He sat in on the surgery later. Were Luca slept off the painkillers and sedatives rod stayed in her cage. She didn't leave his lap until the next morning when he and one of the hospital. Workers Corrup- they outfitted her in a special a harness designed to help her regain her balance until she adjusted to the missing limb injury hadn't dampened her bright. Demeanour Lucas strolled around the grounds outside the surgery tail wagging she was undeterred by her injury and still thrill to see brought outed has signed the next day. Only forty eight hours after the amputation. She was comfortable walking without the Hanis at all. Rod didn't know how long it would take lucre to recover completely but he certainly didn't expect that little more than a week after her surgery she'd it'd be back to sprinting at full speed. Gladly running down thrown toys and cheerfully depositing them at rods feet. Lucas recovery recovery process was bitter sweet for Rod. Of course he loved her and wanted to see her learn to run and play again but he also knew the once. Luca was back on her feet. She'd be discharged and he would have to say goodbye. The Fateful Day arrived on July fifth breath. Two Thousand Twelve road was delighted to learn that. He was approved to accompany Luca on her flight to Helsinki. where she'd be reunited with Chris? He was even granted a few weeks of leave to help. Luca transition back into Chris's care. It would give him a little time to to let go. The morning of their international flight. Road and Luca Played One last game. Fetch even though he'd been at her side through her entire recovery practice. He was still astonished that she was just as quick and agile. She'd always being. It was like she. She didn't even notice one of her legs was missing the flight to Finland felt endless and Rod wasn't the only one who is anxious as Chris. Willingham drove to the airport with his wife and two daughters. He wondered if Luca Uca had forgotten about him even worse. He worried that her personality. My tip changed thanks to her trauma. What if the happy playful dot? Oh He'd once love was gone forever. His concerns continued to swell through his mind as the plane pulled up to its gate when the passengers filed out the doors and spilled into the terminal. Chris immediately spotted rod and Luca. The dog doc was unmistakable. Even in the crowd. Chris Knelt forward extending his hands. Even though Luker was three legged rod could barely keep up with the dog she strained her leash pawing at the air and and barking in her excitement to finally be reunited with Chris. Finally she reached her first love and disappeared into his arms. uh-huh a massive clothing Luca jumped and licked her master. He laughed petting her and scratching her their head. Joyous meeting was everything he'd hoped it might be as man and dog hugged and celebrated Rod Hung Back. This wasn't his celebration. It was his heartbreak Chris. Rod whisked Luca from the airport and took her to to her new home. They went on walks and tours together as the days went on road spent less and less time with the dog better for her to get used to not having him around later before he left. Helsinki road gave Luca a warm hug. Uh He whispered. I just want to thank you for being there to watch over me Luca donor. I'll ever see you again. But if there's any chance chance I can. I will never forget you but you're going to have a great life in this family. This is the future you deserve. Be Good looker. As for Chris he was eager to make her civilian life as joyful as he possibly could as he told. CNN in a later interview. Today I do my best to keep her spoiled in her well. Deserved retirement and Chris and Luca had their happy ending but previous trainer had vowed to find a way to see her again and he meant to keep that promise which was why. Rod Attended Dallas's Sky Ball on October Twenty Six two thousand twelve the fund raiser Razer garlic celebrated military heroes and veterans and that year for the first time ever one of the honorees was an animal specifically Luca while roadway to pick up his luggage at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. He felt the poke of a wet nose rose on his leg. He immediately knelt to hug the dog. He'd missed so much Luca. Positively squirmed with happiness. She couldn't contain tain the ball. Which Chris and Rodney both attended cemented? A lifelong friendship between the veterans. They had one thing in common. That love for Luca and while they'd always respected each other now. They became true companions in the years that followed rod frequently reunited with Luke and Chris at public events. They all shed afloat during the Rose Parade on January first two thousand thirteen the following year. The trio marched together in a veteran's Day parade and were among the first to tour the newly constructed four four World Trade Center for the first time in her life. Luca didn't have to choose between the two trainers she loved. They both came to her but she wasn't content to just play with her two loves a nap her days away. She wanted to get back to work retired. Working dogs usually adapt best when they find ways to keep busy. This is because service canines tend to be highly intelligent and up for a challenge. These traits make them good in the field and they don't go away once. The dog is discharged from its job. In fact giving a former working dog regular regular stimulation and challenges is one of the best ways to help them transition to their life as a pet in Lucas case. That meant that she. It didn't fully retire at toll but instead changed career parts beginning in March two thousand thirteen nine year old. Luca began working with veterans to Provide Comfort and hope she and Chris traveled from military base to military base letting former servicemen and women. Pet Her hug her and play with her. She was great at her new job after all she was a veteran too do and had been injured on the field of battle but that didn't dim her hopeful spirit her happy grins and wagging tail. Promise that a better life lay ahead for other wounded vets. In addition to a military base visits Luca also traveled to schools and appeared at public events. She and Chris helped teach people about veterans issues and always offered a sympathetic ear. If anyone just wanted to talk. Chris and Luca settled into a comfortable routine. Their lives weren't so stressful now that they were no longer responsible for digging up. IEP Oh you dis. Their work was important. But it wasn't life threatening but the world hadn't forgotten about Lucas service or her incredible bum finding record and in the spring of two thousand sixteen. Chris received a phone call with incredible news. Luca was being awarded the dicken medal since one thousand nine hundred forty three. The dicken medal has been distributed by the People's Dispensary Serie for sick animals. It's considered Britain's highest possible military recognition animal can receive. Luca was the I. US Marine Corps dog to receive the honour on Tuesday April fifth. Two Thousand Sixteen Chris Willing Willing Ham and one Rodriguez applauded and cheered while the shiny metal was draped over Luca Bez neck the German shepherd Belgium Mala panted her tongue lolling. It was almost like she was smiling for all the photographers. Lucas ceremony was featured on CNN. NBC News and the Huffington Post. Thanks to America's love affair with dogs have fame soon eclipsed that of other Dickin- medal recipients including Gi. Joe A World War Two carrier pigeon or upstart a British police horse that controlled traffic after after a nine thousand nine hundred forty seven aerial bombing. Another recipient was nine eleven search and rescue dog Apollo who you may remember from a previous assode. Although the award rocketed Luca to stardom she soon returned to quieter humble life and and had days were good right up until the end on January twenty first two thousand Eighteen Lucas facebook fan page operated by Chris Willingham posted. It's with a heavy heart that I tell you that. Luca passed away yesterday us today. Luca truly was a special dog raw. Deny a both fortunate to have served as her handlers. We will will forever be grateful for her service and companionship. The posting assured Lucas more than thirty thousand friends and followers that that she spent Halla stays with the two people. She loved the most Chris and Rod and since her passing. Luca has continue you to inspire in the summer and fall of two thousand nineteen her dicken medal and a lifelike statue featured in a temporary war dogs exhibit at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Chris has spent time since her death. Traveling and speaking about issues related to service animals camel's while Luca may have begun her career on the battlefield. Her legacy lies in her good attitude and her ability to bring peace peace and joy to everyone she met with a comforting veterans. All Romping with Rod and Chris Mama Luka has become an enduring symbol of hope and love. Aw thanks for listening to tales for more information about Lucon. Her train China's we found topdog by Maria good average especially helpful to our research. Every dog has his day and Ave is Mondays Sundays. We'll be back then with a new episode. You can find more episodes of dog tales and all other past originals for free on spotify. Not Not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast originals like Doug Tales sales for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream does take on spotify. Just open the APP and type dog tales in the search bar. Several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show. The best way to help us is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on Facebook Instagram at Park East and twitter at podcast network. Join US next time for another good story. About a good dog doc tells was created by Max Cutler and is a Parka studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Anthony Val sick with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Collie Modern Isabella Way and Joel Stein. This episode of Dog Tales was written by Angela Jorgensen with writing assistance by Erin Land. I'm Alison Hi podcast listeners. It's Alistair if you love dog tales. We'd love to hear from you. By taking a quick survey your feedback will help us. Continue Making your favorite shows better than ever please visit podcast survey dot me slash dog to answer a few short questions it. It may seem small but your input really matters. That's podcast survey dot me slash dog. Thank you for your continued support and for listening.

