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"Is a email is email. Is kim b. The devil right when it comes to building relationships. Because you can't you can't infer tone you can infer all these the m well. We talked about it earlier about about diversity if if you have a diverse group you've got different ways that emails are constructed different approaches to some some cultures make very direct approach while some may vary soft approach in everyone's different depend on the backgrounds. Right so i think you factor that in there but like you said the conversation to me the connection you're human beings at the end of the day. And i personally believe i'm sure it's been proven somewhere. That human beings want a need and bribe on connections That's why we have communities. facebook has groups. It's not obviously wanna make money off of it. But that's why they're so popular because humans need connection with other human beings. And if you're not getting that you know you don't get that email. I i personally don't think email is a connection at all. Emails is a tool But it doesn't connect you. And i don't even know if you not really ever exchanged emails. We really didn't and it wasn't until the hour that we spend together hanging out and chatting in person that i think that you really build something and maybe you can continue it after because i now have trust and faith in you so if i read an email wrong. I'm going to be like okay. I i probably these big organizations. I might never have met you in person. So am i gonna give you the benefit of the dell to me to me if you if you have information put out. There is an email if you if you need desire connection or if you've got a conflict it's a conversation in a way. That conversation happens in person or on teams once again as these organizations are more global. You're going to probably have to build a skill set in probably not something that most companies have taught or expected their but you know how to use technology correctly. You know what's the right way to do this In build a personal relationship whether that person is in in europe or they're setting aside you because the watercooler may not be an oxygen in someone's today's organizations right but But email to me is is not the way to not the way to do that. That can be dangerous well so so let's let's pivot to work from home comment and i know you're passionate about mentorship and i'll give lynn co credit for as she's with the wall street journal and she's been pushing out articles on work from home and promotion and again. There's like the construct of the people who really want to stay home. That's no no. I'm doing such an amazing job. I'll definitely get promoted but historically you haven't got promoted unless you've been noticed. Light seem to be a leader building. Trust i mean there's a whole bunch of other nefarious things that get promoted for but those are all in person. So i think about that in the mentorship which you're passionate about what happens to the one or two or three years supply chain kid. The graduates comes into an organization. That's all virtual doesn't have any personal relationship with you doesn't get benefit from your knowledge or.

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"But i still. I accept up to do the dishes. And i but i still have the same all the same privileges an enjoy all the benefits that they do from their bullshit. I'm just as bad. I just know that. I'm an asshole. And i walked away right. I think that's the thing i can say. All i want but at the end of the day we're all still living in the same shit. Yeah are like felixstowe so about to pour some sort of oil based chemical straight in the water. Have right as we wash our dishes. Let's convenient and like obviously it's good a little pods so bad. They're all the same. It's like we've decided it's okay for this to go in the water it's only also petroleum-based and going straight into the water is the oil and up all the time but it is like it's still good to do good things like it's obviously like it's good to lynn. Co lifestyle is good too much red meat but you know what if you're like on a high horse about oh i don't eat like animals and therefore i have this moral high standing where your clothes from bro guarantee. It's not something you'd like stuff. Everything's bad but already is built on that but it is actually refreshing. Because it's like everything's bad but we get to do nice little things we get to you know it should be freeing instead of restricting anyways ac segment right anyways the fund segment. Here's here's some other fruits. That have bugs. I was thinking keith. You told a story last week on. The bike cast about swimming. And i thought it'd be on the podcasts. We who get hold their breath the longest. Oh someone's gonna need to entertain the audience. They'll know in silence that we're holding our breath. They'll play along. Yeah okay to be clear on. This audio only podcast. Yes yeah you want us to hold their breath. Yeah which is a silent activity but people are going to hear that we are holding our breath. They're going to know how long i mean people can hold their breath like a minute. Two minutes we're going to have a medic forty seconds thirty so we are asking the audience just bear with us after that half-baked conversation about morality in the modern world. Yeah philosophy one. Drop any such a break that we're just gonna shut the fuck up. They will do an ad break in the middle food. That's actually a permanent placement. Averick you guys listen to this ad. We're going to hold our friends. Come back when her gasping or dead and wait. How do we when we start. We need like a timer. Okay here we. This is very exciting. Right we go and three inhaling on or what was the plan. Inhaling one three to one guy lasted three seconds. I i out laughing. Well i've lost so we also that come in. i'm disappointed. I wanted to know how long i could hold my breath. We won't know so instead. I will narrate miles faces. Quivering keith is closing his eyes. he's doing that thing own. Laughter composition is again. How many seconds thirty one. another go. Own way longer. I was going to prison yard lose from laughter. Your breath june with three to one me to tag later. Maybe i mean we got this jar we go. We go and massaging vets to one. I not crazy stupid. Give up no also laughing at good though people laughter's infectious giggling at home. I bet they are. Hey take a bigger than it does. If you laugh and here we go. Three i was. I was going to do ten seconds. You're going get better than my attendance. New record would have been good because drug guys hold their brand. I spent all over this mike. We needed doesn't affect it. I feel like i'm here to my sinuses. He's a little bit who i definitely cried. Good lab really good all right well factory farming. She's yes extra activists episode. I'm not prepared for it. I'm not suggesting activism suggesting that the world is so deeply entrenched in clod systems. That there's really nothing you can do to be a good person and at this point we made us be you seven dollars for eggs because they're free range eggs so that gossip even range. It's kind of like a mystery. No there's there's cage free rearranges the one. That's good yeah cage. Free one of them is fucked up. I in the most expensive is free range. So i think that's the best one cage free in a while since we've talked about created. Does it mean that there aren't still too many chickens in whatever place it is. It's just a not in a well. Just call it too many chickens in an egg. They want to mislead you what came first too many or the so. You pay four dollars thinking you're doing the right thing. We gotta be seven dollars to do. The right thing was the difference between. There's like aa eggs. I couldn't tell you that under all the same day you grew up. Megan fuck annex. There's a green green think about this but it's just like the hang tags or fucking eggs eggs or not better for you because they're more expensive. They're all the same eggs but they could be not lie about the chicken about supporting the business. What about the brown eggs speckled. A browns better no way makes what though the chickens but they make the same make different. No like if. I'm one no am. I sometimes making white eggs making brown. Yes so just like fucking. There's someone who's sorting the eggs. People like the white egg. Yes and then. There's someone sort in the and go. No no no the same foods people are gonna think these are expensive and the reason that comes from extra so big Fuck hugh. This is a big chicken and i'll are small like a younger chicken like we had chickens. Oh by the way. Isn't it like the reason that like again japan. Exxon have risk of salmonella as much business. Almanacs just fucking eat like rockin. Yeah you can just gulp it. Just because why is that. They have cleaner facilities. And i think it's like.

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"I am just usually behind the scenes pulling together all of the pieces for each episode and in more of a production role. But since i tend to geek out over things like gratitude and extracting maximum joy from the mundane of our everyday lives. Jeff has quite graciously offered to share the mike today but have no fear. Jeff is still here and will likely jump in at some point. Say hello jeff. How's everybody doing the and yes. I probably will jump in at some point. You know me. i can't. I can't stand to be quiet for a whole episode. I helped so so. I am thrilled to welcome back to the show. Dave lynn co founder and ceo of the generosity series and even more poignant to this particular episode the gratitude dude when the world effectively shutdown at the start of the pandemic things felt off kilter and completely untethered. And so we the collective we at santa's go felt everyone might need something to help ground them. A compass of sorts. Dave came on the show and we talked about how he came to be dubbed as the gratitude how gratitude shapes his life and how to use it as a tool to thrive in the unprecedented times. We found ourselves in not that we need yet. Another reminder of how long this pandemic has been going but that was episode fifty seven and this is episode one hundred thirty we have all been oscillating between thriving and surviving much much longer than any of us could have possibly predicted and it is taking a toll. What better. Time to bring dave back and double down on this gratitude thing. Welcome dave here here. I think when we first spoke at the grey hairs. Now i have one hundred tracking right. You're you're on point. that's great. Well can you give us a little bit of a refresher on your background. talk a little bit about the generosity series and your goals. They're short term. Generosity series is was a fundraising platform based upon a five k. Run walk idea. The whole wedding was to collaborate along with many other nonprofits so that you could do something bigger and better than you can do on your own could be more successful. You don't have to worry about carrying the burden and we did that for eight years. Live events until this little thing came along called cova that heard about and So you switched to virtual And right now. We're about to launch a very big endeavor. We'll get to it later. I don't wanna talk about you. Pitching here but a new being endeavor in the virtual world So that we can hopefully continue allow small medium enlarge nonprofits to be able to into an event that's effective that brings grief fundraising but also engages their participants their supporters and shares some gratitude. Along the way. Yeah i find well okay. I have a comment and also a question. My comment is this. I find it fascinating. You have been able to take gratitude to another level that you have found a way to revolve work and life around it. Pretty seamlessly my question is because in the first episode. You are just right at the point where you are transitioning just like many organizations and companies from an in-person format to an online format. And i know we'll get to more of that later in terms of talking about what you have coming up but generally. How did that go for you. I would say that from a business. Point was quite difficult We lost a tremendous amount of money. you know and and unfortunately some staff but what we did do in. The transition was very successful for our tariff partners. Which is really the goal you know..

