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Practical Wisdoms for Sales and Leadership w/ Lynn Whitbeck - TT 110

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Practical Wisdoms for Sales and Leadership w/ Lynn Whitbeck - TT 110

"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost self esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves is amazing what they can accomplish that is quote by sam walton. Welcome to trina talk. This is the podcast. Were guests shared their stories of pursuing their passions living in filled life and empowering others. Each week i talked with inspiring leaders. Business owners people with amazing stories from around the world and unscripted conversations as they share their successes and failures. This podcast is all about empowering you to keep striving in your personal and professional life. I am your host shrina l. martin low welcome to episode one ten. The topic of this week's episode is practical wisdom's for sales and leadership. I guess this weakest lynn whit beck len is the founder and ceo of petite to queen. And she helps the world by providing sales and leadership programs and tools to achieve more faster building on her successes and experiences and executive leadership roles lend shares. The lessons learned along her journey to supercharge a career she teaches how to tap into the inner tigris transform habits least self assurance and emerge as a leader. Welcome lynn torino talk. Oh three nine thrilled to be here. Thank you well. I am happy to have you. We connected on linked in. And i feel like i know you. We've had some conversations back and forth so i'm just so happy that you're on the show with today. I know i know that's a wonderful thing about link then is it can be such an incredible way to connect genuinely connected with people but you know so. Many people do it wrong. I mean let's like totally back. I won't say it wrong. I know what you mean. Because that's how i feel too. Yes i know. But we're going to just talk about you today. And i was so excited to talk with you because i am a leader and i love leadership and that's like your superpower right leadership and i just i'm looking at your your bile and you you know you help. People provide sales and leadership To move faster to grow faster and achieve their goals and you were an executive in corporate. So tell me about yourself. What made you decide to start doing this on your own. Yeah so I a little bit about myself. I began my professional current sales. And i believe that everyone should have sales training because sales is leadership. You learn everything you need to know to be an incredible leader through sales So i'm really stand really firm believer in sales training for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're trying to sell yourself to get a new job or you're trying to sell your idea to for a process improvement. You know to your boss. I mean whatever it is or a solution to the board that you want to invest in for the organization so everyone is selling in fact heck we sell to our kids about what they're going to have for dinner at night or two hours significant other about what we're gonna watch on netflix. So you're selling or negotiating all the time and so about me. And how i got into this so i was sort of at a turning point. A number of things occurred at the same time in my life so a startup. I had in the coo was failing And my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And so i had this moment and my daughter was going to be going becoming a senior in high school and outside my two nieces one was in graduate school and the other was an undergrad. So a sort of all these things. That are happening. This convergence and i took that moment after my two week. Pity party To say what. Do i want to be doing moving. And you know what is going to really fill my life with passion and know be able to do something that matters. And that's when i decided to create My business t to queen and spent a year working on the book putting everything together We also spent the year with my husband's health condition. And you know really being becoming his advocate and being very aggressive his treatment so his original six months to one year diagnosis ended up three years. Delivered for three years and So it was know really at some ways. It was a really difficult time but it was also a time for me to really refocus my energy and look forward. Wow thank you for sharing that story with me and my condolences about your husband but you know you were able to get more time with him so that that's what matters so just diving into that. You know you were a ceelo for a company and all these things started happening and it's nothing like having all hell to break at the same time to make you say okay. I gotta do something differently you know. Is it always seems like it happens that way. But i'm looking at like petit first solo petite to queen. I love that name. Tell me how you came up with that. I love it. Well you know. Because i wanted a name to represent that i don't care if you have purple hair. I don't care where you worship. I don't care you know what you love or whom is all about. You know you as an individual as a genuine person. And how do we celebrate all women and and of course all people but i especially wanted because of the three young amazing women in my life. I wanted to be there to help. Women move forward instead of you know coming to the equation out of college and all the training we get. We still have been so trained to be quiet to be polite and