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"mama leoneans" Discussed on The View

"Have all gone. I went back to me. Thank enjoy congratulations on the show you. You're a new fourth coming up fourth season. They just picked you up again. This is phenomenon this show fantastic. Congratulations to you the rituals. You've been here a couple of once or twice before Once I was so sick I know you didn't have a voice live or making. We're making up for it now. The Look you had this is your first time here. I understand that you have a little bit of a bone to pick with watt to just a little bit. I have heard about this LASAGNA. But I promise I won't ask you to make me any good because I'm not. I understand that I want to be hostile. I still have to win all the awards again. Yeah I watched the video try making it. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's very simple there am again. Oh Mama Leoneans captain. It looks fantastic. I don't but you don't say what is how long you put it in the oven for. Oh well I'm sorry you're not no actually I freeze it first on cooked and then defrosted defrosted and then thirty minutes or forty minutes three fifty yup and that's it. That's not that complicated to figure out. I could've done trial and error no other thing how. How the Milwaukee and the guy I love it? We got sued and the eggs. You mix them together but how many well read the the big thing that you put to exit now. You're not going to have her special touch. There's something called. All that joy puts in that he picks duster a man can dream. You're so funny I love this show and I'm halfway through the third season so I don't want you spoil it for any of us but I also have the chemistry between you to of course be housewife turned comic Lenny Bruce who was a real stand comedian. Well known we conic absolutely you play him very well in the show. I keep thinking this is going to be at this. Because there's sort of this this this chemistry where are you want them to get together. But you're a mentor at the same time. Is it ever going to happen. I mean you'll have to keep watching to find out I suppose deposed but I don't want it to happen and I've gotten I've gotten in so much trouble for saying that I just I love. I love their friendships. So much. And I love how Lenny when he sees mergers and equal and treats her like one and he's the reason she became a comic and I worry that if they crossed that line neither of them are really in a place. Where we're really lenny? Bruce was so dysfunctional. Big Drug Addict. I don't really see you this character with any birds. She's too she's too wholesome that I think he he loves it. I think yes I think Glenn is very fond of. I think the biggest problem with them crossing the line is that they would have to get married I. It doesn't have the budget for that. We're talking about Lenny. Bruce who is is. I said iconic dysfunctional channel and also. He was called sick sick comic in his day because he was so obscene. But now I don't think he would make it do you. I mean I don't know what happened to him in these in these. PC time he's been fine. Yeah I mean I be dragged off this. He was dragged off on obscenity charges and put in jail for that yeah but he was speaking to the establishment at the time which was the church and the government and they picked. That's what got him into trouble. Bowl was that he was going up against something. That was very strong and felt threatened. God legitimately threatened by him speaking truth to power I and when whenever they deemed whatever he said offensive he chose the point that what he found offensive about them and I remember he he was also breaking laws that were in existence at the time. We don't have these obscenity kind of conversations anymore because everything's up see no because because we've moved. The Bar has moved so much but I think he would. You know this would be the perfect environment for him. Now would he it. Would he be as funny because one of the reasons he was funniest because there was no one lie can yeah so you know not a shock value in there. Well entomologists. Hey I know you think this I know you have said it in your head. And I'm saying that loud deal with his daughter. Kitty visited you set right. Did she give you any tips upset about her dad and he has inside information. You look a lot like your essence. Is there the aura. Go ahead. She was great. She's been so kind of supportive. Gave Her blessing away. And did she tell you anything about him. You could use it. She said she she. She told me that he had a pragmatic mind quiz. Manning yeah which I thought was the greatest way to define when listening to him. He's bouncing around the console console many mirrors and and I just thought that that describes it perfectly honest questions. US Joy so what actually well. I love this question. Just about criticism the character midge about at this time. I'm being a mom and never being with your kids. Yeah it's it's a yes trying to live your dream we still we as women. We struggle with this to this day. And I've heard you guys talk about it. What did you make of the criticism of the character? It's been really interesting you know. She's borrowed from a perfect mom. MENCH has a super unhealthy body image. Does she measures every part of her body. She's certainly passing that down to her daughter who she measuring her forehead. It's not ideal by. I've heard words thrown around like. She's an abusive abusive parents. She's abandoned her children. She neglects them. And it's like but this is a woman who is pursuing a brand new dream. The children's father has stepped up. He's he's he's there at home with them while. TV Show TV. Show Dan Fifties..

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