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"Was i found this little side trail right beside the parkway. That's not really marked where you can go down. And you're just slightly below the lynn co viaduct. Okay and the viaduct is stretching out before you and grandfather mountain is looming way high above you and to your left is just endless. Rolling hills dotted in colors. That look like fruity pebbles and to me. That was the moment that was just like wow. There's no mistaking this for any other place. This is the blue ridge. Parkway and i think that for me was the moment that i still look at that picture and it's almost like i dreamed it. It wasn't real because it's just such an iconic part of america and interestingly it took them nearly i think fifty years to build the parkway but the last like twenty years of construction was just on that eight mile stretch around grandfather mountain truth true story that section took them the longest for reason but as a result this feat of incredible engineering is now the most iconic place on the parkway for me excellent. I'd have to say you keep mentioning doing this in the fall. Which looks gorgeous from the pictures. I'm seeing. It's a pretty darn beautiful place on over fourth of july weekend to yes. Yes and not as crowded as i expected in a year when so many people are in the national parks. You know what man. It wasn't bad in october. Meet smokey mountain. National park was very busy. There was at least one overlook that we could not get too because there were so many cars but the parkway really wasn't it wasn't bad in october we went during the middle of the week instead of the weekend wasn't bad at all excellent and one thing makes you laugh and say only in the blue ridge parkway traffic coming to a standstill because of cyclists riding up a mountain. That's it. I mean it's just like what are you guys thinking. Yeah no i just crazy but good for them. Excellent and if you had to summarize the blue ridge parkway in three words what three words you get a pick epic road trip excellent excellent and if i wanted to know more about the blue ridge mountains. Is there any sort of travel guide that you might be able to recommend for me. Why yes there. Is chris simply go to. Www blue ridge mountains travel guide. That will that is convenient. Post there that you would direct us to for the blue ridge parkway in particular. I'm not going to give you one post. I'm going to say there's a navigation bar at the top screen and you'll see it says blue ridge parkway click it and go explore because there are so many posts there. There's guides to the overlooks and waterfalls and hiking trails. And blah blah blah blah blah. Just dive in because there's so much and no one post is going to tell you everything you need to know. That's why we created a whole section for excellent. Our guest again has been brent love from the blue ridge mountain travel dot com but also from green global travel dot.

Rolling hills smokey mountain america National park blue ridge mountains chris blue ridge mountain
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"What's up. Everyone of we are getting into some shit and we have our first guest on the show in a hot minute jamie. Lynn co co-hosting per us and our exciting gas. If you guys are watching on patriot. You've already seen but for those of you. Just listening mr of and of so excited to be here. I'm so excited. You're here and i think i said this last time and i wasn't sure but now i'm positive that the record for guests on shenanigans. Is this number. Three four three or four four. Yeah you have the top top. Wow can i shall hold that title very. It's a very dear to my heart so please anyone to get new. Your reward is the glass of rosa iraq. We have some rosa actually being delivered to us by someone who is going to be a guest coming up soon. Or maybe co-hosts yeah cohost but not going to say who that person is just yet but she has been on the podcast before so stay tuned coming soon but for now it's all about nima. Yes so gosh. Where do we even start like your now bicoastal. Yes so. I'm now living the dream and in new york city. That is such a dream. I disagree because i tried that for a whole year and the flying back and forth is a pain in the ass. How often do you come back here. I've been in new york now for four and a half months. And i've done nine trips to la and you're good with that. No i'm not funded worst thing in the world. Unfortunately that's part of being bi coastal. You have a life here. You have people here and you have to see them. You know. it's great when you can see you guys fun. It's social but then there's like work you have to do so you just got to find a you have to sign up for that you know going in. That's what you're going to do and make the best of it. So how long are you in town for for a week. And then i fly to atlanta. I shoot and then. I go back to new york city. Fine for me also. I've never lived in new york. But i remember i think. Oh my god was it three years ago now twenty nineteen. I think it was when i was there for a watch. What happens live episode. It was the one. I did with carl so i did watch what happens live next morning. My mom and i went to carl from summer house and his mom for lunch and it was the most beautiful day i had ever been in new york city. The sun was shining. There was like maybe a cloud in the sky. It was beautiful. And i was like you know what i think. I want to move here. And then six months later. I met brock and six months after that. He knocked me up and that dream died. But i mean. I'm so happy. Obviously but so. That's always been a dream of mine to listen. If you wanna make this entire episode of new york city hyper. I will do it because new york city. I'm basically one of those girl. Bloggers on take talk like every single day that i wake up in new york city. I'm obsessed with something new. I leave your story. Are you guys nine dot what thanks sheena extra insight and his new york. What is this coffee place that you go to. It is gorgeous. There's like plants hanging down. It's that's called mama. King on hudson so thinking about the west village is that it literally looks like you're walking through. Paris is where they stay in the city. The cobblestones streets. You walk right. And so every time i walk anywhere i have these like pinch myself where i'm like in my in paris right now. She you live in the village right in the heart of the west village walk everywhere. I see everything. The friends building two blocks from me. You know so it's like you just get dislike real. La so spread out so you have to go anywhere in new york you walk. You see people on every block. There's like a million cafes. That are fucking amazing and it never gets old as old. Yeah i just. I love new york city so much. It's like i feel like. I was born to be there when she was saying that she wanted to move there. I said i believe that everybody at once in their lives should live in new york city. There's the child. He ships sail those upper west side. Although i didn't have a very interesting west village experience like two days ago. So i was doing watch what happens. Live and a day before. I'm sitting on my favorite places in the west village right across the restaurant for me is andy and s. jp way what having dinner together now. I'm doing watch what happens. I think you posted it. Because i saw sarah jessica parker on your instagram. You're like such a new york moment or something. Ironically a day later. I walking through soho and i literally stumbled onto this answer. Sex in the city says they shoot a lot on spreads. Such new york moment bringing crosby for those that want to know they should allow be so. I just walk up and it was like that's miranda. That's like south charlotte. Yeah so we just sat there and by the hundreds of people. And i don't normally like get caught up in that but it was really surreal to wash They were like fluffing carey's hair and giving her couture dress thing and like so is amazing day before that i was at the restaurant and andy and i want doing watch what happens. I've a day for now literally in forty eight hours. We're going to be sitting together on stage. Do i go say hello. Absolutely so i text. Mj who's usually my like go-to on this. Kinda shit. i was like do i say hello. And she was like is he alone. I said no. He's with s j piece. Because i'd still go. Don't leave it alone. i totally post it out. Why nima this is the second time now. I don't even remember what the first thing was. I'm knocking. I can't call you out about it and i probably wouldn't anyway. There was something else that you asked. Mj's advice for that. I completely disagreed about a girl. Well let's let's just said you should not go up there because s. j. p. was there their. Bff's there have you don't wanna fuck and be that guy but it's not like i know you right and if he was solo i would've walked up and tell him when you saw him that you saw him at the restaurant and was he like. Oh you should have come and said hi to me whatever. I have a similar s. Jp new york story. Let me tell you guys okay. So years ago. When i lived there. I was in the hamptons with matthew morrison. Who is dating chris. Al and we were at the producer or someone of the broadway. Show hairspray because matthew used to start on their house. Yeah so all of a sudden we're just hanging out there. There's a knock on the door. It's sarah jessica parker and baby james. I don't know how old james is. Now he's probably what fifteen sixteen. I dunno with the baby asking us..

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"Drop podcast for a while now. And i really can't thank jaakko fuel and origin. Labs enough for the jobs that they do for us. And thank you to you guys. I'd also like to talk about my brand of dog food. That just came out. There's a food treats A line of supplements the supplements are hip joint digestive skin and coat. The treats salmon bites beef bites. Turkey bites Salmon skins and then the food. We've got a chicken sweet potato formulas. Well as a salmon and herring meal formula all of these products. I've come out with In the last six months after years of trying to find a kind of the right blend and be uncompromising in the product quality of what i want and was fortunate enough to work with the manufacturer. That made everything exactly how i wanted. It tested it out and got it. Dialed into exactly how i want it. And now we've brought to market and And it's available to you guys so mike. Lynn co dot com. It's the fueled by team dog. Line of of food treats and supplements. I encourage you to either. Check it out or choke yourself to the listeners. This is the new studio. This is An interim part of the new studio is gonna change a little more here as we get settled in That's why i've i've been off the grid for the last almost two months now with no episodes but We are back. We've got several several other shows booked For this month and in subsequent months so we are back in. We'll start doing more and more episodes here but I appreciate your patience as always. I appreciate your Steadfast support and in continuation to keep listening in show after show. Because if if you didn't. I wouldn't do this so i appreciate it. We'll see you soon and until next time. This is mike drop..

