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"makita samuelson" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"And that's what I'm saying. It's not about being It's not about a guy that's going number one might not really be the number one cause the number one pick might not have been able to, you know, I've been able to give have a fair shake it playing this year. Listen. Absolutely Absolutely. Like, if that's what I'm talking. Take Sam Ryan hearts here. I know. And I like I like your point. I think we're I think we're both making for points. I think a little bit. We're arguing the scene. Scenes behind the scenes. Your own powers. I know. For years I have been Lose. If you are not making the playoffs, I'd rather be last. I swear to God, I don't care what anyone says. If I'm not making the playoffs, I'd rather be last because I want to acquire that elite. Player. In a very, very, very high pick, and he will be a game changer as we move forward. Hence. Look at Dylan Cousins. Hens. Look at Jack Eichel. You know Sam Reinhart Rasmus Darlene. These guys are elite players that will propel your team. Two great things. I I honestly believe that That being said, I'm in a point right now. That I don't want to lose any games. I want this team. We've got the youth. We've developed guys like the Jacob Rice in the rash. Miss Darlene Yoki har use Makita Samuelson, you know Dylan cousins, Rasmus Aspelin seems to be like He's just more confident not he's more of a defensive minded style player, but is really playing some some great hockey right now. Casey Middle Stat Page Thompson. There's still a ton of growth. The goal in all of these players you Sprinkle in You know. Ah, Victory. All of Senator, I think it was played very, very well As of late to Sam Ryan Hardy is is, you know, a huge part of this team moving forward. We haven't even once talked about one of the top. 10 players in the world. Jack Eichel. He's not even in our lineup. Well, actually, thank you for making that point. We have calls in line. Okay? We called for him and they answered us. Let's grab Mitch in Orchard Park. He has a thought on Jack Eichel met. You're in line with Andrew Craig and W G R 5. 15 MSG What's going on? Was I doing? Doing? Great match. Thanks for the call. What's up? You guys hear me? Yeah, we can. S o. My biggest point about Jack Eichel and Just keep seeing it all over the place where people keep saying that. Look how good this team is doing without Eichel. Jack Eichel's the problem. Jack Eichel is causing all this. Negativity in the locker room, blah, blah. But if you're gonna use that point of look how good this guy is, or this team is without Jack Eichel. Wire. We not thinking about Look how good this team is going to be with Jack Eichel. You have a guy that is putting up 85 points. He's getting heart nominations. Horrible team over the past few years. This guy is improving every year and now we're all the sudden leave. We want to run him out of town because Him. Reinhardt is showing that he could be a good sentiment now. Jack Eichel belongs in the steam. He's the captain of this team, and it's It's insane to me that people want to ignore that and move on from him. When It would be Ryan O'Reilly two point. Oh, we have our number one center. We have our captain and to move and to build around. That would be the actual smart thing, not move on from him because we'll be right back to where we are. I have to say, fellas. Much appreciate the call Craig. I'll let you comment on that calls are starting to come in and good assortment of when we have some good tweets, so we'll start to take those heading into the next segment. But A quick comment on that rift. Well, it's undeniable that Jack Eichel is is One of the best players in the world. No question about it. He probably is a is ah, top 10. Hockey player in the world. That being said. We're at a point in time right now that Young guys. Getting a chance to play. Because Jack Eichel has big, big big shoes to feel, uh, fit into and no one. We don't have anybody on this team that can that can fill Jack's shoes. Can't fill. You can't fill top 10 players in the world shoes, But what you can do is players collectively start to take bigger roles. And they start to Um, you know a player like Casey, Middle stat. Is put in a position where he is now having to play against the top lines on other teams, Okay? And he is not Casey Mills that will never Be Jack Eichel. I'll never be Jack Eichel. But Casey Middle Stat can be a next tree M'lee good player in this league, and he's taking a bigger role and taking more minutes on and teach Thompson, his right winger, who was not playing is taking advantage of his opportunity and all of these players because there's more time there's more. There's more minutes in the game because Jack Eichel ate up so much That there's guys that are starting to galvanize with one another because they are trying to take advantage of an opportunity that they may never get again. And that's why we talked about earlier. You know? Is it easy for the sabers to play there out of the lineup? They don't have pressure. There's pressure. What are you talking about? Christmas. Aspelin. Do you think he's guaranteed to have an NHL spot? Like a month ago? I would have put him no. Casey. Middle stat. Was he guaranteed a month ago? No. We traded in the NHL. You were helping him pack but listen, he may not have played for any other NHL team. Cage, Thompson Satin sat in the stands, You know, like there's so many of these players Anders, New York that we picked up from Boston did not play did not have opportunism players. He's a player. He's a player now because he's getting a chance to play. He's well. He was a player in Boston, but he wasn't the player that he's going to get a chance to be here. He's going to get a chance to be a different player here than he was in Boston. There's no question we got to go to break riff. We'll keep going on that point. Potential. While there's history in the making tonight in the NHL is something I never thought I'd ever see. Tell you what that is. In a little bit here. I'll tell you what that is next other history potentially in the making here the next few days that I didn't think I'd see. Um, tell you what that is..

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