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"mace lane kiffin" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"No, we live in this new age where people are held to higher standards when it comes to behavior around women. Can I before a officially answer your question? Can I see the actual big no trophies? No does the big booty trophy have of booty. No. I don't know that. I don't know that you know, there's some guys that some people in general the guys that are fans of a big booty. No. I mean, a lot of guys are. Yeah. Yeah. No. That's the thing. So if you get that doesn't mean it's okay to. For what? Award for recognizing greatness, gentlemen. I've been your teaching the last few years, I'm giving you the big booty award. No that doesn't fly. I'm Kardashian in high school would have one that she. Well, she specially when it now. Yeah. And she would be proud to recognize it. She would go naked on the cover of a magazine. I don't think this one's. Okay. You're probably right. You're no fun. Yeah. Jay. All right Mace lane kiffin, one of our favorite guy. No is currently the coach at Florida Atlantic. He does not like college. Football's new transfer portal. Okay. The transfer Portland went into effect last October as a way of modernizing the transfer system. Student athletes who want to transfer to another school could leave and receive a scholarship without asking their current school. For permission players could also enter the portal and explore their options without leaving their current school. Right kiffin says one big problem with it is that there's a new rule that says you can add twenty five scholarships each year. But if ten people leave through the transfer portal, you still only get twenty five so we can create some lopsided numbers of guys leave. But I would argue the kiffin is missing the point kids should be able to leave and go where they want just like coaches can if I go to UCLA, and I hate it, especially if I'm not playing why shouldn't I be able to leave and go to another school with. Thout sitting out a year just change the rule and allow an additional scholarship for any player. That leaves? Why what am I missing here? Well, I'm always on the side of the player, especially when he's not being paid. So I'm okay with transferring without sitting out a year and using the taking advantage of this portal. And in fact, I think there was a USC kid took advantage of the five star. I've started toying, Texas, Texas, or maybe even Obama. I'm I'm not quite sure where he went. But no, I'm in favor of players being in a same same in professional sports. I'm in players having more control over where they go and where they get to play as opposed to lane kiffin who by the way could leave tomorrow and take a job somewhere else. That's my point..

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