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MEL Magazine to Stop Publishing After Mass Layoffs From Owner Dollar Shave Club

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02:03 min | 1 year ago

MEL Magazine to Stop Publishing After Mass Layoffs From Owner Dollar Shave Club

"The main story which is focused on is the fact that Mal magazine has been funded by ohad rather been funded by dollarshaveclub since its launch in twenty fifteen butts on the twenty or god. When was it now. The announced that she was going to an end turn his sixth of much rights as was result. Tweet wasn't a tweet was was that twenty. Three staff has been left without jobs. So what does this mean. Does this anything about the wind branded content model or is this just a blip in terms of both malam magazine. And how we're gonna fill magazines. What is fundament. What's going here is fundamental to the brand to the brenda content model because the core and not from editor in chief. Just show mayer. He says let me put it this way. I don't think as aggregrate to have a single source of funding. Every every day of the company was praying sustainable. For me we part of the core dollarshaveclub business announce excite with a point. That's why you know. The print magazines that the matches company stopped all of these things. They're the male ceos whose funding will there. They're marketing channel effectively. And you know we've seen a particular last year we've seen so many marketing channels and platforms just kind of get excised from plans so to the point. That magazine was integral to dull shaped walls as a kind of you know obscure marketing channel. The i i didn't notice soon as it turns out. They didn't actually have the opportunity they weren't given the opportunity to fulfil they could have done it monetization cause remember thinking. Pt spoke to josh a couple months ago. And i remember listening to entering. Just thinking does a lot that they could be doing. Hasn't monetization head. The dollar shave dancing to be interested in pushing and that's great menendez's perspective and they got the chance to develop really restore voice without any financial pressure but the end of the let don't shape never gave the chance to really mayton self-sustainable

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