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NBA's Two Greatest Sh*t Talkers |Rick Mahorn | Showtime Podcast with Coop

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NBA's Two Greatest Sh*t Talkers |Rick Mahorn | Showtime Podcast with Coop

"I saw that when I first got the song scared and had nightmares about the damn hooked up. But you want to know something. He didn't learn to shoot the left hand. So he played against me page story for that. You are you kind of forget we're adre. Let's do it. Ricky's in his car. Welcome listeners to show time with poop. I was a great time the man the myth The Legend Rick Mahorn Rick. How're you doing? I'm doing great couplet hearing that man. Myth and Legend stuff. I'm like is this the same guy Cooper? They wanted to fight me during the playoffs or we still got animosity, but I love it because I'd love the Competitive Edge that you had and you're going to a small a small D1 school. Ami going to division two school. I have nothing but respect for you. Well, really, I don't like you Rick. I think we just have respect for each other cuz I still have memories about five. Yes. I was going to fight but then all into that later, but again we want to thank you for a man your family everybody everybody. Ricky like say hi to Rick Sloan Rick Mahorn. How are you? I'm doing good. I'm just bought the coupe makes me laugh because it's like when we first when we're doing the the big three, it was like, okay. I got a when we were doing the WNBA gotta talk to Coop them. Like, you know me. I'm like, I'm kind of like a happy-go-lucky type guy but I'll tell you something when Cooper would see me land beer myself and you go like I can't understand them guys, but it was it was fun to me cuz it was like she had done that. I left that on the court. I didn't care about what we were doing after we played it was it's fun because I talked to Coupe and also talked to him Celtics and it's like, you know what we're building blocks of his NBA and that was fun. That's all fun, man. You know on that note it is interesting. How as I've done a lot of these interviews with Coupe how you know those that animosity was was real, you know, and it just it seems like today's game that doesn't exist. You know, if there is a fight between players it's not you know, there's no real true animosity. They're all friends now, I don't know. I mean that maybe that's a good thing but I just I feel like sports needs its villains and you know, the real hatred that that you guys had for one another whether it was the Pistons and Celtics or the Pistons and the Lakers this Lakers the Celtics like thought was real and even to this day. It's like, you know, you you guys are still like, I don't know we like each other now or is this is enough time to ask, you know, you know when when you say that it's more like The social media aspect of it everything I remember growing up and I'm not speaking for Coupe. Oh, I remember going to planning directly and you know, you don't even know anybody in the rec league from another neighborhood, you know, we we always competed because my neighborhood versus your neighborhood. It wasn't where you can have the option of going to different high schools. You know, you don't one District you had to plan a district now, it's more like it's open you can go anywhere you want long as you have transportation to get to and from if you went to a private school wasn't like the box is going to pick you up yet to get there on your own and and those things right now has festered into this you when you stop giving young people a chance to go play in directly wage. Keep them off the streets. Those are the things that you know, you value more now than the social media part where these guys are playing in this you kind of circuit and they end up playing, you know, yep. The governor seeing them together and that's what we see in this bubble right now. You can see some animosity where you got guys like Giannis antetokounmpo and people like Russell Westbrook where it says genuine, I don't care about none of y'all. I want to kill you. Who is your Nemesis Rick growing up in the neighborhood? Who was the guy that made life hard for you? There's this guy named Raymond life out here in Los Angeles for music guard just died was just he Nam who was that for you, you know to for me I didn't in high school. I didn't start playing basketball my last year in high school. Mine was football. I didn't like I didn't like this Hartford Public team and they always had this guy named Willie Willie poo who was about six 3 about 210 220 and I'll tell you something. He was like a like a O J Simpson in that backfield and he would hit the line and talk smack and look at you and I'm like this dude is just huge them. In the corner and he would hit you and you were growled sitting there going like I gotta hit this dude, and I don't know how hit him. But then you got the whole line. My thing was and then when I got into basketball, my name is Lida Williams and I saw it was foggy. They got a YouTube of that final game my senior year of Rick Weaver high school high school and I couldn't wait to play against Sligh Williams again, cuz that was my first year plant, you know organized basketball, you know, I had to grow spurt and next thing, you know, I'm on a basketball court trying to play. Well, you know unorthodox, you know have to learn how to you know, shoot you know, all I could do is rebound and block shots and it was just the raw talent, but my Nemesis just you know, little slime off hands and I know you most like wins. I I think so. Let's day I kind of want to whoop his ass off. But that grows, right? There's like this like Sly Williams. He killed you had like 42 who said we're going to do then what do you have 40 to just against me like come on home. They just can't get the street out of you. Then. That's what it is. Yeah, because you know, you can take the kid out the hood, but you can't take the hood out the kid and I think it's a month. Let me the game always have to compete and make sure that you know, I was one of the, you know, just wanted to play hard. I never even realized I was there in the NBA until my birthday and I'm out out in California Davis Grill in Oakland, and I'm reading the newspaper where we played the we played the Celtics in a in a in a six-game series and off now lay going to know out in Oakland and I'm reading the San Francisco newspaper there the local paper. I like why is my name out here in California, you know sitting there going like, yep. That was unimaginable. We we didn't have social media. So we had to read it. So when I read that I'm like, oh shit. I'm in an NBA. It was like I was just playing but I just like competing and didn't matter if I was playing for the bullets or was I playing for the Pistons but as you know, as this game has evolved there's media craze seem to get instantaneous news from from all the social media Networks. Did you like did you have bad boy in you before you got the Pistons ordered the Pistons bring out the bad boy know I had it in me before it was like okay, just been happening a little bit having a guy like girl and beer, you know a guy that I hated playing against and the guy that I hated is a teammate at a time. So it ended up, you know, when Lamborghini three piece by Robert Parish in the playoffs until lampir. You got to step up for yourself, man. You can't be let nobody just go at you. If you don't go to if you don't step up for yourself, don't worry. I've got this under control and so, you know, the enforcer rule was there. I just my thing was your my team-mate and and it's about protection and Coupe knows that very well. It's like hey, you mess with one you don't mess with all we got to go after this because you know, we got established that and when I looked at the playoffs now, I thought I thought Paul Millsap at a crucial time in that game. Where it could have been you know, the game 5 where it could have been a sweep his intensity of setting its own like hey, man. Hey we gone for this no more man. We ain't going for the bully ball and that may be competitive because you simply saying these guys running with their tails up there up there. But but yet it was the fact that you know, what I didn't give a damn who you were it was the Pistons versus everybody and you know what Rick I think you hit on something like that. I like again. I think it's well in a sense of being an enforcer but it's just about not letting people getting a cheap shots and certain things now take yourself 692 4250 back when you play I was six 670 Millsap is what 69.9 a some like that so the side doesn't matter. I think it's just the heart and the attitude that you have to take because again when you're playing people and you know, I don't want to call myself protector I mean, but somebody 11 a.m. On magic or or Korean you you know, hey as little as I was I was going to step up and say something and again, that was perfect. What you said Millsap stepped up did what he had to do and not one that game and then coached him on the bench at the end of the game. But he had played his role to Perfection to instigate something that compelled his team to go on and wins. You know, that's that's it. You you hit the nail on the head cold You Go Hmmm, man this dude. They just open up on us. You know, you got smart Marcus Morris the way that he plays if you don't match the intensity bulb of the other team and if you don't set it's guys to play their roles and this is how we survive in the NBA you play a role and you you you enrich it and it's like, you know, what if I got them at the tone, you know, if you're invisible in NBA something's wrong because it's not the fact that you have to go out there and be a bug or whatever they you know, play goon ball. You know, what dead The matchups against the Lakers in the Celtics was a prime example, you know, you got landsberger going for a shot. You got Larry Bird trying to rip his neck off and then they look at you and identify you as a villain though you he's a this is this is not professional sports, but it's like okay. It's establishing a tone. You gotta have a tone-setter. If you don't then this team going to feel like they can get away with murder. And if you don't compete, it's not the fact that you playing dirty basketball. It's the fact that you know, I'm a hit you I'm going to make sure you let you know let let you know come in and laying again, I'm not going. Yes you ever heard of masterclass know? Okay, that's the class whether you're interested in sports music game design or cooking. There's master class for you. What do you like to do in your spare time? Right not a damn thing and it's been six months and nobody a relaxation Master grab my cell phone number. You know get unlimited access to every master class and has a Showtime with Coupe listener. If you get 15% off the annual all access pass code off of the class. That's masterclass.com for 15% off if you like jazz, they got Herbie Hancock, if you want to enhance you'll be handling skills and Ricky didn't have many. They got Steph Curry Steph Curry this they got Serena Williams show you how to hit a backhand down-the-line. Hey cool, I love you to death. My master class is getting my master ass if you go to class with Master Joe's Rick Mahorn best-dressed masterclass get unlimited access to every master class. And as a short time with poop listener, you get 15% off the annual all access pass go to masterclass.com. Masterclass.com for 15% off math class. I'm going to make sure you let you know let let you know come in this land again. I'm a knock you on your ass glad you said that because you go to Hampton you find yourself in the NBA. You're within the Washington thing and after asked you what's the difference from you being a watch them player as opposed to being a piston player. Do you consider? Yep? A dirty player or a thug? I consider myself Michael Cooper and I read I consider myself a professional in the thing is about being a professional you go out there. You take care of your business that I want to hurt anybody or maim anybody know. I just wanted to make sure that it come see the thing about me coming off of division to school. Come on Coupe may be looking at you. Like what the hell is Hampton Institute? That's not some crazy-ass goal is he's been institutionalized know I went to a choice see you and let me tell you something. You have to fight at games. We didn't have the biggest Arenas would be probably the most you probably seen was three, maybe three thousand and a pack gym, depending on if you walk in an office State or if you plan a Virginia Union or you plan a Saint Augustine or or North Carolina A&T at that time you get you going like, okay you got the section job. Wizard calling 33 it was this one school called Saint Paul and Virginia and they had this this group of guys three three rows underneath the basket. They can just stick their arms and touch it is going like man. You say something to me again. I'm going to go out there and I'm going to slap you shut up. So it was like, you know, what? Hey I had to fight. The thing is you're not it's not that you know are going to be a gifted athlete, you know, it's not like you can jump high it run fast, but you you like your role in the thing is I enriched my role by playing how how do I get identity so often they identified me as a guy that I knew I could score. I knew I could rebound. That's the NBA everybody learned how to do something. Right? So I mean the thing is you sacrifice one life for the other I got paid to play if they wanted to call it Thug basketball or intimidation. It was a tone-setting for me. It was like, okay, you know who you know if you yep. My eyes and my eyes looked as like man if I go in there don't want to get a little touched up or do I want to sit in and take that short shot. That's what Michael Jordan learned how to play that game the the short game. That's the thing about this case. You know, he got his ass beat so much as like I messed with them to go fug. So so that's not that right. So your word was touched up our word. Our word was making paste that would yeah, you know it just the ground it was awful, you know, what's fun to plan in the playoffs and getting to the finals was something that I thought in my career. I would never get with a Washington as you say ball Club, at least they did change their name from all the bullets to the Wizards now, but they'll or not a football team is the Washington football team. Like we all get this shit right before anything, but it was like, you know, what time? Got to establish yourself and make sure you knew we had the the beef beef Brothers. He had Jeff ruling and myself you're going like if I go in there mess with them. Hang on the either package deal with this punishment, cuz I'm going to taste the wood that what you said, that would don't taste good. They were to stick in your mouth. You love feeling in your arm or elbow in the side of your head. If you get a little and your head hits the back you're going to be a little concussed, but that's the thing about playing professional sports. I ain't trying to hurt you. I just want to win the game and you go like, you know from from what I'm told that I really love from a guy like Malcolm X. It says by any means necessary and now it's just been like okay, how do you survive and that's how I survive in life that many years. Yeah and intimidation is such an important part of the game too. I think we we think of it that way but the idea of you get online you're going to feel it. So good luck going and Elaine. Did you ever do you ever thought? Cross the line ever know. I never think I will cross cross the month plus go ahead cuz I'm going to tell you something when years so you call an AC Green tough guy. I'm looking at a sea green or I would get I was here on you know on certain games all the mailman's deliver and I was like, yeah delivering that shit over here. How about the same returned to the sender he coming with a tow it was funny to me because it's like, oh he's so tough. People label him. He's always man. I told Carl Malone first game first time I met him and when he got to me I said I got 6,000 all of them. Got your name on it. So bring it whatever you do and that little damage. And boy, he could set a pic. I could I have mad respect for him because he would come in and hit you, you know, like damn did he just hit me in my balls and I'm feeling like not as dirty. That's like name. To wear a cup. Come on Cooper, you know the game man, you know you establish yourself if you achieve shot artist or you going to be a guy that I know he's playing going to play hard and you know, you were Defensive Player of the Year, you know, you get to do you get the Sixth Man Award usually what your role was, you know, what you have to do to be able to survive an MBA and I did it so subject or did I try to take somebody out if you gave me that lane you going to feel that I'm glad that you brought up a good point Who are the 5 toughest players that you were considered good people two players along with yourself in the eighties. When the eighties Rick Mahorn Rickman off or English. Don't forget about ripping. I'm giving you what name you tell me about him either. Give me a name, Hopefully South Oakleigh. Okay. Okay. Listen, you gotta understand Oak is like lived in my shadow from Hampton. He went to Virginia Union wage, which is when our rival schools and watching Oakland last night on Dancing With the Stars all mad cool almost peed my pants, but for him to be fifty six, and I've been trying to shake him off, you know, and we're best of friends now between me and him and Derrick Coleman, you know, oh cuz like, you know, your was it was like my little brother, you know, here's A little brother that wants to and wants to be like you but able to use going to Virginia Union Union knowing that they had to be competitive and you gotta love a guy like Charles open. Yeah consider him one of them forces and then be a another name that to Dan Roundfield the late Dan Roundfield. Oh gosh Brownfield man. I thought now see how long is the thing to remember I came in when Wes unseld is my mentor and God bless him to me out. What's on sale told me who who I had to look at who who I had to worry about Pac-Man. Come on, man. I had guys like you remember Bob Lanier. If you looked at his feet Bobby damn just told me don't look at his feet he get mad if you looked up because you know, we're curious is kids, you know, like man wears a size 22 shoe and its feet all twisted, but he sent me upon busting your ass you going like I can he do this month? You know, okay Bob Lanier to me and then he told me about Luke John for the girl eighth grade Maurice Lucas and Maurice Lucas. He said he's going to Wolf that she then you can walk, you know, don't worry about him. He gained going to scare you but it's just the fact that you gotta worry about him. And then you have a guide like Artis Gilmore very strong. Yeah. I don't like damn man. I can mess with him and him and I are born on the same day. So it's like man, I ain't telling this dude happy birthday my slap me but he when he picked me up and I tried to take this position on that box that little box on the left hand side kicked me up by my shoulders and moved me so you can get the spot us a message with him either. So consider him one of the strongest guys who played again. I'm not a better. Are you a better artist? I'm home. Sometimes it's been a gambler little bit sometimes. Yeah, I don't know but you know what? This is been online. I need to check out all the odds up-to-date sports news. Don't forget to sign up and take advantage of all the dead. Bags Sports bonuses for you that online your online wagering expert that was your money Coupe. What about with your other sports gambling with your money down? What will I used to go up to Vegas? And we play Blackjack on the a crap and I would take like five hundred three hundred dollars and I'm actually pretty good at that. 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So consider him one of the strongest guy who played against arguably, you know, I was blessed to play against him and also that dog Shaquille O'Neal, so I'm going to tell you some artists Gilmore to train the A train was a beast man. He was loose. From Coupe man. I've sent back. Sometimes that's I guess when I'm walking my back hurt cuz I'm trying to keep up with these Jews but didn't want them to know that I was intimidated by them, but they wasn't home to me was the strongest man I've ever played against cuz I had to play against them every day in practice. And I'm going to tell you do 6 is real high was 6-6 and like to 60,000 look like this a cylinder block and you know Kuba he hit you. You've been hit. Oh, yeah you ran into one of his friends. Were you? What did you think I learned that from you is like you just let's go this way and then let the dark come off you this way and man, I was like damn he was right and he ran into me and just braced herself man. That's where I learned. You know, you take something from your Mentor remember when I will pull the chair on people when I was like man that stuff became so funny and now they still mentioned to this day. Oh, he pulled the chair. That's the old Rick Mahorn move and I'm sitting there going dead. Fire for Delmar. For what time so he taught me that long time ago. Well, you know, I do believe this and the reason that you learn pulling the chair cuz you wasn't going to stop anybody so, you know off the cigarette smoke like that that's messed up Coupe that's messed up. You know you as a one-armed Bandit go hard to the right and make sure you put it in his left hand cuz you can't dunk on your left hand you off. Don't call you guys write in the Blues like who couldn't wipers but walking through there at the right hand was broke in the part of my show where it's called lightning round off. I'm going to give you some names and just give us a little bit about that person. All right. All right first one game Bheem. He told me he said I scored more points with one guy and people with two good eyes. I love babe. He talks more smack him and Willie nor would I love some Dave being man. He just a you know, and he's right off. We are planning it had a bad accident but he was how can you guy had, you know Vision in one eye and can score and you knew that you're going to get your ass busted by Chicago and I'm not saying anything against his his disability, but he was able to overcome things like Abbot who didn't you know a picture that had one arm but it made it in a major leagues being a picture. So I admire guys like that and I still love David Bing. I keep telling them how to hit him with a picky eater got a site. Let me stop by was bullshiting off Michelle Obama. Woo! Don't don't my heart just fluttered when you set an a man. That's a beautiful woman. I mean got a chance to meet President Obama when we won the championship cope with stuff. Yeah. Yeah, you know it was it was nice to hear him. Say the name Rick Mahorn and Bill nambir to him being a Chicago Bulls fan, but dead. Hello, mom was just a beautiful but not only that she's beautiful. She's the bright and very intelligent African American woman. And I think she does positive things for women across the world where you can represent yourself and be yourself and also be proud of yourself so that she's she's a positive woman in my life and in my kids like to get a chance to talk some smack that President Barack Obama bought the Bulls when you were there. Oh, yeah. I told him I said you shouldn't have been to the game and they worry about it's tough trying it over. It was like talking to somebody, you know, you don't like Rick Mahorn a bill and I had didn't like jealous players, but I respect and I still hey I respect you as being the president so hey, just give us a congratulation so we can get out of here man. Took my car. Well, he got paid he got very good for being that he was there doing the Terrible Towel for the Celtics game. Warden of them all bumps Pittsburgh Steelers. Every time I see it. It's like a terrible chouse. We used to run by Mister Choice down or even a damn tell you you and Thursday we going to whoop y'all asses that today get out of here with that, but you have respect for MLK. Hey, you got to survive in this league somehow either if you're if you're the 12th, man, you better make some noise home daily. Oh. Excuse me. Daddy riched. Oh, yeah, Daddy rich man. Come on, man. I got a picture in my office of em, sitting, you know talking to me. It's just giving me the advice between, you know his fashion design, you know, it was fun because he never really conversated with me because it wasn't that he didn't need to but we think he would always tell me every time we go to New York Ricky. You gotta get some blue shoes. That's a come on Chuck. You know, I've got game but blue choose what I'm looking I am getting a pair of navy blue shoes and from meslin every time I throw that blue suit all Coop you go. He goes like yeah, Ricky you got it the blind shoes. So damn daddy Rich love them to death is fast and he's fashion-forward that hairstyle always as they say he was soft and that was you know a coupe and you know, cuz you have Pat Riley with that song. Sweat slicked back right now that that's the flying there man, Robert Smith Batman Robin still doing it daily Hare that's wage because then hairline was gone kufi grown in the front and let it go back in the Shag in the back cover more cool. That's why you got a ball head and you know, cuz I still home last but not least Vic the late great coach John Thompson. Big man. Oh my gosh Coupe. I met him and this was fun. I had a chance to plan now. It's only three people back when I played that ever made off the East-West All-Star game back in the day cooped you remember that and it was a top seniors in the country. They only have and they have it but it's not publicized anymore because guys leave out back and forth with one year in college to go to the NBA and he was like, he was like baby boy baby boy, you know, just just get that money get that money. And every time I saw a big John what that hurt me with him and Wes unseld dying and the same year. Then this code has this crazy pandemic that went and the social injustice that we're dealing with. It was like wage, you know a guy that was a a mentor to be the first African-American coach with a he had a team and I told you he would Pat Patrick Ewing and being in DC at that time. It was just nice to see and you always be remembered in my mind and long ago Russell cool. So time with Coupe. We got Rick Mahorn in the house and Rick. I know your real life. You got something going to a couple more questions. Do you guys get to the playoffs and you face the Lakers in nineteen eighty-eight wage? What was your thinking and he saw magic and Isiah kissing before he hey, I wasn't mad at him because I still when I see my college coach to this day. We kiss each other on the cheek and I kiss my nephews on the cheap, you know people think you know, you show our appreciation about yourself, you know that you really love this individual and you know, you don't worry about all I never got into, you know judging anybody for what they do because you know, I respect you know, we as men especially being African-American and we never show the appreciation of the love of each other and that was just a bit of friendship later on kubas, you know, yeah, please and also in that 88 getting to the finals, you know, we always talked about injuries and at that time, this is the first time I ever got to the Titles and you if you would have you saw me I started the game, but I was also I had a ruptured disc in my back. So my whole thing was I ain't getting surgery until after the season cuz this might be the last person the last time I ever get to the finals so that was you know, that was inspiring. So with that being said, you know, what when when when you plan against your friend and you won a best friend, I love playing against my best friends cuz I always wanted to you know, that was fuel for the fire for the summertime Coupe. You knew it was like a bust your ass off like, you know on that that didn't bother me because again when you go into war and you have I wish I would have had an opportunity to play with one of my long-time friends. I never had a I grew up with and made it to the VA and got a chance to the ultimate game with them. It didn't bother me. The only reason it bothered me because it was the Detroit Pistons. That's the dog. Reason it bother me, you know cuz I really didn't like you guys and and knowing that how did the bad boy named come about? What can you guys be called the choice Hustlers or the Detroit come up with our servers bad boys and we knew identity know it started out Motor City Bad Boys When We Were Young and eighty seven against the Eastern Conference Finals. When we lost to the Boston Celtics that one pass that we had on the win that game six and bring know that game five. We could have brought it back if you seal the deal, but it came the lead came up with that. They came up with the Motor City bad boys. Didn't know where it came from. But then the next year was the Detroit Bad Boys and that kind of that moniker just kind of stuck and you know, I keep that emblem on and I loved it because you know, they might let me see. I'm in the truck. So I'll make sure I let you see dead. What I keep in my truck keep this old Bad Boys thing that somebody made me this pillow need some stuffing. Yeah. That's what that's you know, I can see that and then and then I got here's one for you. You might get get mad a little bit. I got my bad boy bear with the orange and the bad boys and then I got my God. Somebody made me a bear with this and this thing is over. All that junk in the car with you and why the semi truck man. I'm in my black bad boy truck lucky. I don't get out of the car and go on the back and show you what the emblems on the back so don't hate Coupe don't hate. I yeah, that's a sore spot for me is cool. You gotta get over it because I still hate every time I go to the Lakers, you know, who I hate most is your dog on announcer. That's still not like I can't stand Lawrence every time I see him when we plan the Lakers would be right next to her dead. You know used to get me cuz when we're playing all I heard was when when it was a score out there in Englewood and you got like this do would go. Worthy I'm sitting on like, you know, it's more of a time is like it was like then you this one, you know James was growing up thinking like after the crash goals or go crazy and it'll word things like that with like trigger different things in me to say boy if I could get over there or if I could dive football I'm taking his ass out. So I enjoy the competition against the Lakers because you know what people didn't they didn't expect a small market like Detroit to win a championship or to be there and you remember who it was lies that mysterious following Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that still irks me till this day. How did the could be back? Yeah, I'm here. I think we lost you for a second Cooper you back. That's cuz you got good cheap Showtime. Go ahead. You think of the cheap Showtime internet so often take me through so you have the the Lakers Celtics. And and one thing I love to hear him. How old are in the one thing about Lawrencetown of the things. I used to love to hear him. Say the Laker Girls. I love that. That was a symbol that was that symbolizes us because we brought the Laker Girls out man, but you know, y'all y'all we're innovators in the time. Don't get me wrong. We didn't know Detroit we had The Classy Chassis. I can't even remember when it was on the court. That was the thing. It was entertainment you talking lala land. You should try to keep one step up Boston never had cheerleaders could probably all look like bird and McHale and Robert Ferris looking like they got the eyeballs Frank and stuff off. It's a lovely DJ but it was like come on man. Y'all they know cute group of dudes. Y'all could put on a super still look like the the same old Knuckleheads that y'all suck but they were they were some bad boys man. Yeah. What did you think of Coupe as a player? Oh, I couldn't stand them. But you know, I respected him because he he came with it, you know, you respect guys come into their own with their roles and he meant he knew his, you know, his energy was always going to be until you know, I touched up magic and got a little Byron Scott wage, you know Cooper had to get next start online because if they're waiting on David rivers to carry them they were they were important. That's why that's why we worked ask for it doesn't like come on. You should be coming off the bench Tony Campbell. Come on, man. That's like we took Chuck maybe from y'all so you don't get at least say okay. We ain't got to put Chuck-E-Cheese and then we can. Only Campbell and West Matthews, You told me to bring it. Now. You told me to bring it in nineteen eighty-eight wage cut grass. I'm turning nineteen eighty-nine really bad wreck do and have been talking to him cake cake. We will have started to them real good but not she got hurt but Byron got hurt and practiced that they got hurt the first two minutes of the game. We're down to nothing now and you know what wage they better be glad I'm let you talk. I'm let you talk Ricky about you, you know marijuana is legal in LA, but he's smoking a little bit too much cuz if you want to talk injuries in Ada, org, you have me with a ruptured disc in my back trying to play and and you all be this 7-3. You going to tell me I keep telling you cool. I always look at that one play they called off. This mysterious file and don't get me wrong. You look at it you go. Like okay what's going on here that they had to give it to cap. Here's the here's things that you always have to think about in NBA. It's about merchandising and trying to sell something what how many shirts could you say? How many things can you sell if a teen repeats in the last repeating Championship going back to the the Celtics they did it and it was like, okay then be a looks around how many Detroit what Detroit stuff that we sell hate that song you want to sell you're going to sell a lot of you get repeat. So come on again with that. They don't do it. Anyway, all of a sudden they going to call the Bergen Irish you go like where we got problem and you look here's the thing you look at the referees, you know, like it could Coupe don't come with it cuz you knew you looked at Birth. Referees, you know like man, I got to pay I got to play I got to play. Hello, you're there. Yeah, but you got to put come on Cooper what referees used to see you go like oh on the road you go like oh we got we got real strong. Okay this going to be fun age. Well, we got we just sit here and watch the Rick you found him. They left Hilton Gardens and jockstrap. He found him. He found no child. My father moved out here man. You're wow. Wow! That's a file. He went up underneath them in today's game. You realize how many times you guys get fired up for a jump shot dead people coming up. I think yeah, that's the final people all up on him. Do we going to talk about this thing? He couldn't do is cut that that's flash shot right in his face and look at it. He's sorry ma'am, but I want you to let me see it again cuz I wasn't on it. That's that's come up. Come on cool. Look look it up. If it would have went down there would have been with Lola if it went down a little bit and one of y'all ask me to got you out of there a lot quicker group, you would listen And format was 38232. We whooped all last four seconds and then y'all can't get Cooper told you marijuana's legal now, so you don't have to indulge so much. I don't even want to hear I love chapter death, but it was like, okay, we could sell back-to-back more than we could sell the Detroit Pistons. Come on, man. We just what they just need to celebrate a pretty team. They wanted to pretty boys on the they want a Pat Riley with the slicked back hair. They wanted Michael Cooper all we can see is his eyes off. Rick Mahorn Rick Mahorn thirty years ago it is still to this day. You know, it's we coach Thursday we close to the big three, but I would say I love I love just looking at my goofy over there coaching and I'll be sitting there looking like like that hard to history of young people. If you got some good players you going to win if you don't you don't it's it's just like that. It's not just that laughter that because it's so much fun and I missed that this year Coupe. I'm off, rotering they know a big blow but you know, it's one thing that now you talking about self setup. How can Nancy Lieberman at least a less of a two women? Great every year that's real cool little Championship, but we don't want it before I went undefeated. I don't care if they win Lonsdale go undefeated. I'm good. I got the record of going through the first inaugural year of the big three. I went undefeated I went in and know and we went home with the championship. So you got you one up. Do you want your youth one of me? Because you want to see the a championship. Right? Right. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah you want to I mean I try and I listened I tried to get my CB when I was in there with the Rockford lightning. I was so mad that they want us to be they want cuz I came in second half a year took Rockford Rockford lightning. They were they were like they were they were under five hundred where the last place team and I took them from from worst of birth. And and just a half a year man. A man. I was so mad that I really wanted that Championship. That's when you know that you're so much a you don't care who you coaching Little League, whatever you do you wanted to win because it was more not necessarily for me, but it was more for the players the guys and you know, some guys are like a half a step away from getting to the NBA and I know what you mean by that red cuz I feel I'm currently Thunderbird was our first year we went there and we went and played Fort Worth whose companion team was the Dallas Mavericks month. So the championship game they stand for for their players down or their players. Remember? I forget the big Chinese kid, they had at 7 for kids off and it was not it was you know, it was you down and you know what? I had Chuck Hayes and I'm dressed plenty of doctors wage. Hard was totally Bland and and we had jokes shipped from cow and we went there man. And we won that game that that was an accomplishment actually more so than when you actually played because you've got a chance to pass on that philosophy and teach these guys how to win and what it took. So yeah, I'm one up on you. But you know what my big three I'm going to get my big all know you tasted it a couple years when you know, you've tasted it last year a little bit inside Coupe, you'll get over it. At least they kept it in the family, you know, they careful with you know, which is your Sparks people. So it's all good choice we get it then we'll get it this year and shout out to my man Ice Cube forgiveness started man. That's for sure. I was a big thing there. I just want to ask about Chuck Daly, you know, and and and this is not the greatest coaches in NBA history certainly, but I don't know that he thought of that way, you know, you think of the great ones and Pat Riley and Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson. I feel like Chuck kind of gets. You know, he he doesn't get his do in terms of how good he was. Well the thing is, you know, when you have a guy like talked to he was in the older coach the thing that you think about Chuck Daly he was an older coach got his chance and opportunity to be a head coach in the NBA late, but he was able to put guys in their egos to the side and make everybody be accountable and Coupe, you know being in the gym knowing that if Magics there creams there early and you know, you gotta have your ass there early they talk about philosophies they talk about the the San Antonio way they talk about they talk about this this this culture but shoot back then we had everybody had a cultures like if you know, this guy was the last person they're not playing a guy like Charles Barkley and I love Charles to death, but he wasn't the leader as the person first one there in the last one to leave and that's what you have to do and trunk barely made. It said be responsible. I'm accountable for yourselves. And when you do that, you'll see the Improvement of your team. So reason why it doesn't get mentioned a lot. You keep hearing guys like Popovich. You keep here cuz you want multiple championships Phil Jackson. They want multiple championships. But here's the thing. We didn't really have like the best players. You know, that probably we got three guys that made it into the Hall of Fame. We really didn't have the best players. We had the best chemistry on a lot of a championships disagree a little bit. I was looking at you guys's team and and I mean Isaiah boosts ours yourself lambir Spice Market wire, that was definitely a problem Sally. Yeah. I just did a great job of handling Dennis Rodman a young Dennis Rodman coming in. Yeah, that was you know, that's when you're you know, when your team makes you accountable, you know, if we saw where I'm coming in with with somebody else was like man will need to be us around. Jon member Josh Sallee was always going to Arsenio Hall and that was his boy and all this was like the look you want to play basketball, but you want to sit up and being entertainment but you want to be a comedian gets here to work and that's where you know what you you're able what was cool about playing what I said you you were able to call him out just as much as he was able to call you out and the competitiveness that we had players it started in the in in the practice on the practice floor, you know good and well we have Vinnie Johnson a microwave similar to you you are going to go at Magic and be Scott. Knap Norman you going to say ask cuz you wanted you wanted their time now, it's like these guys inherit and I'm not a mad at him that you learned other day from birth. That's Chuck be from Public Enemy. He was like dude you talking about guys that was 5 years removed from junior high school and I had to go like home Thursday. We talked to the finals fourteen years old still in junior high and now he's an MBA and we wonder about fundamentals and fundamentals. We we wonder about, you know, the maturity and tosses it's only exceptions to every Rule and I thought when LeBron James got in here at eighteen I thought on LeBron was just you know, you look at them. You know. Wow this dude that's really worked at his craft and knowing what he had to do them. Take it to the next level. So it's all about accountability from your teammates. Not necessarily this there's this is Antonio way cuz we don't hear the San Antonio way anymore Rick last question man, who do you think coming out to East and we can come out the west and give us your Championship pic Daw? Well, I could tell you right now who could you sell more t-shirts Lakers? Come on, if you see the Celtics and the Lakers game in the finals. Call me. You got the number. Call me cuz you got like okay. Well, you sell a lot of t-shirts of his Miami. What's the you know, you look you look at where you can sell pieces that I'm looking at the Lakers making it, you know, getting to the finals because they do have talent but they also have a commitment when you down and a bubble bath atmosphere. You don't have home court advantage, but it's a dedication boy. It's like, you know, you're on you're on lockdown and I see Daniel houses and prime example of that but Houston knowing that you can't do these things without repercussions. So then you know that's affecting your team cuz that's that's where we go back to accountability. We're here for Mission and not just cuz we're here. So I go Lakers and Celtics and I go Lakers in six. Rick a lovely like a play cousin man spend a little time with us. I know you got some things to do stay safe Rick and I'm going to be seeing you next year in a big three baby cuz I gotta get my thoughts get that on my ring is big and fat baby. I know that you want but I gotta get another one for the enemies baby. I need see this is crazy cuz I went from one team to another month so I could get two chips or for two things. That's the that's the right there. Y'all be good nothing, but love be safe out there. You can't ready take care of you take off.

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Ep. 2,931:

