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"mako cuddy" Discussed on Tipsy Tales

"Chris okay. So january third. Twenty twenty one. The insider wrote among to another story now the insider row who wrote the other story. Oh yeah let me take care of that one. Because that's a good. He actually is a pretty clever writer. It was written from marine insight. That's i await no way. I'm sorry museum hack. That's what i found that on. I didn't get the writers name but anyway it's all museum hack in. it's pretty. it's a very long story. But he's pretty funny. Okay so this someone. The insider wrote january third twenty twenty one that there was a search for boat. The search was being called off for boat carrying twenty people so as early as even another one january third so may of twenty twenty one in january of twenty twenty one two different episodes different things. This one the. Us coastguard has suspended. It searched for a boat that sailed from bahamas to florida through the bermuda triangle. Carrying twenty people. A twenty five foot. Mako cuddy cabin boat. It was expected to arrive at lake worth beach. Florida the following day A small craft traveled through the bermuda triangle area. Basically saying bannon find it Hernandez told the new york times said. It was first reported missing after family members. Said they haven't received the call. They were expecting from a relative onboard on thursday afternoon. The stuggle they did like a humongous search of like certain fifty. One thousand eight hundred square kilometers twenty thousand square miles forty three hour search and found that the and then called it off. They still have a thing of the psych. I encourage anybody who has any information yet. Yadda yadda did you get. The ones I think it was like a father and a son and there are like flying. I saw so so crazy. I didn't write about a either. But i didn't know why you how many you are going to do. Make it too lengthy work. Because i did it. It wasn't included in the list..

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