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Softbank To Sell $3.1 Billion Worth Of Japan Telco Unit Stake

Newscast - Africa

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Softbank To Sell $3.1 Billion Worth Of Japan Telco Unit Stake

"You're listening to the news This time when Africa Business Radio Solves Banquo's sheriff's closed down zero point eight percents and five ahead of announcement at one thousand. Three hundred and seventy-five yen given a five stake. A market valuation of three hundred thirteen billion yen. Softbank needs cash for record stock. Buy Back aimed at supporting the price of its shares with Chapman used by Chief Executive Maggio. She son as collateral for loans as its tech investments falter and that was the news others time on Africa Business Radio. You can't continue to this life online at. Www Dot Africa business radio DOT COM or fire a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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Inside Supercars - #274 Friday - Macauley Jones Thought of the Week

Inside Supercars

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Inside Supercars - #274 Friday - Macauley Jones Thought of the Week

"I'm Nick Birkat. I'm Chaz Mostert and you're listening to inside civic house from the rice treks across the Strahl at he is inside supercars. Luckily John and Denise I really would generally not always have to be my answer however that is to say that they done work but history would agree that the new year's resolution will wear off. I think the problem can be relying on on a thing. In this case the Diet might to change they started. Solutions can be streamed like never eating chocolate again. No of owning everyday to small habits like watching on the one hour netflix and having healthy diet in January comes through an end and the motivation of news. And you're right back to Ground Zero Bama trying to kill your new you name Yvonne. Here's an thought to what my prices for New Year. Starting for reflection. What happened is off. Skit what did you learn? And how different from January? Twenty nine hundred. Sometimes it's eighty five. Look the person you have evolved into then identify what you have changed. Stop doing this year. Middle Things may return memory and make you realize how have impacted your died side happening or call. Doing this. Can prompt little things. You need to maintain the habit of doing for the future now looking into a new year. What is the things you can improve on relationships? You need to build on routines you can alter my mole improvements on what you currently do. So instead of making drastic changes reflect on your current situation and build on the twenty twenty soccer for your twenty twenty rising year which has just got underway. What had you do that? Self reflection funny actually always looking at at one point And I saw that someone follow his his sport psychologist for America and he posted ten questions off the shelf and it was a lot of reflection. And then you know about what has you built one habits. You have what you need to build and how you'RE GONNA change heading into the twenty twenty and it wasn't so much setting a goal. It was more just reflecting on the direction you're going in and do you need to change it. So I think for males I hop quite sure year and I had a big mindset change and more reflection midyear even and then that's what I wanted to keep building on and and just building on that process for me in something. It's not you know getting twitch weekend going you know. Being survey results driven smoke get through the process. Just do your best that you can and then a fi how you can improve on weight. Have you decided on one thing? You're going to do differently on a race weekend or one thing is going to do differently in your preparation folded rice weekend. Yeah for me. It's a lot more notetaking. Actually I I in the morning someone that's not like I I I haven't tried that. I I did my training. Rodel that stuff down I'm very meticulous week. You know what what woke tractable or written down gets manage so Track Musudan Tights and my training and whatnot. So from arising tetons washy where I got a wife from a couple of nights than always just trying to find that structure of and how I wanted Mike nuts from each weekend so I was something that I've learned that I'm GonNa take into this year now. I've just got the one set of Structure that I wanNA use and which is really going to help me aware Maggio's amid a trial and error and and you know and really what that is is so keep consistent now and just try and keep the same note so that when I go year and rice struck the right track on. Exactly what are my main focus at that on heavy set a goal like every car driver sits goal. I want to finish in the top ten or I WANNA finish in the regular finish in the top five depending on where they obviously at the pointy and they want to win the championship. Have have you set a goal Really I struggled. We setting a goal. Think it so the seventy bear bills I mean I had. I had quite a few goals going into the faith and Lafayette's and I missed the first right from a huge accident in practice and that pretty much was like a that put a halt to nearly you know my goal of the year And not entirely. It really came to them. I think you know I was. I was really hoping to get consistency throughout the championship. And then you know. We spent that Rice meeting. You know pretty much with no points by the independent you know I. I wanted to be rookie of the year but which we ended up getting but I sorta a drop those. I dropped the goal a little bit. Just I could focus more on what I was doing and results so common. I think by the end of the year we were getting stronger and stronger and and finish I think I'm just taking a bit more initiative to control controllables that everything that he's out of my control. I try not to worry about and sometimes resulted in control. You know that was a value which was a mock control and a ruin that weekend so I think what that helps me is recovering from the weekends and and really made out of bounce back from raking in Mecca for people who want to read as well as what you're saying they want to recount. What you've told us you can do that by your facebook link to your email service suspended. The facebook Enough and subscribes the emails. From enjoying your thing. We'll mccully heavy on the show again this week and we look forward to your thought of the wake next week on the show. Welcome thank you. Thanks for Calling Jones for joining us on the inside so because it's certainly interesting to hear his thought of the week it's been a fresh saving. Waken the highs and lows and lots of people and lots of developments as usual Greg yes. The Sydney Saga is held. This week's going to be remembered if you want to keep up with the Sydney Saga. To of course you can join us. He each weekday morning. But also but also. Don't forget that you can join us. But don't forget you can find out all the Motorsport News. That's going on with not only at multiple three sixty. It's an APP that goes across all the latest breaking stories. You can find videos. You can find out. Twitter feeds from drivers and of course listened to inside. Subic is all in the one hand. Yep that's motorsport three sixty available now through the Google playstore and coming soon to the apple stores. Well tiny raw. That'll be a good fixer invaded. But for me for this. Thanks so much craig and good not from him. Inside super cows is produced by fund media shooting next week for more and sport radio DOT COM dot. Au or locking the podcast. Roger or mobile device search inside supercars the views expressed on inside Super Qasr including the panelists and guests do not reflect the views of the Network Thunder Media Sport Radio. Any publication or ray broadcast of the show without the expressed written permission of funding media is strictly prohibited.

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# 451 - Maz Jobrani & ME

Bertcast's Podcast

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# 451 - Maz Jobrani & ME

"Hey guys brand new podcast. Listen if you enjoyed the super bowl with me. Tom gura and warren sapp live streaming. Thank you and if you haven't seen it yet you can go to livestream dot. Why am eight studios dot com to enjoy it. I got nothing else to promote new bill. Burr comes out this weekend. New to bears is out right now and i apologize that this is late. It has been chaos in the chrysler household. We are starting allston. I should tell you. We are starting in person. Podcasts fucking saturday saturday. Were doing a first in person. Podcast doing and outside socially and guess what the fuck i got halston. I got a tester so we can do them. As soon as a furniture comes inside will socially distant but we can test. Now i lots to talk to you about buddy. We got all the equipment. We got everything. I cannot fucking. We've got a few of these zooms coming up. And i've a big project i'm working on. We will be having zooms from time to time. I apologize but i want you to know live. Podcasts are coming back. And they're coming back fucking strong. That's all i gotta tell you. Today's podcast is a banger. Oh wait. I should thank our sponsor the peacock. Whatever you're funny. Peacock scouted exclusively streaming tons of comedy hits from iconic sitcoms to brand new originals. Like my friend monster brawny. Who's on the podcast. Today has a brand new special streaming right now on a peacock and it's called pandemic warrior. He is a fantastic comic. But more importantly when it comes to peacock bears beats the office. They have the office. That's all you have to tell me. They have the office. I will sit and watch all two hundred one episodes of the office right now. Positive bonus extras and exclusive than if you're not new to if you're new the show trust me you're gonna find something you love you give you looking for more classics. You can stream every episode of an men plus every season of snl. Something new check out. Peacocks regional comedies like the amber ruffin show ap bio which. I'm pretty sure is patent oswal. Show and say by the bell with certified fresh by rotten tomatoes. Don't miss all these his plus so much. More like maggio brownies. New special pandemic warrior get started for free at peacock dot com and start streaming today. Let's get to the podcast. I'm trying to make these shorter. So the podcast lands right in your lap. Today's guest is mazda. Ronnie maharani iranian american comedian. That is important. Because i'm obsessed with revolutions right now a must do a great podcast called revolution revolutions with dunk neighbor like ten seasons. It's fucking amazing. But one of the things. I never really understood. Really wrap my head. Around was the iranian revolution in iran. Show took over mazdas. Jat dad was directed. His family was directly affected by that. And we talk about that. We talked about that. We talk about politics. Now if one of those people to get tossed. Because you're talking politics doesn't line up with yours. Then i don't tell you because we have a great honest open conversation about the fact that the majority of not the majority of it in large group of muslim men are big trump supporters. And mas is not more importantly in than all this. We have a great conversation. I really hope you enjoy it. And i hope you check out. Mazas special pandemic warrior streaming right now on peacock. He's a great dude. He's a fantastic meeting. He's an amazing actor but he's a better podcast guest ladies and gentlemen without further ado with his new special streaming right now on picot called pandemic warrior. My friend mazda. O'brien must balmy. Mas buddy man. Doing doing well man. I'm doing well you hanging in there. I'm fucking losing my mind to be honest with you. Tell me about it faulk. It wasn't wasn't bad when When it started. And then i was. I was okay. You know. we went on tour a couple of times. So i was okay. In between tours. Missile chunk has gotten to me. You know it's been crazy. Like paul go up and down in a given day like i just. I'm sick of washing dishes dude. How many god damned dishes got a ten year old and a twelve year old nitrile. I tried to get them involved in the washing. But it's like okay. They're in the middle class. Come down put it in the different cups and spoons. And i told my wife i go. We should just label. Everyone gets one item for the day and they got to get through the day with it. I think it's not going to happen in college. I did that in college We got us all one plate. One four one nice and then we painted our names on them so that you each had a color but we just ended up using the other person's shit it doesn't it. It's exactly in theory. It sounds good but you need to be surrounded by a bunch of law abiding nobody. I'm just every time i'm like. How do we get so many goddamn dishes and then the laundry and then anyway. That's the part of stuff that i've done with him. The comedy stuff around standing you've been doing but between zoom and driving and that stuff is not nearly as much as i'm used to your one i do it. It's like i felt good when i do more often. You know. I haven't been let me turn the volume controls. I haven't been I toured pretty aggressively at the very beginning of the pandemic did I did four tours. That were pretty that were pretty ex- pretty like legit meaning twenty two days in a row shows every night and We did drive in movie theaters and so so that was fun. And then you know an and it got but it was taxing because there was a certain point where you are. You're tugging on the tiger's tail on whether or not you're going to get the virus because you're driving around the country you're hitting the hot spots now granted i. I didn't realize at the time but we were probably safer than anyone. Because we were in our own bubble like we were all on a tour bus. We were never leaving the tour bus. We were never. We've never around anybody right. I mean ever. And so in hindsight. And i wish i'd had this insight during the towards would panic attacks thinking because you know this sounds silly but like our lives in comics Trash me because i was because i decided to do something different. You you forget. I know fucking go. You know that you know this probably more acute than anyone is the second you put your business brain on and you go hold on. I got an idea i wanna. I think i can do this. I think i knew that. Let me let me see. If i can the system's not working with me right now i want to shift. I can make my own way. And i think there's a respect for that if it does moderate. Or if it fails people go amana love that always trying but when you succeed you get some real dirtbags ago. Dude fuck the axis of evil tour. Let me tell you something those fucking like and you know that as i do in then all of a sudden people you're friends with like shitting on you or you're not friends with site guy you see store be bumped into and you say hi to. You don't really know and then all of a sudden the kind kinda like shitting on you and you're like oh because i tried to think out of the box and twenty twenty. It's been crazy regardless because of all the stuff that happened. And i don't know about you but i grew up watching the godfather films and yes frago is disloyal loyalty and i learned like no matter. What my friends do in the comedy world like be there for them and you know even if i have a beef with somebody if i disagree with something. I'll do it personally i. I don't know these people that get out there and they're like vocal about about bert. What am i. they know what. Wait till the next time. I see. burt. And i might say burt. You know i'll be honest with you. Made me feel uncomfortable when you were doing that. Shit but this thing you're right. It's been a crazy but and by the way good for you for this an i did. I did one traveling show. I went to arizona. Did the tempe improv indoors. I'll be honest with you. I was hesitant going. It was towards the end of last year. At first i was like man. This thing is getting worse. And worse. Too i go. i know. it's limited capacity. All of the above but party also was like okay. They've been doing it so you look at other people doing it. We're going to be doing it. And secondly i said i want to be able to say at least i tried it during this pandemic. Yeah and and how i felt in the truth is i went there and i felt uncomfortable the true because indoors. Those do only never looked at you guys as like infected before like just back the fuck up dude and you sit there and what's funny first of all there's two things first of all. it's comedians. our whole lives have been taught to be like promote promote promote. Fill the room fielder over time ever. I was like no. I don't want anybody knowing i'm here. I just want my guarantee. Get home to five cents up doing this. I talked to. I talked to. I won't say names. I won't say names by talked to comic. And he's a new york comic l just a little bit younger than us. And i called him. He's i called and i was like. Hey how's How's tampa and he goes. Who fucking told you know went. What elizabeth told you. I don't want anyone to know he goes. 'cause i think we get la comics and not being you almost immune. You is definitely not me and you but there are county. La comics all the sudden go. It's a little social justice. Either like so. You're doing stand up in independent pandemic really. Are they wearing masks. Are they socio. They all sudden came in. Everyone's going to have to run their own race. Look florida is. I mean i saw i see videos of people in florida. Just going out to dinner and thirty nine. Th they're like licking they're looking ship. It's crazy. I don't know what the hell's wrong people own on my buddy grandma buddy post fairly aggressively about trump on On instagram like to the point where. I texted him yesterday. I was like him. And you fall off the wagon like the rehab like no dude these fucking lib cards and i'm like okay. I love you. Brother caltex you. When this is over. I'll talk to you later but i lost. I lost friends because he this. Here's the thing is the perfect storm of. I was thinking about this. I thought about this a lot. Because the fact is for four years. It's like we were bombarded with trump's shift for four years whether you want it or not today burke you might wake up to and be like today i'm going to become a yoga You know guru. And i'm just going to meditate. I'm just gonna. I'm going to the mountaintop. And just relax and some dude with show up with like a maga- hat or a tweet or so we it was four years of bombardment. And and i'll tell you it's the craziest thing because like you said with your friend be fall off the wagon. I have intelligent. Intelligent friends who started in two thousand sixteen like not being trump fans realizing trump is this like a clown who is a reality show host. Who's always been the butt of a joke. I was thinking about. I used to do silly noxious trump jokes about his hair. That was it and people in the chuckle haha. Soon as he started saying racist shit at people like hussein. What's on my monitor. They got so passionate about it. And i've lost friends because it's a combination trump and then queuing on comes in and goes. Oh there's a deep state and the lip tards and the socialist and so then all of a sudden people go live free or die motherfucker and you're like dude. Just relax my buddy and this. We don't know this guy like whether it's trump or biden or obama. I don't care as make fun of the guy let's move on with our lives. Yes it's crazy i have. I have a weird. I have a weird stance about like a growing up in florida. All my all my friends are trump supporters. Not all of them but the majority of moral trump's borders and talked to them. I love them. I have no. I have obviously i mean. I don't really talk about my politics but i mean it's pretty clear i voted for And But i i don't talk about politics at all and so and it was the same way i used to wanna ready joke about this. It was the same way about like. I used to try to figure out like anyone who talked about any issue aggressively and just wouldn't let it down. I used to get turned off from like if you were guys like uber. Fucking chick's tonight were paying checks. Fucking push him. I'd be like all right. That's enough for me on the same flight. On the flipside of you're gay alma. I'm sucking cock sucking. It'd be like all right. That's enough for me like i was. I'm just a middle of the road kinda dude and so like for example I wanted to talk to you about this. A little bit But i know like anyone. breaking the law like when they were looting The stores in in california during the black lives matters not by looting but whoever was looting during that. I didn't like the idea that i am going to be very candid. I didn't like the protests during the pandemic personally. I just thought that's very responsible. That was kind of like kind of like what the comedians are saying about. You don't go. Don't go touring like broadcasting. These guys going shit. You're shit on me for doing oklahoma city. These are fucking protesting so and but on next exact same page. Those guys have stormed the fucking capital. I have just as much distaste for that behavior. As i do for looting footlocker that that i find that i i. I think i'm more. I'm more astonished by the storm capital. Like i'm i'm a. I'm like 'cause you've heard of insurrections you've heard of and i want to talk to you about that because because i'm obsessed right now with revolutions and I'm going through a big phase. Where i'm like says gray podcasts. By mike dunkin it's all about revolutions and so and so you were an actual part. I mean you you know. You're lucky in that. You kinda were in new york during during the fall of iran. But like i was wondering like how you felt about watching that and if that hit any old kind of emotions absolutely all of the above first of all i agree with you a hundred because listen i got. I have iranian friends. Who loved trump. I mean it's the craziest thing. Yeah right colored doesn't matter in this matter and what i say is a little. It's a little different than the way you put it. But what i say look. Let's just not lose ourselves in the cult of personality of anybody. Like i personally big fan of obama but if you come to me and go hey under. Brahma was more drone attacks than any president before an innocent people died in pakistan. I'd be like oh shit. That's a bad thing y- my my conservative friends now because i ended up on this crazy. What's app chat throughout the whole. The whole pandemic in the black lives matter into the elections. And these guys were so all of a sudden more like right. Then i thought on the right side and i'm very like on the left side but one of the things that was crazy was just the feeling like like we've lost you like when i when i talk about trump. I'm not making funnier grandmother. America's we should be able to make fun of our leaders and that's a big thing to keep in mind now. When when this whole black lives matter thing happened i actually went out to the protests and protested. I was there day one with my kids and my wife. Because i was like our kids need to learn. Let let me let me backtrack for a second. Trump goes into the office. Early twenty seventeen puts in the muslim ban. One of the country's number one number one rumour want one if they go to the airport the day that was annot travel ban. But i was at the airport the day. They stopped letting muslims of the country was that it was i walked. I came out of american airlines drunk and they were like protesting down arrivals and i was there. I was one of the. I protested that we i don't know if it was the same day you were there but i went down to protest because as iranian american. I was like look this. This thing is being sold to the american people. Keeping america safe for however none of the countries that are on this band have ever committed an act of terror in america and furthermore the people that are coming from these countries are vetted and a lot of them are like for example. Iran has a very oppressive government in. I'll get to the revolution in a second. But when that revolution happened this islam it republic came in their very oppressive. So now you've got a lot of young people in iran who go to university there. They kick ass and for the longest time there were coming to america to study and a lot of them would stay here and go work in silicon valley or whatever but at least he's guys had hoped that can get out of this hell and go there once. The muslim ban happens. These guys can't come muslim. The muslim ban happens Relatives of people. That are here. Can't come harder for them to come a lot of people. I heard a lot of stories of things that to me was injustice. So i went down. I protested and it was interesting because like that night of the next night. I'm listening to the radio. I thought america because there was protests. All over the country at airports. I was like okay americans at least understand that. This muslim ban is hypocritical. And it's really just it's it's all smoke and mirrors et cetera et cetera. However the radio goes a majority of americans support the muslim ban. And that's when had a lightbulb moment. I go wait a minute. I thought americans understood the plight that i'm seeing right now of people from my background and i realized i go the same way when like black lives. Matter protests were happening under obama. I always thought oh black. people got it. they're protesting. they'll take care of it. And that's when. I realized the next time there's a group that's being oppressed for whatever reason if i can go protest. I'm going to go protest so that was set in my mind so soon black lives matter happened. Went our family. Everybody were protesting peaceful. Really fucking interesting. And your children are multicultural indian and iranian right. Yes so my wife's indian. My i'm iranian but we both my wife been in america since she was six months old. I'm here since. I was six years old but i felt it was important for them to see this. And i'll tell you this interrupt for one second. Because i've said this before and i i'm trying to question or not if what i'm saying is accurate but like it's funny. It's funny when i. When i hear you talk about going down to protest for the sometimes i forget you know people say i don't see color sometimes i i definitely see color and know that you're not supposed to don't see color but like i don't think of i think and i know you came here when you were like eight but i think of you more american than i do iranian like i just think he was an american guy like like i understand. You're you're running your cultures there and you're probably more comfortable With with with that kind of food or whatever like that culture. But like i just see as of the one i understand. She's asian but like i'm not blind by don't see you more as an american dude then i do in ronnie and dude absolutely listen. I obviously hold onto the culture whether it's the food or some of the traditions party nursing day. I'm irish but absolutely no absolutely too. If you ask me like yeah. Of course like when i first america was dallas cowboys. Fan oakland as fan. I could tell you about baseball. Listen music wise. I listened to american music comedy. Wise american communist alcohol. There's audible so absolutely right about that. But what what happened with this thing. Wasn't we live in a multicultural society. And the fact is that they're people had a breaking point and again i'll go back to it like for example the the women's marches and stuff that were happening. The the you know the women's march happened in protests at trump. That was another. I was like you know in your mind. You go okay. Women got it. They got they got but then you know they got it. It's not until somebody pointed out like with with apartheid. It wasn't until the people in power started to put a hand down and go all right. We're going to help get rid of apartheid till apartheid went away similarly. It's going to take all of us. When we see injustice you've got to step up and show up and i felt like when i saw the thing with with a george floyd and just and i started hearing stories all of a sudden i started listening because one of the problems was taber going back to that. What's app chat that. I was on with my friends. Who against some of hardcore iranian but like conservative. There well off few more like well. You know the black people gotta pull themselves up by the bootstraps. You kidding me i go. You came here. You live in brentwood in a gated community. And i go. Us have any black friends and even talk to anybody. Who's black because i know for example there was. I don't know what the comedians name was younger guy he posted about like. He's like when i've seeing this. It's i'm having a flashback to things that have happened to me. And he told the story of one time he had a meeting with with Keenen ivory wayans and he was excited. He's going to go pitch some show and he goes on the way there. I get pulled over by the cops and the next thing. I know my head is on the ground in the oil etc etc. That's experience i've ever had but i go. We need to open our eyes experiences. That people from other backgrounds and cultures might have had and it's funny because when i said that my one friend. Who's in brentwood. You know what there is a black guy. I played tennis with. And he says once why it comes to brentwood. He gets pulled over. That's right motherfucker. What do you expect. It's still so anyway just real quickly. What i was saying was i went down to the protests. Going back to the guys who looted so. It's funny because i was there with the kids and it was all positive. It was right here. Down on fairfax third and it's interesting. Because at a certain point we got we got hungry. I'm like telling my let's get some food so we went to get food. And that's what her phone started blowing up. You're were like. Are you guys like what's happening. There's riots happening in the fire so i am one hundred percent with you. When first of all the looters who loot and go into the stores and shit they're just people taking advantage of a situation right now. They're not they're not there for the for the message. They're there for. they're either just kids. I don't mean to be. I don't mean to be dismissive of it. But i was a kid also and i've made a lot of mistakes that i would never want to come up and delight these days and And i think they're just kids or poor people. Listen to. my house is broken into two days ago. i don't blame. I feel actually bad for those people who their million dollar idea was to break into my house. That was their their fucking get outta there. They're like shit's not going well. You know what though burke crisis got a ton of pictures of himself. And so i feel bad. I know that's probably. I appreciate you for that. My grandfather used to say that all the time he used to say. I never judge anybody who was the guy who steals stealing. Because he's hungry your ass. His solution like you said so similarly these guys who looted absolutely wrong and but at the same time like you said you. And i aren't gonna be like you know what i i do need a tv. So let me go down and loot. I'm very lake in so that i can. You can sit in a room with a piece of paper and a pen and go. I want to tv and then figure out how to get a tv. And i feel bad for exactly so those. Those guys were wrong and anybody. Who did anything violent was wrong. All that stuff. I totally convinced. However i will go back because again when when the cap. The russia capitol hill happen at the capital. That was again one of my friends. Conservative friends was like this is wrong and if we do this then we are just like antifreeze and i was like no. No no. No no stop stop. These dudes are literally trying to overthrow a government. And if you don't believe me you need to go to the chat rooms. I had on my podcast. This guy named frank fig luciano if you know frankly lucy but he's always on msnbc and he was just on bill maher. He's crazy have money he taught. He's a He was a assistant director of the counterterrorism counterterrorism at the fbi. And when i had him on in the fall before this this this whole attack happened one of the things he pointed out he said look he goes. I'm a retired Fbi guy and he goes. Because i'm retired and anyone else who's in my community because we don't have to play by the same rules that current fbi supply so like current fbi wants to spy on. Somebody gotta get the right. You know we you know approval and this and that and get into chat. Rooms he goes. We can go to the showroom to see what's going on and he goes. I'll tell you what's going on is there is a group of people who are on the far right who think this is their day and their common and they want to overthrow the government and their weaponized etcetera etcetera etcetera. So when we say you know. Comparing the looters of of of of the nike store with the guys who stormed the capital guys at nike store are just doing stupid shit and it should be caught and arrested and pay whatever they gotta pay for for doing that. These funds were trying to overthrow government legit trying to overthrow the government. They were legit if they had got burnt. If they you tell me if they had gotten their hands on nancy pelosi wouldn't have killed killer. They would have killed her. and i don't think they would have meant to kill or maybe they would have meant killer. But i think what would happen is the same shit with washington. Guy get crushed. It's mob mentality and you you gotta understand. You know what i think. A lot of people who don't maybe won't own up to is their ability to participate in mob mentality. It used to have a bit that i was working on that. We're all karen's. I don't ever think you're not a karen black white mexican. Were all fucking. Karen's sometime when injustice happens to us small as it may be I remember i call the cops on a moving truck. I don't even know. The dudes were. But i had ice cream. Ice cream. chocolate is moving truck was blocking me. Am i gonna melting. And there's a for whatever reason that called urgency hilarious. I was using a bug a. Move the guys. Like lowe's salk my dick do say there is a sincere power in not giving a fuck when you don't give a fuck that is when you when you when you go head to head with someone that really doesn't give a fuck. You have never felt more helpless in your life. I was like msn move talking now. And he's like why don't you get out and suck my dick and now they're laughing at me. I go call the cops. Call the fucking cops on now. I'll call by the way this ten years ago. I was like i'll call up before. Mazdas is such a true story. This is before your cell phone will let you dial nine. One one had your cell phone. You dial nine one one. 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Twenty five percent off when you go to cd md dot com and use the promo code bert a check checkout once again that cbd md and use the promo code. Burt at checkout to save twenty. Percents off your purchase of premium. Cbd oil products from cpi md. So that's my point. My point is these guys. Were actually in my opinion much worse than the rebound guys because these guys listen. I don't think they're bad people like you just said i think that a lot of people most people you sit down with them face to face. They're good people. If they're you know of sane mind. But i think a combination of all the conspiracy theories all the stuff that's been added up. They really felt that they were saving the country by the way the kept calling themselves patriots patriots. Even von trump would a tweet. We need the patriots. Did you start calling patriot at some point. You think you're the superhero. There's actually a guy who's a gaming designer and he. He's been commenting on this. He goes cunanan is set up like a game in that in the game. You're the good guy you're going to save everybody. And here's all the bad guys. And he goes cunard's the same they tell you the bad guys are the pedophile and the deep state and the left wing and the dead at a a donald trump is the savior savior. And you're going to help him save everybody so these guys were there with bad intentions and so going back to the islamic republic of iran the the revolution. That happened seventy nine. I was a kid. I was six years old late. Seventy eight and what had led up to that. Revolution was at the time the king of the country. The shaw he had. Yeah let's let's let's let's. Let's take our time with this because this is so fat. I'm so fascinated by monarchy's. I'm so fascinated by by emperors and and all of that right now so the shaw the sh. I'm apologizing. i'm also stupid as fuck. So is the iranian. The persian word for king. Yes so let me let me take you back so saying please. Oh i'm fucking by the way. I got chill bumps. I'm so fucking fascinated by this. Well listen to first of all one of the things again as somebody who an and this is again. What blows my mind with some of my fellow iranians or other people who've come from countries that were led by a totalitarian a monarch and they weren't seeing that with trump because in all honesty the one thing trump did very very well was he took everyone's reality and turned it to the point where only he was right and i say i don't care who you are. There's going to be a time in your life when you're wrong right. You might be right six days of the week with a seventh day. Maybe you made the wrong decision on something so it really humanizes you if you come out and go you know what by the way guys. I was wrong about that thing. This is what's right well with him. You know what you know what also interesting about trump. I mean interrupt. You go ahead. What was also interesting interesting. Really really fascinating about the guy as he was preaching to a group of people that all took what he said is gospel and people felt like and i gotta admit this but then there was also these the centrists like myself who maybe didn't vote for him but would hear some of the shitty said and laugh hysterically. Yeah as if as if it wasn't real like just know like an texture body like did he call ted cruz. Dad the zodiac killer. And you're like and then you just sit. I mean when. I heard that. I laughed hysterically. Said you fucking serious that there is a there is a for whatever that is that kind of shoot from the hip style was so refreshing in politics. And when you hear. Joe biden just come back and everything go back into order. I guarantee there some people in the middle going like i look. I didn't vote for him again. So for this time. And i i. But i didn't vote for him in both forum. But i missed the razzle dazzle. Nobody listen i totally hear you. But here's the problem. Because it's i totally with you and i talked about this in my standup. He says all the shit where you think it's funny but there's enough nutty people out there who believe in take it and go one step further so even before all of this should happen in my in my special my netflix special. Actually i mentioned it. I don't know if anybody ever did a study to find this correlation however in twenty sixteen when he was running and part of his running. Was you know. I'm going to do muslim ban. And then he was like. I'm going to change the iran deal the iran deal horrible so iran was in the news. Muslims are in the news some dude in kansas. I think it was it. Kansas kentucky some like white. You know sixty year old white dude. He went to some bar. He sees these two indian dudes from india. Who are these are just sitting minding their own business and for whatever reason this guy confronts them and in the the heated argument he has with him he goes back into his car comes back shoots. Them both gets back in his car. Goes to another bar goes and tells the bartender. I just killed a couple of iranians. He thought they were iranians. There actually indians one of them died. One of them survived. How ever i guarantee you bert. This dude and kansas or kentucky where the fuck was had no idea what an iranian was. Or why should be worried about them until he saw the likes of donald trump or other politicians saying that's our enemy. That's our enemy our enemy. So that's where we go back to what you just said. Which is i agree with. It was a comedian. I saw the funny right calling. Elizabeth warren pocahontas okay. That's that's a fucking stupid. You would say you know some in a you know Was it called the Like a a an argument of some sort. You're having with you know you want to be funny with a a a a gross battle or something right when he says it and you and i laugh there are others who are watching him and going. She's the enemy. So put her on the list. Put her on their out of their fucking miles. It's heartbreaking you realize how stupid some people are. Did you ever see that guy that went into cosmic pizza pizza game and this is where it super confusing is an i. I understand i. I'm not a well thought out guys just realize that all my everything i'm saying it's kind of like i dunno whatever so people lose their fucking mind over this. I don't care vote for that guy. A little bit mobile stuff. The he's so stupid that he actually he actually was there to save. Children will see burt. Here's the thing. I totally agree with you because my heart breaks for these people as well and for the people who don't know that was off from pizza gate. Pizza gig came about because this whole and on thing. It's kind of part of the all the conspiracy. But when the when when they got access to john podesta's emails john podesta podesta was hillary clinton's campaign manager when they got access to his emails. There was all these orders going through this cosmic pizza place or ordering pizzas and who was was translating. It sat there and said. Oh what's really going on. And this is where the conspiracy comes in these guys are all pedophile because democrats are pedophile and pizzas represent the kids. So when their ordering four cheeses and five whatever's they're actually ordering four on a latino kids and a white kid whatever the hell was and this guy in north carolina believed that got in. His car brought his gun. Went to the pizza place. And you really believe that he really like and your heart breaks the that this guy was led. If someone just put him on the right path he'd be doing something good for the world instead. He really goes in terrifies. A bunch of people probably. I'm sure her. I don't know if you heard anyone or whatever but like you go. Oh the heat. Like i'm i'm i'm a little bit outside or when it comes to politics and like what's going on i really don't even know much about cunanan and all these things but like when you see a story like that you go. Oh my god that he he he he actually believe that actually believes it. But that's the bigger problem comes when you realize there's more people like that than we thought. So when those people go and storm the capitalist and you could be a trump supporter for a million reasons. But somebody would be like. Hey get on a plane. We're going to go change the vote. I don't know about that. You know i'm good. I got some shit to do you know like you know. It's my turn to wash the dishes. I'm not going but when you show up there. I mean there's more so i agree with you that i feel sorry for these people but i'm also worried by these people because i believe that were to get these people out of the rabbit hole. We're going to have more and more people believe like that's the thing trump did he made reality his own so he said listen if if any news organization including fox says anything bad about me. Fake news made it up. And it's like no motherfucker. We use setting years. You just said what we we have clips of us saying the pandemic is just like is is a fake hoax made up by the democrats and then we have an audio of you talking to bob woodward telling him how serious you know it is so how can you say that you never said that so anyway. All of that to say. When i see somebody like that it actually made me remember the cult of personality. That happened under told khomeini. Who's the one who took over for the shot. I'll let me take you back back. So what happens. Iran is this country that has had a lot of turmoil. All through the nine thousand nine hundred and one of the biggest things. I used to say this is the oil right. I always say if you're country with it's like being a drug dealer the cops are coming for you. Meaning america or in the west is coming to get you. You better be ready to flush that shit down the toilet because what happened was early nineteen hundreds. The brits go to iran. they're like oh they discover oil in iran within the brits show up and british petroleum bp that you know we all know they basically take control of majority of iran's oil so magin another country the the. It's have come now the way they you know they call an. Is there a lot of places they've company ron and they're like we're gonna take one of your most profitable resources and bp is going to own that you'll get a percentage but we're going to own a lot of what bp or when when england was like we're going to build the suez canal and And we'll run that and he's just like wait hold on hold on or was it egypt. Saudi arabia wait our land. And like i know but it's going to be better for us if we just run it because we're going to do there and then that was the whole beginning of egypt going. Hey fuck you guys were exactly. This is like it's like like this is like shook night just going around and taking shit and these other guys like wait a minute. I started my own company. I don't need your shit. So so iran was. That's what you ron had the. Be taking your oil and then so in the early fifties so you at the time had a king okay and the king is called the shah. Now a little backstory as well the shah of iran before world war two. The shah of iran was He was friendly with the west This is the the father of the guy who leaves at the revolution so really like in the early from the early twenties early forties. This guy is the king of iran. And he's helping modernize it and and one of the things that happens. Corinthians the word iran comes from the word aryan we come from the caucasus mountains. We are actually like the original white people so so the shah of iran as world war two is coming up. He considers herself area. And he's like well hitler's talking about an alien and he's like he's not discussing good ideas so exactly. There's there's an under. There is an understatement of a. How many people agreed with it back. In the day there was a lot of prince philip. Philip was like. I mean i met him us. Yeah you know he was all right. You know german peers delicious. So this guy. He's the king of iran and he sympathize a little bit with the nazis and mussalini. All that that's when the west comes to him and goes yup across america and the brits and everything go you can't we can't have this shit so you know we're can do we are going to send you into exile. We're gonna let your son become king and that way. Your crown will keep the thrown. But you know you've already said some shit we're going to get rid of you. So this guy he gets exiled and he goes and his stories like kind of tragic to like supposedly left ended up in south. Africa didn't have money in the sun. Was ascending oh. That's a whole other story. But his son becomes the shah of iran. And he's this is now early late forties early fifties and this guy is like twenty one years old. He is western educated. He was educated in switzerland. And they're doing all this regal stuff he's got the gown on the crown and he's like i am now the the king of iran right so this dudes there you know. He's not really qualified to be running a country but he is the person the west wind honey to grow. What were you doing at twenty two. I wasn't even doing comedy at comedy. I was still. I hadn't even graduated first junior year. Yeah you you're still in college. I was twenty two. I was an assistant at an advertising agency. I was working at. A stationery store was running no country so this dude. This dude is there now. What's going on. Just like in england for example. You've got the monarchy and then you've got the parliament right and now i don't know when this happened but for the most part. The parliament holds the power. The monarchy is just you know she. She blesses people and shit like dresses in yellow. By the way the queen of england is the only person i say can dress a full yellow outfit and not be a pimp. You know what i'm saying. I'm telling you bro so anyway. So the iran in parliament at the time has this guy in power. He's he's been democratically elected. His name is masa deb. mohammad massad deaf and he's intellectual older guy. This is early fifties now. He says he is this guy who is smart and he is part of parliament and he's actually a. He's actually inexperienced letter. He now can really kind of push his power on this young man right so when he comes into parliament he says to the country we are going to take back our oil and nationalize it. So what does that do what that does. He basically says to england fuck. You get the fuck out we're nationalizing our oil adios. No more no more this free shit you know you can still get a percentage but mostly it's going to be rs. Yeah so england. All of a sudden is like what the fuck so at the time is almost this. How can i. You're gonna agree with this. Almost one hundred percent. This is how to comedy specials. What's that managers were. And here's the deal. We got a grand poignant. Yeah we're gonna to you ten grand all right. Then we're going to appear on comedy central dory about anything you can sell your shows and we were like iran going. That's a great idea. So the and then one day netflix's like how about we give you the money to make a special like woah. Woo- who's getting that money before managers meant. I don't even know what you're talking about. What are you talking about. And then and then you. Now you own your special so i can sell it in perpetuity shadow that is a great analogy and the shah being young is the social media influence. Her who's trying to who's getting a stand up special you like. How the hell is this dude. He's only sixteen. He doesn't even avenue jobs you to give them a special him in this analogy all right so so most ideal mom and was death. He nationalizes oil now at the time. This is early fifties so as you know in the early fifties. The biggest threat to america was the soviet union and communism. That's why we went to war in vietnam that's why we're career every time you said communism we're like we gotta go and stop that country becoming communist so england being smart goes to come to the us and they tell the americans they listen. Iran is strategically located to the north of iran is the soviet union. And if we don't put our influence in their this guy massad deaf who just nationalize the oil. He's a socialist. And he's gonna take the country towards socialism and communism. And it's going to go communist and the russians are gonna getty ron. And that's when america's helena so under the eisenhower administration they organize a coup d'etat. So going back to this coup. That almost happened here. At the capitol america organized with the cia. There was a guy named kermit roosevelt. There's a book written by. You can look up kermit roosevelt and writing down so much during this by the way these are. These are the jokes i've written. Oh the middle east is like is like a hot checks right now. They're great with big tits oil and whatnot but when they get older and they're all dried up no one's gonna fuck. I want them areas number other stationery store. That's when that's when the windmills. become hot. start go ahead with the windmills. Become off denmark. All of a sudden denmark. Usa work this asian area store. And i almost said. Aren't all stores stationery stores Even joke right. Yeah but keep going. I'm sorry i'm i'm fucking so distracting on my own. I love you man. that's fantastic. So so here's one thing. I've learned and i. I think i'm like this. I don't know if you're like this at all but having done stand up for so long. I am good at like going going going then. Totally diverging from the story for like ten minutes and then going back. You know young. I think that's a standup brain. Yeah and i think. I do that with my like my family. Like they'll get because they'll think they got away from the story so like we'll start a store in the car and then we'll get to totally distracted. My wife probably like thank god. I have to listen to the bullshit story. We'll get home at a dinner. i'd be like so anyway. I'm sitting in the car. Was that like us motherfuckers. Not forgetting his shit. So permit is back. No prob interrupt anytime you want so the name kermit eisenhower kermit roosevelt roosevelt roosevelt. Roosevelt keep going. Yeah kermit roosevelt so cameras. What was the. I think the grandson or somehow related to the roosevelt. Anyway things grandson. He was involved with the cia. He wrote a book about it tells you a to z on how they did it matter of fact. Cia years later. I think under the clinton administration because it's all classified. But then under clinton he actually came out and apologized to iran for having done the coup and is one of the only times because every time people listen conspiracy theorists. Think that there's this well oiled machine somewhere running everything and i go. You know how much shit has to happen. Exactly and people gotta keep their mouth shut for all this shift that you're talking about happen it doesn't happen often. There's a plane full of people on nine eleven that got flown on a map. All that shit. So the cia has has said that the one time when it happens it was at the way they planned. It was iranian ta with more saadat. So what happens is the cia. Get some operatives to go into the streets to protest most of that debt now before this happens. The shaw who again was a symbolic leader. He saw the heat that was coming onto him. Because most of that has now nationalized oil lot of iranians. Like this is great. We're gonna get back oil so this twenty one years old so what he does he goes. You know what. I'm going to go on vacation a rome. So he's just takes off linkages a kid lease a carton of cigarettes and his like. I'll be back mac. So he takes off and most now is there. And that's when they go we gotta do this coup. So they're going to the streets and basically they get these protesters in the streets and go if this guy becomes the ruler iran's gonna communist and so there's protests yada yada yada go down to his palace the get them out they dragged him out and they take them and they sent him into exile and now the door is open again for the shot a comeback so the shore lands in his like had a great time in rome happened. She doesn't even like he didn't like admit i ran away is just i'm back. So he's back and he's and he is willing to play ball with the west now. Have you ever read. The book called by john perkins is called confessions of an economic hit man. Have you ever heard it nope up. It's a great book. This guy wrote this book and he basically goes into all of these government. Overthrows at america was involved with and also. You're saying this i'm going. You know it's not too far off for a country like russia to set up this this insurgency that happened at the capitol us where they start flooding. These they start running these chat rooms going like. Yeah yeah meet up at. What is joe borough okay. Japodlay arts But yeah you're right. You're absolutely right because that's the thing you don't know who's behind some of the show and so on this. John is his book and and in the book he says the way america has worked with other countries. He goes i. They will send in. Big corporations and big corporation will go to some of these countries whether it's like chile or guatemala or iran or whatever and they'll be like hey we're bechtol were halliburton or whoever you know what you guys need. You guys need an electrical grid so we will build that good for you and we will run it for you. And you just got to pay x. y. z. And then we'll rotate that money back into you and give it to your king or whatever it is and ultimately it's a foot in so the now they're dependent on america and eventually you go well now that you now that you've got all this wealth king of x. country you should probably get some american troops to protect you right. Let's get some american troops there on and on and on and he goes if countries play ball with the with the company's deal done. He goes if they don't play ball with his companies then they send in the cia to overthrow that leader. Who's not playing ball. And if that doesn't work then we attack so that's the three pronged approach of america right. This is our past now. Iran is there. The shah of iran is playing ball. Now he says a you guys can have you know the oil will make a better deal for oil. To the west have oil. He starts getting a lot of money because countries getting rich so he starts buying weapons and start building. His military iran becomes one of the strongest militaries in the middle east. It's an ally of the west By the way a fact that probably a lot of people don't know right now. The current government is a muslim government and their antisemitic anti behi- which is the biggest a group that they persecute on iran But the but iran back then and now has the second highest jewish population in the middle east after israel because there's jews living in an era of countries but iran. They were there. So iran is in the middle of that time between like the fifties until the seventies the shah's they're playing ball but also modernizing iran. If you see pictures from like the sixties and seventies women miniskirts they had you know me as a kid. The things i remember. America exports coming so as a kid. The first things. I remember was was seeing the movie rocky big fan of zorro. I had batman and spiderman comic books. I love muhammad ali. I mean these are all things as a kid. I remember and so iran is relatively westernized or is getting there now the problem so the shot did some good things shop. Modernize the country. The country was wealthy. The one thing that shot was being criticized for was because he was a king and a dictator he had a lot of enemies from different groups so whether it was like from the you know liberal intellectuals or from communists or from the religious melas the column there's all these groups that are against the shah and if you criticize the shaw back then she had a secret. Police called savak. And you could disappear so you get this all set up where you've got this guy who is almost like a benevolent dictator too many but there's also enemies of his. Yeah and as the seventy s go on these people that are criticizing him get more and more critical and what happens is there's a perfect storm of these people that are criticizing him and now going back to the iranian community. We have big conspiracy theorist so a lot of iranians thing that somehow jimmy carter was involved with Atallah khomeini coming back. I don't know if that's if there's any evidence of that. But i told the khomeini was a religious leader so imagine. He was like the pope for the muslims of iran and another thing to remember differentiate is the muslims of iran are shiites whereas a lot of arab muslims are suny just like catholic and protestant right but the fact is they don't get along either like they they hate each other like they'll fight the way like saudi arabia and iran. Fight the fight. But i told the khomeini at the time is the leader of the shiite muslims. And what's happened with him is like in the. I don't know the exact date. But let's say late sixties early seventies. He i think the shaw khomeini son for some reason. I think they were like criticizing the shower or something and usually the jail killed so khomeini gets sent into exile kick khomeini out at the time by the way look. This was a dictator ship so they could have killed khomeini like just execute the dude but i think that he had so much power that they said if we execute him his followers are going to get angry. It's gonna retail revolution. So let's just send him into exile and what he would do back then before social media he would do these like political sermons and they would put it on tape and they would sneak into iran and they would disseminate the tapes among all of his followers. So all these people he was from the outside he was iraq at the time he was criticizing. The shaw from iraq and his followers were hearing this and they're getting angrier and angrier and more in line and eventually what happens is late seventies. Some protests start happening in the streets of iran. And i believe the inciting factor was. There was a theater. A movie theater in a city called on q. u. m. which is the religious city of iran. So it's a very religious city so it's like saying like the vatican or something. Yeah i'm trying to like find. Analogies here was trying to think. I was trying to like knoxville. That's exactly like thanks somewhere. Like in the south right. So it's bible belt but it's so there's a movie theater there as called cinema rex and there's like three hundred people in the movie theater. Somebody sets on fire locks doors. People die now going back. The religious people. Blame the shaw's people a lot of people from the shah's side say it was a sat up to kill those guys to incite the protests that were percent the old school antique up. Flip flip flip. So i don't know who did it but the fact is this is so similar to what's going on here. I'm telling you so. The fact is so now in the shiite religion again. I'm not a religious. So i just pick up pieces and bits and what happens is forty days after somebody dies. They go and more than that death. It's like a ceremony and they go in the streets and they march while you have all these people that died there now. People are marching to mourn the people but that march turns into a protests and the protests are getting heated heated and heated and now the military is called in to to quash this protests and some soldiers shoot into the protesters killing some protesters forty days later. There's protests to mourn the death of the protesters escalate to the point where what happened was suddenly all of the shots enemies whether it was you know again the liberal intellectuals or the the the religious types whenever they all start going into the streets and protest and grow and grow to the point where it was when so iran bazaar in iran the is the marketplace where people go and you can buy anything and so the they called the bazaars people own shops in the bazaars and they're big part of the economy so when they decide to come on board joined the protests by closing their shops going into the streets protesting and then all of a sudden next to them are doctors and lawyers their offices to protest. That's when the shaw. I think saw the writing on the wall was like oh shit. This is this time. It's real so he ends up leaving the country in early seventy nine. He flies out the worker. Something i was in new york at the time so my family left. So this is taking you to my personal story late. seventy eight. My father's on business work your dad did was your dad. Like buddies with shaw. My dad was a businessman. he had Came from kind of a tough background and he worked his way up in an electric company. And what happened. He told me one time he goes like in the whatever mid-fifties he goes to the government. Decided they're going to nationalize electricity. So government owns like pg ni and whoever enron enron. You know what i'm saying. All these government's gonna own it. But he said they called a few companies and said we're going to subcontract to you. My dad was one of those companies so all of a sudden my dad starts getting these amazing deals of businesses. And so he's like. They're building the lights electricity from here to mammoth or wherever was and you've got imagine like that's a lot of money that you're coming in and my dad the best fictional character that i could compare my dad too. He was like. Vito corleone from the godfather by my dad was so he helped everybody. He was very powerful. He knew people like you know mayors and police captains and all that stuff. But i didn't use tell me stories about like you know helping people out. But i didn't believe him until when he passed away and i would just run into people and they'd be like are you host should job ronnie son. I was like your dad was the reason i was able to escape. Iran i'm like what he goes. Yeah you know. I didn't have. I didn't have a house and your father was owned a bunch of property and he told me living there and pay me whenever you can that kinda guy like tipping people always very generous so anyway. She is in new york on business before the shah has left before the revolution. He's in york. I'm business and i always tell people. Because the shaw had faced so much turmoil in his twenty some odd years in power and had been able to quash those protests in the past. I think everybody saw these late. Seventies protests as. He's going to stop this as well. Young it'll be over soon so my dad told my mom he goes listen. It's winter break for the kids. Want you bring me and my older sister. Bring them to new york For two weeks while they're on winter break and the you know the protests will die down. You guys can go back and to the point where we even had my baby brother. We left my baby brother in iran. Because we're gonna be back in two weeks. I was a week. We pat for two weeks and we stayed for forty years. You know and and that's a common story for a lot of people that left iran. At that time we thought were going to go back but we didn't go back and so when we come here a few months later the shaw comes and shortly after that i told the khomeini flies in on an air france From france because he'd gone from iraq to france. And that's again where the conspiracy theories go well if the west in what khomeini to go and ruin the country. They coulda kept him in france and ornament prison. But i think you know the west kinda was like all right. Well this guy. They're calling for him and they thought maybe he would actually go 'cause one of the things that this is. This is going back to what. I saw with trump one of the things that leaders like this charismatic leaders. Do they make everybody feel like they're gonna fix everything so khomeini's thing was look. The shot has made himself in his friends. Rich i'm gonna come in. Were all gonna get you know. We're all gonna share in the wealth. Things are going to be fine like at the time of khomeini doctors and there was a brain drain. People were leaving the country and he was saying he's like we don't need. Those doctors will train doctors in two months and be up running while the truth is once he comes in takes power. He is surrounded by a bunch of people and himself included. And they just start executing people that were part of the previous regime like straight up like firing squad ship so it gets dark fast and quickly. They tell women. Cover yourselves up. This is now an islamic republic so whereas women were wearing miniskirts. Now they have to cover themselves up now. You've got the religious police now. you've got that again. Goes back to a lot of stuff. That i worry when i look at trump and what you were saying like part of us laugh at him part of the or key part of His followers are just kuku. Think that like you know. They got to save the world with him. But there's a big part. Also that are these crazy religious types who think that this is all part of the big game. Plan to make america armageddon's come in trump's gonna stop abortions. We're gonna get guns. And jesus is gonna come. So that's the kind of thinking they started happening in iran to the point where like this religious police will be going around the streets and if like a dude as walking with a girl. Just walk up to and be like. What's your relationship. You believe my sister show me. Id's and if god forbid there's not your sister they'd like take you to jail and with you shit so crazy shit happen and and it led dark dark because under khomeini his mind when he took over iran. He thought okay. This is god telling me we're we're onto the right thing. And there's going to be an islamic wave around the world and quickly the neighboring country iraq with saddam hussein who'd been arrival of iran. There's a region between the two countries where there was a little bit of a debate. On who's oil was there. Saddam sees the turmoil iran and he goes. Now is the time for me to go in and get my oil so he starts doing that. That's when khomeini goes were ready to fight and that leads to the iran iraq war was last for about seven to eight years over a million iranians die. I don't know how many iraqis die. But it was so crazy this is how brainwash people were because again in the iranian religion of she ism there is they believe in martyrs so when somebody dies for 'cause they put their picture up on the streets like when you drive around the streets of iran. There's pictures of young people that have died in war and their martyrs and so what they would do under the war with iraq. A friend of mine who had gone to was was part of the military military's mandatory service. There he said early on the war with iraq. The iraqis would lime minefields and the iranians would lineup sheep. Go into the minefields to explode the minds and then they could attack well as you can imagine as soon as a bomb exploded the sheep with disperse so it was the stupidest strategy ever. So what did they do. They went and got these like like twelve thirteen year. Old kids like the boy scouts basically and they said. Are you really patriotic to iran. If you really believe in this god you have been chosen to be a martyr. We're gonna put this key. That's the key to heaven around your neck. We're gonna line you up. And you can march into the minds and detonate the mines. And then our soldiers will come and fight. And that's the kinda shit there were doing when tom got hurt. I asked everyone about crate him. And now we have a sponsor. I wanna thank keenum superior crate him. Because in this busy world people easily get tired and fatigued need a little boost will create them. Powder can help you out. A low dose can make your day energetic and fruitful keenum superior crater offers potent lab tests crate him at an affordable price. It's kind of like a. It's it's like a special alkaloid plant native to southeast asia. And they've got it all you want to try tinctures you wanna try capsules. 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You don't you don't have pronouns on your twitter profile. How dare you. You're being canceled like you made a joke ten years ago. That's it we're done with. You know like it is kind of like that is just fascinating to because as a kid i only knew really knew about iran was as a kid was was these these are these are my takeaways that the embassy got stormed and there were hostages and then and that they wouldn't release the hostages until reagan was inaugurated. I they didn't like jimmy. Carter and then was the reason interrupt. The i mean. Listen there's they can be like a twenty part documentary about this whole period because the reason they stormed the embassy was so when the shaath fleas. I think i went to egypt. Were anwar sadat welcomed him but he was persona non grata because he was fleeing and the people that took control in iran were telling every country. We want him back. We're going to put him on trial. What do think think's going to happen. They're going to kill the guy in the worst way possible whereas we pause well so now the shot also we find out had cancer. He has said he went to new york didn't he where did he go. Maybe kettering he went to sloan kettering in new york so he goes to sloan kettering. Carter welcome that's where the hostage crisis happens because these students storm the embassy and they go we're going to keep your Embassy workers until you return the shah. So that's where all that was going on. And as you said reagan as he was running for president Struck a deal with the hostage takers. And i'm not quite sure what was given to them in return. But whatever was the deal was you will release the hostages when reagan is inaugurated which is what they did. I remember the day. They released the hawks hostages. I was in grade school. My mom was teaching. And i remember the sewing busted in the door and goes they released hostages and it was like hough see. I'll tell you as an iranian american. Because i do i do this in my stand up now but i remember because it's an with kids so we were kids so you forget certain things but then when you reminding oche it so i just remember. Ted koppel on nightline the hostage crisis is what made nightline because he would come on and be like day one thirty two when i was at the busy. Still going and you know. I'm caught in these two worlds because i'm like i don't support this but on the playground i got like you know people are gonna come at me for it. It call you fucking iranian back. Then that was a thing they call you fucking iranian. And i didn't but i got caught fucking iranian and and it was like i mean i never i'd never at that time. I had not to interrupt positive. I'd never met. I had no concept of iran at all except for what was on the news. I'd never met an iranian. I'd never i never met anyone. And so i can only imagine being a kid and then being brainwashed. It's us against. I said i said Dj vlad is Is a very popular Interviewer and i think he took offense story. Goes you wrote in your book that you miss the days when when when when we hated the russians and i was like yeah i was like kinda take you knew who your enemy was. So the and he was like yeah. I was rushing kid in america was really rough and i was like. Oh yeah didn't see it that way. I'm sorry man like you know like but it is interesting but keep going i apologize. That's the thing see. That's the thing that that's why again i got. I think the reason one of the reasons trump pissed me off as someone who it was almost like having flashbacks to back then. I had flashbacks the bully. Bing with. Call me fucking iranian when he would call anybody anything i was like you. You're saying and because now i'm old enough to be able to say that but when you're a kid you're like what did i do like i didn't do anything and is exactly what you just said. Look i'm in america. I like you know. I watch football. I played baseball like i. You know. I'm just trying to get by on my day and you're throw me in and that's the problem is like when you get leaders. This is the problem. I have when any politician comes in and goes. It's the china virus. It's the you know it's the muslims. It's the mexicans are rapists and and and and and and drug dealers the caravan. Well you as a leader might mean the government of that country you might mean the actual criminals from that country but the problem is there are a lot of astles in this world and a lot of kids are assholes and they're gonna end up in that school and that poor korean kid. That has nothing to do with china. Some dickhead is going to be like. What's up china virus and this kid's gonna be like are you kidding me. All i was born at saint. Joe saint john's in santa monica. Secondly i'm korean. You fucking idiot. I mean the level of interest that runs so so. That's why i like when you're a leader you got. Responsibility is one thing that come in. Look the chinese government is undercutting us currency of blah blah blah blah blah. They weren't honest and so therefore we're going to put some sanctions on them. I just want to remind people. This is not about any kind of you know. Asian americans or anything. They're good people we love you. Thank you always. You almost got an spoonfeed people. This kinda shit happens. And it's like i remember i again. I i talked about on my stand up. And i don't in all honesty. I don't remember if the if the incidents were the same. But i remember the sixth grader. Rows in the fourth grade and they will call me fucking iranian. And i remember coming day. I had a. I had a nice bike. Like back then was when bmx bikes. Were were happening. Oh yeah. I had racing inc.'s if you have a mongoose recent quote what was your mortgage so bracing over. Like really spoilt kid. My dad was well off so by me ship. i'd like nice pedals and all this shit and we would. We would park our bikes in a gated fence. All day at school and then You know come get your bike afterwards. It'd be locked and you come get it. Come to get one day in the fucking pedals are gone. Who took my fucking pedals. And i don't know who took him. I don't know if it was the guys who were going after the guide them. You know the fucking ariana who did it. Because i was the only pedals that were taken that day where my pedals but i remember walking my bike because there's no pedal i'm walking my bike to the bike to the bike shop and there was like one because i grew up in marin county northern california's very white one black kid who's in the fifth grade. I just remember him talking to me. Like dude you know could be fine and it might stand up i go. He's he's walking next to me on. Don't worry about it. i've been dealing with this shit for two hundred and fifty years. Let me tell you we gotta do you gotta get a therapist. Become a comedian. That's it a dude. I mean it was just was it. It's crazy to be a kid in those times when your people are the enemy and and there's nothing you can do but but like you said the parallels with today are insane. I mean i see videos. Burt like when when the president trump became president with all the anti muslim she. That was going on. I saw videos on twitter. People post invaded. There was there was a family and florida a arab family and was clearly there were and the and the mom had her hair covered. But they're at the beach and they just sitting there at the beaches hanging out and some fucking drunk dude shows up with his buddies. And he's like. This is america dot off this trump's america moth fokker and i'm like really dude really like what have you i have no. I have no leniency. For people who devalue devalue other people. I i have. I have a stuff like that kind of breaks my heart where you go what the fuck is wrong with. Someone can understand that Dunno is like that here. Here's that was in a movie you immediately. Hey if that guy that did that to her saw that movie heat immediately hate himself and go. That guy's a fucking asshole but then he was it and he just thinks Whatever goes back to what you said about feeling sorry. I you know a lot of times. These people who do shit like this come from an abusive home or something like that and my hope is you know i hope people break that you know. Break that chain like if you come from an abusive home then do your best to not be abusive. You know and i tell my kids all the time. I go guys if you're ever in a situation where your friends of yours are picking on somebody ago. I want you to step out of that circle and team up with a kid being picked on. Because i go. That's where you feel invigorated and you will feel good about yourself and this other shit is bullshit like i. I saw my daughter. She's ten so they're on like zoom and chatting and all this stuff and choosing using my computer so when it came up i saw some of the some of the discussion and i couldn't make out. They were leaving one of the girls out so very you know coyly walking with i was like hey i saw you. Guys were talking and that girl. What was she saying. She's like oh yeah she was trying to baba and i and i was trying to see if there were like leaving her out like so. Wait a minute honey. Were you guys leave him. She goes on. She was just having trouble logging on. Go thank you. I'm happy to hear that. And i go. I want to remind you if ever your friends are saying let's leave so-so out you get out of that front you get out of that group and you go. You know what. I'm saying because dude it again. I think comedians. We get to reflect a lot on our on our past. And i think having been having seen that shit when i was a kid. I think that really etched in my brain. And i've always been an impact like i always feel for people that are underdogs like i remember when we first came to america my Dad's friend had a stay at his house for a brief brief brief moment and they had a daughter who had dow syndrome. And i remember. We were all sitting at the table. Were all eating and she was kind of acting up and the parents like yelled or whatever so so go to your room. And she kinda was like upset. She goes through. And you don't even know. Do like i myself like five minutes later. Kind of moses over to her room and just be like hey you out i mean they they locked gotta gotta bullshit parenting. Snickers bar or like chunk agreed. File shit man. i'm like It's interesting bet. You and your wife had such different experiences as children were. Your children are growing up in a place. Where i mean i would. I don't know i. I like i said i don't know what it's like in the rest of the united states by only live here my daughters. Are they go to public. They went to public school but they were so oblivious of racism but they were acutely aware that they were white and they were not mexican or black or like they were. You know there was like it was almost like a like a really healthy dose of like of like hard knocks but with a bunch of privilege covered around it where there were like there's a very open about gender equality and transgendered rights and issues and all of that and and race and everything however they they also grew up in the yard at a at a public school where they were like. They're like oh mexican. Kids say the n. Word black where we stay away from that shit. Don't ever want to fight a black check. That was. I watched this one girl. Fuck this one girl up in the hallway like kinda world where you're like okay so you have enough to stay out of the mix but yeah no. It's great i. I really the kids. Mike kids give me hope for the future because exactly you said like they seem to be in the know and it's not a cancel culture thing at all. It's kinda like they're on it like my son is in seventh grade. And he's part of like the social justice group and they're talking about you know from climate change to the black lives matter too. I mean they're they're they're in the know and and that's why it always it it confuses me or puzzles me when i see young people that are like hard core. Republicans and again that has nothing to do with like again. I have republican france. I have democrat friends but like the bench. Shapiro's charlie kirks who are like in the early twenties. And they're like well you know we need to defend the liber and i'm like don't you have a rebellious bone but i think that they're rebelling now against the laughed but in reality it's not really rebellion. Because i think whether you like it or not. I don't care what side you're on. This country's becoming more diverse. This country is moving in like you know they say that the the the the ark of the social justice bends towards a of a mess it up bends towards justice basically so when you look at like whatever tech a few years ago gay people get married legally. That's so that was real right thirty forty years ago black and white couldn't do it right so we know maters me but yeah of course. I'm aware i'm aware bring up sensitive issues. There was a comic. I wish i remember this. That had a great joke about that. And i was like it was a long time ago. Keep going. I'm gonna fuck yoga. No but i'm just saying like these kids you're right like my hope when i see our kids and listen you're right and in a way they're still privileged where we're growing up Privileged but i do like to see our men. I love it when i see like young people who are politically active politically active. The fact that a hundred and what would be like fifteen hundred sixty million people went out and voted this time like the loser and the winner had the most votes. That's i think that's a world we need to be a part of. I think that. I think we need more and more people to care about these things because when you don't care about it then you sit back and then you complain. We go well. What did you do to change this time around. Like i'll tell you. I've become more and more political as the years have gone by so few elections back. I might be like. I don't a little bit of money. Then like the previous election was doing a little bit more money than this time around. I donated money. I did phone banking. I went to nevada and was a poll watcher. Like i was getting active. I was helping people. Fi- make sure they had the proper. There was a a nonprofit that that's also a non-partisan but tends to be more people on the left are reaching out but it was to make sure people have. The right idea is to vote in every state. So i felt like i was part of something and i think that's important. I think our kids your kids. My kids are are that. And and i think that they're not they're unapologetic about it. You know i i. I want my kid to come up and be like look. I'm organizing a protest or march or a fundraiser or whatever. I'd be proud of that kid. I'd be like that's you know. That's that's how because because you see people when you watch that girl. Amanda gorman give the recite the poem at the inauguration and she so she's twenty. Two years old. I was like holy shit like disk. Go how dude. I've been doing. Stand up for twenty two years on forty eight years old i keep trying to write an op ed piece about something and talking myself out of it but nobody wants to hear my pin forget i want to do you know or even like i wanted to rant on my instagram. I don't want yeah. We're gonna judge you know be proud. Stand up that person's a person just like you get up and fight for justice. And i think our kids are that yeah. I said to someone during the right before this election. I said i don't really you know. I don't really care about politics. I don't really follow it too much and it was a i. Maybe it's a black or black dude who has with. But i can't remember it was miss pattern. My bus driver ron but But they were like you don't have to. I was like yeah. I don't yeah and they're like yeah if he gets elected again. Nothing changes for you and if buying wins nothing changes for you like you know. You have no horse in the race. You just. everything's gonna be fine because you're white and never realized like i'd always just been like i dunno politics me off. It seems like a reason. People can't hang out or party or or beat a bar the second someone brings up politics. Everyone's shuts down. Oh fuck and all of a sudden you have to bring that up. He's right over there like let's just all hang out and they're like hey you don't have anything to lose. I forget who it was. It told me this. I wish i knew because i would love to credit them and i was. Oh fuck man now i. I don't have the luxury of being tied. Try to keep it out of my act. Because because i i definitely don't wanna polarize people who decided to come. See me from and i know that i'm not. I don't have all the answers nor do i have whatever opinion i give. You is going to be half informed. And so why would i like. I'm not but you know what that's a beautiful thing because you got to talk about what you're passionate about what you wanna talk about right and fact is that the your politics may find you. Like i was talking to debbie gutierrez on my podcast and she told me because she started getting political on twitter. And i was like debbie. What would made you wanna get political. Because she's just you know parenting stuff. Did you know our kids Both wanna or or or lgbtq. I think one of them is as she said You know the church. We went to was suddenly unacceptable of that would realize i got stop. It's my kid. And that's why i'm telling you it's like a cause will come your way where you're like. Oh shit like like for me. Look i've always been political for and there's been a lot of stuff where again i was a little more hands off. Political did protests like. I'm being antiwar stuff. But i did protest against the iraq war but this time around it was. I think part of it was that muslim ban realizing like this month. The focus coming after everybody. And when i say this motherfucker not just him. Just that mentality of you know what we're going to you know new. Muslims refugees are bad. I mean listen. I i could break it down for you left and right but i keep running into people. Tell me these stories. There's a group called. Mary's list this girl by the way as many as crazy like nut jobs as are out there. There's people doing the work of angels. So this girl. Murray is this white girl who All of a sudden got a message from a friend. Go and hand. You had babies recently. There's a syrian. Refugee family recently came to this area. Do you have any like any of their like car seats. Anything i could use. So they go to visit the syrian family. They've come to america. They got nothing. So miri what does she do. She puts a little post on our facebook. Page hey guys trying to find some stuff for this family. Can you help me out. And all of a sudden so long story short. She creates a a nonprofit called mary's list m. i r. y. Mary's list so she's been helping all kinds a refugee families from all these different countries. And these are people running away from war. And they're coming here and they got nothing so she helps them find housing get their furniture etc etc and What what's amazing about her is when i talked to her she goes you know before trump had taken over the. Us had a limited was like maybe like a hundred and twenty thousand refugees can come to america and she said that was the number that was set and by the way all those people are vetted to make sure they're legit all that stuff and she goes usually when they were aiming for one hundred twenty you would get like eighty percent of that would make it here and settle them in. She goes under the trump administration every year. That number's gone lower lower to the point. Where like this past year was like eighteen thousand rollout out so we were from one hundred twenty two eighteen thousand now. Why does that affect me. I'm not a refugee. But the reason affects me is because i'm an immigrant who left the country that was in turmoil and i landed in america and if i had landed and they told me no. You're not allowed. Go back to that situation. I go what the i go. How do i not sympathize with somebody who's in a war that you know. 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Seven customer service if you ever need help or have any questions and their price guarantees means that if you find your contacts at a lower price elsewhere they're gonna beat it. They had your contacts and stock. I'm telling you that was my fr- and they've been doing this for twenty five years. All you gotta do is let one eight hundred contacts. Get you the contact lenses you need order online or at one. Eight hundred contacts dot com. I sat order online or at one. Eight hundred contacts dot com. Download the free app or just. Call one eight hundred contacts. That's one eight hundred two six six eight two two eight so fascinating to me as you think this is. This is by the way i everything. We're talking about so charged lately. That i want everyone remember. We are also just comics. And so when. I when i come up with a half-baked statement about to make remember. I'm just trying to work a bit out one day. Every that's all like every fucking every purpose of any conversation. I have is either to try to help. Somebody read a book. Write a joke but When you think about it like i got really bothered when I got really really bothered. Who's gonna sound so fucking white privilege but Like when we redid our house and the stereotype that you that that was being put out there about mexicans when you have any sort of construction going on that you're living through when you're living in a construction site you realize that is an extremely inaccurate There's a very inaccurate statement Every i i don't i can't say everyone but in my experience all the guys were latino most predominantly mexican. They're the sweetest guys. The fucking most fearless guys and fucking and the hardest working guys and they're working on our new house to i love these guys. They're kind of like family like you use anyone that knows it. They've done work. The people that work on your house kind of turned into family. A little bit you know. And so i got really bothered with any stereotype that was put out there about mexicans being. They're just coming here to rape. And i was like. That's not who fucking gets crawls through a tunnel from one side of the country to another side to that's not the kind of person who gets crammed in the under beneath of a truck to get his country. That's someone looking for opportunity. Yeah rapist is just gonna stay there like if anything if anything. We should not allow. Anyone have been any more american kids. Like like i'm gonna fill like that's his lazy. That's not doing shit. I say it. All the time i go. The biggest threat to americans are. Americans are horrible right off the bat and singapore. Listen listen listen first of all no apologizing because we're just talking one one of my biggest pet peeves by the way is when people come on on my on my social media twitter. That goes stick to comedy. I'm like you know what motherfucker you stick to accounting whatever the fuck it is you do. I'm a human being and i can have political opinions and this is my political opinion. And what you just said see. That's that's where you see these people and you know i guarantee you burke if one of those guys was working on your house you saw him out there one day crying. And you're like what's going on. There were like well. They deported my wife. Because xyz you would be pissed off and be like fuck this bullshit with deporting and blah blah blah because dude if you watched it they have a this documentary series on netflix skull immigration nation. And usually i get through. I go from episode one two ten. Whatever it is i watch it. Will this by episode two. I was like. I can't watch this anymore. It was so heartbreaking because it talks about this documentary filmmakers. Were able to follow around ice agents just at the time when trump became president and it would go round deporting people and it's interesting because at first the ice agents are like well. I have no problem doing what we're doing. Because we're deporting people have a criminal record. So i'm fine with that suicide guy. Says he gets a call and he's like he's well i guess we're just deporting people who Whose visas of visas have expired so he went from deportable criminal records to deport people. They did not have criminal records. And then you see. There's one story like just breaks my heart. There's a guy who was like a cop el salvador and there was a salvadoran gangs who were coming after him. And there's a new york cop who is talking in the documentary on his behalf and he's like yeah. You know when so and so eduardo. In salvador whenever i needed any kind of Information on the salvadorian gangs. I would call him. He'd helped me out in new york and then one day i was talking to me said. Hey listen man the coming after me. I need to come to america. So he brought his family to america now when he comes here. He's not documented but he sets up shop he becomes a plumber he. He pays his taxes. His kids are teenagers his living the american dream. Everything's fine and they show the cops show up the ice shows up. And they're like sorry buddy. We got deport. You and he's like but i'm here. I'm doing everything right. And they go well under this new administration. You're not get out and you see that and you're like what the fuck and so all of that to say you know. I think our lives are politics. And and i think that when we let down our guard you know you don't have to be on stage talking about it but there are times when going back to the bully thing you either step stand up for the for the underrepresented or sit back and watch it. And that's the choice right. So i choose to stand up and take a lotta shit for my people. I had so many iranians that loved trump on. They're calling me. There is a there is a huge swath of of of middle eastern dudes who loved trump like loved him and it was i was. I was very taken aback by that. I didn't expect that. But it's crazy. They love like they think that he's strong. And this and that and then the iranians thought because the problem one of the problems with trump again going back to logic like like when you talk about like this guy who's at the pizza place and doesn't think for a moment like why would they have a a pedophile ring. A pizza place. Like i used to do i try to joke about. It was kind of dark. But i was like by the way pizza. Places the worst place to have a child sex ring because you shop. It'd be like these. These kids are a little fat like given me any kids. Is there like a child. Sex ring a whole foods. Summer healthier kidney. These kids have been eating the pizza so something like that. I forget the joke but it didn't anyway. The the trump had said that he was he basically had put in the minds of a lot of iranians that he's gonna get rid of the muslim leadership the melas so a lot of iranians really bought into that. Now then go. What's his game plan. They're like. I don't know there's really no game plan. So i continue to be vocal And probably lost a lot of fans for it. But i was like i would rather have that then to be quiet at but this is me because this is just who i am you know then to be quiet and be like oh whatever i you know i i i kept all the fans that i'm lying to now because you know you know what i'm saying like but that's been my style for my entire career talk politics what Let's we pivot and talk real quick about your special. And i didn't get to listen to your podcast and i just was listening to the beginning of that guy that had the worst two thousand twenty. Sammy semi semi obey. What happened to his twenty twenty. Holy shit burt. First of all. I want you to come on my podcast love to. I'd love to love to have you on. This of sammy obeyed. Sammy's this sweet guy. So people that don't know my pockets. Go back to school with mazda brownie and the whole concept came because my son and daughter would ask me questions that i didn't know the answer for so i a senate googling it i'm going to bring on experts and will learn from them now. It's become basically an excuse for me to talk to people with interesting stories. So i've had people on like michael cohen. Who was donald trump's fixer. All the way to a guy who helped the The rover on mars to a woman who is a cave diver. she goes under glaciers. Just bought her book. It's amazing she's an father book. Yeah have her on your show. She's her story. The book is crazy. Her story is crazy but any his fellow stand up. Comedian and sammy is of palestinian descent. But he's american. And here's what's crazy as i have done zoom shows with sammy all through the pandemic He and i both went to uc berkeley. So we did a we've done shows for incoming freshmen uc berkeley for the past three or four years. He's this smart handsome put together dude. I'm on his mailing lists on email and one day he sends out an email. He's like i got a ms must muscular Multiple sclerosis in twenty twenty. I'm like what. I started reading it and basically the gist of it is. He started having these pains. And this weird shit and like he would like open a door and like his shoulder would crack and he couldn't figure out what's going on and then he emails his doctor to set up an appointment doesn't hear back from them and starts calling them. They're not responding and then gets in touch with four months later and they're like oh that guy has disappeared. We don't know where he went. He's like what so then he finds a doctor on google. That's in his insurance because he has obamacare as she's got one star on google and then she sends them to go get tested and it comes back that you might have ms and what so. She's basically telling me he's got this disease. That might kill him and then it falls on him to go and do further research to find out a wasn't ms but it was something else in the meantime he finds out that his father is cheating on his mother. And i mean it's it's the craziest story as he told me. This is a movie of what happened. You and in the middle of all that. He thinks he got corona virus. So it's like it's the craziest story. Ever i gotta i gotta listen to that podcast. I started listening to it. The other day on the on the treadmill and i was like i was like wait. What the fuck. And then. I was like i was just talking about it. It is crazy. It's one of those things that are like i'll tell you like under my covert like. I'll tell you as soon as kobe. Hit our dryer. Stop working so. My wife was sent me out to public laundromat. Dry the clothes. And every time i would lean into the dryers to get the close my forehead would hit. I'm like oh fuck. I got covid head so that happened and then we gotta fuck it. There was a mouse loose in our house and the exterminator could catch him so finally he gave me this thing. It was like the jaws of death. And he's like you set it up. You catch him. I caught the fucking thing at like three in the morning. But he wasn't fully dead. He was running around my house with his head in the thing is i thought i had a crazy. Twenty twenty like it just got a refrigerator. Stop working the house was falling apart. When i heard sammy story i go dude. None nothing compared to that. Nothing compared tell me about those specials on peacock right yes. The specialists called pandemic warriors. So what happened was end of twenty nine hundred nineteen i go to dubai by december twenty nine thousand nine. I shoot a special. I call it peaceful warrior because my whole point was. I'm not gonna get into arguments with anyone who is politically not aligned with me because that happened a few times where my show got derailed and i decided instead of arguing. I'm just gonna taichi that shit so the next time i say trump joke is somebody yells at me. I'm just going be like. Oh thank you for expressing yourself. What a great country you can do that like. There's actually a clip if you go on youtube and put mas job. Ronnie trump heckler. There's a lady at at Our stink our this video. Yeah it said What's it called What's the one in burbank called Not the ice house Fucking slappers flappers. It's a flappers. And the lady i do this very like innocuous trump joke and she's drunk. She's like i as a woman am offended and i was like. That's fantastic in america. You can be a woman. it'd be offended how. What a great country is. She just doesn't know what to do. Because i'm not like going like this. I'm touching it. So i called my my my tour peaceful warrior because i was like upset and say my shit but be peaceful film and in two thousand nineteen december thinking to myself. Ok twenty twenty. I'll go home. i'll sell it. I'm on tour. This is my year and then fucking locked out. And i'll tell you what's amazing burke is. I started watching some specials that came out during lockdown. And i remember seinfeld. You know. One of the best comics in the history of comedy. His special came out. i'm watching. It felt foreign because because it was like it was almost like a shot it on mars because there was an audience and he's talking about like how upset is about going out of the house and i was like what like it was weird and it wasn't it was funny stuff but it just was. We locked down so i realized since it was almost like a blessing music. Okay since mine isn't coming out now let me go back and shoot like three minutes at the top of me in a closet doing comedy to a computer and then tell people. I'm aware that we're on lockdown. And now here's the special. I shot in dubai. You watch it. And then i come back and do another three minutes at the end as the credits roll and i called it pandemic warrior and so it's coming out on peacock January twenty eighth people can stream it all the time. And i'm doing a run because i support a charity called It's called the international medical corps and they are doctors without borders But a actually go to places of disaster. The train the doctors to deal with those disasters and currently they've been helping with kobe. Relief all over the country. And so i was just in touch with One of the people there. And i said yeah my specialist coming out on january twenty eighth and she was like. Oh there's a run you can do and i go. You know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna do a run hashtag. Run with mas and i'm going to challenge myself i've been running five or six miles. Oh the whole time. I'm thinking what clubs like a run of clubs and now i'm sudden i'm like wait. I'm running to keep going. Yes so. I've been running five to six miles like every other day. So what i'm gonna do. Is i set a goal. Thursday to twenty eighth when my special comes out. I'm going to run ten miles hashtag. Run with mas. And i've been telling people set a goal for the twenty eighth. You know one mile five miles ten miles and donate whatever you can to international medical corps. My hope and goal is to raise five thousand dollars for them that day. This is in lieu of like a premier party will do a run with mas and then i'm hoping people will then go and enjoy the special. Anybody wants to join me on the run with mas. They can go to my instagram at maggio. Ronnie and it's in my link tree right there. It just goes to run with mas on international medical corps and let us raise money for a good cause. Aren't i'll do it. i'm gonna. i'm gonna law job. I've been running five and a half miles every day. I'm trying to run two thousand this year have you. what's the most. You've ever run thousand miles last year. I ran a thousand. I've seen at one time. What's your biggest marathon twenty minutes okay. Okay i've never done half marathon. it did happen. Marathon did have marathon. And then i did I did the la marathon like two years ago if you ever decided to another marathon. Let me know. And i'll train with you have wanted to run a marathon. I didn't train. I just ran it. I didn't train it all. let's do it. let's do it like like legit. You know. Chris williams. You know chris. Williams is yeah. I think so. Yeah crazy is killer on On curb your enthusiasm yeah. He's my good buddy. He's run marathons. All over the world. He went and ran and rome. He ran all over the place. I heard i heard. I heard fucking eddy izard. Running another fifty marathons and fifty days. That's the guy to i. He told me about that. I mean i listen. I just want to run one. But i'd like to i dude. I didn't train for the half won. And i was like. I've never been that soar my entire life so but i would like to train for a marathon and if you're at all on board if you feel inspired i say we do it and like i said thursday. I'm going to go for ten. And that's the most i've run in the past. Maybe fifteen twenty years. So i'm going to both nice okay. Well i'll tell you what. I'll get you up gazon. I'll run on the twenty eighth. i'm already going to be running anyway. Might as well throw in another five miles. Let's do it dude. let's do it hit it man. I appreciate you doing that. And if you ever have something. You're doing where you got to raise money for some let me know i'll do it right back at ya ya i appreciate you doing. This is a great conversation man and congrats on the special love. The podcast and i gotta get on the podcast soon. We're going to do it. I'm happy to see you like this. I can't wait to see person. Hug it out. And i hope you're latino workers complete the house some time out. They they think. I am such a bitch today. I saw them. And i was like yeah. I'm a mask on while side. They're like looking at me like fucking pussy and they always cut back to the time and they'll go to you remember one time when they were building this house. They didn't know what i did for a living. They just saw me come back with men into my man cave for like two hours and then leave giggling and they said to leeann one night when they go. What does he do like. What do you mean. They're like he doesn't have a job like he doesn't work. What does he do just goes back in that room with men. They were making fun of me. Thinking i'm just back your fucking dudes and then a prostitute such a bitch all areas they. I'm telling you we had. We had a worked on our house to. When i see these guys do the things that do exactly like you said. I'm like oh my god. I got my game bro. I have no game compared to these guys up on the fucking roof. No fucking rope two stories putting in fucking roofing. And i'm just like oh my god it's crazy and it's funny 'cause like you'll be like oh good i feel like the guy said he's doing roofing. I'm like hey you know. This electrical thing is not working dory my friend and he goes over like he knows the fuse. He knows where my shit i'm like. How do you know wherever the him like. Shit i care like you know. My wife is so funny my previous house. My wife got sick of these light bulbs that were out. And was always touring. And i'd be like again them again. Them brutally screwing in a lightbulb. So one day. I show up. She's like i got a task rabbit coming into the light bulbs i go what you crazy. She's like you're always away. You never wanna whatever you already got the lady let dude this task rabbit girl comes. She starts walking around the house like a note pad to go. See what bulbs gotta by. She goes on top of this one. Like little a case where we keep plates. And there's a light coming off of it as she looks and she's like did you guys know that there's a book up here that's on fire. What had no idea like art. This task rabbits saved our house from funding going anyway. It's funny dude. Awesome brother i will talk to you soon. Congrats on everything man. Thanks bert in later brother. This episode is brought to you by the machine.

