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Olympics Live: Shaun White qualifies for half-pipe final

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Olympics Live: Shaun White qualifies for half-pipe final

"It's it's it's it's another another another another silver silver silver silver for for for for team team team team USA USA USA USA which which which which picked picked picked picked up up up up its its its its fifth fifth fifth fifth of of of of the the the the games games games games and and and and it's it's it's it's six six six six medal medal medal medal overall overall overall overall Colby Colby Colby Colby Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson delivers delivers delivers delivers with with with with a a a a score score score score of of of of one one one one hundred hundred hundred hundred eighty eighty eighty eighty three three three three points points points points to to to to earn earn earn earn second second second second place place place place in in in in the the the the inaugural inaugural inaugural inaugural men's men's men's men's free free free free ski ski ski ski big big big big air air air air a a a a lot lot lot lot of of of of people people people people fell fell fell fell out out out out there there there there and and and and but but but but every every every every dog dog dog dog has has has has its its its its day day day day and and and and I I I I just just just just happened happened happened happened to to to to land land land land my my my my tricks tricks tricks tricks clean clean clean clean and and and and end end end end up up up up in in in in the the the the cellar cellar cellar cellar metal metal metal metal position position position position team team team team USA's USA's USA's USA's Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Kim Kim Kim Kim began began began began their their their their defence defence defence defence of of of of the the the the women's women's women's women's snowboard snowboard snowboard snowboard halfpipe halfpipe halfpipe halfpipe with with with with a a a a bang bang bang bang she she she she secured secured secured secured the the the the top top top top qualifying qualifying qualifying qualifying spot spot spot spot for for for for Thursday's Thursday's Thursday's Thursday's final final final final defending defending defending defending champ champ champ champ Shaun Shaun Shaun Shaun white white white white will will will will go go go go for for for for his his his his fourth fourth fourth fourth halfpipe halfpipe halfpipe halfpipe gold gold gold gold after after after after qualifying qualifying qualifying qualifying in in in in the the the the men's men's men's men's side side side side or or or or disappointment disappointment disappointment disappointment for for for for makayla makayla makayla makayla Shiffrin Shiffrin Shiffrin Shiffrin she she she she once once once once again again again again failed failed failed failed to to to to finish finish finish finish her her her her first first first first run run run run of of of of an an an an alpine alpine alpine alpine event event event event she she she she was was was was disqualified disqualified disqualified disqualified after after after after missing missing missing missing a a a a gate gate gate gate five five five five seconds seconds seconds seconds into into into into her her her her slalom slalom slalom slalom run run run run just just just just as as as as she she she she did did did did in in in in the the the the giant giant giant giant slalom slalom slalom slalom on on on on Monday Monday Monday Monday I'm I'm I'm I'm Danny Danny Danny Danny cap cap cap cap

Usa Usa Usa Usa Colby Colby Colby Colby Steven Ski Ski Ski Ski USA Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Kim Ki Shaun Shaun Shaun Shaun White Makayla Makayla Makayla Makayl Slalom Slalom Slalom Slalom Danny Danny Danny Danny