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Episode #1017: Israeli Songs of Joy

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Episode #1017: Israeli Songs of Joy

"Want to be part of the ultimate Israeli music experience. Hi Everyone it's May Rob Dubrovsky and before the show starts today. I want invite you to join Josh and me on a once in a lifetime musical tour of Israel in two thousand twenty. We'll see amazing concerts nearly every night. Meet with your favorite Israeli musical celebrities. Tore some of Israel's most popular radio stations visit musical attractions throughout the country and much more. We'll also celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary on the air with a live Israel Israel. Our radio broadcast direct from Israel. We're still putting the finishing touches on the itinerary. But if you think you may WanNa join US please join our VIP interest list. I at my Israeli music dot com slash tour. That's my Israeli music dot com slash tour. I can't wait to meet you in the land of Israel next summer and now on with this week's episode of Israel our radio dish sequel that Louis Gusting but be nickel all silver momentum on yeah months gonNA do more Golaghat. Yeah that'd be again Ghulam. The genucel pull happened in Zimbabwe gold Do this senile more serious recall. The name They don't I'm a caller goo. FINISH EMA cuts Volumes Shula who. Hello in the bill cosby who in to the Israel our on who says connect with us at facebook dot com slash Israel our email us at INFO at Israel our dot Com homeless at seven. Three two nine three two eight hundred. Here's the host of the Israel Israel. Our Josh rose. That would be me my friends and I'm proud to stand or sit. As the case may be behind the microphones micra phones of Israel. OUR RADIO THUG. Somehow it's the holiday of soup codes the wonderful holiday of sue codes. It's always so much fun. We call it. Zeman seem Dottino of the time of our joy and joyous it has been and joyous it will be with the holidays of Schmead Sarah seem. Contour are beginning this evening. Squash it all into one day in the land of Israel but outside of Israel we spread it out over you too and we're going to celebrate the holiday of Suco just a little bit by playing. She race seem cost songs of joy. Just a few of them the one we just heard was one such example due to a heroin and he tie levy with Hasheem conscience anew and I wanNA know your thoughts your your request your suggestions Christians. She raised some songs of joy of happiness. Lend me no and either way just check in at facebook dot com slash cash is real our. Let me know that you're tuned in because it's always so much more fun to do the show when I know that you are listening. So that is facebook dot com slash Israel our. We're also on what's APP at seven. Three two eight four four nine seven seven eight you can reach us there anytime and also also we have had a number of songs that have come out over the past few weeks you know we've been doing our yearly countdowns and countdown to the songs of the decade and last week we had my Israeli early platelets. Starring Barbara pollock. It was great. If you haven't heard jet checkout the archives and in the meantime a number of great great songs of come out and we WanNa make sure that you hear them. So that's that's all on today's show your request very much. Welcome at seven. Three two eight four four nine seven seven eight on what's up and at facebook dot com slash Israel. Our on facebook were also on instagram followers. There if you're not already at Israel our radio we begin with the song by not notion Cellini odd dome will corker donated smaller. Comb boy used volume. The DOB ran. Dan On. Simona boy is slow says all clog Mugabe HAV ooh local tone for North Learn Zoli the Omar go check. I I dying does show me own. Markle Shikha Shoe I his both uh-huh Oh love donny. League lead Belco doll the Ooh Ooh does show me. Oh ooh cashew Uggla Boise. Both your Does show Roy mccomb locked cashew Gaga in Chicago able taming comedy show. NBA Dot Com. That the awesome the shot. I'm back that's the. Oh God in Brazil how only side good Zilbert with busy on Israel our radio you know while we weren't paying attention static and benefits of Ori came out with a brand new. We saw always makes a lot of noise in Israel as they tend to do. This one is called Ema Israel our radio. Hello Neil. They got caught and local government. I know that's look look the big talker The Guy Getting. Yeah me challenge the Buddha at them downtown outcome. The Dan the saint the talk. Guga mccade. He assumed Bad Fish mean had been. UH UH-HUH EH In the Bible Eight classic for the holiday of Soup Colt by Naomi's Shamir Chlamydia Manasseh on Israel our radio before that we Total one eighty from that song. We heard static and Benedetta voted with their new smash hits Imola you know that is an expression in Israel that I don't remember hearing until very recently I know it's always been around but it seems like every instagram posts. These days is all Hashtag. Imola what does it mean you may ask. Imola is like an expression like. Oh Oh my God or holy cow or when you're going down a roller coaster you might yell something along those lines and that expression is everywhere in Israel static and Banal capitalizing on that with their brand new Song Imola before that Orioles outfielder with our theme of AC NCAA. That song was called busy not tangos with the number one song gallons this week. He's rely and do our own anytime. Levy brought US Hasheem Hush Lannoo. Our joy ends ends months in Cotonou knew the time of our joy which is another name for Su- coat which we are enjoying right. Now all of you from all of us at Israel our radio let me okay. Hide those who checked in on facebook ellen and Rina and I own I need you need to tell me how to pronounce your name. You keep saying I on facebook and I am grateful full but I need to know how to pronounce your name. Erica is listening. Thank you Kobe's tuned in hello to everybody so glad that you are all tuned in and if you are please say hi at facebook dot com slash Israel. Our or at. What's on what's happened? Seven three two eight four four nine seven seven eight. If you're not listening live you know. We're on every Sunday at eleven. Am M eastern time if you have nothing going on or even no matter what you have going on. Be Sure to check in at W. S. U. Dot Org Sundays at eleven. Am Eastern time at W. R. S. U.. Dot Org sue. You too can be part of the listening party. Ladies and gentlemen each week on our website we publish the list. which is our our list of the top songs on Israeli radio the top downloads on itunes? The top requested songs on Gaga. Lots radio we post them all every Thursday they are Friday. We get them all onto you. Uh so you know what is hot and trending in the world of Israeli music. This week. He shy REBA was everywhere. This guy is hot as has anything and now it's not just his songs that are popular. It's people covering his songs that are just as popular. There's a new movie out in Israel. It's called Michaela. Laugh forgiveness. Sharing my mon is one of the stars and she decided to cover one of Yishai ribose songs for the soundtrack of the movie. This is Sheree my mon with her own own. Take on Ishai ribose Lucia Vita from the movie myth. Eli Israel our radio and have them eighteen but if the governor tonight chilly years mine Lehto Mazza cone hit cup. She Shula by pass. Makoma years managed note coming his personal Donna. AH THE ISHAK KHAZANAH Shono a goal of Charlotte commits a makeup burst amid. Not Say EH. Sharma clerk buckets Lena Lou Japan Colbrad see we knew Abba Shabazz Shem Mine McGee. ooh In the no not at the show GS Manley Four. SLA The Hukou Vologda as locker the FIG two Mon- hockey let the task growl at the we call the call Charlotte King near the the Midland bombing. SHAMMA cuts In your mind owning bed Gobert Russia Russia feel feel Sha see and she she uh-huh you have possibly hello anyone can you Use Manley the local. He'd got she were buying up burst. Makola Shut any CATIS. Aw Come on so I am on them. Send him to Shelly really the law and Shelvin evidently Shambaugh Foam. I'll show you mentally coma. Save all all my Bus Shaw Clone of it. It does Caspian Vena the girl Yeah because it's also I shouldn't move I'm a I guess you should go K.. Shabby Aw uh-huh They should serve shimmered. See glitz shade Sir Commits Shanahan Shovel. Woah Wien they read Kills it should he econo- snow. She Komo Suu Shin Media on the hood. Uh these big dog haw The O'CONNELL asset La Ooh. I think it's safe to say that. Those are the two of the biggest stars in Israel right now. It's Omar Abdomen. YEESH IREBU on Israel. Our Radio Cage is listening. She asked for more sue code music. We're happy to do it. This is super not has car Israel. Our radio Mark Khmers. They thought soon. Ah Shit Yeah gutty dish John. Aw Israel our radio. It's Dafna Armani with Sukati has acog going out to Caja who's tuned in also you shy reba and Omer Adam before that they perform perform together this week in the land of Israel over the holiday of sue coat and they were there. Rehearsal has become a huge youtube sensation. That was live shelley by The two of them and Sheree my mon giving her own cover of Yishai Reba Song last Suva Beta from her new film. Mitty La Israel. Our radio hugs AMAC. Act Two all thank you so much. You're tuning in. We really do appreciate it. I WanNa make sure that you all know I know I'm shoving this down your throats and I don't plan to stop anytime soon because I'm really really excited about our upcoming meeting in Israel. You know we've talked about the tour that we're running here in Israel. Our radio tour a musical tour of the land of Israel next summer number probably next August. We don't know the exact dates because it will coincide with WHO Sarah the annual arts and crafts festival in Jerusalem. Every every night of the festival they have a major concert. Last year Shlomi Shabat performed in Edinburgh. Ken Performed and static bill already performed. And Danny Gideon Friends Danny Sanderson Jason. Getting Gulf performed lots of great concerts every night of the festival. So we're waiting to find out exactly when those dates will