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Healing Chronic Illness Using Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda And Yoga With Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

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Healing Chronic Illness Using Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda And Yoga With Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

"Myzone jeopardize episode three thirty for the Senate Chaplain Swirling vortices of Energy Position Russian throughout the body from the base of the spine to the crown of for thousands of ancient wisdom has been can stop and measure to recycle what are the functions of these energy systems and cook these chuck help you unlike your destiny and find your in purpose welcome to my Senate childhoods and now your host Kumar what's up action of Asia year host and founder of my seven chocolate is a show where we prayed you ancient wisdom inspiring adding stories and action steps that help you transform your life so if you are new to our show then I want to give you a warm warm welcome and before we dive into today is amazing interview. Let me read out our recent. ITN's five star rating and review by a username shop shoot up in the USA. Let's see who writes as an aspiring psychic medium. The vast array of knowledge and experience showcased in this podcast is immeasurably valuable age as a skilled communicator. He takes the show in segments and summarizes. The information offered from the specialists in a way that is easy to digest and remember. I love the raw honesty that goes into the questions and their answers every episode truly. This podcast has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for what you do and please continue leading the way for those of us who are young and searching wow. What a wonderful wonderful attitude review. Thanks a lot for sharing. Our listeners are definitely the best action. If you live for me to read out your review as well and the process of super simple to my seven jucker dot com forward slash review mice chocolate has dot com slash review right here review but don't forget hit summit and what you do that I'll read out your review to our thousands of thousands of listeners around the world all right so moving onto our guest for today sleep. Our guest is Certified Body Doc Practitioner Speaker and author of the Amazon Bestseller. You are not your diagnosis. She she holds a masters degree in somatic psychology and after being diagnosed with leukemia the age of five she became passionate about sharing with the world hum message that just because a doctor has said an illness chronic are incurable. It doesn't mean that it has to be a life sentence for you. Oh and that Western medicine isn't the only approach to healing and what are the other approaches where you're gonNA find out on today's episode action drive our guest today is Lynn del Mistral Thompson Lynn. Welcome to our show. Thank you for having me trade and are you ready. Inspire totally excited to grid grid <hes> so we also always begin our show with an inspirational court so what does that one <hes> court that you really drop on and how do you apply it in your life so call right now for me comes from a friend of mine who actually passed away last month from cancer and he was one of a very incredible inspirational story of how she journey through that process in her she said what what we do today to make your life count and that was really how she lived her life and especially the life through that during with cancer and for me. That's just that question. Ask myself like what will I do to inspire. What will I do to connect with people. How would it how do I wanNA show up in the world and and grateful to Annabel Golf for that message that she shared with the world on its thanks for sharing action tribe if you're listening if you're watching right now then it's important to take pause to who remark on this particular court which is what will you do today to make the most out of your life? Yes you know maybe you'll have multiple lifetime. We don't know we'll find only when we crossed the moment of truth. Are we experience a moment of truth but the truth is that your service that you're going to have this lifetime and the question is what are you. GonNa do it today to transform your life to take that one step towards a better life in a more self realized life so lynn thanks a lot for sharing that with us now in two thousand and four you're diagnosed with leukemia so firstly wards leukemia and what's the story behind your diagnosis disclosure so leukemia is type of cancer. It's a blood cancer and <hes> so in that journey for me. I was going <music> through Grad School. I was pursuing a PhD in a completely different field from what I do now and I was very miserable. I was miserable from day one of that program and I kind of tried to push through that miserable state of being in ignored a lot of the symptoms that my body I was giving in that I was on the wrong path and then in the summer of two thousand and four I was scheduled to have elective surgery and I went in for the preoccupied work. Mark and I got the phone call the night before the surgery from surgeon and he said there's something in your bloodwork that looks really normal in kind of that feeling of my stomach type dropping because that's a scary thing to hear you think you're just going for elective surgery and now all of a sudden. You're wondering what's wrong. He said don't panic yet it. Let's send you back and have them run the labs again because you know maybe it could be just elaborate or maybe something just was missing their process and I go back run on the same test and he calls and he says it's not allow her. There's something going on and I can't make the surgery you need to just go see your primary doctor and and have hamster to try and figure out what's going on and I don't think I slept a whole lot that night. After hearing that have not dropped in my lap and having no clue because I had zero era symptoms of anything and I was dropped down kind of a two week process of two different hospitals all sorts of specialists all different doctors risk and all these different tests and finally was given the diagnosis of leukemia and that moment I view as just such a shock because I had you know see myself as a healthy twenty five year old woman wasn't the happiest with my life in