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Moderna Says Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Signs of Working in Older Adults - MSN Money

Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia

00:49 sec | Last month

Moderna Says Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Signs of Working in Older Adults - MSN Money

"Has prevented her presented new safety data from an early trial of its vaccine program. Results show The vaccine stimulates the immune systems in older people. Get more from Bloomberg's Robert language and 20 of these older folks over 55. You know, they found that indeed, they did. After two doses of the vaccine they did see, neutralizing added by to the front of Iris, and they did see those at the similar levels that they saw in the younger portion of the population they previously done in their phase one trials that is viewed as you know, a very reassuring signs. The findings are seen as important since older adults often don't respond as well to vaccines as younger people do. The trial used the same dose now being given two subjects in final stage testing. Vanguard saying is going to be

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How Google Search Sold Out

Slate's If Then

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How Google Search Sold Out

"Adrian along with her reporting partner. Leon yeah wanted to measure exactly how often Google search results relieving back to its own answers or own products. It was already clear that Google was pointing users back to its own products more and more frequently over the last decade but the extent to which this was happening was unknown. So they started with the data. We grabbed the searches from Google trends from this several month period from October, twenty, nineteen to January twenty twenty, and it ended up being about fifteen thousand search queries, and we ran those queries ourselves captured the page, and then we analyze the page to see what stuff was. Google was not go where things pointing. So you did fifteen thousand searches, did you do them both on a desktop and mobile phone? We did actually we ended up analyzing just the mobile searches for the study because Google actually sees more searches on mobile. I mean the results are incredible I think that I. In one particular case, you did a search and if you're looking at it on iphone, nothing was pointing outside of Google was that right? We broke it down to ways we looked at the entire first page of search results, and when we looked at that, we found the average was forty one percent was google ecosystem stuff. We also looked at the first screen on an iphone ten, and when we look at just that I screen, we did find searches where it was all google stuff. On. Average. Nearly half of the first page of results from Google search directed the user to Google products forty one percent of the page on an iphone ten, sixty, three percent of the first page was Google's own content. This is a one hundred eighty degree turn from the search engines early design back in two thousand four Larry Page gloated that Google was better than its competitors AOL MSN because quote, their search engine doesn't necessarily provide the best results it provides the portals results years later, Google is doing the same thing that page criticized AOL for. There are basically two ways that will answer your queries directly on the page when you type a question. So, if you want to know when is Valentine's Day, it'll pop up just the date in a box and you don't need the source for that. That date comes from Google's knowledge graph, which is a database of what they call entities, basically people, places, things, ideas, and knowledge graph is from sources that Google really vets, and there is some degree of human saying okay. CAN WE TRUST CIA world factbook? Okay. We'll take all of their data. And put it into knowledge graph. The other way that you can get direct answers on the page is through a system called featured snippets, and this is where Google will look basically at the top ranking search result and grab some text out of the page and display it on the search results page. So you might get something from like wicky how it could be you know Ken Ken. My dog eat Sushi is an example of us. But you've used before I mean there's some of them are like, what are the symptoms of Covid but then some of them are subjective you pointed in one of your pieces to one where it said, how do I get a date right? Exactly I will save for the covid stuff and in general for health queries those usually go through the knowledge panel they try to be really careful about certain categories they call it your money or your life finance and health because. There's a lot of opportunity for misinformation and fraud that being said I have come across a lot of misinformation about MSG. For example, popping up in featured snippets, there's have been a lot of examples of misinformation or content ending up those featured snippets, which doesn't look great for Google, because when you look at it on the search results page it, it's got a box around it. It's at the top. It looks very authoritative and it looks like Google is endorsing this answer.

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Atlanta - Barack Obama: Honor John Lewis by Renewing Voting Rights Act & Ballot Access in the U.S.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

01:46 min | 2 months ago

Atlanta - Barack Obama: Honor John Lewis by Renewing Voting Rights Act & Ballot Access in the U.S.

"Hundreds of mourners gathered at the Ebony Baptist Church in Atlanta to bid farewell to Congressman John Lewis. Three President's spoke at the funeral of the late civil rights icon three presidents were talking pro Bush three real president. Yes President Clinton. President Obama delivered. Yes, he spoke about bloody Sunday when Congressman Lewis and other protesters were beaten by police and Selma fifty five years ago. President Obama also spoke about her suppression take a listen we may no longer have to. Guess the number Jelly beans in the jar in order to cast a ballot. But even as we sit here. There are those power who are doing their darndest. To discourage people from voting. By closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restricted by laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service in the run-up. That's going to be dependent on mail in ballots so people don't get sick. That's the president that MSN. President. Jimmy Carter also sent his condolences and approximation. So it was just a beautiful service everything President Obama also reminded Americans to be. vigilant against the darker currents of this country's history. Beginning. June oil. Jennifer Holliday Holliday. I.

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Hacking Our Way to Innovation with Rebecca Love, RN, MSN

The WoMed

05:21 min | 4 months ago

Hacking Our Way to Innovation with Rebecca Love, RN, MSN

"So here. The woman we really love to dig into wine. Nurses decided on that sealed in particular. So what made you want to be nurse so nursing was a second career choice for me? I had gone for Undergrad in a degree in international relations and a minor in Spanish and I thought that I was going to be a lawyer to be honest and I was working on a presidential campaign at the time when healthcare was a big issue. I remember being these rallies and everybody was talking about healthcare and there were no nurses in the audience or a lot of Ernie's or a lot of lobbyists or a whole bunch of people that know nurses and I don't know about you Daniel but my mom's nurse. Do you have any family members who are nurses in your family? My Grandmother was okay and so that was my piddle movement. My mom came out and we went to dinner and she said we really think you should be a nurse and I remember her. It was an interesting time the politics going on and I remember thinking you know what? How can you be a member of? How can you speak to the choir if you're not a member of it and if everybody's talking about healthcare but nobody a nurse here? How do we really know what needs to change? And what the problem. Yeah and that was where my life turns recognizing that to really impact change in healthcare. I probably had join healthcare Do that and that's where my journey began. That's amazing it's topic. I've talked to a couple of friends about we've talked about on here to how there isn't representation in Congress in government of nurses like what we're actually going through what we face on a daily basis. I think that's fascinating at that. Made you change your career path. That's amazing well. It's funny that you say that because the statement that made me change my career path was at my I want you know. I said I wanted to be a lawyer and my mom said to me she said you know there's plenty of strong lawyers out there in the world and she said but I can tell you is being a nurse. There's not enough strong nurses out there. I need more strong nurses on there to change. What nursing looks like to the world and and you to become a nurse and at that time? I didn't know what that meant. I I remember. It felt really importance. But it's now ten fifteen years later that I look back and I recognize those words shaped everything that I've done in nursing every step of the way and I know your own story about how hard times it was for you to be a nurse and how it's challenges we faced how you didn't always feel like you fit in are you also didn't feel like you had a voice and that was hard for me and I'm and how to learn how to navigate. What sometimes feels like a very disempowered profession to become more voicemail and more recognized but more importantly that necessarily placated she but really just given a seat at the table is. Hey you got this. You know what you're talking about and I respect your opinion as much as I respect. Everybody else is around the table. Not so much. Hey I'm just giving it placeholder for a nurse to have at the table. It's really sit there and say we want them here. Because we we get that you guys have value add. That's been really interesting place to come from and I don't know you know in your own personal With your conversation if you guys have felt the same kind of challenges at times yes One hundred percent. And that's something that I think just Added onto years of being like repressed as a nurse that led to ultimately me burning out at the bedside. And that's something that you've been really trying to champion a lot for to in that you know there's this fear like aren't nurses are burning out after two years we're reporting out all these new grads but they're burning out so quickly yeah two hundred fifty thousand nurses. We graduate a year in this country and we lose over fifty percent of them by the bedside within spheres a practice the largest exodus of a profession that nobody talks about and I like you left the bedside as a as an rn. Within two years. I went back to Grad. School became a nurse practitioner for that exact feeling of feeling so like I didn't have that voice and every time I stepped in and I felt like there were so many near misses where I begged you know for changes to happen or orders to be changed or medications to begin our interventions to happen literally knowing that things were going wrong but not having the ability to make those decisions to change. There's outcomes depending on other people to make those decisions and only be given. The toolbox is a nurse to sit there and say well I really think I really believe are really feel that we got to make this big this change or get medication and not giving the tools to actually effectively voice. Why I had the you know the knowledge in the expertise to make those decisions at everything I always did had to be signed off by somebody else because as I was considered for lack of a better world credible enough or had the license or the intelligence to be able to recognize that what we were seeing. Mary made sense it. We should be able to take initiatives to save patient's lives because that was always really hard place for me to citizens to sit there and beg other people and then sometimes it literally and I'm sure you face it if you felt like you were burnt out so often begging to make the changes that we did an often being told. Hey stay in your lane like if you see problems but your job is to be a nurse and to do those things. Your job is not to challenge the way that things are being done and under mentally. That always sat wrong with me Fundamentally because you probably nursing school told hey you're you're the advocate of the patient where you really get on but when we got out in practice man it was tough