be when that festival isn't twenty twenty and that's when we'll be able to release the full itinerary with dates and prices and everything but the most one of the most exciting things about the tour for me is that it's a chance chance for all of us Israel our fans to get together in Israel. We don't meet up often enough here. I am locked in a radio studio. There is nobody in the building ending usually. And it's so but I get these messages from all over the world saying Josh were listening. We love the show. Thank you so much. Thanks for strengthening my connection to Israel and I love it and I appreciate it but I wanna meet you all face to face. Let's do it in the land of Israel next summer. Let's all get together in honor of the Israel our well my participation at the Israel our I've been on for twenty five years mayor. Avenir GonNA celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary on the air in Israel with a live broadcast from the land of Israel. Join me join us. Join the fans of Israeli music. Join the fans of Israel. OUR RADIO GO TO MY I. ISRAEL MUSIC DOT com slash tour for all the information. That's my Israeli music dot com slash. Tour I cannot wait to share all of the the details with each and every one of you I want to thank Barbara Pollack. She's tuned in right now. She was my special guest last week on episode number two of my Israeli playlist. If you missed the show check it out. She brought us a great collection of Israeli music. It's on our website at my Israeli music dot com one of the songs that she did not have time to play for us last one requested by her grandson live. It's golden boy by NME gauge Israel. Our Radio Ma Ma. Someone broke my heart in someone. Brooke take that unknown dancing on the flow. They now we're I'm doing all my baby. Trina hit you check. Aw come near you. ooh back going home tonight. Baby the mound to enjoy. I want to come here and be they do In limbo come here to enjoy the and before so you gotta go bye bye. I hope Nina Sharp County Gish. Shaq Shaquille Muttiah Hush. My we've been we've got a AW incapable King Wien Bits Leila Shelly indie program and and some would like Latin again of because look he cut the bad. and how how orch Shay Stevens cabled And how old the the quote them. TV We've got a uh-huh Salma Kusak Stat Horseshoe Makiya oculus it And let is a great eight fairly recent song by David Broza. I WanNa thank Rena for suggesting in. Its yellow lead guitarist by David Broza boy with a guitar going out to Reena in New York before that gauge going to live with golden boy and this song is going out to eleanor listening in Istanbul. It's brand new for me. Donna Committee on narrowed said Ou should he cadet. My e Am Can Ghanemi Ben Amin Levin Hula Knee Sammy neo. UC's stuck in Nagoya on a long on a dead La la La startle Slovenia Donovan. Vache Burn Neil. Sheehan late saw. Aw been now. Almost he's smart. It's all mccalla Woah. Woah at the saw a Let's vying to finish our lomb on the show Chateau down so man Michel Ma Gala Leonine Akiko Da Zeal Zeke your fault. It's been almost SNEHA Andy. What's Oak mccalla Jay Sir She saw aw conscious worst small. Talk All ORLA And Eleanor is a regular listener to Israel our radio in eastern bull Turkey and she requested that great song by Donna on new routes Brand new from him. It is Israel Radio. My name is Josh Rosen. Hug some mcmartin ALKMAAR DIM. Listen thank you so much. You're tuning into the show. I really do appreciate it on this wonderful beautiful holiday of sue coat. I hold by adding to your joy just just a little bit as we get ready to close out the holiday season this week. It's nice when it's here. It's nice when it's over and we're looking forward to you getting back to normal but thank you so much tuning into Israel. Our radio the wants the game or over the Israeli concert season will heat up just a little bit. It already has actually because last night in New York City Bertozzi was performing. If anybody was there I would love to hear about it. He was also in Miami on Thursday night and he'll be in Los Angeles Asia list on this coming Thursday night. So for all the details you can go to my Israeli music dot com. That's my Israeli. MUSIC DOT COM. Click on our concert. It's your calendar. This is by far tostes most famous song. It's Derek hough Shalom Bertozzi Israel our radio. They Love Evening Hassle flow and ensure via hammer foul hung naked. Bet Cafe schooner lucky Ikee said Shan live die your share to Ooh Myeloma plus say Um for me but gut on me nine. The show the thing that'd be on Coban and surely I love being in unloved Mussina. They say it's sad. The whole moon. Baby Luau SPA. Aw Shit call must become almost eh awesome. Hey all seem. Hey it's era tassie with Derek. Hough Shalom which actually has nothing to do with peace but more to do with particular street in Tel Aviv Israel. Our radio coming up next. In the month of November Karen Pelts will be in Boston. New York Palo Alto and Los Angeles. Here she is with run bulk. Nick on Israel our radio he Allah Chevy but shoot van. And the new Sean bow being and and She had bull shit show Mama Luka Shoe Vote uh-huh not me initia- show me ACIDY shooed uh-huh show Katie EH owning He Wa in Israel our our radio beautiful song by Karen Pelvis and Ron Bulk. Nick they are coming. I believe they're coming together to whole bunch of places all over the United States. Boston Austin New York City Palo Alto and Los Angeles checkout all the information get tickets at my Israeli music dot com. Click on the Israeli concerts. Tab Job MY ISRAELI MUSIC DOT COM. That was Karen Pederson. Rhone Book Nick with ever Lanna Har- and before that pair touchy with Derek Shalom on Israel. Our radio thank you so much. You're tuning in. There's so many ways that you can connect if you're an Israeli music fan and I know you are. You can join our WHATSAPP group. Send me a message on. What's APP to join line at seven? Three two eight four four nine seven seven eight. Just let me know that you want to join the group and we'll get you right in. We also have a new facebook group called Israel. Our radio fans ends. That's Israel our radio fans and it is a great way to connect on facebook Discussed Israeli music discussed the show. See Talk about a concert that you we saw. Please join it at facebook dot no search on facebook for Israel our radio fans. We'd love to have you aboard. It would be great to have your voice as part of the conversation just so many ways to get involved in the wonderful wonderful world of Israeli music. There is a brand new song in Israel that I just is love. I think it's produced by a couple of guys named Dolly and pen and it features Laurent Danino inaugural. It is great called Sharon brand new Israel. Israel our fair share of combat dot college data caught the soul of the court intimately former keep out that small mean Ashim cooking for the Sheila she will cut take a it I'm on not have them Shoot Korea. Main concern about. Dr Walter came up take off. They can't the uh-huh uh-huh all Mush nays show. UH-HUH AWW he's I they want to listen to Israel our radio on your Amazon Echo just asked me Alexa. Play the Israel lower on tune morning and I will play the latest episode. Thanks for listening to Israel our radio by the assuming conal coon Dustin how no the lowest bucky another kind of Anti Ma means in in New York's hole and uh-huh Comer they added the muck. CDI The F. but hold don't Anita they're I love him You're the high. Neil that gun you It's Israel our radio with the red hot Levy that was called New York City right and before that we heard a song by Dali and pen featuring Noah Carell and Laurent Dino with Musharraf. Isn't that a great song. I I love that song. It's Israel our radio. We're on a little super size today because I don't think the Turkish our is joining us on the radio today. So we're going to go a little bit longer the little while so please stay with us. You're tune to eighty eight point seven W. FM New Brunswick. We're going to roll right along with a very cool new song and you know around this time of year. The time of the High Holidays many people in Israel tend to get a little more religious. And that's exactly what happened with this brand new song offering twenty one of today's hottest male singers including y'all Golani Tie Levy lyod benign bobby. DVD or Hurrell. Hurrell Scott Talisman. Let's see shy really shy. Levy or Edry Moshe parents and Ed in Hassan Eerie Dunya. NIEVE PARROT DOC- KOMI OFF LA LA. Kobe parents wrote Tim Glenn Rami Lines Dane and Shlomi Shabat and others. It's a pretty superstar lineup. And they've joined together to Sing Motley. Lima Dash is real. Our radio shoved monthly me-medical. You have shown a Mama Alley Bob Lyon Shama CH- army boys shock own gone over the two coal shovel. Dissolve them and for me the Koran additional. Gosh Titian Manda slower. Go to CNN in the the matter. Calmer Lamma Tenley Cau- Leone career live Versus you've got. Aw Come on and did not uh-huh The Laura Hello uh-huh down in. Aw Shit the only bill you they do this ooh Fox The listen back And he's Talk some from Israel our radio. That was sung by Hanna Laslo before that. Twenty one of Israel's top singers singing Hadash anytime levy brought us New York City on Israel our radio thank you so much you're tuning in. I really appreciated where super sized on today's Israel our but we're just about ready ready to get out of here. My name is Josh Ron. I want to thank you so much for tuning in. I WanNa wish a very wonderful hug. Samah enjoy the rest of the holiday and enjoy getting back to normal because it will be great to get back to normal after this season high game. I also want to remind you that you can be so much more involved loved in this community of Israeli Music Radio Fans Israeli music fans go to my Israeli music dot com and Click on get involved and just just get involved in some way. Would you go to my Israeli music DOT COM and remember. You can stay in touch with us all week long at Israel our radio find us on. Itunes owns leave a review of our show on itunes so that that will help us grow. We are growing with your help so thank you. Please keep reviewing our show let everybody know how much you you love listening to Israel our radio That'll do it for us here. At Israel our radio it is Mancini container the time of our joy. So we'll conclude today with Surrey Cod. Yom Shell seem thaad days of joy until next time. My name is Josh. This is Israel our radio autopsy last year in the city says Boyd Still. We still awesome The in your live In the uh-huh yeah

