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Scheananigans with Scheana Shay

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"lynn co" Discussed on Scheananigans with Scheana Shay

"What's up. Everyone of we are getting into some shit and we have our first guest on the show in a hot minute jamie. Lynn co co-hosting per us and our exciting gas. If you guys are watching on patriot. You've already seen but for those of you. Just listening mr of and of so excited to be here. I'm so excited. You're here and i think i said this last time and i wasn't sure but now i'm positive that the record for guests on shenanigans. Is this number. Three four three or four four. Yeah you have the top top. Wow can i shall hold that title very. It's a very dear to my heart so please anyone to get new. Your reward is the glass of rosa iraq. We have some rosa actually being delivered to us by someone who is going to be a guest coming up soon. Or maybe co-hosts yeah cohost but not going to say who that person is just yet but she has been on the podcast before so stay tuned coming soon but for now it's all about nima. Yes so gosh. Where do we even start like your now bicoastal. Yes so. I'm now living the dream and in new york city. That is such a dream. I disagree because i tried that for a whole year and the flying back and forth is a pain in the ass. How often do you come back here. I've been in new york now for four and a half months. And i've done nine trips to la and you're good with that. No i'm not funded worst thing in the world. Unfortunately that's part of being bi coastal. You have a life here. You have people here and you have to see them. You know. it's great when you can see you guys fun. It's social but then there's like work you have to do so you just got to find a you have to sign up for that you know going in. That's what you're going to do and make the best of it. So how long are you in town for for a week. And then i fly to atlanta. I shoot and then. I go back to new york city. Fine for me also. I've never lived in new york. But i remember i think. Oh my god was it three years ago now twenty nineteen. I think it was when i was there for a watch. What happens live episode. It was the one. I did with carl so i did watch what happens live next morning. My mom and i went to carl from summer house and his mom for lunch and it was the most beautiful day i had ever been in new york city. The sun was shining. There was like maybe a cloud in the sky. It was beautiful. And i was like you know what i think. I want to move here. And then six months later. I met brock and six months after that. He knocked me up and that dream died. But i mean. I'm so happy. Obviously but so. That's always been a dream of mine to listen. If you wanna make this entire episode of new york city hyper. I will do it because new york city. I'm basically one of those girl. Bloggers on take talk like every single day that i wake up in new york city. I'm obsessed with something new. I leave your story. Are you guys nine dot what thanks sheena extra insight and his new york. What is this coffee place that you go to. It is gorgeous. There's like plants hanging down. It's that's called mama. King on hudson so thinking about the west village is that it literally looks like you're walking through. Paris is where they stay in the city. The cobblestones streets. You walk right. And so every time i walk anywhere i have these like pinch myself where i'm like in my in paris right now. She you live in the village right in the heart of the west village walk everywhere. I see everything. The friends building two blocks from me. You know so it's like you just get dislike real. La so spread out so you have to go anywhere in new york you walk. You see people on every block. There's like a million cafes. That are fucking amazing and it never gets old as old. Yeah i just. I love new york city so much. It's like i feel like. I was born to be there when she was saying that she wanted to move there. I said i believe that everybody at once in their lives should live in new york city. There's the child. He ships sail those upper west side. Although i didn't have a very interesting west village experience like two days ago. So i was doing watch what happens. Live and a day before. I'm sitting on my favorite places in the west village right across the restaurant for me is andy and s. jp way what having dinner together now. I'm doing watch what happens. I think you posted it. Because i saw sarah jessica parker on your instagram. You're like such a new york moment or something. Ironically a day later. I walking through soho and i literally stumbled onto this answer. Sex in the city says they shoot a lot on spreads. Such new york moment bringing crosby for those that want to know they should allow be so. I just walk up and it was like that's miranda. That's like south charlotte. Yeah so we just sat there and by the hundreds of people. And i don't normally like get caught up in that but it was really surreal to wash They were like fluffing carey's hair and giving her couture dress thing and like so is amazing day before that i was at the restaurant and andy and i want doing watch what happens. I've a day for now literally in forty eight hours. We're going to be sitting together on stage. Do i go say hello. Absolutely so i text. Mj who's usually my like go-to on this. Kinda shit. i was like do i say hello. And she was like is he alone. I said no. He's with s j piece. Because i'd still go. Don't leave it alone. i totally post it out. Why nima this is the second time now. I don't even remember what the first thing was. I'm knocking. I can't call you out about it and i probably wouldn't anyway. There was something else that you asked. Mj's advice for that. I completely disagreed about a girl. Well let's let's just said you should not go up there because s. j. p. was there their. Bff's there have you don't wanna fuck and be that guy but it's not like i know you right and if he was solo i would've walked up and tell him when you saw him that you saw him at the restaurant and was he like. Oh you should have come and said hi to me whatever. I have a similar s. Jp new york story. Let me tell you guys okay. So years ago. When i lived there. I was in the hamptons with matthew morrison. Who is dating chris. Al and we were at the producer or someone of the broadway. Show hairspray because matthew used to start on their house. Yeah so all of a sudden we're just hanging out there. There's a knock on the door. It's sarah jessica parker and baby james. I don't know how old james is. Now he's probably what fifteen sixteen. I dunno with the baby asking us..

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Behind the Bastards

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"Tasers doctors are like the evil version of the pot. Doctors right in california before it was legal. We used to have all these pot doctors who are clearly doctors who had been disgraced or wanted to retire and would just be like i used to be a fucking on colleges saw too many people die now. I like get drunk in a room. And tell pete give people putt prescriptions. And that was fine. No issue with those dock. Actually it was amazing. Because anytime i to smoke a ton back then and it was. It wasn't like i'm not just getting wasted during the day i'm taking prescribed. Medicine sir like is go down to venice beach and there'd be some guys in white coats. The doctors and my favorite. The doctor's like horribly sunburned. Long white hair looking old hippie wearing board shorts and a tee shirt with a lab coat over them and outside of his office on venice beach. There was like bolted to the wall of a dayglo painting of the mona lisa with a in her hand and felt very medical care and super subtle. to right there is subtle. Yeah these heyzer. Doctors are are not more subtle than the pot doctors but were while the doctors like. I'm tired of practicing medicine. I just wanna make enough money to retire. Telling people could smoke pot. These guys are like. I'm not tired of medicine. But i would like to make money justifying deaths due to police use of force in tasers by claiming that the tasers didn't kill the drugs did which is a lot worse So you'll see. Dr deborah mash quoted a lot as a subject matter expert on excited delirium That florida today article quoted mash at length but did not note her financial relationship with acts on the thing that makes dr mash. Brilliant is her ability to express total sympathy for victims and seem like she's not defending the cops well averting responsibility from the cops. She told reuters that. The edwards case was heartbreaking and avoided the obviously chudy move of blaming the victim directly instead. She blamed budgetary constraints and the healthcare system quote. He was failed by healthcare providers in the jails don't have the money for the staffing that they need the need. The nurse practitioners were trained in psychiatry to identify the problem. See it's not the cops falling is that it's the fact that they don't have enough money to have nurses in jail to give the cops more money and then these people won't be dying because obviously the cops will spend that money on nurses and not on more tasers Go golf clapping at that. Matrix dodge yorkshire. The sound goes in its impressive. Like she's not a dumb person that's why acts on peyser mashes so valuable to acts on that. She's become their point woman in florida. Whenever someone gets killed by a taser but accident is a big company and they employ a number of other medical experts in different states and in part two of this episode. Been we're going to talk about the saga of dr jeffrey ho. But that's gonna have to come thursday Because because we are done for the day given a good a nice little bit of background. So ben got some plugs for us. How you doing you get some plugs. Oh yeah first off. i'd like to thank everybody at exxon They're they're paying a period on this show and part. No yeah yeah so if if you like behind the bastards with Hope check out Stuff they don't want you to know it's a show. I do with a critical thinking applied to corruption and conspiracy theories You can also check out the show ridiculous history Which is exactly what it sounds like. We were not super viking. Creative with the name to be honest with you You can also find a five me on twitter or instagram. where i am at then boland. This is amazingly depressing robert. Yeah it's it's pretty much a bummer. Yes and i hope everybody makes it safely to thursday. Yes avoid the cops get hazed and if you get excited. Don't be delirious. I guess don't be delirious torito's now oh boy had a doritos plug in a minute. It will catch on thursday. We'll talk about jeffrey. Ho will will throw out some ads from our new sponsor winco industries maker of the bearcat g three which is of course the most popular wheeled armored response vehicle by american law enforcement swat teams Lynn co if you are a small police department who needs a vehicle that can take an explosion for no real reason. Your best bet is lynn co. That's the episode. Guitar took discover one of the cia. Illicit cold war initiatives on the iheartradio original podcast midnight climax and undercover brothel drugging unwitting americans. A mind control experiment gone horribly wrong back in the fifties. The government wouldn't let you watch. Elvis presley shake his hips on tv but the same government was running a brothel in broad daylight. Listen to operation midnight climax on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. The twenty seven club is back. The twenty seven club a serialized podcast about iconic rock stars. Who died at the age of twenty seven returns with the story of janice joplin. the twenty. seven club is hosted by me. Jay brennan the creator of disgracing the award winning music. True crime podcast. The twenty seven club is a weekly show. Episodes are released. Every thursday listened to the twenty seven club on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts over. Ever you get your podcasts..