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"January. Fifteenth twenty twenty one and this year's virtual all digital cas featuring a little over a thousand vendors last year show in vegas had four thousand five hundred exhibitors so you see not as many companies by far chose to participate in the virtual. Cas but today three hours of into tomorrow. Hopefully your station carries all three hours if not we understand programming concerns. Just be sure to come by in snag that third hour from our website. You can even subscribe to our free podcasts. And never miss a minute of into tomorrow. But we've got companies representatives from vox electronics cleaners zone. Morpheus tech job. I lock care clever. Hd media catalysts type wise donnelley's whole bunch more all crammed into today's three hour broadcast. We'll do it again next week and the week after that will not be and our ceo has coverage is brought to you in part by. Vox power systems the power. You need when you need it. Most by java. Accept no compromise with java elite. Eighty-five t true wireless earbuds by ethelbert. Lynn co innovate. Today's digital industry visit. Ifa dash berlin dot com and bisect khuda tech. And they're my radar eight complete vital sign monitoring system visit sakura tech dot j. p. Yeah wait till you see that one in particular we did an interview of course most of our interviews all but i think one are zoom video interview. So as you're listening today on the radio to these interviews just when you have a chance. Don't worry if you're driving or otherwise not available with a computer or your phone when you have time visit into tomorrow dot com and check out all the videos of all of our guests. Not only this week but for the next two weeks. You've got gotta bookmark us and come back often and regularly and you'll see for example from sokota tech. We did that interview with the gentleman from japan. In fact we're all over the world the next three weeks because we did interviews from from denmark from switzerland from man just of course germany all over the an bunch of interviews domestically to but from japan. He shows us this incredible little device. That does all kinds of readings. And you don't have to hook up any wires. hold it to your chest. That's it you've teased everybody. We have to let them know. You gotta wait till next week for that one. We can't. we've been so busy. Our first show filled up very fast. Yeah of course why we've got three weeks of show. Of course the part to is already full. But that's fine because we got a whole lot of stuff to share with you certainly some. Cas tech news. A lot of business oriented laptops among many of the things being shown this year even though the idea of having a separate work computer at the office and a personal computer at home was pretty much tossed out during twenty twenty. Now we're looking for our devices to do a lot more and serve multiple roles which basically further blows blurs that line and blows it too for that matter between consumer and business computers. Lots to talk about from. Cbs along those lines as well and german startup sono motors. Who's using the virtual platform to show off a solar electric vehicle that can recharge when driven in daylight. Well that's cool. Can't drive it at night though while you can because it recharges during the day. Okay now it looks like a minivan. But the black exterior is covered with two hundred and forty. Eight polymer solar panels zorba energy from the sun as a result. The panels can recharge when the car is parked outside. Or on the move now at cas sono motors debuted. Its latest ceylon prototype with plans to begin the first round of production next year cool. We'll see these are the kinds of things that we're trying to dig in find these gems of uniqueness to share with you and of course we keep saying you and i both at. Cas will there is an at cia's during cas. It's all virtual all digital this year for the first time. Ever you think they would have learned from our friends at isa that you can do an in person and virtual event just because we couldn't go from americans over to the european union wouldn't let us well that in the fact that i was stuck in the hospital with the rona but that you know f- aside to point still as you can probably hear recovering from all that nonsense but during sea. So we're pulling all these gyms out to share with you and that and that solar car. They're using off the shelf. Parts of trying to keep costs on this. Solar cars going about twenty six thousand dollars. Wow very affordable solar car. That's gonna be the first on your block to have that. That's kind of neat. A lot of five g talk of course dominating this virtual. Cas twenty one We've heard promises of five g for many years but finally there's a bunch of new products out and being shown during this virtual. Cas so there's lots to talk about. Of course not only. Do we have our interviews on video for you as well as the radio at into tomorrow dot com but we have several posts ratio and the team have been gathering again looking for those gems that we can share with you. Some details like for example from lenovo in any cd unveiled their new levy mini Pocket computer cbs pocket. Computer isn't that have gone. I guess sell smartphone features. An eight inch nine hundred twenty by twelve hundred pixels screen and eleven th generation intel core. I seven processor in ways. Only one point two eight pounds. Well the computer also features wi fi six and sixteen gig of ram not more. Interestingly the laptop can use attachable controllers to work as a gaming system and can vibrate like console controllers and gaming systems like the nintendo switch also like the switch. The computer can be paired with a dock that allows it to output video to a tv now at the moment the leaving many is just a prototype and there's pricing or availability and of course not and for years twenty six years previous twenty-five years at cs when it was physical and we were there at each one of those. We saw a lot of stuff. That was vaporware. In some cases you know just promises hopefully by the end of the year maybe next quarter in many cases not at all but some of that stuff is all about tech. It's teasing us. As to what's available into tomorrow and one of my favorite things was to see every year to see all these new product announcements and then by the time we get to fund september. See how many of those have already been killed. Yes more make epa now as actual products which is great because there before the holidays. So if you're looking for high tech gift giving in that sort of thing one of remind you that if you hear or see anything at into tomorrow dot com involving. Cas you want more information about us. The free in tomorrow app and join us that way. We'll get it for you into tomorrow. Dot com once your irs. Problem back taxes. Is there a lien placed on your property. Have your bank accounts frozen or seized. Have your wages been garnished. Are you being audited by the irs. Are they sending you letters that demand actions and have urgent due dates. Well solving your tax problems is as easy as calling taxes three to one. The irs is the largest collection agency in the world. You need the best representation to give you peace of mind. You need experienced professionals that can cut through the red tape and stop the.

japan switzerland eight inch lenovo next week sixteen gig sokota tech today last year nine hundred third hour next year september twelve hundred pixels germany three hour tomorrow next quarter two this week
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"Ate 09 news radio, 30 cage, John Matthews and Scotty be here this morning. Ricks off. Just today. Just a break. And I've been enjoying the comments on Facebook live when I look at those asses Well, damn, Rick looks good. Well, not today. Don't go look for him today. Okay? Alright. Oh, I thought you were saying it wouldn't be me. It would be on days when he's on and people could see him on Facebook live really, really live really Took that egotistical e. No, I mean, you know you've evolved, You know, Heard about Ricks. You know his event back in April? Yeah, well, yeah, he's and he's doing great and he's doing awesome. And he's he's looking good and And you know, he's he's back to normal life. In fact, he wants us all to go on DA Not all of us. There's gonna be a group of maybe about four of us. So yes, under the mayors, and the governors threatened. No more than 10 people is like there's me half of that. We're all going to be in each other's presence. We're all gonna wear masks. We're all gonna wear depends and we're all going to watch baseball game. Well strike. The depends part for at least half of us. Probably the next mandate a news radio 30 cage VH I wanted to mention before time got away. And we got into more serious stuff that one of our hosts is up for the Radio Hall of Fame this year, and they do have an audience participation this you can vote for this host. If you so choose. The host is Well, rush is already in. Hannity's already in Eggs. I'll get there someday. Don't know about Norrie. Maybe Art Bell is certainly And that leaves us with Glenn Beck lend. Beck is up for the Radio Hall of Fame and spoken word on your personality. Karen category. It's a huge honor. Glenn's been syndicated now across the United States for Well over 20 years did well is a morning show host in Phoenix. I think he was Phoenix or Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tucson, one of those cities in Arizona. That's where he came from. And he just He got a lot of notice from doing crazy morning show things when even he admits when he was drinking a lot and that he's you know, turned his life around and got, you know, got syndicated and has been on radio stations across the country since the I want to say late nineties, maybe maybe earlier. I know that Rick brought him here at one point, maybe in the early two thousand's. Now that may have been a May have been during the time that I was gone from Hawaii, but anyway, Glenn's been around for a long time. And, of course, just because of the time difference. You hear him very early morning here on NewsRadio, 8 30 cage VHS on from 3 to 6 in the morning. Which is midday everywhere else in the country Pretty much or his show is delayed. Still, if we delay it here, it's a little bit just to be Frank with the audience. It's it's out of date. Because of stuff Glenn talks about. It's perfect for that time. He's on 3 to 6 in the morning, but We used to run him at 4 to 4 to seven in the afternoon where Paige's is right now, and the problem was. That's 13 hours since he has been on life in the whole world had changed since then. So You know, That's why he's on so early in the morning. That's his lifetime. But he's been a great influence on talk radio for these these many years. If you want to vote for Glenn Beck for the Radio Hall of Fame just go to www dot radio vote dot com. Radio vote Dot com and you can vote for Glenn or any of the other choices that are up there. I have no idea who else has been nominated. But obviously, since Glen works for our company, that's the one they're pushing. So it would be a big honor for him to. So if you want to vote for him, please do so. Radio vote. Dotcom easy enough. Already 8 13 Gonna play the piece from Hawaii News Now last night, Lynn Co. A nose piece, and it's going to be interred introduced here and this is about What I was talking about before the top of the hour. We'll talk a little bit more about it after after our break here, But let's get you the whole piece. So I'm not taking anything out of context. And you, Khun Judge it for yourself. Here are Lynn Cohen. Oh, And tell her the news anchors. I'll hear it by the voice of introducing this piece for Hawaii news now from last night. Here we go. New tonight. While leaders today whether another lock down is needed. We've learned prosecutors are having trouble with citations issued in the early months of the pandemic link, Owen Oh explains why Oahu and Maui counties are prepared to drop thousands of them. Homeless people are exempt from stay at home order. So while sitting on the beach may get you a ticket, Ah, homeless person sleeping in a closed park cannot be cited. It's a confusing issue. Even for law enforcement Emergency proclamation. Violations came in many forms over the months quarantine Breakers beach violators. But the vast majority of the more than 10,000 citation statewide were given to those in closed parks or violating stay at home orders both sheltered and unsheltered people, even though there's an exception for the homeless. A misdemeanor crimes are punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine. A database of the violations shows multiple people, mostly homeless, receiving multiple citations. Ah, shock to the news director. I don't see many other ways to read this thing that it does seem to be targeting the unsheltered populations. Which again is also contrary to all public health advice. Federal guidelines worn against displacing unsheltered people because moving them around could spread the virus on movie One homeless man. Christopher Metcalf got 18 citations and this Ahhh Oh, man, Alan! She mobile cruel. Got 10 citations all around Sad Island. Several from the same officer. Given the confusion over the orders, more than 2000 have been dismissed already, and prosecutors on Oahu and Maui say they'll dismiss all issued two people listed as homeless or having no address. But we do see the homeless, prosecuted or sighted or for these types of cases will have to decline those or dismissed those cases because of the exemption made by the government. The moment prosecutor does not think police were targeting the homeless, but we're under pressure during the chaos and confusion of multiple emergency orders. At one point, it was illegal for people to stand on the beach. But if they were at the water line, it was okay. Next week. People could only traverse the beach. I do know when the pandemic hit. Everything was new. You know, the police were dealing with these types of citations or decide of fences. And this was new territory for a lot of us when they issued over 10,000 citations in just a few months, But it doesn't seem to be a confusion about enforcement. That seems to be enthusiasm for enforcement. HPD denies there was an effort to target homeless. They say citations were given to people who resisted their orders. And we're committing other crimes online. Kwon Oh ho! What the news now Hello. All right, So there you go. There's a full report in context. We'll talk about it some more coming up. It's 8 17 NewsRadio 30 k h V H, Good to Have you Here Cage be age Traffic..

