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"mala borg" Discussed on Keith and the Girl Comedy Talk Show

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"mala borg" Discussed on Keith and the Girl Comedy Talk Show

"Hey. Welcome to keep the girl on Keith Malley. Hamda ladies and gentlemen may Ronca Ghani. Hi, I'm it's really nice to be back here. We are in the middle of this hurricane Florence? Yeah. Here New York City. You didn't? They didn't talk about us in the news, but it is pouring outside. They explicitly talked about us in the news meteorologist mapped this weeks ago. Absolutely. It was going to slingshot up and over through us. Well, I didn't sit down. They even said today, I'll really. Okay. So that's why you had a parka. That's why I had a park. It was cloak. It was a Puma cloak. It costs too much to be a Parco. I'm putting that on our website because this cloak was amazing. He walked in with giant shades and a cloak, and I thought, I don't know. You look like a majestic wizard. That's very kind of think of me as that's the. I mean, I, I like to think of myself as a wizard. How are you? Health was and the best health of my life, which is horrified. I can't keep track your surgeries. What happened recently. So about last thanksgiving I, I started to become resistant to my diabetes medications, and I mean to all of them, I was already on the maximum of metformin. They added glimp- ride. I was on enough insulin for five people sounds like a lot of medicine even just it was. It was a boatload and my blood sugar still hovered around between three and five hundred. Sometimes it would still it would spike in hit five hundred and and so I was talking to enter chronologies. And then I read about a procedure called the duo Dino switch, which is a gastrointestinal rerouting that has one hundred percent cure rate for diabetes to. But it has a six percent mortality rate on the table like it's is that high yet. Yeah, if for it's dangerous? Yeah. Routing, how how much you poop has to go through before it comes out your, but so the vast majority of sugars are absorbed in the first half of the small intestine. And so I went and saw bariatric surgeon, he was like, we can do. We can get you the same results with gastric bypass. I was like, just fucking fix it. And so I had my intestines rerouted. They snipped me halfway down my lower intestine and connected that directly to my stomach. They say the small intestines is actually larger than the large intestines. It's a misnomer unravel, the small intestines, it reaches the moon, but not yours, not my moon because they cut it out. It's just abbreviated my digestive processes, abbreviated. And what that that helps you process should? It means that I, I am now mala Borg, two sugars, which also makes me immune to diabetes. And so what does that mean? You can eat as much sugar as you want. There's something called dumping syndrome, which is..

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