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"What is going on right now so this is a bit of an explainer because it's based on an interesting raise that i actually passed on recently. Carl pie is the co founder of one plus the maker of those stylish android smartphones that managed to carve out a niche for itself in the android ecosystem pie raised eyebrows by leaving oneplus last year to found a new company. He raised further eyebrows by naming that new company. Nothing nothing had some interesting investors. Kevin lynn co founder of twitch. Steve huffman co founder and ceo of read it and tony fidel. Who created the ipod at apple and went on to found nest. Labs then last week. Gv alphabets venture arm not only led a fifteen million dollar series. A for nothing but it was the sole investor in the round now according to a uk filing nothing has raised that money to acquire essential. Andy rubens now. Defunct smartphone brand. Does this raise enough eyebrows. In terms of wet nothing might be doing in what clearly looks to be the gadget space. I think so quoting nine to five google. This means that all existing trademarks logos and the entire central brand are now the intellectual property pies alphabet invested startup. although it is unclear how this affects any of the patents currently held by essential while this does not necessarily mean that nothing is entering the smartphone market. It could be a signal of intent to do so in the not too distant future. Essential itself had been working on. Its own home. Smart hub and speaker. That would run ambient os. The device was originally planned to launch in late two thousand seventeen but never made it to market. Nothing has committed to launching. Its i devices in the first half of this year. it's also not clear if former engineers from essential have also joined pies. Start up as part of this involvement as it stands the process seemingly only includes the branding and trademark portfolio. One could speculate that. This is a play by nothing to access essentials patent catalogue with numerous patents relating to voice setup instructions and voice enabled home setup with a major focus for nothing being on smart devices and therefore smart home tech this would allow even faster development of enhanced technologies as the brand grows rapidly and quote but again. What is nothing. Actually doing. Well quoting bloomberg around that. Gv raise from a week ago. That i passed on reporting a week. Ago quote karl. Pi said his london based startup called. Nothing was developing a pair of wireless headphones as well as a suite of smart connected consumer electronics. The headphones would be released in the summer with other products. Following later in the year while consumer demand is high for true wireless earphones competition for a slice of the market comes from the biggest names in tech. Pi declined to provide specific examples. When asked to explain why investors and consumers should pay attention to what's being created by his team of about eighteen working on research and development and quote now. Of course. you know. Somebody had to snark around all of these sort of odd names as dan. Siefert snark on twitter quote. Nothing buys something. What is this new company. Essentially nothing and they will sell nothing..

Kevin lynn Steve huffman apple Andy rubens last year android twitter last week ipod Carl pie london google a week ago twitch tony fidel fifteen million dollar nest. Labs about eighteen Pi nine
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"Easier when it's just like the thing before it. Yeah before that but like all good things. This one starts from scratch notes. No blueprints no map to find are thinking everything from what we make in how we make it to what goes in and what goes out a giant recent button for all things. I'm asian. i we go. That within reach isn't worth reaching for we know because we tried reaching a little further half came up with nothing nothing so they reached a little further and came up with nothing. I there's all these like poetry and stuff in there the absence of something you know nothing. They have nothing right now. There's been jokes about. Maybe a will be nothing is it. Is there some sort of a minimalist aesthetic or approach here where it's like around the idea of having less not more or some kind of device or hardware that can assume the role of a variety of pieces of hardware that you currently own to achieve the same thing or is it just straight up trying to appear bigger or more interesting than you already are like if you meet someone on the street and they're like hey my name's will what's yours in the other person's like my name's nothing you're like whoa you know and you say you know you have a matrix. Moment of whoa. Is that actually your name. That's how so yes. I what is quote. Say really looking forward to what nothing has to bring to the market. You know what else. Maybe it's just a low pressure way of launching a kind of incubator or launching a kind of early stage thing that you will eventually pivot into something else and by calling it. Nothing in the meantime it lets. You takes the pressure off. i don't know i'm just. I'm just completely speculating right now. Anyway he's got seven million bucks in funding from tony. Fidel who's a former Apple adventure the ipod. Former ceo of nest kevin lynn co founder of twitch steve huffman co founder and ceo of. Read it josh buckley. The ceo of product hunt. And casey nice. That fellow youtuber are all invested in this case project. So he's got some names attached to it. We'll.

josh buckley ipod Apple kevin lynn seven million bucks Fidel tony steve huffman asian casey twitch half nest ceo
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Mental Illness Happy Hour