Glenn Beck Radio Hall of Fame Facebook prosecutor Ricks Hawaii Rick Beck Phoenix baseball governors John Matthews Lynn Cohen Art Bell Hawaii News Norrie United States Hannity HPD Scotty
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"Thank you. Thank you for sharing that with me. Thank you for the call. And 855935 That is our phone number 855935 80 to 55. Give us a call. Let's talk about your money, questions and issues and problems and solutions even have one And Tony, You're up next. Welcome to talking real money. Greetings. Hey, Tony. What's up? Hey, I got a couple questions here about some of my investments. Have Ah, one, which I know you don't like Olympic, which is L deal. Account, and it's a Roth IRA that I have for my granddaughter. And that's uh, set for her. A collector when she turns 44. I just know it's going to be back up, Porter You know you got going there. I'm confused you got it's a Roth IRA that she's going to collect at age 44. Yes. That's the way I have it set up now. Is that good? I won't stand you guys talk about LPL fly natural. Oh, it's Linds Cope. Okay, LPL, you know Olympic Olympic is a mutual fund. Well, you're getting ahead of yourself. I'm trying. The investment group. Olympic. Oh, they help you clear that settle that aside for a moment. You try to do something nice for your granddaughter. I think that's terrific. You set some money aside in a Roth Ira, Is that what I'm understanding? Correct. Okay, and I don't understand the age 44 part Well, I just rolled off getting some other investments to houses. Stuff like that. You told her you just told her I was wrong. You told her not to touch it. Basically, she doesn't know about it. It's gonna happen, okay? Yeah, I would rather not get it until retirement. I mean, Roth IRAs. Unless she really had to have the money, but but she she needs to know reason. I think 40 for something goes wrong. Maybe she gets married and gets We'll need something going wrong is getting married. Um He's only 14 now. So she's got 30 years ago. This is Oh, now I'm even more confused. You did a Roth IRA for her Does she have earned income? Well, I got it for myself originally, but I'm in the will for her. Oh, you're really You're going about this backwards but now we're starting to understand the situation here. Okay? Yeah, I'm happy. You're just you're leaving it to her. Perfect. All right. I'm good. Good. All right. That's great. Yeah, So A your question was What about Lynn's Co Private ledger? We're not fans because They are not 100% fiduciaries. The products they offer generally higher expense. You they're actively managed that I have no idea what other fees. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what other fees you may be paying, so I'm not a fan that that would be one issue. The other is yes, You're you're the granddaughter of some point should be told about this money because They're well, they're going to know eventually, anyway, but age 44 seems a bit random to me. No, I I I've moved my money. If it was my money, and I was doing on my own, I'd go to Vanguard and move all that out. Set it up over there. By a very low cost in next fun to get out of my life. That's what I would do. I concur. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it. 855935 Talk is our number 855935 80 to 55. Give us a call. We'll talk about money with you on this show. It's easy. On and on talking real money. How was the traffic.

LPL Tony Lynn Vanguard
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"This Lapin lapin track. End Up Larger Orlando Are you studying African Banjo rather interesting. Search internally no civil remedy it yet karaoke penalty mockus more tanka take knock Yokoyama spoiler alert. Irish there's that too you know T- must be Coming up on La Laugh in order to North Dakota ornaments of Volleyball Stasi Scoot John. Doe beheaded beheaded cynical. Jomaa inital Youtube Academy in. You'll be hit apple. took him almost. Dr Larry. We are McQueen ropy the`dock La Voie Algal is simple allegory. No NOPE nope. nope witty Nina get get. It must genus summertime here locally feeling like a seminar Battle Vasantha serial killer Pella is. Don't don't castle stealing ski. I do I got a stealing Augustine. No don't don't own of plunder or the The middle someone get over there have been people with Kostya Leo. FDU L. E.. Winter fell to St L. E. Collier up whatever feminine Damyean Indian said. I wanted to sit still not serious when I see no almost there. No no he is in still link is in real escaped Escort Year is from stieg illness. And just was there Harry Potter or Lund Break Piracy Majestic on Theon can glencoe Lynn Co and in Vietnam and put a comparative to hold on Saturday uh-huh doubt aloes The Astros METALLICA's recommend democracy at the end of the coffee is now Khurana Ronna that MSNB two hundred competitors get embarrassed. I I'm in this book. The word of it And midlander Scorpio recommended Marcel. BDO The non stop experts Yup. It or. It's not about the city. Nothing Vidya bitter. She gets better that upper parliamentary those videos. This Book Yup Fiddle Marine Marcado Sonetti mood will. They'll festival fringe. Fringe is the the six Mile Noel L. Mile Mile Romo's who media I window to the nation status. Las Varas on Manala was not da throughout this brochure. The rally style Manala theatrical Done now all but Get up see on the by northerners even knows Fishing John Ashcroft Science. And you gotTa Nick Geico Brandy Total. You'll lay the bitter acrimony now over mobile swell lease well yes does he. Look the rather either much intent. Tara our north semi-naked NFL warmer yet up on pins he the Laura my fiancee she gets up by the most expert in that it got on your seat watching this Commun- it'll stay muscle ms Moore so close up is excited other ornamental nipple tavon given southern national it must compare the Jersey lows dealers in immortal go fringe. You're splitting the inclusion. Avot Guatemala Sandwich. Oh this win the no but it your show and Nabi Edinburgh your solemnly Makino. y'All got mobile APP or style. So there are no nearby seventy Roy sky years off as as Scott Depot Harry Potter last Luke Solo then the the nicotine or about Nokia focus at them but jewelry store or Delis Mono nurse Gabby delays most throw all Dell initiative to this what must about also. And maybe that's not kindle doubly water wet this this was that look at the endocytosed Narita but Not just face it just in indeed until it is replaced the Indus not must get s s by almost for him on an official Burger Breakfast Labrador that the dell at your Mutua fanatic locked. I'm for those definitely people need to deal with it. But a little bit more semi article psycho once got must collect locally Tra da the appropriate shut up kemper securities offerings kilometers. Yeah what a Hambros. You could be an necessarily mysterious Europen talk. That must've been up on it. All gets more Salem new video infidel more Cillizza yet in federal. Yuck out on focus heavy equipment. What else have.