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The Knife Junkies Most Carried Modern Tactical Knives of 2020  The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 171

The Knife Junkie Podcast

1:00:58 hr | 5 months ago

The Knife Junkies Most Carried Modern Tactical Knives of 2020 The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 171

"Welcome to the knife junkie. Weekly knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your host tonight junkie. Demarco welcome to the night junkie podcast. I'm bob demarco and we're talking all things knives As usual this is episode one. Seventy one and These week these midweek supplemental shows are my opportunity to do all of the talking to unbottle all of the nice things. I wanted to tell my friends who don't care and my coworkers who don't care and my family and my wife who don't care and It's my opportunity to actually Unbottled this stuff until so here. You are and today. We'll be talking about my ten most carried tactical knives in twenty twenty. And what i mean by that is my top ten front right pocket knives. My main carry knives. They just so happened to be modern tactical mostly in inform format but I don't use them in a tactical sense i. I cut sandwiches with them. Aaron threads on shirt collars that kind of thing but still they do wonderfully and With authority and i love their designs. I love how they carry. And well i just love what they are. So we're gonna talk about those and then in subsequent weeks we're going to talk about the most carried slip joints and most carried. My i think probably just stick to that This and slipped joins. Because i don't carry large vicks blades much unless i'm doing yard work. So maybe we'll do yard work ten most carry. That might get a little redundant and boring. So we'll stick to ten minutes. Top carried tactical knives today next week. Slip joints And then we're going to talk a little bit about the colds deal. News because of video has come out thompson. Put out a video addressing his fans and talking about the sale to gsm about that for a minute In ninth news knife life news. We're gonna talk about as well as the cold seal thing. We're gonna talk about nice news. Because you know i get a lot of my story from nine news and i love them and i love ben schwarz's writing he is awesome Every year they put out a reader's choice hole and they ask questions like what's the best best fixed easy. What's the best fix kitchen knife. Slip joint blah blah blah and. Some of those results are in hannah. Gotta say there. I don't wanna say disappointed. But they seem to be narrow. So we're gonna talk about that a little bit and And a little tip of the week something something. I suggest That i've been doing that. I want to maybe suggest to those of you with larger collections. Start doing the jets about that so anyway. Let's get into it and we're going to start as usual with pocket check and that's a great opportunity as subtle and opportunity for me to show off a knife that i have not happened to be carrying today. I'm carrying tara todd slash zoric forty two purchased strider. sms sms is the larger of of the format. You can tell by the three bodies screws. this is a. You'll carry sms with a hollow grind. Your he put an awesome as they'll put a great marriage finish on it's very sharp. S thirty steel special gray tactical. I think it is They put they made that a aftermarkets. Stop there and So i bought this from. He was coming on thursday night knives somewhat regularly. And i asked him if he had a strider to sell and lo and behold he did and what a beautiful one. I've always loved these concealed. Carry models Because they're less block. I like the longer blade the bigger blade but in the in the standard lego version. That's the squared off version of strider. It's just a little bit to block. He of the pocket but this concealed carry is thinner overall and as you can see contoured so A really really great knife and got an excellent deal. like a friend deal For it and a really really psyched about it So i was carrying this today. I've had it for a while. But it sort of got on the back burner as other knives in grew. And then i also carried my Sal belly trapper in tobacco bone from rough rider. Now this nice i. I didn't even know i was missing it but i was missing it and then i pulled out are making some paintings for my daughter's for christmas One of them is getting a mermaid and the other one is getting an and I used to do a lot of painting. Haven't in a while. But i had put this away in a stretch. I have a bag full of sketch equipment. pencils and stuff like sharp pencils lives. Obviously and i had this in there. And i forgot i put it in there and i just love the spe blade on this knife. The rough riders. Sally trapper is a handsome knife. End and i don't know if it's the whole tobacco bone series but this thing is just incredibly made really really top notch better than most of my cases all my cases or or at least in the same realm so yes today got the strider. That's on the expensive end. The roof rider on the inexpensive and bows amazing And that's what a knife junkie is. As far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter the knife. It could be the three dollar walmart eight nuts that i'm fond of Thrusting into cardboard. That's great knife to even though it's a real cheap piece of crap i still love it and it's still a useful tool so calling it. Crap is unfair so Are you a knife junkie. Let us know on the listener. Lines seventy four four six four four eight seven. I want to show off before we get into the meat and potatoes of the show. I i'm going use this opportunity this platform because it's not it's a show. It's a platform in two thousand ten and beyond so i'm gonna use this platform to show off The knife i've been showing off over and over actually for over a year now When i first carved it out of a deal I showed it off this awesome unheated thing. And then after i spoke with alex tanguay were on the podcast. Who is You know he's a he's a lab is like a professor in the lab a. Working with different steals and figuring out way he treats them. I sent him the nice. Finally so i showed it off. Then he treated beautifully Senate back to me. And then i've been working out here is this is about as done as it's going to be showed this off on thursday night knives the other night and well here. I'm gonna i'm gonna show you hear this. I call this pattern. The virginia bowie or no other reason except that i live in virginia and i think it sounds cool. It sounds a little old timey. Sounds like something that might already exist. And how i define. The virginia bowie is a full belly. Like there's a little bit of straight right here but creating much it's all belly and then a real long sharpened switch four or back cutting things and then there's always a swell right here and i say because i made one more and like mama luka forgot to bring it down but that's probably my most ed seed Fix blade all times and it's just a smaller version of this But what. I did differently on this Was pretty much full. Flat grind it. So it's it's a pretty darn sharp. It's five thirty seconds of inch thick. So it's it's thinner than your standard quarter inch bowie and for a minute. I'm gonna blame things on my equipment. But i i a craftsman. You know a series about forty two inch by two inch belt grinder okay. It's one speed in that speed is very fast. And it's it's it's for sharpening axes in tools and stuff but it's not so much for The fine kind of grinding With knife making. And i am not saying that i am capable of that kind of find grinding. I do not have technique but but frequently. When i use that tool i create real deep gouges with the with the belts that i use and i use progressively smaller belts. But i just don't have the chops or the practice down to get rid of that kind of that kind of you see those grind lines in there. So those kind of sticking micro a little bit. And yes. I could hand rub it until they're gone but then i start to worry about And this may be something. I need to redress with some of the actual professionals. I speak with. But i'm worried that if there's too much of a gouge here and i i worry with the sandpaper right here. That is going to be wavy. So you got to do the whole thing. I don't know if i lack the patients or what but anyway Something i'm it's very sharp. Okay and it. It acts through hymns nicely. And that back edge is more wedge like but it also comes to a pretty keen. So i'm i'm thinking of this as a sort of a. It's kind of fun to do. So scott black canvas. My carta in purple liners and i really like this handle. I liked this handle style. It's kind of a miran handle style and this swail here Let's you choke back a little bit and And leverage it as a shopper so anyway showing it off i lake gotta make a a She's for it now. Make kite sheath I'll ask my brother. If maybe he'll make a leather sheets for two. And then i'll just carry it around the house you know can't can't take it out but There you go the virginia bowie and call it the liberator. The virginia boase the style of bowie the liberators the model. And it's named kind of half after the b twenty four liberator. But also it's of supposed to be a little bit witty like is going to liberate you from a bad situation are right now. You're like yeah. I got that bob to so anyway if you want to help out the show if you think that what we do here is valuable. Check us out on patriots We have a great group of people over there. We have three tiers of support. I you can support us at a three dollars per month. Level five dollars per month level or a ten dollar per month level we have we have cute little names for each the three dollars the traditional junkie the five dollars the tactical junkie and the ten dollars the gentleman junkie of course after different types of knives and at the ten dollar level. Most vaunted and exciting level