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501  The Invisible Man (1975)

Fusion Patrol

52:44 min | 7 months ago

501 The Invisible Man (1975)

"Fusion patrol is a listener supported. Podcast find out how you can help. Support us at patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. This is the fusion. Patrol vodka gassed each week. We look at different science fiction tv episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode of fusion patrol. I'm eugene and i'm drawn tonight. We're looking at a new series here on fusion patrol. We've gone back to our roots. It's been over ten years that we've been on the air and when we started off we were looking at some really bad stuff from the nineteen seventies american television and we've decided to To honor that by picking up with a thousand nine hundred seventy five. Nbc tv series. The invisible man starring david mccallum of our listeners will know of him from his time on sapphire and steel as the enigmatic steel. Here he is not and we'll be looking at the pilot movie tonight entitled the invisible man we start mid story with an invisible man daniel weston sneaking into a hospital finding the information on a plastic surgeon currently in the operating theatre and sitting down in the gallery watching him work with nothing. Better to do while waiting. He takes the opportunity to narrate the story thus far dan weston and his wife. Kate are both research. Phd's working on a top secret project. At the klay corporation. They have spent a million and a half dollars and eight months attempting to develop a device to instantaneously teleport matter from one place to another however. His work is a complete failure. He does have something to show for though and although reluctant to give a demo before the process is stable he concedes to giving demo to the man who gets him his money what he is developed is temporary invisibility of matter both living and nonliving while the process doesn't currently last but a few hours the potential overjoyed as he's boss walter carlson who sees the enormous weapons potential in the process. The military will be barf ing money at them for this process. Hold on there a minute walter. I am a principal scientist. And you promised me that. All my research would only be used for good non-weapons purposes name one. Well i can't but but there must be something no military carlson backs down in promises no military but when he leaves the room immediately calls. The military weston's next development is a serum that can return and invisible animal to visibility on demand that night. He can't sleep his mind racing with ideas he heads back into the lab and he makes himself invisible. Kate is furious with his ear responsible action but it seems it works and carlson is overjoyed with this incredible success. It's time. Dan finds out where the money has been coming from all along the military shock. Dan refuses to do any more work. And carlson has the couple barred from the facility at escorted off the premises that night. Carlson's assistant steiner. Tries to make danc- sense. He points out that carlson has him watched by agents and his phone tapped. He has to play ball but he won't that night he breaks into the lab makes himself invisible grabs a supply of the serum and destroys the equipment escaping into the night he returns to visibility but his house has been overrun by carlson's people. He takes hotel room and he calls to let cape no. He's fine but he isn't fine for he suddenly starts to disappear again and this time serum doesn't work naked an invisible. He heads out in search of his old friend. Dr maggio plastic surgeon along the way he tries to force a blind man to feed him and let him wait out the night indoors. What he gets is a bullet from the feisty. Old man now wounded. He finally reaches the hospital where mangione works. Flashback hands after surgery and outside. He accosts. maggio had an inkling of dan's work. He takes him home. Tends his wounds and then devises a plan to make dan the most amazing mask and gloves ever devised wearing them. It will be almost impossible to tell that he is the invisible man. I he returns to kate and the disguise works until she touches his hands and face and she knows what he's done. He admits he has no choice but to go back to carlson and asked to continue his research. He does but he does not let carlson. No he's invisible. Carlson is skeptical but am emit chance back at the western homecare and dan or taken prisoner by steiner and some fine folks that he sold out two for ten million dollars. He's gonna turn dan over to another interested party on the way dan. Shucks close captures the van and he and his wife escaped leaving his wife off to go get help. Dan appears to be killed in a car accident. Which also kills the bad guys as to show hand. Dan reveals to carlson and his wife that he's alive and he'll start work again soon after his wife and he go back home for a little invisible on visible sexual action. The end visible man david mccallum. I remember this show. But i don't remember it very well. I was a kid. The only memory i have of this program was seeing write ups about it in star log and they were like some production shots of the set an actor and then some poor guy in a blue suit with close over his his suit has given mccallum standing. Or something like that and That's it that's all. I remember what. I thought was the The invisible man is actually gemini. Man as you pointed out. And of course i had to go and look for that and i read. That was a mistake. Wasn't it is. yeah. I remember why i liked it because there's quite a bit of airplanes in it and i like airplanes when i was six and a half. I liked airplanes a lot. Yeah well you know. I remember the gemini man as well. And my recollection is the i liked the gem. An eye man was very much contemporaries. But yeah i. I don't remember a lot about the show. I have a have an inkling that it will be less science fiction. I mean assuming considerate science fiction. Which i think i think the notion of making a man visible is science fiction premise. Yeah going beyond that i. I kind of vaguely remember ease secret agent. But that's about the best. That's i can say. So what did you think of. It was the first episode was a lot better than what i was expecting from. Nine hundred seventy five It didn't look as cheap and formulaic as other shows. Okay example be gemini man. Yeah that had airplanes ahead like underwater stuff which apparently was pretty cutting edge at the time but the rest of it just look like it was thrown together This seemed to be a lot better thought out. I mean the said they had for the lab was pretty impressive. me in the head of big old gadget there that had on it and stuff and young and old tele typewriter keyboard and concert. Looks like it was you know plausibly. Museau yeah something totally fake. The house set was pretty good however it did look kind of out of place in california. I'm gonna assume they're in california. Yup still architectural looks more new england. But i guess that was the part of the backlot that they were using. That's just my could be. It could be that. There are some surprisingly older looking home areas in los angeles but yeah redbrick with White federalist tight architecture definitely did feel until lot bound. I'll i'll go. yeah. I you know and i. I'm having difficulty determining here whether this was made as a pilot or whether this was made as a tv movie it feels like a tv movie like we weren't necessarily thinking we were gonna make a series out of this. You yeah yeah it that was. That's probably why it had that a higher higher quality more polished. Look to it as yes that that would be my guess it feels it feels like that and So they can wouldn't say that they didn't they didn't finish it because in the end he still invisible So they've left it open clearly well one of the invisible man. The semi visible man. The worst of both worlds really. How come my bones are visible. Daddy i don't i don't feel too. Well yes. I consider that well truck. Yeah yeah and i will say with with one major exception even bothered me all the way back then i thought the invisible effects were were passable. No yeah actually. They were pretty good. The exception is of course the back of his turtleneck sweater. Yeah yeah just getting nor that. Yeah seeing through him got it. Yeah yeah and and the the little hand wavy of how come. I can't see this going into you. Know because susan enters my buddy it becomes invisible right right. Why is that. How how how if the premises that your body. The matter in your body has been changed. What difference does it make. If it's behind you or just behind your lips for example goes into your mouth right. I mean so this means it can be like holding a set of car keys any cup. His hands around them and they are completely invisible. Now right i you know that makes perfect sense. It makes sense to me. Yeah and then did he. Do any theory held a cup and it didn't do that so i'm guessing that that was not the blue screen man holding a cup. That was inspect a cup on a string or a puppeteer. A cup of the cup would have a blue rod coming out of the back and they dropped that out. Yeah that could be. That can me now. I read that they used a particular type of lets loose. Green eight yes. The series was shot on film from wikipedia but the blue screen special effects for shot on video using image six fifty five a special twenty four frame per second six fifty line video system based on a modified. Ntsc camera and video tape recorders as this was much cheaper and faster than using traditional film based blue screen effects and in the videotape effect. Shot and transferred to film. And edit it into the finished episodes and you can kind of spot it. Yes sometimes you can see that. I can the ban. The contrast of him and everything else doesn't quite look right. It's a little bit lower than everything else around him. But you know from your back. The time that was was a good job good. Yeah that was a pretty good. A it'll be on series Schedule and budget whether it continues that way but Yeah if that did actually keep costs down and you know the speed of production up then. Yeah they can actually pull off of a number of invisible effects per episode. Yeah and also the Some of the physical gags with with things floating and stuff like that are pretty. Well done yes. I think the ones that bugged me. The most were the footsteps which just never they. Just don't look natural. Yeah and like sitting in the chair you know. Actually i like the chair bit that it's like so when and how they actually rig that chair up you know. They've got some cables in there and a plate and pull it down. It looks like he's sitting. Okay not bad it. Unfortunately it doesn't look like somebody's sitting it just like there's some random weight on their he could be standing on it. You don't know yeah. Yeah it's an and it's not. how do i say this. It's not timed right. So like when he sits down to share his but makes an imprint and then he's back makes an imprint and yes that is how you sit in a chair right. Your your weight goes on the bottom first and then you lean back. Usually but the delay was wrong. Yeah and you kind of roll into it. You don't just plop right down and go back shop and that was it was at first. I thought well that's just You know it's just. It's i don't know i don't know how it would. I don't know how you do it correctly. But i know looking at it. It was wrong. I could feel it was wrong instinctively. It just it just like when the footsteps are walking along even though there's no fee it's like they're not the right speed then at the right distance. Pace isn't right. i don't know what it is. It just doesn't look right. It has that sort of kim like in a cartoon where the driving along the car and somebody's hanging outside the car with two fake feet and they're going to make fake footprints along the way. Has that feel to it. Still. yeah even though. It's also had jackie cooper right relatively famous guy. Yeah plan part of walter garson the the unsympathetic the show i. I'm i'm seriously wondering. I know that when we were doing man from atlantis we were pressed to get full hours out of the discussion. Because a lot of a lot of data and so the man from the man from the invisible man from atlantis. I'm gonna go swimming all. I wanna see that one. I wonder what that would do. The refraction of light well ways eum is involved Yes feels ferry nineteen s. Oh yeah i think in particular the you know. I won't work for the military. That was a very very nineteen seventies attitude. And i'm not saying that that It's gone away but you know if you're in the nineteen sixties. It was a privilege to be working for the military and keeping our boys safe and and protecting the world but in the one thousand nine hundred seventy s post nam. post watergate. Yeah that was an easy trope to To us with keeping making it look like the bad guys. Yeah and so. You know this man. But i i i really genuinely loved. I love the scene where he says you promised me by stuff would be. I want to use invisibility for non-military purposes. And he just says name one and he cannot exactly exactly. I wish you would have said something special effects in movies all the way. We don't break that wall down. Oh yeah it was. Yeah exactly and later. But i will carry the system further. I love the fact that he so disturbed by it. That he can't sleep at night work in an distracted on his date with his wife. And everything because he's trying to figure out a way not only to make it more stable but also divide pride applications. Yeah non-answer nonmilitary applications. Yeah we just make somebody invisible give him a serum that only works on cancer cells that cancer will appear and we'll know which is actually pretty good. I think i think they do. There's something they're trying to do with that now. And i can't remember what it is but there's some sort of way that they're working and assistant to try to not make people invisible but that would make the cancer visible to like an x ray. Can there's ways like if the particular cancer cells will say have oh. They absorb potassium a lot. Better than than other cells. You could give the patient In isotope potassium and that would show up in in in radio graphs or or some other sort of Fishing yeah he would imaging. Yeah so the yeah. That was show up in. Yeah that's stuff that's been used. I know you're talking about. I can't remember exactly what they're trying to do. But i remember there was something about a way of. They're trying to do something that would specifically chemical that would specifically target cancer cells. That would then make it detectable in some way but i cannot for the life of me say what it is but yeah this is this is our man desperately trying to come up with something but yeah i mean what what is there. What what else is there. You're invisible row. What what is it. What could it be used for. That wouldn't be for evil and you know not trying to pick on the military there but let's let's go evil as violence or shoplifting or Although you know he can't shoplift because whatever you take would would be visible unless you shopped it up here You cut it in your hands. That's what you get you help things right. You're you're very very small things. And so here's a question. Okay if you had a bag like a carpetbag and debate the carpetbag foul and you put something in the carpetbag. You closed it. Would she be invisible based on the western principle of ability. Okay so then that would be okay. You just make some visible bags. Sure you could make them out of leather or something like that know. Yeah well it obviously works on not organic material. So you could do that. The difference was that he could not develop a serum that worked on the inorganic material. Right so it's going to be invisible for x. Number of hours or permanently depends on what happens. Yeah i wonder if. I wonder just making it. Invisible twice he is what causes it to stay invisible forever and he just never tried that. Maybe i don't know his his I'm gonna use myself as a guinea pig. Thing was was pretty irrational. But you know his testing protocols you seem to be a little bit yeah. Fortunately his wife was really pissed off at him and she should have been yeah. I agree that was. That was saying there's another thing about about him. That's i think weird shorthand. And i'll i guess i'll forgive them for it but wow band. Brilliant physicist obviously brilliant physicist also serum developing bio. Heke is exactly to be working on that. That that is that is. He's an all-rounder executives. Say polymath that term. Well poly something. I exactly polyglot now. It's not a public paulie wok. Yeah exactly man of many disciplines. Yeah so very very impressed with this. Dr weston young his ability one thing. I'm a little a little less impressed by. Was there understanding of money in this. How story well. You've got a brilliant physicist and it's nineteen seventy five so we'll let's make some. Let's make some allowances right. I mean it was only in nineteen seventy-two that it costs six million dollars to make a bionic man A but we take brilliant physicist. Put him in a lab. Give him one point. Five million dollars over eight months and the lazy slacker. Hasn't come up with teleportation yet right. What were the reasonable expectations of the klay corporation on teleportation. I mean come on man. Eight months with what's what's what's the hold up here. You need to produce exactly. I thought that part was was utterly ridiculous right. If they said you know dan we've spent a hundred million dollars and you've been working on this for ten years on teleportation that one i could see maybe but eight months and one point five million especially when considering the foreign power was willing to give steiner. Ten million dollars just to kidnap western. Yeah not really thinking you should be quibbling over the over the you know the one point five mill that i thought was distinctly weird because they also had both those numbers and cheap. Yeah and the only thing that really got me was when he when he's apps the pen and carlson sees his pen disappear. Yeah and he goes this one point five million dollars eight months and all you have is a matter disintegrates. The russians have had that for eight months. I know the us military sky. Three generational prototypes on this or as three generations of this weapon and the french are going to have at any day. Now give me something. I can use here. Wow that's a different world. We live in apparently was. Yeah apparently was what do you need an invisible man for if you have a matter disintegrated. I know you kinda cool. I think of a lot of us military for that one political i can think of some very good points construction but yeah oh well if you're going to. I know how practical and stuff make some nifty magic tricks. We're being invisible. Yeah yes it would. yes. I am so happy that the klay corporation is in los angeles and not like north dakota okay. Why can you imagine being the invisible man running around in north dakota for long in the winter. New bring we're the fall come to think of it. Yeah and he's like freezing. I'm like nobody leaves. Nobody really mentions that. And it's like okay so he's actually his gallivanting around the place totally nude totally injury. He can't see him but he's not wearing anything. I actually Actually some morals group did protest really on the grounds that the hero was naked. While the pilot they get to the series but is get can be. It can be chilly and so if this was the dead of the winter. Okay fine is suppose but exactly. It's very convenient. Yeah this is. This is definitely a very less practical in certain parts of the world. Well we have invisible man in russia but turns out they die exactly us. So let's see. He goes to visit his friend. Dr a jio nick. Manju played here. By henry darrow. Izzet i believe darrow Who is a character actor. You see around a lot of. I have a feeling he might have been. The star of the secondary star of flying. Nun is seems to be where i'm recalling his face from but Could be wrong there anyway. He weird thing to the structure of this story. He's in his doing his plastic surgery right and they finish and the other surgeon says you did. Some did some good work there. Nick and he says i couldn't ingrate work there. If i could have used my dermot pla- asked what it was called. Dermot plast dermot dermot perm dermot plaza durham of last dermot. Flex maybe dermot plex. That's journal flex that's it. I actually wrote it down here. But i didn't highlight it yet. Dermot plex and he goes well. You know maybe some day. We're not ready for that at that to that today. Okay so we're setting it up. This dermot plex is some really cool stuff. It's an amazing. Skin graft technique so then we get through narration. We get a little bit of information. That nick mattielo is the only person assuming apart from his wife. I presumed that he has given an inkling of what he has stumbled upon so his friend is not entirely surprised when he turns invisible. Soglo you did it. Amazing yeah and goes back and he says look. I need your help. I thought you could use this dermot plex stuff that you've developed to make me you know. And and the beauty of it is he says no so now. I can't that surgical stuff. Not something i can do there for you But i can use some other stuff. And i can make you a mask. And i'm kind of wondering what was the whole point of building up the dermot plex if they were really using a term of plex used the reflects plex but in a slightly different ray show Because it it looked just like human skin. I guess it kind of felt like that or breathe so It it would. It wouldn't cause them to sweat that much put. Yeah yeah it was some off the dermot plex but at the same time it seemed kinda weird that they even bother to have the scene where kind of builds it up in the operating room. It's like you make it sound like a miracle. wonder. I don't know it just kind of it was also you know. Why do they have the the the frankenstein-like seen with the the blind man kill a little time. Yeah exactly maybe. That's what the whole dermot plex thing was paid needed needed You know this fancy thing for them not to say. It's a latex mask special. It's gotta be. It's gotta be believable. Got him high-tech eum better better than than the masks they use on mission impossible exactly yes and Or that man from uncle show. So let's let's talk about the the conceit of them ask. Obviously this does not hold up not for a second. Even if he were able to make the material right did he shave his head I don't know maybe he's got like some sort of a bald cap. Or maybe you know maybe in a scene we didn't see it was just deemed that it was better for him just to shave his head and you know when he mr. She's mr shaggy. Had he already had a huge head of hair right and then they put a hairpiece on him. That is a huge head of hair. Yes and i'm thinking. If he has to shave twice a day pretty sure he's going to have to cut the hair off. Yeah yeah fortunately. The doesn't grow as fast as the beards. So he's lucky there. Yeah but and then they have these amazing contact lenses. Oh god those terrifying they dead. Ge did anybody who's ever wear contact lenses would no. That's not what contact lenses look like and well. I don't know. I didn't actually look up what you know. Full scale era contact. Look like but yeah. Those pretty pretty nasty. Those look big i. I saw a picture of the ones they made. Bill bixby wear For the incredible hulk or or lou ferrigno for that matter Which you know. Turn the turn. The is that greenish white color. And they were glass back then yup and they were apparently really. They're big and they're really uncomfortable. But i don't think they were that big and you know there's the bigger they get the more likely they are to slip and cut something you don't want cut. So that was that was terrifying. The fact that he was able to have the made in a day was impressive and then of course he also had to have teeth caps. So you can see so. They explained everything that that the explained everything in that scene that you needed to know. I mean he went into great detail. I put pours in this and You know every detail the eyelashes and the whole nine yards this is. This is an amazing mask. And then at the end of the episode in the van dan pulls off the mask his eyes disappear his teeth disappear. Yeah everything's gone. You know back. When it was a lot younger. I had hard contact lenses and Yeah they they were uncomfortable. At first i got used to wearing them fairly quickly but they were tiny teeny tiny. Give him your hair designs. Yeah so yeah well calling up some pictures of contact lenses from. Oh good grief. Seven man big and glass but they aren't the same shape as the ones in the show. I'll tell you no. No no no no. They couldn't be so those were evil. Yeah but of course in the future his eyes and his teeth will just be part of the mask from now on. It's literally what we saw any also doesn't wear socks or underwear. Apparently it's just faster that way. Yes well i still have my invisible underwear. I didn't lose that and not letting go. Could we just could we. Just make me some invisible close to rebuild the invisible machine and make me some invisible. Close that i could wear or at least sweater. Yeah something aerob- visit that would be fine. Visible shoes would be nice because his feet feeder get it really ripped quick at least at least some sort of slipper. Yeah right honey honey. Did you see where. I left my robe. God no as you mentioned tripping over it. Yeah man so it will be interesting to see how rapidly they completely and utterly forget because they already did it in this episode that is actually contact. Lenses two separate ones teeth and hairpiece else can gloves. I kind of read ahead a little bit on some of the episodes in yeah it it becomes just michelle. The yeah the masking. The the hairpiece are pretty much one thing now and grant hill after a while of using it goes back to his buddy and gives them some pointers and he comes up with you. Know revision to or vision ten and comes with a much better system of of Of having all of at work right well. I think he's going to have to his friends going to have a full-time job if he keeps leaving his mask and gloves behind advance that get blown up. Yeah he's going to have to have a couple spares made. I can also envision you know somebody wants made this crack about like spiderman and superman right or the flashlight when they take off their clothes and they have their uniform underneath what happens to their clothes. They all have something you know. Spider man webs up a little sack and sticks underneath a building and he retrieves it. Later and superman has such incredible powers that he's got a pocket in his cape that he can hyper compress his clothes and stick in there. And i forget what the flash was. But it's something equally ludicrous. But this is a random he's got selena's ring of his suit was in the ring. Yeah sits in the ring. That's it. I remember what happens to lows vibrates them. So quickly incinerate flashlight. He them on at the same time. I don't know could beat. But the invisible man has not got any of that he has got you know the only way he had something to insert it in his body somewhere out and i don't think that's gonna work for his shoes new so know i'm envisioning. I'm envisioning a pile of snakeskins and close left behind you on. He's on secret service missions. Well you figure that the klay corporation in the The the government. Four out enough money for this espionage stuff that They apparently have a natural spy. Whose fortunate enough to become invisible working forum you think you think that that they like sent him to quantico for some training or something like that. I don't know we'll find out next time. I guess i would hope so. It's like okay. Well this guy is going to be an operative and he's got a really really unique skill set so maybe we should train them up on some espionage. Teach him to use a gun or a knife because he can't carry them with him true true but he could learn other things but hand to hand combat. There there you go he could. He can go do stuff like a fire walking and toughened up the soles of his feet. Yes yes i. I think it would definitely be working on toughen up. The soles of my feet are in that situation. Yeah just general physical fitness there. And you know the other bits of of spycraft. Trailing people and other stuff has fighted espionage general espionage. Wanna one over there for a quick course and you'd be all set. Oh like there's like there's a class in that you just a natural. You're not. I mean it is i do. It's nice that That mr mrs cl weston weston get along so well that's nice and that she's completely in on the whole husbands invisible and you know that sort of thing am brilliant scientists as well apparently although apparently not as brilliant as husband but yeah. I thought that was an interesting sequence in this. Where at the beginning we see the beginning of the flashback. I should say not the beginning of the beginning. The beginning of the beginning is the middle. Which i hate but okay he. He's jogging right and he comes home. And there's kate his wife and he you know comes up behind her and he starts smooching her. Get all frisky. And he wants to have sex. But she's like you're gonna be late for work. I'm gonna work and it ended ended and so he goes. Yeah all right. I'll take a shower and get on with it. And so then next shot we see him driving all by himself to work And he pulls in and he goes into the lab and there with her back turned to us is another woman and he immediately walks up to her and he starts kissing her on the back. And you go. Wow what an asshole. Actually she turns around and of course of course she's done her hair differently because she's at the lab and turns around and it turns out it's his wife again transformed from kate weston to dr weston. She's like they really had to contrive that intentionally. Right i mean why did he just not go to work with his wife in the same car. I know it's los angeles it's the seventies but seriously our pool. I don't know maybe she had to go pick up groceries on the way home. Or i don't know what she got out they're way ahead and she's my boss is. Oh yeah yeah. He's her boss. Yeah which not good but the way she implies it anyway and chest it just like what was the what was the point of having them intentionally. Tried to make us think. That western was two timer. I don't know maybe they trying to put some Add some humor and some you know. the sexiness into the whole show. They definitely had more sexiness in this show. And i and i don't mean good sexiness 'cause it wasn't but they definitely had more talky talk sexiness yeah in this yeah you know what i mean like i say the the husband and wife of a very good relationship healthy in that respect anyways our work environment. I don't know but Yeah i think the bit at the end where he says ou go by thousand. Wasn't an improvised. propositioning me. Yes i've never been with an invisible man and he's like oh you turn the lights out and you won't be able to tell the different. It's like okay. I'm going to admit this right now by ahead an invisible sexual partner. There is no way. I would turn the lights out i would. I would have to be able to see that right. I mean at least a curiosity. Yeah your curiosity is too much. You just have to see that. Oh yeah yeah exactly. Yup maybe later on like a novelty. That's not gonna happen very often new those things you just kinda have to. I feel like i'm being kinky. I just feel like and scientific exploration. That's what we must probe this phenomena and move on but you said it not me i did i did. I did and i had a horrible thought about what disappears. Okay no no. No no no no no. We already talked about the fact that she was upset at him for his absolutely irresponsible testing procedure on himself. Yeah that was. Just i mean it fits with the era. David banner credible gamma radiation myself. Exactly exactly which really a good plan. I can't i can't have someone else. Take the risks. Therefore i will do it myself. They're trying to make it sound noble. But it's just incredibly irresponsible exactly. Yeah i'm not saying it would be more responsible to have another person but i'm thinking this just. This is not the point where you need. Human human testing at that point. I think a whole lot more invisible and re visible rabbits. Yeah not just one that. The serum worked on white's. Yeah i didn't see if they had any more animals in their little cages. They did. But i didn't see any more invisible ones will. How could you well. There'd be an empty k. There was one empty cage. Who's very very upset about. The whole thing was going to talk about it. Sassa liked the fact that they made they made mentioned again. It was an excuse to make it easier to put them in gloves. But i'm having trouble with my judging. Where objects are They can't see my hand. Yeah that was surprisingly well thought out. We need an excuse to put gloves on him. Same time it was a good one. Yeah it was. It was a decent excuse. So i'm i'm i'm relatively pleased with that Let's a little bit. The blind guy. The blind man kindly old gentleman the the stranger in kind of forces his way on He seemed like such a nice guy. It did not go the way i expected it to know. That was actually kinda surprising. I figured he would get the food and the whole bit. But i didn't didn't see that it was going to turn out that. The blind guy was actually a bit more street smart than one would expect. Yeah and again well written inasmuch as he's like why don't you go sit down in the big chair by the fire over exactly. Yep a new right where he was. However i questioned the wisdom of a blind man owning a pistol and firing it relatively wildly around his house. Well it'd be good deterrent and it's a great noisemaker that gets people who are trying to break into your place away. Is it a great deterrent. If a blind man was waving a gun at you would would well if you didn't quite know if he was blind or maybe there was a good chance that you know since he is blind and he's used to hearing. Where are you know. She make noise then he can give you pretty good estimation where you are. And he's got you know six rounds in their at least yeah you can get a lucky shot and kill ya. I could see it. I feel like it's gonna be a lucky shot. Oh yeah definitely that that seems like the kind of thing that would get you dead. Maybe i don't know depends on what type of fogler break in and steal an old man. Food yeah. I i was expecting it to be kind of the the frankenstein. Blind man right. You're the only person that can be sympathetic to me. Because you can't see what. I look like exactly. That's where thought it was going. Mitch mentioned frankenstein before it is like oh okay not quite just just here to to get shot and and on the road. A good reason to go to his buddy. The doctor think he'd have a good reason anyways because of the whole dermot plex stuff but it whatever didn't he didn't he say that that's where he was going to go and he did. He said that's where he was going anyway but then he he needed to. He was never been colder in hungary in his life so then he tried breaking into a store and that didn't go well. Oh yeah. I'm thinking how did not go well. Is it because an alarm went off yet. You expect exactly you're freaking invisible man sleeping heavies a cold invisible man cold this bowman you break into the store you take some food you walk out before the cops get there if if they come along before you get too far away you set the food down and wait. Yeah exactly and then leave. I thought that was a little surprising. Also there's lots of other ways he could have gotten food just stepped into an all night restaurant and just kind of lifted something off. Somebody's trae when they're not looking. Hello you know. He's he's newly invisible so he's kind of disoriented and doesn't quite know The the practicality of his his new scalise plus you know. Because he's invisible he's blind because light photons office. His dad doesn't sh sh sh his is or could with hand. Wavy him trite when the light goes into his eyes. They inside and they themselves become invisible is photons become invisible they become invisible photons which do in fact register on invisible photon receptors. Yeah very gus actually. that's it. we've we've solved that one that one off the list. Perfect science yes. Get you have anything else. I don't know that. I do know i enjoyed it. But oh yeah yeah. It was a very different interpretation of the invisible man from the eighteen ninety seven h. g. wells novel which if i recall correctly and it has been a while i think the point behind the original invisible man is could be summed up with absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yeah and remember that. It's been as time as he has become invisible. He begins to realize that he has a power that he that sets him above men and he just gets progressively more You could say insane but we could go. Power mad mad with sour some interpretations. They actually go. No he's he's he's he's insane he. The the serum drove him insane. But i'm wondering if it's the serum or whether it's just the fact that you know if you had superpowers you you probably would. You'd probably go bad. I mean on normal human nature. You bradley just just kit progressively worth but but luckily our hero is a very principled scientist. Who will not work for the military therefore he will never go bad. You will always be the good guy but he will subject himself to research before. It's definitely time he. He will do so so he takes. Risks he s takes risks I am i am i nothing more. Well i enjoyed enjoyed it to guys guy said before. Read ahead a little bit. That was you know and so far. It's pretty good. No spoilers or anything but Well more episodes of the series. It's not a long one. I think that should tell you how i did. In the ratings sadly but the good news is that meant that he was able to go to britain and do sapphire and steel. There you go. So i've seen some episodes of and it is a weird show. Anybody has seen it. You should try and watch. It's it's different it's different. Well that ends. We've done it the petroleum. I enjoyed it thoroughly though but weird. Well john thank you for joining me. Now you're welcome spend fun and listeners. I'd say i hope to see a next time. But what visible both invisible photons so. I hope you'll join us all again. Next time. One hundred patrol you've been listening to fusion patrol listener supported podcasts to find out how you can be a sponsor and get early access to all episodes and more at patriotair dot com slash fusion patrol. Come join the conversation on facebook or twitter. All episodes are available at fusion patrol dot com. Our music is fight the future by amber wolf. This has been a lone locust production next time on fusion patrol. I hope you'll join me. Eugene i may simon as we discuss buddy boy from nigel neal's beasts and we are discussing possession obsession and the sexual appeal if ghosts dolphins and yes ghost dolphins. I hope you'll come join that conversation fusion patrol.

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The Axeman of New Orleans Pt. 1

Serial Killers

41:10 min | 1 year ago

The Axeman of New Orleans Pt. 1

"Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of violence and murder that some people may find defensive. We'd vise extreme caution for children under thirteen on the night of August fourth. Nineteen eighteen twenty eight year old. Mary Schneider was exhausted. She laid in bed willing herself to sleep. But try as she might. She couldn't get comfortable. Mary was eight months pregnant and between the sticky humidity of New Orleans. Summer and the endless buzz of cicadas leaking through her bedroom window. She found herself laying awake on those nights. She listened to Ed as he softly snored beside her letting the sound of his steady breathing. Lull her asleep but tonight Ed was gone working the night shift to the Southern Pacific. Warf she was alone. Mary closed your eyes again and slowed her own breath. Losing her thoughts in the Of the CICADAS. Then finally she drifted off sometime later. The sound of the bedroom door opening stirred her awake. Still Hazy with sleep. She squinted in the dark. Seeing if ed had returned home when she looked over to her bedside her blood ran cold. There silhouetted the dim light of her bedroom window. Mary saw dark figure looming over her. She screamed the last thing Mary saw was the glint of blade right before it slammed into her skull. Hi I'm Greg. Olsen this is serial killers. Apar- cast original every episode. We dive into the minds and madness of serial killers today. We're exploring the legendary New Orleans ax men a brutal murderer remains unidentified to this day. I'm here with my co host Vanessa. Richardson Hi everyone. You can find episodes of serial killers and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Serial killers for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar at podcast for grateful for you listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? The New Orleans acts math murdered six known victims in Louisiana between nineteen eighteen and nineteen nineteen and a suspected to have attacked. Even more. This week will discuss the ECM as I presumed crimes in the early twentieth century. We'll also see how the media panic over the murders left the entire city of New Orleans gripped in terror. Next week we'll follow investigators as they traced the ax-man's bloody trail desperate to find the phantom killer. We'll also examine his final murders before his mysterious disappearance in nineteen nineteen many researchers and historians have speculated when the axe man began his reign of terror in the crescent city. Some claim he I murdered victims as early as nineteen ten and areas as far west as Texas but many of these theories have been called into question or entirely disproven the product of local lore than actual historical fact but according to Historian Mariam. See Davis author of Axeman of New Orleans. The expense I documented. Kill most likely occurred in nineteen eleven but at the time he was nicknamed the cleaver twenty-six-year-old Joe Darby was a handsome fellow a young Italian immigrant with slicked dark hair and a mustache groomed just so and in nineteen eleven. He'd had a banner year his business. A small grocery store was still new then just five months earlier. He'd married his young wife. Sixteen year old Mary and now they were expecting their first child around ten PM on Monday June twenty-sixth nineteen eleven. Joe and Mary Davi turned in for the night after a long day of running the shop as they climbed into bed. The couple beamed at each other. They couldn't help but marvel at their good luck their store their marriage their baby. Everything it seemed was working out for the Dhabi's but soon it would all come crashing down in the early morning hours. Tuesday June twenty-seventh. Mary awoke to a man standing at their bedroom his features shrouded in the dark. He asked her where the couple kept their money but she was terrified to reply angered by her silence. He struck her over the head and Mary lost consciousness when she came to. She was wounded bleeding from the head and the sheets were wet and warm soaked in blood. Joe was lying beside her. His breathing ragged and his skull cracked open heat struggle chorus life for another thirty hours before passing away at a local hospital Mary. Meanwhile survived a widow at sixteen doctors concluded that Joe Darby. Skull fracture was inflicted with a sharp edged though heavy blade almost in the center of the head crushing through scalp and bone just such an injury as would have resulted from a blow with a butcher's cleaver with no evidence left at the scene beside show Dhabi's mangled body. Police were without a suspect. However the few details Mary managed to provide while conscious gave them a lead from the dim light of the oil lamp in their bedroom. Mary could see that the man was white clean shaven and wearing workman's clothes and she clearly remembered his voice. He spoke clear on accented English based on the nature of Joe's murder and Mary's description of the killer. Police were certain they knew who they were. Dealing with. In the fall of nineteen ten less than a year before to similar attacks had been carried out by a shadowy figure. The newspapers dubbed the cleaver. Those victims all survived their assault. But like Joe these other victims were also Italian grocers. Whoever the cleaver was it was now clear to police that he was specifically targeting. Italian immigrants. Vanessa is going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg Though. The motivations of the cleaver later dubbed the axeman are unknown. The most plausible theory is that his attacks were ethnically motivated. Essentially they were hate crimes. Psychologists Kalina M Craig. Henderson describes hate crimes as a form of violence sparked by the perpetrators prejudice against a particular demographic of people. This bias could be based on anything from race or ethnicity to religion or sexuality and though there are many different theories that attempt to explain why perpetrators carry out hate crimes. Studies have shown that the answer lies in a combination of factors political science and behavioral researchers Donald P Green Lawrence h MC falls and Jennifer K. Smith concluded that broad social forces such as modernisation integration or economic downturn can lead to a surge in hate crime in the early twentieth century. An influx of Italian immigrants to New Orleans meant that many white nonimmigrant residents found themselves competing for resources housing jobs and education things that they enjoyed almost exclusive privilege to were suddenly harder to come by and in the case of the cleaver he believed the Italians were to blame. But Italian emigrants had been woven into the fabric of New Orleans long before the cleaver claimed Joseph Dhabi's life after the abolishment of slavery in eighteen. Sixty three a wave of Italians. Many from Sicily immigrated to the south to work as laborers on farms and plantations because they worked alongside black laborers. The to minority groups became associated with each other. This soon made Italian immigrants. The subject of prejudice among White Southerners and Sicilians in particular were considered suspicious ignorant and of undesirable character. Sometimes they were even targeted by Lynch mobs. Then they began to climb the economic ladder by the early nineteen. Hundreds many Italian laborers had saved their earnings and open small businesses with the New Orleans. They established a thriving community in the decaying homes of the oldest part of the city. The French quarter there. They settled in the lower part of the district near the Mississippi River later. This area would-be dubbed Little Palermo. Many of the shops the Italian soap in there were grocery stores according to Historian Mariam Davis by Nineteen hundred at least twenty seven percent of the city's population were Italian with many of them finding success as grocers. This economic success is most likely would feud the cleavers crimes like Mary V. Had told police. The intruder was a white man. Who spoke non accented English and WORE WORKMAN'S CLOTHES MEANING? He was most likely a non immigrant labor. Exactly the demographic that would have felt threatened by the Italian population success a common cause or catalyst of hate crimes stems from what psychologist Kalina. Kalina CRAIG HENDERSON. Calls deep seated resentment and oftentimes. This resentment is born of jealousy as a native born white man struggling with blue collar work. The cleaver could've resented the Italians economic security and he may have carried out his attacks as a sort of salve for that resentment. Craig HENDERSON GOES ONTO. Explain that a hate. Crime is away for perpetrators to elevate their self image by symbolically. Asserting their dominance or superiority over a group for the cleaver. Each crime became a way to validate himself and his place in New Orleans social hierarchy but the slaying of Joseph V. Was a new esscalation for the cleaver up until that point the. Phantom attacker hadn't claimed a life but as soon as the press caught winter the crime shows murder became a citywide affair. Local newspapers jumped on the opportunity to sensationalize the grisly case the day after the attack the daily Picayune published a headline announcing fiendish cleaver abroad again. Soon after the governor of Louisiana announced that a five hundred dollar reward would be given to anyone with information leading to the murderer's capture in light of the public attention. The New Orleans police were under the gun and found themselves having to assure citizens that they'd find the killer in their city. Chief of detectives. Jim Reynolds told reporters. I'm deeply concerned about the Davi affair. This murderer must be captured. Neither men nor money will be spared in bringing the fien justice soon chief Reynolds employed the expertise of their so-called Italian specialist. Detective John Dantonio one of the first suspects. Reynolds and Dantonio pursued was the mafia for decades. Mafiosos had run rampant among New Orleans Italian immigrant population. The police assume that Joseph Gothi was the victim of data or a blood feud but there was no convincing evidence that pointed to organized crime and the Mafia Dantonio insisted were if efficient killers. They wouldn't have left. Joseph clinging to life. They'd finished the job. Detectives also pursued the idea that the murder was the product of a robbery. Gone wrong but again. They lacked evidence. Joseph's killer had left the scene without taking a single item including Mary's jewelry which was left out in plain sight. Detective Dantonio realized the cleaver wasn't some run of the mill criminal. They were dealing with a true fiend. Someone whose motives were in financial or personal they were purely driven by an urge to kill and so after a series of dead end leads. Detective simply waited for the cleaver to give into his desires and strike again. The trail was going cold on the Joseph Davi murder and fresh blood would be spilled before they could pick up the scent but weeks went by without incident then months still. The killer didn't show as time moved on so did the people of New Orleans reports about the cleaver faded from headlines and all traces of New Orleans. Phantom killer disappeared but seven years later. The cleaver would re emerge from the shadows. Only this time with a different name. Coming Up New Orleans is introduced to the axe man tied listeners. We have some very exciting news. The launch of our new podcast series supernatural with Ashley. Flowers has been a huge success. And none of that would have been possible without you. So thank you for tuning in if you haven't had a chance to listen yet. I highly recommend you head over to the supernatural with Ashley. Flowers feed and subscribe today every Wednesday. Ashley Flowers takes on a different crime or mystery or the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional. Here's what's been happening so far or the deaths of two Brazilian men are result of making contact with spirits on Morris. Get closer the truth than ever. Before regarding the mystifying lead masks case did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine sort through the out of this world circumstances surrounding the allegations incident. And who and what were responsible for the unexplained death of Australia's Somerton man dig deeper into the peculiar details and poetry involved in the case. Each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences just when I think I found my favorite episode. I listened to the next one and I can't decide so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story. In the Early Twentieth Century New Orleans was haunted by violent fiend called the cleaver for months this faceless criminal broke into the homes of Italian grocers and brutally attacked them while they slept but in one thousand. Nine hundred eleven. The Phantom cleaver committed his first actual kill the murder of twenty six year old. Joseph toffee sparked a highly publicized investigation to find the man responsible but months past and the trail went cold the cleaver had seemingly disappeared into thin air but seven years later in the spring of nineteen eighteen. He came back with a vengeance on. May Twenty Second Andrew. Mogia was drinking earlier that day. The twenty eight year old had received his draft card. He just been conscripted overseas to fight in World War. One scared out of his wits. The young man went to the local bar to forget his troubles in a pint around three. Am The next morning. Andrew stumbled home to the corner of Magnolia and upper line streets where he lived with his older brother. Joseph and his wife Catherine once inside. He fell into the bed and passed out around four thirty. A M still groggy from booze. Andrew woke up to an odd sound. It came from the other side of the shared wall that divided his room from Joseph and Catherine's bedroom listening closely. He realized what it was groaning. Even coming out of drunken stupor. Andrew knew something was deeply wrong but he couldn't bring himself to open his brother's bedroom door instead. He sprinted down the street to his older brother. Jacobs home and begged him to back to the house when they approached the back door. The two brothers stopped dead in their tracks. The door had been left ajar and one of its wooden panels had been removed someone had broken in hearts pouty. The brothers entered anyway and walk down the hall to Joseph and Catherine's Bedroom Jacob knocked softly but there was no answer. The two brothers steeled themselves and open the door inside the room. A heavy sent lingered damp and metallic and as soon as there is adjusted to the dark. The brothers saw a horrific tableau their sister in law Catherine laid on the floor in a pool of blood her throat slit so severely. She'd been nearly decapitated but Joseph miraculously was still alive. Andrew Jacob rush to the blood-soaked bed where their brother gasped for breath clinging to life. The brothers rang the police station and called for an ambulance. But by the time they derived Joseph Maggio had lost his struggle with death over the next few days. Detectives scoured the property for evidence in the bathtub. They found a murder weapon. A bloody axe that had belonged to Joseph Maggio. They also discovered a second weapon. A stainless steel straight razor found in the neighbors rose trellis at this. Detectives immediately turned their attention to the two module. Brothers Andrew Maggio was a barber by trade and the discovery of straight razor was especially incriminating and the fact that both men had waited so long before checking on Joseph and Katherine was deeply suspicious detectives so both. Maggio brothers were taken in for questioning and though they released Jacob fairly quickly they kept Andrew despite the many telltale signs. None of the detectives connected the macchia case to the brutal cleaver attacks seven years earlier this was due in large part to a change in the force just a few years prior New Orleans Chief of Detectives Jim Reynolds had been killed and John. Dantonio the Italian specialist had since retired their replacements. The no nonsense chief. Frank T MOONEY and Italian specialists. Arthur Morello had no professional knowledge of those cases but soon a mysterious discovery would make the connection for them shells to block away from the crime scene. Detectives FOUND A CRYPTIC MESSAGE. Chalked onto the sidewalk in a childish scrawl. It read Mrs Module is going to sit up tonight just like Mrs Tony. Investigators were baffled. They couldn't interpret what it possibly meant. Was it a message from the killer themselves? Or maybe a prank done in poor taste by some neighborhood delinquents but when local papers got a hold of the clue they revealed the answer. The name Mrs Tony was referring to the wife of Tony Sambre. That Italian Grocer who seven years before papers claimed had been one of the victims of the infamous cleaver after this realization New Orleans. Newspapers were rampant with speculation. Was it possible that the cleaver was back stalking the city streets after seven years of dormancy or was this killer merely an imitator a copycat according to criminologist race. Arete copycats are most often influenced by the media whether through journalism or entertainment by disseminating details of various crimes the media unwittingly inspires imitators however seret clarifies that exposure to these details does not cause a crime to occur but rather shapes its nature essentially the media does not serve as a motivation are catalyst but it does influence a pre existing criminals style in the case of the cleaver. It's possible that the Maggio's killer was actually a lesser known criminal inspired by his methods at the time the attacks had garnered a fair amount of coverage from local newspapers however still begs the question of why the imitator would have waited seven years to strike after all had had been nearly a decade since the cleaver made headlines so why now it's less likely that the Maggio's murders were the work of a copycat and they were of the cleaver himself as we now know. Serial killers will commonly act in cycles. These typically include an active period of murder as well as dormant phase in which they stop killing a stretch of time and some killers have longer dormancy periods than others but historian Miriam See Davis gives another possible explanation. That for the last seven years. The cleaver had been imprisoned most likely due to a less serious felony like robbery. And as the papers across the city speculated nearly a decade of pent up bloodlust had led the very same cleaver to the Maggio's doorstep but despite the rampant reporting connecting Maggio's murder to the clear of the Nineteen tends detectives on the case largely ignored this coverage for exactly what it was conjecture in their minds. The most plausible suspect was not some phantom killer but the man right in front of them twenty eight year. Old Andrew Macho police kept Andrew in custody as a material witness for the crime but at the time law enforcement was less likely to question their suspects than they were to torture them for days. Andrew was subjected to brutal interrogation in a bear sweltering room at police headquarters and though he begged they refuse to let him attend his brother and sister in law's funeral instead. He endured hours of detective screaming in his face accusing him of butchering his own family. They threw his brother's blood-soaked clothes at him and demanded that he confess but each day Andrew maintained his innocence and finally chief Mooney arranged for his release. Their interrogation yielded nothing. Andrew Mogia. Wasn't there man just like before the trail went cold then. Almost exactly a month. After Joseph and Katherine Maggio's murder on June twenty-sixth one thousand nine hundred nineteen another immigrant. Grocer was attacked with an axe but this time they were Polish early that morning during an already humid New Orleans. Summer delivery man. John czanka pulled his wagon up to Louis. Bessemer grocery store it was a routine stop and Bessemer. Polish immigrants was a loyal customer but that day the store was inexplicably closed confused. Czanka made his way around the store knocking at various doors and calling to anyone inside and finally sixty year old Louis Bessemer appeared. Bessemer looked awful exhausted and Pale but more alarmingly he was bleeding from a still fresh wound on his head but bessemer brushed off the injury telling Czanka that it was nothing just an accident. When CZANKA asked Bessemer Harriet his mistress was hurt. Bessemer was bizarrely nonchalant. He told Czanka he didn't know inside. Czanka phone twenty nine year old. Harriet low barely conscious collapsed on a bed soaked in Crimson. Her skull had been cracked open and dark. Blood matted her long dark hair as Sonko kneeled next to her. She could only whisper. Police were immediately to the scene where they noticed telltale signs that link the crime to the Maggio case the attack had occurred early in the morning. Nothing had been taken from the home and the murder weapon and old. Rusted acts was left at the scene. The axes dull blade had most likely saved their lives. However a series of other bizarre details gave chief Mooney doubts that this was actually a different attacker than the Maggio's killer. There was forced entry. Neighbors reported hearing no screaming or signs of a struggle and Harriet centuries were much more severe than Bessemer Bessemer was left with nothing but a long gash above his eye dealt from a single blow. Harriet however had been struck on her arms and chest multiple times and sustained to blows to the head which split open her skull in addition to the extreme severity of her wounds. Compared to her husband's there was the question of the Polish Grocers. Bizarre nonchalant attitude. When John Sanca had arrived at the scene Bessemer seem not to care about his wife's well being suspicious. Mooney decided Harry it needed to be questioned. Harriet lay at the charity hospital with her head and torso wrapped in bandages. Her once beautiful face had been disfigured by her injuries. Leaving one I blind and the other constantly twitching. The combination of severe brain trauma and opiate. Painkillers made her delirious as detectives interviewed her. She was disoriented and even delusional during their first bout of questioning. Harriet hastily recalled that a quote Mulatto man had attacked her though neither bessemer nor their neighbors confirmed seeing a mixed race man in the area. Police pursued the lead anyway and soon they arrested Lewis Ooh Bichon. A light skinned black shop assistant. Who Occasionally worked at BESSEMER store? Though was arrested and held for several days police found no evidence linking him to the attack and released him. But it wasn't long before Harry. It's drug induced delusion sent detectives on yet another Goose Chase this time. She accused her husband of espionage. Coming up the cases surrounding the axe murders take a bizarre twist as detectives attempt to discover if their phantom murderer is also a spy. Now back to the story in. May of Nineteen Eighteen. The infamous cleaver attacker returned to New Orleans streets with a vengeance but after the murders of the Maggio's and the attacks on Lewis Bessemer and Harriet low detectives had seemingly lost their course I. They arrested the wrong man and by July of nineteen eighteen. They found their murder case had turned into an investigation of espionage while recovering in the hospital from the critical head injuries. She sustained in her attack. Harriet low made a shocking accusation. She told detectives that Lewis. Bessemer was not actually a Polish grocer but a German spy a charge that detectives took very seriously in the midst of the First World War. The papers had a field day with the new revelation. The Times Picayune published a headline reading hatchet mystery may lead to spy nest and rumors of Bessemer Shady. Background began to surface neighbors. Claimed that Bessemer spoke more than a dozen languages and was secretly wealthy. He traveled frequently and sold his groceries at suspiciously. Low Prices. Many thought it odd that a local grocer would be so well traveled and multi-lingual they began to wonder was bessemer shop. Nothing but a front for his espionage once again speculation flooded the press had. Louis Bessemer attacked Harriet because she threatened his spy work in some way but later as drug induced haze began to clear. Harriet recanted her espionage accusations. Then after returning home from the hospital her. Mental state deteriorated. She spent hours kneeling and praying. She claimed to have been visited by. Jesus Christ in August of Nineteen. Eighteen doctors determined that an operation was necessary to relieve pressure from Heriot's brain. This surgery was successful. But she contracted meningitis a week later. Knowing she was on her deathbed she summoned chief Mooney and reconfirmed accusation against Bessemer. She told Muni with absolute certainty. That bessemer had attacked her with the axe unprovoked and she added. He was stark naked. Ten days later she died. The day of Harriet Staff. Police charged Lewis Bessemer with attempted murder though. He was acquitted months later due to a lack of concrete evidence. Detectives realize that Bessemer wasn't the cleaver killer. They were looking for because while Louis. Bessemer SAT in a jail cell the real killer struck again on the night of August fourth. Nineteen eighteen twenty eight year old. Mary Schneider was eight months pregnant alone at her home. In the Saint Claude district where she woke to a sound in the middle of the night. That's when she saw figure of a man looming over her bedside. The last thing she remembered was screaming before losing consciousness. Luckily Mary sister who lived next door heard her sister scream and ran to her aid. She found Mary with a head wound and several broken teeth but her attacker had fled the scene. Mary was rushed to the hospital where she survived and gave birth to a healthy baby girl days later but when she reemerged from an opium induced fog she had no helpful information for detectives in the. Darkness. The only detail. She could make out of her attacker was his hulking shadow. Then the rest just went black. An examination of the crime scene proved just as confusing while the attack on Mary. Schneider included some of the telltale signs of the Cleveland Handiwork. Other details were entirely different. There was no sign of forced entry and a broken lamp was determined to be the attackers weapon. Not An axe and most baffling of all was the fact that unlike almost all of the killers other victims. Mary Schneider was neither a grocer nor Italian. Detectives began to believe that Mary Schneider's attacker was just an ordinary burglar who'd panicked nothing as vicious as their phantom killer but the journalists of New Orleans weren't so easily dissuaded in the days after the attack headlines appeared across the city with declarations of the killers. Return in bold print. But this time they given him a new name. The axeman newspapers all over New Orleans. Chris and Tim glad to have a name for their once. Anonymous Phantom killer and his new monikers sold -papers like hotcakes. The Times Picayune announced. Police believe Axeman may be active in city and copies flew off the stands once again. New Orleans was launched into a spiral of rampant speculation regardless of who actually attacked Mary. Schneider the papers were convinced that a serial killer was still on the prowl then like a sinister self-fulfilling prophecy. The headline summoned the ax men from the shadows less than one week. After Mary Schneider's attack on August tenth nineteen eighteen. He set out to butcher his next victim on the corner of Tanti and Gravier Street Sisters Pauline and Mary. Bruno lay fast asleep in the small cramped cottage. They shared with their uncle thirty one year. Old Joe Romano. Joe Was a barber on Canal Street while fifteen year old pauline worked at a candy factory. Thirteen year old. Mary ran the small family grocery at the front of the cottage. The Bruno's were a far cry from the ax-man's typical upper-middle-class victims. They're tiny store. Hardly qualified as a proper grocery and the family was just barely making ends meet but that night. The Phantom killer wasn't particularly discerning. Around Three A M. Pauline woke up to a sound coming from behind her bedroom wall. She could hear a commotion coming from her uncle. Joe's room someone was bumping about banging into furniture. Then it stopped. Pauline sat up in bed and she did. She saw a strange man standing in the doorway. He was tall heavyset and wearing a dark suit. Pauline screamed this woke up Mary. When pauline younger sister also saw the stranger she screamed to as the teenage girls shrieked in unison. The man stood frozen in their doorway then he fled when the girls went to check on their uncle Joe. He had stumbled into the parlour in a state of shock bloodstream. Down his neck in his hands as he held his wounded head. The girls helped him into a chair. He instructed them to call an ambulance before going unconscious. By the time the medics arrived he managed to walk out of the House himself but two hours later Joe Bruno succumbed to his injuries anti Joe had suffered a single blow to the head. His doctor concluded that the weapon must have been extremely sharp because the blade head cut clean to the brain later. Detectives found the murder. Weapon a bloodied axe left on his bedroom floor. Detectives had any doubt that the violent attacks on Italian grosses in the city connected. After Bruno's murder all uncertainty evaporated and the people of New Orleans especially the city's Italian community were gripped with fear as predicted some Italian grocers closed shop temporarily too terrified to tempt fate. And this is perhaps exactly what the X. Men wanted as we discussed earlier. The New Orleans acts man was most likely motivated by prejudice specifically against economically successful Italian immigrants. But while his attacks can be explained as an attempt to assert dominance to validate his self image. They may also be symbolic. According to psychologists Kalina Craig Henderson hate crimes are often committed to send a greater message to other members of the victims community. An ominous warning by striking fear into these communities the perpetrators of hate crimes hope to indirectly control this group ultimately minimizing them. If not driving them out entirely and the experts message was heard loud and clear so loud in fact that not just the Italian community was affected. All of New Orleans was terrified that their family would be next that August citizens were hurrying to buy guns preparing themselves. Should the axe man come their way? Parents and spouses began standing guard over their families. At night others join forces. They formed neighborhood night. Watches rotating shifts in August of nineteen eighteen. Men and women sat up at night restless wondering if the axeman would come hacking at their door soon new Orleanians saw visions of the phantom killer everywhere. Rumors spread like wildfire of mysterious men lurking in the shadows. But not all of this gossip was unfounded. That's summer copycat criminal started staging home. Robberies allow axeman all over the city. They chiseled through doors. Robbing their victims blind and leaving behind a discarded acts to throw the cops off their trail soon. The New Orleans PD was flooded with leads for potential axeman crimes but in a sea of imitators. How do they know which of these break ins? Were staged and which to pursue the city descended into pure chaos and detectives were under the Gun. It had been three months. Since the MAGGIO's murders in May of nineteen eighteen and police had yet to arrest a single promising suspect at the time. Chief Frank Mooney was reportedly receiving scathing public criticism for the rest of the summer of nineteen eighteen. New Orleans was immersed in a waking nightmare. Every night citizens went to sleep wondering who wouldn't wake up the next morning the entire city was plagued by dread all the While. The axeman was biding his time in the shadows and when he reemerged he would ensure that the people of New Orleans never forgot his name. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. We'LL BE BACK. Thursday with her two will follow the accidents most brutal rampage and the resulting investigation for more information on the New Orleans axe man amongst the many sources we used we find the book axeman of New Orleans a true story by. Miriam See Davis extremely helpful to our research. You can find more episodes a serial killers and all of the parkhouse originals for free on spotify spotify. Already have all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcast originals. Like serial killers for free from your phone desktop for Smart Speaker to Stream. Serial killers on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time killer week. Serial killers was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original executive producers include Max Ron Cutler sound designed by Anthony fell sick with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Aaron Larson. This episode of serial killers was written by Alex Garland with writing assistance. Abigail Cannon and stars Greg Poulsen and Vanessa. Richardson Hi listeners. I hope you remember to check out the new podcast original series supernatural whip. Ashley Flowers every Wednesday. Take a deep dive into the strange and surreal to find the truth behind some of the world's most bizarre crimes. I can't get enough of this show and I hope you feel the same search for supernatural with Ashley Flowers in the spotify APP and listen free today.