Lapin lapin Brandy Total La Voie Algal Harry Potter North Dakota Vidya La Laugh Las Varas Doe Kostya Leo dell apple. Salem Dr Larry Nina Khurana Ronna John Ashcroft Science St L. E. Collier Astros
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"There. Were some documentary like the age who is like sort of fudged <hes> <hes> either way <hes> like generally most of the actual professional organizations who play in an actual formal league <hes> if that assuming that that exists for the particular game like the age communist eighteen plus and so what that really does is provide opportunity for us to build a structured environment where kids who are under eighteen can like have a competitive experience <hes> there are just so many more of them than like the kids who will actually be successful streamers successful players <hes>. We're certainly like here to just service the other <hes> you you know two billion plus gamers in a row that will never play pro. Most people don't recognize that like pro eastbound only exists for nine hundred ninety three people. That's how many people play pro sports in north america mayor so yeah yeah same thing yeah and global leaders two point two billion games in a row and five hundred forty million are under eighteen. There's there's a massive tip market like addressable market here that we service and <hes> <hes> and so like there's there's a lot of conversation around like the pro level like even like the schumer level which is just says is <hes> small from a number standpoint as the pro level like they're they're. They're no different than like the pro players and like an n._b._a. Like there is a sports entertainment product yeah but we're not here to service those people but i i do have a personal opinion. I would say around like you know. Organizations signing in engaging with kids under thirteen thirteen even even with parental consent. I think is that it's an area necessarily needs to be ironed out and i think it's harmful to the space. Got it so without revealing too. Many of your chess moves what happens. After play verse achieves ubiquity amongst high school sports yeah i mean what are the next kind of conquered territories. I think i think play versus becomes. It's a single playground where every kid who's gifted. A controller are mice plays video games <hes> <hes> they'll play casual. It's every every a center doesn't even matter if they're in high school or not just gamer every every player right like every person who wants to play video games competitively additive lear casually like they'll spend their time doing that <hes> in as more people you know come to our platform and a plan connect with their friends. They also come in our platform to communicate. They'll come in our platform form to washington matches. They'll come to our platform late getting narrative around their favorite leagues whether beater corporately their amateur league their high school league <hes> and <hes> and and i think that's like the vision vision of like the product that we're building cool shifting gears a little bit a lot of people say they see a lot of similarities between the music industry and sports yeah <hes> you have a a lot of music industry investors on your capital. Do you see any kind of similarities between the two. I think i see well. I think there's a lot of cultural compact crossover and just gaming in general and i still like obviously like havin like josh rock pre game like one hundred gear like <hes> art r._e._o. S- any sort of professional streamers merge <hes> this is sort of a really cool experience having guys like drake stream with ninja. Those sort of cultural moments certainly impact impact gaming is is helping like move it to the forefront is no different than what sort of skateboard culture experience like extreme sports culture experience and sort of how they became quote unquote mainstream and so <hes> in that regard. I certainly a lot of crossover. I do see a lot of crossover as well as <hes>. It's just like you know the same. People who are in a music industry are sort of influence culture whether it'd be through sports entertainment like just kind of coming out as gamers saying like hey i enjoy playing games in the school in like in also want to engage him be part of this community so that's really excited seiden and that's probably just coach really is probably the only way out see significant crossover. I mean the the stereotype of you know. Unhealthy kim has is just gone. Yes you have the the athletes and the musicians. I don't know if it ever existed by the way i think to some degree. There's like <hes>. There's probably an era of that but i think that was probably overblown by the media. The answer is so is so interesting. I was watching this documentary on the internet and heiresses all of these clips at the beginning a series of them. Were all of these like willie famous. Journalists and reporters were like on tv on talk shows saying the internet spat like don't use the internet the internet stupid existing like now look at the power to internet like like we can't survive without access to why assist the internet <hes> and all the services and products that we use are like enabled through internet and so <hes> you know that that air also also existed for video games where people say video games harmful and like you wouldn't go anywhere if you spend all your time play video games and like now we're seeing kids <hes> become pro and <hes> and he's take millions yeah making millions of dollars in the industry are are building companies within the industry and so i think there's a there's been a shift in mindset around how people view the industry and i think a lot of that is because culture is now being used with an industry like education is starting to exist and so <hes> so yes. I'm happy that narrative is gone. Yeah i mean speaking kind of talking about the crossover talk about the different. <hes> you know a couple of different investors. You know that's been in there. You guys i say now you see her as a raise fifty million. Which was you know top five enough for an african-american congratulations. That's amazing compliment assessment. <hes> did you guys followed up with series b. with thirty million <hes> just kind of talk about some of those investors who really excited to have on board or whether they kind of mean to you guys because obviously you have naza and diddy. I'm not sure if you grew up listening to him. You know when you listen when you had a room with nausea. Talking nausea discount like like listen to your music. You were like the guy like now you know. He's invested in you kind of talk about. It's such a surreal moment. So the first round i mean like the first round is was like the craziest rest like as a checks. Get bigger you you talk to a few people <hes> but <hes> the first round like <hes> <hes> so we we we went out. We basically four days a pitch. In the san francisco got a bunch of term. She decided to go at any a any. Actually new enterprise associates the top five venture fund most most appeals most acquisition of inter fund in the country <hes> in there like i think forty plus your history and not chosen e._a. We have some really like austere. One offers like we <hes> we've chosen for two reasons one. We asked them every fun. Everyone just point blank how many black people have invested in and like many couldn't really recite are referenced black founders that invested in <hes> in in if they did a nice conversation with those founders they look. They weren't here for me during a tough time. They were like right right there. When things were like sunny and you know everyone was on our side. <hes> and that's certainly not the type of partner that i wanted to give. I know like in startups. We're gonna have some tough times through through different than like plan on an n._b._a. Team and so <hes> so you want people who are gonna stick with you in that regard in in so anyhow like an outstanding track record for being by their founders is when times were tough the second was <hes> when we were deciding aborts structure like we have an independent fee that we have to feel at some point and we wanted to make sure that was a woman like there's no. There's limited women representation in startups. They're certainly women reps limited women representation in gaming and we wanted to make sure that the woman said on our board because we thought that that would deliver fresh perspective beck and we wanna d- <hes> autonomy to be able to decide who that would be when that would be like <hes> and make that decision without like in another investor sort of like <hes> <hes> china vetoed the n._e._a. was okay with that and they were right. They wrote that into the term sheet and so <hes> <hes> that was really exciting for us and those values that we had thinks that we stood on and so we decided to work. I asked the lee and the hardest part of like the first round was like filling out the participants because there's only so much money you can take hartley. People don't recognize like people like lee there was like a lot of people who had heart villains against me or the company because we didn't take on like do dishes only so much money. I can take like that's not a problem with that. I have to yes cooper privileged problem so now is invested in the first round forty niners invested in the first round. A bunch of other athletes like baron davis davis and some football players <hes>. We had a group of people that we want it in the first round. We tried to pull together that like <hes> like right. At the last minute. It didn't happen so <hes> we tried to pull <hes> drake into the first round <hes> and lebron into the first round like <hes> unlike the opportunity basically was there <hes> and they both wanted to commit but then like <hes> just like a bunch of people around him also wanted to like invest knows like they're like well. They can't invest invest in making the aspect of it wasn't even like well. No it wasn't like it wasn't like drinker bronson outside. That doesn't even work <hes> we can't. We don't have room for that you know and so it was and it wasn't like the friends it wasn't like future are math even though like future map like a apparently like dude air like a ah group like they also wanted to invest let future coming with drake and we'll let map lebron but like all the service providers handling attracts you invest like we don't have room well. We got another client who also has to be able to do so. Just like it all ended up getting my mom's college roommates causing would love doing that. Ah he's awesome advisory shares for this all up. I'm like family. They stopped to us yeah anyway so we certainly wanted to get them in and it didn't end up working out like like everybody else that we want to end up working out really grateful for that and then we end up getting kevin lynn co-founder twitch in other people..

