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"maggie chili" Discussed on Green Eggs and Dan

"Cook to an internal temperature of one hundred thirteen degrees. Then throw it on a scalding hot skillet to get both sides charred and Voila. You just saved hundreds of dollars and you don't have to deal with those. Non Woke steakhouse waiters. Hey you two. What would it be for the lady about some VODKA NEAT? She's already got huge rocks. You know what I'm talking about. Okay back there so we're GONNA do some questions. I sent you the that those questions These are these. Are these accidents questions? Giving people homework on yeah podcast. Nbc or Yeah we take. The video are five people who are listening to this now. We're the number one food podcast in the country now. Oh Wow no fucking number. One Food podcast. But I mean within. Podcasts are there is the number one food podcast by an Iranian Jewish host in the country. It's a big market in another guy. What is your earliest memory? My earliest food memory. Oh Man I think going to this restaurant called carnation with my mom okay. Yeah it was used to be on. I think it was on Wilshire. You grew up in L. A. I grew up in La. It's called coronation. It was and it was like next to the carnation is cream and they had a cafe attached to it was called carnations. Always remember that place. Yeah because I always had great shakes and yeah desserts and stuff like that so I remember going to go in there with my mom. Okay what is your death row meal? You've committed a murder. You're in jail you about to die you get one meal. I'll get one meal. I was going to be a steak with greenhorns. It'd be a fat steak with cream. Corn from where promotion prime or masters from ocean prime. And then I would want a Sushi. Appetizer okay and that's why I wanNA ocean prime right because it's like you're gonNA get your steak but we're going to open up with a little yellow tells. Yoshimi I gotTa Say Sushi steak the Best Surf and turf. Yes steak lobster. I don't quite get it guy. Yeah some reason I just don't like lobster allows texture to me. I just don't want it's fine. If lobster was a quarter of the price I'd be like this is great but I don't understand why you're paying that much money for that flavor okay. What is the best high end meal that you've ever had the best high in meal I've ever had? I've had so many of them yet. It's hard to really Buji Yeah I'm Kinda Buju many. I've had so many because I just I love to eat. Well yes I want I want to. I'm a creature of comfort so I don't I you know I want to go to the place that's going to be more expensive. I don't care I I like the service I like all that I mean the whole the whole thing but I I would. I want to say him and actually I'm going to mend this and it can't be a steakhouse or a sushi place. I want like a different. It was probably probably in Saudi Arabia. Alcohol Saudi Arabia and it was like this like seven course meal that I couldn't even eat some of the stuff because it was like you know illegal meets. You know what I mean all the Eagle Snow Leopard. I've thought like that. Scene in raiders of the lost Ark chilled monkey brains. I felt like that but it was just so elegant. How cool was it like an Arab restaurant or was it was at? It was catered thing at a hotel. No way just really fancy hotel with like a A cigar bar in the PENTHOUSE UNO. So this is like it was just fantastic but it was like deer how cool I was just like. Whoa this is so you know what I mean. That's fun what was the. What was the service at that? Was it like? Did you feel like a King? Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. I was ready to like topple a government. I was going to go to village. Not Give me a virgin. It's crazy what is the best low end meal that you've ever had the best low end. Meal Yeah Tommy's what's Thomas Tommy? The Chilli Cheese this guy you know what I mean like. We're both looking at him. Like I want to punch him in the face if it is it is it. Local and sustainable. That's talking. I love you. Maggie Chili cheeseburger place. Oh Yeah I've never been there for so long great and I remember you know what is funny that we're talking about this. I had a big brother from big of America. Okay you know so seven years old and he took me to this place and he was like he made a big deal out of it. He was like all right. Miss you know your order when you go up you gotTA order. You got to move on because they are you know and it was like it was like I was so excited. I was like Chili cheeseburger. Bill but that place is great when you want to just you know. That's a good low end and pinks is another one thinks hotdogs overrated Been a long. I do think it's overrated by used to go once a year to clean out my system because I we get like things by the way is not everyone's from la. It's the number one podcast in the country. is a hotdog place where there's always a huge huge high but it's like it's more than just a hot dog I would get. I would go there and get a chilly. Cheeseburger with Bacon and a fried egg. Ooh Yeah Holy Shit. That's my shit crumble. Lipitor on top of that is awesome. What is so? You don't drink so I guess we won't ask you. What your favorite drunk. Yeah I don't I don't drink so we don't ask you. What your favorite hangover