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"malcolm merlyn slade" Discussed on TeeVee

"Shaken. And then. My nights. I was hoping to just roll into this one, but now you're gonna have to beat it. Oh, shoot that wasn't. Sorry. Shoots turns that wasn't Mira Q. How did that? How did you die is what all he has to ask voi-? I did not see that coming. I actually I got it right before like as right as they're talking about it. I got it. But he says, I think I know what it was. I think right. When he says, I think I yeah, right around the time of that. I think I got there just about the same time all he did. It must be something. I didn't really quite get it. But. I can't remember I think I think before he admits, I think I got it to. But because they were talking if they spent a lot of time talking about the laws, but that was a tip. But like it was it was right around the time. All he says, I, I know what it was like. Yeah. Me too. I did not. I really just thought it was quite then. But anyway, that's my note. Say, oh, shoot. So it turns out during a on the Lazarus ROY took an arrow which is ironic. He says then the're resurrected him in the lasers fit, and then destroyed it. They were trying to keep his, his murderous rage under control. But. Oops, I don't know. He said something about Mira q, who cares doesn't matter which machine. They find emiko's. Luckily, somehow they find although now in hindsight, I guess, it's a set of defined MacOS Hitler. And in what appears to be the dumbest thing dumdum all the his ever done. He tells ROY to come along, because they're a team they just killed innocent. I question that decision as well. All these like you're brother to me come along. And let's put you in another situation where you make people. When he's not being at Dickey's being dumped on. Anyway. All basically manages to confront Emiko, but she's in a glass booth which seems like an obvious. Gimme that I don't know why. Every other villain hasn't thought of that. I. Emiko tells Ali that she didn't warn their father about the bombs on the gambit when she had the chance then she blows all. Yup. Which have to say after all of these years is pretty good. Villain move Ali looks pretty much done for. He's got like a big heavy love on them. So there one one additional detail. He we also have the brief scene where Felicity. Thanks Dina for getting rid of the footage at the subway. Yeah. Right. She says that wasn't me and then Emiko reveals of course, she sent it to fifty fifty Li. Early. So they're going to be in trouble. Yes. They'll get me in trouble. Yeah, I miss that him. And it was actually pretty engaged in the episode vitamin there. Well. It'd be different than I thought exactly. And that's basically the end of the episode little bit of a cliffhanger or cliff follower, cliff cliff, basically, I'm pretty sure they'd just they blew up slabs it again. It's a real big hang. I, I thought this was a really interesting structure to an episode like having the intertwining stories it has like a usual suspects by two it, right. Like, I think that's kind of shooting, or like even the beginning like is Dina says, once he's brought in on the scene where the suspects or something. And so we each get filtered through each of their different perspectives, even though like the thing, that's sort of raised my eyebrows about it was like, why is tying to being so hard on them like this seems really out of character? But when you view it in retrospect, of course, as April, it makes perfect sense that she's trying to distance herself and provide credibility to their stories by grilling them. I think the one thing you really have to. Just get over it except I mean, more than recoup hit some people coming back from the dead. Is that these people kill people every day, like every every week, there's, like just dead bodies everywhere. So. It's a little weird. These guys are being leaving says that's all of it, right. Like you says you killed before, like a lot. But he doesn't mean last week, he means like prior to going jail. Yes. Which is true like you have to get over the conceit of the show, which is when they shoot people and stick them with arrows, they're actually okay or their ninjas in it doesn't matter. Yeah, they're not actual people. There. Yeah. I think that's a bit racist. Well, let me rephrase that they're henchman and they don't count. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. But so I, I really like this didn't go the way expected it to go. Just from the even from this coloring on the, the flashbacks thought was good. I. It was well-structured. It was interesting. It kept me engaged. I didn't see. While it sort of played out not alien to what I was expect any of the characters to do. I, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. And the, the big switch, which we already talked about. I really didn't see coming good on them the so in couple. Interesting things to me. One is the. The reviews where I had a couple of things. Minor le- spoiled for me in that I saw a headline like last night. That was like, I knew ROY was coming back because I had seen the announcement that, that he was going to appear in the present. And then I saw briefly just the the headline of a recap. And it's like Roy's back, and here's a crazy secret or something. And I was like, oh, all right. Well, he's got a crazy secret. There's limited I didn't immediately jumped to he died because, but I was pretty sure that they did a nice job because even though I was kinda convinced going into, like, okay, he must have done something. They deflected enough attention from him that I was willing to buy that, like he wasn't directly involved. And so it ended up being a nice sort of double twist. There I was actually pity showed that he had been the one to murder them. But because we saw him crack earlier this season. And I can't I thought it was just a mirror cuvee laps. And I took