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Spilling the Travel Tea with Sarah Gaines, MSN, RNC-OB

The WoMed

04:19 min | 5 months ago

Spilling the Travel Tea with Sarah Gaines, MSN, RNC-OB

"What are your tips for doing it the right way because I feel like right? Now there's there's a lot of people offering eight ton of money get some travel. There says an extra help. I bill like the big craze right. Now are the crazy crisis rates that are related to Co vid and my biggest advice right now to any nurse. That's looking into specifically like the Kobe hotspot areas with a crisis rates. Is You want to be cautious in. You don't WanNa be fooled by the high numbers and this applies to not only ovid crisis rates right now but just travel nursing in general at big the first mistake that a lot of travel nurses make is they just chased the highest paying contract. They're like oh my gosh so much money. I'm jumping on it right now but one of the things that I really focus on is maximizing your income not just increasing your income. So that requires you to look into the offer From a different perspective so instead of just focusing on how much money you're making it's more important to focus on how much money you're saving though all US. New York as an example because that's where the high rates all right now So a couple weeks ago I saw a rate that was like almost ten thousand dollars a week for a nurse to go cal exactly. That's everyone's thoughts right. Yeah we're good. You're like oh my gosh. I'm going to jump on it. That ten grand a but me when I look at that number. There are certain things that I am going to consider As a travel nurse you can allocate your money in different ways. There's different portions of your income. Some of its tax free. The other parts of it are tax so depending on how you allocate your money and depending on what your hourly rate is you have to keep in mind that since who are getting paid a lot more money that could possibly bump you into a different tax bracket which means that you're going to be taxed a little bit more on top of that. You want to pay attention to the location that you're in. So depending on the location there may be a federal tax estate tax in a city tax So those are other things that you want to consider the next thing to consider. Is You individually like? Do you own a home. Do you have any kids 'cause or anything like me and you don't have either of those you're GonNa be taxed even more heavily all of those things especially in New York when I looking at it. According to my calculations in my unique situation it was going to be almost thirty. Five percent tax really. That ten thousand dollars is close to sixty five hundred. Plus you also have to think about once you get to New York the other things you had to consider. How much is housing going to be? How much is it going to cost Are you going to have to ship your car? If you need a car in New York you would need it but just assignments in general so long story short. You WanNa make sure that you are absolutely crunching the numbers and you know exactly how much you're going to be saving at the end of for me when I was comparing New York. That ten thousand dollars a week to other offers that have gotten in. California and this was just like a regular rate non-co patients regular nurse patient ratios I got a similar offer in California and it was three thousand dollars a week for just a regular contract now. Three thousand dollars a week compared to ten thousand dollars a week doesn't sound that like that much but when you look at it and you really break it down to how much you would be saving so in. California three thousand a week to make it. Simple is about a thousand dollars a day right yet in New York. After taxes we calculate the take home. And how much I'd actually be saving. It'd be about six thousand dollars a week. With that crisis rate you would have to work seven days in a row so that would mean that in seven days six thousand dollars a week. That's actually less than a thousand dollars. A day so it would be more lucrative. I would be saving more money to actually take the contracts in California. That is three thousand dollars a week. And if I want to pick up an extra day of overtime I

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A Decade Of Adventures With Professional Volleyball Player Marisa Field

9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam

09:21 min | 7 months ago

A Decade Of Adventures With Professional Volleyball Player Marisa Field

"Though. Morita the question of when it comes on when you're younger than athlete will. Your bigger during the goal is to achieve. Actually I was just thinking about this. I used to have this like. I don't know way back when when you had like. Msn Messenger thing or ICQ like those instant messaging things on your computer like my little bio thing was like pro volleyballer end like it was kind of a joke. 'cause like I didn't even know what that meant at the time. Just like yeah. That sounds good. Like Appropriately but had no idea like how it was going to get there what that bed so I guess I was always like kind of an idea in the head but actually was kind of a nerd in high school actually was planning to be a chemist I went to university with the intention of that and volleyball took over my life so okay so when you say you're going to be him if like how do you feel that working out like Nafta type stuff like why can't we be wasn't entirely sure but I just chemistry high school. I started my first year at college in my hometown. Action with the intention doing or years volleyball but graduating ending chemistry after the whole course life change. That's awesome so so you had your MFN bio theme Pro Volleyball Claire. So when you wrote that in life started happening had you start thin are i. How can I make this reality? Yeah I think Actually like I was just trying to remember when I started playing volleyball. I think I was about while which is crazy now to think about says while is actually been two decades now. I've been playing volleyball thirty. Two ounce so yeah. It's Kinda crazy but I think the starting kind of jump off point for me was when I made team be see from. Abc and I made that provincial team when I was like or teen I think and Is your calling you very raw. Was the word they used for Terrible but I jumped really high back then. I guess I'd potential so they took me and I didn't interview That year the year after something for them I think it had something like one day. I WANNA wear like a maple leafs on my back in fourteen candidate ahead said that Ben in nearly no like what it took to get there but eventually became a path so dover I know there's Tony was the have the application you know. They say. I want to be in Olympia and I WANNA don't own and do all these things. People atoms dry. Yeah like you can't do that to. How did you keep your mind? That like may laugh at my drain on a chase them all like originally when I started playing volleyball. I didn't even really WANNA play Bible like I started dance when I was like three years old. So I dance all the way up until the end of my high school. And my mom had kinda like encourage Mir Gently pushed me to play volleyball and at the time like basketball. More which is binding workers like ended up deciding basketball's too much running for me so I ended up. I was doing all three things. That was dancing. Anos playing volleyball and basketball into high school and then I can window basketball and then faced out dance. Bowling Ball's seemed like a better future option to go with so I started college. I graduated sixteen so a super young and I had offers to go to other schools like in the states and other Kadian universities ended up wanting to just stay home and I had really good the program at it was actually called back in but it's the UCLA now University of British Columbia Okanagan so that was in Colona and the coach was Steve. Manual was one of my mentor coaches still to this day. He kind of had a big role to play in my progression volleyball. So after my first year there recruited to go to U B C in Vancouver with Doug Rhymer in his team and it was kind of scary. Move to consider and I went to a two years with Steve Cohen than ended up making a transfer to UC Vancouver in coober into the it's called CIS fact then it's like all changed Old Sport now like a Canadian University system so I ended up going there my third year and after my first year there. I actually got invited to try out for the national team so just kind of like crazy because after my first year. Ub See a lot of the players on ABC. Were playing on the national team or not was. Kinda like became more of a realistic goal. I guess you'd say and I was like you know maybe after a couple more years like chance tryout and it was just kind of a really strange process how I ended up getting a tryout and then ended up making it and as when I was nineteen and so things just took off from there. Wow so he graduated at fifteen Lloyd. just win for team into transitioning to the next level. Yeah so like when I started I was still kind of didn't really have the idea like my first year. I was like okay. I'm going to chemistry and whatever tall Canadian still pretty nerdy. Still Pretty that. I think when I got recruited to go to the CIS and go play for a UPC IN VANCOUVER. That was kind of like okay. Maybe things can kind of progressing go ahead and they gotta also the gentle nudge from my coach. There Steve Manual. That you know you can stay here but basically I'm kicking out because I want you to go play at the higher level and Sierra potential so that was kind of Mike Start off point in the program with Doug Rhymer Jesse Knight was coach at the time and they really Hannah propelled my career in and getting me onto the national team and then I ended up finishing up two more years with. Ub See we won two national championships back to back. Actually and then they went onto win for more after I graduated in a row but Selena was kind of the start of my national team career when I was nineteen and then just retired from that like a year ago. So I'm relying on your La- calendar something you said if you ride a story about your journey it will be. I believe instead a decade of venture. But when you when you wrote that in your mind what we've thinking it's just kind of funny actually because I saw graduated from U B C in two thousand nine and then a number of the national team and then went to play pro for my first season abroad. Enso's like the two thousand nine going into two thousand. Ten was my first year in Europe. I was in Spain and the Canary Islands with my teammates Page and it was just like my funniest stories of life and pro. Come from this season it was just like so ridiculous in so many ways home at Christmas. Like almost didn't come back but when back and finish it out and yeah just finding those kind of the start of my career so the last decade now as I go back and forth on wrapping up in this decade. But yet it's just been. I've been all over Europe late in the Philippines. It's been ten years eleven years with team Canada and yet it's just been a lot of adventures all over the world so I think that sums it up for me your password. Kobe just ridiculous. I've had to in that time. Also pretty full of awesome so going back to the volleyball in making the kind of play with higher compensation had you again was an adjustment to your mentality how you approached the game or the always the same I think definitely I mean developed. I think even from kind of a young age I had like sort of athletic discipline instilled into me. If you from LIKE DANCE. Three in that was like a very disciplined Pity so I think I just always kind of had that. I think that's just part of my character. Personality is kind of like the athlete mindset but definitely like as I progressed higher up in levels that kind of became more of like my dreams once I made team Canada became okay analysis become an Olympian and so that was the focus and that sort of worked towards a win to two Olympic qualifiers A. Twenty twelve in two thousand sixteen. Very narrowly missed the twenty. Sixteen qualification end. So that was pretty heartbreaking but that was kind of the goal that was like why played volleyball was always to hopefully get to the Olympics. One day and that was Kinda what fueled him what. Push me through a lot of difficult times for sure and persevered through a lot of things and a lot of crazy seasons abroad in Europe pro. And and all that but Yeah I think that was always. My dream unfortunately didn't happen but had a lot of a lot of adventures along the way trying to get

