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"mama charles" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

"And you're looking at it and you just go. I'm talking about people who have made a living in the league. You they look at it live time. Just go what the hell is that. What are they doing now. This is not some games. Tony this is virtually every game but because of the injuries to brooklyn and trae young not playing three the last really the last three games in the series we milwaukee a team that two years ago might have been a favorite to win but lost sits around in the conference finals again. We don't know how they got. This is the most fantastic little note about the playoff series. That i have is this. You michael ray will bond can sleep in your own bed and watch every single game. Emt's leap in chicago and commuter walkie right has said. Has anybody ever been able to do this before. Sleep in your own bed every game and go. I've clearly not been able to do it. I'm very excited about it The thing i hate the most posted. We're not really post pandemic. But during the thing i hate the most is. I've resume travel. 'cause we always travel those off to do that is packing. I hate that in the best of times. I really hate it. Now we're all trying to get revved back up to to do what we have done for decades. A lot of and packing the travel is a you know how i love travel. You know how travel is traveling. I know how is arduous is stressful. It has never been like this for me in the forty years forty one years. I've been doing this stuff. I hate and this is so great that i can just you know games one and two or tuesday and thursday here and i'll get on a plane with a backpack and fly to chicago and the games are such tony. Get one game on sunday. I might drive the milwaukee and there are people may have would be to get like a like a yukon. 'cause i you know i'm not gonna disparage milwaukee is be like milwaukee and as some of the mid west say you know we can dispirited walkie those detroit chicago. You need an apples and wherever but other people can't And but the people you know are saying wait a minute. I'm flying to chicago are you. Are you driving like yeah the you can also take a train. Right isn't a train about an hour and a half on our ten. It's at least it's five. oh eight. that's how familiar. I am with the train scheduled to from chicago to milwaukee on weekdays. So i'm i'm yeah me. How excited about this being able to be in chicago and here. It's it's a you know it's a fun thing that chicago's dot participating. But you know small midwestern cities. I find that kinda cool that milwaukee's participating in no matter what i think of this edition of the bucks and i'm phoenix is definitely you know her her. Even shaq's it's cool to have two small market teams colo- shaquille feeding is the fifth biggest city in america. Is it really so. Yeah wow. I didn't know that truck philly houston. Maybe six philly. Houston i know houston is big. I know houston is bigger than poor thing. She's just forty. Houston's gonna catch chicago at some point in terms of you know houston city with no zoning whatsoever right it'd be that'd be third but then you've got you've got phillies four. I'm so you got philly. Five and phoenix arizona. Six so listening to this. Who think that they. You know what's a small place out west. Well yeah was bigger to washington. Dc is bigger than the nation's capital. Oh it's much. I'll no question about that. Washington probably twelve or thirteen or something like that so let us get. Let's get to chris paul for a second the you boy and you working with chris paul and that's all fine crispell of all the people who are going to play in this final. His story is the best source. There's no other story because onto compo- he's a kid. He got a lot of years left booker a kid. There's no particular veteran out there where you say always been dying to get in this position except for chris. Paul who's been now on his third team in three years and is the only significant addition to phoenix and deserves to me an incredible amount of credit for molding this team in getting this team to the finals. He's had a bad history in the playoffs of either being bad or being hurt. He's never been this far before and if he were to win. I mean i would i would just. I don't know that it makes them a better player. I think he's a very good player. But i think that a guy like that could say okay. This is this is it. I one. I've done everything i've ever wanted to do right. Yeah yeah yes yes i. He's got a very good player. Chris great for a long time. He's he's on that list of people who've not wanna championship who have been great for very long time. One of the people will be cheering for him. The hardest and i hope to get him to actually be in the arena because he defines to a large degree basketball in. This town is charles barkley. Yup mama charles. Charles dot to the final like twenty nine and he won the mvp. That year chris has not gotten there until he's thirty five and so Crispy great player. He's won a great point guards. And and when you watch the last two years and you'd have remarked on this over and over the last two years. He's just he's taken two teams the into the playoffs in one series. And you go. How in the hell is that possible. He's nps qualitatively improved teams just by his presence. He has no he. He is tough. Everybody knows devon you. You'd probably say now. Devon booker is the best player on that team and he's had twenty seven and a half points two years ago this year. It was like twenty five. He's down in scoring this year. Which is good. But chris possibles important player if i two three years ago and when james harden was the best player on a houston team. That probably should've won. It's chris. paul stays healthy Chris policy most important player on that team. So you can say that about booker. and you know what tony. I'm not in in three years. Maybe it's eighty. I don't know. I mean eight and eight minutes coming to a place. Now you just go my god. This guy can do everything in the traditional way of big man doesn't but it's still chris. Paul and i said the booker. What is this. like 'cause he he's he's legendarily. Tough on people and booker with a ride smile. Says it ain't for everybody that's right. I mean it's the guy who scores twenty one more time. Twenty seven points a game. This is a kid who has a seventy point game to his credit. You ask him what's it like. They have to deal with chris. Polity it eight for everybody. Well it is for devon book. Devon booker is now gone for so with the games even booker's had in the playoffs..

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