"Uh-huh. Nation on Sirius XM. I took you roll baby on may junkie radio with gorgeous George. And this is what we do. We do it baby. We. Covering, and they may from all over the world. This is the premier stop for all combat sports needs. And that may junkie radio the only show broadcasting live from the Mandalay bay resort and casino in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights are on and the mics are hot. It's time to get your MMA fixed junkies. Take it away. Big John gorgeous, Jordan goes. Are you ready junkie? Get it all. The fight capital of the world and said the beautiful, Mandalay bay sports book. I am goes that advantage. You are listening to ship 'em major radio. Chef the only so that matters gorgeous George couple minutes behind, and it might be because we had a very strange day-to-day. I don't know how to describe this, Dan, other than it's very strange and I can not talk about any of it. It was a strange ever, had one of those days, Bill Cosby strange none. I like that. Okay. Well, very, very groundhog's day strange, but all right. Okay. Today's going to be an action packed show today. Rick Mahorn from the NBA, I grew up not like Rick Mahorn Lakers, fan, and one of our rivals. The Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, he was on the tray pistons, but now he's gonna be on our show, and we have to put that aside he will be on the show. He's in a toxin MBA hoops, because the finals are upon us. The toronto. Raptors are up one nothing in that series has gotten pretty interesting. We're also we'll also be joined by day and called Lil Biltmore bantamweight. He will become an on his talk about his upcoming fight. Kyoji Horiguchi, very interesting matchup. Raquin Cleveland from the PF L will be joining us as well. Kevin Hoan Calvin, Qatar Zaari, a lot of our. He's one of the waitresses here. She she's, this dropped off threes, which, you know, is there for you. So you guys get to drink those read my mind. Thank you. Thank you. So we'll be very, very fun. And you know what really spurred all this on, what does that go listening to at the fights, Randy, Gordon Gerry Cooney? And they were having so much fun that I thought you know what we need to have some fun. And one of the ways we have fun by ordering goes. Yes, sir. That is the way we have thought why not start that show off like that today. Years, flame insure? Thank you, sir. You go George. Oh, good. Catch, look at that catlike reflexes. G g. Johny way. That's what's up. I just informed. Everybody of who's going to be on the show today, today was kind of an day and funny day it was fun. Yeah. Well, it's the weekend, we're fired up for it. We got the sea back in Stockholm that should be pretty cool. Of course, the NHL an MBA playoffs continue. We keep an eye on that few of the junkies. Chatting with on Twitter was Tony. How do you guys do it? I'd stay up with it. Look, I'm not gonna live. He told me he'd give me the starting lineup of the raptors I'd probably say, it'd be tough Leonard. And that would be it. I know there's some guy named Asaka or somebody that scored thirty two last, I guess there's kyri carrier cut Kyle Lowry. So there's maybe a few all well, okay. Marcus also there's four. But still, my point is I just don't track them all eighty two games. I don't even do that for the Lakers. It's just too much is jam-packed as it is, you know, if we only see that's pretty jam packed, as it is. But of course, bell tower. PF L, L, affay CFC when one championship Invicta the list goes on. And submission grappling boxing, on the of course. Yeah. Yeah. On the way heroes Anthony Johnson. He's fighting again. Did you see that or he's competing again? Should've said, okay. He's grappling. Okay. So. All right. Cool. But I just thought wow. That was cool to see his name light up because so many, well not a lot. But there's been some names lately coming out of retirement or just kind of dipping their till back into mixed martial. Arts. Ooh, rumble fighting, some of them grappling, but it's good to see names comeback. It's fun. It is. But still we want, right? No. Well, oh man. Ain't hitting somebody. I mean, I'm I'm not too worried about his car past game, take them in grappling. You're right. You wanna see him an EMMY or even I think I'd even take them in boxing? That'd be fun. I, I don't know how I don't know which top-five I did that sent me on this rabbit hole. But I went down the Johnson welterweight rabbit hole, and it's just fun. Rich clementi. Remember that he make this way, the white boy from Minnesota? The with the red head. What was his name? Tommy Speer slept events team that was weird is cut it early on because he had he was second place in his season. Right. I think you lost one one five minute was gone. Right. You had a little bit of that country boy effect, kind of like a little bit of Matt Hughes, strong Hughes, but he's from Minnesota Brock listener, you know, and, you know, Sean shirk at the time was, thriving in the in the. See. So I thought, yeah, man. He's gonna be maybe part of that little mold didn't work out and not to rehash him already reacted to the, you know, we did ourselves, actually a bit too. Recent cuts Theodore. But that was of the age, remember where little more with the roster maintenance, if you're arrests or even guy John Fitch would challenge for the title, wooing when exactly safe, you know. So you stop probably had been to into it, and you mentioned the wrestling. Yeah. In fact, you guys remember mardi margen? Yeah. It was with rock listener for awhile, and then even guy named Greg Nelson. Yeah. He was regarded as a top coat in mixed martial arts. We're going back. Good, ten to fifteen years of what their height was. There's a lot of the member. Mark Lehman does a lot of coaches that kind of. Household names, the same way you hear of the, the new batch or the, the longtime guys they were out there. They had their stables, and then they've gone away. I was thinking about that the other day with mixed martial arts. Just how many people have been in our sport. And now exited the sport, we've been doing this show for a long time. One thing that I remember was early on one of the first time we ever had Brock listener on team. We have to wake up like five AM to do that interview for Brock knows for Dana. Are you? Sure. I'm pretty sure I know who set that up who chilly. Billy McDonald if I'm not mistaken. You know, the ENA got set up by a friend of ours. Listener of ours named Christopher from Delaware number him. Yeah. He said that a chilly Billy of on the and set up Brock Brock last hair. Yeah. The old times were different different. I remember one time can't. Yeah. I think it does start. One time a younger, does this is back when our show is called tag radio's probably the first two years of our existence. Right. One time I got so drunk. George and Frank Trigg where in New York at serious. Right. At the time it was alternate night back in, in Las Vegas. Can we got so hammered that I don't even remember doing this? But apparently, I called BJ Penn like at midnight, our time and I asked him to wake me up the next morning for the show, and he called me and I didn't remember this, but ever. But so in the morning, my phone rings in its be dependent. Get up. And he goes, eight you wake up, what, what is going called me told me to wake you up. I go I did because. Yeah, thank you end up on these things up. Nice. This is the weirdest thing. Goes I call you tree times ready? You know, pick up the phone. There were a lot of those type of things I would happen back in the day were just funny man, just having to wake up and the dog barking in the background Olmecs eagerly is old. He's sixteen and a half years. How and shot of our editor in chief or current editor in chief Simon Samano. He lost his dog. Yeah, he was telling me about that. And I was like my heart broke just as he was telling me that I happen to be working on the preview. And I, I was just thinking, how blessed Yorkers all max is right there, right next to me, you slow down, but he's still going right? But I was like, when he was at one time, it was telling me like man, and they're, you know, him in the white, we're getting ready to spend a few days together, and that kind of slow down their trip a little bit. So shout out to the Samano family. All right. Dana white. You know, you mentioned the old days one constant in the sport is Dana white kind of been there. Of the twenty six years of this. The existence of the sport. He's been around it for about a good twenty one, I as a manager like a fan and the manager little bit of a coach and then as a yeah. And then as a president for almost twenty. And look early on. He was a little bit more polite and buttoned up and didn't speak, his mind. And then that all changed. He just went lex, Luke, Luke, lex Luther style. Once he went Lil, you know, completely, bald and muscled up a little bit. You know what I mean, the company started making some money, his way or the highway. But this is funny. This is a Dana white reacting to some fans who are unhappy with Sacramento's main event Sacramento's main event, by the way, is Aspen lad against Germain Durant. Emmy germane Durant Amies the first you have see featherweight champion, and she's gonna be fighting now bantamweight again versus Aspen lads. So it's a five around main event, you've see on ESPN plus thirteen scheduled for Saturday July thirteenth. That's the main event fans are always the trip and a little bit. You know, he told him you goof, stay home fuck face. Basically a man. Stay home. Fuck may say if you don't like it. And you know what? That's something that he's pretty much saying for about a good fifteen years or so people in for fifteen years. We were told him he should be worn buttoned up. He should be more like we say David Stern now. Adam silver. We used to say you should be more like Paul Tagliabue now what's guy's name? Goodell goodell. Yeah. So I mean we little generations of other commissioners to compare them to. No, he's not like that. He is. He is a fella who was a sports fan more more. Specifically a combat. Sports fan. More specifically even than that. A boxing fan who got turned onto MA. Had somebody's who had the money on the balls to start a promotion and things did not go. Well early on by the way, a lot of these stories. A lot of these things you hear are on the fight pass the, the Fratini brothers. Dana, why I mean, there's a lot of things you can find out about the history, but they took a big chance. And of course, the ultimate fighter championship won the reality show, is when they kinda like shoved all their chips to go all in and force Griffin, stuff, Monir put on one hell of a fight got season two. And this was back on spike TV which then became paramount, which who knows it may be another name now. But anyway, that's just been Dana white, all this time, you know what I mean? And he can honestly get away with that. Because fans will still go out there and buy the product 'cause the UC is gold can I say something I feel like if he wasn't the way he was the U of seen may not be, it's gotta be like he's got to be a little bit. That now but had he not been like that at the time. I'm not saying they couldn't have reached where they reached right? But it it probably wouldn't have gone smoothly. I think his brashness actually kind of helped out a little bit early on. I'm not saying yes to be like that today. But I think it may have helped in the transition peak was Dana white blogs when he had those gone. Mixim funny stuff hard to embedded, right. Yeah. Because you, you get Dana, but then you also see the funny stuff and the good charity that you would do cause there's always funny stuff on the tickets of the Twitter giveaway tickets or whatever he's been fond man. I mean, look rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but I think he had to be a certain way because of us to nice. He would've got ran over. And so, I think his, I think, honestly, his job is to be a jerk like if he left the said, hey, we need a new president. Oh, yeah. Well, what do you need to be UC president? What are the qualities you're looking for or you know what kind of attributes? Well, you gotta be an asshole. Okay. Well that rules meat, you know, whatever I think you basically have to have that, that's just basically the promoters, roll man. He's gotta try and please five hundred plus on the roster. Their managers of the fans. I mean it's tough has he stepped over the line. Of course he has done stuff that he regrets. Of course he is. But he's still see super-rich, and he's never gonna really you're never gonna really here. I'm sorry outta him. That's just kind of the way he rolls. He's powerful and powerful people. Don't do that. I'll tell you what we got to change the subject real quick. We gotta go to a quick break, because when we come back, we talking Rick Mahorn, I wanna talk a little bit about NBA the NBA's finals have started and man. This sportsbook was full here. There was a lot of Golden State fans raptor fans and it was a fun game. So we'll talk a little bit about this series that has just started its enemy junkie radio on fight Nations General and fifty six. Hall of famers legends. The very best coverage of the fake games right here on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six. They were obstructed by aliens in instantly returned for rating all this knacks. They are gorgeous George and goes, and this is Emma may junkie radio. All right. We're gonna take a quick break from mixed martial arts. The fighting game to talk to one of the great power forwards of the history of the National Basketball Association. This guy was a thorn in my side goes before the house. A huge Lakers fan man. These guys were tough Mahorn Rodman. Laimbeer. Holy cow. And they're, they're the bad boys. And they said this one was the baddest of all the bad, boys. Joining us hotline is Rick Mahorn. What's up, Rick? How you doing? Doing great. But listen to all this crying. I'm thinking, I'm on a real jewelry now understand. We were conditioned to not like you, but you want us over. Yeah. We respect you respect was there, but, but the pistons were some bad dudes. You know what I mean? I appreciate that. I think we could've put we could've got an air and mixed it up a little bit. I don't know. But, you know, I think Rodman tried it. But I. I stay in my life. He. Rick. Hey, before we talk, some NBA finals. Are you a fan of mixed martial arts? You know, like you have see, Bella toward, you watch it you ever think to yourself. You know what I I've thrown some elbows before I could get in there and mix it up. Look Arkan throw some elbows. Then is the leg whips. And Amanda, I cannot get that we got a guy on my team, I coached three on dig three what ice cube league and I got Royce white on my team and ease into that mixed mixed martial arts. So I might man, I know you're better man than me. All right. So let's talk a little bit about the Toronto Raptors versus the Golden State Warriors. We had game one yesterday and Toronto health home court there. So they're up one nothing. How big was that statement gain because the warriors were like streaking hot? They were they were not only winning but they are winning without Kevin Durant. So like it was like they were really, really infla- go. Well, you know something, you know both teams were hot. You, you had the Toronto Raptors who won four straight against the Milwaukee Bucks team. They did what they had to do. And then you know what they wanted home and you're playing against the world champ, she better come into best game. And I'll tell you PASCAL Ceac them had one of his best games. I've seen so far he's been playing well in the regular season kind of struggle within the play offs a little bit. But you know what? It's always good to get hot at the right time. Right. Because he wanna kinda like cut off that I mean, like the warriors they're swag was just growing, you know what I mean they were remembering what it was like to win without Kevin Durant. And who knows if Kevin Durant gonna show up at any point in the series? Maybe you can tell us that if you know, but I just figured they had to stop the bleeding in that game, one was going to be very crucial. I mean they're all crucial. Don't, don't get me wrong. But but I thought that was a nice statement game wallows again. You know the first game and you know, Toronto first time that team. Afr- insights been in the finals near twenty four year existence. This is huge. And having, you know, drastic park and everybody in Canada rooting form is, is like USA versus Canada. So it it, it's fun to watch. I thought it was a great game. The way the crowd was into it from the start. It's gonna be a great series. But, you know, the thing is you still got that you still got to go the state words. There's still a chance and you got a protect win in game number two because is not only one you got to beat them. Three more games. Right now, you still gotta go to oracle arena. So we're not saying that it was a real statement game. But it was a game that they needed to win. Rick Mahorn joining us here on the hotline. All right. Goes what do you have for the baddest of all the bad voice Rick? Now in team sports momentum is always talked about it, too big deal in the case of the Golden State Warriors. They were so good that they actually had to sit on the bench for a little while. Let the Eastern Conference play out how much did that affect them having roughly about a week just sitting around just only practicing not having games. You feel like that affected them at all in game one. Well, you know, yours gonna have some Russ. I mean the walkie had it when they had a few a few days off a lot of teams need to get there as I say, get their sea legs. Back being in that position back in the day when the bad boys we were beating up on the Lakers since she still crying. You know when you have a break, you can't practice any kind of game energy. So the Golden State Warriors, they look, I expect the play better name on Sunday. And it's not even a fact that it'd be a better game. But you'll have to figure out some things, and, you know, you gotta give it to Toronto, one guy. I mean, if you if you look at it, they kind of the kinda got quiet Leonard out of his rhythm. But then you got a guy like PASCAL Colm who got his rhythm going, and then a front court definitely has to score for the goal the Golden State Warriors. You know, they rely on the splash brothers, maybe this is what they need to do. But, you know, we don't know when Tevin Durant's going to come if he if he even gonna play that saying is just got to go in there and play them, as, if you don't have Kevin Durant. Don't worry about that. Take care of business. Who does it fall on to motivate, the Golden State Warriors? I know there's times where the coach can be the motivator, and there's times where the team captain can be. And sometimes there's a guy that is on the bench and doesn't really play as much. But he just says the right things does it fall on Steph curry right now to round up the troops and motivate them, who, who do you feel has to do that? Oh, no. It's no time for I if you a motivated being in the finals, you don't need to play Golden State's been there. The last five four five years, they want three three championships. And only this good not to see Cleveland in there when the Brian James, but it's no motivation that you need that if you wanna three P if that's your gold, if you wanna win the championship boogie cousins that should go whatever it takes for anybody on that team or you wanna lose to the better team momentum. He asked me about momentum. It's always good to have that momentum going in and with Toronto. They had momentum's didn't have the had days to prepare. And that's what's the fun thing about the playoffs that if you got if you're one team you getting rest for guys who've been playing a lot of minutes. And then you also on other hand, you don't have the sharpness that you might have in the next game. So with that being said, I just think Sunday's gonna be a real game testing. Now, this is where you got. To see if Toronto's protect home. This is where Golden State, you know, they come back and they come back loaded for bear. Is dominance good for the NBA. We see what the Golden State Warriors have done, and we do our show out of the race and sports book here at the Mandalay bay. When we look out in the sports book there's guys with jerseys on. There's guys with Milwaukee Bucks tres. He's on. They wanna cheer against Golden State because they don't wanna see them do this again. Is it good for the NBA? Well, let me tell you something. If you go back in the NBA history, you had the Celtics women had the Lakers win and had a New York one in a couple of times, the Chicago Bulls when it six times is dominating in any professional sports. Good. I mean it is what it is. You, you wanna root for underdogs? But if you if you're not good enough UT's, not is pursuant to give a championship then. Shame on you. But if, if you could get guys to gear up together, I don't even, you know, I don't even worry about him, Golden State brings in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and they win. Another one is until someone knocks down and say, hey, where the better team. Rick Mahorn can be caught on the show called. No look pass. And it's one to four PM Monday through Friday on Sirius XM channel eighty six. Folks, you will love it. It's just as great during the season as it is on the off season. And, of course, as a Laker fan. I'll be trying to see what, what the guys as far as who's gonna join LeBron and that young core that we have, so we get back to the old risk soap opera. Nothing yell going home again. Oh man. Hard goods. Oh there. About dominant. Down down because they will give back up. But no. You know, I'm also on, on off the off the dribble tomorrow from ten to one on satellite radio. All right, Dan, you Jeb your last question that you want to ask Rick, Rick, just just a quick one honored to be talking the of course, a lot of people talking about Drake's presence presence in the series. And of course, compared to famous courtside figure that his Spike Lee in one of my personal favorite players. What was Scotty Pippin back in the day? And what's Pippen did to solve that was he this amazing Dunkin ninety four on Ewing? And then had a moment with spike. That's pretty iconic. If that moment were recreated in the finals, we all know, Drake, Spike Lee, but hoop, who's Ewing on the raptors and who is a pipping on, on the warriors of that, if that gets recreated. Recreate first and foremost, Spike, Lee was not next to the vents. He's across the he's on other side of the court. But if they had to recreate it I think, if K D comes back, and he and he don't on thirds of Baca. That would be more to me, and I kinda thing because nobody's expecting to come back in the series. But if he gets back, that makes a Golden State of lethal, what? All right. Thank you respect. Some time with us here on a fighting channel really really appreciate it, Rick. And again, we catch your show quite often. It's a quality show and so the whole MBA channel so again, thank you for your time and it really has been an it. Appreciates up crying about them Lakers ain't going. We're going to have you on next season. Running watch out. Here's one for you on the due to Charles Berkeley. They go fishing. Evening. All right. You too. All right. All right, folks, we're gonna take a quick break. That was Rick Mahorn. I'm telling you, man look up the bad boy. Pistons from late late eighties to early nineties guys were no joke. Tough bunch of Hombres. And it was really, really fun. Watching them compete against the, the bulls the Knicks. And of course, on this side, the late show, they had the red card and basketball they would have to forfeit half of their games pretty much. Yeah. All right. Folks will be right back. Put excellence in excitement in your Vitamix and ice. And you get 'em may junkie radio. Man. That was awesome to talk to one of the great power forwards in the history of the NBA shot after Josh jumbo Josh for lining, that one up speaking of the NBA here, nonstop coverage of the NBA files including play by play of every game until a new champion is crowned on MBA radio. Sirius to seventy six for anything you missed go to the series accent app. Just search NBA radio off the dribble was one of his shows and the other one is the no look pass. All right. Joining us now Darien, call will the bell tour bantamweight champion. He's going to be fighting Kyoji Horiguchi Abell toward to twenty two makes me wanna play three card poker. They're gonna be at the garden on June fourteenth, so literally two weeks away. And this is now dairying defending his Banham we title against Kyoji for your duty joining us on hotline is during what's up dairy, and how you doing? Thanks for having you. I'm doing good. Great. Hey, man. That's pretty cool. The garden have have you let that sunk in or is that not a big deal. Or is it? If deputy big deal, you know, Linda getting the cough, my day, day got publicized. He's countries no need to be up Ajay. At least. You know, growing up regardless the biggest names in the world. You know, to me, and he got and compete days drink. Did you ever wrestle there? I've never guard. They see big. Did they see a lot of city? You know, we had you on the show, six months ago and said, hey your Japan. No, you're fight of the garden, and look at that. You're saitama. I know that wasn't a night that you wanna remember what still pretty epic that you got to go out there and compete. You know what I mean? Now you get to compete against the same opponent him bell tower. And so that's gotta be pretty special. You know, for you. Absolutely. You know. At Saitama been Madison Square Garden is definitely a step up from tackled villagomez. So excited to. Oh, dude, he's got three thacker villes in our row. So that, that's a you know. Hey much love to the Winstar casino. I've heard it's beautiful with great restaurants and everything. But you don't wanna spend too many days wanna just kinda get in beat someone up get out. But see the New York City he could be their whole two weeks. He wouldn't even hit ten percent of what New York has to offer but first things first, it's Kyoji Horiguchi dairy is there. How can I put this? How much are you going to be able to control your emotions, you know, to fight somebody who just gave you a loss, like a is this a feeling of, like man? I'm gonna get this dude. Or are you able to keep a level head and just compete against another great fighter? I'm hearing you love to believe it, you know, just like every other also in Kerley deafness often come back, you know. Thing about her itchy. He he decifit you know, it's time you know, he's a big party with China to beat the riding champion, you know. And so, I think. Moving toward, you know after fighting the first time it'll play out. You know, I don't remember ever my mushroom cream. And. Martial arts, career career where I had an opponent, who couldn't be, you know, so. Time is doing that never got easily getting second time so to. That's right. He did meet Joe Magli the second time they fought around and what a classy answer for a champion love here in that respect to the respect to the future matchup. And then, of course you let this feet the elbows the knees. Do the talking. All right. Let me turn it over to the finalist, Dan, Tom, Dan, whatever. Darrien call will. I'm glad you brought up that you know that that loss and how you came back from a dairy and, and for what it's worth, I remember, I believe they call him baby elicited the juggernaut, but I believe baby Joe is also a name for him. An Easter train at alliance, as well as is that is that is that true Darian? Two. When I was in training, the fight baby, I was out, in California with Bobby gain at pinnacle, and I see Phil what ability or fights. And, you know, he offered an invite from the concern lying on north. He knows biting. Enjoy fighting. But and at the time, I guess they eating alert, you know. And so I make folks Macau's yesterday, so. I was like, I jumped on up and I realized they go with this. Yeah. Oh, that you. Once in a while. I got I got you and yeah, that that's about. Right. Because I was gonna say one of my coaches went from extreme guitar to alliance. He's no longer there. But it was Neil Milan-San, and I went there in, like twenty fourteen and did the pro grappling practice and they had sparring afterwards. He remember him saying, specifically goes everybody, here's pretty good. You know, they're really respectful, respect them. But he said, a don't go with baby. Joe? He plays for keeps and that always stuck with me. So it may have been upset, but there's no shame in that. And obviously, there's definitely no shame because you got it back to sizably. So I just wanted to throw that out there. No. Shame. No shame in that baby Joa chapter. You know, everybody's welcome to like a baby. Maybe. Phila God got out out out. Aw. There ivory still exists. We're talking to Darien call. Well, the bell tower bantamweight champion who's going to be defending his belt at bell Tor to twenty two. And that takes place on June fourteenth fights are going to be emanating from Madison Square Garden watch the fights on his own ten PM eastern start time for that mean card. All right. Goes would you ever during call, Dan, you're in a unique situation because the first bite was in risen, and now this one is at Bela Tor. I'm not gonna say should you win. Because I don't want you to beat me up. I'm going to say when you in where would the who who's entitled to the rubber match where would that happen? I think given the close fight raise for can dope. Technically. No on the champion that the benway champion knowing the champ, so good that being said the belly bacon, he won. He's call the have to send my against him. And the Detroit, you defendant bet against driving me. Japan. That that's. Felt like a plan. Yeah. In your career you've actually gotten a lot of finishes. Okay. We're getting at is. What do you anticipate happening in this fight, because I know every fighter does go out with the intention to get finished. But it's easier said than done having fought him already. And knowing the pace that the fight goes at you anticipate a finishing the spite. Fairly anticipating finish. I n looking for finishing looking dissect these guys body off before the end of the night. The twenty five minutes down and definitely therefore choice. I'm gonna war there. I don't buy it. The guy I take vows can't were in five fifty fifty. It's gonna be around. I like that saying shut shut somebody off. Yeah. When he said that. That's pretty gangster. It sounds like really, really smart and scientific, but it sounds gangster to me. That's what I would say, like when the on fight week when they have media day or something, okay? Now we're gonna pose the two fighters off, and you can see their lips moving. You don't know what they're saying, but I could see Darien going. I'm gonna shut you off on Friday. You off onset. Whatever do fourteenth land on. You know what I mean? I'd be like damn, why do you have to say that I thought it was pretty set you off of for, like an electric company. Tell you at fire people, right? Forty middle onto Buro shut your power. Malar how the believe so you know. There you go. All right. Dairy, and we'll hey one wish you the best of luck. Thanks for doing the show. It's great catching up with you. And I cannot wait for this white card pretty stack man from top to bottom. And of course, this title fight man's gonna be good one, so thanks for the time and I hope you enjoy your weekend you have camp. All right. We'll see. All right. By the way, we get some more Bill fighters coming next week. The Odem achieve is gonna stop by, and we're also going to have Neiman Gracie. So shout out to the bell tour guys. Dan, CJ always always hustle for us in city. No, no. They're gonna phone because I think there will already be in New York. How yeah. Yeah. All right. Update me. Andre did we have team ready to go? Oh, Nyack guys, you could go for break. Yeah. This goes to break, it's me junkie radio on fight Niessen channel one fifty six. And how about this gives them love to the NBA. How about the NHL network quality is well tomorrow night at eight eastern the Stanley Cup final moves from Saint Louis for game three in here. All of it for the hometown calls right here on series exam for nonstop, hockey talk. Checkout NHL network radio. That's channel ninety one. And we'll we are back. Good. You still hear the boys were just getting warmed up now. The real show begins take it away, boys. All right. Fellows on June six at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Call see'ums gives me in Uniondale, New York PF L is back PF L two thousand nineteen week three we get to watch heavyweights and light heavyweights, one of the featured bouts is Ricky in Cleveland and Victor cough in the light heavyweight division. Joining us now on the hotline is Ricky in Cleveland server Kim, how're you doing? Welcome back to m e junkie radio. I'm doing good. Thanks for having us. All right. Well, thanks for doing the interview your bite this rapidly coming up, but I wanted to ask you looking back on season. One. What did you like? And this like about how things function. You mean a lot of fighters have said great things. But were there any things that you also, you know, maybe would have preferred differently? I saw them running one of the system that everything's function. Well man, they had everything taught it out how how they needed to and pretty much everything was on the time matter really run behind or anything. So as far as their, you know, I'm happy no things playing out as far as season. One, of course, I have to say, you know, I was okay my last performances. You know, of course, I did better small mistakes cost me running at the million and I look forward to having the chance to get back up. Was most of your focus during the offseason on not even getting to the ground or on the actual submission defense. Or maybe both both both. I had a I know I had I had a long time off to, to revamp myself, and spend a lot of times wrestling with a co Steve Manco, and doing other grappling with is also which is one of our head coaches here, top team. So definitely, I worked a lot on my takedown defense and getting back to my feet if taken down, but also worked a lot on submission defense and sharply. My submission game. Steve. Marco doesn't get enough. Love in our sport. And guys guerrilla king. King was told me on nightmare to get taken down by Steve Marco and to be fighting from your back. How about you Ricky as he put it on you as well? No, yo. Yeah. Definitely Steve Marco's the kind of guy that if he grabs you definitely in trouble and man, Hans down even eating some of the coaches. So you might be one of the best grapplers to ever grace, top team. Yeah, he doesn't get enough love, maybe he's an awesome wrestler out of Oklahoma state wrestled around the time of Cormie and those guys, but he's a stud. All right. Ricky, let me turn it over to the coast here. Goes what do you have where we keen Cleveland rookie on that team topic of Steve Manco from what we've gathered from other fighters, that, that have trained in your particular Jim, they don't really realize that they're getting better intil. They're put up against one of their peers because the coaches are so good, and they'd get put in such a grind that you don't actually I it sucks. Because you're getting taken down by Steve Marco someone like that, really put it on you. But then you realize after a while I'm actually learning as bad, as this is can you maybe talk about one of those days where you just had a bad day. But then later on realized it was for the good. Definitely I believe one day in jujitsu class actually, it was me and him were the only big other class. So I had to go every single round and he punished me for, like five around straight. It was terrible. But and maybe maybe he made me focus on, on defense. Any any taught me how to do certain things to get our positions and work backups must be, and it's been paying off guys, my size, and, and no force their showcasing that here soon. This is a cruel sport, man. I mean, there's a lot of ups and downs. And when you go through one of those periods where there's down. Can you maybe share? Is there a particular person in your life that you lean on, for advice, a good bounceback type person? I'm super close. I'm super close. My parents, you know, of course, my wife, you know, she's here with me, picking fan up and down, but I talked to my dad a lot, my dad's thin, you know, he boxed a lot through his his lifetime. He's been around, you know, comeback sports, so I definitely kind of being and and and bounce things off of him and, and shoot him, you know, fam- of my phone's, stuff like that. So he's always Coney wounds. Not in my corner, and he breaks down for me and stuff like that. So we definitely spent a lot of time, you know, of downs on the phone and kind of going over stuff. That's awesome, right here that very cool. All right, Dan. Tom our fight. Analysts would you have for Raquin Cleveland? Hey, Ricky, I'm, I'm really interested. You know, here is your explaining the work. You've been doing on off season, 'cause it's been, you know, about eight months, we're gonna get to see and again you your deceptively experience, but you're still only thirty and I know that, you know, I don't know your, your exact training regime, but I know that, you know, American top team is just within the last few years of not correct. Either way, it looks like you've been working hard here and let me ask you when I go to your Instagram or KEMA. You know, I see that's like our Lobski. I see like these tough Dagestani dudes. I see young athletic studs like a Greg hardy. Can you talk about the people, you're working with? And if you know that environment is there, anybody that, you know, that's been helping whether you know, God, you like veteran or just just being a really good partner to you. Definitely what you said, or, you know, you see all the big work with. I'm light heavyweight sharing with the weights a lot and men are loud, ski, where actually becoming very close. Also with great hardy and we kind of you know young in the game. So we kind of bounce stuff off of him in the excess questions but he helps out too, because he's such biggest person, but are Las definitely my spend a lotta time with him. My actually was one of his main trading partners for his wall hairs fighting. So definitely learned from him. And, and, and the coaches seemed bring in train with, you know, coaches, like Mike Brown deans homeless, especially that it is definitely helped me leaps and bounds in every aspect of the game. That's awesome here. I got a magin. That's a good spot for you. You like you said, you got the more younger at letting explosive hardy be also got the divers veteran Orlovsky and you're right in the middle there. So that's gotta be sweet. But let me ask you about your opponent, Victor, m cough, come in the he got any on him. Are you one of those fetters that don't watch any that don't watch anything like you said, you off your support system and kind of get feedback from them? What, what's your, what's your diagnosis on this guy? Definitely. You know, we're not when I got my opponent's name and, and whatnot from, from cellphone the PF L offense. It's all my coach smart. My, my see Marco outs Inbar both being Thomas alcohol, and they all watched the film broke, Jim down. And of course, I washed myself to kinda see you know what it's like and how he is. And you know, we went from early in his career to as president, as we can to flip the other game plan. So we definitely got up feel for them. He's a great, you know, opponent, and he's will round it. So think next week be very interesting. Rickie. My wanna leave you with one question. How often when you go back and watch the film. Do you catch? Portions of your fight where you think. Oh man. Like, what was I waiting for like I should have thrown upon. And you didn't you say that often, or are you pretty, please usually with how fights on fold for, you know? At all Khan and. I'm a I'm a big critic of myself and win or lose a wash my film over and over and look at the mistakes on me. And I look at things I did. Right. And there's times you see stuff that quite catching in a fight, and like, oh my God. That was that was your opening right there that you best. But all top all time. Right. Man, we look forward to watching you fight in. That's coming up here for week three of the PF L two thousand nineteen season. We really, really love PF L last year. I'm glad they're back same format regular season, and playoffs in the million bucks. So you got a little bit of an advantage over some of the newbies, you know what I mean you kind of went through that grind. You know what? It's like so hopefully that pays off for you. We hope to catch up with you on some of your further fights. But in the meantime, thanks so much for tonight and safe travels, the union deal New York and go do your thing on Thursday. Thank you, can we just end with the shocker world and beat this guy's such a big overdose on. That's what's up. All right. Ricky take care. Have a nice weekend. Thank you to right. That's the boogeyman on Twitter at team. Raquin fifty eight catching up a little bit. Rick Mahorn at badboy horn, forty four daring in call we'll at the wolf M a that's one thing I noticed, I asked him that question is when I've been watching when I go back and watch fights during non dairy and just fights in general. I just see so many openings for a straight punch, you know, right before somebody circling out out of your punching range away from your power. And I just wonder I'm gonna start asking more fighters. What do you think you were thinking at that moment, not in a critical way, which is he was saying that he does watch film, and I, I was just wondering on that same note, and feel free to steal this guy's, especially with, you know, in the PF L fighters. Come on. I'm not here just in general, but on that same note, I'm curious how much more of these fighters? We talk about it all the time like, oh. Oh, this guy, doesn't he doesn't. He doesn't want a lot of fighters. Don't watch film. They all say that, right? But I wonder how much of these guys are going to do, because it's such a real time. So she wants at season gets going into the playoffs. I mean you gotta be scouting, your guys, right? You know, I don't see how it could be that thing. Yeah. Don't I a lot of fighters say they don't but then you look in there, like eighteen in two, okay? I guess you're doing something right? I mean you're on the same card to kid feel right? I mean they're on the same card Granitz, they're focusing on the guy ahead of me. But you're telling me, you know, if you're the coach, that's not on the midst, and you're kind of sitting back, you're not looking monitoring the back room and you're, you're, you're scouting out, these guys where you're looking at what they're doing for prep in the side room. I bet you there's a lot more of that kind of dog and. Dog? It's got going on in the PF L format of the opinion that if you're not watching film. It's a bad thing. And I'll use him as an example, Dan. I won't give names. But in the last two months has probably called finishes quite a few times. If den can see it. Why can't the other fighter? No. That, that the possibility or the high level coaches that there's well bunch of times, right? Yeah. No someone's got to be doing it. I think that I think that's safe. If it's your fighter in your heart with this process. I, I respect that, but to your point I agree someone in the camp has to be doing it at this point at this point of the game. Right. Science, technology everything advances. We know things now we didn't even the ones that say my coaches will tell me everything. Okay. But let's, it's there a bigger problem is that something about when you watch mentally you start to crumble. And you, you know, now all of a sudden, you have eight eight of the worst weeks of your life, because you're just thinking about what you sought me. I would say, maybe that's something you need to correct. But when you. Have film on the guy in front of you. Man. I think that's valuable valuable and every other guy sport. I'm with you guys. But I also get the other part because I added some more hurdle when my do I wanna type this guy's name gonna fight into the thing and that same thing because, you know, whatever you wanna call it. You can be harsh and call it insecurity. I feel like it's just a part of a mental prep, where it's like, insecurity. Like when you going out of the girl, maybe when you're younger, you gotta know how many, you know, like cocaine dismiss missing clerks ear must people how many did you suck? You know, but when you get older, you get, you get you get older, like more more mystery less history, more Mr., you know what I'm saying? You get a little more mature. We stop worrying about that as much you just worry about what's in front of you, having a lot of that approach to it too. All right. You don't wanna see it. That was a fun. I our, but we got to get to this top of the hour break, we're only going to be gone for about sixty seconds. When we come back, we expect Kevin Holland to be waltzing into the studio who's Kevin hall, and some of you are asking he just came through the Dana white contender series last year. They're calling them big mouth. Right. What did they give him came? Him when he embraces it, by the way. But man, he's been handling his business he faces. Chico, chico. And that's coming up here in a couple of weeks. We'll talk about that when we come back and radio nation channel fifty six. Finals are on NBA radio the first four, but Toronto has a one nothing. We why Leonard and PASCAL Ceac led the raptors to victory over the warriors in game. One it did allayed floats it up. No good. Rebound ticked up Ceac upticks back his old base hand. Wow. What a play whatever his open just taking them with confidence. And you know, believing in myself out the ACA was unreal. This gave the third quarter. It was his ball game. That's galaxy Yacob is the leader, the clubhouse for finals, epi big how will Steph curry in the defending champs respond in a pivotal game to donor womb, but it's not that of the world come out and play hard, you'll get game to and take it from there radio has you covered with everything you need to know leading up to the game in this series if they tighten up a few things game to start Sunday in eight PM eastern here. Nonstop coverage of the NBA finals on NBA radio Sirius two seven x eighty six and anytime on demand. By searching NBA radio. Both iphone and Android carry a feature to make their show. More enjoyable. It's called the mute button here. Those two numb nuts gorgeous Georgian goes, all right? As I stated for the commercial joining us now in-studio is Kevin Holland Kevin Harlan will be facing a less. Dicko butcher. That guy's name. I Chiro can we just call ADC or something like that? A little less you did, Chico. He needs to say really nice Jillian Marquez. He fought him once he goes. Oh, does she Kyrie or whatever you would say, you always check me? All right. Kevin Harlan is now a member of the, the of c three fights in count for for the dean away contender series that he won except he wasn't elected that night. But he's been doing while he's won his last two and he's got the fight coming up against ADC on June twenty second at UFC fight night. One fifty three. What's up Kevin Harlan I eat on pretty good pretty good. How about yourself? Good man. I was just telling you before the break that I was at that fight. And when you came out and fought, he's gonna win right away. I knew it within about a minute, you know, because you had good range. Good footwork and everything. But yeah, you started running that mouth a little bit. And I was like, oh because you got to back it up. Now you got the skills, the back it up. So I go as long as he backs it up. That's cool. Because everybody that was with, you know, it's real quiet in there, right? We're all kinda like entertained and watching. You just you brought something different a different swag. It stood out, but then as the rounds were going. And we didn't have the finish. I go that might be that might come back to haunt to haunt him. And then, you know, some other fighters has some moments Dana white wound up calling you big mouth. But, like I was telling goes down, I was like, but you know what I've seen Kevin on, on social media, and he's kind of embraced it, you'd never. Let it affect you. You over came all that. And, and here you are man doing great in the congrats on. That's kind of an interesting road for you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. So I, I really don't mind the big mouth. I think it's a it's cool. You know, you're always choose your nicknames the gratitude. Right. So what I was younger Trobe laser was granted to me. So I ran with it. You know, big mouth was granted by Dana white. I mean you run with it, right. I mean, some people will say is a bad thing. I think it's a good thing as long as you live up to it. I can live up to if you see them Z, like is still run with it like big mouth, or, or actually have not seen them since the Los Angeles. Just my luck, right? By far in China and I don't think he wanted to go to China pretty far for like, you know too early days going all the show once he started catching big checks to the paper, views and ESPN when they need me. That's I mean in this, I feel like that's how it should be. You know what I mean? You pay the cost would be the boss. He put in the time you've eventually, you don't have to do certain things as much as you want to. I mean that's why you have people that work for you. If that makes sense you know, raising a house where, you know, my grandma and grandpa and their own business. And so it was always like, okay, now we're going to little older. We don't want to do this. You guys go do it. And it was like, all right. What do what they own? What kind of a business cleaning business janitorial work? Nice window washing Carpi, clean in Texas, now, California, actually from California. Okay. My mom moved to Texas. When I was, I was like sixteen maybe little younger than that you ever part of the business. Yeah. Life growing up. Yeah. You know you didn't have a choice. You stay with grandma grandpa. He had to be part of the business slice guys might own a business. That's pretty fun. So you know we did that, you know it was nice. I enjoyed it. What was your room like my room, my rooms mess? Yeah. Funny, how that always works out. We're letting us yeah. We always get the mowing the lawn joke. Yeah. But our lawns are always the worst. Yeah. I mean, we make sure everybody else is usually, you know, goes if you do so much. You don't wanna go home. You don't wanna do my grandma. She was so addicted cleaning, that pain. He didn't have to quick Gooding your room or did she stop right there? He cleaned. My room started getting older. My grandpa was like stop cleaning his room when I was like, oh, keep it clean for like, at least two days. Or was it just like a wreck within hours Nassir like? Like I don't like dust, you know, coming from the cleaning thing, and I don't really like trash, you know, so, although the trash way, but it's like my dirty clothes. It's like I've always, I've always been a kicker. You know what I mean I take it off and I just like, boom wherever lands. And then it'll be in my way, and then I'll just start doing it towards one wall. God in like it's usually the walk in sections. So as you walk in, it's just like a bunch of clothes step over. Yeah. But I can't do that with Jim gear Jim gear stinks funk of Terry. But good thing is, you know, lady and everything we got a house and got a garage. So soon as I come home, like blah, blah on the garage. When you go in the garage like a Jimmy here. I enjoy it, though. The trash candidate. He's it on that tries to. Jim stuff, just overpowers grow, then, like a good Jim swit-. I wanna go back with the quick back to the big mouth. Could it have been a good thing because I will say this. There are so many of you today, then you're all wearing the same thing, the Reebok kit, right different colors here and there, but the big mouth thing kind of helped me, remember you did it help you eight helped me a lot. So when I go certain places. If you watch the contender series, you watch that particularly particular time, you know, you had a what's his name used to be in the NFL Greg hardy, Greg hardy. Greg hardy was the main event of that card. Right. Yeah. But I feel like I was still in the sign even though even though I didn't get the contract. Everybody was like, remember me because they were like men's talked too much, right? So it was like it was a cool day, usually that you liked it or you hate it. And a lot of people hate it. But you remember me? So when you see me again, you're like all remember this guy is the guy that just kept talking this whole fight, he won. But he just talked the whole fight. So when I went to syndicate, you know, train the syndicate, now I live in Texas. And the guy was like, yeah. I remember you. You just would shut up Cussing TV the whole time. So that's a great way to meet the coach. John would new. I was remembered my fight detailed. Because I just kept talk with do you live in Vegas. I just moved to fates. Yes. You guys see me all the time. All right. California, right, originally from California originally from on -tario, California. Okay. Where from the OC Terry. Yeah, I lost you guys. Boy, Curtis Melinda. Orange County active flu. Boy, they stop that blaze truly deblaze all the way down. It's not talk about that, though, this talk about some Nuff. If you were a pro wrestler just want to gauge your personality, little better, you're pro wrestler. Do you think he'd be a baby face or heel? What do you embrace more baby face or heel, bad guy could baby faces a good guy and the hills about going, I already know that would be I will be whatever the people want to hear your baby face. I will be whatever kind of his charisma is funny. He yeah. So maybe I mean I don't know. But then I just I think you'd have to be a jerk, but I don't see it. I mean you know what has to do it. I think it's a heard the grandparents they seem to just still hard working. Yeah. And I don't know. I don't I don't know. You tell us in a few minutes. I'm asking if you have a good street by store. Maybe there's a nasty side to the trouble is that we don't know seem like a real good dude. So I think you would do well as a baby face washing, my ex KO days, though, ex KO days before before I matured a little bit. You know what I mean? It was like everybody in Texas. They did not like me a big part of the move, was, like, okay. I could've stayed in Texas. And everybody knows before his name as out of. Out of Texas, right saving. You know, he has he has number one Jim out there. Right. But I was a famous guy Travis leader guy, and I would just talk so much crap about people. But that's how I got my flight. If you didn't wanna fight me because you felt like it was physically going to be too much mentally piss, you off so bad that you had no choice but to fight. We're talking about you coach talk about cousin great, Hugh, I wouldn't talk about your momma. But I'll talk about you, dad. And fight. You know it just is what it is. You know, I I had to book my flights I had to pay my bills. I didn't want to go to work. No one, I want to go back to that night. Look, who was on that fight card guys that won this was this competition for that night, Alonzo Menefee one that night, Chris, Curtis won that night, Greg hardy won that night, Mantell Jackson won that night. So all names that are into well, see or PF L or, and they got the finishes. So he Kevin was dominant. So big mouth or not. He was dominant. But in the end, I think those of us recognize the talent were cheering for the finish because we knew that you are. I that night, right? Yeah. So you don't know the, the results, you don't know how hard how hard the. Lonzo manifesto. I knew that he was knocking people out in the first round in the local levels, where we were you know what I mean? That maybe you could have stepped on the gas because no disrespect felt like you went about our easy to say that let's say that you're capable of we'll say, we'll use the car right hundred twenty miles an hour and. That night I felt like you were going seventy five at times ninety, but I didn't see one twenty. I thought you haven't won twenty I've seen it. But that night, I was like, ooh, he better step on the gas and get the finish because he's going, I, I didn't know who these other guys, we're going to do, but I could just tell that the vibe of the gym that night was, like, man. He's got a big mouth Dow, let's see what he can do. And so, yeah, so personal. I Sit Aye. Capitalize Cavalli's outbid it like exactly opposite. What I was planning to do that night, though. So I was planning on going in there, and I wasn't planning on getting a contract also going there and getting paid, you know what I mean? I knew everybody else going there for the contract and understand. That's what you're supposed to be on the way they can, you know, the contender for. But I was like, you know, maybe I'll get a call back. You know, I'll go fight back at the circuit, then I'll get a call back make another ten K. I was thinking small I wasn't thinking the big contract and then keep going. I was thinking, like man, I just saw furthest Bill tour. I'm gonna go do this. This is one heck of a year. You know, it's already topping out real nice. Ten thousand dollar pay day, just for fighting, including at home spa. Like to me. I thought that was love, you know, I mean I thought that was good might after the fight. My manager had to explain to me. No, dummy, you always look for more look for the future look for, you know, look to be brighter. And so you don't just learning you know, a big learning step that fight, maybe I should have put them away when I wasn't going in there to get a Finnish. If you look at my record, you know, that fight in the jerem fight my last fight the only to everyone to decision that I won. I'm not used to going to decision in winning. I felt like I needed to do that at my point in my career cough out, man. That's a tough. A good win for you. By the way, that dummy is Orrin Hodak just had a second baby shot. Hello. Yeah. So graduates into him and his family, Dan. Yes, it can offer different perspectives her, I was a little frustrated, but not in the same way, frustrated anybody else was, I can guarantee that, that's doesn't upset me. I kind of see what you're doing. I expected it's being executed. That's racks, came across you researching for final, Jeff Neal, and watch that fight now, I know this, this kid was Fuster different way, where I was like, oh, I know this kid's got some, some talent. I want to see him show. What a little at that time I saw. But but, you know, no shame their man at all and something we talked about you, when you called into our shows last interview did here. And I'm old school Marshall are Taylor. That's kinda came in through through the sport. You know, Campo Crotty taekwondo income food, and I talked about that. Because when I see jitsu gave obviously, great coach Travis Luder Brown belts, that mistaken, he's still Brown belt user. Obviously those skills legit legit coach but there is a. Certain flow. And I talked to you about this a certain extent that I feel that you get from you don't see anybody really translate that to striking, but I could see it in your flow your strikes as well. But even your grappling key talk a bit about that. Yes. So. Comfort, you know what I mean? It's like nonstop like just flowing. You're costly flow and kind of like, what Anderson suicide like water. You know what I mean? So it just it just never stops. So it's kinda like the same thing jitsu plus self defense. So I came in the circuit, I was like, yeah, I want to be really, really good at self defense only really three fighter. I didn't never think of anything imate I didn't know about it. You know. And so it was like, when I finally did come over to jitsu Travis I was getting smashed nonstop, you know, my first month or so, because I was just thinking nonstop, I need to be jitsu guy now, instead of thinking, like not, you know what I need to make my come from translate from here to there. And so, I stopped worrying about the bills if someone start worrying about who I was as martial arts, and I realize, even though I'm on my black even on my back I still roll. Certainly still move certainly still do certain things still suck you into a pattern and I got really good at getting submission off the shot. I got really good at getting thrown on my back around my head and using the role. Over and get on top of you. So my wrestling may not be the greatest, but you're wrestling is starting my jitsu, and it was just thing that came from food, you know your offense as my offense as well. Your defense is my defense as well. So it's like sticky hands. You know what I mean, I just know how to make it all flow together. And you think because that timing that different approach, like you did a great job of explaining by the way. But is that why, for example, whether it's like analyst, I respect have trouble breaking down your game or fighters that are very good, like even teak Tagore does finding the title, the win or lose. They have difficult time dealing with us. That y yeah, I would have to say have to say that's why I mean styles. Make fights right? And a low style benders name. Right. Staub inter bins every style. But it's like yeah. That's, that's what it's about. It's about being able to change your style for the fight at that moment in time being able to adapt. Even if I am getting smashed on you know what I mean, I'm going to be able to adapt to survive. You know take the refs out the Asian make it a long night. You know make it a little bit longer. You know. I mean yeah we're here, you know competition. This is beautiful for the fans, and I appreciate it. But today, I trained I to be somebody who can defend my family and defend myself take everything out of there. Let's was gonna make it gonna make no ref. No, nothing less. He was gonna make let's see. Let's see who ends up, you know, still breathing when it's all over and done with that go for really long time can take a long beaten. I like that mentality. Just last one for me, as far as the confused while around the come food is how, how did the visit go now? We talk about the real, the real nece obviously, but as far as like kung FU movies, fading favorites you can throw out there for the. Don't they know panda now? I'm dick superhero fan. Right. Okay. So it was like I break, it down off, like a cartoon I could break it down off shore feet Noah, so pretty much any Batman. Oh, no realistic. Or who's a Korean Ireland? My favorite Batman. Big topic ring, and like. Right. No Robert Pattinson going to be the new Batman. That makes no sense to me, the name all the batmans, Michael Keaton. Well I mean because he go far back as Adam west. Right. Michael Keaton, George Clooney. Val kilmer? What's the guy that bales trigger? Yeah. Got them right on back me up here been aspirin. And I didn't mean that. Hey, you're nerd, can you back me up? Do you know any other one's bid? I got no clue right now. I'm blank ask you. I think those are got so which one. Oh, yeah. The crew anybody would pull it off right. The whole mop. Roasted. Bruce way parties, full, your bad. Never that big ass, too. Who's your favorite you know what broke Christian build a really good job, a job on his thing. So I gotta go with him the whole time line. The way they did it kind of wish they never stopped. You know, Chris Nolan did a great job of those Christian bale and he'd be closure with the joker felt I wish they would've gone back villain joker, joker. Jokers though, this mentally insane true. He's mentally, same cat woman. Couple of relations, like just like playing villain. Though they should send my favorite thief. You know what I mean? All right. She might be my favorite even that might be fun. The hunt down tat woman. You know what I mean on top five favorite thieves in a movie. That's a good bane. All right. The new Bain was nice though. Yeah. Like the new baby rather than fight them. Which is focused on pulling the plug that thing on his face. The fight is always fun. Yeah. Fight as always, I will say a little trivia, fact, Bob crane, the creator of Batman is bet man. This was before Christian Bill Cameron, he died before before that version. But his favorite was actually Val Kilmer Philly. He wrote the character, Bruce Wayne, he imagined him how exactly about comer played them granted. I think there's only like three or four, including well, he, he saw Clooney version, which wasn't a bale bale and then west for me, and then I'd have to go the other three Joe Schumacher really took some liberties that Clooney and that George Clooney costume. It was a are very detailed in the random parts. You don't really want to detail the superheroes. They're really focus on those parts doing little better. Oh, yeah. Forgot about him better. You know, I kind of liked it. And it was just kind of, like, come on, man. Like I still gotta see that. I can't wait. I gotta see that one so behind you fight a lot. Like we've just past four years. And you had eighteen professional fights, quite an active schedule. Look in two thousand fifteen by fights two thousand sixteen three threes, a pretty active here for for nowadays. You know, but still that's he's, he slowed down three in two thousand sixteen thousand seventeen or you did four in two thousand eighteen six. A lot of fight in. And then right. Like so last year that was last year. I had six fights. But if you look at it right, it was, like, so I had, like X KO fight at the Biltmore fi advocate tender fi, and then I had to UFC fight. That is that's dope. Now. You know what I mean? And you can't pin you better though. I mean like do you. They say that when you get better and improve your camp. Right. Right. So do you are you able to get that time? You know you're able to balance family time getting ready for the next camp. But also, just isolating and maybe working on some new tricks daddy, the tool belt. Yeah. So I learned pretty quick. At least I think so. You know what I mean you have to ask my coaches to be to answer on that. Right. But I think I learned pretty quick. So that being said, I think that there's nothing that I really can't learn suffer wrestling, I wrestled really weird like I don't know. It's just like it. Second lazy lazy wrestler. Don't nobody wanna lazy on wrestling, d work more on the take down. Or do you actually work on sorry, takedown events, or are actually offensive wrestling? I try offense arrests off into just like I like reverse in it. But yeah, I get so I get plenty of time to, to mesh everything. And then, you know how many styles you see other. We'll see. Lots of. Yeah. It's like it's like a circle you know what I mean? Like so many so many things you fit in the circle, and these guys only have so many styles. But then I come from that weird background, flew. Right. So I do a lot of traditional martial arts. So, like I'm always in the ghee so like my jitter knowledge is like it should always be improving if I'm always in the Guillaume. Always learn new little meet tricks, right? Then I go back to Nogi and then you gotta break all this stuff down. So, yeah, I think I'm always learning and they some guys only get ready only, you know, get better per fight. Right. So each camp like I'm getting a little better. And I'm always encamp when am I not in can't right? Do you like watching fight professionally, like Manam fan of that guy or gal? I'm a big fan of John Jones. Always have been always will be in the he does of fighting the what it is. It's not my business will big fan of Conor McGregor people say outside of the cage, he's a little this little that I'm a big fan of period. I don't really care. I think some of the things that he does outside of the cage as far as like slapping, the, the fans out there. It's a little bizarre. Right. But what you gonna do on. Bad day. Ask yourself that on a bad day. Oh, you're not going to do that. Okay. Get out of here. You know, so it's like yeah, nobody's gonna they're not suing us. They're suing guys like that, right? Looking back. I guess he didn't hurt the guy he took the phone shirt costume. As long as you don't hurt people hurt. Nobody you know what I mean. But it's like if I don't take a picture, I mean, it's it gets kinda frustrating. You know. I'm a big fan of a lot of these guys. I mean who am I not a fan of? That's, that's really the question. You know, I really like I don't know. Why don't you? Yeah. I don't know. I like everybody. Oh, I'm a real nice guy. Everybody ties for I know. Okay. No. You know what over the years Daniel Cormet has been number one. He's like gradually of your. Yeah. Like from meeting him to actually watch no fight, and his story and everything that he's done to say, DC. I mean it's like. You know, when you meet them you just like straight up straightforward. He and hold on back. And, you know, when he fights he goes out there and get the job done. It doesn't really get. He really gets b you know he has overall style. He can knock you out. You can take down shake tap. Yeah, you can do anything. I was there not the about DC the two time champ. Have you ever not liked the commenting, whether it's on your fight or someone on you're not yet but yeah, I'm gonna say a name, you know what I'm saying? Hey, you know, and if he's watching this from sorry says Dominick Cruz. Always liked that guy. And then, you know it was like commentated my fight. What he's, he's like he's flopping everywhere. It's like bro. You're like you're gonna high level wrestler. So I understand, you know what I mean. But it's like flop in na role in bro twist in November. Bad way, different spots. So it's not like no heart Phillips. So like that, or like when you're sitting behind this, Mike, you should choose, your words loom or wisely. You know what I mean? It's like if you think flop and maybe a little heavier than you. But you know what? I mean I'll roll the light and flop on, you could figure out what it says flop, Nerf and skill. So. That was a little mean to say about have you seen him since then nauseam the elevator before the fight. And I'll try to give them a problem. The comments him after say nothing before you. I try to them in the elevator like nice suit, or what would you say? No. Like, you know man, he's like key working. Yeah. It was like, hey. How work the man keep working comeback? That's like on. That's the equivalent of like a little kid, saying something to you. And you just rub their hair mess it up. Go have fun. Have fun kids. Grow up to be a fireman kid Perkins growing, you know, I don't know about you. Can you tell me you think but it's kind of Saint for me? I was prescribed to the that's about how you wins that. Hi. How you lose kinda tells more about you and not take anything personal because again, he probably buys quantum at exchange dominant Cruz. I don't know him personally shared a similar coaches gonna ask you about in a second. But in my personal actions with them, nice guy, but I will say, though, it bothers me more you guys weighing in this too, when someone is like blows you off. We try to be nice to them, then if they're just straight up dicta there should dictum. Okay, maybe a bad move. Maybe I did something it was just one way. But then when you but if you go to somebody and you're nice or you do something. And then they're you know, whether it's a holding the door unspoken action or spoken action personally. That's what I think, personally, I hold the door before you weren't you can't say through right? I'll be like you're walking like just like. They'll be like look at me like are you. Okay. And I'll be like no. Are you? Okay. Like this is thank you. I'll be really hurt any like significantly guys. Like why did he do that? I'm a whole door for. No. By of the day. I like that. He's in Vegas. Vegas better right now. Thank you. Blundell of energy people. Thank you. Thank you. Speaking of that, share coach because the to tie that up real quick because it also ties back to the styles. And, like we were talking about you talk about the key grappling and learn anything's, but a, a coach I came up under it, he's a syndicate right now. I believe in Milan-San catch wrestling coach. Have you begun to work with them? You know, having to work with them. I have actually got really work with John would the head. I believe they had go Darwood would John's the man, you know, have been having a blast with John, so sat out the syndicate big time. And you know, it's like. Can't wait until after the fights over to go back. You said learning new tricks, I'm not really a Jim hopper really good. A lot of different gyms, but I've been the millennia ima may out in California. Learn a lot of new tricks. When I went over there for a little while, you know, being with Travis over the years, he's always had something nice to show me and grappling. So I'm always learning you know pressure and I'm not a pressure guy being over there. John, though, it's like he just has, like, an encyclopedia knowledge for women may, you know, and it's like and I've learned great jitsu. I've learned good MA stuff. You know, places things that I really needed to know along the route of striking from several different people, but John would overall graham-mai coach, you know, knowledge is wonderful. You have heard nothing but great things about John with for sure. Energy, too big fan of energy. Yeah. That's, that's real important. I will just say that there's another shameless plug. If you can't check out one in class, he's a good guy to pick this far as different. I definitely probably dig it. And you said catch wrestling, and you know, I need to work on the wrestling. He's actually more of a wrestler himself to you them saying, might work out exactly who. It'll make what you probably already do stronger. More of a concept guy, you can take those concepts on a plan. How you want he you know, fought your body style type guy obviously concepts. And you're already looking at guys, you know, whether John Jones, far as those body frames, and I like love the way he does uses his takedown IQ in the cage is amazing. You know what I mean? It's like it's hard to take that away from the guy it's like the Dyke's amazing. So all right. We got two quick break. We got Kevin Harlan here in studio with us. He's a middleweight bites in the ultimate fighting championship, and you'll be fighting on June twenty second down in what is it Simpson Ville, South Carolina, or something like that? I, I think so. And he'll be fighting against a less you did. She grow. We've got we'll be back after this quick break. And then we're going to do our daily rate. Don't touch that dial. All jokes aside. Georgia goes is some of the best chicks. I know here we go with more verbal sparring, take it away, ladies theories of the Beatles channel wants to send you and a guest see Paul McCartney and his freshened up tour at Petco park in San Diego or Dodger Stadium. Both shows are sold out where you can enter for your chance to win a trip for two to the show of your choice. You'll sit in the series six sweet and attend Paul's pre show, soundcheck official rules at to enter go to siriusxm dot com slash Paul McCartney tour and do that before June tenth, you got about eleven days. No additional purchases necessary joined in studio by Kevin Holland bites for the ultimate fighting championship fighting in about three weeks down in Simpson. Ville, South Carolina. Greenville, South Carolina. Some places that says Simpson Ville, places it says Greenville, but it's in South Carolina. The main of at that night, the Korean zombies back, he'll be fighting and not to Moin Khan. Oh, Kevin Harlan. We always ask our in studio guests, if they can share good streetfight story will. Are you Cheryl with us? Which one? A good one. A lot of. Scenario nightclub restaurant restaurant. All right. Okay. All the same day. Okay. So you're gonna say where to be mad at me. Right. Just toast, riverside, Vegas or, or Texas, Texas. Okay. So I was somewhere with my mom, so you had a OK corral. And I knew everybody I know everybody there, the place, right? With my mom. Okay. I'm with my stepdad and with lady. Right. It was sitting there. Chiller, and we're all intoxicated. Right. So some guy goes the trip my mom wait in a club or or, or restroom. It's it's, it's like a bar. Okay. But it's kind of club, but it's a bar as some Detroit. Chip, your mom tried to announce home in, you know the game but it is like everybody knows me. So I was like, why would he try and treat my mom and so, like they didn't want to say anything, but then they finally says, I'm they pointed to him, and I was like, oh, him, and I was like bed already kind of looking at funny, because I had afro at the time he had afro, and his afro looked better than my afro. So he went to hot. Chicks are in the room. Get don't like each other like that. So he went to the restroom, I walked to the restroom. And how was whizzing and he was whizzing and it wasn't really a fight. I just felt like it was like the best situation ever. So he was still out, probably like sexual assault cases and I walk up behind him. I smack his head on the wall. Smack knocked him unconscious clearly right in there while he was pissing. While he was pissing, Dan, you like open hand. Yeah. Just smack or just push the head into the wall. Smack into the wall that is exact scenario wiles told that to not use urinals at clubs. Always always in bars or clubs and go to go to stall time is up and get your guard up in was pretty dirty dirty move, but at the same time full of. Pretty dirty, and he tried. But he didn't do it. He tried to trigger and she had heels on, and I don't know how she caught herself. She. But. But I know the most horrible thing ever try to do that to someone's Vom. But is there a reason you know what? Hey, I'm just I just do this random something pre wild. You know what I mean? And I'm sure she probably did some but remind you, they didn't wanna tell me the story. So all I got was word that he trip my mom, and they pointed to who it was. So when he went I had to go pee we just like nobody in the restaurant it was gold. It was like golden. Coral baby was perfect go back to your seat and enjoy your night. Yeah. The party, we gotta get on outta here went back and chilled. Did you watch the door to see when it came out now? Come on, Kevin Holland. I wasn't worried about. Was there was there, a ruckus, like home? I got someone on the bathroom. Nothing. Like that as I was walking out, somebody was walking in and I was like Brel. He's pissed her up. That's actually pretty pretty gangster. That's pretty lorries. Get bushing. Like, you know, it is what it is, like I just stay here for he said, which ones we've got others may will get another right now. We gotta do our daily debate us crank that up. Andre. Garcia seemingly Kelly green on eighty everybody knows it's duck season products, duck season. Whether it's spilling great. Let's felling case. Great gambling, always bet on black. Red book, reading, cluck, dummy, even social media, Instagram, tap tap, tap, tat, the same applies to the biggest stories. Time for junkie radio's daily. You like Kevin Holland always bet on black. All right. Here's the question for today fell as today's daily debate question for at enemy radio. And you have seen middleweight Kevin Holland. If a high profile fighter loses an opponent very close to the fight. What is your preference? Let me expand on this because I created the question kind of like, along the lines of you have two choices. There's Woodley backed out of the Lawler fight with weeks to go. Queen Latifah also known as either Latifi ppac out of his fight with volcanoes. Amir with days to go. So there's different scenarios here. Okay. But here your choices new opponent. Gimme anyone same opponent at a later show or new opponent at a later show. So, again, just to break it down like here, what you guys would be saying is new opponent just keep Lawler, on the card, give them someone you know, from a regional promotion or whatever free agent or just a UFC guy that's been sitting on his hands and he's gonna step in late same opponent later show. Okay. We like Lawler Woodley. This is grab them and put them later in the summer when woodley's ready to go. And of course, the other ones new opponent later show. So hey Lawler. We really wanted you to dance against Willie but we couldn't find anyone. We're just gonna move you by yourself to another Shoghi someone else. So hopefully that helps what are your choices? You start them. Well, injuries and long-term things that pull people off is going to be the caveat for a couple of these answers, but I can't get my head around that, that Wesley Snipes passenger fifty seven you just. You just dropped to start off this daily debate so answer in Wesley Snipes and algae format. Okay, if this was Wesley Snipes Belaid, I think he just takes on anybody who's going to be there. But my vote falls in, I say, same opponent because of its Wesley Snipes from white men can't jump say what you will about Woody Harrelson he needs. He needs his partner there. You know what I'm saying? You need that dance partner and we're going back to them man algae, I, I like seeing these matchups, a kind of kind of fall through on. I know so would be in Lawler. At a leader show. Yes. And I know the UC probably going to be on the other, they're going to want to keep their shows and tactic. What about that? And I care about these fighters careers and nothing. I hate more seeing a guy on a run. Get some momentum. He's putting the funny spot. And, you know, he's kinda maybe he has to say, yes. And of course, he's going to believe in skills and bet on himself at the end of the day. And then he loses it man. So I, I like keeping momentum. They're keeping the fairness as much as you can. So same opponent different. Dr. How about you goes? I am very pro fighter and what I'm thinking about, let's take Kevin hone Kevin hone spent a lot of money to train for particular opponent. That coach is not going to get paid because eating at the fight. So I would feel better about that fighter being able to get scheduled on another card and kind of Phil what he invested in. I'm also a fan of knowing that, whoever's at the top than has the belt is supposed to be that guy. And I feel that gets unfair, if you have to remember, you said, high profile fighter you have to high profile fighters. I want them both coming in at one hundred percent. I don't wanna hear that. This guy came in off seven days, notice because that's not gonna be one hundred percent of that guy. And I don't know that that's going to give us the true outcome in a fight that we want, we want to know the best Robbie Lawler versus the best bene- screen. We wanna know who's gonna win that fight not ten days. Robbie Lawler, ten days, Ben Askar, whoever whatever scenario you wanna use. We don't wanna know that. So I would say, I want that same fight just at a later date, when the peed money they're flying in, they wanted to see cards or deep. That's why this is in boxing, that happened in boxing, that's going to suck. But this is a me in our cards are deep not why they're deep. All right. How about you man to good? It's a really, really good question. But I'm a fan like this. So it's like a if it was a championship fight, what I would say is if next in line is ready to step up the Nathan line step up. So if you got a championship right, if you're two and three stay ready to go if number one can't get the job done it. He pulls out the you're trying to best the camp, the healthy fighter on the original card and just fill the spot because somebody if he's still gotta get bait. He should not be able to not get paid because this other guy shows the tear vaginal muscle that time. See what I'm saying it should. It shouldn't be the problem. You know there was times where I was hurt and I couldn't fight, you know, and how deteriorate muscle. Missile doing it too. Oh, okay. Now I mean it was like, you know, I was doing neither one's supposed to be doing. Okay. No. I mean like you know, things happen. This is this is a rough sport things do happen. I understand things do happen. That's why try that's why I try and be a middle way. They stays close way in a mall. He's ready to go. You know what I mean, you, you gotta be willing to step up when the time comes, that's what you get paid for. You know what I mean? This is this is martial art, your martial artist. So if you're a true, martial artist, you stay ready. So you ain't gotta get ready. What you need to be in better shape. It's why we got scheduled why you need to be running. That's why you need to do in a strange conditioning. You're on vacation. That's why you're martial arts. You're disciplined, go do your own vacation. If you're not gonna do you gonna take those chances and going there the way you are, that means you're drunk high coming off the couch. It is what it is that you saw to know what you've been taking go out there and fight was that. Yeah. I also like having the fighters stay on the card. I think Lawler, had possibilities, man. Leon Edwards wanted some Ponza Neva wanted some. It was a few other fighters, that do their handwriting till said, look on me at one seventy five. Nice still have to fight still should have at the Lawler still be able to fight. But like if there was something special about Lawler versus would lead wrong with it would already be. No. So maybe for Lawler special, but I think Lawler just wants to give back to the title, and there's other fighters that have a high profile like Woodley that could maybe fit the Bill or how about the fact that there's a lot of fighters that can't get into the UC, and this is their chance to come from CFC titan LFA or just another organization, and step in on late notice. Maybe make something happen. Take it from me. You don't wanna step in like that now stepping like that against the on about Santa Claus, and he just went crazy. I guess he was on a Nautilus. You don't wanna step last-second guys like that. You think you do the timing is different the way they fight is completely different than them local levels. They don't want. They think they want to do that. They don't wanna do that. They won't do that against the guy is not rain. They don't wanna do that against the rank is win win situation for them. Maybe they get lucky maybe the right point. Y'all don't wanna do that. You're not mean you won't be able to survive you get knocked out, promise you. All right. Well, here's the voting went new opponent. Anyone fifty two percent. Same opponent leader show thirty nine percent. New opponent later, so nine percent. Thanks junky, nation readers of the site. This is the show for weighing in and things, of course, to Kevin Harlan for being a part of it. We're gonna take our last break. When we come back, we'll talk to Calvin cater UFC featherweight, and then we'll finish up with Kevin Harlan here who's in-studio with a stay close. It's the radio show on fight nation channel six. Good. You still hear the poise were just getting warmed up now the real show begins taken away, boys. All right. We're gonna take a quick time out Kevin Harlan, and we'll come back to them. But right now we're going to focus on another superstar fighter from the UFC nineteen and three overall three and one in the much, like Kevin Harlan. His name is Calvin cater, and he'll be fighting Ricardo lamas. You've UC to thirty eight men. That's a great fight between two solid featherweights. He cast their fight on ESPN and eight PM eastern time as that leave into the pay per view, which is headlight by Henry Huda versus Martin Weiss. Joining us now on hotline is Calvin cater what's up Calvin? How're you doing? Welcome. Back to EMMY junkie radio. Going to be back. Dan Jomon tough to be. It's tough to be upset. You guys for call me from New York number when you play that music. All right. I got Dan and goes with me, and we also have UFC middleweight Kevin Harlan here with us. And I, I gotta tell you, man. I'm really really excited about next Saturday's card. It is stacked from top to bottom. But this one of my favorites Ricard along has been doing this for a long time. He's been a ranked opponent for a long time. And of course bursted onto the scene and doing well for yourself as well. Three and one overall, excuse me in the nineteen and three overall, tell me something did you even early on? Maybe a fan of Ricardo lamas was at one of those situations. He's put in so much time that you actually watch them fight, and maybe even grew to like him. Fan, but I was you know, how do you not respect with the guys done in the sport? Right. Go and test myself against the guy. That's you know, fought for the title is a contender. So just to show where I stack up in division against the guys that call themselves the best, you know. Yeah. In this fight is in Chicago. So you're one of those guys that gets the kind of come in and ruined the party a little bit. Do you like being the road game, the road team, you know, and fighting and someone told town have you done that a lot in your I actually have never done it, and awkward enough? I'm pretty excited about it. I've never been Chicago. And I'm actually we already took out three suites. I got a hunch people come with me. So as much as I'm looking forward to the booze, I might be hearing some cheers as well. We, we've packed, we packed the house only when we take or you know, Boston crowd does right on. All right. Goes what do you have for Calvin cater Calvin every time you go out to train like an episode of trains planes and automobiles, you got to cover a lot of distance. How long like what's the toughest part about all that man, and what are your rest days like? You know, I just. Wreck days more recovery days. You know, it's like I just I actively recovering the rest days. And when I'm on the road, I liked the audio books and shit like that on the road and this way when I get to the gym. It's such a long ride. If I'm listening to music by the time I get to the gym. And I put something on a pump me up. I'm gonna be sick of that shit enemy. Have probably heard it the whole ride there. So I try just pack my, my long rides with, with stuff like that audio books things that, that. Just quality quality listen things. Listen to. And then when I get the gym I put in the headphones, and I get to work. No enemy radio show that you could listen to you that are hours that we can keep you company. But I really I try to keep that mindset kind of like the sets at the gym. I don't want to know how many miles I have to do. I don't want to know how many sets I gotta do. I keep my head down. I just I drive to the gym and soon as I get there and get to work. And when I'm at the gym I just I finished the sheet and don't wanna hear how many sets I got left on done. Calva cater, I guess you're on EMI junkie radio on Twitter at Calcutta just like his name. He'll be excuse me, fighting Ricardo lamas on June eighth in Chicago, Illinois, and that's part of you. See two thirty eight Dan, Tom or fight analysts ever catheter. Hey Calvin, you know, my LA Centric fight fight co here, might not appreciate this. But I got love for Boston from the, the music bands. They put out friends, I grew up with. And also some sports teams as well. I know you're a sports guy obviously, but let me ask you, you're going to Chicago. Obviously, you know, I don't know if you're much of a your football I don't do much of a hockey guy, but, you know, Blackhawks Bruins had a little bit of a rivalry if you will just for the fact they're going head to head do if this was pre Reebok era. Would you be rolling into this fight with the Boston Bruins jersey, Calvin? Still might be school. Finals may were in the Cup and I think Dame's gonna softball for the Boston boys. I almost did it with, with the patriots seems like every time I'm fighting some dumb title team in Boston is in the damn finals. I hope you guys notice that every time I call I got ammunition ready to go. Yeah. We're tired of. Years. We'll see the only thing we don't have the Dan, you have seen belt. And I'm looking to bring that ship back to. On that on that. No. Your last night was in Canada. Obviously, was in Moncton. But on on that note. Would you did you party kind of wish it was in Montreal? So, you know, because again, obviously Bruins halves, that's, that's the big rivalry. Right. You know, on you mentioned that because I actually got held up in Montreal on the on the way back. We miss the connectors lightning. They like the fly you out at like seven AM the next morning after your fight. I'm sure hall could attest that they get your in in and out real quick. But I have family that flying out to come see me fight, and I, I must have finished shop around eleven twelve know, you don't get out of there, grab a couple of drinks. Everybody flew into see you some dinner and things of some for, you know, it's four five AM and you fly out into our let alone a little tank up. You know. So I actually missed the connector Montreal me involved fun, ended up getting a rental car. Also got a rental car. The some food and just often seeing that it was great to do that before, eight AM white that next morning back home direct light reading to get hotel meals. A great time and everybody it finished off the candidates. Kevin you get early fights like that. When you fight as well for the UC. Yes. So last night was Philly. They trying to book me out the next day like seven in the morning. You guys can't control. You can't say, hey man, I wanna leave at five PM or some shit. Yeah. You can of do that. So they were trying to book me out early Naito them. I didn't wanna go home for like another three days. And they were like, well we're not booking your room. So figure it out. It out name. Have shuttles media back to things. I was cool with I have family out there making the best out of it. But yeah, they get you out pretty much cargo. I'm meet Tuesday because I think it's frowned upon to get a ballpark Franken a beer during fighting. How's he cheese steaks after the after the way, ends broS bad man, that fit it? Gotta gotta make it work. Calvin bring that Boston gear that'll be cool man. Rile, the Chicago people up come on anywhere without it. You know me. All right. Hey great catching up with you. I hope you have a safe camp, whatever's left, he's, I guess, and I guess, in one week, days or so. We'll be watching you five Ricardo lamas. Can't wait for that. So thanks as always for the time. And it's always great having you on the show. Two weeks after and following that will both out there for fight we. So maybe we'll pay boys visit talk. Bruins, take the after the Bruins. All right. We look forward to it. Thanks, calvin. All right. All right. Well, I think I guess for the week boss rootin-, Marlin, Ryan's Kelvin tiller who will be on next week. Skews me Danny Casteel. Gilbert, Melendez Rick Mahorn from the NBA Darien Caldwell rookie Cleveland Kevin, Kevin Harlan, skews me and Calvin cater, we got about ninety seconds Kevin. So I thanks for coming by wish you luck with the rest of your camp travels to South Carolina. Go out and have some fun. Tell me about that sponsor fast. Got on sciatic Diana nutrition man. They got this stuff for your brain. So, you know, if you really dumb sparring you up a little bit so memory retention and all that. Yeah. Yeah. T-shirt remember, retention and stuff like that, man, I, I think it's a good stuff man. My wife taken it. I she hasn't looked it up for me for you Sada and stuff. So I think she's just kind of holding on has itself. She has it clear that she's hold onto it for I got to take it. She's. She's enjoying the benefits Lovie. Get headaches headache. You know what I mean? The good she ain't nagging me saying took my Zion cups Zion, if you're watching this. Please him you know the Cup still merchandise anti-immigration. It's all got his black ones you send another gray one. If you want to she's even over here, man. But yeah, I guess they have also has some product man supposed to help you grow your nails in your hair, a little faster. All right. And she has her own hair salons. So she's gonna put it in a hair salon. So you guys watching offer as island product and a hair salon. We'll have you back my man after your fights. Do you think it was really fun? Having you, right. Yeah. Folks, we've back on Monday with another addition of emanate junkie radio. Jessica, I will stop by the studio. The Cheeto be on the show. And I believe race EPA or radical tour. What else we all right for, and it goes, Andre becky's, and Dan? I'm George how nice weekend go out there and be a champion. Because studio.

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Michael Jordan vs Isiah Thomas + Dennis Rodman

The Cedric Maxwell Podcast

24:15 min | 1 year ago

Michael Jordan vs Isiah Thomas + Dennis Rodman

"Big Girls. Schick. The last stop. Every. All right another episode other Cedric Maxwell podcasting Maxwell's here. I am just way Perron. Max The last dance is the one thing I had to look forward to every week every Sunday. I got a pair of episodes waiting for me. Episode, three or four didn't disappoint Max I. Mean The narrative about is as Thomas. Of versus Michael Jordan all the trash talking. What's happening now compared to what happened back then you got the Dennis Rodman aspect of it what he meant to this team, but let's start with the Detroit Pistons Right and what? Jordan had to do to get over that home. But what do you remember about that time? And what? What's your takeaway about? How had to overcome that physicality? There are several places where you could see Jordan on the inside in the paint. Getting knocked around like a pimple and not getting one call. and Detroit headed thing. They call the tap tap vow according to Rick, Mahorn one of the players with Detroit. The time is at you if you got foul once. Okay, the whistle goes up with somebody else. Again so you got two thousand for the price of war, and that was going to slow down so I mean Detroit, did all they could physically to wear Jordan down to frustrate Jordan and remember Jordan the six six. You tell some of these guys. Were you know sixteen to eighty five guys, you know Mahorn Sixteen, three hundred and you get that Kinda pounding. Every night is going to take a toll on you. How bad were they were that that obviously Jordan was a lot worse than other opponents, but do you remember how like physical they were? A year I think that they wanted that mindset they they took that from the Celtics, and how we played against the Lakers and they implemented that into who they were. Talking about bad boys and all this stuff it was, it was just crazy. See I happen to be at. A ceremony they here when they retired Rip Hamilton's number in Detroit, and the Celtics were doing that it was going to be a halftime well, it's only be about ten minutes. It was probably about twenty five minutes is his keep introducing people on and on and then the garage? Bad Boys, and the Detroit getting fine for that because they slow the game up, but you know it was? A It was a collection of smart top players who learned a lot when they played the Celtics during those series when this when they were trying to get over the hump to beat the Celtics remember they had them. They had the Celtics beat. Until Larry Bird made steel, and give. Baldness Johnson laid up. They beat Troughton and the. Calls Detroit, Detroit, leading the lesson eventually end up beating beating Celtic, so everybody. There's a stage and there's a plateau for every team, every player and A. Thing that everybody has to go through I. Don't care who you are I mean myself in Larry Kevin Robert we went through it. When we play Philadelphia during the eighties. We didn't feel like we didn't think that we could beat them until we finally put in our minds that these guys are no better than we are. So I think that that has to be in your mind I. Think Great Teams. Great teams put doubt. In your mind immediately once you play them like this is going to be a long night, or this is going to be something crazy. You think those Pistons Teams. Do you think legacy is a bit tarnished? Because of the way they went about getting those championship because they got to championships and. Thomas and other former Pistons players that talked about they feel like they get sort of overlooked when they're compared to the the Celtics and the Lakers era I think you saw looking back at Detroit now and you see okay. Have they gotten close to championship again? That's what you start looking at. You know they had that run that they had and they played well. They won during that time, but they haven't gotten back. The Lakers and the Celtics have gotten back those teams. That weren't championships during that time to win it again, so I don't think that. They're forgotten I think people know how good they were especially. If you a real baller, you knew how Great Isaiah was. You knew Joe Joe Dumars. One of the great defenders of our time he went head to head with. You know join every every night so they. They had the personnel there that played a very physical game. Though in Rick Mahorn. Then you have bill lamb beer, and they that was their mono. They weren't given up any easy buckets on the inside. You can see that when they took Larry Down Two or three times, and then you add ins robin in the mix and that was that was a cast a crazy. You think is solely about that. Those just physicality because for Michael Jordan Call Thomson Asshole you know on this documentary. That was certainly a highlight of those two episodes and then Isaiah. Thomas says he's really surprised to hear that from Mike. You know a couple days after the documentary air well. I think that you know there was A. Doing Research. Today surprisingly on this very topic and they were talking about The first time Michael Jordan really made up with. A plan going to Albertson, and was at the All Star game. You played them a couple of games, and then at the All Star game Iverson plan to Ricky game, and then he was coming off the court. Jordan was coming on the court and Jordsaid. You Bitch so. I think that that's too much more than calling somebody Aso I've had. James Worthy said about me when I said he choked the free throw line, and then I had to deal with this asshole, pointing towards me so I. Think those things come out. Yeah, because the first thing he ever said to Alan Iverson to. Believe. I said the man. I was like he was like his idol and the guy. You idolize now all of a sudden you get this. You. Get slapping the facial. Damn, this is. Always remember that myself with Kareem, abdul-jabbar, my favorite player of all time. And I'm on the court with and he's just runs by just elbows me in the stomach. I mean told me. He didn't hurt me, but my damn villains were hurt. And I think that's the same thing private. Obviously, but what it tells you. If there's a superstar guy that goes out of his way to elbow you or goes out of his way to say something to you. That's a compliment that yeah, then then you are relevant. Irrelevant persons. You're relevant in his eyes, so if These guys and you know even if. Even ask joined set at about is as Naso I. Mean that that just goes with you know who you are. Beyond basketball because I think that's what people are getting. I can't imagine it being. You know more than basketball and I I I. Like I say you know. I've dealt with him for years, and you know he will always bind his way over to me to talk to me, or whatever and we had battles and wars, and and so I I can't imagine, and and that's the same thing I say about the. Whole thing with Kevin Garnett. Right now in reality is like there's a time in your life when you're old soldier that you let that die, and you respect the opposition. You've seen that you're seeing that many times like when when there's a war and you will you. These two countries have been warned against each other, and eventually to guys who were trying to kill literally kill each other became friends. After the war, people were in Japan. Some people in America became real close rains so. You know and this is a warfare. It's just basketball so I. don't quite understand how you continue down that line about somebody being the Aso. I think it will be the most thing is. I'M NOT GONNA. Use The word I'm GonNa, say beneath him. you know Michael. Jordan is one of the greatest players of all time. Mean you know. At at this time, you want to call this guy and Aso at this savvy. Guys, not you know broken bread and you know, and you know laid that the rest of the seemed like you, but he's also one of the most competitive, if not the most competitive athlete everybody says about. Sin About join me I? There's a thousand guys in NBA. who were competitive. Everybody's competitive to get to that level now there are some guys, maybe a little bit more competitive than others, but the one they always say was the most competitive was maybe. They they keep talking about Cobra. How competitive! Michael, Jordan was competitive. I've heard like when you play cards. He didn't WANNA lose when he was in college. He's playing backgammon. Turn the board. Though because he was mad, so yes, there are guys who just wanted to win, and and that's I. think probably got him in trouble in game of golf when he was, he was good, but it wasn't good enough to. You know we've got people who you know preyed on him. Because you know. They wanted to get his money and they would. They would golfers who would line up the plan because he was good, but he wasn't professionally good. Some of these guys got one in two handicaps and. Join has maybe a ten. Handicapped mean is hard, really the overcome that but but the egotistical nature of great players sometimes getting away right now. That's the way I look at it I. Look at it as look might looking back on those years saying yeah, I one. I got over that home. I'm not GonNa Forget. What you did I'm not GonNa Forget what I had to go through to get there and I'm not. GonNa Forget that I took you down I. Don't want you to forget it. I'M GONNA, throw it in your face forever. Competitiveness, or is that just to? Again beneath beneath him because we've all gone there. Me I didn't I. Don't think we pushed Philadelphia's face when we came back and beat them from a three one series in had them tied up. Again could be them again. Three One Now doc rivers in an interview I. Have we have me was talking about? the Lakers and the Celtics in it, and when the Lakers when excuse me Miami and the Celtics year or two, after the Celtics one Lebron join the way Miami and Boston came back home. In the six game here in Boston with opportunity the winning on the Celtics floor. And Lebron came out in that game. Remember talk into low low Laurent Morning Lawn Alonzo's years me Alonzo Mourning about that. And he said when when Lebron James came out, he walked by himself and Pat Riley and norm. He was speak. He didn't say a word, and he came out that six game and was lake. Throw of our ballsy. Youth Utah you shooting a gun, God is. Like. It it made no difference in that six game Lewis Greatest game. Yeah, one degrees, but as doc rivers said if they had lost the game, they went the broke that thing. Chris Bosh would have been gone. Somebody would been gone, but they came back and won that game here Boston and eventually won that sixty seven and deciding game in Miami, and Boston had them down late in the game and I told you that story before how? I was one I was a guy that legend who was going to receive the trophy eastern. Conference trophy that night, murder, subjects, who in the end they came up to me, said okay. You know south to win this game. They have no legends here. You're the ledge near. We're going to give you the trophy. I already planned my speech man I. WAS A speech go I'm like well. Really appreciate Miami Hamid the trophy will appreciate. Miami there were great. You know great opponent, and you know for all props Scott them then I was going to look away now. Let's go, but how about the Damn Celtics. I didn't get a chance to do it, so it just kind of. This just rattles me and I'm. Going to get a chance to do it again. In La. Old Nine on Nov Twenty ten twenty. Seven. When the Celtics went up in that game, they it said the same thing again. We if the Celtics Win Your Bill Russell wasn't around. You're going to be the guy that's going to receive the championship trophy. And then I handed over to you know wake and Brad of those i. mean excuse me Brad. I. Get the Wick and the handed over to Doc rivers and the team, but yeah I've been I've been shaft at twice. This championship, right I think they owe me one now so next one is going to be here Nixon I'm all over eastern. Conference finals. Just in case they get it in the. As I told you on twitter I'm finally doing something about my weight and my health. I found the solution for weight loss in this awakened went eight. My friends. The media told me about awakened one eighty. It's their goto program to lose weight without killing yourself in the gym or taking any kind of medication. Just listen to the success stories. My boy cow draper, he dropped thirty pounds. Andy Gresh dropped up one hundred and five, and that's not it Scott Zolak Steve Logan. And Reeves Dr Law or Carmen and ask Cedric Maxwell to them this. Is only been about three weeks and already dropped about fifteen pound. Turn these trying times into a reason to get healthy like me. Call Awaken received the same one on one coaching I'm getting home or on Skype also access went thousand recipes and tools you need. Weight, loss from the company who has revolutionized the weight loss industry set up your consultation today at awaken one eighty weight loss dot com. Yeah I love that part of it because that's just a huge part of back to during. His legacy and when he had to go through, but then of course, the other episode, which is about his robin. I think a lot of time. We forget just how good and how important he was to this team. And I'm saying we as in my generation forgets. Everyone's just quick. Remember Jordan and Pippen, but this episode about him getting his little forty quarter forty eight hours right Phil, Jackson Game Forty hours go to Vegas. Take a little vacation clears and come right back. What are the chances that his Robinson comeback? What Jordan. Jordan said. You will get that guy back. Back. Facts. Get back and forth I mean in that respect I mean there's just went out there and Hong and did his thing and partying women, and you know smoking cigars, but. I. Guess That's what they you know. They had road Dennis's back a long time, and he just went a little break, and they gave it to them so. You know is it was interesting to see Jordan talk about this interesting to see how feel handled it. I just can't imagine. A coach during this particular time. Tell them one of his players like. Jason Tatum. You know what know GonNa play all season long we ride. Go Go to go to Vegas for a couple of years a couple of days and just hang out. Clear out, you know I know you're going to be with the hose hanging out and all this stuff. Yes, yeah, that's right. That's what you're doing. You know you're going to hold hopping way. You're out there. Is. Really. Come back focused. You can't even imagine a coach doing that on top of that. How is social media handle all? Star Dennis, Rodman Party Nice Oh. With Dennis Rondo. My goodness of Mike. Clips of what happened between him a Carmen Electra. Everybody's yeah, if what any of the reported, he would've put it on his own instagram. Yeah, so I mean that was him. And then now you see him with. You know going to Korea that time with. Young you over. There is like another. Chapter Cryan? You know I'm giving my may charity and. He, was he? He was. He was a piece of work his piece of work. I have a war was an event in Vegas of Vol places in Vegas probably must say about Tim fifteen years ago, and we were playing I was actually still playing a little bit. We're we're plan with some celebrities and Dennis came in in place. Counting wet went. Wow, they came away Max, doing man. What's going on? You know spoke to me and all that stuff. So it was it was really cool, but now yeah this in his He was a force in his own own right right? Yeah right and you got it done the court. You know from the rebounding the to obviously arguably, if not the greatest rebounding, but also just defending in general just energies. Exactly what the what? That's what me myself and Doc rivers had this argument about. Who can say was argument? You say it was a disagreement. somebody had asked me about Dennis Rodman being a hall of Famer Miles. I know he's all the fame. I mean I didn't see that. And Doc rivers I guess was disagreeing with me. And I was walking down the hall in the Garden Walking by Doc rivers and he's holding a press conference. It wasn't a it was about a game to Celtics replacement. But, he made a point. Of as I was walking by, say yes. Then's Robin is a hall of Famer and looked right at me and I was like you ask. So. Docker is I had a chance to talk to him the other day and I may mention of that exact thing why he did that to me and he just he just bust out laughing, but this was unique and I'll say that now hall of Famer. I think there's a lot of guys who I think. Maybe we're better players, but winning multiple championships, being able to guard five guys having the rebounding title. Almost you know for his size almost every year. he was he. He wished unique and I guess in today's NBA. That uniqueness can get you into the hall of fame. Maximo Park has brought to you by Bet online dot ag with currently no NBA NHL or MLB. You might think there's still nothing to bet on, but you would be wrong. Our exclusive partner battle line still has hundreds of events, games and props the wager on from their online casino poker. You Got Blackjack. They are bringing vegas to you -solutely. I think the thing about it. When you think about playing at this particular time you WanNa stay safe. You WanNa be home now. I don't know if I would have. have bet on Paul Pierce the other day against Zach. Levine but I know that was out there to be done. But battle line gives you are these especially in this time of safety that you just cannot beat absolutely, and if you're into entertainment, betting better land has got. You covered there as well you can still bent on survivor, big brother, American idol, stock prices, and even the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. This is open twenty four hours a day. It's all online if you had to bet online dot, AG. Make sure you enter the Promo Code Fifty. We get a hundred percent. Payback bonus on your first deposit that is. That the make sure you hit a better line DOT AG. Forget that Promo Code. Your ask someone like that so when your teammate. which keeping him or maybe you didn't have to was either like someone else, Kinda. Loose like that. Go out a lot. Stay la no, we didn't have anybody during the eighties like that. Know that you stay out late. I mean during the seventies early Seventies. I'm sure there are a lot more guys that time we're hanging out because there was so much more prevalent about you know, things that people are doing ever snorting cocaine using other recreational drugs to all these things people did during during that time I think it would. Would have been more prevalent I had a one of our. My teammates on was with me, and it was a great Marvin Barnes who played their Providence back in the day. Was We just hell of a player? Then by the time we got to the Celtics, he was probably a shell of himself, but his heyday was when he played with the Cincinnati Cincinnati Excuse me the Saint Louis Blues and we played an exhibition game. That year and was a regular season game against Kansas City. In Saint, Louis and Marvin Barnes had the room beside me and remember coming back to the room. And literally all night the me. They were jamming over the. Music was pumping Jimmy. That was that was the last time I saw Marvin he didn't come to the plane. He never came back to the team. That was the last day. He was lost in Saint Louis and that was it. It was done when he was done. He left them in Saint Louis and I never saw him again. As a basketball player saw again later on, but that was the last time I saw him as a basketball player. It's interesting. always intrigues me because obviously these players. They have stuff going on personalized. You know so. It's interesting to me when when you hear stories above a certain players, not doing so well. He wants to be out about and how his teammates are able to pick them up, and those kind of things always gonna be. Always I think a dentist and I wonder. When bio flick comes out, you know we'll find a lot more. I didn't GonNa, make a movie by him. This is Dennis was a an unusual county guy. He he almost the way he ran I remember Isaiah Thomas and that to me when they first got then, he said Max. Zoo We got the cat right now rob he. He runs a thoroughbred and sure enough. If you watch Dennis Robin run, it's like he prances doesn't right he plants? So WHO USED TO IMITATE? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so. The zone, those things about Dennis which were was so unique and I mean you don't think you've seen the six eight. Two, hundred twenty pound guy be able to guard go from centers. Too Small. It's too guards. Essentially, he got all positions and do a hell of a job.

