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"mrs ellen court" Discussed on Fusion Patrol

"We take a single episode of science fiction TV series and over analyze it to within an inch of its life. This is the fusion patrol podcast. Welcome to the discussion. Hello. And welcome to another episode of fusion patrol. I'm eugene. And I'm sorry. And tonight, we are looking at the nineteen seventy three. Three in nineteen seventy three. The Norlisk tapes a Dan Curtis production. David Norlisk is a recognized name author. He's been working on an advance from his publisher to write a new book. Debunking the supernatural. His publisher is distressed Norlisk calls him and says I can't write the book I need to talk to you now. But when Norlisk misses the meeting his publisher starts to worry and worry, he should Norlin has gone missing. The only clues to his disappearance. The cassette tape notes that he's left behind his publisher starts with tape. Number one. It recounts a prologue Norlisk adventures how he started researching and debunking the frauds that prey on the gullible who believe in the supernatural. But then his adventure begins when he's approached by MRs Ellen court. Recent widow of the wealthy and famous artist Jane's court who died of natural causes. She saw. Out New Orleans because their sister is a friend of his and mentioned his research into supernatural recently late at night while living alone and the giant mansion left to her by late husband. The dog goes nuts and leads her to the husband's remote studio on the property there. Asama fide version of her husband tries to kill her. She narrowly escapes the sheriff, although taking the crime seriously doesn't believe the more fantastic elements of the story Norlisk decides to investigate he learns that court was struck with a rare debilitating and fatal brain disease after which he became entangled with Madame. Oh, a proponent of a supernatural and that in exchange for some unknown promise he was given an antique ring the ring of Cyrus, which he never took off. And specifically left instructions in his will that he'd be buried wearing Norlin verifies that courts body and the ring are still in the family crypt. And then the murders. Start the. Court. Zombie kills a young woman and drains, her body of blood, the local sheriff investigates, but tries to keep a lid on the more fantastical elements of the story this being the same sheriff who didn't holy believe MRs court story, either Norlisk interviews Langdon gallery owner who worked with court, and who has shown a marked interest in the ring and also introduced court to Madame juquila legend has it that the ring is addition and is the symbol of immortality. While Langdon reveals nothing useful to New Orleans. Norlisk lets him know he'll never get the ring because it was interred with court soon. Langdon tries to steal the ring from the crypt. But his killed by the FBI Norlin. Visit Madame juquila who is also unhelpful, but warns him and MRs Gort to stay away from the mansion it is the house of Sarg off now returning to the studio because Norlisk convinced that is the key to this mystery. They find a new statue a work in progress with fresh clay nearby. And then they are attacked by court. Once again, they barely escape this time court demonstrates, he's incredible strength by ripping the door of the car off the sheriff investigates, but he dismisses the more fantastic elements of the story. Even after they discover courts buddy is no longer in the crip. Ellen sister returns from a trip and goes to visit her sister unaware that the mansion is now vacant unable to get in. She stops at a nearby hotel for the night soon court breaks in kills her and takes her body. Norlin has been researching and has discovered a series of prohibition era tunnels under the state connecting the studio and the crypt and he had the clan lies and learned that it is forty percent human blood..

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