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"malingco stead" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"And Mike. Simple v on the sports byline. Broadcasting that work. Good time on time is always some for v restrooms are alive. Mentioned this in the beginning, I'm going to tell you it now. Up at the front page of wrestling, observer dot com. After departing WWE last month de Malingco is officially joined a w in a behind the scenes role. Awa issued a press release today announcing that Milenko is signing multi year deal with the promotion as a senior producer in coach. Mike O is starting in the role immediately. It's not often you get an opportunity this late your career to be a part of building something from the ground floor. Malingco stead, the freedom to be able to contribute uninhibited will only lend itself to foster creativity and pretty goo produce a outstanding product I'm excited about what future holds Frei w and I can't wait to be a part of that journey. Dima Malenka has been a massive force behind some of today's biggest wrestling starts. Cody Rhodes said he's never stopped being a major town who was part of the w revolution as well as a fixture of the cruiserweight movement on nitro. He skipped an open mind to our road from Lucia livre to Japanese for wrestling. He's the perfect fit for our sports Centric mentality as experience will be invaluable for our team. Welcome coach story. Goes on to say that Milenko was a longtime producer for WWE before quitting his job with them last month. He started working behind the scenes in WWE after his retirement from in ring competition in two thousand and one the day after it was revealed that he had quit. WWE Malingco was announced as for star cast too in Las Vegas taking place obviously as we speak. Another talented guy from the past as a lot of those guys that we talked about. We used to talk about on the indie scene. You're at one time Ardy. Evan sue famously was out at wrestlemainia. But, you know, you're Adam Pearce's in your your who else abyss now. And all of those guys, Steve Carino all those guys that have have flooded into the program and deservedly. So in WWE really talented people, they're taking the place of the other older guys who still have something to offer and aren't Anderson. Dima lanc. Oh, guys like that. There's still this little something there that they can offer these guys in, we'll have to see how much they can offer and what it is the show start to develop forget about this weekend. You can almost throw this one out. You gotta wait for when the TV begins. But, you know, when you have these stabilizing forces that have done these jobs before, no matter what you think about, like, you know, a, a Mitchell. You know, doing the production, you know, Keith Mitchell, it's been around for a long time, you know, whether you like him or not, or whether you pointing out things from the past that didn't work or shots, Mr. whatever who cares. He's had a lot of experience doing this and we'll have to see how it goes. But again, a certainly an exciting time and we'll find out what you think on the phones. One eight hundred eight seven eight play. Now, we will go to Tim in Miami. Tim, how are you? Hey, what's up? Like I never mind being used pre commercial break raisin fully no worries at all real, Brian Sipe point. On a diva linka, wouldn't it be cool, if he likes crows Jericho, you know, for call on him like Cinco Malingco machine. Oh, you know, twenty one years ago, I don't know if you've ever made that, right? This is operatives. That's true. He, he disparaged the good name of professor Boris Polanco with professor, bore us Blanco. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Awa asking. Are you going to buy it and whatnot? Of course, I'm going to buy, you know, I think this is the best chance. We have at a viable domestic number two, then TNA got their spike deal. And I am quite confident this Wilner should group and executive vice presidents are not going to Dixie Carter. This went up, so I'm absolutely going to buy it. And you know, apart from how well it does. When Anchalee I think that, that can dairy just making sure that they come out of this thing with a lot of positive, but because it's like five weeks. I think their next show the late June. And so it's like an NFL team going into their bye week like get your doors blown off. You're going to sit around for wild rain about how much is think so I'm just hoping the narrative coming out of this is not about, like bad production or streaming issues or, you know, they take a break and forget to come back for the last part of the show. You know, I just. I find that same thing with the after party, imagine if this whole thing, just completely craps, the bed, and, like, there's, there's nothing but issues. And that's like, oh, yeah, we got to have the after party. Now, it's like getting your ass kicked into championship fight sloughed got make it out to the casino and get laughed at now I'm confident and somebody else on the board was out. Well, if they're gonna plan, surpri why don't they announced ahead of time? And again, I think my answer to that, because it's not about the financial success of this show. It's about having positive buzz going forward so that the people who did pay the fifty bucks feel like they got more than their money's worth, and the people who skipped it regrets skipping. I have high hopes for this thing. This isn't the first TV shown, you wanna have some surprises to my thank you very much for the call. You do wanna have some surprises, and you do wanna have some, some cool things that are announced, but like, you know, especially on this show. The people are going to pay for their gonna pay for those banter online. Some people are taking the piss with it, and they don't really mean it, but it's who would pay fifty dollars. There are some people that are like legitimately saying that don't it's like there's going to be a lot of people paying fifty bucks the same way that there were what eleven thousand people or whatever they got tickets for this thing or you know, was four thousand people essentially bought twelve thousand tickets because they'll vote four a piece or whatever it was. And that's you know, they got an incredible amount of people and they got a passionate fan base. And there are a bunch of wrestling fans with, with disposable income that didn't make the trip because we're here in the secondary markets, a little soft and a lot of the thoughts about how there's going to be spillover crowds, like they do for big boxing. And you have see events, you know, doing close circuit locations that all went out the window. But this still going to be a lot of people who didn't make that trip who've got the money were sitting home that still want to