Each month you get entered into a monthly drive and we took away nicer. And i have word that the next night we give away. We'll be a traditional. I know i kinda hinted at that last time but this time this time it's going to be for real so if you want a cool traditional knife to come your way for possibly come your way For help sporting the show join up as it gentlemen junk so otherwise We have something cool for you here before we get into the state of my collection and talk about a couple of knives that came across. My desk came into my collection. I'd like to a plug. The listener line and be pleased. Got from listening line. This is the kind of stuff we're interested in and we wanna make all sorts of different kinds of montages and just play them for you in any case Today we have this carrying a surge. Shankar cleavers slip joint burr. Walk and talk on her thing. We'll sing so that is a knife that i've been dying to get my hands on surge. Panchenko came out with a sort of midtech line of slip joints one with a cleaver style. Blade is this gentleman who next time. call us back and leave your name to butter. cleaver blade drop point blade in warren cliff. And they're just Man they look beautiful. they're very simple. And he's got a great logo etched in the side or embossed in the side of the handle and they just great little slip joints so thanks for calling in and let us know. I think maybe we have another one That came in yesterday. I'm not sure. Keep them coming I'd like to gather a bunch and Do you know just for my own edification. Perhaps in everyone's enjoyment of us a little montage of everyone's pocket jets. So there you have it. Let's get onto the state of the collection so rob bixby guest on the show. Awesome guy You know him as a possibility on a on youtube his weekly knife sales he does them on thursday nights before thursday. Night knives you can. You can wet your whistle and bion ice on Rob's channel apostrophe and he's always got sweet knives and a bunch of them like thirty thirty something like that and By a great night from him and you can either opt to have him put his ajan it or not and then you can come over to thursday night knives and show it off and talk about it of it in any case I checked in when rob doesn't totally sell out on thursday nights which he usually does people usually buy everything he has. He'll put up a video a couple days later. I think it's like on sunday. And he'll say chris drops between now and thursday price drops on the on the knives that videos last time and there were there was a clutch of. Gec's as they're usually but this time they were my one of my favorite patterns of fourteen. That's not a pattern. Thank but Model a frame the fourteen yet had Three of them one at one of them was a spear point and pen blade with the knife. Bright that's that Glow in the darker sort of Cheer night and then he had one that was also to blades. And i can't remember what the configuration was in this third one which i couldn't believe i couldn't believe was on the list. It was a moral imperative for me to rescue this firm mediocrity and put it into my collection of gec's with this beautiful autumn bone cover. I just am such a sucker for this. Autumn bone unlike my other fourteen which is a two thousand eighteen production in the same autumn. Jig bone this has more of a peach siege ing those real Small diggings that are sort of are parallel to one another. This one was two years. Prior in twenty sixteen. Fourteen and fifteen are popular frame size for them. Are frames for them. That they're same shape but the fourteen is smaller So they come out with them somewhat regularly but goodness gracious so this was the Twenty sixteen end. They treated first of all the digging as different little bit bigger here and they polished the bone in a different way. This has a. I don't know it's got. It seems like a thicker polisher. Just a more policy polished polished. But then i look at the blade. And i see that machine cuts wedge the call that and that long pole and i think this is a higher. This is a titty. So i'm pretty sure. This is a dressed up fourteen or that blade that those Shiny covers so anyway. I had to buy this. This was my first Looking for cloth. I gotta get rid of that fingerprint. This was my first experience. Buying for the possibility rob bixby. It was an awesome buying experience. i know everyone listening to this has secondary market buying experience in. And it's usually pretty good for me on blade forums as writing most of these days. It's pretty well vetted you know Every once in a while you'll come across someone sketchy but you'll learn how to avoid those people pretty much With rob i want it. Sent him the senate payment within a half hour. It's on its way to you and if you have him sharpen it. It's takes an extra if you're one of the first sixty so definitely check out the the apostle p knife sales i mean and it's not just traditional it runs the gamut from from custom knives too big six blades to to all different kinds of everything everything except for swords war hammers and stuff like that. So definitely check out Ah possibly love that guy. I mean roberts. He's okay so next. I wanna talk about a knife. I bought it was totally unexpected Wandering through home depot. I always go to the knife section. See what they're selling. What kind of knives. They're selling at home depot for people who are buying knives the use them and it turns out there selling this a that. That's for drywall. Now for those. Who cannot see what i'm holding. I'm holding up a dagger. This looks like a large version of the sog anti-gun The small fixed blade. was a boot dagger at one time. I'm not sure if they're still making it but it was double edged one entire side. It's dagger one entire side is has a very aggressive us pattern. The handle is what. I'm holding up as a client tools Drywall knife i call it a drywall dagger. Because that's what this is. I mean okay yourself. Think of it like this Well no. I'm not even going to say that this has a great rubbery and ergonomic handle. It's got this but cap. It's got a half inch thick metal but cap presumably steel harden. For hammering onto so you can pound this through through drywall and carve out. Whatever kind of he needs to do. i think. I'm not sure. I'm not a. I'm not a contractor. Are drywall guy. I don't know what you use this for in drywall. And i know what you use this for the rest of the world. outside of drywall. I mean if you look at this this is. There's nothing about this. This isn't a dagger this dagger. And i love it because i live in a state. Where you can't buy daggers. You can't get them and stores here. Well there. There are no nice stores. In this region. I live in a very domesticated region So to walk into home depot. See the gnarliest. Sort of implement of mayhem That you can hide in your tracksuit shocked but you can also buy a hatchet and a hammer and all sorts of other pickaxes all sorts of things there. So of but this to me is particularly weapon. Light and Geez i hope my talking about. This doesn't get them to listen to this anyway. So check this out. That klein tools home depot. Drywall dagger if you're if you're down on your luck or you only have fifteen bucks to spend on dagger good home depot. I mean how can you lose. Lose with that So there you go you also get a little Well cheesy cheesy rural seats but You know if you're in home depot maybe you have the skills to actually make your own cheap anyways so they all right next I wanna talk about this unity. Put under the nice cam rumors. That are here but this okay. So this as you know is my emerson l. Zia but would you look at that beautiful burgundy canvas my car to handle and backspace or is this not gorgeous so if you look at this you'll also see that it's contoured direction here so My good friend mike. Good online buddy. Tom at and such on instagram from such hits as the cdc thirteen with natural canvas ten. My car has okay. Blades and such is a gentleman on instagram. His name is. Tom and he specializes in making beautiful handles or knives such as emerson's z. T.'s think doesn't spider coz bench maids and lots of other knives. But you gotta check him out its blades. Underscore and underscores such and If you have now. I have a whole collection of emerson's i want to dress up this way Not all them. I mean i do like the black g ten on some of them but this. Lv knife to me is very special because Well i spoke to the designer at calderoni on the night junkie podcast. I spoken with Spoken with ernest emerson junkie podcast and so. This is a very special knife to me. Plus tom. From layton such has has tweaked the handle as created that beautiful handle for me. And so it's three different people a actually. Tom is going to be coming on the cut. We're gonna talk about making scales and such But this knife now represents three different people that i've developed a relationship within this knife world. That is valuable to me you know. I always kind of scoffed being a being a gen xer. Maybe it's jenex thing. I dunno being someone born in in in the early seventies to me like social media like i like watching ninety but all this quote unquote friend stuff is ridiculous but becoming a part of this knife community. Online i have made actual friends and and friendly acquaintances. Not everyone has to be your friend. You know what i've had awesome. Conversations with people and this knife represents three awesome awesome relationship so there you go sentimental italian stuff coming out again so definitely. Check out town at blades and such and He's over on instagram. If you wanna check out some great content on youtube have to check out the knife junkie a channel. It's awesome you get you get knife reviews you get you get. These quick takes called a collection selections. That's all visual. You get podcasts. You get live. Thursday night knives you get all sorts of stuff so definitely check out Check out e to and actually. Now that i'm sitting here just talking about myself. I think maybe from now on. I'll also start plugging other channels. I love So maybe i'll start right here and save alex's nightspots he's been the oldest dearest friend of this show and You gotta check out