Volleyball Europe Vancouver ABC Basketball Doug Rhymer Canada Chemistry High School Morita Selena Steve Manual Olympia BEN Mir Gently Bowling Ball Steve Cohen Colona
"msn  b. c." Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM


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"msn b. c." Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"To an extent that it makes china look weak yes because at the end of it all right there will be disclosure there has to be congress is not going to pass secret free trade agreements and it will be analyzed by all the you know the economic media wall street journal c._n._b._c. fox business everybody will do an analysis on what the as they did for mexico and canada which is why we found out Now. Nafta too and was at. MSN. MSNBC. MSNBC. that's how we found out that u._s. m._c._a. is not that different from the original nafta right and maybe it's the agreement that we won't go out and hold press conferences we'll just say it was a great deal and we're confident and and and that's it and then the deal will speak for it self and and keep in mind china wants to say face on this and they don't wanna look weak primarily because it potentially opens the door to promote capitalism even further which weakens the role of the central government we'll think about this so trump has a possibility of getting them mexico Free trade agreement Canada, you know. u._s._m._c. and china and not delivered to his base what he promised and he'll still be a here and still be a hero will boom because exactly and i said what are we say months ago if he does that in the summer twenty nineteen and all terrorists are gone and you watch third quarter fourth quarter and then all twenty twenty rebound and of course that would make the analysts look wrong the fed look wrong and everything else in the president looks right and the and then his base comes back and says well i'm okay with it because it was just a negotiating tactic there you have a with of his base might say i well i think it's the strongest part because that's what they've been doing from day one vocal part.

china MSNBC wall street journal canada mexico congress fed president MSNBC. u._s. m._c._a.
Write the blog title how you want it to show everywhere

Podcast Help Desk

03:39 min | 1 year ago

Write the blog title how you want it to show everywhere

"Getting a lot of questions something like who amusing the apple tags and I'm using an apple summary in the apple title, and the apple episode number? But it still using my regular title as the title at apple podcasts. And then I look in, if I opened it up in the apple podcasts app on my phone, it's using the right tags as they specified. But if you use the web preview or the IT tunes desktop software, which is still on the MAC, but going away and we'll. Continue on windows for the foreseeable future. It's not it's using the blog title, and it's using the blog content for the show notes. Okay. Well, here's my solution. Right. You're your blog titled to be the title, you ought to use. Right. Your blog post to what everybody you what you want to show in your show. Notes everywhere, don't try to be different. You're not going to be able to force all the apps to do what you want them to do you just not. Unfortunately RSS is a standard, and it is the standard we use for podcasting. So what it goes into the RSS feed if you only give them one choice, then everybody will use the same thing if you have multiple choices, some we'll take once on, we'll take the other there's nothing you can do to control this. So I guess what my message would be is please, please, please, please. If you're really picky about what shows up in the apps then righted it in the blog post title, or write it in the show notes the way you want it to show everywhere. Getting the fancier, you get the, the less control. You're going to have over what who does what you know, you know, it's just like episodic images. They did a whole episode about that awhile back and people still don't get that you can't force apple or Google, or Stitcher, or tune in, or Spotify, or any of the other apps out there on Android, or IOS. Or, you know, some of the other services like Pandora iheart. Whatever you can't force them to use any particular thing that you put near feet unless you only give them one choice. You know, someone asked me recently, the no agenda show, Adam curry, and John CD Voracek every episode, you see a different piece of artwork show up everywhere. That's not because they're doing anything special and they're not they're not trying to be fancy. What they do is they changed the overall our orc for the feed every episode so every all the apps don't have a choice. They just pull a new one and you know you can do that. But how much is that really worth? You know, I. I get it that you want it to be a certain way. I and I get that people want things to be, you know, just the way they want them. But sometimes that just isn't how it works. You know, just not how it works. You can't you can't force all the different services out there to do exactly what you want them to do. So the only way to do that is to when you post your podcast and MSN you're using WordPress, but this works pretty much anywhere else. Whatever you put in the title, the main title will be the title in everybody uses, if that's the only choice you give

Apple Adam Curry Pandora Spotify Google John Cd
"msn  b. c." Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

WBT Charlotte News Talk

01:58 min | 1 year ago

"msn b. c." Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

"And by the way, he just praised here. The other day said she's the most consequential member of congress. I don't know. Did you hear that on CNN or MSN? I guess not. How about the daily daily schmuck? The way this guy scarberry every talk. He's a truly stupid human being. Truly stupid human being. And he's gotten rich off of being a truly stupid human being. So all you stupid people out there. You can get rich to really just find a way to get a gig on MSN St.. What a great lineup of geniuses. They have their Al Sharpton. Chris matthews. Rachel, maddow. I could see on my favorite one of my favorite sites. Trudge? They're praising the fact that she had four million viewers average of four million viewers. You know, what talk radio you've four million listeners. You're a backbencher. Seriously, and talk radio few four million listeners your backbencher. She is four four million viewers while there's four million nut jobs out there. So what? For all. We know they're using as a night, light and MSNBC great Nightline. But look at that lineup who's at Lawrence O'Donnell. Now, they're fraud phony. I don't even know the whole lineup. It's so stupid. Some guy named Chris Hayes. Looks like he was on a wanted poster at a post office decades ago. Then of course, they have such outstanding reporters like Andrea Mitchell. Now, she's not partisan. She has been a hack since she did local reporting in Philadelphia years and years ago. I remember that Brian Williams had to bring him back from purgatory. I remember him. Can I remember when I landed on the moon with that Neil Armstrong? Oh, yeah. I was supposed to be the first one out. He.

