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"maclaurin kennedy" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"And i would think at some point pits is gonna really sees that number two role and and be better. Be a better option But their offense in the way it's currently structured is going to involve a of stuff around atlanta scrimmage patterson's really pretty good in space and arthur smith doing a good job getting him design plays in space at a relatively low volume. He's a unique animal. You gotta start him for no okay. I agree and and and look. They tried to get pits going. He had a couple of targets early on in the game finished with a career high nine career. It's only been four games. But you know what. I'm saying Patterson just he he got behind washington's defense for the first touchdown of the game and he just he's making plays. He's not playing as much as even did last week. Thirty percents of the snaps were cordeiro. Patterson mike davis was close to seventy percent. Obviously so i'm i think you've got to go with paterson if you'd like you need a flex you need running back that positions thin. Here's somebody that's producing is working in. The red zone with mike davis. He's he's a thing. Quick update here jimmy. Garoppolo anticipates being out a couple of weeks with his calf injury member. That might just be one game because they do have a bye in week six. Okay cordeiro patterson. At this point. I i i understand next week just because sanders has been so bad rest of season would you rather have mile sanders or cordeiro. Patterson it's so ridiculous to even your like your kind of setting up for one of the other. Believe it or not. But i'm going to avoid it. I will say quayle patterson i'll i'll stick with sanders because i'm stubborn. Okay terry maclaurin and kenny holiday. But it's kind of how i feel. Tear maclaurin kennedy golladay. We're winners for you. Heath maclaurin with one hundred twenty three yards and two touchdowns on thirteen targets and golladay one hundred sixteen yards on eight targets at new orleans so big games for them and maclaurin was already a must start golladay only starred in twenty percent of leaks. What do you want to say about these two. Nfc east receivers. I just i. It was nice to see. Can he go at a produce as a giant. It was nice to see him getting some downfield targets and connecting on them. So this gives me more. Hope that he will be a number two wide receiver in non pr and a high end number three wide receiver and full pr arrest. Season for terry is just now two or three games and we need to give taylor heineke.

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