alice's content on youtube and on instagram very prolific there too but grin constantly. You know they talk about Spider coz constant quality control. He does that with his videos. He's constantly updating his style. Format and the kind of knives. He covers everything from from super high end custom knives. He's worked with knife makers to create Down to great old favorites custom custom but the great old production favorite. So check out. Alex is knife box. When you're over there on youtube subscribing to the night jumping show show onto knife life news. I got it right knife life. So this week man bombshell dropped here in the ninth world especially for those of us. Who are fans of implements of mayhem. As i used earlier that i mean i am not a mayhem bringer. You don't see me out in the street. Rioting or luton but i just light tools of of warfare especially older ones and there has been one company to stand above all in modern production of ancient weapon and that's coal steel and i love them dearly and i love their products dearly. And we heard this week that after forty years are nineteen eighty after forty years Lynn thompson has sold the company cold steel to gsm outdoors and gsm outdoors is a conglomerate of outdoor outfitters and different kinds of a makers of different hunting and out out outdoorsy equipment. And so they wanted to presumably. They wanted to add the toughest sharpest knife company to their roster of companies and they acquired cold steel Being a well documented fan of cold steel and especially their one hundred percent unique take on modern production knives and by that i mean i mean come on who else is making a nice like this. Who else is doing that. No one it does even fit on our screen here. So colts deal to me. Had started with the tanto back in the late. Eighties arm iram came on my radar in eighty seven or eighty six or something like that and so they've already been around for six years making our tanto and what was that. That was a modern american interpretation of an ancient weapon and created for law enforcement military and then later a thriving collector market. They from that from a to. I remember they started making the The trail master the bowie. I'm like what's this. It's not a tanto. They've they widened there. And then they started making folders. And i have a an ancient. I have one of their very very very first folders. It was like keychain tanto Now i don't even know where the hell that is. I gotta find it now that i'm talking about. But they went from one model taking americanized tanto at which is arguably lynn thompson. Americanized tanto by putting that that sharp facet of front in such a way in that sort of chisel look They went from that model to a such a huge product line of weapons and tools and outdoors equipment But really i mean when you think of cold steel. What do you think i very first thing. Yes of course you think of this night here of the spot or you think of A war hammer modern war hammer or one. Not one not too but three different types of viking axes you can buy. You can buy a big battleaxe viking style from them you can get a small viking battle-axe or you can get the the the throwing tomahawk though the The nordic throwing tomahawk. I mean so. My point is they've sold themselves to gsm ann arbor's supplier conglomerate. Are they going to be able to continue to make hal birds and double-handed italian of swords and all of these things they make filipino. Weapons and battleaxes and throwing things is that gonna fit into the gsm roster of products. That has been my big thing. And that's been everybody big thing. I think it's Lynn thompson came out with a three minute video. You know around In the first week of december twenty twenty. Saying and i'm gonna i'm gonna pull a couple of quotes here he says andrew taco and i aren't going anywhere so he he sets the whole thing by saying You know he doesn't say anything about. I've been in this game for forty years. I'd like to kind of chill Which maybe he doesn't because when he says he sold himself to a company has broader capacity. They have a greater capacity for manufacturing infrastructure materials and such and then He goes on to say andrew cohen. I aren't going anywhere. And then he says very clearly. We haven't hung up our gloves. We haven't hung up our swords on the wall. We haven't put our knives in our sheets and we have not locked. Our guns in their saves. Are safes so relax about that. He says and then so he basically say we're still in the game. We just have a big brother behind us pushing us forward and giving us the kind of resources we need to really be who we are Okay that seems like something you would say for sure and and you know that that seems like probably the most legitimate reason for doing something like that. You know If you don't wanna just retiring out of the game. And he has indicated that he does not want to retire and get out of the game and then he goes on to make. I gotta say and lynn thompson. I know you're not but i love you man. I think you're awesome. And that's why i've been courting for so long. Did you on this show. I think you're so awesome. You're doing something no one else is doing. But what was with that weird apology arizona system. What was with that weird apology. Lynn thompson. I one thing i love about you. Aside from your awesome product line of great knives and things implements in such. I love unapologetic stance on things. You're the only one making seven and a half inch folders capable of doing pull ups on or hacking a pig and in half. You're the doing that. You're the only one making modern war hammers besides our our our j. m. who you are i'm mj. That's that's big big big customer money. You're the only one doing this stuff. Aside some cult pulled of athena and we're not Lint towns so what was that weird apology. Sorry if i offended anyone And all that. What the hell was that man. One thing i've loved about you all along. Is that when people are like. I like cold. Steel and i think that really tough but i just don't like their marketing. I'm like you don't like their marketing. But that's what i like about it. And i don't know maybe that's a anyway. So he said he goes on to say where we're headed for a bright new future. And what does that mean. Bright new future lynne. Are you becoming a communist lynn. I'm just kidding. Of course now. I'm trying to antagonize. Because i want you to come on the show. I'm dying to talk to you lindsay. What was with this weird apology. What's with this sale. Is it forty years in the business. Now you're ready to raise the crews. Are you gonna do a thing like lynn thompson. Special projects like in the old days and move some of these cooler things like the swords and the birds in the war hammers in the seven and a half inch holders to lynn thompson. Special projects and then have called steel. The more domestic stuff under. Csm with your hunting stuff in your more outdoorsy stuff. Tell us men were dying to know. Hey tell us on the knife junkie. Podcast all so. That's where i stopped. That's where i that's right in this little tidbits So there you have it Next is Well bench schwartz and his awesome knife news. I love knife news. Big big news. So every year he puts out the annual reader's choice poll. And you know maybe this happened last year. And i didn't notice but this year it's it's it's a glitch in the matrix. That's what it is. It's deja-vu everything's bench made or spider cornell So best fixed. Outdoor blade is bench. Made uku which is a. It's a really good-looking knife you know. And i'm sure it's great ne- outdoors but there are so many other outdoor nights companies out there that i'm surprised that bench made. Who is you know. They're they're meets. Yay is clippers. Not slippers but Holders access lock stuff. Yeah they do some fixed blades here and there so i was kinda shocked to see that this is what made the best outdoor fixed blade. Maybe it's awesome having experienced it not much of an outdoors next. We had the spider co nightsticks. Okay for best. Tactical fixed play. You're going with a spider co for best tactical picks and this is not. I'm not impugning nice news or their readers. I'm just saying it's it just shows a lack of exposure. If you read knife news a little bit more you can see that. There's more than branch maidens fighter so this this is the best fixed tactical blade according to the reader's poll at night news despite her co nightsticks. Which first of all. Let's start with the name. We're talking about a stabby daglari. Nice If you can't see what i'm looking at. It is double-edged five inch blade and it is well it's not double edged. it's ground for double edged but it's only sharp on one side so that's really that's what really gets me. This is a dagger that's not a dagger it's just a dagger in look looks only it's a it's a it's dino A dagger in name. Only you look at it and it's like okay it's daglari but they call it the night stick. This is a this is a nice. That's not only a you know it'd be a good slasher because of that. But i mean this is. This is a knife that is a purpose driven to culture to thrust to to stab. I'm i don't know how else to put it to two. And they call it a night stick. What is the nights. It's a blood. Gin. it is something that is dull that you pound onto something until it stops this you stick in once in it stops so i think it's a really misguided misguided design though. The design is beautiful. Although i have to do is get rid of their ridiculous. Little circle carved into the blade. They already have two circles in the handle chant. They go with those two circles in the handle. Get rid of that circle. Put another edge on it and come on you. Don't sell it in a couple of states but instead we're just gonna single edged this dagger and call it the night stick. Didn't think i was gonna get so animated over this but come on people all right so best fixed. Adc so this is presumably a fixed blade that you can pop in your pocket or put on your belt in a very low low key way In an easy way think of all the little tops knives. Think of all the little knives out there and it's the more elders from like five years ago or three years ago. The more eldridge's this big