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"Reach For The Sky!"

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

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"Reach For The Sky!"

"Remember in our last episode. That was rich Dr Steven. It's just in time and space jump to Elgin Illinois in the year. Eighteen ninety six to no good near two wells had hoodwinked legendary sharpshooter. Annie Oakley into letting them Polish her world famous pistol which they plan to steal and sell on Ebay in the future. Now you too sure. You've handled firearms at four hour. Yes sure plenty of you can Polish. This pistol as good as me. Anything you can do I can do better can yes I can. I like your spoke kid. All right here you go. Shyness up while ahead out from my second show they make you do two shows a day. You know what they say. There's no business like show business. I see do you have to get tired going out this shooting twice a day now? I'm just doing what comes naturally. I guess why you sign that pistol up. I'll use my rifle for this show right here shining than you've ever seen it when you get back. This sounds good now. When she gets back she wants to see the pistol. I'll show it to her. All shined up. Of course. That's when you will distract her and I'll slip the gun into my pocket that's for you to figure out. I'm the evil mastermind. I can't possibly be expected to come up with everything. Dr Steven carry out their villainous plots. Let's turn our attention to our hero. Dr Floyd and his young protege Dr Graham Touch Floyd Buffalo Bill Cody Wild. West Show told us that we had to ride horses in tonight's performance. There's nothing we can do Dr Grant. We're going to have to ride horses in tonight's performance. But what about Dr Steve? Keep your eyes peeled for him. He's around here. Somewhere COMES BUFFALO BILL O. Hello Mr Cody Sir. No just what was it you want us to do. In the show You do or going to portray the robbers in the dead woods. Stagecoach robbery part of the show after an Oakland. Desert trick shots. We'll send the stage coats in for a lap or two around the ring. Then when I give the signal Youtube Herat off duns drawn and stop the stage coach in its tracks. Then you'll rob the folks on board holly. We are really going to be robbing them are we. Don't be a darn fool of car SNEHA. They're actors just lack you right. Sorry Oh you're a scout for the. Us Army Mr Cody. Sixty eight to eighteen seventy two was congressional medal of honor to wounded in action. Only words and even then it was only a scout. Boone wow I would love to be a scout. We'll kid I think you're a bit too young to be scout too young. Who's ever heard of a boy scout house? Lack any is just about finished with her. Sit You guys go sad. Look let's go get on our horses. Grant Mount their horses just as anti finishes remarkable display of marksmanship as she walks out of the arena. Dr Steven Richard are waiting for another excellent display. Miss Oakley thank you now. Where's my pistol I want to Gander at the job? You did Polish. Oh It's right here. See Ma Shan job. You boys really do Arganda. What does he say he's asking if we could go for a ride on that stage coach over there? You can hurry up though it's about two and out into the arena ugly Astros Dr Steven Featuring on board the stage coach just as it heads out into the main arena. It's an distraction Cajun. She completely forgot to take the pistol from me. And now when this little ride is back with VIP out of the stagecoach and back to the diamond spaceship data. Stephen featured are just moments away from succeeding. What they're planning to steal any pistol. Meanwhile Dr Floyd in Dutch grandmaster straight their horses at the entrance to the arena. All right. Let's get this show on the road. Puna your Bandanas in get out there. This is actually kind of fun. Dr Floyd who would like it Dr Grant Grant race out into the arena. Guns blazing links. Course the reason why. The site of stagecoach taking pullover to the occupants who are none other than Dr Steven Feature. Well well well look what we have here of Pesky no good vermin. It sucks shaped assisting. Please gentlemen don't hurt us. We just little and he's often. We would just going for a ride here. Nothing more. Well I reckon you won't get hurt as long as you hand over your money Pronto. Money hand over your go. All right Here take my money and he is my checkbook and credit cards. Take anything you'd like. Just don't take legendary shop shooter. Any Oakley's newly Polish pistol. I have hidden in my jacket pocket. Legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley's newly Polish pistol in your jacket pocket. Do you know I don't who said that handed over partner or you'll be pushing up daisies. Okay all right here you go take it just. Please don't hurt US Malaysian. I want you to get out of this coach and get out of town. We ever see the Lexi you round these here parts again. We're GONNA lead now Stephen Pitcher High Taylor out of the stagecoach and the arena. The Light of the twelve thousand people in ten minutes. You the best vantage we've ever. Hey Josh thanks Mr Cody. Yeah you really something out there. I just realized those orphans got away with my newly Polish pistol or they doing Michaud. We got it right here. Any get your thank you. I show do appreciate it. You too have yourselves a permanent job if you lack. Thank you Mr Cody. But we wouldn't be happy just doing the same job day after day. There's people out there who need our help out. Your great right came a Sabi with that. Our Heroes Walk off into the sunset heading back to their time and spatial. Were those brave men bill. Sure in with little filler. Sure had a tiny hands race off into the time and space stream hurtling towards more adventure. Where Dr Floyd granted chicks wind up next ever put an end to counter. Steve's wrongful ways and will there ever been who doesn't come on Dr Floyd Small Head Greece? I get no respect at all

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