food is. what is but let's say not hangover but let's say you're having a lazy Sunday. There's something you're GonNa Order in your comfort food like. What's Your Comfort Food Man? I don't really necessarily have a bad comfort food. Actually I always consider Sushi my comfort food really because there was a Sushi. Place down the street from where I live and I and I got it was. This guy introduced me to Sushi. Yeah you like you know. Tricked me into eating Sushi? And then so that became my spot. It was like my cheers. Go it was like my I would come in there. Sit at the bar like we were just getting yelled out a lot a lot we would just be APP and so that became like a comfort place for me so I would get like you know so so. Sushi is always think of it like that interesting. I I think for comfort food for me it needs to be warm and maybe a little crest or Chris Blake and pizza right right right So I wouldn't normally think Sushi but I get. The vibe is a specific thing. Yeah Yeah but like yeah but you know I love pizza. Yeah you know what I mean. I love a good pizza I love inside pieces overrated people from New York. Go Fuck Yourself. Okay your pizza's fine. I'm from New York actually do think I'm from New York and actually think Elliot's Pizza is better than new. York's right now but I don't think it does. I don't think it needs a rank doesn't it doesn't break it really doesn't matter no one cares. Chicago Pizza New York Pizza. They're all the fracas same is pizza. Man Wow did a blind taste test. You wouldn't be like this. Smells like you know. What would you say the same thing about Tacos? It depends what what is there. I mean is there another food? 'cause I love tacos okay? There's a good comfort food. Yeah like a like a good burrito from a from A. There's a truck and drive off law. Cnn gotTa from the comedy store is a truck at a car wash and it's there every day. Oh Yeah I know what I'm talking about. I stopped here. Sometimes they got A. They got great burrito He. I know that place the huge alpes store thing out so I love a good. That stuff's good for a good a good some straight talk just three street tacos is a great like that was great. Yeah lease on your fingers. I kinda shit absolutely. How's everything going with your girlfriend? And she texting you back break. We're not. We're not favorite break-up food. You're broken up you man. I'm still gonNA. I'm GONNA go stakeout. Yeah that's a good break up another check with Maggie. What is what is your. Don't worry baby I'm already go. Tell them no gluten Dairy Vegas love you. I'm getting scared listening. And she's totally going to. She got better things to do. What is your okay desert island food? So you're on a desert island. You have one thing you're gonNA have to eat for the rest of your life. Oh No I'M GONNA get tired of it. Oh my God well. Why do they have that? Why do they have that desert island? Yeah well you know you. Don't take it so literally. You're not literally trapped on. It is no no no but I'm saying when people take this question literally like bananas and Coconut Water to survive. I'm saying I would say I would want Mexican food. Okay because then because then I can. Even though it's the same I could get it in different shapes you right so I wanna Taco Bell there because it'd be like okay. GimMe a today. I want a burrito. So you want meat in a Tortilla right. It's me thirteen. And then the next day I'd be like GimMe Taco. Also meet but the tortillas shaped like this right you know guacamole. Yeah Yeah yes I would want. I want a some variety very cheap. I like that. That's a very good way around around the question. That's what I'm saying. You said like you're on a desert. It'd be like okay. Do I get a steak right? But then you can like you know. It's like so and this desert island. They have a lot of things because they have the meat for the CHARCOS Tortilla Lady. The the rest of her life. You pitching me. The Desert Island. Let's shark tank. Dan Hear me out. I was going to be great. What food can't you stand eating? You can't stand these the opinion I'm with you. It's like it's like people that like Ethiopian. Food go fuck yourself okay. These are the most pretentious pieces of Shit. It's always why people who have served in their lives and it's like you know why these people eat this food because there's nothing to eat of. That place is so nasty. That stupid Brown bread read to eat with your hands put things. I'm out. Smells LIKE AMMONIA? I can't it's like a fucking shitty sponge that was left in the back of your sink and now I have to scoop up shitty food. Yeah Yeah it's the worst. Oh Sorry Ethiopia. But Crash Tag. Sorry about that Ethiopia. Great people we love beat the Obama People Marathon. I'm with you bring them. And that's not even that Mr Kenyans but I'm sure they're good to fed general region. I don't like is disgusting to me. Yeah I'm with. I don't like clams thing that I'm not a fan of his to there to Lougee Ish. Yeah Rob Planner fucking. Yeah the only time I can do. A clamp is a small clam if it's like in a pasta or a pizza. I haven't tried that cooked but a big fucking rock lamb is too much. Wow see we have so much incumbent Eric. Oh God more in common than what? We matched with Rachel.

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