fraud MSN Brian Williams Andrea Mitchell Chris Hayes Chris matthews Neil Armstrong congress Al Sharpton CNN Lawrence O'Donnell MSNBC maddow Rachel purgatory Philadelphia
3 astronauts return to Earth from International Space Station

Steve and Ted

00:46 sec | 1 year ago

3 astronauts return to Earth from International Space Station

"Deductions three crew members who had been on board, the international space station now making their way. Back to earth. Nasa flight engineer. Serena on own chancellor expedition, Fifty-seven commander Alexander Gerstein of the European Space Agency and Soyuz commander Sergei Prokofiev landing on earth in the Russian territory of Kazakhstan has landed in a vertical position it is upright. So the Soyuz MSN nine stuck the landing Nasr's Rob Navias on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of humankind's first voyage to the moon, a multinational crew returned to earth navy is referring to the fact that this coming Christmas Eve marks fifty years since the crew of the Apollo eight orbited the moon and read from the book of Genesis on

Commander European Space Agency Sergei Prokofiev Alexander Gerstein Kazakhstan Nasr Serena Nasa Chancellor Rob Navias Engineer Fifty Years
3 astronauts have returned to Earth from the International Space Station

Jay Talking

00:23 sec | 1 year ago

3 astronauts have returned to Earth from the International Space Station

"Station, so use MSN nine stuck the landing on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of human three astronauts have safely returned to earth landing in Kazakhstan. The trio were carried by a Russian capsule. Their stint was marred by an air leak and the failure of a rocket. That was to bring new crew members. This is CBS news.

Kazakhstan CBS
"msn  b. c." Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

WBT Charlotte News Talk

07:40 min | 1 year ago

"msn b. c." Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

"Leo laporte. The tech guy. Eighty eight eighty eight. Leo the phone number back to the phones we go. Ooh. Seal Beach, California aptly named on a rainy Sunday. Hey, terry. Leo. Oh, you're from down under. Not really, no. Nothing monologue about. Yeah. What do you think? Fast mail, and I can kind of feel your pain because I've had an outlook mail account for years and years and years and years with a sub folder with an alias Email address. Yeah. And somehow about two weeks ago it disappeared. Ooh. And if I send emails to that address. I have no idea where they're going. I tried everything to try and recover the folder. I just so how did you set up the alias? That's easy peasy. You just go into look in new actually, I was setting up a force. Alias outlook. Sub folder Email address. And the one that used to have its own little dedicated box to the left of the screen that would allow me to, you know, pull up that Email address separate from the primary account just disappeared. Well, I see here a article saying outlets outlook e alias Email address. Not working. So this is the idea of an alias is really great. And some Email providers will do this. I it was a different domain than your normal domain. Or was it just a different first part of the address the primary was let's say because I don't want to give out my e. It was a ABC at MSN dot com. That's your sub folder was XYZ at outlook. Hi, Suzanne for years. I, you know. Bapley went back and forth between the two of them. And if I wanted to contact somebody, but I didn't want them to have my primary Email address where I get on my banking information and secure accounts. I would use the alias. Yeah. It makes perfect sense. So it's gone. So there's a couple of ways to do alias is this this is why I asked you. I have many many aliases through fast mail because fast mail has several dozen other domain names registered not just fast male, but you know, party mail and crazy mail and all sorts of stuff, and that's very useful. Because you can just go into settings there and say, hey, now, I wanna have an Email address with a different address, you know, Leo at party mail dot net. And then you filter on that, and it gives you a separate folder outlook. You're kind of doing it. When you ask for an alias. They probably don't give you a whole bunch of choices. Right. You can do outlook dot com. MSA now only outlook. Yeah. So I wonder because they killed the MSN service. I wonder if that's related to it. Here's here's the fix on this Microsoft support. Entry it's on the Microsoft support community, and it was from just last month. So it might be germane the fix was not to use the auto. Account set up on your device, but to actually go in and manually set up us I map with outlook. No, I don't you just use the web based version. Yes. So this wouldn't fix it. Well, then I can't help you. I have a feeling I wonder if it has something to do with outlook deprecating the MSN handle and then making everything go to outlook dot com. Well, can I throw in a little extra wrinkle here? Yeah. I'm my primary PC running windows seven. And that's where it disappeared. I have a laptop that's running windows ten, and I'm still able strangely enough because it's sort of a different menu on the left hand side. I'm still able to retrieve emails on my laptop using windows ten but not on the window seven machine. That is a little hint. And it might have something to do with the sign map said abusing the browser. You can't see it. Oh, here's another possibility. You might have gotten the quote new outlook. You know, that's one of the things I saw trying to Google solution is there's you know, there's a new improved came out a year ago, but not everybody got automatically upgraded. Apparently, you did not. You should look in and see if you can go back to the classic view because it sounds like that's exactly what you've got. You can see it in one view, probably the classic view. But you can't see it in the new view the outlook page because you're only doing this in the browser. Right. I just want to clarify. So. And you're using the same browser in both cases. They're both true Edger, Internet, Explorer or chrome, exactly. Okay. So it's not the browser. That's different. It's the outlook interfaces different in one way. You can tell it looks different colors different. The texts foster different. Is that the case for you? That may well be the case. Okay. So so that's what's happened. Is you have been upgraded? Lucky me, and it's probably still there. It's just in a different place, or it's maybe it isn't there? Maybe. Maybe the maybe their their new interface neglected to show, you have a folder view, right? I do. And that's what I'm looking at just not in the folder view. Exactly. And and and the strange thing too is on my Android phone. Showed up as a sub folder. Yeah. Because sable to retrieve it on my phone is. Yeah. Yeah. So here's the good news is still there. Mail is still going to it. Because it will what's what's happened is the user interface has changed on the new outlook dot com. I don't think there's a way to go back. Let me just check. How do I how do I go back? It's no longer possible to return to the classic version. So I'm just looking at the Microsoft support office supports. He can't go back to classic. I'm not sure why it's changed on one machine. And not the other way, they supposedly forced it on everybody a few months ago so much. Sure, why you're still on the old classic version in some places one way to do it. Maybe try a different browser. Maybe browser sensitive. What are you using? Internet explorer. Okay. So try it and edge and windows. Ten try it maybe download chrome or fire. Fox try it there. The problem is the folders not gone. It's the user interfaces no longer allowing you to access it, which is a strange thing. That's that sounds like a bug. But I mean, that's the other option is to contact Microsoft and say, you got a bug. I used to be able to drop this folder down. And now, I can't. And so it really does sound like this was part of the new user interface, and in the places where.

Leo laporte Microsoft Seal Beach California terry Google MSA Bapley Suzanne ABC Fox two weeks
Woman Charged in Death of Ruthie Ann Miles' Toddler at Crosswalk Has Died in Apparent Suicide

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Woman Charged in Death of Ruthie Ann Miles' Toddler at Crosswalk Has Died in Apparent Suicide

"Ran a red light and struck two. Moms pushing strollers killing one year old Joshua Lou and four year old Abigail blooming Stein. The little girl's mom who was pregnant Tony winning star Ruthie and miles later lost her unborn child. Burns told investigators that she had MSN had seizures grand jury had indicted her on charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and assault wins. News time nine eight fifty eight fifty a California doctor has been accused of racism after he criticized a woman for only speaking Spanish, you said galore said she brought her sixty seven year old mother to pulse cardiology in San Bernardino last week and told Dr Paul Ryan that she would translate for her mother. But then she says he gave them a hard time. She caught a little bit of the exchange on her cellphone.