Celtics Michael Jordan Isaiah Thomas Detroit basketball Lakers Dennis Dennis Rodman Vegas Doc rivers Rick Mahorn Cedric Maxwell Detroit Pistons Dennis Robin Miami Philadelphia Rip Hamilton Mahorn Sixteen Carmen Electra Mike
1100 Cars for people who need them; New Ford Ion Park; Flower Day Details and more

Daily Detroit

14:37 min | 2 weeks ago

1100 Cars for people who need them; New Ford Ion Park; Flower Day Details and more

"It is a beautiful spring tuesday in detroit and whether you're biking mowing the lawn or throwing a kitchen. Dishwashing dance party. Were here for you. It's april twenty-seventh twenty twenty one. And i'm jay baer stays on your daily detroit the feature conversations with bob schwartz of the here to help foundation they funded eleven hundred vehicles to people who have a job but need transportation making a direct impact in people's lives. But i some important news. Ford announced a new battery technology development facility and allen park tuesday one hundred and eighty five million dollars will be spent on ford. I-in park the rnd center will focus on ways to make electric vehicle batteries cheaper and design them quicker. They also work on the entire process from mining to recycling after all cars use a lot of rare metals and other resources to make their batteries and battery component is among the most expensive of the vehicle. Ford wants to create an independent battery supplies. So they're not as dependent on supply chains that they cannot control. They want vertically integrate batteries and battery cells. This is especially important in light of the global semiconductor shortage which it looks like will dragon into the future. And i am looking for an expert to talk about that on the show. The two hundred thousand square foot facility will be piloting new battery manufacturing techniques. This is an addition to a one hundred million dollar one hundred and eighty five thousand square foot battery benchmarking and test lab. That opened last year new medical marijuana businesses in detroit are in question have a lawsuit to strike down. The city of detroit's marijuana. Ordinance is successful had tipped to detour detroit for pointing to garner preneurs article. Which by the way great name highlighting that there is a so called poison pill clause in the city's marijuana laws that means that no licenses will be issued or renewed if any part of the local law is deemed unconstitutional or otherwise struck down. The city had planned to begin issuing licenses on. May first of this year will find out. Later this month of a lawsuit questioning the heart of the ordinance residency and legacy detroit requirements is successful in winning an injunction that would halt the process until the is handled in the courts. And that would throw a major wrench into plans for millions of dollars of investment. And the jobs that go with it. The federal suit contends residential requirements protectionism and aren't constitutional as a refresher detroit's retail cannabis. Licensing sets aside half of new retail businesses and most other types of licenses for legacy detroiters. There are also steeply discounted license fees and land for legacy applicants which are defined as those who have lived in the city for fifteen of the last thirty years among other things for instance if you have a conviction for marijuana possession in the such not that it matters because we are not starting daily detroit. Dank dan but i believe your intrepid podcasts would also count as a legacy. Detroit are under these rules so this is going to be an interesting and important story to follow covid. Nineteen cases continued a steep decline regionally with oakland county leading the way our transmission rate in metro. Detroit is down to zero point. Eight five and we're seeing fifty five cases per one hundred thousand people per day fifty six percent of oakland county residents of had their first vaccine dose and forty percent their second very possibly on their way to a goal of seventy percent community protection that oakland number beats the statewide first dose rate of forty eight percent. The city of detroit is on the other side of that scale at just twenty nine percent despite a number of efforts opening more clinics and vaccination locations. People just aren't showing up so the city is trying new stuff. They're working with the detroit pistons for a family vaccine day on may first to get your first pfizer dose. It'll be saturday. May first at the henry ford detroit pistons performance center their practice facility just south of the fisher building on second avenue running from nine to five. It'll have food giveaways plus former pistons. Rick mahorn earl. The twirl cureton which is one of my favorite names to schedule as a detroit resident. It's that same number we've said before three one. Three two three zero zero five zero. Five hundred is a number that i called myself back to the numbers statewide. Thirty-six hundred corona virus cases were reported tuesday. A significant drop from is just a couple of weeks ago. There were one hundred and five new deaths with forty eight of those. Due to a records review remember deaths are a trailing indicator in this thing cases hospitalizations deaths also the cdc is released new guidance for fully vaccinated people. You don't need wear your masks outdoors unless you're in a large crowd of strangers. Now listening to this you might have noticed. We use a new term behind the scenes. We've been wrestling with the fact that listeners. Keep reaching out that. They don't understand herd immunity and frankly people don't like to be part of a herd after all we are not cows. What vaccination rate of around seventy percent really does is provide protection to the community. So we've just decided that's the term we're going to use going forward community protection unless it's in direct quote before we get to the feature conversation a quick word that flower day and eastern market won't be the same as it has been since nineteen sixties and different than it was last year i off. It won't be one day. It's now flower season. There will be four special market days on tuesdays in may flowers from nine in the morning till three pm that will be in. Shed six saturdays. Of course we'll have flowers april through june. The aim is to spread out the crowd over a number of days for safety reasons. Online sales will not be happening like they did last year. A reminder that masks are required at the market i'll linked to eastern market dot. Org for more info. Oh and there's a pretty new flower season poster by artist. Casey cal which you can see in our cover appear joining me on the line. Bob schwartz is the co founder of the here to help foundation welcomed the daily detroit for having me on it. Yeah i got the news that you have provided an eleven hundreds car to someone who needs it. Originally metro detroit. That such a huge deal. So what is the deal with this program that you've now done eleven hundred cars to people who need them. It's part of it here to help foundation which runs six programs now. One of which is a car program which is called working cars working people and as you can imagine from the title. It's designed to assist those individuals in our community when county that have a job but are having difficulties with transportation to get to and from that job in transportation is they Large hurdle obviously for a lot of individuals that are diligent and want to work hard and have been working hard and now a robots no pun intended. Where it's difficult to get to. And from their place of employment so along with the requirement that they need to be working thirty five or more hours per week along with some other requirements based on their income we can establish going to be able to afford car insurance car repairs. Go along with to be ical. We can get them in a car. And it's been god's into a lot of people obviously and we're pleased to be able to position to be able to do that. I mean it's not like we're talking about you know luxury vehicles here. These are cars that get people to work. But i think it just reinforces to me in a way about how important it is to just have that extra hand up to be able to get into a vehicle because so many people just they don't have it they don't have that family member that can help them out. They don't have that savings account to be able to make something like this happened. And so although as i said like these aren't the fanciest cars in the world they're still as you say a roadblock because they need the cash to be able to make that happen there definitely not thousand and twenty one cataracts or anything but they are good cars. I don't want to minimize their well examined. We purchase vehicles through volunteers of america in pontiac on walton boulevard. We've had a relationship with them now for thirteen years so the vast majority will go around them under have come from their tyrod and they do a good job of making sure. The cars are working in running and causing problems for the grantee and the relatively near future so they are designed to remove that impediment of transportation problems and the individual may have some money of their own and they can contribute towards a little bit more expensive vehicle. Perhaps a couple of years newer than we were offering in that always works out well to and sometimes they get assistance from family members or whatnot. So some of those eleven hundred were purchased with our contribution of three thousand which is the amount but repurchase the cars for along with a little bit more from the grantee on occasion. Yeah and how important is that in the region. Like this where you know. Yeah there's the bus. Yeah there's things but it's just really hard to Get to work on time on the transit system. We have here today. And so one of the reasons why i think it's this is important right and the good job that comes along for an individual may not be near where they're living and another associated cost of okay. Hey i got this great job over the phone. Yeah but i'm living on the east side of detroit and it becomes an issue. I mean you're not gonna get okay. I'm just moved to my job area because it just doesn't work that way where you add the cost associated with the move of personal transferred deposit all those things and you're you're just beginning a job or been a short period of time the transit system. I'll go good. He's not going to get you there without traveling on numerous buses numerous hours are. We've had people you know. They'll apply to us where they've traveled upwards of four hours a day just on the bus and to get to the bus stop. Sometimes they have to walk a mile transit issues become such that. Their day is fully occupied by getting to work getting home from work Having a quick bite and going to bed and doing it again the next day so needless to say when we are able to provide a vehicle to going to be those they are incredibly appreciative. And we're equally pleased to be able to help transform someone's quality of life it does it makes a huge difference and we don't want to be in a position where providing your vehicle and then years later when used vehicle may have served its function and another car is is necessary. We don't want the individual to be in the same position again so we do discuss that with every grantee and that's one of the things that we do look at through the application process in other words. If you can't afford to get a used vehicle now what is going to change in the future for you that will allow you to save towards Being able to get another used vehicle when the time comes and be intended they show an ability to say they show an ability to. If i had a car it'd be able to work older time and put that money or if i had a car i could pick a second job on the weekends. Closer to my home. If i had a car i could continue to go to school at night and you know get a nursing degree that right now. They may be a direct care worker or a licensed practical nurse but they want to be a registered nurse. So all those things we do look at and discuss with them. And make sure that you know. We're not just a stopgap measure here. We like to see that in the future. They'll be in a position to purchase a car of their own. You said you have a number of programs. How did the to help. Foundation get started. It was back in two thousand and seven. My wife rather than i started the foundation. At that time we had an opportunity to do that and Midlife cycling where we looking to do something different and most private foundations is here to help is are designed to provide grants to public charities. Such as beheading interest in hunger we'd provide money to something gleaners or forgotten harvest could implement their own programs with the contribution of funds after much research and reading and everything. We decided we wanted to be completely different than most. Private foundations should all progress foundations and be direct handgun assisting individuals who are pitted emergency situation in their life and with our help they'd be able to keep moving forward on their own but they just needed this barrier to be removed to this emergency situation to be taken care of and so we are really the only private foundation in the country that the irs has given approval to do exactly what it is that we do and help him directly. And it's been wonderful and we've been able to obviously help a lot of people in hundred cars alone and that's just one program of ours. Fits been great and we're glad to be able to service community and be able to help a lot of hard working individuals and if people want to support what you're doing how can they do it. They can go to our website which is www dot here to help foundation dot org and in the upper right corner of every page of our website donate button. Take you to our page on the website that talks about how somebody can contribute so Checking the door pillbox pay pal is other means to be able to provide us out. We certainly welcome any assistance. We can receive. And of course i will put a link to that in our show notes on our website at daily detroit dot com. Bob schwartz co founder of the here to help foundation. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you. I appreciate it all right before you turn off your podcast machine. If you've got feedback. Jared daley detroit dot com or three three seventy nine thirty to eleven. Leave a voicemail. Want to share the show where everywhere fine. Podcasts are found including overcast which is engineer. Randy's favorite app and finally you can help us out by becoming a member at patriot dot com slash daily detroit. It makes a huge difference in our independence. And it means. We don't have to go. Chasing quickly. Clicks on the click and can focus our time and attention right here in our backyard with that. I'm bear stays. Thanks for listening. Take care of each other. And i'll see you around detroit.

detroit Bob schwartz ford Dishwashing dance party rnd center oakland county henry ford detroit pistons fisher building Rick mahorn earl cureton jay baer allen park
The Candidate Who Carpools

The Double Shift

24:04 min | 2 years ago

The Candidate Who Carpools

"Uh-huh. Hey, everyone is Catherine before we get started. With this episode of the double shift. I have another podcast. I wanna tell you about kind world, she head embedded this kind of confidence in me, and she built a resilient send me that. I believe saved my life kind world from WB you are about how an act of kindness can completely transform someone's life. Honestly, believe Mahorn. This is what I was supposed to do. Kind world. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. In two thousand eighteen a very important groups stepped into the political spotlight to run for office like never before bombs with young kids being a mother is fundamental to my identity as a candidate. This is the double shift the show about a new generation of working mothers. I'm your host, Catherine Goldstein every mother works, and this podcast is about our stories. It's not about parenting or kids. It's about us and challenging the world. We live in today and Ashton Clements. And I'm running for the North Carolina house district fifty seven in the big picture of the twenty eighteen election's Ashton wasn't a high profile candidate. But she was one of the many moms who ran for state office. And I have some pretty burning questions. Like, how does this actually work for moms with young kids because we know that the cute family photos at victory speech? Don't tell the full story, and we're living in a new era of women in politics. Ix right now. Multiple moms are running for president. But if moms are going to keep running for office in twenty twenty and beyond we need to start talking about some of the ways it's done. Nice to me. Ashton a thirty five year old mother of three and she knows how to work or Ruth. She up everyone neighborhood security guards local politicos teachers in the carpool line before running for office as a democrat in Greensboro, North Carolina Ashton was the assistant superintendent for a public school district in the area. She was also the principal of one of the lowest performing schools in the state and got its test scores way up and she didn't let up even when she was super pregnant with twins that weighed eight pounds each when I was about thirty one weeks pregnant, the doctor said you now, I will write you see don't have to keep going to work. I was like if there is a medical reason that need to not work that's fan. Otherwise, I am going to it. But walking was really painful actually at some point. So I would get to my office cinema desk chair and roll madness chair around the school. I would roll it into classrooms. I would roll it onto the elevator ride up. Roll it off know with the role in because walking around became painful. Ashton now has a seven year old daughter and twin four year old sons and to her that's an important qualification? I think that. The voice of women who are actively mothering is not represented at our state legislature. And so when you talk about the price of preschool and daycare, and how that impacts working moms if you don't have women who are in that, right? Like, we've paid two thousand dollars a month to have our kids in daycare while working. So if you haven't been in that for thirty years, you don't understand how dramatically more of the paycheck that has become the past twenty years for moms because I'm looking at a seven year old and four year olds every day. And I'm thinking about the other four year olds across our state, and what do each of them deserve. They do deserve pre-k, and they do deserve to go out or if they're sick. And they do deserve their parents to be him with them. And I am not working eighty hours a week, but even though Ashton have a lot of ideas about the way things should be. She like many women had to be recruited to run. And they recruiter was like you. I should do this. And I'm like, oh, no, you know, that was my first response twenty eighteen with a big deal in North Carolina because there were some new districts drawn and Democrats thought there was an opportunity to flip Ashton's district from red to blue. She talked about the idea of running with her husband, Brian who said, you know, I don't think opportunities like this come up that often in life than no, it's probably not the misgiving at time. But if this is the time, this is the time. So in twenty seventeen Ashton declared her candidacy and a few months before the election. She quit her fulltime job to throw herself into campaigning. She was AMT about the race. Even though being a candidate felt a little scary running for office is very publicly venerable and away. I don't like to be to put yourself out there way. You know, how critical people are politicians, but the vast majority of people you're spending time with they don't know those things about you. And they're making decision about you in about five seconds. Right. And so that's pretty risky, and I worked really hard to get to a high level position in my career pretty quickly. And and kind of let that go to do this which feels ski. So when I visit Ashton two weeks before the election Democrats are pretty confident about her race people feel comfortable that with I race. And then I will win. I don't emotionally feel that. So I still feel very nervous and. Mike thing about election. I, you know, I still feel that don't want to be with a bunch of people because I don't feel you know, as confident as other people feel she sounds so unlike other politicians, she's real about having the same waves of self doubt, an imposter syndrome that so many women have. But she hasn't let it stop her. And it hasn't stopped a lot of other women from running either the conversations that we were having Ritchie's women is that they're not running for city council or school board or a state legislative seat because they hate Donald Trump. That's just not the connection are making. That's truly McLean. Downey a senior director of campaign communications at Emily's list. A group that trains and raises money for pro choice democratic women to run for office. They're running because they wanna fix the lights on their local playground or they feel like the waterfall needs to be addressed. But running for office as a mother with young children was basically taboo for a long. Time prominent politicians like Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi, and and Richard waited until after their kids were grown before they ran for office and women who did have little kids like former Michigan. Governor Jennifer Granholm were often instructed to downplay it with voters women who are standing in front of a room in their case for why they deserve to be elected and potential voters in the room raising their hands and say, but who's gonna raise your children. And that's just not a question that male candidates. Typically, get it's an assumption is being made about what a candidate should be when a candidate should look like it's contrary to what these women embody, you know, they've certainly gotten. Well, you need to present yourself as strong and more likely how a Nelken. Themselves Worthing to not talk about their children. Because that would you that they're they're not properly parenting, or it's it's really incredible. These women often have to stand. In the run-up to the election. I follow along with Ashton as she zigzags between campaign events and carpools with her daughter Lettie driving up to the school pickup line. Is this Tommy is lead he's element school. This is this is letty school. And I was actually the principal here. When letty was in kindergarten. So we were here for one year together. Yeah. But she's in second grade now, so it's a great school. Good. Dallet? I. In the car. I asked Lettie why she thinks people should vote for her mom to vote for her because she's gonna help you say herself. Our you have a problem, and he's gonna make good allow good laws. What are do? You have any ideas for what good loss might be. The kind. Don't steal be fair. Found. Those are great ideas are great ideas for laws. Greensboro population is around three hundred thousand and when you live in a mid sized city, even dropping your daughter off at dance class turns into a campaign. Stop. Not yet. But I will be doing that tomorrow. Well, that's exciting. I know it's weird. You like just do you a normal stiff, but then all of a sudden, everyone knows your picture. And then people like, oh, wait, I know her. I'll see see her at the the coach arts. Bassey's? Thank you. Now, I wanna take a moment to tell you about our sponsors for this. Episode CARA is a monthly subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamins and supplement packs right to your door this year, make health and wellness a top priority with the help of care of monthly subscription vitamin service. Whether you're focused on finding a great prenatal, boosting your energy levels or getting more sleep or just generally being healthy, build a vitamin routine. That's made just for you care of fun online quiz asks you about your diet, your health goals and lifestyle choices and takes only five minutes to find out your personal scientifically-backed vitamin and supplement recommendations, I took the quiz. And it turns out I need more magnesium. Your personalized care of scripture box. Get sent right to your door every month. So you don't have to worry about running out and your personalized daily packs are great for biz. On the go lifestyles also a portion of every sale goes toward the good plus foundation, which provides expectant mothers in need with valuable prenatal vitamins. I love that for twenty five percent off your first month of personalized care of vitamins. Go to take care of dot com and enter double shift one word at checkout. That's take care of an enter double shift for twenty five percent off your first month. Okay. Now, let's change gears and talk about something totally different. If you have a preschooler, I am guessing you have a patrol fan on your hands. My son is three and a half. And he is Papa troll fanatic. He gave Papa troll Valentine's to his friends at school this year, and his favorite character is Marshall. Although he also likes Zuma the water pop my son and your little dog lover will be excited to know. There is a brand new episode out Friday March fifteenth on Nickelodeon at twelve pm eleven central featuring tracker, the jungle pup who speak Spanish, I think it's very cool that the show is including some bilingual exposure for English speakers and more accessible and representation for Spanish speaking kids. Your little tracker fan won't wanna miss it. Catch a brand new Papa troll on March. Fifteenth on Nickelodeon at twelve pm eleven central followed by top wing at twelve thirty tune in. All right now back to the show. So we're now back at Ashton Clemens his house and I'm chatting with her when her babysitter comes home with Ashton's twin boys Briggs and back who she just picked up from daycare. Brought me. Can you said hi back? They are doing interviewing me did. You get ready. Guess from ballet? Email is it? Oh, gosh. Sorry. Okay. What time is it? Let me call them. Yeah. We go grab her the boy since they here Bali. Sorry. Yup. Eight total scheduling mishap the babysitter forgot to pick up letty from ballet. So she sitting there waiting for someone to come get her as we do our interview. Sure. Senior ego mafia-like it's not a failure. It's just all part of the. Part of it is not again, not good. Gets the reason I can't help myself from chiming in is because we have all been there, except a lot of mothers don't wanna talk about it or get quote unquote caught with this happening. And if they do a lot of moms beat themselves up Ashton's husband, Brian is super involved with family, logistics. But when it comes down to it Ashton is still keeping track of all the moving parts the moment of like, all the logistics of the family that we just witnessed like that sort of reminded me this idea that even when both parents are so involved so often it's the mother who has the mental checklist about everything like you knew immediately as she walked in like, where's letty? She's supposed to be with you like you didn't miss a beat. What has been your experience with the mental checklist? Now that you're running for office. I think it's just more. I mean, there's just more on their checklist. And it's less routine. Do you feel you can offload the checklist or is it? Quist always with now can any woman flight the checklist. I don't think so no, I think so I wish I wish I could. I think it's a major difference in my husband. And I and and you know, I think he figures it out for sure. Brit. He he's not he doesn't it doesn't acupressure this part of his brain in the way does mine, and he doesn't own it in the same way. You know, like, I'm the one sending the Email. He's responding than I'm getting the babysitters to, you know, doing all those pieces, and it's not to say doesn't do a whole lot. He does it is different though. I think. Every mom. I know is stressed about being a good mom. No, mom. No, mom, if sitting there like I got this. I've got all of this. You know? But that's how that's how we feel. We have to portray ourselves. So I think society historically, all of these things have created this pressure to feel that way saying as. Sorry. Body. Yep. Hang on just a second. Just see so many women feeling they're failing that are incredible. And it breaks my heart does, and we feel that we I feel that. I mean. I'm starting to say, I don't feel those. But how can we help lift each other up in how wonderful working moms are being across the world. But one thing that's made being a mom running for office a little bit easier is that Ashton does get support. There's a group of first time democratic women running for assembly seats in North Carolina. And some of them have young kids to Ashton remembers one particular moment when she turned to them, you know, again, another day I hadn't really seen anybody in. I went into give Beck a kiss. Goodnight. And he was asleep holding my palm card, which is like the thing you hand out to people vote for you. Yes asleep. Clutching it to his chest. It was terrible. That was an example. I was like you guys, I'm drowning mom guilt tonight. And then they're all, you know, rise to the occasion, and there's a validation of that. Because so many of them are doing the same thing and not a mini them. This is hard. You know, that is hard that you had to see that. But then the encouragement of he's better for having a mom his doing those things, and you are fighting for him and for the other kids of our state. One of them said, you're just the mom. He needs into serves inr like that validation. Brings tears is now. And in that moment, I was it was enough to say, okay. This is this is a piece of a keep it moving. And my husband was like, astronauts, not a big deal. That's how he saw it. And that may be, but you it felt it didn't feel that way. Right. Instead of have women who could understand where I was coming from because they are also sacrificing so much with their children to say, this is hard. This is still you're you're still demaim that he needs. You know, was is great. Good evening. I'm Judy Woodruff. On the news hour tonight. It is election day voters across the country head to the polls with control of congress and many state houses at stake finally on election night ashen is waiting for the returns to come in at home with a couple of friends she invited over her husband Brian is the ringmaster of bedtime. Getting the kids bays and chasing their daughter down to brush, her wet hair. The kids are all wearing in sort of vintage Obama t shirts and new Ashton Clemens shirts watching Brian action. It clear that it's not just about women stepping up to run. It's also about rearranging how some families make it work. So that men hold up their end of the partnership. Here's brian. This is probably made me a much better dad just really kind of enjoying that time that my time with the kids, and it's been really cool. I've gotten to know a little bit, Betty and Kuwait. It's just been a lot of fun. I think as far as the. The election goes were. We've had a lot of political conversations and learned a lot of other. So that's been a lot of political conversations. What does that mean? Twenty eighteen election. Brought plenty of good news for Democrats around the country and right here in North Carolina. State Democrats particularly thrilled about breaking the Republican super majority in the state house. After months of campaigning. The late nights the canvassing at ninety m on election night. The results are clear. Ashton one. Say something. But I don't know. I'm sure cried. There have nothing nothing. More than this. And I only felt able to do it. Because of all y'all make you good. So. Everything two years. Twins times in to clarify. What's really going on? But I feel we're done running. Yes. We want. Thirty five year old mother of three Ashton Clements. A woman who a couple of years ago hadn't considered running for office. Just got elected to the North Carolina general assembly and November six twenty eighteen was a big night for moms across the country. Get new jobs. This is not a wave. This is a sea change. That's Julie McLean. Downey again from Emily's list. We did not just see this phenomenon of women running for office happened only at the congressional level. We saw down about at the state legislative level will be side in mayoral races. We saw in city council races. And we saw from women who maybe weren't ready to run for office this cycle, but said I wanna make this part of my life plan. I wanna get myself to a place where I'm ready to run into four six years. Do you think the success of women like Ashton in in winning her race will incur? Courage more mothers to run for office in the future. Absolutely ashes such Emec citing case, I just think that she ran a really strong camping ended shows that you don't have to have a quote unquote, traditional background to run for office. You know, she didn't see enough people like her in North Carolina State legislature. And I think that knowing that she can do it will inspire others to do it. Do you want to say anything about your mom? In two weeks. You're back with a story. You will not wanna miss the sexy virtually American jury, we're going to Nevada to find out what it's like to be a working mom when your office is a brothel. Thanks so much for listening to the double shift. Make sure you're subscribed to hear our future shows. And if you like what you heard, please leave us a review on your podcast up to see photos of Ashton and our family follow us on Instagram at the double shift. Our Instagram is becoming a lively hotbed of feminist conversation about motherhood, and if you are a big Instagram or join us, please post about us and tag us and spread the word about the show to your friends. Oh, and definitely sign up for our newsletter at the double shift dot com for behind the scene stories and photos are executive producer is Sarah entry, our editor is Rachel McCarthy. Our editorial adviser is Amy westervelt production assistance from Saul Assani four and piper. Pain at Neto mastering special. Thanks to the southern documentary fund and eight point five w FD. In Winston Salem, North Carolina. Our music is by Travis Morrison. Our theme song is by pale hound. And we're. Of the critical frequency podcast network. The show is made possible in part through the generous support of the Ford Foundation. I'm your host, Catherine Goldstein, thanks for joining the double shift.

Ashton North Carolina Ashton Clements Ashton Clemens Catherine Goldstein Brian Greensboro Lettie principal letty Downey Mahorn president Governor Jennifer Granholm Emily Instagram Ruth Travis Morrison Ford Foundation superintendent
The Iceman Cometh

The Steam Room

34:45 min | 1 year ago

The Iceman Cometh

"Problems it's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays delays to food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Yep It's time again yes it is. You've entered the steam room. Please keep the towel on. That's the fluid situation on the towel. I mean when there are other people in the steam room I tend to keep the town. Yes yes yes and we're in here. Someone just came in the steam room and I'm saying keep the towel please So welcome to which what by my calculations is the fastest growing podcast in the history. Three of PODCASTS. At at again at last count chuck six hundred trillion subscriptions. My goodness esteem Rene said we would never make it and that's just it just jumped some rough. Estimating that I've been doing but it it probably is subject to change In this episode will review the Super Bowl. Yes what a game. We'll have tim. Kylie are longtime producer. Who's what about the Lincoln of the no game the Oscars coming up? Oh Yeah we will gaze into the Crystal Ball Charles has never missed. He tells me never missed a best picture prediction addiction. That's what you say. But I I've been there when you've missed Misfired on those before all of that to come along with Chuck's answering during machine but we begin as we always do this way. First of all you get cheerios. I've had two regular cheerio for Nevada route. A motorcycle Asaka who make millions of dollars in the first of all zero plus zero zero. It's first of all yes so first of all. What's on the Chuck Stirs Mind? Well this is personal for me. This is about Some idiot lady in our I don't even know the Lady's his name I just know she's an idiot and I'm gonNA give you a couple of reasons. Why so? I'm watching all the stuff in our and it had this lady eighty who says she walks up to the pulses. Can I have my vote back at this at the Iowa Caucus and the latest. Excuse use me she says. Can I have my vote back. I want to change it and later says why she says I just found out compete. Buddha Jake was gay and laces excuse me again. He's yeah he's gay. He's got a husband and she says A. Why can't vote for a gay Gotcha and it hurt me for all my gay friends? There's somebody could be that narrow minded that she says I. I can't vote for Giga. Don't worry about his policies intimate and that bothered me and well. Apparently her his policies Zeze were enough to garner her suppor- no no you'll she found out but see backing up. What your CEO? But my thing is what's worse her discriminating against gay people or being so stupid. She didn't know that. So it was multi-layered so that's what bothered me like lady. You should know whether he's gay or not in his policies before you hand in the boat. You like one thing I can say. I don't judge other people I got plenty of gay friends. Blessed him blessed him but to no two are at a place you vote. It ain't try to go back just because the guys that you're stupid but I think was more stupid it did. You should do your homework. John Every candidate and and I was GONNA say. I don't know what I'm more mad about her. Discriminating against for being gay or her being so stupid it does. She didn't do her homework. ONA candidate it was. It was a piece of piece of Video that went viral. You can you can certainly find it if you choose to find it. We're not going to use a name or any of what is now. You know you've got this impeachment thing going on We got the greatest country in the world. I've been around a where America's greenest place in the world but this embarrassment of this impeachment stuff stuff and away our country's ran now when you see embarrassment of the impeachment stuff. What do you mean I mean people just vote with party lines? uh-huh that to me was embarrassing. This and you know chuck stir it was Like watching the results in Iowa and how mangled that was where you have you. Have this big build up to the Iowa caucuses. Who's going to have the head of steam heading into New Hampshire? Well stick around. We're going to know one another day or so so that was all messed up and watching the state of the Union would you talk about being strictly strictly divided down party lines and vice of NECE and all right. I'm not shaking her hand. I'm ripping up his speech. We're GONNA chant four more ears. It's too embarrassing. I couldn't watch him to the notice that the president of the United States would not shake hands with the speaker of the House and then her tear knows papers up. Like this is a joke. Just get this do is present the United States and she's the speaker of the House and she tears. These papers up there was embarrassing. You know what it was like if I'm the rest of the world and I'm watching this this is this is like we like we watch. Sometimes we'll see Government bodies around the world where. Hey suddenly a fistfight out or this happens or somebody through and you know what if I'm watching this from a distance I'm saying what does one of those is it going on. Yeah so I I was just embarrassed by the whole thing. I'm like dude you the president. You got to shake her hand. I didn't cheat trump's it. Oh Nice Nice play on words Yes yes I asked him. I didn't stop him before he does. But I'm just so disgusted with with politics right now and like. I say I'm not going to sit here and act like whoever. The president of the United States is is going to change my life dramatically but man we got. We got to. What happened to civility? Excellent question What happened to I wish I had the answer? But it's going to be interested in next year and a half seems a lot of times. That ship has sailed You know what I want to talk about when we come back much lighter stuff. Yes Sir let's talk about the Oscars. Yes let's talk about the best movies and all that stuff. We'll do that when we come back with more on this team becky around the steam room. Where one of my? This is my favorite part of the show. Today I'm not Golah. What is the Oscar stuff? Okay good do more. We're only this is only the second segment you don't know the next two segments could be absolutely you know at take movies though I know you. Do I love my movie. So is this list and I'm looking at say one. Two three four five six seven eight one of their nine or or are there more than nine. There are nine best picture nominees now and I know you like to go to the movies. I do so the Irishman yes. Once upon a time in Hollywood I did no yes yes or no will suffice. I five nine thousand nine hundred seventeen. Yes joker yes parasite no Joe Rabbit. Yes Ford versus Ferrari. Yes marriage story no little women no all right so having not seen all all of them of the ones that you've seen chuck stor because you've seen six. I guess you know five six of these. What get your vote for best picture? Nineteen seventeen I've heard that it was outstanding is outstanding. But the two that I really WanNa see told me about nine hundred seventeen world so typical. Oh wait a minute. I have seen nine hundred seventeen. I Apologize See when I'm dealing with. No no our policy. I see these chuckles goals around the crew. No no it's not gonNA Latte T I thought I have not okay. So you're in nineteen seven. I was no. They've seen the Irishman. I have absolutely Irishman is okay. There's the same group Casino. Goodfellas the departed. Have already that that same thing. I take all those movies are the same first of all good fellows is probably one of my top five movies. You don't like I just love talking to you. Maggie cracks me up but I know I do. I love Goodfellas. So that was one of those that you're flipping around and it's like Oh goodfellas. Oh I'll watch on AH CASINO. Yeah those all the same movie. No older they're just. Oh but I will tell you this. The two movies I've got to see and I've been told this three actually nine hundred seventeen is one thousand nine hundred seventeen Gioja Rabbit. We know remember tonight. We had Adam Sal in here you sir. He said it's not nominated for best picture. Uncut gyms but Adam Sandler is sensational in that Heaven Garden Garden. But guess what he said the best movie I don't want to paraphrase. We sit. He said parasite yeah. I haven't seen see net parasite WanNa best move as he recommended that. Okay so back to the question of those that you have seen and again you have to take nine hundred seventeen see something. It was really weird about movies. Are you going to answer this question. I am what's the best movie you've seen. I just WANNA hold on one second because I have issue with does joker. I didn't like it okay. Okay and it'll have but I'm saying is won every award and I'm thinking I need to go see it again. Tapie Miss something that you were supposed to see. Yes and I know Joaquin. Phoenix has won all the awards. And he's probably going to win the Academy Award but when I'm sitting Sydney watching this movie I'm like I'm not feeling this at all so as we are so let's get back to your list. Well can I see. The listing the Irishman once upon a time in Hollywood nineteen seventeen joker parasite Joe Rabbit Ford versus Ferrari marriage story. We're in little women and you have not seen those two. They're not GonNa win but the best one I've seen on that list. It's for versus Ferrari. I actually thought Matt Damon and Christian Christian Bale Awesome Awesome. I loved his little son Christian. Bale's little son his wife. It was cool but Christian. Bale going back to the fighter. He was great in one. Came out about Dick. Dick Cheney Obviously it was amazing. I just in Christian Bill and Matt Damon is fabulous. You know and I remember telling you. I said you need to see this movie. It's really good because when it when I first saw the the Advertisements for it was like I don't know I don't because I'm not big gearhead you know I don't know cars that great but once you start watching such a wonderful story and characters actors and everything and my man. Josh was such a prick in the movie. I forget Josh Josh. His last name. Oh Yeah I remember. We had him and for glory. You exactly right we yeah. We had a screening for glory and he was his name Josh because he played the coach in yes but yet he was here. Just deep test in that in that movie and I and I was like yeah man. If do but Christian Bale played his part amazing and Matt was fantastic so so cap our producer. We you know Charles and I were kind kind of stumbling all around this Josh Shoe Izzy and expecting to hear cap. Say here's the last name and there. It is Josh Josh Lucas Josh Lucas. Thank you so he. He's done some good stuff but man that's one thing. I love about movies when you hate a character character. I love a character. Well that's how you know that's the sign of a good film is because the the they developed a characters to the point there that makes them ruble. Or because if you don't do that if you just have a bunch of folks but but the way they develop these guys you either pulling forum or you're saying boy hope this this guy gets it at the end of this movie. That's that's what makes to see mayors marriage story because I'm a big fan of Adam driver with a big fan of marriage marriage story. I said I'm a big fan of with me man. I'm a big fan of atoms. Rava going back to Black Klansman shot my boy spike Lee. He's really good. Yeah but he's really good. I I saw him. He hosts live about Two three weeks ago. I can't wait to see what comes out of this once. Seventeen is GONNA win again. You haven't seen I haven't overseen Yes for some. I like watching one Areso store going to see different movies because like what you see when they win awards deaths when you're like okay. A lot of people voted. They liked this movie. And that's a good way to who go start going and seeing movies I just I just like the way you started describing in one thousand nine hundred seventeen you know. It's kind of your typical hold it. I haven't seen that. No because you know what I went. What happened? I went to see I was going to see nineteen seventy and then I walked. aww Marquee and I wince all the gentleman would matthew mcconaughey Oh okay I got a man crush on Saudi hunting right now. That hyper says name You're the one with the crush. Yeah I do I. I started watching him He played a role guide. And one of these recent recent movie. King Arthur. So I don't see it. I didn't see him in. Anarchy whatever it was but I got a man Chris Charlie on right now but who grant was great Oh some a man named he was great too. It's no question and no surprise is when you listen to this segment of the steam room that people who are searching for entertainment news. No there's only one source and that is the steam room. Yes that's we're we can tell you about moves you haven't seen and guess at the names of those who might appear on the screen and remember everybody's name that's what puts us right up here way on the top rung on the credibility ladder. I think that guy's really good. The guy got a crush on. I don't know what his name Charlie Hanin is his name. Okay okay anyway. Good luck to everybody. WHO's nominated members? It's an honor to be nominated. Yeah unless you lose excellent point back with more on the steam Brunetta this problems. It's human nature church to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. SMART LOVES PROBLEMS IBM. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Br Can you imagine a world filled with folks wearing the steam room bathrobe as as nicely as Tim. Kylie we are longtime producer. Are you really wearing a Dan Marino. He will let me tell you something. Chuck the way patent homes was throwing the ball around. He reminded me of my teammate. And my friend Dan Marino. Let me ask you a question if I had a dollar every time you drop Dan Marino's name I'd Extra ten fifteen. Because you WanNa talk we ever think Danny you on the phone. Ah Serious talk believable tonight Bam Marina. What's up breath? Uh Aw Charles how you doing man. I'm doing great. He wanted me to surprise show. You definitely surprise me. Hey because he dropped your name. I've been working working with a nineteen years and he bragged so much about you all the time and you know what he should he was at a dinner and he looked at all of us and said how the hell did I win a game with any of these. That's the truth man. I've been given by your buddy Tim Kylie. You know a few a few bullet points on your career. But before I get to any of those can you describe honestly Dan. Tim's football skills. Well he's one of those guys like like yes you would call a fringe player. Thanks ice yeah you got to them anytime. They are always referred to him as a wedge buster sent him down on kickoff break up the wage. And that's probably why he's bald now. Uh You had a final week down that last week I bet you know what it was. Yeah it was. I thought Miami put on a good show man. It was a lot of fun has good parties. has you know corporate stuff like that but the game was great to game was outstanding outstanding. Tell me about What Patrick Mahomes does Dan that? Get your attention. just You know his ability to throw the football the way he does like from all angles and he has a real. Oh good sense in the pocket you know good feel and he could flat out sling it you know. And that's that's you gotta be able to do that you know in the NFL and he has he has all the throws. Let's put it that way. I'm s you a football. Of course I'm GonNa Start with a basketball question. Track could try to compare the two so in NBA. Now we don't have big eyes anymore. We just have a bunch of little guys running around e even bigeye shoot threes. I don't think is great for the game. Now my question to you is how are you happy with the way. Football has become all offense now. yeah I mean I see that it's It's something that's exciting for the fans you know. I mean the way the rules are announced. You know you look at a quarterback you can't hit them in the head or again in a below the knee and it's made for throwing the football I mean it's it's the way it is. That's what people I wanNA see. And that's why they're putting up these huge numbers you know mahomes last year. He threw fifty touchdowns. I mean that's for first year player. I mean that's amazing. So Yeah it's it's fun to watch because no doubt about this thing where you can't touch the quarterback anymore like right. I don't I don't like it personally because is like they're saying one guy. I don't want anybody to get hurt but to me. What Tair saying is because it occurs to play football? I admire them but to say that one position we have to protect that one position existed above all other position. I get a little frustrated with that. Well you know what I think. It is a certain extent. I can see where you get frustrated but also also the other you know other players receivers can't get you know you can't have the head shots anymore down the field so it's a little easier going across the middle sometimes because you know most most of the time you're not going to get your hands off so all that stuff plays into it and it's not just I mean it is it's more. There's more emphasis on the quarterback. You're right But at the same time I think there's it's it's the same with other players to you know so it's not quite. I agree with what you're saying to a certain extent but it's also the it's a factor for receivers and running backs and you know anybody. That's touching the ball Dan in all objective honesty Better Performance Charles in space jam. Or you an ace Ventura pet detective. There's no doubt that me playing in as mature. That was way better like I feel like I made Jim Carey Star Star wasn't his toughest college football team. He ever faced Georgia right speaking. I got got a little present for any drug. You'll enjoy this. You got it. The nineteen eighty two sugar bowl pitted the ten. And one can Thurs against the highly ranked Georgia bulldogs the with just seconds remaining in the game trail by three it was fourth down. What be the last play for? Yeah I remember watching that stuff. That was good stuff. That was a good Georgia team. Though Ari sorry buddy they should have blitz me on fourth down. Yeah if you bliss on for down you better get to him. They didn't know all this time. You know you gotta get over it man you just gotTa accept it now you were. You had a little time to throw. That ball not surprised that it was that it was a bucket. Shut down there man alive the best job. When you're a Dan Kurtzer Heck Outta work number one? I've been around you minute ties. Man I tell people you're a good man. Thanks for taking the time for the steam room. Oh no problem at any time there. I don't know what I know when your resume man. I know first ballot L. at hall of Famer Etcetera Etcetera but Steam Room guest. That's going to go right up there near the top. My friend as Hey dan thanks man no great great job man thank you know. Call me for awhile coming down to your house either. So don't worry about it. We'll see you next week on the steam rupe group guys appreciate it thank you. Thanks Pamela. The Super Bowl cooks man. That was that was. That was a good one that that was a heck of a game. I mean both teams you know like I said I'm not gonNA blame the Ford announced. I knew everybody's ragging on cow Shanahan right now but like man. Patrick mahomes especial but I was really more happy for Andy Reid. He's because he's Charles Barkley Shit Shit List for guys who had great careers would never want a big game. I always root but those guys and they're like why China read has the most wins. Never win the Super Bowl. I'm like why had to finish it like that. So I love when guys who haven't won a championship and Sports Wean it. Because I know it's always a crappy list of beyond so I was really happy because he confers well being in Philly for the last thirty some years Bruce and it was there for like fifteen sixteen years and evening in Kennison. I've never heard a bad word about and so I was happy. Happy for him. Can I give a shout out before we throws out here. I just wanted to mention that my friend Dan Marino built hospital for autism in Nineteen Nineteen ninety-five. Wow in Miami. It's called the Dan Marino Center at Miami Children's Hospital because one as boys is autistic. He adopted two children from China. Much like Ernie. That's awesome great job getting him by the way it is wonderful talking to you know how big a sports fan I am right. Yeah Eh. So I'm planning Dan Marino's golf tournament and when you meet somebody who's great you. Hope they are nice is guy because we know some guys who are just total jackasses when you meet him but from the first time I met Dan Marino he's just a good guy. It wonderful having Dan with us and when we come back one of everybody's most I don't know I'll say favorite are most entertaining parts of the show the the answering machine chuck's answering machine is it ever full. Ernie sure Oh no question we we had a bit has. It's a specially made answering machine has two big. Reel to reel thing. We'll be back back here in the steam room and if you were regular listener or a steamer as we like to call you. That's what God calls us. Yeah I liked it. I liked it. Anybody who listens to the steam room is a steam. A loyal A loyal steam right. So if you're a loyal steamer you know what it's time for as we wrap up another episode of the Steam Room. We're going old school you'll re- we saw Barclay leave a message America talking personal Larry's when you call wing slappers anyway. You got me thinking. Describe your perfect way Buffalo Barbecue Lemon pepper. You like an extra hot or mild dipping rancher blue cheese to seem as one or now thanks chuck well and I and I also thought it was hilarious when you because I was asking you. Do you like the drum mets or the flat when the flappers you first of all. I don't have a debt my wings I might. I think I've seen you. You saw me dip it in the red sauce the raspberry every solves. Yes yes but I don't have a diplomat rant or anything like that but Lemon pepper and jerk burke sauce are probably my two favorite wings. I mean I do. Lemon pepper's always good but you get a great jerk. Place the jerk sauce. They're pretty awesome and I have. I have no problem with the buffalo sauce. I'M NOT GONNA lie but if I had my preference if I can get get lemon pepper jerk. I'm good so you don't need a real hot a real hot sauce. They kind of know her. And you're like Oh man. Give me something to drink and I don't mind spicy. I don't WanNa go overboard. Some people want him really really hot. I'm like that's just stupid. I won't enjoy my food. I don't WanNa have to grab grab a glass of water every bite we have. I don't know if you have a favorite place to get your to get your wings but I know which is hard but we you know there have been a few nights so yeah we have up who locally local mile and a half from where we're taping the steam team room right down the pub and those are some lemon pepper and that's where they had that raspberry sauce. Yeah who who would have thought I know who came up with that. I don't know but they do a fantastic job with dilemma pepe. The TERIYAKI BARBEQUE DOT COM. Well the the the buffalo but man wings are you're a they not easy because a lot of places they crispy on the crease crispy on the outside and have don inside with just pisses me off to know in. And we shouldn't mention the place where we really love those. We really love those wings. Because I don't I don't know if it's allowed that we mentioned eleventh street pub but Y- just said pub. Yeah he's on Leominster. Yeah it's awesome. That's probably why they call it. The Levy Street. Yeah you're right. Hey I think we have another call. Ernie what's up. Chuck Charles wanted to ask you back something bump days who's got the bigger ass you Mahorn. One of my favorite people in a world is Rick Mahorn. You know there are some teammates that you play with. Derek Smith Johnny Dhaka's Hersey Hawkins Wins Mark West. Dan Marley Kevin Johnson. There's some teammates that you really really love being within around my Jamaica. I don't WanNa leave big Mike out but mahone and me got along really really well. He was great for me. Are you kind of wandering a wave. No but I'm offended by that question. You Seen Rick Fat ass but I just wanted to other teams but I'm a little offended by your question. If you've seen Rick Mahorn you know. His ASS is a lot bigger than mine. Love Your Horn. Shut the next call. Hey guys this is Kayla from Chicago excited for my hometown all star weekend. My Hi question is what is All star weekend. Like Charles Barkley. Well it's different as a player and an announcer number one's ACOG. Oh second favorite city in the World Rollout Toronto just fun I think sometimes people get carried away saying the game is not competitive like you. You have an obligation to your team and not go out and get hurt anything like this you just go out to have fun. To highlight of the weekend is proud of the slam dunk. Three point shooting contest. But it's just a great celebration I think the NBA The does a fantastic job of bringing back auto. Oh guys and to me to highlight when you walk around and you see magic. Johnson Larry Bird. UC Bill Russell. You See Kareem you see Jerry West Lake to be around those guys. I don't think I don't think like and I'm an old guy but I don't think we ever highlight. Highlight the old guys enough because we want for those guys It wouldn't be an NBA today. So just walking around seeing Dan the auto older guys to me. If the highlight of the weekend you went to a lot of all star games as a player. Did it ever get old. It never gets old because because unless you know that like wow. I'm doing good. I've accomplished amazing distantly consistently. I like some guys you know. Oh Kenya always say his biggest regret as never make an all star team and still like some guys make it once or twice they never get there again. The has sustained sustain excellence. You notice thought it was going to roll off my tongue. Sustain excellence It really meant a great deal to me. and it's an honor and a privilege on that note. We put the wraps on another episode of the steamer. Yes just can't wait until next week to see Z.. Exponentially like that one exponentially. The number of subscribers will have grown by that we might be into the GAZILLION EH. Eh you go. Thanks loyal steamers problems. It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety smart loves problems. IBM MM-HMM LET's put smart to work. Visit I._B._M. dot com slash smart to learn more.

Steam Room Chuck Charles IBM Dan Dan Marino football Tim Kylie Iowa producer Josh Josh NBA Matt Damon Christian Bale Charles Barkley Rick Mahorn Miami Hollywood Zeze
El voto latino en USA: mitos y verdades

La Segunda Vuelta

33:20 min | 6 months ago

El voto latino en USA: mitos y verdades

"Orla me nobody. Sylvia falcon chander. Lhasa will tear gas. Children and make funerals politika epo. That up he must have let unless will select universalist established news by vincent l. procedure and demise will thirty by he's not gonna donald trump alcantara public unreal pissy. Frontier came as won't be in the study laboratory record. Permit tickets funerals. Moving the marketing woman in this boys in la molitor as being kind of by with amino. Es patrick ourselves rather former political bias classifications whose owners minotti. Yes he s. Heavy then tickles. Committee or not step porta. Boorda focus group and released in total value. Get to candy these school superman healthier menu de las tablas clubby swing state. He qualified minority. America and the blue lillard established. Neither the america. The comoros t to pick up to sit that they lack omani that latina l. Melda mother to latino next stick modell. You'll miss marple as he looked. Larry pathetic that alarm are theon. Joe withing miami. But i'll wounds copy dell dove america latina. No idea about them. Undersell candidate obama catholic have lanka. They took choice. Become a literal copy to the stem is more podcast fruity nonetheless clubs the league's young. I'll sit again other. Paul can the are kind of interim for latino for barack and the democrat qualified important intellect electoral derek latina alexia and president million stella from either day clara the i think either biting and wonderful cocoon latina. Cnn takes dealers will dollars the market as a meal of the day. Says the manorial as you meet. Got up there. Or ninety throw alpha conor mcgregor realtors the super this lovey dorey presented through a miller with warranties as like on the other writing of dna lyrical. Donald of military says sme. The john kerry and alangelo quadra in florida madrid meteors and then theological partido immigra- out. And you don't have the suspect that the us but at the narrow mahorn immune to electricity young they were most. We have not does that. Does is put a euchre grimace latino decisions. We're not going to miss the opening. Politika food number professors cynthia politika garissa woulda emad burrito choosing quest but the analysis seth in an electoral latino irregular dollars per more washington post when he was young your times or nbc news syndrome. Emma felicitas come wrestling. Unitel looked roberto moreno loyalists in blue gralow. Professional mentor in like. I'm barnabas theology. Withing i what ryan your fellow appropriate. Hillary rodman clinton said woman and west at this end up seeing toilets latino table without providing them bloom this the bosnian robbery iho poor. Donald trump. nevada stop refused said. Yeah this thing up north of our the writing. You've been detained. Gadhafi into our ram in gareth anomalies. Similar you both ian do this exports into and takes us assistant. They said the fate of our waiting maintenance portion of our trump in wisconsin. They see a detailed think. Mentors in our trump yes he wrestles cleverest komo. Msci pennsylania garnier. Norte georgia anglo from florida. Dante biden thing when they know about into voto. Latino during a utopian to they'll latino kill the donald trump say wound that does our marathi intestinal amusement starter for a himbal ben till vanya defending theon neta withing and not know serafin duties as millwall talk award in wisconsin data intake water meters e in arizona. Border does kosei about aryan essay gap in three elbow toe. Latino are donald trump healtcare. Our joe biden. But i figured okay. Info periphery the latino carina perceive. And feel dump this keep us in florida. Nothing less than the future of our country is on the ballot in november and we cannot let familias down echogram who you but it's entirely be honored to present vice president and the future president of the united states. Joe biden. just one thing to say yes tell you what if i have any one of these people i'd be i'd be elected. President acclamation do not in florida companion muscle content depository kenyan response outdoor. Well mega hit the puffy no why then sierra super macho exit seen own company electoral nacionalista party conflicts funerals. The podium you. They see their promoters in this petito e alexandra nobody thinks the market at that is the young employees and gondolo the miami dade donation gwendal of your the miami gano them within the thing when they come in brazilian according to go into into the trump is receivers. That's going coming to the han. Does congress solo in on. That are them as roma's forum for those candidate. Republican duri latino Minute electoral alcatel condo the miami ganilau congresswoman debbie mugabe powell and deterring offender lafayette on this winter. Geena wanna be july story. Labs in up to one america anna maria vida golic study. I'm donna shalala and i'm of condos on the democrat not dna interest order bully. Ganassi resisted the flotilla demographics. Anthony the undersold other negative. Alexander in florida is listed in china. We don't they can. The democrats harrier fernandez percent dental congress. So the flurry the better. The oprah nobble tally forensic control. Our republican maria rodriguez las palabras fernandez who narrates gala wrote the claris l. problem annoys lily rather l. Preliminary el partido. it's different. There's this stuff that he has. Different styles getty intellectually togliatti zona story texas. They few on the florida. Thirty only said alvarez columnist washingtonpost terrific one of miami at hallam meteor komo miami l. in new york daily news. And should i told you. This tackle premier bullets pollak over a rather ludik. Andrew caribbean monitor dollars. I fear they'll miami. Federal law smash the reindeer your of new york times. Then they go the rule the miami be mandela said. Look remote okay. But it won't data city system voto latino tonino gwenda last defeated disc discourse hearing yourself. Neither must have a lot of they will tolentino see yes. Isn't he a parolee on your yoga. But those those few are bullied because god only knows more us. Federal office gets ever. That i knew i would go. Latino i move all those latinos for latino song we fit in Looking a advise the already. Hang it knowing the being gay if sal leaving out in gouging day. No don't say when we the feces emeco In voto latino forget. I have no say in a maria. A group what it must get on the is gone. Okay unit make Said it will now hit us. Pretty mehdorn in los dos indicative the nearly nato on theon miami. It said that. I don't say for mutual. Sanyo's in north. Northern dangle. Over in new orleans. Sala him. Oh god bureau of donaldson for talk. Ronald reagan For media reagan. Clodoaldo say it's inside killing on who wanna fatal miami persuade. Byard you've got a winston on our venezolana colombiana else. Which is a hindi in north. Any young Majali crossover la politica. Little house neal's e-p-o-c-h approval in bassano value-formoney got being young. The new a pro. Got all walkable Those lisa's equal morte any Moscow lavina to answer roy. Don don donzel gomorrah kuwano a neon Being yellow mature beyond some being done failed being ambience. Sean don't say it group Onion vessel Welcome homework. Wonder how many gun battle in Being i a will seek his civil democracy day florida. you're Enthrall the is Russell trump gunnell Look corsian day rupa Mutual the with iraq on on maria in reagan friday when oklahoma saw him today in ornament by the late enough Being a trump a notable comedians and momento sick at trump in The puppies the office walla Yeta by fail. Those adore lulu We've been silent on the portfolio gained through mucci hinton. Embezzle alwaleed you'd have trump will be dollars Hickam fine your baena thousand breath young group. Wait on Grouplet over venus woke up local. A things trumpian through hokey so in baragan. Art is a woeful. Our master doing biden attack is about He'll mobile lethal They're buying all soviet no survey on throw in. Don't sit on both really forgives Annoying seasonal porcari daniels. Or some wanna go beyond on impious. oh gambia Mass trump does acer. Arizona role do kris k. In the come from a who adam bela's informa- or less fake news or or semi fake don on this the funeral by on connecticut latin america. Vpn daca joe. Withing up mascot castro. Chevy's see yoga of can love it though regain your of wanna salon. Garwin says yasser beyond. It gets one we ended bit. Oh you don't if thankless yondo p after yup getting cooler dunkeld on bitcoin demise of along depend day in. You'll get the sunday siengan with doesn't even looking at the by not from the west of the so-called bernie sanders in english how gabi ended up in. It seem the athol on those he'd asociation brin seem peo trump united states have been saddam. Give bernie sanders. You said it gets dada patil biden. Combat on the dam on the unit knowledge was not office wa gussied single. They got a new god new. Got nothing dentist as simple as dion. Associati in the money can lopiano Moxie minute that trump's in but the gun inside casing all biden get young a god not enfor ended up prensa in. Don't say dole whistle a radial. Not las yong zhao. If some dato spices count the new order yoenis moxy how oh lord are the affect dot com via annals On either a whole komo komo. For new thicket cialis aria a hinting in utah at any other guy in youtube shows in them. I did The associated move e com. We are not advice. What's up finian's shots for you. All you own. The hindu is funny. S let this matthew blah here others. You must young dominguez yankel sauce. Dekum away biden it up. Oh it goes here. And there were a famous guests will now own Rhythm interlock hinton data and don't say assoc- through a mutual go muthu exit biden ignored it has done insignia. Socially pareo asia of among the envisat for hot dry so either a die garden they get an equal or not only became quality market a well incomplete rita s he's immediately Forgive career etymology south korea by. I'm no matter where. Toyota wants to quantify your house. You cheam sign you say dealer moving on voting in the south and don't say a little look at that gives a hint ticket. A u g. C mon as convenient police but in seattle a milk not intimately nedal enormous home. We're gonna solve it. Embassy sambia mutual. Sinus louima. learning media. You won't you it via via it to ya. Side obviously working the media joke iran no midterm elections at on the area medics young there were no either say. No no go to Sonata on this for another. When rick scott you rick scott soup if any Lateral handbook latino in the regional sake. One basic in berea. Miami's brazilian the guy on the who says they naive any rela. You'll throw a hole in getting In don't say you re governor The santa's dumping look it up hold nominate. I'm reflecting demoted on you. Want gusseynov seattle. Not yet it without a lobby medicine. Y'all via mutuel rolemodels with bill. The at the nfl. You give us all the signs of the Nocal- review don't brahma it on this author. I thought via hinted the hangover biden in orlando in brooke. Qualifer again. you'll get talent gone. Looks at it so yes messing message. Message knowing that you saw no longer another who wanna put on a bit about who are both on the moon even with agassi end the biblical city. It on your will on a our son or ours. Yongle allah that hr Didn't get her heater so kris k. Melillo cassius yes is that the he has borough dimona a startups. Komo yanni showing the rhetoric momento socializing rethought knowing griffin. Takes us the say dealers Democrats in in florida momento say nauseam belly. Gallo complete amend the particular Ck a lasso. Sierra see ladder. Es over the inca unit get apples up for throughout the area in the only thing on your malaysia. Mother they in salerio meaningful. I king super. I'm mutuel sabino gay non-american company to leave more than being in lasalle fithian england middle began your The butter soda eat renault old. Nah nah i saw it is. I'm gonna have begun nolan sally. They are very much hinted that allow have orders. Win it in the begin vocal Beginning get him a holiday. So by da vinci lead Order seat getting isel if not want yawkey year. We don't say it means for dante. Sodas have also now you. Now sodas of basso nisa down santa prosciutto but We seattle Think but it'll sob. Michael psychic movie in edinburgh view all through whom marketing board which profound persona in no needle in stone. Out on it can to not enough. You know so. Two thousand lossing mahal is better but the fully gone on it. But you gone. It normally does a song. Forget dundas latino south inclusive logo salon uniform beyond only got a winter half a dot on mobile on mutual. Easy without it are momento democrat. That year mcdonnell ails tomb. Some influence our election Companion tongi trump. Thought he'd pens said for this. Esl gorging box is that cisco gender last seven. The wilder sitting the reseller politika electorally the internacional for the sacred muslim twitter at over winter Glad okay like unpopular per tillerson florida. Either canada l. Voto latino popula- politic. Latino voters are a song it must've open university's modern lugano betty star. Nfl llaneras. mary. A misty centerset recall in kano politika episode easter. Rather you're happy thera travel hot emma's in may the latinoamericano till issue luck. Model kosovan spices them to cut. The analysis unison in los angeles on either from nigga from outta conciliator to coin seed. Who medical edina is name in the sentiment. Undeterred up camels in ekaputra. So what. I meant the nor nor sweden indigo as off to test in a central latinoamericano. They got chrome beleza. New embassy hid. He'll go when she michiko alleviate. A success woken minimal than the percent aena by connecting when he got they look at present the drum nor they aces the whole on the need on their belief that are in sunni e if the fourteenth and alenia gomo through him fluids komo in central view saying washington k. a. Him blow. Look to sam donaldson damien. But it will be in gets into percent dot org receiving through so inclusive only In montessori Get in be modified the whole phenomenon dancer. Who knows in thelocal. Monday star in bracknell authority They locate dominated. Meant the the the us friend day and are here on. Wpro moon grachev View in latin america laboratory trump in florida was the intellectual latina. Neither medica seven miami. Oh go more nas worth. It got be dulled america. Latina gonna cannot better than being young kid like oppositional the latino north Mcconnell classical guanaco committee it Bundy jail that boating. Yoga's coming thing is like can principally. I ended Over latino in thousand people forget leading Spice hunting ago the front porch Finishing lucas from your classes economic. I thought he would exit. Has he get low. Clarity hinton their guardians apple Kenner home kenya in I amass for certain artem being let me oriented opening ceremony thirty the that into the present. Donald trump Electoral joe biden so. And if you set on up at the latino hang eight thousand dollars. Employees them beyond all with ow the funding fidel mutual. Forget but hammer blow. Land yamanouchi dietetic would influence either. The glory one estonian assists mckay with harrasment coney with amanda in successive board ladder company. Republican policonomics Samir which also include on the little in the latinos no stealing dinning selena mccain government's ron e republicans in cynthia In amelia there. You are talent. she also yet. From the i ultra sedan for him. Blow helical fanar. The on top from the hills so november. Ceo's you're pointing. Over the him up. John larry formatting dangerous young shopping what did you want to know. Valueless deputy i put casado theater so relic theon politica cygnus in twitter in robots. They won't have winter and facebook. Es croissants lengthy police performers the hit. It's more than a walkie unless they where the congress marylou hanner like republican in florida that left another rated. I mean the abiding kind of lead as gear. The latin america and i didn't have the Also selected american hundred alkali According to political at how special brenner. padilla's open tonia the have damasio ian competitively mankad Of a bemis others. I see get look him in florida but a gussied photos Stock represents that own these issues. The potential heathrow. But i think amended hours. I amount law Seasons walker latino in miami. here's The florida a gateway from on are dealing Home make felony florida's. He thought bring a style. Comedy sauna guessing lena for panel can ending Had not not only denka moon. Dating throughout will lead to copan latina for latino heckled care. Nobody Jones of the for the more physical etiquette. They will tell north tackle. Luca it's night on it to get the cannot gate nottingham paseo in dondo ball only four zero senior Risona mythology thirty. Come into the policano elbow Him while the go. I'll get to work in florida. It can be a win. Three latinos In contact with him. Projector the project the homemade komo Instrument population okita God forgive Luciana now i see A the Clerical burnett iga nossa Look at what they miami or flordia into it will do not know better complementarity than to their collective communicate exterminator obviously like quite politica ills politicos separate seem analysis panel shing established news kiro at the lavishing for young last fake news combined then to proposed medical at the time combined. Yeah this is my muscle kamalia. Latina garrett presented politika. They'll but more importantly at your violence Stock not video As it outdraw. Mike in combat our on charges in his they a thou- addio executive as you get your joy. Oem anthony who him locker receptions. brings super and In albany but see it on the granted. The trump when women Knowing like ammonia latinos don't enbrel yak in affect the hell. Okay queuing jack our Reforma liga But i do but implode columbia all colonial colombiana chancellor communicable medicating stuff nielsen to Hijo anna afoul neo. Seen gideon end up with komo Ghalia better in many of them being quicker Our hano bay but symbolical Momento lab victoria they lightning abigail not not have known scenario capital be sure Controversial politic several thousand if the republicans voted thou employed that the with Cosseted is They battered wrestler a locate look style who meals a Banga temp isil. Muhammad ali kazimi larrabee know a genetically in humans jillian anthem love locusts. Komo a Latina force samir endure. Len fluence political. Cassie nakamoto galloping guessing. Better pretend thunderbird good On won a Continue up significant influence in doubting must. We'll talk about this hano. Put his personal. But you seem like a happy portland betaseron malaysia mature gay guy heath unalterable thad. Communicational affects mazda. Me thursday what allah dino governor stuck at that dantonio partido. Gandhi does seem noticed that they're fears or cynthia just gained louima release analyze different. This money. that is latinas elephant blow. Florida is difficult at wondering damian. Two zero trump says split kapor kenton. Took a little more with our elderly chaff. World cigna political career announced little spaces. Duration developed these telesat alvarez kilometers florida. Botero my retirement. Susan bosnian dafa me in but as we deal salary amini more lower. His career showcase opus staubach along next to clarify ammonia bali. Gonna fill up on gas path. You boys that's part of the democratise are sober. But it's our iphone unless that will double very much on daca the podcast monographic sober latino get emerson. They're having fun. Takes us estado studies. You know mental ghana. Don't the see apple. The had elect candy wrapper cialis. Joe biden element in minnesota latino getty whose companion cereals. 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miami florida donald trump america biden politika Sylvia falcon chander vincent l Es patrick joe biden Boorda Melda rick scott derek latina president million stella conor mcgregor lovey dorey alangelo quadra mahorn Politika
Jon Horst Interview: Giannis Antetokounmpo + Bucks' Evolution

Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

39:11 min | 4 months ago

Jon Horst Interview: Giannis Antetokounmpo + Bucks' Evolution

"I'm gonna take it to Legends in basketball analysis with over 70 years combined experience. This is the bar Brian and Jeff Goodman podcast NBA some college little bit of everything. You know, what can I say, but it wasn't what happened here with him. I was okay with it because it wasn't about talented anything. All right, let's get right to it. I welcome into another episode of The Ron and Goodman podcast. I'm Jeff Goodman. He is none other than Robert Ryan and we have a special guest on today. We have Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Horst down in Orlando. It's not doesn't look that Sonny behind it John. It looks like maybe you got one of those Orlando downpours. Yeah. We did. I was I was ready to do this with you guys outside in the beautiful sun, but now we're inside a little rain going on still gotta be better than Milwaukee or Boston. So first name, Message on what's new? What's new? I mean questioning that the State of Affairs. I mean how how you guys are know your your college so you could temporary, you know adjusted to this reality of the craziness that you know know what's going to happen day-to-day, right? Yeah. You don't know it's it's incredible. I like there's there's so much that goes into just getting on the floor to have a game, you know last night. We had a game. We played the Orlando Magic there was fans in the seats. There was fans not overly far from the floor. That was a new experience for most of our games have been without fans. So that's that's something that's new, but the NBA is incredible their ability to Pivot and adjust and continue to stay on this and put us in a position to play in place safe and healthy as has been great day, and we just keep moving forward and being ready and being being flexible are let's go back John. Let's go back. You're young. You're young guy so we don't go back that far, but we're going to go back to your days Rochester khong Your Michigan guy and I'm told you were the superintendent of a trailer park back when you're in college. Is this true? But what did that entail? This is true? I don't suck intended like that sounds really official. Hi. Hi. I was the head maintenance in kind of manager of a property trailer park property, maybe 20 minutes off my college in Rochester that really got me through college that my first year my first summer after my freshman year all the way through college worked a ton of hours from the entire summer gave me an ability to stay in Rochester and continue to play with the team and the offseason and make some extra money and enough money to get through each year that the following year learned a lot of lessons. But yeah, Woodland Hills Trailer Park in Rochester Michigan was a place of employment for almost four years with the worst thing you had to do at the know if it's appropriate for a podcast in public. It was pretty dead. Listen, I can only imagine we don't have to go through it, but I can visualize what you had to do. So you couldn't go out with a booster when a good no-show job, huh? You know, I don't know that boosters exist in Rochester College Bob to tell you like it's unbelievable education great basketball environment. I don't know if we really had boosters. Yeah, we could use one of those good jobs somewhere, you know. Yeah tell me when you're twenty years old twenty one. You said what were you projecting? What were you thinking about? You know where you might be? Ten years down the road? Yeah. It's so not too dissimilar for what I'm going to doing believe it or not in in that I've always wanted to be involved in basketball off my dad coached. I played from a really young age. Love the sport what I thought I was going to do and the reason I'd frankly chose Rochester College really successful small college program close in proximity to Detroit Pistons, then in Auburn Hills is I wanted to coach I wanted to figure out a way to take my college playing career, which I knew would end at some point and not go beyond college and coach basketball game. So at twenty or Twenty-One that was still a dream, you know, probably 21 22 23 transitioned into a front office because I learned about the front office, you know doing an internship with the Pistons. I'm seeing from John Hammond and Joe Dumars and Scott Perry and Jeff weltman some of these people that I got to work with early in my career in Detroit really learned about what a front office was and the challenges of that and got excited about that wage before that was really a goal to coach into coach of highest level. I could well you you were so I mean, you know, you're you're thirty-seven so when they want us to Back The Backson eighty-nine and ninety were you aware? Were you were a young lad? Yeah a a die-hard basketball fan Isaiah Thomas Rick Mahorn Joe Dumars, obviously, you know Johnny took a bill and the whole crew in in for me to have my first initial mentor and person who I work from and learn from doumar's my connectivity to that group home. Was you know, seven eight nine year old kid that that loved those teams and got lived and died by those teams to be able to in my twenties and now thirties still have connections to guys like Isaiah faith in you know, former Chuck Daly and and Bill and in just you know, Rick Mahorn I play Pick-up basketball to Rick Mahorn many times. It just different things like that is and a dream come true and you lived to tell the tale. Yeah, although if anyone asks, you know, the hardest you've ever been hitting a screen it's undoubtedly Rick mori's laid me out with screens like you've never felt anything like it. You see that witnessed many of times. I believe it. I believe me. I well well versed in the law born. I got the scouting report on you as a player boy. I can't wait to hear that plays hard as hell wage earning a little suspect. I think that that's being cranky strength positive version of that streaky shooter. Yeah give you strength. Me kind of again. Your road was Detroit. You you go to the box John Hammond. You're the director of basketball operations in in 2017 describe to me. What the when I think of it from a college perspective, I'm like our that's the guy who for the adobo in college sets of schedule some of those things. What were you doing wage? Um before you got the GM job because you had a different path. Yeah, I think you know the do bow in college basketball in NBA is actually a very different role which is an interesting thing very obviously exact titles in in and of course, it's different in every way too. So in my role with the Detroit Pistons, and then with the Milwaukee Bucks in that role, it was a lot of cap salary cap a lot of strategy a lot of contract execution John first starting Joe in Detroit and then John in Milwaukee gave me an incredible run way to work on things and deal with agents and deal with other teams and help negotiate, you know finer points of the Eagles at the end work on trades different things. And so there was a lot of personnel a lot of transactional roster things but there was also the traditional kind of assumed role of adobo of scheduling and Logistics and and being a liaison between the league and dealing with different HR issues with staff and so the role for me more than the title off. That John allowed me to have first Joe and then John allowed me to have I got exposure and access to everything that goes on and so it was really like maybe a great total. Our title could have been Junior general manager. I mean, I was really being able to generally manage every single day and learn from I think the best you just got the job done with Jonas much to the Delight of Milwaukee Silvestri. Will you always confident that it would get done or did he leave you with a little you know worries at times about whether he would consent to taking off two hundred plus million dollars from you guys. Yeah. We we got the job done and I'll all honesty. Yeah, never ever comfortable or I would say, Yes, never comfortable until it was done. It's a zero. It's a zero-sum game. It's either a hundred percent. Yes, or it's a no and until you get the name on the paper and and get the signature on the lights off. I don't know that you have any relief or any real confidence, but I believed and still believe in in the organization that we have the way that we've treated him and his family the environment he gets to come to every day and work home has done an incredible job. We he has great teammates. We've had a lot of success, you know, we haven't done the ultimate. We haven't won a championship yet, but we've had a great level of success or last couple of years it gets better and better every year and I thought I had a lot of confidence in that but man are you nervous? That's a massive thing for a city for a state for a franchise for an individual and an rule. So it's massive so never never comfortable, you know, if you hadn't gotten it done. What can you imagine with the season would have been like, you know with that being done would be in hiding John Paul II II narrowed, you know narrative that wage would have been so it must have been an immense sigh of relief among among other things. Absolutely. Absolutely. Did you feel a ton of pressure John like was it off? Sleepless nights. I mean, what was it like for you personally? Yeah. Yes a ton of pressure and there's always pressure in any of these jobs. And so I'm accustomed to that. I think it's one of the things that I've been able to do well and and you do it because you have incredible support. I have a great staff, you know again a great partner in coach bud and Peter Fagan our team president. So do you pressure as part of this and you deal with it in certain ways but it'd be lying if I said that I've ever felt any pressure like that. That's again. It's a massive thing for the franchise for the organization and I don't say this lightly and I say it humbly for our league for Giannis to commit to the Milwaukee Bucks into our franchise. It's proof that you can do it in a smaller Market you can do a job by doing things the right way and it's proof. I think of the quality of the character the players in our league at the end of the day Ian has had to make a decision we could do everything that we could possibly do to put us in a position to have success in, New Jersey. Out here, but he had to make the decision his family had to make the decision and it speaks to the character of who he is. And and I think it's it's really a positive for the entire league John. The league scoring is way up there have been at least two games. I know of in which each team scored a hundred and forty without overtime and I'm you know, and I moved to a period of time we all did that I thought was a nice age Thirty. I was just telling Jeff. I came across a stat your Pistons back in at 90199 once held teams under 138th Street games. Now, you can't imagine that in this area stating what's going on? There's a theory that nobody wants to guard anybody because the Cove it I don't buy that one, but I'm serious. You know, what's out there? What what is the is it a talk among and about this, you know uptick and scoring and 130 is routine. So I answer your question, but because I'm like a historian and kind of a Statin I is that was that the birth Ground teams was that early 2000s that did that I got to double-check. I think it was back in the in the you know in the Chuck days, but I'm glad you brought up Larry because you know realize they think of him in a certain way and they don't realize that he was one of the main architects of of the defensive he credible defensive coaches shots per game. I charted shots for game over the years, you know, you said his fifties or sixties you had to take a hundred shots to gain. They thought they just started dropping gradually and and finally Jerry Sloan team became the first one to take under eighty shots again and in Larry made off form. No one realizes that Larry was a defensive ogre a genius. I mean, absolutely. It's I I think that's a fun fact cuz I his team's absolutely had to run like that. I think I think the way the the shots at players practice the things that they practice offensively defenses have given the worst shots, you know, historically and in players are getting better at making the worst shots wage. Making deep freeze. They're making they're getting back into the mid-range or making the floaters. Um, there's just really really gifted talent that I think is is increasing the offensive kind of output. I also think the indirect I do think fanless basketball right now, I think reduced travel, you know in the bubble when we played in Orlando. I just think some of the environmental factors I'm actually are conducive to better offensive output and and I think like short turnarounds bob. We had a shorter we had a short and training camp. We had a shortened preseason and defense is hard knock sensors is tactical. It's it's a you know, it's a game of inches and I think until you really get tuned in and and really focused in in the right details and defense that's going to struggle I all that being said, I think it'll come back in in I think there is some great defensive teams and great defense of performers, obviously honesty defensive player of the year one of them. I think that as the season progresses, I I don't think that we'll have, you know, a hundred and Thursday. And forty Point scoring averages to talk our league but shoot you had the Dallas Mavericks last year the best offensive team in the NBA put up a time point right now. We're one or two. I think in the legal offensively we're scoring a ton of points. I think that I think it'll kind of regress back to the normal know the playoffs traditionally will you know have a different window bit? Yeah. I know it will come down but you know, this is a start these are startling numbers compared to what we're dead. You know, we we once saw I just kidding Jeff I said, this is like I grew up with the eastern league. That's just like Eastern like a 1964, you know Hazleton versus the Allentown Jets, you know. But anyway, it's it's it's interesting. It's just yeah John all the moves you made, you know getting through Portis DJ song recited our boy and we'll get the content and down the road. We we go spend a few minutes on, that's my guy in crew here. We gotta talk about Pat right? Right. That's right. So how much did that impact? Giannis those guys. I mean I thought that your trade was phenomenal. I think everybody did across the league but how much did that in its totality? Do you think convinced Yiannis Thursday? Because you guys were making moves that you could fight for a title. I think it mattered. Yeah, I think I think it helped. I think it mattered again. You go back to the foundation that had been built in so much that was a place with with starting with the ownership and the way that they've invested in the team and Coach blood and his staff and the success that we had. I think those things played a major part of course, but Jonas like all of us has an education to to get better every single day to improve the team to not kind of rest and settle on on past successes, but to push the envelope and that's what those transactions were for us as a front office wage. That's that's one of my roles with this organization is to not rest on what we've done and just be satisfied with that but to continue to push and try to get better and improve and and we've had a really good team we've had the best phone number. Our season record the last two years we've done historic things offensively and defensively we had a Conference Finals run two years ago. We had a shortened season in in the in the bubble last year, but we've had a lot of success but that's not good enough in and whether they work or not Jeff, I don't know but the idea behind it was to to make the team as best we could and to make the right moves to try to continue to improve and I don't think that we did that because we were trying to convince you honest to stay we did that because it's our job our job is to continue to get better in to put him in the best position to win every single day and starting with Drew who's been great so far and Bobby Portis and Brandon in Torrey, Craig and DJ Agustin bringing Pat back our draft picks all those things were really intentional tactical moves to try to make this team better than it's been in the past month Jeff Jeff. Excuse me, John, what are what a scouting like now in covet both the advanced scouting of the league and among more interested in, New Jersey. In college scouting and and and and international scouting that was such a important part of the lake. What's happening? How do people handle this situation right now? Yeah. I'm sure it's a different across the board can tell you for us. It's it's become very remote. Obviously, there's a lot more video work. We were already transitioning and pushing that way anyways to be more video-based but there's a lot of that we have like five Consultants kind of across the globe that have been established the last three or four years for us that's been a great benefit because there's not really an access point for home domestic Scouts to go International right now. It's not safe. It's I would never let our guys do that. But the fact that we have Scouts, you know in Asia in Africa and Europe and South America, we have a connected there which has been great for us. So we have someone who can connect to and can actually work. So we've been able to do well I think internationally over this time. A few of my Scouts are if they're comfortable. They're they're on in the cars and they're driving job. That they can go to and if they're not comfortable for their own personal reasons, and I'm not making them do it. You know, we're we're just doing the best that we can in the midst of all of this in some ways. I think Bob I think it'll change. I think it'll change the language approach to scouting because I think we're all going to learn that we can do the job and do it really really well with not having as much time in person on the road as we're used to I think it's still very important to have to walk. You have to be in the gym. You have to feel the feel the game. You have to see the talent up close. You have to talk to the coaches you have to build those relationships, but I don't know that you need to do that twenty-five or thirty times for each Prospect like we have in the past you might be able to do that five or six times and you might be able to supplement it with meetings and video work and stabbed eyes and things like that. So it's it was already trending that way in my opinion for sure. It wasn't our organization. I think it'll have a lasting impact on the league took it out of the money, you know, listen to me. Like you said there's a lot of money that's spent over the years traveling and seeing guys that was honestly unnerved. You know, so I do think but this year it's going to be hard because a lot of a lot of guys aren't laying eyes on these guys at all in person. So do you feel like there'll be a lot more mistakes made in next year's draft and then there have been it's interesting. You know, it's going to be a great study for it to hopefully a two year period you know last year I did. I didn't feel inadequate at the draft. I thought we were Beyond covered we had more time than we ever had. We had done a ton of video work but we had that base Foundation of seeing these guys in person and live up until Thursday the pandemic can't really until the Hiatus happened. And so you had that Foundation now, we're starting a new scouting season without that Foundation if we end with that, right, if you're if we end with able to be two really nice, I've been doing a lot of scouting I think will feel the same if we don't end with that it'll be a whole nother phase. Right? So we'll have went from one face to the second into the third and so I can't really predict, you know exactly what that will feel like or if mistakes will be made off. I I just think we'll continue to do the best that we can with kind of the parameters over there in in try to make the best decisions, but I can tell you this past draft. I felt great again. Who knows if it works now, I felt good, but you did get all you got the entire college basketball games with the big foundation. I don't know if we'll have that or not. It's it's interesting to see like a hobby shop, you know. Yeah, like you said you can go to certain point like I can I did like four days you Mohegan Sun? Yeah. I've been to a game sense if I want to go to a PC game I can but I can't go to Providence Rhode Island. So I don't know how many how many home games. Have you been through this year in personally? Yes Ami zero because the way that the parameters are the League's Protocols are set up which rightfully so it's almost impossible. You kind of have to choose you have to be with your team as an executive or you can scalp. So I personally been to zero, you know, my my Scouts, like I said earlier myself have been to a handful of games were in a great first scouting basketball from a car ride to be a dog. Walkie, Wisconsin is great. I mean we can get to Iowa we can get to Illinois we can get the you know, like all these different areas. So we've had a good opportunity but I don't know. I don't know when the first time is. I'll go watch a college game but and of all football continues on this week with you might not be at a game this year, but you could still be in on the action at BetOnline been online is going the extra mile with the fastest updated odds in the industry. They're always more options to wage than anywhere else on BetOnline been online your online Sportsbook experts John. This is going to be the 50th anniversary of the Milwaukee Bucks win championship wage and there are there any plans to commemorate or would you rather not call attention to the fact that there's always been one in the in the franchise's history? Well, I think you know Peter Fagan can answer that question better about the plans, but I can tell you like we're proud of our history. So not every franchise can can even host one and hold up one. So I think we we're proud of our history. We we educate Players on the history our staff on the history of the franchise, but by no means do we we focus a lot of time on looking back. We're pretty excited and looking forward and what we, you know, setting new history standards, but now we're probably we're proud of the championship a for me. It's fun. I one of the best things about this job is the people that you get access to and that you get to learn and spend time with and John McLaughlin someone who I've spent a ton of time with was a major part of that that championship team and and obviously our box history and to be able to have different, you know interactions with cream or Oscar over the years just to be able to spend time with the guys who are part of those groups and actually know them and then to like, you know, come remember those moments. It's pretty cool to have that access. So you give your your team some something to shoot for that team shot fifty 1% from the floor as a team and Mom had a 12-point margin of you know, plus 12 per game a hundred and eighteen points a game to 106. So the other thing is I find just how the world's changed the star. Yep. Forward with six six and six five David and Richard Craig Smith starting point guards are starting forward know the fault was Oscar at six 5 and McLaughlin who was 650 so you put your Lew Alcindor was the center by the way. Yeah. Hi Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and you put they put 5465 around him and it worked out pretty well cuz she went with what he wanted 16 that year on route to his MVP. I learned something in this pot every week John every single week. I learned plenty money from before you were definitely born and a lot of times before I was born as well. All right, let's get to our boy from Boston Pat connaughton. Can he play can we let him play baseball and hoop at the same time? Like have you seen him throw? You know, can you still hit 95? What do we think? Is he going to give baseball a try or is this full, you know full hoops? Pat I think you have to ask him but I patent are very close to spend a lot of time together. He's full Hoops. He he's a junkie. He loves Hoops. There's a reason why someone who's is good or was his good at baseball is he in fact, it was plays in the NBA because he loves loves hoops. And he's really good at always. I always joke with him. Don't forget your great basketball player now just to shoot her. You're not just an athlete like you're a basketball player and he I think you know, he's talented nothing gets enough as you guys know that maybe when he's done with basketball, who knows what he'll try next. I mean, he's into his real estate and he's he's he's a very Dynamic off impressive young man. And so thankful that we were able to get him a couple of years ago. Keep him. Now. I've seen him throw his fastball. I I don't know if it's still ninety-five, but he's still got Heat home. He threw the opening pitch at a Brewers game maybe a year or two ago and it wasn't maybe the most accurate throw, you know, and he can laugh about that but it had a lot of heat I can tell you that. What's your best countenance Story? I mean I always tell people like the one thing with Pat he's so mature and and he's so honest but he doesn't offend people. That's a gift right like that's hard to do. I'm honest I offend people like that. That's just the way I am. He's somehow everybody likes Pat even though there's no BS with that God. Yeah. I've got a lot of great stories and I'll share the best one I guess and at risk of probably getting myself in trouble or for sure him in trouble, but it was it was a non incident. So we're good. So this is maybe a month or two and two after assigning him. We're in La we're playing the Lakers and the Clippers and we're staying in Santa Monica and I just want to go and have dinner. It's nice to have dinner. So we went to a steak house and he and and I and Dave Dean who works with me. We had a great dinner and we're walking back to the hotel after dinner and there's these birds the lines the the little scooter things. He's like man page. Is a varieties come like notepad. I've never rode these he's like let's go and I'm thinking of my mind. I just sign a contract. I'm pretty sure there's a a place in the contract that says we're not supposed to ride things that you and I signed it. We're literally two people assigned it off, but sure enough like he and I jump on the birds and we're right in the verse like counter on Santa Monica. So my first kind of lime scooter experience and and maybe my last was with Pat connaughton by for sure. Neither of us are supposed to be riding. Oh, I love the way you very casually and accurately describe the dispersal of your Scouts across the globe. You didn't mention anartica, by the way, but I mean, but I am fascinated by the globalization of the late. I I I I love to point out the people and this is a funny little subplot that the first European who came into the league without American background at all. No High School know college was a guy named Georgie Gustav for the sunset in Eighty Four eighty-five and he was a Bulgarian. There's never been another Bulgarian. He was the first anyway, can you imagine what we digress? Can you imagine the league without the hundred plus international players and any idea the basketball is as not would not, you know be an international game. I mean, this is all you've known for the most part right? I can't I can't imagine it and and as just said, I've just learned something new to in fact, it was 8045. I was alive so shame on me for not having that step. But no, I think man I can't imagine I and I it wouldn't be it wouldn't be long and I imagine that this was David Stern's and now Adam Silver's vision and plan our league is so globalized. It's for someone like me who's fortunate enough to be able to travel the world to to scout Talent into to be in different places and to see the passion in different countries for the NBA for Giannis for you know, Luka for all these players that have have transformed our current wage. Transforming Our league and spreading, you know Kobe, you know in Asia and just a different things that have happened. It's the passion for the NBA across the globe is massive and I cannot imagine a long that's not represented by the international players that we have is so much the other thing I would say about like, I think it's transformed the quality of the basketball like the NBA basketball is really really quality in my opinion is very fundamental the guys play hard. They play with IQ. They play together. It's a team game. I think it's a really high quality product that we have and I think the international impact is is massive and wage. Where would we be without the eurostep very good and your travels. Have you been to Lithuania? I have okay, just give me something because it's the Indiana of of you know, right the Indiana basket of Europe supposedly and and and you know, I think we do you're talking earlier about the the impetus where it came from that will that song? Olympic Victory and not an 88 was not Soviet Union. That was the Lithuanian all stars and you know marciulionis sabonis is cetera and I think that was where people said my God be good players out there. We better start checking them out. Anyway, have you tell me about Lithuania anything you can tell give you like a basketball nugget and I'll give you a nod basketball nugget. So let's away Nia what I remember about scouting the games. There should have been listening maybe three or four days in total, but probably two different trips the they have incredibly hard playing tough physical guards. And if you are a big which a lot of our NBA players have come from Lithuania or your 6:11 or 7, like the bigger guys, you stand out amongst the rest of the population and so it's it's like if you go to scout a game wage majority of the Lithuanian player of these really hard playing kind of undersized physical guys, and then these guards are kind of stand like, you know, a tree amongst, you know shrubs basically that are out there and you just watch these guys shoot off. Some folks and their skills whatever it's it's a it's a pretty unique environments not like that in every country other countries. It's more similar to like what you would see in a basketball product here but in Lithuania, I would that's one of the things stands out the non basketball in their Arenas in their concession stands the ones that I've been to they sell beer they sell cigarettes and they sell these like what I would call like big crash times that you dip in mayonnaise that are the most unhealthy but best kind of little snack that you could ever get in an arena and like that's it. You can't really get anything else you can get you can get a drink and you can get these off of croutons dip to manage. Do we have smoke-filled areas like the old Madison Square Garden you have smoking sections outside of the Arena. Yeah. I haven't been there still some places wage get smoke-filled Arenas in Europe. Absolutely but not Lithuanian I can tell you I I was at the old Garden 48th and and an eighth and and you know, I remember there was Smoke delivery today John Smith. I was in Lithuania for ten days. Oh, wow. So did you have the croutons did not have the croutons? I had the the double hot dog. I don't know if you saw that I did double hot dog off my favorite story. I'm not going to get into why I was in Lithuania. If you remember back you can recall why I got sent to Lithuania for ESPN for a certain father and two sons. That's what I was over there. Jimmy Barrett. I don't know if you remember that name, Jimmy Baron was over there and I'd known him since he was about fifteen years old. He was playing for for a team over there in Congress and he said he never went out, you know father young young daughter. So I'm like, oh we gotta go out like I'm in Lithuania. I haven't seen in years. We gotta go out. So we go out and meet one of his teammates and they're not supposed to go out I guess so we meet one of his teammates and we get escorted to the back room and it's exactly what you would think when you think of like a Lithuanian. In like Club back room, and I'm I'm not a big drinker. Like if I'm a drink I might have a beer a couple of beers whatever and this dude is like, all right, you're drinking like I'm a guard dog. I'm like, you know One vodka. No, no bottles a pump bottles of vodka and tequila. I'm like, no I can't hang with you. He's 6926 T your typical Lithuanian, you know, they they just start sending stuff back. I'm like Jimmy we gotta leave like I there's no way I can hang with this dude. But yeah, it was the country is amazing. But it really I mean there is no option for basketball people. There are super like I love the experience to to see that I didn't love why I went but I love being in Lithuania and seeing that country in the people and their passion for basketball. It was it was basketball country. They have incredible Arenas a lot of their Arenas are brand new. So you talked about like the smoke it's not that they have these brand-new biltz wage. Say kind of state-of-the-art Arenas, you know, they might not hold twenty thousand people. They might hold, you know, ten or fifteen, but I'm they're really really nice basketball facilities, either the phrase punching above your weight comes to my home. I Remember You Ever Had a 2000 they almost beat the US and and almost and it came down to the last shot and in in Melbourne Sydney and Donnie Nelson was a month Bill and its associated with them at the time and I was sitting with him afterward and he said I can't do this anymore, you know, because it's it's yeah it just too dumb to tour now too emotional, but he explained why he said they're the most like us the way they play that's why they're the ones you know that they play them there's now this is 30 twenty years ago, but twenty one. They said they're the most like us off and but you know, I love you you are you I'm sure you know that Donna was very associated with them, you know, and and but I remember I'm sitting with him because I like Bob I can't do it anymore, you know, and yep. Had gotten too good now, you know, so it's one thing to help them climb the ladder, you know, the literature you could suddenly they almost speak to your West. Wait a minute. I'm going to be coaching a team. It's going to beat the US. I don't think so, I wasn't what I had in mind Hey Johnna, I've met you on us a couple of times and blown away. And again, I've talked to Pat enough about him. So I know what he's about the fabric of Giannis and nobody never hear a bad word about him. Like what does he do for your organization to have a star that is that conducts himself? That way that doesn't appear, you know, you always talk about like everybody's got an ego boost is Steph Curry's the one guy to me that like hasn't changed since I met him at Davidson or even before that. He has not changed most most stars change has Giannis changed. I yeah and I would say like every like you said everyone changes, you know, I think I've changed you've changed be honest. I would argue that stuff has changed. I think everyone changes. It's just like the the employee what's implied there when people ask that question is have they changed for the worse, you know, or the more of an ego are they, you know separate themselves and I would say absolutely not has Giannis changed for the better. I said absolutely and he the ways that he is growing off on the court is obvious. You can all see it we can we can chronic what we can go look at it off the court as a teammate as a father now has a brother as a partner and a friend with me and I just just every level you know, as as a business person his maturity and growth from someone who I met, you know, his first day in the in the US after we drafted him to where he is now today is amazing and it's a credit I think to his Focus to his to his eat those who he is like the culture and character of of where he's grown from and who he is and hopefully, you know, Milwaukee, In our organization and the people around him have played a role in in helping him grow and his teammates grow and will continue to do so, but he's absolutely changed but in my opinion in all the right ways and all the good ways off and I think that's what you want out of any player or any person that you work with but to have that be in the package of a superstar the best player in the world who's Now 26 years old with this incredible Runway to continue to grow and evolve and develop the foundation that he's shown in the way that he's going to grow and the way that he's going to change is pretty encouraging. Last one I have for you is it's just about kind of where we're at right now. We started that way with with Bob asking about how crazy it is for you. What what do you think should be done? Like, what would I know? You don't want to tell Adam Silver how to how to run his job. I'm not asking you do that. Yes. I know you gotta be careful there. But you know is it we've seen games be canceled and postponed here in the last few days. Is it expanding The rosters? Is it making sure that everybody's wearing masks isn't making sure that they're not going up for dinners. What are the things? Cuz I've I've seen them in college right? Like life has gone on not perfect. But you've got a lot more a lot more teams right a lot. So if you've got right now you get forty teams play in college. Well, you've still got another three hundred it's not as big a deal. But if you have five teams that are playing in the NBA. Well, that means you've got those five teams are playing Five others. You've only got you know home. A small amount. So I guess my biggest question is what do you think can be done to try and make sure that this season runs there's going to be hiccups. We know that. Yeah, I think you mentioned a lot of the things I would tell you to speak a little bit above that in in more. Generally. I think what should be done is being done wrong and I started by answering the credit to the MBA and I'll go back to it and it's what's what's being done is that we constantly meet and talk and discuss and figure out how to Pivot and take the next step and you do everything that you possibly can with rules and protocol and compliance to position position yourself as best as possible for the moment and then something happens and you have to be able to adjust in the league has been amazing. I thought you know a collectively as general managers collectively as team president. There's a lot of brainpower. There's a lot of great ideas and thoughts and in the league to their credit has really drove in with us and they're listening to us and we're adjusting we're trying to figure it out together and you know increasing roster size and mass wearing in Social distancing and all all the things all the kind of hot button key key words and topics That you're hearing about reading about and thinking about the same things that we talked about but we're trying to apply it and you try to apply in a way. We can't just continue to play games and play games at a rapid Pace without also considering the ramifications of the body like covid-19 your factor and we have to adjust for covet but so is the health of the players with soft tissue and injuries and and you know, fatigue and the quality of the products. So it's a massive undertaking that I think we are best suited of any League because of the leadership they have would have come in his staff and the way that they collaborate with us and try to figure out a best best resolution. We'll see I mean, it's we're early in it, but I think so far. We've had a few cancellations sure, but I think we've had a lot of success and we're we're on the right path. Perfect. Well, listen, we appreciate you joining us. I know Bob does very enjoyable to you. Yeah, thank you. My pleasure that you drop off Brian's podcast wage. It is on the Buckle as I I really appreciate it. Thank you guys. So likewise be good be safe and hopefully get out of that rain. All right. Thanks. Take care guys. You got a job, okay.

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They look typical books. He s a super vike. I know puerto rico pediatric where those much manila who in the window for no movies. If winning are for photo lozano is impulsive. Whether hidden frankie local para by the second phone familiar to begin. I don't have a mask. Kkk worcester overweight when lucille. Ne-new decade bubble. The coppola e- e- apple. They're afraid of the day so can support of the superior developer casino cassia to why your produce a hole in the solder variables avoidable the remote control. Resto a felarca. No no the another hake with even possibly we had a movie in nazi no previous federal for a hong dora you not hit billion. It could build them with put gustloff vehicle in ohio being aviv. Lemme hold onto does is remind for theon demo. Help us out of poverty win or with over. 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Happy First Friday of June Show Intro

Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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Happy First Friday of June Show Intro

"The. We're apart these days with sharing more so at Geico. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing you savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO. Give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because we're committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash. Give back for more INFO and eligibility. Hi! I'm Tom Colegio. I'm a chef restaurant. Her food, advocate and host of the new podcast called citizens chef on iheartradio. People might turn on the news and see stories about pandemic immigration. Our healthcare I see stories about food. On this podcast will tour the political climate, looking for inroads food wherever we can find him from Labor to disaster relief, starting June ninth listen to citizens chef on the iheartradio. APP Apple podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to ride this Steve Harvey Morning. Show Steve Harvey's got his full team with him. Look to the right John. Good Morning Shirley Strawberry give money happy Friday Steve Harvey out of real case, Steve. Harvey Wes up crew. Q., Speights. Air. Brown. Steve Holidays. Thomas Miles. Very cute. Kid. At all. Jay's look today for our low. Jay decided to come to work swiffer. Work. Commercial Swing. Vote. visor on this that a visors my hair. Behind. His Hey twisted. Long twist. Very age-inappropriate. And His Hal look old. And enquist. Like when I see real old last people. We. It's. Let's new. Plant now. Nobody. Say Now I. Say That because I don't want to be on his social media. Old, people, would raise in dribs. Snoop. You keep saying you keep saying. I never noticed that. Goodbye Yourself Jay. Hit by myself. So. I wish I. Another day. Congratulations to the protest keeping the peaceful. Congratulations to the protesters who have participated in what seems to be a change I'm never seen these many officers get arresting congratulations. I've never seen these mini. Perpetrators of crimes against black people get perpetrated they'll. Billy's down in Georgia and the third one now. And I've been reading a story. That's coming out I. Mean Man I'm just yeah. It does feel different and look in May a friend now. Steve GAM, maybe change. Maintains. He like we don't need. Our drive. Perimeter Mall every day because I go for a drive writing Atlanta I'm going to stop and take a picture with this guy. This one white guy standing on the medium in the middle of the road. and. He's gotTA sign up to saves black lives. Do matter and I blow Mahorn Eddie, Murphy Day. Almost stop if he's to mall I'm taking a picture with man posted. Would you be Dr St when you blow to whom okay? With US coming thirty two minutes after the hour, the first of several memorials to George Floyd happened yesterday, and we'll talk about that right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Renowned Buddhist teacher Jarvis. Masters steadfastly maintained his innocence since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years ago on a new podcast. Dear Governor Jarvis poses the question. Have to be cooked. By execution of one man from the confines of his nine by four sell. In San Quinton Jarvis will share his riveting life story how he has managed to maintain a sense of optimism in the most dire circumstances are. Their mind right now that come on the rival in how provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed he on death row. I really believe that they found that women I would not been charged. Here details from inside the. Attorneys fight for his final state appeal with newly disclosed. That bolsters claims of innocence. Will the California Supreme Court exonerate him or reaffirm his death sentence? Listen to dear governor on the iheartradio APP, on Apple, podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. If. You're wondering how police brutality got to be so bad. Now police became so eager to shoot. You Might WanNa. Listen to this week's episode of behind the bastards where we talk about Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman the most notorious police trainer, American history, and the inventor of discipline called. Killala Jersey, which he talked to the Minneapolis police. Department and more than one hundred other police departments around the country, listened to behind the bastards on the iheartradio APP apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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297. El Chiringuito Podcastero presenta: Los Yago de Oro 2020

Al otro lado del micrófono

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297. El Chiringuito Podcastero presenta: Los Yago de Oro 2020

"Nephew podcast cinta. I load to let me on fumed up. A india hoon predict the hurricane maria. Nitto commune baby. You know your four years old. Many yes always content toes actually told north of casinos cutting e stop. Nobody anthony marceca lamelo shimmy via lago. The auto can three. Komo on your podcast. Make your day schofield. the also rely on you. Lock ammonia cheating lethal or villa or the of carter three-goal diego see and grand iago bodies. Both cuss critic assorted generally auto shown premium contract with because he took more appropriate balloting above. And your cardio for both cashmore. Kosta lamented build on being horsepower oatmeal. Hardly at lady premiums as competitive momento center e. There's enough new bagel break kamanga premieres. She's ten polemic guy to you. Enter podcastone paul or recommend more than guys. But i said no me neither is necessarily cheating castro valley alto podcast in our our top of custody import superstar our political or mentors from capital duran. Tell strenuous and take aquatic salvator. She gives participate in an area. Generally auto musashimaru former partake in north rupali telegram do nothing or the hamilton formula. Audio packet. ball is what i didn't logical the auto e comparison window haunted got this danube shown or both khas mahal podcastone theon minority show that eating up casado mel podcast from indiana mahat. Podcast moscow lino both gusta my pro. Which are confident. I'm interested mahato janta cheating. He did outing. Magenta impo- imported in virginia thera- orienting mita both cheating overcast. Mahotas palmer cheating utero. Chania mahar leeann leeann touting. Delegating data mcwhorter said the lonzo ball. Lanyo mahatma hula. Bayer muhammad podcasts fitting. Eat mahorn podcast extent. Not they're not albertine. Those payments will participate in your promo lunar. When do you think of in the ball. Tation lugar we are that show nice is talking juanita the podcasters in asia and alitalia thorough to my fussy league. Nothing is your own oxygen. Showing love the newport theater demeaning controversial link type it in safi all these the under mid wing even being for melodic dot. Theon gonna be in this. The sierra ground in this one idea of course is thin then throw or whether they don't show she saw the look who's tanto cooperate recommend low and plush lunar camacho that newness podcast. No relation throttled canal that she didn't get equal boy. Stop the rally microphone. But i will tell show if i were to start or eat montana. Pardon yona echo moscow ratio cd on stage shoulders. Hamis more in microphone on services.

hurricane maria anthony marceca kamanga cashmore casado mel schofield Kosta mahato janta Mahotas palmer castro valley Chania mahar leeann leeann Bayer muhammad carter Eat mahorn villa diego india Tation lugar mcwhorter hamilton
Beach Steppin' | I Don't Wanna Cry

The Free Agents

1:15:55 hr | 7 months ago

Beach Steppin' | I Don't Wanna Cry

"Dumping on the beach the only place to read your emails and tweets it's Thursday October eighth. Thanks for joining us here on the dunks podcasts. I'm G skeets alongside me as always Tesla's hey, guys, he tessie we got the beard one Trey Kerby. The international man of mystery taking it to the Max Leila's friend. my last but not least making the magic happen. Jd. There is an here we are. Thank you so much to everybody who sent in their questions over the past week or so keep them coming guys, keep them coming, email us no dunks at the athletic dot com or tweet him in at no dunks INC tasks. Let's just jump right into it. Man Lets to it. Hey, MDC longtime fan and listener here so much so that I recently found myself going down a rabbit hole of weekend webs YouTube clips from the starters days. In these clips, you guys highlight. One of my favourite signature moves a few times the Rodney stuck overhead pass fake or pumper. GETS THE DEFENDER EVERY TIME? Sorry dougie MC buckets. anyways. This got me thinking what are some of your favorite signature moves from lesser known players thanks your beantown boy maths. I. Actually thought this was a tough question because you immediately think a superstar when you think of signature moves. So it is tough to think up a lesser known player Leka Rodney stuck to you. There's a name I haven't heard. No while anybody gets as deep as a Rodney study overhead past fake I'll be impressed. Well, I deep. I think definitely not a superstar, but it was his signature move Piston Center best known as a Piston Senator Rick. Mahorn and the signature move of Poland the chair. Love this move I love to see it anytime in a game I love what somebody busted out in a pickup game too. If you don't know what I'm talking about pulling the chair, it's like. Basically defensive move involves putting significant force on the offensive players caboose or back as they're trying to. Established post position, and then as the offensive player backed up, you countered that force you just sort of move out of the way you allow. A couple. Of, times? He has indeed. Couple travels there from Lebron. Yeah. So you either slipped to the slide slip to the side or back up and that sense like you said, there are tasks, it sends the player stumbling and bumbling and fumbling a little travel turnover a weird shot at times. So Rick Mahorn was the master of. Horse I watched guys a clip last night on youtube that shows Rick Mahorn doing this three times in one game to hall of Fame Knicks Center Patrick Ewing. It's a great clip to watch. It's really really good and then it got me going down like other rick. Mahorn. Poland out the chair moves did one to Luc Longley where he stumbles hilariously and then it even took me to a video where Chauncey billips does it in a game to somebody Rick Mahorn is on the call and they cut to Rick Mahorn as like hey, that's his move, and he's like chocolate on the call on the broadcast. So Rick Mahorn pulling out the chair I think that's pretty good. I WENT PRETTY Remove Yeah Yeah that is deep I. I didn't go that deep because my guy is technically not a stop it because he's never been an stop, but he's got incredible sort of signature moves is Jamal Crawford Scott? Like fast-break shuffled behind the back just foolish defender Basically I do that but he doesn't. Like he has so many of those little trick moves sleight of hand moves that it's hard to pin one exactly on him but. Basically just all those little handle moves that he's got to get his shotgun because he's he's just one of the most fun to watch. So that's that's why we're not quite anywhere near as deep as Rick. Mine's a little more shallow in the water. Signature moves a plural vote demography trae what's your your tricky ricky here. Well, it's a move that I can't believe actually works to this very day but Yoenis balance Tunis's pump fake is hilarious because he's not a great outside shooter in the first place. It's so slow and you never think he's actually going to shoot it when he's going up, it looks like he's just a convulsing is. He shoots well enough that somebody would jump at it and suddenly Valentinus rumbling down the lane. It's very similar to Joel embiid's pump fake, which also doesn't look like a shot at all but somehow people still fall for it. If you're a big guy in your pump fake slow enough, it can be really effective trade, Kirby? You do this sometimes pick up Ryan you got like SORTA that slow co- fake from outside shot, and then you put it on the ground that you've got a little jv or unbeaten Oh. Thank you very much. I'd much rather have a little embiid Emmy than some Valium Tunis but it's more likely taking the bass pro shops. Trophy. Game home. NBA So, I'll take it but. Yeah I got the slow pump fake but they ask because I don't actually want to shoot three and I'm hoping somebody will make. The mistake of chasing out at me. So again, rumble pass them. It works for us slow guys who can actually shoot. Hey, remember when we used to play basketball together. I remember basket is certainly remember. Who I two went down the the Valentinus pump fake rabbit hole and I was thinking of guys who just we just have a good slow pump fake that kind of looks like they're shot and can be sold, and so I started thinking of payroll. With the Hawks when Mike Boone Holzer was playing five guys out and antitrust there center and you would like to pump Ya and try and take you to the rack really slowly, and then it got me thinking about Tobbaco, Cephalonia who is An Atlanta. Hawk for a while he actually played this year with the Houston Rockets. It was the O K C guard who? Couldn't quite get them to the be the third star to get them to a finals championship but he was starting on those teams in his his pump. Fake is so slow because and effective because it looks like shot his is shot motion is super slow and listen. Maybe if the New York cops didn't break his leg back in twenty fifteen, the Hawks could have had a championship. Okay. Now now jumping to conclusions. But topo suffer. Guy It's it's just it's a the boring pump fake, but it works when when it looks like a slow shot I mean it gets people up just like Yoenis Valentinus, it totally works Lee. What is your signature move on basketball moon? Have you had to pick on L. Open that to anyone four Lee. If they can think of one for for Lee Lee their signature move yeah. I got one blowing a fast break layup. I'll say, I'll tell you in my in my later years as you sort of become a bit of shooter just. A little bit of a step to the left. and shot. That's the one that over Isaiah Thomas I mean that was. Sure. Sure. What sort of shoehorned that shut there but that that was what I feel most comfortable going. Moving to the side a little bit of a step back step to the side then rising up just that's yeah that's most comfortable shot you know step to your left though yes. Yes. Four right you're off balance yeah. See the other the other big shot. My life was the Metro Jam game and and I was going to try that else can to try that on the night. Dunkin But I was sort of coming tripling in I need to sort of catch and then go into it got to be a catch and move rather than like dribbling into that move if you know what I mean. Shire that's what I would have gone with though if I'd call it the ball but I had possession already. Yeah. You Know Dunkin does his homework ahead of time. Good tell me your tendencies. He knows the numbers these taken away. You're strong. Didn't matter. Lee showed up before the game Danny Larue handed Dunkin. Pages. This. Is Your Al Bundy Mogadishu. Great Yeah that's Great. Fun. Back to NBA players. Isaiah Thomas no derrick rose. Ajay Stu mentions with the double pass fake while in mid air. That's a good one from Derrick, rose. It's not his quote unquote signature move but it's a move that you're remember from Dera rose he just gets up. That way now that way and it works with the two hands on the ball. It's good. Derrick rose good stuff. All right next one here. Hi Guys. First Time emailer as a spurs fan I hate seeing coli have success because I think of all the spurs lost. But at the same time I, love to see them succeed because I was the only one I know of who called him a future superstar way back in two thousand and eleven I can still hear the jeers. From friends quote he's just another Bruce Bowen or Harrison Barnes will be better than him and quote I'm proud of my prediction. But at the same time it tears me apart who's someone you are proud to see succeed but also it does tear you apart. Thanks for show. Much love. That's from Vic Gonzales, Spurs Fan who's living in Idaho. So Trey wanting to start that's a good cue. Do you think I wanna be cheering for the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals? Absolutely not The heat tortured the Bulls during the early part of the twenty ten obviously when Lebron was there, the Bulls would rack up the wins in the regular season then Lebron and the heat would eliminate them come postseason time. That's what it always felt like. But they traded Jimmy Butler he made his way to the heat after Dwayne Wade. Put The bug in his ear and now I'm rooting for a team that destroyed my team for the longest time but you know there in black and red. So I can at least pretend that it's the balls but it's tough out here first Chicago Fan. I'm a bears fan as well. Patrick Mahomes is the most exciting football player of the past two decades probably, and every time I see him I just think man the Chicago bears drafted the SAM. Bowie of the NBA Picking Mitch Trubisky at number two just like Sam Bowie was drafted at number two. You could've taken Patrick Mahomes. The bears obviously traded up it take trubisky, and now every week I get to see these highlights of the Lebron of the NBA just dominating looking like he's having a great time out there. And the bears for you know, the Thirtieth Year of my thirty, six years on this planet have no quarterback just GonNa. Be So. Yeah it's fun to watch Mahomes, but it's also just a disaster knowing that he could be wearing Chicago bears uniform. But also if he was he would be terrible. That's just how it is. Probably true. If anything you saved Patrick mahomes career. You're welcome everyone. Yeah. That's a good one there with Jimmy and Patrick Mahomes test. I'll flashback to twenty eleven. The twenty eleven draft the Raptors took Yoenis Tunis at number five. I wanted Bryan Colangelo to go. Local stay here on the on this continent for once I just wanted a guy that everybody knew I wanted him to take Kemba Walker he was fresh off that means step back and Madison Square Garden for Yukon The Raptors just had gone around the big man world of Andrea Barney in years passing I adjust had enough I just wanted a point guard. Somebody who could handle the ball? No disrespect to Jose called Roden TJ Ford but I wanted. Fresh, angry, you noticed worked out fine for the Toronto Raptors of but I just wasn't happy about it and we were working at the score at the time and I was so distressed I took jd out onto the street there at the corner of Peter and Blue Jays way in bluejays way king there forced him to film me yelling at the camera. About Kemba Walker, not being drafted what's up glandular? What's up with that now? So aggregate to do multiple takes and then J. D. got angry. At, all you were gone for the day. It was just me and J.. D. Just hanging in the office and and yeah, and that was the extent of listen vouchers was totally fine He should've gone a ring last year but still still a little bitter and and it worked out extremely well, 'cause the next year Bryan Colangelo traded for Kyle lowry point guard came in there to play with the Marta Rosa Amanda Ball Dot Rolling. So. A Little Kudos for for BC. AD JV. SORTA worked yeah. I obviously answer Vince Carter because when he left the rafter Vince Carter like all on the train of like he's a quitter screw him you know whatever, and then of course, he starts succeeding right away and New Jersey still angry for years for years for years, and then at some point as I matured, and obviously the raptors eventually started to have some success you start rooting for other guy you start cheering on what he started to do and how he changed his career McCain like this the guy that was bouncing around team two team but you wanted to see him succeed and he still had moments and then were there in the fortress when he scores Twenty, five, thousand points I'm staying in. The things turn quickly. You know I hated them. I hated Vince Carter when he did quit on the raptors and left of course traded. But I came around I. Love. Vince more than anyone now. So he's an obvious pick for me Lee. This is a tough one because you don't really have a team but yeah, is there an answer well, months kind of similar to yours die because you know big Akeem on fan and in the nineties you know I was anti David Robinson was like the away but I can't use the dream and and and it came at the championships and the MVP's and I know Robinson got those as well. But Robinson didn't have the championships and then nineteen, ninety, nine, of course he gets one and then two thousand three gets another one and it was kind of like Tim Dunkin's championships like but but I was okay with David Robinson getting a couple as well in the end because I did mature a little bit and I'm like he's very good player. He's a great guy. He's a great human being he's bigger than just the game of basketball but for those crucial years there from like nine, hundred, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, or ninety, seven. Km Championships and any dessert them as well. So I was like that sort of solidified my opinion love of a key Malaysian. And that I. Thought Tim Duncan. was over rated at the time. But in the end, he got there and I'm glad he's got his championships I'm glad he stayed with the Spurs and he also went Dunkin came along David Robinson, there was no sort of bitterness like he was being usurped by younger. He was kind of like, okay. We've been with with Tim Duncan so. Mature Bet the situation as well and and I think he wanted. Second. Championship in Tuesday thousand three on father's Day too. If I remember correctly inside there was like it was like Yeah. The father of the NBA gets another championship you know as a sort of more of a role player that stage of his career so I don't have the same vitriol that I used to have to David Robinson in those prime ninety s I'm glad he succeeded in the end and got a couple of championships. Yeah. You completely change your and you became a spurs homer later in your ears. So it must have been tough for you to not want to cheer for Dave, Robinson with those guns and those arms and. That's the thing like he came into the League a couple of years light because he was drafted ninety seventy to finish his naval academy You know education there and it was like this guy's not going to be out of just coming in instantly impact I any. But again came lodge had already pain in the league for so long dominating and everyone was just in love with the new David Robinson who isn't he? Cute I like, Hey, I respect to the dream and he's been there seven years already. Too Okay. He's very handsome very handsome. So of course, that ninety, five, one win. Robinson gets the MVP and then king goes out, destroys it, and that's one of the greatest moments in my life but. In. The end and gets his championship. Moments of your life. Well it just it. Just I just didn't like how everyone just immediately anointed Robinson better than. Mike now he's not man he's not so yeah but I love him. Now you've gone, you do grow and mature in time. Fun, debates. To fantasy basketball, are you taking David Robinson and you take a key allies on obviously then check out in the mix was Russia in free throws though but. There was a lot of debates about which one was better I. Mean They Ronson in a key more monsters fancy basketball back when we were playing with our spreadsheets and stuff like that. But. Great answers there. Skip to the next one good day lads Australia's NBA. New Expansion team in Tasmania their name the Tasmania Jack Jumpers. Jack Jumpers seem to be the worst choice based on the comments polls yet. They went with it. Anyway Liam keen to hear your thoughts on the new club and its name and guys if there was one franchise in the NBA, you would rename. Be An what would you rename it for me? It would be the Los Angeles Clippers as clippers what my partner calls the mechanism to cut nails. So every time I hear it, I think of toes I change into something strong and bold like the Los Angeles annihilate. Maybe. They are empowered by the Moxie of their team name and can stop choking in the playoffs wall savage Jordan and Melbourne Australia Whoa. Lee. What do you think Tasmania Jack Jumpers? So, when you hear the name, Jack Jumpers you think it's kind of a made up name because it sounds made up, but it's actually an insect that is kind of native to Tasmania. So it's fine. What type of insect is it's like an aunt I think it's like an aunt. or it's got a venom in it as well. I think that's right So. It is it's kind of like, Hey, listen Tasmania's a bit of this sort of little brother of Australia. You know tucked away at the south of the continent. So it gets a lot of people make fun of it a lot. So they need something that's a little bit more of a tough. Now the name Jack Jump is still isn't that intimidating nine, but the aunt itself is quite intimidating can't. Quite strong. So what do you like it? Just this an odd through that basketball is back in Tasmania. They used to have a team back in the ninety S, but folded its a very small state. Just, the fact that they've got a team there is great but in the press release they they said something like this is the name. Now we just need a coach and some players like I I guess I guess that's the next step is. So yeah there is yeah Jackson. What's the population of Tasmania? Like? How about that? Four hundred thousand people? I'm seeing about five, hundred, forty, five. That's pretty small around about yeah. It's a beautiful beautiful part of Australia but a lot of skip over it. You know they think it's sort of often the distance, but it's It's great. We were there last year on the farm beautiful raw. Yeah I don't remember seeing any jumpers but. Now. I. It's it's a great place antennas E. IT'S A it's great to have this. You know a professional team in Australia in Tasmania. 'cause I always get a rugby team in as rules team, but the population just doesn't really Is it not able to sustain it so To me you have like eight teams in Melbourne alone or something like. Yeah. Yeah I mean that's That's where the Australian rules leaks started. So snap, but now it's expanded out to Queensland and New South Wales but. Not Quite. Just not a big enough say task. Pass. Wow, you're really doing it on. This coast. On the license plates in Australia just have ta says the short. Task could go there and be like oh Attachment Yeah Do that. Yeah, you're Jeff. Jumpers. On jump on Jack's back, hang out for. This kind of sounds like when New Orleans pick the PELICANS for their name it's local to the region there to to the state everybody thought is is not a good name but Pelicans a strong bird Yup and I'm guessing that the Jack Jumper is strong and and families were whatever it is. Isn't that the funny part when I hear Jack Jumpers and I know it's in Australia. I'm immediately thinking of a kangaroo. Right somehow something's going on there is this hybrid kangaroo what this not thinking am I guess my point Boxing, kangaroo he likes. Opponents the. Rachel JD's wife's instagram yesterday of a grasshopper walking around I'm thinking grasshopper. Sure. Yeah. Sure to navy that they got some ups. and. That was a weird grasshopper. Your wife found there in the garage their GD was missing an ir something. Praying Mantis for one thing. And so that. Weird. Those missing one of its claws this guy was gone and his I was seem to be burned out of its socket which was. Crazy, but still walking around you know. So she took a video of it and posted it as you do. Right. So a Lotta insects making the round yesterday with the fly on. A Great Day. Jack trumpers big difference. Why while you answer the question, do you have an NBA team that you? Change the name of the nickname. Yeah. I mean this is something that just don't really fit their nickname. The Grizzlies I don't think there's too many grizzlies down there memphis. MEMPHIS is more what music and Barbecue. Yeah exactly. So the Memphis Barbecue or the memphis musicians what about something like that but I actually think. It's. Like the Utah Jazz but we know that came from new. Orleans and they just kept the nine. So that doesn't really fit there. Some people and you test and try test since gates especially with the raptors design and I think people were off that for a while. But now they've won a championship, you can't change it now, you can't change it. Or, anything like that. So I actually think the clippers is the one that you would change because it's a bug apparently big ship. But no one really knows that I didn't know that you have to Google what is it clipper and then it's like Los. Angeles on the coast there. But Clippers at doesn't really work because not. So I think of clippers as well with the clippers, right? Right? Yeah. So do you think toes then to immediately our your mind go I've never done tow is what I think. I can see how you could get there speaking to toews jd come back for a second but those new toes in the opening of the beach step in there you notice finally we Haley and I were wondering it's Old Eight eight toes. I didn't see that. I just noticed that the feet were different because I tattoo and I'm like. I can't believe it took this long to notice. What do you mean? How long? There's only been two. There's only it's only we've only shouted twice, but there was no reaction. Yeah. I probably wasn't honestly watching. This is the first. Oh, those are different toast. Does. Using before the little stubby toes and that guy had while, but that's even worse. Yeah we're still waiting on into shoot the shot of the Lady of the Bikini Turning back. Do you want to get some sand between your toes? On the weekend. I got dude. Geneva. Just, say Lee Tell Tell Ato's to shoot landscape led next Thabit. FESSEL. Is. Pretty high quality a bad like it looks nice. Obviously, there was a nice show is the first and he said to which I appreciate. meet. We is he a fast swimmer I would imagine that guys. See. It's like say if you see a big guy who six foot nine and you say he must be a basketball player and he's not heights. The game is at the time you should be a great swimmer but he's not. Whole life. Wouldn't you just wouldn't you just go in circles 'cause one. Really strong it's normal. Maybe synchronized swimming metaphor, and so move around. Love to see him on Thorpe. Alright. So okay. You go with the clippers you're going with what are emailer Jordan also from Melbourne was talking about their tasks or trade. You have an answer for this team you would like to switch up. The thunder could switch up there and I think it's dual-purpose the first part is that. They just rebrand the jerseys have never been amazing. It's been A. And, let's get into a new era of the thunder because. At the end of the weather nickname or the weather team name. Definitely. Not, a fan I'm just I just doesn't doesn't really strike me. Definitely worth threw it in there but. Yeah Tampa Bay lightning. They won the cup the thunder storm, but it was one. SEATTLE. Yeah But I think. It would be an excuse to rebrand find the name. It's tough. I think know Casey is also a very small place SORTA like Tasmania. So not a ton of different ideas you don't want an oil rig don't think that's a good idea. They are the top hat for Texas. Why not the? Okay. See Top hats why not? Why not? Who Cares who cares? There's there's a lot of branding opportunities there with hats. Top hats I know not interesting but you know it's it's an old tiny name, but they need something new. Okay. What do you got trae? Well, I'm with. Leeann. Our email emailer Jordan. The clippers they after everything that has happened with the clippers after blowing a three one lead this year saying goodbye the Doc rivers now is the time just be the L. A. condors just like the Jack Jumper has apparently something that is. Numerous in Tasmania apparently, there's a lot of California condors. They've already got chuck just completely scrap everything you've got going on with the clippers right now the logos are bad. The colors are bad. Nobody cares about the team in the city people are Lakers fans, gold school bring back the San Diego Clippers. Like light blue and orange look I was watching baseball last night the San Diego padres are out there in Brown and yellow. We're okay to have some retro color skins around go something old school completely ditch the clippers condors slips right in. You still got the see at the beginning yet the acid the end chuck's hanging around perfect anything. But the clippers nobody wants to hear about the clippers curse anymore rebrand were still gonNA know it's the same team, but maybe you can change a little bit of. The opinions around there and the history. Just goes away once you change the name, but maybe it'll work. Okay. Yeah. That one is no one is the most obvious one no doubt change in the clippers no one really really likes that name they don't have a historic. winning. Franchise, there that you're tied to it and you're like, Oh, you can't change like you said with the raptors now even if you hated that, you can't get rid of it now now they've got a title your, there's No way you could do that. So. Let's hear from you guys though in the youtube comments and everybody out there on twitter at no dunk sink which team would rename and why and what would you name it two more importantly. Got Lots more questions still to get to here on our beach podcast but I a word from our sponsor. What about changing the LA clippers to the LA lawnmowers three-point. Oh. I know that wasn't what you were doing an for their. While you're talking traffic. Or The L. A. Kings just take a hockey team, the kings and basketball. Why not? All right next question here high slow spunk. In your finals preview three of you guys enthusiastically picked the heat to win really four of US I. Guess we we're throwing in they're my friends and I have an annual running bet throughout the playoffs and you're takes influenced me to pick a long series with the Lakers winning and seven. I'm feeling pretty sheepish now though particularly since one friend who picked Lakers in five looks likely to leapfrog me for the ultimate win with that in mind has there ever been a time you got swept up in the enthusiasm of those around you and made a foolish decision turns up flush goodbye. That's from Dan. In Wellington New Zealand I've been there beautiful part of New Zealand Started has been a time where you just got caught up in the emotion of it all the enthusiasm. Yeah. First Time I went to New York there was no NBA young because it was the lockout of ninety nine and so I was desperate to go to Madison Square Garden to see something and the rangers applying Gretzky was playing And I was like, all right I think. San Jose. I still I remember and I got there and I thought I don't know anything about hockey, but I bought the big Red Yeah Rangers should this big glowing red shirt it was for the rangers and I thought I wonder how long lost with this game? To be an awesome game, it turned out to be credible and I got to see Gretzky so I knew he was at least yeah. I didn't understand that there was only three periods in hockey. So I was like is going light halfway through the third. And then eventually they won. But also what happened in the game during one of the intermissions they had a guy who had to walk through the tiny little hole I love that yet Rodham hat from from Senator Susan. Had three spots. Seven hundred seventy, seven dollars a first, one, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, seventy, seven second, and then from the other end seventy, seven, thousand showed park off. All three now it was just incredible. End was just like Oh my God. What an incredible event this is, and then the rangers came back and won the game in the third period and I was just like. This is awesome. So I always like. To. Watch hockey I'm. Not sure. Are Telling people about it and I thought Oh, I'M GONNA start to follow hockey a little bit but. I'd never did after the. Fact I was living in London, at the time too. So it was very very hard to get into it but you know like if you can see one hockey player and you get to see Wayne Gretzky I, know the Rangers isn't his like most noted team I. Think it's the oil is in the kings I suppose. But it was like seeing the Saint Louis Blues. Jordan on the wizards. A it was like, wow, one is hockey guy but I got to see Wayne Gretzky and it was an incredible guy, the fan one, the seven hundred seventy can't believe that you're telling me the guy hit I probably shot from what the Blue Line and then maybe center ice and then the other blue. At it was like it was like a little mouse hole had to get him and I was like there's no way he do it, but he just had a very slow. Pushed it and it just went in and it was like Oh my God. That's okay. That's pretty amazing that you saw that that's for sure. But yeah the funniest part was in that third period where I'm just like us like the Games indie. But I'm like, sure this is only the third quarter to so I didn't really. You thought there was GonNa be a fourth period just issued was yeah I know. But I but I also remember thinking because I guess it tipped off or the puck dropped at seven thirty or seven, and it was already like ten thirty like Whoa. So what did you think of Madison Square Garden though Great. Artist maybe. Just a picture outside. A bit well, actually I did get some photos but dad dad is not at home at the moment. He's he's away because of this whole situation in Melbourne, you're not allowed like they've really lockdown where people can travel to. Dad's down at these partners place, which is like three hours out of some break. So I sit down a message I said you haven't got somebody you can get some photos. That we still back there yet so So. Yeah. I'll have to dig about I'll get been a few does are like in a box or something like that your albums and. I'm pretty sure I've got the photos of the guy if the guy heating the. Police. Did you spend on taking. A Lot. This is the outfield as well. So you couldn't take it and see what the shot was yet the white he developed back in the country so. Was it was incredible. It's Kinda like us right now because we want to see this picture. Making the shot, but we still got to wait two weeks. Now. Throwback. Lee Your answer for. Enthusiastically getting on board with something was going to be when we went and saw wrestling. and. You were popping like ten year old who went to Monday night raw the very first time. Wasn't that a fun night I. Ask The answer you were so into it, but you have to be if you're sitting that. It's loud and you guys are into it as well and and Rene was there. So we had that connection and it was just like. You ask the guy in front of us if you could hold his championship belt. that. was. Then when we went back the reclaim seventieth, we're up in the nosebleed. We start? This. Dragging Steve was there and everything. I. Could you introduce? REQ-. You said when you went to the Rangers game, you've never been doing ice hockey game but you bought arranger shirt. Yes. You are definitely one of those people you're like my buddy grece does that to go into whatever sporting event whatever team it is if it's not even his team, he doesn't care at all he likes to have some assured or Jersey or paraphernalia of some sort. Of similar to that, and this, and this one that I bought was just like Super Red and just had the symbol of the New York. Rangers right. So I think it was like it fit in, you didn't look different. Remember wearing that around the streets of London like these big bright red lights hockey. Shit. Did Not look anywhere else so. That that was Jersey or Was Just just because the jerseys are like two hundred, ninety s no way you bought. Off. Free. Exactly yeah. I definitely would have if it was like fifty bucks for that but not. GET REPLICA REPLICAS were that were sixty seven? I was probably barring from the conchords in Madison Square Garden Chassis had like a thousand photos to process. He's GonNa Beg. To build an ice hockey skins aren't getting on the ice. I will say, Lee. If I I've only been to like maybe two ice hockey game ever in my life which will stop saying. Just say. For. Tasma, maybe talk in field hockey later in the. Field hockey at the Athens Olympics okay. If you bought a field hockey. You didn't buy. That because I just had the Australian. The Green Grocer just won't that every day. It's must've stock. It was awful. Yeah. Dream Team is asking you must have been to an Oakland athletics game to have that age. That's the one. The one time that I guess I don't even know where I bought that'll why I bought it for. Some reason I had an Oakland athletics I thought you wear them then but obviously, that's the braves today. I was GONNA. Say they'll Li you. Absolutely. All right. An ice hockey game. In Person Amazing it really is fun because I'm not the biggest hockey fan to watch on television. It's okay whatever I don't really care but you go. Out into it, it's obviously back and forth action. It's fun. Because my first game, ever was the LA kings actually. The weirdest thing though with hockey is how they do the launch like fifteen seconds into the game I, like they start, and then all of a sudden like four going off and you like I'm like why they sobbing those guys immediately like that for another four I mean Popovich does that occasionally for this? Not Every Tyrod does skate hard man oh. Yeah. Right. Okay. Tests even answering this question Oh yeah. There's a question. Well this week I had an issue, my compost. Yeah so My Compost Tumbler has two sections one where you're adding compost continually in the other side is where the compost is cooking. You're not touching that it's just turning into dirt So that was full near the section that that's just had turned into dirt I needed to empty that. So emptied that. Some of the the section where there's just a bunch of food scraps, there's just some crap that I added to also fell out. Onto the tarp that was taking it out on, go throw it in my garden or something like that. So basically, a lot of scraps joined in Dirt Party and so I needed to get rid of all those food scraps. So I got swept up and I made a bit of a foolish decision that I just started without gloves on I just started started throwing dirt and food scraps around my lawn around my yard I, just get rid of it. I look like a madman like a chimpanzee thrown feces around my yard. I was just throwing it around and it was just Wet Soggy dirt definitely some some worms in their hanging out some bugs getting in there trying to break down those foods, craps while I'm in their throwing it around those worms saying me. I'm just trying to eat some banana peel. Why are you throwing me around the yard man? So. Yeah I definitely looked like imagine. The dirt is safe in the end, the end, the other dirt. So we're all again. Story and like I thought it was gonNA head. That's crazy. Saying. You saw food scraps, brought my animals or something like that to the yard. But no, it was the worms you're doing. Laos throw throwing food scrabble's ozone worried about worms. Food scraps on you're not throwing it on your grass I. Assume you're throwing it in your garden or whatever your your bushes or stuff like that. It's just a stupid story I'm. Not. I'm not really worried about who are you listening to this podcast? It's full of stupid story. Oh. My God. RACCOONS possums were starting to show up or something like that because you've been throwing the foods that would have been awesome. That would have been better stupid story. A. Story for this. This what? What do you got here? Work, when all of your friends are getting the biggest milkshake that they can order McDonald's and throwing it at a farm houses mailbox, you gotta do it. Part of the mailbox vandals. We did it so many times they put up a sign that said mailbox vandals are cowards and it's true we were we never wanted to because Oh, my goodness when you see a forty four ounce milkshake explode. Off. Of. Thrown out of Chevy Beretta and it just explodes on a mailbox. The mailbox is destroyed. Your milkshake goes fly him. You're living you feel like a jerk but. For those three seconds man it's amazing. It's just amazing. High School. Or horrible. I. Guess. I'll answer quickly anytime. Especially, when we were in Vegas for Summer League, anytime, we would hit the casino with with a group of us very easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of everyone else around you and then you started having a little success maybe you should just walk away. Of course, you're having too much fun. The drinks are flowing I task. He's right here got really dre right there. You just you just continue to keep. Playing. Foolish. I mean, that's a classic. Casino Move Right, stop all your head a lot easier to say the do because you're having fun and hopefully you have a little a little money to burn anyway. So it's like this is basically an expense. I don't WanNA leave here with money I came into this thinking I was going to lose a couple hundred and I'm GonNa make sure that happens. So that's an obvious one there. Took, awhile, what's our next question here? What's up finger rollers? One of the last things I did before the world locked, let's take a family trip to Disneyworld. I have a five year old son whose into basketball. So one evening he and I went to Disney's NBA. We took a picture with the Larry Ob measure our wing spans against them. Obama cutout plates in pop shot but I was there for the dunk zone after a few jams on a nine foot rim. I thought it was time to lower down to eight set up my foot six inch prop in the Lane and sky over my son for is a throw down. I even set up my phone to record it. Placed him. Perfectly measured my runway then took off towards the hoop thinking about the video I be able to proudly show my son when he got older. I guess you could show to him the next day too. But anyway, however, I didn't account for the fact that I was now firmly in my late thirties as I jumped up, spread, my legs cleared my son and slam the ball through the hoop. But I also felt the bottom of my boosts, clip his head and hurt him go crashing to the floor hitting his head and immediately bursting into tears I picked him up he ended up being fined and looked up to see a thirteen year old boy who had seen the whole thing I grabbed my phone deleted the footage. So my wife would never see it and we made our way out of there in a hurry. was there ever a time when you thought you were doing something great, but it turned out terrible for everybody. Love you guys brush floss some that's from Kiro in knowledge. So deleted the video. L. E. delete a video though it lives somewhere doesn't it? You know? Yeah. You gotta go onto your recently deleted save that recover that thing keep it for later can hide it from your wife if he to. And your son sounds fine. Go get it you I. Think I think you WanNa keep that thing. Something, I don't WanNa keep though I'm with Caroline on this in twenty eleven a bunch of us went to the Dominican. Republican. It was a lot of different groups of friends were mixing a lot of words that were going withing My Old old school buddies rhino sets in a mean skeets was there Nora who did a lot of the organizing J. D. and Rachel where there But to satisfy everybody I made sure we went to somewhere really cheap but that was a huge mistake. The food was disgusting I remember J. J. D. Having to bail multiple times because of. Level one, tummy trouble and. People like my buddy mean and and big Stephen Diane who went to another resort for days away from that resort. I remember. Getting some fish for dinner in that fish was definitely not new fish. It was an old fish in getting set up for the dinner. It was sort of on a platform somebody pulled a chair out in almost went flying down like a three foot facade. Bad move to try and satisfy everybody's desire to go cheap when you just gotTa. Pony. Up a little bit but Yeah Far. But you're absolutely right we tried to make everybody happy which you're just trying to bring everybody along you're thinking I'll be more fun than more people that are there so okay let's just pick the cheapest place so the more people can come but that place All the only good first world problems don't get me wrong. Oh, the resort wasn't nice enough but this was a bad. The only good part about it was. It was the NBA Trade deadline not sure why the score lead US travel during a a trade deadline and we've told this story before, but it was twenty eleven. Darren Williams got traded and some guys who knew the show came up to us and told us that Darren Williams was just traded right? That was pretty wild. It was a I in probably last we in a really on our cellphones. Back. Then you know we had the phones in the room true in a safe. Of course just in case we got robbed a but yeah, we found out Darren Williams got traded to. Brooklyn. We are New Jersey I. Jd. What are you remember from that resort only fond memories just being a lot really. Also the we left, we came back from all star and left the very next day. As I remember like I feel like we arrived on Sunday and then we left on a Monday which is Why didn't withdraw a the trade deadline used to be. Yeah. We were like nope. We're going to the DR later. It was bad range strange. It was bad. We all learned a lesson. It was fun. It was fun. We did make fun. The the drinks were still flowing so. That can help make things a little bit more fun for sure and there is a beach in whatever the do you have an answer this really. Not. Really No. I tried to think of one, but I couldn't really come up with I. Mean you know like anytime we we've been working in a group together for years you try to do things and sometimes they backfire on your bit but I couldn't think of one that really. Stuck out and blown up in my face a little bit. Vegas for some league you know there was always a little bit of tension when it came to bananas and where they were bought from because I wouldn't want from the CBS. Refresh mock it. Was a bit of a little bit of. Data Vegas. Anything and I was like those cvs ones tastes like crap donate them but. Matt particularly, and Matt used to get into it the most of. And not many people know that that's why Matt left the show. You would never eat a banana from CBS CBS. He's like I can't work. I gotTA GET OUTTA here. Let's do remember the Las to Vegas me and Matt and I think Phil Ski to you're on the same like and we bought. We picked up the car from the airport and we drove to whole foods. Matches like decided whatever he was buying, he would just put it in my. And I had to pay for it I don't remember green to that. But apparently, that's what it was because we were saying we don't WanNa go to whole foods right now want to go. Check I didn't want anything to do with it, and so I said Matt said, well, look if we're stopping in. On the way the hotel you're paying for everything. He just kept putting stuff in your Kurt. I think he said it to you but you and he both knew in advance I'm going to whole foods guys I'm going. Right. So you can't claim that you didn't know that's happening. Go check in man I WANNA get their. Bogut do you got an answer to this? Mine is similar to cure. One of the first times we played spike ball was. Four years ago. Basically, at this point, we're playing probably here. By our place we set it up. You know I had a baby at home. I had a two year old thought. It'd be fun for the two year old come watch. Your daddy plays some spike ball. The baby can take a nap. This'll be great. Mom Laura Ada can stay here in Iowa will go down to the patch. We'll play a little spike ball with the boys for as it turns out a two year old is equally interested in a ball flying in the air as a thirty two year old. So when that thing goes flying up in the Air Dad forgets that there's a kid walking around and I- pancaked that little child fortunately. Baby. It's hard to keep a kid away from a ball bouncing off a net and everybody running around like crazy but. She was fine play spike ball to this very day. To video. Did. You. Do I have a video? No, but I would have kept it. No doubt about it because I've got some dumb Dunkin over our kids and. And show them at their weddings. Great. You also have some next footage of Matt Austin play. Spike. Paul. Do. I put this together. It's a compilation of its finest. So, reasonable. Hilarious. That on. This show fight Bolklah I don't think I'll be the best man at Matt's wedding but I'm going to give a speech. anyways you realize that this man invented the cute Steve Steve Helluva shot four years ago and you played spike ball. That's when Matt was supposed to get married probably. Shares ago. Yeah. Yeah. All right. We got a few more here next one. Hey, guys I wanted to reach out and ask your opinion on something I have been watching slash listening since I was fourteen years old and now I'm about to turn twenty two I could go on and on about how incredible y'all are both basketball and non basketball related and well I finally wanted to get something to commemorate y'All I'm getting a Tattoo I was trying to think of something that represents the whole group in a picture or something like that. If anyone has any ideas that would be awesome so far all I have as an idea is a turnip. Laris. Thanks in advance. This is from Kate would by way of instagram actually she sent this one in and we had to include it in the show because they're great question. She's thinking about because she's been such a loyal listener and watcher of our show of getting a tattoo but once yeah one thing to encompass all of us really the best way possible AH turn up I guess is from turn up. Loving is awesome. I I'm guessing is what? The angles to that I don't mind it a little turn up in a basketball. Jersey is pretty cute. You pretty funny. Little Tattoo. The only other things I could come up with. Something wedgie related, right. So you know maybe like a little basketball wearing underwear something like a little song on a basketball something Pun gun you know like a little water gun with you know. Maybe. Pun Gun written on the thing coming out of it. Pocket Dog. Maybe that's a little bit more tk but it's a cute little thing we've done that before you did the hats once. And the only other one I got, and then I'll open up to you guys. You know we're always talking about doing classics been classics for Basically Fifteen years. Now, when I think classics for some reason I think of records. So what about like a little gramophone D- right I don't know if like it says no dogs anywhere. But the you know just a little gramophone to represent classics those are my answers. Excited to see what Kate goes with but Lee. We know you will not allow her to get it on her neck. She might have to work at your McDonald's one day in the future, and then she would you'd have to rip up a resume because she has a tattoo on her neck. But do you have any other suggestions for sorta sort of like a chain almost right where you've got like the Basketball Jones? Logo. The Stars logo, and then the no dunks logo as well. You sort of. A little one little one you know. where she wants to put it but I'd like you know the thing is you need people to know kind of what it is when I look at it if you put away John but you don't write. A. Turn up in a Basketball Jersey how what's what's I? Mean you want some sort of know axel? Possible In. Don't you mean it's otherwise have you gotta turn up in a Basketball Jersey on your. There you go. Conversation started. Having. A little. Swim Up. Bar. Get. So you want. What do you got eighty? Well, it's this is our. One of my favorite things is. A way back throwback it is it was a t shirt. It would make an awesome tattoo and it's specifically TJ. It specifically us it's this the PUGAD. God I mean if that's an awesome. Right there. That's true. That's true Yep. Fan. But. You don't need to be. It's really your Apu Apu God fan. and has got the original Basketball Jones logo right down there and the bottom in the center there the toilet paper flying around. It's great. That's great. That is good. It does look at it just looks like somebody Tattoo. Tattoo details for sure. Yup. Okay. So you want that that's that's a big throwback tasks. What do you got? I really couldn't come up with anything. Fantastic. I. Did I thought of the names as well like Leah's mentioning Kenya and yet somehow combine all the names or something because like Shannon a former. Fan Of ours I guess hopefully she. She got she got a tattoo on her ankle. Just. The Stars logo there it is right there. Now. Issue regretting that. I'm not sure. So maybe you don't want to go with the name because you never know in this business. Did she not get a tattoo of lethal to? Yes. Yeah. She got the Tattoo of to the very solid thumbs up. No No. No. That was toes did that each. But she got she got that face at someone. DHRUV me. Yeah, Yeah Yeah I've got a photo that someone. Could. Actually multiple people. With tattoos of wheels. Effort a second just pop your head around that. Pictures with both of them. See I would have I would avoid any sort of name like stars pointing task because. You. Know Dunks TJ This I. Think she's looking for again. That's what she said looking for a photo trae like something you know something. something. That encompasses the entire show running the show or all five of us or six including radio there. Do you have an idea? I'm with you. I like the idea of turn-up that is a basketball something like that. You know how? Point at the bottom or something or maybe it looks like a wedge of cheese. But again, it's a basketball. That's a Wedgie. There was a great suggestion from Leo on the Stream team who says somebody should get a leap p tattoo and it's like the easiest thing to do you know like the Calvin hanging on a Ford logo or whatever. Just throw some classes on that. He's already facing backwards. And what are those that you're good to go? Maybe Maybe Shannon could get. A leap e peeing on the starters logo could. And then a, no doug on the other line Oh. Something there there's something there or maybe maybe Keach and not worry about yeah. One thing to encompass the whole show. But like maybe every year you pick one of us who's your favorite? You Know Pick Tass. Goes a little like compost, the recycling symbol for tasks think. trae maybe it is the pocket dog and you just can add. Monthly or year-by-year or something like that. It's another idea because again there's like Like Voltron at that point. Got Test is composting trays pocket. Doug Lea's camera roll I don't know. Maybe there's something let us know posted can't keep. There it is. Yeah. Yeah. That one. That was for all star weekend here in Chicago you look cool. Hand Chand. channing saw. This is unbelievable. You look like you Lexi. Levers. Started De. Not, GonNa marry your brother that'll be A. Few more questions but let's take one more quick break. Couple more here tasks. Greetings layup proponents this past Friday mariah Carey released an album the rarities of her unreleased and rare songs. This reminded me of Lee attending Mariah concert by himself due to his unbridled love for M. C.. I think we all deserve a brief Lee review of these songs as well as least top five Mariah Carey songs a I'd also like to know lease opinion on the Mariah Jaylo feud. Wow. A lot of stuff here for Mike turn up. lovey guys. Awesome. So Review Italy, top-five Mariah Carey songs, plus what do you think of them Ryan Jaylo feud I didn't know existed. Yeah. That's funny because I know that Mariah has fought with. Houston back in the day Madonna Madonna fights with everyone course you know she's the angry old lady but I didn't know she actually had a beef going there with J. Lo but it's not a real strong eighth there. It goes back to a time when. Maria was asked to about Jennifer Lopez and she said, I don't know her and then that turned into a me`mon like it's kind of but Jaylo, just recently was like I don't really know each other. There's no, there's no beef there. So I don't think it's real I think the one she had with Madonna was big back in the day but. Okay but yeah. So So. Yeah. It was a huge big big mercury fan when I was. Thirteen to fourteen year old boy and didn't have a lot of my friends to share that passion with. But I used to I used to listen to. Her first album just sell thought. It was great. So I've I've come up with top five mariah songs as low as it was little tough to will the down to just five but. I'll see what we've got here is I used to listen to these on my CD player my room by myself. Giza. Concert of up to one of your friends asked with the CD and say, Hey, listen to Mariah Carey that listen to anthrax metallica and LISTEN TO ACDC cool. Sexy older brother. All right. Here we go starting at number five and I I first album vision of love like rookie just like coming into the League is governing straightaway. This was the first ever heard and an immediately. I was like this. I, want to hear more of that and then a few weeks later I'm sure we bought the CD. It was great. Had some classics on that number four no sophomore slump from mariah emotions. The title Song of that title album was Bang I WanNa Fund Song what a great video was the car there. And it really is well sort of introduced us to who vocal range she started doing that. Stuff. And last year at the concert when I was there with acid lady if you remember. Mariah was still trying to hit those like super high. Get, they're not quite the same, but she's still got it there but that that really saying she's washed. Think she's watched. She doesn't. Seinfeld. But it's still pretty good. Really. The fans wanted to hear. So she tried and she and she got pretty close to it. So from nine, hundred, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five, she was on top of the world I thought she was great every album every song was beautiful. From Ninety seven to two, thousand and four hip post Tommy MOTTOLA years. She went away from what might have special and she kind became more of a hip hop singer and I just didn't. I just didn't Mesh with that sort of. Of, Korea really I didn't like butterfly through like Tom Price Lead I. think it was. All that stuff may wasn't design. I know she had success deal with it, but it just didn't feel like, Mariah and I respected the fact that she tried new stuff but she went with through long. So in two thousand and five when she came back with, we belong together from the emancipation of Mimi. This variety that I. See. Exactly and it was right and I loved it I loved video. It was just it was all the barrage that I knew in love and I was back on us back on. We back together were back together. We belong together we will actually get So that was great I love that Song Love, that video. Now number two I'm not sure if it collaboration should can't he button nineteen ninety-five when she got together with boys demand and did once weekday. Perfect mix what? A great great great video huge now. Didn't realize until looking into this last night and this morning. Twenty two years. This song spent more time at number one on the billboard top one, hundred than any other single. It's now third, and if you know what the number one number, two sons are right now they're they're very massive songs in the last couple of years. On the Lafayette Probably. Not. What the heck's got some style. No. Cowboy. What's What's the song called I can't think of. Road. That's number one. And number two is from twenty seven I think it is just be Basang with. Desperately, d'esposito. Yes. He did say those two up until that point she held the number one with one sweet day with. Most the longest running number one on. Billboard's top one hundred, which is I didn't realize that I'd say. If you're continuing basketball analogies Lee that is, that's it. Just the super team right there Dream Team. How much talent in one spot come on? Yeah team could call. Yeah. They they they put it together and it was just the perfect song but I'm going back to where it all started for my number one song and it's from the bedroom. Pretty much. Yeah and it's the third song that she released. It also went to number one I four went to number one overall from that I. And this one carries personal and sentimental value for me. It's I don't WanNa cry. because of what was happening in my life at the time I. Think for this girl at this. All just made me think of her made me I always and it's still sort of makes me think of it not the same way Right song and that's the thing with music at this for us all of us we got songs that have special meaning and and that once stood us and Yes I. got that one is my my favorite uncle Tom probably not want to well tracks for sure but still a number one. But certainly, as years of going by, it's gotten lost in the shuffle but we'll always hold a little special place in my heart. Beautiful Don't like like Mariah's honey aw. He doesn't think any of this. Wow. She was such a fun seeing like the music is always cried, and then it just really slow down and it just popped didn't seem her jam. SMELLY heartbreaker heartbreaker. remixes incredible and and thing I think you keep talking about the music videos honey using me in North America that stuff stuff those songs were still like number one hits. But for me, it just wasn't in. Getting hit you right here. It didn't. It didn't I mean 'cause I had I had Mariah Carey had emotions music box fantasy was a great album and then that was basically it stopped that ninety five right because it was like after that I couldn't I just couldn't get into it. So have you heard this new album here? I haven't I didn't it actually not was out but I, I'll. I'll. I'll fire up I have listened to it. See what? Excited for you to check back in. Next podcast your top five songs for. Mariah Carey's the rarities unreleased rare songs else. You may look me asked you great break down I. Really enjoyed that final one here before we wrap this up hello, no dunks, you might not remember me but I wrote in a few months ago. I am the one who repeatedly told a joke until it died at the Democratic primary in Iowa specifically I kept saying Nice after sixty nine votes for any candidate much to the Chagrin of my wife and to those around me anyways, I just returned from participating in the first day of early voting here in Iowa city they offered drive thru voting. It was an odd feeling casting a ballot in this historic election from the comfort of my car, but it was a smooth and easy process. After I cast my said Nice. Got Me thinking what is the most important thing you've ever done from the comfort of your car? Very specific question. Let's vote Y'all hell. Yeah. That's from Sean who Dat Chuck Former tweet of the week army member from Iowa City. Iowa. Sean Awesome Way vote you're right. Everybody goes their vote. If you're an American citizen up in this upcoming election I'll answer I because I actually have sort of a weird one too I guess similar to this casting a ballot from your car I bought a house from my car. Right at the beginning of the pandemic kicking off is when I were in the process of buying our car and we went and signed all the documents from our car someone came out against was right at the beginning of it also is a little weird L. member masks being involved, but it was definitely like here's your documents signed him in the car. You know you keep the pen pen back and stuff like that. So that was weird. That's a pretty instrumental thing to do from the comfort of my own car. In fact, we have been your car trie. Was in between the crews and the tracks. Yes it was I did not have the tracks I was using the highlander I think so well, thank you. Used your vehicle is to buy a house. Wow. That's crazy. Do you have an answer for this test? Well. Sincerely bringing home. Each of my daughters and my vehicle for sure So in all sincerity that but in all hilarity. Just, just drop in the hammer every time I put the pedal to the metal. That's the most important thing I've ever done in my car. You can do it every once in a while, you just drop it. I don't have a good answer for this. I, absolutely don't the most important thing I. Haven't I haven't when I order my McDonald's. Not. Got Yeah well, actually had a really good car week. Last riday I had a deer run in front of the car swerved out of the way. No problem felt like Lewis Hamilton out there the reaction time was incredible. You just feel a jolt of go through you when you see an animal run in front of your car and you don't hit a man hitting an animal with your car who quite scary gary seeing a deer a deer. Yeah. Early moly. Okay. Ran? Right. In front of me Oh NCNB trying to run. You know okay. But then yesterday speaking of the highlander changed a battery for the first time in my life yanked it out charged up. Got It back in things running now it's still got that crazy rattle. So funny back out there is thinking about buying a house you got a car for it. Now you know anywhere with this thing and yeah, I, took it to McDonald's that was the first place I went as soon as I got that thing fixed I said we've been talking about on the podcast for twenty minutes. It took me another thirty to fix this thing I. Need a reward must have a feast. Did you did you get the Kirby, would you? I think I got the Matassa actually I wanted the big Mac meal. was. All right cool. That's I'm serious man points right there. I would say change the car battery editor it's a tough one. Well that's what I thought too, and then it turns out there's a reason that DADS have been doing this for since cars 'cause it's actually pretty easy and all you gotTa do is I'm so I'm so not car savvy that I google I how to remove a car battery did that whole thing then I had to go back and Google how to install a car battery Shirley there are websites that have it on the same page so you don't have to look at two different things but. You just do it. Opposite ways nonetheless, I was like pretty soon our cars are just GonNa have batteries I guess this is still a skill worth having. Great stuff. What do you got for this Lee? Yeah. Well, mine is I picked up the electric car about a year ago I guess it was now and what I love doing is turning on the air conditioning about five minutes before getting into the car because. The car is not a thousand degrees and so you just feel like Michael not share that to not writer again Say James Bond, but I prefer to be Michael Not and so you know with the kids now it's great because other car we've got a you know a second car that's a two thousand and ten bomb you get into that and it's like eight thousand degrees. Now we're in the Nissan Leaf. Turn on that climate control. So when you get in the car, the kids are already happy to go in there because it's nice and cool air conditioned so Don't feel guilty obviously jd can't get upset with you. Sherry can. Vehicle Man Yeah? Sure. Yeah. But the thing is as well. You can also just like it's very hard to steal a leaf I because you need the key nearby and be because you can track it as well and you find you know exactly what you car is at all time. So someone does try to steal and that battery is it's fine for the little just getting around town, but you can only drive so far anyway before factory runs out. So Jason Down also who would want to leave. The NOWITSKI stolen. One. It sounds like jd is going to get a picture of. Lee On on. The leaf, the leaf technology is is pretty far past they're pretty good cop and It goes five miles. Awesome. I mean look look the battery life is the big thing holding back electric vehicles right now they need to get those babies up to be able to drive back five hundred miles on one battery life. You got pretty good. What do you but it's about one hundred and five miles per battery. But of course, want to be running to like one hundred and five my I. So I sort of say it's about ninety miles for you need to recharge. but it feels also when you like I know leaving soon, bull planning on the air conditioning you're cutting into your mileage if your gut, the a C running before you get in there that much though it doesn't suck too much. It depends on how high you have the fan as well. Jeddah and have that fantasy pumping. I haven't lying low. So slow the hold on don't have a garage car like smoking hot anti-tank when you like now and you know it's still hot here. In Atlanta anytime you go out like yesterday we would have to drive around of the Catholic ten minutes came back stopping. that. I like to drive around just leave the car there the ten on the air conditioning go back into. Your Organic Bananas. Electric Electric. Great stuff. Let's call Judy this. Now I avoid my car like the plague I try not to do anything let alone anything important in it but you know you bought a house and that's that's great. That's you know desperate times call for desperate measures and all that but. Everybody. Get Out of your car's people just. Don't be. Don't drink house the skateboarding going long boarding's great. Yesterday I was we found in new hill hits a little bit. It's a little steep. It's a little scary, but there were two cars in the parking lot that this. Hill. Fed. Into that just sitting there island away ooh full weather. It's like twenty two degrees. Celsius. So it's gorgeous. Just roll down your windows people know bugs no nothing just what are you doing? What are you doing? That's why I got fired up there least. Sorry. Sorry to take it on you and your electric car. You used to be an electric common to China now I now. Had to thousand just rides his longboard everywhere I got along. Man It was funny I was thinking about it because I bought a bike recently go biking with my kids. I wanted to buy a BMX and I'm. Not as Rodney skateboard led to write a BMX only keep. You would have regretted that. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. I got a mountain bike in the end but. I was like maybe I can get. Mex. Not What'd you spend on that mountain bike? Was Secondhand. So one hundred ninety yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good man. Because if you want a boy one nine. Seven hundred bucks like. A standard these someone you can get him a little bit shape but. Brand new, you don't need to disarm the the the secondhand bike industry is enormous in the city so Get One pretty pretty cheap. It was a lot bigger in Toronto. I'll tell you that I was convinced you buy a bike and then they would just steal it from. You know again, resell it to yeah on crazy Oh my God we started doing a show. We're just talking we're just hanging out. Bikes. What's better than this guys being guys wait dude be. I can't even remember anymore and guys get emails and your comments coming. For the next step in podcasts, just because the NBA finals are wrapping up soon doesn't mean beach step is really going anywhere email lemon no dunks at the athletic dot com or you can tweet at no Dunks Inc. if you haven't already, you can subscribe to the athletic right now for a dollar, a month that deal is on the athletic dot com slash no dunks to take advantage of that incredible offer, and finally I'll throw it in. Here at the end of each step, and if you listen to know dunks on itunes on apple podcasts, leave your boys a five star rating and review helps in terms of rankings and we always have a little fun with it at the start of every month. So get your five star ratings and reviews it and thank you to everybody that already has a little drama in the five star Friday world. Apparently, there's a fake real deal Neil Fair Lots tune back in November to hear the rest of this story. Oh, I can clipper rose. You heard it here. I. Have a great time. Turn Up. Love you guys. Awesome. Thanks for joining US senator. Remember oh it's just a sweet sweet fantasy baby I'm in heaven with my boyfriend my laughing boyfriend. there's no beginning and there's no end feels like I'm dreaming. But I'm not sleeping such a sweet sweet fantasy baby. Brave people. You could stay the. FBI. It's been so long.