that moment comment but I didn't see anything relate massively wrong with my health and so I went through this process of actually being treated for that diagnosis for three years and didn't really see a lot of improvement in my health in that time always felt like something was wrong. Went back to different different doctors kept trying to actually see a different specialist at different hematologist couldn't get a referral to one and then finally when I let go oh of that graduate program when I got health insurance somewhere else so that I could basically leave that program and and have medical coverage and saw a different doctor actually found about that was in this diagnosis and I had been treated for that for three years incorrectly and that moment to again just a tremendous indus shock relief of someone finally listening to me and and was saying but there is also a lot of anger why no and listen to me sooner. You're so <hes> you know prior to your diagnosis of leukemia. What was some of the challenges that you're facing on an ongoing basis because he's you said that you seem to have been elite elite but then you're miserable in other words so can you find that pitcher for us yeah so. I think a lot of my symptoms before the time this health crisis more work kind of connected to emotional things and I started getting a had grown up with migraine headaches that I started at age twelve and they had kind of gone away in college each and they came back with a vengeance. I started experiencing more things that panic attacks anxiety depression and all of those things. I was just kind of writing off as you're stressed. You know it's normal to be stressed in graduate school won't it's you know you just have to get through it and there was a part of me that also so just didn't really want to admit that. I was miserable where I was scared to say. I don't know what I WANNA do with my life like I felt like I I'm kind of a person where I like like to have a path that a plan people can relate to that some people in our planners and the idea I'm just saying I don't know what I I wanted to make. y'All just go out and get a job to pay. The bills like there was a part of me that saw that is scarier than going to school. I'm sure there's people that batch. That's crazy ought to go to school. I seventy eight years. <hes> job seems much less scary but for me. I was too scared to kind of be adults in the world. Got It okay so you were going through. <hes> these challenges like headaches that seem to have come back from your childhood and and <hes> some anxiety stress depression and panic attacks as well now like you mentioned you took the blood work and in some abnormalities were discovered. What did the doctor discover so actually since childhood I had a very elevated platelet count <hes> they had discovered that when I was about ten years old and I had some abdominal pain and they thought maybe I was having appendicitis or something like that <hes> but back doc when I was a child they never figured out what that was again. Sent to different specialists coast tour I lived. I was kind of Brogden product at that point and nothing really made sense. There was no diagnosis and so I've kind of went about my life for another fifteen years without ever being a problem and the interesting kind of thing in my story is I always curious you know if I had listened to my body sooner and if I had listened to Peta that knowing that I was on the wrong path aw when my body has had to get so loud with a scary diagnosis right right right so help us understand what Yorkers I didn't pay too much attention to my biology class when I was growing up as a kid awarded. What is the what is the meaning of elevated platelet count would what does that really mean so platelets like like a typo blood cells and they basically help our blood clot so you WanNa have a good number of them right because if you don't have any in you cut yourself you could bleed to death but if you have too many than it means your blood clot too easily so you doubt what class somewhere okay okay? I get it now so that was sort of like a scared that you had as a as a child and then that sort of manifested into the abnormalities that you notice that the doctor noticed in your blood work and so you were diagnosed analyst for three years you you know what did the doctor recommend to you that you felt was not very effective or that. You felt that this is not what I supposed supposed to be doing. So what was indebted respected wrong approach do your diagnosis so without particular type of leukemia which was chronic myelogenous. Ns Leukemia. They put me on a particular medication that was designed to target kind of the genetic cause of that site never had that particular particular genetic mutation and there was. I believe Kinda from research. We did afterwards of what exactly happened. How could they have made this misdiagnosis diagnosis that there was some sort of a lab error whether it was you know the the task was red wrong or whether my sample was fought with someone they were and then they it preceded till monitor and look for something for three years. It wasn't actually there because it was a lab error that initially was used so I actually had something else is going on a different blood disorder that they weren't treating the men were looking at the wrong tasks and treating the wrong thing so I I took this medication that had a lot of side effects which included things like you would experience if you were going through chemo of a lot of nausea upset stomach the <hes> and that was all unnecessarily because I didn't need that particular medication and all of this was because of a leftist yes and I kind of kept saying you know why don't I feel better. I don't I feel better. I would go to the hematologist at who is treating me and would see me. I think maybe every month and I vividly still remember those appointments. I would wait an hour in the waiting Rome. I would go back and I would see him. He would spend less than five minutes with me and I I remember that question that he would ask which was how are you feeling and I would say I feel horrible like I don't feel like I'm improving and he he would dismiss my answer and say to me well. You look great which was not really true because other people have told me I looked terrible and I have lost a lot of way okay. I'll see you in another see you. In a