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"madison michaela bush" Discussed on People Helping People

"You ideas on how to take action. I'm your host out of Morris. I'm super excited to be here today. With Madison Michaela Bush founder of point. This is a single APP where you can volunteer for any cause. What's really exciting is that I went through to change the social entrepreneurship accelerator with Madison. A couple of years ago and she hasn't made phenomenal progress. In growing and expanding point this means connecting with tons of nonprofits creating a lot of opportunities for people that get out there and volunteer. What's more interesting? Is that even in these times? Cove in nineteen. They pivoted and found ways to help people get involved and make a difference. What she's doing is just fantastic. And I'm excited to share her story so without further ADO Madison. Welcome on the PODCAST. Inspiring me cool and can we dive in. Can you tell us a little bit about what point is for those who don't already know absolutely so point as a platform that supposed to be your starting points? Do something good whether that's volunteering. Our APP functions a little bit like Class Fast Rollin tearing or if you WANNA find Local nonprofit to donate. You can do that right on point before we get too far in. How do people? How do people joining? Well thank you. I love when someone asks that I get go. Go to your APP store whether that's apple or android just type in point. You should be able to find aching. Go the point APP DOT Org. I'd love to know just a little bit about how you started and a little bit behind the work that you're doing with nonprofits very long story. I feel like how we got started story is story that is a high and low over multiple multiple years. So if I give you the quick version of a I had started a website that allowed people to give. When I was in college I was about eighteen years old. I walked into a lawyer's office and I said I need started on profit and I then started a website that was giving platform. But it really didn't never really took off. And when I left holiday realized that the web had kinda died An APS became always really frustrated. That people never had a theory very easy way to help in what I mean by that. Is that there is just nothing in our pockets that we could pull out and say you know I care about the saying you know. How do I dive right in in in that was such a big frustration to me that it really set out wanting to solve it so? I did an illegal campaign after shutdown that website and raised twenty thousand dollars for an APP. I hired develop firm out in San Francisco and they basically took most of our money in never gave us a product. Yeah it was It was devastating. I didn't know I was doing. I was A biology kid In my family. If you're not a doctor your candidate a disappointment sow I was still trying to go the doctor route and then instead I was like you know what mom and dad forget that biology degree. I'M GONNA move into your basement and I'm GonNa Start attack so I hired for didn't go well and I realized how horrible it was going when I was in San Francisco and I had tweeted. Where can I get five thousand dollars and a friend? Connect me to the senior engineering manager at twitter on twitter. Believe it or not I know. It's it's a complete fluke so I met him. He had kindly told me. I shot my company in the ground. Good luck and that was a wakeup call. I needed so I got off the plane From San Francisco Joel. That night it was the day before the giving out eleven o'clock pm. And I had realized that a friend had offered to build an APP at a Frat party years earlier and I was like you know what was going to call him mind you. It's eleven pm so I call love. It was like hey happy. Thanksgiving remember when he said two years ago. I know I am talk to you in two years but any chance the offer to build the episode in he said. You know what it is and I'm like great that's amazing And he's like all starts weekend and I was like you know where you working. I work at Google so a developer from Google jumped Bp in about two weeks and the guy from twitter was so impressed that he jumped ended also finished MVP. So I have a lot to thank rocky. My friend who google in Tim from twitter really got us on this path to get it started That was not you know happily ever after after that so we built that first product. They jumped off after we got the. Mvp enemy started Beta testing. We brought in volunteer developers from Ohio. Which is where we live and we scraped our way to a product. And I tried walking into all these people's offices trying to fundraise. I went to every single rotary club. The draw high thirty. Fm begging for money never got anything. I mean people would ask me the leave meetings early like. Why do you need this? This is unnecessary. Kick me out fifteen minutes into a meeting. I mean it's always a struggle. The club astound nation in Columbus. Believed US really took a chance on us. I gave a grant in our in our friends and family Money and we were able to build out more of the product and in what I mean by that is that we started wanting to be a really quick tool to give people a way to do that too especially volunteer because we think it's literally crazy you have to chase down a nonprofit in playfield tax You know coordinate on a really bad not mobile friendly website if you just want to help and the mission became a lot bigger than what we set out to you. We realized that eighty five percent of women are leading local nonprofits especially in non major city placed us in. I realized that those women are ignored by the tech community not only because of their gender because of you know they work in nonprofits so there's just no tools no great tools that they can use That are all at our free And instead they're paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for really average software one. That don't have the right tools and nobody's really bang any attention to develop for them exactly citizens just big black hole when it comes to local nonprofits. I'm not talking about. Save the children or anything like that. I'm talking about the nonprofits that meet the necessary needs in our communities. I'm been so fired up about that. They just haven't stopped so it wasn't just a cakewalk to build a nap and launch it and be super successful some kid from Ohio. I took a bit of bigger out what I was doing. And it took a lot of youtube being bugling and falling on my face and losing a lot of money and so. Where are you today questions? So let's talk about pre covert January. We we're planning to set out on our big CAMPION's launch point not cities and we have about ten thousand users in Central Ohio. Two hundred nonprofits on the platform and we were ready to take point savage cities and the morning that the stock market fell was the morning. I my entire teams of light to Austin Texas in the fifty nine process signed up for our what we call an early access event and we had to cancel it. We HAD TO CANCEL OUR CLEVELAND All of our fans in Indianapolis and in DC. And you know what it is. It's back to the figure out Haba Rethinking and I'm sure that everyone listening to this is awesome not stage in your personal life or with Your Business and I think we're all we're all there definitely a huge ship for everybody. How's IT impacted volunteering Immensely so it was February. We saw that charities need about three hundred volunteers in February February is pretty low volunteer month and we were noticing that no one was signing up and this is really before you know hove it had hit the US at all really and we had four clients in my clients. We are a little bit like Tom. She's protect the feller platform to pop corporations and on the same platform to nonprofits for free. So we don't profits We do charge. Corporations add to give them a corporate associate responsibility tool for their employees. So we had all of these Companies lined up huge deals and everyone backed out and said you know we're having a lot of financial instability because a cloven in.

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