Dr Paul Ryan Joshua Lou Negligent Homicide Burns San Bernardino Ruthie Tony Assault California Sixty Seven Year Four Year One Year
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"And advocacy. Get details at brain injury, MSN dot org. Hey, folks, now when I when I finished with his hurricane stuff, and there's big Trump news regarding Puerto Rico after this. Meaning me in Houston. And we're going to get next is going to be this abomination that is Google, although I have to tell you, I'm I'm a little surprised at so many other people are surprised that Google is a haven of radical liberalism. Everybody's shocked over this video from Google on the day after the election. I can't believe everybody. There's a left. Yeah. What they have. They practically had a campaign office in Obama's west wing. Why is everybody? So shocked at Google is a bunch of leftist political activists. You know that? P that ought to be standard common knowledge. Everybody ought to understand what an who Google is. This goes to my point that we haven't done nearly enough of an effective job of helping people understand just how ideological how political everything on the left is. I really if we had done a better job of helping people identified liberalism as an ideology everywhere. It is we'd be much further ahead of the game that we are now. Now, look, I don't wanna make you Mr. hall to out there, the Washington Post and the rest of you, literally brain dead climate change activists. I don't want to cause your head to explode. But this might do it. I'm holding in my formerly nicotine stained fingers. Gee, I just ripped ap-. Well, I can still make this work. I have here official government. Which of course, we cannot doubt. Right. Official government data on hurricanes their history and their intensity. And here is the upshot of this. The average intensity of the thirty six most destructive storms. Has decreased from category. Three point two in the nineteen thirties to category two point four in two thousand seventeen let me translate this. It means since the nineteen thirties to two thousand seventeen be intensity. Of the most destructive storms has decreased not increased. There wasn't any so-called political climate change in the thirties. The forties. Fifties the sixties or the seventies. That didn't get whale late seventies. It got kicked up. Hurricane intensity is decreasing since the nineteen thirties among the thirty six most destructive storms. It's not getting worse climate change. Whatever.

Google Puerto Rico Gee official Hurricane Houston Obama Washington Post nicotine Mr. hall
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"msn b. c." Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"Other minerals and the. Secret sauce here for personal rob is like sciatica which, is what this person has is the MSN for free life division take three of those twice. As one big balls free those places eight hundred pounds, of body weight and it's, going to support, and promote. Nations pair again of cartilage ligaments tendons connective tissue disparate vertebrae and then on the lumbar vertebrae themselves. To immediately. Immediately reduce symptoms and reduce inflammation swelling they wanna use, our sued the pain reliever anti-inflammatory a product in, our exhibition it's comes a little bottle like inconsistency of, a real so very rich skin lotions and have somebody help you put that on your, lumbar vertebrae within five to ten Minutes oftentimes that will relieve at, least temporarily I you know three to five hours relieve sciatica and the, burning and numbness niching in, the feed but after a month or so guess what doing what we said you your. Body can re grow those discs between the vertebrae pushes vertebrae apart take the. Pressure off the roots to the nerve and his personal, Roberts he decided to go. Those away that would be amazing John in citrus heights California hi John good morning Hey thank you for taking my call I have a, one year old grandson that moving to with? And we want him to, have the maximum amount of. Central nutrients and to fully develop and everything, and right now he's on cow's milk it'd be better for into Dion. Goat's milk and is there and. Then he he takes. A little packets from, Gabor's. Anything, can even so Exactly and we have. What we call middle eighties these kids are. You know they're, two years old, and big as five year olds and are tough and strong They're very precocious and they're reading stuff they. Shouldn't, be doing for another couple of put it in like in a bottle doc yeah and. What we have is called kids Taty, like a kid's Taty interest yeah it's a liquid and. You wanna give them one, teaspoon per, twenty pounds of body weight so. If. The kid weighs fifty pounds I'd go ahead. And give them, two teaspoons, a day when a breakfast dinner time the kids Saudi girls gonna need the pluses Which are the bigotry essential, fatty acids kids who weighs fifty pounds I could take to those twice a day the only way twenty five pounds of give them one. Twice, a day and they also should get what we call the cherry Missouri plant derived mineral. Seventy minerals only essential metals plus eighteen extra ones, and, it would be again a teaspoon for twenty pounds of. Body weight so they wait forty fifty pounds I have a, teaspoon twice a day and it doesn't have any taste whatsoever but it does have a little astringent property and they're not going. To. Put it in some juice or put it in with the kids Saudi. I, would go ahead and get what we call cherry men's is black cherries in it kids. Love that taste also have a strawberry, Kiwi minerals Alex against a teaspoon for twenty times valuate. Sounds good I want to, try that, you load George and these kids These problems go away very quickly very smart, putting, kids on stuff like that I would. I would guess. Stock if you had a kid on that kind of regimen ADHD probably. Drops dramatically but goes away eighty ADHD of trust. In Rome as burgers autism all these are. Caused by nutritional deficiencies the brain you get. Them on a gluten free, you give them these nutrients and, all goes away there are no nutrients in in these drugs these these kids get, brought an ADD ADHD there's no, nutrition in there but it will subdue the kids but they're only, worse worse worse because when you have chronic malnutrition of the. Brain they're in.

sciatica ADHD Roberts Gabor Rome California John Missouri George twenty pounds fifty pounds milk eight hundred pounds forty fifty pounds twenty five pounds two teaspoons ten Minutes five hours five year
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"The latest inspector general's report on sexual trauma claims the b according to the inspector general. Has been mishandling a lot, of the, claims Lydia watts heads up the service women's action network known as. Swan we've been working on You, know urging the VA to do better by survivors of military sexual trauma dating back almost ten years so, we were very concerned, to see that many of those oversight and provisions have been, put in place have fallen by the wayside, and resulting in about forty six, percent of, claims being not properly process of forty six percents an incredibly high number and part of the report at least. On the, overview talked about how there was inadequate training exactly. Exactly which is obviously you know incredibly disappointing in. An incredible lapse of on the VA's parts to make sure that. These claims are being processed appropriately again there's been advocacy done by one in many other organizations. For at, least the past decade of in addition one as you know veterans of America had brought or had kitchen, for rule change so that survivors. Of MSG who suffer PTSD would be treated similarly, to other, PTSD survivors will you talk about the past decade, and I'm thinking you know you have secretary peak and Shinseki and. McDonald. Who. Now silken analogy, Wilkie is, there any reason to believe that it's going to happen under secretary Wilkie well I you know we always optimistic and. So, certainly I encourage secretary each take this report of very seriously as we know folks that are survivors of, MSN or suffering from, PTSD are very severely impacted by that trauma this is not. Something to take lightly so we certainly You know I'd certainly have a can't read the tea leaves but, I certainly hope that secretary Wilkie will take this report into you know into consideration and really take the necessary actions necessary you know we we have heard from him his commitment to. Address the high rates of suicide among, veterans is a commitment to address issues affecting women. Men are also survivors military sexual trauma? But we wanna, hold secretary, Wilkie to those promises and and this report certainly shows that there's there's. Considerable work to be done because we know that people that are suffering from? Trauma, suffering, from TSE, are much higher risk of suicide and certainly being denied access to benefits which these people may be entitled to that they're not getting any of the counseling or any other types of treatments that the. Would be provided if their claims have. Been processed correctly Is devastating to these individuals and certainly to the promise. That this country holds to its veteran Watts who heads up the service women's action network it is of twelve twenty four Check your money in, a Bloomberg here's Adrienne Mitchell Mitch the major indexes pretty close to the flat line the Dow up just thirty four points the NASDAQ up thirteen in the SNP up less, than two points after a day that saw the SNP and NASDAQ surged a records the NASDAQ hitting eight thousand for the first time in the dour turning to twenty six thousand best buy shares falling by the. Most in nearly a year after it issued a profit outlook that, is disappointing investors so even though its second quarter profit and sales topped Wall, Street estimates best buy shares are, tumbling six percent investors putting a shine on Tiffany though the upscale jewelry store says global sales jumped seven. Percent last quarter is it continued to recycle it self to appeal to younger shoppers the. Recovery that began during the holidays continues following several..