sit in the backseat and we have to learn. All new skills to be successful in the workplace does not mean we become men it just we need to learn new skills leadership skills anyway. So that was this conversation around the dinner table with my team and looking at them and we're just brainstorming and you know they're all thin like size two size for most of them are petite and it and i'm queen sized opposite. It was just like 'cause you know. Wade is also one of those things that people you know get hung up about right and it was like petite to queen so that was how it came about not was the reasoning. Why and it was so that we can embrace everyone with respect dignity and In just beyond just love love that the respect dignity of regardless of your size race gender. Whatever you know everyone brings value to the table and i love that. But let's talk about the leadership and women because you say you teach people how to tap into their inner tigris have self-assurance all these things that i love because you know i have been told in my career that oh you know what. You're you're to direct. And i'm thinking. Why is that a problem because you know if men are like that. They're hard chargers they're great but when women are like that there's a problem so let's talk about women and leadership and less educate people. What's going on really. Oh yeah now. There's a double edged sword and it's pretty wicked and you have to definitely walk that that sword but there are things that It it just it's there and of course when you're also a woman of color just pile it on eighty so But there are you know when you still come to that table that with that confidence that you are an equal of equal stature and put your shoulders back you'll look them in the eye body. Language is so important you know in that you are a powerful individual and that that you come with that dignity and respect for them and you cannot You know manage their behavior in that sense but you can manage your own and if someone is acting inappropriately or aggressively you know what i have found i mean i know i was in a situation once where i had someone like yelling at me and i remained calm you know and i would not escalate my voice but i would recall. What would respond calmly and rationally. And i would take that moment to pause and then respond and you know it was you know i did. At that point. There was a point where i said you know. This is not conductive conducive conversation. And you know. I think we need to step back and go ahead and re address this in a few hours and i it because this was my actually boss and i walked out of the room and i just left the meeting and so on. But he did calm down and And he was angry at the situation. But he was acting completely unprofessionally in the sense of taking his anger out on me. And that's something that you see happen a lot and the thing is that with. Whether it's a another person or your supervisor you can either get all hurtin hurt feelings and upset about it or you can look at will why. What was the trigger that was going on with this hazier. You know because something within the organization that they're managing that shouldn't have happened and they're angry at that situation completely inappropriate and unprofessional to take it out on you. But because i maintain my dignity and walk away when we came back to the conversation he started by apologizing because then he had had a moment and i never rubbed it in his face. I just went. i understand. this is a difficult situation. And it's really unfortunate that it happened but let's work together to find a solution. I've come up with a number of ideas on how we can tackle this so it was a way to you know get back on track and there are times that someone their behavior is just is so agreed that you know. There's not a heck a lot you can do. And the best thing is either bring in another person to be present at those meetings You know involve you know your your champion within the organization. There's a lot of different tactics you can use. You know you can do your very best to avoid them but I know that. I work with a woman who has a bully is. She was absolutely the worst. I called her the wicked witch of the past. And for good reason but one of the things that i found is that i made sure that i try to avoid one on one meetings with her as much as possible and i would bring someone else in to the meeting for a reason like we need to make sure we capture everything that needs to occur and her behavior was much better in those cases and also Because i knew of out how what her behavior was. I also made sure. I was completely Involving other people in what was going on but in a way of tattletale. But just that. I want you to be aware that this is what we're working towards. Nisus y so that they were in the loop because one of her things that she loved to do was to not only push you in front of the bus. But i'm taking a run in shove and so when knowing that I would. I was keeping everyone else in the loop and would be on a team meeting and she would do that. Someone else would always speak up for me and say well linson keeping us informed about this the whole time and this is my understanding and then she would backed out so but it was incredibly stressful working for this woman The other thing that i would recommend as if you get into that kind of really downward spiral spiral. I don't want this to be a downer conversation either but Whenever you have that conversation make sure you respond back in writing in email. This is what we talked about