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"Every little thing feels like the end of the world. The darkness came. So quickly I was so fucking angry make close to death as possible and feel so powerless without the commitment if there's a word for it. It means somebody else felt this. The feeling is so intense. It is a lot more work I was frightened all the time to feed a child emotional world everyone feels pain. Then it is. There's superficial world everyone suffers my sexual addiction was the shame ended up killing that woman in front of me and my brothers had to feel about shame in order to. Be An addict everybody. We are social being an only way you're going to get it out try. To be with people, I grabbed him by those throats and let them down to the floor and watch the breath leaves their bodies. Maybe some thanks for coming in. I'm here with Brandon Stickney who is the author of a book called the five people you'll meet in prison memoir of Addiction Mania in hope, and you have so many experiences bouncing from prison to prison and. In your memoir, you reveal a lot of things about the prison system that I think the average person would be shocked. To. Learn. First of all. Thank you for coming on the PODCAST. Thank you. There was a quote and I couldn't find it again but there's a quote in the book where somebody says something along the lines of. Somebody, being in prison is the punishment not the way they are held in prison being the punishment and that is such a good. Point and I think the average person especially people who? Tend to lean towards the right they really wanted to be. Inhumane. Experience or it seems like at the very least they're indifferent to the inhumane treatment. What do you think or feel when you hear somebody that's indifferent to CEO's randomly beating the shit out of somebody that hasn't done anything. Well when I got out of prison myself That's when I. Took all my notebooks that I had from the four prisons I was in and began putting some chapter outlines and things like that together for what would become this book and had no title yet and I had. So, many personal. Horrifying. Sickening revelations. During that time, because if I was going to write a story about me being in prison a university educated journalists who? Would, who would achieve? Some things in junior journalistic field and Was a little bit distinctive and. If I was going to pro portray that I was going to do my research every I've done three nonfiction books. And it. It sounds like exaggerated but it's really kind of true that when you are going to write a nonfiction book memoir Cetera, you're going to have to read approximately two hundred books on that subject because there's so many people who've been there before you and you have to make sure that you're that you're not only processing way. They felt the quote you just said was from a Wayne. Kramer. From the nineteen sixties band MC five and he said we were we were sent to prison. As punishment not for punishment. which is really the prevailing thing today First. Experiences were walking in. Walking outside walking through the hallways and just seeing these CEO's just just grab somebody for no reason rip their pants looking for drugs to save their drugs in their pants and these are young is these are like these are like eighteen year old kids. Talking about the they're doing this to or the CEOS. The CEOS are in their mid twenties too late thirty. And sometimes older the life, the lifers and The the kids that they're Lynn Co by the way stands for a commanding officer corrections officer corrections officer. And in in prison, everyone calls a corrections officer the go talk to the CEO and the CEO is over the lookout comes to see you know. And So, but these are young kids and. When we talk about. Reforming the system I say first that we need to look at educational opportunities that are out there and I see the liberals in favor of that but The Republicans don't want to spend the money why are we spending money on these people were just waste products it was Richard. Prejudice is amazing. You know we're talking about black lives matter today and it's it's. Coming from the GOP it's more like white lives matter and when it comes to a prison, that's what we're doing with these people. You know it's it's it's horrifying these young guys who were from the streets the they were. Getting into gangs, they were young men and they needed guidance they needed someone to look up to at home they may not have had that. Any color, any race that he? they may not of had someone like that to look up to to make their hero to follow them with had instead has been these monsters who are in a position of authority representing each of their individual states by the way. So when when an african-american a prisoner is beaten to death in Florida. Whoever did that and they normally catch them 'cause they're everyone's carrying cameras around even the even the inmates they can sneak him in. these guys were arrested for this kind of heinous crime. They represent the state of Florida. So this is a Florida problem, New York problem a Wisconsin problem and I I did I did a quick survey while I was working on the book and I went to all fifty states I'm Google. Looking to see is there was one state that didn't have problems of innate prostitution of beatings, drug-dealing, etc. I found two states that did not. The rest were loaded with crime. Stories on the part of the corrections officers. I'M GONNA guess those two states where the least populated states I. Yeah. It was something like I think it was like Utah and. Wyoming maybe. Iowa. That, it wasn't like. Wasn't California or New York and.

CEO officer Brandon Stickney Florida GOP Iowa New York Kramer Wyoming Utah prostitution Google California Richard Lynn Co Wisconsin
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"Ate 09 news radio, 30 cage, John Matthews and Scotty be here this morning. Ricks off. Just today. Just a break. And I've been enjoying the comments on Facebook live when I look at those asses Well, damn, Rick looks good. Well, not today. Don't go look for him today. Okay? Alright. Oh, I thought you were saying it wouldn't be me. It would be on days when he's on and people could see him on Facebook live really, really live really Took that egotistical e. No, I mean, you know you've evolved, You know, Heard about Ricks. You know his event back in April? Yeah, well, yeah, he's and he's doing great and he's doing awesome. And he's he's looking good and And you know, he's he's back to normal life. In fact, he wants us all to go on DA Not all of us. There's gonna be a group of maybe about four of us. So yes, under the mayors, and the governors threatened. No more than 10 people is like there's me half of that. We're all going to be in each other's presence. We're all gonna wear masks. We're all gonna wear depends and we're all going to watch baseball game. Well strike. The depends part for at least half of us. Probably the next mandate a news radio 30 cage VH I wanted to mention before time got away. And we got into more serious stuff that one of our hosts is up for the Radio Hall of Fame this year, and they do have an audience participation this you can vote for this host. If you so choose. The host is Well, rush is already in. Hannity's already in Eggs. I'll get there someday. Don't know about Norrie. Maybe Art Bell is certainly And that leaves us with Glenn Beck lend. Beck is up for the Radio Hall of Fame and spoken word on your personality. Karen category. It's a huge honor. Glenn's been syndicated now across the United States for Well over 20 years did well is a morning show host in Phoenix. I think he was Phoenix or Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tucson, one of those cities in Arizona. That's where he came from. And he just He got a lot of notice from doing crazy morning show things when even he admits when he was drinking a lot and that he's you know, turned his life around and got, you know, got syndicated and has been on radio stations across the country since the I want to say late nineties, maybe maybe earlier. I know that Rick brought him here at one point, maybe in the early two thousand's. Now that may have been a May have been during the time that I was gone from Hawaii, but anyway, Glenn's been around for a long time. And, of course, just because of the time difference. You hear him very early morning here on NewsRadio, 8 30 cage VHS on from 3 to 6 in the morning. Which is midday everywhere else in the country Pretty much or his show is delayed. Still, if we delay it here, it's a little bit just to be Frank with the audience. It's it's out of date. Because of stuff Glenn talks about. It's perfect for that time. He's on 3 to 6 in the morning, but We used to run him at 4 to 4 to seven in the afternoon where Paige's is right now, and the problem was. That's 13 hours since he has been on life in the whole world had changed since then. So You know, That's why he's on so early in the morning. That's his lifetime. But he's been a great influence on talk radio for these these many years. If you want to vote for Glenn Beck for the Radio Hall of Fame just go to www dot radio vote dot com. Radio vote Dot com and you can vote for Glenn or any of the other choices that are up there. I have no idea who else has been nominated. But obviously, since Glen works for our company, that's the one they're pushing. So it would be a big honor for him to. So if you want to vote for him, please do so. Radio vote. Dotcom easy enough. Already 8 13 Gonna play the piece from Hawaii News Now last night, Lynn Co. A nose piece, and it's going to be interred introduced here and this is about What I was talking about before the top of the hour. We'll talk a little bit more about it after after our break here, But let's get you the whole piece. So I'm not taking anything out of context. And you, Khun Judge it for yourself. Here are Lynn Cohen. Oh, And tell her the news anchors. I'll hear it by the voice of introducing this piece for Hawaii news now from last night. Here we go. New tonight. While leaders today whether another lock down is needed. We've learned prosecutors are having trouble with citations issued in the early months of the pandemic link, Owen Oh explains why Oahu and Maui counties are prepared to drop thousands of them. Homeless people are exempt from stay at home order. So while sitting on the beach may get you a ticket, Ah, homeless person sleeping in a closed park cannot be cited. It's a confusing issue. Even for law enforcement Emergency proclamation. Violations came in many forms over the months quarantine Breakers beach violators. But the vast majority of the more than 10,000 citation statewide were given to those in closed parks or violating stay at home orders both sheltered and unsheltered people, even though there's an exception for the homeless. A misdemeanor crimes are punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine. A database of the violations shows multiple people, mostly homeless, receiving multiple citations. Ah, shock to the news director. I don't see many other ways to read this thing that it does seem to be targeting the unsheltered populations. Which again is also contrary to all public health advice. Federal guidelines worn against displacing unsheltered people because moving them around could spread the virus on movie One homeless man. Christopher Metcalf got 18 citations and this Ahhh Oh, man, Alan! She mobile cruel. Got 10 citations all around Sad Island. Several from the same officer. Given the confusion over the orders, more than 2000 have been dismissed already, and prosecutors on Oahu and Maui say they'll dismiss all issued two people listed as homeless or having no address. But we do see the homeless, prosecuted or sighted or for these types of cases will have to decline those or dismissed those cases because of the exemption made by the government. The moment prosecutor does not think police were targeting the homeless, but we're under pressure during the chaos and confusion of multiple emergency orders. At one point, it was illegal for people to stand on the beach. But if they were at the water line, it was okay. Next week. People could only traverse the beach. I do know when the pandemic hit. Everything was new. You know, the police were dealing with these types of citations or decide of fences. And this was new territory for a lot of us when they issued over 10,000 citations in just a few months, But it doesn't seem to be a confusion about enforcement. That seems to be enthusiasm for enforcement. HPD denies there was an effort to target homeless. They say citations were given to people who resisted their orders. And we're committing other crimes online. Kwon Oh ho! What the news now Hello. All right, So there you go. There's a full report in context. We'll talk about it some more coming up. It's 8 17 NewsRadio 30 k h V H, Good to Have you Here Cage be age Traffic..