military sexual trauma Wilkie secretary PTSD Lydia watts VA under secretary Swan Tiffany Adrienne Mitchell Mitch America McDonald Shinseki Bloomberg MSN six percent ten years
The Latest: Zimbabwe opposition now rejects election ruling

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The Latest: Zimbabwe opposition now rejects election ruling

"Then Bob way held its breath as the country's constitutional coup review petition by the opposition challenging last month's presidential election, victory of MSN Menin gangwar ahead of the ruling the streets in the capital Harare were almost empty delivering the verdict, chief Justice league Malabo said the allegations of election, tampering. By the opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa unsubstantiated the court finds that the 'applicant is failed to bliss before you eat clear direct sufficient and credible evidence today that he alleges, Mont election process, materially existent. You know, though, is there was no proof of the hub innings of these irregularities as a metal fact, but no Ola happy with the coots decision as fit and the opposition MDC Tendai BT said his paws, he would continue to work towards the mood Democratics in bubbly. We will remain in the trenches fighting for democratic change. You know, country through pitiful constitional means with all disturbed before we've taken the blues like today. But with with this incredible capacity, affording down, investing ourselves in looking at least in the in, we never blink is a middle principal correspondent in Harare, shin guy, Neal was in couth when the verdict was delivered. The judge did give more details on why they arrived at that decision about what he did say is that the the mole index drooling would be. Released at a later stage that he saints any. What he said is that the the the Nelson Chamisa would have to provide substantial evidence aflame to void this inaction. He also saved that Nelson Chamisa had not a used old legal remedies that were available to him that he could have ordered a recount and that he also could have unsealed a requested for the Bennett books as to be unsealed a, he had alleged a huge, a massive irregularities in terms of a ghost voting double counting of results. And the judge said that if only he had applied for the ballot boxes to be open to that might have been substantiated, but it wasn't. And so now an Elson chummy Chamisa we'll have to go back to the join boat to decide what his next move is a while. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is preparing for his inauguration. That by law is expected to happen within the next forty eight dollars. Now you say they have. Go by decide what the next move is. The opposition had said that they wouldn't accept any outcome from this that wasn't in that faith us a to this leave the movement for democratic change. Why can they won't come? They do well for many people to have very limited avenues, especially given the fact that this comb court ruling in the constitutional court ruling. They cannot appeal against its final of what they have say does that they intend to have a press conference tomorrow, win. Nelson Chamisa will map out the way forward. They have said that they still want to dispute this ruling, but that they will do that within the confines of the law. It's not clear whether they're going to reach out to Amazon mnangagwa's to try to come to some kind of an agreement to accommodate them within government or whether they're going to take a diplomatic route to go around the world and essentially voice. They concerns about this. This contested

Nelson Chamisa Harare President Emmerson Mnangagwa MDC Drooling Tendai Bt Youtube Mont OLA BOB Malabo Principal Amazon Mnangagwa Shingai Neil Elson Neal Bennett Motorcity
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"Gavel thank I need MSN Santana in the. Neighborhood of helpless f- Avella on the outskirts of. Sao Paulo a die hard supporter he refuses. To believe Lula is guilty he even has his name shaved into the back of his. Head He. Shows me around his home his family of five used to sleep in just two rooms that, alone from, Lula's government. Allowed him to extend now has three. Stories struggling through tears explains why Lulu means so much to him Everyone has dreams with Lula we could see just how far we could go, poor. Person without education person. Who came from nothing who's been, hungry like he gave a self esteem he made us feel like this country really was for everyone that we had the right to, nice things to his biggest tasted staple it was Emerson's realistic Is unlikely to If Lulu were to choose an animal a dog, or a cat whoever he tells me to vote for I will because I believe, in our president it's all a strategy by the, Workers Party, says Oliver Stanko professor Vargas foundation. In Sao Paulo he has to be part of the public conversation as. Long as possible so, at some stage he will then. Indicate another candidate if, he now retreated then he'd sort of cease to be important in the in. The public debate so the Workers Party needs to actually maintain Lula's name in the news all the time as. Long as possible and then make. A quick change just ahead, of the election ideally from the Workers Party perspective to assure that they their candidate makes it into the second round that candidate is most, likely to be how likely is it that he will get those. Votes Embiid success what was quite interesting that about a third of Brazil's electorate is very supportive of Lula because people Associated his presidency to really quite fundamental economic changes. Before so Lula has in two thousand and ten recommended Jim Rousseff was entirely unknown and she won.

Lula Sao Paulo Workers Party Lulu MSN Brazil Santana Oliver Stanko Jim Rousseff Vargas foundation Emerson president professor
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"msn b. c." Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Leaving boycott them Risk is still being tested the MSN. Emerging markets. Index is still done four percent this week the lira is also off by run twenty percent against the, US dollar since, Friday. On Marcus team leader Donna joins. Us Donna I suppose the question is this, we saw this reprieve in the Leary yesterday. Even Garanti Bank is talking about raise rates why could? We not hold, onto those fought for games let's say yesterday I think a lot of people really excited to see the lira. Go up by more than eight percent yesterday, wondering whether or not that was a recovery but bear in mind, that liquidity in the market is quite low so moves are going to be exaggerated and also. Implied volatility for the lira is quite high so we, should be expecting to see these wild swings but also nothing has come out of Turkey to make. Investors feel comfortable about the situation, in. Turkey so while there was a recovery yes Yesterday it I mean it was a. Temporary thing this isn't something long, term Was also quite a dysfunctional market giving the thin liquidity definitely not your usual FX kind of candidate when look at what's happening with the threat of the boycott and clear announcement that they're going to move, away from iphones to Samsung's and other alternatives that's verbatim out of Mr. speech how much reality is. Behind those, statements because the US is. Still Turkey's largest trade partner Well right now I mean bear in mind that wine is doing the rounds and he's speaking at these rallies and he's thinking people for voting him so, until we actually see some concrete action at this point it's. Just words so let's just wait. To see if this actually turns into policy before we, decide whether or. Not actually gonna start boycotting US products I love what you. And the team. Of put, together in regards the risks facing the real economy and that real economy is a bond market which has got maturity's and this is one of the biggest issues for the magi let's take. A look at it this is what you would call a wall of worry so to, speak this is this. Is what the reality is in the market that's exactly right I mean you know the part of the issue is that a lot of Turkish companies went abroad in order to get loans and that sort of foreign foreign foreign, exchange exposure is what's worrying investors right now we're talking about at least sixteen billion dollars By the end of next year bear in mind that Turkey's, to GDP is. Considered to be quite low it's about twenty eight percent but still I'm this is a worry especially since the lira has fallen by. So much this year and the I mean the other line and that's really I found quite amazing was that twenty eight percents that genie people's the ninety eight billion, of official reserves Donna great reporting by you and the team. That is done about GR emerging. Markets team leader right here in Dubai let's bring in, Raub Rennie Westpac. Global head of market strategy joins us from Sydney studio good. To see you. This morning, rob as Donna very clearly pointed stop getting excited managed about eight percent rally in a currency in something that's been battered and bruised by thirty percent is it over are we seeing the. Beginnings of the next leg lower in the EM move Look I, I certainly full in the latter here my concern is as we see global financial, conditions continuing to. Tighten some of, that clearly comes from the the guidance that we have from the fed we still expect a further four, rate hikes through to mid next year as central banks back from their quantitative easing. Program and I think importantly as. We're seeing in recent days. As. The US dollar continues to appreciate and I certainly think, there are risks that we continue, to see more, of that coming through into September, right those that have been left those emerging currencies that are emerging markets that have built up a. Deficit that could? Be current account it could be foreign funding deficits it could be political deficits Those those weaker currencies I think markets will continue to pick them off. And I think we will see. More of that taking place So that means from. What I'm gathering that you're saying right now rob is that, we are in the eye of the, storm rather than clear of it so you expect more turmoil, in emerging markets outside. Of Turkey who is next in line of dominoes, maybe of vulnerability as the fed goes about its tightening cycle Look I think financial markets have gone for the the weaker currencies and indeed weaker asset markets remember that we've had a number of small crisis with, the short Vicks trade back in February we had the the Italian BT blow up in May June Turkey I think is just another rhetorician of this the, thing that does concern me as we move into September is that if. We have the combination of fake tightening rates increase concerns about the budget situation in Italy another iteration of trade wars coming through end, of September and to tour and the possibility. Of a US government shutdown over funding of the the border wall, you those all together with your potential further appreciation in the US dollar it does mean. That there is a risk that we switch from a more, localized EM sell off to a more, generalized sell off and I think that is becoming an increasing Risk at the moment Rubber any thank you so much. For being with us our guest host had trouble at.