nausea drake lebron lee north america schumer washington naza drinker bronson beck kim willie san francisco china kevin lynn baron davis davis partner co-founder cooper
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"It's like okay. That sounds like it was does. She love your leg. Okay perfect so let me float away Ryan. Doing good is slow down exactly what this event does everything. You know that we do what we're talking about. You know we have at the end of the event. We have the good bad and ugly list okay everything of the event gets measured by the the good bad and ugly and I go back to my sponsors and I have to own my uglies okay and we've we've had though yeah also yeah and so we try to really strive each year to have a lot of goods you know like <hes> one example. We have these dance performers performers. They're amazing they dance they perform on Saturday night and they're all the performers are on the stage and the first time they did this. They scared me okay because they're all there dancing a lot of sun performance or coming off the stage and grabbing kids and taking them up on the stage the next thing I know the stage has been taken taken over by the audience and all the performers are the dancers for in the audience and this. I've you know as we were done. I was getting ready to walk. Walk up to the stage to make announcements and this young little autistic grow came up and hugged me and just said this was the best day ever and I went okay. That's it. That's why Oy I do this. That's why put myself through this is so that we can have young children perform on a stage. That would never have a chance to do it and it's just it's such an crate event and now we've got Michelle Dillon. You know something that's so leading edge just going to blow people's minds Tom. So when win on away tells the story well well. I you know I think I'm going to shift a little bit. I I really WANNA. Tell people people because you know I'm a connector. That's something that I enjoy. I feel like I do good with that and you know I do. I don't know yeah <hes> but that part. You gotta be really feel like I should talk about the think tank <hes>. It's something that we just started <hes> about five months on S- ago or something like that so we have once a month and we just meet up and we it's. It's a more engaging environment. We right you you know different ideas on the board and things like that and then we just go into just really fun brainstorming. It's Possum I love it. I love it. I love it so much and and you know we've had a couple people that have have come and they actually have projects that they're working on and things like that and we actually have solved problems for them. You know so much like and we go all over the place like you're you should come sometime. I think you really really enjoy as a matter of fact. Give a really cool even to do a podcast like. I figured it'd be fascinating. We're there because we like. We have so many different every month the same time it's the third Tuesday of the month and then you know <hes> we we usually capita about we usually have about fifteen people there Max and so I make sure <hes> evening around yeah we we start at six thirty and it's just it's fascinating fascinating and the only thing that I ask is that it has something to do with disruptive technology or some tile like so we got you know we talk about aliens or a the I this and that and it's just so much fun that that to me is you know von sits really cool next mind expanding yeah but we know I mean you don't have to whisper land. Lynn Lynn Lynn Co Burn Ladies and gentlemen is the think think-tank is a higher perspective. The first time I went I walked out of there and just oh these are really brilliant thoughts you know and some of the solutions that they were coming up with it was like Oh wow I one of my favorites actually was <hes> so it's <hes> <hes> so in the blockchain we have what's called a seven twenty. One else sits a non fungible token basically what it means is. It's <hes> a way to write contracts wchs and and put it on the blockchain. Okay so it with me. I guess you can't go there. I'm kind of their contracts. Drink not quite the same as the contract with the lawyer but it's similar it could be it could be could be so very good <hes> so we came up with an idea to do like like a donation base where where <hes> like for example one of the things that I thought of after we had the think tank was because I ran into this lady that does <hes> <hes> coral reef restoration or you know she helps with the coral reefs and so I thought Oh that would be brilliant to have you know an adoption a AH blockchain adoption <hes> system or protocol where somebody can adopt a coral reef and then we just <hes> keep people updated through the <HES> <hes> through the contract and then that way we can see the growth of the of the <hes> coral reef anyway anyway. I know it's really it's really really really fun so that's that was. I think that is the that is the essence of this. Show is taking the technology that we have in making it for a better. Eh that is used for a better world beautiful yen betterman signing up for the world yeah you guys definitely social weaponary and when when we have the next one sure absolutely it's August Twentieth Twentieth August twentieth. Were there were there Ryan. We got market down the calendar impact hub no <hes> sumner. I don't think so sumner sumner don't know is that that's like a name linked prince right okay. Let's get this is so fun. We're kind of running out of time. <hes> let's just jump straight to what's a what's something you could give our listeners to that. They can take take away and do or an action items in something that our listeners can our listener listener the peop-. The person that is listening out there that needs to hear what you're fixing to tell them weeks for that really work on we started out with the topic you know gaining perspective and making the impossible possible and and so I think a lot of people are really asking how do you make the impossible possible right and so I was in this yoga class and that's exactly what it was. Yes <hes> do those. Yoga instructor sat me down and said listen. You'RE NOT GONNA do it all at once. You'RE GONNA take small small steps and you're going to practice and you're going to have a discipline and each day. You're going to get closer and closer to making. And what was impossible today possible in several months and so when we take a look at you know it was impossible at one time time for this balloon festival comeback. Nobody thought we would ever have this event back in the valley and we made it possible and you know it was just really getting kidding really clear about what division was and what my hurdles were and to go through each hurdle and you say okay. Here's the hurdle and you don't do it alone. You do it with the team and that team is so strong that you have no choice but to succeed so you build a team around you and can you make the impossible possible. I love it. I love it love it that is so cool and going with the thing with balloons I I lived in Albuquerque for a little bit albuquerque small little bitty by farm right and <hes> one morning I woke up and I heard there was like ten balloons fried chest like it. Oh Yeah you're pretty good do that next to see what it does so anyways my window what does that and there's this blue Bam acid rain on my window and it was just amazing so and I I had a chance to go on a balloon was little tied or tethered and I was grateful for that because of ways though okay anyways so the experience is it you're you're providing is amazing is really all inspired by the balloon so frazier L. It is there's just nothing like it again. I just love this connection. Connection of Youtube is this disruptive new technology and taking something so unique and different from that world and meshing them mm together for awareness that you guys I'm telling you it's pure genius thank you that is amazing. It's cool. I thank you I love it. Can can you tell them excited thinking so cool here thinking for years. How do we get this out? There haven't had people to see that. It's not really that hard hard to do it. It's not that hard now. You're the have your bitcoin on a piece of paper. People don't realize it it can be a little piece of paper is the anyway we don't want him but it's about education and awareness you know. Where do they get the education? Where did they get the awareness? Where do they get the the knowledge of how so so why not make it real life? Yes exactly coolest part of what your mission is to make it more. You know I just want people to be more comfortable with it. Being around you know and it's you know it's not going anywhere so I think to answer the all answer the question <hes> real quick to <hes> so that not in the way. I'll sorry we're having some lighting leading issues yeah all right so I think that might my challenge for the listener would be <hes> you know have an open mind <hes> like I said you know things are changing quickly. This isn't going anywhere. BITCOIN already been around for ten years <hes> it's been through thick and thin and <hes> it's also worldwide and we're actually a little okay especially here in Utah. Were really really far behind. <hes> Zoli Yeah I saw behind well. Technology was well. I mean yeah well yeah and that's the thing that I'm always like why are we you know <hes> so again. That's I believe that we can kind of work nation. Yeah Yeah Knowledge Yeah exactly <hes> you know people in other parts of the world I mean when you talk about <hes> banking the bank I mean there's so many different different subjects that are just profound in this world in the space of so have an open mind you know if if I come up to you if your food truck who were your retail owner and I say hey do you accept bitcoin because I do ask that very often <hes> cow and Tuesday yes most of the time people say no or are they what surprised when they say you have. Have you ever been surprised <hes>. I think you know not necessarily surprised because I do know. I actually happen to know that there's like. I already cut coffee.

Ryan Lynn Lynn Lynn Co Michelle Dillon sumner sumner Albuquerque Youtube Utah Max instructor five months ten years
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"Will in the European Cup because he schooled big gulls particularly against bomb in the semi finals. And then obviously the goal against. Let's go in the final in this. Because I was kind of if you like kind of action man moments. I think he gets talked about much more than PK note because he's a defender even because comparible defend the star this tickly, but there is much more of this kind of study inspired at least this is something that just said well best if in a row. Rammell obviously and PK for too long hasn't even been in that conversation, and he should have been he should have been that conversation. Certainly we've in Spanish context, but also five six maybe even seven years. No, you love these either or type of questions up the end of the field. You can stop. I on this to South American strikers think roughly the same sort of age Sergio Aguayo Luis Suarez who you taking. Louis worth by miles. Why? Because he's better. Mean really like so here wet, and he was absolute stiff you're worried about away when he when he first broke through outlets, and he came to go, I think at the age of eighteen those first two threes. He was absolutely wonderful playing on almost on his own up front. A lot of time. The bull pump longtime making things happen almost entirely by himself. But I just think Luis Suarez as being in terms of looking for number nine loose worth probably being the best in the world. At least on and off for the last six maybe seven years strike is in the room. Do you? Concur. The movement of Louis WADA's is off the ball is better than that said. If you wait for that reason alone, I will take we also live what we brings not only to. But what he brings to his national team which said here has been able to do with Argentina. Impossible to separate when you look at what they've done from swatter, forcing you to separate. You can only take one you building a team. Gorrell taking whereas for the Golden Bear the last year for me, it appear goals go. Yes. We can talk about home applaud could talk with Lynn co play with Suarez. Why does this not up? You're going for. He also links very well. Right. So so then you're gonna you're gonna put him step down because links very well. If you let me finish. The trauma gouty did not trapped when he was at Liverpool the whether the trunks form so employers absolutely gone by the wayside. He's quite remarkable. He did image and continues to do amazing things. Just because I disagree with you. And Sidney doesn't really it doesn't matter to me. I'll go with the glare. Dr. I have no idea what? I what's going on. Shack. He can get no not moving. Last one. What song don't you ready for a big game? What song was? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Any music in the locker room. There was a really big game in you'll. The day. Nobody had this. Would that walkman? I was about this. Josh would then. Cassette track. Every. Woman on west. Let me say what was the moment. Neil Ruddock and yet, right? You should be Elvis was elevate. Paul Tobin when you played. Piano, piano. Has it against some heavy mental? DC bucking blocking blind. No Danja the penalty on Spotify. Whatever you do. It's still played everywhere in every state the answer. Extratime different events. Right. Everybody off. Hey, I've told this story before, but this Everybody off. Hey, I've told this story before, but this is stores NO my career where one team that I play for. We were not very good, in fact, terrible. So they used to play. Chiefs. Tonight's going to be a good night. Him back in the locker room. I don't know if it's going to be. Good. Cain to be honest with not really not going to. It really was a good night was with With cheese. the other team. The drama. We will hopefully joy, the pleasure of your company next time around ESPN available every day on ESPN, plus.