month. <hes> God God well. That's pretty challenging for sure. <hes> you know. I've come across grocer as well right a lot of times as a long line patients who are waiting to see the doctor and the doctor is really connecting with you emotionally energetically. Just you know in a hurry to get stuff done and a lot of times. I was an artist that you feel down that something is not right with you for either either to doctor. Maybe he doesn't care are we does not know how to approach this at the holistic root level <hes> and bishops usually nor the does something omis this something wrong. Okay got it <hes>. So what do you feel now. I mean as you look back. Were some limitations in the Western medical care system I am I think that that story of that. Dr Particularly pointed to one now that not listening that you know he was a doctor who dealt with people with cancer and yet he was only spending few minutes in a visit and not really listening to the answer on important question asking that question shouldn't just yeah check it off your list patient how they were feeling don't really care about the answer the next question you know gave them engage with me as a human in that sense like I'm wow I see you're not doing well. I think some of the other limitations you know just pills in surgery aren't really the only ways to heal something and yet of course those are basically the main tools that mustard doctors have so those server. Sometimes medication can be lifesaving. I'm not somebody that's anti medication completely but it's not something that often gets to the root of a problem this happening. How can we fix and solve the problem is just the usually it's symptomatic in many cases and that's one of the biggest frustrations with kind of western medicine as more problems that you have a fax take another pill for those side effects. Yeah I mean one thing that is clear over here is and I'm sure our listeners are listening to this or maybe watching as well is. We each need to <hes> say that you know we're not doctors. Not The experts and just you know depend completely on the doctor or the expert we need to take control of our own lines and do our own research surgeon and find out an asset questions and and continuously seek to know what is health really right and is it just physical health or is is it you know <hes> the emotions and the energy and the and the taxes were having on a constant basis and if we have that in bliss you know that things will be much better because then we'll know who to reach out to what questions to ask so. I think this is a good topic to be on and like you've pointed out the Western medical system is great it when it comes to trauma and there's a sudden accident you need stitches as blood is losing out in union immediate solution for something right occur tag or something like that. You know you're having a heart attack. The trauma sudden like an accident or heart attack. Yes there's a place for that but when the issue is chronic and is ongoing and as an external external stimuli. That's disturbing you on an ongoing basis daily weekly or even monthly. That's one does a challenge. So what do you feel is the cause for chronic illness now obviously actually one of the examples of leukemia but there are so many other chronic in this as well. What do you feel is a is a cost. I think there's a complexity that it's hard hard to generalize to Everson situation. <hes> I think there seems for sure. One of them would be you know trauma in your past often manifestations illness. If you haven't addressed it seen it healed it. I work a lot with people with autoimmune disease. See that as being a big theme and what manifestos chronic illnesses you know childhood trauma birth trauma actually a huge part of certain types of illness so that would be one theme. I think sometimes our systems are also part of the process of what can show up as disease so we believe the world isn't a safe place than in kind of on the micro level our cells and all of our especially our immune system starts to react to the world in that way of fear itself. Whatever we're thinking in our head is reflected you know on the micro level and I think all of the toxins in our environment how we care for our bodies are we paying attention to approaches to health or we exercising or eating healthy foods all of those things factor actor in to what can become chronic on us so it's complex. It's not a one you know if you have chronic illness. It's because of one thing it's usually usually a combo of a variety of different issues so I should try by hope. You're listening right now. Maybe if you're watching at the moment whether it's replay or even live I see you've got some viewers over here but basically what we're learning. Is that important to especially if you've encountered trauma at some point in your life to express it <hes> you know I would just having a conversation yesterday with the gentleman who expressed that <hes> when he he lost his mom fires back <hes> you know there was no reaction right he was he'd North Grieve or he'd not let it out <hes> air because he did not have the methods is to let go of those emotional stuck energies and be because I think as as as men sometimes we're <hes> you know <hes> Dart to be strong and emotionless and art and North Korea and sometimes you know you have to let go whether you're a man or are women and and it's a it's important right because those those stuck energies will lead Armand in our body and manifest in the in the form of illness or or other other issues belief belief systems are baked like you've mentioned belief systems warfied believe you know is the universe working towards us or against us and then daily care nutrition are are you getting your daily nutritional. Mineral Supplement superfoods green vegetables as well as exercise. Those are those are big. I mean when I go to the gym twice a week. I really look forward to it and as soon as I come art. My whole day shifts so thanks for sharing all of that with us now you work with body talk right. So how did you discover body talk so I discovered body talk about I would say six years ago when I was going through kind of another other than a major health issue but I woke up one day and I started having pain in my left knee and it was very interesting because it wasn't like I had fallen down Allen or anything there was no kind of physical trauma to my knee just won't