Glenn Beck Radio Hall of Fame Facebook prosecutor Ricks Hawaii Rick Beck Phoenix baseball governors John Matthews Lynn Cohen Art Bell Hawaii News Norrie United States Hannity HPD Scotty
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"Hi, I'm Elise Lynn Co host with Gwyneth of the podcast. Today's guest is Nora mcnerney. Before we get to my conversation with Nora. I WANNA. Give a quick. Shout out to our friends at Dr Sheffield. Who helped make today's episode possible. Yes, we know brushing. Our teeth is important, even though my kids don't quite believe me yet, it matters what kind of toothbrush you have, and it really matters what kind of toothpaste you're using. Dr Sheffield vented and started making toothpastes in the eighteen seventies. He was the first one to put it in a tube..

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"This Lapin lapin track. End Up Larger Orlando Are you studying African Banjo rather interesting. Search internally no civil remedy it yet karaoke penalty mockus more tanka take knock Yokoyama spoiler alert. Irish there's that too you know T- must be Coming up on La Laugh in order to North Dakota ornaments of Volleyball Stasi Scoot John. Doe beheaded beheaded cynical. Jomaa inital Youtube Academy in. You'll be hit apple. took him almost. Dr Larry. We are McQueen ropy the`dock La Voie Algal is simple allegory. No NOPE nope. nope witty Nina get get. It must genus summertime here locally feeling like a seminar Battle Vasantha serial killer Pella is. Don't don't castle stealing ski. I do I got a stealing Augustine. No don't don't own of plunder or the The middle someone get over there have been people with Kostya Leo. FDU L. E.. Winter fell to St L. E. Collier up whatever feminine Damyean Indian said. I wanted to sit still not serious when I see no almost there. No no he is in still link is in real escaped Escort Year is from stieg illness. And just was there Harry Potter or Lund Break Piracy Majestic on Theon can glencoe Lynn Co and in Vietnam and put a comparative to hold on Saturday uh-huh doubt aloes The Astros METALLICA's recommend democracy at the end of the coffee is now Khurana Ronna that MSNB two hundred competitors get embarrassed. I I'm in this book. The word of it And midlander Scorpio recommended Marcel. BDO The non stop experts Yup. It or. It's not about the city. Nothing Vidya bitter. She gets better that upper parliamentary those videos. This Book Yup Fiddle Marine Marcado Sonetti mood will. They'll festival fringe. Fringe is the the six Mile Noel L. Mile Mile Romo's who media I window to the nation status. Las Varas on Manala was not da throughout this brochure. The rally style Manala theatrical Done now all but Get up see on the by northerners even knows Fishing John Ashcroft Science. And you gotTa Nick Geico Brandy Total. You'll lay the bitter acrimony now over mobile swell lease well yes does he. Look the rather either much intent. Tara our north semi-naked NFL warmer yet up on pins he the Laura my fiancee she gets up by the most expert in that it got on your seat watching this Commun- it'll stay muscle ms Moore so close up is excited other ornamental nipple tavon given southern national it must compare the Jersey lows dealers in immortal go fringe. You're splitting the inclusion. Avot Guatemala Sandwich. Oh this win the no but it your show and Nabi Edinburgh your solemnly Makino. y'All got mobile APP or style. So there are no nearby seventy Roy sky years off as as Scott Depot Harry Potter last Luke Solo then the the nicotine or about Nokia focus at them but jewelry store or Delis Mono nurse Gabby delays most throw all Dell initiative to this what must about also. And maybe that's not kindle doubly water wet this this was that look at the endocytosed Narita but Not just face it just in indeed until it is replaced the Indus not must get s s by almost for him on an official Burger Breakfast Labrador that the dell at your Mutua fanatic locked. I'm for those definitely people need to deal with it. But a little bit more semi article psycho once got must collect locally Tra da the appropriate shut up kemper securities offerings kilometers. Yeah what a Hambros. You could be an necessarily mysterious Europen talk. That must've been up on it. All gets more Salem new video infidel more Cillizza yet in federal. Yuck out on focus heavy equipment. What else have.