be part of this thing instill, whether it's because they liked the young bucks, and the people involved, whether it's just they like wrestling, and they want another alternative, whether it's they hate w. W E. So that's why they're doing it. Whether they're watching you just a hope that it fails and hate watching out of it. You know, whatever there's going to be enough people to watch this thing is going to be a million. No. But I wouldn't think if it is that we're talking about something completely different now, but there's probably going to be a lot, and that really brings up a big time issue that Tim mentioned that was an issue for Biard live in the past the one time, they tried to run a pay per view with tiger. Woods and Mickelson. And I don't know what the number was for that. No, they had a lot of people that had signed up. You know, there's a rush of it at the end, you know, with what happens here with double or nothing. I mean, you'd have to look and see what all ended on pay per view. I can't even remember right now what it was. But, like if all those people rushed to sign up to be our live. Are they ready? You know, you hope they've tested za Turner company. You know, they failed the first time around are they going to be ready? We gotta see. But yeah, I mean that's a that's interesting again. And it just falls into part of the intrigue of the weekend and part of the excitement of the weekend. So take it back to the phones right now. Got Josh on the line Joshua. Aurea. Doing good, Mike. Are you not too bad? Are you are you all in for the stuff? Nothing weekend. Oh, absolutely. I am excited because for the first time since. Like TNI early does we actually have a number two to go watts and it's going to be refreshing for American fans anyway, because I know all my friends went to watch by new Japan. I keep up with the like not many people do people don't seem to realize really may I ask where you're calling from. Arthur, illinois. Okay. Do you have out there? Do you have Sinclair affiliates are away to product, the union friends able to keep up with out there? Is there any interest there for that? It is able to watch it. We just don't because we're not really interested. I feel. Yeah, I was interested to know like, you know, as far as a wrestling family. Are you into these other alternatives? Friends really are with new Japan. But you are is wondering if there's is there anything else that kind of strikes anybody's fancy or is it really is it really kind of, like just these guys in this group because of the hype that's around it. We, we watch a lot of different offering will. I do. But got out of Arledge after the elite Lua because like they were really the top is. And right after they wrapped, I just I lost interest, and I probably should start watching again. But they don't really have any characters that intrigued me right now like that super show that they knew Japan, the only reason why I lost is because news the plan was absolutely. I know what you're saying. Yeah. Absolutely. And just with the very much with call. That's that was kind of a lot of people. And, you know, I was trying to be bullish on ring of honor and I still am a little bullish on ring of honor in that. That, you know, all those guys leave you got to recycle, and you got to kind of take a step and go, okay, you know, and catch your breath. And they brought him Bandido. I mean, they did the right thing as far as some names, go, Brody king, obviously for for, you know, p c o you know, hot guy in the they did what they could. But in some ways it was rather patchwork. I mean you look at the life blood group that initially stood out there, and it's like it really is a whacky group of misfits feeling, you know, almost together there yet hot sauce. She got juice had to kneel. It was Finley. It just felt it was just kind of wacky and Bandido it just kinda like wacky and weird at it didn't really kind of fit and they're still trying to find their place in. They are. That's the one thing they w is a lot of people talk about why doesn't new pan work with a w why doesn't ring of honor? What why would they want to if your new Japan and they were trying to, to poach tiger who Tori, as well as many other guys, because they were starting their promotion and you got a lot of great talent. So it's not like I'm you know, hating on. You know, a W for that, or something like that. I mean that's what you're supposed to do. Especially when you got guys contracts coming up because, you know, the contract structure. And, you know, they're out there, I would try to get them to, but you gotta look at this new, Japan's point of you. Why would they would you want to do business with them? They're doing not only damage to, to your partner in America, who's supposed to be the number two promotion. And they just walk in there and step right in. I mean, let's be honest, you would love to be the number two promotion in America, and even Oro h is your partner. I mean you're still trying to build your thing here, and they haven't done a great job in doing that as a caller from from Dallas where I think it was. A texter yesterday said they still are not familiar as a company with being able to get a hold on this market, and how to advertise this market and how to try to uniquely balance what your business is in Japan and how you announce matches in how that whole protocol goes with what our expectations are here and what your new fans that have joy. In the last couple of years, who aren't as up on your history, but are very passionate and who want to be a part of what you've got. You've gotta figure out a way to balance that AWS walks in just blows right by that. And we don't need your talent because big Japan got talent DDT, obviously, has talent will be able to pull talent from other places. So why would you wanna work with them? ROA ch. I'll use this as a side note in just to say that cetera galaxy Sandra has been doing announcing for the best of the super juniors in new Japan and I noticed this with Jim cornet doing the commentary with inr Kabbani at the end of the show. The ARA wage guys. Those two guys, they have them like red bull cams in suits, just a zillion miles an hour, jittery God, but it's slow down. And you see, it was Cedric Cedric is from Carolina and man, sometime to mobile get going and what and you know, I can understand what he's saying because I live in southern Delaware, so I speak for SCO. So there's, you know, to a lot of people it's like he stumbles over his words and you see that the passion is there and the want to, is there. But it's just it's a little bit, too much and believe me, I know a little bit about that. But Kevin Kelly has done a masterful job slowing him down. And I haven't seen the.

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