day my knee hurts and I tried all of the things I was already in the world of holistic ballistic healing and so I was going for massage and acupuncture chiropractic doing movement there be nothing helped and so oh than I remembered that I had met this woman the year before when I was not working and she said she did something called body talk she had kind of told me in that moment what it was and I was intrigued picked by it at a time. I didn't try it and I decided to go and actually try session because the pain actually was going on for about three three months. I couldn't resolve it and my at that point. I knew I wasn't going to start taking pills and trying to make the pain be quiet. I viewed it as something something that I needed to see an address and in that very first session the pain basically completely away but what from bothering me every day almost all day for three months to the pain was gone in what happened in that session was she had asked me. Did you go through something. Traumatic <unk> over the pain came on and it was like a light bulb went on because I hadn't connected what I had went through right before the pain to the pain right before or the pain. My parents had been staying with me. They came from Idaho and they were seeking a second opinion for my dad was kind of going through severe depression anxiety and I had spent two intense weeks being with them trying to get my dad how trying to figure out what was the solution for him and that I just went. Oh Oh I need to start working again and I've taken two weeks off you know as a self-employed person was like get back to work and my knee had been basically trying to alert me for a couple months to the fact that that was extremely traumatic and that I needed to take a little bit of time to process what happened and and to heal it. I went after that first session. I was like what is this magical thing that just happens. How did she do this. How did she know I had been through a trauma and I was just immediately for an intrigued by the experience action action drive. Did you know that thousands of years Buddhist monks have been using a certain type of mushroom called Linesmen along with meditation for Greater Focus and Tom and what if you could in the same way awaken your mind and support your wellbeing every morning by just sipping on some nice heart coffee. Wouldn't that be a music forcing. 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Slash is C. T. I. O. N. D. R. I. B. or use discount discord action tribe at checkout again four sigmatic dot com forward slash action drive or use discount Gord action tribe at checkout <music> well <hes> by the way our listener Lynn right now as a question and and she says I get a delayed reaction with my emotions come out but much later than when an emotional event occurs. Do you have taught something. That's really interesting. I would be curious you know is it because you're not comfortable fully allowing the emotion to come up in the moment that that might be something that you could kind of explore for yourself <hes>. That's not something that I've necessarily seen as a pattern so I would just be very curious. You know asking asking yourself some questions about how you feel about. Emotions may be look at patterns you know. Is it a certain emotion that that tends to have happen with. You know maybe anger fear. Whatever is there a pattern. Can you find a pattern and then getting curious at is dotted line. I hope that answers your question. <hes> <hes> not coming back to our body talk. If you could tell us about <hes> by the way I just noticed that you will have the same surprise. They spent so little Edwin Cuckoo so what are the origins of <hes> this modality body talk as you mentioned you've written it originates in multiple places right India kind of one person who created did it but he kind of drew from multiple systems to create it so it's bid system created by an Australian man named Dr John Bell Time and he it was originally a doctor of Chiropractic as well as an acupuncturist living in Australia and he created it out of his own process process. He had Epstein Barr that was becoming so debilitating that he couldn't run his acupuncture school many end so he wanted to find out how can he heal aw and he started exploring. He's one of those people who's probably studied just about everything that's out there like every healing system and he took pieces of different systems and has kind of incorporated it into one which is I think part of what I love about the system with the beauty of it is so we can work with them ready insistems in with kind of five elements theory from Chinese medicine. We work with the shocker as part of it as well. <hes> we can work with kind of. Ir vedic principles insoles from kind of Indian medicine traditions and then we also bring in a lot of western science so I'm one of my teachers and mentors is a PhD scientist just who worked on the Human Genome Project turned into a body talk practitioner and teacher. She teaches all sorts of cool things about working with things like EPA genetics so how genes are turning on often expressing which is often at the root of disease and working with things like hormones and our microbiomes all of the good bacteria correa so it's it's a fascinating system that I think has drawn on the best of a lot of different systems and brought them into a unified whole so part of your work you talk about the Chinese fable elements theory as well right so. Could you talk a little bit about that so I'm not an expert in in that particular philosophy because I haven't gone to acupuncture school but it will basically there's five elements there's fire earth metal water and would it and then all of those elements are connected to different organ systems for one and then the organs also represent kind of the five key emotions anger our fear joy sadness grief and worry and we look at kind of imbalances in those particular systems so five elements is a really fascinating joining. US system with a lot of. I have gotten really curious about it. I'm in in fact that's part of where my business name heart fire healing came from because the fire element is connected to the heart and I got really interested in are presented symbolically in why I wanted that to represent my business. Why expansion energy becoming who we are yeah yeah yeah? I mean it's a pretty fascinating. The <HES> <hes> Battle Hills at one can draw between ancient Taoist traditions and I- riddick traditions because both of them you know give a lot of respect and draw from nature like you said Fire Earth Metal Water and word and I think the clue here is to realize is that we are in fact part of the universe and there's a universe within us and the more we recognize this symbiotic relationship <hes> the more weekend you know maybe change based on what's happening around us in nature and ride ride the surf wave of off off the universe toward speak health y tally and balanced emotions as well so so so. Let's talk about you know what you did then. I mean how did you go about healing your leukemia. What does that. I think that you approached so and again. It wasn't healing Kenya necessarily because it wasn't misdiagnosis but healing healing the correct so I would say was about a year into <unk>. The misdiagnosis I know says I started exploring other modalities. I wanted to actually a really dark depression about a year and a half. After I was diagnosed I on my I had another trauma. A friend passed away very suddenly and so I felt like my whole world has basically fallen apart between being told they had routinely in her passing so I began for at that point I started going to therapy because I had so much emotional trauma that I needed to <hes> to talk through through process and then in that actually with working with that therapist she recommended that I go to class that was called Yoga for healing and my first thought when she said that was what are you talking about yoga for healing my exposure to yoga before that had always always been seeing it in a gem. I thought here I am. I'm sick I'm we. My Body doesn't feel good in your bank. Picturing need doing these posters. Were you know like a head stander strong poses and I was like what are you talking about Lady Yoga for healing. She said it's a different kind of a thing. You should go check out this classic promise you it's not what you think. It was a fascinating experience a very powerful one for me because we spent most of the class lying on the floor lying on our backs like breathing support imposes. I fell in love with it. It was very profound for me. I'm to have that space was really develop a new relationship with my body which up until that point for the past year and a half and felt like the enemy like it had betrayed trade me like feel good and here. I had this ninety minutes in space and a container where I could explore like how could my body feel even just a little bit good in that and that was I think there was an emotional healing that happened from that too just to to be present with my body in a new way and then. I just got curious at that point. I started exploring other things I started. I'd never had acupuncture before I decided hey I wanna try. This thing called all acupuncture. I don't know what it's GonNa do but started going for acupuncture. I went back and started seeing somebody who did something call. Oh biofeedback which I had experienced with the Migraines I had as a child and in that process I learned how to kind of regulate my nervous system system how to how to breathes to kind of calm down my heart rate out of bring coherence to my heart rate offending. That's like heart math. I'm hurting out is is actually a type of biofeedback work and I just viewed it as kind of like I had found the door to this room. That had this buffet. Am like all these other things that existed that I had not. I grew up in Idaho. I grew up in a small town. You know like I probably heard of acupuncture and I knew about higher practice but I didn't know about all of these things. I didn't know about energy. Healing you know like I said yielded to me was like yoga. The Gym which Never Brad resonated for me so it was it was fun. It was like a way of just exploring like what can I try like. I became kind of a scientist with my own. You're in the journey. That's amazing so action tribe if you are listening to this right now and think about worn those the things that you'd like to try out in this modest board of alternative healing and medicine because there's so many things that you can potentially try out and doing the sport guys is to expose you to different ways ways of healing your body and in fact item number. One of the most pleasurable experiences that I've had in childhood was when I did Yoga in school because it was mandatory it was part of school and <hes> the best expedience of course was towards the end would deduct of us up was and remember the expedients of <hes> just checking in with different parts of my body and my consciousness all across my body <hes>. I didn't have a word for to describe what that Phoenix was until much later on. I realized that I was actually my consciousness altered my body that I could project my consciousness not only within my body but anyway I wanted aged in a way. was you know this idea. That was deep within my mind that you know somewhere down the line. I might do something in this field which is funny. How life has a way of coming second for sure. I always as a kid. I thought that maybe I would help people. I thought about maybe being a therapist but I awesome deal. I listen at path at that point and I know how I would do that so I was always resistant to <unk>. Sifi had a love of history. I pursued a degree in history history. I love history. You just read school. It was not what I expected. If it's true that's so true I love. I love physics now but when I did physics in school I didn't like it. I love exploring metaphysics. Our loved loved geography. Geography teacher was very she was very nice. I still love geography and even by so in school. They were service subjects that I really enjoyed. It and I feel a large part of it was the teacher you know <hes>. I loved history alive geography. I loved English particularly we did we did we did. Shakespeare Jalousie which was one of my best <hes> favorite you know <hes> bliss a but I think <hes> the teacher plays such a huge role right to make it interesting to engaging yeah yeah. I I think that was part of where my love of history started was. I had junior high history teacher. Who I really connected with than than in high school. I had had someone phenomenal at it was always an area of interest but then I always had it was like the best teachers I ever had were history teachers and so it kind of Fed that