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"lynn abbey mckinney" Discussed on Checking In with Michelle Williams

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"lynn abbey mckinney" Discussed on Checking In with Michelle Williams

"Choose to respond to as a boundary. Now you just don't be abrasive and rude about it. Sat in a boundary can look like when say somebody calls you and you love them and you don't mind talking to them but sometimes they can just be really negative. Would i choose to do. Sometimes is i i choose to say. Hey what you up to. And i'll say something like Had about ten minutes. And then i got a jump off you know and they kinda lets the person no it will. They don't have long talk or when they start talking negative. Then it's like. I tried to change the subject or something like that. Or if you're really bold in somebody's always negative when they call you can always say you know the past three times moosewood spoken. I'm you you've been a little negative there anything. You want process. That's only it had the emotional capacity to do that guy. So that's just kind of some things that i've been doing over the past year of my life so this birthday episode. I am the special guest. Now that you know ten minutes in i am the special guest all right. I just wanted to check in with you guys just to let you know how i'm doing. How often failing. And i'm doing good definitely because i had to support a you guys may twenty fifth. I released my first book checking in and y'all responded so well to it. I've got a journal coming out. That accompanies map but checking in. It's called the daily check in so just like i check in with you guys on a weekly basis you'll get the chance to check in daily with my journal. Caught the daily check in. Listen july of two thousand eighteen. I checked into a treatment facility for depression. Also july's birthday. So i also tried to make sure that this month is full of joy and a month of me creating new memories and i just remember ya. It was dark from me. That just felt so hopeless. You know as i write in the book. I went as far as writing my own funeral requests. That's when you're in a really dark hopeless place. But i definitely do not have those thoughts anymore because i choose life and i think what happens is you have to not come into agreement with the lies that are whispered into your ear of. You're not valuable. Nobody loves you. Nobody sees you. You're worthless and most of the time you have those thoughts because of words that somebody that she really loved spoke over you. Sometimes if a stranger says something it might you know staying a little bit but you might may owing no me kind of dusted off your shoulders but when a loved one says it to you when i mean a loved one i'm not talking about just a mother father could be. Your boyfriend has sponsored partner. A loved one can be somebody that you really looked up to an admiring. And they've been in your inner circle in they say or do something to you and you begin to think is person does not love me so am i not lovable. Am i not valuable enough. That they would say such cruel things to me or they would do that to me. So i just refuse to give in to sites anymore in so i just wanna discuss the fullness of being able to enjoy a perfect day birthdays. Hit differently for me. Now especially when i reached a point in my life where. I didn't think that i would see another birthday coming. And i know my podcast. You know because. I have other guests. Sometimes i'm not able to really talk about myself which is not what you do on an interview. It ain't about shoo michelle like you can insert you know inexperienced here and there but the podcast is not about me necessarily my guest. They're checking in with me letting me know out there doing what they've got going on in so i just wanted to definitely dedicate this episode to really checking in with others. That's one of the three pillars mapra Checking in k. One of the pillars is checking in with others. Checking in with yourself checking in with guy today like i said we're checked. I'm checking in with you. You are others so Checking in with others simply just looks like picking up the phone calling. Some were checking in seeing how they're doing letting them know that you are right. It can mean checking. Somebody like your accountability partner. You know checking with somebody that says girl. I'm tempted. i said i wasn't like me. I shouldn't have dairy right. But man. I love off gratin potatoes. Y'all those thinly. Lee sliced potatoes baked in cheek. Saw i need someone to hold me. Accountable says you can't eat that all the time. But i definitely had some for my birthday weekend. And i love cheese pizza. Yup pray for me. That i i. I don't know if i can do. What am i going do. What am i going to do. So i'm just really grateful to check in. And i'm really grateful to also reflect on some Favorite podcast episodes. You guys have to let me know what some of your favorite moments were is. Well i know emmanuel actual listen. He said this cast on fire. Didn't he that to carolina. Leave dr amira. Oh goulet doctor. Is nicole. Lynn abbey mckinney. Kierra sheard. there's been so many people that have been so awesome. Siamese you to let me know what your favorite episode has been and you know have had some amazing pivotal moments this past year. I wrote a book. I started a podcast after a period of time where i felt like me and people are gonna wanna work with me. People going to trust me. Will people see me as somebody you know. That's an asset. You know that. I can still bring things to the table. Even though i went through a dark place. And i was wondering will. I have a lotta shame. I was so worried about that moment. When i was in that treatment facility after it was after especially when i got out of the hospital and i saw all the headline aids in i was like oh my god. What am i going.

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