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 S2 E2: Lover's Lane

Atlanta Monster

30:48 min | 2 years ago

S2 E2: Lover's Lane

"The average American blasts through is with bright screens for eleven hours every day. You can't stop looking at screens, but you can protect your eyes with a new pair of Felix gray glasses available with or without a prescription Felix gray glasses filter out ninety percent of high energy blue light and eliminate all the glare coming off screens. So I can live my life without tire dry eyes blurry vision or headaches Felix grays have no yellow tint personally. My favorite pair is the Roebling design Felix gray glasses are available in nonprescription prescription and readers. Go to Felix gray glasses dot com slash zodiac to protect your eyes today. They also have free shipping and free returns. That's felix. Gray glasses dot com slash zodiac Felix. Gray glasses dot com slash zodiac. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast or solely those of the podcast, author or individuals participating in the podcast and do not necessarily represent those of iheartmedia. How stuff? Works or its employees. Lovers lane a secret of destination for hopefully, young people a lookout or secluded area. We're couples anticipate privacy, Betty, Lou Johnson and David Faraday were just kids ages sixteen and seventeen privacy and intimacy was probably what they expected from their night. What they got. Instead, they never could have predicted. Their murderer at lake Kerman road was horrifying in brutal. Why would someone do that to two kids? There. Couldn't be anything more terrible. It couldn't get any worse. But it did the killer struck again at yet another lovers lane. Manley, mashed bobbed tied and stab them leaving them for Dan subject. Stated I want to report a murder. No, a double murder. I did it a man who wore a evil style. Executioners, carry the knife and gun and intended to use. They haven't arrested me because they can't proven pain. I'm not damn zodiac. Who is where is he from iheartradio? How stuff works and Tinder foot TV? This is monster the zodiac killer. It's been six and a half months since the murders at lake Herman road like before it's another couple in car and another attack. My name is clients word rushed or USD. I'm retired. Blair police department Lieutenant on the night of July fourth nineteen sixty nine that was working too late shift with my partner. John Lynch on the zodiac killing occurred in Boyle. We were in a unmarked police unit and we're in the downtown area of low when the radio call came over about firecrackers at blue springs party. And they got a call this gunshots. We hold them to the park area and observed a vehicle in the parking lot police car right next to it. We'll get out of the car observed. The right passenger side door was all thing. And the body was laying in the ground with two legs still are actually in the car. The male victim had obviously injuries period to be bullet loans, and I walked around to the driver's or and saw young white female behind the strain will which was later identified as Darlene, sir. I talked to her ask her, can you? Tell me what happened there is closed because as you still breathing and she murmured a couple times never opened. Her eyes didn't say anything to do an ambulance is on the way. So we'll walked around the side where John wrench was trying to talk to the mail. He was laying on the ground and injury and his head or that. Difficulty talking. The ambulance arrived shortly after that loaded both victims into the ambulance. I told decarlo to go in the ambulance with them in case either one of them, we're able to say anything, darling. Fair was dead on arrival at the hospital. But the male victim was alive and put in virgin care. Zodiac left a witness behind the male victim in the emergency room. Michael Maggio survived. We went back to Michael Butterfield zodiac expert you heard in the first episode. He was just very fortunate in the sense that none of those bullets hit him in vital area. And that's just pure luck. That bullet might have gone right through his head. So he's very lucky to be alive, and like most people who survived those kinds of traumatic events this probably a certain amount of guilt attached to that wondering, why did I survive why did she die? And then also there's the horrifying realization of how close you came to dying. There's no way that you can forget about that every day. You're if you feel the pain of that bullet, you've see the scars, you know, how close you came to dying, and especially watching someone die right next to you. That's gotta be chilling. Michael Michaud has struggled a great deal with this over the years. Not everyone walks away from a tragedy intact, Ed rust the cop. You heard earlier not only arrived on the Zodiac's second gruesome scene. He also interviewed Michael Mojo in the hospital the morning after the attack. We wish rarely injured was under sedation. But it was able to speak with me, and I enter viewed him at length. He was able to tell me that Darlene had picked him up, but his house they had some kind of sociation. I'm not sure just what she drove them out to blue springs park, and they pulled into the parking lot, and it was empty at the time this pretty late at night. He said they were sitting in the car talking about things and a carload of young people pulled up next to them and yelled and holler a bit and drove off and shortly after that car pulled up behind them driver got out walked up to his side of the car carrying a hand held flashlight. Michael majoria send it was a police officer and was trying to get his wallet out as I walked up and was standing right next to his open window didn't say anything at all to and suddenly pulled a gun up and started shooting. Michael israel. He was hit struck several times. And he literally climbed over the seat into the backseat of little Corvair. Scherzer's kept going, and he said this person actually reached it and shot him at least once or twice while he was in the back seat. After several shots and nothing said whatsoever. He heard card or slam. The lights disappeared. And the vehicle drove off he believes toward Vallejo. He then was able to reach an open the passenger so door had been set in and was able to climb out and he fell down on the ground. And that's where he was when the first police officer did coughed on ride. He said he tried to talk to Dr Lene, the she never did Asir Michael macho the life of terror after this. Heavily involved in drugs. And he just got completely out of it. I'd like to see this case solved. And I think that can be solved, but. It just hasn't. I don't I'm done just kinda burned out them down. But the whole whole situation. Everything I was there that night. 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Get out of that recipe rut in store cooking outside your comfort zone, but discovering new delicious recipes with hellofresh Tello fresh as helped me start cooking again into stop eating all the time. Delicious healthy meals right in my own kitchen right now. Take advantage of hellofresh is special offer for two thousand nineteen get eighty dollars off your first month by going to hellofresh dot com slash. Zodiac eight zero promo code zodiac eight zero that's hellofresh dot com slash zodiac. Eight zero promo code zodiac eight zero witnessing and surviving attempted murder is obviously traumatizing it can linger with someone for the rest of their life. Not only did this impact. Michael majo-? It also left its Mark on Darlene. Parents her daughter and her husband dean Farren. That fourth of July. Did we was working, and we she came by the restaurant that okay, let go out and get some fireworks and will meet at the house and have beer and wine. And at that time you could buy safe insane. Fireworks had a country pad in the backyard was supplant close. The restaurant up and went by the house and cutter surprise. The babysitter was still there. She hadn't come back yet. No cellphones. Anything that was longtime ago had no way to get contact sat around waiting. The police showed up to the door wanted me to come down the police station and didn't really say why is it all there's been an accident. Nie-nieto come down the PlayStation. Doc in one little room kind of like this little small interview room. And you know, it's just wondering where you've been tonight toll while I've been working up till forty five minutes ago or so checked with the boss, and he's been there all night. Well, we just tell you. It's it's the worst. She's deceased. They asked her parents lived at I well, I think I should probably be the one to tell them. So I I wrote in to their house with the police officers told her parents, we don't really know what happened but daughter's been killed. Then went back home. And remember if my brother took daughter, my parents house or did that in the next morning. I don't remember exactly what went on after that always going to. I didn't know where it was really. Canana days. That sense of shark. Dean felt persisted. The trauma of dealing with Darlene. Murder left him struggling to raise their daughter. My daughter. Stayed with my parents for. A little bit of a while. But we had. I close friend. No. Well, they volunteered. Babysit? Basically. She was raised for about five years by this other couple poor foster sort of situation which. To this day. She still goes mother and dad that was a miracle for us or me or herbal gave her some kind of structure. Family situation, which at that time. I didn't know where I was going. At this point, so long ago and. My life is really been pretty good. I happy got nice family. Some people say, oh it'll bring closure. Well, I don't. Talk to the TV news thing after the Sacramento of they found him, California, rape minister killer, they called me and came by the house stood out in the front yard for ten or fifteen minutes. We'll bring closure. I don't know. What health closure is? And that was the end of it. I don't know what closure is how does the only thing will end is maybe. People won't talk about it as much, but I don't see that happening and more. It's less painful every time. It's like picking a scab off a little cut down first time at lead like Ellen next. I'm not too much of this is going to lead somewhere. Well, nothing's happened. So. The police investigated the idea that darling Farren had been killed by someone. She knew that's a traditional standard investigative avenue. Darlene Farren was very popular person as a waitress in a local diner there. She had many fans, and of course, many male admirers, and I think that like many people her age she liked having fun that drinking or doing other things. But she definitely liked having a good time. And that included having fun with her friends. Michael majo- was one of the people. She counted among her friends, Michael and his twin brother had met, Darlene at the diner where she worked and like many other male customers there they developed a friendship with her that sometimes extended beyond her work hours. There are a lot of stories about Darlene. Dating other men and doing other things like that. And so it's easy to believe that she was dating a lot of different men and one. Them could have been the zodiac the police investigated multiple leads and early on. There were two men who stood out as possible suspects, George and Gordon. According to the Vallejo police departments reports Arlene had some problems with the guy named George. The report details how George Darlene the restaurant where she worked and with sometimes give a rights home. But friends of Darlene said, she was quote deathly afraid of him, but was friendly towards him in an effort to keep him at a distance on one occasion, he walked into her apartment and told her that he was either going to rape her or get into bed with her in one way or another unquote officers spoke with the tour, and he denies ever threatening, Darlene. But does state that many times he did teaser and make her angry George was quickly ruled out as a suspect, Gordon Arthur was another suspect police spoke with Gordon met door lean while he was waiting for the navy to transfer him. He told officers he en- Dr Lene went on a few days. According to the police files, Gordon said a day or two before he moved Darlene told him that she wanted to leave her husband and move with him. But. Gordon said no because Darlene had a baby couldn't provide for after. He moved Gordon said Darlene wrote to telling him she might be pregnant, but then he didn't hear from her alive. In the case report it reads, he received one more letter from her and it said she had been in the hospital for a short time. But did not state the reason. Gordon thought that possibly she had been pregnant and went and got an abortion somewhere. Gordon stated at this time that he decided not to have anything to do with Darlene and not to see her again, Gordon was also ruled out. He probably don't realize it. But the average American blast. There is with bright screens for eleven hours every day. I'm pretty sure that I'm also one of those people checking my phone editing podcasts watching movies, you name it. The fact is you can't stop looking at screens, but you can protect your eyes with a new pair of Felix gray glasses available with or without a prescription Felix gray glasses or a lifesaver for me they filter out ninety percent of high energy blue light in eliminate all the glare coming off. Screens can live my life without tire dry is blurry vision or headaches. Unlike other blue light filtering glasses Felix grays have no yellow l'instant. So you can see everything in its true color. Not to mention they look cool Felix gray glasses or handcrafted from high quality materials like organic talion acetate in premium German steel, and they have tons of great styles that can make you look pretty put together. Personally, my favorite pair is the Roebling design Felix, Greg. Glasses are available in nonprescription prescription and readers. They also have free shipping and free returns. So there's nothing to lose don't go. Another day staring at screens without the help of Felix gray glasses. Go to Felix. Gray glasses dot com slash zodiac to protect your eyes today. That's buicks. Greg Lassus dot com slash zodiac Felix. Gray glasses dot com slash zodiac. After reading the police reports and firsthand accounts of people close to Darlene. It seemed as if she had been living a secret life when away from her family. I wanted to know if dean knew how darling spent her time when she wasn't at home or at work. She was a waitress at pancake house. I was a cook there, and we got to be friends, and then it escalated from there. I guess at the time she was married to somebody else. He was being rather abusive, and I helped her find a place to live with a friend of mine from there. We got to be better friends ended up getting married a little bit sooner than we may have thought back in those days was a little bit different. Now. Good girls don't get pregnant when they're. Single and we'd planned on get married. Anyway, it was pushed up a little bit. She had just turned twenty one. So like to go out and dance. She in some of the other waitresses would go out to go out occasionally with them. She still had friends firm when she was had lived in San Francisco. She's go down and see exactly what they did. I, you know, there's all kinds of rumors down there that was drug connection, and that was her boyfriend's or whatever, you know, some of the police talked to they were asking me all rumors are that she was having a lot of fares. Well, I would like to believe she wasn't. But I know this. She liked to go out. But where did majo- stand with Darley as far as Michael Joe or how his name one of those things but out of my head? I would like to believe that's not true. I don't have any way to confirm or deny. Michael Michaud today talks about their relationship in terms of that he wanted to marry her in all kinds of things. But at the time, it appears that they were just friends, maybe he had a very strong crush on her. There's no evidence that she ever responded or reciprocate in that way. And although there are a lot of stories about Darlene. Dating other men and doing other things like that. There's no solid evidence behind any of that. I think a lot of that is warmer. A lot of that comes up years later. Darlene Farren is like the Laura Palmer of the zodiac case, Laura. Palmer was the victim in the famous TV series, twin peaks, and of course in that series. That was a very complicated murder story and her background had a lot to do with what was going on. But I think that's what people wanted to believe with Darlene Farren. So they wanted to believe that she had this rich mysterious private life, or there's all these sinister secrets and shadows. And things like that. And so easy to believe that she was dating a lot of different men and one of them could have been the Zodiacal he's things, but there's no evidence to support the. Investigators even looked into Michael majo-, many people today still theorize that he knew the zodiac was going to attack that night. Michael Joe at the time of the shooting was apparently wearing several layers of clothing the layers of clothing have been troubling for some people because Michael Michaud did have some minor criminal entries on his record. And some people have read a lot into that. They think it's evidence that there is something sinister going on or that. He knew something that he was a criminal a burglar that he was wearing one set of clothes. So that escaped it could take those off. And then fide there's other people who have actually come up with the theory that he knew they were going to be shot that night, and he was wearing extra layers of clothing in case he had to take it off. There was blood on him or something like that. I think it makes a lot more sense to believe that Michael Joe was young kid rather skinny and he was out at night. A lot of kids were extra layers of clothing. I never did that myself. I wore a lot of jackets when I was a nice school. But I did know people who did that. And sometimes it was because they weren't comfortable with the way they looked in their clothes. They would try to pad their bodies that may have played a part in it. I don't see any reason to believe that he knew about the shooting that night. Most people would not volunteer to be sitting next to someone who's going to be shot to death in car. I think in reality. It's just a kid in his insecurities. The following is a reenactment of a portion of Michael Maggio's statement to the police after the incident at blue rock springs, the recording comprises reading an actor of Mr. Maggio's statement in first person voice. The vehicle pulled up approximately ten feet behind us to the right of darleen Carr. He had a high powered flashlight the kind you carry with a handle. You walked up to the car. And both of us believe it was a policeman. He stepped up to my side of the car shining flashlight on it didn't say anything to us. And we didn't say anything to him started to reach for my wallet felt it was a policeman who wanted to see my ide- as I did. I heard a muffled sound and felt a pain in my back and my neck. I heard some more muffled sounds that sounded like a gun with a filing on it. I tried to climb over the back seat to get away from the shooting and he kept shooting again. And again, finally, he quit shooting and turned the gun on Darlene started shooting her again, and again, he then turned around and started to walk back to his vehicle would still have to have lights on. I couldn't tell if I meant to yell at him or if I just yelled from the pain, but I let out. Some type of yell. He apparently heard me and came back to the car and shot me two more times once in the back and once in the leg determine the gun on Darlene and Johner twice more all the shots. I heard muffled. There was a silencer on it. It wasn't allowed. He then turned around and casually walked back to vehicle and God in. I reached outside the car door to open it because the handle inside was broken. I reached outside and open the car door and fell on the ground fell on the ground the vehicle he was in backed up in a turning movement and then took off towards springs road. Vallejo at a very high rate of speed. The beagle. Drove off. I only fell the rear portion of it this rear part appeared to be vehicle similar to or the same type is Darlene. Carr core. Fair also a very similar color possibly a little bit lighter Brown it had a California license plate. But I couldn't tell what the numbers were. As best as I can recall a man appeared to be short possibly five eight, and he was real heavy set beefy build possibly one ninety five two hundred maybe even larger hit short, curly hair, light, Brown, almost blond. He was wearing a short sleeve shirt. Blue in color. I saw faith from the profile side view. I don't remember seeing the front there was nothing unusual about face other than it appeared to be large. He had a large face. It was dark. It was just too hard to see him. As strange as many of the circumstances were Michael majo- has been cleared of any and all suspicion the answered questions surrounding the murder of Darlene Farren, and attempted murder of Michael majo- have left many, people guessing and theorising it's made for an odd and complicated case, but it's not the questions or the attack itself that cast this case in the limelight. It's what happened minutes after that marked the beginning of vizo deacs notoriety. While Michael Darlene were struggling to survive and blue rock springs park. The killer apparently was driving around Vallejo until he found a payphone and he called the Vallejo police department. Call was answered by the dispatcher Nancy slower. I want to report a murder. If you will go one mile east on Columbus Parkway, you'll find kids in a Brown car. They were shot with a nine millimeter Luger. I also killed those kids last year. Goodbye. Next time on monster. Vizo yet killer strange letter arrives at the offices of three northern California used papers. And so the first letter came I was among the copy, boy sorting mail box where letters editor. Stuff in there. It's chilling just to look at each part consisted of a block of symbols from strategy half filled circles, backwards letters, they found symbols that were repeating next to each other while the most common double letter in English is l l l l appears in a lot of words all will and kill what I need a new weapon canoe animal. On my island. I on the most dangerous game. When the searches car the found a couple of books. One books was my book on sir murder. He decided not enough for me to shoot people. I need to look in their eyes and see them. Oh, everything's okay. No. And then look in their eyes when I flip on them. And they find out that this is not what they thought. And that their lives are at stake. Monster. The zodiac killer is a fifteen episode podcast produced by I heart radio. How stuff works and Tinder foot? Tv don't alright night are executive producers on behalf of or Fatih alongside producers. Meredith Stegman Mason Lindsey, Nick Rossini, Dana, Jason hope is executive producer on behalf of house affords along with producers Trevor young Miranda Hawkins been keyboard. And Josh Thane. It's got Benjamin provide additional voice talent math Frederick is. Our host original music is by makeup vanity said if you haven't already make sure to check out the first season of monster called Atlanta monster about the Atlanta child murders in the late seventies to the early eighties. Download the ten episode season right now have questions or comments emails at monster. At how stuff works dot com or you can call us at one eight three three two eight five. Six six six seven. Thanks for listening. 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Hollywood Adapts to Climate Change  The Podcast!

America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast

1:16:52 hr | 4 months ago

Hollywood Adapts to Climate Change The Podcast!

"Hi everyone this is. America adapts. The climate change podcast. Hey welcome back to the podcast. We have an exciting eps. It for you joining me. As cheryl's of the natural resources defense council and alexander maggio show. We'll talk about engaging the entertainment industry through nrdc's rewrite the future initiative. An alex will share his experiences. Bringing climate change into network. Tv shows he's a writer for you're gonna learn the value of storytelling. Getting the word out on climate. Change is was a fun episode. You're going to enjoy this one okay. We have started a biweekly newsletter. Here at america adapts. We highlight the latest episode and news stories related to that episode's topic we also highlight other climate pods and share a few other adaptation related goodies in the show notes. There is a link to subscribe. Please do and share with your colleagues coming up on the podcast. Dr jesse keenan from tulane university returns to the podcast. We originally were going to discuss molestation but instead jesse takes us through some of the early adaptation related news associated with the new biden administration. We'll return to the issue of molestation soon enough also coming up sharing goodman a senior fellow at the center for climate insecurity and considered the godmother of climate change and national security. Some excellent conversations are on their way. Okay adapters lights. Camera climate change. Let's join with cheryl's lean alexander maggio and hear how hollywood is ramping up. Its role in addressing climate change. Hey it outdoors did have a very exciting upset. I am talking with cheryl lean. Gerald is the creative strategies in co-founder of rewrite. The future at the natural resources defense council. i shall welcome to the podcast. Hi it's great to be here. We worked little bit together. We are on a panel somewhat recently talking about storytelling and that was really cool. Getting to know you. And i'm very excited at one. Point was actually briefly. A film major and so i am very interested in this round that you're in ends on very excited about this conversation so let's just jump right into this now you're at nrdc. And i find that very interesting. But i you know i guess where we should start as. What's your background. And then maybe we can transition into what you're doing it energy. Okay yeah you know. When i think about when i look at my background from here and the job that i'm doing now at nrdc at rewriting future it's like i have all these elements to my background. That sort of fit perfectly into this work. You know early on. I was in. I've a background in tech background. But then i switched over to be a writer and director and producer in theater and then that sort of morphed into becoming an indie independent filmmaker a writer director of narrative films documentaries and i also have an mfa in fiction writing so after some time of chipping away at trying to feed indie filmmaker. I started production company and i was serving clients offering the specialty of narrative strategies for content. And i had a lot of health care clients and science clients and so I had this sort of how we can use storytelling to educate and raise awareness about issues background and i had this the sort of narrative storytelling background as an artist and then i became a climate activist and i did all the regular or staff marches city council meetings and things like that and i started to think about other ways to be an activist how to engage the arts the arts community and artists more in the climate movement and How you could like use your art and your stories and your communicating through your art as a form of activism advocating for climate action. And so i started a grassroots group called vision. la climate action arts and we were. We produced a festival like a multidisciplinary arts festival in la during the paris. Climate accord and we were trying to bring raise awareness about the paris agreement and just get more people involved in the movement and we also did workshops. A sort of engaging artists in particular playwright's and performance artists writers in how they might bring their climate concern. And all of the you know. Sort of fackson information about sustainability and climate impacts into their work like through the creative process. So all of that led to some generating some work with that intention for the public. And you know where like a hundred people would come to a play or series of plays or whatever and it just occurred to us being in la. We should really be doing this in the entertainment business because they are telling the stories that have the most reach and the most influence. and so. that's kind of my background in a right around that same time. When i was thinking those thoughts i was introduced to daniel heiner field at the nrdc. Who is currently the director of content partnerships in. He'd been working for years. Making documentary films at the energy and he was thinking right along the same lies in terms of the limitations of fact-based based storytelling documentaries storytelling and wondering how we might be able to get more. Climate related content into mainstream entertainment. And what's his role at energy. See i mean. I'm just. I'm fascinated that. They even decided to do this to their credit. I mean what. What does he do. There he found. I think he founded the film department there. It's it's a division. It was a department of communications program there so they made a whole bunch of different length documentaries about various environmental issues that were focusing on. And i you know i believe that. Nrdc is one of the few environmental ngos who's actually won a couple of any for their documentary films so he directed a film called. Sonic see out noise pollution. You know like sonar radar sonar noise pollution in the oceans that that harms ocean mammals. And and it's really beautiful. Wonderful film it showed on discovery had a big audience in one a couple of emmys so but they also make little the little short documentaries and whatnot and so he. He made a whole bunch of documentaries at for them and was in the communications department. Any still we both are and now he's director of content partnerships which is he builds these these partnerships with other advocacy groups with entertainment and media. And things like that will. That's amazing. i guess. I just haven't fall that closely. I mean i know our nrdc and it's probably just be useful to sort of step back and if you're not familiar with energy i mean it's just a international world renowned i guess it's an environmental organization but you think of conservation. They do a lot of environmental economics. And i guess. I just wasn't familiar of this whole division focusing on film and entertainment because normally com shop in a communication shops at large conservation groups such as were good ideas. Go to die. And that's just so encouraging the they did all this and what my next question. How does someone like you fit in it and you sort of explain it just now because they do have this history. But i'm thinking we kind of met each other through rob more and he does flooding policy. And how do you interact with that aspect of or is it. Is it sort of meant to interact with the rank and file their totally. So yeah you know like. There's this really wonderful synergy because one of things that we do at rewrite the future which is this which is our program ensure will talk about it more later but it short. It's just it's our program that advocates for and supports bringing more climate content into films and tv and so one of the aspects of that is something that we call climate story consulting which is where we sort of on an individual basis on a very customized faces show by show you know sh writer's room by writer's room or on a broader basis sort of more educational. But let's stick with the the show by show. We will meet with in disguise with the writers on the show. The different ways that climate impacts climate solutions sustainability actions behaviors choices than a attitudes can weave in to their specific character sets situation settings. You know there's a lot of different angles to mine when it comes to climate because it's such a big global issue with with many impact different kinds of impacts different kinds of solutions. And so when we do that one of the steps very often is in and sometimes what we're come they the the shows will come to us for this specifically is expert. We wanna make sure that all the information were providing them is the you know the factual of cutting edge policy and science out there and we have this incredibly deep bench at at our dc as you mentioned off people who are involved in an you know doing the helping to do the science around studying impacts and to develop policy solutions community based in larger scale government. End up making laws and things that address those impact and so. We've got that at our fingertips when we do those engagements and what christiana figueres would say. She calls them interventions interventions where we provide all the information. So it's it's great. We have the best of both worlds so to me to be inside. That room with writers is they're creating some beat a movie or a comedy show or something that to me would just be a lot of fun. And if you're there kind of providing expert advice in you as a writer with that background you're all familiar with that whole notion of the creative process if there's a situation where energy and it'd be you or you're bringing these experts advise in a certain area. Okay this is the scientist. And i know i not. I'm trying to visualize this. You're actually in the room kind of thing and they take it under advisement but then ultimately what the outcome the tv. Show the movie that us. It's really the science is way off or they really kind of get it wrong. But they took your advice they just listen to you as an organization do you. Do you even take credit and made you guys have a policy for that. Well they got the science completely wrong. We don't wanna have our name. We know in collaboration within our dc. How does that even work. Yeah well you know. Each relationship is different so we will if they get it wrong. We might have the opportunity depending on our relationship. They might ask us to review the scripts in which case we can correct it. They want their the way they bay refer to these issues to be correct. You know riders still. They don't want it to interfere with the entertainment value. Of course neither do we but they do want to be right so they'll check back with us and as far as the the credit goes but you know we have to obviously let it go. It's their piece but credit goes we we are. We're sort of new in this. And so it's an evolving. At the moment we offer these services freely and we don't ask for credit now there may be one or two projects that we're working on that we're really helping to shepherd along or more and we might want some sort of credit there but as either you know. Nrdc as an organization or rewrite the future or or one of the consultants as as an individual if we ever crossing fingers get to the point where we are actually placing consultants in writer's room added show than that's a sort of a different animal. You know that's a different level and then we'll sort of revisit it but If they want to you know another way that we work with with these shows and films as one they're finished we might partner with them on an impact campaign and during that impact campaign than the nrdc natural. I'll just say the whole thing. Natural resources defense council it would have a real presence in terms of The getting the word out there and social media branding and stuff like that. Have you thinking about that. And you guys have a one pager and i was curious like you're there and sometimes they hire people like you. Just you're off on your own and they're not you're not integrated very well but it just sounds like they're doing a good job and there's a one pager that sort of explains really what you do and i. I don't know if there's like bullet points. But i don't know if you want to quickly go because i helping people visualize literally what you do. And you've mentioned a couple of these sort of advise on scripts but i'm okay. Now let me just read these to you and if you wanna elaborate on any of them but this is your way of specific roles and responsibilities which i think is really cool. You put it down on paper and so industry. Dialogue and networking customized story. Consulting writer's room presentations working with studio network executives to expand markets for climate stories. That's a stretch. That would be acting on tip sheet of helpful. Climate mentioned science and policy expertise packaging and development promotion and amplification legislative advocacy for production tax incentives. That's very specific. That's great and climate. I p library. What's ip again. What's that intellectual property right right okay. So what stuff they add adapt shows front like pre listing media. Okay so those are a lot of cool responsibilities. But what do you find kind of takes up most of your time and those things that you're supposed to be doing well it depends on what's front burner right now. We're preparing for doing some presentations. We've had a sort of uptick. It's very exciting. Interest from many of the studios and streaming studios in our work and so we're preparing kind of like slide decks in a presentation overview of like climate storytelling one. Oh one and breaking down that term into all of its possibilities as well as an overview of what we offer is the studios and the shows. So we're doing that. Takes up my time doing the presentations. I'm also working on climate storytelling tip sheets. Which are these are. Sort of. Like our entrees. You know into as we build relationships with these various entertainment industry players are would like my time to mostly be taking taken with the The climate story consulting. Because that's really creative you know and it's sort of can. It can become a very creative brainstorming session with the folks on the show and it also get to sort of do. I also love research and researching all the various angles that they might go for. You know sustainable fashion or maybe they have they take place in a particular setting and i want to see what is happening on the ground and community organizations there you know or something who are trying to solve climate impacts so on so climate story consulting takes a lot of my time but also These events that we put on a and we're in the throes of building an event right now which which is going to be showing at sundance and so that takes a lot of my time to organize the events where we bring in we have folks in the entertainment industry and also climate experts in a certain field talking about how it that particular that topic might make its way into entertainment and why it's important that it should so the one we're working on now is is pretty fun beyond apocalypse is called. I imagine especially if you're justice screenwriter. A tv and movie coming up with climate ideas isn't necessarily that easy and part of what you do that i think is just partner with. Where's the content coming from. And i know you've you've met with dr amy brady and she sort of at the center of the climate fiction married. You feel that that's an area that you kind of work in too. Because there's a lot of climate fiction and bringing those people into the universe of tv and movie must be helpful. I guess for them because they're obviously putting a lot of thought into writing these books. Yeah that's exactly what this bullet point climate. Ip library means. And and we are working with. Dr brady you know to on the climate fiction side because she really has her finger on the pulse of that so yeah we want to One of the publications that or it's hopefully will be like a website that we've started working on is to gather up all of the possible source material that entertainment makers might use as either inspiration or actually option you know as intellectual property that they can develop films in shows from climate. Fiction is definitely one of those categories. And you're right. There's there's they've got a couple of years lead. I think a few years lead over in the fiction area fiction literature. You know area. Then they do on tv and film so and you know how hollywood just loves to use stories that are already exist in some other medium and especially if they have like a big following if they are gonna fan base right like graphic novels. i mean. That's the big thing but also podcasts. Just putting the bug in your ear. Podcast and narrative. Podcasts are getting more more popular and then we are also collecting. A big part of the ip library would be journalism like narrative journalism profiles that focus on people. Because that's what we want. We want this. We want to be able to offer source material to riders. That is people centered. Because that's what stories are about. They don't want you know the facts figures. I mean they do some of them do but they there needs to be a translation between the facts. You know what's happening. The various impacts and then how people are their lives are being affected by that how people are sort of standing up in their communities in courageously being what's called positive outliers in their communities leading the charge to changing their city over to renewable energy or making urban farms to address the food just food food injustice issues and so on in so who are those people and finding those people who've been profiled in journalism or who have books written about them or have written books. Were collect trying to collect some of that material to make it easier for hollywood defined the stories and make a defense in tv. Okay well you need to have continuing conversations of turning america dabs into a tv show. Let's let's let's keep that conversation going lies them. Seeing brad pitt lead. I do that joke all the time. It's more like chris. Elliott is deleted poverty. Sir right. we'll get to that. I've got. I wanna follow up. Okay so i want to transition now. That's great what you're doing. That's fascinating. I would love to just hang out with you for a few weeks as you're doing your thing because i think that'd be so cool especially when you're doing the brainstorms and so the more philosophical here is how do you turn climate change into like a character backdrop and it to me is it a villain or is it sort of this looming thing and i know you've look at climate fiction. They handle it so many different ways. But i think people in the you know i think the day after tomorrow was one of early things tackling climate change and they just got zion so wrong but they also acknowledged climate. Change is sort of a driver in the film and a villain and almost away. But what are you finding like. How are you pitching climate change as a narrative device. Well you know we tend to shy away from that. You know like Shy away from climate. Change writ large right because it's such a big concept and people have pre existing ideas about what that phrase means so we tend to try to approach it through a more smaller scale story friendly. Like what part of the world are you writing about. And how does climate effect that part of the world. What dear characters do for a living are they. Farmers are they teachers are they. An and we can find the angolan once. We have that more specific information the way we go at it. We do some general approaches. You know but we always suggest starting with character because when people you know one of the reasons why there hasn't been much climate mention on tv like we don't see much on tv and films is because there's a block. There's like a couple of ruts that people will fall into when they think about telling quote a climate story and one of them is like that like the day after tomorrow. Big disaster tight epic story. And one is a dystopia or apocalyptic future like the down the road outcomes of the worst case scenario and those have been fairly well represented. There's also this weird trend. In like eco terrorism. You know characters bad guy characters which is which is interesting. He no like so to personalise to sort of bring the issue into a person means they have to assign they have to like. I'm thinking about the avengers movies. You know where you have that sociopathic bad guy. Who decides that the only way to save the universe is by killing most of the people in it you know the sort of fallacy of population control as solution right and so. There's these certain ruts that we see in the the storytellers the stories that are coming out. And it's i find it fascinating that there are these rats because to me they represent the folks are making hollywood entertainment are as embedded in the cultural climate narratives as everyone else you know. It's like they're reflecting what they how they think and feel about climate which is can be somewhat limited. So we try to broaden what we sorry this answer so long we basically. We basically tried to broaden the the possibilities for riders Somewhat of educational and explorative process like to get them out of these ruts of how they how they think. Climate climate story should be so. Because you here folks. You know riders saying well yeah. I go and pitch stories to to executives in the end. They say we already have our climate project. And what they're thinking about the project day after tomorrow or project like adam mckay's adapting the uninhabitable earth as a series for hbo. Max and i wonder i keep thinking of climate change. You can have a cast of characters in the sense of you know the actual human characters. But then there's like seat level rise droughts and there's just these things that could be recurring that constant like you can go back to sort of saying well we're going to all these impacts and it could make for great narrative devices but i wondering if just sort of the history of entertainment like when we were in war especially world war two is when we first start seeing it because it's technology then the whole idea of a war to war but a war movie right the jonah war movies and then there's western movies and so we're not even close yet to say the climate genre movies and you see that we could potentially do that because we're not going to be able to walk away from climate change. People go see a movie watch. Tv show and they're gonna go outside in the impacts of climate change will be with them for the rest of their life. Do you see almost being cohesive. John like that scherer. There's this whole class of stories. You might argue. Every every single story is based on this hero's or heroine's journey where the big epic ones are kind of about somebody or some group of people or whatever some team saving the world. So what if we had you know. Yes some stories that are about people saving the actual world from the actual thing. That's that's destroying it but it's like climate as an issue is is difficult because it's like. How do you locate from. What point of view do you tell your story. It has to be from somebody. A person's point of view. So like i'm thinking about existing. You know stories that are out the uninhabitable or david. Wallace wells is painting these future. You know scenarios that are just really horrible. And i know what exactly advocates doing with that. But they're going to put people in those periods of time and they're doing the same sort of thing in a new show at apple tv plus called extrapolations that scott z burns. And dorothy for barry are working on that it's an anthology series that has climate front and center. But they're really they're jumping through time from like two twenty thirty. I think to twenty one hundred and they're moving forward through time but they're also moving around the globe and they're telling stories about different people who are in different situations in settings and how the global climate problem is affecting them in their community in their lives so they want to tell those personal stories right. I just wonder how the uninhabitable earth. I wonder how they going. What's the ending on that movie. You know is it going to be a document. I think the guy who did the big short right at yes. He's doing that. That's that's a big deal. He's a brilliant filmmaker and is going to be fictionalized or is it like a documentary. Would you know it's going to be fictionalized. It's going to be a television series. And that's all i heard it's going to be funny funny. Gosh how they're gonna pull that off. But i've heard that there. I mean he's a very he's a he does satire really great so i mean turned the big short and there was a lot of funny in that but just the uninhabitable earth. It's just your three pages into it. You just like all right to do i use. He's news to kill myself or should i. It's just not. It's definitely not nighttime reading. You don't want yeah. That's it's distressing so well paid about another book. It's called losing earth nathaniel richards book and that one is just period piece that in. It's just telling the story of when in in the nineties. We had an opportunity. We were really close to having national climate legislation and then sue extent. Who was speaking for the fossil fuel lobby at but but the bush it was bush number. One i believe was the president. And he's a republican. Right he's all gung ho for dealing with this climate problem that was presented as the science of it was presented by james hansen and others to the congress and they all decided they were going to do something about it then and then the forces of industry and you know those those in power who are invested in the status quo came in and appended it. Just a little a couple of people got in there and messed it up for the future and so that's a really great. If focused story about choice and the impact of choice and that sort of message even though it takes place in the past. But you're right. It's like historical perspective of. How could we have done differently. It really affects. You know you and brings you into this. This point of view of choices like we are you know. I love that book. The future we choose christiana figueres his book where she's bringing that front and center. It's like we are standing at a choice point right now and we have the power to choose the better future not just fixing climate change but in creating this healthier safer more just sustainable green world. We have that choice right now. What choice are we going to make. I would really love to see more films and tv. That are enacting dramatizing. That choice whether it's personal to someone you know or whether it's a community making that choice and it would be very dramatic you know and i'm curious your thoughts on this. This is my own personal opinion. But i find the documentary around climate change. It has it could be a great documentary. We see these beautiful documentaries liaison. Leonardo dicaprio might put together but has to me has diminishing returns. Talk about to sort of preaching to the choir. And that's why. I'm so interested in fictionalized approaches. And you know the hollywood truly getting movies and tv's thinking about it. And i just do think we hit a maximum like impact when it comes to some of those because just not getting out there and on that note. I'm curious it just occurred to me when you think of creating a story. A good story is good. Guys and bad guys and climate change isn't always necessarily have great examples of bad guys but have you heard of any examples. Tv shows or even movies. I'm just forgetting that. The climate denier is truly kind approach portrayed as the bad guy. Did you see much of that. Honestly i don't i haven't yet. The climate denier may be made fun of you know in a comedy somewhat. But not really. I mean one of the tips that we give people because we actually have seen this lot is to try to avoid staging arguments. That falsely equate climate facts with climate denial. You know like where you put people on two sides of this supposed argument in. There's no argument there as you know. It's like one is factual based on science based on thermodynamics. You know you believe. Do you believe in gravity. Like that's the there's no believing in climate change and climate. Denial lives in this place a fantasy. There's no basis in reality. So you know it's doesn't there's really no point in. It doesn't help anyone to stage arguments where you're elevating that fantastic point of view to be equal to the facts right but but see that a lot. You see those kinds of arguments. There's the liberal character in the conservative character having this argument and it's almost like the writer is trying to be like journalists did not take sides. Oh it's a classic move west wing tv show approach to aaron sorkin ho. They're they're human too. Maybe i got that wrong. Well listen. I want to explore that a little bit more to me. We are at the stage of climate change. And listen we. We don't want to be vilifying our fellow human beings but at the same time. I think we should be vilifying. Climate denial ism. And if that means vilifying people then there's that from the learning aspect of it that it should be an area that people are ashamed of being associated with and and i think of like the civil rights movement in the areas of the southeast. And that's where i'm from like movie. Mississippi burning great movie. You know there was particular villains in that movie that were based on real life people but then the people around them well you know what they're somewhat villains too because they allowed this culture and they sort of not directly supported it but they were part of that and so with climate denial ism. I think i would like hollywood to everyone doesn't want to offend. Maybe these people and we're at the stage where they should be offended. You know this is serious business. Yes a welder. That's one approach. You know another that one approaches to for you know. I'm always on the positive like sort of more of the positive side when it comes to villains. I'm all for making those powerful people who are making choices out of greed that that harm the rest of us. That's a good bad guy. Sorry you know. Ceo oil company. Ceo's who have been actively suppressing climate science for years. Those are bad is no doubt about it but when it comes to people who are inheriting like they they're sort of in particular social milieu right. That's where do we get. Where do we get our ideas about climate you know. How do we think feel about climate. Where do we get those. I mean there's a lot of different sources. What i'd calling the cultural climate narrative. There's a lot of different ones out there. And they're sort of like a larger one that you can talk about certain aspects of it but like where we get it from the news and how much were exposed to the news. what stories the news is telling. And other forms of fact based information we get from our education programs you know and we get it from social media and social our social groups and also from personal firsthand experience and our cultural climate narrative is also formed or cultural narrow about anything is formed by entertainment as well so entertainment media sort of you know weaves into that right so it can also have an effect going through. But i don't want i wouldn't want to vilify people for sort of adopting ideas that are common to their their social group. What i'd like to do is see entertainment that elevates sustainable choice making right like that l. that makes mark harmon in. Nci let's just do you know. Let's just take a popular character. I know is popular across the board politically. Ncis is the most popular show on network tv and so mark harm is the star that everybody loves mark. Harmon viewers identify with him. Men wanna be him you know and to be with him or whatever you wanna say so so. He has a lot of power in his character as a lot of power in that show. And you know what if mark harmon were concerned you evo- east onscreen through the script concern about the future for his kids. Because of the because of global warming there may be a way of talking about it that is not triggering to certain groups of people like you. Climate change a lot of people. Don't understand what that phrase means right. So sometimes you have to use a different kinds of language that aren't going to alienate certain audiences but he could be concerned about the what we call the climate crisis because he has kids. He's worried about their future. I actually don't know if this character is kids. And he you know like maybe could be finding out more about it or being exposed to things like the ipc report and getting into that state all got into and we get into when we are exposed to that which is despair and dread and horror and fear and all of that all of those rich emotions that storytellers want to mine and want to show their characters going through and then and looking at his kids. Right go ahead. There's the next step two of unseen anything mark harmon since summer school. Which was a great movie from the eighties. But i think. I'm ready for a climate change villain at the scale of darth vader. Hannibal lecter just. I'm not kidding. The personification of these things i guess i know what you're trying to do it energy. I applaud the approach. But i think you know there's opportunities for being a bit more black in white. And i think again back to this. Southern comparison is that you know people the k. k. Wasn't this toxic brand for a lot of the people there for a long time. But then the media started focusing their attention then he started seeing hollywood taking approach to it now if we did the same thing with climate. Denial is in the sort of a lot of people out there that are sort of climate sceptics. But they're not really outspoken. Hopefully you give them a reason to shift away naturally. Because they're just like that is such a toxic bran and there's precedent for that and. I think that's going to be important in the coming decades. Yes you may be right and you know there's a. I'm sure that there's room for that kind of approach. As well as you know like demonizing or just devaluing. It's like shifting of values right so devaluing that perspective in the cultural right in value. Wing and making cool and sexy. The next thing that mark harmon does which he doesn't get stuck in his despair starts to find out what he can do about it. He starts to develop agency. And so when you have characters you know who are where where. It's sexy cool to care about climate when when it becomes normalized to talk about it right on tv than the character in a story may goes through the process of educating themselves. Passes right through into the transported viewer and so on. So and then you're you're building. The model for how viewers can move from fear and despair to to agency like becoming part of the solution in all the different ways that are available to them in their lives. I love that we're talking about mark harmon. I'm just like oh my gosh that. Show just like the demographics. You're absolutely right. Those are the most popular shit like my dad. The kind of show that he wants the good guy the bad like blue bloods and those kinda like i've never seen the show. Listen and there's an opportunity here right right ear because people love to have their problem solved. That's what that was why they loved comfort. It's comfort right on so like this is. This is the comfort we're going for with climate we. You know it's. I'm very large scale but you show on the smaller scales that are particular to that story. You could be feeding the audience that sense of settled nece enjoy appreciation and like warmth in the heart like okay in our community. We're able to go. You know like to not pollute or whatever we were able to Make our community more resilient after all those people died in that flood right or whatever i mean it has to be. It sounds so very boring when you talk about it like that. Gotta find the way that it's exciting emotional and high-stakes for those characters in your story. Let me tell. Just one more example when we're talking about reaching these what i like to call under served audiences or perhaps climate resistant audiences is to work with settings livelihood interests activities. That are that are part of their world. So like one of the i was talking about Adaptable ibp before and one of the. There's a great series of short films about good ole boy ranchers and farmers throughout that fly over middle of the country. That are experimenting with being exposed to like a sustainable farming methods like no till farming. And so on their rehabilitating their soils and so on that were dead because of industrial farming in these guys were being faced with losing their livelihoods from you know that a generational livelihoods and land and they're all choked up about it. These guys in there you red caterpillar hats whatnot. Then you show in the documentary. Show them trying out. These methods in fairly short time seeing their soils come back to life seeing their livelihood. Come back to life and they can provide for their families again and then the things. The ways that they're going about doing it are closer to how their ancestors great grandparents farmed and they feel a real generational affinity to that and you see all that these guys standing next to their tractor with tears coming down is assist so moving and so telling stories you. Can you incorporate that sort of thing into any show or film that is takes place in any of those states you. Have you know a friday night lights square. One of the characters were lives on a farm at his. Dad is going through this. It doesn't have to be a film that's all about. That could just be a little piece of it and you can do it in a way that is really it received. Its by that audience. I would take mark harmon talking for three minutes on that. Show over like some super highly polished documentary. That someone's working on. I'm agreement with you completely. I would take it if they truly got some good rhetoric in there. So i think that'd be a great idea before we got to wrap this up. I was just curious to work on reality television at all. We haven't so far. But i think that it's it's really a great op. We should we just have a kind of a limited capacity so we're focusing on fiction. Yeah that would be great. I there's a lot of opportunities there off the climate resistant. I actually i. I don't know if you know our karmiel banana ski. She yes she and is she reached out to me once and i actually created a pitch for a reality television show around america apps and so she and i kind of went back and forth and so i just convinced that it's talking to the kind of crowds that we want to talk to and so i encourage you to. It's not reality. Television obviously gets mocked and such. But it's what people watch what are trying to figure out some the climate opportunities there highly. Encourage you if you can so right. Well believe me. We are doing our research in terms of outreaching to those shows that are most popular because the whole point of this exercise from our point of view is to sort of rapidly change the zeitgeist around climate to support like a broader public demand and call for end excitement about decarbonization. We wanna reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. So if someone wants to work with you i know you're there in california working in your. You've got your busy there but let's say there's other organizations that want to kind of get into this space. They're i guess they're inspired by nrdc. Kind of taking communication to this next level to should they reach out to you. What would you recommend for people to learn more in. Maybe to kind of do more share. Yeah well they could find out more about what we're doing by going to our web page. Which has that one sheet on it that you were reading from. So that's nrdc dot org slash rewrite the future or they could just drop us a line at our email address right the future at nrdc dot org and we'd would be happy to give more information and talk more about our interests. I included links in my show notes too so people can be a lot of people. Use those. I'll definitely include that for sure so i mean you can. You can see the kind of thing that we're doing. The sort of bringing together climate activists since change makers with hollywood storytellers. In this event. We've got coming up february second streaming through the virtual sundance cuarto. Sundance film festival is all online. This year is called beyond apocalypse. And it's we've got cristiana. Figures is on the panel. Who is the one of the architects of the paris. Climate agreement that she wrote the book the future reach us. And we've got a couple of master storytellers who have been dipping their toe into what we call climate futures storytelling. And we're just asking the question if it's if it's possible to show alternative futures beyond disaster apocalypse in dystopia like we. We often see when we're in hollywood. Like what other kind of futures are possible for us as human beings. and how might. Hollywood help us envision. Those so that we can sort of see where we're going get excited about it and work together to build the better future. Do you think they'll be recorded version of this. There will be it's recorded and it will stream on february second but then after that it will live on that. Nrdc dot org rewrite the future page. I'm starting a new question. I asked a recurring question. But i'm going to start off with you. See what you can serve up here. Is that because. I find this actually quite useful and is there a twitter account that you would recommend that my listeners. Checkout i'm going to say you know. I follow julia. Louis dreyfuss it's her twitter handle is at official j. l. d. and she's got a great twitter which she's really engaged in environmental stuff and politics to an progressive politics as she's also a new board member at nrdc so she elevates our stories as well so yeah and she's just funny and entertaining. So i i recommend that excellent something a little different. I highly recommend because if you just follow climate account twitter accounts you just going to get depressed and so i try to mix it up myself my final questions. If you could recommend one person to come on the podcast would it be. I would totally recommend cristiana fig awareness. But i think you've already had her who is. She was fantastic so great. Okay so then. I would say have you had married hagler on none. She does the hot take right. That's right so she's just really great on climate justice on meteoroid presentation of climate. You know those cultural climate narratives where they come from how we can change them. So she's one possibility. Or maybe dorothy for bury the executive producer of that new show on apple. Tv i mentioned called extrapolations. Okay forgetting i had any westervelt which i think is cohort for that but i think mary would be great to follow her on twitter and she's she's outspoken very good way. It's very fun following her. Yes she doesn't hold anything back full disclosure. She's also she also works at nrdc. Who does she. I didn't quite catch that. Okay all right cheryl. This has been fantastic. I think if you know. I wanna future episode. Maybe where we really dive into an issue of the creative process and maybe even talking about how scientists have designed themselves to be such terrible storytellers. And how making right. It's a how can we could really dig into that. And what's the history there. And i think i would love to have those conversations so but this has been such a treat and i appreciate you coming on in for the work that you're doing. Well thank you so much for having me. It was really fun talking to you about it after. I hope you enjoyed that. Conversation with cheryl sling energy. See now joining me. Is alexander maggio a tv writer who will share some of his experiences bringing climate narratives into the work. He does hate after's and we're back also join me in this episode. Is alexander misha. Alex is a writer producer and is currently in development with the show echoes high-concept sci-fi drama with net flicks. He recently completed work. All six seasons of madam secretary on cbs. I alex welcome to the podcast. I gotta to be here. So i talked to sheriffs. Lean from dc talking about how hollywood's involved with climate change issues. And here we are dealing. You are hollywood. So i'm very excited to have this conversation. That's also out. That's that's how we view if you're in la working on these shows it's just you know we consider your hollywood. So that's very exciting for me to have this conversation and so we're gonna talk about how you talk about climate change and i think maybe the best way to start this office. Maybe just give it a little bit of background on yourself like you are a writer on on tv shows but what does that really mean. What how did you get where you're at. I mean every everything ritter is a very different backgrounds. Ray people come from all parts. Sort of Circuitous i was originally working in government intelligence after college Abroad in beirut and and spoke arabic says the defense department than i got sick of bad feeder for a while. So i'm the playwright on and then like an. Sat tutor in the nicer stumbled my way through the door. Making some connections the way a lot of people tend to do. That's how swear. I arrived in basically like my job as a t. Writer is an egg producers with other writers we gathered a writer's room we kinda collectively chart out the episodes on particulars than whatever trauma programme working for and then we also raised individual episode. So i think about twelve episodes for madam secretary of course six years that i personally but i was at a hand in the flooding and character development of of the series the whole way through. Okay so i imagine that government experience made you. It's sort of attractive contribution for a show like madam secretary. Obviously yeah yeah it was. It was definitely helpful. The number of times people looked at me like alex. What would happen here. And i have to be like actually guys has scar. Consultants rented this particular situation but yes i have your background of the story. So let's talk about madam secretary and and you know what let's talk about climate change for so why is climate change personally important issue for you know man. I mean why. Why isn't it. I i would say that like as a storyteller. I find climate change particularly fascinating topic because this business sort of theme throughout own drama immemorial really like how. How do people cope with change. That's difficult to understand because you know people in everyday lives. We seem so program for the status quo representatives sort of really interesting dramatic question then also just as a you know a concerned citizen who had to spend a lot of time kind of government and how it works and what the future a bit will be from my work on madame secretary on it was it was kind of good merger merger of sort of personal dramatic interests and you know and advocacy issues that i already been interested in six seasons that that's quite a long time. Hey that's syndication right. That's how you got it. i got in the mail in thorough. I think what is it. You get forty sixty one hundred episodes or that's where kicks in as besides that did you. Were you thinking about climate. Change when you first started. When did it go off. the air. was it just last year. When i went off the last year. And so were you. Were you thinking about climate change as you started with the show or did it. Kind come in really quickly. What was the timing. And all that from the very beginning of the show we were talking about it as a topic is a serious issue. We're Ill foreign policy threats to the united states In our show through the lens of the secretary state character and climate change of course is front and center in a number of issues the small and large networking fronting strategically aside from like the human tragedy of at all so we were talking about it very early but we weren't actually really able to get it into the show in a concrete way until later down the line. I think it was really interesting to be on the show. 'cause it's straddled stink. What is a fairly significant change in the attitude of our writers and executives in hollywood in general about what audiences will accept when. We're talking about the topic. Initially everyone was wary of that siegel a boo in the show. We were able to sort of put it front and center. So i think i think some of us were pitching a show or particular episode specifically about climate change crisis that was essentially premises. The episode ended up writing in in season five but it took a few seasons before we all felt like we were able to get that through got to produce less interesting too because when you first start the show i got my timing is that you felt a little bit cautious about talking about climate change but you were still in the obama years and then you had this sort of abrupt shift with trump coming to office as writers. You can't ignore the fact what's really going on there and the secretary of state's office. How did that come into play. I think it really lit a fire under us when when he got elected honestly because we all sort of came into the office the next day of dazed and confused shocked because like a lot of people were surprised. But we also spend in this bubble of you know constantly talking to to technocrats and you know intelligent. Reasonable career government surplus types. Who had really spelt out the sort of calamity. these climate change that the trump administration represent. So you know really motivated as well. You know the world's getting get disturbed. You might as well be honest about it. On television that led to a number of different topics for the show. The climate change was certainly one of the work center. And then also i think because you imagine syndicated. We have a luxury of being successful shows. We have a little bit more independence in leeway to tell one tell because once you made mobile for a studio there are a lot more willing to just kind of on with. What would i want to say. Okay so matt and we probably should've given a little bit more context. I mean it's on. Cbs when the major networks. But madam secretary could you just briefly. It's obviously about someone playing the secretary of state. But you could you give a little bit better description of what you're sort of covering in there. Yeah so As as conceived by barbara hall created the show in. I hardly join. Madam secretary is story of a female secretary of state is actually coming from an academic non partisan background sort of thrust into being. You know ten's difficult politics of the moment in particularly from the point of view as as a woman as if leader government who's who's making waves and that's what the focus and i think what would the show also tried to do in a way that a lot of other shows about luckily haven't done is a kind of work life balance so the home story. That's family drama in the show is almost as significant as the work story. So was about trying to balance doing right in the world having a reasonable level of sanity and in a positive relationship with the thousand children. I don't know how often you get to talk with science communicators. You are a science communicator. But you know there's a whole field and hold networks and such and on the issue of climate change and i'm wondering if you experience this to on the show is that six years is almost a lifetime when it comes to climate change and so someone who's trying to communicate climate change six years ago you know the whole goal is really avoid the doom and gloom but each year. The science is getting stronger and you're the impacts are getting stronger did like even the wildfires in california. That must have overlapped a bit with some of your writing brainstorming right. Oh absolutely yeah. I mean but we're just constantly being confronted with giant disasters. You know there was an eater typhoon in the philippines. I think that that influenced her storytelling. What to yeah. I mean it's it's interesting in terms of like what what your approach should be right. There has been edited version. June gloom for a long time. In i you know to a certain extent. I think that is problematic. I think the way we tried her really approach it as doom and gloom is fine if there feels like there is a genuine moving human relationships story that matches that that all that at the end of the day offers. You a little bit of help. Rogue shows chose people adopting in coping with reality rather than just running from did the term in this area that is adapting to climate change. They're really two issues of mitigating carbon emissions and adapting to the impacts. Did you actually use the language. And i'm sorry. I wasn't a regular review of the show but i watched the show actually today focused on climate change recommended. But did you ever use the word. Adapt or adaptation is a sort of a technical term in context of climate change. Had not done in a way. I mean we did a whole thing whether it was harris agreement or kind of you know fictional interpretation of the paris agreement where talked about on providing funds to help with climate resiliency. I think in developing countries. But we didn't make it a major theme now. I think if we were still doing the show would a fun thing to delve into more. Well just missed you here. Well the the episode. I watched i think it was a later season and it was focused on. There was a big un summit around climate migration and it was tied into a measles outbreak. And i i kept thinking this was like filmed a written when during the covid but obviously not it was done before and you even had a child intimated because she had the measles and there was a whole antibac- ser in you tied it all together and it was very clever. You're tying climate change in the climate migration issue with this measles. Outbreak was your was one of your shows that you wrote right now and that one was actually written by my good friend. Kristy core zach to traffic job. Would that one ira one. That was about a small pacific island needing to be evacuated due to rising sea levels in and storm surges but once once we hit our stride with climate agreeable the sort of people that it continuing theme throughout the embassies in five in season six Overall it was funny experience the on the show because we were constantly. We seem like we were predicting the future. While we were just all really took was constantly talking to you know. Smart people chop it is to think about what the sort of future problems are gonna be in. The disturbing thing is they. Were right almost all the time. In terms of you know whether there was climate change migration or pandemics or issues related. Your any treaty was sort of like all of that was being predicted by smart people that if you know something just been listening we might do. Some of even did actually even did a twenty fifth amendment episode. Was really sort of funny to see that one coming. I gotta check that out. And i wish i would send your sea level rise one. That's usually what i focus on. But i'll have to go back and watch sending recommend to my listeners. Included the link to just like specific episodes. Follow up with you. What's include my show notes it. It's funny because i have these conversations of how you turn climate change into a compelling narrative and it's not necessarily easy but after i was watching while you've got all these mini dramas and it occurs to me with climate change they're just an infinite number of many dramas that you could weave together in the show you know. What's this sort of like the main character. The main premise. You still got to figure that out. And that's not easy but like there are just tons of you bring in i. I really think opinion. And that's really where we hope to do. So much better. Because i think a lot of times. There's this sort of sense it. Oh my god climate. The climate crisis is such a calamity. it needs a giant scale of the story to reflected. And the truth. Is it really. Doesn't there all sorts of relatively small human stories you saw christie wrote about A mother dealing with her daughter have really serious needles. Infection of vaccination rates were lower oregon. And it was spreading globally. So yeah like. I think there's a world of possibilities there in drama and comedy the sort of small ways really impacted by this. I mean unfortunately really being a reality now. Where that's at really is true that it's having a major impact on day to day life for a whole lot of people and he's into the tiniest corner of the real lives and that's the thing i think would be the best see. I think i think we really go a long way to normalizing the reflection of experience dealing with with climate change in a way that will make people stop and think about their own lives. That doesn't have to be giant typhoon or international pandemic storyline. all right. so. I wanna get your opinion on how hollywood doing jerem climate change but just as a final part of the man of madam secretary's there's always at risk of like coming off his to lecturing Will you need to stay away from these toxic. What was sort of viewer feedback. Did you get to see some of that and like the negative or positive. What was your experience with that. I think it was generally very positive. sort of knew going into. You're going to have a certain number of people boasting crazy things like you know. I've had with this show with just all liberal propaganda i am. One was hilarious about that. Is the people who posted that tended to be posting not seen message like every week so it was obvious that kept watching even used by that. So maybe they were watching I don't know. I mean the certain percentage of people you sort of nearly rapid but mostly people reacting the individual stories. And i think that's a real sign that we were doing it right that the story could move entertain people you know even if they were necessarily predisposed to believe some of the stuff we were telling them. That's for hinchey. I would love to read. You know people if you deal with climate communications and a lot of climate trolls and stuff. So you get your fair share of negative. I actually don't get that much. And i've been able to avoid quite a bit of it actually got way. More criticism for an episode had an irish character like an older. Irish character was accused of informing diarrhea stereotypes. Because that is so you can't please run renan's me of the simpsons episode where they're making fun of like the irish character. Okay so let's talk about hollywood and you are involved with a tv show in your in. Maybe you can bring this up to your your developing a tv show at netflix. I don't know if it's climate related. I don't think we talked about that. But how do you feel like hollywood is in general is doing on climate change and do you think. Tv's are tv platforms a better vehicle for talking about these. Things are are movies just as good. I mean what's your sense. I mean that's that's a great question. I think so like what the overall picture. It's i think a real acceleration of telling me stories. Is it enough is it. is it going to have the impact. The broader cultural impact. I think i'm not. I'm not certain but it really has been. I think a very exchange last five years. There's a whole new generation of executives agents managers story for excuses and opportunities to reflect the reality the climate crisis in their work. So i i see a lot of positive element i know. There's been a lot of filling up till now. But i'm really really feel like we might be turning a bit of a corner us and hopefully we can make it a common everyday part of the cultural conversation In a way where it's just a pen and then interest in terms of the sort of tv versus movies about all the different forms i- biased as as mostly tv. Ritter tend to think that in some ways you can sneak sneaks thematic elements into tv. A little bit better because you have a longer chronic character development and explores her more corners a particular characters story. When you're ready a movie you really have to stay. Laser focused on The the the main area that have about two hours and so it's harder to sort of poland's secondary teams. I think in into to a lot of making but you know people are constantly surprising. I think adding the k. Might have a project that's like all climate change that that he's working on. So i think i think that filmmakers can absolutely crack at find ways to create a novel approach to do that but i think since then so much. The culture now is consuming serialized screening storytelling. I think there's probably going to be able bit more cultural. Their shirley and i talked a little bit about the uninhabitable earth by walls wells. I think it's a nonfiction book. And that's who adam mckay that's movie's gonna make and it's just i but he's gonna make it into like a fictionalized movie. I mean he did an amazing job with the big shore which was based on reality but it was just. I don't know pressing. yeah. I'm excited like you know. Suffering being produced in people at his level are are trying to do it. Because you know. I think stage. We're still unfortunately. I have a state need a of the ad in the case of the world to get front setter Front and center by the storytelling to make sure that it reaches why answers. I talked about this briefly with cheryl to is the documentary film and documentary. Tv show too. I'm really getting quite jaded to those. Because you have these beautiful documentary films like leonardo dicaprio. He's he funds. A lot of this has been a big climate proponent. That's a great thing but these movies are just watch truly by the same people the same narrow groups that echo chamber or whatever they want to use. And it's i don't know it's not making any progress. And so when it comes to shows like yours madam secretary and she has been a little bit of time talking about. Let's say ncis with who's the matt harmon had like a small climate change themes story in that how many more people what a different audience could ridley. Yeah but even i mean. Put madam secretary's on cbs. It's part of the privilege of writing out show. A lot of ways is really did reach audiences. I mean for while it was on. You know after football game so you'd you'd get some trailing viewers for watching link. The atlanta falcons play the mainland patriots. And they come into madam secretary with their with the point of view of very broad cross section of america so we try to be mindful of that when we were writing our episodes but but i agree that i mean. We are in a really fractional time. It's a little bit difficult to break. Out of these sort of micro doing environments i would. Here's my advice. If lee dicaprio's listening to this podcast right now is that spent a lot of money on these things instead volunteer to go on. Ncis if they guarantee you some sort of climate change storyline and the writers of that show. It'd be thrilled to get someone like leo on. And i know that doesn't happen very much but think about how much more influential he could be if he did such a thing. Yeah no seriously. I like i like that idea. Yeah i mean like i. it's it's really. I think like locker. A of these shows this where some of the more conservative executives hopefully can can turn the ship a little bit and allow those stories local through pretty sure writers on a lot of those broadens. Procedural in comedies are interested in those kind of stories would want to stories. They think their offer being blocked at a higher level. Because there's a fear of our audiences used to this. They can't handle that and hopefully it's kind of avoid the future. Well listen he. I'm sure he wants to make some sort of big radical difference in that could just be so outside like his comfort zone that would be it instead of spending twenty five million dollars. Just go do that and you could have such more influence. Anyway than the teaser. I'm shocked everyone right. What about your project. it's echoes. Can you tell us a little bit about what's going on there. A little basically a high concept sifi. It's a little bit late arrival. Meets this and it's about first contact with intelligent underwater species that's under extinction pressure from global warming. It spent it's really. It's been a very different sandbox. Than than madam secretary yang really really enjoyed talking to it and talking to bring biologists ball. Sometimes they don't enjoy that because that's really depressing but it's also motivating it's a series right. Not just a one off or what. Yes. this is a development potential theories order so all depends on how much they Like the stuff that we're about to turn will good luck netflix's that's always that's like the you know the great thing to beyond something on netflix obviously. Cbs you've you made it but like netflix is that i think there's just a different audience. So that would be awesome. I i wish you luck in that. There was a lot of interesting differences between the two medium soon. So yeah it's done exciting thank you. Do you have a favorite climate themed movie for me. Let's go with a movie on man. I dunno mad max. Fury listened that that's been talked about. I get it yeah i. I'm actually like among those people. I think that. I have struggled with the plugging into the mega disaster. In films that have approached us. I like that one. Just because i think a glimpse dystopia interesting And kind of exciting. I'm trying to think beyond that. Now that's probably come airline. When i take waterworld and tomorrow get all the attention but they were pretty bad movies now andrea but yeah. Yeah i like that. i mean. It wasn't as explicit. But i thought that had some sort of good themes are lying it. They lost two hundred year. Old jetskis could survive that long without rusting away so it just disappeared. I'm from florida. There's glass about five years the great. That's good wreck. Love that movie fantastic movie and if there are and i know you've done some speaking around this you're coming on this podcast. But if there's groups out there that do science communication if they wanted to reach out to you and maybe get you to speak. Do those kind of things. Yeah absolutely all right. I'll have some contact information. That would be helpful but all right so the last question and hopefully i'll get something interesting from you. But i asked of every guest if you could recommend someone to come on my podcast. Who would be good question. You've had jane wright sorta i had. I did a climate themed episode. Where i did like interview. Eight other client podcasters and she came on with her her co podcast for like five ten minutes. So yeah i would say it will be interesting variation on this thing because she is she's also recently Organizing try their influence. Hollywood writers to do more on this on the subject. I think she's had some frustrations insight from that that would probably be Relevant see who else. I mean i think if you get like assira. Tree historian again involvement climate change storytelling. She did some stuff the affair. She's a really fantastic writer. And just most intelligent people you'll you'll ever speak to. I think she's a recommendation to try to help you up. Oh that'd be awesome. Well okay. there's a two very good once. Well alex has been a real treat. You know what i hope. We actually get to stay in contact if you have ideas. 'cause i always trying to have different angles on this podcast and if you think of good topics such you know and maybe even when you if let's say netflix picks up the show and there. There's an opportunity to come. Talk about it on the podcast. you know. Open invitation for that absolutely down again. Alex thank you for coming on and and good luck very much. Thanks for having me okay. After that is rap. Thanks to cheryl alex. We're coming on the pod. I love talking about this stuff. A long time ago in a university far far away i flirted with the idea of being a filmmaker. I didn't have the right stuff so to speak. Okay enough with the puns. it just wasn't a good fit. But i always love the entertainment industry and using the creative process to share important content. A friend adroitly commented that my podcast was my roundabout way of getting to marry conservation work in the entertainment industry. And i guess he was right. Good point cheryl sadowski opie guys follow up on the resources in my show notes. If you wanna learn more about what they do. Also check out madam secretary and especially those climate theme episodes okay. So if you're interested in highlighting your work in podcast via america adapts think about using up podcast sponsoring a podcast allows you to focus on the work you're doing and sharing with climate professionals from around the world. I normally connect with folks at conferences and meetings but that has been shut down for the last year so definitely reach out to me directly if you have some ideas for this type of episode. That's how i keep the lights running. So maybe organization wants to highlight the great work. You're doing email me at america dabs at g. Mail dot com. This is separate but most of you have heard me talk about the work. I'm doing it. Simpatico studios folks at full steam ahead most live talk shows on the climate adaptation channel. I'm interviewing climate. Adaptation experts clean energy entrepreneurs and academics from around the world. It's a whole channel dedicated to climate change and speaking of tv studios consider using some paddock for your own video. Production needs wanna capture a panel workshop or even a conference and have something more professional than just a zoom. Call then consider using patacas studios. Go check it out. Learn more okay. Another reminder we have the podcast in the classroom initiative and the america depth website. You'll find a link to a page where we have. Discussion guides developed for sixteen of the american apps app suit. It's a very cool resource. Consider using podcasts. In your classroom no matter what venue high school college workplace training us. Podcast some final housekeeping. Don't forget to join the facebook page and the facebook community group. The group is private but just search for america dabs and asked to join approve. You right away. It's a chance to hear insider info on the podcast and see what other listeners are sharing on the wall on that note. I love hearing from you. Take the time to email me just to say who you are. And if you're in the field let me know what you do. I want to get a shoutout to a listener that reached out to me. Hey niko thanks for being listener. Nicos a master student at yale stating adaptation. Niko thanks for taking the time to write. Good luck with your studies so as you see. It's very valuable to me to know who my listeners are. In helps drive the content. I create do it. I know you want to i met. America adapts at g. dot com. Send me an email and check out the website. America dobbs dot org. Okay adapters keep up the great work. I'll see you next time.