bulbous cute on. I'm sure very useful Scandi ground little stump. You little nice. That's round and fat. That's supposed to be hung around you. Okay i love knives. Why this why this. But i won't. That's what people love. So congratulations more. So this morning. I click on a i. Click on knife news to see. What the next raiders. Paul was and the latest one is not a spider coat. It's not a bench made it's a fox. That looks exactly like a bench made so now we're talking about the new. The best new slip joint twenty twenty. It's called the fox nauta. And it's based on an italian nautical knife that has a marlins bike on the back. You know a real sailing night so they got rid of that. They just looked at how bench made design the proper handle. Happy that and this is what they came up with. And this is the best slip. Joint of twenty twenty a copy of the best slick joint of twenty seventeen people All it takes is a few minutes on knife news every day. And you'll see that. The world is much larger than spider bench. Nate i know at this point. Your bob Preaching to the choir and i don't need to hear your your your self righteous moralising about this. But i was a little disappointed. I felt like twenty twenty than any other year. Just had just so many knives come out and to keep kind of going back to the same same trough. I don't know little disappointing but It's kind of in my nature in my family's nature to rant and it sometimes you gotta kinda let it off so there you go dad vic. The market france So you heard me. You were passionate sentimental about knives over this past knife life news you tell us utah less. What knives you're excited about. Or what sticks in your craw about what companies are doing Or or as. I did what people are selecting for their favorites. Like that's any of my business winner of but tell us. What is your excited about. Call the listener line seven two four four six six four four eight seven seven two four four six six eight seven. You don't have to leave your name. it'd be awesome. you could say. Hey i'm bob from california knives that don't rust or something like that. Whatever doesn't matter it'll all go into a montage eventually and we'll show it so Jeez i'm going long here. But before we get to my ten most carry tactical knives in twenty twenty I wanna talk very quickly very quick tip of the week. It's something that i've been doing recently. Because one of the one of the benefits of having this channel use me in the podcast is that send me knives as gifts and it. I i did a lot of no. I can't accept this eventually. I got tired of that. I'm like i can't accept this because what a beautiful nice. And i need to know what i'm talking about in so i i've gotten a couple of knives gifts you know. I've given a lot of way as giveaway knives and stuff like that but some have come expressly as gifts to me and Those are knives. I will never ever get rid of. You know talk about that a lot on this show. Gift knives They come from buddy at work or from my beloved wife or from our parents or from People who watched the show or nightmares. A nice that comes to me as a gift will always always stay in my collection. But now i'm starting to get to the to an advanced age a b. a lot of knives and the way i the way i set them up in my life case they're set up in order of importance but i am now starting to write down for each knife why i still have it whether it's just i love. This design will design. I'll never be able to afford a gusts. Genie knife or never. Will i be inclined to buy one benefactor. I can so i'll save this z. so it's that kind of thing but really the purpose of this is You know i bought this knife from greg lightfoot after our interview We had this conversation about making this night blah blah blah I bought this knife in my pocket. Check today from zurich forty two after doing a couple of thursday night knives and blah blah blah. And just to kind of tell the story so a. I don't forget because it's likely to happen with a lot of these materials moving in and out but be It's just a a good a good thing to have down down the line. You know there might come a time where i'm like. I should sell some knives. And then maybe maybe not this one. This was a gift because of x. y. z. I should remember that. And so anyway. Catalog your knives write it down You know and even if it's a matter of just writing down why you wanna keep. It's kind of an interesting exercise no. I love modern tattoos and miss modern. Tanto has a switch or whatever it is so there you go. That's my tip of the week. Write it down all right next my most cherry modern tactical rise twenty twenty and now This is inspired by the end of the year videos. All my favorite people start doing and start talking about their favorite their most carried knives. Two thousand twenty now for me. I'm going to break it down. Because i didn't want to have slip joints in this because everything rotates so much so i figured i'd break it down to my front right pocket which always happens to be Modern tactical knives and a with the exception of one belt right and then And then a slip joints. I'll do the next week. And these are not necessarily in a particular order though. I think i i think i've kind of ordered them a little bit. But before we get there i wanna do. A couple of runners up And in east have to do with the fact that they haven't been in the collection for very long but this off grade knives. Scorpion is part of their elite series. And this is a a designed by kerry orifice and and produced by. We knives so knowing that we knives is the while we knife is the one who made this. This is one of those cases like like the design. You know that it's an awesome knife And i love this design and carrying this knife has been a pleasure and this is one of those gift. Knives kerry gave this to me. And if i didn't like it i could say Carry this is awesome. Make a video about it. And then forget about it. But i keep bringing it up. I know i keep mentioning it. And i think it's partially because it's unexpected and unexpectedly lovely knife into titanium frame law. Lock slippers right now. And i love that blade something about it is evocative of the of the so calm elites. So i'm i'm gonna place in downtown randomly can try and make it look pretty so that's one of them. That's a that's a An also ran a runner up because it's too new to new. So i'll put the runners up unclear them in the Next is this knife. American blade works model. One version five. This also was a gift from the maker. this Was created by michael martin. Who's a guest of the podcast and this particular knife has really been shaken up the knife world. I've seen so many great reviews of it Let's see left-handed skills so many great reviews of this and And then I got a couple in hand to To try out your one sent me. A justin sent me a couple and a version three inversion fordism version. Five and man. It's an incredible nights. If you can't see what i'm lookin' At what i'm showing it's drop Lasted blade With a beautifully contoured g ten black g ten handle and a fantastic flipping action and he. Who makes these homemade. He makes these in his in his shop. And he's a one man band and he sent it to me and he said if there's anything i can change let no that's kinda guy you're dealing with him He's he's a very very nimble knife maker he's already on version five of his model one and then the third runner-up is today's have been carrying this a lot of. That's the strider. Sms concealed carry so. These are the runners up. But let's get to the ten most carried. Onscreen your i'm listening. What do i care about all right. Let's start with number ten my attention to detail mercantile. Mark one. Now if you have watched the the town halls and also the to podcasts. We've had douglas esposito virginia knife maker in brazilian jujitsu studio. He makes these beautiful knives. I got my very first custom right from him. It was a fixed blade. Still is a fixed blade. It's in my cabinet. i'd show it otherwise But i love his work and then he started developing this knife. Mark want and To me it's kind of it's kind of on the same shelf as a strider or a Hinderer it's a big easy youthful handmade nice and douglas has a very very very very promising future man. This this thing is incredible Very promising present. So i've been carrying this quite a bit this year. I bought this after after the april Knife chunky townhall using guest. Next is the only belt knife But it is quite a bit and it's this tops rapid strike. What a great knife. So this is a slender and slim. Kinda shank like knife Dropped wings. I got it double-edged you can opt for that this thing is just small sin light comfortable to carry now when it came to me as it comes They carved the the the butt of the handle. Your the pommel into a pure shaped glass brinker and it was just very uncomfortable. What i like to do this you know. Put my thumb right there. Cap the half the back of the handle when it's in reverse grip in. That's kind of this kind of nice and so ground that off. That's not a glitch on their part. It's just a personal preference than on my part and actually i might even carvalho mighty grind a little bit law. The back of this Also a personal preference in short handle pleads for adc and that as you can see they got this little bolton there to to fit into the sheet jinping all the way around the handle nicely excessive so great nice Tops rapid stripe. They're all right. Next is the whole z zero six forty and ernest emerson designed. This is based off the viper a slightly larger knife. Its an emerson. I think it was a it was one of the very earliest emerson tactical knives and then they came back and did a version of viper a few years back as a signature series. Those are kind of handmade more expensive and signed knives. That emerson does every year. They'll pull out design out of the vault or make a new design and feature in a limited run this z. T. version and man alive as you would expect from z. T. it's just so awesome. I love the understated kind of Design here to me. It fits on the same shelf of this abaunza Kind of that. Classic understated design beautiful. I love how a wedges up right before the blade here can widen so if you have to