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"Here's a four zero one thousand star one thousand you hear about that three year old boy who went missing in the woods for two days and subzero temperatures and has been hailed as a survivor by police Casey Hathaway disappeared on Tuesday from his grandmother's backyard. This was last Tuesday while he's playing with other kids FBI said along with investigators in the US Marine Corps from a nearby base camp lagoon, this is an North Carolina. He told his family that he hung out with a bear for two days. Craven county sheriff chip you said Casey did say that he had a friend in the woods that was a bear. That was with him. They also reported Thursday that rescuers were able to locate the boy after hearing the sound of someone calling up for their mother. Hugh says the boy was tangled up in some vines and thorns about a half mile away from where he went missing. Did he really have the bear? Or was that just you know, a child making up an imaginary friend. He was three years old after all. But you know, I've heard of that I've heard of kids getting lost in the woods. And then when they're found. Oh, yeah. This nice man showed me the way said he had fallen here. Once and hurt himself turns out at a place where somebody to kill themselves do along those lines. A serial killer who preyed upon men before burying their bodies in potted plants pleaded guilty guilty to eight counts of first degree murder. This was yesterday. Landscaper Bruce, MacArthur, sixty seven was first arrested in January and charged with murdering two men who had gone missing in two thousand seventeen since. Then police have investigated locations around. This is Toronto Canada where he worked as a landscaper the investigation led to a murder charge. Wjr. And after a murder charge after another murder charge. Macarthur pleaded guilty to killing Celine. Essen? Andrew kinsman. Magid Kalayaan dean, Lissa wick Sara Murray. Sarah dodgers, never on Tom and Abu Dhabi beer as long as along with KIRO Xihnhua Conon goner to numb. Thank you very much. Thank you. It's great to be here. If I practice that. Yeah. He's a serial killer alleged serial killer that is said homicide detective sergeant Hank in Singa. The city of Toronto has never seen anything like this the resources that are being thrown at it. Everything we have at it. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Monday at ten A M. Apparently all of these victims were Asian. And gay. So they haven't been able to see if that is the connection, whether it's homophobic or anti gay kind of motive. But he definitely did dispose of the bodies by planting them and potted plants. I can't figure out why that chevalier is just too and so much better. Now since that landscaper came over and reported it. Quarter inch lower than it was. Oh, wait. What's that coming out of the bottom is that some new kinda fertilizer, it's red and sticky. That's right. Had a rear window. It is actually it. It really is a four hundred thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay..

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