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"And highly congested due to an influx of immigrants in search of work. It made for appalling conditions and little chance of escaping poverty. Mcclain grew up in the gore bowls. An area on the south Bank of the river. Clyde children played in the muddy alleyways and streets in the shadows of decaying slums with an average of eight residents to one room at an average of thirty residents to a toilet conditions were inhospitable. It was a childhood Marianne would be eager to leave behind. She also suffered from turbulent home life her alcoholic father deserted the family shortly after her birth. Unable to cope mcclain's mother often abandoned her to the care of various relatives. This lack of familial stability would have a devastating impact on McLane. As a developing child Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here. And throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks, greg. According to Dr Joseph are Cohen, quote exposure to physical and emotional neglect in childhood can lead to. Deficits which lay the foundation for psychological distress in early adulthood and quote for McLean. Her perpetual, fear of being abandoned would manifest itself as she became a figurehead in the process church. She manipulated her followers to constantly vie for her attention. She would force them to constantly prove they loved. Her McLean herself has gone on record about her loveless. Childhood reportedly, the only person to show her any semblance of affection of those days was an older man from the neighborhood who treated her like a granddaughter, but even he eventually left her after tragically freezing to death after falling asleep drunk behind a warehouse, a traumatic loss that likely taught McLean. How cruel life could be. One of the things McLean likely saw growing up in the gore bowls was rampant sex work. Abject, poverty, had not only driven many in glasco to go live on the streets and descend into alcoholism many women in the city had resorted to the world's oldest profession to support themselves witnessing how the sex workers plied their trade likely influenced mclean's decision to eventually become a sex worker herself. According to independent social researcher Jane pitcher for some people with a limited range of options. Sex work may be seen as the best of possible. Occupational choices yet sex were came with a very high risk in Glasgow robbery brutality and murder were all regular occurrences. Some clean likely set her sights on the relatively quieter streets of London where she reportedly fell under the influence of pimps from Malta McLean had no formal education outside of an alleged stint in. Reformatories school. But luckily for her she was incredibly street smart. She quickly became a tune to how to satisfy her clients and became a popular. Companion McLean initially took to sex work as a means of survival. But she quickly realized that the intimacy she shared with her clients granted her access to society's upper crust. She formed deep relationships with more than one of her Johns, according to pitcher, this is actually somewhat common in the sex industry. For instance, McLean used to love telling people that she was once briefly engaged to the professional boxer sugar. Ray Robinson who she met through sex work. Apparently their relationship was so passionate that McLean flew out to the United States to live with Robinson in nineteen fifty nine. And whether this is true or not records show that MacLean did. In fact, live in the US for a year when she was in her early twenties, though Robinson son has since. Denied that his father ever knew her either way McLean was back in London by the end of nineteen sixty. After her return clean reportedly worked as a dance hall hostess at Murray's cabaret club on beak street in London. So strict the next year nineteen sixty one would prove monumental to the thirty year old mcclain's otherwise largely undocumented life. They was the year. She joined the church of Scientology's London chapter. There are a lot of reasons as to why people join the church of Scientology, according to the church's official website, quote, Scientology, addresses, the spirit, not the body or the mind and believes that man is far more than a product of his environment or his jeans, and quote, the fact that MacLean became a scientologist strongly hints at a desire to discover within herself something beyond a sex worker or hostess, but she wasn't the only one in search of a change across town. Robert Moore was also seeking a new lease on life a calling that would elevate him to a higher purpose the following year. He would find such a purpose in the church of Scientology, bringing him just a little closer to his future wife. Moore's early years perfectly. Contrast mcclain's a British citizen born in Shanghai China on October eighth nineteen thirty five more return to England with his mother before he was a year old. And unlike McLean, he came from a reasonable amount of privilege and wealth. His ancestry could possibly be traced back to Anne of York. Duchess of Exeter, and the elder sister of King Edward the fourth and king, Richard the third this meant that more may have been part of the house of plan Tajik, it the former Royal house of England which produce some of the kingdom's most famous monarchs, including Richard the Lionheart. But whether he was Royal or not more enjoyed the privilege of well-connected relatives the second of four children. He was raised upper-middle-class many in his family headed Cheever professional success and Moore's parents likely expected the same from him. He was educated at a strict Anglican private school, which he hated. He felt the school was too conservative and repressive and needlessly. Shamed. Its students for their sexuality. He was ready to leave from the moment he walked through the front door. But the prep school wasn't all bad. He excelled in school and was offered the chance. To study at a top engineering university in the UK after graduation, but ever the free spirit more refused. The offer instead deciding to enlist in the military, the impetus behind his decision isn't totally clear, but some of his writings suggests that he was searching for a higher calling that civilian life had yet to give him more served in the British army from nineteen fifty four to nineteen fifty eight his service was largely on eventful, although he saw some action while stationed for six months in Malaysia where his regimen waged war against a communist insurgent movement in nineteen fifty eight at Twenty-three-year-old more transferred back to England where he worked as a transportation unit officer until the end of his service in nineteen fifty nine more enrolled in the Regent Street polytechnic in London known today as the university of Westminster while at university, more married and fathered two children. Ever the passionate student? He once again excelled in school as an architecture student. He challenged convention and inspired fellow classmates to do the same yet in nineteen sixty two that passion vanished along with Moore who dropped out with no notice seemingly leaving his wife and children, but departure was a complete shock his classmates. Suspected more had found something more captivating than architecture day were right two years. Previous in nineteen sixty one of Moore's brothers had joined the church of Scientology and his passion for the church had inspired more to attend a few meetings. More took the Scientology like a fish to water. Suddenly he had found a purpose. And soon a woman who would change the rest of his life. Will learn more about Robert Moore's new life in a moment. According to my dentist my teeth, and especially my gums are in better shape. Now that I've been using my quip electric toothbrush. That's fantastic. 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