Lapin lapin Brandy Total La Voie Algal Harry Potter North Dakota Vidya La Laugh Las Varas Doe Kostya Leo dell apple. Salem Dr Larry Nina Khurana Ronna John Ashcroft Science St L. E. Collier Astros
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"It's like okay. That sounds like it was does. She love your leg. Okay perfect so let me float away Ryan. Doing good is slow down exactly what this event does everything. You know that we do what we're talking about. You know we have at the end of the event. We have the good bad and ugly list okay everything of the event gets measured by the the good bad and ugly and I go back to my sponsors and I have to own my uglies okay and we've we've had though yeah also yeah and so we try to really strive each year to have a lot of goods you know like <hes> one example. We have these dance performers performers. They're amazing they dance they perform on Saturday night and they're all the performers are on the stage and the first time they did this. They scared me okay because they're all there dancing a lot of sun performance or coming off the stage and grabbing kids and taking them up on the stage the next thing I know the stage has been taken taken over by the audience and all the performers are the dancers for in the audience and this. I've you know as we were done. I was getting ready to walk. Walk up to the stage to make announcements and this young little autistic grow came up and hugged me and just said this was the best day ever and I went okay. That's it. That's why Oy I do this. That's why put myself through this is so that we can have young children perform on a stage. That would never have a chance to do it and it's just it's such an crate event and now we've got Michelle Dillon. You know something that's so leading edge just going to blow people's minds Tom. So when win on away tells the story well well. I you know I think I'm going to shift a little bit. I I really WANNA. Tell people people because you know I'm a connector. That's something that I enjoy. I feel like I do good with that and you know I do. I don't know yeah <hes> but that part. You gotta be really feel like I should talk about the think tank <hes>. It's something that we just started <hes> about five months on S- ago or something like that so we have once a month and we just meet up and we it's. It's a more engaging environment. We right you you know different ideas on the board and things like that and then we just go into just really fun brainstorming. It's Possum I love it. I love it. I love it so much and and you know we've had a couple people that have have come and they actually have projects that they're working on and things like that and we actually have solved problems for them. You know so much like and we go all over the place like you're you should come sometime. I think you really really enjoy as a matter of fact. Give a really cool even to do a podcast like. I figured it'd be fascinating. We're there because we like. We have so many different every month the same time it's the third Tuesday of the month and then you know <hes> we we usually capita about we usually have about fifteen people there Max and so I make sure <hes> evening around yeah we we start at six thirty and it's just it's fascinating fascinating and the only thing that I ask is that it has something to do with disruptive technology or some tile like so we got you know we talk about aliens or a the I this and that and it's just so much fun that that to me is you know von sits really cool next mind expanding yeah but we know I mean you don't have to whisper land. Lynn Lynn Lynn Co Burn Ladies and gentlemen is the think think-tank is a higher perspective. The first time I went I walked out of there and just oh these are really brilliant thoughts you know and some of the solutions that they were coming up with it was like Oh wow I one of my favorites actually was <hes> so it's <hes> <hes> so in the blockchain we have what's called a seven twenty. One else sits a non fungible token basically what it means is. It's <hes> a way to write contracts wchs and and put it on the blockchain. Okay so it with me. I guess you can't go there. I'm kind of their contracts. Drink not quite the same as the contract with the lawyer but it's similar it could be it could be could be so very good <hes> so we came up with an idea to do like like a donation base where where <hes> like for example one of the things that I thought of after we had the think tank was because I ran into this lady that does <hes> <hes> coral reef restoration or you know she helps with the coral reefs and so I thought Oh that would be brilliant to have you know an adoption a AH blockchain adoption <hes> system or protocol where somebody can adopt a coral reef and then we just <hes> keep people updated through the <HES> <hes> through the contract and then that way we can see the growth of the of the <hes> coral reef anyway anyway. I know it's really it's really really really fun so that's that was. I think that is the that is the essence of this. Show is taking the technology that we have in making it for a better. Eh that is used for a better world beautiful yen betterman signing up for the world yeah you guys definitely social weaponary and when when we have the next one sure absolutely it's August Twentieth Twentieth August twentieth. Were there were there Ryan. We got market down the calendar impact hub no <hes> sumner. I don't think so sumner sumner don't know is that that's like a name linked prince right okay. Let's get this is so fun. We're kind of running out of time. <hes> let's just jump straight to what's a what's something you could give our listeners to that. They can take take away and do or an action items in something that our listeners can our listener listener the peop-. The person that is listening out there that needs to hear what you're fixing to tell them weeks for that really work on we started out with the topic you know gaining perspective and making the impossible possible and and so I think a lot of people are really asking how do you make the impossible possible right and so I was in this yoga class and that's exactly what it was. Yes <hes> do those. Yoga instructor sat me down and said listen. You'RE NOT GONNA do it all at once. You'RE GONNA take small small steps and you're going to practice and you're going to have a discipline and each day. You're going to get closer and closer to making. And what was impossible today possible in several months and so when we take a look at you know it was impossible at one time time for this balloon festival comeback. Nobody thought we would ever have this event back in the valley and we made it possible and you know it was just really getting kidding really clear about what division was and what my hurdles were and to go through each hurdle and you say okay. Here's the hurdle and you don't do it alone. You do it with the team and that team is so strong that you have no choice but to succeed so you build a team around you and can you make the impossible possible. I love it. I love it love it that is so cool and going with the thing with balloons I I lived in Albuquerque for a little bit albuquerque small little bitty by farm right and <hes> one morning I woke up and I heard there was like ten balloons fried chest like it. Oh Yeah you're pretty good do that next to see what it does so anyways my window what does that and there's this blue Bam acid rain on my window and it was just amazing so and I I had a chance to go on a balloon was little tied or tethered and I was grateful for that because of ways though okay anyways so the experience is it you're you're providing is amazing is really all inspired by the balloon so frazier L. It is there's just nothing like it again. I just love this connection. Connection of Youtube is this disruptive new technology and taking something so unique and different from that world and meshing them mm together for awareness that you guys I'm telling you it's pure genius thank you that is amazing. It's cool. I thank you I love it. Can can you tell them excited thinking so cool here thinking for years. How do we get this out? There haven't had people to see that. It's not really that hard hard to do it. It's not that hard now. You're the have your bitcoin on a piece of paper. People don't realize it it can be a little piece of paper is the anyway we don't want him but it's about education and awareness you know. Where do they get the education? Where did they get the awareness? Where do they get the the knowledge of how so so why not make it real life? Yes exactly coolest part of what your mission is to make it more. You know I just want people to be more comfortable with it. Being around you know and it's you know it's not going anywhere so I think to answer the all answer the question <hes> real quick to <hes> so that not in the way. I'll sorry we're having some lighting leading issues yeah all right so I think that might my challenge for the listener would be <hes> you know have an open mind <hes> like I said you know things are changing quickly. This isn't going anywhere. BITCOIN already been around for ten years <hes> it's been through thick and thin and <hes> it's also worldwide and we're actually a little okay especially here in Utah. Were really really far behind. <hes> Zoli Yeah I saw behind well. Technology was well. I mean yeah well yeah and that's the thing that I'm always like why are we you know <hes> so again. That's I believe that we can kind of work nation. Yeah Yeah Knowledge Yeah exactly <hes> you know people in other parts of the world I mean when you talk about <hes> banking the bank I mean there's so many different different subjects that are just profound in this world in the space of so have an open mind you know if if I come up to you if your food truck who were your retail owner and I say hey do you accept bitcoin because I do ask that very often <hes> cow and Tuesday yes most of the time people say no or are they what surprised when they say you have. Have you ever been surprised <hes>. I think you know not necessarily surprised because I do know. I actually happen to know that there's like. I already cut coffee.

Ryan Lynn Lynn Lynn Co Michelle Dillon sumner sumner Albuquerque Youtube Utah Max instructor five months ten years
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"Will in the European Cup because he schooled big gulls particularly against bomb in the semi finals. And then obviously the goal against. Let's go in the final in this. Because I was kind of if you like kind of action man moments. I think he gets talked about much more than PK note because he's a defender even because comparible defend the star this tickly, but there is much more of this kind of study inspired at least this is something that just said well best if in a row. Rammell obviously and PK for too long hasn't even been in that conversation, and he should have been he should have been that conversation. Certainly we've in Spanish context, but also five six maybe even seven years. No, you love these either or type of questions up the end of the field. You can stop. I on this to South American strikers think roughly the same sort of age Sergio Aguayo Luis Suarez who you taking. Louis worth by miles. Why? Because he's better. Mean really like so here wet, and he was absolute stiff you're worried about away when he when he first broke through outlets, and he came to go, I think at the age of eighteen those first two threes. He was absolutely wonderful playing on almost on his own up front. A lot of time. The bull pump longtime making things happen almost entirely by himself. But I just think Luis Suarez as being in terms of looking for number nine loose worth probably being the best in the world. At least on and off for the last six maybe seven years strike is in the room. Do you? Concur. The movement of Louis WADA's is off the ball is better than that said. If you wait for that reason alone, I will take we also live what we brings not only to. But what he brings to his national team which said here has been able to do with Argentina. Impossible to separate when you look at what they've done from swatter, forcing you to separate. You can only take one you building a team. Gorrell taking whereas for the Golden Bear the last year for me, it appear goals go. Yes. We can talk about home applaud could talk with Lynn co play with Suarez. Why does this not up? You're going for. He also links very well. Right. So so then you're gonna you're gonna put him step down because links very well. If you let me finish. The trauma gouty did not trapped when he was at Liverpool the whether the trunks form so employers absolutely gone by the wayside. He's quite remarkable. He did image and continues to do amazing things. Just because I disagree with you. And Sidney doesn't really it doesn't matter to me. I'll go with the glare. Dr. I have no idea what? I what's going on. Shack. He can get no not moving. Last one. What song don't you ready for a big game? What song was? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Any music in the locker room. There was a really big game in you'll. The day. Nobody had this. Would that walkman? I was about this. Josh would then. Cassette track. Every. Woman on west. Let me say what was the moment. Neil Ruddock and yet, right? You should be Elvis was elevate. Paul Tobin when you played. Piano, piano. Has it against some heavy mental? DC bucking blocking blind. No Danja the penalty on Spotify. Whatever you do. It's still played everywhere in every state the answer. Extratime different events. Right. Everybody off. Hey, I've told this story before, but this Everybody off. Hey, I've told this story before, but this is stores NO my career where one team that I play for. We were not very good, in fact, terrible. So they used to play. Chiefs. Tonight's going to be a good night. Him back in the locker room. I don't know if it's going to be. Good. Cain to be honest with not really not going to. It really was a good night was with With cheese. the other team. The drama. We will hopefully joy, the pleasure of your company next time around ESPN available every day on ESPN, plus.