thrust it to you know. Presumably that will stop your hands from writing on the blade It comes with The split pea soup green carbon scales on them. Which at first. I thought were cool. But i just don't like carbon-fiber. I didn't mind the color. I'm not a fan of the of the material. So i got. I got these natural. Ten canvas mccarter handles and his awesome. It's also like many emerson designs and incidental front flipper next. We have the spider coats eighty. What the spidey ship yes. Once i had mike ller modify it mike also against the show. I had him clip while at. I sent it to him. Because i want him to sharpen. Because i've never been able to get my spidey chef with riches l. c. two hundred and never been able to get it to Adequately sharp for my for my taste. So i sent it to him. He put an incredible hand hand. Hand edge on it using stones. And i asked him to clip off the tip to make it more of a thruster. He had me draw the angle. I wanted cuts and then he cut it in he get. Did this beautiful medium tumble are. I'm not sure what medium it is sort of a stone wash and he does it for twenty four hours in. Its man's just beautiful. You'd whole work. And i had them leave the handle alone because i love. I love the titanium treatment on these fighting shafts. I love all the snail trails and experience lines on it next is the oh oh the hinderer. Xm eighteen not worn cliff. dlt exclusive. Yes that's the longest name of any of the knives. I'm showing today This thing incredible came out Believe in two thousand twenty early twenty twenty. I am a huge fan of a worn cliff shape of That hinder does. I have a beautiful. Xm twenty four. Which i believe xm twenty four that that link. The foreign link link allows the hinderer shapes to fully express themselves to their absolute beauty. So i think all of the three and a half inch hinders are are beautiful but just just slightly less than the larger ones. I think the the extra space allows them to express the lines. Only why but in any case I love the notorial aspect of this. That's what really what really brought me in and This is twenty cd steel. I also could not get this. Sheriff senate to jared neva knees knives who also uses stones and his hands to sharp knives Then so the one guy out of pocket time. This year is year of twenty twenty Weird weird paradox view. I think with the camera but this still is the largest next. The bench made bug out. Yes the bench made bug out. I always have this thing on. It's either in my waist band or in my jacket right now. It's wearing snuggle tooth Ms they make snuggle tooth In a small version that fits the rat one or the rat. It's the bug out this one. I bought the. I got the i didn't buy this rob penicillin it to me It's the blue hannitized version absolutely love. It works great. It matches the annotation on the blue. That comes with it usually. And then it's also wearing the The snuggle tooth engagement ring which is not a karamjit fixture. But it's sort of like a solid lanyard or five. It's for it's for pulling for pulling your knife out of your pocket basically and it's especially handy deep carry pocket clips. So i've been trying this out. I'm gonna make a video of this soon. Tell you what i think about that. So yeah the bug out not necessarily in this configuration definitely with these Macara handles this was one of the most jerry this year next. This was on me. A lot microtek tro don. This is the three inch. Bladed version of the cronin. Well the combat troy is the forum. So this is the throwing on Serrated on the back edge and edge on the front just like my him my drywall. Dagger love this thing. And i carry this a lot in my waistband independence carey. I know it sounds dangerous. Because of it fired out with appendix gary would be damage. But this thing is not gonna just fire on. Its own and I it's a very very very pleasing night. And i think that's part of why carry now also I sort of resurrected this. I bought it from a guy who didn't tell me it had all sorts of weird spring. Sound has that sprinting. Sound and it would false fire a lot and so i did research figured out how to fix it. I mean just. I didn't open it. I just flushed out. Did a couple of a protocol that they suggested on the microsoft website and turn this into a great great little out the front and it's excellent In the waistband as a little backup so that's been carrying it Three more remorse next. Oh man this is probably the most carry less two or three years or two years amerson sacks love the emerson sides now. This is another knife. I i had. Oh so sorry this. It's all falling apart people. It's all coming apart here. This is another knife that i asked. Jared need to sharpen did you job. I mean this of course is so. It's one fifty four. pm and chisel and one fifty four gets screamed sharp and chisel. Blades are just intensely sharp. And well jared is an excellent charter of this is insanely sharp. I have the mx year pocket clip deep cherry clip on there and it leaves just a very discreet little amount above the above the packet line. I like a little bit above the pocket line. So i can actually grab it and use it so one of my prized emerson's. I just love that thing. That's one of those emerson's i'd love to have an actual a custom version of next is the other fixed blade on the menu. And that was that is the copes designs add calderon elvia and has really cool sheath with that hook on it so you can drop it into your pocket And have it loosened there and then when you pull it out of your pocket. This hooks on kind of like a wave affixed version of a wave. And then here. I'm gonna take it off screens. And then what do you remove but this useful tactical fruit knife designed by calderon and created by a by a copious design works. Anyway this thing I carry it to cause a. I love it be light and thin and see. I really actually needed a tactical knife. This would be the easiest thing to access and it would also require the least amount of fine motor skills to to us It's one thing to carry a knife like this on you but actually garage interested in. Open it and bring it to bear a lot of steps. It's a lot of steps for nervous hands to deal with so this really is a a pretty quick solution hands and i just think it's such a beautiful design. I love that weird angle. Lastly the most carried knife of twenty twenty even though i got halfway through the air these spartan hersey holder. Oh my god. Oh my goodness gracious. What a beautiful night. anything Bilharzia puts his hands to is beautiful is appealing to me. He just designs gorgeous gorgeous knives. And i got my hand some of his fixed blades. But when this came out. I knew i had to have it and it took me a few years to actually come around to it but it has all of the features of the many other knives. I love like the hinders riders and and such and Chris reeve knives. But it's in this beautifully designed bilharzia package bill hersey design package and then on top of that made in north carolina by the fine folks at spartan. Blades guys Spoken to bilharzia on the show. Also spoken to Veto on the show. And they're both great guys as you notice a lot of these knives have a personal connection has to me now. I'm very interested in carrying the knives of people i speak with. They mean more to me now so after my interview with kurt asya. Vito said hey. Send me your spurs and any logo and will engrave logo in the handle for you. What sweet awesome. Nice thing to do and Boy either advertently or inadvertently. He turned this into just about my favorite over there. You have it. Those are my ten most carried knives of twenty twenty in the front right pocket or with the with the exception of the rapid strike which was topped in my So there you have it. Most carried knives. Thanks for watching that. It felt good to get out. Feel good to say well. Now i have a couple of knives. I'm really looking forward to. I wanna get the jason night folding khukri a tactical elements. Really wanna get that. I wanna get that Team of bladed terrain three sixty five. St sat So i have a now that no new knife november is over. I have a whole bunch of things i want to get. But it's christmas season. And i have to buy stuff for other. People is so funny in december. I every year. I'm like god. I come up with all the things i want for myself. Decem and boy become materialists. But but i've i've really been working on trying to chill chill out so anyway that brings us. To the conclusion of the night chunky podcast supplemental episode number. One seventy one. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for your support. Thank you for listening. You're listening and I'm honored to be going another into another year. This will be our third year. We've started of life jumping podcast and it's great to have you all along. Don't forget to call the listener lines. Seven two four four six four eight seven to let us know what new knives you're excited about. What nights carrying a pocket. Check whatever it is just check in and we'd love to get your get your voice up on this show Also as the holidays. Come to scream at us. Don't forget knife junkie merch now. We have a gym has designed a whole new line of. Don't take dull or an answer. It's the nypd junkies favorite sign off phrase and now you can get that tagline on a variety of merchandise like a t shirt sweatshirt hoodie long sleeve t or on a pillow coaster. Tote bag coffee mug wonder model sticker in or apron and with covid nineteen. You definitely need a. 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Thanks for listening to the nice silky. If you enjoy the show review review the podcast for show notes for today's episode additional resources of the listen to past episodes visit our website. The knife joking dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on the naito dot com slash checkouts. Aubrey knight photos on the nyc dot com slash instagram and join our facebook group. The knife jokic dot com slash facebook. And if you have a question or comments bob at the night joking dot com or call twenty four seven seven four six six or seven and you your your comment or question answer on his upcoming episode of the ninth junkie pot.

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