love house of ood. This is fun to learn mess instead of who it's. It's a bore to sit in class. That's true that's true so action. Try maybe in the future might start a podcast art ancient history really passionate about India ancient China and sort of <hes> during the connections between everything so maybe in the future so lynn what are some foundations required for a balanced immune system and a balanced life or how should we think about it so for in terms of immune system. I think one of the things is not being afraid of having a little bit of exposure to things like dirt. A little bit of exposure to things is like germs you know we've we've come to that point where everyone has like gone into the hand sanitizers in the antibacterial everything and really ah like that exposure to things is part of our immune system learns and it trains so. I'm really kind of very anti using doing those sorts of things unless you like in a medical situation in a hospital it makes more sense but on a daily basis like let your let your kids play in the dirt. Go out and in dig in the dirt like that exposure is great for your immune system to learn how to healthily engaged with the world instead of becoming nick over active were basically basically kind of for lack of a better word word. Sometimes I think it attacks our own tissue because it doesn't have anything to do and I was the second part of the question. Could you own or just decima guidance of our how to really balance our immune system as well as a balanced slave overall balanced life overall. I think one heavy questions lured quiz. There's so much the foundations were what should we be thinking about. I would think about kind of all aspects of your cell phone so taking care of your body. You know what again what foods are you eating <unk> moving your body getting out getting in the sunshine getting fresh air like all of those basic things that our bodies need basis. What are you doing with your mind. You know like what thoughts are you thinking. Are you consuming things that lift you up or consuming assuming things that produce fear anxiety do sit and watch the news all the time in your life not that you have to be completely completely. Ill informed but how do you what fuel do you put into your mind because our minds are so powerful and then kind of that that spirit piece is like what what's your connection to something bigger whether that be come from a religious tradition or whether you're just kind of spiritual personally. How do you develop VAT ought. How do you support yourself in that area. Is it through like minded people and and doing kind of some different courses and spiritual development. Is it through your own practice through meditation. Let's definitely another a body mind spirit in that sense meditation really addresses. All of those pieces us so kind of examining all three of those areas because we really are. We're not just bodies. Were not just mine so we're not just spirits. Were were all of those together other so true so true. Try Hope you're digging norps or maybe Ashley's absorbing whereas being segregated now. We're talking about the basis or the basics of the foundations that would be required for real balanced life. One is obviously the food that you're consuming be mindful of the type of food that you're having and a lot of times we don't. We don't get all the minerals that we need. We don't get all the white Amin's and our daily nutritional diet so support him to have these supplements as well from time to time whether it's calcium or certain types apps of Light Emmens so that you get the food movement exercise. Chee Gong walks sunshine you know even I aware that teaches us to rise with the sun and and go to sleep with the sun the sun is super incredible in providing as the inspiration as well as the vitamin D to thrive and the tarts thoughts <hes> a are everything I mean I point out to study by Bruce Lipton. Who says that you know our targets? Determine everything hard to determine what type of chemicals are our brain. Secretes are endocrine gland secreting based on the emotions that we experience where we have good emotions. Serotonin of we have cortisol stress emotions or actions are life is determined right by all of that and it all starts with diapers tart that you're thinking thinking so meditation aca dry it all comes back causal Lynn. I'm also learning that you know <hes> on a sub-conscious bases in our life is governed by the habits right whereas Abbott's we even thinking or giving much thought to it. It just happens automatically. What are some bad habits that you've noticed. <hes> the people might have that is creating leading illness or that low energy that that fatigue that one might experience at the end of the day and how can watch replace them with if you shared some later. Oh they're so bad habits. I mean gene could be kind of how you're spending your time. You know like for me actually I. I'm doing myself a little bit of a cleanse of not being on facebook as much because I've noticed my the house around it. Power you engaging with the world is it can be a good thing or it can be we have it's an unconscious patterns. <hes> habits in terms of getting. Senate sedentary in our lives could be another thing like instead of thinking. Oh the end of the day. Maybe I'll oh cal. I've sat at my desk for so many hours. Maybe I'll go for a walk. We get into that habit of all. I'm tired. I'm just GonNa get on the couch now city she now who put on Netflix or whatever you kind of thinking what does my body need in the small met like how could they move of a little bit because we are such a society that sets all the time right and then I think there's habits of the mind to you in terms of like do we focus our energy and our conversations on positive things or do we get into the complaining of it. I'm is another big area that in your out of people can get into. It's like you what went wrong in the day instead of their gratitude for what what went right what you're excited about <hes> <hes> yeah yeah I mean social media talk something that <hes> getting more and more into because it's <hes> <hes> it's funny that we've not had social media long enough to be able were to understand the long term consequence also should on the mind and the body it's crazy but <hes> we don't even realize it but automatically we're on youtube or facebook or Instagram instagram. And how