Sergio Aguayo Luis Suarez Louis WADA Rammell Sidney ESPN Neil Ruddock Paul Tobin Spotify Cain Argentina DC Josh Elvis Lynn co Dr. I seven years
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"But without further ado, I am now delighted to hand over to Mike hush Lynn co found bad, resolute ventures. You have now arrived at your destination. Mike, it is such a pleasure to have you on the twenty minute VCA. She signs team foundry for the insurance. But thank you so much for joining me. Stay might sank you truly by pleasure to be here with you. I would love to kick off with a little bit about you. So might tell me it's a strange and wonderful world in many ways. But how did you make your way into the world of venture and come to find resolute weather's actually those are treated for questions of my transition inventor in then twelve years later my founding resolute, so you might decision got into to get into venture. I can pinpoint to a very specific moment was in the mid one thousand nine hundred nineteen ninety six and believe it or not at the time. I was a lawyer for the US Senate Judiciary committee in Washington DC, and we were working on hearings around any trust in high tech world and Silicon Valley and specifically around the browser wars which were quite the rage on the mid nineties. And as a result, I spent a bunch of time in Silicon Valley and just chatting. A whole bunch of people cross the industry really understand it and get a sense of of what was going on. And one of my early meetings was with who I'd never heard of and his name was John door. And I had the opportunity spend a couple of hours with John ballooning about spec- and the industry where the internet was going. And by the end of those two hours, something clicked in my gut and said, that's what I wanna do when I grow up. And so I carried that around with me for the next couple of years in DC and then in nineteen ninety eight decided it was time to make jump and I the folks at Polaris and ended up there and coming to Boston. And then how they then transitioned to resume big decision to leave the security of Afam like Polaris, install your own fun. How did that come about? Yes. So you know, I had a twelve year stint at Polaris and lots of great stuff. The highlight of that really was my work creating and building dog patch labs, which was towards the latter end of my tenure Polaris. And I realized that was really what I love spending time with entrepreneurs. There's in the very earliest stages sometimes even before they were clear on starting at company and really spending my time doing that. In contrast to we can talk about this more later to the board meetings, and the other thing that was becoming clear to me is the challenge of the June really early stage seed investing out of a billion dollar fund and a very large platform. And so I just was I was becoming more aware of what I really loved. And consequently more aware of some of the challenges of doing that from that platform, and quite literally Harry one morning I woke up, and I just had this clarity that I was gonna start my own seat fun and kind of what it would look like and how he would work and from that morning forward. I just charged forward. Now, I love that clarity. And they're absolutely. I totally understand. How you feel that I do want to start? They stay you mentioned kind of working with entrepreneurs there's various stages, and that's why you'll miss passionate. And obviously now invest with resolutions this confusion around the Daming state of early rounds from seed to. C plus to post two bridges when we tried it before they you said to me that resolute steak you'd like to invested old seed stage. Tell me what did you mean by this and maybe can wall stage of development trashing these companies then? Yeah. So what I meant by that was really protraction. I think today it's become rather conventional for seed funds to be looking for early indications attraction in there were four companies that are mature enough to be in market enough to show traction RAM, oh what we really like to do is to be backing teams..

Polaris Mike hush Lynn co DC John door Silicon Valley US Senate Judiciary Mike Boston Harry billion dollar twenty minute twelve years twelve year two hours
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"Ordered or asked the sheriff to send in the tactical unit swat team in an attempt to recover potential victims and subject into custody. Offer an assessment of the scene. Sorry. Learn that we have at least five victims people who are essential say murdered as a result of his act. This bank. So here's here's what we do know this happened shortly after twelve thirty this afternoon where a man called nine one one. Instead, I just opened fire inside the Bank here swat team members surrounded the Bank to try to negotiate with him that wasn't working finally the swat team members kind of forced their way inside the Bank and the man surrendered beyond that, we don't know. You know, we don't know if it was a Bank robbery or what right exactly happen. I saw some of the video Sharon, and it looked like the front doors and glass and frame of the Bank were smashed in. So did they use one of the police armored assault vehicles to push it appears that they did now during this news conference? Again, the chief nor the sheriff of highlands county. Florida really gave any details as to how they tried to negotiate how they entered the Bank beyond the five fatalities. The did not indicate how many people were in. Inside the Bank of the time whether their injuries, we do have the name of the suspect. He is twenty one years old. Zaphon xaver. We don't know where he's from or any information about him other than he is in custody. So there's a lot. There are a lot of unanswered questions. There will be another briefing tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll have all of those details. Entrusting credible five people dead. We don't know if it's Bank employees or customers or a combination of we don't know if it started as a Bank robbery or of Justice nutjob, went into the Bank, and and started shooting people and then for him then to call nine one one to say that he just actively shot inside the Bank. This was the SunTrust Bank on U S twenty-seven in c- bring which I know the location because I've spent numerous times down at the raceway in c- bring. So I've been down there many times over the years US twenty-seven just south of lake Jackson. So I I know the air. Area a SunTrust Bank. And you know, my my thoughts go out obviously to all the victims of the employee's of SunTrust Bank. One of our sponsors is light stream the the credit card consolidation company and its own by SunTrust, which is a long time southern southeastern Bank. And I can't believe I can't imagine the horror and the shock that they're facing at a corporate level, you know, those that have been killed here. Again, we don't know if it's customers employees or a combination and whether this even began as a robbery there's just a lot of unanswered questions. Absolutely. Hopefully, you know, again, we'll we'll get some more details, but the governor governor Rhonda Santa's was on hand today for this news briefing. He calls this terrible day. The governor has of course, promised all the resources necessary to investigate this terrible situation. We've heard from. Senator Rick Scott, former governor prayers go out to everybody. So and see bring has, you know, great recreation center, south of Orlando with the racing, but also a retirement community as well. Humidity is quiet. It's small. This is the last thing you'd expect in quiet, Seib ring, Florida. The last thing that I would think of. Yep. So we just again, we don't know kind of weapon used a hopefully tomorrow, we'll have a bit of a perspective or understanding as to you know, exactly what transpired today. Five dead and a SunTrust Bank in Seabrook, Florida, and Sharon you could hear that the police chief call Hoaglund, he sounded like he was close to tears definitely. And we've heard we heard from a county Commissioner from highlands county. Who said this this is gonna this is a tragic situation for us. This is a smaller community, as you just mentioned this kind of thing really really hits hard in a personal way for the people who live and work in bringing in that area of central Florida. Well, there's a lot more to be answered here. A huge national story developing out of Sabrin Florida today with five dead inside a Bank after a twenty one year. You said Zaphon Xaver. Yes. Zaphon Z E P H E N Xaver ex a VR, right? Twenty one years old. But again, no, I don't know where he's from if he's from this area or or not it just the name was simply stated by the chief. So we don't know. And he's in custody right now, obviously cracked he apparently, surrendered after the swat team entered smashed through the wall. And so we'll we'll know hopefully more tomorrow. Sharon Parker from our Tampa flagship newsroom nine seventy WFL a and twelve fifty. WHM Z. Sharon parker. Thank you so much for the update pleasure. Wow. What a story and again, big national news story here with a lot more to the answered as we don't have all the details and the facts, but just sad. And sickening to report the five people are dead at this SunTrust Bank in c-, bring Florida eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the nationwide number here on Schnitt. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine I'm just looking at some other news reports here, and again, you really got all of the details. But a two hour standoff. And then the deputies moved them. And again, it looks like they smashed through the front of the Bank with one of these armored like Lynn co style of armored police vehicle. They try to negotiate to get him to leave. And that's when they went in. And then the eventually got a surrender from the individual. I'm looking another report here. One woman told FOX thirteen in Tampa. That her parents had approached the Bank earlier, but found the doors locked before spotting people on the floor inside. And as this woman's parents walked away. They heard gunshots. So what what was this a robbery gone bad? Was this just a flat-out execution? Not based on a robbery. So this twenty one year old Zaphon Xaver is a local resident, but we don't know any additional details. Lease FOX in Tampa reporting is a local resident. Oh, we have no idea. Why he did this? And I'm sure all the national news crews are rushing to the area for the the nightly newscasts you've got to NBC ABC and CBS with their. Six thirty pm eastern time, national newscasts. I'm sure that there's going to be full coverage of this. But still a lot of unanswered questions. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine is the nationwide number here on Schnitt. It's been a busy day with Nancy Pelosi saying no state of the union Trump saying he's doing the state of the union will find a different venue will he pushed for the house chamber that remains to be seen? And we still have six days before the state of the union a lot could possibly happen. We also have Michael Cohen has postponed his testimony. The four a house committee. This is a public open testimony that was scheduled for February seventh and we have Michael Cohen now canceling or postponing citing security reasons and threats from Trump. So we'll get to that coming up in just a bit. I've got a call holding over from last hour. And if you're new to the broadcast this hour, you didn't hear I told a story about a Kentucky Fried Chicken worker in Jacksonville who. Was in an altercation with a customer at the drive through the customer watched the employees handle money, and then go to handle food without a glove or washing hands said something started rolling video on the camera phone, and it ended with the Campsie worker throwing the bag of chicken at the guy's face through the drive through and it was all caught on video and the Campsie worker was arrested. And then I went on to tell a story how I was at a screen stand and the individual those run on the stand was about to crumble Manila wafers on my banana and vanilla ice cream. Little love treat without washing hands after previously handling money of the previous customer, and I said could you please put on gloves watcher and the guy yelled at me and threw me out and said, no Sunday for you. So I I've seen this before out Rene has phoned in from Florida Rene is in Punto Gorda and Rene apparently is a restaurant owner and wanted to comment. I would imagine on both stories. Renee, welcome to Schnitt. Hi, hi, good afternoon. I mean, it's an insane day, and this seem sort of petty to everything that's going on. I mean, we're praying for all their families people that lost their lives. I Don I own a little model restaurant. We of course, we we are regulated by the health department division, hotels and restaurants or Florida. There has to be a manager on duty that goes through this humongous tests, but also every single employee whether they use food or not has to have the pets. But unless you're a big or like, McDonald's or Burger King you all have to use gloves. Now my restaurants near hospitals, and we keep like humongous jar of hand sanitizer next to the cash register because I don't want my employees to get sick. I mean, money's the dirtiest thing probably in the world. Sure. Imagine money's dirtier than toilets. So I mean, never take food from somebody. They handle money. I would definitely refused any restaurant. You want to go to you definitely in Florida, especially you can go on the health department, and you can check all the statistics from their inspection..