this. These are the action items. I'm taking and then. Cc appropriate people now once again you're not There's a method to this. So if you're working with additional staff that reports three you. They need to know what you're going to be doing. And why but it involves other people and that's very successful way to manage that in so that you make sure that you keep everything in writing So that you can cover yourself. I mean unfortunately there are some people out there that are like that and Whether men or women and one of the hardest thing for women is that we take things like that personally Instead of this business businesses business a work situation in fact she was actually a lovely person outside of the office But i know but it's it's responding to that in that setting and then how do you do that with grace and composure. So that you can get over a rough road quickly and easily as possible land. You know what you just said was so profound and it has so much wisdom to it. how did you get to that point of being. So why isn't i. See the title of your book practical wisdom at work. And what have you gone through to get to to get to note to be that wise because you know when you were talking about us. The boss that was yelling at you and you remain calm. And i'm thinking. Yeah that probably would have taken me some time but you know what i think a lot of people do they push you because they wanna see you react and then when you own some will literally they get off on that i just. I don't know what they're delist. They wanna see you react and then when you don't it disappoints them and it's funny. Because you were talking about your wick. Which of the west. I had a wicked witch of the west to supervisor. Yours was the east line was the west. Maybe it's the same thing i mean. She was out to get me. I mean i mean like trying to fire me. Just anything in. And i was just like what. What is her issues like she picks like. Oh you put a common wrong place at. Oh let me let me write this and i was just like wow for the first time in my life. I got a subpar performance review. It was from her. And i was just looked at it and she. She was expecting the fight from me because when she gave it to me she was you know i could see her like sweating shake and i just politely pushed it back across the desk said i'm not signing that as she looked at me and she was like you doesn't know i don't have to and i'm not signing that. But she was so shook up and she was so ready. I guess she was ready for me to just go ballistic and i didn't do it so your experience and being that leader how do you. How do you get to that point. And what has taught you how to remain composed with your team. And i'm gonna tell you. I made some cringe-worthy mistakes Early in my career and you learn from those mistakes and you know so one of the things is that. Because i was in sales basically right. After graduate school i went into to professional sales. Just just that you know story into itself but Because i was in sales. I had to learn how to negotiate. I had to learn how to deal with difficult people because they were my clients. And if i wasn't able to successfully manage that. I wasn't going to get the next order. It i needed to constantly be doing my very best to foster good relationship and then literally be sort of this middle person between our manufacturing and the client so that you know it was like it was the constant negotiator between the two to make sure everybody was happy. Right was but you know. I just literally had to learn those skills on the job and i i think the number one thing is that my core value is to be of service and because of that because i loved helping people us. Sales was a natural place for me to go. I wasn't like some crazy extrovert In fact i loathed networking for the first two decades. I mean just loathed it And so one of the things though. It just why i loved sales because i could take care of something for somebody else that they never had to think about again. They just knew it was going to be handled and it was going to be done correctly and that it will deliver on time and it was off their plate and if i could do that one thing for them take care of that one thing i had made their world a little bit better so it was my way of literally giving them a a gift of peace of mind. Wow that's that's great now. Who do you help. When you're helping these people to be self assured in to tap into that inner tigers who exactly are your your clients that you work with. Yeah so most of my business now is is b. to b. so i work with small companies on anywhere from i mean some are really small but it's not uncommon that they have fifty to even up to two thousand and then i work with them on their sales programs. And you know we have a really great sales training program that no matter how experienced you are in sales. There's things that you forgot or things that you forgot to keep doing And so you have a ha moments in every session and So we provide on. The one on one are bought one too many often. There's multiple sales people in the session. And then you know our team and then every session has exercises and worksheets that we expect them to complete before the next session because everything builds upon itself and at the same time we also provide additional resources that they can tap into so like a podcast that they can listen to while they're commuting and so that when they and as they works through the program on the businesses that we work for they start seeing an uptick in their sales and the sales performance