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"madeira house" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist

Monocle 24: The Globalist

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"madeira house" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist

"You know in the nineteenth century big powers intervened, partly to attack the empire's, but but usually with the exclusive defending minorities, and then you know, after World War Two the and the discovery of the holocaust, you know, emotions certainly shifted, but they were complicated by the Cold War. We're in a new time now, and I think it's very hard to predict I didn't think there is one tipping point. Because each case is is is affected by number of factors, including this rather new situation. This this squaring up of of of the United States, China and Russia, we we really don't know how that one's going to develop. Thanks very much to Isabel Hilton. Here's what else we keep an eye on today. The British parliament will vote today on a number of amendments to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan, which could shape the UK split. From the European Union may risks losing control of the process and has been trying to shore up support to block a proposal that would hunt parliament, the power to delay, the exit process and prevent a no deal divorce. The United States in the Taliban have agreed to the framework of a potential peace deal to end seventeen years of war enough ghanistan, but there's no confirmation the Taliban has agreed to key American demands. Including a ceasefire and direct talks with the Afghan government things. The insurgent group of rejected in the past President Trump is pushing for a full troop withdrawal. But defense department officials have warned it could lead to a terrorist attack on the US within two years and a woman in New York City has been rescued after spending an entire weekend trapped in the lift of her billionaire employer. Police say fifty three year old went into the. List of the upper east side townhouse on Friday evening owned by investment banker Warren Stevens, but with the family away for the weekend. She was only rescued on Monday afternoon said to be dehydrated, but recovering. Well, this is the globalist. Stay tuned. This is the globalist time Georgina Godwin coming to you live from Madeira house in London. It's seventeen minutes past seven here. How chills is the billionaire who built Starbucks into a global franchise. Although a lifelong democrat he's now considering running as a centrist independent candidate for the US presidency in twenty twenty but leading Democrats of warned that this might in ch- ensure the reelection of Donald Trump who Mr Schulz says said is unfit to govern Brian cloth. Had this to say earlier Schultz has no chance the way the system is set up is for two parties. So this is not it's not a viable candidates vanity project and Trump is sort of goading him that tweeden about the the rent. He says, you know, he doesn't have the guts to do it because Trump would be delighted to have Schultz. This is the only real path if you were to hold the election right now against generic democrat, Donald Trump, Donald Trump would lose. There was a poll that said will you definitely vote against Donald Trump and he had fifty. Seven percent said yes, I mean that that is an impossible statistic. If that were to hold up going to the election, the only possible way he could win the electoral college, therefore is to split the vote siphon off votes from the democrat into the independent, Ron and Schultz could actually do that. So it's why Democrats are extremely up in arms against this candidacy. So that was Brian Cass speaking on majori house, which owning me now is Scott Lucas is professor of international politics at Birmingham university. Scott Schultz comes from outside politics. But he's run a large corporation. He's come from deprived background. He knows what it is to struggle. Lots a compelling story is it enough to make him a credible candidate..

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