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"magda mass" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"And that's what it's about. It's not about it's not about how big and badger. Yeah. It could get to that later when you prove that you got the skilled, and we don't gotta worry 'cause yo pitcher Cologne still exists. Bor, you know, Magda mass still exists, and you crazy yo remember puffy had little events like we haven't and ended up a stampede messing never had. None of that. She don't his fucking Tackett like Ave ever going to be punched. Silly. Under my watch. What my silly. I. And asked what I'm saying? Once you prove that you can be in there with someone on that level. Absolutely. But like. What manager that you know, would allow I Vincent Chicago is ready. Now, you here's promoter saying he ready now he wasn't put them in a title shot last year. It's just that simple. Hobby. Choi talk to me. What's up? Hey, man. When you come to light, maybe, you know, the DC Baltimore area when you come into every man we like vote awards. Oh, man Boorda was I don't know. I mean, we always tell it around. We always tell it a Taylor around a big fight off sponsor. So if we got a sponsor than hell, you we sign out there. Okay. Okay. I'm I'm outside. I how much sponsorship after be. We could talk about that. They're holding. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. But you definitely want to joke. Right. Right. Right. 'cause I definitely want to jump in the corner man and train somebody on the side of you know, we've got we gotta fight for you. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No right from we're gonna fight senior can't fight. He's already told you. I can't fight. I ready told you invite I can't fight. No more. I got a definitive man everhart issue because I'm not getting in the ring. No walks. We can get them to jail. Now. Like, a fool, brother. We good. But we got really great to me. To me, man. You know, if I actually really didn't care about myself, and I wanted to do it. And I will go ahead and do it and I'll still pride with your ass. But the fact is I care about myself, and I'm not gonna do that. Not in any way shape up. I'm just not any way, shape or form to be given anybody fight. Daughter. No. 'cause you offered your door. Once I can we put final girl for no, man. Let let me deal with him with that was me talking shit. But if she wants to do that. She's a grown woman man, it she'll have her baby what in June, and if she wants to do that. Oh, I don't got no control over. Does your mama hold on about? So I got no control over the grown woman. If we do have to women actually, we do got three women. We got real nicer chicken, the UK shot out the real Nizer ticks. Listen, listen, I want you to go on YouTube and Google Google. Just just look, you know, you mom, boxing, U M A R in Baltimore, you my boxing. That's the gym. I used to train adding to our we train. Beginning of c media at you. You're not gonna see me there. But you're gonna see you're gonna see what you're gonna see the fight that there you must some of them. They got girls they got they got some cats. That'll definitely give a lot of your callers. Some problems. But I. Saying so. 'cause I think you come at this from the wrong angle that remember everybody has to be matched accordingly. Just like like, we've we oughta go very, you know, we're trying to find. So like. Guys might be to experience with some of the call is not trying to intimidate anybody. Trying to listen Joseph who am I gonna go to is over three hundred pounds. People. Means to get back into shape in and live a healthier life. And yes, you know, there's gonna be some punches normally trying to not nobody out you guys in. These do trying to go to the amateur. I mean to like Olympics shit. If you think I'm from coming in not wanna knocks you trigger..

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