within the first few sessions. And because it's the twelve week sessions. There's really strong retention. So what they. It's not just a boost in sales that lasts for a week or a month. It's actually sustained long-term it's a completely new processes that they're learning that they can It just they just keep using us like the energizer bunny it keeps going and so that's what's release. Special is creating sustainable success because all of these businesses have something to offer their clients and that that they need you know and that's a really important service product or service and So it's just helping them get that out there more effectively. Wow great is i mean love it love it love it and you mentioned podcast which you have one as well and on our show. I am and i'm so excited as called claim your career crowd. Tell me about that. And i've listened to a couple episodes but you tell the listeners. Well we cover three core topics for life at work and in sales. So we've all heard my philosophy that every needs to have sales training especially women and also you don't have a life if you don't have things outside of work so i can tell you from personal experience when you're on your deathbed you don't say gosh. If only finished that other proposal at work in a foley head gotten this project doesn't happen okay. So it's like all to make yourself whole person you know you have to have life outside of work family and friends activities. Things that you care about in so That's why we come at it with those three topics and so that people can grow through the podcast and same thing every episode. If you can walk away with one off moment and apply that today you're gonna make your life that much better by doing that. One thing today and then repeating it the next day the day after and soon so you'll have learned a new habit so true and you talk about. Everyone should have sales training. Tell me how sales training can help a person and just life in general we're not even talking about clients just in life in general. How do you think those skills can help a person absolutely well. I you know negotiating about that. We're unique negotiate for a race or you need to negotiate to get your ideas incorporated into the programming of a new product so at you're constantly negotiating every day. So that's a powerful skill that you learn out of sales training Networking which as i told you. I loathed for so long but creating genuine relationships that will last throughout your career throughout your life. They are invaluable. That you have this this wealth of resources that you can tap at any time and say i have a question. You might be able to help me answer and that they are ready and willing to pick up the phone. Email you back text you. You know whatever it happens to be. Leave the voicemail on the link to nap you know whatever it happens to be and will last throughout your career and it will help you in all kinds of different ways. You know that when you've created those types of relationships who knows who knows who and you're up for a new promotion and someone says. Oh you know. I worked with her on that project and we've maintained our connection lincoln. It was years ago but she was top notch. She's just great. You can't go wrong with putting her in this position. Those are the types of things that have so much more impact that you can't even measure That type of word of mouth and direct testimonial that happens hind scenes in the moment and so building. Those relationships Is something that you learn in sales because if you don't build a strong relationship you're not gonna get any business. People don't want to do business with people they don't like you know that is so true and it's funny because we were talking before we went live about linked in and how people do it wrong and yes in. Can you probably have stories. Just as i do but one of the things that made you stand out to me. Was you left me. A voice. Mets on linked in and i said well. No one has ever done that so i reciprocate it by doing the same thing. What is so funny. Because i have people that say oh. They want to connect with minimum. Okay sure and the first thing out of their mouth is You want to buy this. Or i can help you with this. And i and i'm like i don't even know you married and have kids. Yes yes that's the equivalent right. It's like and then i had this like a couple of guys that constantly like every week there pigmy like oh do you need this in your visit. And i'm like dude. I don't even know you see how about you know. Hold a conversation with me. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about some of the things that people do in just networking in general. What do you see well in the first thing that example that you gave that. That's the number one thing it's just a kiss of death Because unless someone is you know desperate or desperate for attention. you're not you're just. You've just wasted that connection. I mean you just went in just threw it in the garbage you may and honestly so whatever effort and time. It took to get the connection. You just tossed it in the garbage so you know you better off doing nothing so the first thing is you absolutely have to come at it with worthy intent that it's not about what you can get out of them or sell to them. It's how can you be of service and you that you do genuinely want to get to know this other individual and if at some point in time it conspires that you can do business together. Great but that's not your initial motivation and it shouldn't be because lincoln is