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A Stranger's Rescue

Kind World

15:24 min | 2 years ago

A Stranger's Rescue

"Kind world is sponsored by XFINITY. Some things are hard to control other. Things are easy like you're in Home Wifi with Xfinity X. Fi you can set a wifi curfew. Change your password and create user profiles all with the X. SPY APP another reason why expenditure is simple easy awesome go online call one eight hundred xfinity or visit a store to learn more restrictions apply hi kind world fans. We have another podcast we need. I tell you about circle round just like kind world circle round entertains and provokes and helps restore your feet inhumanity. This beautiful podcast adapts folktales for modern audiences. It has great acting laugh out loud humor and hit with listeners across the world from the very young to the young at heart. This July Circle Round has a special pop-up series recorded live with an all-star cast and musicians from the Grammy Award Winning Boston Symphony Orchestra so subscribe subscribe to Circle Round wherever you get your podcasts produced by the island at W._B._Z.. You are Boston <music> welcome to kind world. I'm yes me Namur and I'm Andrea us. Why how far are you willing to go to help a complete stranger? We have a very action packed episode of kind world for you this week. Our first story comes from our friends at endless thread a podcast from W._r.. And read it that delves into some of the Internet's best stories co-host Amorous Iverson tells us about the three hundred mile journey one man took to help someone when he's never even met then stay tuned after the break for a story about a heart-stopping rescue and trust us. You don't WanNa miss this one but I here's Ameri. Susan is a thirty something year-old American woman who is spending a couple of weeks vacationing by herself in Japan as she was packing her bags trying to stuff in all the little knickknack she got she started getting a little stressed and then that that slight anxiety turned into a full on freak out. I was trying to organize myself and I slowly be into realized that my passport was not in my bag so I was trying to not panic immediately but eventually I went through everything and it just wasn't there so I really I panicked was like holy crap. What do I do? Susan Frantically called the U._S. Embassy but they told her she'd have to wait until Monday to get help. As in the day she was supposed to be back back at work at a New York nonprofit so she called the last place. She stayed a hotel in Kyoto three hundred miles away. They immediately said yes. We just found the passport so I mean I was slightly relieved but the information didn't do that. Much from Susan's flight was taking off in eight hours it would take full day to go to Kyoto and then back to Tokyo desperate. She posted online on a message board website called read it and wrote quote. Hello being a complete idiot. I left by passport in Kyoto at a hotel and now I have a flight from tokyo-narita at six thirty P._M.. Is there anyone who happens to be coming back from Tokyo in the next few hours that I could meet at the airport or anywhere in Tokyo such a long shot but I would be eternally grateful and willing to compensate I posted it and then closed the APP and I don't think I looked for another forty. Five minutes. Susan's post attracted several people online who were trying to help. Helper solve a problem. One of them was Vince Maggio another American vacationing in Japan even on vacation. You know you get into routines. You know have coffee browse. The Internet ties start my morning Vince was in the city of Osaka and he replied applied. Hey I'm closer to Kyoto the new I can be your long range courier. Someone who's in a bind so yeah I just decided to help mouse a complete stranger on read it willing to pick up your passport and handed and it to you in person in the middle of Tokyo. It seems a little crazy but Susan decided to give Vince a call he dislike sounded like he was completely ready and willing to accept the mission and there was no time wasted on the phone Vince Sprung into action he hopped on a train to Kyoto to pick up the passport at the hotel and along the way he posted pictures and updates of his journey in total. It took Vince about four hours to get to the train station in Tokyo where Susan was waiting for him getting together at the train station was the probably the hardest part of thing <hes> Tokyo station is insane. We are messaging each other about where to me and then actually it's still took. It's still probably took like at least ten minutes to find each other at the station because there's so many entrances and of course she was looking for a six foot to goofy look and ginger with with glasses so I mean I you can find me from a mile away. In Japan. They've finally met end. He quickly handed her the passport because she had to hurry up and get to the airport. I still didn't know if I was going to make my plane actually <hes> and my <hes> train left in. I think maybe ten minutes right so we had like a very frantic conversation. Obviously I expressed my gratitude repeatedly and told them how much meant to me that a stranger would do something so kind and like you know. I just thanked him. A bunch of Times Mission Accomplished Susan Gut her passport passport she made it in time for flight and like a true hero Vince downplayed the whole thing. It didn't really seem like megadeal honestly think most people wouldn't say no to a a reasonable help request so why would vince spent his entire day helping this complete stranger from the Internet he says it's because he lived in Japan for a couple of years where he frequently met locals willing to go out of their way to help him and so he wanted to pay it forward. I want them to have the same sort of Japanese experience I had when I first came. It's a hospitality. Susan hopes to one day return it mental lot. I'm going to be thinking about this for a long time. I let let him now next time he's in New York that many beverages will be on me. That story was produced by Amorous Iverson Ben Brock Johnson and Josh Schwartz from W._B.. You are and read. It's endless threat podcast. We'll be right back after the break support for kind world comes from explicity Venditti now you can get enhanced security for your home wifi network with exp- finnity x five if it's connected it's protected now. That's simple easy awesome. GO TO XFINITY DOT COM call one eight hundred explicity or visit in a store today to learn more restrictions apply. Welcome back to kind world. I'm yes me Namur and I'm Andrea us. Why what a fun piece from our friends at endless thread? I love a good real life action story well in that case brace yourself. I have another great story for you and just a warning. It'll have your heart pumping. Okay so a while ago I spoke to a man named Michael Connor and it was shortly shortly after he experienced the most epic moment of his life but before I go on let me just tell you a little bit more about Michael. He's a forty two year old professional photographer who lives with his wife and three young children in Calvert County Maryland which is where exactly Aclu just southeast of Washington D._C.. And here's how Michael describes it. It's pure country. It's thirty five forty minutes out of the city it just great for the kids and we absolutely love it so in October. Thirteenth Twenty Eighteen Michael was elite elite photographer at a wedding October's busiest month and on this particular night the couple decides to change their schedule a bit and so he and his two assistance and up staying an extra half hour this timing detail becomes very important leader anyways he finally gets out around nine thirty ten P._M.. And he's driving home on his dark empty country road and in the distance I saw a glow and it was obviously a glow from a fire the only thing I could think of was that's obviously a car fire and when I got really a lot closer I realized that nobody else was around. There were a couple of cars that were just starting to pullover but there were no police no fire I remember it just hit me all at once that this must have literally just happened. Yes mean this is always really tricky because we've all driven by accidents or people stranded on the set of the road and thought Jesus. Should I stop. Should I help. What can I even do? Michaels immediate instinct was to stop to see how he could help a couple of other car stopped to and they all immediately rushed to the car that was hit but a few yards away Michael saw the other car and it was burning so I ran up the hill and just yelled yelled for people to follow me and nobody did that. I know of <hes> I came up saw the driver's side door open <hes> the entire engine was on fire. The entire front dashboard was on fire. Oh my God that's crazy. I mean what what do you even do in that moment. Did he have a plan or something. That's hard to say the situation was a little precarious as you can imagine and to make matters worse Michael Notice that there's an unconscious woman outside of the burning car and at first I he wasn't even sure she survived and I started move and start to talk a little bit so I realized that moment she was alive there. Remember yelling and saying is there anyone else van and the mom looked up and said my son. I'm getting goosebumps and chills just thinking about it. Every time I think about that moment where she said my son I remember stepping over her and running down the passenger side of the van and I'm starting in here explosions the air bags were still inflated so I remember lifting it up but he kind of had a force it up and duck underneath and there's a child staring right back at me and he was call he was looking around. I remember he was sitting in a brown car seat. I remember his top remember his curly blond hair and his big black eyes staring around and and and thank God for my kids. I've told them this multiple times since then I've taken them in and out of car seats thousands of times and so I just instantly knew where to put my hands and how to get him out. Things are exploding and I really don't know how much longer we have so I remember just grabbing him underneath the armpits coming straight up with him slid him out put him to my left shoulder and just start running a football and just yelling. I have your son he's okay and just running and Andrea a get. This an eyewitness said that more parts of the car just exploded a few seconds after Michael saved the child and my God. It's like the ultimate right place right time situation exactly if it all didn't go right if it <music> all didn't just go almost perfectly it would have been very different. I think if I'd sped I would have been maybe fifteen seconds farther down the road and it would happened right after I drove by so yes mean what happened to the child and his mother they're both fine now but they suffered some serious injuries from the crash. Thankfully none were life. Threatening a police report says the mothers car the one that was on fire was going the wrong way down the street when it hit another vehicle head on the little boy was only around twenty months sold at the time of the accident. We're not going to share his name or his mother's name because the family wants privacy talk about lucky. I mean the fact that Michael is a father himself self so he knew just had unbuckled at carseat so quickly. It's amazing. So how did the families react to all this. Obviously the boy's family was incredibly grateful for what Michael did but there were some mixed emotions wins from Michael's family especially from his wife Nicole she has to go through those those dueling ideas of being very proud of what I did and also being very scared about what I did <hes> especially the next day when we realized that it was as close as it was and so that's been a hard thing for her. I mean what Michael did was incredible but we all know that in these life or death situations when you're offering this supreme supreme acts of kindness seething someone's life. You're putting your own at risk. It's true and that's what makes these decisions so complex and just so you know. Michael isn't the adrenaline junkie or daredevil type but he is the kind of guy that will help his neighbors change a tire or shovel snow. He likes to help others and in this case that desire to help let him to do something extraordinary <music> kind world is a production of W._b.. You are Boston's N._p._R.. Station Paul vicous and Matt Rideau Sound Design Sabrina del Monaco is our intern and Iris Adler is our executive producer. I'm reporter Producers Meaner and I'm reporter and producer Andreas. Why has a stranger ever gone out of their way to help you or vice versa? Maybe you've been the kind stranger helping someone in need if so tell us your story very kind world at W._B._U.. Are Dot org or find us on social media were on facebook twitter and instagram at W._r.. Kind world and we have a small favorite ask you that will really help us out. Please hit that subscribe button on your feet and leave us a review that will help other listeners find us. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next week.

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The Zodiac /// Part 4 /// 473

True Crime Garage

53:21 min | 3 months ago

The Zodiac /// Part 4 /// 473

"Welcome to true garage wherever you are. Whatever you're doing thanks for listening. I'm your host. Nick and with me as always is a man who would like to remind you that. The garages gladiator territory. So act. Accordingly here is the captain. Are you not entertain. It's good to be seen in good to see you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling the frame this week. We are very happy to be featuring sipping go naked by the fantastic team. Burs over at the tamarack brewing company and beautiful lakeside montana. This is an unfiltered wheat ale with apricot notes that make this one delicious and refreshing beer. This one is perfect for hot and cold days and now is available year round from the good folks over at tamarack garage grade four and a half bottle caps out of five and we'd like to give some praise and thank you to our friends that helped us out with this week's beer fund first up cheers pulley and northern virginia a big. We like to gyp to cat in montreal canada next. Here's a cheers to shelby. Asked in iowa a big shout to del mar central point oregon ex captain. We have a shout to leah s in loveland ohio and last but certainly not least we give a big thank you to kelly in emily from the great state of texas everyone. We just mentioned well. They helped us out with this week's beer fund yes. Bwi of are you in biran. Make sure your follow us on. Social media were on twitter. Were on facebook and where on instagram. At true crime garage and that is enough of business. Aw right everybody gathered around grab share. Grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. Mike organization crime writer blogger researcher and podcast host. He co host the true crime podcast criminology. He has extensively researched and consulted on the zodiac killer. Golden state killer cases the morph as he is often affectionately referred to as is an expert on all things zodiac killer and all things golden state killer so mike welcome to the garage and i wanna start off by asking you. Why are those two cases so important to you. You've spent years researching both why those cases thanks for inviting me to come on it. It's a pleasure and the you guys are one of the people one of the teams that inspired me to become a podcast or so thank you for that zodiac case. I started out on actually reading about it. In highschool of one of those weird teenagers in the eighties that just the name zodiac and the persona that came with it. I wanna learn a little bit more about it. So i had a book on serial killers that iran that i got the book zodiac by robert gray smith you know from there. I just read it and did a book report on. It and the teacher wasn't too happy that i picked that as a subject to write a book report on. But you know something just sinister aspect of of that case just grabbed me and the fact that someone would call themselves and write letters to the press and then attack people wearing executioner's hood just really reeled me in his. it's sorta stock in grow up watching unsolved and stuff like that but the zodiac was one thing that really really attached to an stuck with before the golden state killer ears. On's you know the case with so many names was solved. Joseph james angelo has been arrested. The man who has. I take a lot of joy out of seeing how frail he looks these days. Hopefully his time is coming to an end soon. He's like seventy five or so years old when you started diving into the golden state killer case. Was that you kind of looking for some more zodiac cases. I mean zodiac claimed that he would go on to kill and kill again and he kept taunting us sending communications with a growing number on it. Were you looking for additional zodiac cases. That what led you to golden state killer. Not really. they're the golden state killer before the east area rapist. Iran's the thousand names yet. I was aware of the case because of some other researchers that they might be connected to the zodiac case. I never did. They're two different kinds of killers in their ammo and and just totally opposite ends of the spectrum. But i was aware of the case. And i used to communicate any now back and forth with the late michelle mcnamara who of road pre impactful book on the golden state killer case in she had reached out and asked if i had any interest in poking around in the golden state killer case and i told her you know thanks but i'm sort of wrapped up in all things zodiac at the time. So she went on down her report holes in the golden state killer case and then after she passed away i sort of reflected and felt guilty that i hadn't taken europe on that offer so i sort of dove into the case and you know knew some different people that were investigators in they opened some doors for me and i became friends with some of the survivors and victims of the angelo's and that's how i sort of went down that that path. Do we have an idea of how the zodiac came up with his name or is it just something random. Let's in that sort of thing we don't really know he's. The woman gave himself at name in one of his early ladders. He said this is the zodiac. Speaking and he signed most of his letters with a across her looking raw circle. And there's a watch that's zodiac name brand watch and it has a cross hair logo as it's sort of as its symbol. So if if you put those together that seems to me like the most likely place that game from. But there's all kinds of theories was maybe into astrology and stuff like that and we see things like mathematics coordinates on maps astrology. Of course horoscopes have been famous and popular throughout time. Especially in the late sixties. So there's all kinds of thoughts that can be applied to how this individual came up with the name. Obviously he's going to want to pick something. That sounds ominous he wants to be threatening and terroristic almost in nature and so it almost seems fitting to pick such vague name but also something that sounds sounds a little evil or at least mysterious. Yeah that's that's my take on it as well. Now we all know that killers can inspire other killers or at least they tend to imitate and other on occasion and as far as zodiac goes some cases that come to mind immediately for me are like son of sam i've always kind of thought of him as a zodiac wannabe kind of a sloppy. Your dumbed down version of the zodiac. The phantom killer case out of texarkana sounds like early zodiac type stuff and then just the idea of writing the letters and communicating with law enforcement. And the press. I mean that takes us all the way back to jack the ripper. What are you. Take mike from any of these other killers out there. What do you think zodiac took from any of these other killers with the tax of people in some of those areas like on lovers lanes. Were the phantom killer stroke or some sam struck. Those are easy opportunities in to find people that aren't paying attention. They're out in isolated areas. They're easy targets. And i think that's perhaps why. He searched for people like that and so i went searching for different cases across the united states with lovers lane scenario attacks in did they just started piling up some so many couldn't keep track so that's that's a trend. That's that's been going on early but as far as back as early. Nineteen hundreds where people would be attacked. The key differences is someone like son of sam or jack. The ripper. Sending letters and notes and correspondences. That's very rare so when zodiac did that you know that was rare you can go through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases in california and there were lots of bad guys running around but most of them didn't want to communicate with police. They wanted to stick to their own their own attacks in not give the police anything to work with where zodiac seem to crave the press. And i think that actually took over as his main motivation and compare that to the golden state killer case for example. Joseph de angelo. Didn't really taunt the police or newspapers. He taunted victims because he liked reliving the payment he inflicted on them so he would call them years afterwards but a little bit of a different thrill for him versus zodiac wanting to see his name in the newspapers. I think that was a key difference. The first confirmed attack for the zodiac at lake. Herman road was an essence. Is success for the killer. He achieved what he set out to. Or what we can believe. He set out to achieve any way he successively attacked and killed both of the victims and didn't find himself in a situation where there was much of an eyewitness to identify him as the killer with the exception of one witness saying they they possibly saw a white vehicle parked near david faraday vehicle on that night that leads us to a similar but slightly different situation at the next confirmed attack at blue rock springs where he is unsuccessful in the sense that he leaves one of the victims alive. He intended to kill both of them. We know that based off of his phone call. He's calling to report a double murder not realizing that he left one of the the victims alive. Mike maggio one thing. I found interesting about this attack in particular variations of stories of an and what went down. How the attack went down. And just the the couple of events leading up to the two of them. Being parked at blue rock springs park. Can you take us through. Maybe not necessarily the changing stories or the different versions but it looked to me. Mike that most of these different versions are coming from mike. Majo- is is that correct. And what are your feelings on on the different variations of the stories. Mike michaud story has changed a lot over the years from july. Nineteen sixty nine when it happened to recently. He was featured in a two thousand seven documentary. That came out with the zodiac movie. Dvd release and his story changed quite a bit in essence early on. He said that he had been picked up. By darlene farren and they decided to go to mister ed's local hang out those popular with either most younger people for whatever reason darling got creeped out there and decided to drive away and go get some privacy in. They decided to go to blue rock springs park which is very darkin again. It's one of those areas where people might go to hang out to make out whatever And that's where they wound up some key. Things that happen were after they were there for a couple of minutes. Some kids came in through some firecrackers men stayed there. Raise hell for about five minutes and then left. But just after that a car came in and pulled up next to darlene scar and sorta the sat there. Darlene and mike had the conversation. Do you know that person. Who is that. And they didn't really know and after a minute or two. The car drove off so they sat there and listened to the radio talking about five minutes later. A car came back. They mike thinks was the same car and came into the parking lot pulled up directly behind them. Someone got out of bright light. Into darlene carr blinding centrally darlene. And mike any walked up to mike side and they actually thought it was the police so the proceeded to start getting their licenses out and mike looked up and shot immediately through the window. Darlene Both of them were shot several times. That's been consistent for for the most part. The shooter got back in his car and was about to leave and mike started flailing around after being shot. And the shooter got back out of the car and fired two more shots into into darlings car hitting mike again in darlene. And then this time he drove away. That's always been consistent. That's what he said early on. But in the in the documentary years later there's some things that change he. He mentions that they were being chased in pursued from mr ed's at high rates of speed and that's not what's in the police for nothing like that. He says that they just decided to go. There instead was driving and then in early on. They didn't know who the sugar was when they were having conversation amongst themselves but then he injects. Hey the name was richard. She said something about richard. And if you watch documentary it's plain to see that he's suffering from maybe mental illness may be some kind of addiction. I don't know i'm not. I don't know what he may be suffering from. But i think that's affected his account of what's happened over the last. You know fifty years in his initial report. He saying that the vehicle was very similar to dr orleans. So it would have either been a chevy corvair or others have said may be a ford mustang because they would have had similar body type and he says it was pretty much the same color as darlene may be a little bit lighter. What are your thoughts on the vehicle description. What i think it because it's so dark out there And he's probably his intentions to make out with arlene probably wasn't paying a lot of attention and i think a lot of correspondent looked a lot like so for him not to be able to pinpoint the details of the car. I totally get that. I understand that. But i think based on what he said it did have some kind of similar features to darlene zone. Car the thing that jumps off the page to me in regards to the first two attacks not only are they very close in proximity. I think it was roughly about two miles distance between the first double murder and then the double murder attempt that left mike maggio alive. When you cross reference the events of that night the stories i found mike say that both couples went to mr ed's restaurant and drive in prior to going and parking and i mean that just jumps off the page to me because i'm i'm sitting there thinking if i'm some dude in my late twenties or however old zodiac may have been at the time if you're looking for a car involved in young love mr ed's makes perfect sense to to park their hang out there in the dark hours of a weekend night or a friday night for that matter and find your pray there and follow them to where they end up parked. Yeah that's that's the happening place back then was mr edge. You know. there's an interesting connection in that one of the lake. Herman road witnesses. Just not long before the shooting on the road that night worked at mr ed's said there's that connection as well one thing that's very different about the blue rock springs attack. In comparison to the lake. Herman road attack is that the zodiac then calls the police dispatcher and says hey i just committed a double murder. Here's where you're going to find the kids and a brown car and by the way. I killed those kids last christmas as well there. There's a a decent gap in time minutes missing there about twenty to thirty minutes based off of our ear. Witnesses of when the the couple was shot at blue rock springs and when the phone call came in. What are your thoughts on what zodiac could have up to during that timeframe. I've always founded a bit bizarre. We know he wants to report it or else he wouldn't have called it in but it doesn't seem like he made a mad dash from the crime scene to the payphone which would have been depending on which route us. Roughly seven to eleven minutes travel time. He didn't make a mad dash to get to that payphone. Any thoughts on that mike. Yeah it's that's one of the most interesting things about that attack because the calls probably at least thirty minutes probably closer to forty minutes later But it's you know rounding around half hour. We can say that and to go that distance. It's it's only a few miles In the phone booth was springs into wall me. Which is you know in a more populated section of town whereas blue rock springs park. Is this dark undeveloped area out in the vallejo at the time so if the zodiac wanted to get away and make a clean get-away and his keepdriving there's unlimited phone booths. He could have called from but he he called from a phone booth in vallejo which is interesting to me. My my opinion is and i put myself in the shoes of zodiac. When he's doing that is that perhaps he would want to get rid of his car. Get rid of his gun stash it because i you know i wouldn't want to be driving around on a car with a gun in there just in case someone saw me so i was thinking. Maybe he lived close to that phone booth and perhaps his car yard put his gun in the house and walked to the phone booth. But there's you know again. It's that speculation. But he certainly could have made it out of vallejo if if he didn't live in vallejo wanted to get away and then called From a different phone booth g think he called please to mimic somebody like jack the ripper or or do you think is simply because i committed these crimes and because it stranger on stranger crimes the police might not make the connection that it was me. Yeah i think. Maybe a combination that i think number one. He wanted the attention. He wanted police to know what he had done. I think it was a way to rub salt in these police officers to to say hey I did this bragging about it. And there's nothing you can do about it. The phone booth not far from the police station which was interesting so he might even be able to see police when they finally got the call racing out of their got some kind of throw from that he was local to vallejo. Because i found it interesting. The in the phone call. He doesn't just say blue rock springs park rather he gives directions to find the victims. If i if. I had to guess it's almost like he didn't know the name of the park. Yeah he does direct them pretty well and if he would have said the rock springs park office they would found but he gives them specific directions. And i wonder if that could be because maybe he does live. There knows their area aready knows how to direct them there easily but it also could be that he wants them to have no doubt that he did it in. He's going to direct them right the bodies and at the time he thinks they're they're going to be dead. But you know like joe survive. And i think he wanted to get them there as soon as possible so he could revel in in what he had done and very interesting as well. The given mike maggio's description of the shooter. Shooter comes back then shoots darlene twice and shoots mike again two more times. He's able to get a description of what this guy looks like. And if you know given what took place in the second attack we have to believe that the first attack with no survivors likely went down very similar. So based off of that we can assume that in the description might gives us zodiacs not using any type of disguise at this point and yet the next attack at lake. Barry s is going to be significantly different where the guy is disguised from head to toe. Is this guy. Is he volving. Why is he changing. That would on my part. That would be speculation. But i think that the most likely reason is he realized after springs he left eye witness and i witnessed to the crime and then the next attack at at lake esa accounting during daylight hours. So he's already left the witness. He knows that and now he's doing attack during the daytime. So i think maybe to to keep himself from being identified if something goes wrong or if a witness goes by. He's got that hood on and in another reason could be just a scare the shit out of the people attacking because a guy walking up to the kind of executioner's hood on an gun in his hand. Saying everything's gonna be okay. I you know if it was me up situation. I wouldn't i wouldn't believe him but he tried to calm them down when he attacked there. And that's what he was wearing. Yeah i almost feel like it. Had the mask had two purposes like you said one eh. It's going to scare them more and it seems like he's loves to see people's reactions but also if if they do survive they can't identify him. Yeah i think it. It definitely serves a multi purposes and and. i think he's very theatrical. We know that. From a lot of clues and i think he probably enjoyed making that hood. It had zodiac cross hair logo on the on the chest. And he never mentioned you know to brian. Heart known as zillur sheppard At lake so that he was the zodiac. It never came up And maybe that's because if something went wrong. He didn't want anyone to know that he was deserted by that point and connect them to another crime but it was later determined after he Wrote on the side of their car door that sort of changed everything and they knew zodiac. Do you have any thoughts on what the mask was made out of ver. The account varied from from brian. He said it was made with care. It wasn't just like some plastic bag that someone spray painted a white circle and he said that the the cross logo was stitched Very nicely and professional most on the front and the hood Was was made with characters draped over his entire shoulders and face and there were a clip on sunglasses that were attached to the to the mask itself so he pointed out that it was definitely made with care was made Some kind of professional quality. It wasn't just some some bag that was had white paint on it or something like that. That's very interesting. Because oftentimes with these serial killers we will find that someone killing in the nature of someone like zodiac. Where they're going out and they're killing people in a park near the lake or or at lake harmon road or the blue rock springs park. They're going out and they're finding their victim and they're killing them out on the streets or out in public in these you know Seconded areas usually. That suggest that they cannot kill at home. They cannot abduct people and bring them home. That they don't have privacy that they don't have their own place but then everything else that the zodiac does implies that he does have a certain level of privacy. The making the mask in disguise with care. That's something that took time the putting together the ciphers and the letters that he would later send that takes time and in in it takes specially with the ciphers and the the letters i've seen. It suggested that he probably had what he considered to be some type of workshop that maybe maybe if he did live with other people you had to keep under lock and key or guarded very tightly. But it's it's weird the contrast between the two natures of the beast. If you will. I've often thought about that. I also wonder if it's simply location. Law those housing developments in california. Where the these little crackerjack size houses and they had really small yard so it could be possible where he's going. Why have privacy with inside my house. But i'll have privacy on the outside because the houses are so close together. Yeah that's interesting point. And in one of his letters. He did mention a storing something in his basement and police seized on that and thought. Maybe that's a clue because most houses in the bay area did not have basements. They thought may be headed a little workshop. Down there someplace where he could get away from anyone else in the house and tinker around down there but then again zodiac wasn't always honest in his letter could have been an attempt at misdirection may be didn't have a basement but that was something police interested in. I think it it also goes into what kind of killer he was whereas you know someone like a golden state killer wants to spend time with his victims stay there terrorized them. Stretch it out as long as possible. Get them alone. The zodiac never had an interest in that kind of activity. He wanted to attack quickly. And get out so i think perhaps he never had an intention of bringing them back to his house or something like that. I think he was more of a of a thrill killer that got a thrill out of the attack itself and then later on reliving it. I think that gave him some satisfaction. Yes that's very interesting. Because yes i think he was a thrill killer but i also think he executed the first murder so easily that by may be contacting. The police was another rush because was another point in the crime where he could get caught and he. He was about all about cat and mouse activity with police in in getting them to engage with him. And there's some evidence that he was inspired by comic books and movies like the most dangerous game. And i think he thought himself as this villain were made himself into this. This villain called zodiac. And i think part of the fun for him part of the thrill from him eliza interaction with police. I mean his murderers confirmed moorer's anyhow they range from the september sixty eight until october sixty nine but then he's got a letter writing campaign that stretches will nineteen seventy four so he at some point it seemed like the thrill of The interaction with the police and the press was his letter writing and not so much the murders. It seemed like he got some kind of pleasure out of out of that part of it. Could you list some of these comic books. She thinks the zodiac was reading. Yeah there's there's one called in. It's a tim. Holt comic book an end to give a little bit of the backstory. He sent a halloween court to reporter. Paul avery and in that cord was written by fire or by a row. I'm trying to remember it off the top of my head but it was laid out in specific image. And there's a comic book by. Tim hold it's a dc comics one. I don't remember the title of it. But it's if you google it you'll find it and there's a wheel on it and Death by fire death by knife death by gun death by rope. It's the same things mentioned in The the car to avery so from that. It's almost dafna. That's where he got that from. When you base that when you based on some of the other clues he mentioned the short story the most dangerous game. He makes references to the actual stuff. Like the mikado It seems like he was in his own fantasy world And this this person that he created this persona. I i really think he he wanted to be some kind of arch villain or be known as as one. Yeah i just looked up the tim hulk comic so it looks like it's it's actually titled tim holt. I think he's supposed to be maybe the hero and it's issue number thirty according to what i found. But it's you're right. It's the you have a man there and i guess his name is red mask he's tied up and there's a wheel of chance behind him and it's as you said death by gun death by nive death by rope and yeah. It's very very theatrical. Very zodiac like and it appears that this comic may have some value because it has some linkage to zodiac name while an also around that time period. There was a lot of comics that were you have. These detective comics nets where we eventually get batman from. I wonder if there's other comics that he was influenced by that people. Just having references yet. Yeah that could definitely be the case. And i think at on the least we can tell that he's into stuff you know between the theater and the the comic books he's got perhaps he's living in a fantasy world. You know when when i look at it as when most of these victims or young couples being attacked her out enjoying each other's company making out doing whatever those couples do. He's home reading comic books. And this is his world So he goes out and strikes against those people that are doing the things that he wishes he could do. Yeah it's very in the camp. And i were talking about this earlier. It's very comic book. Theatrical like with the zodiac. he's given himself this name zodiac. He's giving himself a logo the crosshairs and then he's supplying all these threats to via the newspapers and such and then the costume at lake barry esa. It's almost i mean. That's that's what a superhero supervillain is the the name the logo the costume. Now with you had mentioned the confirmed five and there's a lot of suspicion that there are other attacks we can get into that later but lay down for us why these are the confirmed five murders of the zodiac killer. They're linked by. Oh and by henry. There's some latent fingerprints along the way there's some upon prints on some of the letters but police really haven't said publicly if those princeton various scenes are various letters match each other so we know that they're linked by by handwriting. And by the time. Oh you know in in lake. Herman road once. He claimed responsibility for that along with the july fourth attack. We have a handwritten letter. He's detailing both crimes he's accurately describing both crime scenes so those two are linked together than when you get to lake barry. Esa you know he's doesn't say zodiac but he's wearing a zodiac cross symbol on his outfit and as he flees the scene he takes time the right atoning message on bryant door and it has zodiac symbol and the writing matches the writing the letters and then we move forward the murder of paul stein which is the most unlike the first sets of crimes here. We have another letter so the handwriting again matches the previous ones. This time. He actually sent a piece of a bloody shirt to the press along with the letter. So you know he's confirming that. yes. I killed him. Here's a piece of his bloody shirt. They verified it was so you have all of these different letters and the ammo calling In writing to the press linking everything here not like we have a dna we have today or clear cut fingerprints But all of the stuff combined tells them that the same person was all these different scenes and is responsible for all these crimes. Do you have a ballpark number of crimes that you think the zodiac is responsible for or do you think these five are the only signature crimes from the zodiac. There's crimes a he definitely hinted at that he was involved in. I think he had a habit of trying to catch a attention for other cases to prop himself up and make it look like he was not even more of a villain than the actually was. You know. I try not to wonder too far out of the the five murder victims we know of. But you know. I do look at some earlier. Crimes in that area and then in southern california especially they're similar crimes. That could definitely be him. But there's so many bad guys running around in california the there's so much crime that it's hard to to go off because then you start looking at will. This crime looks exotic and this one has some aspects So i try to stick with the ones that have the closest mo to to. We know that he did. What are your thoughts on zodiac mentioning deer lodge montana to the victims at lake. Barry i think that's a really important clue but the thing i need to point out is is that deer lodge is not necessarily would what he said. Brian obviously was shaken up. He was scared he was badly wounded. so he when he was telling police were by word the conversation he said it was something like a two were named in montana alec and he's trying to come up with ideas and someone suggested deer lodge montana and he said yeah that might be it. But there's there's been reports that it might have been a farm lodge it could have been a red lodge Something with two words in the name of the town. So it's what while most people saddled on being deer lodge. It's not one hundred percent proof that he did say deer lodge but you know. There were no escaped prisoners as the story that he gave them at the time. From your logic at that time. So i think it's it could have been just. Hey i'm going to tell these people story about a something. I read three years ago about some kind of escape. And i'll tell him to calm them down and get them to cooperate and what he told them worked in. They cooperated yes. Some suspect the zodiac was a bit of a master of misdirection and therefore deer lodge montana or saying just the state of montana in general would be another example that he might be trying to misdirect people should somebody survive because what zodiac has learned about himself by the time of the lake. Barry esa attack is that. He's not perfect that he did leave a survivor. A surviving victim in his second confirmed attack with mike majo- surviving the attack. And let's take that a step further because there's some thought to that with the brown car because vallejo police said they actively said this in the newspapers at the time they gave a brief description of a a young white man and a brown vehicle that they were looking for at the time and he later zodiac. Later in a letter confirms this brown car saying oh well yes. Somebody saw me in this payphone. When the when. I hung up the phone. The the phone rang and this drew his attention to me. And that's when this witness saw me and the payphone and saw my brown car. And i love the idea of maybe as you pointed out. It's dark mike. Michaud has just been shot several times. He's traumatized maybe he doesn't know the color of the vehicle couldn't see it and maybe zodiac loves this and goes. They're looking for a white guy in his late twenties in a brown car. I'll confirm for them. That i have brown car when in fact i do not. Yeah what would perfect way to divert the police and them looking a totally blind alley and he and why would you describe the witness that that saw. He says that there was a a a black man that shabbily-dressed saw him in the phone booth. They never identified anyone that reported seeing someone in that phone booth but it sounds to me like that could easily be. I'm gonna make this fake witness up so they're spinning their wheels looking for this witness at doesn't exist. I don't know why any anyone that had just killed rodi killed. Two people would volunteer that information willingly. I always thought to given the both of the first attacks took place on a friday night in or around vallejo again only separated by about two miles of distance or so. I always thought that that in a sense was a bit of misdirection as well the he thought that he may have found the perfect place to kill. It worked out the first time. Let's kill there again now. People think that i'm local to vallejo in. That's why i always felt like he purposely made the call from vallejo payphone yet. Didn't know the name of the park where where he shot. The two kids seemed to me. This is the early stages of some of this misdirection. It definitely could be that. I sort of go the other direction. I sort of go with a lot of killers. Start out close to home and then expand from there. Need you know you've got someone mentioning east to areas that i'm going to attack. They're so close together. Like like you're saying and then call from the the the phone booth and same town. What better way to get people looking in vallejo one thing. That's interesting is just about all of the letters zodiac mailed riposte mar on weekdays from san francisco and most of his attacks. The exception of paul stein were on weekends outside of san francisco. So it does. He live in san francisco and he hunts on the weekends and belay or the reverse. Does he live in vallejo. And he's working in san francisco during the week. I think one of the two is is the most likely scenario. If you guys had to bet a would you bet that zodiac is living alone or do you think zodiac has married. I've wrestled with that Especially in the wake of the golden state killer case. I know. I never thought the golden killer was going to be a cop. I never thought he would have a wife and kids so that sort of his made me go back and forth on the fence with zodiac. I would tend to think that. He's a loner. That wants to be out with a girl on a date in an lovers lane park in a car. But he's not. He's the one stalking couples and attack them so i tend to think that he he was. One of those loners hypes that didn't have successful relationships but again after seeing what happened with golden state killer case nothing would surprise me. He could have had a big family in a nice job. And everything else. Well i think I think mike is right. And i think that we can see some of that in his crimes itself. We definitely see overkill in the women. And that's why we have more female victims murder victims and we have two situations where he attacks a couple in in twice. A male victim survived so the female is definitely the receiving the brunt of his anger in those attacks and as mike is pointing out he is. He's he's attacking and killing. Essentially what he envies young love parked in a car. Somewhere is what he would have liked to have been doing when he was a teenager or in his early twenties he wasn't capable or wasn't successful in that realm and so he this is. This is his lesson to you. general public. This is what you get when you park out in the middle of nowhere in the dark at night in these lovers lanes. The is what you get. This is the lesson to be learned. Don't be out there at night. They're achieving something he wished to achieve but did not and then when you take it to. How is he living. Who may be living with. I think that he probably had some brief relationships with women and they they failed and didn't work out and that only added to his anger toward the female gender. And i think that a lot of his actions at least once we get past the double homicide. Or i'm sorry the the second attack at blue rock springs so this would be now where we're at july fourth nineteen sixty nine. I think after this point he. He has a certain level of privacy. He has a certain ability to spend a lot of time working on these letters. These ciphers the costume that he built for lake barry esa so he has time now. That may mean maybe he lived with his mom alone and had the run of the house for most of the time. But yeah i think that's what's interesting about the makeup of of this guy. I think he had some level of privacy. And maybe that's because he was unsuccessful with with women or traditional type relationships boy. And since you bring that up but my question do you put a zodiac Younger or older than thirty. I can say with all confidence today. He's older than thirty. I'm just saying because it seems to me like somebody that you know any friend of mine or or people. I've talked to that you know. Look back on high school and it wasn't the best time in their life normally by the time they're thirty they're they're over that and they could really care less. They don't hold a lot of resentment towards that. That's why i always wondered is zodiac in like mid twenties or late twenties. And he's still angry about his unsuccessful attempts with women. Well you have to be extremely angry individual to do any of the things that he's doing so he's he's not normal like the normal people that you just discussed he. He's not going to get over any of this. And that's obvious firm. His crimes so the in regards to his age one. We have several crimes where he's described as being in his twenties late twenties. Maybe twenty five to thirty five. This is from surviving victims and from The phone calls made where the dispatchers you're saying. He sounded to be of this age. Twenty five to thirty five mike. You take it from there. Yeah i i know that. The napa dispatcher. The police officer took the call from him. After like barry asa as students voice Someone in their in their early twenties bryan hartnell described something in along those lines. Two not a real deep mature voice but more of a younger person but again people have all kinds of voices and you can't always put a voice with a face when you see it so we can't always go by that but then you've got the eye witnesses as you talked about in in the possibility that officer fao a saul zodiac after a pulse. Stein's murder there. He thinks he's a little bit older. It's interesting In sketch it came out of zodiac after killing pulse dime the original estimate in the original sketch was estimating the age to be twenty five to thirty five and when you when they amended it it moved it up from thirty five to forty five. So i i sort of look at the twenty five to forty five window. I know that's a big spread. But i sort of feel that. Sometimes some of the things he does is very juvenile. A ham i look towards the younger person and and other times some of the things that he's interested in seem like they might be more of a of a mature person Like the mikado opera. You know like nowadays are train. Compared i don't think there's any kids out there today listening to opera and if the same thing's true back in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine i would. I would think that that might be more mature person. So i sorta russell myself with with whether he's a younger older. Yeah he definitely did some things that. Come across to me as very immature. I've said it before. I'll say it again. I don't trust anybody that doesn't user real name. It captain brought up a good point to he. He said that it's almost zodiacs. Heart wasn't in the actual killing. He he'd leave for people. Were actually dead instead of staying there ensuring they were shooting them in the head. It's almost like he was squeamish about that part And i think that goes back to. He is playing this fillings puddings villain after the villain has to have victims. So he's got to do that part even though he may not be committed to it but after a while he realizes. Hey i built this persona by built this reputation of people. No i mean business on killer. I didn't even have to kill anyone anywhere now. I can just send letters. And i'm going to get the attention i've been craving that i didn't get my in my everyday life just by writing letters. Well there's a good chance. He almost got caught in the paul stein attack the taxicab driver. Yeah we see a lot of times with serial killers. They take souvenirs from their victims. Or like you said in the golden state killer case. He's harassing victims zodiac is harassing police. Officers he didn't seem to take souvenirs. It's almost like his victims. Didn't matter so much to him. It wasn't personal towards the victim. And there's no real evidence of hidden taking any kind of souvenirs taking belongings of the victims We don't see any of that whereas The golden state killer would do that kind of stuff so definitely two kinds of killers and it seems like someone like the angelo has a A connection a permanent connection to the victim whereas zodiac. Maybe they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and he needed to to kill someone to get credit for so much more to get to tomorrow. Please join us here in the garage. And if you need more of the captain in the colonel in your ear balls check out. Our bonus called off the record. It's on stitcher premium. Thank you to. You can't thank you to mike for joining us in the garage. You all better join us back here in the garage tomorrow until then be good. Be kind and don't

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Episode 530 | Making Development Decisions, Regrets about Selling, and More Listener Questions (with Derrick Reimer)

Startups For the Rest of Us

47:49 min | 5 months ago

Episode 530 | Making Development Decisions, Regrets about Selling, and More Listener Questions (with Derrick Reimer)

