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"lynch sarah" Discussed on The No Budget Filmcast

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"lynch sarah" Discussed on The No Budget Filmcast

"Lexi's Because the first one and i hadn't been there like three months but i'd grapes in the fridge. They turn into currents you know cheese attorney into butcher an onion of justice integrations what it was like like he just shredders everything but twenty bucks station ships than up the roads and is it humid sites and don't take one by one your number and then they have a microphone to call your number. Here's what i felt like. I was in twenty eight days later january. A apocalypse like what's this. The thing is everywhere. Now you'll have to queue so you come prepared you have. I have an audible. Can the moment so it just didn't mind telling the then you know or listen to music or Because everywhere even in were in my town they have like Barbers you know. People are Queuing it takes awhile sometimes. Welcome to the no budget. Indie film cast were dip into the independent film universe to highlight those films. Not for non elsewhere. Will you agree with our panel of i was going to change it up and in my head there but then as i was saying it i messed it up because i was thinking about it while also reading it. So it's supposed to be. Will you agree with our panel of experts or will. They agree with each other now handsome nelson earlier. What was it wouldn't say they don't remember it was oh well anyways. We're going to argue about the film and end will give ratings to it and you as the audience member can decide whether or not you agree with us or not. That's pretty much the show. Today i am joined by kojo fini. Hello in clerical on. It's because i did it correctly last week that i couldn't do it correctly this week was doing the doing the intro properly a call. You found this week's jim. What are we watching okay. So this week's film is called greener grass and just going to have to read this saying it so it's written by jocelyn the bore and dawn lube who also started and the director is paul j So this is a surreal. Dark comedy set sumerian sort of middle america. So you have these two soccer. moms that steph. Meet at the this. The soccer game of thrones. They're young boys on. They have kind of typical customer. He said superficial vacuous conversation that is punctuated by really bizarre moments and I i just thought it was hilarious. An- an- not necessarily one who who likes to to rewatch films even if elected but as a hug and rewatch again began. Because is this so rich. Somebody rich comic moments and an israeli. It's really kind of a send up of of social behavior social direction. And they these these to these two parents. They're they're almost more. Demo concern. Debate had their perceived fading in and fitting him with their with this society than actually being true to themselves and I just thought it. It's really a very observatory whale. That kind of social behavior in kind of in that kind of context But does also like an undertone of soda. Creep innis abetted. I don't know how much that entity waves written hard that the influence of the director has between peaky lynch. Sarah vibe a better too and this to the end does deserve justice characteristic. Any appears at the end. I'm not really sure what it's the bag put overall. I just thought it was really really funny. Hey mino yes claire. How much does it cost off the host. Podcast it's free free. Yep one hundred percent. No chuck we use inker dot. Fm anchor is a super easy way to make a podcast for example besides hosting they offer other services such as creation tools. We can use to record the show on a phone or computer and not only. Do they do all that. They automatically distribute on boris. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more impressive. And there's more more. Yes more most podcast. Advertising services require each episode out thousands of downloads for sponsorship now with anchor users can make money from podcasting with no minimum listenership. Well it's everything needs to make a podcast in one place. It sure is all you need to do his download the free anchor app or go to anchor. Fm guest starting. I actually saw this while ago in an and when you sent it. I started watching those late in the spent. Most of the time watching it trying to remember why. I had watched it a long time ago like think i had read something about that. The girls made it in. That led me to watching it or something like that. But i loved it then and i loved it this time as well. It's just it's it's just so weird but done in such a well done way that you can buy into it. And it reminds me of Clear like you think improv class and how you just kinda go along with whatever's thrown at you in this seems like a lot of this is built around that lake would if we had this element but everybody just buys into that like that's a true in happening and nobody questions it in. That's what's great about the way that they play off of each other in here In regards to the elements they add the changes they made. And it's just like you see a moment of thought nec okay. I'm gonna go with it in never questioned it again as being reality And and it was really well done. And the the commitment between all of the performers in it made that work really well.

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