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What's on Your Life Resume

Leadership and Loyalty

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What's on Your Life Resume

"All right. Let's strip it down. Die right in as alita whether you're a ceo someone in the c. Suite a sales leader or leader in any capacity in a marketplace where everyone from entry level to see is changing jobs and careers faster than every point in history. We better have a great resume. But i you actually focusing on the right things and what does it take to build a resume that is relevant in order to in order to make the impact you one of make. Well stay tuned because you're bound to find out our guest on this episode is jesse iceland. Jesse is one of the most impressive resumes out there. He started the world's first private jet company. Machi jets became the world's largest private jet cod company with a five billion dollar come consummate sales prior to the acquisition by warren buffett's company. He has partnered him and his sold zico. Coconut water to coca cola. Here's the number one bestselling author of living with a seal and his latest book living with the monks. He's run a hundred miles nonstop and he's passion for football is made him one of the owners of the atlanta hawks so he and on top of all that. If there's no pressure enough he's also the data four and he's married to the spank founder. Sara blakely why isn gentlemen put your hands together a welcome to have your make took a while to get this to happen them. Really happy that you're with us. Thank you thank. You think it'll be man appreciate you have miat. It's an absolute pleasure. Now you are a guy who has to say has lived outside of the box is a is a gross understatement on through also speaker endurance athlete. You even a rapa. Most people probably wouldn't even know that because they're probably too young to know that you've done all that and at the same time one of the things you know what i speak about is being an authentic leader and one of the things that i've watched as i've watched over your history over all those years is changing. Hack your change. The way addressed bit. But jesse seems to have stayed the same told to us about the poll and the pressure to be something else. Start marquis jets. You probably felt puerto of suit and tie stain staying authentic. Yeah i think one of the reasons by the successful marquis jet in these other ventures. I've been able to fight through that impulse to to be something out. Not so i've always stayed in my lane by lane get a little bit different a little unconventional unorthodox. But it's my lane. And that's where i'm most comfortable in and I've always been able to keep my own spirit throughout all my different journeys. I've worn a lot of different hats. But i never really conform been you know one of the early lessons. I learned as an entrepreneur is the importance of differentiation in You know bor- boring doesn't really work. Always tried to not just be myself in. Its works for me and I always. I'm always asking myself of how different. How different house might teach different. But it didn't authentic way too so going back in time because you know i read about you being a couch surfer with revolt on a spot. Oh the council along the way while really sort of looking for yourself. is that pre the rap days aura. That after that no stink between the ages of nineteen to twenty two. I slept on. I think eighteen different couches. My friends couches all the way trying to figure out. Exactly what that may looked like for me Trying to land on my feet at a lotta egg on my face early at a lot of egg on my face later on in my life. I've had some big wins but part of the journey is having lost. His two and i was lucky man. When i started out i started out in the music. Business no connections my father on the plumbing supply house and i lived in la. I got signed to a record label. I got dropped from the label. And i moved back to new york with two things on my resume i was a kiddie pool attendant and i was rapper. That was going to get a job on wall street. So i relied on friends to take me in until i kind of found my way so i never forgot that. I've never forgot the opportunity that was afforded to me about people believed in nate. Even when i had nothing was a big part of of what ultimately shaped me a lot of times in my journey even marquee before the five billion sales that you mentioned there are a lot of times where this is gonna work. I can't do this. I'm not qualified No aviation experience. We had no airplanes while we started and But through that young those early days of couch surfing as you like to call it it. The tremendous guilt adjustments medic grit. And that was probably the number. One is saying grits the number one indicator of future success. But for me. That was a big a big thing that never accurately man even now still had shot mentality. That never left me

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