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April 2020 Book News

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April 2020 Book News

"Our April Twenty Twenty Book Club pick again is Mimi. Lee gets a clue by Jennifer Jay Chow which I actually finished last night so the wall. Maybe there's the benefits isolation I is. I have more time to you. Know do stuff But Yeah I love how is it how is it far? I enjoyed it. It's It's an interesting take on detective fiction I won't say more until discussion at the end of the month. But it's It's a pretty cute story of it. Did I. Deliver on on a happier book? Flew to deliver a light read. This is like a book that is is not particularly challenging But has a lot of great moments and is just overall. I really fun read and definitely a good break from all the you know All the existential Despair that we're faced with every day in real life. So thank you for for doing that. Are you not entertaining them? And speaking of thanking re-re. I wanted to also thank you for compiling all the Book News. We actually have a ton of news episode which is which is A contrast to the last few we've kind of had to dig for for as American League News. Yeah that's the strange thing about publishing you know like book deal comes out but the deal was being made like maybe two years ago. All of the all of the books that were being written like two years ago. Now they're coming out No our first book deal. Marvin can you take the lead? Sure Penguin team. Canada acquired two books in a why Douala by debut author Sheron Jae Jao pitched as Pacific Rim meets the handmaid's tale the first book iron widow is setting a world with a Patriarchal Military System. Where male pilots of giant magical? Mecca are treated like celebrities and female pilots. Must serve as their concubines. The novel's heroine is eighteen year. Old Wounds again. Who embarks on a journey to avenge her sister's murder? Publication is slated for fall. Twenty twenty one for the first title and the Second Book is slated for fall. Twenty twenty two. This sounds amazing I don't know if you know but was not an is a legendary figure in Chinese history. She that she is a real life. Empress of China like she started her own dynasty in imperial China and the story is like she started as a concubine for the emperor of the previous dynasty and pretty much arranged for her to succeed him. I think I've seen a documentary on her. I never remember the names of of like of like important historical figures it's been entire for struggle dramas and movies based on her life in China. Well it sure on book sounds pretty bad ass considering that there's like like Mecca robot young and I am all for that as a as a gundem fan not just make up a magical So like ESCO Floyd type thing you know Escalona. It's been so long watch that show and I don't know if you follow on twitter. But she made a post recently about announcing this book deal and following up on twitter. Promise that if she ever got a publishing deal she would Do you her author picture in her. Because I guess he's a Avid cost player as well and so she did the photo shoot with her wearing a calcium which is pretty amazing. So check that out. That's that is the promised to make as as an author that is you know. That's quite the dedication of right so our next book deal is bought an island with you. A why a debut by Malani Moreno set in Contemporary Hawaii. This own voices novel features. Two boys struggling with identity and loss in their community. After other boys in their town go missing. Publication is planned for Spring. Twenty twenty one between the trend of awesome own voices. Books is this like. Is this a niche of of like like Hawaiian Crime novels? 'cause I feel like kind of common to have like a deaths or like a missing persons case in quote Unquote Paradise. Like I feel like that that has to be a

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