do we get addicted. Dopamine hits of those likes or comments and we you know and that's not good so like you pointed action once in a while. You started take a social media dogs. Maybe it's for a couple of hours that you hide your phone. Somewhere appraised complicated password that you don't really remember are just go away from your phone your phone dissolve your phone right because you'll realize <hes> once <hes> once you're away from like disconnected from the word. Sometimes it's good it to be disconnected. You will be connected with your own selves so that's great that people can try out and of course <hes> going away from that sedentary lifestyle that you might or might not be leading a small walk. I've read walk sometimes can be more beneficial than a run because sometimes depending on the age of the person around might put a lot of pressure right on the ligaments and in the bones of person especially on an ongoing basis but walk does not put that much pressure engine combined that with some nice breathing deep radian debris brief debrief out <hes> it can really be a pleasure experience <hes> and then like you said Tarts tart starts. It's hard to let go of those. <hes> parts at one might be having deep within the mind but what I found is possible is <hes> is baffled. Just the affirmations that you can have on on a daily basis or identify formations. You know what I mean the evening. I'm doing this thing of you. Know writing on your affirmations wherever you want to manifest and doing that two times every night for thirty days and I'm on Day number twenty nine close if you miss just one day you go to Peter from stock and I started three times now. Here's somebody's not fourteen. I'm like really I got to start from but it sort of builds it builds a habit and it goes into your subconscious mind so wonderful. Thanks a lot for sharing. I'm sure our listeners are getting getting some ideas. Some nudges some hints on the Dick and try out in their own lives but the truth is that it all starts at one step at a time. Don't let it burden orwell. Mu Linda's solidify shared this technique from which technique with Lennon. She says she's on sixteen. Keep going Lynn. Don't you don't give up. You need to get the data because it's awful. That's how the subconscious mind learns is to repetition and practice and you can do it. So what is it one action steps that you would like to recommend for our listeners based on the conversation that we're having I think one of the most powerful things you can do is just taking time to start listening to your body so one of the things I find the either with people with chronic illness or just you know anyone is we get sometimes annoyed by I different symptoms that we have in our bodies. We get irritated and frustrated and of course then there's the conditioning like our our medical system. Just take tylenol Alan. You have a headache instead of like. Maybe I could be curious why to a headache. Do I need some more water. Have I sat too long at my desk. Like what is what's the underlying root of that because I always tell people you know. Your body doesn't have words to talk to you. Your body aw has sensations symptoms paying things like that. It can't say to you. Hey excuse me I need some water right now really dehydrated me so if you could take one step on a daily basis that I think would completely change your health and your relationship to your is just to take that time to get quiet. It doesn't have to be anything super fancy. Just take some deep breaths. Take a woman take just get centered in present and then whatever area that feels like. Maybe you're feeling feeling uncomfortable. I'm having some symptoms with just ask the question like what. What is it trying to tell you. What's its message to you and in the beginning getting people who've never done that before. You don't feel like you hear a message and I would say keep doing it because you will start to get a message. It's kind of like your body sometimes in the beginning goes. Did you really WanNa now like you've never asked me this question before. Do you really WanNa know eventually. You'll start to get that and sometimes it sounds like something like you'll you get something. That feels like it's like. Are you sure that's the message and just trust one comes through yeah. I find that it's sort of like dreams right. When we have a dream cream most often we tend to forget it. It's like we went to the other side of the river on the other banks we came back and we can't see the other side of it clearly but the more all that we write it down <hes> the more that dream is like okay so you're taking a seriously now right now. We're GONNA help you were fourteen year dreams so that you it does not just saw same way seems like the dream and the Bardi they're working in Sync Duke. Send us a messages and some nudges some piece of information that we might might need to me. You know <hes> become our best cells. It's actually drive to access the show notes for this episode all the information all the league's eggs out for this particular episode seven. JUXTAPOSE DOT COM forward slash three thirty four seven CHAKA'S DOT com slash three thirty four or you can go there and you can access all the information from this particular episode and if you're enjoying the session so far then make sure on your iphone you hit the subscribe. Could I button all right the subscriber because if you don't then we'll keep on releasing three new episodes every week and you'll be out of touch six months down the line. You'll send me an email and you last me. I five stopped my podcast and I'd be like no episodes but you've not subscribe yet so make sure that you subscribe to our show on your iphone. The wound life is the place where the light enters you now. This is an amazing court by Rumi. Everyone seems to like Rumi Courts but this is probably one of his best the wounded in someplace or the other some of these physical wounds for sure because data deserted scars but most of them are emotional that we've had had since childhood and sometimes the presence of these wounds might make us feel sad or incomplete or incapable right but remember the expedience is what makes you the experience is. What makes you so just because you had that experience. It doesn't mean that you can't do something about it. In fact that wounds what is really going to help you shine a light of hope to the