US Turkey Donna team leader fed rob Garanti Bank Leary Samsung Raub Rennie Westpac Dubai Sydney Global head Italy partner official BT Mr.
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"msn b. c." Discussed on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

"Do you think folks this is pretty interesting isn't it pain obviously is something that that is a huge epidemic in this country i don't think there's many of us or any of us for that matter that has not experienced pain from time to time or maybe it's more serious more chronic and looking for a real solution here understanding that perhaps the pharmaceutical approaches is now we know is not the best approach at this point because there are so many side effects associated with with these drugs out there but looking at it from a natural standpoint and dr janice glucose amine cream maybe make some sense here i mean this is this is again putting back into your body we'd we do seem to discover time and time again that when you give your body what it needs it knows what to do with knows how to fix the problem it's only if it doesn't get those thing that you continue to have the problem again we've been talking about dr janice glucose amine cream and this is this is number of ingredients that you put together right and is this good for any type of pain if you have pain of any kind it's gonna make a difference i mean i don't care how extreme it is minimal it is it's going to give you relief now if it's more extreme of course it may take a little longer can take your pain from ten to a five and on down the line with continued use i'm telling you that's very doable so this is really exciting to be able to share this with you yeah again i think one of the things that is that is important for people to understand because very unique this is a cream yes this is not a supplement there are lots of supplements out there what do you tell someone that comes into your office and says well dr janet i've tried this i've tried that i've tried this i've tried all of those things and it did night work so therefore the natural approach doesn't work first of all for glucose amine or msn for that matter it takes ninety days for them to notice something if in fact they're going to notice anything because they may not be breaking down and absorbing you're taking it orally after three months people give up people in pain they want relief and they want it now right and that's why i developed this cream again fifteen minutes and i am telling you you'll notice that it's going to the good and so i just give you a challenge you know try it you have nothing to lose okay again we're talking about dr janice glucose amine cream here dr jan somebody calls today gets your cream and tries it what should they expect realistically within the first fifteen minutes as you used the cream you'll notice pain diminishes and just as slowly as you got out of life you'll start to see yourself come back into life and you'll see you'll want to call people again you'll wanna talk on the phone you know you wanna go see your neighbors you wanna go take your kids to the way you'll want wanna walk your dog again wanna do all the simple things you wash the car things other people take for granted right right you'll be able to do right but on the other hand people want to know that this is not just use saying this they want to know that other people out there have been in their situations and and have gotten result well i have letters and emails from people all over the country does my heart good hear to hear back i have an email from k from new york she says i have arthritis in too many places in recently broke my right wrist all these aches and pains are lessened within a few minutes of using the glucose amine cream your dispenser as easy to us was especially appreciated when my when my wrists wasn't working very well i will not be without this product one more i've lost the pain.

fifteen minutes three months ninety days
"msn  b. c." Discussed on KOMO


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"msn b. c." Discussed on KOMO

"Capi june weekend boy it's going to be a beauty almost from start to finish a lot of sunshine out there we'll start today with temps in the fifties and up well into the seventies greatlooking saturday afternoon from the coast of the cascades but watch for a chance for a late day thunderstorm or two over the cascade crest when we see lightning this time of year of course we start getting worried about fire danger even warmer on sunday father's day looks like a stunner with low eighties around cuba sound and we keep the warming going we'll be in the mid to upper eighties as the heat peaks by the middle of the week in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell komo news time to set it on cruise control this is our auto expert here's nick miles looking back to the show i recently i spent some time in june and driving not on the nurburgring they asked a clue me all the way to jimmy to the novi agreement unless you drive on it but my hotel room walls about eight feet from the nearby ring so i could watch other people driving it and be extremely unhappy about that on that event was perry he's with me now perry writes a lot of the content that you see appearing on msn dot com and msn autos perry we got to go to germany to drive the new aston martin db eleven am first of all i have to say congratulations on two hundred forty eight kilometers an hour that was pretty cool so that's about a little over one hundred and fifty miles an hour and that was the great thing about driving this car in germany is there are a lot of places where there's no speed limit so we did do that legally by the way and and you know what i you know what i love about it is when i look at that picture that i took of the speed and you use that pitcher on your article on msn autos it doesn't say kilometers an hour anyway initially when you look at it you have to look for the kilometers you're like whoa yes we were going to hundred and fifty miles an hour i would just say i didn't need us head y'all that day was that fast so let's talk about.

cuba komo shannon o'donnell jimmy novi perry germany aston martin two hundred forty eight kilome eight feet
"msn  b. c." Discussed on KHNR 690AM


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"To pass a socalled head tax to raise money to fight homelessness among other companies starbucks was hopping mad yes what's happened they've reversed their decision nine zero to reversing the bill that was passed less than a month ago maybe just maybe even people on the left realize there ain't no such thing as a free lunch we're talking about that later on the big news of course is the summit between kim jong hoon president donald trump in the reaction here's msn msnbc hawes nicole wallace listen to this we're thinking about this realistically we know enough about president trump's he's not going to come home and say that he failed he is the way over there to help them build more nukes and say we want mccleary over there to build more news and say we're in charge of it now we're thinking about this realistically we know enough about president trump to know that he's not going to come home and say that he failed the win over there to help them build more nukes and say we trump derangement syndrome bill richardson was in the cabinet of bill clinton here's what he said yeah it is a win for him because he's dow world player on the international stage he couldn't go to his people north korea even though he doesn't have too many elections and say look i'm on the part with the president united states and you know that the north koreans have always said look let's go shade in asia us and north korea we're the big guys with nuclear weapons not south korea not japan not china even their main benefactor so it's already a win for kim jong own but if he miscalculates and christ the skate and not honor agreements it's not going to be good for him.

starbucks donald trump bill richardson bill clinton north korea president asia kim jong nicole wallace mccleary united states south korea japan china
Yahoo Messenger will shut down next month

Techmeme Ride Home

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Yahoo Messenger will shut down next month

"Sell to internet companies with the click of a button in part because consumers aren't really trying to inject any start at possess into the largest and most complex transaction of their lives local knowledge remains invaluable that and it's hard to develop regular clients this isn't seamless in real estate a satisfied customer isn't coming back anytime soon and quote this piece has some fascinating analysis of the billions of dollars of vc money that has flooded into real estate especially in the last few years so it's worth wondering if things might actually be about to change finally today another end of an era headline yahoo has announced it will shut down yahoo messenger on july seventeenth announcing the news the company wrote their currently isn't a replacement product available for yahoo messenger we're constantly experimenting with new services and apps one of which is an invite only group messaging app called yahoo squirrel currently in beta and quote of course chances are this news won't affect you as it's unlikely you or anyone you know is still using yahoo messenger and in this era of what's app snapchat at all if you weren't there it's helpful to see the messenger platforms of today as an allergy services to the likes of aol instant messenger msn messenger and yahoo messenger yahoo messenger debuted as yahoo pager back in nineteen ninety eight though pager was a fake analogy itself because most people only ever use these messenger services on desktop computers it was actually a huge thing.