Sergio Aguayo Luis Suarez Louis WADA Rammell Sidney ESPN Neil Ruddock Paul Tobin Spotify Cain Argentina DC Josh Elvis Lynn co Dr. I seven years
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"The drug wars bad practice. Okay. A say arrangement. Destructive bots that are out there. Destroy and that to me is. He is really bad and one of the ways that they do that is. Swat teams turns out there's this. And facts about the growing swat braids. Everybody should now. And and these ten bats one of them is basically from twenty thirteen which means it's probably significantly from that was at eight thousand. Yeah. Yeah. I remember when it was at forty thousand. And and so I'm Becky, let's probably well over a hundred is this from going bowling dot net. It's freedom out. Stop calm. It may be the a copy of this. Because it seems like it's it's over around. You know, I did a search. But I mean, you know, it turns out that sixty two percent. At that. Time of the rates were worked for the drug. That's that thirty six percent of them even produce any contraband. Okay. This is a third of them was we're dry wells. They just busted into somebody's house pulled gun. Oh. Get some druggie who they've busted and is gonna turn try to get a reduced sentence by ratting out people. And he starts making up addresses, and they go out they bust. Perfectly innocent people. Thing is that these guys are all. Yeah. No. I'm ed. A lot of them are. Just fearful. Are there operating? What fearful? Yes. Well, I mean, you ought to be scared. When you go into somebody's house with. Yeah. But I mean there there should be a certain to. Deals with fear and stress better. And I mean, they should just have fewer swat raids? Well, I'm thinking that that if if they were all ended down we probably would be better off. But, but if they stopped having so many swat raids they wouldn't have a reason to get those nifty bearcat armored vehicles. Wow. Because they want to be doing spot. Biggest for carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is that the company in in western Massachusetts Lynn, co glencoe that manufactures the Bearcats has a congress person from western Massachusetts in their pocket who make sure that there's a good amount of funding from the federal government to provide grants to local police forces specifically so that they can buy themselves a bearcat for their department with federal grant money so talk about corporate crony welfare being used to support the expansion of the police state. Billiton's -ation. We had a a great article for Bradley. I mean, I think these articles ought to be out there. Or something like that. So these guys start way back now Radley puts out, you know, as he tries to keep his his finger on the pulse of the the bribing police state is best. He can. But you know, it's it's hard to get that stuff published because the newspapers don't wanna do it unless there's some story that they can kind of hang it on, you know, Ferguson or something like that. And makes it difficult. They're there. I think that there's a deliberate. Suppression of of information about. You know, the bad stuff at police. Do I'd say with thirty six percent of all swat raids that no excuse me. No contraband of any kind is found by the police that we'd probably and we're talking about eighty thousand swat raids per year, and pardon me, while my math fails me, but call it twenty eight thousand swat raids per year result in nothing ought to. There ought to be some a news story that hits national every month or something on this. But the fact is that people are coming in with people going into people's houses with guns drawn is now just matter. Of course, Mark better. It's it's it's it's over a hundred thousand. Thirteen. You're right. It's likely over one hundred thousand. Right, right. I looked for a current number. That's that's part of the problem right there. They're not even keeping track of it. I mean, what rates are becoming fodder for the grief offers. So now, we're developing this this police grief over industrial complex. What's great for agree for is someone who is basically trolls people online in order to cause them grief to ruin their online experience. We're just screw up their lives. So it's somebody in this case that calls in swat raid on somebody's house, and they happen to you. All right, Mike, will they tried? There's a group of four channels who tried to organize swatting on me and one of the persons in their group was unbeknownst to them basically spying on them for me to inform me what was going on. So I talked to my local police department and said, hey, this is what's going to be happening? So it's all. Mike you make that stuff available. People are going to use it and people are just gonna die. You know? I am sorry. This is this is destructive. You know? To the max we have people out there. Running police departments running swat teams, you know, taking paychecks. You know, what what is the cost just to outfit s? I've lost his two great bad slayer building up the teams and USA swat teams for. We're starting to see the end game now in legislation with the adoption of red flag laws so that we're gonna be seeing swat teams going door to door to confiscate people's firearms. And that's when we're going to start seeing some real violence. So my you've lived in your town for quite some time, you have some relationship with the police department, I would presume. When you called in and said, hey, these these kids are going to try to send you out of here with guns in your hands. What did they say? They said what they hadn't heard anything never heard about Suadi before. I had to explain to them. What fortune is and I'll just go through the whole. Did they ever call you and say, hey, these kids called or no, okay? So you just got I mean at this point, it could have been pranked to get you to call. But I think that it's it's good that you were able to educate your local police department. And I I was kinda curious assistive while if they think you've got something to hide maybe we could come in and take a look they didn't ask you if they could polka radio because I was a officer in the local gun club. And the police all come out to the gun club. They were doing their qualifications shooting there. So.

Swat Massachusetts Mike Bearcats Becky officer Radley Bradley Ferguson Mark USA congress thirty six percent sixty two percent
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"Drug wars bad practice. Okay. I'd say say arrangement. Destructor bots that are out there. Destroying and. Me is really bad. Ways that they do that is. With swat teams turns out, there's this ten facts about the growing swat team braids. That everybody should now. And and these bats one of them. Is basically from twenty thirteen which means it's gone up probably significantly from where it was at eight thousand. I remember what it was at forty thousand. And and so I'm thinking that's probably well over hundred is this from dot net. It's freedom out. Stop calm. It may very well be the an copy of this. Because it seems like it's it's around. Get a search. But I mean, you know, it turns out that sixty two percent. At that. Time of the rates were worked for the. That's that thirty six percent of them. Deuce any? Okay. This is my third of them was we're dry wells. They just busted into somebody's house pulled gun something. They get some druggie who they've busted and is gonna turn try to get a reduced sentence by ratting out people. And he starts making up addresses, and they go out and they bust. Perfectly innocent people. Maybe other thing is that these guys are all. No, I'm Ed. A lot of them are. Just fearful. Are there operating? Fearful. Yes, I mean, you ought to be scared when you go into somebody's house with. But I mean there there should be a certain the deals with fear and stress better. And I mean, they should just have fewer swat rates. Well, I'm thinking that if if they were all ended, then we probably would be better off. But, but if they stopped having so many swat raids they wouldn't have a reason to get those nifty bearcat armored vehicles. Redoing spot. Is there for carbon? More than the carbon footprint is that the company in in western Massachusetts Lynn, co glencoe that manufactures the Bearcats has a congress person from western Massachusetts in their pocket who make sure that there's a good amount of funding from the federal government to provide grants to local police forces specifically so that they can buy themselves a bearcat for their department with federal grant money so talk about corporate crony wealthier being used to support the expansion of the police state. The militarization. We had a good article. I mean, I think these articles ought to be out there. You know? Or something like that. So so these guys start way back now Radley puts out, you know, as he tries to keep his his finger on the pulse of the rising. Police state is best. He can. But you know, it's it's hard to get that stuff published because the newspapers don't wanna do it unless there's some story that they can kind of hang it on, you know, Ferguson or something like that. And makes it difficult. They're there. I think that there's a deliberate. Suppression of information about. The bad stuff that police do I'd say with thirty six percent of all swat raids that no excuse me. No contraband of any kind found by the police that we probably and we're talking about eighty thousand swat raids per year, and pardon me, while my math fails me, but call it twenty eight thousand swat raids per year result in nothing ought to. There ought to be some a news story that hits national every month or something on this. But the fact is that people are coming in with people going into people's houses with guns drawn is now just matter, of course, Mark there. It's it's it's it's over a hundred thousand. Thirteen. You're right. Likely over one hundred thousand right, right? I looked for a car number. That's that's part of the problem right there. They're not even keeping track of it. Well, now, the swat raids becoming fodder for the grief URS. So now, we're developing this this police grief over industrial complex. What's agree for is someone who is basically trolls people online in order to cause them grief to ruin their online experience or just to screw up their lives. Yeah. So somebody in this case that calls in swat raid on somebody's and they happen to you. All right, Mike, well, they tried. There is a group of four years who tried to organize swatting on me and one of the persons in their group was unbeknownst to them basically spying on them for me to inform me what was going on. So I talked to my local police department and said, hey, this is what's going to be happening? So it's all. Mike, you make that stuff available and people are gonna use it and people are just gonna die. You know? I am sorry. This is this is destructive. Doc. To the max. We have people out there. Running police departments running swat teams taking paychecks. You know, what what is the cost just true outfit? Lost his two great bad slayer, building up the teams and USA swat teams for. We're starting to see the end game now in legislation with the adoption of red flag laws so that we're gonna be seeing swat teams going door to door to confiscate people's firearms. And that's when you were going to start seeing some real violence. So my you've lived in your town for quite some time, you have some relationship with the police department, I would presume. When you called in and said, hey, these these kids are going to try to send you out of here with guns in your hands. What did they say? They said what? Hadn't heard anything has never heard about Suadi before. I had to explain to them. What what fortunate is? And I'll just go through the whole. Did they ever call you and say, hey, these kids called her? No, okay. So you just got I mean at this point it could have been a prank to get you to call. But I think that it's it's good that you were able to educate your local police department. And I I was kinda curious assistive, the if they think you've got something to hide maybe we could come in and take a look they didn't ask you if they could poker because I was an officer in the local gun club and the police all come out to the gun club, and they were doing their qualification shooting there. So.

