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"macarena danton" Discussed on Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

04:14 min | 1 year ago

"macarena danton" Discussed on Table Manners with Jessie Ware

"Hello and welcome to table manners. With a slight twist. You probably can hear sirens in the background. Maybe the steam of a what they called it. The manholes we are in New York City, baby. Stop looking at me. Like a moment. I'm trying to make it for the solitaire's really weird. You sound like extra from Pretty Woman. Two. The beginning. Yeah. Well continue. But okay. Well, I was trying to make New York what better place to come the New York City where I've eaten many beautiful meal. Basically, thanks to Benko who we used to send me all around the restaurants in New Yorker, meet and eat and eat and everything would be panned. Forget about the song we writing it was about what where we were going to go for dinner, or what takeout get so have so many fun food memories of Neil. We've got some really exciting guests coming up on this series from different walks of life and professions. And I'm so intrigued to know what their favorite spots in New York are first up. We have the fantastic Zachary Quinto, yet can't wait to meet him. He's been on Broadway. He's been in films. She was in a film with my sister is how I got to know sacree, he was in the very very popular at heroes asylum, the serial killer, he's most famous for being the young Mr. spoke. Yes. Okay. Well, he's saying the new misled he's hugely. No his youngest book 'cause I've gone back in time. I didn't Trekkie I'm not. But, but that's what I know. He's famous for we have kindly been given the apartment of my friends who has lots of gadgets, and gizmos and tables and chairs so we've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven atolls and the massive teddy bear at least four pianos and about twenty keyboards, and no tables and chairs that's what teddy. What's the menu? Today. You very favorite my favorite chicken. Yes. Slight twist to put my slant on it. What's your slant? Mixed up the dried fruits rather than just prunes put as well. Fathy? Yep. With pesto rice lovely and a solid new made the dressing. Yeah. I've kind of done radiant doing accurate in my things at the moment. Mustard ash. Asche Dijon mustard wine vinegar oil salt and pepper, Honey. And then -alex who's been also flown over putting bay is here in New York breaking hearts left right and center you see partly having heartbreaking. Not sure he's made coke nut Macarena danton chocolate. He did just needs the far long. Okay. By trying to Mark wave melts. Doctor Fritz dip in and I was really worried who can have to evacuate this whole bills. Exactly couldn't take coming and take billions. Xactly contain. Thank you so much for being here for having me such dulcet tones why it's just fruity his voice freely. Yeah. I feel like you could have the voice that you could play King Live without voice. You know what? I mean that would be great love that Glenda Jackson's currently the anchor King Lear here New York. Your women. Yeah. Yes. Gee that she say. She's as ING choice in London. Go for it's a new production of different director samples. Here. Yes. To play mind wasn't the production. She didn't learn all women. Yeah. Okay. Is Sure. not all women. But there are other nontraditional other like, you know, women playing male roles, but the she's doing it here and there little young as well sounds. All the time..

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