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"major general perez atma" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"A tiny amount. Communist, China I started trying to control his population in the ninety seventy s most provinces pasta laws to stop capos for having more than two children, a ninety seven nine. Men employed by the state could lose their jobs. If they had a second child heavily pregnant women were forced to have abortions in some cases, couples allowed to pay a fine and Cape. The second child propaganda slogans, promote nepal-ec where everywhere they appeared on TV in newspapers on public transport. And I'm Bill, both in cities and all those in villages your job or a baby. Think about it. It's serious cut. You Philippian tubes. Make your whole family proud in ninety eighty two eight became national policy to restrict families to just one child only a few pro provinces and some ethnic minorities were exempts a ninety three at the height of the one child drive and not long after Joe gonna ho- second. Daughter had be forcibly adopted. He was sent to work. Work has birth control official for six months. Hey so abortions sterilizations and they cover caisson of peoples property. We were told by a senior official that if people broke the rules, we could come off to them for whatever they most feared losing. For example, we could take away villages delays in winter or a farmer's cows in spring. TV sets beds do vase, or any other valuable belongings. They took everything as leverage to force families to pay fines. But even after the parents had paid fines to officials it didn't mean that second child was officially recognized after job on her left to the birth control team. One of his friends told him what his wife had gone through in nineteen eighty three. My friend's wife have been hiding in the house ever since she got pregnant with their second child. She never went out let someone tipped off the family planning agents a team of about eight. Birth control agents came to the village to get her to have an abortion, the wife ran away, but she couldn't run very quickly as she was heavily pregnant the team quarter and put her in van the driver was very sympathetic when they were about three miles away from the hospital that Dr deliberately slammed on the brakes in the confusion. My friend's wife escaped it was nearly midnight and she hit an Patty field. The birth control team could not find she then walked to her own mother's house, which was about seven miles away, three days later, she gave birth to a baby. But the birth control team came on the couple had to pay a fine as policy took Hoed joke on her remembers village. Being forced to have their Lopion chips tied to prevent them becoming pregnant. Has a shoe that there was a shabby clinic by the side of the road. The windows facing the road were broken so processed by could see exactly what was happening inside. It was totally inhumane, about thirty people in our village women and men. In fact, were forced to get their tubes tied after having a second child. Women also had their abortions there, it was so brutal I stood outside with others. I also heard some babies crying, and then they went quiet. No bystander was able to stop what was happening because it was protected by law. If you're against it, you were breaking the law and would end up being taken away by the police in nineteen eighty four the rules changed again. Capos in some rural areas were allowed to have a second child. If they're festival was ago, a song was considered more helpful informing communities like everyone joke. On her new the rose. But as he and his wife only had one daughter in their family. They still wanted to try for a song. But if you chair depended on the most powerful person in their community. The local communist party secretary. My family had a bad relationship with villages party secretary his family, cursed us whenever they went past our door for not having had any sons I was angry. I wanted to have a son to win back. My family's dignity, the communist party had the power to find employees from the public purse as punishment for having more than one child. But some people in village had got away with it. So when Joe goal hers wife got pregnant, he thought they had a chance. Would when my wife got pregnant belly wasn't that office? So we took a chance, my wife managed to hide her bump, and even left the village to give birth but I was unlucky someone tipped off the officials and I lost my job, and I wasn't entitled to any land to farm, a neither was my some they deprived us of the ability to earn a living for two generations. We were very poor after that by some and my first daughter had to drop out of middle school on her believes he was unfairly treated. He has spent twenty years petitioning the government demanding his job back and is seeking compensation. He has been imprisoned toys, after being accused of destabilising society in recent days. China has abandoned these one child policy and now encourage couples to have a second child to base. They labor. Allocate in increasingly agents, -ociety, it's believed that up to four hundred million births represented by the one child policy Yang Jiao, our final story this week also touches on China. It's more than five years now since president Xi Jinping announced the am bishops belt and roadway initiative, designed to open up button. They transport infrastructure, akin to the old Silkroad trading route, but China's desire for links going west stretch back much further in time. For example, it was in nineteen seventy nine that the Karakoram highway linking China and Pakistan was finally opened the public at the time. It was seen as one of the great engineering feats of the twentieth, century. Hi, there has been speaking to retired Major General Perez Atma, who worked on the Pakistani.

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