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Mason and Ireland HOUR ONE

Mason & Ireland

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Mason and Ireland HOUR ONE

"Take that Michael Cooper, Michael. Sure time time that's our salute to show time. We are live today from the UCLA health health center. What is there for you understand you even growing UCLA colors today? This is actually a Lakers t-shirt underneath. But it's golden blue acts to completely accident. I think is in the air -pletely incidental. It was in the air. Well, they're very happy to have a series. You could tell by the group standing next to us. We've completely interrupted. But we are they were excited. They were cited to meet us. You know, why? Because it's the beginning of the magic run, right? Getting twenty and twenty and five one in five. I'm glad that you could get a front row seat to the you are on the for looking in five. I mean, look at that look at travail McGee down there, rebounding dunking. I mean, you're right. They're only rebounding his donkeys Mus double Slee telling you is Lonzo down there. No can't even run. Oh, God, rob perkasie there on a folding care. Oh, yeah. There's rob. It's all happening. Yeah. It's like to quote sina from Vander pump rules. It's all happening. All right. We'll see you can quote Shantou right there. I mean Vander it up rules when I walked in today. You said, you know, the greatest mystery in the history of professional sports in Los Angeles as you have called it has been solved. Now, why did we explain what you mean by that? I don't think anything's been so okay. So CJ Anderson has been on a media tour, and it's done multiple shows. Apparently, everyone was able to book him except great. And I don't know. I Greg didn't. But it didn't have them. But he says that Todd Gurley was way more hurt than we knew. Okay. And I don't even Myrlie applauding tied early. Congratulations. Todd latte. You're hurt glide yard, so. Yeah. To me that makes that puts my mind. He's like I'm good with the I don't think C J Anderson. It's got any reason to lie. We're at the super paying attention to the actual play was I was all right spectrum who keep stats of all that stuff said that Todd Gurley was the fastest guy in the field. Right. And he put Patrick Chung literally in the hospital over so hard Didi look hurt to you. Well, you know, here's what I would say in the same way a pitcher can be a pitch count Todd Gurley could have been on a pitch count. In other words, we've got him for so many plays. But we don't want him to risk a major knee-injury which he suffered in a senior year at Georgia. Right. So I can see how you would say. All right. We're going to use him as kind of a decoy. We're gonna play 'em. Some we're gonna make New England prepare for them. We're going to as if he's going to be there and be there the entire game. And then you use him in a more limited way. Here's the problem with that Terry if you're right. And I am and it's as usual than per initial knee surgery. He suffered at Georgia. Then girlies career is over. Well, there are people that think that that knee. I've heard people say this that knee had five years in it. He had a torn ACL. This was four right, right. This is four that knee had. Jeff Fisher would. Yeah. I don't know if that's our he looked fine. What what's the motivation for C J Anderson to lie make Todd Gurley? Look good. Give me an excuse. He well, but what excuse I think there is something going on. With Todd Gurley that the Rams are not talking about and one day. It will come out. I don't think it's injury. And by the way, you don't think it's injury. Even though in missed the last two weeks of the season because of a knee injury. But he he said a million times post-season, I'm not hurt. But the worst thing you can do is tip. Anybody often say, Yep. I'm not playing. I'm injured. I'm not able to do. I'm not the Todd Gurley that you expect why motivation we got the ball. He was Todd Gurley weeks. -pected he put Patrick Chung in the hospital. He was the fastest player on the field. The Rams didn't use him. And I don't understand it. And I'll never understand it. And not to say that they would have won the game. Had they use him. I think New England came up with the big drive when they needed to both defenses played great the best player in the field for the Rams set day was Wade Phillips, no question. Well, here's can I read the what C J Anderson actually said. Yeah. USA today. Sure. He was more hurt than what we thought. The injury was a little bit more than whatever. Everybody in the building thought including himself, obviously, it's the same knee. He's had before in his career. Obviously I had surgery on my meniscus and once you have a knee. You always have any so at aggravates. And if he was getting a lot of touches earlier in the year, obviously him being one of the best backs that probably was the case. Yeah. I don't buy it. I think there's just CJ Anderson's Aligarh. You're just call them a bold face. And by do you think CG Anderson's gonna be on the team next year? I don't know. I think that the priorities that they have are not necessarily CJ value completely went to get more money from another. And I think the money's got to go into the defense. I mean, they gotta worry about the secondary. Keep to lead Marcus Peters on his fifth row fifth year option. You've got Dante Fowler you've gotten Dhamma consumer. You've got multiple guys you've got to worry about signing. And as we saw in the Super Bowl that defense can be really really good. So you wanna hold this much of that together as you can? And they can get by without C, J Anderson. Would you sign Marcus Peters? Such a difficult question. My answer is no would you signed Adama consume? Yes. I would too. Okay. Now, here's a here's the thing. You don't need to sign markets. Speeders? Correct. He is in his fifth year. There's no reason to sign him long term. I don't think you should they've got him. No matter what they've got him. And meanwhile, Chaika Cooper is here. Well here put on a microphone here. You say all the fans out there are Lund's. Yes, sir. Not wanna hang around your leaving us. All right, guys. Dais giving a tour to people give some wingstop. Yeah. Yeah. Coop. What some wingstop? Seriously. We've got plenty of wings over here. Man. You're too skinny and out the way the only from the Showtime era who never got fan looked like you're wasting away coup him, and Michael Thompson, never got fat and Kareem. Yeah. Michael Thompsons rail Kareem is around Cooper's rail or the fat ones. Will here's the fattest? Who's who's good night? Well, here's the fattest guy from that. From that era. Go ahead is so fat. Yeah. How that is. He no he takes up literally at the press table. Yup. There's two guys that are facts. Rick Mahorn is fat. Rick Mahorn split compared compared to Stacey king. Rick Mahorn looks like Cooper right king. I'm not kidding. Stacey king is northeast of an answer for the bulls. Right. Okay. But it now you're naming non Lakers name the Lakers who got fat because that's what you Ridgely said they got so fat trying to no more thinking of the guys from that era who what Lincoln got fat. Let's let's see. Let's remember that lineup. Okay. The guard. Byron didn't get fat ironed in Byron peak guy. Magic guy fat. Yeah. He's okay. Got some Graham business skinny Rambus is skinny right AC looks good AC looks good worthy. Looks good Hooper. Looks good worthy. Looks good Michael. Okay. Michael. Although we need to hip replace-. Does he limps around actually the lake? Held up pretty good. It's the other teams that got what about Robert ory? He's gained a little way. But he's not fat. I don't think he's fat. Jerk. Fisher not fat fat. Yeah. Big show. Rob to get big Morgan says meta medicine little figure headers was thinking about Metis he'd admit it. Yeah. And he also was big as a player. I mean, he used his body. So he had some size to him. Anyway. So really, we've narrowed it down to bigshot bop. Yeah. He's at that bad. No. He's not that bad. But I don't I think the Rams have some very difficult decisions. I agree Marcus Peters. I would not sign off to sign them. They have under contract for this year. I don't think that's that is one hundred percent true. He's in his fifth year option. So in other words, they didn't they gotta pay him. I would release. No, no, well, you would him fifth year up, right? But it's fifth year options cheap. That's him in Millie's still on his rookie deal. This is the last year of his rookie deal. Yes. I read an article today by nine million foreign wells born will would release them would release them out. Right. Right. Because well, I mean in terms of his actual performance. If you look at pro football nine million dollars perform when you look at pro football, focus Johnson, Jan Johnson did better, and he's not getting paid nine million dollars. No, he's he's a safety. He's in. He's he's a rookie. Right. But at the saying there are players you could get who could play if we were doing war. Yeah. We could we could get more value for from from corner than we got from Marcus Peters. Yeah. Yeah. No. I dick the Rams will not let your. Yeah. I think they've got to manage the cap hard to figure out that cap. I do not understand the salary cap in the NFL to save my life. I do not get it. I don't understand it. Hard caps off cap. What the hell's going on whether or not the extent Goff plays into this? And I think they don't well. I wouldn't. But if you believe in I think you do right that he's your quarterback of the future. It actually makes sense to extend explained coming up is it break time while right? Greg's yelling break. I he didn't do not yelling at to me. Do what we always do any norm. You're you're better ignoring him than I am. I'm gonna take a patriot of your book and just ignore you even saying break for two minutes. Yes. He really hear any because it's ten right now. That's that's the clock. Okay. Twelve ten. We take our twelve ten break. Correct. Okay. Twelve ten grade break, and we'll be right back live from the UCLA health. Training centers training center. Dope next. Mason Ireland ESPN LA gig at we're looking at the famous Mace plant. Mortgage says it got sniper which means what Morgan. Someone in the stands shot with a bullet. I tripped over nothing. Yes. Did you not see the Corey Hart Fowley was as if there was a sniper that hit you with a BB out of the crowd, and you just fell. Yeah. Took me down to know where it was brutal. Now, let me get back to my point about Jared Goff, by the way, thanks for your support Morgan really at the engage chicken those Chick-fil-A. We're at the UCLA health in gradings. Hey, no, the UCLA health training. That's going to take me to see. Yeah. I haven't been here in a while. So it's gonna make it hard for me. Yeah. There's like twenty documents learner you very comfortable here. Because anybody part you hurt. There's a doctor here. The be most of them are heard it's. Yeah. All right. So. We had one of the days. You were gone. We had Albert freer from Monday morning court. Yes. And we had him explained grace, Greg. He explained it to you or Rocca. Can I do this quick before going to do right now? What do I care? So we're giving away fifty dollar gift certificates to winced. Wingstop all show long. Here's how you win. Call eight coins. Here. Seven ten ESPN eight seven seven seven ten ESPN caller, number seven caller, number ten caller number seventeen. You guys all win a fifty dollars gift certificate to wingstop? Keep listening for more chances to win wingstop now delivers so we're driving your favorites to you order wingstop delivery today. Okay. Hold on a second professional reader of things that was excellent. Really sold that up. Didn't they I love wingstop? I order from there. All the time. I I love wings. Love him the hotter. The better with a ton of blue cheese dressing is that blue cheese or is that ranch? I do not believe in ranch dressing with wings. I believe it should be blue cheese dressing. Oh, God that's gonna win. The wingstop. You're mean, I'm here doing what I did yesterday. Yeah. Who do you? Eat em fix. We are now calling our show to try to win every contest ourselves watch out fifth row. Friday's here. I found some wings. Why not by the way, fifth row Fridays is going on right now to pay attention to everything we say because Friday at two thirty. There will be a pop quiz. They'll be question from each day this week tickets seat, Lakers nuggets, plus it with the playoff preview, that's playoff preview. Very well could be that's the two against the seven in the sevens going to waste, right. Plus an autograph basketball chairman's club passes supercross gift card fifth row Fridays. Brought you by SuperBeets save time chicken online, let soup flooring super cuts dot com. Once again, another professional reading job all right now. US thank you Morgan US me about Goth or ask you about coffee. Can't remember? Yeah. So here's the reason. Why you if you believe in you do that you're golf is your quarterback of the future? See I don't believe that. I think I still wanna see more. That's non Joel urine. Sensical? You're already outta prayer. Is an idiot really is. He's he's no it set up its Bill Barnwell and ask rear to comment. I bar. Okay. Harnwell on ESPN dot com wrote that he wrote five things every team should do this off season. Right. One of the five was do not extend Jared Goff Bluey. And here is born wells reasoning. Right. If he has another big year, right? And you know, he's your guy if he doesn't have another big year or if he goes backwards, then you can get out of him. You can you're not you're not committed. I don't understand I run into an athlete who is as good as Jared Goff. And who is criticized as much as big John took his team to the damn Super Bowl right now. Lemme argue forgered. Okay. All right now that was born was reasoning. So we asked breer what would be the reason to go against Barnwell would be the reason to sign Jared Goff. And he made a good point. He said that if you. Don't extend Goff. Which is what I'm advocating. And I'm advocating his he becomes more expensive in the following year. And he said the cap goes up every year and they're coming up as we've seen in the last couple of seasons. They're coming up with new ways new revenue. Streams they're selling games to Twitter. They're selling games to Yahoo. There's yeah. But the bigger the pie is the more money. There is correct. So you can afford to wait unshared Goff. But the argument would be that Jared Goff becomes more expensive the longer you wait. And another reason is it's the Rams in the past five years. You're allowed to take your first round draft pick right and extend him after the first season. After the first the thirties thirties first round pick rights, and this is jerk off just finished his third season. Correct. The Rams did it for tame on Austin. They stood it for Robert Quinn stupid. Okay. And more recently. They did it for Todd Gir. Early which makes more sense. Okay. So if you don't do it for golf detail them off. You know, maybe do. But I here's here's my thing. Extend the cheap quarterback window for as long as you possibly. I agree. I would rather have what money you would pay Jared Goff, Goto Dhamma consumer or keep to leave or Dante Fowler or one of those players one of those impact players on defense and worry about next year when you get to next year, by the way, Barnwell here's how cockamamie he is. I don't usually use that work. He thinks no team should extend a quarterback passed his rookie deal. His his suggestion is you would do it from home. But he'd, but nobody else he says he says everybody else why pay him when you can just take a different quarterback and plug him in and get the same production. It's an interesting point. For example. Like Ryan tannehill. I you know, the they're in the draft for a quarterback right now. Right. He looked good after a couple of years Kirk cousins Redskins, just franchised him pull it. Let them get nothing for cousins. Did the Redskins handle that? Right. Rookie deal. Rookie deal. Franchise franchise leave for nothing. Maybe five years out of they they paid a lot of money. He never gotten the playoffs. But they're paying eighteen nineteen twenty million dollars for him because it was the average of the top five. Salaries for quality argument. Not to thank off that would be get something for them. Don't just let them walk. Oh, sure. And Redskins just let but I think all this is nonsense. You've got a twenty four year old guy who's coming off a season where he went thirteen and three with. What what is it thirty two touchdowns and twelve interceptions? What do we always say if you are going to cut bait on Jared Goff? Who you got who you're gonna get better not be Sean Manion? Now, they got nobody now. So so my my argument to stay with Goth is unless you get somebody better. Now, if they would have if this was a year later in Goffs contract, they could've gone out and sign Nick foles for one year. Right, but fulls is looking for security too. So he, you know, he's going to he's going to get a big money deal. Elsewhere, I think he's going to get because he's older. And he's a veteran guy. I think he's going to get a lot of money for three years a lot of money for three years. Yeah. That's what I could see foles doing. I think full details coming off as age twenty nine season. I could see three years ninety somebody that rears ninety yet. Thank you for that deal. Isn't isn't going right for quarterback about thirty million? Maybe it's twenty five thirty is Aaron Rodgers righty, right? But I'm saying, but here in Rogers is going to get a deal for as long as he wants. Maybe would you do falls two years fifty five? That's Aaron Rodgers thirty five. Matt Ryan is thirty Kirk cousins when eight Ryan himmy garoppolos twenty-seven. All right. Rob Lowe is twenty seven. And would you say Matt Ryan was thirty can't fools get to your sixty isn't. He Matt Ryan. Yeah. But I think somebody's willing to give him more years. We live in a league were there's a quarterback with shorter back in the league is playing at least forty five three years ninety money. It's a lot of money. I I wouldn't do it. Yeah. I would I wouldn't do it. I think that's that's you're you're a. Prisoner of the recency. Now, that's not a term. Why not what's his nerve recency? That's let's just happened to see him play a lot a lot of games at the end of the year. You don't know what he's going to do over sixteen game season. And and you can get hurt really easy NFL, of course, NFL contracts. Don't mean anything. Well, it's what you get Garin this yarn teed. So for example, Matt Ryan has ninety four million dollars guaranteed. What did Kirk cousins get guaranteed eighty four million dollars seat? Now, would you cut bait on cousins now or because you invested so much money in him? Are you married to him? Tell you X. Plus we're expecting to McGee works Kyle coups. Ma I by the way from the same hometown. You know, what it is? Cabal McGee and whose name hometown, I'll say Salt Lake City, Flint Michigan Michigan blow. That's right. I very outspoken on the watercraft. They shouldn't ask him. Yes. A as a deserve to be. It's a terrible crisis. Plus, we are Michael Thompson. And I have made a wager on whether or not I can make fifty percent of twenty free throw out of twenty no shot if less than when you hear last year you made two out of twenty if I do shoot fifty percent. Yeah. Michael owes me a bag of weed. That's true. So I'm I am. I am rooting for you just to see Michael individuals of Michael in a dispenser. Yes. I would like to purchase what's happening layers happening. Could you mentioned TMZ falling Michael tonight Spencer? We're get Janice. Let's oh, yeah. We should center. Social media team. I Mason in Ireland. We are live from the Lakers training facility the UCLA health. Said earning center, Mesa Ireland, ESPN LA. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Live UCLA health training facilities raining center. Aning center for the Lakers Lakers practices, wrapped up, and we aren't -ticipant ding. Both cow coups in jail McGee to stop by her at some point. And you had asked me a question. And I forget forget totally what it was. All right. Forget that. Okay. Forget nor the teeth. And it's it's an ethical dilemma that. I think everyone's going to come across in the next few months. They're not coming across. All right. Yeah. You said to me wingstop wingstop here, and there were Chick-fil-A over there. And I ate the Chick-fil-A. And you told me you were a fam- offended. The u h has Chick-fil-A you think is anti-gay. No. I know they're into. Okay. So here's my question last night. So I took fillet anyway, it was really good. Yeah. I was even more offended when you finish. Okay. So same concept. Two weeks ago? I was listening to Michael Jackson on my phone. I've music. Yes. Last night who Mike Jackson has some great songs right in my phone last night. I saw the trailers Raillard for that flicks movie, which is going to be a. Yeah, it is going to. It's basically kids who went to Neverland, and it, and you can tell where it's going. Oh, yeah. And Michael Jackson is going to be. In this documentary Hammond of being a pet if you played at Sundance, and it was it was a gigantic controversy of moving. So can I still listen in good conscience to my Michael Jackson, everybody once I see that? It's the chick fil, right? But I'm not gonna tell you what you're conscious says your conscience has to decide for you for your conscience, you feel guilty listening to Michael Jackson music after watching this documentary. It's apply. It depends. How convincing what else applies like me to like what you what you love the movie, the usual suspects. Yes. Stars Kevin Spacey. Do you look at the movie the same way? And would you watch it if it normally you would stop on that movie if you were flipping channels, I would aim up if you stop on it, and what's what's less Kint? Verbal virgil. What's his character? Verbal kint. Yeah. You come across Spacey's great in that movie. You come across spoiler alert. He is Kaiser Soza. Oh, God, you suck. That was awful. What would you do a movie? Came out here. Care years ago show. People who haven't that hair? The talk. As it's about game of thrones. You expect people to watch the fries your, right? How Burke dives at the end. There's another one for you different. Hey, hey, bring up Santa Claus. Six cents. Bruce Willis was dead. Why would you do these things? That's awful. We'll take a long time. I get back question. So you're flipping channels. You come across usual says actually know what you know about the metoo Aaron Kevin Spacey. Do you watch? I think the movie stands by itself. Okay. So when does a great screenplay core? Can I use that line about Michael Jackson the music stands on its own? It will stand on its own for me. Okay. 'cause I don't know. I don't know if I should feel guilty or not separating the artist from the art, right? Separating the artists from the art rake Weinstein produced a ton of great movies. There are lots of athletes that we've separated they're bad behavior from their performance on the field on the court. Right. But it's getting murkier, isn't it? It is. It's it's like for whatever reason you are offended by Chick-fil-A offended by Michael I'm offended because they started a foundation to oppose gay marriage equality. No, I'm not I'm not disputing you. Am I going to? I personally don't eat there. I won't eat chick fillet. But I'm not gonna tell you. Not you good because I'm gonna. Yeah. I know you already did you didn't even check with me. It was. Okay. No. I wouldn't. I wouldn't let you decide. What I, but I wouldn't be offended. If you said, I'm not eating chick fil. I'm not eating Chick-fil-A. I will not eat to wingstop. It's really good way. Stop is fantastic. Got a perfect human rights record. Wingstop. And really good waiting. That's what they're known what it should be. You know? These Malinga's here their fans know their fans. Yeah. Don't don't call the fans names. I said Malinga I don't think is their season ticket holders. The lingers. What is the Malinga me it meeting? They're hanging around doing nothing while that is exactly what they're doing. They're what that practice ended yet. But they're still is Lance down there shoot without a shirt still. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Really the one guy in the NBA who would go into a game without a shirt and not realize it. Yeah. Wait a minute. Didn't Michael Beasley do that. Was it Beazley's forgot his short disease? Yeah. Oklahoma city. Yeah. It is that why he's gonna be clear he had shorts on. They were just the rodeo you had the wrong door practicing. By the way is really hard to do. I'm friends with all the equipment guys. Your uniform is literally hanging in the locker the only color like they don't put the purple shorts up on a night, you're wearing gold. You would have to physically go. Get a different pair of shorts on your own put them on and ignored the shorts that are hanging right in front of you. And that's what Beasley did. All caps. Oh my God. Thanks for ruining the usual suspects for me. I have it recorded on my DVR and have never seen it. Well, listen, you gotta jump to it man because that movie came out fifteen years. Hey, Steven, you have no need to watch it. Now. Trust me. He wrecked. It nineteen ninety five. It's been twenty years. It doesn't twenty three years. Charles Freeman our buddy who listened to the show, and you came in and hosts with us on Veterans Day. Yep. Refuses to listen to any art killing music. Well, our Kelly was up to some weird weird. Yeah. But that's me. It's the same argument. Do can we separate the artists from the art it's hard? Sometimes it's hard. Like, I don't know if Kevin Spacey is going to cast. I don't think he's ever going to get cast. Yeah. I mean, he was accused of rate. So so directors are not separating the artists. Well, but but if he's not in prison he's eligible to work and oh, sure. No. He's just him in something tainted so Jackson was still alive. We wouldn't Jackson Hole alive. He would be tour. He would be tainted by the way, they're Michael Jackson fans who have come out and protested that movie when it was shown in Park City called finding Neverland leaving Neverland's something like that creepy never land set up. It's it's I think it's called creepy Neverland. That's not it. But Neverland was finding Neverland Peter Pan movie that it wasn't that. Yeah, wrong. Never. Yeah. No. The best one was at nether land was there was a movie that Mason was talking about one day. It was an animated leaving Neverland leaving Neverland. There's an animated movie that Mason was trying to describe in the animated movies called inside out. Right and entire segment. Mason called the movie inside inside, by the way, which movie I saw on porn hob. Underrated. All right. Manny Machado signed a three hundred million dollar contract despite questionable place such as Johnny hustling, Johnny hustle, not as Cup of tea and some PR struggles this last season. Can you imagine if miss Chatto tried to negotiate his own contract? He needed an expert to help maximize his earning potential. Don't don't try to explain yourself. Just roll with the jokes. Ireland. We are live from the Hugh CLA health and training facility center. It's nice. It's it's one of those things place. Those parmesan boneless wet wings. Those are actual wings calls. Wingstop those wings are fantastic. Are they just letting you know? Yeah. And javale McGee joining us momentarily seven a really good year. I think had he not gotten ammonia getting a Monja earlier in right? And he missed nine games, and then he had to build a stamina backup. So we really miss more like fifteen I think he had a chance to be in the all defense team. Yeah. He had a a bunch of black shots. He was defending led the league in black shots for about a month. Yeah. And then pneumonia got him you ever get pneumonia. Never had the pneumonia. I'm not seventy no pneumonia. Something that. It's like did you ever have mono? I did have mono when I was able to avoid it. But most people in my friends got it. I was able to avoid it, but actually out for like a month mono still around or they clear that thing up. No, she moved out of town. And then all my friends didn't get it. It was one. There was patient zero the mono yet she was hot. But the the pneumonia knocked him out of any potential thing. Right. Also showed up wants to a game in complete head to toe Grinch costume. No, really right around Christmas night. He got from the studio. Did he actually paint himself green? No, he had the whole green like muppet cost. But he didn't pay his face green. Go ahead. Oh, the full head on head. I interviewed him on spectrum sports net with the head the head on. Yeah. It was the highlight of my year would imagine so long season, but not going to run into every night. I don't know how he pulled that off though, how they get. Because think about it. He seven feet tall. Grinches. Very tall. Always. But why would they probably had to custom make it? Right. Because you weren't you're not gonna have a seven foot tall Grinch costume line around. No, you're right. I didn't see do you see that last Grinch movie? Dies at the end. You suck. Now, if that actually happens you deserve nuts Grinch movie. He doesn't die need a sequel. There are very few cliffhanger movies anymore. Like that you could ruin for someone. Yeah. Well, I mean, here's here's the thing. So we run the crying game. Yeah. But I won't leave it up to us. Do your the move rude. Seeing that movie, I don't have any plans the most unromantic movie ever. So here's the here's the thing. I mean, when when we're less than two months now till game of thrones comes out done at what point are we allowed to talk about each episode of day after no, yeah. No Thursday of that. We know ruin the usual suspects was just something current. We will just give spoiler alert. I think it's those Wednesday that's reasonable. Sure wednesday. And we say like, okay, if you don't would you say one o'clock, I'm never turning people to turn off. Yeah. We'll say we're not gonna say oh turn off. If you don't know. I'm not gonna tell people turn off the radio you're saying you're going to ruin this is a big Wednesday Wednesdays. I'm. Are you will talk about it? You know, we should do it thrown segment on Wednesday yet and get someone from outlet Ringo. Chris ryan. And he does Chris Ryan does like a game of thrones. They went back and rewatch every game. There meakers wasn't part of that. I think Mallory Ruben Mike something we had him on might have been Malley, Ruben and chasing Concepcion. Mallory for sure they went back and watched every episode of game of thrones. And then did a podcast about it. My brother my brother Travis just went through the entire thing and three weeks. That's kind of a great. Yeah. I mean, it's it's we call that going into a show. Lisa ireland. Does that my wife she goes into she starts watching and I'll go to bed at like, eleven o'clock and HOGAN wake up and core. And she's like sitting up watching nothing better start. It's like watching a seven season movie. That's that's movie caliber, you know. It's funny for me. Now is to watch people. This was Michael yesterday. Yeah. Y. People who used to do what I used to do. I'm not as through that you used to remember me. I wouldn't you wouldn't do it and find the UN Trudell dragged me kicking and screaming into it worth. It totally worth it. And now when I try and explain it to people like, Michael like, look, I was you. I was never gonna watch it. And I watched it if the pilot doesn't get you isn't JSP Julie Stewart Binks coming on this week. She is a well. We're not doing purgatory today. No, no purgatory. We'll see her this week. She's coming to the thing. We're doing tomorrow. Oh, right. That's right. The featured speakers that a radio of our speaking at the sports media summit, and I've got prepared remarks going to be on that. But you can't say that UCLA health training center. Yeah. That's true. Because he doesn't care about the radio summit is about him. Right. The UCLA health training center. He's about I think we're getting an award of some kind of we're getting no ward. And as a matter of fact, they named us the best sports talk show, and that I mentioned at least three times during this panel of. Nathan do that in no way. So this is a this is a radio industry thing where they have like panels and panels benefit the panel after us. Yep. Truck Keller, the head of all of you. Henry speaking on the panel. He's going to be watching. Now the question is should we understand to this? Yeah. Should we be insulted that were on in the morning rather than in the afternoon or evening? Okay. So here's the thing. It only goes from nine to five right? That's all. That's all though, we could've we could've done it four. We could have. But you have a Lakers game that night. Yeah. But it's seven. Yeah. I I'm not offended at all. In fact, I was told this primetime this primetime. First thing in the morning in what world is time thirty in the Morning Pride in the in the sports radio media summit. So Stephen A is on in primetime on our station. Let's break. Yeah. He. All right. All right. Jim javale McGee coming up. Yep. Mason. I who later MVP of the rising by the ESPN LA.

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Cloud  alla i molnet. Vad hnder nu? Raghda Hussein (#156)

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Cloud alla i molnet. Vad hnder nu? Raghda Hussein (#156)

"Cnn shoe bruno. Six stolen at had pulled cost effective them radical materials. You only making new back. So you auburn. High pulled down some Digitally eating in for one only emna or via new door. Whatever sort of hemmed valid mika development company actor and kotido or the her memoir chance though dinner wanting somebody brought home in oro mauriac laura mad out fleet. Open tim on that. On among one chance. That elliott of hoover target fiscal walk cloud route via new niff- thus tag the daffy tolerate all stump e. dog insults. Need all effecton. Mad the argued hussein so country manager for joost optima who hybrid cloud poor. Abm's weeden effect on for. Do you have a e. l. holden on from shena skull. Mattie pulled them off. Did all spoil imphal snowball effect them punk desi info snowball effect them pook desi cashiers. What we scottish boots culprit through cloud over there in the barra for cloudy well it's the whole develop mccain who all your v some at the mirror of can show all the stall to so and shuns la for for vaud raghda sierra aktuell for days on yogurt mcleod eloquently obama cloud. The meetings is on some tall cash amir or home The hammered vikes mutants. Poor darken can show so in seek to not only what technique and skull your the hatter all's needs andhra fifty six doll- victim in spill out the appeal should get doerr effect than what three hundred and if he can moan. Sorta the narrow narrow-minded argued that the most taller and cloud cloud for day. Are you must be a hard have to more on an your bamut more or less a cloud for send to the public. Come on to dance. baltimore to cloud for me are often Teak visa upset that fetch more on. We can cut his wrist so home on caen at poco. And of course not cloud campbell at said to the at coast. Not yet three zero mia plan these new snuff or in the new film worth monte cloud so in exodus of inner cone. We stopped here memoir settling in a snub but a commodity mark than the neo. Chan said he predicted so do enough somewhat. The cash avoidance technique minuit amira verdict. Summer resort talker. Looks the in iran's for her through kandiah Medina's say because the means that. Two new mandy emir amir vaccine. He had some leafy can of cloud dance. Fidel industry has not yet then year. A huntin peak oak technical behoove with net. I'm ben deco man. Oxo cloud with martha thoughts that finding on its partner. Inova todd mission set for morlet fed up to your Snooze amendment out was so said that the hornbeck some hidden lebed miru mir of at mendis who of beneath funded cloud through your checked ball. The had optima hoon outta mahonia and on ultimate big gun that with regional Tulin some year scholar heath than some fish. See them the hubbard. That's not combust. It's not fumbled homophobic. Assira postponed costs. Not dog so tedious to the here. Not buddha young through with cloud hovering at one set. This set a full team billionaire. Costumed men monja harken should go directly into nato set up. Mahas dwelt mia and scoop. Goff's in ethiopia lee can make people more net Hamma renewed among tanker pull unrest from d. At anytime yet identified four was kayla. Goud ruskin on the on premise. Something must fed up kuna Business boorda's nurse. It meant offshore thrown into a whole set to copa do we all pro to the cfo. Qassam fem accelerate to week. I don't know you're this cabin. Someone thank you for dsl. Could hit two compliances Tank boorda who'd and more never untarred. Mr sent that would then couples who theater damore for sunday at set getting compliance. Or you gotta get into his kicking off someone. Can't you indistinct utah. You're thinking oaks some your end. Diphu cloud summoned mark nuts plots that innovator of some loss at like guinea yet chance that become come shine stead and unease johnston the combo. Look shane. some get some in nets young leaps that could not have. I'm vendor combating idiot. Eric holden snubbed. You think you put in your behavior excess capacity at the audits so he said let's talk a couple of state league then she kinda nitya. Clouded them had peak and accept neighborhood but it will be taught for the executive on monday. Was we saw in non. They all ota mahorn. Some clouds sport now mentioned the conan nance postal navy navy. Pell to max to woodrow's fiends to you second google. Xm polo do some your body and soul storing to me bam adebayo cfo exemple popa cloud. Aw sample that. Implemented output sets them a mcdaddy to have been already found that max tutor or some forty elena ignore example. Absolutely real your thank you. That's pretty f- up. The lead devoid controls at kuna. Nia the declining give without Three a week. I think the the food cloud native disowned unless some border startups waterfall Or startup some cooler viadana. Some sadly untargeted cloud a sense of. What does this understood. Diaw snubbed combine throw an idiot and fired. Shots were diabetic. Your credit cannot them hornets yet. Snobby at ten with techniques some commitment note menachem shield a bit on an exact the on it should he the disobey of adult who Nia starts committee in may and club clouds. Some accident authored tool. We stood organism corner. They are at one hardly gets startups. No ignored conan also cloud native application than on hotting down on us from burien over Upi picone up Micro services Food resources at and nevada on some youns can for some cloud scotsman as appeal since giving negative bought new souped if a day adad gently until we understood the organization that canvas business case of uptick. A who were not someone has been paying off debt crypt come on the home dome for check them meant dad's hear ya dome. So hyundai cuts me at cloudy riera negatively on on the cabinet so in dome somehow thanked process or hondo clinton from bouillon tank to get on her skimming against a whole suit F- y'all implement clout data combust excellent of to go ellen camera of you. I mean l- who get a little more startups of your cloud. Native did nevada much of all touting is not paying guilt or mobile fill example. They are fast nepali today. Say the her. The enterprise corporates story organs defense. Dome some some tita one at intactness closening dweller at eh process. Who your dome threats. Holly gets mad at four liter. Urban have our chelsom catcher startups or me at all. I should be able to walk through via narrow you cool or your was to allow hana's that cloud an matzek with ramona hard. Some that were saying he did. a fun. hit will be off ramped. it's on this either. Should have nest. Haas knew that don stewart project in combat at the imo Her some pool made tv ceuta Owned the have the faucet the boss. Let's lock tank. Perceive stepped for Mean organiser who won one that ovar boot yup did be voice get bhutia capture bar skipped who beat tips. That at project suddenly began. South men vertically in a fashionable appear so the intercom not mellon. Powerpoint in this new internet is complex. stood mid week one. Then shake project some campbell send you ran sound mavin nicotine in the kupa kupa deep screen of all boy who not needs it but a moment seek the apple will add. As is nicotine at gordon off. Pedder niece why is easy while video or so clocked hoover when it control got some yet through Committee mckimmie almo. Day organs hormone. Who's a new. Screw them the hub. A suit in cloud liberals we should make a process. Some do come the kenneka some proof of technology for dad. It avai kin that the conflict Gabo snub hoste historic Persistence lap. But i've still do told her movement under for van. That's commute count advance. Should i have a vet that it can hang in there. We'll do their defense. An income scalp e mall nets scope and the hammer proof of process lithuania and proof of technology widely gear who can scope use new york through Up focus it hub audit game yet. I'm putschists the can once cavalier. Then who's got implementation. A tech nist Yet to fuck this. The harrying benicio mayo don monja hoste poured new windows fish defaults on of infant. The horn. New via in numerical marina sauce. Glum the persistence. Yeah through nodar trial and error ackman new nc at who the process and add a your skin and who say gave not only am y'all say we ought to get convicted in senate Revealing into fair to go e technique gain hell also italy sample Don't fly fish of leftover over the air financing dance. We did for umbro more platform. Obscenity toured me chance that horde komeito sued some problems booked. He aluminium some is on mcleod and only buck any on. What began begin africa whole but sets advice from cohen. He- epic ahonen of nicholson's sola said come on and pick mikus now butter your whole netanyahu with of behalf of entities stewart set envelope it or didn't by sending founded on some. The house meant all at dan. Photos said thing for coma today. I'm dusty get some dues missionary. Awesome meeting and oxo vetted nicodemus a new processing. Can't you saw in the hunan fash for the best thing in all that. Because i'm here at info it's an techniques forward so i think i could kuna go either. A full meal. Public cloud listening the processor opposite evacuation. Throwing them uber. Haven't compassi tini tom. Up for me aboard an end of people who have been processed on buses a mc donald's yet thinking scenario you Lista nissan took boy at scale new ness least napoleon. Let's get a mandate. Thank you on the food committee. Who work old gwen could spoke with. Who chess double and blonde me. At the end. In gummy of too bleak pre bolt basaltic a compulsory league on the bog oak. Madame london sean at abusseta volume who shook from the komo with that cashier preview. For my next esto. It's behoove too much money creating governance and to end stuff going to take not in some adams to meeting then how duty. They not me and she threw up tank of democracy adding money creating governance eating false in senate slew. Stockton had any comedy stuff. Tink oxo diversity. Medina that commencedan assu in and on things on the federal one day. It's wouldn 't Tank visibly before mall techno key addicts come Atmos thunder salk your count. The han. i'm use will be. I'm not what men okposo to met. Seat of the skill quit. Said something for me. At behold netflix. Hatton fell talk on thrown of As a whole and i may not be horn taught second compliance and it may just be in big technology or let's them sadly at the look so it sets a The the board. I e steinmeyer. John harris lutes fought perry from bags for a mad Copy you know. Heart me on this winter. Go all in technique. Put your imminent death. We have opinion did sack coming. From india to highly anthem of the mesto shaky start some officials legged poor where i'm blogs so poor affect them punk desio the how do you bought a enlighten de. L. officials are often become pro. Tommy more natto. Od noting some hayden. Russell data palmer valid shanidar out in creator. Poor vic damone. Snivel whaler wash nevada. Ordinary yellow niaz occupy yang. Carry on as he gets the hand this okay but you don unreal technology. Davey some new of the tearing annual kula and octa. Who went on yom nick. Behoove would be better at saint kubrick massage. Give some of our scores. Allow sean Could be mcdon- some standard that. He had undercover. Who or some terminal quebec border commit nettie Two hundred it stuff gone on v. Some ethan about talks of what a kundan scenic detriment with trump will be hobart finance minister. Who who who can do for. Davison newman oxo humpty think poor victim deshea so Contact after dot or mere. Desam harry in the shook nail so maybe on the harrow son did to me. I'm used male. Name the checklist. Taxonomic izudin yad then the beginning of affect them. Poipu desio within sox fan platform for this katito that the am nap. Pour la lincoln suck poi- affect them. Oh edo plus the podcast catalog hitters storm december spotify or apple podcasts or used to have put cost for yanez green or it anew residency at uphold dental casual keskin montoro frog olsdat unless correal the suit make out the pour in info snob nor effect them punk s. Been the ada poor eminent. He's got a letter dome. Some developed the into uvira tech vote to all holders abroad his nesta gong me scientific within six feet demanding or at home e warren effect audio and livestream every year. The inspir- hunia montvale podcasts. O.'day don for asia or under polls cost some counting spirit till the sierra better and put on the set effected audio suppo- effect them punk desi.