world around you because just like Rumi said the wound is a place with a light enters. You remember once you have the light you gotTa Pass. The torch passed the baton and that's that's. That's the whole point so talk to us about a time. When you experienced a difficult situation life challenge you know what did you do about it. And how did you overcome while obviously this is the story I told them of going through that help journey would be one key area resonate with that story of or the quote about the wound because it really <unk> inspired me to not just see myself as a victim of what had happened to me but I saw it as something that had happened kind of for me. How could I take what had happened and transformed my life and give my life meaning and for me I viewed it as a wake up. Call viewed it as putting me on my right path because I realized I did have a passion for for kind of holistic approaches to healing hopping all he all so that not to me it was kind of putting me on that path and letting that wound kind of let the light end in shine the light on Oh. I'm completely in the wrong place at this path doesn't do anything for me. Where do I WANNA go. Where do I want out late to shine. Got It so action tribe. I hope you're enjoying today's episode so so far. We're not done yet but team. Today is chronic illness how you can <hes> takes these small steps towards a more healthy and balanced life. <hes> and I'm sure you've learned to a new thing today. We're learning that. No one is perfect and we will arrive where we are today. Because of certain actions that we've taken certain habits Sarah thought patterns emotions or maybe some behaviors and just like we let ourselves you re are going to get ourselves out of this because as weekend but in order to take that four step we need to be truthful and radically honest with ourselves because as someone put you are strong wrong when you know your weakness your beautiful when you appreciate your flaws and you are wise when you learn from your mistakes because there's nothing wrong in making mistakes having flaws are having these weaknesses were more important is what are you gonNa do about it so we are now uh on the wisdom round which is strong for today so then what is the best ways that you have received. I think in the healing journey learning that if something didn't work for me like that didn't mean anything about other possibilities of something working and that's the thing that I love to share with other people you know there are are hundreds probably thousands of approaches to healing out there and if one doesn't work for you keep going like keep trying things because that one thing might not be your thing but you know you could try a couple of other things and you will find your the things that healthy out so don't give up basically just keep keeping curious and if you could turn back time and spend one hour with someone who is currently dead or living who would that sesikwe. Washington currently living. I would love to get to know Dr Jody Spun Zone or I love his work and I would love to like have a deep conversation conversation with him about that philosophy that he has which rests very much on what we've been talking about. How you know the power of our minds our consciousness I got it and what do you do like. What does it one thing that you currently do in the morning or maybe in the evening before you go to sleep that has enhanced the quality of your life so for me? It's usually the morning and it's kind of having a regular meditation practice every day before I can get my day really started dotted got it and finally what is it one book that you'd like to recommend for our listeners. I would go back to Joe Dispense again. I would say his new book. Becoming supernatural for natural is phenomenal. I would recommend that Book Awesome Selection Dr. Would you like to receive this book becoming supernatural for free. That's what I'd bigger. AUDIBLE DOT COM loves listeners and they're offering you one free audio book download with a Free Thirty Day trial so that you can get to check out their service because the truth is that listing the new reading and if you're listening to this podcast then I'm sure you would agree and I love my articles which are on my phone all the time and so you can have many of them. <hes> each get a new credit once you become a member but for now you can get one book for free becoming supernatural to try this out to get your first article. Seven CHAKA'S DOT com forward slash free book mice seven JUXTAPOSE DOT com slash free book to start listening to becoming super. Were naturally so lynn. Thank you so much for joining us today before you go. Tell us one thing that you're grateful for and how do we find you online today today. I'm grateful for my furry friends. My animals we have a puppy and a kitten that I just see so much joy in watching them play and you so you can find me. My website is heart fire healing. LLC Dot Com and you can get your free gift. If you slap our Ford Slash shocker. We'll have that link of the show. Nord's action tribe. If you have listened so far it means that you really enjoyed today's session if you can if you can afford four to make sure you give a donation so that you can support our moment because we really really depend on your support. Mice <unk> DOT com forward slash support myself chuck US dot com forward slash support. If you're an instagram I know many of you are in unison to our show in transit or in the lawn or some of it outdoors. Take a screen shot or a photo of you and me on instagram. My instagram handle is at my seven chuckers act seven chocolates and finally question comment observation. Some expediency would like to share with me about this episode and make sure you share it on. AJ At my seven chocolate dot com email me eighty at my seven chuck dot Com and linen. Oh so wonderful teacher attitude connect with you and thanks for sharing your story because many of our listeners are going through a chronic illness challenge <hes> <hes> and difficulty in it can be a very hard situation to be in so thanks a lot for helping us and taking us one step closer to a human revolution. Thank you for having me awesome. Thanks everyone we're going to end this broadcast right here. Thank you for listening listening to my shot at my son. Chuck Dot Com s. e. v. shoppers dot couch.

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