still a social channel. I realize it's for work and business that it's a social channel and you wanna create those connections and you wanna do that like i said with worthy intent so when you pursue that and the great thing is finding something out about the other person and i know that you know right now. We're not doing the events and stuff. But when i was doing the events I would always start with them. If you could be anywhere else you know right now where would you be. Who would you be with. And you'd be you know somebody could say Hiking yosemite with my best buddy. And you're gonna okay cool. Where do you to go. Do you have a specific. And also there's a world a conversation that opens up as something that they care about that they're passionate about and it's like peeling the onion right. Each layer starts to come off and you get to know them and you then through that conversation you discover like oh my gosh you really like going to the sequoia national park. I've been there. This is my favorite area. And it's like oh and all of a sudden there's all the conversation around that right and so you'll find common ground through that and then you'll say you know what i just went. And there's this new restaurant that's outside blah blah blah and. It's really great. All send you the link to the restaurants website so then you give them service. You have not asked them for anything you've given them something that they can use. That's value to them. And so those are the types of things that you start that conversation You notice when they're posting things and you. You make a real comment not just oh. This is great. You know things for posting. It's like i really liked this Trina because you pointed out how important it is that businesses recognize that when they're merging their systems that they need to look at these you know. Xyz details so that they don't end up with a situation that go sideways on them and so you actually add some kind of content detail into why you liked the post because people are going to see that. And then they're gonna go. Wow i mean actually said something actually said something. That means something to me right. Just say oh. This is great things. I love what you're doing. Yeah actually commenting on what they did. And i also use that same way out events you know when the speakers were there i would wait till afterwards to introduce myself and i would repeat back to them something that they had said that i found really valuable know. I loved what you said about looking at this from this perspective because that way you know you can bring the you know the other party in much quicker so that that you can find a solution you know i. I'm just spitballing here. Probably doesn't make any sense but the the speaker immediately was leaning in like. Yeah you know this is so important. And they were often running right and even if they were really busy. They're like. I gotta run to something but later you could say hi you know how i you know. I wanted to Retouched on that conversation. 'cause i'd like to. I'd like you to tell me more and then we'll all. Yeah i remember you. You know there could be twenty thousand people at this event. But i remember you. And then the same thing when you remind them when you're connecting with them on linked in we met at your session. I really liked what you said about. This and i'm really enjoyed our conversation. We had the next day. It'd be great to connect here and so you're giving them a reason why you're connecting with them right now when you're following up with them your you provide value. You're not after them for anything. And the whole goal is to drive them to skew. Well what do you do. You know how you know. I'm a tell me more. Tell me more about you. Yeah i mean. I love that and i love what you said about when you went to vince. How you as you know. If you could be anywhere else where would she be. Because that's a great conversation starter. I've gone to those Meat up networking events and it. Just it made my head hurt. Because everybody's there they want to pass out a card and what you do in. It's like oh my goodness was like you. You almost feel like you're in a race to go pass out of business cart. And i just stopped going to them. Because i'm like you know it really is not networking is like who can sell the most gift card out the most so yeah then they don't even follow up on i if you go to these events and the all weather whatever it is and it can be a local you know event that one of the business organizations puts on it's a luncheon have a speaker etc all of those things So ironic is that Probably ninety percent at least of the people never follow up. You know in any way. But what i found. Is that when you go with that genuine intent. You're gonna make one genuine connection you know. And that's you know that's really priceless. And that's what it's all about. It's not about handing out. How many business cards can you hand out on the business card dash. Then i'll go in the trash bin afterwards. You know in. that's how it feels. Oh my goodness yeah is it drives me crazy in his funny because i talked to someone before and we were talking similar about this the same thing about lincoln and how people approach it wrong. And he was saying he. Yeah he's like. I've had people to inbox me. And don't even get my name correctly so immediately. Just delete them. He said because you know my name is john and they'll say hey bob and like what. What are you talking about. And i'm like. Yeah i've had that too so as it's amazing to me and i