Bank SunTrust Bank Florida robbery Z. Sharon parker Tampa Schnitt highlands county southeastern Bank Zaphon Xaver US assault Sabrin Florida Senator Rick Scott E P H E N Xaver Orlando FOX Rhonda Santa
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"Over the weekend. The president took a new approach to his shutout. He offered Democrats. A thing. The president said that he would agree to a three year renewal of DACA protections for those young undocumented immigrants known as dreamers. President also proposed extending temporary protected status for some three hundred thousand others that is our plan border security, DACA, TPS and many other things straightforward fair reasonable and commonsense last night, the text of that offer was released, but just like before Democrats aren't biting men, Democrats were issuing statements saying they rejected the offer before Trump officially made. It dare Lynn co host the weeds podcasts from vox on Friday night and Saturday morning. There were beginning to be reports about the deal that Trump was going to make and even before the actual speech at four pm on Saturday. Democrats were coming out saying. If this is it we have no interest in dealing with this. This isn't sufficient, we're not biting. So why is Pelosi rejecting this stuff out of hand? There are three big reasons that kind of regardless of what came out of Donald Trump's mouth on Saturday. Democrats were not going to be interested. The first is that they have made it pretty clear that they are not interested in the Goshi aiding to reopen the government they may negotiate once the government reopens the second is that they don't wanna spend five point seven billion dollars for a wall. They've been very consistent that that's a deal breaker for them in the third is they simply don't press Donald Trump to stick to his guns. And when he says, he's offering something actually follow through with it. Right. This exact thing has already happened Chuck Schumer who's one of the two people whose very important to this negotiation on the democratic side had experienced last year like pretty much this time last year where he thought he had a handshake deal with Trump to legalize dreamers. More broadly in exchange for much more money for the border wall Schumer was willing to meet the president's full requests for border wall. Funding about twenty five billion dollars in exchange for legal protection. For immigrants brought to this country illegally as children, and then got a call back from John Kelly saying now, we're not doing that you have to throw in all these other changes to legal immigration steady. It's not clear how the Trump administration gets around that one at all especially because over the weekend Democrats were already wary of whether Trump saying things meant that they were actually willing to make a deal, and then Trump got a bunch of blue back from the right? And then issued a tweet on Sunday denying the idea that extending legal status for recipients was amnesty. But saying he might do an amnesty later further infuriating the right? So Democrats are currently looking at this going. He's already under fire for man, culture, and company. Why should we believe that he's going to stand his ground on that one in order to give us anything that we want? Do we really want what he's offering especially since we have already said, we don't want to come to the table until you've reopened the government and come off your five point seven billion dollar number. And this offer to extend DACA TPS for three years how big of deal is it. It doesn't actually change the legal status of the immigrants who it's dressing right now. Docker Scipion despite the Trump administration's efforts to end the program DACA recipients, currently can apply for to your Newell's TPS holders continued to have legal status because the things that the Trump administration is doing to rescind legal status are held up in court. And so Democrats are kind of going well right now Dhaka recipients are already protected for at least several more months because it really doesn't look like supreme court is taking up that lawsuit term TPS recipients are protected for at least several more months just extending those protections for three years doesn't change the status quo rather than giving them actual full legal status, some kind of access to permanent residency or citizenship. And is that was Democrats wants it? Shipped for dreamers. I mean, they want something more than what currently exists like currently TPS holders have legal status, but it doesn't allow them to apply for a green card. So, you know, creating some way that they could actually become full, you know, permanent residents, and then citizens of the US what the Trump administration is offering in contrast is extending what they already have. Because the Trump administration wanted to end those things extending DACA protections for three years when you may very well have DACA protections extended for a year and a half. Anyway, just because that's how long it's gonna take the court case doesn't seem as appealing to a lot of Democrats. Late