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Jeeks Mixing it Up with DJ Cap Cee

"This rock mr magic of jig nation. And if you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record. And edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor would distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free. Ankara app or go to anchor dot. Fm to give started and now to the show dj you. Now listen to the original zeke. Podcasts go entrance talk slow speed up fresh it. What a g. My name is rocky. Mr magic and he is unique. Dna and this is the original djoeke podcast unique dna. My man. what's so was was gonna go with match chilling just chilling. We do podcast release day. So we're going to drop this one little bit behind. But that's okay because the reason that we're late is because we've got an awesome guest with us on the original g podcast so jason when she a welcome mommy. Dj cap say a year year. What's going on. It's gone on subject nation. What i what is going on magic was still needs to show a manning nothing going on but the rent. We chilling peter a. I'm out here struggling. Man it's been april is been seven months man yes a month no job and it is always what covert streets. Yep s it is man. It's crazy it's crazy but let's talk too much on that too boy. Positive keep the jeeps out there. Keep senior does help us find that works money and if you just wanted press play and share with your friends and they play and we make the money that away dass okay. Nassar's up so to start this episode. We're going to do a short tuna with our man caps. He but before we do that cap please. Share how people out there on the interwebs. Connect with you on social media. I so You can find out. I g at capcity at c. a. p. c. e. Find me on twitter. Also the same handle at campsie Facebook same thing he the slash cavs cebu on a find me on personal or which i have. No problem via. The person is perfectly fine or you could also hit me up on my page which is Facebook dot com slash events by cathy I'm also on twitch dot. tv viewer. i'm going to start that actually real soon Twitch dot tv slash. Capcity or it actually. Dj kelsey sorry about that. On twitch dot tv slash dj capsules. So i got a lot of a lot of things. We'll make sure we Put links to those places in the description. If you didn't catch all of that looking description for linked to the twitch the twitter and the facebook for cap seat. I got so your folks. I met cap see at a job that we were working together and this job had a dj booth table. Sit up on the table. And i'm like that's odd new corporate america i dig it. But that's odd and then they had this little warm up every morning and half the time my man cab c. was spinning the ones and toes. So if you need a dj for your wedding your bar mitzvah your Your of our renewal for your kids. First birthday last birthday tenth birthday hit up cavs e e be some fire. Y'all allies birthday with the last thing you know. I've got older kids okay. I don't told him birthday parties. No more last birthday allow you know. That's my oldest. See twenty four twenty five. In two months she can no birthday party. I book nothing for her birthday. I'll give you that. I'll give you that sound more but now that sounds more like third birthday album so let. Let's get to g gree topics here. Starting on the gridiron cap you tampa bay bucks fan. Yes i am confident. Are you in these seven twenty bucks. Look i'll be real. I to be really really because you know the other people who go too far as you people just like very downers about it. I've in the middle. I basically it's dope to have the you know what i'm saying on a team that's fine and we got some players and you know we definitely need a qb that was the biggest thing But are we going to make like. Are we gonna play offs probably. Are we going to make the. Are we going to make the championship game. Probably not as way teams out there. That are more suited I you know i mean. I don't know you know if the payoff is still good with all the reps then maybe months the game but i i mean you know it's crazy because to be honest with you. I mean we show we show you know. Obviously we show our weakness when we played the saints. All the time. I mean saints got our card and you know we did. You know i- giants games. I mean we that was like last minute so I mean we definitely need some work. There's only so communication But i mean it's good to at least see somebody finally at the hell. You know that that big that big spot you know throwing the ball exactly how it should be thrown and two layers of The antonio brown thing. I mean i know. Let's see how he lasts. You know there is already some drama with in with abc. There's always going to be dropping with him and you know to be real. I was even. I was kind of kind of thrown off that we actually went and got him I know that he would. He played one game. When you england but i mean that was a great game between him and brady So i kind of figured that brady was a yellow. I definitely could work with him. But the i don't know that's gonna take some time. I know there's drama already. And other was a situation before the sign them and stuff and yeah destroying. You know security cameras. Yes oh yeah i. Don't get these you you making millions barely show. They'll stop that hood shit. I should have done you. Can i curse on here. I think we all right now but the real like it's just it makes me laugh. How these dudes like you know like you. Make a million dollars chilling. You got legendary status. I mean antonio brown got that like he you know he got some. You got a good record like why are you gonna ruin that doing stupid shit. It makes no sense to me. So i mean but let's see what happens. I am. i confident. Very confident might seem doing well. Am i confident. Going all the way out. I'm gonna go fifty fifty on that and you know it'd be great to see him in the big game if not then you know what i'm saying it's just about you know as far as we go but l. at least we're going to have at least we got were were putting those parts the place you know what i mean and it's working jaimes. Winston is not your quarterback. Ain't god thank god that dude and how crazy as it was it was it the whole time he needed like he needed glasses or he needs he needs. But you don't have to play now. The breeze is hurt. And that's the thing now. James is going to have to play. We're going to see all that smack. He was talking after the saints. Beat the bucks. And he's eating another w everything. We're going to see what happens now that he's going to have to actually play now. She told the ball. Let's see what happens. Let's see what happens. Is that this so next. Move into the hardwood from the gridiron. I know i know. Mj is your so. I'm not to go the whole. Mj lebron thing. Because i talk so much about that whole thing. But i wanted one of these days. We're gonna have a roundtable Dedicated episode just to that. But i want to know what's more interesting to me. Who else is in the rest of your top ten now. We're talking about all basketball players. Just yeah top. Ten basketball players. Wow ooh i know iverson's in there. Okay bubba chuck Kobe's in there and you know here's a crazy about me and kobe. I'd never i respected his game. I just never really liked him. Personally i don't know what it was about. It was something that struck me but the game is similar over lebron. Yeah lebron meow. I don't even know. Actually i like the person like our. I don't know. I understand what you mean about. Kobe coby was very he was his game was like was like mike. Yes the way. He acted where he carried himself. And his prickly demeanor was more corinne it entrust people kept people at a shoulder length. A bit aloof and remember. He was seventeen years old when he came into the league so he he couldn't be out there doing all this grow man stuff because he wouldn't a grown man. Yeah i mean the whole thing with having though is just that you know he had that look. Yeah that look like he was like you know like i'm the shit like i don't think you know he carried him saying he can't but i mean that's fine. I mean there was an interview. I saw like that. They showed of this video where they hired him to come out to be like a guest speaker for like this huge like a van or something that was for like fortune five hundred people or whatever and they're literally like i mean. Those are like a good like that was a good hour of just being like you. All you guys are beneath me. An odd number one was just like tail but you know you gotta carry yourself. That way sometimes understandable but. I don't know that's my whole thing with kobe. I mean i'll be real with you. I'd personally when he passed away off. I personally didn't. It would affect me but it really did like i'm gonna be real like i. Actually shed tears that dude and it was kind of weird. Because like i said by the way i felt about him as an individual. I was like i don't know about that. Dude is for the game. I respected him so much and what. He did when accomplished But then seeing more and more about like you know how to start doing short documentaries and stuff about him and and then kind of like getting to know him a little better through other people's eyes it was kinda like all right but i didn't you know it's a sad story in the end. What a way to go. You know what i mean. Plus with your daughter who was kind of like basically like she was coming up to be like the heir apparent. You know what. I mean. So john play yes. So that's that's very like it's crazy story in the end where you're just like wow. I can't believe that you know and and just how how much it touched that day. They announced it at all. The games were going on. You just saw. Everybody burst into tears. It was just like you can hold it. You know what. I mean like even the hardest hard rock who you thought with the hard rock the court and like they're just lost it and couldn't handle it. You know what i mean. So i knew i know what you're saying because kobe was you for our range. You know late thirties early forties. Kobe was he was our guy. Yeah he was the guy we watch grow up go. Through the league twenty years like we watched his levels of maturation and we watch his entire career. You know most of us. I i mean i'm big eighties basketball fan but i only really remember the basketball. I watch probably from eighty seven. You know when. I was like five k i don. I don't remember. Mike eighty four in five so kobe. You know those were either. That really affected by. We're either young adults or teenagers when he came into the league May he me. he's only he was only four years older than me. So like you know i mean. I saw koby live at the mcdonald's all american game in pittsburgh and also have in pittsburgh at the time and i got to see him live in highschool. Yeah had heard stories about him because my covering She my mom's image from philly and my cousin went to one of the schools are played lower marian over time. And you tell me about how good this guy was. And how this this guy richard. Hamilton were and how these two guys were destroying her basketball team of time i. I hadn't seen anything of kobe. And i saw him in personnel. Was like okay i get it now like this dude is something else on another level understand why. He took his talents to the nba. And why he had that smug look on his face with them. Sunglasses indoors by the way High school outta why them sunglasses. Auty doors you do the cabin doors. Would this mugler your face. But i got it. I understood after a while. I was like okay how you are at good. Yeah i mean if you if you got back it up then that's it. You know what i mean. We got we got. We got kobe. Who else in your top ten. So i got. I got seven one spots the film. Obviously so you got so. Only three hundred fell. So let me see who else robbins. definitely there. the worm like the ones surprise Man i mean this is a tough question because to me. I'm just like digging. How many players have seen action. It'd be like these guys crazy You know there's a lot. There's a lot of penny penny was dope Pity will superdome penny. I'll give penny that Dan what was the who's the do. Oh god what's his name. Williams the white chocolate jay williams. Jason will and jason williams van so under like that dude was crazy man so he could play defense. Yes it's the true that have you gotta give it to a man. He was like he was fun. It is fun to watch. And i like i i basically you know when i when i list some of these dudes is people. That probably would not be anybody else's top ten but it's people that mainly like enjoy watching the game. You know what i mean. Like i sat there and i was just like were like you know i like seeing these dudes like you know. Go at it. You know what. I mean like you know for instance Who who just like. I think westbrook for a minute had me because he was going like the way he just went have like he just had this ham. Look on him. Every time he played and it was got you interested in there with him. You know what. I'm saying like yeah You know so you know. I don't even know. I can't even think like really off the top of my head. Anybody else like that really like got me. There was but you know what i'm saying lebron's lebron on my list not really like i don't know and you know we're going to go into this real quick real quick because i know you're gonna go into quite algal. Here's by saying this is my my two sides. You know what i mean. Ochre i think is this. I watched you know and it's funny because you know then you you know it's a it's like people skip over koby when i think. Kobe did a lot too. So but with between jordan and lebron comparisons is just like my whole thing is like i saw jordan play and yes. I've seen lebron play. But i think what kills me with lebron and i'll be real when she was that. Just the flopping bro like that has to stop like i'm gonna be real like come on man jordan was getting choked like they were like punching him in the face he was going up. You know what i mean. And he's still got back up and still won the game. You know what i mean. Like but i mean he was taking heads he was get cut up you know especially when he played against the pistons. Forget it you know if it was like playing a pisses was like you know like you know it's like mealworm blue on a free crypt court like you know out of blood court. I should say like. I'm ready to get beat on like so i mean that's that's kind of how those games where i grew up leg where the you know. I saw the knicks. All them like just go off. You know what. I'm saying like they were being alan. So the thing is like would lebron really liked survive in that type of era. You know what i mean. That's the question like would he. You know 'cause this dude. Like i mean i wait till the day he flips actually breaks his foot. And then just be like you know what i'm saying because it's like yo- you brought yourself do did that to you. You know what i mean. He's like ten feet away from you. Lake unique needs to be shocked by this. But i'm going to play devil's advocate all right on this parv okay. All right you say bron probably couldn't have played in that era. I don't. I mean. I understand what you're talking about. The flopping and yakutia survived it braun. His six nine to sixty. I mean yes. Everyone got hit in that era you into the whole guy. Hit the matter who you were magic corinne bird jordan. Isaiah didn't matter who you were. How much money you made you into the paint. Where the men were. You took your punishment. Yes so if the in the bronx he he's about to attack him whole sold lebron's going up there. The braun is athletic. Karl malone that's really what he is he yanked around. I'll give you that. He's carl malone. That's super hyper athletic. and physically. i say he could survive in that era. I say physically but mentally woody because my thing is mentally. It's difference because if you really think about it you look at them. Dudes that were really bringing the punishment. They weren't really like built like that. I mean you know there was like lamm beer like come on man seriously with that dude was a beast like he would give it to you like you know there was it. Was you know there was there was there was brothers messing with beer. Like you know what. I mean like you know what i mean so the whole thing is just like it. Don't matter like you could have built the built that you could have been the biggest dude you know physically fit but in the real like were you ready to go in there and have a dude like land beard. It'd be like boom like you're done. You're gonna be knocked on the florida. Matter what i don't care if you're even near me i'm gonna run up to throw it out. Same with robin was crazy in the paint is bringing down to like all of them. Were you know what i mean. And it's just like. I think the whole thing is cnn from that aspect is just. I give more respect to the fact of you know. Let's say this two men come on one team bro. Six rings that's it. You know what i mean. Any took a break to play baseball. We're actually you know even watching that you know even watching the last dance He could you imagine if he did go. If there was no ninety four strikes like imagine jordan. They were saying he could've gone pro like hardcore pro like he was actually good. I mean i think people been painting a really nostalgic picture around his baseball career. Like i watched a bunch of those birmingham barons games that were on tv. And i i respect the heck out of my as a pistons fan. You know i. I can't i don't love pistons fan all right. I'm a bad boys family georgia but he got but i watched my play baseball mike. His athleticism allowed him to do things and yes as he a granted. I was like this is going to be tough for him because the man hasn't played baseball since like middle school. Like it's hard to pick up a game after longtime by when it's been since you're in like an eighth grade like and now you're thirty one years old i that is a big gap between Playing and then trying to be a professional at that game so him improving the waking improved. Was chris incredible story. I think he'd made the major leagues. Because he's michael jordan. But if he was like tim tebow is. I don't think he makes the major leagues. Because like tim tibo he's there. He's in minor he's playing. He's good he played in high school through high school. Attending make no major league roster and michael jordan's name wasn't michael jordan. If he hadn't didn't have the celebrity he had. I don't think he makes the the majors I i give you. I'll give you the mental single. The bron i think the bron- physically. I if if the rules were the rules they are today and he took that punishment he looked at the rafi. Good is how we see be saved but in those rules in that time there is no flagrant foul. That s a hard foul. Yeah get up and go shoot your free throws His free throw percentage would probably be lower than it is already. He will be a lot more pain shooting them free throws because you mentioned the pistons they are obviously justifiably known the punishment they did to jordan even the not even the but almost every other team in the eighties played that same way. You had. You had. Kevin mchale clotheslining karamera's in the nba finals. And you had buck williams. Be on people in you. Had jerry cummings choking people in favour mcdaniel choking people like you know what it is man to even the growth of like even how these people are growing like we when we grew up you know and and playing in the courts and playing on you know playing on the plane and the cement. All the whatever you know what i mean like. We had that mentality of like you know. It's like this is our home. You ain't company and you've got to go through us. Shit you know what i mean and then now it's like you know you know. Let's tell him and he's young heads a little blue to soft. You know what i'm saying and like they're not really having that mentality of like bom. You know what i'm saying like you can't cut through a lot of that shit i think i think it's the way that people have just grown in essence night through what would decades stuff whatever and i think. Those guys grew up in a very hard tough era. You know what i'm saying and now it's like these guys are more pampered. You know what i'm saying when it comes to so correct because the money. Yeah the money's there. Yeah exactly. I mean shit to find out who had like. Pippen was not even making that much and getting six rings like crazy like even studies have fuck it. You know what i mean. I mean now he's just telling but just to be like. Wow you know what i mean like. He's still stuck it out no matter what you know any of these other dudes not your me my shit fuck that. I'm out here like so. It's like you know that's the whole fatal. That's that's where you got to see the differential of mentality like team or go for self. You know what i mean. And that's kind of where it is. And i think that's where i lose. It will lebron to. It's like she couldn't get a ring with the caz i understand. Where and put people around you. But you know jordan. When he was there he didn't really have people around him either. He just had a good as john had a good. I you know who you know. I'm saying but he brought in people that still wearing like names. It was just people. And you know i mean. Now you've got you working with like you know you're bringing in all these number one draft picks to you and shit. You're the leader. You're the head. Do you suppose the is due to get it that mentality. And that's why i respect jordan and also because jordan made them be like yo you come into the war with me. So am i going to you know. Am i going to be hundred percent with you by my side too you know. Let's get into this battle. You know what i'm saying. He molded his team to be in that mode and they all you know as much as they say that he was an asshole he was addict for it. These laws but at the other got six rings on my mother fucking hand like you to say david. I'll saying i think that I think lebron. I think he could have survived. I think he plays up to. He knows the would the rest of looking at now. And i think he plays up to the because just like you said his size. That's why he flops. The way he does because he's like everybody knows come on. There's no way you got hit that hard right but it's like i can play upset arrests. Get those easy. Fouls let me just flopping i was i was a defender ryan play ball. I- flopped any any elite defender flops. Especially when taking charge of a young person reading books from players reading books about my pistons on actually do one excerpt from a book. I read about how rick mahorn sold this slap that he got on the hip in a game against boston. I think i think it was a robert parish. Like hit him in the hip and it wasn't that hard of a hit but mahorn sold it because he's massive. He's six ten. You know to fifty something like that and for mahorn. Did i go dancing. By whatever he he had to get a heck of a slap from parish so rest blew the whistle and he sold it. The problem is the broncos selling hit sites that like mahorn 'was but there's nobody is believable enough to hit him that hard if he played in the eighties. I couldn't believe that mikhail or perisher mahorn jack sick more buck williams are duckworth or michael cager oakley or any of these bruisers that we saw Carl malone moses malone guy kevin kevin willis guys would check shoulders guys were really big intimidating muscular. Guys no one believes that charite allen a whole one hundred and fifty five pounds of him at seven feet in beanpole is hitting the brahma heart. No one believes kevin durant is hitting anybody that hard i don't there aren't there. There are enforcers in the game anymore. That it's gonna. I'm gonna believes that this do just took you out in hurt you so he is looking. You're right. he's definitely looking at what the reps are are calling in how they're calling it and playing that but for me watching it as a fan. I'm like there's no one there that i believe can hit you hard enough to phase you especially when you're on the next play you're running through every body you'll through the lane again and he's saying people are hitting you you know and it's like yeah like like they're not even they're now get you get you on that. I mean you know teaches own. I mean with you know you're gonna if you're going to manipulate the game the way you wanted to to benefit you yet definitely. You know what i'm saying. You gotta give it to do. But i think that's kind of where i'm at. I think i'm about the hard rock. Eighties nineties flow. You know what i'm saying. They had a different passion. They played the game differently and the money was different. Now that was a whole big thing is let's let let's transition low bit I wanna go right to some geek star. But i'm gonna slip it up a little bit because you mentioned white chocolate and i don't know if either you remember but nike had a campaign where they took rapper's delight and they had one commercial with keiji one commercial with tim. Duncan and one commercial was chasing williams and they mixture highlights with rapper's delight and they had a animated version of each of them rapping About their game and that was super doty. Either you remember that dan. I do not remember that. Remember that email at all. I remember jada kids for a i. That was played billion times. Because like when you said why chocolate and you being dj. Like i could see you watching him play in just putting music to how fun and how live was watching. Jay will rock. It was. It was times that to me was like showmanship like you know he got you know just like everybody watch the videos. You know what. I mean like just those just seeing the flare just seeing how they put into it. Obviously lots of lots of practice into that. You know what i mean. But he was the math. That i mean just you know give prosser processed do lay. Jay williams definitely should definitely begin the flowers for that. You know what. I mean so word i know definitely put him up this. So i'm gonna find that. And i'm going to have you both watch. It added on my page. I'll i'll be like how i wanted to see reactions from both because that was a dope ad campaign i i was. I even recorded i will be. I would have a blank. Vhs in my in my player just in case when came on on newly game. when i'm hin record of one commercials come almost people in pause no. I'm in recourse trying to catch that fire. Stray five let's move onto some suddenly The geek stuff of the world. More for dc all right. Wow when i saw this i was like okay because it i so i first and foremost my collection just says it all when you see collections mostly marvel so I'm a huge. You know. I grew up on x. Men huge wolverine fan You know that's that's kind of like that was my main thing it was you know x. Men from you know lahey. You're crazy one here crazy story four blocks from my house chris. Claremont live there chris. Claremont was the writer for the expert. So so in halloween during halloween You know this is one of the new york so during halloween we used to. You know go into buildings and knock on doors in treat and that's how we were. We were kids and You know when times are good you know not like oh. Crap is now but We used to go into his building. And every time we knocked. We knew we were ready because we not done his door and he opened that door. Reno's chicken treat. He gives us. He gives us experts comics. I hope that's yeah. That's chris claremont. At that it's crazy. My my neighborhood. I lived in would help. It's basically like the last stop on the train right above washington heights. And what do you call it. And there was an area called part terrorist so parts. Terrorists was kind of like the you know it was kind of more like the up of upper class middle class. You know compared to where we were and so there were condos there and everything so you had people like chris. Claremont lived there. Jim hansen lived there. Yeah so it was pretty lewd life. Man yeah yeah i know jim has saliva fifty four for the fifth grade and teachers. Jim henson lives right there. Like what like. I was crazy so but yeah it was pretty dope to to to get chris. Oh chris claremont. Like i grew up on his on his stuff with the x men and everything. Huge punisher fan So you know me man. I mean i. These things started happening with a marble. Mcu universe movies. And you know all the netflix shows. I was as a kid in a candy store. Bro i was like happy as l. But here's my thing with. Dc though dc made me think more learn more like the the the writings for especially for batman. Our huge batman fan Would come to dc so batman all the graphic novels. I mean we're i mean the writing was like dude. It was like next two novels. You know what i'm saying. It was like no. I was just like kinda like you know. Especially like offer for instance. The killing joke which to me is like the hands down. Best graphic novel ever read for batman. And the joker and at alan moore wrote that and and i mean alan moore is just a genius when it comes to writing so if you really think about it like an and the drawings to like oh i got who who did the drawings in was it outweigh any more. I think it was the artist. Actually my that who hold on. I'm gonna have to. I'm going to google ray now because i'm not gonna. I am all messed up. More wrote to killing joke. I have the killing joke. It's all my who o'brien in ryan ball and was the artist. That's right so yes right me hands down one of the best top. Ten artists ever If you 'cause if you really look at the realism of his artistry is ridiculous. And but yeah alan more yet tans down probably one of the best i mean if i never thought the joker was a sinister motherfucker that was the frequent graphic novel. That may be like. That dude is fucked up. Allen more i mean. Our moral watchmen alum our more s. Yeah l. moore's out there. Yeah so and it was hoped that. I'm glad that you know. They adapted those movies. I als- even happy. When they did send city with frank miller. You know what i'm saying. I don't think that was dc. Though i did on something else. I think what was what was what was it. City on there was a dc domino's fox. It was dark horse comics. Oh you told my feeling coming in product wise i think it was darker darkwa extolling. I will yeah for real mammon. Killing joke is crazy. And then there was another one a series that had got called the cult Mangum caught which was an amazing crazy. Like was a six gr. Six series graphic novel create. I got all those two first prints mid condition and these and i mean i got bama killing joke i prim- condition The yeah like trust me. That was that's kind of what it was that it was for me. It was like an. And that's why i respect the movies too because marvel to me was always funny like it was more lighthearted more light hearted funny campy like but it worked for that. You know what i'm saying. So i love the way whether direction with the avengers and everything and all that stuff. I hated the who. He's trust hated expert movies. Oh i do too. But we're definitely not going down the rabbit hole but fan of would fox did to my x. men do you know and it sucks to. Because i mean i'll be honest with you. There will be no other better wolverine to be ruined you like that was the best agri ever hands. Down of that dude was he killed. He killed it but the thing is to me what kills me is just that it was just terrible movies the behind it and it just took deadpool basically be like oh shit like we should have gone that route the whole time like. Yeah you should like x. Men a real like nitty gritty dark dudes. You know what i'm saying you can't you can't be too bullshit with them. You know what i'm saying like and especially the fact because you insert are stanley. Set it up for that. You insert basically. It's all about race. Prejudice and racism. You know what i'm saying. That's what it was based on. So you gotta take it there. You gotta go over the edge on that you know especially i imagine expert movies now it this time of what's going on i just x. Men i mean even the animated series was yeah a great tone and and made the point that they were that expert made in the book but then these movies came along. And i was like i i tell you. I walked out of the whole story. But i walked out. I want to see. I was on a date and i left here now. Are we leaving because this rash of freaking teenager. I was pissed the worst person to cast for rogue serious akron. Yeah i like. I on a pack. When to she was she's not rogue other girls that could do. I mean shit. Come on come on. I mean for for for everyone every cast member. I was like patrick. Stewart professor x. Of course it's natural yeah Might hey this australian guy. He looks like be wolverine. He's tall but he looks like he can be wolverine outta parking really even halle berry berry berry is not the only black woman in hollywood understandable. Good i mean at the same time. She did a little bit of justice to her. But come on man and the packard for rogue rogue is a frequent. Meet as bitch like. You can't just put this like soft little teenage girls. I rode like an an apocalypse. I don't know what that was but it was not a southern accent was on mississippi accent and it was horrid. That was probably the worst casting job. Ever done it in comic book history. So i can't say this can't watch the captain america. Tv movie and i've seen dolphin under gives punisher. I can't that. Oh god awful london as you can't get can't even believe i've totally forgot. That's how bad we was totally forgot about it. Somebody's house like that's right. Dolph ledger was i watched. I watched that entire movie and was like i was so confused. I'm like but this. Hey punisher had all. I'll be rotated while drago doing this. Like what is going on. I have no problem. What's abm punisher Thomas jane yes. I know brian with him. Being punisher at all. I and drain mattamy jane fan. Did you ever see the small little clip they did. I was like the laundromat clip. Did you ever see that matt could not don't think so. Okay you to train as as a punisher as punisher. After the movie was done in like a year or two later thomas. Jane did seniors. No no no actual like he just did an eight minute clip of him as punisher and it was he was doing laundry and it. Would you trust me youtube it. You'll find you'll be like yo. What is this is not even part of the movie was just like some like random like this refund. Yeah it was dope as hell and then people thought that he will i. I don't know. I think it was his answer to him. Being recast it for that dude that they use for the war report. Yeah because i do terrible. Yes so i think it was like his answer of like. I'm still your punisher. I should be. You know what i mean like you. You should look it up. It's pretty though. But then i'm doing look it up. But i have no issue either with the net flicks of the dude from walking john birth. All that i i was in shore about john bernard shaw but then watch it. And i'm like okay deli. I was wrong. This is great anything. Forget what i said about punisher excite. I gladly took the l. on that. Because i didn't know he i was great in walking dead and and i we've seen him with guns souls like okay. I'm sure the action scenes going to be good. But i didn't think burt is always going to be able to invoke the proper emotion Daddy frank in his family and he went way form beyond what. I don't think anybody expected like he killed it. He embodied frank castle. He embodies and i think it was dubbed that the keeping him on to continue that like would be foolish not to and i think they need to chill with that like bring them dudes are like i'm glad they're keeping what's his name as daredevil If you drop charlie cox's daredevil if you don't bring back my culture as cage and you don't bring back burner thaw and if you drop the ball on vincent therefore neo as kingpin failed yourselves as executives and creators because those four are just simply fantastic in the role especially to for neo because pants down. Probably one of the best like this thing ever people ever. He is amazing. Play anything ever the cell. I will remind him in full metal. Jackie jackie In a law and order what was it yes. Content was crazy and that show like i love that minimal. Him in men in black like defazio can do anything remember. He was the original. I forgotten using many black. He was imminent black. He will store in he. He was a month above muscle tore in adventures in babysitting yet. Maybe you can play anything. Yeah i do. I do yoga. Kingpin hands down come off way better than vagrant aims or call you tomorrow. Michael clarke duncan. Yeah oh yeah would have been better than michael clark i. Michael clark duncan being rains had a kingpin vibe in pulp fiction unilateral. He had the smoothness in control. You know you're going to have a brother play. Kingpin should have been drained rains. Having well we all know why they might click because he was massive but he was. He was muscle massive not fat massive and keep his fat massive. Anyway i digress. We're gonna move on to some star wars because we can really really go deep down the marvel dc rabbit hole character. Let me clarify in the end. Arbil marvel will always be known as like the action packed. Fun at but at a dvd ceelo's known as the dark and rudy but still like very intelligent Kind of storytelling. But has down between both of them i will. I will have to always say marble above the cbo. So i'll say that. I'm winning marvel over and i i agree. I love dc. Better animated of the has the animated stuff. Yes they kill. The animated stuff dc dc animated stuff by far beyond better marvel show the tv shows. Dc's better like marvel never had these never had the move that had never had the the tv shows on lock really that good. That's a good point though. Because even like their new shows the new dc show learn not bad cw. W things i let's move move move on. Who favorite character in star wars. Shit crazy man. You've know what the tough one well hands down like. Because i got. I had the sneakers was bob fat. But you bought the adidas bo befriends though i had a nike. Bub affects even. Oh with the new episode. I saw the bills held me. Windows came on. yeah. I had the. I won't once it's still solar for six but you know what i'd tell you. It's funny that this came. Because i just talked to somebody else about star wars recently and the thing about bubba fat is just the the mysterious aura of who this dude is. They're basically making the storyline as we go now. This is true because he you honestly what you like about bubba effect with just his his his whole like it was his appearance. You like did i do look dope like his held. It was dope. His armor was doped rocket on the back. I mean he was way the has you will let yo but he had no story he was no. He was mysterious. Yeah you had no idea of him. Even say a word. He just shot at people. You know whatever that's all he did all of a sudden you're there'd be like a whole freaking a biggest mandalorian probably dope. Should've i'll see right now but oh yeah but like it's so dope that now. They're building in crafting this bubble fat series and be like. Yeah they should expand on that. Do because you know shit he. He's probably the most popular star wars character. That didn't even have like a background story to him. Do you know what i mean. It was just because. I think it was a backer that i can books two or three or some shit like that but but it was even like. That didn't even say anything. You know what i mean. It was kinda like it was kinda dope to be like. Yeah let's bring this due to light. Because i think the whole mandalorian. That whole thing is like definitely should be explored besides him though. I love my man. Lando man does glass. Who i'm talking about five landau. Was that dude. Man i mean landau was you know he did. Do i mean yeah. He sold them out that he got him back then he still came through so i gotta give it to land orlando's that dude so that was so that's the right answer. Landau cow risen are right. So let's go on to what you're primarily known for music yes I know you've talked about how you know you were on. Trl and stuff like that before by of never heard from you how you started where your will your love affair with. Music actually kicked off. You know an adult question. 'cause i never get asked that much about like where where my love for. It was My passion for music honestly came from my parents. And i'll tell you. I'll tell you why because my ira. So when i lived in new york we lived on the first floor and we saw my parents every during the summer. Especially every weekend we had get togethers and we've lived up the windows and we played music literally they would put you put these old school like salsa records and stuff like that right on the turntables and the whole neighborhood here. It and be chilling outside and inside my apartment. Nansen drinking have good top and to me that was. That's what inspired me to get into music so much. Because i just saw how much joy it brought to people with music was playing and everybody was just vibing off of it So that's me was huge. And so my father mother you know putting these little get togethers and low you know their family friends coming over and then my brother would be hanging out with his friends and you know outside you know on on the block and that's why we look the windows open to the go out and stuff and whatever nobody minded. Nobody might have. My building was cool with it. My neighbors are cool with it. They would come over and drink and hang out so is just like a free for all on my neighborhood when my parents would do that and that to me was like a big huge inspiration for me when it came into music and then he obviously you know it evolved into you know and i'm gonna keep it one hundred right now. I really was not that much of a fan of hip hop right in the beginning. I actually loved more eighties. Pop new wave style and listen to a lot of disco as the now that was basically based from my parents and not my older brother. But excuse me my older brother george. So the he was the one who got into all that stuff but then it was my brother's savior. Who was actually the one who was the more hip hop and he started bringing tapes around He still actually started breaking vinyl around. I so first of all he started bringing a lot of like old school freestyle vinyl and then that is when he started bringing jungle brothers and he started bringing in like all that then all of a sudden the tape started showing up. And the tapes. Big daddy kane rackham so my brother had this thing which then it. It's gone through meena. Brother always had this thing where he'd walk around the house and he would say like these one liners like he would always drop like a one liner for the day and it was like a rock him quote or something like you know like he'd always walk around the house to be like thinking of a master plan and abby saying like follow of this just out would just say that that'd be they're like so and then i was like where did he get disrobe. Always say some shit like that and then one day. He brought rock him. He brought up painful. You bought that album. It and he was playing in his stuff. That i heard it and i heard paid in full the actual song with him starting off as a data. You get that line so then. That's what it treat me. And i sat. There are listening to the tapes. And that's what. I was like. Okay and i started loving it and then You know came came along to me. Big daddy kane will always be way better than hip. I'm gonna say that right now. So y yes daddy kane. Be old bold statement very true. I'll i'll i'll break that down for you. But the thing is that cain to me was more energetic had more charisma and his as music was more were lively so i i was all about that. That's why kanaan means always number one competitor rocket so the you know so that was like that was. That's that's what made me get into more of the like the emceeing part and then it. But i still kind of like hesitant on it like you know. Whatever and the daylight at tribe. Kim lot which opened my eyes completely lake when i started hearing that. That's what it was like. Yo what is this lake. It was just like new found like who like it was. You know you couldn't. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. What was dope about daylight to when you first heard their album. You heard you know where we were hearing. You know when i was hearing through my brother because they sampled hall notes that they sampled light. You know a lot of these different groups that my brother useless so i got used to that. I kind of related. That tribe came out. It was just like oh my god. What is this. So that's eventually how i got into hip-hop more than anything from there on out like hip hop just became my main thing so but and that's that's how it evolved so that's awesome. Yeah and you know. And then from there on la. You know having the experiences that i've had in my life and everybody that i've met and all that stuff yet i mean it's it's kind of it kind of wild how everything came to me full circle with all of this hip hop shit like it's pretty wild like i've had. I've had a big hip hop ride. So i mean i've done it. I mean that's the whole day people you know i'm gonna say this and and if anybody that's listening to whatever you know when you get to that point where you've reached these leg very heights of like where your career could go whatever you know you could always go further further up but there's ties you gotta realize like you know what i'm good and i'm gonna be good where i'm at right now. Like an. I have no regrets. You know what i'm saying lying. And i think that's the biggest thing and the reason why they came to me just now is because you know everybody knows. Obviously you see the videos. You see you know everything that i've done in my past and everything and some people be like damn cap like you should have you know he should be like making millions of shit. But i'm like yeah on the real. I'm actually all right. Like you know. Because i did see the bad side of the industry. I saw the goods the bads. I saw how people got fought. I all like your understand. Like i've seen it all. You know what. I mean as some people. Yeah you want to live that light gerrad ahead. I'm not i'm cool. You know what i mean like. I'm good like some you know. This girl made a comment me. Because you know i. I've a regular nine to five. You know what i'm saying. I have a regular job and to her kind of meat. You know she kind set like a kind of a remark where she was trying to put me down. But i kind of i knew issue was coming from. It was just like oh man used to walk the parties like all these huge parties. And now you're like you're here dino downgraded but it would to me. I was like i'll girl because if you knew who i really was like. I'm still dj. You know what i mean. I still rock and parties. And i'm still you know this is just you know right now. It'd be real what you thanks thank you. I'm glad i do have a nine to five. You know what. I'm saying. Actually in these parties iraq in right now no parties right exactly so the whole thing is just like i'm good and i'm not sweating all that you know what i mean because my resume so dope like i'm good like i could go back and look at everything i've done is be like i'm cool with that. You know what i mean. I'm in another lane now. So i just don't really you know what i went through and what i've done what i've accomplished and everything that's great. Love it but you know what. I'm a family man now. A beautiful daughter of a great wife. Just chilling you know what i mean. I got my house music surrounding me. You know what i mean. I got people like you know people like you. That got things going on that. I like to be you know. Be down with and spread this knowledge and love and stuff and everything and that no qualms with that at all man. It's just straight up just being like a big thing that i've been hearing a lot lately from a lot of people and it's something that i always made sure of myself to be 'cause i am that is there is a damn you know all the shit you've always done and you've always been humble no matter what you know what i mean. And that's a big thing like. I'm glad that people see that. Because i never came off to be. You know. i'm this fucking dude. You kissed the just my shit. I'm not that. Do you know what. I mean i've been. I've been for years that i've been doing this. I've been putting on people more than anything you don't and is just like 'cause to me i'd rather see everybody else exceed around me to you. Know what i mean. I mean it's just the more success that everybody you know at the meeting. I want everybody else to eat. You know what. I mean so as kinda where it's at so now than we we vibe with that because you know we you know we try to put our our friends on and it's why have guests on this show. Even though we're not like you know huge but you know we get bigger and we help some put someone else on was sobbing down. We've got we've had friends you know and other podcasts have had You know us as individuals on as guests to help put us on and you know there. There's they're space enough room enough to for everyone to eat your best. That's what sub then. Yup that's right. that's that's the way it should be. You should be i. I grew up. I grew up in a narrow where it was kind of like you did. You did a lot of this stuff. You couldn't believe like the hatred that i got free. You know what i mean and it's just like in the end though it's funny. How now people. They the hate on me. Now come up to me and like in a way like apologizing to me and enslaved. I kind of look like you know y you know what's the deal yoga's i just didn't know you know what i thought was corny of you then now. My shit dude was doing that because look at now i mean honestly many of you really think about it. I was thinking about this and some of my friends said this similar. Like you know every single place that you d. I did every location in the valley every location. And i'm the one open every door for two. Dj they're like. I'm the one who went to a bar. That said i would never have deejays. And now. They have deejays every friday and saturday. I had i have restaurants whereas dj that where they said they would never have a dj and now they both deejays like. I'm the one who broke all down all the doors and now you guys are living off that right. You know what. I mean have asked for anything in return. No not really. You know what. I'm say i don't you don't because i'm still doing my shit. You know what i mean and it's good that you're living off that you know what i mean but it's kind of a little bit a little bit gratifying. Whatever but it's it's cool to see the people. Now come up and be like. Oh now i understand why you're in that lane and our understand why you know what i mean. It's like 'cause you know you don't want to explain yourself when you do shit like this. It's like you do it because you do it for the love which also doing it. Because it's like yeah. I'm trying to set up shift for the future. You know what i mean like. You really eat if you ask my crew crucial audio dynamics all right it's a whole bunch of deejays it's like i think it's like eight eight of us all together that i sat them down a raid. I don't say this is a true story. I sat them down. And i said to them in five years. All of you guys are gonna have names and all of you guys are gonna have gigs. And we're all going to be chilling off this shit. Follow me follow my plan and watch what's going to happen you put them. Yeah and that's exactly they said. Okay i said all right. Let's enjoy the ride and will admit exactly that happened in five years. I had them at every one of my deejays that was in my crew had a gig at the hottest spots in the valley at that time and they were all making money off of it. And everybody's getting booked and it was just if you if you like. You should've seen how many dvd's or knocking on my door. Just to be out. But i said nah man. I got my crew. I selected these dudes for reasons. And that's how it basically came off and that's what audio dynamics did to this day. People still say audio that access probably ellas crew. You know what i mean. We're still crew. We don't put it out there like that. You know what i mean. We still fan no matter what but the thing is just like that was. That's what we did. I always do that. Always make sure that anything. I set my mind to. It's like this is not just gonna be for now this for the next five years right that we go from the next you know. Let's see what the next chapter is going to be. So and that's kind of what it's all about. So that's awesome all right. Well that's doesn't screw. We make this music in sports a little bit here. Yeah so era super teams and you know big time starting five so give me a super team if you had to be the coach of the dj. You're the one who's gonna rock the super-party give me five artists that you create a super team a musical super team with allow. That's like a crazy question. Man i try to come up with the good ones. That's why we're gonna get this angle from like we're gonna attack this from. I gotta have princeton. Michael jackson in there immediately. Okay it'd be hard lead them out like yeah. I will be trying to figure out how you how you justify even amount. There's be that would be no prints of michael. You definitely gotta there no matter what they they had like. They're just east. I mean you can't even. They're just they're just they're just printed michael period You know Full shit prince michael. I definitely throwing jay in their chairs. E okay kane big dedicate. We need a producer the producer for all these dudes Is is it dre no is it tended riley vs and ain't nobody having teddy make nothing. Yeah it was all about his boy. Do that was dancing like cash. They made the parody of that shit. I lost it larry's they were like they focused on what everybody was. That doodads That's funny that's funny Wow you know. Production is so wild. And it's you know five man you really limiting me so definitely a super team. That's why you see people talk about drey. Like i honestly i liked dray but i'm going to say that i would've dickey's like freaking honestly. I'll be an fool. I'm going to start controversies. That's okay shoots it over dre any day. Wow really ohio okay. Oh yeah. And i'll tell you why there's a crazy story about this. So krisel q tip. It wasn't accused him. Obviously trucco quest so catalog Jahmai deep freaking survey. What do you call it. Survival of the fittest one. That album dude like cute a remastered that whole album. Two biggest sound the way it sounded so like having literally had album done and he was like. I need something and he goes. I need to get in touch. Cute and cuta. He brought acute accuser. Said i got to worry about it and he. He reworked that album to make it sound. would it became the classic so now it's like new york shit. You know what i mean. Let's like But the thing with cubes it was. You gotta understand is that at adr dribbles dre s. Drey has said this too. Cue tip q tip used to listen drive around and listen to What do you call it of straight outta compton. All this is funny because you and everything queues about of all people but he would listen to straight out of confidence stuff and him him and ali shaheem used to listen to all the time and then it would be like. Oh you know what man we gotta make something that boss for gps should have bought blah at. Is that a third so they may low in theory. Okay all right that low in theory when came out and obviously low in theory to me hands down probably top five album ever What do you call it. And then crowded came out all right. So what's crazy. X-ray bumped the Drape accused trump dinner. Dray andrey was like yeoman. Like the reason why i made chronic was because you guys made low end. Oh snap yeah and cute was like what like word. So it's it's kinda dope that they both but to be real with you. Q tip is like that dude. That is so mystic like nobody. Don't even on the house if you look at every track quest album. It doesn't say produced by q tip it says produced by a track called quest true because he never never wanted to be like on the high in most in most people who aren't serious hip hop heads. They they don't even know that q tip produces at all. Yeah cute so much is like this is a revelation to them. Yeah q tip is like a straight up like you don't even understand like there's people that you know like i'll be real. What you for for q tip that. It's like you got to think about like the person who birth the the rebirth of your hip hop in the nineties. You gotta give it to large professor cause large professor was the master the s b twelve hundred. And he's making the beats the way they sounded and then he showed cute said he showed premier. He showed book buchwald. He showed all do hands down real work. There beats. He showed them all he showed. Pete rock what to do so large pro is very very very very underrated when it comes to show that's that's an but let me go back producer wise when it comes all the shit. Maybe i'll give it to us. It just made the cast of that. Argument is as right. You really just made the case i got. I don't. I can't see why you wouldn't put you on. Their kids is a and not only. Can you produce. But obviously he can you know lyrically. Yes yes qb is a very one probably the most. You'll these these. These are the type arguments. I have with my peoples like we down with this. They you know. I call my boy like two in the morning like yo. He's like i know you a call. It's we talked for like three hours. Shit it's like know but this is this is how we get down at like hip hop is so insane and i love how now every you know all these shows that are coming out like drink champs. And all these people on of the fact that all these rappers are jumping on their at his the rappers that i grew up on their lay. Just saying exactly like these crazy stories and everything because you really think about that shit you like you know you know. It's like man like what made you write that song. Or why were you in that. What happened to you at that moment. Like why are we this like what happened. He you know what i mean like you. I think it's really like you gotta give it up to during you know what i'm saying that a for giving the flowers now you know what i mean. 'cause they do ever thought nori would be a host of the show audio obeys and is like that. Dude's not very articulate. No he's nine. Meter were hilarious. Did you see the busta rhymes on the hill. He was he'll he was dr office. Ask like question and it's amazing. How it works because like i i don't i'm like why am i watching this. This is noreen with guests. But he's getting them to talk and he's asking like coaching questions. And i don't care through written for my this works. I'm shocked but it works. Because you know what i think though the doping about that show is that they're in there like right in their setting and it's like. There's no holds barred. You can siri comfortable. you're you know. Here's ten bottles of sarokin. Funny bottles of ace of spades drink. What the fuck you want. We're gonna talk some shit like get said. Basically it's like there's a blunt being passed around the whole time like you can't go wrong with that whole scheme like that's crazy but y'all tomorrow is going to be nuts so tomorrow. He got tragedy qaddafi on their as intelligent hoodlum. Yeah and they're about to like this might be the first one you. You're going to see where they might go for blows because of tragedy an oriole like in a way hate each other friends. Yeah this is. This is the one where they are going to squash there. They got conway on their to the machine co. biggest brazil. The man if anybody don't result you better go check out griselda but but yeah like conway's on tragedy and yet like the the state they've been using a hype it up it's like is basically like tragedy saint some shit and he's like yeah whatever. Some bullshit next zeke tragedy. Good offices like your what like getting ready to throw hands like whoa the house going on. There's a crazy. So i can't wait. I can't wait for drink. Champs tomorrow is going to be nuts going nuts. i can't. I can't miss that one. Yeah it's gonna be crazy but our that is going to conclude our interview portion will army and dj cab c. And as we transition we are going to move to are. What are you playing watching or creating so jeeze. If you haven't joined us on social media we have a fun and growing facebook group. That has waiting for you to join in and two other are already in our group. We want to give you a shadow. 'cause we appreciate every single one of you in all of the content in conversations that you spur on in the group. We have a blast and remember if facebook is not your jam. We do have a discourse server that is growing as well. check us out jig nation on facebook. click yes on the community. Make sure you just agree to our simple rules. And you're good so cap whizzes the section we talk about but either me or you need to game game-wise board game video game. What shows or movies watching or what we're creating because we are creative. Yeah he's a. He's a photographer viagra for I might i'll be making these these These little podcasts and video clips in gaming content and stuff so you know we like to keep up with what we've got going on. I so i hear that you're creating upon can't yourself yes. I have to tell us what you what ukraine their homey. So i mean you know obviously during this whole kobe thing. When it's it's funny 'cause you know. I think i'd be talked about this when Break before cove it and then it's kind of weird. I bought the road caster. Yes and i was like because i was looking into this whole podcasting then covid head shit. But i still didn't do anything with it. 'cause i had so much an excellent i started working and i started getting crazy busy and had to be here with my daughter and making sure she's going to school virtually all his base shit so But now it's like. I'm kind of manipulating my schedule. To work around what. I need to do so now it is. Now it's coming into fruition. And you know i put out this thing about a feeler about i need a co host and at seems to me a million people wanna coho swimming so i kind of said well you know what i think what i'm gonna do that. And just just bring people on as guests co host every show And i think my whole thing is i'm gonna well. I'm already thinking about is going to be. I think every tuesday night at ten o'clock hopefully not invading anybody's time that timeframe. But it'll be tuesdays at ten your wednesday on outdoor using. But it's going to be tuesdays at ten o'clock and I did this thing called live and direct during covid One of my friends but she can't do it. No more and i don't want to go with the whole live with direct thing either Kinda keep it something with me. So i think i come up with this funny title of late night. Chat with cap You know our late night cabbie. People say i'm going to have late night cap. Yeah nightcap so like a nightcap so kinda was like oh maybe i should do something like that so i think that's where it's gonna come out with the late night chat with cap And my vision. Right now is yes. It'll be hip hop culture based You know we're gonna talk about new music and stuff like that it's out we're going to talk about Obviously i think that's happening within the hip hop community or anything And whoever my co host is for that day they will be set homework to do. Basically because you can have basically gonna listen to an album that we're going to review we're going to do we're going to give you know. I wanna make sure that everybody is on their toes. You know what. I mean So that's kind of that. When you i'll tell you when you do that you'll discover how many people actually do not want to be co host. That's the big thing like when you're going to be a co host. You gotta be like me. Duchess actually worked pretty well The whole issue was that she had other things going on a personally and it just dinner. That was kind of what killed it. but i mean that's the whole thing but then i was even thinking about it too. I'm like can. I find someone who's going to be really dedicated. Every tuesday from tentative ten o'clock and that's kind of where it was like. I don't know if that's going to really work. And so i think the whole seeing how many people you know tapped me for being a co host. I said you know. I think it would be kind of dope just to mix it around. You know what i mean like. I'll be. I'll be the center. But like i'll have different players now to be like all right we'll do this this or whatever The main thing though also i will have interviews on their I am talking. I you know throughout the years of me being in the hip hop game. I've made a lot of good relations a lot of people so we are in the talks of bringing on like a lot of artists You know some that. I will mention know. It'll be like Know sadat x ray nubian if it wes n You know so there is talk. There is a lot of artists that could definitely bring on and do interviews with me. I'll be really did. I interviewed khallid before. Like he blew blew up funniest interview. I ever did in my life. You want to hear the story here. We go ahead of you. Kelly gates on some is going on. How's everything going uelmen. Everything's fine cap. You know what i'm saying. I'm an eight. The biggest man alive aka the best. Dj your mom's like aka but that's all he did throughout the whole interview bro. I don't doubt it because of how he talks. Now it's hilarious. That was the whole the whole thing so callard. You know who you got on this. You know who. Who's on his album with you yeoman. Not everybody on the same fat joe aka the bronx baba educate aka aka kalmyk. Omagh guy i it was the wildest like i. Obviously i remember to this day. I interviewed him. Probably like fifteen fifteen years ago but in like this was like the interview. That was so funny i just sat there like. Are you serious. Did we exchanged numbers. Actually he was just like y'all you ever miami man give me a holler at whatever. He gave me his number. But i lost it. Awhile goes are probably doesn't have that number anymore. I would miss a couple of times already de who is not using go. You tell me is this. Tj calendar hilarious. Good luck to you on your podcast to hear it Especially because i know the wealth of of knowledge in music and hip hop in the passion. You have four. So i know you're going to have some really don't content out there Unique dna been playing. Oh plane anything we actually them. Kids been having you running ragged. This happened to own a little bit. I guess but Also been kinda busy. I had a couple jobs last week. Photography job so right all time. Hardening asking Portrait's corporate has Yeah stuff like that. We gotta change math. Because i need some soon. Oh yeah definitely. I'm one of one of our homeys is going to have him come out to the valley actually in the cunty airy anyway needs some shots stunts. So that's my that's my backyard. I can set it up. He comes out this way. I'm gonna make them do a live in person show i. The three for one day have stretched too thin that that is the life of a creative. That's when you're not busy you ain't doing shit seriously. So you definitely gotta you gotta keep busy. Gotta keep doing us out there like. That's that's the one thing. I think that kobe really brought the whole thing to to a head and i think it really expected either showed or exposed a lot of people in what yet to do and i think a lot of people took on a lot of things that we never though we get into. You know what i mean. Come on linda's was like dj slash podcast slash now learning broadcasting and listening lighting and learning video. And like come on like. It's it's crazy to know that we had to learn all this stuff to make sure that we get our points across. You know what i mean. Overdo it so. It's pretty wild like i make like. I make little commercial videos now. You know what. I'm saying like whoever thought into that. Shit i always made flyers now making like you know one minute commercials doing ads from bees. Yeah i could do on frequent post on my my instagram and my facebook and everything you know what i mean to promote. It's it's it's wild man. How he been you know pushed to learn all this stuff and you know and obviously some of us could make careers out of it. Like i have people that johnson who did that for anybody like i did. And i'll hundred bucks. You got one you know. Hey why not so. It's pretty crazy how we all got pushed to. That is the full creative lido for a lot of creative minds. Yeah i mean we definitely got. We were given a good three or four months to definitely flex are creative skills on shit. So and i'm glad that a lot of people took that a lot of people took advantage of that so then i did see thrive to and stuff. So it's interesting to see how it's all gonna gonna gonna pan out because you know people will have to be believed either discovered a passion or something that's new they. They've had time to To die fully deep you know into a passion debt that they wanted to do so Is is pretty cool that even though it's not the ideal situation but you know those of you know of us. You know dueling macho man. Rising cream rises to the top green. Do top. It's randy ball mr macho man so doing tina i know you're not playing Domains guys much because you were going to jump on him night but she didn't or at least you didn't trump into and i got. I got cut out editing. I've been. I didn't like the last four days. I don't doubt it. You know. I was like moment when he got come on. We're gonna get this money. Because i have found not one but two planets where we can fall in in credit to farms for the activated indium So i've got all the money ray to put into your pockets so you can. Actually you know. Buy some stuff in bills and stuff in this game man trying to. I'm trying to hook you up. Yeah i i'm going to get along. I gotta i gotta catch up with all this stuff like. I don't have work to do. I wanted i wanted to do. I don't know if you know My uncle play the usfl. Okay and he they wanted to. He was on the michigan. Panthers have won the eighty the inaugural championship okay. I have arranged for him and a couple of his teammates. We're going to podcast a retrospective on the nineteen ninety-three season Here on gic nation does he hatred does he hate trump. yes pretty much every player. Hey i don't i i don't know except for herschel walker Every former usfl player pretty much hates trump. Yeah that's true. That's shows what i understood. What trump did in his mindset. I also understood understand. That timing was wrong the and both the owners were okay being a spring football league and they were. They're still to this day the most successful non nfl Foot bali i thirty years later. They're still it still made the most money most attendants of any of any other own spray freshly spring football league. Yeah do you think. Do you think the rock could do something for the xfl. You know this was going to be a topic. And i'm glad you mark up because we didn't have all we didn't have time to do it. One on one episode. And i was gonna do a video where i wanted to explore. How the xfl. Before the rock and danny garcia bought it was an area of opportunity for for black ownership. Because there's always complaints for years minds. Higher life i've watched people can plan my. There is no no black people in the higher ups. that'd you know black owners in the nfl. virtually my entire life. I've heard that yes had this spring football league. That was rebooting and its first few weeks. Were extremely successful and people are like. Wow this is gonna work this time and then covy killed it. yeah. And i said there are assets. Here you saw that. It was working. And i did the research on several articles on showing the attendance in the money. That offense was making what this league. And i'm like if you wanna league where you want to have. The players treated better treated more respectfully players make more money. You're not trying to keep it all yourselves. I i don't understand why fifteen twenty just if they want to spread the wealth. Fifteen or twenty four. Nfl players don't create an ownership group in by the assets the xfl and rebooted. Why wouldn't you. The market's already there. A lot of the work is already done. You know you. You know there's interest there you're buying a name that carry some weight because of the first the initial iteration and now the second generation do not jump all over this and pickups to rock and garcia who are extremely smart business people especially miss garcia For by the xfl and now we do have. We've got a black owner. Who owns the entire league in hispanic female owner. Who owns co owns the entire league and it's going to be very interesting on what they do with spring football. I am very excited for. They said they're gonna start getting twenty twenty two but they'll do big things well they don't want to restart to quick and i'm an aussie were twenty twenty one right around the corner and we still don't know what's going on there there tomo- shutdown things again throughout places like who knows what twenty twenty one zero really look like so twenty twenty to make sense as far as yeah when they start playing again. Yeah you know what you actually right on that. I think i would definitely probably move out. I'm i'm i'm just hopeful. That twenty twenty one. His is you know i've got. I've got a lot going on. Twenty twenty one and a lot of us do because you know we should really changed everything up so we definitely are praying. That twenty. Twenty one is a way better year. You know. I mean even with even if there is a vaccine i think some of us still should still be. We're you know leery leery of what we're doing. You know what i mean. And there's not aware about you know still key you know it's kind of funny out of this whole shit you know you can really think about it. You start saying damn. The people really not wash their hands like that. I have seen being someone who worked security at the iron pigs. I have seen wage may be going into that bathroom now. Washing a single thing Barely renting And then eaten dog. You know exchange money you know putting their hands on the on the on the rails as they go up and down in seats like yeah. That's pretty wild. When you really think of it you just like all that shit like who but hey it's now maybe all of us going to be a little more aware about everything we do something else. Oh man well that's gonna be it. Y'all for what are. Up wc we love to hear about what sheikh activties you are doing. so don't forget. Share them in the nation facebook group or discord mention us on your shares. And we me mentioning here on the show. We happen dig. What you're doing thinking of digging what you're doing. You know you boy rocky. Mr loves to eat like eating swan big. So today's episode is brought to you by something that i like to eat by hugh kitchen hugh is a family funded and founded chocolate and snacking. Company focused on creating products that match. Ultra simple ingredients with unbeatable taste built on a strong mission to help people get back to human hugh only uses simple real in responsibly sourced ingredients they obsessively vet every single ingredient to unite unbeatable taste with unmatched simplicity. And they go beyond. What's easing expected. They go in the nitty greed and make sure their products and practices are ethical and put both humanity and the human body. I all of us products are gluten. Free dairy free refined sugar free and are not heavily processed. Use code pod for fifteen percent off your next purchase at hugh kitchen dot com. That's copepod p. o. d. for fifteen percent at hugh kitchen that's h. u. kitchen dot com and find out why hugh helps people get back to human. We're gonna move onto our quick hit section in the for once in the history of the original g podcast. These crickets are actually gonna be quick. I almost guaranteed first off our thoughts and prayers hum jig nation are here for sinbad as he recently suffered a stroke. One of my favorite comedians michigan man. And it's really sad to hear I'd i'd not heard anything about the prognosis. I don't know if the you have but collectively our thoughts and prayers are with said bat in his family as hopefully he recovers and recovery soon and our next quick hit. Congratulations big ups to kim. And i'm gonna say in. But i'm not sure because i'm not sure i pronounce it But she recently made history as major league baseball's first and only female general manager pickups to camp david me some applause. Thank you miami marlins. Okay yeah she'd been working in the organization for years and dairy gene. Nam promoted her to general manager. Straight jitters. that's right. That's right all right now. We're going to one of jig nation. Favorite boot lease. Lock 'em up. So this version of the reboot police captain rocky. Mr magic will not be giving a ticket or pass. No no this. One is for lieutenant unique. Dna and cadet caps. Save so i'm going to give you some Reboots that are coming out. And we wanna know if you're you're writing tickets if you're locking them up if you're getting give them give them a warning or just kim a pass in your good with within so first off will smith and kevin hart are going to be starring in a remake of planes trains and automobiles. Don't jump once now. Unique gopher as unique tales. Why why don't know why. I'm assuming money but i don't know i i don't know lot money right. I got it from. Yeah just like drop coming out then. Oh my goodness great all right. I'm i'm not going to interject any thoughts because i do not want to so continuing on The rock dany garcia back into the subject again their production studio seven bucks. Productions is going to be rebooting that time with ages. Classic the scorpion king. Snakes i know it up. Sorry all right. So i mean. Is the rocket player scorpion. Gang again no right. That's what i was not always getting get somebody else. Someone else will play this corp making member. They had a second one. That was directed. Tvd and he did not Reprised role he was opposed to reprise the role But something fell through. Probably another movie with more money and he never reprised the role I mean first of all like it's a problem is only even know where to start the fact of movies and i even it's fine when twenty years old right. So that's the first thing that they can array. Generally when you re making a movie it's been out for a while. There were fond memories of ill. In general i. I remember when the as a teenager remember. When the parent travel came out with the With trainwreck Lindsay lohan when that came out and it had been thirty years since hayley mills in the sixties dip parent trap. And you know parents who grew up watching that they're like oh. This is the new one. My kids should like this. I like the originalist is great. There there is that that carryover nostalgia. And you don't have that on unless unless demaim is you know thirty the kids fourteen. i like. What's the carryover further. Scorpion king like. Here's my faith. Oh let's go back to planes trains and automobiles 'cause all the real plays his own meals reason why. That movie was extremely good because of john candy. Yes yes john. Candy cannot be taught by either. Will smith nor kevin hart so. Yeah so that's why that. Totally terrible and kevin hart is clearly. The drawing is supposed to be the jar. Can you replace. we'll we'll we'll smith is going to be. This is going to be more of a straight man is he. Be more of of the steve martin was doing see now. I can't buy that. I can't. I can't buy either but i'm not in this one on saying look. Production is no no. I'm locked i want to. that's terrible. Yeah like a lot. I don't understand like did. I love dwayne danny. I've i've met them both. He's when they were still mary. Great people smart people. This is this is not a smart decision. Like no one. Loves the scorpion. King that much to see it remade you know. Especially if he's not playing it. Yeah that makes no sense. Like why intra for the first one really only. He's too old to to play the role again. Yeah or or out of shape or something. Like i i i don't get it okay And here's a here's a movie that does have the timeframe like plays trains and automobile. We are gonna get the return of johnny fi. Shorts is getting a review. No i can't see this neither low. Leave it alone i i. I don't even know and you know this is gonna be some bullshit seeking is shit. You know what i mean like. That's the problem here. The point cooler the robot by like they did in the eighties. They're gonna it's gonna be full blow. Cgi nah not about it. Either nope sorry. I mean just gutenberg paycheck or something i it is he back probably not As you know no no no. I didn't fake indian guy in like this. No this time the movie will have a lat next update Thanks to screen writers at wat those his mouse and jason Latino version yes. Oh my god. It's also maybe johnny five will be We'll be dancing. The salsa just as you just made it sound to me like you. Don't get us here in la johnny. Like walk the block figgy and dude. I don't care about this no Makes me working on its. You don't have that stuff. That is that. I found out what maybe three years ago. That was a fake indian dude. Yeah i didn't know what it was. with fisher. Cd actor's name. Yeah i could not believe that it was him was what like i had no idea you know because it can be and He's out one. Even though i i listen to this show knows we are not fans of black face or brown brownfield or any version of it. I have to bar just because fisher. Stevens did not look white In that movie and it must be the same makeup artist. i did the white lady From terminator that play. John connor's adoptive mom in laid. She was an alien. I thank you. She played like a cuban woman. Whatever enable darken alec daddy to same chicken. the narrow by whole snapped is to saint check Those makeup artist back then. Some they were on there. They were on a game. 'cause i swear to god that he was full blown indian and then when they said it was he did what they made him look like he was indian. He bought it. I bought it. I bought it until yeah win Something came. I don't know how it came up but it was so that was just like reading around and stuff and i think i didn't. They were talking about him doing a movie or something and they were reading about. What movie was then. It was funny. Because i think he was short circuit. Short-circuit deeply short-circuit out. There like the do like what's our shit. I blew my mind. I was like wow okay. So doesn't that tell you how crazy times are like baghdadi. Did all that shit and all of us are like a word was up like that. I would be like protested movie crazy cairns coming out of it. I just don't even know like immediately. I have this conversation. Time as i just don't know like is anything sacred next are i mean there are some shows in some. You know we've even done a list of of. I think we did a list. I made a less are no five in been talked about it of things. That could be remade. Like there are shows and movies that i think would be cool to get a remake because it may have been good but not great or it had an amazing premise. And you know the execution. Just wasn't great. You know twenty thirty forty years ago and now maybe hey let's let's take a shot at making this great concept Illness see we can make work. 'cause now we've got different writers with reviews as well as we have the benefit of justice next level technology. I'll give you example Alien nation fantastic show could be so much better at with you know with the progression of just technology You know in. Us and social life. What about the lovie. Already been remade again. So it's it's a little Soon too soon now. I love the original v. I two And and i see the new ones not bad. Either by doing that again would be a third time. But you know you you. Why did you could redo v if you really wanted to. You could do a nation you could do air wolf wolf thinks oh know you can bring back something like that of that. A good idea bad execution will just just. Don't just don't kill us. I e in we. We have the strong stance. Just do not do nightrider again. Just will leave nine own absolutely not because that was horrible. Because i didn't even like the dukes of hazzard movie i was like. Why did you make the dukes hazard movie like that. Made no sense like it would get to make movie. Why are you gonna have it as a comedy to dudes who are just clowns like you. Hire to clowns to be dukes. Yeah that was just. And i think because they saw the success of starsky and hutch Being you know being campy which. I never thought that that would blow up to be rude. I and i actually i love that. It's hilarious and i don't even. I'm not a foul ben stiller And his work. Like i'm you know. I mean the. There's only two movies events i like starsky. And hutch and zoo lander every other ben stiller movie on my hair a guy just not a fan of his but i do not like tropics. Along came polly. But that's a different position. But i i don't know why i'm not a fan like me. He was the worst part of meet. The parents I've watched stuff with him in it. You know I didn't think oh there's something about. Mary was all that funny and he was a big part of that. Like i was okay. I'm not a fan. But in that movie and in zealander with gray starsky and hutch adhered enough to the original. To make can't be fun. Good and i think they tried that fuller with the dukes of hazzard moving and they just fail miserably. The added these reboots will but the happening doing it like our people running out of ideas. Do shit like snob. It like i can still watch it. Eighties movie and still be happy with it. You know what. I mean like i. Can't i sit there like like. Yeah like johnny. I could watch the original. Johnny five is still be cool. You know what i mean like. I don't need a reboot of that injuries. Automobile still like i don't like cabbage. First of all i heard kevin hart's do shit on netflix's terrible i gotta check it out for myself. I i heard someone posted in the in the community that as well I mean his last one was in grade. Either you know i. I don't know. I just i think kevin's putting yourself a little to thin out there. I think he needs to chill for a little bit stick. That's a that's a. that's a strong possibility. he has been working allied. I understand is a stance on that. Like you know 'cause you know that that is true when you're when you're in that in that community when you're in that whole like it's like yum get the money that rut you know what i mean like legis do what i gotta do with bounce because you never know what i mean. You never know when it's true you're gonna be out so i think he's You know i think personally. Kevin doesn't have like the lasting power of dave chapelle. He does. I think he knows that to aleisha pellets. Chapelle lucia powell man. I mean he's been now years and he's still like welsh appeals like the reincarnate like like the george carlin. You know what. I mean like like just his flow at his style like just that whole like vm. Provocative shit and i love the way chapelle going right now with it. You know what i'm saying so it's like but you can't see a kevin hart doing that. You know what i mean. He can't no. It's not on that level. I mean there. There's your master level. You're you're mount rushmore level. Guys in comedy. Your your priors. Cosby's your mercy's else chapelle chapelle up there he's on that level and then you've got guys like hart who you who been hot and i'm surpri- i'm actually. I'm surprised for him that he's managed to be hot for so long but got hot. He took advantage of it And and more power to. Because i mean let's be real. How many times are people going to give ill some five five black dude from philly. You know a shot to be that very. You'll not any like he'll so. I i give kevin his props for doing almost any role that much comes to him and trying to steal do comedy and do shows and not leave that behind like most of his Most of his peers or those that came before him. Kind of e eddie. He's at a comedy prior eased at a comedy Chapelle you'll came back to a behavior eased out a comedy rock eased out of comedy Bernie mac Like cedric also. Make they. He's daughter that he's trying to like stick with it so i give him that. He's trying to stay within that. That art form that got him famous and probably hopes of it. Maybe why he's had a longer run than i. You know a lot of people probably be ten years. He's been going on a little bit longer than that. So i mean. I give him props for that but like you said i think he's stretched a bit then You know and it's probably going to make suffer a bit but you know keep getting them checks checks if they're gonna pay you get to checks just you know you don't have to ruin good stuff while you're getting their checks. I mean like he had that show on on qube and if you could be going to die ten days although you just brought quitting his old big i i'd fuck is quincy number even got into it. But what is it okay. Let me explain to you so quickly was a bad idea. They got money And what they did was they filmed. And actually. I'm not collide. Some the content was interesting episodes ago. We talked about The content on qube. 'cause i got the free trial for free six months. Thank to t mobile tuesdays. And then i swear a week and maybe we can half after got this free trial. They announced qube shutting down december first But essentially what what. The people behind quitting wanted to do is they wanted to. They wanted to make your content that you consume To be in more bite size so this is like fun size content so they would take a show. I would probably be forty five minutes in length And make it pretty much to a mini movie. And what they would do. They would shop it up into six six to seven minute clips and then so i give you a work on a break and you want to check the now you would enjoy something. You don't have time to watch a twenty to twenty five minute episode or something because your your brakes only like fifteen minutes but you can watch too many episodes on qube And and get a little bit of a fixed before you gotta go back to work or do something whatever so there was an interesting mindset behind this piecemeal version of entertainment but you can only when it first came out. You can only actually until like a week before they did the shutdown announcement you can only watch on your phone or ipad. There was no app on your apple. Tv or your fire sick or anything like that. So you had to consume globally. Which took away a tunnel market. And they had a lot of things that were kind of Rehashes like kevin hart show on qube die heart where he essentially kevin hart in die. Hard situations I mean it's a flat out. Ruth kevin hart. It's called die heart every guy in who's asking for die hart who's asking for heart to be john the cleaning and screaming and shooting. You know like no one's asked that i can watch chris. Tucker do that rush hour entertained. I don't want to watch. Kevin hart do that i i. I don't get it could be is going to be dying in ten days or something i never saw like. What is this. shit. What i i don't i don't get it either and it wasn't. That's not the only thing that they took. They made their own version of the fugitive They did their own version of the most dangerous game. And i'm like they're just rehashing a whole bunch of stuff stats pop. That was popular and Chopping it up into six minute bite. And so i. I watched the one show. They had called free. Ray sean Which was about Your brother got set up fossey q. By the police are chasing him and he's earned in. They're trying to get him. They got swat. Whatever and larry fishburne Of playing a cop trying to talk them down. So i'm watching it. And i'm going to be honest it's good. It was entertaining. Well acted the problem is is chopped up six minute bites and there was no app. Four swan. I'm a an airplane onto my tv from my phone and not only. Is it just six minutes long episodes but there are freaking commercials commercials. Have you got a commercial before you got your six committed that you've got a commercial at the end but he got move onto the next episode to see another commercial six minutes commercial commercial six minutes commercial on my bra. This he worked it. No wonder this wondering the same work in the one. He was gave me six months for free. Because what you're doing is now terrible. That's a terrible idea. The execution interesting concept poor and the show actually racial was good. I mean i think a won an emmy or something like that because the content itself was good. Won an emmy for real. I think so. Yeah brisard my barrel. I'm pretty sure free race on But it yeah the bro the execution with horrible. So i had told myself i'm gonna watch Some of these things on qube before new was shut down And you know and just to see in his. Enjoy some of the stuff like you would see the ads you. What's he has the episode on youtube. Dna where we're talking about it like some of them. Were like a three minute adding like okay. This looks like it could be interesting but now it was like it's just the the execution was is crazy and every and they poured a lot. I saw the advertisers former nuts. But i was just like what is this shit. I don't get it like. I didn't get it because i just saw like there. You watch this show What so would you explained is what i kinda got from the explanation of what. It was through the advertisement. But i think that's stupid other greeley. Like i'm gonna sit there and watch like a five minute clippers or shit like what like i mean. That was that's terrible twenty. Twenty primetime emmys outstanding actor short form content or drama series. One by larry. Fishburne stephen james who played ray shaw nominated for the same old and then jasmine safest jones won the primetime emmy for outstanding actress in short form. Comedy or drama series. He had two nominations in two victories. For free ray sean. That was exclusively on quitting. How fucked up. Is that imagined like all these people trying to win emmys and shit and some dude wins. Who fucking like six minute film like whatever it was yet as i mean there's fifteen the fifteen hundred fifteen fifteen his other six minutes six minutes of pop. Its way garage was on your phone at wanted me. I had to watch the entire thing I watch my tv airplane but yes you had to watch it if you can airplane. You're watching your tire thing on your phone. You're right which again you know. It's an actor. I would have been tight. Can this guy's win schitt from a freaking out for you kidding me like oh my god yeah i would have been tight. Forget that as crazy. So yes i was able to bring qube into the conversation. That's how bad the idea of remaking short-circuit and planes trains and automobiles and the scorpion king are. That's how bad those ideas are quickly. That's working put that on the shirt unique. Dna it's quimby back. It'd be that constant level bad. Something is it's quimby level to reach out to quit. He see if they got promotional t-shirts. Instead of to you like about it. I fact i asked so bad. It a six billion dollars the as so much money family. You could fit a lot of people with that money. They don't waste to that is at at is wild. That folks is our final transition we are to end this show with a little star wars quit via quitting. I'm quitting on my mind. We're gonna show with those star wars trivia quiz for cats and unique dna So let's get on. Of course you know i'm an idiot i had it. All booted headed all loaded up. And then i closed the browser would know that i had it up on Yep because i am a genius. that's not the one i want actually close. I leave it open. 'cause i'm just that smart i did leave it open. I'm genius okay. Question number one. Which star wars movie was filmed entirely in the studio. Attack of the clones. Return of the jedi star wars. A new hope. Revenge the safe. Is it like a button. A press answer new hope a new hope for unique. Dna in cap see. Oh man i can. I can repayment. Can you repeat them. You save eventually says revenge of the. This is the correct answer. Episode revenge of the. Seth was filmed entirely in studio. Ace question number two. If you're keeping score. Kathy is a one to zero. Which of the three main. Heroes luke leia han solo which of the three main hero actors in the first star. Wars trilogy refused to sign a three picture deal. Harrison ford mark hamill carrie fisher or they all signed out osha If it's going to be anybody. I'm assuming i think harry harrison ford carrie fisher for kelsey harrison ford for unique dna. The answer is harrison harrison. Ford did refuse to sign a three picture deal. Carrie fisher and hamma were glad to. And yeah. that's a harrison ford moves like. I saw that my that's harrison. Ford i can tell that he didn't. He wanted to die after the first movie like he wasn't trying to be around for three pictures. He said he didn't want to be but then he did. Indiana jones was basically exactly but when question number three. What color is mace. Windu lightsaber is black. Blue purple or grabbing purple purple. It is both right. It is tied at two next question number. Four the star wars holiday special coming around that time marked the first appearance of which star wars character boba fett charge. Our banks landau karazin or java. We'll let holiday spirit. You never saw the holiday special holidays for you're gonna come back because he We need to have you watched. How special react and we need to have you Talk about the the nike row. Rapper's delight ad campaign. Which i already found out that the the holiday special a christmas special. It's holiday special And it is one of the worst thing that they've ever made and it was so bad that they actually made a lego version. That's premiering this year. Why i never knew about okay. I'm gonna send you a link on youtube p prepared to be like horrified so your options again mike. Making their very first appearance in the star. Wars holiday special is it boba fett charge. Our banks landau karazin or job. The hut i'd have to say jar jar jar. Bigs i okay and unique. dna but with over fett. Boba fett is correct. Addy the holiday special which aired november seventeenth nineteen seventy eight very first appearance of boba. Fett that old yeah. It came out before revenge in in return. That's terrible i mean before Empire strikes back in in return So you need. Dna is up one kind of s up on that number five. What actor pulled out of episodes revenge of the sieff. When he discovered that non union actors were being used in the film. Was it mel gibson. Gary oldman george clooney. Or gary coleman inde- yeah home into both are going with gary oldman and you are both correct. Gary oldman was going to be the voice of greece but pulled out of the film. Wow question number six. Who is the only non jet. I in the original star wars trilogy to use a lightsaber. Is it han solo. Chewbacca r two d two or princess layer nine jeddah. You said non jeddah holy shit think. Back molly sh. I will be playing the jeopardy music for you folks caps. He's going princess leia unique. Dna relate isn't a lifesaver to chew we. You're both wrong. It is han solo. Getting think about it. Remember empire strikes back. Lucas lost on goes after him finds a escapes to the monster in the cave. And he saber cuts open the time. And let's say i. I got right walking. It's kind of tricky because when we think use lightsaber. You're thinking of fighting with the lightsaber. And so your mind searching when someone jeddah fight with a lightsaber but that is still the only distinction that our good friend. John boyega as finn has unfortunately. That's the best that they had to give our boy. That's another that's another situation. I'm not happy about how they treat. Jaw number seven. He wasn't either and rightfully. So what character did george. Lucas consider making a midget. Now mind you listeners. I did not write this question. So if anyone wants to get mad about the term analogy of midget compared to little person or door for whatever. I did not write this question i am. I am reading the question and giving it proper context The options are luke skywalker. Charge our banks chewbacca or princess. Laya way who is supposed to be alive a midget. A little person was a cheery in lancaster. There supposed to be a midget movie. Yes george lucas considering making one of those four characters a midget jar being sal. Okay kelsey says jar jar. Pink would options. Your options are luke skywalker. Charge our banks. Chewbacca or princess leia. Angola jar jar jar jar doubled up. You are both incorrect again. Luke skywalker which was supposed to supposed to be a midget and according according to some sources lays line. Aren't you little short for stone. Trooper is a remnant of this story idea. Oh my god. Wow wow wow three questions. Left number eight who served as java the huts chief bib fortuna mass nada. Sarlak or newt. Gun ray. shit that is i know what is what is it before tuna. I don't know iraq is gonna fuck it and i had had. Oh i'm going to bit fortuna you need you name. Picks bib fortuna shit. Yeah go before to that bib. Fortuna is for those who don't recall. Big fortuna was a male to elect. Who handle the day to day operations jobless palace all right. Let's go to question number nine. Approximately how many languages can see three. Po speak six thousand six billion six trillion or six million. He says it to god. I m see three. Po human relations. I am doing in over six forms of communication. I'm going to throw you you need. Dna says trillion essay billion and caps. The seth million six million is cole read. I wanted to say originally. I was million right. Are you hold on. I think we're tied breaker. The tire on question number. Ten in episode six return on the djeddai. The growls and sounds of the ran. Core based in jobless palace where actually made by. What animal is it. A panther a wolverine a pigeon or a dachshund wrong ovary. He need dna says wolverine of what again. What what what. What animal the okay. So the ranco beast in his palace. Luke falk okay. The sounds were actually made by. What animal is a panther. A wolverine a pigeon or a dachshund. Oh shit. I'll go with a panther panther panther for see and wolverine for unique dna. This game ends in a tie. You are both wrong. It is a dachshund growl dammit growls and sounds the ran core beasts were remixed from the recording of an aggressive dot. Shit that's crazy that's crazy. Wow i got enlightened so dachshunds out there that'd be barking like they big and bad now off because you know what my dogs make. I have two dogs and they bake these weird fucking grou- sounds that's started thinking that could be dot said and i was like shit. You thinking about dasa no. They can't make that noise. No pain no way should have stuck. My dogs shouldn't have stuck with the gun. Folks going to be it for this episode of the original cheek. Podcast that we produced to bless your ear balls. We just want to give a special thanks to our guests. Dj cab campsie c. Before we go cap please remind everyone how they can find in. Follow you out there on the interweb ad so Cap seeker finally once again on instagram at cap seed at c. a. p. c. e. Twitter at cap see. Also facebook slashed cap see or facebook dot com slash events by kathy and Also find me on. Twitch tv slash. Dj cap see want to give a big shout out to a man magic and also unique For having me here on the shows up thank you We were glad to have you. Thank you for for blessing us with your in your your presence. Where that's going to wrap us up. Your i am your host rocky mr magic. He is getting dan and we wanna thank you as always for listening because we could not do this alone now without all you cheeks who continue to support us by pressing play. Please continue to do that. Rate reveal his. Show on your podcasting apple choice. Share with your friends. We are on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. Spotify stitcher cast box on pending on pandora. Apparently but if you can't find us let us know at jig nation at gmail.com or messages directly on facebook or twitter at cheek nation. And until next time okay. Entrance talk talk. This is dj. What can you. listen to. The original zeke podcasts.