"Thanks for checking out this week's episode of stops for the rest of us it's episode five hundred thirty. I'm rob walling every week. We cover topics relating to building and growing startups. That are ambitious but sustainable. We know that starting a company as hard and then more than half of being started founder as managing your own psychology and that so much of this journey is making difficult decisions with incomplete information. Where the right answer is impossible to find through math or data and that is one thing that makes it so hard for us and so it's great to sit down once a week and to think about this to hear from other founders are going through it and to just feel like we're not alone in this journey this week. I sat down with derek. Rhymer you may know him from the art of product podcast. and he's the founder of savvy. Cal which is a competitor to tools like allen lee. And you can book me dirk. And i take on a bunch of listener questions this week including how to make good decisions on a team whether we have regrets about selling drip the effects of web scraping on your business and how you can actually block web scraping. How much of your journey and success can you share with family and friends and more derek. And i have known each other for almost a decade at this point so it's always a pleasure to have on the show. I think we have great chemistry. And it's just really comfortable when we sit down on the mike together so i hope you enjoy our conversation. Dare kramer thanks so much for joining me today. Thanks for having me back on the show. Always a pleasure. I know man. You've been on several times for folks who don't recall. You are co founder of drip that you and i built together and exited in two thousand sixteen. You had founded a little side project code tree that you built up to if our calls about four k m. r. and we talked on this podcast about how you sold it for one hundred twenty eight thousand dollars right around the time we saw drip as well you. I think he sold the car a house. Mass liquidation event moved here and now you are working on savvy. Cow at savvy cal dot com. Which is online scheduling so if people use cowardly or you can put me. It's it's a similar to that and you're getting some good traction with that folks want to hear your journey. They can head over to of product. Podcast dot com excited to dive into some questions today. Yeah let's do it. Yeah i'm stoked first. Question comes from colin at the podcast host dot com. Take it away. Hey robe is calling here from the podcast dot com and our sass products which is altitude forecast maker. Mike questions around the sas. We're building the team that we have. No which is. Sam growing have five developers now on the team and i'm asking about decisions. Really were starting to struggle with decisions because we have more than just one or two people aren't quite a lot of a lot starting definitely again. Have disagreements and not in a bad way. we're having good. Discussions are in these one person. We believe we should go one direction. One person believe we'll go the other direction and where reached an impasse more often easter. I'm wondering how teams development teams in particular should think decisions should think about when it's not black and white decision. There's no one right answer you know this. Technology has these pros and cons. Stingy has those pros and cons. How do you decide how you decide which direction to go. What decision to make. I'm curious how you do that own on teams especially so far so thanks for all the content. You do run. Debt looking forward to units are interesting question. And since i know a little more about collins business i want to give some background. He and i have actually spoken. I've interviewed him for this very podcast and he did. The interview just hasn't gone live yet so he runs a sap in addition to educational stuff for for podcasters and his team is relatively small. And he's not a developer so just as couching his any of that is relevant. I think he said in the voice mail the four developers developers so it's still a relatively small team. What do you think about this topic of making decisions in adept team. Yeah this is a this is a really interesting question because it can get tricky when you have a number of developers on a team who each bring their own kind of varied experience to the table and have their own preferences and you know certain libraries that they prefer to use obviously we. We had to contend with this kind of thing at drip and for the longest time we were very very small it was just a couple of junior developers and so i got to kind of just call the shots on the kind of like foundational pieces of technology that we're going to use so i guess my first piece of advice has like someone should be in the leadership position on on what things you know. What what the core values are in what in the types of technologies you wanna use and it really helps to like establish some guiding principles like example being like are we willing to use libraries. That are brand new or or looking for a certain amount of time that they've been around and battle-tested do we value there being good amount of documentation is the library actively maintained. Do people on the team already. Know how to work with the underlying technology or is it some language that only one person knows and and they'll kind of beat the the bottleneck on maintaining it and so considerations like that kind of are practical things you can use to to kind of guide technology decisions. I think another good exercise is to encourage folks to like try to craft a thoughtful pitch for it like an writing is probably a good way to do it and you know just organize your thoughts like okay if we're if we're at an impasse and we're trying to figure out which library to use state your case in kind of roll through some of those those guiding principles that the team has and does it. Check those boxes and use a little bit of persuasion. I guess to to try to try to advocate for the the piece of technology you want to use. Yeah i agree with all those points. And i think what i'm thinking about it. There has to be a hierarchy. This is why that exists right. And while it's not a dictatorship in terms of i make all the decisions and everyone listen. It shouldn't be like that. There should be helpful conversation. You can vote if you want but ultimately this comes back to. Who is responsible for this. Who owns this area of the company. And when i think about having a dev league or tech lead or development manager whatever title you wanna imbue on them. They are ultimately responsible for up time of the app. If it goes down they should get paid to in the morning them or whoever else is on call that should be shared around and they i think. Are you know the arbiter of of these decisions. Ultimately i love and i loved healthy discussions. We used to have at drip with pre acquisition and post acquisition. When it was just a handful of us to when we had an engineering team of. I don't know maybe it was sixteen or so when when we left and there were spirited discussions but ultimately it would come down to a couple options that made the most sense and then sometimes there was just a decision made by the manager or made by maybe one of us if it percolated up in collins case. I don't know if he wants to be you know as the ceo. founder. I know as a non developer. He wants to be the ultimate arbiter but technically he is the owner of all of it. Right he is the person who would make the decision if you didn't know what to do or whatever but realistically if it's within the wheelhouse it's in the discipline that your developers are experts in and i would have that senior person be making those decisions and have its responsibility and its ownership and it's the freedom to make the decisions such that. They are willing to own them later. If you use a cutting edge brand new library know that that has risk per your comments that maybe it gets abandoned or maybe they do a two point. Oh update the entire changes like a lot of java script. Nbc frameworks did back in the day. And the there's there's a balance here if every decision is a bunch of conversation and even arguments something's broken that's not how it should be in general. There's usually a pretty obvious choice. Or maybe two and in general if you have a team that kind of wants to do the best thing and is keeping the mindset of. Hey we're building an app for the next decade so we need to build us stable maintained components whether the open source or or not components and libraries and this and that oftentimes. There's usually one or two obvious choices based on the language or the or the tech stack that you have. There's there's a leader so to speak in the space. Yeah and i think it's like encouraging kind of mature mindset around technology and i i've seen this among developers as they get deeper into their career. Maybe the first couple of years. You're a developer. You you really are kind of in the experimentation phase and you liked to play around pulled brand things off the shelf and play around with hot new technologies and and i've seen many startups make this mistake where they like. You know i'm we're gonna use rethink db for this thing because it's a really cool new database and then come to find out like it's a nightmare to the devops to keep it up and like reliable is a nightmare. And it ends up being just an albatross. So i think the more mature developers get. Oftentimes they become inherently skeptical of shiny new things and tend to you know all things being equal go with the simplest architecture. The simplest technologies that are battle-tested. And so i didn't even just laying that out as like this is something that we from practical standpoint want to do and then try to hold things to that lens as much as possible. And you can't sometimes you're going to have to take some risks. Choose something where you're not totally certain that it'll pan out but hopefully most of the time when you're making decisions it's it's a pretty straightforward one and part of that is to use boring technologies like if i were to build a saas app again. God forbid that ever happens. But i'm only joking. But i would need someone to convince me really hard to not use either ruby on rails over post grads or python django and they just work and i like html that just gets spit into the browser. And i know that some people really like all this spinney things as the mvp framework in your browser it loads eight but that bugs crap out of me and i've just seen too many issues with over the. Yeah it's getting more mature. And of course apps built in her doing great and there's pros and cons but for me personally. There's some tried and true technologies that over time of course is ruby on rails ten years from now the choice probably not technology just doesn't tend to have that arc does get outdated but you gotta look into at that maturity curve and pick things that'll work. Yeah i think one more note on that too is like if you're looking at kind of the hacker news crowd and a lot of people who are working at really large companies like google or facebook or fortune five hundred companies or whatever where there's just large dev teams you'll see those types of organizations that are at high scale using a lot of micro services being a polyglot organization where they just have ten different programming languages in the mix and you choose best tool for the job and and that's good for the stage. Those companies are at but if you're a bootstrap trying to get your initial version of your product off the ground. You do not want to be like mimicking what those teams are doing. Because they're implementing things so that they can scale it up to a team of five hundred engineers handling crazy high volume of scale. And you're going to be a long way off from that. So so i think that's you know like like looking to funded companies to to see how to build your business like it's also risky to look at at funded companies in large organizations to see how to organize your tech stack to and on this note calling didn't specifically call it out but there's obviously a difference between development and technical technology choices and product choices and when i say product i mean which features do we build. What do they look like. What's the user interface which the user experience of them and how do we technically architect them. Maybe the technically architect part that probably actually goes in the first bucket kolonaki race but your product decisions. I think maybe a little different because oftentimes technology decisions as we're saying it's like there's one or two kind of obvious choices based on your stack with product decisions. There's not right you. what should we build next. I don't know if anybody's guests and so with product. I think especially at your early stage when you're small and growing. I think you need one. Maybe two product people and they have the vision of work should go and they'd taken all the feedback and you know again. It's either one person if you're their product. Ceo or it is people like you. And i did where we were kind of co product leads and as you expand i mean you get to one hundred person company. Two hundred person company. You do need specialists in different areas typically break it up by area of the app or bring it up to the epa and the web app and this and that there's different product owners there but at that early stage. I do think you need fairly opinionated people to not let the app just be whatever the customer's request next you build and i don't think most developers have this the product skill. It's a totally different skill. Set code and architects and building a feature is a skill set and scaling and all that stuff is a skill set. And i i mean. Let's say two thousand eight. I had learned that really well. And i was a senior and all those things i knew very little about actual product thinking about what to build what not to build how to build things user experience and i didn't even realize that didn't know that skill set. I didn't realize it was a separate skill set and so in your mind as a leader. You know whether you're the ceo the founder or the kind of the product owner the product manager so to speak. I would not leave it to a developer unless they have this experience. Or you know. they're really sharpened. You think they can learn it. I would not leave it to a developer or a team of developers to decide what features to build next all right. Well thanks for that call. And i hope our thoughts were helpful. Next question is from will johnson. He says you might have spoken about this. And i missed it but i was curious now that a few years passed. Do you ever regret selling drip to lead pages so we sold it in july of two thousand sixteen so that's a little over four years now. I'm curious you. And i have have talked about this but not for quite some time. It was a few years ago. We were grabbing beers chatting about it. But i am curious to hear you thinking on it. Yeah still i think my answer back then was was no and i think my answer is still still no. I haven't i haven't woken up and said oh man we shouldn't have done that. And i think i've had time to reflect on it. And i think reflecting back on my experience we we obviously started this. There was two of us right. And then we grew the team Very slowly pre acquisition and we took on a lot of ambitious challenges in building drip right like it started out very simple and then it became this this full marketing automation platform and it was a it was a right of a lifetime building at it was a lot of fun. I loved working with the team that we had. I have a lot of fond memories from that time. But i also realized that like i was starting to get burned out pretty completely by the end because the journey kind of morphed from let's figure out how to build this really powerful product that is really in line with what people are requesting in like. There was a lot of energy behind and started to slowly become overtaken by the scaling challenges that we had we kind of. We built such a powerful product. I like to laugh about this that you know we kind of get rigged by via the engineering managers ended up taking over the engineering team from us at at lead pages and they're like you guys built the product that's way too powerful like we need to put more guardrails in place because like allowing people to segment by whatever became kind of a nightmare and like i spent had to spend a lot of my time just figuring out how to re architect things and and keep the out from not falling over you know during during that tale in time and we were kind of in the thick of that around the time that we got acquired and so to me it was like it felt like the right point to entertain you know the the strategic acquisition that we did i. I don't think i could have done that for many years longer. Something big would have had to change. We would have had to either. Raise some funding and build out. Hire some like really experienced engineering leaders who had scaled something like drip before. Because i was. I was definitely bumping up the dummy up against the edges of my capabilities. I didn't have any experience doing this. I was just figuring out how to do it as we went along. But i think it would have started to. You continue to To to burn me out if we'd kept going at that pace yeah. I'm in the same boat as you. I can't think of day when i've woken up and thought i wish i was still running. Drip adventure was amazing and the journey was incredible. It was growing fast so could we waited another year and sold it for more money. Yeah almost certainly but there. Are these certain windows that you get you. You don't get an acquisition offer. Comes along where someone is serious about and willing to pay a strategic premium. That doesn't come along. Every day and to be able to accelerate earnings is really what it was ready to take years and years of any potential net profit we could generate and just exceleron that to the point where it's like. Okay now we're able to move on to the next thing. I was in his you in terms of i was struggling with. Burn out for different reasons. I think but. I was just reading the same probably same reasons. It was just running all over in too. Many things in there is a lot of stress a lot of a lot of stress on both of us and we totally could have done it. You know if we didn't have offers we're still reading drip. It would be wildly successful and it would be doing a lot of a are millions and millions but when i see that path it's like yeah that would that would have been cool but we've also gone these other paths now and those have been really fun and i actually enjoyed. I mean what's interesting is. I didn't think i was going to enjoy the post acquisition time as much as i did like when we were still working at drips ashley pages. Obviously there were some things where it's like. Well we're part of a company now. There were things. I didn't like but i really enjoyed our team. And i really enjoyed having the resources for the first time to hire like super senior talent and to scale up servers. And you know it wasn't infinity money but it kind of felt like that given the pages had raised thirty eight million dollars in venture and we came from being very cash-strapped that it really felt like a different game. We were playing. And i learned a tremendous amount about that type of business and about that side of things about hiring when you have more resources about what money can do like these days again. If i were to start another sass up i would i would either funded well myself or i would raise around really early because i can absolutely now see how money changes things and where i would spend it to get there faster and i think ten years ago i remember saying i don't know what more money would do for me and i hear people say that and it's like that's cool and that's valid that you don't but there's almost always a way that more money gets you there faster. Yeah i agree. That was really. That was a really fun time. And i think that's also another reason why i can't say that i regret selling drip to lead page. The question was in general selling drip and then also like selling to the people that we did. And i think unfortunately here a lot of acquisitions stories where like people hate their time at at the company as they're doing their earn out or whatever the arrangement is and that was not my experience. You know i. I really got to. We retained basically the entire team for a while and to grow it and work in an office and cool office in downtown minneapoliswith with a bunch of really smart creative people. And so that was that was really fun to to get to get to play around with extending the vision for drip while we were there in in directions where like we had more resources to actually throw behind it. Yeah and i think if there's anything like if if you could say regret about anything like i remember when after i left. They've made different choices right. They were kind of redesigning the app towards the end change the color palette that change the logo they after we left. They did a pricing upgrade or pricing change. That made a lot of people mad. I know they've done other stuff. And i don't regret it in terms of i wish i still owned it so that we could undo that or whatever but it was a little bit sad for me to see that happen. You know at the time and to feel like oh man. That's a bummer. That they went and did that but at the same time. Look what we're doing now like we're doing fun stuff. I'm working at microsoft in this podcast. You're doing savvy cal and i just. I'm not the type of person to run the same app for decades. It just wouldn't interest me and the drip ride was i was. I was doing the math on it. From the time you broke ground on code until we sold it was three and a half years and from the time we really finished the slow launch till we sold it was two and a half and it felt a lot longer than that to be honest it felt it felt at least twice that long so i think that's. That's the sign of a journey that you know. They candle the burnsville brightly burnt burnt half as long. It feels like that was a very intense journey. I don't know how much long along either of us would have wanted to been on that train. Yep totally so. Thank you for the question. I hope our musings were were helpful. Insightful or informative. We haven't talked about that in a few years. So it's kind of fun. Our next question is from dave. Laura and subject is the effect of web scraping on my business. He says i'm a software developer whose debating between native and web or combination of the two. When he says native do you think he means like a native mobile app or like a native desktop app. Yeah a little bit further owners question. I think he's kind of. I think he says mobile Actually i think okay cool. It sounds like it is virtually impossible to prevent web scraping without degrading the experience for legitimate users. So basically if i want to create a collection of useful original data on the web for my real users to enjoy am i just to accept that the data i spent time in many creating will be stolen that i will have to invest in tools to mitigate this theft and potential crashing myself from the stress. Or do i look at a closed native mobile environment. There you go. We're scraping would be more difficult and just avoid the web altogether the moral like into this. The more native mobile app sounds easier than fighting scrapers on the web. Despite the reduction in users this would cause am i looking at it the wrong way. What do you think this one. I found a little bit. Tricky i mean. Think he's omitting some details for the sake of protecting intellectual property. Probably so i don't know exactly what the nature of the businesses but to me. My assumption is that it's he's aggregating some kind of data he's pulling together a data set that you know others would would potentially want to just harvest and instead you selling access to it and i guess my my first reaction was that putting it behind in a native mobile app is just another more aggressive. I guess tactic you could say for fighting scrapers like ultimately for bad actor wants to steal data that you have explicitly said is not allowed to be to be used in this way than it's kind of a it's kind of a losing battle like people if there's a will there's a way i guess is is kinda my first reaction and so you know i think stopping ethical people who were entertaining violating our terms of service. That should be pretty achievable. If you make it clear what the boundaries are for using the data in what ways and if someone is an unethical actor and they want to get your data whether it's like taking screen shots from a mobile app order sniffing network traffic to figure out what your you know your network. Abm points are forgetting that data into the mobile app. Or whatever like. I think you may have a hard time. Still stopping him. Even if you went into a native environment so i guess i don't know my my initial reaction would be that this to me doesn't sound like something that necessarily cause you to to make like a huge technical decision that would may be harmed your ability to grow the business just because some bad actors may want to try to steal data so i kicked this email over to chris. Doco maggio lar-. He's the founder of deal format which is tiny seat batch to company and deal format is in essence a business that has proprietary data that they sell to folks in the biotech and pharma space and i said have. Have you thought about this. Like is this an issue for your business because his businesses is doing. Well it's growing the silva enterprise clients and this would someone had his data that is that is the value that the real value of what he's providing he said. Here's our approach. And here's how i think about it. Number one. only paying customers can access their data number two trial users are limited to only those that that we let in. And that's after a call where we've made some progress towards closing a sale. I know this won't apply to everyone or scale number three. We make it easy for penn customers to export data within reasonable limits. So they can get work done but not so much that they're dumping out all the data trial users cannot export number four a disabling text highlighting within the data limits the amateurs number five seed to the data with unique an obvious wrong data which we can refer to if we really need to claim copyright infringement as long as it doesn't affect real usage and for six terms of service protect against it and you know he goes on to say keeping data up to date with new info and new updates on old events makes any one time data output stale pretty quickly and then being selective about customers helps to it gives them more value on the entire platform over just the data. So there's no guarantees. He's saying but that's how he's thinking about it so you can check out deal. Format dot com. If you're curious more. And i appreciate chris wing on that. I agree with you if someone really wants to do what they can do it. I know that like places like crunch based which a lot of people try to scrape is pretty hard to scrape the they use a lot of javascript. And of course. It's possible. But and i think between using some best practices like anti scraping brush practices to make it. You know it's never going to be possible but to make it difficult without going way. Outside spending hundreds of hours building something custom there have to be libraries and kit hub. That help help you do this. And number two. Having rate limiting. I mean i think that's a big thing ready for data's paged and most normal users are going to page through it a human speed but you can often tell if someone is just by the rate they're hitting it you know if they're hitting it in an automated fashion so very ru there's rudimentary advice but like that's kinda step one where i would i would think about. My guess is it's a problem you'll have eventually but it's not the first thing i'd be worrying about. I'd be worried about our customers willing to pay me for this. Can i build a business to five times came. You know whatever your goals are like there are way more important things to be worried about. And personally i would not make the decision to go mobile only if this is the only reason. I don't think this is enough of a reason to not build a web app. Yeah i mean we overtime like drip was obviously subject to a lot of potential abuse from spammers and we had to overtime kind of build up a a moat of of defenses against all the different ways that people try to misuse the system. And yeah it's like. I think it's at this point. It sounds like you're early on enough in in your own business that it's not totally clear. What the attack. Vectors are potentially going to be for someone who to really try to do harm to your business or steel value. So i think i would try to make too many upfront assumptions about that. Because it's going to be really hard to know. What are the ways that people are actually trying to do that if at all or maybe this won't even be an issue. So thanks for the question davidson interesting. One i don't think we've we've had before and all the hundreds of q episodes we've done so that was a fun one. Hopefully that was helpful for you. Our next question is from. Evan g and his subject line is huge growth in a year or should i jump ship from my fulltime job. He said hey. Rabbi i reached out a few months ago about a migration tool i built. That was seeing about three thousand dollars a month in one time. Sales have since modified the product a bit and figured out how to also sell it as a monthly subscription tool. And i remember. I think mike and i talked about this one and we were trying to figure out if a one time migratory could be sold as description but obviously they've been able to do that he said here we are getting close to finishing out the year and i just hit one hundred thousand dollars in gross revenue with fifteen hundred dollars in mirror with forty customers. If you remember from last time which i'm guessing is unlikely. This product has massive platform risk. I built a feature of a product so in essence it moves data from one product to a competitor. I believe and so if that competitor basically built this. Then he's saying he would be out of business. My passion is entrepreneurship. And i love this. But i also know my revenue could literally end tomorrow if the product just released feature. I stay in touch with the product manager over there as they currently point people my way nonetheless. The risk is there. But i feel like i've built an audience that i'm exploring building new products for if i'm gonna make more money on this than i do at my full time job. Is it time to quit. And pursue this thing further. I have a five thousand person. Email list of potential customers. Some of which have already started chatting with about a new product. But part of me is scared to. I have a wife and kid. I support and frankly i've gotten used to having two income streams i'm gonna make over two hundred thousand dollars this year between my fulltime job inside project maybe not life changing but still a lot of money in my opinion would love some advice on stuff. You'd be thinking through whether to make the jumper not. He also has a follow up. Let's dig into that. What he thinks her. Yeah well that's that's kind of the classic decision point that a lot of us bootstrap end up going through. I think very much comes down to. What is your own tolerance for risk. You know how much how much money do you have in the bank if things were to go sideways do you. Are you comfortable with that. But i think in my mind i think a lot of us. I put myself in this category. I think i tend to be a little too risk averse. Sometimes and i try to remember that like you know with with the skill set that i have and i think you're probably in a similar situation where you have a very marketable skill. Set the biggest risk. If you do make the jump will you be unable to get a job within a couple of months or do you think you have a high likelihood of being able to put your skills to work on the on the job market if needed and so if the answer is like yeah i think i could probably get a job. Get my network at my skills then This might very well be the right time to kind of double down your own independent business. But i think it's it is a very personal decision. I guess like you. I in the past have also been a bit more risk averse than i should have been and i wish that i'd taken some leaps that i had you know you wanna talk about regrets. Not selling drip. It's staying working fulltime job too long. Or it's not doubling down on things in taking bigger bets with different amounts of money that i had at the time so i think it does depend on your comfort level with this right. I mean risk. Tolerance is one thing when i see type platform risk. It does concern me a bit way to get away from platform. Risk is to build this for a bunch of platforms is to have five platforms each generating one hundred thousand dollars and then if any one of them shutout still have a good chunk of money and actually this with a lot of shop. If i- apps is between shop and big commerce and what are the others magento and to woo commerce even those that do move out to each of those platforms shop if is just the nine hundred pound gorilla. and so you'll see an eighty percent of its ev. It's coming from a shop fight thing that could get get killed by platform risk. And that's something that you gotta figure out. How much do. I believe this is going to happen. In addition do you think if they want to build this that maybe they were just acquire you and you get nice multiple on this. I mean i think that's something we talked about in the last episode. so my take. I don't wanna give someone else advice. Because i think to eric's point like we don't know how much money you have in the bank but if you're able to save a good chunk of this and if you quit your job and everything went south tomorrow like you could live for months on your savings then really that question. What is the where second happened. The real worse like even if we went back into being in a recession your software developer with skills. What do you do you get a job build this out. I mean if the platform risk killed this overnight if they suddenly built it a. I don't think you revenue go to zero instantly. It would take a. I mean it would go down. But i st- you have traffic. You have you leads coming in. Maybe there's things you do a little better than if they were to try to build it in house and then how long would it take you to expand it to other software packages to diversify so. There are a lot of ways. There's often that thing it's that fear of. Oh my gosh if this happens then were done. And i remember thinking with drip. It's like oh. No russian spammers sent all these phishing emails through drip on sunday night. I remember all our. We got blacklist oliver. Ip's and i remember kind of wipe my hand. Well we've had a good run but you know what we we're fine. It's up for a couple of days and then we got d- blacklisted and everything was fine and these things that seem catastrophic. Don't get me wrong. There are some things that really are but most of them are not and most of them. As like savvy entrepreneurs. One of our biggest strength is figuring out creative situations to things that just seem insurmountable in the moment. So yeah i think i think you and i are both when i when i hear us talking. We both are probably trying not to give them direct advice. But it's like we're both kind of leaning towards you should probably just do it is. Is that what you're saying. I mean i think so i. That's that's probably one hundred k. From from a one time use tool is pretty cool. He had a follow up question as well. Which i actually like it. I don't think we've ever talked about on the show he said. Do you. Share your successes with family and friends. I officially one hundred thousand gross this year and i feel like i have no one to share it with besides my wife and yes. That's a great person to share with. However i have close friends and family and to them. I don't wanna tell them. I made all this money. Because they don't want to sound like. I'm bragging i just want someone to be excited and pumped for me. How do you share your accomplishments with others. and i. i like this question. Because i think i know that i encountered that build apps and i got the tail. The twenty twenty five k. A month and it's like. I'd never seen that much money in my life and i couldn't tell that to a lot of my family and i in a lot of friends and i actually remember telling it to a friend like a month later. He has to borrow money. And i was like. Oh man that sucks. Because then i have to be like well. I don't really loan money to but it was just so i'm curious what your experience has been derek similarly like. I think the way i think about this is like most lay. People don't really know how to interpret like sas metrics like most people don't know what are is. Then you tell them well it's monthly recurring revenue and then if they're not especially if they're not entrepreneurs if you tell them i experienced this on both sides i'm celebrating one thousand a month. I just had that celebration. Recently with savvy cal and to certain people who don't know any better they're kind of like oh is that sorry. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. That's a low number you know. And then on the flip side you reach reach these various milestones. Ten k fifty k. Whatever sometimes if people don't know they can just think. Oh now you're rich. You're gonna buy a private island and so personally. I enjoy sharing it. Most with with like a mastermind group or advisors or people who are in the same space playing the same game and know what these different milestones actually mean and then with with family and friends. I still like to sell. Try to celebrate milestones. I think that's really important for mental health and and to give people a window into this like crazy heart endeavor that you're doing but i usually try to like abstract it a little bit so you know. Maybe i'll say like now this business paying my expenses or something like that instead of lake an actual dollar amount because people don't understand the dynamics of business in that if you say a big number it's not all pure profit or whatever it just kind of helps from muddying those waters a little bit. I guess so. That's kinda how. I approach it with friends and family. Yeah i like your point about sharing with other entrepreneurs and actually emailed back and forth having a little bit now z. I gave him. It's like you really should have a mastermind right or a group of people that you talk regularly. Who who just get what these things are. And i i remember telling a friend. Oh yeah drip hit forty k. of monthly revenue and the guy was like. Oh that's how much i make in my day job in a year and i was like. Yeah but it's not all going into my bank account against that weird thing of like so that your business has half a million dollars a year and there's three or four of you work on. Wow that's that's a profitable business. It can get weird. So i didn't share a lot of stuff along only journey with outside people. Who like yourself you and phil and i were mastermind. And i'm sure at times i said big numbers but you guys these new. What the context is there. And so yeah. I think if you're looking for other people share with i like your way of obfuscating the exact thing you know. Hey it's paying my living expenses and your next thing is it's it's by private yacht and it's buying me that second private jet and the island in hawaii so then your your office getting us but i think that's cool. I think that's a nice way to do it if you're wanting to share with other people and then obviously getting together with entrepreneurs who microsoft community right if you went into microsoft connect and you said. I hit one hundred k. In posted the screenshot hundred k. And a year like people would be bravo man like way to go and no one would be like. Wow you're rich or can i borrow money or because it is just that's just a great. It's a great milestone to hit so. Thanks for sharing that with us. Evan i appreciate it all right. I think we're going to do our last question here. This is from mike needle and he says first off thanks for all you do with the bootstrap start community. I've been listening to you for several years now and your consistency helps push me forward. I'm currently building option echo. Which as the name is cool when it's written out but saying it on a podcast it's like. How is that spelled. It is it's not. Ups h. o. N. is up. T i n and h one that is join. A mastermind group focused on reading personal development books so mike describes it as a platform to join temporary book clubs slash masterminds centered on a specific book with the focus being on personal development and business topics i went back and this episode one hundred sixty seven to the rest of us from january of two thousand fourteen on starting a mastermind. And i'm curious what you think has changed in the past almost seven years. What advice do you have on how to curate masterminds for others and finally what book titles would you have loved to read and discuss with others so several questions in their sear. You want pick one and go sure. Yeah i mean. I think you can probably speak better to to what has changed from your previous episode about it. But i guess. I'll just generally about like a couple of things that i've noticed out of my mastermind groups in the last few years that have been that have been really positive. I think a couple of qualities that i look for or try to cultivate is like very degrees of experience. So like we when there's when there's a couple of different people at different levels in their business but not too far away from each other but close enough for it's like i can still remember someone's further along. They can still remember when the people who are not quite as far along were in that phase and still can still offer advice that they can draw from their own experience. You know it's like. I think it'd be hard for me to be in a mastermind group with jason freed. Because he's been running this multi multi million dollar business now for many many years and like the problems he deals with are far different than the problems. That that i'm dealing with. And so i think being being close enough but having someone there to to kind of pull you up and then you know. It's kind of nice to be the person in the middle position to if there's someone who's not quite far along as you it can help you to like solidify your own thinking in way strategy around business if you're if you're helping strategy to someone who's not quite as far along as you i think you know masterminds where you can have complete transparency high degree of trust usually. The ones that have that have been lasted the longest for me are ones where we're actually friends too. You know it's not just business and so we have really strong personal rapport with each other. And we're we would get along outside of the context of talking about business and really trust each other a lot and then the finally my my favorite element of masterminds when they kind of function as like an extension of my founding team because doing the solo. Founder thing. And it really. It's really nice to have a co founder of so if you don't you know if you can lean on your mastermind group in the same way it a lot of the same ways that you would is a founder at least to talk through hard problems that you're dealing with that's a that's a major win. Yeah when i think back to west changed it's not much i mean we actually when we launched microsoft masterminds which you can trigger on microsoft masterminds dot com which is a matching service. We do to get folks. Together and linked up we went back to though there were two episodes about masterminds and pull out a lot of that content and turned it into a guide. Maybe it's two guides. I forget if it's one or two but it's kind of like how to start and run a mastermind and it's like a eight or ten page e book that you can download for free at the microsoft website and when we looked through it i mean it was pretty much timeless stuff arranged couple performance. You can choose a lot of what you just said you know was was communicated in there and so i don't think i have any big takeaway of like oh man it's just so we've innovated so much on this model and it's so different i'd i like personally like three person masterminds. I think four starting to get big. I think two is fine. But it's not enough you know there's there's nuances and personal preferences but i don't think a ton has changed. His second question was what advice do you have to curate masterminds for others i mean i think it's providing that introductory guide or e book of like this is what is this is like our opinion about what they are and this is how perhaps you pick a format. You get pretty opinionated or you can say these are the two or three. Your group can choose from in terms of always doing hot seats. Just doing round robin every time. And that's a nice thing when you do have. Let's say three people is doing. Our everybody gets twenty minutes. That tends to be plenty of time or when it was union filled drinking in my kitchen. It was three of us. Each person gets forty five minutes until we're so tired at eleven you know during prior out of there. Those are some of the fun ones. I have good memories. Those were the days yeah. I think you're eating that's for others. It's just about trying to pick people who like you said are near each other in the journey. Although with a book mastermind. I mean there's more of a book club. I don't necessarily need to be as as close in in the stage of the journey as you do. You're going to weekend week out or month in month out in early. Talk about your company's. Oh no i guess. I was gonna say like just came to mind when you were saying that. Like book masterminds. I mean i suppose probably involves like if you're doing a deep dive on something very specific general business advice than that may be generally applicable. But if it's very specific than like trying to pull the other people who are struggling with that specific thing like if you're if you're doing a deep dive on acquisition or something that if you're diving into something about that and like you know obviously trying to pull the other people who are actively working on that problem and not just not just theoretically it's probably more chance for success. Yeah i'm curious. I mean this is an interesting experiment. I don't know that i've heard of someone doing this before. So curious to see how it turns out his last question is what book titles would you have loved to read and discuss with others and i assume he means back in the early days. Maybe i mean. I think i don't know that i have any off. The top of my head start small stay small. Of course that would. I remember reading really liking the personal nba back in the day but that is a lot of generalized knowledge and less applicable to actually getting off the ground. Yeah i'm having trouble thinking of others. I mean well you know there was one. That was a copywriting book. It was like the ultimate sales letter and the ultimate sales machine and there were there were some really tactical ones. But i don't know that those are interesting because they're just a little dry and it's a lot of tactics. Do you have any thoughts. You have any books you would wished you could have read through the book club. Yeah probably like. I think if it's a group that's kind of earlier on in their journey but even this is applicable to people who are who are further along still doing customer interviews. But i think the mom test is a book. I talk about all the time. And it's kind of just a framework for how to talk to customers in a way that will actually be useful and not give you biased data. I see that that mistake being made over and over again because it's just hard to do and that book is really really tight. Really actionable and kind of crystallizes. Chris lies in my head. The first time i read it and i felt like manner should be on the on the reading list for any founder. Who's trying to validate of market and and get a product out there. I also really like the traction book too. It's one that i read returned to all the time one absolutely yes. By gabriel weinberg. And just. that's a good one that that is definitely not the story. So i sketched out this idea in remember what year was but i wrote. Ask ruben gomez and i said i wanna write a book. There's no book. I know out there about like sass or at marketing. I want each chapter to be a marketing approach. And i wanna give an active real case. Study of me doing it or someone else doing it. And it'll just be a big buffet. Big little marketing approaches. So people could go to it and pick from it and that's a great book. You should write that. And then i. I don't know what happened either. Bought taylor we started drip or something and it's like who has time for that and when they came out with it i was like yes. It was not ono it was. I'm so glad someone wrote this whether it was me or not. It's just a good book. It's such a good idea. and you know. They implemented it well and the experts who knew each of the areas and interviewed them and then give kind of ideas and stuff how to get get it accomplished so yeah really good. They got kind of a framework can follow us. If you want to run through an exercise and try to distill down some some like wants to test i different traction channels and then it also for me kind kinda serves as a reference like if i'm needing to brainstorm wanna lay sparks him inspiration for for how to grow the business. I will just often return to thumb through it and usually sparks some inspiration. Yeah that's a good one. I'm glad you thought of it. Because i was trying to think they were books. That were impactful on me. Like the four hour workweek back in the late two thousands but so maybe back in the day. I would have liked to talk about that. I was really really early in the journey. I'm an only owned. I think it was two thousand seven. Is that when. I think that's when i bought it. And maybe mr remembering. But i think the only owned dot net invoice at the time so i was applying some of the hiring of va overseas and learning some of that outsourcing stuff mean that would have been fun back in the day. But i definitely wouldn't want to do that today. It's just wouldn't it wouldn't really apply. I also got to give a shout. Dr sherri wallin's book entrepreneurs together. I mean it's that's probably want to a book club on honestly because you can. It's probably a lot of kind of exploring your own psychology that you can dig into a little bit with other founders and might be a therapeutic. That's a good point. Actually yeah that would be a good one already. Jokingly plug my own book. But i agree. Because i think a lot of hunters go through the tough experiences. I mean you and i on this podcast have just been like. Yeah we were burning out. And yet you and i never sat down and talked about that you know and we didn't. I should have probably got a therapist yet. The time just to vent and and think of how to make things better. And i don't know and it's like blindsides you write it catches you off guard. I think and you don't maybe they don't even realize it at the time and i think having that book knowledge in your head and being able to discuss it would be would be a good will sir. It's great having you on the show if they want to hear from you every week talking about what. You're up to on savvy cow with your coast. Ben ornstein art of product in any pod catcher. And it's the art of product. Podcast dot com. If they want to see your show notes as you say at the episode exactly it's become a trope now and you are at derek rhymer on twitter and we'll of course link that up in our show notes awesome. Thanks again for coming on man things having me. Thanks again to derrick for coming on the show. If you have a question that you'd like to hear answered by myself or future guest send it into questions at startups for the rest of us dot com. I'll be doing probably won kyun episode a month. Assuming there's enough question volume and so far there has if you send a voicemail you can send it as dropbox link or google drive link or whoever else you want to get that to me. Those go to the top of the stack. Thanks again for joining me this week. For episode five hundred thirty. And i'll talk to you again next tuesday morning.

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88. Kabaleb, el programa de Sitael

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88. Kabaleb, el programa de Sitael

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Knew for the heat and Glo to. Like a bigger. Even, before Marie. Mobile. Get. Your material, the initiative, your material. Looked share in this. Material, he can when she managed to our. Regular you're. Either Mark Mubarak the very very people. Forget. Your mother with either year influence She your mother del Norte. Yogesh though this, the moon this evening. I'll get one hundred are who are Jimbo. Moscow knows POPO. Were Universum with you this economist beginning. We'll up Bush. Does she do a youngish mellish. Bush latter the bubble chevelle golden ultimate. They moosh. Dollar Shave will be. W. Our World I wish in this version of. Legal No gay stall, which shows Manohla but in. Your Gate in divinity work wage wars the. Grocery. newish liberal Newish. Ishbel another show is that even? In. One. Dollar, sales, you share some of. Them. WHO. Is going to ask yourself are who also was always Russian. There he has. We were in. Mark. Initially. Issue on but not Roman digital, we'll any number of the Russia. Can Walk into the about who gets. into the. Muschamp you need I definitely Sean. Much. Brooke Jubal. Sean Wash. They, they weren't able seamen. WHO ARE SUPER Social was anchorage. Washing dead menu in RONCO ISH eat was awash. This notion demotion. Margin. Imagine if you need a conditioner. Smoking. The Samba, she'll cherish. Glamorous Club. Border that Hebrew and EMBIID Mush. English one which I needed his. Mother. Your mother the out. What go Katie roguish. Permission. To she is not opportunity. Out British. Indoor disgruntled the almost dip local. Server Moussavi. There she would. newish. Then in their niche in Western national, him does it useless. Squalor she was the mother memorial will get Euro Pathy I wish then demarche in much Nettie. Gosh she. No we she usually there digging. Model. The Manila Gauge Mikio is she everywhere. Who share you love? ME. Push POCO Bushido, CV endo or to. Measure. They were really appreciate the Indonesian of which I. Will. Not She do the on. More shop here the Scottish. Bill Graduate Andrea Most archea where she your mother. Shinwar slash rubbish up. In North Korea now. There's. Montreal are that he knows you. Get. Think Bush party. Said we will go our is. Dish River emotional. Bureau dish. Register Experience Undo? Wash the. US The notion vision Kaha Bush in Michigan with you. Share, what she healers month that he always she'll. Be In. Our whole or share. There was a speedy to shoot Riano. They've Manera. Heathens. unders Madera in she'd worth your mortgage. Each Other. Bears lowest through in the by that equal oil on. The winner over one of lesser where my Nigga. Blair's these super. than their brutal up elaborate novelty when place I am another late. As Lundy Divisional Boardwalk. Over ish okay. The article and Cycle Meshu show Christos novelist or skelly. speeder those. Architect. In. Derna. Out Their. Showroom. She ignificant awkward. SNOOK Yondo associated. With. Our skipworth wish logo beaten get to our worst was. Then wished ready in Dan. She. Shrewsbury, all those fish that ensures the as you shortish, she do a notion that also foul in Durham and clash. Yoga. Here's our world. Were there more limited if he got worth ULA? Anemic perfect game. Your shape. Who of course, Macchiato? You should go back that capacity donate national the alarm on the Osha get Marcello read more than what the Dhammika. An emotional. Endeavor Nausea show material shall. Amend depends largely it novel if you can do. Mundo for a gun done. For Your question endeavor now she not Ambien was magnanimous. Gives chev Ramos complained there I wash incapacities the Konare Reuters. Shed economical. Louis, there's no way better show by Ariel Sharon Maas. Komo. In Buffalo Ridge the dial you can explain the Rocha. Which? Moshe. Astra. Per What version Is You. Almost Forget all. The award, the allegations. which are still got our skew extent. They're. Komo the on. Our sleeves. Claudio Gay. Marriage in but nickel Mahmud Legal Cohen, daughters now. All Young Geoghegan National. Why? How does the our? Weather. One New Year's no nothing normal Rian. Was Wonderful Initiative blend if he got you owners We have shoulder. In what we know In. Ula. In Waukesha. Me Endo. Way Marnie should behind it there was luckily, Linton. Not Locker rooms. Over. Was Mishmash Pyramid Lucia there. So he likes enmesh. The for one door. Weekday much shorter when those sky in which I said shortish. The. Eagle. Game. But. y'All. Wacko for Galicia. The American Squirrel when they GET HOMILY IRISH GOES UNCLE, who Cleveland dish the Dialogue as walking from your nostrils spot gay Lavar. then. Is Little Competitive Emotional Akai. Lokesh that in. Wish Linda. Equal chef got. Sean that Domino's who our cage? All were guy. Guy While. Is that he removes your model can no more our gang visually in theon shahtoosh. Guy Pushing. Those Lisa the. Tuition is the short again. The. Orient Demi. hourigan tissue. Exterior ekier gain detrimental. To Oregon darting the Milwaukee are worship him. Get your. By, Oregon, Dorothy in them in the. Then into. They gave commercial who? is working. In a short Bush. Shou. Steiger's they will not clear and. Short. New. Number here. So he owns East Mush Pretty. Nominate Appro- my world. Is. Shaking on the shortlist. y'All go Kesha. A winner. Gap Either raving the Amish. Theme Day will not allow. Pork. Enriched Laura's Anisimov. Food nominate not, allow issue who. Is. Literally with Young Indiana. We'll know wish order the handle to. Lower cash route show the. Are In knowledge way NARDO. Gasol Il Il Signal. To reunion your to stole my goal or to finish, we don't important. They are to Reggie with your that. Don Qatar Oregon Oregon not initially will. Restore that. One DO I. Almost double the Manila. Almost always for one is I dish bugles. Shot get. Open Indo Irish, bench into. BILL PICO OR PICO. They were wonder some Redondo. I. Wish spin does your son called damage in? One Way. Or? Whether the hours for. which convenient no summary, the Washington area and we are. United as you read our for part of it was Paul Monash. One the shorter than dental in the short Uganda while Shafik. Extend. We. Thank. God that Go Shapiro who ran wash his show here. The get. Pretty. Dr. Gercy media occasion. If you get you and. Shortage because she on. Short Bush. According to. Extend your current arcade with. The magnetic. You wonder some affecting us with the rumors. No. I think. there. Studies Inter? Who are under normal traffic operative word Is You've you didn't pick. Up a sham wash, you'll share washes from. The national. Initiative Grundel that. They have. She showed was but as she was on December. One near you? Get conflict. Allure political wash of Yongin material. NOPE ZSA third. Rail irrelevant, dish. One. Dish establishing a window we don't be. In the hilarity. Equal Conscien- Dick won the sheet I mean most combat emotionality detectors she can years. From storage for legal component where he Joie de will the tone of college was Katina said I'm whatever we put the other. Condition Deputy district the Amish Yasha. They Moosh Kenosha Yego wash flattish world. There's the dial. One. Audi ish dictatorial checking for their families. Initiates the Lael they Schwab Scorpio need a reindeer in the country. Was Personas compliment needs to spoon does Shallan. She dial implication compa Thursday interieur, Suzan there. Was One and he got a nail your each. Other for neutral, she dial wanting to statements endo. Sleet and. We'll share. It would surely go of either of those shows. Me Knowledge. Not the Roman. Dip in which the anti-ageing thoroughness. She lose. What? Realized they'd Louis shortlists show more shop. SOC. Owner who theon? In Wash. In Don this. Brioni. Today their push she did. Demolish shoving with allergies I'll walk. I can take a nuclear Rushmore Charlie Dash because he didn't know your peripheral comedian will get their e royal with only. The and yes, she wished Paschel. Intercepted. That he had the Walker there. Okay Shaky only commendable our audience here nor style here Lando Gordon. Here now. Share over the NCAA's. The notation. The of Winnow. Took Committee because they will get style. Chev over. The years Chevelle Nagas another. Initiate a fish man or. Whatever she way for casual via the OC- in the. In. The Bush movie and you'll know shock. By Aveiro no she. You're in optional do over the. Regular. Original wash Monday. Sean. Bertha. She Nevada Combatant Daego Nada Daesh that she'd wealthy on in Portugal Chavez look on Saturday. Wish I could remember shingle delegation we have legal. Forget she'll know with the NCAA. Our Capacity Patio with. Pero En. Cambio. Nor why in recital you've worked. Enough. God there's Dental Shaush where she to give when. We ended. The Share storage. Did, wish love either in other regardless our shit brecon. There, the compassion you. They Rush Chevy with. Was Dante Moscow Russia various Mosca Patch You. Admitting. Okay that Emerson Nosotros, just the out that she died get commute than risk had our listeners hours condition. In. Almost every. ACADEMIC DO A. But she could almost. Will now. She do you. Wash. The skin. Double. Scott Britishness she was. Just, get nothing. and. There was full Bush Sunday. Does. She dial of our Moussa Darwish. Digos incident. Apart. Numeral tuition they audience he was. Given they will they'll they'll? They they they are being nobody's. Hit nope war. For them hero. The ACA. The America, she bombers, I suspect shortage. In, blown distance scale, Sean worst-case. That undisposed. Publish bail in. Moscow where I'm not sure. Area. Is You show much capacity respond there. Are there Monday there was under simply oh Schwanke. As much. He was demolished fellow offish detail Rama. Yes very muscular, he should. The endan poor wished yesterday office are also planning visual in those readiness. Washington here's the garage. Postal field. Day don't Moonville out rubbish. Iguana measure whether is what went wrong here's. My your show consequence individual which. Appreciate. Allowed to. Get. Or Shea Wash. Gedi. wounded. Montreal she if it will be indirect talks and the logic important. FACTOR CULTURE I Should. Be On gummy. Narrow Moosh through the Northern Irish Gateway hilarity infernal. Number two they're really out the Ashley Mondo Lucky owners there with the. Number, they've Ashley Niki Da. They either more washers the forty mushers mccalla. Evening. Show NATO's was the reason why March give. Bingaman. GISHUBI now makeup show up roles. She brought the. Gauntlet Sharon Mush money harsh boring book theon though as riskiest offish better than Domino's Rian Moshe data they on a dial. Straggler there was victor's though the. Game Wash Conrado said latter will showed rivers that how. Give almost very. In their ish. Rather in Waukesha Martha was a she. Did how McKiernan commanche knows. Bahamas overly gallows xvbeauty thundershowers fish in this while the origin of the steelers from dish be out of. Overdose. In style Bush to. The natural. These Pussy Theon are the niche and get in soon number. Your impact. In worth over on, you see the New Year in insurable. Share go well, ashes well, comprehension. Dish Age that worth you on this in competent they moosh was liberal. Katie okay. I can have you know me Endo. Rocky. issue. Party. She A. Moment in January Thomas in. The river? You know she guy in? Our visual. Almost Stan though Arkadiusz gets done and there were reasonable get on. ENGAND ME novel they've moniker she. This yet there. Is have that? They will get Shabani. Ish can you walk in chapel shoes? The Florida's one famous without away by responded by the Sharifa per. Share Ish to likely built EASEL quarterback aretha with. You be at the. Shona the-they're. Influence Bruins here. Are Marble. Mondelez shoop elaborate Easter Blerta should read our. Sheet that detail. Our math were the Asian pre mid wash avert recalled when the show Avi Armagh won't get another. Komo are better that. She. Montenegro operation that the Chevy is will until the book in individual toy in moon the winner. To Your Hulu mental biathlon wash could he still Andrea this wish avoid war? On. Of Rage that we're still the awhile ago anthem our. Me Interested if you come over and feed them, it's not show Montoneros Museum of Daniels when the war remorse rush our material is not sure how much relish our. VANISH GIVE OUR MUSLIM SCHOOL INTO Mush the. Montanaro abundant. There's no visual could read Korean Greco durant. Leverage, they'll issue our correct. Notion demanded. Again. If such worth the we can. Do wanting gamble motiva- mush. Woke established here and Oh Komo never. Never. Bureau Yego Boondoggle. Show for. Your. Our radio. Do they. Don't stall. Walk. It will eventually be ill-concealed applaud. Show Bush decadent days then they must give overuse our. The, our water monitor. Komo triple your. Maria Magdalena wonder. By the crystal, your Yo- novels that lash yet no, they're wanting to. Our. He'll signal bobby endo should dish politics who are much. They must've overdoses, powerless people and. Year misconstrued on which the Mundo material. Yard, run the. World. Power our. Monthly reality you save a one. Dollar evasion the she knew the here the champion get on. The. Nicole. In don't as yet. Though she told Okay Washburn Washington. Sheriff here to indulge waukesha drive there's no Hula. The, Harare, roping. Come premature birth comprehend material noche CUANDO STOMACH TO HANDLE INITIATIVE LEVER SHOW Now. Good, unique on. The. Sheriff Yellowish our at the he moved. Here. I. Think what? Did Not Robin. Does she was able? To Get Motion Daguan. Dante's you get one wars. Each worst those are are for never. Employers Ya shoot bill you work on she again. The racial who? The. Sushi. Nano. In bondage to their. But not were there but. Go not whether the. Per Game Wash Columbia though. It was. She will do I. Wish more. Weight Book this year and glad to Uber Julio. Maria ish get notion Yagan dish the WHO didn't Data Gate which is still our own bring property. Grotto our. Holder initially, you're the one year ago. Issuing Crochet if he got Unical within. The four McKay in wash burial. Rica she dial. British, which obviously our who are whistler British. gidget Kenyan world leash. Scenarios in Worcester have either you'll have you. British British. Debonair British commotion, and here's where. Awful. Mushroom indicator are you put the ship Russian data? Daily. Yeah. Why Poker Shia away to your Julio? Voice than very much gather friendly I assure stretch. By. E. Wash Kanye emotional impo Yagi in British that you don't. Do this or screen use your pick. Those Shaker. Nina. Thoughtless you ensure window style you insulin. Isn't don't shining. Ashby Donald Komo NIEMAND. Speed was not of that dog as you bog rico occasion grotto woke non initial power. Or she can. Win. As you poke Rita's. Push quotas water more the. I feel reminder. Over the militia. Ego as he or she I guess she will send the trucks you on the. Sean Barkley. There's something rush. Egos, Sean. English. In Ocean if. They got. Here, and Pushing you got our buddy. Carter. He'll yell. Liberation there. WHO Are Shubra Fiona she'd walk in that Berisha. Go rather among navy where there were dollars. Tend wing quantum computing internally showering run taught the. Architect to the point. Censoring hero the convinced show theology. With Talkin and others. DON'T MONACO CNN issued Rotich Year Rita our reorders got. was. Ski I got. Shit month than either in why Yondo a CHICAGO SHADE UP BUT I. Wish, the notion videos, the Mush you she policy politics either. She got to shut up who in an so they bokhary there she go next year outcomes, clean shows that they do this shown better that Airasia. No. They will show up whatever Kenosha than either that he can gratitude. We stylish shoes married does notion under siege barely although the ambassador were squatters notion Alpha what hours of course sultanas. Lana in. La. Knowledge. Decision kind that I'll. Walk in there. Yet. He will. She Pretty Mitch Snider. You say Muslim US Open source can you have origins? Though she's say style you say. Door Scare Refugee Moshe. Dayan. Up Or even. Equal. EC As six style yoga show exemplary have. Always. Don't brush out of blood. In read emotion national here I walk. In the thing. In. Your son. Wayne Ready to. Finish is starting she. Said I'm going to. Lose your niche. Polished showers flourish when Sarah Moesha extends here. Another. Emotion cash get in. If he her getting. Rough come with. Do you see in the she up. Into relations. Would have showed. wounded. Broke poker wishing booklets you get. The. Lucia Cochet. Shit, Spanish, and British. Should. Youngest we canal in Momento. Pero. Keshishian were the distinctive the Amazon. Digital. Winder will h Sean. With. The. Two other major moment look at two other not. For who do You will ever come we Pocono shoplift Palermo's. You she no soap. The rumors come why Moscow general agent. Bob. Yoga. Whoever's picked on the sort of omission. We industry. She can one machine dorf mishmash. Continue Rushian Doyle revoke retarded. Ship. Bill A. Baracuda Moosh. WAUKESHA bottle didn't in which would always looked my. Own kind of deal. That took it has been director. Doesn't penetrate sort of digital. oatley boggling she. came. President percent popular. Asked, Akil. Immune. Is this. Your car with your. Sang. Chattanooga me. Tell your sushmita boosters. were. denic whether that'd be. In. Here so we. Can actually see that. There's eastern you're. In the Amazon. We're looking we're just give you an. podcast soberly as. She gets older. She has a thing that's really the. Unity be come here.

