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"ma belle stadium" Discussed on Lace Out AFL Podcast

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"ma belle stadium" Discussed on Lace Out AFL Podcast

"In every season alright thirty five. Pm l. time at ma belle stadium could be the diamond. The ran's not maybe for the football interest but the ball product of these verses. Calling wolf house. Week is very very honorable and i. We talked about that honorable. Las crap will die display. Last week showed that nobles plan has some merit to it. Morton ford calling haven't on any planes got nari direction. Acai manos off all is calling all would be shitting bricks rot now all would want would want it to be writing heavily. And why difference because they're gonna be flying in dole's so there's nothing it's gotten to stop them handlery. Let's i bring mason cox if if they bring in mason cooks north or issuing muslim seventeen people on the grant. That's a big call. I'll tell you what i'm going north. And i'm going north by five goals in this one as well so you think they're gonna do a runner ever calling and white to monday. He's the pitchforks. Zahn out the scarabs and the big catanha's from the mortal kombat film will be slicing and dicing chain kennedy style or knife and go down this way and more lose games. I think i think north of played banning most games are played this as other than a couple of them really ones. Yeah collingwood. Oh i think once again. That's another round. We're gonna be talking about how they've gotten is to lose. And this is one of the games for them as well cannot lose this game. Can you watched. I will or seven twenty five pm tomorrow at the mci and everybody loves the g. Morton name alvin davis versus the swans of city. The biggest thing to come here to these things first and foremost good old john lawnmower. We'll be sitting in. The box. blew himself. No assistant. coaches are allowed to come down to the guy due to covid so he'll be doing everything by himself. So i think that's gonna make a massive massive impact on what he's got to be able to do. The other thing is caney. Is going to be franklin dave ramsey going to be coming back in the days going to be out going to be out now totals forty dollars. Joins bane dropped bike as being dropped. But i do bringing giant. Tom's as well aids. They're also bringing harrison patey to bring in that set of halfback spot which i'll go plenty of fighting as well to restart gloss. Lauda had a look at these. No ain't hajjis on gade going with sydney but about a couple of confidence booster had a bit of them with lonzo jack We had a chat of drink together on gone with the days days. Funny enough vauxhall's rowdy. I like every rice fan out the of the whole series. Get down and watch body. Franklin imply you can get down to him. Say it's lost going to same danny mob and recommend season. Oregon is easy is still dangerous. That's the thing he's forty i-it's of i wash and he's gone for doesn't travel doesn't really travel outside of malibu so he must know it's a farewell to it's a little bit lower case seventeenth google to alex tightly. Tomlinson pips undecided. He ate what an absolute..

alvin davis forty dollars five goals Last week monday Franklin malibu Oregon Tomlinson Lauda ma belle stadium seventeenth Morton ford forty Tom seven twenty five pm tomorrow thirty five seventeen people john lawnmower dave ramsey