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"madeline billa" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Look good to Rhode Island. No reports of any delays and 1 28 and north of the city three and 93 look good to New Hampshire. Rob Dracula. WBZ is traffic on the three and now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with Matt bends for today, a mix of sun and clouds with a chilly breeze. High 36 degrees, But actually, a real field tempt has been the twenties this afternoon. Or clowns with the straight rain or snow shower out on the Cape for today, tonight, turning out mainly clear, Low 26 in Boston near 20, though in some suburbs Sunday Obrist start otherwise mostly sunny by the afternoon. High 39 degrees. Sunny and pleasant for Monday High 41 for Tuesday partly sunny, high 41 degrees. I'm accurate to me, they're all the map bands WBZ Boston's news radio 25 degrees this morning in Quincy 22 degrees In Concord in rally 24. Here in Boston, with Sunshine 27 degrees at 7 55 on the Ring Central News line, his Jordan Welcome. It's the WBC New England weekend. I'm Jordan Rich, and we've been talking with Madeline Billa's writer for Boston magazine. Who's terrific series 57 great ideas for the winter of 2021 is helping all of us cope. And you spoke to a dear friend of mine, David Lashinsky from Eureka, puzzles and games in Brookline, and he had some fine suggestions as he always does about keeping busy and having fun with games. Tell us more. Yes, I chatted with David and he gave me some awesome recommendations, especially for one player game because I'm interested in Estas Islas alone. He told me that she she votes for one of the most exciting things he found when he was at the Nuremberg Toy fair last year, And basically it's sort of this kaleidoscopic designed with magnets and you hold in your hands, and it's a brain teaser for one person, So it's it's shape, shifting it more into all these different forms, and it kind of keeps you occupied so that one sounds like a lot of fun and for a two player game, he recommended a game called Paris City Delamere and basically except in Paris during the 18 99 exquisite Seven, which is the world's fair that celebrated the event of electricity. So it's a really beautifully illustrated board game and players try toe eliminate the street lamps and their little persons of Paris even told me it's a great game for.

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