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Ashley's Dictatorship Land

The Polygon Show

46:30 min | 2 years ago

Ashley's Dictatorship Land

"The floor. We dive into today's episode. We want to tell you about the sponsor our sponsored today. Alienware next time you wanna play your favorite game. Do it on the alienware area. Fifty one m with eighth gen Intel core processors, it is the world's most powerful and upgradable gaming laptop. They're also really cool and futuristic looking. So you can look great while you play your favorite games to get your alienware area. Fifty one m call eight hundred buy Dell that's eight hundred the number eight zero zero b u y de l l. Would welcome. Pope's. Ashley, oh, this is my show my dictatorship and country called Ashley land. And I as a dictator have co hosts and my co host dictators are we are we co dictators you will not speak unless spoken to code dictator. What is your name? My name is Chelsea star. Chelsea and right. You should be. Yes. Yes. Yes. And who is this on my diagonal? No make I am Allegra. I'm very excited to be a co dictator. Oh, thank you. Wonderful wonderful wonderful before we get into my lovely lovely show format that has to not deal with fire and blood and dragons. Actually, we are not talking about with threatens this week. I'm just going to say it not because we don't like it. We will talk about it. But just not this week. So if you were hoping for or dreading and game of thrones episode now, you know, but before we begin I have to say that politics tickets are on sale if you don't know already. We're going to be in Nashville for pod x tickets are on sale at pod x dot com slash T, P S. That's like the plural of toilet paper few texture roommates. I need some TPS is that the show is at the podcast who can say who can say, I don't know. But anyway, that's just announcement. So if y'all are in Nashville or around there, please think about it think about it. We won't be giving out toilet paper though. Okay. Opening the show my show. Of course, I have to say that I tried the mister mind flavor. Slushie at seven eleven after being alerted to it by Twitter dot com and the mister mind, which by the way, I think across multiple seven elevens. It says is at least maybe mine, but you know, they'll have the different slushy flavors. This was only one and it was kind of like a reddish color. So it was like it's probably cherry wait underneath Mr. mimes slushy isn't green like his hair? That's the joker. You're thinking of. But Mr. Maggio's hair is you are thinking of Bill Jared Lito he is an actor. He is not a poke him on now as I was saying Mr. mime flavor and seven eleven it also said unintentional to the Pokemon company. It's a flavor. Number two. I don't know what that means thought. I would include that it's flavor. Number two at my local green point seven eleven. I love that seven eleven. I tried it in a in the smallest is possible. Because I was like I don't I don't wanna I don't wanna Hawk Down. Entire slush. She I don't know how it tastes. And the fact that they said Mr. mime like mystery flavor. So to me, I was wondering if this is like the dumdum situation where you know, it was always like clear or whatever, and it would just be a mystery flavor. So I thought kind of be like that. But turns out I don't think it is. I have a question. First before we get into your flavor. Yes. Do you like slush? She's I do. Okay. I I very what is your favorite slushy flavor? Blue raspberry choice. My love blue flavors. Oh, man. Do I have permission to speak? Yes. I grow my code dictator sloughs silent. Because it wasn't sure. If I was allowed to keep doing it was afraid that she'd get reprimanded. So what color did you say was red a reddish looking at Mr. mime photo and his hair is green. It is teal. She doesn't have hair. Chelsea you're thinking of Jared Leto from the suicide squad movie. He's not he's an actor. He. What is this stuff? That's on the pointy parts of his I don't think that's relevant to the slushy this slush sheet. All right. Let me tell you about my experience. I haven't had a slurpee from seven eleven in quite some time. Like, probably not since like middle of college or something. Right. So you know, I thought that I expected it to be the consistency of like a icy. That's like super frozen. So they're still kind of like a solid. No there wasn't. This was like straight down the middle. If anything was Konosuke, it's sort of had the solid things. But not really I didn't get a fun swirl. Not like the fun thing. I was picturing in my head. No, none of that. So I took it. I got a offensively large blue straw used it to drink a slurpee one foot away from my mouth this slurpy. I what I took a sip. The first word that came or words that came to mind were. Herbal essences. No as in the shampoo, and then second was Garnier fruit tea now this is not because it tasted soapy. I'm weird in that. I said it herbal essences in good way. It did not taste like cherry as I thought. It would. Okay. Have you ever had the skittles like the the berry skittles or the tropical skittles before? Yeah. Okay. Do you know the kind of like salmon it like the pink one? I think that's strawberry. Hey, yeah. Yes. It's that. It's that flavor. It took me a long time. But basically, would it is is that I think there's a very of like a berry base if somebody took all of the the syrups they used for all the berry skittles, and they put them together and like a VAT, and they made a slurpee out of it. That's what it is. It tastes just like the berry skittles, but at first because I couldn't place it. I was. Like, oh, I don't know if I like this. I don't know what the hell this is you had to know the flavor before you like the flavor as soon as I dent by the flavor. I was like, yes, actually, I like this very much. So did you would you have rather had a cherry or you prefer what you ended up with? You know, what I think that's I that's exactly what I was thinking liquor. Thank you for bringing that of. Thank you. Thank you put that in my autobiography, I thought wait what was. The. I believe. God. What did she felt slow torn I feel hurt? So I asked if you would have preferred a cherry oh over. So I thought that this was weird on its own. And I I don't think I would prefer this. But the fact that is the Mr. mime flavor, and it is different. So I think that it's good that it's different in a way. Otherwise, it wouldn't be mister mind flavor. Yes. What what do you think is about all the berry flavors from skittles? That is associated with Mr. mine. I don't know his pinkish color, his palette, berries are also very important in Polk Amman, and he's a fairy type Barry rhymes with fairy. True. Yeah. Kind of does look like a bunch of berries smashed together. I would name one Barry. Also, I would meet my Mr. mind berry. Broke. That was well-timed. Okay. Well, thank you for your your input. Anyway, the slushy you can find it at your local seven eleven I ask. Yes. I just want to. I just didn't know if this got enough attention when you were describing your experience of drinking, this do you said you had a straw that kept your mouth a foot away from. Yeah. I just wanted to make sure everyone really caught bat detail because I found it very important. I love depict the biggest draw when I get the tiniest slushy. That's the best. I think I had a choice like all of the stronger the same. Well, my other question, though, is I know that seven elevens doing decorative detective peachy straws. Did you see those? What is it decorative p could choose they have like straws, and then it comes with like a little thing attached to it like a Petri? I think sidewalk maybe Mr. Mastro holder like, yeah. Like a little decoration on the straw. I will say that in Ashley's defense that seven eleven is actually bad. You said you you don't I bought, you know, those those Frappuccino drinks from Starbucks bought one there that was expired, and I opened it and I was like, oh, it's curdled. I took it back like a block a block away. And I was like, hey, you and all he like looked at that ROY of drinks and they were all expired, and I was like this place is gross. They give you your money back. Yes. My to fifty but they couldn't get. Couldn't get another one that I'm thinking about that. Horrible. Yeah. It wasn't great. Basically, I went in as did my business quickly as possible which was the the transaction of the slurpee not the going to the bathroom. So that's what people say to possess you anyway. So it's my show. I'm sorry. We had a large double chocolate chip cookie before this episode. Disclaimer, that's why we are out of control. But you know, what we're in control. I'm in control. It's me. Chelsea now, you have the floor the spotlight control. Are you? Sure. Your co dictator you played actually related to this whole theme rains her majesty, please tell us a mobile game. Yes. This is a mobile game. It is also I believe on switch as a but have either of you played this game? No. But I've I've read about it. So it's it's also written by Lee Alexander former games journalists now games writer, she's RAD. So this game you are a Queen in a like in some kind of country and you make decisions based on like swiping cards, and you can basically make a yes kind of like a one or two decisions and it's like almost like swiping on tender. You can go left or right in each corner has a different situation. So you have there's four meters in the game. There is like power. There's the church there's like people's love, and then there's money, and if you get either the meters like the full. List or to the bottom. Your this is how you you're like, oh, I'm gonna make all the decisions that I wanna make. And it's going to be like Mike hundred note, you either max out or empty one of those meters. You die you die, and it has like different scenarios for your dying. So wait, even if you met may may I ask a question if. Listen, this is the bit of the episode IV playing along. If you max out even when like positive like, oh, yes. Like citizens love you get this thing where it's like, oh, a crowd of onlookers is at the gates screaming your name Queen. Once you go see them. And when you're about to die. You have both of the corners of the card just say what? And so they're like your body was torn rim limb from limb because the people loved you too much. Oh, wow. It's amazing very mater vibe, it's super mother. So the the the game actually has an overarching theme, and I won't spoil it entirely. But it it it becomes like kind of a cultish. Like like, there is basically like deities in this land. Who are like? Yeah. You're going to become the forever queens. So that's why you're inhabiting all these different queens because when you die you become the next Queen and you make her decisions and tried to keep her alive. So there's overarching goals that you wanna do like there's different things when you meet new people they unlock a new deck, and you meet all these little characters and they have like weird decisions. It's like, oh, do you wanna take a lover of these side people? Use in the lovers. Are you can pick women or men? Let's nice. It's really it's like super dislike whatever you want. You. There's a very RAD character who is. As a like, a super strong woman from a northern land. And she's like to- would also teach you how to shoot a gun, which is cool. I have a question. So when the Queen dies like are, you still de become a new Queen of the same of the Samland when you're married to the same king? So they remember like the Queen who died like she's still part of the canon yet. But they never they never bring her up. But they they show you this like in memoriam card. That's like Emily was they'll sing songs of her name for a long time or like, they'll never talk of her mysterious death again things like God. So it's like kind of dark and cool. And there's so overall is an over arching theme. There's ways you can win the game by collecting different artifacts. And you collect things and you can actually use them to get yourselves in and out like you get a perfume bottle. So you can use it to like like get someone to be attracted to you. Or also, stop something. Like if you spray to the king when he's about to kill you. He's like, oh, I forgot how lovely you are. Yeah. Not as Mace. No, no. He's just like, oh that that the Royal fragrance remind you if you are. So it's like a very cute game. You can play breezily, but there's a lot going on under the hood. And I really liked it. And there's two there's a game of throws one which I haven't started playing really, but you get to play as a bunch of different of the characters like you start the game scenarios after it's like basically set after the series ends. And she is like one the throne in theory. Oh, yeah. How long is each, you know, round so to speak unpredictable. It's unpredictable because a couple of times I died like right away. So every every decision is like a year almost it. But it's so you could do the around in two minutes or ten minutes, really quick. And I played this when I was sick. And I was like maybe I played it for three three hours total three and a half. It was something. Also, once I started and understood the mechanics because it doesn't really explain you figure out. A lot on your own. I was like, oh, I'm going to restart this play better. I feel like that's such a good approach that I I really appreciate a lot sometimes of like letting you figure that out and then kind of having that dawning realization. And I mean, it's it's a very clever way to get people to replay game. I think especially with the game. That sounds like it has a lot of different endings in different like twists that can happen. Yeah. Yeah. I time. And I love a game. That has kind of like even though it's a short run. You have consistent chievements that you're always trying to hit. Oh, and so it's like a mock the tower these these story things, but isn't Marwick Queen. You can do them. Also for you both. There's an astrology element where you can only do certain things under certain signs that you're pulling. Oh, fun. And it was an as I've said many times of the show that I'm an astrologer newbie. It was like you have to do something under a fire, son. I'm like, which one is then. Also, if I recall correctly, the art styles really nine the ourselves super cute. It's very pixellated. But in a very charming way. Yeah. Yeah. And I played it on my ipad originally, but it also works really well on the phone like because actually I will pull it up and show, you you can basically have the whole thing kind of be like almost like tender so you're swiping back and forth. Frigging love that game. I really liked or let's know that it kind of takes advantage of that platform. It really keeps that in mind of like hell much easier like what feels natural to you on a phone which is swiping best. Yeah. With one hand. Right. It's. Wiping back and forth here with this one another center. Yeah. Exactly. That's really nice. Thank you Chelsea. Yes. I recommend seriously. Also, it's it's published by developer whose games we like a lot. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I recommend. I think on mobile you can buy the first rains as well as her majesty for a combo on Iowa's. And it was like four dollars games are four dollars on the phone is crazy. I think we got paid this week, which means all probably at least get three dollars. So I can buy one of those. That's the joke. But the Joe. Well, yeah. Well, you spending all on avocado toast. You damn lineal? I don't know by how you buying a house. Well, did you buy this Knicks game? You're gonna talk about which is Baba's you. Yes. I did not. But I I haven't well. I have. We own it. It's it's it's a it's a oh that's game. This is a puzzle game on switch. I want to play it. It's a lot of. Well, I was about say fun. That is a relative term. Yeah. I played it. I the the first time at GD last year. It's been kicking around for a while. It was nominated for the independent games wards last year and finally came out on switch. I believe maybe it's also in PC. I'm not sure, but it's on switch. That's where I'm playing it. And you are a little blah. I don't know what kind of animal Bob is if anything he looks kind of like, a rabbit sheep to me. Yeah. Like, some little white animal thing named baba and the game is basically sort of grid based. It's just you know, two d and baba can move around this grid, and he's supposed to basically meet a wind condition and the way that these things are established is there block. Folks that have words on them. So it will be baba imen- is as the connector, and then you and you can move those individual blocks around. So you can move baba to another set of blocks that might be there like rock is push. That's one that shows up a lot, and you could move baba to be baba. It's push. See you can basically move these blocks around to help you achieve the goal which is to get this flag. It's basically like a capture the flag thing. So the way to do that is like there's a flag on the actual map you move things around. And then you hopefully can make it to the flag, but each level gets increasingly complicated because there's more different things that you can move around like more sort of proofs or commands, and then there are digital like blocks as in walls. There's a lot of freaking walls and skulls. Let are always death. Lot of freaking skulls. But it's really smart. And I like the review that Chris Plante wrote for poly gone back with the game came out. Think in March or February you think it was March where he said, it's basically you have to not think about anything, you know, about video games like you essentially have to sort of unlearn what you know about winning games to do this game. Because a lot of the time when I'm like playing a puzzle in this game. I'm like, oh, how do I move around and get this flag? But you can do something as stupid as like if there's the flag block there. You can move the flag and like make it so flag is you or something and then move closer to you or whatever. There's just silly ways to move the different words around to create new combinations. That you would normally not think about which is cool like you can be baba is rock and crab and push like just lots of different. So wait on boasts the words on the screen. Help the puzzle solving. Yeah. The words on the screen are like every time you start a level. They're almost like little rule presets. Right. And the the objective is I mean it actually stretches and warps what your objective really is like so you do have one right? But you can change it. So that it's like you have to break the rules to win. So. Yeah. Like Allegra said like sometimes if like wall is block or something like that. I don't really remember. But that's an example. Stop like. Yeah. Wallace. Stop. And then, you know, that's like preventing you. And I think like, you know, there's a moment where you're like. Oh, like, how do I get out of here? You know, I find that. I'm trying to overcomplicate it when in fact, like if you move around a word, right? So that wall is no longer stop you just walk out of bounds or like sometimes it won't even establish like Wallace stop at the beginning of a level. But because you automatically assume right because of all of your habits and like every game you played you like stay in the confines and then. I feel like yeah. It was. Yeah. It on a train. And I saw like it wasn't there. And I was like, whoa. Can I just walk around? And like you can. Yes. The thing. And like there are so many different ways to get to your objective. But it does like it's tough. Because I always am inclined to think that there is one big solution in, you know, most of the time especially in the beginning there usually is. But I think as you go on it really tests you and then like Allegra. I mean, you were talking about how oh God so many walls, and then it just became like after a while. I mean, I'm still stuck in it. I just cannot see how I can do it. And it's very much a game that it is fun to play if you're traveling. But man, if you're like on a plane or something watch a movie first, and then go back to something that was troubling you because that did help me. But it does like sometimes make you feel stupid or they're like a lot of extra things going on that like sometimes you don't even need to worry about that. But it looks like, oh, we'll don't have to do a thing with this thing. No. You don't always have to. Yeah. Like, sometimes there's blocks that have like a word on. It turns out you don't even need to talk to that. Whatever the nor that the level. I'm stuck on right now. God, I hate wall is stopped. Because the other thing is because it's grid based like if you're if the blocks are against a wall like parallel to the wall, and touching it. You can't move it. Because you can't get around it. So you can really just move it up and down, and it's really hard. Like, you can't push a block out of the way to put a new word there half the time. So right now, I have that in level where automatically it says Wallis stop against a corner like against the edge of a of the map. So the walls are up. I can't do anything and the flag. I need is outside of the walls. I'm like Ben Childe-Freeman supposed to do this. How muscles do this at? So I keep just moving everything around and just becoming different things like you can make it. So baba is crab now. Okay. I'm a crab. Doesn't matter doesn't free. Actually now, they think about it. Maybe it does. But yeah. So it's it's so interesting because like it's not a game that needs a lot of visual policy either. Like a lot of it looks like it was made into Microsoft paint. You know, unlike that's also it's charm though, in a way like it's kind of nice. I don't know and it fits it. Really? Well, so it's very unique game even though like, oh, man. Allegra I think I'm stuck where you are. Because and I just I just refuse to look it up. This like sometimes it's okay to do that. But you're like, but isn't this? The point is a puzzle game. You're like that's what I keep thinking. Like, I should be able to do this with everything that is available to me. What do I need to do? What I need to do is throw. My switch into the bringing garbage Canada's point comes up those skull. Fuck that wall. I hate wall of stuff. So. I hate the wells. I don't know how to get out. You just move is. And Seminole you can't because it's against the wall, and you can't push it away. So that you can replace something. Like does a great job. I think like making you feel really clever, and then you get then you advance and you'll get got this. I saw that last one. I can't believe I got that. That's mazing. And you get there to just kicks your ass. It's like, Nope. We're going to make this really really hard for you. And it's going to take a lot longer than you thought. So I do highly recommend it. If you're looking for a challenge, I feel I really wanna play those with you, Sean, I think this would be a very fun thing. It's definitely seems like a game that would be better with people. I really like it. But I get so mad at myself same. Yeah. So we actually play together. Get mad. Literally might figure it out. I don't know because we're both sequel east. I'll true. It's very true. Sounds so great though. Yeah. No, definitely check it out. I have it on switch. I haven't touched it since we're trained practitioner from packs. I was like, oh, I don't want to be stressed out. I want to relax, and I thought I would relax with this cute baba. But instead like, I just kept dying. But we can die. Yeah. Oh, yeah. What's now can restart very quickly because you can undo because sometimes there's commands like skull is death. That's really common one where you'll run into his skull. They have little skulls or sometimes it's like they've sink as one. So in this level, they have star is sink. So if you run over this star, if you don't fix it like, you'll sink into the ground. Yeah. But yes, it automatically like it gives you the options if you do happen to die like, unfortunately, I couldn't do like you is flag like that. And allow but so like that will kill you a centrally until like you have an option to either once you're dead just start over from the beginning. Or like, there's like a Bundy could just do undo, and you can just like rewind as much as you want. Oh, cool. So it does make it manageable. It's just you fucking figured out. I loved it. I that was like a whole twist though of dying in a puzzle game. I love it. Yeah. Let's take a minute to talk about today's sponsor alienware the alienware area. Fifty one m brings you disc top quality gaming experiences in a notebook superfast graphics. A check advanced cryogenic cooling. Cool futuristic design. Also, check these laptops. Seriously. Look like they came from the future. They might we don't know plus with eighth gen Intel core processors and upgradeable graphics. You'll never miss out on what's next redefine mobile gaming with the world's most powerful gaming laptop ready to experience the future of gaming, call eight hundred buy Dell to get your alienware laptop. That's eight zero zero b u y d e l l. So next up we have on a related note but much more positive Chelsea in Allegra. Both view have watched the episode of queer eye that features a gamer and both of you said, it was very very wonderful and uplifting. And I would love to hear about it. Because I did not see it. Well, Chelsea I think you watched it more recently I've actually seen it like multiple times because like falling asleep during the show and waking up mount episode is Allegra. Yes. I have been watching it. I guess over the last couple weeks been watching queer eye, and it's it's such a nice positive showed in your fucking long days on right along asked negative s or so this episode was called sloth to slay. And it is the seventh episode of this current new season of queer eye in it's making over Thomas who's twenty one and his sister wasn't like Kristen account number versus the athlete Kristina or Kristie. Kristen sorry. I can look it up while I try literally tried to look it up before the show and confide doesn't make so his older sister lives with him. And it's just like he is very introverted. He is a gamer, and he is like kind of put up a lot of walls between himself and is not really working on like any social skills. He also like basically lives on tater tots. So a lot of things that you find very tip. In the queer eye. What I really loved right away is that like I feel like a lot of things you would if you see like gamer makeover one hate that term, but just like kind of people making judgments about his lifestyle or the things his hobbies, and they seem to like really embrace what he likes. So he's really an anime. He's huge door. Sounds. Brad sounds like a RAD person. Go you're like, they don't mock him. And then you're like, he's a huge door. Dork to be derogatory. I I think Thomas Thomas is really charming. And so like what they did was is anyone who was social anxiety. Probably like could say that this is horrifying. They were like, okay, we took you to an anime club. Ooh. And these are all people that have your interests. And I want you to go talk to them and just make conversation. Yeah. Like you saying that as an exercise for so what else to do? I felt that thing ause where I was like, no don't make me do it. I don't wanna do it. Like, I feel like I relate to that. So hard I feel like my mic therapist equally to is like sorry five over sharing. But not really therapy. Okay. It's like simple as like, you know, next time you like go to coffee shop in like, you know, you get your you pay or whatever like try to make like extra our contact because you know, that's like something that I'm like very bad at a lot of the time. And so, yeah, I totally feel that like these people. Have your interest? I think even like my cousin told me that when I was in college. She like doesn't your school have like an anime club like a game club. Like, why don't you go talk to them? And it was like. I don't know. Sweating. And so how did how did he deal with did freak? But he also was great so good like he the I really love the fab five because I I mean, it's an it's only a forty five minute episode. They have to edit out a lot, but I can see that they really like make an effort to help. Right. So they like the he was freaking out. He went back and talk to them. He's like, no, you got this. They're on the same level as you also they probably have the same anxieties as you like they just wanna talk about the same shit you do. And then they he's like the advice was talk about something you really like because that makes you happy and people will like glommed onto that happiness, and they probably like it too. So like that's an instant instant connection point. And it was good. And they talked about stuff that they liked and it was like immediately like seeing people nerd out. And it was so cute. It was really nice actually. Yeah. Because I mean, I feel like we've probably all been in an may club situations and on. Honestly, like if you're in a group, if you're socially awkward or socially anxious, and you're in a group with other people who are socially anxious, which is often the case, it's just I find it to be a breeding ground for just really bad interactions. But this is somehow like very like healthy, and like outgoing group of people that they found so they plucked the best from every in Kansas City. Exactly because they were very welcoming and friendly and nice, which like this is a very awkward situation. Really? Like, you're on camera. You don't know the sky. But yeah, it was really sweet. And I think he made some legitimate friends by with them. And another thing I liked to go back to your point of like, they're not being demeaning, which I think is generally true on the show, which is great is. He has a lot of online friends. He said he plays. I think what. Wow. It was probably. Yeah. He said he played. Well, yeah. And I think they they weren't like mocking him for that. Like he still was able to maintain that part of his life. They weren't saying like you need to get off. Wow. That's a weird game. Like, yeah. He has friends there online. But also he needs some real life interaction just for his own health. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's nice because I think a lot of times people can discount, you know, your online life is being valuable. But I think they were still like. You can incorporate that, but also like you have people in the real world who want to get to know you too. Yeah. Yeah. And like encouraging the balance between those both really intiatives also they took him rock climbing in a see that some people in the internet of found a little more stage because they also do thing where they make him like build up a fake wall around himself. Knock that wall down. Ooh. That was a little much. I like Romo, but sometimes also karama was on the real world. I did not know that he was now. So what they did take him rock climbing which something that he did having Zion about, but he like trying to show him like fitness, self care stuff. But also using the larger metaphor, which I was like, okay. Okay. Okay. Show. You gotta you gotta do it. I get it. But then Anthony showed him on prepare a very good steak those cute. Yeah. Oh, she made for his sister. Who I still can't find her name on the? That's so nice. I got a check out that episode. It's really nice. Also, I wanna learn that brussel sprout technique, so mine don't fall apart brussel sprouts. This whole season actually has been really nice like I do like the show. But I find the season to be the most interesting, I think it has a very diverse crop of people. Yeah. Like so many women. Yeah. Not just like, the straight guy thing originally was the premise like there's. Great episode with the black queer team. She's so cute. She's eighty to really liked the they also take a very different approach with like the younger people who are like you're only early in your life. You have not fucked it up yet. Like, we'll just correct the path versus the guy. The last episode was the guy who had kid on the way, right and his house was fucking wreck. I think there were firmer with him which I think he needed because he s like dude there's a baby come in any also already had us. He had a stepdaughter who was six, and it was just like, oh, how's can't be a wreck? Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. It's good. They can like modulate between the situations of like knowing how severe they need to be. Yeah. I think it's like it's tough love. And it's it's really nice. And I mean, everything I've read they create like real lasting friendships with everyone. They help they like text a lot of the people like Schuyler who was the trans man from when oh two. Apparently, I read an interview with with him. I hope that those are the correct pronouns. And I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure he uses he the pronounced. So he said they offered so much support like months after everything went after the filming and just like all this stuff. And I'm like damn that's cool said so nice. It feels like okay. You guys are actually doing the good that you say you are want to do. Yeah. It's not just a one and done kind of thing show are warming a show. I really enjoy falling asleep to ever you fall asleep to literally everything's true. There's such a good barbecue episode. Like, also, the ladies are cute. But it really made me want barbecue. And wanna go to Kansas City. I want all of those things. Speaking of nice friends. I had a nice friend time. Yes. That's what I call it now. Because what else do you call it? I actually land. I don't know if you challenge my usage of friend time he will be execute. Did. So I recently went over a friend's house. I've been seen him in a while used to work with him. And it was really nice to catch up with you know, people that you haven't seen in a while. Anyway, he was they don't have a TV. Instead, he has his Philp setup where he is really great projector, and he just projects all of his games onto the wall. And it's huge. It's like the biggest thing I've ever seen because it's like the fucking wall. In which? Okay. So I began the night this really briefly, but because they were playing smash ultimate I don't as you know, play smash. I'm not good at it. I just wanted to play Isabelle would just because I wanted to see what she could do. That's all obviously, I always died the first and I never wanna game. But I was kind of amazed at what once she really have to get up close. If you're Isabelle. She's so fucking small and her range is really smoke. She's isabel. But once she did, the the the fishing hook thing with Haradh and shoot like, you know, caught someone on the thing and like jerked him back. I was like, okay. I know this supposed to be cute, right? Because it's like it across the guess what you do you fish? Oh, that's a funny, but no that's fucking savage. Can you imagine a fish hook like your your side? And then you turn around there's smiling like little yellow bun like. Hey, and she just Yanks. You just I mean, I don't know. That's just dangerous. I did like her little party favors. They did nothing against my enemies. I died almost instantly. So that was my experience with Isabelle. But then afterwards we played a different game. We played a game called crawl which apparently came out in two thousand fourteen and I did not know about this it sounded kind of I've never heard of this. I've heard of this is a like a local multi player like dungeon crawler. And so we played the four of us. And so like one of you is like, okay. Like three of you are like kinda like these ghosts or spirits, right? And one of us wondering around, and essentially, I this is the best. I can describe it is that like the three the other three who are spirits like if there are kind of these like markings down there like you can sort of summoned monsters in like the three of you like, I think. Before you play can choose like, which types of monsters like you wanna summon. So when you do that like you can sort of control them and use them you're trying to kill this guy. All right. And once you kill this guy. One of the person who lands the killing blow like their humanity is restored and they become that person. And then the other three then like in, you know, there's also like you can possess traps in the dungeon and try to like, you know, get this. So anyway, as you're doing that, and you're like, the the human or whatever sort of this race of like, how long can you stay like that? And as you do you learn like, you earn Luton so you can go and like upgrade, your things and whatever. So you can get better weapons and all this stuff. But like, it's I mean, it was really intense. 'cause I wasn't totally sure what was going on. But this game is a ton of fun in that. Like specially there's such a rotating thing of like three against one where like you're running around everybody. And like everybody is trying to summon monsters to kill you. And like, my friend Fernando was a person like the guy with the sort of running around trying to kill us. And then I'm the only monster that was alive left for me. Personally. I can't really describe it. It kind of looked like if you know what like an oath CHU is from final fantasy. Look like, we're slimy tentacle monster. But it wasn't even it was this massive flick slimy fart, and so every time I so he moves really slowly. And every time he moved. He do you like so we're all trying to kill. Him. And then I think for Nando is killed off like Zach, and my friend Paul, and I'm really were alive, and you can just hear this. And he's going he can only move in straight lines like short ones, and he is like very limited rate of motion. And who who is that who's forty who still alive? He's like Ashley is that you and the thing is like the only thing I could do is just run into him. I couldn't attack them. So I would just run him over. And he'd be like stop slamming it to me. The one. And then it was like, I'm the loan. Eight is a ton of fun. It's very fun. It's there were weird monster so like inbetween like you have a select amount of wrath points, and you can use them to like upgrade, your monsters, your demons, basically, and yeah, that was really fun because when you go into the shop you buy your weapons the other three are still goes. But this is like a non-combat area. I think this is just purely there. So you can just have fun. But behind you like each like little ghost, even there's like, this little cloud, or whatever, and we just called it farts. And so what as as like whoever is trying to like make a purchase at this weapon store? They're like trying to read with the perks are everyone's just flying over the school, the Florida you'll realize you can't read this up. Just like Jesus we're all like ten years old. He's like stop. I can't read ou of it. I think once I went to check my phone, and I hear Pago like, hey, who's that Florida? Who's the one of the corner? Hey, sorry. Sorry. That's me. Me. I'm looking at this the graphics on this. I could see how it also is very unclear because it's kind of that like d. What is like, I don't know a word for but that kind of like proto eight bit style. Yeah. Like the sword and source Scott Allie, kind of pixelated someone has got to come up with a term for that. Because like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like that kind of pixellated yet. So it was pretty fun. I've definitely heard of this game before I think Jeff Ramos is a big fan. And he's talked me about it. But it seems like one of those games I need to play. Yeah. I think it's a game that you'll understand once you start playing, and it becomes like the best was when all of my monsters were dead. And I could only control a crossbow that shoots in two directions every five seconds. So I really had to time it if you was like running around the map he had full analog control. And I just was like. P P guests gotta once people. It's like one out of twenty hit him. God. That sounds so silly though like Matt I love maximum silly multiplayer. Yeah. What councils? Yeah. I could plan on switch spin out on steam for a while to well, that's our show for this week. Thank you so much for listening to Ashley stick tater ship shout. If you have any questions for poly gun show or Ashley's dictator ship show. Please Email Polly gone show at poly, gone dot com. We will get that change for you. We would. Yes. Ashley at Ashley dot com. No seriously. If you would like to tell a friend about our show or leave a review, we would appreciate it very much or follow us on at piling on show on Twitter. Yeah. New episodes every Friday can find us on apple podcasts. No talking. This is my show. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Thank you, all spy fi. If you enjoyed today's episode of the polygon show checkout or sponsor alienware the makers of the ultimate gaming laptop built with desktop Intel core processors, the alienware area. Fifty one m delivers the best gaming experience in a notebook. So you never have to sacrifice desktop quality graphics or power the dream. It's also totally upgradable. So you'll never miss the latest in tech end in games, and it has amazing battery life so say goodbye to outlet anxiety. Get the roads most powerful gaming laptop the alienware area. Fifty one m call eight hundred buy Dell to get yours. That's eight zero zero b u y D E L L.

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The Rack Extra Reviews: Miz and Mrs Season 2 Episode 12

The Rack Radio Show

13:41 min | 7 months ago

The Rack Extra Reviews: Miz and Mrs Season 2 Episode 12

"The following is you're listening to the racks reviews. Mrs with lindsey ward and sir rockin and welcome another wreck extra reviews right here on talk. Radio dot com. he's rock. I'm lindsay and we're back with season two episode twelve of and mrs and guys were going to the dermatologist. Sorta away in a way. Dr maurice is taking patients and she asked ms to strip down to a towel which he wholeheartedly does. Even i would wager exuberantly. Does he's all of it. Because dr maurice is going to clean his pours and then she proceeds to suck the black heads out of his. No i was glad you finished that statement. Which he doesn't enjoy it's not his favorite kind of sucking though he then gets a little rubbed down and some steam with a mud mask and finally she bakes his nipples with a lamp. She does which he screams about from. I'm assuming it was in her closet but it looks like gets a room off their bedroom room. But essentially what. All this sums up to is maurice's extremely passionate about proper skincare and it's a good segue into the fact that she's doing zoom call on her skincare line and how she is solidifying that you're ready to launch that. And so we see her looking all professional all done up and she ends the call and then she gets up and we see that its business on the top pajama bottoms and slippers. On the bottom girl girl we. We've all been there. That's all what we're doing right now. Respect and she has two girls with her. They're playing interoffice or having a good time. And then hey get a phone. Call from james non. Who's the director of the marine franchise. Mesa's hey maurice doing a movie away. And i got a part for you. Wanna do thing. And she's like yeah hell you 'cause she's excited to go back to work. She's been nothing but pregnant in recovering for pregnancy for the past two years. So she's like yeah. Let's let's do the thing. Let's get back to work. I'm ready to go back and and be supermom again. 'cause she's she wants to do at all So segue to the ms who is on the road with his road wife aka. John morrison a there in the car. They're talking and basically. Morrison convinces ms to do a kip up and you can tell that. This was shot during covid. Can you want on his call and to the footage of bukit up happens during the performance center. That's right here. Yeah so when this was shot this was shot during cova d- but the inner splice ole wwe footage of when the arena for full to make it seem like it's not during covid or it's seamless so. It's probably right when kobe hit. I would guess 'cause this is this is pre meinie. Run after mania is it. when did they braun They face braun after he won. The title says the month after month or two after us mini okay. So this is definitely in kobe. Yeah i think it might have been able to. It's it's interesting to see how they're trying to basically cover for the fact that Codes going on. Which explains what happens later in the episode. So marie calls while they're out driving around ms morrison good time and she tells me about the movie. She super excited in talking about the skincare stuff. And all that you know as it's going on and how good everything is and then. She started talking about her boobs. And how good they're looking. And you know how she at wishes her ass a little bit better. And then she talks about her nipples back forum. They're back in. They're good to go and misses. The whole time is like race race. She's she's just going she going on about her nipples now happy she is about her nipples and ms like maurice and she's like what john morrison's like muzzle on. The nipples is really super awkward. She just thanks to him. Thanks mike he's like crap. I'm in trouble. So then we go into the movie preparations how they're going to send a wardrobe stylist. They're going to send a trainer to help her do the fight training because there's some specific things that she needs to learn how to do to be an evil assassin in this movie so they send this wonderful man over to teach her how to basically do hidden hand combat with weapons and she's doing the training but she's having a hard time because she's getting interrupted by her kids and she's giving up interrupted by the her phone and the is trying to be really nice about it but he's a little frustrated right because so much get through and he's like he's cool really do whatever whatever and like monroe wanders off for one point and then way for her mother to show up to to take care of monroe and then monroe gets to close at one. I know no got back up and then we just start again and you know it was actually really cute. Because monroe's like he's hurting mommy and maggio's like no no no. He's not he's not. It's fine everything. Here is fine nothing to see so while they're in the middle of this. Ms calls about the kip up and talking about how bad it was and how it's trending and marissa's like you need to stop listening to morrison. He has the stupidest idea stop listening to him. And mrs just like no no so speaking of morrison he has grand ideas for their next music video and you know it was his idea about the kip up. Which mrs still complaining about and so he surprises ms by taking him to a park. Or jim which i didn't even know where it's a thing and challenges ms to do the park or and misses like all right. I'm going to do it. Because i'm the miz i'm awesome. I'm in shape. And he looks at morrison and he says i'm gonna be wants that behind you so don't don't mess up. And he stayed twos credit one step behind him up until they got to the monkey bars. And then ms landed latte on his ass and he had to later for a minute so as ms limps his way home races in the kitchen. She's making lunch or dinner. I'm not sure which the girls are throwing yogurt and milk. Oliver floor everywhere. She's trying to clean it up. And while all of this is going on the stylus calls to make the -pointment so she makes the appointment with him. And that's what ms comes home and she tells you know. Hey i've got this point with the stylus but monroe has a doctor's appointment that she doesn't wanna miss. But she has to miss. Because the silas in mrs like don't worry i'll take her. It will be a problem. And this is where murray starts to talk about the sacrifices that you have to make as a mother to work and what i appreciate as she struggled with it because she's like i really want be there for my kids and i really don't want to miss any of the appointments and i want to do everything and it was the same thing ms was doing early on with the first kid he. He didn't wanna miss the but he ended up realizing that he had to Ann marie kind of in that same stage but she's very practical about it that it's if this is what i want. This is what i have to give up. I don't like it but ultimately it's on me that i made this decision and i like that. She was just very straightforward very direct. And she wasn't too whiny about it. No she knew how to approach it. Yeah and i'm not saying that being one about it is babbit just like other people that are going to remain nameless. Have this like existential crisis. And it's just like okay but you made the decision. You're the one that wants to do this. You have to realize that there's going to be given take with everything that you do. Imerese understands there's give and take because obviously this is her second kid. She's been working in between she understands that miss certain things in their lives and this is just the first one presumably. But it's something simple as doctor's appointment it's not like a big life event. It's not a birthday or anything like that. So that she still wants to be there And then maurice notice notices that mrs hurt and she's like what's going on and then we hear about the park adventure and she's like you're an idiot and she tells mike you know more since the devil on your shoulder. And she's the angel and he should listen to her so we go to the to the appointment with the stylist he shows up with a bunch of really nice clothes and basically everything is tits out like legit. Her boobs are just right there because she's supposed to look sexy and also kick ass so you gotta show salmon gas and effort. I don't know how you kick ass in that with your boobs. Hang out like that though. And i'm going to tell you why because as she's trying on the clothes and know they're taking pictures everything the director calls her and says hey by the way. We're moving the production to london. And the reason why. I say this as you can tell. It's kobe because it got moved to london. Because hollywood california got shut down in code and they weren't shooting anything anywhere in the us because they weren't allowed to so they went to london to shoot it probably because they could. They could run it there because london was allowing people are. Uk was allowing people to shoot with very specific guidelines. Mazas one of the reasons why it probably got moved And basically she's going to be gone for three months so she's like hold on. Let me go talk my husband. So she goes downstairs talks to ms and he enjoyed her sitting by the pool. Tanning she still in her ultra spy outfit moves or hanging out everywhere and she talks to me about it. And mrs like if you don't wanna do it. Don't do it because she's basically like three months with l. with being in la. It was doable for her. Tough tough doable in london. It's impossible because she doesn't wanna lieber kids for three months so ms don't do it. You don't wanna go don't do it. And she's like okay. I'm gonna say now. Then she asked another question then she's like just out of curiosity would you do it. Would you go to london for three months. Leave me here with the kids. And he's like yeah and she's like are you serious. He's like yeah they won't remember it and then she just starts off. She starts yelling at him and then she turns to storm off and well she misses the kiddy pool that sitting right there trips on it and falls face first into it and as i said the boobs were everywhere and she had a very unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and one st in one came out and she's literally standing there with a boob hanging out as she's yelling at her husband and mrs trying to like cover his dad's eyes and get his dad to avert his eyes and trying to tell marie that You got a little some honey. You need to take care of and well. Mike just starts laughing. He can't deal with an as she storms off and she realizes that her boop has been hanging out this entire time choice looks at ms and is like you're a lucky man. It's like god that's kind of gross earlier. When issues for asking my questions george tryon chiming for impending. They're like no yeah. No no say you just sit there and tant so. Hopefully they were that one out. We don't we don't see the conclusion to that But then we go back with. Ms morrison and john challenges ms to appease suit challenge. Seventeen bowls of why you would do that. I don't know. I just feel just no no but miz and morrison do it and god love him ms eighteen bowls and i think oh chocolate milkshake. 'cause that was part of the trawler's challenge that was part of the travelers challenge and he regrets his life choices later on the actually makes morrison polo. Greta roadside porta potty. Because he's like is. I'm gonna blow and it's coming out all directions and that's when mrs like i can't do this anymore. I'm too old for this shit. Then government and johns like i get it i understand. It's cool and while mrs like. I'm going to start saying no more. I'm not going to say no to everything and that's when we see the eighties. Rock valid being filmed was was awesome which is amazing so overall i think a good episode are john the show. He adds a little something to it. It's really really nice. It's key as just that. That nice good friend. Balance for ms that he doesn't necessarily have when he's with maurice because obviously there are a couple. They're married they're great together. They have really great chemistry imbalance together. But it's like morrison's is road. Wipe you can tell morrison's road wife and they just they do stupidity together especially now that he's lost writer so yeah very to absorb that does for us. What do you think us on facebook. Twitter instagram at record. Show on all the sociale. The podcasting platform while twitter facebook dot com as well talk. Hey guys season five. Four nine is here. It's like it's coming. It's legit here right now right now and you use critical laptop when you right. You're actually a partner. And i don't have a creator but you can follow me on mo- social media's ashland's board stability super rock. I'm lindsay warned. You've been listening to the rack. Extra views ms and mrs edition right here on talk radio dot com and we will be back next week with another episode till then by.

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Leveraging for a bigger objective. [Research Saturday]

The CyberWire

22:33 min | 8 months ago

Leveraging for a bigger objective. [Research Saturday]

"Thanks to our title sponsor juniper networks for helping make research Saturday possible. Hello everyone and welcome to the cyber wires research Saturday I'm Dave Bittner, and this is our weekly conversation with researchers and analysts tracking down threats and vulnerabilities solving some of the heart problems of protecting ourselves in a rapidly evolving cyberspace. Thanks for joining us. abt Forty one is a long standing group that's been around since putting to to reach the recent diamond, two thousand and eleven we it's Manta Ev- actually been tracking them since two thousand twelve. So shortly after they popped up, we kinda got an our radar that's John Maggio from semantics threat hundred team. The research were discussing today is titled Abt. forty-one indictments put Chinese espionage group in the spotlight. And now, a quick word about our sponsor juniper networks and SS labs gave juniper. Its highest rating recommended in its recent data center security gateway test. To get your copy of the NSS labs report visit, juniper, dot net, slash secure DC, or connect with juniper. Or facebook. That's juniper dot net slash secure DC, and we thank juniper for making it possible to bring you research Saturday. Thanks to our sponsor in jail whose revolutionary zero reveal solution protects data while it's being used or processed. The Holy Grail of data encryption unveiled delivers privacy preserving capabilities to enable critical business functions. Organizations can securely derive insights, cross match and search third party data assets without ever revealing the contents of the interaction or compromising the ownership of the underlying data. What was once only theoretical is now possible with in Vail learn more at unveil dot com. Their biggest claim to fame or what they were known for is their one of the early adapters that really got into leveraging a tax for for what they call it supply chain attacks leveraging victims for tax for a later stage of a of bigger objective So they would get into all these other companies I in order to use them to sort of traverse those trusted relationships into what their actual target was, and you know they were one of the groups that that sort of created that and started doing you know we really didn't see much of that and now it's much more common but these guys. Were doing it. You know starting back in two thousand twelve, but it's also one of the most confusing groups because you know most of the attackers that you see while in the espionage game especially, if they're a group that is involved in espionage generally on cybercrime so that really confused a lot of researchers and so the reason sort of throwing that is you know when we look track activity and you will try identify motivation, it really throws you off when you start to see very different types of of tax rate you're looking for a complete different end result You don't usually see financial gain involved with operation that. Is trying to steal information that's clearly going to be used for political or military purposes. So this group really is interesting because of that. So you have all these pockets of activities. See things you know involving clearly very custom develops a sophisticated espionage malware that steals information, and then you see other attacks where they're leveraging that and and using it for for financial gain in really you know one of the biggest differences you know in that was looking in the times of use of when these types of attacks were doing we can. Talk about that a little bit more in detail. But but yeah, that we've been tracking him since two thousand eleven and they have quite a tool set of their own malware that they used for these attacks we that there were, you know small group They clearly had ties back to the China region and they clearly had the resources to have custom tools, custom malware, and they appear to be very long-term objective oriented attackers meaning they'd have all these different phases of an attack before you could figure out what the actual real true objective was. Can you give us some insights a as a researcher what is the process like for you and your colleagues for sort of connecting the dots for determining as as time goes by what what do you include with this group? Would you exclude how do you? How do you make that that circles smaller and smaller over time to know exactly who you're dealing with an unlikely what they're up to? Yes that's a great question. So the normal process of how we apply that. Any sort of targeted attack is to not just look at the first attack. So usually you again because of one event or one attack. But. What you need to do when it comes to these sophisticated attackers is expand that pivot in identify other infrastructure, other malware, other victims, and then do rear view mirror look to see. Okay. Are there other campaigns? Maybe there's a different vertical. A. Different sector that's been targeting, but you're not seeing, but you can learn about the tactics from that group. So you you really need to pivot and look back rear view mirror, collect all that information we analyze everything that you have in sort of come up with a bigger picture hypothesis of what that attacker is doing, what is their motivation, and what is all these smaller attacks lead up to a this group however made that very difficult and the reason I say that is what alluded to before we looked at the pocket of activity and you have custom malware that you believe is unique to when it's hacker. something that you think is resource back to a nation. That attacker is it's you know it's for those military government purposes. Therefore, you don't usually see that very sophisticated malware used for financial gain attacks and the reason why is you know they spend all this time developing this malware you don't WanNa, take the chance that it's going to get identified and then researchers antivirus and defenders can now right signature is a detective and your advanced operation that you spent all this time and money on is a major component of it is no longer usable. So that's what was so weird about this is you know we were seeing what was clearly espionage operations and then shortly after we began. To. See these financial gain motivated attacks. One of the things that we did as sort of alluded to earlier that really helped us to figure this out was a time time boxing activity. So taking longer range time periods of the activity in plotting the hours of actual human on victim network time. So when he was actually logged in doing things as part of the attack so those high fidelity timestamps if you will of events and then you plot those over time and you sort of look for what would fit in a workday this is really relevant for nation state attacks because usually you're a game, guys are are. Working Day shift That's just trend that we often see you have different teams usually you're eight-game guys will be working during the day I'm. So anyway, you look for that the try to come up with time zones that fit a possible workday, and then you apply that to regions of the world. Well, we noticed when we did that is there were very distinctive patterns between while using the same our tools that were very distinctive patterns between the espionage eared attacks verses, the cybercrime financial gain motivated attacks, and what we saw was those the the financial gain motivated attacks against many of the video game companies that we. Saw were actually taking place between ten PM in one. Am I in the same time zone that that we had, you know leveraged from a a time zone analysis of the of the espionage attacks. So by applying that because we have less data from CYBERCRIME. So applying though that that stained time zone to to those attacks assuming that because the Malheur so unique that the people using it must be at least have a relationship with those who are doing espionage attack allowed us to sort of make that assumption. Okay. These guys are using it at night and what's the first thing you think of as I say this moonlighting? Exactly yeah right right. You're sitting you know. When do you ever see like espionage operators at? A. Few hours here. Tonight, let's go make some money is I mean you just don't see that in that? We saw that back then and that made the so interesting and You know we did some collaboration with some the analysts at a fire I. Wish we talked about this at say this year. Myself and some fire guys are we did a panel we actually did it use taste on on this exact group and the reason we did it is we SYMANTEC on track to different groups We believe just like fire I did the same individuals behind the activity however, the actual buckets of activity what they're doing was different. So we track it by the activity not the people fire fireeye tracks it more by the people not the activity so neither is wrong but we track them very different. So that's one of the things that we discussed point being though that's what makes this interesting is you have these? Operators Moonlighting using the same weapons essentially to come up with different outcomes for different types of attacks. Yeah I mean it strikes me as kind of like you know, hey, boss you mind. If I run off, you know can I use the photocopier after hours or something? You know that sort of thing is. Because I can't imagine that these guys would be would be doing this without permission. Well. So yeah, exactly. That's I I. I don't believe for a second that I agree with you you wouldn't expect them to but I don't believe for a second that. I'll just refer to it as their handlers. We know from the indictment that there was relationships with some of the operators with the Ministry of Security and the national. Security. Bureau on in Chengdu that was an indictment so we don't know that they are that she's behind the espionage attacks but we know that some of the operators have working relationships with those organizations but which is called it the handlers behind the attacks ones paying for planning the that are benefiting from from the attacks whoever that is I cannot imagine that they would be okay though with with these guys using their their military grade weapons if you will in their, you know the secret sauce with their with their custom malware. To Steal? Something basically as dumb as video game currency, you know just seems like such a way wastes of your resources like I said, the more you exposure malware to the Internet's the world the more the higher likelihood it's going to be identified signatures rate in the end. Now, it is no longer effective. So I just don't believe that they were on board or okay with that I truly think that they probably did this on their own to make a buck and didn't think they would get caught and then the fact that they worked through these guys in Malaysia in a created while just call a shell company the Sea Gamer. Mall. That they essentially created that entity simply to sell the. Virtual currency that they had you know it obtained in their campaign. So you know the whole thing is these are all smart guys clearly, but you know I think it's a bad day for that whether the indictments can touch them or not I. Think it's a bad day for them and China when that indictment came out I, really don't think that like I said if any government entity would be okay would you using that for for your own financial purposes and it's not like China is some poor nation that's going to benefit from financial theft attacks. You know we see that sometimes with North Korea's the best example we don't really see that with China so it really doesn't fit their model. Do we have any insights as to what the. Culture is among the elite hackers in China and and I I come at the question from from this direction, which is that you know I have heard here in the here in the United States, you know I've heard about People with high technical abilities being referred to as rock stars or national treasures or those sorts of things, and so those people are well taken care of of you to the point of sometimes you know being coddled or they may have peculiarities in the personality that are overlooked because their technical skills are so high. Do we have any insights into that? What what may go on culturally in China? Yes so do actually having an opinion based off of inexperienced experience from all the research in and observing these groups for a number of years. So previously like up to save maybe two, thousand and ten. So from two, thousand, two through two, thousand and ten one of the one of the really. Useful pieces of research that we could do was had any sort of a handle or any sort serve unique piece of identifiable information in malware that you could use the find the developer One of the things that used to take place guys would leave a handle in malware. So there was a malware. Guy Who in based out of China US data, Elliot's Y Y T hacker who is distant aureus for putting his handle within his malware and. Now was was eventually was seen in in some of these groups that we track you know in espionage. And so things like that. Allow you to go search and identify. This guy is you know has this handle and he did a paper for technical university in China with an email address that same handle could piece these things together they got in bear with me here answered question, but they've got the they have become much better at their operational security they. It is rare now that you get things like that that you can use to to give it on and the reason that that's important is because. I think the government really cracked down on that said, Hey, operators unique to have discipline or akers whatever word you want use you need to have discipline here you this isn't we're paying you this you're giving away or operations are giving away to identify us in attribute us you need to stop doing that in in reason believed that they took a stance to do that is because it tailored off so quickly and it's so rare now that. We get that sort of a open source piece that we can really go dig and find bi guys behind the keyboards So we do we have to rely so much more on either mistakes and operations or things in the malware or the things that human based patterns of what they do when they're on our network it they've made it much more difficult but I don't think though that it's something that's condoned I do think they do. Treat their operators like you said that Rockstar mentality absolutely, the guys that I think that are good at what they do they. Probably you know they are probably want well paid in entreated decently in in their home country but there's the one thing that I think sport until always remember you know human greed especially when it comes to money, it's something they can get the best of anyone and I think that's really what you saw here. Interesting. Well, let's dig into the indictments mid September the US Department of Justice comes out and Charges Seven people including some folks with AP t forty, forty-one with a variety of crimes here How did this? How does this impact? What was your reaction to? This will reaction is as whenever we have an indictment come out I you know it's exciting because is the indictments provides so much information intelligence, not just on the attacks, but the people behind it. So we literally when they come out, you know What we all sit down and read the entire not not just the blog that talks about the high level stuff. We should get down and we read into the weeds. So interesting to take that and then compare it to our research and see what did we get right and what did we get wrong and you know a lot of times the things that you just you couldn't possibly. Know as a as a defender only you know government type intelligence agencies could figure out in in that you know these indictments release shed light on that doing that process with abt forty, one FBI. Honestly we got this one pretty it was pretty good. We had would obviously didn't have operator names but as far as the way we tracked it the way we broke up the malware the. Operations the way we separated them It's Mantech we we actually had this pretty good what I did find extremely interesting though was that humid aspect. So you know the fact that you mentioned, there are seven individuals while there's only two of them that they specifically called out that you know work both the espionage in a cybercrime operations. Now, obviously, we can infer that all of them. Had relationships in some way with one another. But the actual indictment itself only actually calls out to that did cybercrime and espionage which to me it says, you know the others might have been involved in in cross operations but these are the two that we have black and white evidence to support that claim says it's an indictment itself So I think that's really interesting I think that the. Sort of it wasn't finger-pointing but. Subtly was at some of the government agencies that they mentioned in the indictment that had relationships with the operators at that was very interesting. Again, that's something that unless there is a mishap in in their operations where they make a mistake and we see an ip like, let's say forget trauma proxy may originate from one of those entities in less things like that. Happen we all we don't usually get the the the government piece behind it So that was really interesting This do four, four network technology piece You know we had heard about we've heard of that organization before they didn't have evidence that it was necessarily bad but there was a lot of suspicious things that were around that. So that was. At least on our radar and then the sea game mall that was selling this fraudulent stuff we have not heard of that before at all but that was based on a Malaysia that wasn't exactly our prime area of research in this. But adding all it had been together like I said I just sorta named the interesting pieces that we may not have. Necessarily ever known about, but putting it all together. It really tells us You know we're doing a good job in the way that we're tracking and doing our analysis You know it doesn't always like this where we get, you know all these things with line up, but it's usually pretty good. But this one we had a real win out of. Now do you suspect that the folks behind a t forty one will change some of their tactics as the results of this indictment. I do believe that. So the reason I think that that's definitely going to happen is we've seen it in the past. You know I mean the most high level example is you know ABC one when that happened, they burned infrastructure they shutdown operations for several months they rebuilt you that was a china-based group as well. you know, but it's not just even China you see us Russia for another example let's talk about them. Differ nation. But you know when dragonfly the US energy infrastructure attacks that took place you know when those are we we? We wrote a blog on that and we information on that and they shutdown operations temporarily they burned infrastructure they wrote retooled and they came back with the different style of attack. So I think despite the nation I think that is generally what happens with espionage attackers you know lesser attackers don't necessarily have the resources. To Stop Retool, recreate new malware come up with new creative ideas to attack in start again once they once they've been identified but but government certainly do. So I think that trend will continue here a but I don't think the go away I think they'll. They'll. They'll. They'll slow down and we'll we'll see a gap in activity and then they'll come back with some some new creative way to attack and to continue their operations. With the same end results. Our thanks to John Maggio from semantics threat hundred team. The research is titled Abt forty-one indictments put Chinese espionage group. In the spotlight we'll have a link in the show notes thanks to juniper networks for sponsoring our show. You can learn more at juniper dot net slash security, or connect with them on twitter or facebook. Thanks to unveil for their sponsorship, you can find out how they're closing the last gap in data security at in. Dot Com. The Cyber Research Saturday is proudly produced in Maryland out of the startup studios of data tribe where they're co- building the next generation of cybersecurity teams and technologies are amazing. Cyber wire team is Elliott Peltzman, Peru precaut- Stefan vizier Kelsey, Bond Tim. No Dr Joe Kerrigan Carol -Tario Ben Yellen Vic Valenki Tina Johnson Bennett Mo- Chris Russell John Patrick Jabeen Rick Howard heater kilby and I'm Dave Bittner. Thanks for listening.

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China - Stories from the field

"Global Leadership with Greg Parry"

31:09 min | 1 year ago

China - Stories from the field

"Hi Greg Perry. Following on the topic of global leadership of been asked based on feedback to go it a little bit more detail about some cultural specific examples. We lived in China for eight years and continue to work on projects across China in different parts of Asia and they've got many many stories about some experiences there that that share those different cultural differences. Some quite funny some of them quite interesting and some of them quite relevant to understand in terms of your ladyship practices and behaviors one of the things that was Very obvious to be when I first went to China was how significant The choices of drinking and food habits can be very much a different mindset about those choices. The first one that comes to mind is was quite A. I won't period of time on a hot sunny day and I'd had a really busy busy. Tom Going into restaurant and asked for water. Cold Water and my colleagues and new friends were very concerned about this choice and Chinese culture. It's considered that cold. Water is not good for you that it might even put at your cheat all that warm positive energy in your body and certainly you will find that. Many Chinese people will only tend to drink water. Lukewarm Room temperature or even hot water sometimes a little bit of lemon and they find a strange habit for westernised to drink cold water in that context. Believing that it's not good for you in fact there's been times when I might have been sick. Go to cold felt unwell and the response is automatically What I've been eating recently. What have you been drinking? And maybe they might even quite boldly refer to my poor habits and choices of what I drink drinking. Call Boorda Affect your health. According to the ways of thinking the food choices are very much additional. There's very much a focus on. I would say you are what you eat. So although in the West we would tend to focus very much on in terms of meet different parts of the animal that you we describe as muscle and flesh way in China. There is much more of a focus on the organs and the health benefits that can be drawn from them In fact many of the food choices at the table don't reference to all. You should eat that. That's really good for your heart. That's really good for your eyes very frequently. It's very good for your blood and certainly different organs hot liver lungs Blood is consumed and considered an important and essential pot of being healthy and helping those corresponding body parts. T is very much a pot of the tradition and certainly Different types of tearing courage for men versus women for For fatality for just General Malan and female health characteristics. And again this is. This is a common conversation that you will have after being offered food or drink. A particular taught the meal. Traditions are very important to Chinese culture and well in the West has been Tom's frequently miss a meal or our would be very fast consuming a meal takeaway meal or just something on the run. That's something that doesn't happen very much in China. It's very much important that we stop takeout time of eating very much a social tradition. A social tradition of sharing the meals are you are always served multiple choices on the table for people to share and the traditions that focused around those kinds of of of eating meals particularly in a business environment. Very very important for example. If you are having a business meeting or business lunch it's very common for you to stand around a circular table and nobody to see it until the leader will. The most significant person in the room has has made their seat choice. We'll be offered the most important seat at the in the in the room. That seat will often be the one facing the door. And it will be considered the most powerful position in the room and certainly You wouldn't sit at that table. Sit In that chair you would white and for the the key person to sit in that position then you would be offered Somewhere around the table and again that will be Hauraki. So it's very common to be offered if you will the second most important person in the room based on that leader or other people then you might be seated on the right hand side so if you're offered that seat then certainly you should dom feel appreciate that often when people are given that seat of them on no not me. No this person. Now this person and there'll be a small but polite argument of disagreement about who should sit there but ultimately you you would relent and follow the leader of boss. The next most important Seat is on the left and that would be offered to. If that was offered to you as well you would feel quite appreciative. And except that knowing that you were trusted important person in that room the The lady then certainly take charge of the Choices of menu items. And certainly you would you. Would you would allow them to make a choice. I of what they're going to eat. But I would probably prefer to. You probably offer it to you and then you would would only eat often. I certainly suggested that you do so. In fact that will often serve. I autumn of food. I'm to you as a gesture of goodwill gestures of hospitality so that they know that you're reading. I another thing that I avoid fanning interesting. If you compare. Asian cultures is certainly in traditionally in China. The Rossi's is served later on in the meal and not I am certainly relates to history of of of poverty and when people had lots of money. Ross is considered the staple food. It's considered the food that fills you up that certainly the the starchy main ingredient for food of thought when we don't have lots of alternatives so would tend to be later on in the meal in court continent contrast or other cultures such as in Thailand or Vietnam where I've experienced. The tradition is to the first mouthful should be Ross because it's a reminder of where we've come from and a reminder that Some people tweet. The payment of the bill at the end is also an interesting process where there will be Although often good hotted arguments and disagreements about who will pay the bill and ultimately the leader will be the person who pays the bill. It's sort of given or it's a IT'S A. It's an assumption that they will pay the bill but other people particularly people that left Iraq mud off into so I and there'll be a fun disagreement between two parties before Ultimately the leader accepts the bill and and pays the toasting traditions are also very interested in and this is what frequent in a business meeting where people will take turns to say special in things about the Invited guests and particularly Alcohol Taiba. What I've often find interesting. Is that a glass of wine would be poured as well as Tea or water or some other non alcoholic drink while in the West. We would tend to drink the glass of wine throughout the evening. Just sit by saying it's a common tradition. That each time you you reach four. That alcoholic drinks particularly wine. Or something like that. Then you make a toast to your trusted colleagues and friends and that will it will be talking when you would say something special about them. Say grateful you. Do you know them talk about the future together. It's actually very very special tradition. That I've always really enjoyed. Would you have to be very careful about however is if it's alcohol that can get really out of hand if you can imagine? There's twenty people in the room and twenty people take turns toasting you and then you touch them back. It can be really tough evening. In terms of consuming alcohol so be really careful about that. Region agreements in business can be very social and in China. People are well known for this that you can spend many many hours eating food drinking tea plane Mahjong. For example drinking alcohol not really spending a lot of time talking about business but this is very much a pot of negotiation process in the West. We'll go straight to business. We'll meet with people and very quickly get over the small talk and move very quickly onto. Hey let's talk about the agreement or the project that we want to work together on this early phase is very important for Chinese people who are trying to establish deep connective relationships. They're trying to work out whether you feel right whether this is going to be relationship going forwards W surprised if it takes a long time to build that relationship I before before you get it clear agreement yes early on in that process is only going. I mean yes. We're happy so fire. Yes we enjoy each other's company but it's not GonNa many. Yes for an agreement until maybe later on so be patient and really take time over that. I've certainly started with a plan to make have a meeting with someone at ten o'clock in the morning and spent almost all day with them even even to the evening before we even spent talk very much about business felt. I expected to go for an hour or so but the media in fact when it for six to eight hours but we'd played Maggio drug t- some alcohol food a number of times over and over again so be aware that you need to be really patient and accepted. This is very important. Part of their culture is in terms of the east and the west China this other parts of the world. Is that the difference between individualism collectivism. In the West. We very much about being individuals. We're about making stand standing out being different unique certainly Speaking out at particular times to demonstrate worth but people very cautious about that in China. It's important not to stand out so particularly if you're with someone that's more superior than you you would not want to stand out overshadow them. You tend to want to just be fighting with the group this is based on the history and and audio of China. But it's very important thing to understand that certainly When things are a bit rocky river difficult in the workplace people tend to want to be flying onto the right. I'd rather than solving the problems. And and being the head of the of the key the key Mata- so be very well aware of the difference between being an individual and Sean in your lot. I'm broadly this sort of fighting back and flying under the right. Our it's very important to understand the differences and keeping things calm keeping things cool would be highly valued. Certainly some of the speaks out loudly. That's arguments not of that. Draws attention to themselves would not be five it is about to someone who remained calm under pressure. You will find that is of course. Chinese people have arguments and they get angry and upset but that would be considered losing face. You would try wherever you possibly can just remain calm. Remain cool under a top situations families in the Westerville causing a a very important. We describe ourselves as carrying a lot about families but they're very much independent compared to China where they'd dependent on each other in the West we would tend to earlier. Laws wants to get married but then become quite independent as a family and have an independent family structure but in China the connections remained quite extended broad and deep certainly Grandparents or parents would tend to stay with the family for For much longer period of time or forever. It's by Louis Muscle coffee your parents and grandparents. That would be an important though have an important role in the family. We've bringing up grandchildren and children. So that extension is really important and that respect is is very very deep in the west wing in for having teenagers. They're rebellious and speaking out. I mean China. That doesn't tend to happen as much. Very respectful of your eldest and you tend to listen to the Masika Voice. And you'll be even if you went living together. You spend lots of time together and stay very very connected. Another thing to understand this very much relates to the history of the country is is the workplace is very high rock you so in the West. We tend to want to devolve authority. We WANNA tend to develop leaders Amongst our team but in China that might not be the case for a variety of reasons. Historically if you think about the emperors would be the ultimate people in power. The political system tends to not be about. Democracy tends to be about people in power and the workplace tends to be very similar I've had it said to me. Why would you encourage someone to become really good at their job? Because maybe they might replace you Hierarchy is very important to maintain. And certainly it's been difficult for me early in my career and Thomas Detroit to understand in cultures where I've wanted to develop people encourage people to grow and improve. But there's been a reluctance for them to do so. It's not a natural motivation to do. So and again I'm generalizing. I apologize for that. In order to understand. Stir cultures. We sort of have to generalize little bit to understand what's most common. But certainly I've found that people lowering the organization and the organizational structure will not tend to speak out as much they tend to Have as much initiative. The white tend to ask as many questions or come up with new solutions. Because they don't want to take that away from people that are most superior than them higher up the structure. They're the most important people who make the feed decisions they might be. Hinson ideas shed but ultimately I don't want to undermine the bosses wrought to make the decisions and to solve the problems themselves so that concept of devolving authority and developing depth and Ladyship is very much a western concept that's not valued as much in places like China. Gene stuff. Don't tend to ask extra questions that tend to just follow the instructions. They tend to want to be loyal and follow the instructions that they superiors give them. That's a very much a different culture compared to our own where we junior stop to ask questions to have initiative to be out of the box thinkers to solve problems and that doesn't tend to be the culture of the workplace in China. Chinese stuff also tend to work very long hours both from start to finish so you know. Maybe they're starting Tommy's item article in the morning that I'd finished six or seven o'clock at night or even longer and that's very high highly prized by their bosses. They WanNa be you want to be seen by your boss to working long hours to to really contributed a lot but compared to western culture though. That looks very different. Western culture tends to focus more on work outcome with output so maybe a shorter die about a high level of workout put. Johnny staff tend to start the day early. They get really they clocking early and make sure it seemed that they clocked early. But then go and grab some breakfast and then they might take some time having having the tea or coffee in modern China but not a food and breakfast before they really get particularly productive also particularly in governments or traditional Chinese workplaces. During after lunch there will be a long break so maybe sometimes two hours longer where people might take a nap. Take Asleep certainly slow down for long periods of time so that die tends to be longer and I would argue that maybe. The workout put his similar. But it takes. It's spread out over a longer period of toan another thing to understand about Chinese culture. It is in relation to spend in an money. Chinese tend to be fairly modest in this spending that they tend to make different choices about how they spend things. Spend money so. It's not unusual to find that Chinese people live fairly simple lives compared to the amount of money they might have in their bank. Or how many of their assets You know it's not always easy to determine how much money person have. They will. Tend to be fairly frugal. I think this relates to this. Saudi the fact that there's a large population of people and they also tend to have relationships within their families depend on each other. It's certainly common for grandparents to pay for the grandchildren's education remember. There's been a one child policy in China for a very long time so different. Generations tend to be very frugal with their money and invest a lot of time and money into the younger younger children. So that's that's very different also have experienced lots of cases where people would be described as very asset rich. So maybe they own multiple houses but not have necessarily lots of cash to spend happy to do so. But I tend to take out loans that I tend to finance things that tend to save up money and also this. This plan relates very much to the the relationships and marriage Organized marriages is a less common now. But there's still some element of negotiation and planning in that and it's common for dowries of kind being prepared for future marriage. Such as the men will young boys their parents would maybe prepare them for marriage by making sure. They have a car making sure that they have an apartment or house ready for that for that marriage. Chinese people also tend to be very open questions what we would describe as product. I've been asked number of tons of the money. I earn or very private questions about myself. I'm sure this relates to the fact that there's large populations of people In close proximity They the privacy tends to be hard to find also their families are quite connected so lodge family members knowing lots about each other. So that's something that you need to get used to as well. They might be fairly cautious in some ways very open and direct about certain questions in the West. We would want to be private about the the differences in personal space quite interesting because trains and buses and and cities and shopping malls can be very very busy and crowded so personal space and that sense of bad is very very different. People are tend to be rushing to fund their place rushing to get to certain positions not always a law. Do people line up or focus on order because they're always rushing to competing for spice competing to get something done but on the other hand in terms of personal spice they don't tend to be very affectionate. It tends to be like Positive words are spoken handshake etc. But certainly not a kiss on the cheek or a hug. That's not part of their culture and they don't very affectionate in that way they won't tend to also show that affection to the partners in public tends to be something. This far more product holidays a very big deal in all cultures and certainly in monoculture. We talk about Christmas and in in American culture. We took that Thanksgiving holidays in China are also very important but quite different. On the Chinese New Year festivals very family oriented and in fact. It's so strong that people describe Chinese New Year as the largest human migration in the world literally billions of people Travel all around the world to get back to their family and in fact the in try to it's actually a lower the physio family during the FA family New Year period. And that's when the pressure comes on for young people as well because if you're not married by certain age there's certainly lots of pressure on FA between family members on. When are you going to get married when it's going to happen? So it's an annual Tom where people get together and of course they get together for the many other celebrations throughout the year. But it's a very important one Christmases to us. People take very very seriously and again this concept of are you married yet. While YOU'RE NOT MARRIED. Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a girlfriend a very big deal so strong in fact that believe it or not in China that actually people who money there are services where people can pretend to be your boyfriend or girlfriend so that you can keep your family off your back. This concept of arranging marriages is still quite strong. I in fact. There's a parking Beijing where people go to the park and they advertise their children and the positive positive traits characteristics and. It's almost like they. They promote or encouraging people to consider their son or daughter for marriage because of the positive characteristics and things that they can bring. It's your especially attractive if you have a particular birthplace for example if you've born in Beijing this would give you access to special government incentives in terms of taxes access to jobs access to school in etc. So there's that hockey tends to exist throughout education's a very big deal in China and and very much the way you were born and The school yard through will have a lot of influence of hell successive. You will become in the future. The as before in Western is. We tend to be a very individualistic society. We intend cowards. Personal identity which tends to focus on the group values are and who your family is and where you come from and you'll connection without with other people certainly relationships are very powerful and important so the implications for this with business is a very big deal. People might say to you Guanxi which is a Chinese would for relationships is very important. It really is. You just don't get bogged without having a good relationship with key people so it'd be making sure something happens through government business relationships Certainly will depend on your ability to understand the relationships that exist what annot people who can help you and support you so these are really Essential things to to understand in that culture wherein alcohol to pretend to be very much focused on processes and and systems. Chinese people were very much on those relationships of how we get things down so the other things to consider are Spoke about in Las podcast is just some of the things that we might assume or offensive to. Us may not be offensive in Chinese culture as well one of the things that you will find quite interesting in terms of behaviors at mealtime. Is that in? Our culture have particular man as we. Well we describe as Manas meaning positive things that we do that very important to us. That might be quite different in Chinese culture. So for example eating your mouth open and Chinese customs will be noisy with. Your food is not considered a bad manners in fact. Enjoy your food and showing that you are breathing in as you sip your tea and making a loud noise will actually help you. Ties the tea better than more comprehensive way and eating loudly certainly not seen as a negative in Chinese culture in many respects seen as a positive thing the sharing of dishes and portions of dishes very important. The dishes are always in the middle of the table and share and having a laugh. Enough food on the table is important too. It's not unusual for too much food to be served at the table. Because you want to demonstrate that you Sort of opulent that you have enough food for everyone. All the food eats and then they would. That would be considered That you didn't offer enough and in fact there's a push back on that culture in China more recently where you know it's quite a radical move to say. Hey let's not waste food so let's not waste our resources in their money. So not so. Let's make sure that we don't have so much. Food left over I've heard statistics about the amount of food that's wasted traditionally at the table and it's quite huge You tend to want to have large portions out to demonstrate people that you you. You appreciate them eventually. Already about the expression of emotions and some you need to be really careful about is not demonstrating your emotions too loud the ot boldly so be angry and yelling would be considered a really bad choice. Staying calm would be would be very important. We tend. Chinese people tend to usually trust people close to them in the family and they'll shaw motions and be open with those kind of things with them. But certainly for with strays you'll be tend to be quite got it first before you you get connected you look to keep your distance for some anew some very well so that's an important thing to understand praise and compliments or another interesting characteristic of Chinese people. That's very very different Suddenly without very close friends in China the white we share compliments is very very different in terms of culture of certainly. It's been explained to me that saying thank you to a close friend would seem an odd thing in Chinese culture. Because it's almost like well. Why would you need to thank me? Of course I do this for you. Because you're my friend so being thankful or signed the woods thank you too often. Too frequently would be considered my superficial and shallow. It's like I. You know we close friends. This is what we do. Of course. I'll do something for you. This is something I've never been able to adjust to of course Iowa. Thank you to somebody because they might culture. That's a very big deal. Man is very important to me. Please and thank you and showing gratitude between particularly close friends cross culture. That can be really interesting experience where people got no. Please don't think me no. You don't need to thank me but I really mean it. You don't need to thank them according to their culture because we're friends and this is what we do it's very important to be open minded and not restrictive in your views about different cultures and of giving you're seeing examples today about China that in many respects when I first came across them both in a personal and business environment that I judge them negatively that I didn't understand I thought that were wrong. With the truth is they're not wrong. They're just different and we might describe them as some of the behaviors less-developed or less appropriate or offensive to us. I think that's a really big mistake because you need to understand that Chinese person who hasn't experienced Western is very much might equally. Be saying the same kinds of things about you They might be saying strange things about the way you eat all the way you speak. How direct you out or how rude. You seem to be from their perspective so understand that you know it's about respecting understanding difference not about judging things to be wrong a wrong and that's a big mistake that people often have when they work and leaving other cultures that they are looking things through looking at things through their lanes not through somebody elses they're not really grasping a full understanding and often there are. Historical significance is To the cons of behaviors Chinese people tend to you know. They're shaped by their own experiences of history just as we are as well The the in an education context. Find it fascinating. How driven they out towards Having a good education being successful and can you imagine if you live in a country with a billion people then you really need to fight hard to to to rise up hierarchy to achieve a better salary to succeed hit of ups so to speak to do well for your family. These are very important things and often think that in terms of my own country Australia which we describe as the lucky country. It's very true In comparison to China UH graduated from school without particularly good guide without necessarily having a university degree or a whole range of other characteristics. We might value and ask the Saudi and stood on really really. Well it's not an essential component but certainly in China. The more well educated. You are the more successful. You will be also the family. You're born into the city. You're born into and the network of relationships. You're part of a very important for your success. And if you're not born into that if you're not In that network. Then you're not going to be so successful so people will will fight very hard to be in the best network. The best family the best situation they possibly can in order to be successful Education is incredibly important as said and even grandparents multiple generations will pay a lot of money to help their children. The grandchildren succeed. And you'd be surprised what links that we go to Intel it in terms of selling their own possessions working second. You know working multiple jobs trying to really get by. I have a very good friend in China who are described who described as speaking English better than me and I I joke about these what I mean is he understands English language even better than I do. As a native English speaker who studied English Language Literature University he understands the origins of words. So when he when he learned English every minute of the die beyond when he is no workplace when normal study place he was trying to learn English at a level. Far beyond what we would have you ever comprehend. He understood every single. Latin root he understood the origins of every word all the possible applications. He would watch. Tv shows to understand the accents. He's knowledge of the English. Language is incredibly amazing to me often sat at a table and he's told me things about my language that even I didn't understand and this is a person that understands seven languages that is incredibly intelligent and this is not unusual for a person to really work hard to understand a whole lot of things about the world that I wouldn't ever tea advocate to do so. China is a fascinating country of using this as an example because I've spent so much on there but many of the characteristics described also multiply across Asia as well the key message. I want you to understand. Is You've heard these stories is that things are different not wrong respect and understand the differences and if things same auden strange to you at. I don't laugh at them. Don't criticize judge just pause and seek to understand what is the same across all cultures the values we will love and recognize such as Loyalty and trust and be honest. Excetera and these are important things to to hold data you but if you see behaviors that may look different just pause and seek to understand and you'll certainly be more successful global context.

