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"maggie joan heller" Discussed on Crybabies

"But whatever vegan domhan so you're next crying q i want you to set it up a little bit because the show end of a movie it's the ending scene of the movie crazy heart flight is new it free ideas were a slice are crazy heart during tumultuous time in my life i was about to move out here to la and um uh you know that there's something about jeff bridges this really dilapidated country star singer like who uh you know he lost you know he in the movie i don't know if you've seen in the maggie john hall they fall the but he loses the the kid at like a bar 'cause he needs to get drunk and so but but he the way that in the end he's lost everything but he so graceful about it and is so sweet to maggie joan heller something in the end and like i dunno i felt like rats definitely gonna happen to me it all at some point in when i'm like older when your results and what i'm gristle you're going to be lake entrenched in your grizzled nece in a kindly way well i would hope to do that graceful that i think it was is that grace employs which may be on a second viewing he doesn't have but i think that and then when the theme comes in on the horizon in the southwest to just just always makes me cry for something pay there's something very dad about jeff i want him to be my dad soul fall and sweet seems like he's broken but.

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