would rather you not say anything at all. Just say hey. Do you wanna connect with me. And if you look saying okay okay. I'll connect but when you go into this whole you know. Hey lisa saw you on the show. And i'm like no my name is lisa. You know because if you make a mistake like that everybody does. You can easily fix it. You can go in and edit your your message fixed so oh yeah and then of course like if you ask a question or or respond to their sales pitch and you know i kill them with kindness all thank you but you know And then they respond back with the same thing again. It's like okay. So this is the some automaton roy somebody overseas this is not real yes exactly and it just. It is amazing to me. But i wanna talk about your book because i love i like. I love the title practical wisdom's at work. So tell us some of the things that's in the book and what made you right because your co author on this book correct yeah. Yeah so I i the book is really written for young women who are entering the workplace who've been in the workplace or five or ten years and it's i call it practical wisdom because says none of this is like rocket science but it's all things that they haven't even thought of like. Oh my gosh. I haven't really thought about you know like we were talking about early. Businesses businesses. don't take it personally. You know i mean or they thought about it but they haven't had some stories that back it up like this is why and all the way through the book. We have little vignettes little stories that illustrate specific on points within each chapter. And it's really about that journey that you go on in your career to expand your career and widen your horizons and your opportunities and it's a quick read. It's a super quick read and one of the things that we did which is really fun We have spotify playlists for every chapter So that you know when you're working out or you're on your commute you can sort of get inspired with music to go along with the chapter that you just read my on. That's that's pretty swanky. there now. Is that now you can get it imprint and audible. Yeah so it's we don't actually have an audible version currently and it's it's like on the list. You know the list there. There's the kindle version we have a printed version and of course you can get it on our website for free so The the book version. And then it's sean. Whatever e book type reader you have so you can get that and with your your email address and you can get the buck But it's actually a great book. I've had a lot of people. Tell me that they love giving it to young women who are graduating from high school or college that they think it's just a great read for them and assist. That's that's wonderful. Wow yeah. I'm making a note for that for young women because that is always. I'm always looking at books and I love it in. I have a teenage daughter. So i like trying to give her stuff like this like eerie 'thus and she's like Okay yeah well you'd probably be reading it and you'll be nodding your head a lot so and that that's one of the things that i have Women who've been working for a while they just they tell me oh my gosh you know i just was not in my head do the whole book. It was an yet. I've had women who've been in the workplace quite a while and come back and say this one chapter really helped me. I was so stock. And i couldn't even see what was going on but then after i read this chapter i went ahead and i said okay. I'm gonna take the steps going. Do this and my whole situation got so much better. Because i followed that advice so Yeah that's wonderful. Yeah i mean. I wish i had a book like that when i started my career. There was so much i wrote. The book was because i mean. I wish i had had that when i started. Yeah i mean and that's how it usually goes. But i'm thinking yeah out of all the mistakes and stuff i made or situations. I were in. And i didn't know what to do how to do it. I wish i had something like that. That i could have picked up in red and said okay. Here's some steps. I'm gonna try this So yeah it's and there's so many things 'cause you get in these situations you don't even know who to ask at work. Are you not comfortable asking someone at work. But our site has tons and tons of advice on every kind of topic great search engine so whatever it is. You're looking for just type it in in like type in networking or type in negotiation and a whole bunch of contents gonna come up that you can go through. Wow so limb. We're gonna get into our question portion. Are you ready. I am ready for this beep questions. all right. Who are what motivates you. Wow who are. What motivates me. I am motivated by kindness. I am motivated by people who Rise above and do the right thing. What d- motivates you. I would say People who are narcissistic and they're only in it for themselves and they don't give a flying flip for anyone else. When was the time something was said or done to hurt you. But it worked for your good. Well my goodness i would definitely on alluded to that that You know that issue with that person who the boston who later apologized and we ended up having a great relationship and but he also knew he couldn't he couldn't pull that crap on me ever again and so i actually came out stronger for that. And here's how he viewed me was different. I was viewed as an equal equal stature. After that. so what is your fear. Oh my goodness I guess my fear would be you know at this point would be losing my daughter. You know just having gone through that kind of death. Yeah is there a time when