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"madame lilo" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Lotteries gotten legal trouble for slave mistreatment during era of history when it was the norm to mistreat slaves, which leads me to believe that the very least, you know, these people were especially sadistic and cruel March. No also recounted stories that the lottery kept her cook chained to the kitchen stove that she beat her daughters when they attempted to feed slaves the pits. Pittsfield son writing several weeks after the evacuation of Lowery slave quarters following the fire claim that two of the slaves found in the Laura imagine a died since the rescue. And then added we understand that in digging in the yard bodies have been disinterred. And that the condemned well in the grounds of the mansion having been uncovered others, particularly that of a child were found. So, you know, more bodies are found secretly buried on the property ten years later, another author will darken the already dark tale of Madame Lilo read, the American novelist, George Washington, cable, probably the most famous writer to spread the lottery. Legend. He was born in Louisiana in eighteen forty four. He fought for the confederate army later became a journalist and historian Creole life before and after the civil war painted, an incredible picture of pride opulence, racism and money his eye for detailing the battle between the Americans and French Creole was remarkable, especially in his famed novel. The Grandes seems a he conveyed a sense disapproval toward the racism still present in Louisiana after the civil war cable, eventually moved to Massachusetts became friends with Mark Twain and actually did some book lecture tours together and an end in his book. Strange true stories of Louisiana originally published eighteen eighty nine he told a lot of retail. He didn't include medical experiment injuries in the list of tortures suffered by the slaves. But he did corroborate claims of household slaves being terribly mistreated and then being freed by others during and after the terrible fire and his accounts are backed up with original documents and depositions given after the incident in eighteen thirty four and then decades later in nineteen forty six. John de LA Wien wrote ghost stories of old New Orleans. This is the book most likely responsible for some of the gory or embellishments on what the rescuers found during the lottery house fire of eighteen thirty four including stories of medical experiments and buckets of body parts. No documentation to back up aspects of these aspects of the story, Dale Levin wrote a horror story, not a historical book, but his book has been treated as a historical accounts since arm. Sorry, genie, not, gene. So it's a she genie day Levin. She wrote, for example, the man who smashed the garage door saw powerful male slaves. Stark naked chained to the wall. There is gouged out. Their fingernails pulled out by the roots. Others had their joint skinned and festering great holes in their buttocks where the flesh had been sliced away their ears hanging by shreds their lips sewn together their tongues drawn out and sewn to their chins severed hand stitched bellies lay. Legs pull joint from joint female slaves. There were their mouths and ears Cran with ashes and chicken awful and bound tightly others had been smeared with Honey, and we're a massive black. Ants intestines were pulled out a nodded around naked wastes there will holes in skulls were rough. Stick had been inserted inserted to stir the brains some of the poor creatures were dead, some were unconscious and a few were still breathing suffering agonies beyond any power to describe..

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