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"mahar aaron" Discussed on The Nerd Soup Podcast

"But yeah, that's cool when he put the gun away though. And he's so proud of you that was a fun moment. But like I said before the battle the I like that just more to develop her character and her, you know, having the confidence and breaking free of the restraints in embracing her power that she had inside of her. That's something where that's just more of like, it's not a physical battle asthma food. Yeah. I was wondering why should have been take that like why shouldn't just pull that thing off earlier. But I guess you actually know what it. Well. I think she thought that they gave her those abilities. Okay. Which I wish they would have established that to that. We're giving you these powers, but we can take it away by the activating the chip. And then she realized that the trip was just restraining the power that the power was hers that it belonged to her. You know who kept reminded me of reminded me of Doria from my hero. Abilities kinda surges throughout her body except she didn't break all of her limbs. No, no. She understood kinda not crack the. Yes. So I guess we'll go to final scores Aaron star with you seven and a half, very solid. Not my score rating scale just all the time. So we are. But I kinda just do this thing. Like, I watch it like my first reaction, seven and a half solid. Addition. I liked the character. Like what they did at certain aspects story wise, I felt could have flowed a little better. But what do you expect? I'll give you a smaller. Exactly. It's a it's a it's a so you hated middle tier marvel Mahar Aaron hated at Ted have isn't hating. It's pretty good good. I'm going Laura. I was going to seven man. I don't really do the deadline. Okay. So seventies like whole numbers. Yes. I used to be a whole number two. What about you with on that? No, I'm gonna go eight point five that's highly. It is high. I liked it. It was fun. I mean, mid tier marvel movie I liked it better than the first. I've never seen that movie. Didn't we now know that was Manny you gotta do. Well, think last year sorted because I feel like fifty something movies in the theater in like I'd like eight seventh. Yeah. Right. History. Anthony Fantastico doesn't where it's a low seven mid seven high seven. That's how he kind of does it mean today, fair marvel movies? I would say that. I don't have many moral MCI movies that I put below like a seven besides like Thorpe to would you give thought to like a full something over five?.

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