it to me that, that's why he's hiding out on the island the beginning, right? Yeah. No. I agree with that. Why did we see him in the flash forwards he flips out or something? Yes. Yeah. You say that I, I didn't think of it during the episode. But now you say I think you're right. Yeah, because it was never clear why he was on the island. Yes. Agreed. Right. Perfect sense agree. Yeah. The other thing I was going to compare it to this, because it was something we talked about totally off topic. A while back was the reminds me of an attempt at doing something like the nine episode in the pale moonlight, where it's a very questionable narrator and be you have our characters making a decision that is actually morally very questionable, right? Like there's a discussion briefly at the end like should we he's like I should turn myself in or something. And they're like, well, then we are going to have to rehash the whole our vigilance, these are bad from the city and we have, like an active threat running around that the are not gonna be able to deal with which is a very practical answer. But yeah, you just covered up your buddy murdering two. Totally in his people. That is not a very heroic thing to do. And it looks like it's backfired on. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. It does. It seems like they're all going to jail, which is. Because it should they should get them in trouble based on, like, yeah, I guess. Yeah. I mean, I guess so, you know, we, we've watched the show for so many years now and let them in let you know and. In order to root for the hero, you have to sort of decide that he can get away with a lot of stuff that I don't think in real life, we would want someone getting away with right. But I think that's the whole purpose of the first six months of the season of putting him in prison was trying to establish, like, there are real stakes now because we like you know, in this that we the shows ending, what if we know we're near the end of the season, all this stuff, we're taking the meta, you know out of it like it should have some level of fear to it. And we also know what happens in the future in that, like vigilantes are really looked down on. And I think we're starting to get to the point of realizing why that is. And huge props to Emiko for not saying that she was twenty steps ahead Develey? I also appreciate that. She's just really effective. She blew him up. She didn't both that much. She stuck with, like an emotional thing. And then just left the scene. Yeah. She doesn't she got she got lucky. Right. Because because the she didn't like they've brought ROY into this, and she just capitalized on it, right. Yeah. That's a great point. And we also haven't seen her. We really haven't seen her morally waffle, like everything, I think, in which that was the case was kind of for show earlier in the season, where we think she's, she all ear, like sort of getting along and breaking down barriers. I think we establish that basically all of that was kind of an act. Like I mean, I think she, I think she could have gone either way when she'd Esther dead for money to start her company. Oh, yeah. But that was well before the events of the season. Yes, yes, that was like the moral turning point, when she burns, the looney tunes plans for the boat think that's. The only thing that I think she is somewhat soft on is Rene. Because I think she could easily have killed him with that shot. Oh, yeah. And she doesn't, I think she very deliberately shoots wound him. I think she does have a soft spot for him. But that's not going to change her mind about, you know, her agenda. No, right. There's not an again. Yeah. Well, I don't think she's not morally wealth there, either no point. She wants to save him. She's like she doesn't want to kill him. She has she postures that he is in danger when he's not really. Yeah. Like she even says, I'm gonna kill you this time. But like it's never gonna happen. Yeah. Yeah. But she's never like she's not a character that we've at this point. I don't think that anybody would think there's any chance of redemption. Right. It's not like laurels situation where it's like, well maybe he'll come around. Right. Like I don't think so. I think wasn't Vince that she she's bad guy. She's convinced Malcolm Merlyn Slade, even slow back around Slade sleigh was different. Yeah. I mean sleep is crazy. And even Malcolm, actually, was that whole thing when he's trying to explain it to, to his son on the good guy. Tommy. When he's trying to explain it to. Tommy is basically a crisis of his own conscience. Right. Like he wants his son to understand go along with him, so that he could feel better about the course of action. He's taken. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So he's trying to convince himself even Malcolm does to have some sort of moral come because he goes back and forth, where he has his kids that he wants to protect and all that. Whereas Elliot, I just mean in the first season when he a big I mean after that. Yeah, but I think Emiko really has like she's just out for revenge. And that point you're totally right. She's a lot like Malcolm in season one. So, yeah, I, I thought that was an interesting conclusion in like like you said, like, John, she's just she's good. She's really good. She's really thought this through. Yeah. Yeah. You know, in thinking back, then it was like I was like, wait a minute, like this seems seems preposterous. How could she have set that whole thing, and then I realize, no, she didn't set the whole thing up. She only took advantage of leader. She grew after they screwed up right? I agree with guys Sussmuth a drink bringing ROY along the end makes zero sense. I don't understand why they don't leave him in the bunker with Felicity. Yeah. Because he's gonna lift up giant, welcome something. There's going to be some drink.

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