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"malachi black derek" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

05:13 min | 1 year ago

"malachi black derek" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"Fans and attendance tonight. Raucous raucous energy was loving and it was loving it from no man. Good good good fucking shit. Right there Alastair black malachi black tommy in In the house yet again. Following from such a epic epic epic epic debut on eight e. w last week I love what he did this week. You got that white. Hot cody rhodes. That came on. Now wearing all y. Are slide like how we're setting the right there as far res- okay. Good cody rhodes. Evil malachi black. I i love how we had that nice balance going on there and Cody rose coming out. You know but is it really as is in really as that defined is it is it just based on what we saw. Tonight is is really. That's fine because you probably make an argument. Despite the fact that cody roses is the good guy and all that you actually might be able to make a really good argument that no no. He's actually the same cody rhodes. That'll stab mo fo in the back doesn't care about the fans just cares about the end justifying the means to put himself over. You could make that argument and then is actually when you look at malachi. Black is essentially the amplifier is. He essentially the purifier. That comes in and pretty much. No let me really. Just take this off to calve is an really show. You what's going on here at its core. Gotta something about their something to think about there but Those pretty solid. We cody rhodes and malachi black derek chains for this week. I loved cody. Rhodes coming out there. White-hot she'll mouth in off pissed off pissed off at how black just came at him last week wanting him to square up do it face to face and then to see malachi black.

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