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Heard! Podcast  Episode 117 Chef to the World Cup Champions


44:52 min | 1 year ago

Heard! Podcast Episode 117 Chef to the World Cup Champions

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot com. I passed detroit dot com before information <music>. Welcome this week's episode of hurt your food beverage and hospitality podcast curtis hosted by me joe hakeem. I'm joined by nick fritzy of nick drinks jason liner of the detroit optima society and veto the hundred rejoined each episode by workers leaders and analysts of the hospitality industry. Please take a moment subscribe to heard on the apple podcast cast app hulu podcast at stitcher soundcloud or wherever you listen to your podcast if you like or dislike what you hear review we love hearing from our listeners you can visit heard heard at her podcast dot com follow her on twitter and instagram at her podcast and like her podcast on facebook. Thanks for listening and now here's this week's episode uh of her. I'm sitting with daniel estrada co founder and c._e._o. Eighty-six repairs eighty six pairs sponsor of this week's episode of heard you can learn more about eighty six repairs at h. T. t. p. colon backslash backslash. Eighty-six repairs dot com slash heard daniel. What is eighty six repairs. Yeah yeah good to be with you. Joe <hes> eighty six pairs manages the whole repair and maintenance process for restaurant groups so we're not a service company <hes> and what we're what we're doing is we're helping restaurant operators manage the whole process of getting things fixed and dan so when something goes down in the restaurant <hes> we're there. We're like their onsite facilities manager at a fraction of the cost so a lot of our customers are restaurant groups here in the detroit area or elsewhere around the country that have multiple locations. They're trying to manage repairs trying to keep their costs down and no one's really watching or tracking how much money's being spent what they're fixing holding service providers accountable so we we help them manage that whole process save them a lot of time a lot of money and keep their staff focused on the things that really matter getting butts in seats delivering a great guest experience. That's right. That's why people in the hospitality business really got into the industry. What does eighty six repairs cost eighty six years pricing ranges based on how many locations you have so <hes> but usually it. It's a it's a small monthly subscription fee so you're not paying any extra fees for service that we manage for you. We are charging a flat subscription fee every every month so for someone like me who is spending half an hour to an hour a day calling service repair people. This is ideal for me. Yes yes absolutely absolutely so <hes> we measure time savings and cost savings for our customers. We think of time savings is kind of soft fluffy thing right hard dollar cost savings savings <hes> we save our customers average of three hundred and ninety dollars a month per location to learn more go visit h. T. t. p. colon backslash crash. Bash eighty-six repairs dot com slash heard pillow friends and welcome to hurt your food beverage and hospitality podcast tonight we are joined joined by the chef or one of the chefs or the chef bichon the chef for the two thousand nineteen world champion united states women's soccer soccer team chef taryn green tearing thanks for being with us. Thank you chef t right so we're gonna call you the rest of the episode chef t now now i i gotta throw them. Full disclosure full disclosure episode sixty four shefty's cousin was on podcast so like chef t go back listen episode apsos sixty four lavar green. We talked about intermittent fasting and health and wellness arm relief site about this episode here got the family affair going on yeah so i wanna i wanna. There's something really cool that happened. After after after the women won the the the title <hes> there's a video that you took right shefty that you took and they see you taking the video and they started chanting chef chef chef de so none i i'm going to say except for you. There's there's no one listening right now. It's probably ever had that experience. Explain what that was like. Please was really unreal like the whole trip to france was unreal <hes> something that i couldn't imagine <hes> i actually had to ask around like. Are they talking to me. They're just extremely appreciative of what i was doing for them on the road <hes> making them feel at home away from home so they just showed appreciation on the field i mean that's just like to have your name chanted by by these women who just brought homa championship credible prepare for that so let's talk about how you got to that point so so let's let's talk about your your kind of trajectory on making becoming the chef for the women's soccer team. What did you start off at well. <hes> from the very beginning i started right here in royal oak <hes> towns waster bar okay <hes> did that for a couple of years started off dishwashing doing a little prep and then my passion just drove me to do more in the kitchen so learned appetizer side started putting appetizers <hes> then i learned entree side did that for a year and just moved on to bigger and greater things so where'd you go after what where did you end up <hes> all right out to upstate new york <hes> adirondacks so huge national park five point point five million acres <hes> lake george to be more specific on yeah the name that the queen of american lakes so how did you end up going from royal oak upstate new york. I had a buddy out there. He is from detroit <hes>. He wanted me to come out there for years so we'll put them off. Maybe later <hes> then finally i just <music> packed up and went he <hes> he knew the chef out there so just got me right in so wh what what was that concept. What did you do that in that location. <hes> soon as i got there i worked with the banquet staff. We're putting out hundreds of dishes <hes> two groups that came in and <hes> the part of the group's taking the taking a sip of this. Let's take a quick sidebar here so as much as listeners probably novato does not drink carbonated beverages all right because i'm a bariatric patient twenty fifteen having anything since april twenty fifteen has carbonation barrick sleeve surgery and it'll make your stomach explode explode or something yeah no one. It's an irritant gases from the carbonation. Can we expand stomach and grow me back into into big vitamins that are now but <hes> so what did you just call. You felt by bhaktapur yeah so i <hes> i have not been able to jump on the bandwagon the truly bandwagon <hes> trying to pull back a little bit of my drinking drinking the hard hard liquor whatnot <hes> and i came across purist on and and it's there's only three flavors of the caz right now what we have i hear a blackberry <hes> it is generally accept accessible and like kroger's like c._v._s. and walgreens. I mean like they're you're not you're not going to find it a lot of like <hes> boutique type places but online they say where you can find it went to the store down over here around from on the podcast and the guy says he's having so much trouble getting it because this is in such high demand. This is the only spike still a beverage <hes> judging from your face joe. I don't think you care for it. I am a i truthfully no and i. I don't know what what it's missing probably the bubbles and bubbles i mean it's clearly canadian without the bubbles right. Yes that's kind of flavor so this guy the guy mango got blackberry and they got a blue blood orange or something like that so i'll be honest i don't. I'm not a huge fan of waclaw or or none of that stuff really laws with your articles this week but you know there's there's a michigan police department. Eh one on there are there are laws back. They remain but you know i i like this. It's got like four and a half percent alcohol aw it's made with coconut water so i feel like i'm getting hydrated at the same time and i don't know chef was drinking at just now. We have over the sample because i'm always you guys always bring stuff for you or when nick is here jason you guys are always bringing something to trust the sampled great. I'm growing with each sip. Yeah ah you know and it doesn't feel yup. It's it's just a relaxing thing and i don't have to you know. Most people are limited limited in my position to the things you can have. They can limit a die hard liquor wine hung from a good rowsell day but i you know i got this. I did come across. I was at a market the other day. I came across a whiskey lemonade. Now whiskey iced tea that was still in can and i tried it tastes like whiskey ski niceties and that was pretty funny. How that works. I know but this stuff. I was just like oh. This is great. You know they'll sipping thing so sorry i know you're you're telling story but you you saw that you saw that pure still in your parched yeah you know oh and i'm just going to jump really quick thinking about it because you know we're talking about coconut water here and i we started off talking about the women's team also oh chef <hes> over at the pistons <hes> you know when you're doing <hes> the culinary aspect for high performance athletes athletes. Where does your level of nutritional knowledge come into play or or how much do you rely on nutritional experts. Come in and say okay well. We need to <hes> you know this person's getting you know the soccer team's gonna burn so many calories out there in the first forty five minutes and we need to make sure that they are prime to go so we need to have x._y._z. Eh as we're building up menu will so i work with a dietitian and i work with a high performance team and we just all come together and we put out strict guidelines and we just follow him <hes> fairly simple <hes> clean things you know what you should have and what you shouldn't have and then we throw in a couple of super fruits and vegetables and try to get maximum performance but they're not they're seeing chicken and broccoli right. I mean it's not like i mean so there's there's that one of the parts you control but then how much of it is controlled like nate cheat on their own the guys yes the girl's definitely not the girls are really health conscious. They know what they should and shouldn't have like they'll look at the label for things that they shouldn't have palm oil is bad for them so they'll look at their peanut butter and make sure that's not in it. The guy is on the other hand. Just kind of eat whatever they're hoping that de i you took away all the best of <hes> but that's what kind of what we do is we <hes> just put things in the area so that they don't go and cheat their diets his but some of the guys are starting to learn that the healthier they are the better they play which means the more money they make so it was kind of getting the younger guys to get on tran- faster so when you're <hes> over l._c._a.'s like buffet style yeah buffet style and then i do a couple to go meals forum recovery meals. L._c._a.'s little caesars be right. That's where the pistons play. Yes so okay so i have a question because th the most prolific kind of instagram account one of them is is the rocks and the rock will post a cheat meal about once a week right and i and i wanna talk about this. 'cause we never really see what the rockets on a daily basis basis. We see the rock. The rock looks like right. High-performance athlete probably to the nth degree is probably the one of the most well known high performance athletes right but as cheap meal is. I don't know five pounds of sushi six chocolate chip cookies three scoops of ice cream and then he's go to bed this. This is the this is the narrative he he puts forth. How true is that cheat meal narrative. <hes> will some players have like things that they do before games that they don't. They'll never never change <hes> so they know ice cream's bad for him but some of them have a superstition that they eat ice cream before game so they want regardless. If it's bad or not so i would consider that a cheat meal <hes> nowadays when you cheat yourself <hes> you can still have shortcuts make it healthy like there's an air fryer now so if you're going to have fried food airfreight uh-huh yeah so and they kind of know the consequences if they do cheat and maybe he's just once in a while maybe once a week yes so what does that mean so as someone that that works on a regular basis like myself right. I don't want to change the way i am. I gonna struggle to reach a mega hit a plateau and then not be able to overcome. I think it would be harder for you to recover. <hes> you know all the time that will be one of the reasons shit no way recovery. I didn't know that so yeah recovery so <hes> you mentioned this. I'm going back bouncing back and forth. He's re. You say you make recovery meals so can it gives us. Examples of a recovery meal is that you're doing for these address for example. Let's say a rainbow so in a bow you have king y. You have brown rice. You have sweet potatoes. You have a beans. <hes> tomatoes purple cabbage is different. Things thou improve give your health and get you your blood flowing faster so you can recover faster really i. I didn't just eating burgers and pizza was going to be fine us. Oh well. That's why i gotta shake this episode not sponsored but if you're listening i do love your food i do. I do travel with the pistons. <hes> i have just for research purposes but not on the the regular when you say research while you're researching what other chefs are doing research with other teams in the league went to milwaukee. They have a really great chef there. <hes> zale is name <hes> so we learned a lot from him. He does things a little differently but we're kind of on the same page same court to do. A lot of chefs in cirque is like a circuit you guys all know each other and like you know like when the other do feed the other team when they come into town <hes> only if they requested so like seventy sixers requested in <hes> they'll. They'll mostly get their food from the banquet center at the s._e._a. Okay <hes> so i necessarily just strictly do the pistons so when you you cook for all of the players the players the staff the training staff coaches in the family. Does everybody eat the same thing yeah. There's a a lot of options okay so you take dietary restriction and into consideration only only allergy we have is a peanut allergy shot up bruce brown no <hes> <hes> no vegans vegetarians <hes> anything like that. No we have a ball boy. That's a vegan. <hes> i think about it now but a lot of them are just strictly clean eaters eaters. They'll have some meat but they just want cooked in the finest oils avocado olive oil things like that so when you say clean eating what does that mean like in terms of <hes>. Don't put a lot of sodium different seasonings and spices. Make sure everything's all natural <hes> cookie lightly don't over cook. Your vegetables made sure still has crunching soaking have more nutrients so over cooking vegetable takes out the new jersey and when you see a term brown did for you so you just mentioned not not using a lot of seasoning what what does that sodium just sodium or any. Some of them have additives m._s._g. If if you look at the label with says things that you can't pronounce then more than likely no good for you. So why are you mentioned m._s._u. What's what's the conservative industry. <hes> <music> just bad. It's not natural kind of like a trick to make you like something that you really don't like so. I think they put that in chinese food. That's the thing that's where i'd like chinese no matter what adam witty's i've been tricked does it i mean i think i mean m._s._g. Is models ota monosodium sodium glutamate yeah. It's an amino acid. I think <hes> i know i think it's natural. I don't know good question yeah so so back to your history so you took your banquet experience and just carried over to yeah went their cooking for six hundred plus plus people at a time <hes> some famous people came in like rachel race you from the area of lake george adirondacks. She mentioned it a lot on her show so she came in and we just put meals out for her and like a bunch of other people and i really got my knife skill set because cooking food for six hundred plus people and everything it has to be exactly the same each of everything has to be exactly the same it really gets you strict and and your knife skills so i learned a lot from doing that and then you moved onto a fine dining concept yes <hes> they had a italian restaurant fine dining italian restaurant at the resort called the bella vida where i worked under a james beard a warning a james beard award winning chef named adam savage <hes> and he was extremely strict and he taught me a lot as well along with a sous chef gordon baker acre <hes> just learned all learning experience still learning so and then and then you moved on to other positions at new yorkers offers that when you came back to <hes> tartar other positions throughout new york upstate area just love the lake fell in love with it was just beautiful there and i still go out there every the summer just to say hi swim fish and then and then on your way back to the d. on my way back to the and then that <hes> took you to coach or you had some before geico no right to coach and segodnya <hes> kind of looking for the best thing around the area filling my skills that was ready to impress <hes> whoever i could so. I just seen the top above the renaissance. Let me go up there and apply so i applied and they called me back the same day <hes> so i worked on the grill station of their steakhouse where we we did all the means were wag. Google had racks of lamb and anything can think of <hes> and we just had to cook it perfect. You really don't want to mess up something as nice as you know. The coaching was that epa carrying at the time or yes okay and <hes>. I don't know what what's what's do. You know what's there now. Joe not going to be a new concept called the highlands. It's going to be three different concepts. They'd just announce it last week. Okay yeah that's opening by the end of the year. I believe so a long time. I don't know i mean this. Is i mean this show major a long long time ago. I remember going up there. It was a revolving elevate. The entire thing was a revolving restaurant so you'd sit on the outside in the whole outside would revolve around in a in a circle and you'd see the whole outside and they had these boots cowboy boots then as a kid you get it would call the kitty kicker and it was basically sprite and grenadine so kitty cocktail but it came in this boot glass cowboy boots and it was <hes> it was about the size of are still bottles here. It wasn't very big and when i just i remember going there as a kid going into renaissance center back in the early eighties when it was first born at all things around stopped it so that was like coach was <hes> <hes> like multiple levels but they restaurant when it was a kin- like the that was cut so like those floors there and i think that's where they were able to make in colorado but when i was about six or so seeing spin dinner and i remember going one of the first time i went back to coach it was like does this go round like that. They said it costs <hes> what about half a million to get it to spin again really and i thought it was cool that they had their own private elevator so one you know you didn't have any stops whatsoever. He just happened the elevator and boom one minute later up there. You're up at the top of the renaissance center. Which which is really. I mean i would say probably i mean definitely the tallest building downtown most poorly designed building down but <hes> so big has its own zip code. I like the giant chairs are up at the coach. Insignia remember those now these giant chairs that were comedic large sit down on the ground better. How big your yeah so that's cool so after after coach. Did you go. That's when he went to the pistons you had stopped between mean. Nobody went off to the palace auburn hills where i thought maybe one day i'll see a pistons while work here. Maybe maybe c. player but <hes> my first day they took me right right into the training center so i met the whole team seen stan van gundy first person i walk de bet that guy a lot of hot dogs swimming. I mean come on. I mean i'm just saying like he. He wasn't the most fit like kinda guy. No body shaming come on come on. I'm a eight players so how does that so. We've had on <hes> a chef hardy. Who what do you cook for starbucks hardy from r._e._i. As tamara and you know i think it didn't ask them this. I don't think i did but i ask ask you this. How do you get paid like you said you were really looking forward to me some players players how get past the starstruck -ness of you know oh my gosh. There's these people that i admire or like you know. I'm happy to get their autograph one day but now you're like. You're cooking for them all the time. And how do you get like okay like instead of being this. You're just like you're the guy who's eating my food and and you you know so i was in new york for five years and when i came back to detroit i can finally watched the pistons on t._v. Because they only played the nick brooklyn and stuff out there so i was really into the basketball season and for some reason i just came across opportunity to work with the team that i would just watching on t._v. This all the time so <hes> when i came in i couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It's kind of like your first day on a dream job. Would you really was <hes> so that's mild. Was there for probably about a good <hes>. I will wipe it away when it came in a room and then they leave abby cheese and again <hes> so i mean after a while you kind of get over. You know that you have a job job to do. <hes> you know you're going to see him again. Tomorrow your friends now. They got numbers. You know they invite you to their house barbecues. If their wife released town they'll call me and and asked me to come and prepare their meals for the week and they really just want a friend like a bow by mauriac of it he his wife town. He asked me to come over and cook meals but he wasn't really aubrey doesn't want to play to k- watch movies fun. Are you outside of the banquet setting. If you're doing something like <music> are you going to the farmer's market and shopping you yeah local market. Is that a whole foods randazzo one of my favorites and <hes> then with the transitioning. I know we're going to jump a transition women's soccer team than are you. You have that same kind of relationship that you had similar what the player there. I mean i mean joe said watching that and your instagram video sharing show. I was like oh my god that is frigging amazing right. I mean they're on. They're on the platform on the feel winning circle. I'm eric right right so they have to be incredibly inspired by the that was made yeah <hes> <hes> and with the girls it seems like we were really close <hes> but we became close in a short period of time <hes>. I just started working with them. I believe back in april. <hes> <hes> was the first time i met them. We went. They had a camp in san jose california and i met him out there and they were cheering for me. When i got there introduce myself i told them about what the chef they need. Anything contact me about culinary and they're really excited to have me so we'll talk more about the u._s. Women's soccer team but before that a word from our sponsor. I'm sitting with daniel estrada co founder and c._e._o. Of eighty-six repairs eighty six repairs as a sponsor of this week's episode of heard you learn more about eighty six repairs at eighty six repairs. Here's dot com slash heard less time daniel. We talked about what eighty six pairs is now. How does it work sure so <hes> any eighty-six repairs customer birkin text call or email us whenever they have a problem and repair shoe maintenance issue in the restaurant <hes> so typically friday night. You're walking cooler. Goes down your g._m.'s was on the phone calling service companies trying to figure out who can get out there the fastest <hes> they're waiting for calls back there waiting for tech to show up. It's a really painful process right. Anyone in the industry knows commanding. Repairs is a huge pain so what we do. Is we give them one number to call for any repair they can text us. Call us email us anytime twenty four seven and and we'll manage the whole repair process for them so they tell us what's wrong. The first thing we do is we work with the onsite team to troubleshoot right. Can we avoid a service visit in the first place so we'll do that fix. The simple things right circuit breaker needs to be flipped resets which on a compressor you know that kind of stuff defrosting walk in for example if we can't solve solve the problem with them <hes> and that's how we save customers. A lot of money is by by avoiding service in the first place then we will dispatch either their preferred vendor or us vetted service provider from our network and we send them out to solve the problem and we don't make any money from service companies are customers restaurant so we're there to save them time and money so is this a twenty four seven service absolutely twenty four seven service <hes> in your nation white yeah while close to it were in fifteen states now and we're growing very quickly. That's awesome. <hes> one more time to learn more go to eighty-six repairs dot com slash heard thank you daniel. Thanks all right so you're from the pistons to the women's soccer team. What is what was the fundamental mental difference between the two. The difference between the two is the pistons were at home <hes> when i seen them. They were miles away from their house when i see the girls is there thousands of miles away from their home so it's kinda like we're both <hes> land locked in a hotel so we kinda like on road trip so it seems to be a bit different between the two so you you're. You're hired as the chef socrates. This is only for their time in france <hes> <hes> well yeah. This assignment was for the world cup okay so this is for their time in france so how long how long was the assignment <hes> starting april and ended in july okay and spent the whole time in france house cooking different. They're like ingredient. Y stuff like that is very similar or how. Did you feel. It was a lot of stuff that they didn't have <hes>. We had to do a lot of improvising on a lot of the different menu items <hes> we tried to plan for that but it's just like you can't plan for it if you don't go to the market going to see what they have and they don't have <hes> so after a while we started making menus kinda a week before we got to the next venue and we kind of knew what they will have and what they didn't have so starting to get easier as time went on so talk me through that like are you. You say you have a dietitian your menu planning with that. Do you guys like sit in a room first before before you talked to the team and say okay. Here's here's what we do and say we need to have. We need the carbon the night before i mean i'm just saying i mean and and then you're like okay what i can do this. I can do this. I can do this and then so it's kind of like we don't talk to. The players are okay. <hes> kinda just either at first we kinda assume what they would like or what they need and then as time goes by we kind of figure out what they like <hes> so they'll put their input in if they don't like something but you kinda it does already. No no people like chicken fish and steak. People like potatoes. People ate fresh vibrant vegetables. <hes> let me just put it out like what what it didn't like. What was the thing that you you're like. Oh this is going to be a winner and then they're like really well well n._b._a. Team <hes> business they love lamb lamb lamb chops grim up with fresh herbs and garlic olive oils pepper and they love it. The girls didn't like lambda. I would make actually actually tried twice in the whole pan sat there. They really wow that's insane. Why do you think that if you had to guess or did you ask because i notice they're not eating this <hes>. So what's my land gonna land. Oh no chef is fine. It's just don't like this lyn. Are you. <hes> i'm picturing you going grocery shopping l. or placing an order for food right and you have you have say you're doing it for a day or a week or whatever you've budget in mind. No each of these teams teams are kind of budget lewis really nobody's. I mean i kind of know how to stay cost effective but i really don't hold anything back so you could just cook lobster every day. If you wanna do you like lobster windows operating got it every day so you you you referenced earlier this kind of <hes> superstition the players have and this is very common with professional athletes up from what i understand so if you make something and they win big. Is there any tendency to make the same thing the next day too so they really want. He worked proven so if you start the women women does the same thing over and over again until <hes> alex morgan did she's a star she ate the same pregame meal every time but but you kind of do like <hes> a theme meal before game so they did <hes> a build a bowl we give them a bowl and they just put a bunch of different things in there with different sauces and kind of eight like that so it's kind of like the same thing but they can change things up if they want it. Okay build your own so there is a bit probably element superstition superstition in that to this is very very similar to all their superstition and the main thing was banana pancakes the nanna pancake yet they want banana pancakes before every every game every game <hes> but they didn't want the bananas to be mushed up in there. They wanted him chunks and cooked. They didn't want slightly folded in the pancake on the griddle. You put the bananas on top and then you flip it like that y- okay all right. That's how i make. Banana pancake see i'm onto something. I would've thought maybe the bananas foster style you know. Put it on bang well. I don't know they could do much sugar but yeah but then you could do the whole thing with the flaming blaming then put the cinnamon and everyone's like that's i mean i think this is absolutely fascinating with this kind of tendency for for everybody on a team because i imagine there's what how many players at a soccer team twenty to thirty is at twenty three twenty three so to have them all had karate where it's like. We all want banana pancakes. We're all going to eat the same thing. I think that's really incredible and it's more of a team building and you're kind of like the conductor of at all yeah so. Are you the only one cooking for the team or did you have a team under you or around you or how each venue we will go to each hotel <hes> they will have have their own culinary team staff so i just go into the kitchen speak with their executive chef. Give him our guidelines. Let them know what we're going to be doing. What we're going to need the hours of the meals dell's and we execute it and they have all the cooking equipment. You don't have to carry anything over to carry with me was a juicer which is very the important. We did power shots for the players. Let's power shut power shot. We bunch a super vegetables superfood super fruits. We will juice it and it's a concentrated shot. I wanna power that. You're familiar with those working no radio no. I'm gonna tell lavar. I work our lavar five in the morning warning like power power shot by power shots coffee i do i do i do appreciate. I got that savage half weeks. Anyways besides the point that super fruits and vegetables i was i was listening into a podcast <hes> with <hes> the model show shawn stevenson shut up to sean and he had on a ah. I don't know i don't forget if it was a dietitian shaft for <hes> kobe right and apparently there was there was a specific kind of drink that he had had like every game. Do you have was there any players that were like that with us at. Hey i have to have this specific specific thing like there was it was down to a science where they wherever they went. They had to find all the ingredients they had to teach the chefs where teach people how to make this certain thank tobias hairs tobias harris had one i think <hes> <hes> marcus morris they had when they always carry around a water jug fulla herbs and different things in it and think vinegar or something combination of stuff but most of the time they will just make themselves or i don't know who maybe their wife or their personal chef. A lot of players have their own personal chefs at home so they had okay so to do anything. Personal chefs interact with you or is in you do the banquet personal chef it does it and like no i think they contact the dietitian. <hes> just about guidelines and dietitian needs so. I don't really communicate too much with their personal jeff's any any weird ingredients that you'd like oh. Where am i gonna find as you had to. Come up to <hes> in france while either either place where you had like. Why am i gonna find us at <hes> <hes> well. Maybe dry tart cherries. The may be a little hard to get <hes> but we found him. Here couldn't find them in france at aw those are kind of important better than dry cranberries yeah. You're in cherry country here. Yeah traverse city's largest producer second largest in the world next to the country of turkey as far as i know so your your way with with the women's team sue i'm assuming you're making more than just one meal for them. Versus the pistons where you're doing. Maybe pregame postgame host caves breakfast lunch dinner snack. It was a lot i was sleeping in between lunch and dinner get to watch the game back to actually know who wasn't they will on t._v. I wasn't able to go to the live games. <hes> uh in the beginning because i'll have to go two days or maybe one day before the next venue just to make sure everything's set make sure that when the girls arrive they have meals ready so oh i was traveling the same day they're playing and they were upset by. I didn't know how much they cared until it was getting close to the end. It was like are you going to finally come are games like yeah because we were standing leone own for two games straight so i can go to both of their leeann games and that was the pre championship. Champion is in the final year seventy thousand miles. That's awesome avenue. Eh so excited but <hes> couple of like the staff was like. I don't know they're superstitious to like you haven't been to a game this whole time can never come to another one so i was a little nervous like please do they want. Do you have to entertain like <hes> former players like they come into town like with the pistons or like oh ben wallace rip hamilton come in there yeah dave being there are always walking around all the best. One is <hes> rick mahorn. He's he's always there there. He's always lively. <hes> he was on the plane when i traveled to milwaukee sitting in the back and just funny he has five th i last saw him at yet <hes> american coney island to grace american going on <hes> they had to coney in contests which is actually coming up this. This'll probably post host thursday right so it's gonna be the coney contests on thursdays ports the firefighters and the police alternate <hes> that is today's promote recording date so that is the twenty ninth five thirty so august twenty ninth five thirty coney eating contest at american coney island so i ran into rick mahorn there and i go up to him and i'm like you know my dad was a cop happen when he whatever it was he knew him and vinnie <hes> johnson and i said you know he he went up to you and you know you you gave from your shoe and you signed a shoe for me. He's like vogue. I want my shoe back. I didn't really expect that to come like i was just like say. Hey man you like childhood. Heroes of mine you know the isaiah and in the hole every everybody from growing up in my shoe funny story when i was on a plane with them i was showing the dietitian some pictures of them one on google because he wasn't too familiar with them. Yes he knew about them so showing him. The one where he was hacking michael jordan like michael jordan feed off the ground and regal horned got his forearm hitting them in the face. He's in <hes>. Hey why you show her pictures of me say right behind disorders michael fuck my okay following away. Leave it at this so i wanna go back to this idea of recovery again. Because i couple well couple of years ago i saw l. Harrington who was a former indiana pacer for four hundred eighty nine pacers <hes> speak at a at a cannabis conference and he was talking about recovery <hes> a lot of players recall. I don't want to call it recovery but they recover with vodka. They drink vodka <hes> <music> as a way to <hes> mask pain or they take painkillers and his he's a he condones the use of marijuana now. I don't know if you can speak this one way or the other. Have you any any opinion on the use of marijuana as a as a avenue recovery. I'm not sure i mean i haven't done enough research on it. <hes> the dietitians or the the <hes> perform team never mentions. It and i honestly don't know if it's even allowed in <hes> in sports. Do you guys recover what shopping milk yes yes high. Protein is that why high protein and when i was at the f._b._i. Academy we when we're done working out there was entire frigerator greater donate or a dedicated simply having chocolate milk in there. We put like a quarter gettelfinger chocolate. Mcalinden titian advises low fat high protein eighteen giacomo percent high pro- high-protein high-protein. What about the sugar and chocolate milk. It doesn't the sugar i don't. I don't personally. I agree with low fat dairy. I don't drink anything low-fat dairy. I don't drink gary at all. I can't but it just bothers i haven't i haven't consumed so long like my my body. I think that one of the episodes like seventy five percent of america's lactose intolerant <hes> we seventy five percent. I believe that we just don't tolerate uh-huh really like like the pain sensitivity. You can feel it bubbling after you buy like you think you'd like. I just ate too much ice cream but no you really really just does yeah okay what <hes> what's on the future for you got. It's not like you don't get enough going on the pistons. You got some stuff man. You got some stuff so i'm waiting for the pistons to start their season. <hes> they opened up a new training centre <hes> down by wednesday right down by winning state yes so it's going to be huge and it's kind of open open to the public a little bit. They have the plum market market there and they got the team store. So there's going to be awesome can't wait to see it. <hes> the girls are possibly going to the olympics next year. There's going to be in tokyo <hes>. They told me to keep my schedule open so i'm gonna sushi excited about ah tons of sushi. <hes> have you been to japan before no no no and it was that your first time in france first time okay yeah so everything was unreal <hes> <hes> just taking his stride. Just look around. He resided stone before you're going like well. There's so many apps nowadays knowledge is like no other google translator or at me through the hallway. I don't google you wanna you wanna. Give us an ad personally. <hes> detroit is having a lobster fess <music> hart plaza have you heard about it sells about september thirteenth through the fifteenth <hes> and they're gonna be lobster everything everything so all the lobster lovers come out <hes> i'll be there. I'll be the biggest seafood endure at the event. <hes> so come support hart plaza detroit detroit september thirteenth through the fifteenth la la lobsters been really muggy obviously since two thousand twelve with lobster week and then hazel ravines downtown they came out one to august eleventh but then extended to september second and they not only did the main lahser connecticut lobster roll they. Did you know the whole lobster. I went back and got a connecticut role first time. I got the whole lobster so it's blocked big right now yeah yeah. We need a crab week. We need the crab legs week right. I mean you can go to casino. Get all you can eat snow crab and i mean let's assume king crab week. That's not thirty dollars a frigging pound. That's hard you know or twenty. I mean right now. I know i wanna crab week. Taste tation crab is like <hes> were so sereni s you are. I am i so we know we we we did a pop up recently for accolades at <hes> a mutiny and made a crab rangoon dip and we looked into <hes> imitation crab because we thought it would cost less but the the volume we had to buy as a wholesaler made it less expensive arrested by real crab a crab crab bringing delicious. Maybe you know this stuff because because i mean there was an article i didn't read the article. I saw the headline but i said what the hell is. Crabbing like. It just seems so weird like just like a dumpling right but i know but it's like spread spread out like a spider the just how they painted all together what do you mean i mean it could pinch perogie day because then it won't be covering and get him to be crap. Perogie star chef worked. Where can we find online. You can find me at chef underscore. Your score taryn t. e. r. in that's instagram or taryn green green like the color facebook google. I'm out there so that chef taryn account. That's where the that's where the video is the video so the u._s. women's soccer team chanting chef chef and we linked somehow honor on her an art graham <hes> yeah if you can send me the video i can put it up yeah and videos of megara pino. Give me a shout out at the ceremony the new york city <hes> just like everything gave me goosebumps out. There's i mean you can't you can't underestimate the power of food now. I know i it's unbelievable. Goes a long way. People really give a shit about what they put in their body in these high performance athletes kudos to them for recognizing that you know they can't do it alone that they have to have supplementation. They have to have the right food. They have coaches and and people that put him on whatever ever path it is a spiritual path food path. I dunno shefty congratulations on your part of that world championship team until next time dine well friends yes.

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Mon. Apr. 1 - Who's Who?

The Starters

24:59 min | 2 years ago

Mon. Apr. 1 - Who's Who?

"Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at Xeni dot com slash NBA. Today. Sure, we talk yoga's late at the Jackson, the Laker shutting down the brawn, and oh so many three. Jared Greenberg joins us live from Boston to discuss. What might be Dwayne ways last game at the garden and then make condition of weekend whoop? Sees has gone. So the dog Monday, April, the Dow? World. And welcome to the starters, Jack Daniels number seven and Tennessee. Honey, I'm Jay through one time. He has always stats Nellis twelve more sleeps until the playoffs thought to his right. It's the international man of mystery taking it to the max, that's Leila's friends and last, but not least over yonder the handsome guy on the show. It's the bearded one. That's kirby. Uh-huh. Trent with worth guys on here. The internet looking for your best tweets using hashtag the starters, as you know, it's April Fool's day today, which is a day where we celebrate by playing pranks on each other and spreading hoaxes, it's all terribly lame something we would never partaken, but the NBA has had some fun with it before as we all know the Sacramento Kings. They took the popcorn prank to like the next level when they popcorn Nick staus success entire apartment. Charles Berkeley once pranked his then teammate new poll. Classic human under the dinner cover ghetto, Rick Mahorn style, but my favorite April. First nineteen Ninety-seven the Knicks decided to fool their fans by Nelson their pre-game show that they'd signed a fifty two year old CLYDE Frazier to attending contract releasing third string point guard. Scott Brooks to make route he was devastated. This things like seven or eight minutes long dumbly, will you gotta YouTube that they really went in on that bit. But we want to hear from you guys. Let us know what's your favorite NBA prank? Treat at us. Using hashtag the starters. We'll hear from you guys a little bit later before we get into my favorite prank is of course, anytime I can get on Manley with a classic pocket. No, we I needed to look under your chair take a look to your chair. I don't know. Doug. Lucky day. Had a bit of a ball three walkout today. I'm feeling a little. Oh, Donald without dying us. She a fresh eight only the best. Good stuff on tonight show. We're gonna talk to Jared Greenberg. Live from Boston head of tonight's pivotal heat. Celtics game we got a new batch of weekend. Wolf sees? We got so many wedgies and Lee if he can get over the pocket dog is gonna here's what the very solid play. But first we're gonna play a little bit. Is this news trae his rounded up some today's NBA headlines going to put them to us like sid Finch will determine whether or not headlines are actually newsworthy trade take it away. All right. Our first headline comes from the Atlantic behind them any wall who's got the money over here. Reads Niccolo Yokich is second ojection in two weeks reveals frustration the all stars had with officiating is this news. I think this is news because as trae mentioned today, this is not the first time it's happened with Nikola Yokich, you gotta check to the couple of weeks ago. Now, they survived that one the Denver Nuggets. But last night a home game against the team that was affectively out of the playoffs the Washington Wizards, and they couldn't get over the hump. I think they might be feeling a little bit of the pressure. Denver of really trying to get that number one spot in the Western Conference. Home court the entire playoffs because if they get to the conference finals, and if they face the Golden State Warriors, they need any little advantage. So Nicolay Yokich. He's a big guy. He's an all star. He's been complaining a little bit this. He's not getting those stock calls. I think last night was another another example of him getting just frustrated because things haven't quite gone his way so far as the season gets towards the playoffs. You got to keep you cool. I mean your team is shooting nineteen percent from three point land Jamal Moi's out of the game. He's the second best player. It's like my when my favorite Rapa ludicrous said you're going for the number one spot. You got six games remaining. Only tomorrow, you're plan the Golden State Warriors. You gotta turn this baby around. They just won by forty seven. The warriors. Did how do you expect to win? If you don't have your best play in the game. That's very tough task you mentioned earlier this frustrations kind of been building for Nicole Yokich. That's something. Mike Malone mentioned after the game. It feels like Yokich is become kind of a hard guy to officiate. He's always leaning hundreds upon. Drawing a ton of contact. And he's always doing these sort of like gentle flops where he kind of throws his head back. And it seems like he got hit in the face. Even if he didn't the last night that was a bad call against Yokich before he got tossed. He's fortieth and free throw tenths. But only eightieth and free throw rate free throws per field goal attempt. Yokich is banged down low inside. He's not always getting the calls understanding will frustrate. Yeah. But you know, what he is taking that ascent. We've been talking about him as perhaps being in the MVP conversation wife, you're in that conversation. You're going to get a little bit hotter. You gonna get guys coming off to you. Because they know how good you are. And he has to deal with it a mock malign sort of talked about that as well saying he needs to keep his cool. He needs to stay on the pressure. And most importantly, they needs to stay on the court. They can't go without nickel Yokich for for any more games. Like this because this could cost them later on down the line you remember remember in the last week last week. I said this game is as physical as the is. Did you see those plays right there? This game is Justice physical. This game is not soft. I'll means. Same league that you grew up in with the short shorts that Justice tough. Yeah. The rules have changed a bit. Nothing has changed. The tough men. Speaking of tough men, will we be seeing those tough men the Denver Nuggets tomorrow on the lake of the double double header, you got nuggets vs warriors. That follows the Lakers playing in Oklahoma City against the thunder. Trae need another headline. All right. Our next headline from a tiny little website called ESPN. There. Reads, Luke, Walton says the Lakers convinced LeBron to shut it down. Is this news skeets you've been saying this for weeks? What do you feel like what can I say? I called it. I told you they were gonna shut him down when the Lakers were finally out of the playoff contention. And after LeBron has realized you can't really do much more for this team that being said, I do think this is news because every game LeBron doesn't play as another game where he's not chasing against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He's six thousand points shy basically of cream for number one. All time score in the NBA. He's leaving about one hundred points on the table TASS. I know you've got the tweet about LeBron's chase for ream. So you think this is going to be major? No, yeah. But I think this is a smart move to make sure it gets himself right for next season. He's clearly still struggling from that groin injury. The lake is got nothing to play for. So you might as well just sit down have a wrastling. Brian hasn't had a holiday in ten years. It seems likes. I now he's got some time off he can go cruising sip a little vino Italy as he likes to do. I think it's a good idea instead of LeBron. He's lebron. I love you. He's five thousand eight hundred forty four point short. You know, I love my math. That's three good seasons of LeBron James. He's even if he depreciates little bit give them four seasons. He's got it in the bag. This isn't new this is slightly news. Actually, the headline was Luke Walton says the Lakers shut him down. I think that's a good thing for Luke Walton going towards the future. He's on the hot seat. But you're in the bronze good books when you say the Brandon shut it down. We told him to shut it down. The man's always thinking. Try another headline please our final headline is by way of NBC sports. And it reads NBA breaks three point record four seventh consecutive season. Is this news? Not news. This is the way the league is going right now. Everyone's just shooting threes. All the time our more this is what he wants. He wants to just come down and bump threes. You know, why threes with more than two ninety why not shoot more freeze James Haden's gonna hit? What was going to attempt about a thousand himself? I think in a couple of years time that's going to be the norm. You can see everybody just firing away. And soon you're gonna have it going to be the norm. Nailed it. Yeah. Task everybody knows that three is worth more than two. Everybody has worked out. The math problem if you're a bad shooter. It's better to miss threes than his to miss twos. No matter what you do. You gotta get those shots up. Just like you Lee always shooting around in the other studios. Well, I'm glad you brought that up this skeets because this is good news for me. You know, why I still got a shot at the league? I mean to attend day. Why the heck not did you see me up my point contest a couple of months ago? I was money in the Bank watch these numbers up. Yeah. Yeah. I was at trae. You can't shoot like me. I got a fly here. You're spot. You know, our smart putting apparent. Mango how many people can do that? And the NBA. However was the problem. Yeah. What happens without? I'd men. You know, they can't tell me to keep it straight up. But look the warriors just son Andrew bogut blow from a couple years off. Why come nice on another strategy? And I think there's a chance for you. Thank you very much. I've always said, you brilliant man task. Okay. Well, let us know what you think about these headlines up on Twitter, hashtag the starters. Let us know are these newsworthy or these knots news where they're gonna take a break. But when we come back, we'll talk to Jared Greenberg about talking to gain weight, but around did them that and three is greater than two because. Yeah. If you're buying sneakers online. There's more than a coin flips chance that the shoe. You're looking at is fake. How can you be sure? It's real goat dot com is the safest way to buy and sell authenticity NICO's online. 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Elsewhere start building your eyewear wardrobe from the comfort of your own home at Zanny dot com. With the latest trends in eyewear available in hundreds of frame styles and materials there isn't a better way to change it up for every season. Plus is any offers prescription sunglasses at incredible prices visits. Any today at Xeni dot com slash NBA. That's Z E N N, I dot com slash NBA. The cases we gotta find who wrote this note, we do that. We find the killer. This science defined out. Police used Luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood that drama, but where was the rifle, and which man was telling the truth forensic files. The legendary true crime show is now a podcast. Join investigators is they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tools. Subscribe now with apple podcasts with new episodes every Monday and Thursday, you'll never miss out on getting your forensic fix. This starters is presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey. Welcome back to the show tonight on NBA TV. We've got a double header for you. The late game is the Cavaliers at sons. But before that we have the Miami Heat in Boston Celtics, joining us live from TD gone to talk about it this Jared Greenberg. Is welcome back yard. It's great to have you back. First question. What is going on? That's not of the God head tweet. Something earliest saying that over not a beeline that runs the Celtics locker room at the TD God wrote it away. And now the entire Rena smells awful what's going on. If you ever use the poop emoji on your phone. That's what it smelled like in here. When we heard building coupla hours ago. What happened was there was a beer line that ran directly above the Celtics locker room and fairly the reception different types of beverages that were running in these lines and overnight they rotted away. And that's what caused the smell now. Maybe I'm just numb to it. Because I've been in the building for a couple of hours now, but it seems to have gone away a little bit. And and it's not as bad as it was a couple of hours ago, but it was not pleasant here for a long time. That's good looks like we're going to have a good game tonight at might be twain wides last visit to the Boston Garden a place where he has had some pretty good battles. What did you go chance to him? What does he have to say has he feeling going into tonight's game? A big game full the hate. Well, he's he's feeling great. And as you guys know watching Dwayne Wade he's had some huge moments this season. I mean, the recent why they're in contention by down to make the playoffs is doing large part to the play of way. Earlier today have the opportunity to sit down with them in part of our conversation. Was about why isn't he coming back to play anymore passed this year? No, I can't. He's never been a more. I didn't think I could. I know I could do it for another year another two, I know I can the world. And I'm in obviously, Orgainzation, I can I can play this role for a few more years. It wasn't about that for me, you know, just more. So about me, you know, looking at the over-all, you know, pitcher and overall of my career where I met now where I met him my life, my personal just everything. And when I looked at say, you know, this is time for me, you know, to to walk away from the game. Eventually they gonna put me out. So we get out before. Wade added on there that you know, making the playoffs would be really special. He cited the very famous Pat Riley quote to the young team keep the main thing the main thing focus on making the playoffs focus on being great every night. And that's why the is in position right now to make the playoffs. You know, one other thing that wine whites been doing a lot. They say he's in his exchanging his jersey with an apartment, you didn't want us to offer up your white sweater there for him to get that practice jersey from indigenous off on I tried to but but he said rock size. All right, Jerry tasks here, the Celtics Pacers both forty five and thirty two battling to see who gets home court advantage. In the first round Boston has been open about not worrying much about the regular season. We've heard Kyrie Irving Al Horford gonna be resting down the stretch eventually Jared how concerned is Boston with getting home court in the first round. I think they would like it. I think that's a luxury that every team would like especially this building so tough to play in as a visitor, particularly in playoff games. But I asked Pacific Brad Stevens about that balance. At this time of the year of making sure your players get healthy for the playoffs versus finding that rhythm on the court. And he simply said we're not playing anyone if they're hurt were not going to risk doing further damage them potentially missing them in the playoffs. If they're not a hundred percent healthy. So this team while they love him put advantage. They are clearly putting a priority on getting their team healthy and ready for the playoffs. A game seven at home and last year's playoffs. It's kinda interesting. Don't you think that they're not too concerned about having homecourt advantage for any sort of game seven than might be happening during the first round the place? Right. I mean, you know, seems all into you know, if you think about it not that anybody wants to particularly play any particular team, especially with how hard Indiana plays. But let's face it. I mean, this Boston team has a bunch of guys who have been there and done that while Indiana went to the playoffs laughter is we all know, they're missing their biggest star in Victor, the depot. So I think they kind of recognize the situation that's going to be at hand here as good as the Anna's played it. They do wind up net four five game. Whether there before the five I think that they feel like they have the upper hand. Jared. Thank you say hi to Kenny G for a splint. Join a game tonight to let me go. Let me say hi over. Thank comeback smelling. Don't go any way anyone anybody weekend. We'll tease coming up next. Joe case be. Welcome back to the starter skates half Lee and trae here today, it's April Fool's day. So you know, we gotta hit you with some weekend. Whoop. Sees the hoops and the bloopers from this past weekend. Take it away the wolves leading the warriors by three points and overtime. I'll Anthony towns has not at all for Draymond green three point shooting ability. Just him the wave to you can get that Katmandu that play. We've heard of double dog dares, and we put him double Dutch about double dog. Double Dutch is going down at the fourth of point. You're not Celtics legend and calico and tied at Tommy Heinsohn. Really enjoyed this three point for Marcus, smart smart. Gonna take the shot gets it off. With only credited with one block in the Heat's win over mixed this weekend. Maybe she gotten another first shutting down Emmanuel moody as request for a jersey change debility. Let me get. Nice. You gotta have reservations Emmanuel out on Drummond. He he gets. The steel starts bright goes behind the back near just going to finish it. The easiest. Gailey? That's right. Come on. Now skate saying like, mommy this. He has it. All we start with this shot near turnover bowl Draymond green saying that turnover again dribble. Some weird passes in the corner. And finally Klay Thompson going to cap things off shooting off the side of the backboard and turning it over thought the warriors ten years ago time running out between the clippers and the grizzlies and Tyrone Wallace incendiaries will try to get the other guy to commit the ton. I've you take it. No. You know? No. You haven't not okay. You got the bond plank. Puffer must be a big cash fan because he's going down. He's yelling, Tim. On the old sick three point line happens. All the time. Point game between the nuggets and the wizard last night Denver's Paul Millsap at the launch to two free. I he's a seventy three percent shoot. At you think he's gonna make one misses. But look at these hustle gets the Bobak he's gonna light up. What's this? Oh, man. Rob not that guy. Oh, wow. Much from Dwight Howard lately, but he was back with the wizards on Sunday when the rest ojected Nicoli Yokich Dwight was there help with the old heave-ho your. Over. Here. Expel? Darren FOX, let anything stop him trying to block this shot from Bryn folds, even goes, Vince cadre ever, Frederick vice on the defensive end to try to block it, right hustle, genuine. Wow. Yarn FOX great set of whoopsie. But we still gotta take one last break only come back lily BS pizza. Bet up. God I. Welcome back to the show. We asked you, what's your favorite NBA Frank trait? You've got some of the best answer. Oh, you better believe it. We got some great answers. Remember that time mock Hugo into a fistfight with the referee Del Harris. This was real cold air from Virchow. Then those the time NBA. Frank chef. But saying that even Jack sigma was ranked high the name in the top ten centers of all time Gotti infil. But of course, who can forget classics manage refers the pipe aqap, Tim Tim dog got classics, humid lava, we miss you. But. You know, what my favorite prank is of all time. Gender. I got on you. This morning. Good as the first north good. It's all good at all. Guy. All right onto the Bickham play the month of March came down to Friday's more. It's and Lakers. Trey Kemba Walker continues his better run against LeBron. I lose somehow quite get this. Let's go on you guys hard. Yeah. This pick one wrong, right? My trae Omaha bad is Kemba Walker right now you start in the month six and four ended seven and twelve what shall trae be doing? We'll you tell us that hashtag starters, sending your suggestions. Trae will be doing this very very soon as soon as we come up with an idea. I'm cut my beard. Wow. Do. Good believe ESP biddable controversial VS p here. I'll talk an inbound Tim Frazier funds pet on new it isn't traditional to slam into finished with a lineup Georgia earth onto Tim to pattern that I call a very solid play. Zangari. Well, it was a good one. What are you playing? It was a good way. And for wedgies guys number thirty four happened on Friday night in okay? See Craig blocking Westbrook evil sticking nice defensive number thirty five Saturday in LA sweet Lou Williams from distance. They give us that one. Yes. Very beautiful. But number thirty six definitely a favorite. Thanks in large part to the Brooklyn. Nets commentator, Sarah who stuck on the call, really. Really? Right into Dr. Calling for you. Tug blocked. Get heavy. No, it doesn't Sarah love the show. Love the energy for that. Wedgie? They do come in bunches up to thirty six. We bring the energy every Tuesday record the job get it. Where you get your podcast leave? We got time for fan sign. All right. They're going out to LA here. She ten before tip coming up with Rick Hamlin Burke, thanks for joining us. And remember things are always what they seem. But they're sexy.