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Queensland Oaks Day Racing Preview

Three Wide No Cover

47:35 min | 2 weeks ago

Queensland Oaks Day Racing Preview

"Hello and welcome to three wide. No cover-up massive show coming at you from eagle farm group. One rising the queensland arc's is going to be an absolute ripa and i'll tell you what it is a challenge to get the biggest in the world was donald. Trump wasn't lebron was it margaret jordan. He went even bigger this weekend. Chris walla live here. We're gonna speak to him about all these run six of in the queensland as they you do a marvelous job at bringing my co host and this man the tain is just fighting a little bit as we get into june dega julian balance and he's guts lucca. Baynes think this is where he wins on the weekend. And he's taking that off the guest these being arm as a closer. There's nothing really coming out of that. Chinese fighting joining coins leading two weeks. What are my chances brit. Something that based is probably going to stop me from going anywhere but we'll see what happens that interviewed eighties. Must watch for everyone in there. I think Ten eleven minutes of absolute gold so out on its day. Tell you what. He's any little man history but has he been walking around on tiptoes this morning. He's got chris. Wally sparks they gripe might sneeze there very happy with himself. Play them nice board. It's all about. It's all about preparation must do your homework. And when you think you've prepared you must prepare a guy. So i was sweating sweating up a trade and rick sign and went onto the pizza with giwa and multi listened that you might want to partake in the united. What's listens himself. Preparation preparation preparation prevents poor performances. That yeah well thank you very much or let's get into show and let's talk about last week first of all. Everybody wants the knicks thing. Everybody wants the knicks winks. We saw zaki a few weeks ago. Do really well. But it was much berg. The dollar sixty into a dollar fifty but a file. Yeah i mean filing terms if you look at it. A dull fifty. It's a really interesting one because the people that moved the market have these pegged as a group one hosting the reason. Why i say that. Is they put these horse into a dollar fifty. This is a perfect opportunity with his horse of three or four starts in melbourne. Then going up to brisbane. Having cut air forward in terms of getting up there for traveled that it was going to a little bit vulnerable. Democracy did not care at all. And that's another thing for the western for the pun. Is they're the people that moved. The market don't care about the white noise that happens. We just got the number that is also being doing on the track and they usually just used that with this spade map. They've got a gang group. One horse narrowed obviously filed on saturday. But as you rent second Still going to be a really good resource now. Know the expectation will be there that it's going to be running in spite and all that sort of stuff malicious. Let the whole do what it needs to do. Comes in and i think he'll run sixteen hundred major rice. Maybe next week by gust of wind did winks lost a few. I think yearly do aside file app so you can lose them and then he can still go on a really good racehorse as i said the markets these pegged as a as a ripa were all. We didn't want to tip him at that project. Exactly i'll one all wanted to rod the whole Picking the rice. But i can say that. What i was off ninth and joel's was when they canceled the flight for the whole and he had to take a ten split. Now the tram float rod on on On the roads that is a massive upset that flow flightgear teaming. Quick gets him settled gets him going. But the split the twenty hour flight rod on on the road it can upset him we now host is at bruised heels coming out of it allows horses that travel on ride as well as any other full stotts. He was there to win. I interrupted preparation. I told me in a fast run. Rice in the pressure went on him. I think he's the rod who's going to forgive him for that now that he's said tomba acetylene in the sun on his back. I'm glad they're going to give him another up there. They'll make him a man working. Say the best of me. I needed to get upset at the question. Anyway vega one jamie tell you what we saw something special. Solomon maggio we did. This is jamie cow to bring first time. She rubbed vega one for tony golan. Tony golden guy. No instructions whatsoever. She knew the profile of vigo on just to sit back and relax and pick them apart. Much jokes at penny can pull the lift randy and ninth and gets the at sort of the green cat. She guys backing board gets that slipstream right up in behind him. What's his twitter. Lift ryan he'd to avoid hills bang just comes out there and that is what you call balance at its best. The whole didn't change legs. Didn't change straw. She didn't cause interference get suspended or anything like that. Eight was taught running at its best on a on a whole set was running to the wa lock rocket but what she does best najafi cam what she's learned best from from rodney's better hoses nam winning groupon rises issues. Giving us south rim of those. He'll so she's not robbing banks dried up behind them with two hundred go. She goes to the left. She can go to the raw. She doesn't have to check you. Always running into spice and that was a great example just quickly that's ascertaining the country on jamie as well just with fago. Once i ran fourth stroke last year obviously goes to that rice fifty two kilos at seven dollars and now goes to the broke as five. It doesn't get a penalty for winning. That race is at fifty. Three kilos janis. Obviously off. she's gonna standing. Melvin and rightful king goes on point six dollars a it's also going to be v up it's being fifth up twice before in his career and it's filed by time. I usually it does pay like a obviously in the kingston Kingsford smith said i with volume but loved the right in great rods in your modesty ought brought up the but It's brought up the base of them. But it's another example of a young lady routing at the peak of a house and continuing to get bit jump on a whole gyn for the first time a changed. Now we're all alluding to jimmy. Cowan this william proven and it's another example just like that. And if i can say that that stat josie faced up once again that would have to a softest softest wins that you'll say winning a group maybe he can get a six star out of him just on the road and the last two hundred meters where he got. Cle- let's get into the booze eagle before we get to that stage. She's sort of fan. Something stays fan. I wouldn't you mentioned preparation brownie. He's a clear. Example of your preparation is representing sports. Bit ball away. Anyone else flemington rice number as bring it up rice three. Just let me check. That best of the day comes up in rice. One number three pride of genie in In flemington scratch Scratch running they'll realize momma steichen. I it actually scratch not gonna be. Running is interesting the peachy day to hold on how these that you would typically holes that Based in the bits. Bit guida david guy. Yeah you got him with guides. Mile scratched classy calls. It bahrainis tough morning. Let's get into the track and you say you're just moving on that. We make mistakes we learn we get past that many touchy that said it actually being scratched in the piper not only just wasn't scrambling to before these twenty four hours long standing door sick which elvis now worth nine enthused. I wonderful meals expected so. I don't think it's to have much impact in terms of turning this into a soft track as you can see there. There's a resume to shoot on the top. Royden column did not actually running into that hasn't made a shoot anymore with the renovation. They're actually running out of a little bit further closer to the twelve hundred meters. So it's all in one track. We don't split them when we oviously do the review so there's just one set of dada for this week for eagle farm all clumped together latest fifteen percent. We know the average of twenty twenty one percent. Look it looks like midfield off midfield and back markus. You can win at struck right than the australian average so that's supposedly the was positive for back markets and obviously -posedly for late as we know the are always always going to be probably in the pasta full latest. So you can't win in that back. Nocco position probably sets up and it's going to be pretty. Even i think is really going to be any any advantages disadvantage worth noting last week when the riot was in the troop. Did they send you becoming three. Four off. the riles. We probably expect that again. Today go found. We don't think they're gonna go back to the inside. But we've as well with these renovated of this track with really tried to drill down on illegal phone because it's been a really tricky track for australia's to try and figure out we just can't get a hit arena. Doesn't seem to be a patent like there. With caulfield flemington you can really identify patents. Eagle farm at the moment it's rising slower than it used to so you say the tongs and there are a lot slower than the eagle farm. Track used to rice at as well. So that's another lie you have to adding on and it just seems to be attracted horses for courses some will handle at some white so it's a little bit tricky to try and work yet talking tough of the pundits to as we have a look at the studying process of the winners from last week and there was some big process of three twenty for profit is the shortest. But you got twenty one seven seven ten twelve thousand nine. That is hard for the pun is back on my twenty nine. Yeah absolutely. I think if you look at that pro quickly prophet was well back ended up starting five and i think another one realized it was ten dollars into seven dollars. Maybe cucaracha was a little bit lighted entertainment that those other sikhs horses were all drifting. Y- the pundits. I've found it difficult on ninety minutes. Well that if anyone can unlock angle farm you're going to be the treasure for the next two or three weeks because we are going to be writing for the next two or three one rising. It's really tricky at the moment. So with all those witnesses they went from everywhere are always played and get back and we'll say that he's detracts rising really well. There's no disadvantage advantage. But we just identify a patent for the pun is at the moment so that's is service. Kuch gross makes bits lower as well jockeys off. He's surprised we're going to be johnny mak. he wins the derby on cucaracha loss. Dot from fifty to seventy five percent market expectation at twenty three percent so we the marketing expectations. Everybody's exciting you. Just go to bay with johnny mack. Democracy we'll be continually finding karen mcevoy small samples so as he but full from. He's lost twelve thirty three percent. I just wanted to identify these. The market expectation not in office. And so he's really running well. He's not riding horses at the pointy end of the market buddy's still exciting so that's positive so insecure mcevoy jockeys this weekend vita nagino also style. He's right up there this weekend. James ormond from thirty four. So this is one of these jockeys that speaks about when the carnival comes to them. They probably get a little bit starvation corner with these other jockeys the better job. He's that come and take their roy. But i from thirty four at twenty. Four percent market expectation twenty percent supposedly. If someone's i think the market trend towards john's china's guess who go rich and michael friedman on heating up from thirty to twenty five percent market expectation nine percents that sydney end obviously queensland as well so small stable but they going really well coins in china absolutely able and go to bay with a deadly fullest obviously had a patchy ice loss dot knocked off and i from twenty six. Thirty one percent market expectation twenty and a half percent. Just want to identify these one because placing who is really well finding the rice for them and then attacking. And they're running roy up to the market expectation and exciting well-done daily foolish to. She's got some really good chances to reckon on saturday terrific segment. We are away and we have. The queensland is coming up next group one boko back to three wide now. Cover cuisine oaks hundred. Let's get straight into the market and bog an easy at the moment for a sixty four eddie. First round in five weeks and the roses. It was very impressive. Jewish place in the group. One i played fiber baga before that and gets a three kilos swings six into five dollars fifty grayson hominy has won three from six hundred ninety five in the roses and his father fifty from six fifty. He words idols champ. Staff seven fifty fifty meteor award one for on the include the enormous group australasian at sixty. One dollars nine dollars. Fifty drifting at for easy fired. Sixteen senior is sixteen good. Suicides is twenty six rebel. Renna is twenty-seven splendiforous thirty one and as a few the at bigger odds including yet ru machine whisper spayed on pipe nights. I think splendiforous from that guy can come across and laid and then nothing fun of wells fargo and role in the first four or five guys hominy and then this is a horse. That's obviously been negative neutral. It's lost dots. But now it's the green farmland drawn that inside guy neutral what remains more or less than the barriers not pushing hearts. They're just more or less tournafol. Spotting the holiest more or less comfortable spots they're not actually a host -posedly from the guides they just saying i will be negative and essence moines funding back. So having the wrist in front of me. So there's no really taint to be fooled out of the gates and then outside of that jewish have to go back it's just a really tricky map To try and find out what it's going to settle. But i don't think it's going to be running into bright knicks bay. Now chriswell is. We're gonna be talking to chris so he can give a little bit of age when he space to stay about. He's seeks ranasinghe here fan. It really tricky. Because i'm up at six dollars. The field bargain the fiber. But at the moment. So i don't think that's an age really in the market of mock champs. Sta around seven dollars. And i think that pro the one baby just off the fact that i thought it was really through the dot in the rises. I think that's the raw form lawn in wasn't much between them but this was off three months rent. Second in the new zealand is behind marino then came in and went to the fifth and about democracy. Wanted to play with it. It started five in the say the market had paid is a really good horse. Second to it had two months off came ex writing while we spoke he's stats and i'll just throw from that guy. I think we'll see. Guide seeks out of settling the first five or six and be really strong. Twenty two hundred meters. It's a couple of wanting to jewish. I think probably as is in the markets had forty nine days off. It was on the quick backup when it ran. Second or third in the is a bit too so offer here. It's a tricky racist. I couldn't really identify one. I just think it's one of those rights. But i'm happy to be with charm school to the fact that at hudnut lit up and why be ready to go. It's it's an intriguing rice. I seem to be so even. Because i a lot of them. Come through the roses. The mall on a quota. Gallup last dot josie and then we're looking at the sydney lock bag and we'll run here in coins and the jewish a match up. That full migrate. There's lack of speed with this twenty. Two hundred. eighty gallup is so far from me to add saw guy roll across lac that hosted last. Stop splendiforous joining so. I won't try and hold the fence but because it's a group one. These always pressured in the mind of jockeys when you've drawn at and you wanna sit nelson positive with the lax but you want to get an early position and then have that time to relax and stay the trip for twenty two hundred words guy fold river while think will follow jewish will be written back negative. That's the why they want guy has trawled from that break in between runs in hubei. Men's right on saint taiba was outstanding. Guy goading off the fence just off midfields. I look for that from here. We buy them. And then you've got single nira which can roll forward champs stab will use that runner chriswell as a stable mike to jump lane on speed because once they go too long i will unload luxury irene saw berries and that's media war that's grayson hominy. That's good soy's on. I think they can win and blog and can hold a pasi midfield too close to this big so they don't have to try on mike up that grand. Oh running too bad luck when they stopped peeling five six and seven date which they will at the six fifty. 'cause i will control the front side. There's a battle. Tactics is drawn out only words and then send your nira and also champ start to row ford and sit on that controls bid who gets the best run in the rice. We saw cucaracha drawer draw Better barrier than senior tiber and that was the difference in the dhabi and i think the barriers of the case here. Our continual near was so unlucky in the roses. Last dot is the blow editor at sixteen dollars and also thinking rice in hominy is a terrific chance as well because grayson hamis just got that perfect spiral going into this rise. Karen mcevoy will give this the best run chris. Walla listened to chris. walla's interview coming up because as glowering report about this phillies for short periods on. She's taking she's aiding he's suggesting and just gets the best run and he's a proven twenty four hundred meter on second in the new zealand. Debut in the winner out of that started five at knicks dot somewhere in the bugles something in sydney. Anyway out of that. it's open what do you do. You throw a dart board at know what you do. What are you your wack. Chris wallace in your multi. Lock it in the shock as to why but The one on one rod jami but the bluff of mason. You'll near south east through chris paul ryan in good work good. Work julian villains. Let's head to rice them before Rice number saving at ease the magic millions national classic over the mall nudges. The fiber won the group three. Pay my knee last up. After two runner ups o'clock and brandenburg should be rock-hard toya a group one winner three starts back fogged at the five dollars. Fifty eight probably'll polygraph guy for three in a row comes back from two thousand six fifty solid at that mark and his plice save nolan at the mall in good health. Seven six dollars. Fifty should be delayed. Rock o'clock which one last seven dollars fifty yamazaki mellon fifty to eleven february. Fifteen eighteen shatila up eighteen walking flying twenty six jim of scotland twenty-six perfect deal thirty four and carry because seventy-one again not huge emancipating. Good health row forward. I think fabric probably seats goes forward and then a few days probably go back was rock drum wide knowledge. I think they have to go back from the embarrass. Amok default does fifty. I think four or five minutes either. Good winning changes. But they're all still a similar type of horses are not enough have much progression hazing. Good health winning art not only winning demolishing field over went to maters blinkers. We're on first time and at over rice a little bit full ali but it's still absolutely put a hole in the rest of the maze when they start start winning form they can be mardi hard to stop. This horse did win a heavily. Seven eight hundred meters. I think a couple of springs. I'm happy to play with just off the map. I think she gets the best running trains. It should be onstage. Might be hard to run. Dan in a really tricky rice. She does gills. But this is this is equal level. White t fifty seven. So i got back to. Who is the best horse. But the best fitness moorefield and can run them. It's the jewish group. One win in the toy toyota. If she if she's and the chaos to gallup's sabine taught tracks and tricky tracks. She gets to eagle pham and she's drawing live. She watches it all on followed yamazaki. She can follow polygraph. She can follow dropping back from the mall and a quarter fabric. She can follow. All of these horses are gonna let are at some stage where she's got to be able to warned up and she needs to get to the ad saw which he does look not rock. O'clock fifty seven key allies cochet at sprint anatolia. Getting back on. I think she's the class run up. So i'm sticking with you and you always get across with natalia boys rice's five six and non coming up after the break and not far away. Is the one on one with chris. Walla back to three wide getting the rice number five on the candidate and sling. Ticks is the fiber won the group three hallmark of twelve hundred metres. Did nine match for eight wild. I last two dulles seventy vodka huge finished arroyo kayla's at doom and has a good up record four dollars sixteen from four eighty the astrologist beaten by stop to get along way back die stroller. Just fifty sold bowl is best explained over twelve hundred nine dollars. Skull panini brilliant a rapport skull opinion. They call it the potato grenade but that is twelve dollars. Solely in the market stamp or stamp is eighteen into twelve. So i some good wisdom aboard. A thirteen is for the and special award eighteen. Good when he's gay. Oregon allison couldn't even think i know much space links between texts roles forward so that what really goes for. Maybe we used to move water bowl a year. I can sit on speed as well but again. I don't think it's gonna be huge. Tim pug really interesting. Rice win. takes obviously went to the group. One last didn't miss stay up the stop programme. We're gonna really joy. Tracker was a outstanding rent. A fee i think he can get back to that level. Get back to that level. With the way i think this rice maps. I think it's the winner. I think the only other horse that really scares me in the rice is varga who ran a huge rice last. But it's going to be out of repeat that again and maybe it'll just come off slowly and if it comes off slightly spleen takes his guy to be in the position. Josh park controls the rice. I think he wins. When takes familiar day. It is a tricky rice. Josie because there is a lack of spayed this right so we'll be controlled on the tempo special reward. Wisdom of water can come across. Mike design the astrologists guy. Back spleen takes gets the best run in the rice jewel box. Eight so maybe just asks them the work on the right shoulder in case the fence to control it do veteran the rice ivonne was sensational screaming and the ad saw dot drops half the key. Light a fifty three and a half these four year now has to take the twelve hundred bucks but you know what on willing to sit on the souls. If i'm karen mcevoy all day and just doesn't have to do any work on the fence. Ken fall spleen. Takes the let let him at stamping to let him out wisdom award eleni matt and used that turn of foot hold it till the three hundred and bang with a lot wider fifty three and a half about as the wholesome shot stuff for the boys. Let's get into right number six fifteen hundred meters and grants well as you have good market early support as well in three into three dollars. Thirty one gal. Fifteen hundred murders for a win charlotte. He's really good. If in the italian job. I love the fact that she was really good actress in that one but in this one brought him at rise zealand a benchmark seventy two could have won by more. Seventy lavar is six fifty in the six dollars. Rising well with that. Winning is well goldie. Foxx non solar that mark at first. Stop the taibbi. Trent edmonds from tiny golan lizzy dollars. Solid fleischer is a and moral labs sixteen east asia. Sixteen lobby lucy seventeen. Let's still is twenty. Three fort wayne forty-six sokoto eighty one with do mega scratched so much flesh as performance. Every day as a maid is the last two hundred minutes. Don't say that too often mini way. That's doors digressing spayed. Matt grants well goes forward again. I don't think there's a lotta speeding these rights on paper. I'm let's go forward east. Asia probably sits in the first four for fuel as wanted to go back from that guy. I think has to go back at the medicine and i was into horses. Goldie folks to the grants well is an interesting homeless because here it is absolutely again winning very convincingly inada allied and this past near the it absorbs pressure. It doesn't have a ton of food so natural little. Wanna get going at the six hundred and mica a truly run rice. Because that's the best. Acid of these highly gets speaking to damian line. Who knows the holiest really well and gives you some instructions on that and then lost out. I thought it was really plying behind emerald kingdom and it was rock sold in the market around seven dollars fifty so i just don't know what to make of these horsing around that three forty three fifty get a short as that so i was happy to go around and ended up settling on the four year old move wa on the quick seven backup coming out of a really fast rice behind profit last through it. That was a really good writing rice in a positive someone for these. We spoke about richard marco. Friedman going really well so that's a high percentage while you backing knows horses and i just think on the quick seven day back. It's going to be a paik run for this whole fifty. Four key allies. I think the last couple of rices. This rice is being run last couple of years. Fifty four fifty four and a half key as being the falls doesn't set off a success for the future but it gives you a little bit of a god of the rice. I'm having to will on the quick seven day. Backup just didn't know what to really do with grants well can't control rice and you know who scares me. Most when they're adding front controlling or rice national. You'll find something with grants well and we're gonna talk gotta backing groundswell in this race but this one here on an upward spiral and lace waiting for the penny to drop with us here. She is winning it saying dan and she's got this terrific turn of food good genuine hartsburg this die that scooting on the rile she just gets it and guys whack now after they stop. This is the of wanted to show you and she can resist by the speed in this race. To just go all the way back and give away establish. Can you jump as best you can throw feeding and then relax and chill uses tuna foot. You just go too far out of a granted. And they lost dot and then she went to sydney. And this is what a lot about the upper me. When do a benchmark seventy two and she just went crunch there and really one well to suggest thriving unlisted rice a waitlisted rice over fifteen hundred and won't be to get the job done but inside angle that she's a good chance in the rice on with you. Joe's lewa sick and two reloaded start and we know that was last today as played on that occasion in the third the profit. We know that form has stood up grant in rice go to bees the bees door frame so that forms really going to stack up and drops to fifty four key allies. I love on the upward. Spiral drawn seeks can sit close to the controls bathing front groundswell and has the tone of jimmy. Burn it'd be looking to. Mike is mike on the day. Next me feel warm and fuzzy when you guys agree and lavar is the one. Let's head to last rites ida. Randall that i a twelve hundred meters and prod the fiber by really well supported early. Magi twenty four of its last six six dollars to three ninety five to four dollars as well rocketing by snow in the six dollars. Fifty playboy last four hundred last two and really impressive. Last dot ie delays in from non fifty mass destruction non tomato is at twelve fleet. Devoting streak app is fifteen tanta. Twenty-three garappolo thirty one and ziff the brook at thirty four louis scratching the wisdom of water tumble regionals blend. Do and bonder think produce fiber in this race. Knossos going forward. I think it'd be more speeding. This rice georgia's from third and it's had a month off but expected to row forward mass destructions and tantawi's borders oversee out of this race. Tramonte side. There's a few of these horses that i think will roll forward and make it a generally run rice. I'm really kane on these giorgis broad. I think it's just about the best of the die in three dollars. No one zero. Three stille nacht at much shorter than the market It's one of those last three. But they've been impressive all inside standard half a second stand in three starts then. Three-quarters then one second so boss dot. This is a really good rice. All listen i think. Control the tempo. Though i now which i think is account. I got all the failures that doom and had that inside guy which been uplifting talk a little bit about selling into big advantage. Duman with doesn't get that advantage on saturday nights horse by georgia's broad for me and i was going to be at fifth or sixth running but there's to spoke about her is that she's a really good thing she's placed. These really well expected to win the third. Aim back to twelve hundred. We'll worry giorgis georgia's just we'll have to work to foreign to spot early doors. That's my only question mark. This is not a little while. Because he saw guides we'll hold the fence. And it will be a control gallup. And it's gonna be a really good gallup so all the field should full imply every horse has to get. Its chance ought on locked the rice. But if i had to pick a host to rod in it was the unlucky airpl- boy at the seven hundred meters. Just got on heels and checked and lost all my main i up for price on the vine the source group three level and he was a bit of surprise to the stable that i just applying trackwork or whatnot. But he's a real rice holes as being given the time i've taken him up to coins lane. Obviously ease improved and strengthened. And we sold that first off where a flashlight was. A fleshing fleshing round and ninth. You mentioned that east tumbled into the process. We went up big expose bit. He's playing backed in is drawn to stay out of trouble on him with genuine speed. And he's the one i wanna be running and he's playing the best back that the just with him. We put him on the money man because he's gelded since the preps so he's come back a bit of rice or says and he looks to comeback a better rice or he's gonna run. Well i if thompson the last four hundred dollars two hundred is well. He's now tom for my favorite sting of the show. Was that good that you didn't even know when to run. That's tamiami pressing until you for the show. Always had the blocks as we can go and he knew all right. We're gonna start in the. I absolutely think again affirm up in the marketing incentivize wrought in the bottom. This is a really nice right. So it's three thousand back to eight hundred. Made his six dollars out there. I think it shortens right up of my four hours. Eighty founded the extremely hard. But et of chum's da cowan proactive fifty. I wouldn't be surprised. Wall mcevoy day going. Well it was very good in. The rose is seven dollars in the loss. We just spoke about. George floyd around three hundred forty month that actually could have got a shoulder have gone up with starting in front of a surprise to say off the map and flight diving the same rice. It's enormous horse as well at one loss dot and i think he can keep progressing amok ten dollars. I think get a little bit bigger in the market rightful to forty four just market three dollars fifty account get it anyway. Need that hits really. Well i made is. But i'm against it nudge. Thought it had its birthday lost five dollars monte dollars jewish off that forty nine days i think the market takes set against it. Far fifty mocked at seven dollars fifty and kisii county is about four dollars. Five is doing been wanting to get the wrought conditions on saturday mocked at five fifty s day. What do you want to be locked to have fun on this friday. We invented this segment. We're all on gills on getting lake. Cypher giggles what we're going to do is i'm gonna have twenty dollars on all of those. You got joel. Twenty two win on of yours. I'm taking your own. And that's gonna work and mike at twenty on seven and get to one hundred boys i'll tell you. What is a very special trait knicks. Because he goes one on one. We trina chris. Walla walla and very special edition at ease of martial law away. Blissed that salmon. Marshall win head to head with super china chris walla. Well it's absolutely my pleasure to have the one. And i only say john chris walla joining the tame here three walk nine at slot charter get donald trump in the middle of an election. Honestly chris welcome. It was privileged to be part of your media career. And there's always something interesting song. Moshers involve so cool guy. Why back we chris. I just want to tap into you'll. Tom announced thursday morning gallop morning. We're recording this with you. We're heading into a coin land. You counting red hot off. I uh coins land dhabi and congratulations on training cornell cucaracha drill and a bit of bat various than say no tiber shaver running fourth announce a big team ethic. Chris but i would ask your stats and picking at group one level over a mall and a quarter. I absolutely phenomenal on negga. Dot vices. big are now you're analytically and forensically manning. What you do do you look back in your data and have a look at these horses to him or are they just all individuals We remember what we did traditionally in previous years and didn't sign. That wouldn't be rocket science. It's just simple. Lead up races and mike and show the forces a fit and then just changing with with whatever you need to do so. I think the key thing is fitness pot to is making sure the happy. It's nine different tourists for sporting teams site. You might be coming off a long layoff from have a short Leading into site. Three or four laid out rice's you might be rising through the summer and just two week break and hip wanted to ron's it's just a matter of walkable swats but i think we're very lucky in australia punches. Trying to fifty two weeks to the On pretty good tracks We'll get to know what works what doesn't work. What does with the mets fit. Wholesome hippie horses so turn stick to that. Very bicyc- culmination and mike sudden changes not really gonna see the whole team. Just jump out of the. I'm you'll see stadium brute and then hopefully all it and just just the longevity mike show you style for the euro position struggle. You love targeting these accountable to chris. It's the raw. Tom in the sun seems to be on these younger horses back in particularly three year old. You've dominated this rice winks in two thousand and fifteen egg youngster. These she you've targeted a guy with six. We'll go through those runners only would she's at the third stocks for the full wins For you she wins. The two thousand made a roses on a lead up with a seven. Starts this time in with two wins. She's really starting to pay if she is and she's learning to sit and when do things right now. So that certainly king to getting the extra distance of twenty two hundred. I think that she is obviously very. I've been. I think it'll be good for the pundits to get good price for that. Simple reason I think it'll come down locker running And if it will with the welsh long preparation should take sold boxes except the barry drill so we should get to rome. Guy is hot. i don't see more and more solomon. you'll appreciate this The jockeys a very cautious these dice. Firstly that basically given speed back says to speak to the we have to tell them if it not so. If you go to law county woods should sort of be expected to be v. Six even off. We want to go to that. So lady tell everybody got backlots challenge. So we'll just finding from what draws yerkes our Little bit reluctant to pressure on to slot in they can get on wilshire accidents. Are they excited for rice in. But it's very predictable writing so good draws or the k. Or think to any rice. And it's gonna mike hawthorn woods site half out and said i'd search will Create williams abort coker reuter win on a last. Stop a stroke of luck i. She's had seven. She got plenty of malls in a legs. Chris for the twenty two. Don't think that that's important Providing students with former all swamps that training. Off the good to anybody. He had just just what i do. A lot of work. Between the dies it real hot gala solomon goal. it's more just maintenance and just keeping them happy horse for sure. As far as number five chris ten stats for the three wins. This time in had the stats for the to win. She hit the front in the rises when foles behind only woods. Tricky guy wants a guy comes up at a fifteen dollar chance. Is there much between her and only woods in your opinion nor really good example thing are in full she wants three starts guy from pool to run since of being bad drawers set. It is peter feeder and she suspect distant. She vowed distance the knox authority around. Last was was fairly good. Considering the war drool so gang just little with a lot from the white guy ford horse switch off toward the in behind so highly something to our at saw that marches. We often look can switch off for the but no look between them. But i'm tricky. Got great opportunity. Look ditman the with you. Chris studies for sure number seeks crisis and hominy said the stick six dollars for the three. We she's really law they rise now. The full stotts This preparation one on the truck. Did she just get to five back. Lost out in the rises because it was a bond stolen finish. It was a tricky rice wardrobe. We went back for couldn't find it. She's not going back to las sheet to cover a lot of ground and she just picked hundred out so head she join guy lost out on. She'll she rows talk three. If not the rice. She's come through it. Well she'd be among more straight guy guide much pure. She's going to get the perfect excuse for greis in how many they upon is. Okay here we got ta. She's at the nonstop for the win. But chris she comes across the second in the new zealand oaks. I stop for you g. She was mardi good up on speed there. In the rises of all say of marched up short in terms that having the one run since being here she would have had an easy time. Since the new zealand arch would run two weeks ago and as she makes that natural improvements. Which you'd expected to. She said the run over. Twenty four hundred and you zealand seeking and the action from memory philly that betas donald the five really sydney. So obviously the the pundits talk perform one over till and standing there chums style ready to pay for chris. To what have you learned from her. And just a short time with their she's issue nat nat stike. Chris still learning abandoned. Doesn't us a long time. But she obviously iams on day. Just look off on comedy improve horse like that that quickly but you can just might to the mike them. Happy what can change. she's eighteen. Which is a big key horses coming out with. Zeal coming from our cities That's bad they class and you touched on before trip to queens and really l. successful. She looks like this off to mate. She's sharks as drawn six dollars. Fifty dollars push from chris chums stab zoro senior. Nira a starts to full runs. Four runs these tom increase. She's more blood. As a matter of fact. I'd lock to be running her because i went back and had to go car. And she was terrific from well back mike and grand and in the rises. She had no luck whatsoever issue biggest blowout he. She's certainly among the talks. Three sure I'll probably might a mistake. She ran the sydney. Are darn thing. She needed to go She was one. Feis around is terrific Subsequently she's gone the demon rises around feeling. Well she's probably ready for the stained but the she hasn't missed they she hasn't gone offer in debt but she was really lost dot midsayap. She's ready again on saturday night. The big tranquil sir. There's a few negatives flying from the jockeys last week sign that some hold sustained league pham beat of and others but to me. She's looking for big track and we'll talk twenty two hundred leader talk so she's gonna walk profile for what she's looking for. Twenty two kill a lot. She's the one on one be rotting from seven. They chris sixteen bucks. Thank you rick. The statue of you river who happens to get up one hundred one dollars a day. Go chris scott lang slot stop lakes improve We're hoping for withdraw the reason she's running coupon ride loss dot and he should have no problems with the distance said based on that He is not a reason why you shouldn't run. Her would have been lost to get a real jewel So we decided for a cheap saw magic and a great one right sir. She's not a worst Just mentioned for say chris. Thanks for joining us. Thanks everybody brilliant is the only place you say chris. Walla leading up to group action this weight gain on three while i know and the thing that i took it out of that interview was lift. Show to the picture of himself with the queen on the war. You just say that you just boston. I both putting that out standing. wasn't it. yeah it's something that won't be doing this for sure but would you take out of it it just just to tap into the mindset of chriswell and how he doi six eight tries to have him ready a main. Take out of it. What you will but a lot of these horses being set for the rice. He's a top three modern. And i think we've got old glee only woods graceful grayson harmony chom style and seen near up maltby the question mark but he's armed and dangerous and ready to go. He gave a fair bit. It wasn't just your milan-san was not nice. So out of all of those runners you got something out of it. If you're gonna have a have a bid on any of those is the grandfather was fifteen. Group wants this season just absolutely monitoring the rest things especially for for the china's also just those gates when they draw bad it seems to be he always wants to go back. He's jokey seems to be. Oh we're going to be negative mutual. I think that's important going forward. Just answer out of this week. S to swallow three wadden cava around the country up next crypto currency in full flawed edging away from exalted fire don't dismiss whacking away cryptocurrency from don't dismiss cryptocurrency klay from dentists smith. Good third crypto currency from don't dismiss counter-bid cohen brand is going to be a big year. Cryptovest a tough month the month of my but we will ban backward. We're good team. The group dot county will as we head around the country with bitcoin brand wolfville. And it's you solomon tequila. Day crypto brand. Spock up his own die. Boo are like the why he went about it now. He hit the front early in the absolutely lost. When he got chelsea doug they'd pay knees back a lot from that he's sick and now it's drawn he's going to land on speed so he's on an upward spiral second from guy to strike award. Spock ups the whole set. Lock actually later in the day. All these wholesale. You had no luck when held up to starts back and he was free links with fresh in las dot latest dominated that rice the why hit the war sets up beautifully. This rice along betrayed. Date beat cava crepe. But when you go any go just might want run from the five hundred. Hit the front. Early much gallup bent so strike award and spock up at bill rice. Three number twelve terrific for me. This is the maiden so it's had three guys hasn't been able to we won but this is the perfect chance who solid standard. Time was pretty good for one or two hundred gets a chance to jackson hole during the satellite expected to be winning terrific. And then get to rise fall. I've of numa now. It's been beaten his favorite loss to these prep. But these these big day die for it. I can think you can sit on spain. Bingo it more at calm across from victoria. It's really know us always put that in your black book. It's a really good hopes for the future. Bingo being but i think star louima just off. The map can seat on spayed. So it up here expected to win back to you. We're up to. Oh gonna rise hill or do i want it rose. Gold pat thought. Expert was terrific. I up comes comes out of a listed rice. I went absolutely electric in rice. Ballistic bowl one that rice one for me living the guy back last preparation one three at a full diesels and on every occasion jump laden was fast on speed so expect dropping backing sick and jumped late from the outside barrier. And just keep going on expat with white rice story number. Tain wicklow lally rice import. I think it's very start in the. Uk was okay. Come over here. I oughta newcastle went one second so stand tom. What i like the most about it was the last four hundred. Two hundred was very good. Compared to the rest of the day we close a really nice horse for the future and expected to win onset sticking with flemington juice gay rights number three sniff got doodle dandy these whole sits up here third op. Four eight hundred mehta's peixe recognized. Guy is gonna be advantaged mafia spinning line at flemington on saturday with the northerly wind. The circle jamie car in the saddle. It deserves to be clear. Cut fiber just play. Tony's run the first half of moody listed winner. In w y so has the class. And i think jimmy carter and the settle is a little bit up and then buying it will be taken up. Sneak into going know. This is flemington. You and this is. The host tree fell tiny was good on a heavy ida bell around last. He's on puts ball is going to get a gun running the rice and the corner pocket. Foam will hold up each tree. Fell tony belmont. Light seventy stupid things on the answer with crypto currency. And all that sort of crap. We'd be half right. Seven number seven graceful girl through it up. Quick seven seventy out gets two four eight hundred meters on the mean w paul is expected to be hard to bait and in the loss rice. No number eleven brought doorman done you get any spoil on the process and it sets up really well That who was repurpose that this week. He ease some around the country. Make your choices. They think they're all very very good. The quality's up next over back with three wide no cover. Let's get into the. Is we all love. According to using a word from kaisei in the sunshine and ben cryptocurrency. Iv decentralize you there folks when you're listening to these numbers zero ours. It two bedroom night. Brown rice seeks. What are you go from k. Number one groundswell. Shelley's we've got lewa and it's lizzie to get back and run on my blouse gotta rice. Seven in nato poli gray. Rock o'clock in good health nudge. Well win the we war because it could be a blood edulis media award bag and only words as grayson hominy stein seniora new era and in the last like functioning going three he Apply boy is a couple of scratching. He was a fleischer last dot kids account and also george gills we'd unit sometimes Insider trading tonight and this way in the penultimate julian at is two weeks ago We obviously strike die which three group one be good to get it down with a bit of a bright loss word from usa. Freak waterbed chris game responsibly.

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Zuckerbergs Other Political Battle


10:57 min | 8 months ago

Zuckerbergs Other Political Battle

"The perfect weapon, an HBO Documentary Film Directed By John Maggio explores the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage. Based on the best selling book by New York Times National Security correspondent David e Sanger the film draws on interviews with top military intelligence and political officials for a comprehensive. Thoroughly captivating view of the ominous impact. Cyber conflict has on the world at large. The perfect weapon is streaming. October sixteenth on HBO Max. This is Peter Kafka and you are listening to Rico daily. I'm here with recode reporter, Tim Schleicher who normally hosts recode daily but today will WanNa talk about a story teddy wrote hi Teddy Hey. How's it going? We're pretty good. You wrote a really cool story I want to read, but I also WanNa talk about it with you. It's about facebook CEO mark, Zuckerberg Who We all know is is getting all kinds of grief on the political spectrum, but he's also waded into local. In California and I think it's really interesting story about power intact and also just sort of how laws are made in California. So let's get into it. We're GONNA talk about proposition thirteen and mark Zuckerberg's efforts to reform it before we even get into sort of what reforming proposition thirteen is. Let's describe with proposition thirteen is so prop thirteen isn't just sort of an obscure California Tax Law. It's sort of the foundation of the modern national anti-tax movement that eventually powered Regan Than California's governor. To the White House. So in California there's this You know voters can basically vote on anything they want and make it law. If you get enough signatures and you get enough votes, which is not the way it works in most of the country it's particular to California that great direct democracy on steroids here. So California, in the seventies passed proposition thirteen and what it does affect limit property taxes on both businesses and on homeowners which sounds great. If you're a homeowner or a business that doesn't like to buy property taxes right. But lots of liberals field of that proposition Hamstrung California by not creating enough revenue for schools and housing, and social services, and so this law has been in effect since. The seventies like you've talked about people who tried to reform it, and before it hasn't worked what is Mark Zuckerberg doing this time around says October essentially touching the third rail of California politics and really of the National Anti-tax Movement Zuckerberg is essentially trying to pass an initiative this year, which will limit this proposition thirteen solely to homeowners. So all businesses in California could see a pretty substantial tax increase depending on how old they are if Mark Zuckerberg has his way. So if you're a homeowner, your taxes don't go up if you if you own commercial property, your taxes go up few rent that property taxes go up like you can sort of. See how the fault lines would woodland here. Why does Mark Zuckerberg one away in on this one in the past, he's been sort of reluctant to sort of take a stance on all sorts of political issues and what he does or serve for education which most people say they support? This is a very loaded issue. Why does Mark Zuckerberg want to touch it? So five years ago, Mark Zuckerberg sets up the chance ducker BRIG initiative when he says, GonNa Donate Ninety, nine percent of his money to a philanthropy run by him and his wife, and one of their objectives is political change sort of structured as a hybrid between a traditional charitable foundation. And a political advocacy operation, you know they've hired former Obama campaign managers to to work there. This is not a podunk operation here and they've made political bets before on criminal justice reform on immigration things it's directly relate to their bread and butter issues but this is their biggest electoral investment to date. They've put about eleven, million dollars into this and I, think for them. They see this as a way to create change onto of landmark issues which are housing affordability and more money for schools but it's definitely put Zuckerberg as you rightly point out even in the last five years sucker brook has grown much more politically beleaguered since he setups easy I. Put. Him in the arena in a way that I think will define a lot of the way that mark soccer carries out politics going forward where he's not just any donor he's sort of a target and that is going to define sort of all CGI political work going forward unless he somehow gets less toxic let's explore that a little more. What you're saying is when Mark Zuckerberg? Weighs in on something with money or even just to stance some people will see it as a good thing and a lot of others say automatically that's a bad thing in the past you talked about people who've turned away money from mark. Zuckerberg because they say they have a problem with facebook is that happening here? So in two thousand, eighteen is when this trying to really started as Baruch was digging out from the Cambridge scandal and stuff like that. CPI did some ballot initiatives then did one in Ohio on criminal justice reform and local activists were saying you know we take particular exception to Silicon Valley Billionaires Mark Zuckerberg showing up you know he's not gonna live with the consequences. OHIOANS could die because of mark. Zuckerberg's decisions. Really. Blowing up the temperature here and now twenty twenty activists who are posing this measure whether they actually believe it or they just think it's sort of good poking of an in good politics. Yeah. They've made target when opponents of soccer burger raising money for their own side don't mention. Oh. Yeah. The facebook billionaires put ten million bucks into this right and to be clear this is not facebook a weighing in on this. This is mark. Zuckerberg. DOCKER initiative and they are separate organizations. But as you've reported in the past, there's obvious connections between the two and even when they're not connected, the political opponents are going to draw connections between facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropic plants. Yeah. Opponents say that zero distinction between facebook see which I strenuously objects to disputes and you're right facebook has not waited on this proposition. But you know they see this as part of Mark, Zuckerberg Inc, and as you reported before, there are times where. Facebook work effect, CGI, or vice versa But they see this as one of the most unpopular business leader right now at least on the left. So macabre has tried to enlist other big tech billion of the big tech companies to weigh in on this. He's one of the richest people in the world you'd think he could sway some people has been effective and rallying people to Assad. I would say largely not Zuckerberg really stuck his neck out on this early he. Backed this for years. It's up on the ballot next month, and at least until relatively recently, it was crickets from sort of the Silicon Valley billionaire set or corporations. You know I think tech companies in tech leaders are you know to some extent politically aware that they're not the most popular people around right now and relatively few of them have joined Soccer Berg to being out front on this. So it's created this dynamic where Mark Zuckerberg is you know one of the biggest. funders of this proposition, which could really transform California politics and he's standing on this ledge totally alone while other billionaires and companies are hiding from the fight I'm still curious about why Mark Zuckerberg who is for time strenuously political and remains incredibly cautious a couple years ago told our former colleague Care Swisher that he thought it was okay. If you had holocaust deniers on on facebook, it took him until just now to decide that wasn't a good idea. He's incredibly cautious currently logical. Is this something you think he's personally passionate about do you think he's his game doubt with the upside is here why why stick your neck out why go out on that Ledge you talk about so I'm told that this is an internal priority at CI. This is not just one of the many things they fund and Net Zuckerberg and the person who actually runs day we haven't mentioned who's his wife Priscilla Chan. That, they personally signed off on this. So this is not just you know one of the thousands of grants to give out every year. For them. Yes. This is the third rail of California politics and I think you know the the payoff if they win is enormous and California prop thirteen has been this landmark iconic law that governs so much of life here. I think the payoff is just enormous if they win and polling shows that prop thirteen reform very well could win this year in a way that I think surprised some folks partially because of Covid has made people think there needs to be more money for government it's going to be a gold medal for them if they end up winning. and. If it wins and you said the polling says, it indicates that the fifteen hundred, the response to prop thirteen. Right. So that's what you're gonNA. See written about if if prop fifteen wins, what does that tell us about Silicon Valley's influence on politics? What is tell us about Mark Zuckerberg's influence in politics? I think because CGI and Zuckerberg are so alone on this. It will very much be a testament to their political muscle. If they're able to get this over the finish line, it's a referendum on Mark Zuckerberg's cloud yet to some extent Zuckerberg, has stuck his neck out on this pudding, his credibility on the line politically to some extent, and he has been the sole person to make this bat. I mean there are other people are unions primarily who are supporting this measure and I think that it will be a pretty good victory for their belt if he's able to push several finish line. Again, this is a fascinating story of underrated if they haven't read it already, you can read that and all of Teddy's other stories at recode. Dot Net. Business ready to be five G. Business yet the coverage of five G. nationwide in more than eighteen hundred cities and in more and more cities. The unprecedented performance of Five G. Ultra wideband the fastest five G. in the world. From America's most reliable network comes, the five G. Business has been waiting for verizon five G.. Five G. Tra- wideband enables immersive a our experiences, collaborative VR environments and seamless four K. video conferences for businesses of any size. BRASOW five won't just transform how your phone works. It can transform how entire industries work. Get Five G. built right from the network businesses rely on visit verizon dot com slash five G. slash business to learn more. Five G. Ultra wideband available only in parts of select cities global claim based on open signal independent analysis during the period of January thirty first through April thirtieth twenty twenty.

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Twilight Zone 2019: Six Degrees of Freedom  Listener Reactions

The Twilight Zone Podcast

43:16 min | 2 years ago

Twilight Zone 2019: Six Degrees of Freedom Listener Reactions

"You're traveling to another dimension. Mentioned not only have cited sound, but of might. A journey wondrously boundaries of nation. That's the signpost up ahead. You're next stop. The twilight zone. Less time on the twilight zone podcast zaken, I managed to come together as a family and complete an episode looking at the newest twilight zone, six degrees of freedom. But tonight, it's time for you to give your thought. So I'll hand over to you to see what you thought of six degrees of freedom. Why I just finished six degrees freedom and was completely blown away by it really feel like this is one of those modern masterpieces of the twilight zone the lens that I'm looking through the new series through his kind of looking at what Maggio's to the original series are there, and how are they making those timely and current while also being timeless and this episode really really definitely did that I felt like as far as Maggio's there were shades of the shelter with the imminent nuclear destruction happening in these very tense scenes of having to decide what to do to survive. I also felt like definite. Oh my gosh. To the original twilight zone movie, which is the original planet of the apes with. The captain of that ship, the Charlton Heston character sort of wondering, okay humanity. There's gotta be something better out there than man because man is destroying itself, destroying everything, and what a just position with the captain of this ship, and what you know, what a difference, but definitely a a little bit of a callback to that. Because they're literally fleeing earth as it's being destroyed by nuclear weapons, and this this whole race to win and dominate and all of that stuff, and how how just utterly stupid and destructive that is and the episode and these people on the ship actually give you a perfect example of a better way, a better way of being in the world, and and even other world. So I mean, it's just really beautifully done. So a little call back to the original planet of the apes there. And Lastly, I think I felt like this was some shades of where is everybody which I think was prob. The original pilot episode of the original season as you're being taken along this ride, but you're actually within experiment, and that's sort of the big twist ending. So like there was a little callback to whereas everybody, but you know, in the scheme of making it something completely original while respectfully making a non to those original episodes. And I just loved that humanity, and empathy were the heart of this episode. And it wasn't just that they had to be human and be empathetic in order to survive in the small picture. But also in the big picture. You know, the the point of the experiment was can this species? Do this very difficult thing that hasn't really been done very much before. And in order to do that. It's got to be not just cooperation. But you know, they've actually got to be a family. And you know, that that song sort of the foreshadowing of the song, the, you know, my my family, or my strange family that they played in the beginning was a nice little foreshadowing of that also really loved the foreshadowing and the comment on war of the worlds and can't believe it's almost been a hundred years. But it's getting there just love how that foreshadowed. What was happening? What's real? What's not real? They really unfolded that really well throughout the episode and just a beautiful job of that. And just yeah. This is just an absolute masterpiece of an episode loved it the one last little thing throw in kind of at random is that I saw some more online. That's there's a sort of a meal or something. That's like the Jordan Peele shot and that shot was in get out. It was in us some of the other stuff. He's done where it's basically the protagonist close up of the protagonist face in a moment of shock, but Shaq born of revelation of the Kerr. Curtain being torn and understanding something the big reveal in its expression of shock and there's like one tier coming down the face. And there was definitely that seemed like sort of a recurring thing in this episode. He kind of got that Jordan Peele shot that one tier coming down. And I think that that sort of speaks to the empathy and in the humanity that was the heart of the episode. You know, so just really love this one didn't expect to be so blown away by. But definitely was. I can't wait to see. What's next? And this is just a great ride. Cheers. This is John from British Columbia Canada. And here are few of my thoughts observations on six degrees of freedom. I love the swim of all the episodes the twenty nine hundred toilets on series. This one is my favorite hands down. And all the remaining episodes hip this level of quality the series could be just as memorable as the original twilight zone. The story works with a small cast of characters small space and very few special effects. Now, six degrees of freedom or heavily from Ray Bradbury's, nineteen fifty story collection the Martian chronicles. The book is one of the better science fiction works of that era and the last two stories in the collection. There will come soft rains and the million year picnic cover some of the themes in this while it's episode. Perhaps naming the spacecraft bradberry. Heavy is the way of recognizing heavy bradberry influence, and if so I'm impressed with the name. But this isn't a simple retelling of the Martian chronicles this episode like most of not all in the twenty nineteen series asks the question, what is real? Or more precisely what is truth? The reference to the nineteen thirty nine were of the world's radio broadcast on mercury theatre on the air is a great way to frame this question that was an amazing regular drama and today there are some questions of whether the panic was real or whether it was sensitized by the news media of the day. In other words, was the panic. Just some fake news. Now in this episode a character on the spacecraft keeps seeing none of this is real and it adds to the underlying toilets question by the end. I wasn't sure how the story would play out. Now, there's one scene in this episode. Characters sitting around table together. The tabletop has a weird twisted checkerboard pattern. As soon as I saw that table and the pattern. I wondered if the characters were in a spaceship or in a prison why that question. Well, a couple years ago, I had a chance to tour new state of the art correctional facility and hours drive away from where I live. Joe was about to open and public could have a look at it. Cells were set up in pod units. Several sales together all-share common area and the people from the Commodore look very similar to the one in this twilight zone episode. Later when we see the bunks Bill also look similar to the beds at the correctional facility. Wasn't quite the same. The astronauts were not locked in individual cells. But when I saw the table, and the design of those bunks my question was the it some out into in jail. As it turns out. I'm still not sure. The ending. I love this ending. But it leaves me with some unanswered questions. I hope to find the answers in the twilight zone. Of Hudson Email from Alex he says, Hello Thome. My name is Alex from Puerto Rico vast time and feedback while you're most welcome Alec sank, you of notice connections between this episode and to episodes traveler, a nightmare at thirty thousand feet being that at the end of this episode daily and said that they would make contact. So this episode is present tense when the aliens land in a travel, it's Christmas seven months after April twenty fifth the date that the MAs mission Bina said at the airport in the nightmare at thirty thousand feet episode. Also, there was a toy plane reference of flight ten fifteen in this episode suggesting the plane disappeared before they left on time line wise, puts the comedian and the wonder Kende before nightmare. Also, the Tina AI doll Easter. Iraq was great. Thanks, and I hope you have a great day. And thanks for the read Alex will. Thank you. Hope you have a great too. Tom brenton. She me here from the show. I just wanted to send in my thoughts for the latest episode of the twilight zone. The mission to Mars episode six degrees of freedom. I think it was called can't remember off the top of my head. I thought this episode was pretty fantastic. I thought it was quite the potboiler and reminiscent of very many original twilight zones. One of the ones I was thinking was I'm sorry. I'm not as good with the names. But the one in the basement where the the guy brought the three people who defended him in his past. I thought it was kind of reminiscent of that because they were an enclosed environment. It was very stressful. I realize the themes of those two are not very much the same as I was thinking of that one. But I thought this is really well done, and you know, I kinda like post apocalyptic science fiction. I was thinking a lot of the movie sunshine directed by Danny Boyle as well watching this and. And I'm glad that they called out a little bit early on that they thought the mission was faked because then it gave me some doubt. Because I was thinking that the mission was faked the whole time because they couldn't open the blast doors. So, you know, it's really well done in the final of the finale of the episode because it's still kind of leaves it open to interpretation you could still interpret one of two ways. This could either be, you know, attest by these aliens in that they were in a controlled environment the whole time or they could have actually made it to Mars in the end, you're not sure maybe that was kind of a holiday at the end and when they got off of the ship. So it's really kind of left open to your own interpretation. That's kind of personally how I saw the ending is that it ended up being they were on some kind of holiday that these aliens were watching because of all those digital images that you saw. So that's what kind of steered. My interpretation the episode towards that. But I thought this was all around fantastic except for one thing. Boy, I wish they'd. Cut down the swearing. I don't have a problem with swearing shows. You know, I'm watching deadwood doing a rewatching deadwood for the new HBO movie. That's coming out for that one. But I don't know it just doesn't fit in the twilight zone, it doesn't fit for me. Or at least maybe if they just pulled it back a little bit. That's really the only element of the show that I wish they would change. I think in with swearing on television. You really gotta be it's really gotta serve a purpose for the storyline. Because it doesn't have to be there. You know as a Star Trek fan. I didn't like it. When data said, you know, what he said in generations. Because it just was there. So they could throw it on the movie, you know, wearing a big screen. We're going to start throwing ends of swearing, and I don't know. I just wish that they wouldn't do it. I personally swear like a sailor. But I mean, my podcast. I don't swear it all because it's it's it's an entertainment rate in your. I don't know it's hard to explain. But there's podcasts out there were they swear. And I I purposely choose to not listen to those pod. Casts. You know, and it's not like I'm going to stop watching the show simply because of the swearing. It's just an element that I wish they'd pull back on. But but again this episode was fantastic. This is probably my favorite of the series. So far, you know like again this. You know, aside from last week's episode that just missed for for certain little elements. This season's been hit and home run pretty much every week. So you know, I'm at five to six that. I really loved the comedians really grown on me the more. I thought about it. But yeah, this is great. I'm looking for more. I'm so thrilled about the news of the second season. Renewal which means we're going to get some more. Great television. Yeah. So I love it. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for including my thoughts, and you have yourself a wonderful day. Hither Tom herald Clark reporting in from beauty Texas talking about six degrees of freedom. I have a unique experience to share with everybody regarding the twilight zone, we have a sixteen year old exchange. Student from Tokyo Japan named aqua, and he was real excited to to watch these new twilight zones because he knew that that was a big fan of twilight zone. So I have been showing him some of the old ones. But then every every Thursday, we sit down and and we watch the neutral zone. So he asked me dinner last week. He said did you read anything about the this last episode, six degrees of freedom? As now I said, I looked at some of the headlines. Try and figure out a little bit more about the episode. And he said, well, he said he likes the older episodes because they were easier to understand. Now, I asked him a couple times have you have you seen this one? Does this seem familiar because I thought surely he's seeing you know to serve man or monsters do maple street, or you know, I of the beholder, you know, something similar that. But Nope, he is coming in completely fresh. So it's really interesting to to pause. Some of these old episodes and ask him what he thinks about it. And you know, I just recently showed him the the the Halloween man, right before we watched this last ups, Odin, we paused, you know, a couple of times through the show, and yeah, he he was quite confused when they said there was no man in the Hermitage. But by the end of the episode, you know, it all made sense. And he enjoyed the fact that he can now go back and watch the episode again, not to try and figure it out. But to to to to see what the devil was say in in how everything then did fit in logically. So I say all that to say with this last episode. I think we were still a little bit confused of what exactly was happening we paused multiple times, and you know, to try and and ask him, and I and I realized even before aqua made mentioned about him like in the older episodes better. I I realized that that I think us as you know, Uber twilight zone fans we come into these episodes with with our history. So, you know, for instance, you know, we pause this episode near the end, you know, when when we're trying to to Termine is this real as fake what's going on. And I said what you what he thinks happening. And he's he's trying to think about it. He he was unsure. But I, but I was I had all these old twilight zone episodes of my head. And I said, hey, you know, are these toys, you know, are the people even real are are these people are we? Pets maybe repents of somebody, you know, stopover in a quiet town, you know, and I had all these episodes that I was trying to use a frame of reference to explain this story, and he he didn't have any of that frame reference. So he was just really, you know, he just his he didn't think the idea of humans as pets was than even an option as well. There's an episode the maybe I need to show you, you know, he he had seen five characters and search of an exit. So he had that kind of frame of reference, but it was just really interesting to see is trying to puzzle it out again. I haven't read anything I've listened to your your podcast yet. Tom to see what people really saying about it. So I'm not real sure. Because at the beginning, it seems to be that this is some sort of case study. And it's it's there's a female narrator talking about this case study. But then at the end the aliens their language needs to be subdued. Title. So I don't know if they're one in the same for me. I think it would have been it would have been cool or I think possible Indian would be when they do the final shot of them making it onto Mars, and they back up, and you can see that they are indeed on a Martian landscape that the camera continues to back out and you realize and finally like bus through quote the Great Barrier. And the Great Barrier is actually like like a spear aquarium that contains our universe. And then you see that the aliens are actually like have multiple universes in there. Science hall or something and there, maybe they maybe they have strains of humans that they're that they're making they're trying to determine which strain of human has the best out. No desire for exploration, which is the smartest and maybe some failed. But this one here shows promise because they quote made it to Mars, so you know. Interesting ups owed. But you know, we'll see what the next episode is like I have no clue what that episode is going to be like, so I'm excited about what's what unknown is coming up next. So until then I will talk at your next week. Okay. An Email from teaser fan. And they say, hey, Tom, I like how the app so played with the idea of individual insanity basis. Collective insanity pills. Narration was a great little started here on the best narration of the season. So far insanity. It seems according to the writers is a battle between the individual's perspective of reality. And the shared perspective of the group with objective reality lagging somewhere behind peace and touches on this concept of individualized reality. When discussing people's varying song preferences to group quickly dismisses Pearson, sewn concept as awed an quickly loses validity this interaction also for shadows later events regarding Pearson's hypothesis about the ship being watched Pearson, again raises a point that's outside of the group's norm. And this quickly dismissed despite. It's accuracy resulting in him losing credibility. Once again like the rest of the season. The episode is asking the question, what is real can alone. Vigil impact. The reality of the whole was pays an insane. Because the rest of the group thought so who gets to own and give that label the collective or the individual in that same regard is the crew insane. At the end, they believe they are Mars. But the narrator says they shouldn't believe their own is the objective truth is they're wrong to each other's the same. Incorrect is the majority group perception more valuable than the objective reality. It would seem not it seems the right? Keep pointing to the fact that actions have consequences and not a single individual or minority opinion acting out of truth can have a larger impact than that of a crazed whole the object. Of truth almost takes backseat to our own perception in the short term until it forces was to confront it. While the objective truth will eventually cut up with those the invasion, the global conflict the way we treat each that. And our inability to listen to each other can also result in our own doing North Korea US conflict Pearson crew conflict that are also bunch of examples of collective Martinus and individual reality throughout the show, the war of the worlds radio show, the captain's dreams nuclear war at cetera as an aside. I particularly liked to symmetry of how humans nearly destroyed themselves on a planet censorship, which led a few humans to survive than the humans nearly destroyed themselves on the ship, but then found a planet, which led a few humans to survive as always it's great hearing your thoughts on the twilight zone, and I'm very appreciative of the work. Do on the show keep up the great wag and thanks for keeping the twilight zone discussion alive and that is from TV fan. Thank you. Thanks for writing in. Hi, tom. This is Richard from New York. So this is the second episode of recorded a listener reaction or your for the first one access accidentally sent to the wrong Email address. So someone out there is having a good laugh listening to my heartfelt response. To wonder Ken, which turns out that. I was one of the few people really seem to like that. I thought it was a really great episode. But onto this week's episode six degrees of freedom, which was also really great. I don't have anything particularly negative to say about it except that I was very confused by the ending. In a actually created a question in my mind, which I'll pose to you, which is maybe the great filter isn't just mankind's ability to travel to the next planet before they destroy themselves. But mankind's ability to realize that they're in a simulation or be monitored. Before they destroy themselves. Are rather mankind's ability to think outside their normal parameters to question things because maybe the success story in the point of view. The isn't just that they landed on Mars if they did. But rather that this one guy was able to wake up from the simulation? I say this because the ending was really couldn't tell if the really landed on the planet or there were -ducted by aliens, and they're in a lab somewhere or a whole number of other things. So I have to MIT that episode of I liked the episode a lot, but it would have been stronger, maybe the ending was a little clearer. But, but I know that from listening to the podcast that rewatching the episode can change your opinion dramatically on it, which I haven't done yet. I plan to do that after I watched the entire series, and I'll start over from kidding. We watch everything. But outside of that. I thought it was really beautiful really well done when Jerry was losing his mind. It was very gripping. However, I wish when the porthole had opened there was some kind of visually striking twist that would have happened. So I thought that was a missed opportunity, but all these I mean, I know what I'm seeing a lot of criticism, but it was really strong, and it was really great, and it was fun television. And I really am looking forward to the next episodes. And I really like the direction you're taking with this new twilight zone. So that's all I have to say about it. Thanks for listening. And thank you for all the great podcasts, you're doing and keep up the good work by. Richard festival. Welcome. It's a it's nice that you're taken the plunge and send some audio sorts in join several people who've donate, which is which is really great. And I thank you for doing your question about the great felt I'm not sure whether it was from me or kind of pose to everybody out there. But I saw that speak about briefly because I have been read. Nope. I'm watching some videos about the filter, and obviously I think they crystallize it into a few short sentences in the episode, which is great because that's what we need to understand in order to incorporate into this. When you look at it as a whole and the amount of stuff out there about it is a fascinating subject and one that I haven't quite got my head around yet. You know, I watched a medieval Elliott about not only the great failed existing but where on. On the line of filter. All we we might be at the beginning of it. We might actually be at the end of it. And depending on where we are as how hopeful situation that is does it spell out doom and so on. Man, blows your mind really does. So I don't know the answer that question, but it sadly one that's really worth digging into and another contributor Andrew who will hear from an a moment sent me the name of a podcast that looks at this in one of the episodes, and it's called the end of the world with Josh clock. So I'm going to check that out haven't checked out yet. But if anyone wants some enlightenment on the great filter, and what it is. And so on maybe that's a good place to start. So thanks for writing in. Tom. This is Andrew from Los Angeles for the most part. I really liked this episode. I think they did the dramatic tension. Really, well, especially for the shuttle launch scene, and when the solar flare was about to hit the ship. I don't know about you, Tom. But I think this was the most stressed out. I've ever felt law watching twilight zone episode. I think they pulled it off. Really well that was on the edge of my seat, not knowing if the guy was going to get the whole ship destroyed or if the simulation was going to suddenly end. There was a really great seen. It felt really slow between the shuttle launch and the solar flare seed, but it did give me time to think about what kind of twist might be coming up and did seem suspicious that they couldn't look through the windows. So I was totally thinking the same thing as the Pearson character that it was all simulation to train, astronauts if that had been the. Case I think that would've been cool nod to the first episode of twilight zone, whereas everybody said this time it would be with a group of astronauts instead of just one guy. I notice a couple cross-references with this episode the Whipple company, of course, which we've seen in the earlier episodes. And then also one of the crew members had a toy plane that was the plane from nightmare three hundred thousand feet when I saw the trailer for this episode. They make it pretty clear that the earth has been destroyed somehow, and I was really thinking, oh, maybe this is when they're going to say the reason why the earth is destroyed is because president Oliver Foley was person to launch the first nukes. So a little disappointed. They didn't do that. I think it would have been a fun way to tie the episodes together. I guess with all these references between the episodes. I'm hoping it will build up to something more important by the time the seasons. Guess we'll see anyways. Thanks for the good work. Tom looking forward to the next episode. I'm not the answer rounded here. I think this was one of it not the best of the new series writing acting directing everything he worked for me. If there was a moment when the plot slowdown. I thought the direction kept things visually interesting when the story had slowed down and be told the actors all their marks mere minutes in this episode. I could feel the weight of the story the weight of the moment just based on their reactions. I thought they all just knocked out of the park the writing what more can I say it just had that classic Sifi touch. You know, that's stuff. We talk about on the show the twilight zone, the pulp magazine dimension x feeling but still felt new and fresh, and I thought it was just perfect. I am a little biased. You know, the checks a lot of boxes for me. It's post-apocalyptic. It's a bottle episode kind of you know, although very expensive one. It's character-driven. These are all things that I. I seek out whenever I read or watch deci stuff this headed all from compared to other episodes. I felt a lot of them have run a long. I'm always thinking, you know, maybe this could used more draft or a little bit more editing. The all seem to me Anderson times, but this one felt like it thrived off a little bit of roughness felts raw in a good way. Six degrees of freedom. It just allowed us live with the characters in allowed us to. Just sit with happening to them. What was happening in the story in you know, I'll certainly be coming back to it again for a second viewing. But I thought that. Everything came together to just make it. A a great episode other things I love naming the machine after bradberry not really twilight zone east Reagan's much as just general Sifi one especially because the the Martian chronicles, and it was a mission to Mars if you've ever read it in your fantasy fi even if you aren't fantasize fi envy listeners I highly recommend that book of short stories at all kind of center around Myers. Beyond that not much else. Except that. I think this was as good a start to the second half a season as anybody could hope for I can't wait for the rest, and I can't was your episode. Thanks. It's up uncommon NASA here with some feedback on episode six of the new season, six degrees of freedom. Really good episode. I think it's it's interesting. The last last two up associates, I sent you feedback in. And of course, thinking about myself, I wasn't huge fan of either episode within the context of how good the show is and has a potential to be not that they were bad television or anything that extreme. But it kind of gets you into metality. Once you start to notice things where you're just critiquing critique and critiquing, and you know, you start to become like a, especially when you really care about the product you start to become a bit obsessive about that, sir. How art works when you get invested in it. So I was really happy to see episode where I was sort of allowed to just sit back in joy it as it did the the first three episodes for the most part in all three of them. And it's just really refreshing. I'm really glad that that this episode happened. And then it came to be. So that's I don't have a whole lot to say about it except good. But I would say a couple things to point out. I didn't see the twist coming which was probably the first one. I mean, obviously nightmare thirty thousand feet is. So off the wall that it was kind of an no one really understands what actually happens. So that to us I didn't really see coming. But the rest of all my probably pretty much did or at least I wasn't surprised when it happened. Whereas this one I was convinced, you know, by the writing in the way that it was done that that Pearson was just lost it. He's just crazy. And he's not right. In the head. And when I watched it a second time, I noticed some of the little hints, and and things that that this theory that they were just being watched. And at this wasn't real were kind of laid out like they were, you know, static interferences. And you know, he saw the silhouette of Eliot which I didn't understand at the time. When I watched it I and it was also hints about nightmares. Are we in a nightmare? You know, the captain said that Jordan Peele even said that. So I just didn't pick up on even like, the when you watch at the second time, even the intro with the with the voice over the documentary style thing like, I guess when I I watched it I thought it was sort of like a news report from the future or something like that. And now, it's like obvious. That's just part of this analysis from the alliens what I found really interesting about the whole family aspect of it is they really did a good job at the writing of making a believable. And the best example, I can give is just how pissed off and disgruntled rate Tanaka, the characteristic Tanaka was because she didn't want to she didn't wanna launch and she wanna leave orbit after that. She didn't want to go to Mars once the missiles were fired and. Obviously, she was she's lashing out and doing things against the captain. And then at a certain point, you know, when the captain started to break down, and she started to go through some some self doubt and some doubts in their mission. That's when you saw lake rate Tanakh his character sort of like warm back up to her and come back home and that serve like solidified like beyond like them singing songs together. And generally liking each other like that kind showed that they could argue disagree for for months on end. And then come back to their friendships and strikes, and that's just good writing. That's just quality to be able to include that in in a format that only allows you forty five or sixty minutes and have that full cycle. I thought all five characters were fairly well-developed if not very well developed for the time that was again for the time. It's allowed acting was really good particularly the guy played Pearson. And of course, the captain her so. Alf wanted to my wife pointing out that I thought was really interesting. This is either so obvious that none of us on this show in this form have mentioned it or I just missed it. But Whipple the brand is named after a twilight zone episode called the brain center Whipple's from season five was actually toured the very end of the season. And it was a rod Serling written episode, everyone listening knows, but it basically talked about this sort of CO type person that was replacing workers with robots and and then eventually he got replaced by a robot and the company continued without him and. That is never been regarded very well until very recently. And now that we see like more and more and more and more robotics that Assode certain get a bump. It's interesting how show the twilight zone sort of has ups and downs or certain episodes that were popular at certain points aren't as popular now. And, you know, some episodes get a rise in this episode sort of with the internet and serve memes and things like that has sort of had lift, and I didn't even realize the name. Whipple was familiar to me? But it was actually like a an anchor in the New York area named whip one kind of threw me off because he was a weird personality out here but threw me off from like where the name Whipple actually came from. So I might be the eighteenth person to actually say that are notice it. But I just figured I put that out there into the air in case, it becomes y'all. And it is kind of cool that they're referencing so many things new twilight zone bradberry. Heaviest such a cool name for for the ship as well. I guess last thing that I would say is I'm kind of curious what people think because I'm not really sure what I think like I get that the aliens created a fake environment. But did they did they intercede in the earth's governments, and and sort of force hands or like find ways to manipulate people into being at war and launching those missiles in order to force humans to become colonizers of other planets in order to become an advanced race. Or did the alliens kidnap them on the way into the ship and create this fake scenario as an experiment to see if they would do it. If put in that situation, but not actually do another words, they do they really we know that they're involved in it being an experiment of some sort or them getting analysis, but they physically too. Destroy earth as part of their analysis, or did they create a simulation that they are now studying while, you know, everything is is as fine as can be on the earth. That's sort of the one hang up that I have into good hang up because it's something to think about one last point. I I was listening to the show last week, and I've got the the man's name. But I really enjoy the the recording from the guy who rates in or or I guess Senator according in from Texas, and he's talking about now option the trailers, and then Tom your sung by that too. And I deliberately didn't watch trailers week. So I'm going to go in fresh and see how it works is figured. I'd put that out there. See if that's a that's a movement. All right. Thanks. Yes. Nasa. Let's get this movement going Harold staff there. I joined the cause a now Nasr's chime in as well. The thing is well by the time, we get to the end will will look at all these links. Here are absurd linked together. Just a bit of fun. Is it just to kind of nice little thing to keep us talking? Or is it actually leading to some some more substantial in the last episode will kind of tie this open away that we've never seen on the twilight zone before I mean, even just having those links for the sake of it for a bit of fun is something we've never seen on the twilight zone before you know, beyond some whiskey brands and so on. So if that is indeed the case than I don't wanna see that last episode trail at and put to into together if there is any sort of clues in it. Then I want to be completely fresh on that. So I am completely team. No previews, and I'm going to stay that way for the rest of the season. So this is this has been a good one, you know of enjoyed here, and everyone sorts on this on the next episode is cold not all men, which drops on says as a ninth. Now. Again, it might be one where I don't get my episode out until twelve I'm going to try for the eleven's. We'll see how the time goes. But don't let that stop you from dropping your chain. If you could have them to me by the end of the day. So by midnight wherever you live on Sunday. The twelfth of may that would be great, and we'll put this lesson feedback show together too. So that absurd is called not all men. If you want to send some thoughts by Email than I should have a bit more time this time round. But of course, as I've said throughout it, if you recall, the clip, it will definitely get onto the show, the emails, I appreciate and I really liked people writing into so don't let it put you off. When fortunately it's all about time putting up to podcast to we is quite time consuming. So some things might have to be trimmed down or not used at all. Depending on what time I have to do it. So the next episode called not all men, and I will speak to you next time by now.

