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"malcolm brown darrell henderson" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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"malcolm brown darrell henderson" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

"Which which is which is on the higher end but you know as we anticipate is we talked about on last week's podcast the buchan ears performance against the saints couple of weeks ago just a the tape performance. It was one of those games that i didn't think you could glean anything from. They just got their butts whipped and and they came out this week and looked a whole hell of a lot better The question i have with with with the rams last week they had became a big basically showed up with with jalen ramsey not exclusively wasn't every snap but will they do the same this week and i'm not sure they can do that with the way. The buccaneers mix up their wide receiver. So i know mike evans has been getting involved more and more recently. Tom brady his big numbers as tom. Brady and mike evans boat up in that game last week against carolina brady overthrew evans for like three touchdowns like he could have had a much bigger game. So our is our the rams gonna look this and say. Hey we need to slow down. Mike evans or are they going to realize say look in tonio brown on the outside. They put chris godwin on the outside. They put edmondson the slot. Sometimes we can't follow mike evans around. We can't follow any of these guys around. That would be the way. I lean when it comes to the tampa bay buccaneers. So i think. Tom brady end these three receivers look. I understand how annoying it is. But we've only seen them in two gains with antonio brown one of them. Nobody came through. Nobody came through. Because the buccaneers entire offense was garbage against the saints. Last week everybody came through. Because the buccaneers offense was also against the carolina panthers so might lean is. I think you play all three of these wide receivers evans and godwin's as wide receiver to brown a wide receiver. Three until we get a better picture of what the average game of the tampa bay buccaneers. Looks like i think. We saw two extremes. In antonio brown's two games which makes it a really difficult situation to breakdown tight end gronkowski's A tight end one right now. There's not too many tight ends. I trust more than him. Maybe i mean it's hard but like the only one who are i'm actually like thrilled about is travis kelsey right now because the position is such a wasteland in the backfield. The one problem last week was ronald jones. Got the carries yet. Ninety eight yard touchdown lender fornet. Didn't need to play on third downs and passing downs because they led the entire way. So it's still like playing a game that backfield but we know ronald jones is gonna get the early down work against the rams. What about the rams on the other side. Joe against the bucks defense with the bucks defense is because we thought it was now. Maybe it's not but the problem with this ram offense how many frigging players they use. And it's it's getting it's driving me nuts. Ross i'm going to be honest. And here's the issue with the passing person former andrew whitworth being out. I know that the news wasn't as bad as they fear. But he's still going to miss this game. So that fucking pass rush is going to get after jared goff. So i'm downgrading this offense across the board. The problem here is how about how involve josh reynolds has been the last three games for the los angeles. Rams eight targets nine targets ten targets. That is hurting robert. Woods cooper kupp. Though the what thing you thought with the rams this year was at least we know woods in their targets. Josh reynolds areas the to throw a wrench into things. The backfield three man rotation malcolm brown. Darrell henderson cam..

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