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Ep. 42: Elif Shafak; Tricky; 2020: Failing Up or Tearing Down? w/ Chryl N. Laird; Taylor Small; Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic; Sarah Kendzior; Kwame Anthony Appiah


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Ep. 42: Elif Shafak; Tricky; 2020: Failing Up or Tearing Down? w/ Chryl N. Laird; Taylor Small; Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic; Sarah Kendzior; Kwame Anthony Appiah

"This podcast to support it by the chilton how gallery london's leading nonprofit produces of new works of art. Their current exhibition by tau in fan can be seen online visit kissing. How dot org dot uk to find out more. That is c. h. I. s. e. n. h. a. l. e. dot org uk co. Hi everyone and welcome back to stones. A my name's chris to genesis. I am the host of this award-winning independent. Art culture and politics podcast. I cannot believe where in december it's the last month of twenty twenty thankfully so lovely to see you as she see. It's so lovely to know that you're here with me. And actually the music you can hear. Now is tricky. The record producer and artist from his new album called forty pieces which was released on k seven records. Were really looking forward to talking to him. And on this program. As i said it's really i think is a wise program we've got love calming voices. And she i think is the perfect program to end the years. Definitely something to think about its reflective but it's also full of like practical people doing the work and it's entertaining. Obviously we joy. We have literature music academics philosophers who are going to touch on lots of big things that we've been thinking about and we really hope you like it so in this episode of stance. We have music from artist record producer. Tricky he'll discuss his new album for two pieces or have to do. Each record is only thing what going to leave or change is mark my only constant in my life. The author elif shafak on her new book. Stay sane an age of division. It is clear to me that the old order is no longer alive. But the problem is the new order is not born yet so we are in this moment of inbetween them in this threshold. Which is very scary. To be honest. It's exhausting because it's full of uncertainties and then we look at failing up or tearing down in this item. We discuss what the rise of incompetent leadership means for the future starting with bliscoll journalist and author sarah kenzo with her latest book hiding in plain sight which covers the last four years of trump's america. What really builds this complicity. I think is the passage of time because everyone is waiting for someone else to step in and because so much time passes. The behavior becomes normalized professor of business. Psychology at columbia university and university college. London dr thomas tamar msac on the traits of incompetent leaders leaders who gravitate towards the incompetent end of the spectrum tend to be more narcissistic overconfident morally feeble or they lack self control and they're mostly focused on the south philosopher cultural theorist and novelist kwami and near pariah on the complexities of a globalized world. How do you balance allowing people to make their own way in the world both as individuals and as communities and at the same time insisting that they have to be certain basic things that every community commits itself to and we explore the power. Black women have in changing. The failing up with professor led the author of steadfast democrats when a black woman is able to vote. It's not just her vote. It could be five or ten other people that are going to vote because of her and they know where to go and they're willing to listen and finally what does radical leadership look like his taylor. Small knowing that being an openly unapologetic queer and trans person is radical in our in our modern society. So that's what we have in the program but let's look at. The coach shouts before we go straight into it. I have to talk about the podcast. cool somos which. I love it so much. The cost on instagram. It's created by someone. i know. A woman called sophia manner. And it's one of the first podcast. Actually sent to celebrate an archives lives and of creatives and change makers from their latin american diaspora in the uk. As i said it's created by sophy amana brilliant friend. She's of ecuador and french heritage and she grew up in the uk and she just wanted to create a space for people who had really full the latin. It's experience in the uk which is massively under discovered. And something that you know. I was really excited about when she told me that. She wanted to launch his podcast. And she's done. A phenomenal job is actually produced by pharrell. Mahorn who produces daunte so there is a lovely as well so yet. Good amazing work on creating this one of the first podcasts out there which really focuses on the latin american community. So that's almost the podcast. Also we really wanted to talk about the effects of covid right because a lot of time nowadays. I'm actually hearing of more and more people are getting it and a lot of. I'm hearing people saying i didn't even know a holiday. It was a bit of a car for a cold or it was a minor thing but she the other side of it which we i think we're going to start hearing more and more of an we should really be taking. No of is actually people who are having total nightmare so they had covert and they're still massively suffering now one person who is documenting. This is an artist an illustrator. Sorry cord monique jackson. She's london-based and she has a visual diary which charts her ongoing experience with long term covert. We got to speak to a money. Saaremaa in who works with us and this is a little bit for money. A starts heads in march before lockdown. I fell ill anonymity sort of grew into muscle spasms palpitations month. It became clear with new symptoms. Like gastro pain acid reflux that i wasn't passed the beginning of this and then since then i've had a she's including nerve sensations insomnia breath lots of things. So what were your reactions from. Family in france when you And your experience. How did they react. I think that at that time it was very limited publicly. What was being said about the onus so kind of hyping paying off the two full weeks i'd be feeling better off. After two months. I was questioning. What was wrong with my buddy. I know a lot of feedback from friends and family was mostly concerned. But i think also they thought i had. It was more anxiety. I actually had been challenged by some people close to me. I wasn't sick or tool from five g to my antibodies results yet. I think you actually. These experiences newark as well to their your diary. Can you talk me through style of your works for a particular work that you feel like a share. I began making the artwork in july. Sorry decided to draw me and my room and it seemed to make me smile quite doggedly. His i saw these really gave fedral. Rings are kind of representing the bleakest time of my life. And i felt the need to share these online on instagram pontiac mubarak state a whether there was anyone else who was going through while i was and it became clear the that was the case. The style in which i may i think comes from the processor destroying even the software and ipod. Bright colors in. I think is while hiding being in swansea the room for a long time. I sort of had this desire to just draw in a very direct y y the priority is the story on getting out quickly so i usually draw on the day that i put it online. So there isn't much detail is quite clunky quite ugly. I guess by a pete hussein to like it and you were saying that you've heard from other people about their experiences through this. Who can you cannot sit way. Anyone particular anyone. Twenty plus the world's off. The bbc obstacle by stephanie. Not i'm went live in september. Apparently the website had four hundred thousand hits in the first ten hours. I didn't think it was because my work was any particular exceptional. I think it's because i knew that was very little content being made foreign from people sick with covid nineteen despite being pandemic but i have. I received over three hundred direct messages across the world because the beam was translated in conserved Eight plus languages in tamil ukrainian imen- was getting messages from people from these countries. What became clear to me. I think it was. Because i didn't include text in the images that they became white set of universal to people different languages. And you can find more about monique's work at undisclosed corona diary also jew ish a plea which is a great book which is actually out today by matt. Green is his second book and this one aims to shed light on the experiences of modern british. Jewish people within that he addresses the rise in antisemitism. But also how this fits into the conversations that we're all having about identity. Tolerance intolerance in the uk and more broadly around the world and is mixed really funny lovely stories of his upbringing but then also how politicians weaponize antisemitism both right and left and also why those conversations about race and the of antisemitism seemed to be odd so there's a lot that he tackles in this book inspired by the birth of his son he was born to a non jewish mother so that kind of sparked an identity crisis within him and says kind of part memoir popley popped menu. And you can read jew ish from today and it's published by little a and have to talk about small acts. Obviously steve mcqueen's short films that he is doing for the bbc and prime unfortunately being in new york which normally be a good thing is a bad thing. Because i haven't seen lovers rock yet because it's not up but i've seen mangrove the story of the caribbean community and mangrove Which was in west london and just about how the community Four tyler to keep that space open to get together and work together to get overcome so much discrimination but also just to hang out and have fun and it's all about that space. I think the so many reasons why firstly because it really links to stories happening now when you think about the wind rush scandal which has happened to the caribbean community. And just a terrible way that we've been treated it's been something it's been something the i really difficult to like. Take in everything. That's been happening with the her wind. Rush scandal iphone up most carrying people have and i know lots of people have been trying to raise awareness. Some of us have just been so in shock. About how disgusting. It is and i look if you watched this. You'll be able to see why we say disgusted because it's just is almost just feels like it never ends In a way. So i feel like it's really good to watch if you're interested in these connections to what you're hearing about the wind rice scandal but it's also just brilliant drama full of great actors letitia ri- i would really recommend that you watch The mangrove and cannot wait for lovers. rock A really have been cower thompson in there but yeah i'm sure he will and i'm just so glad that steve mccain is created this and actually onto new record in fact is that she debut record by sim guerrero awards. London seek formerly of the wicked punk band eighties. Matchbox b line disaster. But this is primitive. Ignorance is a great of baselines industrial rhythms and electronica and the album is actually a bold collaboration between sim and musicians like mick jones la- junk and daisy colbourne. It's a spirited sound of brexit burn. And it's deeply personal was warren a manifestation an expression of his identity as a seat punk growing up in britain. Actually i want to play the song seat punk five which is with mick jones and here is now and would tisza blotted claims the hat from one how large is cruising stein. No whistle to that is secret. Hung by primitive ignorance. Please check out sims work at primitive ignorance dot band camp dot com and that is it for co two shots. It will be on the website as usual and let's go into it. As the world waits uneasily for the trump era to end the biden era to begin in this in between space here on stance we wanted to pause take a breath and reflect on how trumpism was created and sustained a more in the end brought him down but also examined the system of radical incompetence of failing upwards that propelled him on. It feels like the motif of our time. Of course it's not. Just him across the world from boris johnson to jabot cena rovira. Hungary's viktor orban. There seems to be a leadership style that is characterized by callous incompetence from the obscene waste of public money in cronyism in britain to trump's denial encounter and handling of covid entertaining most lovable troll ever legal tonight. The when you have think he is a baffling buffoons given the britain's newly clownish picker an a passing relationship with the truth. You talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head just a bumbling fool i think one of the most shocking things about that tape is hearing trump. Talk even semi coherently about something. I personally don't see what the problem is. Just put a jackal lantern on a drunken bear and we start with political journalist author. Sarah kenzo best known for academic research on authoritarian states and her new york times bestselling debut the view from flyover country. Hell latest book. Hiding in plain sight is a history of the past forty years of american decline and how trump and his cohort both abled benefited from elite criminal impunity. Why did she write it. She told me from her home in saint louis missouri. For the first book the view from flyover country that was published originally in twenty fifteen and documented the systemic breakdown of americans institutions social trust the economy the aftermath of the two thousand eight financial collapse as mostly a book about the feeling of being abandoned and overlooked by the institutions. They're supposed to protect us. And those were the conditions that lead to the election of donald trump or the installation of donald trump in two thousand sixteen. The other thing that i had studied for most of my career is dictatorship in the former soviet union so i was looking at kleptocracies. Basically country's run like mafia states so when trump appeared. I was very alarmed because he was campaigning. Like a demagogue. And i thought that if elected he would real like a dictator. And that's exactly what happened. And the more that. I began looking into Trump's background what i uncovered was a very long story of criminality within the us government within us institutions had long been compromised and a failure of accountability. And so i just retraced. The last forty years looking at trump's own is looking at the deteriorating social and political conditions of america where it's just been downward mobility for everybody but a very narrow elite with trump and his cohort belong and on trump. You know he has been characterized in the press up a food lovable troll You know a clown and actually if we open up a little bit more such as the case. Boris johnson who also been called like a bumbling mood now is this really harmful or is not like that harmful it kind of takes the edge off. I suppose like by calling in these kinds of things. She'll view on that. I mean this is a propaganda tactic. Trump is somebody who is a skilled propaganda. Tease operated in the media for forty years. He knows how to present an image of himself. The same is true of boris johnson. The same is true. Of many of these demagogues turn dictators. That are showing up with far-right policies. And they mask their malice. With incompetence they massed their crimes with scandal They don't mind if people think that they're stupid. They think they don't know what they're doing. They don't know how to govern. That's advantageous for that. Because then people don't look closely at the policies that they're implementing and the destruction that they're creating and also at the people behind them. It's very dangerous to underestimate them. I mean they may seem comical. They may seem ridiculous. And i don't think that they are like you know geopolitical masterminds. I think both johnson and trump are people who listen to the advice of more bureaucratically inclined people and then enacted. But they're very savvy and they know fully well what they're doing. How do you think that leaders like this deal with challenges to the authority particularly like movements. That seemed to be ideologically opposite to them. They are intimidated by the power of the people. They are intimidated by pushback. But there's often a lack of pushback because people dismiss them as clownish inapt and meanwhile they are achieving their goals their stripping countries down and selling them for parts and it's been a pretty frustrating experience in the united states over the last four years just because so many Elite powerbrokers very slow to see this crisis or they were complicit in it. But what really builds this complicity. I think is the passage of time because everyone is waiting for someone else to step in. You know i was komi muller than it. was the house. Democrats who failed to launch a significant impeachment movement and because so much time passes. The behavior becomes normalized in the us. There's an enormous racial ethnic. Divide i have yet to me. A black american who do not see this crisis coming. And that's because the us has always had autocratic policies and they were selectively enforced against black. Americans need of americans against japanese americans during world war two. We've had this tradition but our media is mostly white men in terms of who covers politics. It's always like you know no one could have seen it coming and the reason they say that it's because they need to dodge accountability. It feels really unusual to see this number of kind of demagogue so incompetently around therein power after all that you know they've been elected but is it just actually that one way of seeing the world this view that you're saying they're deeply corrupt but they're very competent f. Being corrupt they have no interest in governing. I think if they were actually trying to govern and serve the people they'd be bad at it. They're only interested in in money power and immunity from prosecution. It's interesting to me because so many of these individuals don't seem to truly care about their country but the way that they stir up popular sentiment rhetorically. They're using the tactics of fascism in terms of what they want and how they align themselves though i it's a unique situation because i don't think that they mind at all. If their countries fall apart and become weaker we see this with the uk. The uk's obviously weaker after brexit. The us is much weaker than it was. Four years ago they turned out to be very easily subverted. Would you say trumpism is here to stay for the foreseeable future in your country. Trumpism is definitely here to stay and when we get rid of trump we're going to be dealing with all sorts of damage that you caused institutional failures personality cult that he formed In they're trying to build up that same coal around his daughter but there's one thing though about the numbers which is that. An enormous number of voters were disenfranchised. I think if every person in america had voted and every person who wanted to vote had been able to cast their ballot. I think that biden's numbers would be even higher that said though you know there are still tens of millions of americans who voted for donald trump. And we're either fine with what he's doing. They're willing to overlook their worst qualities of it for other reasons. But that's almost more frightening. Honda rent called the banality of evil. Where most people are not good or evil. They just don't make a decision about what they want to be in. They're not thinking about who is most hurt by the policies of this administration is easy to see. The trumpian is somehow operating on a different plane. But what if the same values that rewards incompetence assistant magically hardwired into institutions turn them into integrity free zones so widespread is the behavior were so little comeback is become second nature the norm the way our leaders lead breaking up quotes lines to party leader wanting to be part whoever someone being physically assaulted unit nasty piece of work. I want to repeat founded in two thousand. Eleven in haiti was wrong. And i wasn't in post. But i apologize the i'm sorry. It doesn't matter whether you've got a whistle blowing hotline. It doesn't matter if you've got good. Safeguarding practices in place if the moral leadership at the top of the organization. Isn't there then. We cannot have you as a partner. I'm sorry that my behavior has upset people. I've never intentionally set out to upset anyone. I work with thousands of brilliant civil service every single day and we worked together day in day out to deliver on the agenda of scotland. And i'm absolutely sorry for anyone that i have upset the uk home secretary ending that clip. With a non apology. Sir how much has rank incompetence infected institutions. We invited progressive business psychology at columbia university. Dr thomas champion per music to tell us he's the author of why do so. Many incompetent men become leaders. He told me what sparked the idea while the essay was a direct answer to shero. Sandberg's leeann book. That came out and it really was a way to condense or summarize what we've found in the research which essentially argued that instead of blaming women for not leaning in pointed note of any fulls or flows in women for not behaving like overconfident man and therefore not climbing up the organizational corporate or status louder but with the fact that those who make decisions while. They're in appointing leaders or voting for political candidates focused too much style and do the on substance and usually got over confident Based research that you've been doing in this area. What actually makes an incompetent leader. We can measure somebody's level of incompetence by quantifying hell disengaged how how bundled how so unproductive things are and typically leaders to gravitate towards the incompetent end of the spectrum that to be more narcissistic than to be overconfident. They tend to be not so technically. They're not curious. They're morally feeble or they lack self control and they're mostly focused on themselves and not enough on others but what business or institutional decisions or systems leads to someone at that being elevated because it seems like there are a lot of people in those positions my frustration. And i totally agree with you. Is that with everything we know on the science of good leadership whether you go to politics public sector or private sector there are just unnecessarily. High proportion of incompetent. People who get to the top incompetence is really more common than it should be the ability to prevent the is there but there is no willingness. Because if you're in for yourself and you're at the top you're going to be better off personally in the short run by bringing people who suck up to you and tell you that great and you know have your relevant the organizations interests at heart than if you look at a lot of the discussion on diversity and inclusion the issues now that we don't know how to create the more diverse or inclusive organization. But we don't want to because those who are get to be in a position of power state does they have no desire to disrupt themselves or their friends and then sometimes i think the intention is there but there is an inability because us talent becomes more complex. We actually almost as a defense mechanism linked to what we can see. We have this delusion that after a five or ten minute conversation with someone. We can decide whether a good leader or after presidential debate. We can decide whether somebody is candidate worth voting for but to set now just reminds me of how different politicians or people were kind of fudge that someone not braschi see neck. It looks a certain way. But it's essentially a very similar kind of product yet because for most people i this still demographic categories which makes sense because that's the easy part to see if all you want is for certain demographic categories to be represented as opposed to tackle cognitive diversity or social class or look at richard composition of leaders managers or the workforce then is going to be limited progress and actually the people that get there won't have an incentive to change the system and will be poor or inadequate role models as well but yeah i mean gender. This has been the case because when people say oh i worked my words bosses were women and there were all full in the with refining their probably telling the truth even if that is unequivocal evidence. But that's because they had to succeed within that system so if the rules of the game don't change don't expect people to change when they got there and what are the kind of repercussions on workforce or why society when you have really incompetent or this failing upwards approach you know at the level of businesses. Of course it's the main reason why organizations decay. I think the level of societies. It's even more obvious right. So i was born and raised in argentina with one hundred and fifty years ago was a richer country than franz germany australia. And the us and you know we're the only perpetually declining nation in the world why because we keep on picking bodley either so what does it look like. They are smart kind and honest and if you have three of them three. You're probably going to be a better leader. They're adoptable they're curious there humbled so they know what they don't know they're incredibly coach. They have people skills their ethical and fundamentally they're stable consistent mentioned charisma told because it doesn't matter if they're not if you have all these things or some of these things in your car is not the great because you're gonna be more impactful but if you lock these things in your car you're going to be much more destructive and actually one of the lessons if you look at the science studies is that great leaders especially great. Managers tend to be quite boring. They're consistent they are stable is not about 'em they know what they're doing that trying to improve and develop. I think we would mostly missed angela merkel because she's a black swan event in the realm of political leadership and one of the things that we need to realize today for for a long time. You had the double bind effect where women were asked to behave in a confident way but when they did we complaints the they look intimidating and when they don't we dismiss them because they're to canton carrying today. What happens is that many men are overlooked or their mind when they display empathy and kindness. And that's exactly what you need. One man who explores what happens when incompetence immoral failure golf democracy is professor kwami antony empire the british guy named philosopher cultural theorist novelist and professor philosophy and law at new york university. He's work from the honor code. How more revolutions happen to the ethics of identity spam politics psychology and coacher. He explains how demagogues use globalization to gain power. One of the great instruments of demagogy is the ease with which you can get people to other other kinds of people and to be hostile to strangers and we saw that throughout the twentieth century. So it's not hard to do. It's not a clever trick is a stupid trick because once you let that cat out of the bag. It's really hard to get it back. In the bag and so politicians who mobilized kind of negative uttering are irresponsible people and we should condemn them one instance of that in the context of the global economy blaming two kinds of people for problems in your own country blaming refugees migrants income people who've come from other places and blaming workers in other parts of the world for taking your job so let me be clear. I am in favor of lobes asian. Because i've looked at it over the last twenty thirty years and it's taken hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. I don't see how a decent person can be against that. But why is that work. Well because it's produced huge amounts of wealth and the trouble is it's not just been unfairly shared globally. It's been unfairly shared internally in the united states it is true that jobs have gone to china. That could've been done in the united states. It is not true that that would be fine because if it had been so we'd had to make my iphone in the united states. I wouldn't be able to afford it but given that process created huge amounts of wealth in the united states. We should have spent a good deal of it on dealing with the consequences for people like steelworkers in the united states who were kicked out of a job as a result. A lot of these people didn't lose their jobs to somebody in china. They lost their jobs to machine to robot. And if that continues. We may have a situation where there aren't meaningful jobs for everybody to do. What do you think in your fever. Kind of well designed healthy society at. She looks like i think. Societies are sort of conducting one hundred and ninety experiments of political living. It's clear that some of them are doing better than others. The danes have a society in which most people trust their neighbors pleasant to one another on the happiness index. They do terrific well and one reason for that surely is that they have very good health care for everybody and they are pretty good schools and so on but in those places they really haven't dealt with the problem of racial difference at least in the united states we've got lots of white supremacists here and lots of racist but we don't have people who don't realize that this is not a white country so this is an experiment as it's just early basic he in our in a really probably uncompleted able for the following reason The liberal idea is we can for lot of that kind of variety. People living different kinds of lives while still treating each other as equals in the political sphere. Which means we all have the same rights and we make sure that everybody has the basic materials for decent human life at. How do you balance allowing people to make their own way in the world both as individuals and as communities and saint insisting that they have to be certain basic things that every community committed itself to the picture that i'm afraid to many people in england have and too many people scandinavia to that really. The ideal is a world in which we're all on the same page. It's not gonna work anywhere because our is now are not like that and if to make society like that now you'd have to close the borders and closed down in a way that would guarantee you poverty. We seems gang random under making the same mistakes. Do you have kind of hope that something better tabu emerge and also what systems have changed. You think need to actually emerge before any real discernible change. Cannot she happen. Many things in the world today are way better for most people than they were one hundred years ago so we have made progress on lots of fronts for example on the rights of women. That doesn't mean that every year we make progress and some years. Globally we go backwards. The rise of nativist zita phobic murderous populism in the world means that that is something. That's getting worse. It's not getting better. What do we need to do well so many things. But there's a way of characterizing this at an abstract level. I think would you have to fill out in each society in a specific way but the basic challenge surely is to create societies and a world in which every human being has the possibility of dignified life. Human dignity is about making sure that everybody gets the fundamental things every human being is entitled to. It tells you what to aim for but it doesn't tell you how to aim for it and that's why we need all the different experiments living so we have things to learn from one another if we are willing to talk to each other and just one thought about this which i think is an important one. Is that to do that. You can't only get together when you find something you disagree about. 'cause that'll never work and these conversations are important because they build the practice in talking to one another and then coming to trust one another that we can then use. We come to the topics that we disagree about the great challenge in the united states today. And it's happening. Increasingly in other places is that we are stopping living alongside people who disagree with us. You don't do all the things that build trust and solidarity even though you disagree with one another i would say that's one of the big challenges of our time. How do we do that. I talked about the kind of tension that you have. And then how that then manipulated by demagogues. What does that do you think to the metropolitans or to like minorities princeton who targeted. And how do you think they can fight back against that kind of nativist majority or that kind of way that these people have been fired up. I think there are two things that we can think of to say. Just living back over history that a helpful one is that the press have to engage in solid axle one another yes lots of different groups in the ways in which lesbian and gay people worked against phobia civil rights movement in the united states the labor movement. So there's been a lot of movements that have been successful. Because people banded together to resist various forms of oppression but the second thing which i think is often neglected is you can get people who are in the majority to see that. There's a moral problem and for themselves to organize as allies of the oppressed. And that's what you get in the british. Abolition movement for example huge numbers of middle class people and in the early nineteenth century increasingly working class people organized against savory. You can't be a bystander. Just because it isn't affecting you you've got to stand up when you see these rooms and chrissy you have the right to speak up about these things just because you're a citizen and because you have the right and because they're wrong. I think you have the duty. That doesn't mean just speaking out against them. As i say means organizing. That's what the abolitionists did that is. What gay rights did they organized as the outcome if the election sinks in we may have witnessed just that type of mobilization but who are the people stood up stood out and stood against the tide of radical incompetence. What the practicalities of such a fight in the twenty twenty general election voters here in the. Us elected six transgender candidates to state office. One of them is taylor. Small came the first openly. Trans person elected to the vermont state house. I started by asking tailored exact moment. She decided to make the leap into politics. It was a week before the filing dates. When i had to decide to run that. I received a call from representative. deonna gonzales. Who has actually vermont's first out queer women of color in our state legislature and it was so reassuring to hear from her saying. I see the work that you're doing in the community. I see the work that you're doing. The pride center and pushing forward health equity and i think your voices necessary statehouse but eat i buy and was not a sure thing right and who say you are part of a community that a lot of time is a massive lack political football right and that probably end anytime soon. How confident where he that you'd win coming into the race. I was unsure as to how my community whether me. But i think what really did it for me. What really showed me that. This was achievable was being able to have direct conversations with folks who i had not connected with before and it was so reassuring to hear not only. Do i support you in your identity. But i support you on the issues that you are running on in the change the you wanna see not only for our city but for the state and so the confidence grew and once the primary election came through and i won that Then i was very confident going into the general election. What practical steps gave you the power that you now have. This is surprising for most folks. But i like to say that drag was my political boot camp and being dragged performer. And really what what. People don't necessarily understand about dragons how political it is known that being openly unapologetic queer and trans person is radical in our in our modern society and so not only being able to be a public figure in that respect but knowing public speaking learning hair and makeup learning how to pronounce together learning how to talk to folks across difference in especially people who are not being with what you are doing and now was all the work that i needed to to be able to move into this position. How do you actually plan to operate in a world dominated by mostly why mail mediocrity while for many of them you know you challenge their values at some of these people represent vowels. One of the lessons that was given to me along the campaign trail in talking with other candidates especially out queer candidates who are already serving in the legislature. In saying you may not be coming up against a lot of hate in your campaign. But i do wanna let you know that you will face bias in new will face discrimination when you come into the state house because of of blatant ignorance and i don't say ignorance in a negative sense because i think we are all ignorant to various issues in our lives but i think we're ignorance becomes really destructive is when we don't acknowledge it when we don't know our implicit bias or were not willing to learn through it but i hold firm on the fact that my identity who i am as a person is not up for debate is not up for discussion but how you are able to support me in support my community. That's where we can have. The conversation crucial to the coalition of forces that brought biden into power was the african american vote and the hall and center african american women and crucial to that was the role. Conversations have in making political change. Is georgia went democrat for the first time in a generation and pennsylvania abandoned trump. It was down to the work of people like georgia politicians stacey abrams. We know what it looks like to have the right to vote in the state of georgia. We met with it. Looks like they have leaders. Who want to hear our voices and let us make our own choices because when we go to vote on tuesday. We're going to fill the lines with people who know their voices matter. Those folks whose voices have been silenced for so long because they didn't think voting mattered. I know cleveland telling people they were wrong. I believe in telling people. It's different now because there are more of us than there them. There may oversee want justice more of us who want jobs. They're more russia recovery. They're more of us. Who want joe biden macomer to lead this country. Soured professor will lead is the author of steadfast democrats. How social forces shape black political behavior. The book about that voters in the us. I asked her did their vote. Really swing it for biden and save the world from trump. yes yes they did They chose him. They got behind him. They turned out for him and he wanted by large part. Because of the fact that african american voters were so strongly behind him. What is it about this group of voters that stood out. Why why were you right. Thank you so with black women. I think One of the things that we need to think about is how they are socialized and actually have some work that i'm subsequently doing now that's trying to really tap into the socialization of black women because there is a very unique experience the black woman a across the globe. Think here in. The united states are dealing with in that being black and being a woman puts them in this doubly bound doubly marginalized situation and circumstance within our society and through that socialization. I think that they also are in communities where they have to be very Front and center when it comes to things like caregiving have to be very front and center when it comes to taking care of the group and that their socialization is one that has kind of keyed them up to be very receptive and faithful to and very strong minded on. This idea of a group centred politics that basically. I can't get free unless we all get free. Would be kind of the phrase that comes to mind and that black woman embody that so much in their politics they also have dealt with a long history of having to figure out different ways to be able to participate in the politics that is often not in its traditional form because they were denied access to the franchise until the passage of the voting rights act. So they've done very well at leveraging their connections there networks The people around them into making things happen for the community because they have a strong belief. That the group's success is what will lead to their success. So it's not just voters right. That made that so tip this over the edge. We also wanted to look at groceries. The guas whose work of black many neck stacey. Abrams corey birsh a latasha brown. How they flip they states like georgia missouri. Like how did they actually do it. But i think latasha brown and corey bush and stacey abrams really have a clear understanding of and that black women broadly have a big understanding of is the importance of a grassroots on the ground Face to face or as close to that as you can get kind of touch contact with people on that black networks are very essential and you have to have an understanding of how they operate And i think a lot of people who are not within the group and not have that understanding of the community may not know exactly where to go what to do and how to tap into those networks. But it's key and especially when you get black women involved. I think one of the things that to think about with their participation is that when a black woman is able to vote. It's not just her vote. It could be five or ten other people that are going to vote because of her and they know where to go they know where to find those people they know how to get on the ground and energize individuals. And they're willing to listen. I think one of the things that i heard from latasha brown. That was very astute of her and just very speaking to telling her understanding of what she is doing with black lives matter is she is there to have conversations with people who have doubts people who have questions people who don't understand necessarily why they should decide to vote with somebody who may not necessarily embody what ideally want from a candidate and that takes time and a lot of times. Some of the campaigns don't necessarily want to dedicate that even the democratic party. I mean to be quite honest. Did not put the investment behind these women and what they were doing the way that they probably could have even higher Sits circumstances and outcomes that would have been in their favorite. Well the democrats have that black women and the black community choir law. What do you think by denise to do to retain this vote. There's a lot of tour. We hear all the time but what action needs to be done by the democrats. Well one he did. A good step was picking harris when the call came that you need to pick a black woman to be on the ticket. He responded that was a very good step in signaling that the future of the party is harris or people who look like harris. And that's an important thing because he is an elder in the party. He is very well respected across party lines. He also stood beside the first black president for two terms and so for him to be. That person. I think is really speaking to his legacy and going forward. I think he has to be very responsive to the concerns and the issues that get addressed brought up by african americans and i would hope that the people surrounding biden similarly to the ones that resigning him in the campaign and that harris will bring to his attention. This would not be a good move for you if you want. Turn out again. The happen in the aftermath of what this is and the next election cycle. Do not do these things that would be damaging to our reputation damaging to our optics and imaging to our policy agenda. Which is one where we want to make sure that black voters feel as if we are being responsive to their concerns of just been thinking when you talk about this the something. That's quite sad about it right because it's so like you caught you definitely can't go to the republicans and democrats have let you down so much. Yeah okay there's been progress but overall like you know one hundred percent happy with the my voice that you really have nowhere to go so that so much like the lesser of two evils. Is that just is that just a predicament for african americans. They just have to deal with it. And that's just how it is and we'll be for the foreseeable future. I mean to some degree. There is these limitations and i don't think you're wrong on this. There are clear constraints in our system and even one scholar in our field talks about as electoral capture. That african americans are captured by the democratic party. And don't really have a lot of options. Therefore the democratic party doesn't always cater to their needs. But i think what we've seen in the most. Recent elections is clearly the power of the black vote. And i say that literally because that is how it works Not to diminish but really to uplift what i think is an incredibly strategic and intelligent and astute and thoughtful decision that is being made by a group of people who recognize there in the margins recognize numerically there in the margins but want to have significant influence in the politics Here we are now in the twenty first century trying to continue to have say an influence. What's going on and so here is what we are going to do. Is is brilliant. And in fact. I think for a lot of people. It is scary it's powerful and so even in the constraint system. I think african americans are not a stuck as we think what we have is power to leverage and the more and more it becomes clear that we are influencing the decisions in the elections at the final days. It is impressive. I'm always just stunned. When i see it happen but to see it happen. In the circumstances that we are in in the united states with covid nineteen and the level of the spread that we are dealing with And the degree of challenges that have been put in place for voter suppression. I mean we we. We re rise to the occasion every time and it's stressful and it's hard and it is mentally taxing and physically taxing and manifestos an all these different ways and now we're seeing the aftermath. Even the challenges to these votes communities of color are aware of their power and they are utilizing their power. And there isn't a whole lot you can do to kind of diminish that even with courts and judges. They're amazing. Thank you so much to kenzo. Dr thomas tomorrow permissive. Also kwami antony a pyre and taylor. Small and a massive. Thank you for chevy lead for sharing her views. Thank you so much to all of you for being in that piece now onto music. As this month we chat with bristolian rapper singer and producer tricky back with his new album full to pieces and a remix. Ep titled doorway. Tricky is prolific as ever known for iconic album such as maxine quaye and full ciders and collaborating with the likes of massive attack bjork and pj harvey tricky recent porject laws the tragic and terrible grief that he's experienced after losing his daughter. Meena maisy topley bird. Last year we spoke to him down the line from his berlin apartment. And i wanted to go right back to his early days of being onstage stage with only are now to go one before the school team. She got i. I played compete with the lights off. Art baptist. he said i always. Ges's with jedi walking on stage and that was very said it wasn't a good experience. Then when did you start enjoying it. All stage never really been your thing performing. It takes to learn where you're at but the more land the better the songs. Yeah so now going on stage but diversed wind. I didn't expect to be front of mind would have banned the me my name on the at soy on the your name going out and see my name. Pr with special guest rookie. All just a bit much. I want to go to the album as well two pieces. Tell me about it like what was the idea behind it. What we try to say twos. Don't let it get down laid down too. Many years ago. I this free and one was with appreciably. She told me your music. Tim my life and in montreal life on that a young man who is in a coma. Parents played my music to my drummer nurse from fini's working burns union and they play my music in this bird children's burns union iconic realize amir longtime ago success. He's got nothing to do with happiness. So you made money travel world you start thinking what. What is this about an law. People would say to me on people tour your music. How get through a very difficult time in my life. july basically. Why do ours was cool to be just like lightning finger. And then we'll send somebody kaplans and also this was done that ningbo before the code. Sometimes it's twenty like this album is very well received thinking eastern time marine very simple album in very complicated this surviving some people do yoga or some people jiji or this is our survived is all i have to do is record. That's the only real. Kinda is the only thing eight going to leave or change is as my only clinched in my life. Now in this album you collaborate a lot with polish singer. Martha's alaska tell about how you came to find her. These start the tour and the first show the go right so we add another four shows component but no senior monarch was to get homeless girl and then do a couple songs in polish. 'cause we do we lost seven songs so for if we do a couple songs in their native language that it will make up for. Not having a singer were to bar there to. She came to sign shake. I ask you a few any ozone's he said no. I've learned a porous of one of your songs. So we try to inside. Jack and she just so i said look. Can you basically learn a couple more now. So she went into their two more so that i not convict free somos the next not. She doesn't five songs nets not spend six ten the tour of opened finished. And i'd say listen if you come on tour with me and i don't have to look for a singer. You could get in excelled. She taught for two years and she's on the album Suzanne and tell me about your what with land we really love. I'm in the doorway and running off his brilliant as well tell us about that. They're they're really old songs. Doorway was to commercial. So i d releasing a was gonna apply to read about the moa gonna play in san right and then again please and just got martha in food. Please recommend seventy eight years old. You just mentioned ciders. Which is an incredible album for you. Remember when you finish our. Did you know that it was going to have such a big impact. It was going to get so well received you get more clinching something i do too me talk talk talk resonates with people because i'm not actually that crown of of ours took a long time to get to. Where do i position now. Auburn in our and don't have to have success. If you don't mean it's less fresh. Rome unsuccessful i need is to make arrival once finished that album. Dan already know what. I'm doing for my next album. Joe that success means docu certain amount of freedom to basically. Now you get to do everything on your own terms and is obviously a massive and massive luxury for you in. Its where you want to be slower. Life is a lot slower so record and do shows and on front of athlete with that. My manager said to me like a war by as you should start saving money and for your return suit spent retirement from netherlands making hawk proposal off to number ration- because you could just got in his face and then not find a singer and then what with them which is amazing but then also you have worked with so many musicians maximum massive attack back in the day and grace jones. You'll he jay harvey for instance. Tell me about collaboration and how it comes about. And what you love about what you what you of just like caught iranian different voices on my music and if i could complement if you got like bjork singing on when your song and i just love working so when you're doing a song if i ca- puzzle right it is kinda. Is chinese wrong wrong fun. It's like playing chess by by. Competition are just game. It's a challenge. I wanted quick. Set our audience about that just before so basically a doorway ep which is also been released. It was based around a competition where you asked artists to respond to your tracks. And the ep features the winners as well louise. Baas blackbird never met louise never to them should've below interaction. She did her vocal under fund. So almost anybody can do. It's assessable for everybody. Know when he's just as simple as this girl sent a vocal to me on the phone to my manager on fat simple and i love that challenge say like why innovative way of doing it as well. You think you wish that more people in the music industry were doing things like this. Not only what is doing tonight. Good hussein on your day. Try nick my. But we'll say your price assist combining right and there's so much you've done rap or solo punk reggae hip hop you. Think ideas of john. Lewis really redundant a certain. Follow anything i think. It can be redundant and in a jar back in the day. People love now. They're just seen as a brand nice. If you're ready. John laura like money's. It's always read one because he doesn't scientific. So i'm not saying john rose redundant but i think it can be dangerous for our s if you fall into bracket of something too much one stat changes your version and i just want a guide back as well oversee. Ceo per stadium but what was your actual journey into music and was bristowe like a massive influenced. You think she owned from bristol. Low website run very interesting area. My granddad was an american soldier in the war. Soldiers were based in mirela. So on product of american soldiers. Like my granddad. So it's interesting area and it's very different to bristol so when people say we're still seen is a dot on weird to me because where are people going there you go there and how people more black people now was a ghetto. That book is really part of bristol scene and in terms of like new music other new younger artists that you really rate much new music. I listen to produce brian accident. Emotional personally goes looking to me is right a big create some form of emotion to me. That's it dokic about too much. Facet track pasco. And apparently claiming mckee wore the one thing. Irving on trenton on naive on. I haven't talked to fans got no you disappear. Be simple for me. Maybe it's just really explain. Breathe for me. It's like walking is just so easy. Thank you so much for taking the time. Three posed new taxi monster. Tricky for speaking with us and to k seven records and island records for the use of music in this podcast tricks. New album for two pieces is available now. Voreqe seven records and tricky is also touring next year to keep an eye out for those dates at tricky site dot com now. If there was ever a book that we needed right now it has to be leash effects how to stay sane in an age of division a compelling and pithy read just ninety pages. Elif was born in france to turkish parents and the child soon move back to turkey where she was mainly raised by her grandmother. At least mothers studied and became a diplomat so her teenage years were spent in madrid. She has a phd and political science and has taught at various universities in turkey. The us and the uk writing in turkish and english has penned numerous bestsellers from the free palace. The booker prize shortlisted ten minutes. Thirty eight seconds in this strange world to the boston of stumbled for which he was put on trial in turkey accused of belittling the country. I sat down with relief and joining us. Remember in india was called called daca a writer and journalist cheese fully the authors work for some time. So it's lovely. Took her host this interview of komo his komo with more how stay sane is such a beautifully written shot book. The length of the book. It says makes a very strong statement. It's as if you're not just seeing that too. Much information is not required. But it's almost like you've proved the point by writing about such important topics in saito shot and concise manner. Did you always plan to write it this way. I heard something completely different in mind. At the time. I was planning to write a different book so i put everything aside and i wanted to respond to that moment in time. There's a beautiful court by those lesson in one of her essays. She describes literature as analysis after the event literature has to become analysis during the event. Wild things are happening so many of us feel like our voices are not being heard. And i wanted to respond to that but also i think i wanted to honor emotions. In many political analysis. Intellectual analysis emotions are always underestimate. It's always put aside but they are incredibly important especially now world emotions guide and misguide politics so we need to address emotions whether it's anxiety or anger or fear or confusion all of that matter. Salat one of the things that you write about in the book is how are caught in between the old and the new not able to let go of the old world and not able to shape the new world either for younger generations. This is a very difficult for us to be in because in a lot of cultures. Especially where i am in india. The older generation and the older moms have to be respected and followed. How do we strike a balance between the two. We must of course always listen to the wisdom that comes with age yet at the same time. They're very important. Questions being raised right now by young people all around the world about justice or injustice inequalities discrimination. They're are the ones who are saying what's going to happen to our planet and we have to give them voice. We have to give them more power. It is clear to me that the old order is no longer alive. But the problem is the new order is not born yet so we are in this moment of inbetween them in this threshold. Which is very scary. To be honest. It's exhausting because it's full of uncertainties and the only way to move forward at a time like this is via soledad's eighty sisterhood remembering core democratic principles restoring our democracies respecting diversity and also mending inequalities inequalities side issue. It's not a footnote. I think it has to be at the center of all of our debates inequalities matter this interesting to see how different countries will react. I think over the next few years to some of these questions are urging questions really. But you know you've always been on the hunt voices that are so seen as unheard or ideas that are seen as invisible. You said in past interviews that you are interested in those who live on the periphery. Does this make life harder. And what keeps you motivated. It does make it harder because the moment you start paying more attention. To the periphery rather than the center. You also delve into silences untold stories. So the moment you start asking questions about what kind of stories have not been included in that mainstream narrative. Then you enter into a terrain in which you might offend people or some authorities might be upset to for questioning the official narrative. I think it's much harder to be a women writer who is interested in silences. Because there's this layer of sexism added to everything that you need to deal with and of course it's not only women. Writers is women journalists. Women are cutting whatever you do in life but that layer of sexism is always there and i find it important to talk about that. Because the literary world at first glance it looks very modern underneath. Same old patriarch. We also live in an era. Where technology your social media also promised us that every voice could be heard. What do you think went wrong in. Your view primarily. What was problematic was are extreme optimism in early two thousand late nineteen ninety s back. Then the biggest optimists were actually take optimists. They came from the world of technology and they had so much faith that twitter and facebook would help the world to democratize and there was an arrogance also hidden in that analysis because people assumed that some parts of the world sold it lands namely the western world and some parts of the world where liquid lands and it was in those liquid lands over there somewhere that you needed to worry about human rights. You needed to worry about the future of democracy or women's rights for that matter but people assume that in the solid lance so in the west you didn't have to worry about any of that because they had all been achieved. I think what happened after two thousand and sixteen is is that more and more of us we realized there is no such thing as solid lands versus liquid lands. And in fact. We're all living in liquid times. We for a long time focused. Only on the bright side of social media but social media has also very talk side. It's a bit like the moon you know. I'm not underestimating sprite. Side and the positive side that it has. But there's a dark side to it that we haven't talked about enough and that is why we need to do that urgently now in the book you talk about identity to. How'd you think a sense of identity can feed into fear and loathing as others. You know. I also feel like the word. Identity is sometimes code word for minorities here it quite a lot dominant groups use it and weaponize identity and have done for as long as i can remember what are your views on identity and when it becomes problematic. I think you're so right. The word itself is often times used a civic only refers to minority groups whether it's based on gender or race or ethnicity or culture. I would like to think of myself as a citizen of humanity in as a citizen of the world. That doesn't mean you're a citizen of nowhere. One very important thing that guided me in this emphasis on multiplicity was african american women's movement of nineteen sixties on one thousand nine hundred seventy s. They talk about identity in a much more nuanced way than we do today and they talk about power in a much more layered way than we do today. Many of them of course being women they were on the receiving end of patriarchy misogyny racial inequalities and many of them actually were lgbtq which means they also understood how homophobia transphobia worked at a very personal level so when they challenge power and authority they talk about structures of power inequalities of power. I love that point by wittman when he talks about when he says i contain multitudes. I think people who believe in a more progressive future today should not forget saying we all contain multitudes. A strong sentiment that resonated deeply from your book is that it is totally fine not to feel fine for our listeners. Who haven't read your brilliant book yet. You tell us what do you mean by this. So much is happening right now. And there's so many uncertainties we sometimes find ourselves struggling with fear anxiety look almost like an existential angst and i want to say that is all understandable in fact if you're not overwhelmed from time to time by these negative emotions maybe we're not really following what's happening in the world. The challenges once we recognize the existence of these seemingly negative emotions in us. What we do with them. How do we turn them into something. More positive and i also wanted to say it is fine. It is okay not to feel okay. Emotional turbulence to me. It's much more honest than trying to impose too much optimism at a time when we have enough reasons not to be optimistic. sometimes it's also gets very challenging because especially when you're living on. The periphery you. Start to doubt yourself. How do you handle this. Especially when you're living on the very not in the center. We need to bear in mind that we are not alone and look at us. I mean here. We are from three different countries. Three different places beyond national borders. We connect we listen to each other. I really think this is very precious but also rather than looking down. We need to look up and we need to look around and then we realized that they're actually so many people who feel alone and hurt and misunderstood an unheard right now. Turkey is going through scary. Nationalism right now in fact it's been going on for a while actually example in turkey like the government censorship and there's also the painful awful ongoing conflict with the kurdish people which you've described as the insanity of ocher nationalism. How do you feel about turkey what you hear in kind of on the ground from your friends and people with that. Recently there was a international reports that showed after china. Turkey is the second country in which we have seen Violations of media freedoms journalists being jailed academics losing their jobs or being put on trial just because they signed a peace petition. We also maybe need to talk about self censorship because censorship doesn't always come from above it also sometimes comes from. Within in authoritarian countries. People start to suppress their own worst their own criticism when we see countries like the us or in the uk for instance people using words like enemies of the people for journalists putting the pictures of judges on the front page and saying enemies of the people just because they could size brexit. You know when you see things like that is also very bad signals for authoritarian in countries. Because they feel validated. One of the reasons why i personally fell in love focus because you do talk about the need for conscious optimism and creative best mechanism. Could you expand on little bit on this for us too much. Optimism makes us a little bit ignorant of all these possible potential dangers. But then too much pessimism is not good either and in the book i mentioned actually an told when the arab spring started back then there was so much optimism and so much faith in digital technologies that a young egyptian couple named their newborn baby daughter facebook Because they thought facebook was going to change their country and the region about six months later. A family in israel named their third child like so fast forward today. As we've entered this age of pessimism this age of anger and anxiety. I think about those two children facebook in egypt and like in israel. what is lifelike. What kind of a world. How we given to these young people. So the only way forward i think is to have a healthy balance. We need also optimism. We need pessimism but not too much of either. Because then we swing to extremes. My thanks to ride tacoma for joining me on this chat and to elif shafak offer of how to stay sane in an agent vision this published by welcome collection a profile books imprint from stones. I'm chris do genesis your host. Thank you so much for joining me again. I love this time. And thank you to us. Dance team as well. Rachel porter carmella to clemente joel. Dunkin pharaoh mahone and zara martin Be back before the first of february actually because normally we take january off about what we'll be doing is a couple of really interesting exciting collaboration so check back for that. They will just drop to keep an eye out on socials. One of the mississippi the european culture foundation will be looking at the most incredible organizations around the globe. The using art to force change. You'll be spotlighting. Uganda columbia and other places. So that is going to be a fantastic stance. Takes which if you remember this of ideas framing conversations or what we do collaborations outside of regular stunt if that makes any sense but anyway that is stance takes so that will be coming out in the middle of the month and we have a few more surprises as well so you will hear me again in a few weeks time and then proper stance be back on the first of february with some great guests and guest editors as well so again happy year. Relax and enjoy and if you enjoyed this episode of starts please do subscribe and rise to review where we your podcast from and he can find us app. Stance podcast talk. This put cost is supported by the chilton. How gallery london's leading nonprofit produces of new works of art. Their current exhibition by in fan can be seen online visit. Kisan how dot org dot uk to find out more. That is c. h. I. s. e. n. h. a. l. e. dot org dot uk.

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How The Rockies Became The Hottest Mess In Baseball

The Lead

17:38 min | 3 weeks ago

How The Rockies Became The Hottest Mess In Baseball

"It it's only been three years the colorado rockies won ninety one games and played in the lds looked like they were on the upswing but since then they've cratered pretty much any way you look at it. Colorado is the worst team in all of baseball the rockies fall for the seventh consecutive on the end up striking out seventeen times in the game in a seven inning affair today. We'll talk with the athletics. Nick broke about a series of missteps including a bitter falling out with superstar. Third baseman nolan are not taken the rockies from a contender to a punchline the rockies and their best player one of the best players in their history very quickly just derailed entirely and then from then it became a very public very open mess of the cold war had begun from wondering the athletic. I'm joan nielsen. It's friday april twenty third. And this is the lead nick. I am so excited to get a chance to talk rockies dysfunction with you. It's almost like it's twenty thirteen and we're both working at the denver post yet right and we might not be at coors field but we can sort of pretend if only if only so if we're saying two thousand thirteen everyone was very excited about no one art auto back then. He was a rookie now. He's the best third baseman in baseball back. Then did the rockies. See him as the future of the yeah. I think it was pretty clear immediately that he was going to be a difference making player pitch. Doom hit pretty well to right center field camp on the run. It's over his head and gone. How about that. Oh families going crazy in the stands touch them all time for the first time for nolan aeronautical twelve nothing rockies. What was really exciting. Back then was that he was playing next. Detroit to lewinsky. Dj mayhew was on the other side. Todd helton was at first base. They had an incredible infield just ready for them to really break out. And then what happens her for a second then to two thousand and nineteen when things seemed like they were panning out a little bit and they gave that eight year. Two hundred and sixty million dollar contract extension. Can you take back there. Tell us what you remember of that. Press conference what was going on. Yes so they were coming off back to back playoff appearances. They've never reached the postseason in consecutive years in their history. Hope was high. Hope has very high and in the twenty one thousand nine season. The talk baseball. You'll remember was who is going to sign bryce harper and who's going to sign manny machado and while everybody was looking at them the rockies just sneaked in like a year early signed nolan. Our not to a long term extension. It was one of the greatest coups in rockies history. Good morning thanks to everybody for being here. This is a certainly a happy day and day for some celebration. When they signed him to this expansion it was in spring training at salt. Fields in scottsdale arizona known are not always sitting right between General manager jeff riley and the owner of the team their first of all. I'm not just an owner. I'm a fan and i believe as an organization. We tried to set a standard of honesty. Integrity trust it was as a tearful press conference and as they were talking about the contract and how it came together rockies players filtered out from the clubhouse and they were there just to watch this moment everyone just hit me right now and i saw my teammates coming hits me mahorn emotion when all you guys. They're the money that convinced him to sign with the ragas. they also told him. Jeff dick monfort. They assured dolan was the knoxville on what they were going to build up the team around. I love playing with this group. I think we have a great group. I really believe we can win. I wouldn't make this decision if i didn't believe that and i'm very happy to be here. Fear for the long haul. And i'm going to do my best. There was this feeling that the rockies are for real and it really felt in the moment like a watershed moment so you you've been covering the team for a while at this point your colorado native you. You know this team did you think. Yeah this is a new day for the rockies. They argue to commit to this or were you at all skeptical of that message. There were other things happening at the same time that made you kind of wonder what was really happening for instance that same winter. They decided that they did not want to resign. Dj lemay you is accolades. They stack up strikes gold gloves to all star appearances one batting title. Dj heston york after playing in colorado for seven seasons. But this is decision. Did not land well in colorado's clubhouse jalen mayhew was everybody's favorite player in the clubhouse. He was much glue player. So in the two thousand nine hundred and season they did very poorly base at the center. Field to runs will come in to score and brandon. Crawford has his seventh and eighth rb is of the day. It is nineteen to two giants. The most rb is a only signed daniel murphy as a free agent which before there were signs that they were not interested in building the kind of team that they promised are or they would so the point. Where in september they were way out of contention and no one are not. Oh as he's looking around the clubhouse at whole minor leaguers who had been called up in september he said you know this sort of feels like a rebuilt lead by example. That's where it feels like. Thank like him. Using the word rebuild did not land well with his bosses outside of the clubhouse in the front office because to them. It was not a rebuild. It kind of smack them in the face that like you know. Maybe we are not doing everything that we should be doing to build a baseball team. And this was really what seven months after. He signed his extension already. There is discontent so we got this situation where things are not going well and knowing are not always under contract for a long time but he's starting to question the direction this team's going in where do things from there. Exactly what you said. He started asking questions of wondering. What are we doing to build a baseball team. The response that he got was baseball player. Shut up and play baseball. Oh this is not your concern. I'm paraphrasing obviously quote to me. If you are a player who signs for two hundred sixty five million dollars you kind of have a stake in the direction of the team like you know at that point. You're almost an investor in the in the club. He made it clear that he was not signing with the rockies just to be put out to pasture and sell tickets he was interested in winning a world series so when they started demonstrating that they were not prepared to build a contending team he started asking questions and that led to a very awkward dinner during the general managers meetings in the offseason before the twenty twenty season known auto and his agent joel wolf had dinner with jeff bright and dig mont for and they laid it out on the table. Nolan said you know like we have to be a better team and his two bosses that will. That's not your concern. Basically like this is the tenor of the conversation. You can imagine how awkward this might be. They were at a very swank restaurant in scottsdale and there are competing stories about what exactly happened during dinner and what happened after it. We don't really need to know the details. All we need to know is very soon. After that known arnaldo asked to be traded twelve months he went from saying. I want to be a rocky for life full train. This is the only uniform. He's going to wear it now. Ken rosenthal is always dial saying it. Looks inevitable that these two are going to part ways the difference very quickly the rockies and their best player one of the best players in their history very quickly just derailed entirely and then from then it became a very public very open mess. The end of the cold war had begun. What was that clubhouse like when this is all going on. I know there's the pandemic as well. So you're not in there. But what was your. What was your feel on all this spring training before down in twenty twenty. It seemed like known are not oh and jeff. Bright h work actively trying to avoid each other nolan talked about his frustrations. I stand by what i said. I'm not apologizing for what i said at all. I don't feel. I need to so yeah i mean. I don't think i need to apologize for that. What i said. I mean they say what they say sometimes too you know. He said that he felt very disrespected. By jeff brian edge. All jeff bridage said when asked directly was next question from your perspective. What would you just like to say about what's been out publicly about the nothing. There's no comment. I have net income at this point. We'll pass it next question and what you saw was for a second straight season. They were among the worst teams in the national league. So i think in colorado. Everybody was waiting for the bad news and sure enough. It came but i don't know if everybody was prepared for how bad it was going to be breaking news tonight as the rockies trade away superstar and fan favorites nolan aeronautica. The five time all star has been with the team for eight wonderful seasons. What a joy to watch him play a painful loss for rockies fans tonight what do we know about the deal as far as the rockies getting return well not very much. The trade was immediately met with score. Almost universally nolan are not a was sent to the cardinals for package of five players. One major leaguer austin gombar a and four other minor leaguers. None of them were among the cardinals. Top prospects and on top of that iraqis had to give the cardinals fifty one million dollars so embodies means immediately wondered. Is there something else. That's still coming. Rockies trained on fricking are not what the hell's that all value traded on aronoff for what a frigate baggage chefs who the hell they get back. They literally try honor and fifty million dollars in cash for mid level prospects. I think i can say safely that. It is easily one of the worst trades in baseball's history. It might not be as bad as babe ruth trade. but it's like a franchise altering major league landscape changing kind of trade. That really didn't work out that well for the rockies. So nick what is whole saga say about the rockies and how they're perceived by other teams in front offices around the league teams outside of colorado look at the rockies and see a team that sort of exists on an island. They're very strange. They're not real connected to the rest of the league. They're really difficult to deal with your and they're never on the same page with other teams. This is how the rest of baseball sees the rockets. And because they're on an island a lot of these things sort of stay quiet and stay hidden the rest of baseball. And that's why it was so shocking. When all of a sudden this weird team on an island was exposed to the world and this is a really big shock to some people in colorado for an office. I don't think that they totally understood how they were. 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Drives a family without driving each other crazy find new adventures together in the hyundai santa fe. Green chef is the first. Usda or milk company is also the most sustainable meal kit offsetting one hundred percent of its direct carbon emissions and plastic packaging in every box. So you can feel great about your food and how it got to your table. Got a chance to try out. Green chef and i love how freshly ingredients. Were and how great the meal tasted go to green chef dot com slash ninety lead and use code ninety leads get off including free shipping again. Go to green chef dot com slash ninety lead and use code ninety lead to ninety dollars off including free shipping neck. Let's pivot to this season. The rockies are playing like a team that just lost its best player as we record this. They have the worst record in baseball as bad as their record. Or is that number even a little bit deceptive the rockies are losing an very old timey kind of way. they're the old fashioned kind of bad team. They are like the new jersey devils of the nineteen eighties or the la clippers of the nineties. Or there like the cleveland browns of this century. They are not trying to lose. They're losing despite themselves. It's not the sort of cynical cost cutting that leads to teams losing now. They're the old kind of bad teams where they sort of bad building the baseball team and and it's starting to catch up to them in a way. I find this to be almost comforting. That it's still possible to have so many things. Just go wrong that you end up being the worst team in baseball so pure pure. That's good we're for is very pure. It's it's very clear that these owners has no one's learning lessons here. They are just sort of plowing ahead. Will rockies ever win with these people in charge. It's a really good question. Let me argue for them. I okay this is a team that made the playoffs twice in a row despite some serious disadvantages the rockies. Play at the least predictable ballpark. In all of baseball coors field is very difficult to tame is tougher pitchers but they seemed to have solved that problem. They developed a pitching rotation. That was the best in their history and they pitched their way to back to back playoff appearances on the flip side however they turned a playoff team in to one of the worst teams baseball in less than a year. They have made soling mistakes even within the last five years. It's very difficult to see them. Being the people who eventually turned this team around their failures in free agency. They're failures and trade. They have made one good trade in the last six years like. I'm sorry you went to the playoffs twice in a row. That's a great thing but you won one game in those two appearances if you're writing that high three years later i'm sorry but you're missing the point because i think there is ample evidence at this point that the dysfunction in front office is dragging down the team on the field. Bollock on that note. We will leave you. Thank you so much for breaking down. This year's worth of mess with us today. Joan bummer conversation. But it was really nice to have you can follow nick brokers coverage of the rockies and read historic with ken rosenthal about the no an auto saga at the athletic dot com from wondering and the athletic. I'm joe nisam for listening. One degrees newest series secret sauce explores the stories and successes behind some of the most inspiring businesses creative innovators and intrepid entrepreneurs in two thousand and eight air bed and breakfast launched at south by southwest with high hopes of becoming an alternative to overbooked hotels. But they ended up with just two people booking a stay and one of them was a co founder of the company. how did airbnb persevere. Through adversity to become a company that would forever change the way we think about travel. What was their magic. Their secret sauce. That made them such an unlikely success story. And what lessons can we learn from them. Listen to secret sauce on apple podcasts. Amazon music or you can listen to new episodes early and add free by joining one plus in the wondering app.

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Zona Media Navarra: San Martn de Unx, Olite, Ujue  De Donosti al Cielo 119

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Zona Media Navarra: San Martn de Unx, Olite, Ujue De Donosti al Cielo 119

"Status Gutenberg. Hilo. Van Gogh. suffused. Hit Apple, DOT com. Story who Moss and being Benito's answer. Is As merced throw podcast and Dylan St L. Rather Yobe ahead. I'll. PODCAST. They'd Donosti CD or your Mossad. Fare. Darabont Gang Kerala. Emit the Nevada. Lot Phone. Amelia. By was how their school but he'd Paulo last Dante Moscow no. Lita Beta across minnows, Massamba everything you. Eat with I was at. One three Angelo O.`Neil inclusive FANATIC CARCASS CASTIO ISSUE MONASTERY ALLOW LEVER COMPETE ES Paradise. Alley. It's when I went fast and digging up. At the. Harder in north, Raleigh widow Baynton fast data this. Buys quasi Koa knows level cell phone million truck thin Luna. I'll be Rossello Mundial momentum also in staff phone. Ian Cerita or Pork. Laura Romeo Cameo Alim. Mitha. Passer Sunday last choline. Assume Doolan by you've been then swing you st thus living near the. Guy Is many of our list cashew venue, Bihan anyone muster metal Mazda meal must be near. Salvi. By Fame Veneto Nealon Fatto this. Massive. Sally old I sold gala stuck. Lena. Over in. Beatha. Boy WLAC TRUST MEET THE PATH Maters. Wisconsin on travel hoagie acoustic brothers. In Pueblo casino tile. Dante. Abyss. But most album data shooters. I'm madingues s history mutual masses license. The power of his lobbying quit other get Paul Mahorn beaten Sahgal. They'll Mundo Sammartino. Rosa Delay Story. Tahseen to see how the model. Paseo Phyllis. Collins from show Laura's Tornado. Belated as Mundi Elemental FAMOSOS somebody nukes three Angelo Mariko autonomy the. Lap Raila remind ray lamb Donya but. He lost this year for us about they're not only allies plead Macapa theatrical. Be near the Suny cost. Three, young for L. Pueblo. The lethal tambi double with one. Thing they you wit travel with they wave Louis and thought of no. Only. Our. Brick by soccer. Die. He knows I think you both Guanosine Status Navarro say on Komo the Manos. SIEMPRE PERLA GASTRONOMIC. Our they'll be. There are still. Not Order having taught in. Somebody Things Deif Amino Thomas. God Yes meteorologist wls and Lol Kalina templars on. Martin who nonetheless has Masbate? Yes. They'll romantic Navarro in Las. Venus. And our hope they'll be Doodo home. But he made him indeed meal in Salvo. Had gone done to his medal really lost Delfa Pico Mowbray Mu is it they saw Roosevelt? These though. This LA LA media. Saddam us. I able to Alexander. Van knows by years he'd be. Like, a myth clubbiness campers this new style us in General Motors Loretta. Phone I made the other four Palacio lists. Yes. Bala Theo she monastery as push for holiday bustle the mirrors and. They're not. Lucky method golly. Makina. Fiona. But I would obviously thought I'll go. Yeah. Well, unkind soup alassio. Like. Marcus Monastery Stereo me interest until Paloma in three D solid do not rock in. Who now Yada Yada? All. These put Rossello Pontoh St. Nom we frequent Tago tell us or Through farm also, Casteel Palacio is what I'm being today about is. Yellowstone Tanto. Are. Those. Martine. Do you who is a on three Anglo and Plano corresponded our? School shown over bt Better Paulo's Morales when we said Tortoise. quarterback woman does a lot toscanini Donna that I'm container from the. Monastery Script Tasso, Palacios and dickey. But These little tired. They're not astronaut meow weary cut until they were Komo there be no. Staff Oh now is we propia but I love Mundial I'm also be not solved. America the Nevada. Gallian. Relevant Tanya Yahuda Rivera. Kumble number your territory, and okay I'll through Pamplona Sharia most Puerto Rican thick asks the. GSA. Song. But often style theoretical they are the Honda he through salary most com filed this murthy Yo Cup are also. Amino, the total about they're not realize who. visit emphasis loose at Financial Montana Internal Geno frankly mice. capitivity reinvents Venus bicycler they made the Montagna wear your boss case Becky Taty only what it does. Gotten ask Masan whistle shoot sort of logic Tony colleague Lisa. Marie alario Lou Harris. took him well monastery of the Lady, in the Hobby Horse and automate. Comores la both aluminum. Oh and obviously ties for Nothin' through our rapporteur that emotional about. This includes a lot of DNA all nine, not a methodist. The money goes. Rio. Komo by saying, win the lottery this Kyle Federal, they are the hold on Modi. Yes. In Phoenix us, it will not be medieval you yen the. Paul Theon they know maybe. In gathering on Canisius. SIERRAS and. The AD A lot. Go they'll go this I mostly what is a? Fantasy Moana Stereo the ATHOL or linguist radicalize. Home. Do Readers get them in theory under start piddle Kate. Per Hour Sarah. Torino Michael CANEA. Tafoya. Rap. But I'll meet out cigarettes ask Ben does Bellagio sheep. Last several she she. From other wanted to? Talk. detoxify. Rigo Caves Thermo. Solitaire somebody who wear are still he? Oliver in lieu of Brennan Taylor who did. Not Begin Your Aria this comes through the obvious military us. Imported say Moot Mus enough another team told by Soccer Musavi dwell in Costar will be in the ticket and Emerson. or we up waiting for the milk emotional by rallies Keno Samson Datacom on they don't overstep. It said I broke up. What. Stem Pamplona. Poor. Allow to psalms then they think okay I. Think when domino does can do film. Pamplona hourly. Todd all throws. Dear immunity does the. Pre, made our Montana Syria not the almost peninsula, but it is the eighth. Study are employees, Okaz Kobe holy table, or leaders from world meteorologist solo numbers, and he was getting beat up. By they made us from. There who are we? Ask that. Thunder called LAS. Plazas Principles La. Para Laura your mother dealer still while Los. Cabos Federal Lasca Zero Numbers Radio. Others yes, he. One or not and take on an you call. Out This We as pathy ellipoid until the. Salary. PERCENT DILEMMA NO SIEMPRE COLOSSEUM WIDTH WGC massive Doda. Say Casteel Bellagio. Stump others were Pueblo on the phone in say those do not get ethic polytech. In the. Number, they're very fenders Siglo. commenters mutuals on your Satra Formulas Modi. Yes. Get other and local Betty Metro. The does Metros in L. case in Montana and authorised constantly thus poor promotional Siegel. Who Now yes. Is Daily choppy to begin your tune in Las Plazas. Took lobby almost valid. On this thirty, six policy theophanous. Three kind gusty PROPIA. There's. Only death libertymutual spheres. You this Condo Como Bluff area. Amid the Fiesta the lobby. Medicine this another empty underneath your love in the Nevada called be south of the low one. Gusty Years Dakata. Like. This on camera, they'll see terrific who? Does not cost stockholders in our not the lawyers. WHO's of? Social. Theo social political tannoy. Dakota Vasko Modibo tallies the militia there's some federal and what lobby up was. See Global Oprah Little Romantic Naro Alexandria the mustache. because. We assume the. Rest of the Dodo there's a lot of western Pueblo la phone our. Own. Middle Class. Aboard Alita these. Various Tassie, that's why I'm being taboo squamous reconnoitering. Paseo back the anthro principled on contrary, Athena Matthew. Is the Powell. Connecticut. Last call us in Tim Barada, the Prima without no. In our. Own Familia Demilio. Gusty Jonas Palacio or Moscow US Jamil local market and in. The. Winter. Nothi. Lally. mid-north. Cinco implement Toco Goatee Colella. You know the important there's the. Gusty you out three though but Soglo Kingston is so. On yellow. No he must start the Netanyahu Lanka helping. People. For his the Punahou yes from. News, how does how does he out of the his tongue kissed these news? 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