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An Update on the Dining Scene + Halloween vs. COVID

Eater's Digest

51:54 min | 8 months ago

An Update on the Dining Scene + Halloween vs. COVID

"The perfect weapon in Hbo Documentary Film Directed By. John Maggio explores the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. Based on the best selling book by New York Times. National Security. Correspondent David e Sanger, the film draws on interviews with top military intelligence and political officials for a comprehensive thoroughly captivating view of the ominous impact. Cyber conflict has on the world at large. The perfect weapon is now streaming on HBO Max. Hi Everyone and welcome to eaters digest show about all things dining I'm Amanda clue editor in Chief of. I name is Daniel Janine producer and abandoned best friend no matter. What are we talking? About this week Daniel this week, we are going to give general state of the world what's going on in terms of restaurants opening and closing and what's happening Fars. We are going to talk a little bit about trick or treating, but I I kinda WanNa just talk to you. I want to catch up with you a little bit about what it's like to go out to eat right now because unite do that quite a bit and I I have some observations. I would like to shy love observations. First thing I've noticed for the first time in a long time. It's hard to get reservation. I. Mean especially at the the buzzy places I, mean we've we've achieved this version of the world where outdoor dining is now. especially in certain neighborhoods like so fun and so the thing due to do that, you can't just freestyle. Going out with someone even if it's party of to like. You walk around I mean look we're talking about very specific neighborhoods but you walk around and you get you walk into a bunch of places that you know and they're like. Oh yeah are waiting list is actually closed for the night you know like it yeah. There I mean, there are few contributing factors one a lot of have a lot less space than they used to. So there's a scarcity issue to a lot of places because of safety measures will only deal with reservations now. So there used to be some flexibility for Watkins. Now there isn't. And they can take your reservations than they could before because they're trying to space out how many people are coming at once I also think there's just this renewed interest now that it's fall like fall was always the premo dining season. I. Feel like New York and I'm talking specifically about New York is very beautiful here right now it's great to dine outside right now a lot of people who left to decamped. Either at the beginning of this or during the summer out back, they wanna see what everyone's been talking about with these beautiful outdoor dining situations. So there's some there's some demand. and. You know what? Else Daniel they want to get it in while they can I think there's also a fun not fine. There's also. I think there's also like another element to this, which is where it rains sometimes as. The climate does so like when it's nice, it's it's like everyone wants to go out those nights. It is the same when there is when we are in regular state but. When things are normal, you can just eat inside and not worry about it. I was on this panel recently where someone someone in the audience asked like, Oh, well has an outdoor dining been like the saving grace for everyone as like Yes for some people but for so many people what you don't see when you see a crowded patio as that, they could only be open for four hours that day and that yesterday at poured rain and that in a month from now, it's going to be freezing. Yeah something. That's really unfortunate is I mean around here especially, depending on your permit if you have outdoor dining, you have to shut everything down hardcore by eleven. So they would have a lot of people lingering and drinking sitting at tables that that they can't do but also I mean, we talk about this all the time you see a crowded bump in patio and you're like, Oh, this place is killing it. But even at best of times they're doing twenty to thirty percent maybe forty percent fifty percent. On the best. They've. They've created some giant outdoor expansion that looks like an indoor restaurant. This fifty percent of what their normal capacity would be and you know wine buying booze buying maybe it's picking up a little bit but like they're not having those like the people that are coming and buying fancy alcohol, it's not the same thing. It's a lot of like April spritzers and stuff when people are and beers like smaller smaller parties to so. You're not getting like a bunch of wine bottles for all your friends. It's like you're going out with one other person I've noticed it's actually easier to get a reservation for a party of four. Then for a party, it's much easier to find rent right now for a three bedroom apartment because people are not as interested in sharing space with each other. You can get those like the bigger the apartment you look for the better the better deals you can get. One thing you know we are not we don't shy away from from from from offering optimism. I've talked to a couple restaurants at this point actually I'll tell you a funny story. I was. I went I went I had an outdoor dining experience with a friend at A. At a Chinese restaurant that I love. Was it one king with me. So all of the elements that of the buildup are true with a friend I love it there. But no, this was not this is not lose Wonton. King with you. Yeah But so I ordered a high. So glad I haven't told you this I ordered. I ordered we ordered like a couple of drinks. I don't remember what we got, but they forgot to bring out the drinks right I think I might have told you that doesn't matter. They forgot to bring out the drinks and at the end of the meal I go in and give us a check. The drinks are still on the bill I go in and I was like I'm GonNa feel this out because like. I don't WanNa be like, Hey, you didn't bring our drinks and then like not pay for them it'd be like whatever it was cheap beers a live but so I start talking guy who I kind of known before. WHO Was the manager at this place. and. I was like, Hey, man has has everything going you know in my dreary dreary. and. He goes you know this I don't know I don't really want to I don't really talk about this too much but For the like the last six weeks, we've sat sales records, every single Friday and Saturday for for the history of their popular restaurant because their delivery is so bump in combined with outdoor dining and then the beginnings of like twenty five percent indoor dining. This place was crushing it. I immediately go oh well I actually ordered this booze and it never came so you protect bill You actually owe me money that is not the case obviously across the board in general, it is safe to say that restaurants are suffering but some some people are thriving. That's true. Yeah. I think if you have a robust delivery model combined with these future combined with implementing whatever the city allows. Yeah were. If you were a tiny place that was allowed to expand in really major way outside this season has been good for you. Other. Observation before we get into the news, no I honestly. Do observations forever. I mean I love observations. Great so much more fun than the news. Okay. I have been using instagram nonstop to figure out where to eat. Interesting why so? As you know I have a spreadsheet I keep restaurants I can go to like noting with outdoor scenarios Lake I follow eater I listened to friends but at the end of the day, it's really hard to know unless I've seen it what the scenario is going to be. You know I want to go to Instagram I wanNA look through the tag page I. Want to see what people have filmed there and see like okay. Is this a good vibe? What is the spacing like? Are they serving food on real plates or is this like one of those takeout containers situations? What is GonNa Happen and I feel like it's the best way to actually Ascertain that information seeing what pictures the community puts up from a place is such a good way of standing. On there, but has anything been has anything surprised you one way or the other? Well. We was one king which you and I went to this week. I wanted to go there because someone I think they posted a video of their setup and I was like, Oh, they have this huge sidewalk area that they can expand into and they built this nice situation I was talking to someone the other day. Who? Owns a small restaurant and he he was saying that he's a little bit sombre because seeing all setups in everyone being like the outdoor dining revolution blah blah blah and like all these amazing outdoor homes basically that these restaurants have insulin with TV's and. iphone, chargers and whatever. They should airbnb them at nighttime, but he's like, yeah I mean I see these things and everyone's like, ooh resilience. But like those things cost like ten or fifteen. To set up so it's not like it's not like those things are just free in the restaurants like have them in the back kicking kicking around now. I went to this place Hunky Dory, which is a great bar in My neighborhood, and they got to take over this empty lot next to the restaurant next to the bar, which is amazing. But it's this giant empty lot and so in the first couple of weeks, it was just lake. Blee. It's this like wrought iron fence and they just put some tables out in a couple umbrellas and it's like this is not cute. But then over time they keep adding things and things I'm sure she's been investing a lot of money in this and like now they're haystacks and there's and there's all sorts of stuff. It's it's expensive. It's so much of this I. Mean we talk about every so much of this is luck. Because we podcast out every week. So much of this is lock like if your next door neighbors are not a restaurant and they're cool with you expanding the city is cool with you expanding and covering their territory like you could cover an entire city block if everyone's on board. For you free to help out I got a really really wonderful email from deonte. One of my favorite restaurants Vietnamese restaurant in in green point because I have a reservation they're outdoors tomorrow night Well, tonight, if you're listening to this podcast on Friday. Come find me I don't know anyway. They were like, Hey, there's forecast for rain. You ever reservation for outdoors We just want to let you know we are still like fully open and ready to. Provide hospitality, and then they sent a picture, a picture of their amazing like outdoor covered wooden semi thing. Yeah. They're like, Hey, just so you know this thing ready to go ready to shield you from the rain I was definitely going to go because like whatever I'll I'll go. I'm not going to cancel the reservation, but I can't imagine being someone who'd be like holds raining tomorrow should we cancel that and then seeing that and be like fuck you I'm still going one thing that I think that. We could look at maybe as almost satire is. Some of these outdoor structures are becoming like just as robust if not more robust than like the restaurants themselves. So it's just like. We get excited like outdoor dining is alive look at these structures and it's just like we almost forget what the point of the outdoor dining was. For airflow and circulation, and it's just like these giant at homes outside which well I think we talked about that with a few weeks ago with with. San Francisco is adding those domes that were enclosed. It's like, no, you can't. You can't do that. I mean though there's this restaurant that just opened a Detroit where it's all geodesic domes. That's awesome. Then you get your food from a food truck, but they're canvas which I feel like I prefer to plastic and the front is completely open. Great how it feels feels relatively safe. You just go with your little group. I. Love It. I'm not looking forward to what the winter brings for these places because the cold air only makes things more difficult. I'm looking forward to seeing with the right combination of heaters etcetera etcetera. What is it like to eat out below when it's below thirty two or whatever had a fun restaurant you know I mean fogging, bring it on. That also reminds me of everyone's investing all these outdoor heaters and Some James. Our editor in Lenin was bringing this up with us today about how they're these restaurants that are so obsessed with sustainability and the environment, and they feel very conflicted. Heaters that run on propane. Yeah. and how do they square those two needs surviving and making outdoor dining hospitable while still trying to not you know impact climate change with your actions and I think that extends to. The amount of like takeout containers everyone was trying to eschew plastic and straws and all this utensils like I go to restaurants, and sometimes they don't even use plates I think that society as a whole is very bad at focusing on multiple moral issues that once lived live to fight another day. I guess. Right like let's all through this to the point where then we can go back and worry about the environment, which is something that I am I. I'm conscious of I. Mean I, think it's less about individual choice and more about the regulations you know like Paris their outlawing them. So after after this year though yeah, I mean that's what I mean. So they're they're like they're like starting. Ball stones being charity next year. So Daniel, should we should we get into the news get into the we've had some news. We've had some news but Paris reminded me that. Paris's lockdown again. Yeah and on curfew like a citywide curfew from like nine PM until six. Am A must be worried about nightlife about underground parties and stuff I'm sure. Yeah. That's crazy. That sucks. It sucks. I can't even imagine also almost lockdown is back on lockdown New York they have shutdowns zoned areas of the city so. At first, they had proposed doing by Zip Code. Now, they decided to do it based on like clusters. There, some zoned areas that are shut down. A bunch of other European capitals are shutting down because the virus is just out of Control in Europe on the continent. Meanwhile, L. A. is considering reopening for indoor dining at the end of the month. San Francisco just reopened for indoor dining the beginning of October. San Francisco also this is the one I think you like the most. Day Reopen their movie theaters but they cannot sell concessions. As a movie theater Lover Right now and. It's Yeah I want your take on that theaters are. Notoriously, bad business they have to be held up by incentives from the studios. Different kind of. Rights deals and stuff, and the only way. It kind of works is from insanely priced popcorn and snacks and drinks. So it's it's really like telling a commuter airline that they can open for flights, but they can't have passengers. It's like. I don't know it's just why even bother but I hope that it's great i. mean I want to a theater in Toronto? There is kind of strange thing that's happening where I feel like we all start to decide for ourselves what feels safe and what doesn't yeah. Yeah. But I felt very safe in the theater you know it it's like. At fifty percent or forty percent or whatever it was. There was no one around me like I think there's nowhere safer. You can be on the planet right now than the top row of a theater because you're just sending that breath on downwards and you're not getting hit with anyone else's I keep thinking that with Performance venues. Yeah. You know like in new. York. there. Some pretty giant spaces where you could have musicians play and pay a lot of money to see them play and that's just not an option. Meanwhile, I could go inside a restaurant with no mask on and eat. And it's just like some of those regulatory decisions are a little. befuddling the problem is it's it's difficult to decipher between entertainment. Right? Like entertainment is such a huge category. Obviously, we should open up the opera twenty-five percent because. People don't move around. It's not like people are you know rubbing shoulders? Yeah but how do you differ between the opera and? All rock concert or whatever or like a mosh pit it's tough. Well, now the restaurants should just get those out of work opera singers bring him to the restaurant. So I mean I did hear maybe not maybe not the singer but like a cellist why? I see more live music, actually it out at restaurants I actually did hear really funny story about someone who there is a lot of out of work musicians and they are playing at a lot of restaurants and I did hear a story about someone who lives on a block with a restaurant that has a brass band playing from like three to nine every day and driving him. That is so funny. I have a jazz band that plays next to my apartment Thursdays for two hours and it's just like a delay some of its great. Obviously, you're going to get your CRA margins or I mean rightfully. So but yes. So that is kind of the state what's going on in the saddle yes. So in the south. The Governor of Texas have has allowed bars to reopen if the area gets approval from a local judge. So that means you're GONNA have a lot of areas in Texas where they can open their bars and some major urban areas where they cannot. So Dallas Houston city. Of Austin, you cannot go to a bar still but outside of those areas, there are a lot of places that are allowing it. I guess you just assume. Just at this point, you just assume that a place like Texas what have all their bars just bumping, but they're trying they're trying to be responsible opens them up to a lot of lawsuits and a lot of people like going to court to try to. Lobby legislation to allow them to open their places. I'd be it'll be interesting to follow that to see what the law. The law. Related link in Seattle. This is not a lawsuit. A lot of bar owners are petitioning the state. Sorry. In Seattle. A lot of bar owners are petitioning the city to get rid of the curfew there. Yeah. Because like many other cities, there's a curfew you have to shut everything down by ten PM. This is also happening in the UK, it's new to the UK but many American cities have been going through this and in the UK as in Seattle bar owners are pretty pissed and they don't think there is any science behind making them shut early and that they can keep people in line. counterpointed add is that like? You know people get drunk the longer they're out they are going to get drunk and they're not going to be as careful. All. Right. Daniel, let's move onto some lighter stuff. We are halfway through October we are almost halloween. and. With the corona virus still raging in this nation a lot of people are wondering what we're GonNa do about Halloween. So we have Jenny Zhang on the show today to tell us what health experts are saying about trick or treating Jenny. Welcome to the show. Hi, thanks for having me. The CDC has said trick or treating his high risk. Some cities have banned. It used a bunch of health experts for advice on various trick or treating methods and alternatives. Tell us what did you find out the CDC obviously like they have ruled by traditional trick or treating in which? Groups of kids go door to door collecting candy was. From various adults is probably not the best idea right now and the public health experts I interviewed all pretty much agreed They're like a number of factors to take into consideration which is like. First and foremost How many people you around since we know that one of the biggest transition or transmission directors is just like being around people breathing the same air like the droplets they can spew forth their mouths. So like being cognizant of how many people year round Mike, how crowded it is our people wearing masks are they a sort of within six feet each other? Are they reaching out and touching the same surfaces without necessarily cleaning their hands So those are all some different factors to take into consideration as you think about why? Your you and your family might do for Halloween. So you pitched a few alternatives to these health experts beyond the traditional going door to door in groups trick or treating what were some of the ideas and what what did they say about them? Yes I pitch a number of ideas some of them sort of crowdsource than like thought up among south them from like the Internet and like blogs in forums like what people are actually talking about as alternatives they're considering So I saw like one potential idea that came up is just the standard. Will of candy outside for trick or treaters. That's probably one that a lot of people have thought about not super exciting but it seems like the most doable for some people. But like here like again, you have to think about the the different factors like I. Our Kids GonNa, still crowd together around the candy will. Still probably not a good idea and then of course led the sort of secondary or lesser concern is like. cross-contamination are these like dirty little hands go around like touching were other kids in touch So that's like an idea that some of these experts have call called like moderate risk relate a could could be worse could be better Unlike. We have more creative options like. Literally Dislike slingshot candy at trick or treaters from sixty way. which seems like a pretty decent idea according to these experts they are like the could be. You know barring the cross contamination question but you on the on the downside, you might like someone. So something not maybe it's not such a great idea in practice although I'm still like all foreign in theory jamming, you can run over people and not be worried about getting covid. Yeah. Yeah, this is taking it too far. I mean like just where it's the only time when you are supposed to wear a mask also. So just everyone just be surgeons where and ninety five's and just do the thing. Normally it's like an outdoor thing I mean unless unless we're talking about trick or treating in an apartment buildings, I could see that being more of a concern but certainly like going door to door in in rural neighborhoods that should. Shouldn't even be a consideration I. think it's more like the kids trick downs, urban areas where you are talking about apartment trick or treating or like you go to some neighborhoods where I live and it is like really packed and crazy. And everyone is getting close and there are a lot of like parties and all that stuff I mean I am not super worried about it but I could see how health experts would be concerned about that risk Jenny. Did they laugh when you call to ask about this or are they taking this kind of thing? Very seriously I think we had like generally a pretty good time answering these questions. Unlike some commented that this is like Hanafin or funny. I, think like, of course, being like public health experts, infectious disease experts they've been like inundated with. Like questions, coveted entrance machine for literally half a year For reason, like it was of a nice break to think more creatively about the different risk levels involved with us. So I think they they had a good time generally but of course, like it's they're still took seriously at thinking about the doctor's like again for some foremost like how much crowding you're GonNa have with kids Botha's I think like one of the my slow too damn. The she doesn't agrees with your point lead it's like. Trick or treating conventionally in like suburban or rural era areas is like a an outdoor activity in late yeah. If you take all the proper precautions and if you keep in mind your local contacts and how high like transmission is in your neighborhood or community like they're they're possibilities are like these workouts. But yeah, definitely you need the precautions but also it's like A. Little bit unrealistic I. Think you know have a blanket ban on any kind of Halloween. Activity your fund including alternative and yet. DALLAS DETROIT. San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin are all recommending people do not do any what you know as a as a journalist I should ask you what do you think people should do? Well, I think people should listen to the experts. So. Not necessarily me but I think yeah. Like going along with what they're saying like I consider your contacts. Are, really high levels of cases around you in which case like maybe you just opt for like a nice movie night in or like a scavenger hunt fear own kids near backyard if you have one but that's cute. Yeah like they're like all these different methods like one of these public health experts they said, she's probably going to get a Pinata for her kids like that. So there's just like this whole spectrum of things that you could do with the ultimate goal being of course, like kids want candy, there are ways to get kids. Gandhi. Whether that is like through some of the more traditional methods or through kind of more creative outlets. Yeah I guess I kind of I mean I don't know if I disagree, but I think that the. Halloween I feel like is about the interaction with random people more so it's showing. Off The costume I think maybe the tip is pick costume with mass like I was just thinking about the costumes for my kids this year they don't have masks I'm GonNa have to make them wear masks on top of their costume I should've picked surgeon. I should picked surgeon or darth vader or something i. just feel like if you're talking about, you're saying it's just about the candy. It's like here's an option. Why don't you go to Walgreens and give your kids twenty bucks and say go wild like that doesn't. Know. Him Jato it'd. Be. Good Dress. They dress up and then they do the Pinata thing. But yeah, I think having strangers comment on your costume is pretty cool highlands. Yeah. One of the highlights. Oh. Well, just another casualty of twenty twenty. Jenny, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Not everyone has convenient access to high-quality. Sometimes, it can be really hard to find one hundred percent grass fed finish beef, pre-arranged chicken, heritage breed pork wild caught salmon at the grocery store, and if you end up finding a specialty butcher shops and meat can be really expensive and the Culture Limited. Luckily today sponsor butcher box believes everyone deserves high quality humanely source meeting services really easy just shows up at your door that's one less trip to the grocery store and a better more affordable selection to. I've been couldn't tons of chicken over quarantine I've been raising a lot of chicken thighs roasting a lot of whole chickens usually for dinner, but sometimes, I'll just do it for the week. So I have shredded chicken in the fridge pent-up of Salads to put on rice bowls So I've been definitely cooking lot making a lot of meat, but your box is the best way to keep your freezer full of high quality humanely I me every month but your box ship security selection of high-quality me right here home for just six. Dollars per meal. Every cut of me is tobias and edit hormones and each box is packed brush and shipped frozen and vacuum sealed. So it stays that way I can customize my box or go with one of there's either way get exactly what I want right now but your box offering new members to lobster tails in tooth layman's four free in their first box. That's two lobster tails and to play mignons four three in your first box. Just go to put your box dot com slash eater that's but your box dot com slash eater. PERFECT WEAPON IN HBO Documentary Film Directed By John Maggio explores the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. Cheap, invisible, and devastatingly effective cyber warfare is the future of geopolitical conflict and it is developing at an alarming pace. Based on the best selling book by New York Times National Security correspondent David E. Sanger. The film draws on interviews with top military intelligence and political officials for a comprehensive thoroughly captivating view of the ominous impact. Cyber conflict has on the world at large. The perfect weapon is now streaming on HBO Max. IRONMAN. Let's get onto some other news. A topic that is not really code related at all that I want to talk to you about There is a company Financial Times reporting. There is a startup, a new startup called bespoke in spirits. Yeah. I think this is a little bit of a maybe misleading headline book spoken spirits labeled it themselves. They are called the Knicks Bresso for whiskey. Why what? Why would you want that? What is okay what does it tell me tell me what first of all? It's not what you think it is like Espresso, for whisky you assume would be I want a certain kind of Whiskey I've got pods a base I get to make it at home. That's not what it is. They're just basically calling it that because of the pressure that they are using to create these flavors, subtleties, nuances of but. What I find interesting about this and what I want what I want to talk to you about is that Oh let me backtrack what they're doing is that they're using. Pressure combined with different kinds of wood in steel drums I believe over you know limited amounts of time day couple days to create the scientifically matched flavor profiles of well-known whiskies Scotches, right? So they use the base alcohols, bar lease and. Science, high pressure techniques to match these kind of old school boozers right? Do Do you love this so much you know what? I don't love it. I think there was a story like four years ago I. Think about a company called I mean, still kicking around called lost spirits and they were using. They were using a piping system that ran through high intensity UV to simulate the aging process of fifteen twenty years whatever it is. What I think is most interesting about this is. If you can do this. What does that mean for the world of like Boutique aged whiskey? So The company. Here's here's a quote from the Financial Times. The company's launch on Wednesday was not welcomed by the Scotch Whisky Association obviously, which said that acquire maturation and casks illegally solid product product as whisky protects the reputation of the spirits. Other spirits produced with other techniques should be labeled in a way which doesn't take unfair advantage of that reputation and the Scotch Whisky Association said, they intend to take legal action all over the world right? They'll say it's not actually it's not whiskey. It's some sort of correctly. So but what I think is so fascinating is like. If they do blind taste tests for all these ridiculous old school whiskey Aficionados and like the that whiskey dude with the hat travels all over London labels things the best who I think had some problematic article or whatever he did. Yeah. Yeah. But like if you fool that guy, right? Yeah what what does this mean for? All of these. Brands that have been doing a thing in the same way for one hundred and fifty years or longer. Do you think that they should be protected or do you think that the news Bresso for Whiskey? Should be able to sell like Johnnie. Walker blue. Label Imitation or whatever. That's exactly the same chemically as Johnny Johnnie Walker Blue Label that a tough question. Because at the heart of it, if the product is the same as a consumer got, do I really care I want to look back at the bigger picture like are they doing it? Is it cheaper is better for the environment in some way? Is there are some bonus to it? Is it just faster? I mean imagine it's cheaper it's infinitely cheaper and it's instant. You'll end up in this world where these high end collectors will pay extra for the stuff that's actually been made the right always happening and. People who say that it's bad everyone else is just drinking this. Fakery and And being fine with us. So I don't actually think that the fakery bespoke spirits will crush that hard 'cause like I think what makes these things considered amazing is the lineage is the the work that branding and the storytelling? Yeah exactly. Like. I'm kind of in the camp that that there's nothing inherently that good about a thing that's fermented that sits in a barrel for one hundred, hundred years. What if they have killer branding on the stuff? What if they just kill it with their marketing campaign and had amazing branding and it's not even about how they make it and it's just like cool. Get some influencers I. Guess. So but I guess what I would say to that is lab grown diamonds. Are I think the same thing? Right, as organic diamonds and I have not yet seen branding a lab grown diamond that would make me excited about them and I don't know why it's just something that's ingrained in me. I'm I wouldn't get amped up about lab grown diamond. and. That's not to say that they would do a better I'm looking I'm in the process right now. Yeah. Okay. I was like why Y'all just see these stores, diamonds consumer just see lab grown diamonds stores, and I'm like Oh that's tacky. If someone what I'm saying is if someone had good branding around it and made it really cool I'm sure that brand exists of like cool. Hip as ethical like here's your ethical diamond is what I'm saying is diamonds don't matter right whiskey in a sense doesn't matter like these are things that the. Artistic value of them are kind of in our in the eyes of the beholder. So like. I don't know got without the full experience that goes into it. Right? I love it. Diamonds is your example because the real diamonds it's like people die mining diamond not always. Yet we dive. It's a terrible industry at least with whiskey. You're worried about this romantic tradition being pushed aside for this technology with diabetes. We. Like, we should not be buying traditional divers something that I haven't looked and do that much. But I'll tell you one thing that I won't be buying lab grown diamond. Maybe I'll just steer clear of the dynasty. Diamond. Diamonds classic blood all steer clear diamonds but the point is, is I I? Think this is a very fascinating thing I. Think I think they should be able to do whatever they want. I think that I guess the thing that I think is matching scientifically point for point whatever with one of these traditional whiskies in a sense doesn't matter. I. Don't think that the flavor is as important with Whiskey is the story. The same with Lion. Yeah. But with wine I think you have an opportunity to use new tech maybe the same with whiskey to use new techniques like if some of the natural purveyors were, we'll be like we're like, oh, we grow our grapes in in in a sewer system in New Jersey and they're hyper sustainable, and then we use modern techniques to age I feel like that. Could Be Cool I. Guess I think with wine and maybe less with west he the ideas that the product is alive and changing and you can't predict it and it's not about the science. It's about what you know the earth yet and human interaction due to create this product right I. Actually think it's the same with whiskey in that the barrels or the aging process is alive. Right like every, that's like every year is different. So that's just something to look out for I. Mean I think that the idea stay tuned for our live taste? The idea of aging things using science is only going to get more prominent because there's no reason it would get less prominent. So, it is election season and in cal-. And in California. It turns out that INSTA- car shoppers have been encouraged to put prop twenty two propaganda. In. The. Shopping carts of the people they're buying for. So proposition twenty two is on the ballot it would let companies like lift to car door Dash Uber etc. It would let them keep these employees on as contractors and not full employees are we on The Lawn California called Ab five states that if you have someone working for you all the time as insecure choppers do as Uber drivers do you have to classify them as employees very expensive with the companies? So the companies have been lobbying to get another proposition pass pass that would kind of get them out of it. Especially, for these delivery workers and instagram shoppers. This is so funny. It's it's it's Sopian in that. As a shopper, you are encouraging this voter to vote against your rights. It is so funny I mean. These things but it's like, Hey, if you like this delivery at far below what you should be paying for it. Yeah. We used to see a few weeks ago I. Don't know if it's still happening in in California there would be messages on the UBER APP like enjoying enjoying ubereats help support you know ab nine, which permits us to keep offering our full service and even like wasn't there. Yet, didn't they do a full shutdown at one point like ubereats not available today vote again because. That's just like. I guess I haven't seen anything like that in the food tech world of using the huge platform to get. A political in in this kind of way I mean it's just shows you the amount of the amount of power and the amount of. Eyeballs that they can reach. Well, there's also a question to the legality of because you are not supposed to encourage political. Let me let me read you the Law Labor Code provisions quote prohibit California employers from controlling their employees, political activities, and requiring employees to adhere to the employers political views. And It. Encouraged. Optional so. I. Don't know if they could actually get in trouble for this you don't. Distribute. These stickers and postcards, but it's definitely it's there for you. If you do too I, guess on on kind of a similar note, should we talk about Racist Yelp? Yeah. Let's talk about Rx I mean racist yelp is a funny. It's not what the story story. Like. Aunt its fleet anti-racist, yelp. ANTI-RACIST YELP. Yeah. So so on here, basically yelp has had this function for awhile where they can flag businesses. Yeah. Usually. Something will happen in the news and people will yell bomb a business. Meaning like putting tons of one-star reviews and whatever, and Yelp will shut down the page temporarily while they investigate what's going on and try to figure things out. Now they're adding an alert for a business being accused of racist behavior. So if you you might go to a restaurant or business page and it's big gray box will pop up and it will say. Recently someone associated with this business was accused of racist behavior resulting in an influx of people posting their views to this page blah blah. Blah they talked about how racism is reprehensible it says we have temporarily disabled the ability to post here as we work to investigate the content it's it's good and bad like it's nice that they're trying to address the savage seems. Impossible way to do it. Like are they? How are they investigating? What are they investigating I? Don't think it's good at all. You don't think there's any any good thing about this I mean racism is bad if you WANNA. Take a place off. Then just do the right like I just I I don't know I just think that this is just like it's just like a public display of showing you're doing something and not really doing the thing like if you WanNa, go all the way and just take restaurant off because you know you've decided that the restaurant is racist I could understand that I guess I don't understand what happens. Once, they do their investigation like say they investigate. First of all what are they going to do? Investigator they calling people? Are they getting firsthand accounts and then let's say they decide and then if they. Unequivocally okay. Yes. The owner of this restaurant. Is. Terrible Racist. Then what they kicked him off the platform, it's Kinda reminds reminds me a little bit of the mess that the James Beard got an like if your job as an institution is not to investigate racism. And don't publicly have like a business altering label of racism also. Just the thing alone is a is a is a stain on these restaurants, right? So like. I think that as a rule, if you have one of these flags on restaurant and then it turns out not to be true like I almost think Oh, it to the restaurant to like blast an email being like, hey, we looked into this and it's not true right not to just like leave it up there for awhile and then like hope that the. News changes. So the person accused is not. Having their. I Dunno restaurant hurt business. In other ways. If they are investigating this accusation. The alert could be a little more neutral. We're investigating something about this business. That's why pages on hold rate. I'm more okay with that but then I wanNA know like they with all of their listings around the country in the world. How many people are they gonNa have to hire investigate these claims like how real is this effort I mean? It's not it's. Not to assume anything. Well. The. Hell we're I like to assume here this is angry employees of yelping like we're not doing enough. We need to do this and they're like, all right. We'll put a racist flag. We'll fucking fly the racist flag on some restaurants were. Yeah Yeah I. Think the. No fly the racist flag stays. Yeah I. Think IT'S One of those that it's one of those show don't do measures. Yeah. Performance give ally ship that actually could be more damaging. Than Good. If you're a user generated platform be user generated. Like don't I don't know it's it's well, it's not like. I think this is a hot topic of conversation what comes to the social platforms but this is just business pages where people can comment stuff and yes, you should moderate the comments takeaway racist comments. But how are you GONNA go into an investigation of a business? and. Like when did that become your responsibility and what is the? What's the cutoff. WHAT'S THE CUTOFF WAY? What is their definition of of thing that qualifies as this in this world where? Everything is so fluid wi I mean we're assuming too much good here they have no idea I mean the thing is on Yahoo is like I've never seen well, they have to strikes for food poisoning or whatever. Like there's some things that could actually be relevant to the business that also would need further investigation. Yeah I don't think yelp it needs to be their responsibility to look into the ethics of the businesses on their platform. And for them to pretend that they can is disingenuous. Yeah. Okay. A man we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA land the plane here so to speak. I've heard multiple stories of airlines trying unique things to raise money or to generate income in this. In this time, some of them revolve around meals, which I think is funny because you know obviously what's up with airplane food is like the oldest joke in the book that it's you don't go to an airplane food until now Singapore Airlines. This is according to Bloomberg said that they sold out all the seats available on an airplane. Three eighty. Four two nights of dining in on the airplane not going anywhere just on the runway. They have a meal in a suite which costs. Four hundred seventy four dollars and then a hundred bucks for premium economy and fifty per meal for economy to get on an airplane and eat and airplane meal first of all. Amazing. So excited about this. This is bonkers though right like. Who would do this? I'm glad they're doing it but who would do this? I. Mean. Now that I'm glad I'm glad they're doing it. There's no reason to be anything but supportive, you can be neutral or supportive. I mean, all right share I'm supportive. I don't know if I care about. Singapore. Surviving or revenue right now, you could go in a restaurant support the restaurant. Anyway here's my Miami. Points for me? Yeah. It's gets points I'm I'm happy for Singapore Airlines my question to you. Daniel. Is. As. Far as I know you season food differently for airlines because of your taste buds at when you're flying they are. They're not as strong. So you have to make the food extra salty and extra season are they using their traditional recipes? Are they going to have to build new recipes for this on the grounds dining I have? No idea but I think it's to assume that they're going. To use their traditional recipes, I mean, what would be really silly and funny is if they brought in guest chefs and ate the meal. On the plane and it was like fancy Singapore restaurants popping up. Be Cool. This do that. But God, forbid Singapore Airlines would make money. Right? Yeah, there's another story out of. Out of Finland. They're selling their. Yeah. They're selling their business class meals in in a grocery store. Would you eat airplane though I will say that I have I feel some nostalgia airplane food I like I like TV dinners I like the compartmentalized. Of Airplane Food, for if you are flying. Business and First Class I think Singapore Airlines is also known for having a High Quality, food program Yeah so like I'm not nostalgic for Delta coach sandwiches. But I might be nostalgic for the first class special things that I get from Singapore air. So really really really good point and I wonder if the food in the economy and premium economy cabins on Singapore air is just as a business class food across the board you better. Off. Yeah. Giving them peanuts it was just. In a soda, yeah you know what? I would love I mean this is not available to us, but I would be so interested in trying the food from all the airlines around the world like I was in. Where I, go even flying to Japan the food that they give you is this such a trite. Comment, but like the food is so Japanese and it's just like. Austin. It's No. But it's just like idiot. Little pickles and stuff, and it's like little. Nice piece of Sam I mean obviously also they take it a lot more more more seriously I mean even on this one flight, what do I know but? It would be cool if you could sample all the different first-class situations because I always get press releases about like, Oh, Maziarz now in jetblue premium or Christina Tosi is now. Releases. Straight to the garbage, but you know there are all these big name chefs who's partnered up with all these various airlines. I've never tried it because I never fly first class, but that could be something they could sell. Anyway. So should we Should we wrap up? Let's wrap up a man. Thanks so much for your time. This was such a blast. Thank you and I know we say this every week but next week, we will definitely be back. We'll be back every week until Thanksgiving to say we have to do it and we'll do it and we have to do it. Okay Goodbye. Thank you to Jenny Zhang. Thank you to you Daniel. See you next week. The perfect weapon in HBO Documentary Film Directed By John, Maggio explores the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. Based on the best selling book by New York Times National Security correspondent David e Sanger the film draws on interviews with top military intelligence and political officials for a comprehensive thoroughly captivating. Of the ominous impact, cyber conflict has on the world at large. The perfect weapon is now streaming on HBO Max.

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Three Wide, No Cover -- Weekend Racing Preview

Three Wide No Cover

23:28 min | 2 years ago

Three Wide, No Cover -- Weekend Racing Preview

"Hello. Welcome to three wide nightcap. Heist make wall. Joining me as always join Vallance how I manage. I'm good group. One racing back. It's very good. These and saw Maggio a stay. Hey, young a ho very good. Very good shoot. And again today. Definitely I are the best production ratings of the show in history. The first is somewhat side looking to a massive ship now Josie it can say what he's wearing now. But if you look at social media, we'll make sure we do post with Josie trod to weigh on the show today. But the cameras and the law wouldn't have it. You wouldn't have been able to say anything, you would have been bonded side. Check at socials for that Josie speaking, you let's get straight into your track report, just Flemington or were young by starts, Bob. We'll just stick with Flemington Ryo true. Good for law. Weaned subtly kind of have now impacted all I expect these track to rice as fairly as a candidate has rice really well up to two years and all Flemington, so every horse will get its chance with wide in. So I'd guides worried at all beautiful plying surface for Saturday at Flemington drop. But when it's gone hij- gig. Well, let's get striding. Let's have a look at the black Taviani broadening the group one thousand eight is Dan the strike this. Chung watt ima- opinion, very deserved five hundred four dollars in a Tom the galaxy win and proven at four dollars. Eighty graph are interested to you on this kid is exhauted about as I do with the others Osborne booze or as falling while it seeks dollars fifty and coming off that Monte ever run written by and glean machine that I does which my for maybe the ball act Josie have is the map Mckee. It's an interesting rice and genocide of the two year old with forty four kilos don't say that too often in your rice books punters forty four kilos with a horse Chris Caserta well-done getting down to that. Right. Look the on the y jitter STA has got any hope as a two year old in these rights is to go as fast as it can possibly can for as long as it possibly can. And hopefully, the others don't catch it. So that means is going to be some speeding. This rice speeding this rice, probably for mate, takes Osborne balls out of the rice for me, the reason of Martine double figures just on the fact that he usually up the strike gets his ability to just off soft tempos in springtime, really really quickly dunk. No if that will be afforded he'll be chasing from a long way at never been over a thousand maters, I up he's got a great I record, but never been over there. And so going double figures, so we are landed was son lot the three year old. I think she mature in three dollars ninety four dollars. What the market is with her at the moment. Look, she's one the cool more she's up to strike affairs and maters things probably pick. For Macy's top peak. I think the other who was the older horse that can run really well he's in her on. So I can get one up the strike sly concerns in teddy who feel a first time. They're always what concerns with me. But jeeze if she can reproduce some of her form that she showed you she'll be mardi hard debate. She's got some good numbers up behind her that will have her winning this race. It's an intriguing rice because I think divine quality at twenty six dollars is a little bit of a smokey wouldn't be surprised to see runner rice. It's run up the carnival was huge graph of Biegel. What's the other horse written? Boy, I've got biggest I'm taking them on a long with Osborne. Bozon going son lot. I think you know, Tom will run really, well, divine qualities to blow it, but I'm with John Lott a three year old quickly before we go. They may machine in chance chance and marketing four dollars. That'd be surprised if he won the younger is not asked that he's I think it's got one graph covet. But it's behind them in the market. I think gang table be surprised whoever wins this rice because we don't have I read cook warriors, tariffs, Chautauqua and Lincoln repay. We don't have a champion spring of red cells, not the Santer in Iran lines, not they shells, not they trolled you're in the way, this is just an open black caviar lightning and sounds fascinating in Simon views that and it's very aggressive pricing. He from Lloyd kennel, well and tame Kenny well to round Jetta stat at forty four kilos. It's the raw rice, it's the raw Tom and to run a two year old with forty four kilos to try and ladle the white because it's open at sort of. He's written boy who likes to run along too. So it's a switching planes knowing that it's a wake-up lightning that we normally see with the best sprinters possibly in the land in it. Sunlight gets the best running the rice. I'll concur with Jude. You'll see that she's proven down the stretch the boys in the more, and she could be just a stop just one little question. Mark remember Nitra strip her first up in Adelaide last dot, but I'm sure tiny mcevoy's got an awesome Ford. And it was a lovely piece of work while her down the strike outside of that. In her, Tom. I wanted to ROY who first up he Julian Dan, the strike, but the synthetic who FILA, you know, a negative against that main. She's cracks in and she's not. She hasn't been one hundred percent slot question. Mark to who they all had her on top to be honest. But it's just a question Mark on mortgage on the inside Gheit because all the speed will be on that inside or in her Tom Corey brands raw show, and she can get it, and she can use that burst. Fancier running everything. For the first home in ho read graph running ever made us for the first time in east kore- at just keeps throwing up question marks. This rice lane may machines proven down the strike finished. It off interesting that Chris Walla places seeming this rice, I I would say hasn't fresh Oregon hailstorm home. All concur. That has been bulls will get back but with a little bit of. Negativity in her Tom on top for me. Very good. I know don't have a lot of towing because you've gotta get through just want to take you back to three year olds very quickly. They haven't won since two thousand and five with Fastnet rock. We knew he was a superstar, but they have a fantastic record. And the mock it identifies them wash g formality filed. But was I dollars tweet as and seven thousand star tune and flowing ATI flowing ATI ran five two thousand and sixteen behind Chautauqua. Japanese seven dollars fourth was excise fee again fiber at Iran, two one the market identifies as railroad. I think the NFL somewhat stop five or clearly the or sung to stem. Glad to hear that, you know, mowing machine or that could be the value there. The I. Shall we have a look at a Josie? She is back the monument winks returns at ram weaken, the Apollo before nine hundred gripe to say her back in this. Mr. gosh, gee, just free runs in the prep. But goes back has she started the two seasons prior all the two campaigns prior and autumn. So we'll get full runs out of she's a dollar own on happy and non dollars you type sat and have the copper we in the raid on forgotten. Yeah. And if you can believe it Tom Melvin. Studying shorter processing egg Todd. You wouldn't have that twelve months ago Josie have is this look to Piat nice paid whatsoever. So wings. I look she's a dollar on on. I'm not telling you she's going to get bayton. But I'm not sure end-all twenty one dollars twenty Sikhs which is about twelve percent difference. Look, I expected adrift actually probably wind, and I know she'll probably win. But jeez, happy clip is an absolutely bomb. I up he's too. If it's especially the cannabis stikes Losch g was outstanding. If he rented that Fieger winks he's gonna have to run some pretty good sections to get over happy. Clapper. We know she will not suggesting she's going to get baked. But just that doa. Knowing is extremely skinny compared to the United around a dollar twenty seven twenty eight in the cokes plight. Lauch, gee, I up she's always at most vulnerable again, not suggesting she will lose, but the duller on skinny familial expected adrift has to drift on with think as so I was just being is Julian scouting. And that he's wearing. Did you mention you mention wing Z three times, there's not a possibly not a possibility she can get by. Well, there's always a possibility because we're involved with humans and things can happen. But. All I'm saying is the duller on on his slowly skinny mock, they're a little bit bigger than that. And I thought she more tricks to but I'm not here to tip against the happy clap is had seven stats against winks. He's finished third with three times a second two or three times and third once unbelievable. He finished second tour guide. And he's destroyed. An absolute trait on really intrigued about how unforgotten going to get in. This rice is a lot of booms on who. And now in the autumn countable, you'll find that the Phillies amazed the most stronger and better developed, so I'm looking forward to her finishing off eg tat. She does one well fresh coming through just but her first up, but unforgotten the one happy clap at around second. But wing si peu all the way. Interesting listening to Hubei men, and they saw him for the press absolutely sensational. But he said he never really ribs her up in a trawl, and he just trusts that Shays Icai, but when he took her and galloper with the autumn sun on the coast proper at Randwick earlier in the week, but the colors on she fought. It up and she showed that, and that's what you going to say at. She went win bought five links shoe zippy, I'm that lasts Villalonga win comfortably guy. So it's wink's happy. Copper exact if you want to have a bit in this right will give her his fantastic. And we're talking about Tom Melvin way of getting around top mountain. It'd be why we don't expect them to the too much. But these could be a good late up rice for the all star mall. They say if you want to get better you go to bay against bit accompany better company than winks. Now, we are getting around Tom mutually. So if you haven't voted for the all star mal yet, please help us get Tom Melbourne into the rice and give your vote to Tommy. And hopefully come Monday, we can say the perennial broads mind that has broken for a race and get a start in the all star mall. So definitely getting around told me, gentlemen, even Josie. You've been getting around told me esta. Just tie the company on we're gonna take a break when we come back. We're going to have the other group pricing at high Q. And then of course, I got around the country on you some winners. Homework MAC to free wide. Now. It's time to go back to Flemington, and we're gonna have a look at a couple of group rices these Tom for the three year olds. What are we get started? With the vanity for the Phillies gentlemen that was over a college together. Now, we've got two very clear fiber dot their bane juggling for five or him. At the moment will got fundamentalists that free does and for trot at three thirty they've caused Cornell the thousand Guineas and looking they're going to do the same here. The cars are Sikhs. It was very elegant at I was fifty sham while non dollars and Josie one. I'm interesting, you were big spoke for these horse Austria, mar pendant. That's currently eleven dollars are now you're on something else. But your thoughts on that one as well. But of course, we'll stop with the map here the max crucial. There is no speed whatsoever. I think and I would expect fundamentalists to go full would if it does it puts it in the position to win the right? So I think he control the tempo amateur auto is probably mapping worst than meet field. Just to school of flow at that. If these hosts forward, which they might do because there's no spayed will then Amtrak probably is the one because it's the best turn of foot. Look, I mean, fundamentalists corner was very good loss dot up to four nine hundred has that one extra run ahead of infra trod infantry at first up, I think if a choice probably a bid a horse about fundamentalists just that one run ahead of it. It's gonna be ahead of it in the map. It can really. Jay time quickly off slow section so fundamentalist on top infantry massive dying everything else. Go double figures. You spoke about more opinion marketer random does we'll have a residual fitness from the uinta Adid very well in that campaign. But now it's stepping up against the ride marches be found out about that residual fitness more help it on Saturday. But fundamentalists for me infra trot steroid forward, it's going to be Monte harder. But she's the best background on this weekend. And that's fundamentalist bait after Charlie and the chart he was very very good and headed measure last spring countable, but she gets two and a half kilos on a he and that is fundamentally, and she also has that Shalayel form a who'd and mystic journey form. Shed that one run under a bath. She should dictate tombs. You'll be very disappointed if Markle Walker didn't control it's the clauses a massive chance. I within the mitchen the settle really interested to see how very elegant settles this time in she'll hit the White Hart and Afra Trotsky. She just needs to get at and. Get room from that barrier one but fundamentalist on top from the very good. You're on the same thing. We always walked that next. We have the colts and geldings the safest highs, of course, gentlemen. This is far more open. We have horses between six dollars fifty and twelve dollars. Donna, I just chivalry at the top of the market at six fifty a pace. I toward are coming off that griped win in January seven dollars fifty ring ring. Ding, ding extra brute first stop after winning the Dhabi nine dollars. These daybreak. Gills Hetty said unfolding here very day. Bryce think good Spada age of chivalry the inevitable from Tasmania annoy. So what was done that get under your skin punches? It'll go forward as well. I'm going with the of chivalry just on the fact that it will be fooled. It's feet. And I think it might be able to just Cape running. It's a really tough rice. Don is going to have a beautiful map coming down from Sydney ring, a ding, ding and extra brew. They clearly the class Rana's extra brute. If it runs very good rice what you have to try and Guineas any particularly the stri cop. Have a two thousand but for me if she just because of fitness on it saw it as interesting rice. He's one of the hottest rices of the dia pot from the telling to the two year old I've gone with a little bit of full little bit of double figure Ozzy or should sign a host gold Mickey blue eyes now he's drawn out in the cow pock, but he gets back. He's I run he was arguably probably stiff note too big Graff who's running in the lightning went on the group. One level beta holes, cold Jim sung in Sydney and all think he's a pretty smart whole this Martin baes rice. But as a whole host, I wanna be riding the value back three pays and all that klezmer afra- Ciardi when she won three day with Cava chiming in blending. And that last one hundred eighty maters that the clock Taylor, Oregon. Mickey blue is more at a snake applies. But these these I massive rice, it's an I've been rice so many good holes as you want to say heating, the why he or they guys we're going. For a NAS wide twenty six dollars. They're about this. They would just go. Google doc, gentlemen, that one way get a break. Now when we come back. We're going to go round the country, and we've also got sort of announcement for panel by this as well. We'll be back side. Welcome back to fray wad nine Cava. It's the best part of the show for the punt. This is where we find you. You winners. It's Tom to go around the country. Thank you, do ES, stay Josie lead start in the in the west where we always starts aren't gonna miss that. Hopefully, you don't make a mess these which is I hit my wherever in Perth, we rice to number seven wild gust lost star. This is just a minden here and lost dot finish sick. And they went half a second quicker than the class three on the sine die. They went at quick up by kind Heim quick good. So on rice to number seven while Guston party roads. Very good wall of got you. Let's come across the South Australia and urine rice full he gave rise four number four straight of Avalon. If it goes to ETA light. It'll be winning was very good loss dot coffee had behind hefty gone into really good rice. I think it was a good ranking rice fourth off. It's one fourth before straits of Abba one been rocked Salvadoran that to seventy quad since I've been in you got to you locking out is to to becoming a bull. That's rice to a number three. And that's extreme thrill as good second outbreak or at the track three. Three weeks fresh just the bump at the six hundred and then taught in a guy hoses can switch off have you to forgive that rise to number three and rice site number for a good price. I'll just fan a little bit of value. Which is how the do it move Bill sometimes and that's tiny tiara, and they saw ran really, well, I the seven eight hundred made is winning the pinola cow fifty five and a half kilo. They used to the climate drawn inside barrier and rolls forward and Kylie craft is absolutely flowing. Coming off a double at Santan to view of goods the to of a night, we didn't fulfil of stocks just get a little excited when I get around the tube and to be he's wanted to fall from this. Doug, Stibal, the guy and worked with signed to extreme through four twenty and got absolutely what into freight twenty strata wise is not the only one that blocks that Josie. Let's go to Dumont year. Reis four number eleven drew Medusa forethought goes to sixteen hundred maters. Yes was good off a slow tempo at four eight hundred loss. Stop what I walked even more is the switch weaned too starts ago in. Really fast time. It's ready for these snail. I think it'll be winning rice four number eleven as you've got something in the loss. Yes. Yes. Get it. Right. It's not before tumbler when you sit and backed his crack in the little frothy day Josie or maybe. In that county and a ciga- and tumble for me. Ran super. I I've got back way bang as good sick. And I've credentials doom doing this does get back but Goodspeed stack is played on. He he'll be flowing. I'm me second this a group very level subpoenaing, and I forget that little holes. I mentioned last week. He's not gonna come up on the screen, but rice, seven number one mate. Mr. Tyler a fourth of five he's drone fold this'll be his biggest test. But he's a good old the guy Cayenne Yussef wiles, boys. We're going to go to Sydney now Josie your your in the last year REIs now, a number I go choosed I said punish you can pick yourself up the floor, and she was bayton as a shore price favorites. But I think we can forgive that lost out was really hot in the market just couldn't make grand on that Rosehill track. So I'm happy to forgive. I think we get annoy suppress on Saturday. I think he gets a good guy wouldn't be surprised to say it back guilt Tuesday. Tell you what it's four ID at the moment said if you get an ulcer process definitely wanted to get around and they get out you've got to. Insead knee as well. Yeah. I love diplomatic. I was a whole he won as mind four, and then he bit holes called legitimate condo. We wanna stikes rice at Flemington. I the full dis of the carnival. This is a benchmark Idei Brinton. Abdullah done stuff. It up. Fifty four kilos rice six right, seven number six minutes, fabulous. He's back. Can't remember in the flawed stike? She I have a rice and went from the late amok full five day. Pete the front and just go she baked deaf yester- and pretty pink proud of that at group two level until you rose. She'll sit back a lot the why she's relaxed in a trolls is Tom ran. She's matured on some and she'll run suppo. She's looked good. Oh, just mentioned settling to you. Earlier about Tom. You said you didn't city coups FILA. He's fabulous first time synthetic who feel you're gonna jump off to in the one shot. She's she looks like she has come back. Well, she settling bid, and I'm really looking forward to finishing a rice off. I'm not saying she can she can win this. I dump. Well, she's always sort of wanna fall our fair enough fair enough diplomatic clearly is the best in Sydney, that's that. We're being Medicare big. And now, I've when this happens Josie you've got through for us in Maui. Have who force the rice to number three chevelle in the red? Now about was black figures that was a big spoil. I think this is a gym Gallup that was really good winning on die. Boo. Australia came off moderate Tampa. But ranheim really, well, it just looks enormous. Was we spoke about a who these time last year code Kingsmill, drain foiling esteem what? Patent here. I think these ship air, I think a win here. When again, go to the Mornington cop. Wean and we'll be wrought hod firm in the market for Caulfield Cup. Come off Toyota Chabal really want these holes. I think he'll be winning on Saturday in rice seeks hefty on Thompson margins loss dot since I personally coalfield winning quicker than tally rice Kaime quicker. We've speak about that. If you go quicker and come home. It's just a really good. So on if he can just hold its performance from Las dot goes to sixteen hundred. But I think it's a horse that hefty going forth up. Yes, non spent that photo of fifty marks joins. I think he will run very well pronounced five it on anti five of mine, but all expecting and adrift on I think hefty going around clicking. Chabal for the future markets Kofoed cop and hectic on get on there because we'll firm according to join as your your best is in the vanity. Yep. She can't Peyton f- atrocity here at Flemington on Saturday. She'll never bay too. So fundamentalist on top for me. And I'll be taking hangmen in the Cornella with Shumail. I recognise pretty well placed they've been a lot last out. So Jon aren't fantastic. All right, now, gentlemen, we we'd have this essay opposite because of the stinger we have. But it's on forbid panel betas. Just the look on his face Markle. How many times do you watch it on YouTube on a fraud? I not after you've finished in in the studio. Hey, not many. A couple of things on panel betas firstly. We are well aware that the penalty were pining for the national jockeys trust at Ostia and the auditors of banning and going through a very small amount of wins to be the money. They stay we're gonna get we're going to get a guest in next week. And you're going to present the chip yet microphone coal to the national jockeys trust and a Representative will come in. Because we've worked very hard. We're going to give away some money to a very very potent fan. Daishin the national jockeys trusts I sti- cheering for that next week folks here monitor co gills the authority. Got watching plays come on the shy. Or now, what we have here is a way of properly tightening on punches for now on and we are these way Jimmy coach James coats has gone with Flemington rice four number one marker fund currently around the full fifty. We'll give him top flock one hundred on and waiting to take him on with lamb Aguirre the other good often holes at four zero was forty currently. We'll get top five. Well, when he's of course, God to the national junkies. Trust our Todd Josie three one night come a multi. It's it's back hippie on the plice Chabal, the weaned winks. The wean photo was getting all it's a spoil. So startling survey of the wing, then we go to winks on the price getting involved. That's fantastic. Gentlemen. Thank you. As always. Thank you for joining us. If you're having a punt this weekend plays my show, you do responsibly. We'll be back next week to cover off the blue diamond and all the other rice, and it's going on this has been very wide. And I have a great guy.

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