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"He is not required as he himself said in two thousand fifteen to report all of his debts. There is not. Now there ever has been a scintilla of verifiable evidence that Donald Trump is or ever was a billionaire. He is not a businessman. He's a cash extractor. His father made a fortune Donald has been spending it sucking money out of deals, leaving businesses in the wake where workers are unpaid, including people who are in the country without permission where vendors aren't paid, and they have to lay off workers, their businesses of sometime destroyed and the only known case of cheating customer. At a casino in Atlantic City was at Trump's castle and David, all of this are included in all the reasons that I believe Donald Trump would never run for president because I believed all of this would come out it. It's coming out a lot slower than I had expected and hoped it would. I guess, David Kay Johnston, thank you very much for joining us. Really appreciate it. And we have some breaking news tonight the latest about the cavenaugh FBI investigation. Next. Breaking news on the FBI investigation of Brett cavenaugh. The Washington Post is reporting tonight that the FBI has interviewed some high school friends of Brad Kavanagh, including Chris Garrett who dated Christine, blassie Ford in high school and Tim God debt, whose house was the location of July first nineteen eighty-two party. But cavenaugh references on his high school calendar, Washington Post, investigative reporter, Karen, Lynn co wrote this article and joins us. Now by phone Carol, what are the main points that we're learning tonight about the FBI investigation, Lawrence hunting. The most important things we're learning are that actually the FBI is doing what it does bath, which is going beyond what is sort of the the boiler plate and asking other questions of other people. Other witnesses that haven't been identified heretofore the most important of them. You've just mentioned, Tim got at who has. Had a home where we believe one of the Kavanagh attended parties of most interest was was mentioned. And then also Chris Garrett who Dr Ford, whose allege that Cavanaugh actually salted her when they were teenagers. She has assiduously avoided mentioning his name, but he's a person that he dated and a person that people who are close to Cavanaugh allege is likely the person that she really is referring to. And what's interesting about that is we haven't heard from either of those people we haven't known what is their account of what happened. Gosh, thirty five years ago. And you have reporting tonight that the FBI is very concerned with how this investigation is going to look after the fact, because they assume their investigation will be investigated by. Congress, particularly if the Democrats win control of the house or the Senate. Absolutely. They wanna be like clean as a whistle that none of what they have done appears to be steered or managed stage-managed if you will by President Trump because President Trump is the client here. The White House is the decider in a nomination about whether or not they want to know certain things about an Omni. Background investigation is normally very classic typical routine event, junior agents go out and they ask questions and find out is this person. Someone we wanted trust with very secure said of secrets of the US government for in the course of his job or her job. But in this case, the stakes couldn't be higher. It couldn't be more Abner. Normal. And so this background investigation is hyper partisan one, and the FBI does not want to be accused come November tenth after the election presumed for a moment that Democrats take the house, they didn't do not want to be accused of at that moment, having somehow tilted the scales here somehow have conducted investigation that led towards tilting things towards Brad Kavanagh. Carol Lennick. Thank you for your breaking news reporting tonight. Really appreciate that is tonight's last word, hey, it's Chris from MSNBC every day. I come to the office and we make television show and every day I think to myself, there's so much more I want to talk about. And so this is our podcast it's called, why is this happening? And the whole idea behind it is to get to the root of the things that we see Lee out every day. They're driven by big ideas each week. I sit down with a person. Uniquely suited to explain why this is happening. New episodes of wise. This happening every Tuesday. Listen for free wherever you get your podcasts..

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"Work with my co stars i like to really i like to rehearse i like all of that but there wasn't aspect of this film where i kids say i kinda i kinda got free ads here i kind of have to just go to jim in on the day and very much in keeping with gibbs still making style musical style and the nature of the production as we mentioned i did the same thing as an actor there were days when i would just say we're gonna put on this costume here's our character and on just gonna you know solo basically i'm just going to have to go for here i'm gonna have to make something up on the on the fly and just go and it felt more in keeping with the spirit of the the project to do it that way with darius the main character there was a lot more work that that david night put in beforehand and we got to work with austin pendleton and the manual streaky and lynn co and we'd have rehearsals elsa pinza another wonderful actor in our film we would have her souls around that but the other characters were were really just kind of spontaneous and free and i loved that aspect of it i just very excited for the road to see orders performance in this at such a versatile agile tour de force of performance and he's not only playing all these different roles but sometimes in the same frame as other characters sometimes he's fighting with himself there are chase sequences with himself and the whole time there's all the acrobatics of that but also just a real emotional fantasy the grounds the film and i'm really excited for for people if they don't already eighty no orders worked you discover who is working so i was so excited to see austin pendleton in this has been a favorite of mine for long times austin is absolutely amazing and we were thrilled to have him he's there are many people recognize austin but he's not quite a household name as much as he should be but he's played opposite everyone he's work with meryl streep and sidney lumet and you see him he's sort of the the zelic of stage and screen and we were just blown away that he accepted this this role and and he was just amazing to have onset completely wonderful to be around it really generous with his performance while the back story there this is speaking is that awesome was somebody had studied with at hp studios in new york austin probably the busiest manual ever meet he's been in about a thousand films directed about a thousand plays and he's written even more and he also finds time to teach and so when i moved back to the city from los angeles shortly after i've met gabe i started studying with allston on the recommendation of a friend and then this role came up in our film and austin came up as a possibility it was extraordinarily i reached out to austin and said you know i'm doing this what do you think we'd love to have you and then he came on board which was extremely flattering to me because you know i was a student and it was like the teacher saying to the student you know i i will work with you as a peer now and i that was so humbling and flattering to me you know austin said one of the kind of things that i've ever heard in my career one day on set he said i'm doing this movie because you were doing this movie and it was just i mean to this day that brings a tear to my eye and he's such a wonderful man and a wonderful actor and he just commands this performance and we were extremely lucky to have him i can't imagine i mean i've worked on projects that have taken years to put together but with the movies got to be so difficult especially you're talking about coming back years later and reshoot a scene how said even to just kind of pick up those feelings again and even you know get the band back together and let's redo this the scene again edwato how did how did that well this was my mac dick scene of the film it's a fight sequence that ends the film and for for technical reasons i.

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"Mandible yeah if you're looking for the perfect gift dallas for a baseball fan specifically lumber lynn co got you covered at steroids to they've hollowed out the bat barrel and created the coolest drinking mug ever i actually use it as a spinner i actually have my my jared corrobos mug i used for drinking and i spit in dallas mug it's the perfect if you if you're dip guy they're fully customizable and perfect to commemorate any special occasion event or wedding as seen on the not these are personalized bat mugs the groomsmen gift that they'll cherish forever i'm probably never gonna get married but if i did it's the perfect gift for me to give to my friends but get jared loves baseball obviously is going to give us a baseball gift you can customize them with colors we have the starting nine logo on hours they got the blue they got the red it's really fancy looking you can do names there's dallas brayden right on a spitzer taxed got i don't even know what it'd probably i don't even know what it has under douses name but it's probably got some sort of description about how used to play professional baseball it's great it's a great reminder that every day i wake up when i get to say dallas brayden is not only my co worker but he's my friend or if there's a youth team you can put the logo right on there it creates the ultimate gift or any baseball player fan coach parent you name it they love it you can check out their new penance series featuring thirty unique designs for all thirty major league baseball locations it's the perfect gift for diehard baseball fans you can drink straight from the barrel you can spit directly into the barrel all season long with the lumber co bat mug the official mug of america's pastime their one hundred percent handmade which like robinson connote taking steroids our respect the shit out of that there one hundred percent and made in the usa and designed.

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"For minority coroner it's jungle two jungle we did a deep dive on black panther and jungle fever i know you like the movie is probably based on me in my mythical nece i can definitely tell that they gave amish to you know my i tau i took angela bassett's body and i was me who was the queen mother the entire time i said i must play this role it's so true i can't believe they did you like that at the ten dollar a month level i want to spend more money you could get into them we'll pin that i'm sure that you can put on one of your many pulse or things that you wear dresses that i wear i can even put one of the pins on what my tigers you know tile man and who's well it will put them over i will rate us queen khalifa yes yes and i just wanted to point out that the pins ardizzone by megan lynn co who has an excellent designer one of our favorites and you get a maximum membership card to becoming can i can i be the queen of them yes can be queen member lu i will say song queen of the night yes was inspired by you just exactly oh wow you know i'm just i feel so right now this is amazing so for the twenty dollar per month membership the maximum fund family cookbook i don't know how much cooking you do it to one of your people.

angela bassett megan lynn twenty dollar ten dollar