you wish you had done something that you didn't. Oh my goodness um oh i guess yes when. My husband was Before he was diagnosed. I wish i'd gone to some of his doctor's appointments then to be more aggressive. Been his advocate dead early when it could have made a difference. Is there a time that you wish you had not done something. Man i o gupta. Just i have some real cringe-worthy memory so My biggest cringe-worthy memory is I was at an event in tokyo with business. Leaders business owners. Who had come in for this. And you know i'm talking like on just hot stuff you know and i'm like oh man we do all this stuff and we got this much that we're doing in sales every year and and we're just doing great looking back it was You know i just you know you know. I put my foot in my mouth and then i stuffed the other one in there. No and you know you do get to that point in your career. I think where you're having your being successful and you forget to be humble and it was an important lesson to learn the learned because like within a few days i realized how much these companies were selling on an annual basis and i was so mortified and it was a good lesson to learn that you know you should always be humble and and i had forgotten that so luckily not for a long time. Wow what is your definition of success. All in on my definition of success is to be able to live your passion so for me. My passion is being service and helping others slow and you can do that in so many different ways. but definitely doing that so that every morning you are excited to get up and say there are so many things i get to do today. Yes so how do you recharge man. I i do Walks i like to take a walk with my daughter We do a lot of different walks this weekend. We did a little point. Five million mile not just really how real lock and But i like to do walks. Just because i like to be out in the trees and the fresh air the flowers. Whatever the little buddy scuttling by It's just that gives me a different setting. And i'll let my mind wander and i find it to be really helpful if i get like seriously. I'm stressed or something. Like i feel like if i take a break and i we have a park. That's really close. And i can do this. Twenty minute little trail walk and it really just relaxes me. It makes me think in a different way. And that's what that really recharged my batteries. What are you awesome at. Well you know. What am i mad at. I would say that know that. I was a great salesperson. I mean i closed. Multimillion dollar deals with huge corporations. And i'm really good at a thinking through processes in developing a process map and a plan for how you're going to tackle something and by doing the planning and preparation. I that you know right there. You just eighty percent success because you know what you're going to do and you've anticipated things you've planned for things you looked at higher level and so everything goes smoothly. You just invest the time up front and You know the hiccups that come along are easy to easy peasy. What legacy do you want to leave all my goodness. I would say that. I just you know. Want to be remembered as having been a happy fund person who was you know giving loving awesome so you have given us so many gyms during this. This podcast interview will give the listeners one more motivational takeaway. I would recommend that you start with an affirmation so whatever it is that you feel like you can't do So one of the things that i felt like i couldn't do was Do these video interviews without scripts or without massive rehearsal You know a not an actress. I can't do this. But i wrote myself an affirmation that i can learn how to do this and i will get better every time and so by say that affirmation every morning when you get up the other one that i did. I sort of alluded to is wake up. And i say there are so many things i get to do today because no matter. What's on your plate you still get to do though it's not. I have so many things i have to do today. That's just like a downer. Wow so lynn. Tell the listeners. How they connect with you. How if they want to do business with you and tell us about that. Awesome website that you were talking about where you can go in and resources. Yeah so our website is petite to the digitally to a queen dot com and we have all kinds of resources You can connect with us on social media. You can connect with me on lincoln there and then our our b. two b. sales program is future forward sales and In that's We don't really. That's all really one on one selling. So if you're interested in that sales plan for your for to learning more Just email me send up a balloon. Message me on langton so that we can schedule time to talk about it and see if it's the right fit for you great when lynn. Thank you so much for being on. Trina talk. I had a blast hopefully wants a safe to go out in the world again. Maybe we can meet up. 'cause you do you sound like a really fun person. I think i will enjoy being around you. So it's really been great. Thanks we got to do that. At some point we will. Yeah when whenever it safe again is right now if you like. Trina tuck podcast. Please don't forget to go out to i tunes and rated five stars and leave a review. Also who else in your life do you know that. Needs some motivation and inspiration in their lives. Don't forget to share train of talk with them. I hope you have a great week and remember if you change your mindset change. Your life keeps driving because successes a journey not a destination.

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