Yahoo AOL
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"Last weekend's luck the boston kansas city tomorrow night i got us a company score off at the celtics right here in wtmj starting at five forty and then the brewers in royals get going knotty four or five country at six thirty five just to wrap the conversation on violence of any sorts on msn this thing i saw on the news last night one of the taxes from to sixty my seventeen year old kansas check out of his high school yet a twelve year old can walk out of a mental health facility that's crazy and it shows this this move and move the needle back to just allowing people to check themselves out of mental health facilities at risk to the public another texter says more laws are not gonna fix the problem exactly i the laws we have crackdown on mental health issues give parents the the tools they need and the resources they need to to help them because right now that's not happening and then in case after case after case we're seeing a breakdown in how people act because they're not getting the help and i think that's where the energy and the dollars needs to go it's not happening that we're talking about more laws which i don't think are going gonna make anybody safer real quick get andy smith on the show earlier talking about the economy potentially a risk for recession he doesn't see i don't see a frankly and i know in wisconsin we benefit from a very very record low unemployment rate saw this on the hill yesterday fourteen states have now set new records for low unemployment rates in the last year that's a decade almost a decade alpha the big recession in the two thousands they go from texas to california hawaii is the lowest two point one idaho kentucky maine mississippi oregon wisconsin is is on that list california set a record low there's is at four point one which is still pretty high and this is the lowest since recording began in nineteen seventy six and you think about this from the national perspective anti spoke to this andy smith spoke to a little bit about this we're not even we're not even at the full realization of what this incredible growth in our economy could realise the potential for jobs wages expansion of buildings in.

texas national perspective oregon mississippi maine kentucky idaho california hawaii boston wisconsin andy smith kansas msn brewers wtmj celtics seventeen year twelve year
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"Had posted him so this had stood out and of course connie chung abc news twenty twenty had gone to visit there in the year two thousand this was originally on television you could see the actual pictures for yourself but the ha revolution has come here pat and of course we've i've had three years of use of ha but we can lose people in the science so they wanna know what's real is this for real well it's real for tom writes to us a pharmacist now from santa cruz california seventy years of age participating in the whole lie ironman contest in kona hawaii this past year seventy years old he said this new ha formula for the joints did a great job not certainly a pharmacist would know here's john writing to me and saying you know at age fifty five boy when i tried ha i'm now back to playing full court basketball with the twenty year olds and i've even begun to jog again these are the kinds of reports that we hear you mentioned glucose amino and there's another one out there this pretty popular msn how does this ha stack up against those other ones the other ones you have to take him for a while before you even see any results and most of these are very positive dietary supplements they certainly have a lots of benefits glucose me takes quite a while to kick in msn is a wonderful sofer compound and again it's an anti inflammatory as are many things like fish oil and so these are all wonderful but they're not dealing with the origin of the problem the origin of the problem is the loss of cushioning in the joint and if we can just replace this if we can find a way to get that cushioning back that's what we call youthfulness that's what we had when we were young here's david right into me from new york twenty five years looking for something that would help support his lower back and of course he said i can't believe it now he says i can't thank you enough for this.

tom msn new york twenty twenty santa cruz california david seventy years twenty five years three years twenty year
Can Blind People See In Their Dreams?

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

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Can Blind People See In Their Dreams?

Dr. Khan Vermont Antarctica Mike Weston Waddell Washington Dc Australia Isla Colin NYU Harvard Medical School Dr. David Kahn Burlington Kristen Phoenix Luca Msn Physicist Charlotte New York City Ohio
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"Um later that summer i was recruited by microsoft to be the head of editorial for this brand new network called msn and we're smiling because i don't even think they use that term in analogy anymore but that was their competitor to aol and copy serve and i ended up turning down that job and going to work as a venture capitalist instead with dave whether all and a tiny group of people with a 35milliondollar venture capital firm had it no shipped from shino or venture capital and that's how i begin venture capitalist so you spend a lot of time getting your mba at that point on your venture capital experienced did you know how to open a spreadsheet i did not not only did i not know had opener spreadsheet but i remember when timers i was working with four or five partners at at what we called adventures at simple ventures still great name um and uh it was part of cmg cmgi and uh dan over who still active hey dan what's up dude now now at highland and basically mr superman whatever love you man uh i remember bringing a deal in and he said to me we're talking about the price i remember the deal itself but we're talking the price and he said well as it prayer post money us like i don't know what that means a it's a big difference i don't know what i'm scared it's.

microsoft msn aol dave 35milliondollar
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"msn b. c." Discussed on The Reboot Podcast

"Um later that summer i was recruited by microsoft to be the head of editorial for this brand new network called msn and we're smiling because i don't even think they use that term in analogy anymore but that was their competitor to aol and copy serve and i ended up turning down that job and going to work as a venture capitalist instead with dave whether all and a tiny group of people with a 35milliondollar venture capital firm had it no shipped from shino or venture capital and that's how i begin venture capitalist so you spend a lot of time getting your mba at that point on your venture capital experienced did you know how to open a spreadsheet i did not not only did i not know had opener spreadsheet but i remember when timers i was working with four or five partners at at what we called adventures at simple ventures still great name um and uh it was part of cmg cmgi and uh dan over who still active hey dan what's up dude now now at highland and basically mr superman whatever love you man uh i remember bringing a deal in and he said to me we're talking about the price i remember the deal itself but we're talking the price and he said well as it prayer post money us like i don't know what that means a it's a big difference i don't know what i'm scared it's.

microsoft msn aol dave 35milliondollar
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"The van gogh ars this have one without the van when we bring yeah the husband on that would be pauley and just say hello paul hello paul he never take instruction well except for when you find this mike every once in a while so you and i went to a movie again and we went to sea battle of the sexes would you give it a thumbs up for people who might want to go see it i would give it a thumbs up emma stone was great is billiejean king huh joy and mr i enjoy understanding that sounds kind of strange i enjoy msn how about she's a talented actress she is a town with actress okay so for people that have listened to the show for a while and i don't know i've talked about this a bunch paul things ashes actually talk about it more because he said in a lot of people listening to you in these affiliate it's they're looking for speaker seat glad there's eight and be in some of these cool places with the people who are listening to this show but i'm also a professional speaker and i was speaking this week in louisiana in those your city to a fabulous group of library ends and the support staff and this was a rare treat for me because paul this free so he was able to come with me and and see me speak in help out and and all that kind of stuff so what do you think on a scale of one to ten how good was i your indicating ten nasa you're a nine and a half nine and a half thank you i.

pauley mike emma stone louisiana paul nasa msn
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"msn b. c." Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Just tweeted out the msn should be all over potus real donald trump prays of poland for helping contain russia and its destabilizing action so trump just calls out just calls out russia for its destabilizing actions thanks paul and for their help see if you see that anywhere else he keeps going cut marais during our meeting i congratulated president juda on poland's recent election to the united nations security council we also our discussed mutual commitment to safeguarding the values at the heart of our alliance freedom sovereignty and the rule of law poland joins the security council at a very critical time to critical time frankly for the world because you see what's going on not only must we secure our nation's from the threat of terrorism but we must also confront the threat from north korea that's that's what it is is safe threat and we will confront it very strongly president duda and i call on all nations to confront this global threat and publicly demonstrate north south korea that there are consequences for their very very bad behavior be the north korea there are consequences that is important we got a seats some follow through on that men finally trump on what's going on and with isis and poland in syria cut number nine we also discussed the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in syria and the need to defeat isis and other terrorist groups where they control territory and populations we have fought very hard and very powerfully against isis since i've been president and we've made tremendous gains far greater than has ever been made with respect to that group well the cities of rock and mosia will soon be liberated from these murderers criminals and butchers we recognize that syria requires a political solution that does not advance iran's destructive agenda and.

poland russia president juda united nations security counci north korea president syria isis political solution iran donald trump paul duda south korea