Massachusetts Mike Bearcats dot Radley officer Ferguson USA congress thirty six percent sixty two percent four years
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"Ordered or asked the sheriff to send in the tactical unit swat team in an attempt to recover potential victims and subject into custody. Offer an assessment of the scene. Sorry. Learn that we have at least five victims people who are essential say murdered as a result of his act. This bank. So here's here's what we do know this happened shortly after twelve thirty this afternoon where a man called nine one one. Instead, I just opened fire inside the Bank here swat team members surrounded the Bank to try to negotiate with him that wasn't working finally the swat team members kind of forced their way inside the Bank and the man surrendered beyond that, we don't know. You know, we don't know if it was a Bank robbery or what right exactly happen. I saw some of the video Sharon, and it looked like the front doors and glass and frame of the Bank were smashed in. So did they use one of the police armored assault vehicles to push it appears that they did now during this news conference? Again, the chief nor the sheriff of highlands county. Florida really gave any details as to how they tried to negotiate how they entered the Bank beyond the five fatalities. The did not indicate how many people were in. Inside the Bank of the time whether their injuries, we do have the name of the suspect. He is twenty one years old. Zaphon xaver. We don't know where he's from or any information about him other than he is in custody. So there's a lot. There are a lot of unanswered questions. There will be another briefing tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll have all of those details. Entrusting credible five people dead. We don't know if it's Bank employees or customers or a combination of we don't know if it started as a Bank robbery or of Justice nutjob, went into the Bank, and and started shooting people and then for him then to call nine one one to say that he just actively shot inside the Bank. This was the SunTrust Bank on U S twenty-seven in c- bring which I know the location because I've spent numerous times down at the raceway in c- bring. So I've been down there many times over the years US twenty-seven just south of lake Jackson. So I I know the air. Area a SunTrust Bank. And you know, my my thoughts go out obviously to all the victims of the employee's of SunTrust Bank. One of our sponsors is light stream the the credit card consolidation company and its own by SunTrust, which is a long time southern southeastern Bank. And I can't believe I can't imagine the horror and the shock that they're facing at a corporate level, you know, those that have been killed here. Again, we don't know if it's customers employees or a combination and whether this even began as a robbery there's just a lot of unanswered questions. Absolutely. Hopefully, you know, again, we'll we'll get some more details, but the governor governor Rhonda Santa's was on hand today for this news briefing. He calls this terrible day. The governor has of course, promised all the resources necessary to investigate this terrible situation. We've heard from. Senator Rick Scott, former governor prayers go out to everybody. So and see bring has, you know, great recreation center, south of Orlando with the racing, but also a retirement community as well. Humidity is quiet. It's small. This is the last thing you'd expect in quiet, Seib ring, Florida. The last thing that I would think of. Yep. So we just again, we don't know kind of weapon used a hopefully tomorrow, we'll have a bit of a perspective or understanding as to you know, exactly what transpired today. Five dead and a SunTrust Bank in Seabrook, Florida, and Sharon you could hear that the police chief call Hoaglund, he sounded like he was close to tears definitely. And we've heard we heard from a county Commissioner from highlands county. Who said this this is gonna this is a tragic situation for us. This is a smaller community, as you just mentioned this kind of thing really really hits hard in a personal way for the people who live and work in bringing in that area of central Florida. Well, there's a lot more to be answered here. A huge national story developing out of Sabrin Florida today with five dead inside a Bank after a twenty one year. You said Zaphon Xaver. Yes. Zaphon Z E P H E N Xaver ex a VR, right? Twenty one years old. But again, no, I don't know where he's from if he's from this area or or not it just the name was simply stated by the chief. So we don't know. And he's in custody right now, obviously cracked he apparently, surrendered after the swat team entered smashed through the wall. And so we'll we'll know hopefully more tomorrow. Sharon Parker from our Tampa flagship newsroom nine seventy WFL a and twelve fifty. WHM Z. Sharon parker. Thank you so much for the update pleasure. Wow. What a story and again, big national news story here with a lot more to the answered as we don't have all the details and the facts, but just sad. And sickening to report the five people are dead at this SunTrust Bank in c-, bring Florida eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the nationwide number here on Schnitt. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine I'm just looking at some other news reports here, and again, you really got all of the details. But a two hour standoff. And then the deputies moved them. And again, it looks like they smashed through the front of the Bank with one of these armored like Lynn co style of armored police vehicle. They try to negotiate to get him to leave. And that's when they went in. And then the eventually got a surrender from the individual. I'm looking another report here. One woman told FOX thirteen in Tampa. That her parents had approached the Bank earlier, but found the doors locked before spotting people on the floor inside. And as this woman's parents walked away. They heard gunshots. So what what was this a robbery gone bad? Was this just a flat-out execution? Not based on a robbery. So this twenty one year old Zaphon Xaver is a local resident, but we don't know any additional details. Lease FOX in Tampa reporting is a local resident. Oh, we have no idea. Why he did this? And I'm sure all the national news crews are rushing to the area for the the nightly newscasts you've got to NBC ABC and CBS with their. Six thirty pm eastern time, national newscasts. I'm sure that there's going to be full coverage of this. But still a lot of unanswered questions. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine is the nationwide number here on Schnitt. It's been a busy day with Nancy Pelosi saying no state of the union Trump saying he's doing the state of the union will find a different venue will he pushed for the house chamber that remains to be seen? And we still have six days before the state of the union a lot could possibly happen. We also have Michael Cohen has postponed his testimony. The four a house committee. This is a public open testimony that was scheduled for February seventh and we have Michael Cohen now canceling or postponing citing security reasons and threats from Trump. So we'll get to that coming up in just a bit. I've got a call holding over from last hour. And if you're new to the broadcast this hour, you didn't hear I told a story about a Kentucky Fried Chicken worker in Jacksonville who. Was in an altercation with a customer at the drive through the customer watched the employees handle money, and then go to handle food without a glove or washing hands said something started rolling video on the camera phone, and it ended with the Campsie worker throwing the bag of chicken at the guy's face through the drive through and it was all caught on video and the Campsie worker was arrested. And then I went on to tell a story how I was at a screen stand and the individual those run on the stand was about to crumble Manila wafers on my banana and vanilla ice cream. Little love treat without washing hands after previously handling money of the previous customer, and I said could you please put on gloves watcher and the guy yelled at me and threw me out and said, no Sunday for you. So I I've seen this before out Rene has phoned in from Florida Rene is in Punto Gorda and Rene apparently is a restaurant owner and wanted to comment. I would imagine on both stories. Renee, welcome to Schnitt. Hi, hi, good afternoon. I mean, it's an insane day, and this seem sort of petty to everything that's going on. I mean, we're praying for all their families people that lost their lives. I Don I own a little model restaurant. We of course, we we are regulated by the health department division, hotels and restaurants or Florida. There has to be a manager on duty that goes through this humongous tests, but also every single employee whether they use food or not has to have the pets. But unless you're a big or like, McDonald's or Burger King you all have to use gloves. Now my restaurants near hospitals, and we keep like humongous jar of hand sanitizer next to the cash register because I don't want my employees to get sick. I mean, money's the dirtiest thing probably in the world. Sure. Imagine money's dirtier than toilets. So I mean, never take food from somebody. They handle money. I would definitely refused any restaurant. You want to go to you definitely in Florida, especially you can go on the health department, and you can check all the statistics from their inspection..

Bank SunTrust Bank Florida robbery Z. Sharon parker Tampa Schnitt highlands county southeastern Bank Zaphon Xaver US assault Sabrin Florida Senator Rick Scott E P H E N Xaver Orlando FOX Rhonda Santa
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"Over the weekend. The president took a new approach to his shutout. He offered Democrats. A thing. The president said that he would agree to a three year renewal of DACA protections for those young undocumented immigrants known as dreamers. President also proposed extending temporary protected status for some three hundred thousand others that is our plan border security, DACA, TPS and many other things straightforward fair reasonable and commonsense last night, the text of that offer was released, but just like before Democrats aren't biting men, Democrats were issuing statements saying they rejected the offer before Trump officially made. It dare Lynn co host the weeds podcasts from vox on Friday night and Saturday morning. There were beginning to be reports about the deal that Trump was going to make and even before the actual speech at four pm on Saturday. Democrats were coming out saying. If this is it we have no interest in dealing with this. This isn't sufficient, we're not biting. So why is Pelosi rejecting this stuff out of hand? There are three big reasons that kind of regardless of what came out of Donald Trump's mouth on Saturday. Democrats were not going to be interested. The first is that they have made it pretty clear that they are not interested in the Goshi aiding to reopen the government they may negotiate once the government reopens the second is that they don't wanna spend five point seven billion dollars for a wall. They've been very consistent that that's a deal breaker for them in the third is they simply don't press Donald Trump to stick to his guns. And when he says, he's offering something actually follow through with it. Right. This exact thing has already happened Chuck Schumer who's one of the two people whose very important to this negotiation on the democratic side had experienced last year like pretty much this time last year where he thought he had a handshake deal with Trump to legalize dreamers. More broadly in exchange for much more money for the border wall Schumer was willing to meet the president's full requests for border wall. Funding about twenty five billion dollars in exchange for legal protection. For immigrants brought to this country illegally as children, and then got a call back from John Kelly saying now, we're not doing that you have to throw in all these other changes to legal immigration steady. It's not clear how the Trump administration gets around that one at all especially because over the weekend Democrats were already wary of whether Trump saying things meant that they were actually willing to make a deal, and then Trump got a bunch of blue back from the right? And then issued a tweet on Sunday denying the idea that extending legal status for recipients was amnesty. But saying he might do an amnesty later further infuriating the right? So Democrats are currently looking at this going. He's already under fire for man, culture, and company. Why should we believe that he's going to stand his ground on that one in order to give us anything that we want? Do we really want what he's offering especially since we have already said, we don't want to come to the table until you've reopened the government and come off your five point seven billion dollar number. And this offer to extend DACA TPS for three years how big of deal is it. It doesn't actually change the legal status of the immigrants who it's dressing right now. Docker Scipion despite the Trump administration's efforts to end the program DACA recipients, currently can apply for to your Newell's TPS holders continued to have legal status because the things that the Trump administration is doing to rescind legal status are held up in court. And so Democrats are kind of going well right now Dhaka recipients are already protected for at least several more months because it really doesn't look like supreme court is taking up that lawsuit term TPS recipients are protected for at least several more months just extending those protections for three years doesn't change the status quo rather than giving them actual full legal status, some kind of access to permanent residency or citizenship. And is that was Democrats wants it? Shipped for dreamers. I mean, they want something more than what currently exists like currently TPS holders have legal status, but it doesn't allow them to apply for a green card. So, you know, creating some way that they could actually become full, you know, permanent residents, and then citizens of the US what the Trump administration is offering in contrast is extending what they already have. Because the Trump administration wanted to end those things extending DACA protections for three years when you may very well have DACA protections extended for a year and a half. Anyway, just because that's how long it's gonna take the court case doesn't seem as appealing to a lot of Democrats. Late

Donald Trump president Chuck Schumer Pelosi US Lynn co Goshi John Kelly Newell Dhaka three years twenty five billion dollars seven billion dollars seven billion dollar three year