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"lyndon joey" Discussed on Pantheon

"Johnny Joey Baby Joey No that's to the J even if fucks you up on the other hand, it said that Linda and Joey had been broken up for a couple months and then she started dating Johnny. No but even still they did keep it a secret for a while because they knew once joey found out he was gonNA. Be Hell up this. Yeah. Yeah. Whichever way it was it came out. The results were not great. Joey felt betrayed by the both of them. He still wasn't over Linda and it would take him a long time to move on actually. Yeah and for her to end up with Johnny hard ass right wing iron fisted. Chen. Angry Johnny, well, there couldn't have been a worse insult. Yeah. Yeah I do not blame Joey one. Can you imagine like the one person at work that you fucking? Hey getting like your accent and you're like, are you fucking serious and like you have to see that person at every single employee function? Yup which have been user which happens to be twenty, four seven when you're on tour yeah that's great. That's great. This is totally healthy situation who'll I will say they all kind of handled it mature enough to the point where Linda basically didn't go on tour with them because they all kind of just agreed like fats not. Okay. It was weird. This whole thing is weird. After that, the two ramones basically never talked again unless absolutely necessary which they've tried to make as rare in occurrence as possible as far as Lyndon Joey go many said that he really was never quite the same after this and while it's true, they didn't talk for years eventually they did reconnect and ended up having an agreement that they would never bad mouth each other. So ended on a good now, how long were they together, three years? kind of a long time. Especially, like Joey was looking at engagement ring. Stuff so He was she was the real deal for him. But actually for what it's worth, Lyndon Johnny.

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